Lords Of Dogtown Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Lords Of Dogtown script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the movie directed by Catherine Hardwicke and starring Emily Hirsch, Victor Rasuk, Heath Ledger, yadda yadda.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Lords Of Dogtown. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Lords Of Dogtown Script



I'm gonna rip your head off!






...you're not in Vietnam.



Man, you scared the shit out of me.



Yeah, take my board. Yeah.



- Hey, Mom.

- Hi, baby.









You're going to school today,

right, Tony?



Don't worry about it, Dad.

I'm just gonna get wet.



I don't want my son

to be a ditchdigger.



I got him, Dad, okay?



Don't ever go outside

dressed like that again.



One, two, three.






- It's big today.

- They're there, huh?



That's Skip charging.



Shit, dude.



It's judgment day, boys.

Let's paddle.



You broads aren't surfing now.



I ain't surfing no sloppy seconds.



You're working rat patrol, mop top.



Jay, you're on parking-lot detail.

Keep it local.



And you, Peralta, the boneyard.



I don't want our boards

hitting a piling.



I better not see any dings.



If you wanna surf the cove,

you gotta earn it.



Look at that right.



I got it, Chino.



Hey, here.



Hey, you should get out, man.



Let's go, brother. Get out there.






What the fuck?



Go back to the Valley, kooks!



Are you guys lost or what?



- This is private.

- You're not the law.



Go back to the Valley, you kooks!



- No Vals.

- Get out of here, man.



- No.

- Locals only.



You guys have, like, a blue, like,

'   Chevy Camaro?



Yeah, maybe.



- Hey! My carburetor!

- Get the fuck out, kook.



- Thattaboy, Jay boy.

- Hey. Hey!



- Valley bitch.

- Leave now.



- Yeah, Tony!

- Help me out here.



Fucking anal pirate fags!



Go back, faggot!



Hey, grab my board!



Thanks a lot, pal.



Now, get out there and surf,

you little grommets.



Don't screw up.



Yeah, and then she had

a big old head.



Chino, let me toke on that.



You got one in your hair, bro.



Yeah, it's my backup joint.



He's gonna go under.



- Hey, there goes Tony.

- Little wetback.



Yeah. That was a good one.



Hey, here comes Jay.



There goes Stacy.

There goes Stacy.






Milk and cookies.






Oh, my God.



Back to the boneyard for you, pal.



Come on.



- Perfect timing.

- Ahoy.



Yeah, put your

sweeping hat on, man.



I'll say it, man. This shop's a shithole.

Come on. Get to work, huh?



Surf's up, man! Yeah!



I'm sorry, man. Is your equilibrium

shit messing with you again?



Come on. That's not right.

We know he's got bad ears. Come on.






That... That was good.



- Oh, man, I'm sorry, Sid.

- That was a good one.



It's cool, man.



Hey, why do I pay you when I should

have you arrested for loitering?



- You don't pay me.

- Well, now you know why, Sid.



Where are your pals, man?









You got my stuff?



Yeah. Hi.



- Yeah.

- Hi.



This isn't a library...



...so it's    bucks to browse.

You got    bucks?



Didn't bring any money today.



Yeah, well, why'd you come into

my store, then, asshole?






Go browse in the Valley, kook.



Okay, so, what?

You got cash, or...? What?



Man, I got something

better than cash.



These are urethane

skateboard wheels.



They're ure-what?



Urethane, man. It comes from oil.



- From oil?

- Yep.



With these, you can do the same

hard turns you do on your surfboard.



- Yeah?

- Yep.



You can even climb walls, man,

because they grip.



- They grip?

- They grip?



- They grip.

- Shit.



- Sid. Sid, you should've seen us.

- Check these out.



They're urethane.

They come from oil.



And they grip.



Who's got bad karma?



I said, who's got bad karma?



- I got the worst karma, Skip.

- Dude, right here, Skip.



- Oh, no, no.

- Give it to me, me.



- I'm first. Come on.

- It's my board.



Come on, you little pervert.



Oh, my God.



- Nice.

- Ripping, dude.



- Is that all right or what?

- Insane. Insane.



Red Dog, hit it.



Yeah, surf it like a wave, man.



Yeah, Red Dog.



- Hey, Kathy.

- Hi, Kath.



Hey, get back here.



Hey, dude, is that your sister?



I grew up, Stacy.



No shit.



- Yeah, Jay.

- Yeah, Jay boy.



- Jay boy.

- Come on, Jay.



- Yeah!

- Jay boy!



Oh, my God.



- Yeah.

- Yeah, Jay boy.



Pull my ankles. No, pull my ankles.



Come on, Stacy.



Yeah, Stace.



I can't help it. I love long hair.



- Come on.

- Later.



That was gnarly.



Go... Go slow. Go slow.

Oh, no. Are you okay?






Should my weight

be on my back foot?



Well, yeah, I mean, that's...

That's how I do it. I mean...



...it might be different, though...



...the whole center-of-gravity thing,

you know, for girls.



- Yeah.

- You know, your back...









Oh, yeah. Bring it in.






Yeah. Is that all right or what?






Fingers together, T.A. Chop, chop.



- Tony.

- Exactly.






Stacy, you're gonna need more speed

than that if you wanna pull it off, right?



That's right. Listen to the master.



Grab your pad

and take notes, Peralta.



Yeah, Tony.



Yeah, nice, T.A. Nice.



- Yeah, nice, Jay.

- Yeah, Jay boy.



Hey, Billy, man, if we built a decent

skateboard, we would rake it in, man.



I don't make toys, bro. I'm a shaper.



Hey, I... I think we should

start a skateboard team, man.



Sid. Out of here, man. Come on.



Thank you. You little maggot. Scat.



Beat it, Sid.



So, what do you think, man?



Well, there's more concrete in

the world than good surf breaks.



Yeah, I hear that, man.

There's money in this.



There's only beer.



I mean, how many   -year-old

surfers wear watches, man?



- Incoming!

- Yeah, and where's he going?



Yeah, well...



...he's got a job.



Yeah, my point exactly.



He's not one of us, man.



- You know, he's not a pirate.

- Going to work, Peralta?



Yeah, get a haircut, man.



You dropped your cigarette.



Give me the doobie, Sid.

Come on, you fucking homo.



Get the fuck out of the way.



You cut the check. Thanks.



Oh, man. I'm still short.



You got any cash, J.B.?



Yeah, right here.



- I can't do that.

- No, no, no. Mom, check it out.



It's got Sid's name on it.



I love you boys.



Mom, Skip is putting together

a skate team.



Far out.



Hey, so who do you think

they're gonna put on the team?



Hopefully all of us.



- Come on.

- Shut up.



Hey, listen, when you're riding for one

of these shops around town... Yeah?



You mean a little faggot shop?



- You can have off days.



You have an off day riding

for this shop, it's treason.



Yeah, you got to approach every day

like it's your last. All right?



- Yep.

- Anyone got a problem with that?



- Nope.

- No.



- Stecyk?

- Peggy.



- Oh, no way.

- Take off your shirt, Peggy.



- Wentzle.

- See them Tater Tots.



- Jay.

- Shut up.



- Biniak.

- Let me see.



- Yes.

- Shogo.



T.A. Red Dog. Baby Sid.



Wear them with pride, man.



Yeah, wear them with pride, man.



Or we'll rip them off your bony backs,

you understand?



- Yeah.

- That's insane.






Now, has everyone seen this?



- Skateboard competition.

- You can't even read.



You have one month to prepare.



And we're gonna have training

starting at   every day, all right?



We gotta get serious here.

We have to...



...because there are gonna be

hundreds of skaters from all over...



...and we need to shut them down.






Montoya, come on.

We got you guys some gifts.



I don't know why.






- I want the blue one.

- Insane.



- Who's pushing?

- Let's go.



- Thanks, Skip.

- Let's go.



Hey, Skip,

you got one for Stacy, right?



Come on.



All right. Let's go.



Hey, I'm not bailing

your asses out of jail.



Oh, shit. Get the gate. Get the gate.



- Hey! Hey! Get back here!

- Close the door. Come on. Quick.



- Get back here!

- Come on.



It was supposed to keep them

out of trouble, man.



Let us in!



Get back here! Hey!



Speed wobble!



- Asshole.

- Dude, he's got the inner-ear problem.



Suck my inner ear, Jay boy.

Fucking dick!



Hey. Move!



Hey, Donnie.



- Hey, what's up, guys?

- What's up, Mark?






Hey, Philaine.



You guys look bad as shit.



Look at you.



You get off me, lady.



Bitchen, huh? Hey.



- You hungry?

- Yeah.



- I got tamales in the kitchen.

- Come on, guys. Let's go.



- I'm starving.

- What's going on?



She's... She's crazy, Jay.



That's why you love her, right?



Mark, can you...? Yeah, just grab

a load and give us a minute.






Hey, man, cover that shit up,

you know.



Yeah. Sorry about that.



Like, what? Was he kidding?



You look good. You know?



Come on. Let me see the back.



I like it. You look good.



You'll always be my boy, you know.

Don't worry about that.



Dude, I want you to have this.



Come on, Jay.






You learned that trick from me.

Watch this. I've been practicing.



- Hey.

- What's up, Jay?






It's not looking so good, man.



No, dude. There's an occasional set.

It's really not that bad.



We were up at the Zephyr shop

yesterday with Skip and everybody...



...when you were at work.






So Tony got on the team, right?



And Sid and Peggy and Biniak

and Red Dog and Shogo.



What about you?



Yeah, I got on.



Sorry, man.



It's all right.



Hey, what's that?



With no end to the drought in sight,

authorities have announced... 



... emergency measures

for water rationing... 



- ... that may force homeowners... 

- Hey, Dad.



- ... to keep lawns and pools dry. 

- Hey, boy.



The Action   News Team

will explain...



Hey, they told us to conserve water.



We'll take you to the

drought conference...



- So how were the waves?

- Don't even ask.






Son of a bitch!



We're here.



Hey, hey, wait, wait, wait.

Come on. Hey.



Wait, now. Wait.



Hey, one at a time.

One at a time, all right?



Hey, T.A., get inside

their heads, okay? Yeah?



Yeah, sorry. Yeah,

sorry about that. Sorry. Yeah.



It's an emergency. Yeah, hi.



Oh, nice socks, man.

Nice socks. Nice socks.



Yeah, this is Skip Engblom

and the Zephyr Skateboard Team.



Here's our entry fees.

Now, where's our trophies?



Excuse me.

Go to the end of the line.



Yeah, I thought this was

the end of the line, man. Is it not?



- Go to the end of the line.

- Hey, man, listen. I'm...



- Yeah.

- Yeah? I'm sure we could...



...work something out here.

- Yeah.



- Is that good?

- Put your money out there.



All right. You and your boys are okay.

All right, have a good day.



- You right there are okay.

- Hey, you have a nice day, man.



- Have a nice day.

- You're next now. Step up.



Son of a bitch.



Where's the course?



There's a nice L-Sit

by Russ Howell.



He's gonna press up now

into a handstand...



...and back down on his board.

- Idiot.



What are we supposed to do

with this tabletop?



Dude, I don't know.



Looks like he's gonna end

with some    s here.



Looks like three or four

of them at least.



Great run for Russ Howell.

Let's hear it for Russ.



What do I...?



Next up, Ty Page,

riding for Unity Skateboards.



Ty Page, starting off

with some     end-overs.



And now I think he's gonna...

He's gonna press up into a handstand.



There's a nice handstand across the

platform, back down onto his board.



Looks like he's setting up

for, yes, a daffy...



...and into a one-footed heelie.



And ends up with a    

in front of the judges.



Nice run for Ty Page.



Looks like a  .  a   and    for

Ty Page. Those are real good marks.



Should put him right at the top

of the competition today.



Next up, Jay Adams,

riding for Zephyr Skateboards.



And there we go.



Okay, here we go with Jay Adams.






Doing these low...

These low, driving turns.



Yeah, Jay boy.



- Low     with Royal Christie.

- All right, Jay.



Oh, but he's all right.



He's hopping up in the air

three or four inches.



I don't even know what to call that.

I've never seen it.



He's, like, off the ramp.



That's it for Jay Adams. Let's see what

the judges are gonna score him.



Yeah, dude. Oh, my God.



He didn't do a single wheelie.

He didn't do a single compulsory trick.



Well, you gotta give him a score.



Looks like two   s

and an   for Jay Adams...



- Oh, come on.

... riding for Zephyr Skateboards.



You don't know how to judge.



Hey, you blew me away.



What? You want to blow me?






Next up will be Tony Alva,

riding for Zephyr Skateboards.



- Yeah.

- T.A.






He started out with some

quick S-turns up onto the bank.



- Frontside     power slide.

- That's it, T.A.



Very nice walking spinner.



Into a     maybe a    .



Another low-driving turn,

touching his hands to the ground.






Here he comes toward the judges.

Ends up with a low-driving    .



That was a great run for Alva.



Looks like we have

two   s and a  ...



...the highest score of the day.

- Yeah.



Up next from Mar Vista, California,

an independent skater, Stacy Peralta.



The dude showed.



- Go, Stacy.

- Yeah, Stace.



Come on, Stacy.



- Yeah.

- Where'd that come from, Stace?



Up, up, using the whole ramp,

hands on the ground.






And there's another one of those

low maneuvers...



...out of the pages

of Surfer Magazine.



Looks like he's winding up

for some    s.



One, two, three, four, five.



Five    s. Amazing.

We haven't seen that many all day.



Hey, Stacy!



Back across the flat

and there's his finish.



Two   s and a   bring him

into a first-place tie with Tony Alva.



Oh, my God.



- You're disqualified.

- What are you talking about?



- You touched the course.

- Everyone touched...



Read the rules. You're disqualified.



Hey, man. Hey, man. Look. Look.

The dude tied me.



Can your dirty ass even read?



- T.A.

- Yeah, Mad Dog.



- My dirty ass, right?

- Hey, ease up. Ease up, man.



- You saw that...

- Yeah, ease up.



- Hey. Off the fairgrounds.

- Cut these kids some slack, man.



- Slack?

- Yeah.



Who do you think you are, coming

to our contest and pulling this shit?



Pulling what shit, man? My boys

are kicking your girls' asses.



Every judge on the panel

is on your payroll.



What kind of shit is that, huh?



Watch it.



- Yeah?

- Yeah.



Step up to the plate, man.

One at a time.



You want it?

Come on, will it be all of you?



Come on. Yeah?



Come on.



Hey, look. All right.

It's gone, all right?



Look, man.

These kids are at a tender age.



- They tense easily, okay?

- Yeah.



Your boy who punched

my official is out.



- Oh, come on.

- No concession.



- That's bullshit.

- Tony Alva's been disqualified.



- Next up, junior women's freestyle.

- Tony, wait.






I just wanted Dad to see

the stupid trophy.



- Who gives a shit about Dad?

- Yeah, hey, hey, T.A., man.



Listen, you stood up for your friend,

man. We're proud of you.



This contest don't mean shit

to me anyway!



Hey, come here. Look at me. Look,

someone had to deck that asshole.



Look at me. Look at me.



It was either you or me, man.

All right? Okay?



Our freestyle champion today

is Stacy Peralta...



...an independent skater

with a great surf style.



Now the awards for the men's slalom.

In third place, Ty Page.



And in second place, riding for

Zephyr Skateboards, Jay Adams...



...a real up-and-comer.

- All right, Jay.



Get on the love train, bro.



- I'm so proud of you.

- But I messed up.



- You didn't mess up.

- No, I did.



That's a nice ride, man.

This is a '   Squareback.



Yeah, yeah.



Hey, bro, you look hungry.

We're gonna get some food.



- You wanna come with?

- Yeah, come on.



I don't think so, Skip. I got plans.



Yeah, well, suit yourself.



It's one of the benefits

of having a job.



Yeah, well, you got me there, man.



- We're going home.

- Okay.



Skip called me bro.



- Skip called you bro?

- Yeah, he said, "bro. "



- No, he didn't.

- Yes, he did.



He said, "You look hungry, bro. "



He said, "You look hungry, bro"?



Yes, totally.



Skip Engblom

doesn't call anybody bro.



Let's see your trophies, Wentzle.



Take a seat, man.



Sit here, Kathy.



- Yeah!

- Yeah!



- Hey, guys.

- Yeah, Stacy.



- Here.

- Peralta.



Go, Stace.



- You earned it, bro.

- Dude, you're one of us now.



That maggot's always

been one of us.



- Yeah, wear it with pride, man.

- You know I will.



Hey, Stacy, that T-shirt...



...will get you more titty

than you ever dreamed of, man.



I got my boy covered, Skip.



- Yeah, Kath.

- Yeah, you do.



- Yeah, you do.

- Yeah!



Hey, you guys made a mess

of that contest today.



- Oh, yeah!

- Yeah!



They look at you

as the enemy, right?



- But it's good to have enemies.

- Yeah.



- A toast.

- A toast!



To the boy kings!



You're all a bunch

of filthy pillow-biters!



- We learn from the best!

- Oh, you're dead.



Stop! Stop!



You can't act like that here.

This is a family restaurant!



Hey, get off him!



Hey! Hey!



It's a family restaurant!



- Get him, Skip.

- Go, Skip!



Jay boy.



You kicked ass, man.



See you, Skip.



I got second place, Mom.



You would've been stoked.









I wish I could've been there

to see you.



What time do you get off?



Three more hours.



There's fish sticks

in the freezer, baby.



You know, I'm gonna make some cash

and get you out of this place.



Relax, Sylvia.



- It's still flat.

- Yeah. Three days in a row.






Get in.



Stop, stop, stop.



Right here. Right here.



Hey, isn't that the girl from Del Mar?



- Dude, what are we doing here?

- Shut up, dork.



And sit back.



Damn it, Jay!



You know how much this is

gonna cost me? You're an idiot!






- Down, guys.

- Get down. Get down.



Sid, get off me.



Grab your skates, boys. Let's roll.



Dude, are we gonna rob this place?



This wave breaks    hours a day,

every day.



And you know what, bros?

We're gonna be the first to ride it!



Dude! That's so genius.



Dude, there's no way.

This is way too gnarly.



Not if you got the balls.






- Oh, Jay.

- Dude, you did a backflip.



Let's lose this stupid diving board.



Piece of shit.



Dude, hit it low, man.



Yeah, Tony!



Yeah! You guys see that?

I carved it.



Over the light.



Oh, my God!



- Dude, you were so far over it.

- That was crazy.



- Yes!

- Yeah!



Are you all right, man?



I can't feel my feet.



But then again,

I can never feel my feet.



- Right there! Through there.

- Where?



I love the drought!



There's a pool right next door!

It's an amoeba!



I can carve that. Guaranteed.



George! George!



Wait, wait. Right here.

We got an empty one, dudes.



Towels, bro.



Here you go.



- I thought I said mayonnaise.

- Sorry, Tony.



- What is that shampoo?

- What?



- Marie!

- Charlie?!












Go, go, go!






Oh, yeah!



Pigs! Pigs!



Get out of here!



Dogs! Dogs!



- Dogs!

- Get out!






- Stop right there.

- Try and catch me, bitch!



Get in!



You little faggot!



- Get over here!

- Tony!



Goddamn it!



- Get in! Go, go, go!

- Punch it! Go, go, go!



T.A.! T.A.!






Come on, get in the car.

He's a dick. Let's go, come on.



Front side, back side.

Front side, back side.



Over the light.



Where you been, huh?



What, did you just forget

about practice or what?



I mean, do you think I like sitting

on my ass waiting for you clowns?



What, it's funny?



Is that funny? Is that funny?



How's this? Is that funny?






Hey! I'm serious, man!



You guys need

to keep pushing, man.



He took my burger.



Should we bring him

to the pool tomorrow?



He's gotta run the shop.






...you just got patty-slapped.



All right.



God! Come on, give up, man!



The delivery guy's here

with the resin.



He says that you owe him $   

from the last time.



We need it, Skip.



Find the checkbook, man.



For God's sake.



Yeah, thanks for fixing

the door, man.



Sorry, Skipper.



- Fucking asshole.

- Here. Here.



Watch this. I'm gonna go off

the platform, onto the floor, do a    !



That's great, Sid.



Three-sixty. Three-sixty!



All right, watch.

This is my latest move.



Thank you.



Sid, man, get off your ass

and get these boxes.



Hey, how many boards are ready?



I need to peddle this shit at Huntington

to cover the check, man.



Hey, where are you guys

going, man?



- Rincon. It's firing!

- Rincon?



Ocean's your mistress, Skip.

Don't neglect her.



Skip, this shop's about

surfing and working when we want.



That was the deal, bro.



Yeah, well, that deal worked great

until we started getting orders from...



...Australia and Brazil, man!



Come in, Stace. My dad doesn't

get home till   in the morning.



Why don't you and I

just go for a ride.



It's a party. Come on.



- I know, but I've got really great music.

- What's wrong with this music?



Look at the moon, Stace.



- I love it.

- No!



Not here.



Come here.

Come down here with me.



- No. Let's go.

- Come here.



- Your brother's right there.

- So what?



No, seriously.



I gotta go.



I just wanted to be with you.



I'll call you tomorrow.



Hey, chica.









- Take off your boxers.

- No.






What's wrong, Jay boy?

Got no hair on your inchworm yet?



At least it works, Alva.






...give me kitty.






Oh, God.



- Oh, fuck. My dad. Go.

- Closet! Closet!



- Go, go.

- Shit.



Hey, Dad.



- What's that smell?

- What?



"What? What?"

What are you, deaf?



What is that smell? What?



It's... Oh, cigars.



- Our teacher had a baby girl...

- That's bullshit.



- We all celebrated, Dad.

- That is bullshit! Where's the cigar?!



See? Look. Cherry cigar. Smell it!



Told you!



You think I'm stupid, boy?

You're gonna raise your voice to me?!



The next time I find you

smoking that shit...



...I'll stuff it down your throat.



And pick up this pigsty!



Jesus Christ.



It's not funny, you two.



A perfect right-handed kidney.



- Hey, what'd your dad say?

- What'd he say?



"Sid, are you high?

The pool's for swimming. "



Tell him we'll fill it back up

when we're done.



Yeah. He said if you guys get hurt,

you'll sue him.



- We won't sue him.

- He said your parents will.



Dude, our parents

can't even afford lawyers.



Hey, man. Let me talk to your dad.



Hey, man. The only Mexicans

my dad talks to push lawn mowers.



Hey, guys. It's Skip. Come on!



- Hey, shotgun, faggots!

- Hey!



Seriously, we should drain it when

he goes on his next business trip.



Yeah. He'd have you all killed.

Good one, though.



Good idea. But no.



Hey! Kiss me, granny!



Love to get me

some of the gray beaver!



Come back when your balls drop.



Yeah, you're looking good!



- Go back. Go back.

- You, too, Mr. Rogers!



Let's skate already.



Hey, Skip, how you doing?



Hey. They've been swarming my shop

for a week talking about you guys.



What did you expect? Come on.



Next on the demonstration platform...



...the Zephyr Team

from Venice, California.



We love you, Tony Alva!






Right on, Tony!



It always made sense...



...that skateboarding would be popular

on the West Coast.



This year alone,

I've taken teams to the Midwest...



All right, you got    bucks?

One brand-new...



Is that good, man?



Go find your mommy, man.



Come back with    bucks.

Get out of here.



Jay! Jay! Jay!



Say "Pepsi. "






You gave me    bucks,

you'll get the board...



...because he has the money!



- Stacy!

- Stacy!



We love you, Stacy!



Stacy! Stacy! Stacy!



- Yeah, Stace.

- Yeah, Stacy.






Yeah, Tony!



I am Alva!



Let's give a big round of applause

for the Z-Boys from Dogtown!



How groovy was that, huh?



Tony, come talk to me.



See you in the parking lot.



You know, Tony, you might be

the best skater in the world someday.



Fact is, I think you are the best.



What do you want, dude?



Tony, I'll match

whatever Skip's paying you.



And I'll throw in a car.



- What kind of car?

- Hey, Larry.



How about...



...a brand-new Pontiac Firebird,

muscled up with a     engine?



I'll believe it when I see it.



Man, I'm the biggest skateboard

manufacturer in the country.



So you know where to find me.



Nice work out there.



Excuse me. Could you get

the front too, please?



Sure thing, bro.



Tell me about Larry, man.



- What about him?

- Well, you tell me.



- Larry said I...

- He told me some shit...



...about how great I was, dude.



"You may be the best skater

in the world someday.



Fact is, I think you are the greatest. "



- Just throw these in.

- Okay, so just two Doritos.






- So, what did he say to you, Peralta?

- Yeah.



Well, I guess we're all

the best skaters in the world.






Well, it's all working out

for you boys.



You know what I'm thinking, bros?



We're gonna be on summer vacation

for the next    years.






Dude, that's nasty, man.



- Hey! Hey, man! My car!

- Oh, my God.



- You're too slow!

- Get over here!



Kiss my ass, jack!

You little knob-rocking butt clown!



What's happening, boys?

How's the pool?



All right, Tony, let me get a shot

of you right here...



...holding your board, like, strong.

Above your head, yeah?



Get right underneath him.

Don't lose that shot.



Give me the street thing.

That is great.






Just one shot.



You're from Dogtown?

What does that mean?



Venice, man. Ghetto by the sea.



It's dirty. It's filthy. It's paradise.



Okay, let's get all the Z-Boys

in the pool now.



- Sid's gonna love it.

- Oh, Sid!



Stacy, Jay and Tony, man.

They couldn't buy that publicity.



Red Dog, man, check it out.

You're in there. You're a hero, man.






- No way.

- Yeah.



- No.

- Rock star, man!



That's it, man.

Six-page article, man.



It's Jay boy!



Hey, what's up, baby?



Hey, Skipper. When are we doing

that spread for People magazine?






Yeah, and Stacy's gonna be

on Charlie's Angels!



Movie star now, huh?



They couldn't even make it

in the water.



They couldn't even surf the cove

without me saying so.



Who wants to surf that

toxic-waste dump anyways?



What did you say?






Hey, hey, hey! Whatever, man.



- This is for locals only.

- Beat it, drag queen.



Would you make

an exception for us?



Baby doll, let me just say

I'm willing to negotiate.



- Thanks, Tony.

- You're welcome.



What's going on?



- Hey, Mr. Alva.

- What's up?



I took what the dentist told me to take,

but I don't feel anything.



That's the point, babe. Come on.



- Show us how it's done.

- The girls love the ass.



Oh, man.



You just gotta...

You just gotta let it hang.



You'll throw your back out.



Guys, listen up!






That's all we ever heard






Until we heard the word



Z- Boys on the cover of

Skateboard Magazine



I already got hair on my chest.



This is Sid.



Check out the rack.



- Hi, Sid.

- Hey, Thunder Monkey, what's...?



Are you thirsty?

You want something to drink?






I'm always thirsty.



For that.



So, what's happening?



You are. You're happening, Sid.



Everybody's talking about you,

you know.



At school and in the magazines

and on the street.



- Are you okay?

- Oh, yeah. No, I'm good.



- You're looking good.

- Thank you.



I like that belt...



...and the zipper.



And the feather.



- Check it out.

- I guess I'll have to see the design.



I don't ever want you to wear

underwear around me again, okay?



Hey, Stacy.



What's up, bro?



You couldn't even tell me?



Dude, I was gonna tell you.






You're my friend.



Dude, I know, and I love you, bro...



...but you couldn't handle her.



And you can?



Apparently so.



Hey, Carlos.



Stacy. Where you going?



- Tell me I'm a great skater.

- You are a great skater, Sid.



You're the best skater on the team.






- They're all yours, Sid.

- That's right.



Speed wobble!






It's not... It's not over yet, right?



No, Sid, it's not over.

Not even close.



It's not over. It's okay.



- Man, there's Topper Burks.

- Yeah, Topper Burks.



What brings you all the way

to this side of town?



Heard there was a party

in my favorite surf ghetto.






Where's the famous Tony Alva?

I wanna congratulate him.



Yeah, I'll congratulate him

for you, man.



Topper! Hey, man! Over here.



Hi, Topper.



Hey, Tony.



I'm Topper Burks.



I know who you are, dude.



Skip warned me about you.



I bet he did.



I think your boy Topper

is doing business.



You're blowing it, Tony.



Look, asshole,

I'm not blowing anything.



How much are these?



More than your car.



I don't own a car, dude.






Do you have any idea how many

skateboards he's selling...



...because of you?



A shitload.






With your talent...



...and my money...



...I can make you a star.



Hey, Jay.



I saw you in the magazine.



That was bitchen.



Jesus Christ, girl.



Ain't you Chino's old lady?



No. It's like he won't leave me alone.



Well, I wouldn't either.



Can I suck on your panties?



Tiki! Tiki! Tiki!



I just got laid.



Thunder Monkey's all over

my shit, dude.



I told you, Thunder Monkey,

he'd be freaked.



Congratulations, bro.

It's about time.



Stacy, I need to talk to you.

I really need to talk to you.



Sit down. Sit down, sit down.



You guys know how many boards

Skip's selling because of us?



If he ain't gonna flow us,

then I'm bailing.



We can't bail on Skip, man.

We're family.



I'm not gonna hang around this shop

like Chino and Montoya.



- This is our time, bros!

- Dude, that's bullshit, bro.



We surf and we skate every day.



We get to do whatever we want.



No, you guys gotta

think bigger, man!



I wanna make money,

get laid every night.



I wanna do it all right fucking now.



Hell, yeah. I'm gonna make out

with two chicks tonight.



Yeah, I mean, those boys are

getting too big for their boots.



Whatever you say, Skip.



Come on, don't you get it?

The boys are getting offers.



So cut them in on

some of the profits!



What profits, dickhead?

This is a surf shop!



- That's not the point!

- Later.



You wanna get rich, Skip?



- Go pimp yourself.

- Oh, yeah?



This isn't about fame or money.

It never has been.



No? Until you put those kids

in magazines...



...they didn't care about

either one, genius.



Well, they do now.



- Here's where you been, my little devil.

- You found me somehow.



- I don't know.

- Are you cold, papi?



I don't know, seriously.



What do you think you're doing?



- Hey, what's up, Chino?

- What's your problem?



Jay's the one with the problem.

Shut up.



No, I'm just waiting here for my girl.

It's cool, man.



It's cool. Oh, it's cool.

I almost forgot, Jay.



Everything is cool because you're

a famous skateboarder, huh?



It's cool.



It's cool.



- Oh, my God.

- It's cool!






No! Stop it! Stop!

You're gonna kill him!



You're gonna be next, bitch!



Step off, man.



Mellow out, man.



Come on!



Who wants a free surfboard?



Yeah, Billy, you want me

to give away the shop, man?



Then here's your share

of the profits, man!



I'm out of here!



You don't see this crap

on the North Shore!



Yeah, this one's for your mommy!



Zephyr parties are great.



Who wants some free surfboards?



- I'm out of here, buddy.

- Come on, man.



Hey, Jay.



Look at him, man. All vato'd out.



Topper, this is Jay Adams.



What's up, Jay?



What's up, man?



Hey, bro. Tony's gonna

make a lot of money.



Why don't you come hang with us.



- Maybe another time.

- Cool.



I'll see you around, bro.



- Hey, Jay.

- Hey.



- What do I owe you for the beer?

- Five bucks.



Yes. Thank you.






I'm thinking of moving to Oregon

to raise chickens and goats.



- Then I could grow my own herb.

- Hey.



Hey, Mom. Who is that guy?

He looks like a cop.



No, Jay. This is cool.



I want you to meet

a friend of your uncle.



Hey, Jay. Peter Darling,

LaFond and Barnett Advertising.



- Should we go talk in the kitchen?

- Sure. Let's go.






...has anybody told you

you have that California look?






You do.



Excuse me.



Hey, Jay, I was wondering...



...would you mind removing that...

That thing from your head?






Well, Jay, with the current

skate craze, we at the firm...



...feel that you would be the perfect

spokesman for our new client, Slinky.



Would you mind singing

for me right now?



Who are you, man? Really.



Let me sing the tune for you, okay?



You want me to sing that?



We're prepared to offer you...



...$      .



For one day's work. One day.



Give it a shot, baby. Give it a shot.






...you got the part.



I'm not what you're looking for, man.



Hey, man. People have been

telling me about this club, man.



- Hey, what's up, Sneaky?

- What's up?






What's up, homey?



You're gonna get it,

you little motherfucker!



Come on, you little pussy! Get up!



Get off me! Get off!



I'll fucking kill that motherfucker!



Get the fuck up!



- Fucking faggot!

- Go fuck yourself...



Hey, Skip.



Stacy. Have a seat, man.

I want to talk to you about something.



How you been?



Yeah? You all right?



Listen, man, you know it's not

about a team anymore. Yeah?



It's about you, man.



This is all gonna be about you.



I thought I wasn't a pirate.



Hey, man. I never said that, man.



I mean, did I?



You didn't even want me

on the team.



I was pushing you, man. Come on.



Listen, Skip.



I'm sorry, you know. I mean...



I have...



I've been talking to Larry...



I have these injection molding cavities

coming in, man. Check it out.



I'm gonna hire night workers

and run this shop like a factory, man.



Just churn them out, one by one.



Well, is anyone else involved?



Well, hey, man, I can't be worried...



...about what everyone else

is doing, you know?



I mean, I'm focused on

what I'm doing.



I'm gonna build hundreds

of skateboards a month...



...all with your name,

"Stacy Peralta. "



Right there, next to "Zephyr. "



What do you think, man?



So, what do you say, bro?






That's all right.



I dig that one.



You heard it from the boss's mouth.



Racers ready!












Racers ready!






All right, Tony!



- Take two.

- And action.



Cut. Cut. I'm only seeing hair here.






- Stacy.

- Stacy!






Hey, can I try that?






That's a little harder than it looks.



- I sucked.

- One more.



- Moon boots, you know?

- Yeah.



Stacy, thank you

for speaking with us.



Good? Let's do one more,

and we'll take a break.



Wow, you're famous, Stace.

The God Squad.



Kathy, I was the last one

to leave the Zephyr team.



Both your brother and Jay

left without even telling Skip.



This is my girlfriend, Caroline.



Hi. Nice to meet you.



You too.



Everyone sees it

their own way, I guess.



- Good luck, Stacy.

- Stacy. Let's do it.



Skateboarding's been great. Thinking

about buying a new Trans Am.



Black on black,

with some big fat tires on the back.



Give me one second.






What's going on?



How was Australia?

How was the...? How was the surf?



I couldn't surf. They had me

going all over doing demos and stuff.



You went to Australia

and you didn't surf?



Yeah, I know.



Yeah, well, he's a working man now.



So how's your sponsor?



Well, they help me pay

the rent for my mom.



They were supposed to have...



...his signature board ready

three months ago.



Get back.



What's up, boys?



Where's your lasso,

Wonder Woman?



Remember, class among gruel.



T.A. T.A.



What's up, Stacy?



Poor guy's so straight,

he doesn't even cast a shadow.



You guys even

skate with him anymore?



The dude's competing with the sun

for the center of the universe.









...Stacy looks like a stock car.



Jay. What do you say, man?



Bro. Your board is bionic, bro.



This isn't the board I designed.

This wood is cheap.



No, no, no. That's solid wood.



Jay, we're trying to make you

a big chunk of change...



...but the boards you want

are a tad bit too expensive to sell.



How do you know until you sell it?



Jay. Jay, look,

you don't know business.



You don't understand. Hey!



You don't understand. He doesn't

understand business, right?



You guys aren't living up

to your word.



- Yeah?

- Yeah. Look.



Cut the agent crap, Sid. All right?



You're a little rich boy

who can't skate for shit.



You wouldn't even exist

if it weren't for old Jay.



- All right?

- Yeah.



- I know where your shit's at.

- Make it happen with Jay.



- Make it happen.

- It's okay.



Hey, bro, look who's here.

Hey, we know you.



- What's going on?

- Cokehead freaks.



Right there.



Ladies and gentlemen...



...welcome to the World Professional

Skateboarding Championships.



We've got G & S Skateboards

here today.



Team Alva.



Landon. We've got Lateral Visions

and plenty more.



Marty Grimes attempts

and makes it perfectly.



There goes Shogo, up and over...



...and he makes it.



We have a real surprise

for you now.



Tyson the Wonder Dog,

riding for G & S Warptail.



Up the ramp, he's getting vertical.

He's hanging    down the middle.



There he goes.

Give him a big round of applause!



Our next event will be the vert ramp.



There goes "Jay boy" Adams,

first practice run.



Tips his hat on the way down.

That was something else.



Let's give him a big hand for that.



On his practice run, Stacy Peralta.



Now riding for San Diego's

Gordon & Smith.



Nice execution on that one.



This is the scoring run,

ladies and gentlemen. Ty Page.



And the scores are

a            .



Great scores.



Okay, our next contestant,

Jay "Jay boy" Adams.



This is the one that counts.

Ready, judges?



Here he goes for his final run.



Dropping in.



And there he goes,

gets some blinding speed.



Oh, my God! It's some type of aerial

maneuver I've never seen before.



Didn't quite make that one,

but did you see that?



We'll see what the judges

score him on that.



And his scores are    ...



...       .

- That's some bullshit.



Jay, Jay, look. All you gotta do is

a couple of kick turns next time...



...and you'll destroy everybody.

- We can all cash in, brother.



All right?



Come on, bro.






Our next contestant is Stacy Peralta,

riding for G & S Warptail...



...one of the great names

in skateboarding today.



Here goes Stacy Peralta

on his final scoring run.



Getting some great speed.



Hits the ramp backside.



Nice rock walk by Stacy Peralta.

Perfect execution.



And Stacy's final score...



...a          ...



...and a perfect   .

Stacy will advance to the final heat.



Next up, we have Marty Grimes,

Reef Ryan and radical Tony Alva.



Hey, Tony, it looks like

it's gonna be you or me, man.






No, it's not.



It's me.



In a practice run now,

he's dropping in. Great speed.



Tony Alva thrashes that wall with

his trademark "Mad Dog" attitude!



Come on. He's got this.



There goes Reef Ryan,

taking his practice run.



Nice backside execution

by Reef Ryan.



Oh, my God. Reef and Tony collide.



Come on, you guys.



You stupid Val!



- Kick his ass!

- Oh, wait a minute.



People, get back in your seats.



Is that the best you got?



- His eye.

- Paramedics?



Do we have a paramedic?

It looks like we have a man down.



This is a Channel   News

special report. 



Pacific Ocean Park Pier,

infamous local surf spot... 



... burned to the ground last night. 



This is the latest in a series of fires

that have plagued the park... 



... since it was

officially closed in     .



Pacific Ocean Park,

once described as superior... 



... to Coney Island in New York,

to the boardwalk in Atlantic City... 



... lies in smoldering ruins today... 



... and is now nothing more than

a bunch of fond memories. 



Look who's here.



Bastards didn't send fire trucks

for over six hours or something.



Yeah, they wanted it gone.



They wanted it gone.



You know, the pier has been here

for over    years.



Get behind the perimeter, all of you.



Set it up     yards down the beach.



Bring it back up to the highway.



You know that's where

I learned to surf? Right there.



They look at the cove as a shithole.



I mean, thank God, man,

because in winter this place goes off.



We had it all to ourselves.



We had it all to ourselves, man.

You're right.



I have no reason

to come here anymore.






Sorry I left, man.



I just had to pay the rent.



Hey, man.

Your mama, she has to eat, right?



She has to eat.



- Hey, bro.

- What's up, T.A.?






What's this?






- Topper, man.

- Little brother.



- Hey, man. Put these on.

- No, no, no! It's cool, man.






Hey, man.

We got all the meds you need.



We're going to Maui

and get you on some real waves.



Get in the limo.



I told you, they're operating

again on Thursday.






I love you, man.



I want you to come.



I'll send you a ticket.



Let's go.



So are you a good pirate

or a bad pirate?



Ahoy, captain.






So how are you doing?



- I feel like shit.

- Yeah?



But the doctor says

I'm getting better.



You'll be back on top

again soon, man.



You gotta give it time.



I'm gonna end up a ditchdigger.






Hey, look at me, boy.



You remember you're an Alva.



You've got a lot of heart...



...and a lot of balls.



Hey, come on.






Let's go. Come on.



What's up, homey?

You looking at me?



- You looking at me?

- We were leaving.



- Looking at me?

- Just checking things out.



Nice Rolex you got there, man.

You sure you want that?



- You sure about that?

- No, man. Hey, man.



No, he's cool. He's cool.



- Jay.

- Hey. How you doing, man?



- What's up, dude?

- How's it going?



Man, nice ride.



Where you been, Jay?



I mean, I didn't even see you

at the Arizona contest.



Well, I don't really

skate malls for money, bro.



Hey, Kathy, come here.



- Nice car, man.

- Hey, Stacy.



Hey, Stacy. How you doing?






Jay tell you about Sid?



He's sick, man.



What do you mean?

He's always been sick.



No, he's real sick.



That whole equilibrium thing

turned out to be a tumor.



Brain cancer.



What? Are you serious?



Yeah, it's bad.

They operated already.



He's gonna be back home

this weekend.



Yeah, we're all gonna go hang out.

You should come.






We ain't gonna

go see him like that.



Yeah, I can't go.



I gotta go to Florida.



Tony's supposed to be there.



Come on, Jay. You gonna

make out with him or what, eh?






...I'll see you at the mall.



All right, Jay.



I think we should put these new shirts

on sale. What do you think?



- Hey, how you doing? Come on in.

- Hey, how's it going, man?



Do you know when my board's

gonna be ready?



I know my guy started on it already.

Let me go check it out.



Hey, Skip? We got an ETA

on that  ' " twin fin?



Yeah, tell the kid he'll be surfing

by Saturday, boss.



Beautiful. Okay. Thank you.



How about Saturday?

At   :   it'll be ready.



Now, we've got

a wet-suit sale going on.






You look like shit.



Let me see that thing.



Yeah, mine's real.






It's pretty punk rock, bro.



I don't have to lift a finger anymore.



I don't have to take out the trash.



I don't even have to

brush my own teeth.



Am I King Tut or what?



Yeah, my doctor prescribes it now.



Heard you were sick too.



Hell, yeah.



So did you get ahold of T.A.?



He and Stacy are off

making their millions.



Sorry, dude.



No big deal.



Hey, if you do croak...



...will you give your house

to my mom?



Only if she lets me see her tits first.



It's awfully nice of you to bequeath

your star-athlete-like presence...



...among us lower life forms.



Sid, man.



So, what happened to Florida?

The Kona Bowl.



Yeah, I guess I missed my flight.



Won't Larry crucify you for that?



I'm leaving G & S.



I'm gonna start my own company.



I've already got a logo.



Oh, you got a logo?



Man, screw the team.

I mean, you got a logo.



- Sid, I'll just come back later, man.

- No, wait. Stace.



You have to come check something

out in the back, by the pool.



You too, asshole.



Dudes, look in the deep end.



There's a Mexican in my pool,

and he ain't pushing a lawn mower.



Don't make me come up there

and kick your ass, Sid.






You finally got your

shadow back, huh?



What's up, chrome-dome?



What's the zipper for?



Easy access.

He doesn't have to inhale anymore.



He just unzips and pours.



What are you girls waiting for?

My dad said we can trash it.



Oh, my God.



Guys, let's get him in here.



Oh, yeah.






Okay. Wait, wait.



I think this'll be

the first pool session...



...where we don't have to worry

about getting busted.



- You all right?

- Yeah.






- Hey, guys. Let's get him in the drain.

- Jesus...



All right.



Lock in, bud.






Look, Squid.



I'll let you bang my mom.



You little punk.



- Sid, you okay?

- Yeah.



Hey, Sid. Do you wanna carve?



I'm first.



We got you, bro.



- Squiddles, we got you.

- Man down!



Oh, yeah. You did a kick turn, Sid.






What are you doing?



Don't be idiots!



- Sorry.

- Yeah. Sorry.



I'm fine.



Sorry, seņorita.



Here. Put me over here.



Can you bring me some herb?



- Oh, my... You all right?

- Yeah.

Special help by SergeiK