Loss Of Sexual Innocence Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Loss Of Sexual Innocence script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Mike Figgis movie starring Julian Sands and Saffon Burrow.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Loss Of Sexual Innocence. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Loss Of Sexual Innocence Script



''I am.



Come into...



my garden.



My sister.



My spouse.



I have...






my myrrh...












I have...












with my...






I sleep...






my heart...






My beloved...



put in...



his hand...



by the hole...



of the...






My sister.



My love.



My dove.



My beloved.






Though he were dead,

yet shall he live...



and whosoever liveth

and believeth in Me...



shall never die.



For as much as it has pleased

Almighty God of His great mercy...



to take unto Himself the soul

of our dear brother here departed...



we therefore commit his body

to the ground.



Earth to earth,

ashes to ashes, dust to dust.



In certain hope of the resurrection

to eternal life.



Venus must have heard my plea



She has sent someone



Along for me



- Are you all right?

- I'm fine.



You should take it easy.

You're gonna be drunk.



I know. I wanna be drunk.



You're gonna get sick.



No, I won't.



Don't you think maybe you

should help your mother?






I'm all right, Nicky.



Is there anything I can do?



If you'll take...



some food through.



That lot should eat something before

the drink gets the better of them.



- I will, ta.

- Right.



He was a great bloke, your dad.



I know.



I didn't really know him,

but everybody says that he was just...



a nice guy.



- What are you drinkin'?

- I'm drinkin' wine.



Wine? You wanna move on

to the hard stuff.



- Hard stuff?

- Yeah. Whiskey.



This is the gear.

I'm tellin' ya.



- So what do you do, eh?

- I'm at school.



Jesus. Really? I would have

thought you were      .



Hey, have you ever

been in Tropicoco?



- No.

- Well, you know the Animals?



Chas Chandler. Have you heard of him? Me

and him are like this. I'm tellin' you.



- I can get us in anytime you want.

- Wow.



- We can go tonight, if you want.

- Ask me mum.



- Where'd you get the tie?

- This is from Carnaby Street.



Nicky, love.

Nic, come here.



Come in here.

Come on.



Now, this is Bob's mum, Grace.

This is Nic.



- Hello, Grace.

- Our Susan's boyfriend, you know?



- And Arthur, his dad.

- Hello, Bob. Nice to meet you.



He's a nice lad.



What do you do for a living, Bob?



- It's Nic, man.

- Oh, I'm sorry.



- Nick with an ''N.''

- With an ''N''? Ah.



Bob, what do you do for a living?



Um, nothing.



-He plays the guitar. Bob Dylan's songs.




- You gonna help us with the washin'?

- I was lookin' for Susan.



No. Stay and help us. Oh, look at him.

Look at him. Look at this!



Hey, June, come here.

Feel this.



Look how smooth!

Have you started shaving yet, son?






Hey, I'm sorry, love.



- I'm gonna have some more.

- Susan.



- What about her?

- Where is she?



She's went to bed 'cause

she was drinking far too much...



on which,

I need another sherry.



I said, ''If you're sick--'' 'cause

she looked like she was gonna hoick...



on that new carpet,

''I'll rub your bloody nose in it.''



So I've sent her to bed and

she should be sleepin'. All right?



So if she is--



Grace, man, just lay off.



- So if she's sleepin', let her sleep.

- I will. Thanks.



Good night.



He'd kill me.

No. Look. Oh, look.



Have you noticed the way he walks?

He must practice in the mirror.



Piss off, sunshine.



Jesus! Fuck!



Not on my fucking jacket!



Oh, Jesus. Jesus. Jesus.



Fuck! It's all over

my best shirt.



So, how was the meeting?



It was fine, I think.






Meaning fine.



Meaning, I think they like the project.

They'd like to work with me.



They're having a meeting on the budget.

They'll call later with an answer.



Where are they gonna call you?



- Where are they gonna call you?

- At the cottage.



I thought we agreed

not to give out that number...



unless it's an emergency.



- I think it was important.

- Everything in your life is important.



I don't think it qualifies

as an emergency.



Shut up.



I'm gonna pee.

Does Michael want to come?



Mikey, do you wanna go? No?



When you grow up...



would you like

to be a policeman?



Yes, sir.



Have you actually...



ever seen a dead body?



No, sir.



Would you like to see a dead body?



Yes, sir.



I thought so.



A body that has been

in the River Tyne for three weeks...



swells up to

at least twice its size.



By the time the chemicals,

the fish--



those that survive

the River Tyne--



Well, it makes our job

of recognition...



that little bit more difficult.



Now, boys...



this woman...



has been stabbed to death

with a bread knife.



Ninety percent of crimes--




are committed by people

who know each other...



love each other...



like your mums and your dads.



Now this chap here...



went to the central station...



went to the gentlemen's toilet...



locked himself in a cubicle, took off

his right shoe, his right sock...



put the muzzle of the gun

in his mouth...



and with his big toe,

he pulled the trigger.



Come on! Hurry up!



Come on, Nic. There's been

an accident at the factory!



- Do you want some coffee?

- Yeah. Okay.






You better go soon,

or you'll miss your bus.



I'll get the next one.



- No.

- Let me.



- They'll wake up.

- No, they won't.



- I love you.

- You're just saying that.



No, I'm not. I do.



Oh, shit.



Hello, Dad.



You all right?



Susan, get me some water, please.






- Jesus fuckin' Christ!

- Shh.



Shh. You're all right.



Hello, Nic.

How are you doing?



Fine, Mr. Brown.

How are you?



Oh, you know.



Where's my swimsuit?



In that beach bag.

I took it in.



It's not in the beach bag.



Which beach bag?

I couldn't find it.



- Well, we only have one.

- No, there wasn't. There were two.



He's crying whether he's happy

or whether he's sad.



Why did you tell him?



- Hey, excuse me--

- Fuck off!



Fuck off!



Listen, I've got a gun.









Come on Nic. There's been

an accident at the factory!






It is a mistake, a sin.



Of course, you are right...



and I agree with you,

but I sympathize with the mother.



Fifteen years old and no family

and no father has come forward.



They say she sinned

with everyone in the village...



how could they tell

who the father was?



They say it is Gio's.



She has no money,

what else could she do?



Give them to the Lord.

To split them in that way.



Twins should stay together.

And to send one of them to England.



That place of heresy.

It's a sin I tell you, a sin.



They're now treating as murder...



the death of a suspected Loyalist

terrorist inside the Maize prison.



The body of David Keyes was found

in his cell early yesterday.



Initially, it was thought

that he had hanged himself...



and officials from

the Northern Ireland office...



said there was no evidence

of foul play.



But following a postmortem examination,

the R.U.C. announced...



they've begun

a murder investigation.



The public inquiry

into the killing...



of the black teenager,

Stephen Lawrence, started today.



He was stabbed to death in

a racist attack in South London in     .



The inquiry was ordered last year

by the home secretary...



after Stephen Lawrence's family

claimed the police failed...



to gather sufficient evidence

in the hours after his death.



The Vatican is expected

to ask forgiveness from Jews today...



over allegations

that it failed to speak out...



against the Nazi holocaust

during the Second World War.



After ten years of consultation,

it's issuing a document...



giving the Roman Catholic Church's

first official response to the claims.



The imprisoned Israeli

nuclear technician, Mordecai Vanunu...



has been moved out of solitary

confinement for first time in    years.



Israeli agents abducted him

from Europe...



and he was sentenced to    years

in prison for revealing details...



of the Israeli nuclear weapons

program to the Sunday Times.



Traffic's very slow

anticlockwise on the M  ...



in Hertfordshire between

St. Albans and the A   .



Drivers are slowing down to look at

a car involved in an earlier accident.



- Terminal two, Heathrow, please.

- All right, darling.









Fuck off!






Listen, don't hang up. Everything

took much longer than I thought.



I had to pick up the film

from the lab at  :  ...



and the truck wasn't ready when

they said it was going to be.



So why didn't you ring?



Baby, baby, don't give Luca

a hard time.



You know I'd rather be in bed with you

than doing this boring stuff.



So why didn't you ring?



There wasn't a phone

I could get to, baby.



And your mobile?



Are you going to forgive me?



No, probably not.



But we'll get over it.

What the fuck do you want?



Listen, I can't make it

to the airport in time...



to meet with the English director.



And Charles is shooting

a commercial all day and--



You can't ask Maria...



because you slept with me

and she found out.



I can't. My car is being serviced.



It's okay. Take a taxi.

Listen, someone's got to meet the guy.



I was going to wash my hair.



Good idea. There's plenty of time.



Impress him with your English.

You need this job.



No, Luca, you need this job.



They haven't decided

on a sound recordist yet.



Baby, don't be cruel to Luca.



Gotta go now. Okay, okay.



No, wait a moment.



Oh, dear.



Very nice, charming people.

I like Italians.



I wanna talk to you right away.



Well, I'm in the Rome Airport.

It's full of Italians.



Yeah, I will get in touch.









Hi. It's good to see you.



Good to see you.



Are you all right?



Yeah. It's the pollen

or something.



I feel such a fool.

I have bad reactions sometimes.



It's all right.

I'm authorized to take you to dinner.



Come on, then.

Let's go.



Let's go.



You must be Luca.



You know, these roads are crazy.



I was once on a mountain road in Egypt,

and we came around a corner very fast--



there's one lane, not two lanes--

and this guy was sitting there.



He just decided to stop on the bend

and eat his dinner.



You know, sitting in the road

with a juggernaut, this big lorry...



on the curve of the mountain,

you know.



It's crazy.



This is beautiful.



I could stay here

for a very long time.



That's a good point, but I would

take a slightly different line...



that when you were talking

about the batteries--



I mean, we could carry them out.



I know that means we're putting

a greater strain on our own engines....



and therefore using more fuel,

therefore creating more emissions.



It's a real problem,

but we have to weigh up...



the environmental...






the benefit of that

from the movie we're making...



as opposed to

the actual impact we make...



bringing our cameras and vehicles

to the places we want to film.



When we were in Antarctica...



we were very conscientious

about not leaving any scrap...



of waste.



I mean, we carried out

our own shit.



It's absolutely one thing

talking about...



all these Third World countries,

but the fact of the matter is...



some of our worst experiences

have actually come from Europe.



Paris, for example.



Tell you what's funny.

Have you ever been homeless in Paris?



Now that's a fricking trip.



Eventually I met this guy who

let me crash with him. Really cool guy.



And he took me out

to a few places and stuff.



I became aware that

Paris sort of functions...



on this totally sort of

different level sometimes.



They have a great time.



But it's weird how it was so separated

from mainstream Parisian society.



Harassment by police and stuff--



You know, that was like

being in a Third World nation.



Or what was supposed to be

a Third World nation.



Here's another thing. What is this

Third World nation bollocks?



Beautiful today though, isn't it?



The thing about the Indonesians,

they've got       islands...



and they're still expanding

and clearing the forests...



more rapaciously than

the Japanese ever did in Borneo.



It's a wicked situation.



And the Dani are really

being hounded into extinction.



You've gotta remember, these people

were only discovered in the early '  s.



They're Stone Age people.



There was an American flyer...



who crash-landed,

came across them.



It's extraordinary.



You know, one of the things

about their diet...



is that there were

no large mammals on Irian Jaya.



So the cannibalism, although

it had taken on a ritualistic...



symbolic significance...



it was actually about

their need for protein.



When they bring in

a prisoner from another tribe...



they tie them up

and then get the small children--



the four-year-olds

and five-year-olds--



to beat the prisoners...



to become very used

to the cruelty...



to assimilate this capacity...



to kill without any emotion.



It's very effective.



And then the beaten, broken bodies

are dragged into these fire pits...



where they're baked

on the hot rocks.



Listen. Just pick up everything

you've got and get in the gym.



Come on. Out.



Just take everything with you.



- Not ready, Nic?

- No, sir.



- What's the problem?

- Not well, sir.



Not well? Again?






Have you got a note?



Lost it, sir.

My mother said that--



I'm not interested.



What to do?

What do you think?



- Don't know, sir.

- Here's what we'll do.



You strip off,

then come in the gym.



- Yes, sir.

- All right?



Everybody does P.E.



And I mean everybody.



The reason we do P.E. is to

keep our bodies fit and healthy.



And also get rid of any

excess fat we might have.



Boys, take one shoe off.



This may teach you a lesson.



And then again,

maybe it won't.



But I've tried everything with you.

l've bent over backwards to help you.



- Haven't I?

- Yes, sir.



Now, run to the end

and back to me...



until I say stop.



Luca, that's the new Sennheiser.



I've used it. Thought it was incredible.

How do you find it?



Hey, hotshot.



I was in that spaghetti western too.



Speaking of spaghetti, I thought

your pasta was incredible. Thank you.



I hope your sound recording

is half as good.



Luca, what's the hurry?



Take it easy.



Put on some nice music and just relax.

This isn't good for the equipment.






This is what you English call

''field recording,'' yes?



That's right.



You fucking whore.



What are you?

A fucking whore!



Don't touch!



Stop! Stop!



What is it?



Oh, dear God.






No, don't move him.

Don't move him. Shit!



Press. Press firmly.

Do what you can.



It's in the front.



Do you speak English?



We have to stop the bleeding!



We're very sorry.



My friends and me...



we will go...



but we will come back with polizi.






need to go...



but we will come back.



We are very sorry.

This was an accident.






One moment.



What's going on?



He wants one of us to stay.



It's his only guarantee

we're gonna come back.



- Makes sense.

- I'll stay.



- Men, I've got a plan.

- What?



Let's get in the car

and fly away as soon as we can.



It's very simple.

I'll stay here.



If you guys don't stop,

you can be back here--



Why should you stay?

I'll stay.



He should stay.

He was driving.



- No, I'm going to stay.

- Absolutely not.



Because I'm a woman I should be treated

differently? This is the best idea.



I am just as guilty

as everyone else, okay?



It would be much less volatile

with a woman staying here.



It won't be threatening

or aggressive.



I will stay.



It's my project.

I'm the producer.



It would be a relief

to be out of the car.



I'll be fine.

Look, I'm here.



How long will you be?




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