Lost Highway Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Lost Highway script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the David Lynch movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Lost Highway. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Lost Highway Script



Dick Laurent is dead.



You don't mind that

I'm not coming tonight ?



What are you going to do ?



Stay home, read.



Read ?



Read ?



Read what, Renee ?



It's nice to know

I can still make you laugh.



I like to laugh, Fred.



That's why I married you.



You can wake me up

when you get home if you want to.



What is that ?



A videotape.



I found it outside on the steps.



Who's it from ?



I don't know.



There isn't anything on the envelope.



Does it say anything on the tape ?



No. Nothing.



Well, see what's on it.



Come on.



Must be from a real estate agent.






It's OK.



It's OK.



I had a dream last night.



You were inside the house.



You were calling my name.



Fred !



Where are you ?



I couldn't find you.



Then there you were...



lying in bed.



It wasn't you.



It looked like you, but it wasn't.



Fred, are you all right ?



You're up early.



That dog woke me.



Who the hell owns that dog ?



What's that ?



Another videotape ?






Don't you want to watch it ?



I guess so.



Well, don't you want to watch it ?



It's the same thing.



No, it isn't.



What ?



We have to call the police.



That's right. Yes.



Someone broke in and taped us

while we slept. Isn't that enough ?






Near the observatory.



We'll be here.



So ?



They're sending two detectives out.



That's it.



What do you think ?



I really don't know.



Let's check the hallway

and the bedroom.



This is the bedroom ?



You sleep here in this room ?

Both of yous ?



This is our bedroom.



There's no other bedroom ?



I mean, I use it as a practice room.



It's soundproof.



You're a musician ?



What's your axe ?



Tenor. Tenor-Saxophone.



-  Do you...

-  No... Tone deaf.



Do you own a video camera ?



Fred hates them.



I like to remember things my own way.



What do you mean by that ?



How I remembered them...

Not necessarily the way they happened.



You have an alarm system ?



Yes. Actually, we do.



But we haven't been using it lately.



Why not ?



It kept going off...



For some reason. False alarms.



Might want to try and use it again.



We're going to check the windows and

doors, see if anybody tried to break in.



- We'll keep watch over the house.

- We'll do the best we can.



- If anything else happens, call us.

- We will.



- Thanks, guys.

- It's what we do.



Hey, Andy ! Welcome to my party.



- You look ravishing.

- Thank you.



Please !



Two double scotches, neat.



We've met before, haven't we ?



I don't think so.



Where was it you think we met ?



At your house. Don't you remember ?



No, I don't.



Are you sure ?



Of course.



As a matter of fact,

I'm there right now.



What do you mean ?

You're where right now ?



At your house.



That's fucking crazy, man !



Call me !



Dial your number !



Go ahead !



I told you I was here.



How'd you do that ?



Ask me !



How'd you get inside my house ?



You invited me. It is not my custom

to go where I'm not wanted.



Who are you ?



Give me back my phone.



It's been a pleasure talking to you.



- I thought you were getting me a drink.

- Hang on just a minute.



Andy, who's the guy on the stairs ?

Guy in black ?



I don't know his name.

He's a friend of Dick Laurent, I think.



Yeah. I believe so.



But Dick Laurent is dead, isn't he ?



He is ?



I didn't think you knew Dick.

How do you know he's dead ?



I don't.



I don't know him.



Dick can't be dead.



Who told you he was dead ?



Who, honey ? Who's dead ?



Let's go home.



- But...

- Now. We're leaving now.



We never should have come here

in the first place.



So, how'd you meet

that asshole Andy anyway ?



It was a long time ago.



We met at a place called Moke's.



We became friends.



He told me about a job.



What job ?



I don't remember.



Anyway... Andy's OK.



Well, he's got

some pretty fucked-up friends.



Stay in the car.



I told you to stay in the car.



Why ? What is it ?



Why did you make me stay out here ?



I'll tell you why, because

I thought someone was inside the house.



Was there ?



No, of course not.



Fred, where are you ?



Renee !



Sit down, killer !



I didn't kill her.



Tell me I didn't kill her.



We, the jury, find the defendant

guilty of murder in the first degree.



Fred Madison, the jury having found you

guilty of murder in the first degree,



it is my order that you be put

to death in the electric chair.



Make yourself to home, fella.



Stick your hand out, chief.



Something wrong ?



It's... my head.



You sleeping OK ?



I can't sleep.



You'll sleep now.



Take him back to his cell.



Let's go.



Guard !



Guard !



What do you want ?



Aspirin. My head.



Shit. That wife killer's

looking pretty fucked up.



Which one ?



Pete !



Please don't go !



Fuck me !



All right. What's the situation ?



I'm not entirely certain, captain.

You'll have to see for yourself.



Right here.



That's not Fred Madison.



No, Sir. It's not.



- Who is it ?

- I couldn't say, Sir.



Captain Luneau ?



Yeah, Mike ?






This is some spooky shit we got here.



Well, gentlemen,

we know who the stranger is.



His name is Peter Raymond Dayton.

   years old.



Arrested   years ago for auto theft



for which he was put on probation

for one year.



He lives with his parents. William and

Candace Dayton, at     Garland Avenue.






- Here.

- Thanks, Lou.



Where the fuck have you been, man ?



- Hey, man.

- What's up man ?



Well, you look like shit.



Yeah. What happened ?



Just haven't been feeling so good.



You're not contagious, are you ?



Don't think so.



All right.

Well, let's go for a drive then.



Different kinds of fruits

grow and ripen.



It takes many strawberries

to fill a bucket.



But it's worth it when you know that...



Come on. I'll lead.



...and a glass of fresh,

cold milk from grandmother's cow.



See ya later.



- I'm gonna go out with these clowns.

- That should do you some good.



- Good night.

- See ya.



What's happening to you ?



What happened to your face ?



- I don't know.

- What do you mean, you don't know ?



You've been acting strange lately.



Like the other night.



What night ?



The last time I saw you.



I don't remember.



You still care about me ?



Pete !



- Arnie !

- Where you been ?



- How you doing ?

- It's good you're back...



- Wonderful.

- Good to see you, man.



Listen, man, a lot of people...



gonna be real happy

that you're back, including me.



Well, it's good to be back.



Mr. Smith has been waiting for you.



Yeah, I'll take care of him.



And Mr. Eddy called.



- Can I call him and tell him to come in ?

- Yeah. Call him. Tell him I'm back.



- And, you know, I'm ready to work.

- You're ready to work ?



- Well, let's go to work.

- All right, Buddy.



Petey's back !



There's   People down here.



And you're gonna ask   of them.

If you get that price from one of them,



I'll let you ask the other two.



Where's Pete ?



He's back there !



Mr. Eddy !



What happened ?



- Somebody giving you trouble ?

- No. No trouble.



'Cause if somebody's

giving you trouble, Pete,



I can take care of the problem...

Like that !



- No. I'm fine, Mr. Eddy.

- I mean it, Pete. Like... that !



Thank you. Really. I'm fine.

So, what do you want,



- just a regular tune-up ?

- I want you to take a ride with me.



I don't like the sound of something.



- OK. I got to check in with the boss.

- It's OK with Arnie. Come on, let's go.



Pull it over, but keep it running.



Best goddamn ears in town.



Give that a try.




Smooth as shit from a duck's ass.



- Let's take a ride.

- Whatever you say, Mr. Eddy.



It's a beautiful day.



- You did a great job, Pete.

- Yeah.



Well, you know I like working

on this car, Mr. Eddy.



Shit. That cocksucker

doing what I think he's doing ?



This is where mechanical excellence...



...and      horsepower pays off.



Don't you ever fucking tailgate !



- Ever !

- Tell him you won't tailgate.



- Ever !

- I won't ever...



Do you know

how many fucking car lengths it takes



to stop a car at    miles an hour ?!



Six fucking car lengths !

That's     fucking feet, Mister !



If I had to stop suddenly,

you would've hit me !



I want you to get a driver's manual !

I want you to study that motherfucker !



And I want you to obey

the goddamn rules !



   fucking thousand people

were killed on the highway last year



because of fucking assholes like you !



- Tell me you're going to get a manual !

- I will g-get a manual.



Fucking ldiot !



I'm sorry about that, Pete.



But tailgating is one thing

I cannot tolerate.



Yeah, I can see that.



Wait a minute !



- Thanks, Mr. Eddy.

- No, thank you.



I'm bringing the Caddy by tomorrow.



You like pornos ?



- Pornos ?

- Give you a boner ?



No thanks.



Suit yourself, champ.



- Well... I'll see you then.

- You will.



Damn !



Lou, you recognize that guy ?



Yeah... Laurent.



- What do you want ?

- Want to go for a drive ?



I don't know.



Get in, baby !



Come here !



- Why don't you like me ?

- I do like you.



How much ?



What'd you change it for ?



I like that.



Well, I don't.



I like that !



I'm leaving the Caddy like I told you.



Think you'll get a chance

to give her the once-over today ?






You want to pick it up later on

or in the morning ?



Well, if you think you can finish it,

I'll be back later today.



- It'll be done.

- You're my man, Pete.



Don't let that thing upset you.



Holy smokes !



I'm Alice Wakefield.



Pete Dayton.



- I was here earlier.

- Yeah, I remember.



How'd you like to take me to dinner ?



I don't know.



Why don't I take you to dinner ?



Look, I don't think

this is a very good idea.



Do you have a phone ?



It's right... It's right there.



I have to call myself another taxi.



Hello ? Van Nuys ?



Can I have the number for Vanguard Cab ?



Hello. Yes, I need a Taxi.

Arnie's garage, the corner of fifth...



Hello. Yeah, we're not going

to need that cab. Thanks.



Maybe we should just skip dinner.



Take my clothes off !



Fucker gets more pussy

than a toilet seat.



- I want more.

- Me, too.



Can I call you ?



Call me at home.

I'll give you the number.



OK, baby.



Up here. Come on up, baby.

I already got the room.



I'll get it. Hello ?



It's me.



Hey, baby.



I can't see you tonight.



I have to go somewhere with Mr. Eddy.






I think he suspects something.

We have to be careful.



I miss you.



Me, too.



I'll call you again.



What a fucking job.



His or ours, Lou ?



Ours, Hank.



- Hey.

- Sit down a minute !



- What's up ?

- Sit down !



You don't look so good.



No, I just... just have a headache.



What's going on ?



The police called us.



What'd they want ?



They want to know

if we had a chance to find out



what happened to you the other night.



And they want to know

if you remembered anything.



But I don't remember anything.



What'd you tell them ?



We're not going to say anything...



about that night to the police.



We saw you that night, Pete.



You came home with your friend Sheila.



Yeah. There was a man with you.



What is this ? I mean,

why didn't you tell me anything ?



Who's the man ?



I've never seen him before in my life.



What happened to me ?



Please, please, dad, Tell me !



Mr. Eddy.



- How you doing ?

- I'm OK.



I'm sure you noticed that girl

who was with me the other day.



Good looking blonde.

She stayed in the car.



Her name is Alice.I swear,

I love that girl to death.



If I ever found out

somebody was making out with her...



I'd take this



and I'd shove it so far up his ass,

it would come out his mouth.



- And then you know what I'd do ?

- What ?



I'd blow his fucking brains out.



You're looking good.



What you been up to ?



I'll get it.



Meet me at the Starlight Hotel

on Sycamore in    minutes.



He'll kill us.



Are you...



positive that he knows ?



I'm not positive, but he knows.



So... what are we supposed to do ?



I don't know.



If we could just get some money,

we could go away together.



I know a guy.



He pays girls to party with him.



He's always got a lot of cash.



He'd be easy to rob.



Then we'd have the money.

We could go away.



We could be together.



Have you partied with him ?



Did you like it ?



It was part of the deal.



What deal ?



- He works for Mr. Eddy.

- Yeah ?



- And what's he do ?

- He makes films for Mr. Eddy.



- Pornos ?

- Yeah.



How did you get in

with these fucking people, Alice ?



- Pete...

- No Pete. I want to know how it happened.



It was a long time ago.



I met this guy at a place called Moke's.

We became friends.



He told me about a job.



In pornos ?



No. Just a job. I didn't know what.



He made an appointment

for me to see a man.



I went to this place.



They made me wait there forever.



There was a guy guarding the door.



In another room, there was

this other guy lifting weights.



I started getting nervous.



When it got dark...



they brought me into this other room.



Why didn't you just leave ?



You liked it, huh ?



If you want me to go away,

I'll go away.



I don't want you to go away.



I love you, Alice.



- Should I call Andy ?

- Andy ?



That's his name, Andy.

Our ticket out of here.



Yeah. Call him.



I'll set it up for tomorrow night.



You meet me at his place at   :  .



Don't drive, take the bus.

Make sure no one follows you.



His address is easy to remember.

It's      Deep Dell Place.



It's a white Stucco job

on the south side of the street.



I'll be upstairs with Andy.

The back door will be open.



Go through the kitchen into

the living room. There's a bar there.



At   :  

I'll send Andy down to fix me a drink.



And when he does,

you crack him on the head, OK ?



You're fucking somebody else,

aren't you ?



- You fuck me whenever you want.

- Sheila, stop it !



- You don't call. Who is she ?

- Stop it !



What's the bitch's name ?



- I'm sorry.

- Oh, you're sorry ?



Go home ! Sheila, stop it !



You're sorry, you piece of shit !



- You're sorry ?

- Go home !



- Fuck you !

- Sheila, stop !



Sheila ! Let's both go in

and talk about this quietly.



Sheila, come on.



You are different.



Tell him ! Tell him !



Sheila, don't. Don't.



I don't care anymore anyway.

I'm sorry, Mr. Dayton.



I won't bother you, or any member

of your family ever again.



There's a man on the phone.



He's called a couple of times tonight.



Who is it ?



He won't give his name.



Hey, Pete, how you doing ?



- Who is this ?

- You know who it is.



Mr. Eddy ?



Yeah. How you doing, Pete ?



- OK.

- You're doing OK ? That's good, Pete.



- Look, it's late Mr. Eddy, I...

- I'm really glad to know you're doing OK.



You're sure you're OK ?

Everything all right ?



I'm really glad to know

you're doing good, Pete.



I want you to talk to a friend of mine.



We've met before, haven't we ?



I don't think so.



Where is it you think we've met ?



At your house. Don't you remember ?



No, I don't.



In the East, the far East...



when a person is sentenced to death,



they're sent to a place

where they can't escape.



Never knowing when an executioner

may step up behind them



and fire a bullet

into the back of their head.



What's going on ?



It's been a pleasure talking to you.



I just wanted to jump on and tell you

that I'm really glad you're doing OK.



You got him.



Alice !



We killed him.



You killed him.



What do we do ?



What do we do ?



We have to get the stuff.



We have to get out of here.



Ah, fuck !



Is that you ?



Are both of them you ?



That's me.



Honey, are you all right ?



Where's the bathroom ?



It's upstairs, down the hall.



Did you want to talk to me ?



Did you want to ask me why ?



What's the matter ?



Don't you trust me, Pete ?



Stick this in your pants.



I know a fence.



He'll give us money, get us passports

in exchange for all this shit



and Andy's car...



And then we can go anywhere.



Come on, baby !



Pete, you drive !



Where the fuck are we going, Alice ?



Where the fuck are we going ?



We have to go to the desert, baby.



The fence I told you about...



He's at his cabin.



Come on !



We'll have to wait.



Why me, Alice ?



Why choose me ?



You still want me, don't you, Pete ?



More than ever.



I want you.



I want you.



You'll never have me.



Here I am.



- Where's Alice ?

- Alice who ? Her name is Renee.



If she told you her name is Alice,

she's lying.



And your name ?

What the fuck is your name ?!



Renee ?



You're coming with me.



What do you guys want ?



Now you can hand it back !



You and me, Mister...



We can really outugly them sumbitches...



Can't we ?



Ed... Take a look at this !



Yeah. That's her all right.



That's Fred Madison's wife

with Dick Laurent.



And Mr. Dent-Head over there.



We got Pete Dayton's prints

all over this place.



You know what I think, Ed ?



What is it, Al ? What do you think ?



I think there's no such thing

as a bad coincidence.



Dick Laurent is dead.



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