Lost In Translation Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Lost In Translation script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the movie directed by Sofia Coppola and starring Scarlett Johansson and Bill Murray.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Lost In Translation. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Lost In Translation Script



[ Traffic Noises, Faint ]



[ Plane Passing Overhead ]



[ Woman On P.A. System

Speaking Japanese ]



[ Woman On P.A.]

Welcome to New Tokyo

International Airport. Welcome.



- Welcome to Tokyo.

- Thank you very much.



My name is Kawasaki.

Nice to meet you.

I've heard of you. Thank you.



For you.

Thank you.



And Mr. Mori

from Suntory.




And Miss Shibata.

Hey, I need that.



And Mr. Awinami.

Nice to meet you.



All right.

Thank you.



And Mr. Tanaka.

Thank you.

Thank you.



And we will pick you up

in the morning?





See you tomorrow.



Great. Short and sweet.

VeryJapanese. I like that.



- My pleasure.

- Yeah, get some sleep, will ya?



We're all-- You're all

really tired, I'm sure.

See you tomorrow.



Good night.

Thank you.

Thank you.



Thank you--

What's this?



Something good?




Thank you.



[ Elevator Bell Sounds ]



Mr. Harris, welcome

to Park Hyatt Tokyo.




This way, please.



Mr. Harris,

pleased to welcome.



Thank you.

Have a nice stay with us.



This way.



Mr. Harris,

welcome to Park Hyatt Tokyo.



Thank you.

Enjoy your stay

with us.



Thank you very much.



[ Chamber ]



[ Continues ]



[ Piano ]



I'm in your arms



And you are kissing me



But there seems to be



[ Continues ]



[ Man #  ] Finish this drink,

then we'll go to a jazz club.

[ Man #  ] Yeah.



[ Man #  ]

You see that guy?

[ Man #  ] Yeah.



[ Man #  ]

You know who that is?

[ Man #  ] It's not him.



[ Man #  ]

It looks like him,

but it's not him.



[ Man #  ]

Can you believe it?

[ Man #  ] Okay, maybe it is.



[ Man #  ] He's here with us.

I'm gonna go talk to him.

[ Man #  ] Shut up. Shut up.



[ Man #  ]

Bob? Bob Harris?

You're awesome, man!



Sunset Odds.

Loved it.



Man, that car chase--

I couldn't believe it.



[ Man #  ] Four buses--

And he took that thing

and everything exploded.



I heard he did his own driving.

Did you do your own driving?



I did.




[ Man #  ]

So, what are you doing here?

[ Man #  ] Yeah.



Um, seeing friends.

Seeing friends.



[ Man #  ]

Yeah? Great.



[ Man #  ]

We're here on business.



[ Woman ]

I can see it in your eyes




See you, Bob.

Keep it up.



[ Fax Machine

Clicking, Humming ]



[ Clicking, Humming Continue ]



[ Snoring ]



[ Snoring Continues ]



Are you awake?






[ Whispers ]

Go to sleep.



[ Moans ]



[ Sighs ]



[ Snoring Continues ]



[ Shower Water Running ]






[ Phone Rings ]

[ Man ]

Moshi moshi.



[ Man ] All ri--

Yeah, I'm coming down.




[ Phone Hangs Up ]



I gotta go to work.

[ Sighs ]




I love you.

I'll see you later.

Okay. Bye.



[ Door Closes ]



[ Whispers In Japanese ]



[ Elevator Bell Sounds ]



[ Murmuring In Japanese ]



[Japanese ]



Mr. Bob-san.



[ Speaking Japanese ]



Suntory whiskey.

[ Continues In Japanese ]



[Japanese ]



Casablanca. Bogie.



[ Continues In Japanese ]

Suntory time.



Um, he want you to turn,

look in camera.






That's all he said?




Turn to camera.



All right, does he want me

to-- to... turn from the right,



or... turn from the left?



[ Speaking Japanese ]



[ Kawasaki Continues

In Japanese ]



[ Speaking Japanese ]



[ Continues In Japanese ]



Passionate. Camera. Passion.



Right side,

and, uh, with intensity.






Is that everything?

I mean, it seemed like he said

quite a bit more than that.



[ Speaking Japanese ]






[ Continues In Japanese ]




[ Continues In Japanese ]






Like an old friend,

and into the camera.




[ Clears Throat ]



[ Director Speaking Japanese ]




It's Suntory time! Okay?



- Okay.

- Okay?



- Hey, come on!

- [ Crew Member ]

Come on, come on, come on.



[ Shouts In Japanese ]



For relaxing times,



make it Suntory time.




Cut-o, cut-o, cut-o, cut-o, cut-o!



[ Speaking Japanese ]



Uh, could you do it slower...



and with more... intensity?



Suntory time.



[ Director Shouts

In Japanese ]

[ Crew Members Respond ]



[ Finishes Shouting ]

[ Clapboard Claps ]



For relaxing times,



make it Suntory time.



Cut-o, cut-o, cut-o, cut-o!



[ Speaks Japanese ]



[ Train Bell Sounds ]



[ Tolling ]



[ Chanting In Japanese ]



[ Tolls ]



[ Chanting Continues ]



[ Tolls ]



[ Phone Line Ringing ]



[ Woman ]




[ Trembling ]




[ Lauren ]

Charlotte! Hey!




Oh, my God.

How's Tokyo?



It's great here.

It's really great.



Um, I don't know--

I went to this shrine today.




And, um,



there were these monks

and they were chanting.



And I didn't feel anything.

You know?



And, um, I don't know--



I even tried ikebana,

and John is using these hair products.



I just--

I don't know who I married.

Look, can you wait a second?



Just hold on.

I'll be right back.

Okay, sure.




What were you saying?



Nothing. It's okay.

I'll call you later. Okay?



Okay. Have the best time.

Just call me when you get back.




Love you.




[ Thud ]




[ Mutters ]




[ Laughs ]




At the fitting today,

they had all these...



rock and roll clothes,



but the band

wasn't tough at all.



The label guy just kept saying,

"More lock and loll,"



but it's just so much better

if they're just skinny and nerdy

like they came in, you know.



They're making them wear

all these Keith Richards clothes,

and it's just ridiculous.



They should let them be who they are.

Don't you think?






Yeah, that's exactly

what I was saying.



But then you try to--

I mean,you know--



[ Stammering ]

That's what I think.



Do you think this is done?



[ Stammers ]

I don't know. I don't know.



[ Zipper Zips ]



Would you-- Would you

please stop smoking?



I like to.

I don't really smoke that much.



It's just so bad for you,




Well, I'll stop later.



Welcome back,

Mr. Harris.

Yes, Mr. Harris.



Please. Thank you.



[ Pop ]

[ Man Speaking Japanese ]



[ Continues ]

[ TV:Man Continues

In Japanese ]



[ Beep ]



[ Speaking Japanese ]



[ Dialogue Dubbed In Japanese ]



[ Man Shouting In Japanese ]



[ Knocking ]



[ TV: Tires Squealing, Crash ]



[ Beep ]

[ TVOff]



[ Knocking ]



Mr. Harris?




Mr. Kazu sent me.




May I enter?



Thank you.



Do you like massage?



I don't think

l-- I like massage anymore.



Mr. Kazu sends

premium fantasy.



My stockings-- "lip" them.



[ Giggles ]

"Lip" my stockings.



Yes, please.



"Lip" them.






"Lip" them.



Hey! "Lip" my stocking!



Hey! "Lip" them?

"Lip" them? What?



"Lip" them. Like this.

"Lip" them.



Rip them?

"Lip," yes.



You want me

to rip your stockings?

Yes, "lip" my stockings, please.



Rip your stockings.

You want me to rip your stockings.

Yes. Please? Please? Please?



All right, I'm gonna rip your stockings,

and you tell Mr. Kazu we had a blast.



Oh, no! Mr. Harris!

Oh, my God!



Don't touch me!



Mr. Bob Harris,

don't touch me!



Just "lip" my stocking!



Oh, no, Mr. Harris!



Oh, no! Help! Help!

Yeah-- Yeah.



Help, please!

Help, please!




Mr. Harris, help, please.

Careful with those.



Oh! Help, please!

Help, please!

Come on. Come on.



Let me go, Mr. Harris!



Oh, no! Let me go!

Come on. Come on.



Ohh! Let me go!

Let me go.

Oh, crap.



Please let me go.

With pleasure.



Oh, no, Mr. Bob Harris,

don't let me go! No!



No! Oh, no,

Mr. Bob Harris!

[ Muttering ]



Ohh! Oh, please.



Let me go, please!



[ Woman On Loudspeaker

Speaking Japanese ]



[ Elevator Bell Sounds ]



[ Chuckles ]

Mr. Harris! Good morning.






We just got a request from Tanabe Mori.

He is theJohnny Carson ofJapan.



It is a big honor

to be invited to his show.



Can you stay here

until Friday?



Uh, I'm surprised and honored,

but I think I need

to check with my agent.



Okay. Mm-hmm.

I believe I may have

a previous commitment.




I understand.



Shall we go?




[ Flashes Popping ]



[ Man On Phone ]

I think you should do it.

No, hear this, Fred.



I gotta be on a plane

Thursday night.



We're looking into it, Bob.



They really want you to stay

and do that talk show.




he's a really big deal--



Johnny Carson ofJapan.




Bob, these people

are paying you a lot.

Would you please consider it?



I already have.

l-I gotta get out of here.



As soon as I can.



[ Transmission Breaking Up ]

All right, you're scheduled to leave Friday,

but we'll hold it for you Saturday.



You're breaking up, Fred.

There's no reception in this studio.



Forget it.

Call me back.



[ Sighs ]



[ Sighs ]



So, can you put your hand

close your face, please?



I'm sorry, Naka. What?



Can you put your hand

close your face?



[ Stammers ]



I don't get that close to the glass

until I'm on the floor.



How's this?

[ Shutter Clicks ]




You want a whiskey?



This is not whiskey. This is iced tea.

If you gave me real whiskey--



I need mysterious face.



Can you show mysterious?




I think I know what you want.

You want this, right?



I need more mysterious and, uh--



More mysterious. Yeah.

I'll just try to think,

"Where the hell's the whiskey?"



[ Shutter Clicking ]



You are a movie star, yes?



Yes, I should be doing movies,

yes, but--

And "Lat Pack."



"Lat Pack."

You know "Lat Pack"?



Rat P-- Rat Pack?



Rat Pack.

Yes, please.

Oh, right, right.



[ Shutter Clicking ]



I need more tension,


[ Clicking Continues ]



More t--



You so gentleman,yes?








You know "Sinatora"?



Old Blue Eyes.




That's good.




That's more of Dino.

That's Dino.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.






Joey Bishop would you like?


Just change film.



Are you drinking?




Am I drinking?

As soon as I'm done.



Okay, close your hand,





Close your hand.

Yeah-- Close it?




Close your face, please.



Close my--

Yes. Sorry.



[ Shutter Clicks ]

And, uh,    ?



He drinks martinis,

but okay, I got it.




"Loger" Moore?




"Loger" Moore.



You know "Loger" Moore?

Roger Moore?




Okay. l-- l--



- I always think of Sean Connery.


- No, no.



Didn't you get

the Sean Connery one over here?

No. "Loger" Moore.




[ Shutter Clicks ]



"Loger" Moore?




Yeah. Okay.

[ Shutter Clicks ]



Yeah, okay. Good.



More. Please.



You mean "more, "

or "Roger Moore"again?

Yeah. Yeah.



[ Shutter Clicking ]




And sexy!



[ Piano ]

[ People Chattering,

Laughing ]



Are you going



To Scarborough Fair



Parsley, sage






And thyme



[ Man ]

He's really sad.

[ Scattered Applause ]



[ Laughs ]



[ Applause Continues ]



Thank you.

We're glad to be here.



We're Sausalito.



They're beautiful.

They're beautiful, yeah.

You know?



Send these over

to that table over there.



[ Man ]

Old temple?

[John ] An old temple?




Oh, beautiful, man.



Excuse me, sir.

From the woman over there.



Oh! Oh, th-they are?





Wh-What's-- What's--



Is Japan--

Is it mainly Buddhism here?



Yeah, it's Buddhism.



[ Woman ]

CD or--



Yeah, CD.

Playing her--



Oh, she plays... guitar?

Guitar. Guitar.



That's a beautiful job.



[ Computerized Voice

Speaking Japanese ]



[ Beep ]

[ Machine Accelerates ]



[ Computerized Voice

Speaking Japanese ]






[ Machine Accelerating ]






[ Beep ]

[ Computerized Voice

Speaking Japanese ]



[ Computerized Voice

Repeating Commands In Japanese ]



[ Kawasaki ]

Good morning.

Good morning.



Good morning.

Good morning.



Are you okay?

Yeah. Fine.



[ Kawasaki ]

Car is outside.

Shall we go?



[ Woman ]

That's what I told him.



He never listens.




[ Women Laughing ]






Oh, my God!John!

What are you doing here?



Uh, oh, w-well,you know,

uh, w-- I'm just here,

uh, shooting a band.



What about you?

I'm here promoting

that action movie I did.



Hyah! You know! [ Laughs ]

I'm doing    million interviews a day.



It's crazy.




God, it is so good

to see you!

Yeah. Yeah.



So, how long

are you gonna be here?

We're here for a week.



I'm gonna go shoot

in Fukawaka.




Oh, it's amazing!



Yeah. Oh.

Oh, yeah.

It's amazing.



You know-- Oh, this is--

this is my wife, Charlotte.



Hi! It's really nice

to meet you!

Hi. Nice to meet you.




[ Laughing ]





[ Laughing ]

Yeah. Yeah.







You are

my favorite photographer.



Oh, come on!

No, you are.

I only want you to shoot me.



[ Nervous Laughter]



It's true!

[ Laughs ]



I have the worst B.O. right now.

I'm so sorry.



No, no, no.

But, listen, um--



- Let's all go out

for a drink sometime.

- Yeah.



You know? Call me. Okay?

Yeah. Okay.




I'm under Evelyn Waugh.



Oh, oh, oh.

Shh. Okay?



Okay. Yeah.



Okay, arigato, arigato.




[ Laughing ]

Moshi moshi!



Evelyn Waugh?




Evelyn Waugh

was a man.



Oh, come on.

She's nice.



What? You know--

You know, not everybody

went to Yale.



It was just a pseudonym,

for Christ's sake.



Why do you

have to defend her?



Well, why do you have to point out

how stupid everybody is all the time?



I thought it was funny.

Forget it.







we gotta go.

Oh. Yeah.






[ Man On Headphones ]

Did you ever wonder

what your purpose in life is?



This book is about finding

your soul's purpose or destiny.



Every soul has its path,

but sometimes that path is not clear.



The Inner Map Theory

is an example ofhow each soul

begins with an imprint,



all compacted into a pattern

that has been selected by your soul...



before you've even gotten here.



[ Woman ]

You know, I guess the reason

why I likeJapan the best...



out of all Asian countries...



is because I really feel

close to, um, Buddhism.



I really feel--

I really believe in reincarnation.



That's part of what drew me

to Midnight Velocity as well,



because although Keanu dies,



he eventually

gets reincarnated.



So there's hope--

There's hope in reincarnation, I think.



[ Reporter ]

What was it like working

with Keanu Reeves?



He was always so--

He was always, you know,

giving me ideas...



and, you know, really helpful.



He made me feel

really comfortable, so--



And we both have two dogs,

and we both live in L.A.,



so we have all these

different things in common.



So, you know, we both

really like Mexican food...



and yoga and...






[ Reporters Laughing ]

[ Woman Translating IntoJapanese ]

Mexican food. Yoga.



[ Women Conversing

In Japanese ]



Konnichi wa.

Hello. Hi.









[ Speaking Japanese ]




[Japanese ]

[ Giggles ]









[ Continues In Japanese ]



Hai. Okay. Hai. Hai.




[ Clicking Button ]



[ TV:People Laughing ]



[ People Speaking Japanese ]



[ TV: Channel Changes ]



[ Speaking Japanese ]



[ TV: Off]



[ Door Closes ]



He got married

a couple of times...



[ Sighs ]

to some nice women.



Beautiful women too.

I mean, you and I would be

crazy for these women.



But there were

always rumors.



I never liked his acting,



so I never gave a damn

whether he was straight or not.



Thank you-- Hi.




What can I get you?



Um, I'm not sure.






For relaxing times,

make it...



[ Bartender, Bob ]

Suntory time.



Um, I'll have a vodka tonic.



[ Laughs ]




So, what are you

doing here?



Uh, a couple of things.



Taking a break from my wife,

forgetting my son's birthday,



and, uh, getting paid

$  million...



to endorse a whiskey...



when I could be doing

a play somewhere.






But the good news is,

the whiskey works.



[ Laughs ]



What are you doing?



Um, my husband's

a photographer,



so he's here working and, uh,



I wasn't doing anything,

so I came along.



And we have some friends

that live here.

How long have you been married?



Oh, thank you.



Mmm. Two years.



Twenty-five long ones.






You're probably just

having a midlife crisis.



Did you buy a Porsche yet?



You know, I was thinking

about buying a Porsche.



Twenty-five years.



That's a--

Well, it's impressive.



Well, you figure you sleep

one-third of your life.



That knocks off

eight years of marriage

right there.



So you're down

to    and change.



You're just a teenager

at marriage.



You can drive it, but there's

still the occasional accident.




[ Laughs ]



What do you do?






I'm not sure yet,




I just graduated

last spring.



What did you study?






Yeah, there's a good buck

in that racket.

[ Laughs ] Yeah.



Well, so far

it's pro bono.



[ Both Chuckle ]



Well, I'm sure you'll

figure out the angles.




I hope your Porsche works out.



Cheers to that, huh?

Cheers to that.






Wish I could sleep.



Me too.



[ Pop ]

One, two, three,

and okay.



[ Continues ]

All right.



[ Speaking Japanese ]



One, two, three, four.



And one, two, three, four.



And one, two--



[ Continues ]



[ Loud Video Game Noises ]



[ Characters Speaking Japanese ]



[ Guitar:Heavy Metal ]



[ Video Game:

Man Singing In Japanese ]



[ Ends ]



[ Pop:Japanese ]



[ Video Game: Girl's Voice ]

Wait! Take me with you!



[ Continues ]



[John Groans ]

[ Door Closes ]



[ Groans, Laughs ]




[John Laughs ]

How'd it go, huh?



Oh, it was good, you know.

I'm tired.




Yeah, l-l-I gotta go downstairs

and meet Kelly for some drinks.



She wants to talk about

some photo thing.

Maybe I'll go downstairs with you.



Oh, you wanna come?



Yeah, sure.



Okay. Yeah.






Stepped out

of a dream



Everybody is always, like,

"Kelly, you are anorexic."



And I'm, like, "No, I'm not."

I eat so much junk food,

you wouldn't believe it.



Just because I have

a high metabolism.



Because I thought

you were anorexic too.



Everybody does.

Everybody thinks that.

Yeah, 'cause you look so--



Thank you!

I know, but it's--



I mean, I eat whatever.

I have a really high metabolism.




But, um--



My dad

was an anorexic.




Oh, really?






He, um, fought

on the American side

of the Bay of Pigs in Cuba.



He was taken prisoner,

and the whole time he was there

they tortured him about food.



Every day they told him

they put poison in the food.



So they would always

make themselves throw up

after every meal.



That's horrible.

That's terrible.



That's some crazy shit.



You don't think

he sounds kinda goofy?




You know that break beat, right?

Well, I been takin' it

to some next level shit.



Like, I'll take that

and put a delay on it,

so it's like--



[ Imitating Hip-hop Beat ]



So it's, like, evolving,

the beat.



So it, like, sounds

hella large on the track.

You know what I'm sayin'?







You don't listen to hip-hop?




Oh, my God!

You guys gotta listen.



I tried this power cleanse.

It's so amazing.



Okay, promise me you'll try it.

Will you try this power cleanse?



I did it last week,

and it's amazing.

I'll be right back.



It's so good to get

the toxins out of your body.



With all, like, the pollution,

all, like, the--



[ Kelly Continues,

Indistinct ]

[ Continues ]







You ever switch seats?

[ Chuckles ]



Uh, I like this one.

If I fall, someone will notice.



[ Laughs ]




So, you having a nice time?



Can you keep a secret?



I'm trying to organize

a prison break.



I'm looking for, like,

an accomplice.

[ Laughs ]



We'd have to, first,

get out of this bar.



Then the hotel, then the city,

and then the country.



Are you in,

or are you out?

I'm in.




I'll go pack my stuff.



Get your coat.

[ Chuckling ]

See ya.



I hope you've had

enough to drink.

It's gonna take courage.



Oh, look.

The label got me these.



Mmm, I love Cristal.

You wanna have some?



Well, I'm-- [ Stammers ]

I gotta go. I mean, l--



Y-You know,

you don't have to stay.



I mean--

You don't have to go,

do you?



[ Laughs ] Well, l--

[ Stammering ]



I know. You're gonna be

working the whole time.



I'll have a much better time here.

I'll call Charlie and those guys.

Yeah! Call those guys.



And I'm gonna be back

on Sunday, and l--



I love you, you know.



[ Whispers ]


[ Whispers ]

I love you.



I'll see you. Okay?

Yeah, it's just gonna be

a couple of--a couple of days.






I love you.



[ Door Closes ]



[ Giggles ]





How are you?



Good. How are you?



It's a cool pool, isn't it?

Yeah, it's nice.



Get any sleep?



Not yet. [ Chuckles ]

How about you?



No. Not yet.



[ Both Laugh ]

How long you staying for?



I'll be in the bar

for the rest of the week.

[ Laughs ]



Well, that's good.



Um, I'm going out

with some friends later,

if you wanna come.





I'll see you later.




See ya.






"Bob, which one do you want

for your study?



I like the burgundy,

but whatever you want."



[ Sighs ]



Which one is burgundy?



[ Rhythmic Knocking ]



Hold on!

[ Giggles ]



Hold on.



[ Giggles ] You really are

having a midlife crisis, huh?




Yeah, I was afraid of that.




I kept telling myself that I just wanted

to be ready in case we go to war tonight.



[ Giggles ]



My bathroom

is messier than yours.



And it's not like

you're not tryin'.



Here, will you

cut the tag out for me?




You're too tall.



Uh, anybody ever tell you

you may be too small?



Whose is this? "A Soul's Search:

Finding Your True Calling."



I don't know.



I have that.

Did it work out

for you, then?



[ Laughing ]








[ Female Singer, Indistinct ]



Where's your shoes?

They're over here.



- Where's your room key?

- It's in my bag.



- And where's your bag?

- It's right here.



Let's go.




There's the elevator.

I gotta go.

Hey! [ Giggles ]



[ Techno Pop ]



Hi! How are you?

Hi, Charlie!



[ Exchanging Greetings,

Indistinct ]



Um, Bob,

this is Charlie Brown.



Hi. Nice to meet you.

How are you?

Nice to meet you.



- This is Bambi.

- How are you, Bambi?



His real name's Hayashi, but--

Why do they call you Charlie Brown?



Everybody say,

"He looks like Charlie Brown."

You know, Snoopy, man.



Oh, I'll be right back.



Bob, over here.

These are my friends.

Very beautiful.



She's "B," and she's Rico,

and she's Myumi.



- Myumi. How are you? I'm Bob.

- Oh! Bob.



Bob from

United States, man.




Hi, Bob.



Maybe you'd like to

sing backup for me.



-[ Charlie ]

This is my surfing teacher.

- He's your surfing teacher?



Sometime, sometime.

You're a surfer?



[ Continues ]



[ Speaking French ]



Oh, oui, oui.

The emperor's house? Cool.



[ Continues In French ]





[ Continues In French ]










You don't have anything--

Do you have anything b--




Hey. How you doin'?



- Good. How are you?

- MyJapanese is getting better.



We started speaking English.



[ Charlie Arguing

In Japanese ]






[ Charlie, Bartender

Continue Arguing In Japanese ]



- [ Gunfire ]

- Ooh! Get out, guys!



- [ Bob ] I'm leaving!

-[ Charlotte Laughing ]

They'll sting!




[ Laughing ]



[ Man Shouting,

Speaking Japanese ]



- Who are these guys, anyway?

- [ Charlie Shouting In Japanese ]



[ Responding In Japanese ]






[ Bob ]

Oh, no.

[ Gunfire Continues ]



- Ohh!

- [ Charlie Shouting In Japanese ]



[ Pachinko Machines Clanging ]

[ Voices On P.A.

Speaking Japanese ]






Come on!



[ Charlie ]

Hey, guys! Over here!



Hurry up! Hurry up!

Hurry up!




Our tour guide!



[ Charlie ]

Hurry up!



[ Charlie Shouting

In Japanese ]








Blonde and black.



[ Charlotte, Charlie Laughing ]



[ Male Singer ]

Well, it's a feelin'I get



-Cheese. Cheese-o!

- Cheese!



[ Continues ]



Yeah, yeah-- Hi.

It's a feelin'I get



Hi, I'm Hans.

Nice to meet you.



I'm Charlotte.

Nice to meet you.



[ Chuckling ]





-[ Continues ]

- [ Speaking Japanese ]



Last weekend,

I went surfing.




About seven people,you know.

Some friends.



And we camp over there

on the beach.



[ Laughing ]

In fact, we made a kind of--



Wait. What kind

of weed is it?

I don't know.



Baby, when I saw you turnin'

at the end of the street



I knew our time was gone



Into blank pages



Just understand I was afraid

to be a simple guy



I tried my best to smile



But deep inside my heart



I felt like the shell

that a crab comes in



I guess I couldn't

live without things



A fascist regime



It made you a moron



Apotential H-bomb



God save the queen



She ain't no human being



There's no future



In England's dreaming



[ Rock ]



As I walk through



This wicked world



Searchin' for light

in the darkness

[ Cheering ]



Of insanity



I ask myself



Is all hope lost



Is there only pain



And hatred



And misery



And each time

I feel like this inside



There's one thing

I want to know



What's so funny 'bout

peace, love and understanding



[ Cheering ]




What's so funny 'bout

peace, love and understanding



I'm winkin' at ya



Gonna make you, make you

make you notice



Gonna use my arms



Gonna use my legs



Gonna use my style



Gonna use my sidestep



Gonna use my fingers



Gonna use my, my, my

[ Charlie ]

My, my, my



Imagination, oh-ohh



'Cause I'm



Gonna make you see



Nobody else here

No one like me



- I'm special

- [ Falsetto ]  Special



So special




I gotta have some of your




Give it to me



[ Pop ]

Ladies and gentlemen,

Mr. Bob Harris.



Thanks. This is hard.



[ Clears Throat ]




I could feel at the time



There was no way of knowing



Fallen leaves in the night



Who can say

where they're blowin'



As free as the wind



Hopefully learnin'



Why the sea on the tide



Has no way of turnin'



More than this



You know there's nothing



More than this



Tell me one thing



More than this



Ooh, there's nothing



[ Karaoke Continues,

Singer Faint, Indistinct ]



[ Rock ]



[ Man ]

Close my eyes



Feel me now



I don't know



How you could

not love me now



You will know



With her feet down to the ground



Over there



And I want you, love, to know



You can't hide



Oh, no



From the way I feel



[ Man On Radio

Speaking Japanese ]



[ Lydia On Phone ]


[ Bob ] Hey.



Hello, Bob.



[ Bob ]

Hey,you know, those carpet samples--

you were right about the burgundy.



It wasn't even close.



Blows the others away.

I'm glad you like it.



I saw a great house tonight

that you would've loved, and...



that burgundy would've been good

in this house, really.




A guy designed his own house

and built it.



Oh, yeah? I wish I'd seen it.



He's a fashion guy.

All these fashion people were there.



And, uh, there were

Japanese surfers there,



and the guy was playing

really, really, really great music.



I should've found out what it was

and brought some--



I'll bring some back.

I'll try to find out.



That sounds great.

Can you hold on?



[ Girl Crying ]



You have to have something

for breakfast.



Do you want some cereal?

Tell her I said she's gotta eat something.



I'm just trying to get her

to eat something.



Yeah. Tell her I said

she has to eat something.



Your dad says eat something.




Eat. Tell her I said so.

She won't eat anything.

Forget it.



Look, I'm glad you're having fun.



It's not fun. It's just--

It's just very, very different.



Maybe that's good.



Um, I have to get

the kids off for school, okay?



So, can I call you in a while?



I might not be up.

It's-It's, like,  :  .



Well, you better get some sleep.

You have work in the morning.



No, actually,

they gave me tomorrow off.



That must be nice. Hmm.



All right. Well, thanks

for checking in. I gotta go.



All right.

Have a great, great night.

All right.



I mean, I guess have a great morning, huh?

[ Chuckles ]



Good night, Bob.

Good night.

Good night.



[ Phone Clicks Off, Dial Tone ]

I love you.



That was a stupid idea.



I was feeling tight,

you know?




Shoulders and neck.




So I called down

and, and had a, uh,



shiatsu massage

in my room.

Mmm, that's nice.



And the tightness has

completely, uh, disappeared...




and been replaced by...



unbelievable pain.



Just staggering,

unbearable pain.

Ooh, that's too bad.




I'm in pain.



I got my foot banged up, and--

Wanna see it?



[ Grunts ]

How do you say no?



Oh, my gosh.

I know.



That's-- How--

When did you do this?



I did it the other day.

It hurts, you know?



Didn't you feel any pain?


Yeah, it really hurt.



It was--

Yeah. That toe is almost dead.



I gotta take you to a doctor.

You can't, uh,just put that

back in the shoe.



No. I don't think so.



Well, you either go to a doctor,

or you leave it here.



[ Chuckling ]



He's smiling.

You like that idea?



See, they love black toe

over in this country.



You got a sharp knife?



Gotta be, you know, in this country--

somebody's gotta prefer a black toe.



Uh, "brack" toe.



Or we should probably hang around

until someone orders it.



Hey, what's with the straight face?



Hospital regulations.

Get in there.



All right.

Thank you.

All right.



[ Grunts ]

[ Woman On P.A. System

Speaking Japanese ]



Careful, okay?

No, don't!




Hey, use the horn, fella.



[ Woman On P.A. System Continues ]



Let's try "mixed internal."

[ Laughing ]




Switched to beer, huh?




Go. Go.

You might want

to switch to sake.






[ Man Speaking In Japanese ]








[ Speaking Japanese ]




We need a doctor.





For, uh, her--

emergency room.



It's not an emergency.

I just hurt my foot.



[ Speaking Japanese ]



[ Continues In Japanese ]



Okay, do we fill this out?

We go over there?



Which number?



We're not going to another hospital,

so whatever you say is okay.






Could you put that back

in the garage for us?



[ X-ray Machine Snapping Photo ]



[ Whistles ]



[ Speaking Japanese ]



[ Machine Whirring ]



[ Speaking Japanese ]



[ Speaking Japanese ]

Irun desuka.



"In desuka"?

Irun desuka.




[ Speaking Japanese ]



Nihon ni.










Japan "appuh."




"Appuh." "Appuh."





"Appuh." Nannen.






[ Groans ]



[ Melodic ]

Ahh-ah, so. Ahh-ah.



[ Melodic ]

Ahh, so. Ahh--



[ Laughing ]



Ahh, so. Ahh--



How's that song go?



[ Doctor Speaking Japanese ]



- Is that for me?

- [ Door Closes ]



Yeah, it can be for you.



[ Charlotte's Voice ]

Hey, Bob, it's Charlotte.



Um, I'm going to meet Charlie

and those guys at this place

called Orange around   :  



so I'll fax you a map

on how to get there.



I hope you can come

and meet us. Bye.



Suckin'on my titties

like you wanted me



Callin'me all the time

like Blondie



Check out my Chrissie be-Hynde

It's fine all of the time



Like sex on the beach is



What else is in the Teaches of Peaches



Huh, what



Suckin'on my titties

like you wanted me



Callin'me all the time like Blondie



How long have you been here?

I couldn't say.



Where's Charlie and those guys?



Um, they're takin' a dance class.



[ Woman Laughing ]

Why, what






What, right






Can I get you a couple drinks?

Let's go.







Like you wanted me

Callin'me all the time like Blondie

Thank you.



[ Chattering ]



[ Horn Honking ]

He's got blockers.



They've got room to run.



He's cutting back.

He cut back.



He's dancin'. He's dancin'.

Where'd he go?



[ Woman's Voice, Speaking Japanese ]



[ Charlotte ]

There you are.



Say "Hi."



Hi. You ready?



Come on.



[ Piano ]

Thank you, Tokyo!



Nobody does it better



Makes me feel sad for the rest



Nobody does it



Half as good as you



[ Laughing ]

Baby, you're



The best

You two.



Both of you.



I wasn't lookin'



[ Laughing ]

But somehow you found me



I tried to hide

from your love,yeah



[ Man Speaking Italian ]



[ Woman ]

No, no. Not here.

[ Speaking Italian ]



- It must be over there.

-[ Man Continues In Italian ]






[ Woman Meowing ]



[ Kitten Meowing ]



You know, the first time I saw you,

you were wearing a tuxedo at the bar.



You were very dashing.



I liked the mascara.



But the first time I saw you

was in the elevator.




You don't remember?






I guess you do kind of blend in, huh?

[ Chuckles ]



Did I scowl at you?



No, you smiled.

I did?



Yes, it was a complete accident.

A freak. I haven't seen it since.



Just that one time.

Like that, but bigger.



Bigger. Yeah, big-- big--



Well, not that big.

[ Chuckles ]



[ Woman On TV]

My goodness.



Marcello, come here.

Hurry up.



[ Charlotte ]

Why do they switch

the "R"s and the "L "s here?



Oh, for yuks.

You know,just to mix it up.



They have to amuse themselves.

'Cause we're not makin' 'em laugh.



[ Chuckles ]



Let's never come here again,

'cause it would never be as much fun.



Whatever you say.

You're the boss.



I'm stuck.



Does it get easier?









It gets easier.



Oh, yeah?



Look at you.




[ Chuckles ]



The more you know

who you are,



and what you want,



the less you let...



things upset you.






I just don't know

what I'm supposed to be.



You know?



I tried being a writer, but...



I hate what I write.



And I tried taking pictures,



but they're so mediocre,

you know.



Every girl goes through

a photography phase.



You know, like horses?



You know?

Take, uh, dumb pictures of your feet.



You'll figure that out.



I'm not worried about you.



Keep writing.



But I'm so mean.



Mean's okay.




What about marriage?

Does that get easier?



That's hard.



We used to have

a lot of fun.



Lydia would come with me

when I made the movies,



and we would laugh

about it all.



Now she doesn't want

to leave the kids, and...



she doesn't...



need me to be there.



The kids miss me,

but they're fine.



It gets a whole lot more complicated

when you have kids.



Yeah. It's scary.



It's the most terrifying day of your life

the day the first one is born.



Yeah. Nobody ever tells you that.



Your life,



as you know it,



is gone.



Never to return.



But they learn how to walk,

and they learn how to talk, and...



and you want to be with them.



And they turn out to be the most...



delightful people...



you will ever meet in your life.



Hmm, that's nice.



Where'd you grow up?



Um, I grew up in New York,



and I moved to Los Angeles

when John and I got married.



But it's so different there.



Yeah, I know.



John thinks I'm so snotty.



[ Chuckles ]






You're not hopeless.



[ Man On Radio

Speaking Japanese ]



[ Woman On P.A. System

Speaking Japanese ]



[ Chattering ]



[ Phone Ringing ]






[ Man ]

Mr. Harris? A fax for you.





Can you send it up?



Do you think you can kick it under

the door, slide it under the door, please?



Do you want I send it

to your room?

Just slide it under the door, please.



Thank you.

Okay. All right, bye.

Thank you, Mr. Harris.



[ Speaking Japanese ]



[ Woman On P.A. System

Speaking Japanese ]



[ Shouting In Japanese ]

[ Woman Continues In Japanese ]



Hey, Ms. Kawasaki.

It's Bob Harris.



Yes, I would love

to do his talk show.



I would.



Mm-hmm. I would love

to change my plans and stay.



[ Speaking Japanese, Counting Down ]



[ Speaking Japanese ]



American movie star.



[ Continues In Japanese ]



Ladies and gentlemen,



[ No Audible Dialogue ]

Mr. Bob Harris!



Come on!

Da de da de, da de da dah.



Da de da dah!




Come on, Bob.

Come on, Bob.



Bobby, come on!

Bobby, come on!



Whoo! Nice to meet you.



[ Speaking Japanese ]



He said you guys are

e-mailing together.



[ Continues In Japanese ]



Ah. He wants to

show you his dance.



Japanese dance step.

Uh-- Uh--Japanese dance.



Do l-- Do I have to

dance with him?



[ Chanting ]

To-tung a-tung. To-tung a-tung.



[ Audience Clapping ]

To-tung a-tung. To-tung a-tung



Bobby, Bobby, Bobby, Bobby--

[ Speaking Japanese ]



Welcome, Bob.

He was saying, "Welcome, Bob."




[ Cell Phone: Classical ]




[ Lydia ]




Hi, Lydia.

Is this a bad time?



No, it's always a good time.



Look, um, your burgundy carpet

isn't in stock.



It's gonna take    weeks.

Did you like any of the other colors?



Whatever you like.

l-I'm completely lost.



[ Sighs ]

It's just carpet.



That's not what

I'm talking about.

What are you talking about?



[ Sighs ]



I don't know.

I just want to get healthy.



You know, I want to take

better care of myself.



I would like to start

eating healthier.



I don't want all that pasta.






I would like to start eating,

like,Japanese food.



Well, why don't you just stay there,

and you can have it every day?



How are the kids doin'?



They're fine.

They miss their father.



But they're getting used to

you not being here.



Do I need to worry

about you, Bob?



Only if you want to.



Bob, I got things to do.



I gotta go.




I'll see you--

I mean, I'll talk to you later.




Okay, bye.






[ Both Speaking German ]



[ Speaking Japanese, Laughing ]



[ Audience Laughing ]



[ Speaking Japanese ]



[ TV: Continues ]



Matthew Smellick!



Matthew "Snellick."

[ Audience Applauds, Laughs ]



[ Speaking Japanese ]



[ TV: Continues ]



[ Applause ]

[ Woman ]

Thank you. Thank you so much.



We'll take a really short break,

and we'll see you in a minute.



[ Footsteps Approaching ]



Hi. Uh, champagne.




[ Clears Throat ]






[ Woman ]

Midnight at the oasis



Send your camel to bed



Shadows paintin'our faces



Traces of romance in our heads



Heaven's holding a half moon



[ Knocking ]



I got it.



[ Chuckling ]

Have a rough night?



Um, I'm going to that place,

that sushi place in Daikanyama.



You wanna come?

Yeah, but I can't right now.






Midnight at the oasis



Send your camel to bed

Yeah, I guess you're busy, huh?



Shadows paintin'our faces



Traces of romance in our heads



[ Cell Phone: Classical ]




[ Muffled ]

Hello? Bob, it's me.




[ Clear]

It's Lydia, your wife.



Oh, I'm--

I couldn't hear ya.



Hey, you want to talk to Zoe?




Zoe, come say hello

to your father.



[ Zoe ] No.

Uh, she just ran into

the other room.



It's okay. It's okay.



Okay, um, her ballet recital

is Sunday. Don't forget.



I didn't forget.



Well, travel safely.

I'll see you soon.



[ Zoe ]





Okay. Bye.






Well, she is closer

to your age.



You could talk about things

you have in common,



like, um,



growing up in the '  s.



Maybe she liked the movies

you were making in the '  s,



when you still were making movies.



Wasn't there anyone else there

to lavish you with attention?



I'm switchin' to beer.







I can't tell the difference.



We'll have

two of these, okay?



[ Alarm Blaring ]



[ Alarm Continues ]

[ Woman On P.A. System ]

To your nearest exit...



and leave the building.



Await instructions

from the authorities.



[ Woman On P.A. System

Speaking Japanese ]



[ Alarm Stops ]



That was the worst lunch.



So bad.



What kind of restaurant

makes you cook your own food?



When are you leaving?






I'll miss you.



[ Rock ]

I'm so into you






When you walked into the room



There was voodoo in the vibes



I was captured by your style



But I could not

catch your eyes



[ Continues ]



I don't want to leave.



So don't.

Stay here with me.



We'll start a jazz band.



I am so into you, baby



[ Elevator Doors Closing ]



[ Elevator Bell Sounding ]



[ Elevator Doors Opening ]



Good night.

Good night. Okay.



Good night.



[ Elevator Doors Closing ]



[ Elevator Bell Sounding ]




Okay. Good night.

Good night.



[ Elevator Doors Opening ]



[ Water Running ]



Good morning, Mr. Harris.

Have a nice flight.

Thank you.



Thank you.

[ Woman ]




I'll be one minute.



Charlotte, I'm down in the lobby,

and I'm leaving now.



Um, I was calling...



to see if you still

have my jacket.



If you could you bring it down,

but you're not there,



so this is good-bye,

and, uh--






I guess, good-bye and enjoy

my jacket which you stole...



from me.



[ Woman ]





How are you?

I'm good.

How are you?



Mr. Harris--

[ All Speaking At Once ]



Thank you for coming

Enjoy your, your trip?

I had a great time.



I had a very good time.



Excuse me.

Ar-Aren't you Bob Harris?

Yes, I am.



I'm such a big fan. So nice to meet you.

Thank you very much

Nice to meet you.



What are you doing here in Japan?

I have to go right now.

Excuse me one second.



Oh, okay. Well--



Hi. Thank you.




You're welcome.

Thought I'd missed you.



Are you going right now?


And my bodyguards are in here.



[ Both Chuckle ]



All right. Aren't you gonna wish me

"Have a good 'fright,"' or something?



Yeah, right.




Well, bye.

All right.



- Can I take one more picture?

- Sure.



[ Speaking Japanese ]




[ Woman Continues In Japanese ]




[ Elevator Bell Sounding ]



Hey, hold on here. Let me out.

Thank you.



[ Chattering ]



Hey, you.



[ Whispering, Indistinct ]














[ Rock ]



[ Man ]

Listen to the girl



As she takes on half the world



Moving up and so alive



In her honey dripping







It's good, so good



It's so good

All right.



So good



Walking back to you



Is the hardest thing that



I can do



That I can do for you



For you



I'll be your plastic toy



I'll be your plastic toy



For you



Eating up the scum



Is the hardest thing for



Me to do



Just like honey



Just like honey



Just like honey



Just like honey



[ Woman ]

Just like honey

Just like honey



Just like honey

Just like honey



Just like honey

Just like honey



Just like honey

Just like honey



Just like honey



Just like honey



Just like honey



Just like honey



Just like honey



Just like honey

Just like honey



Just like honey

Just like honey



Just like honey

Just like honey



Just like honey



[ Man ]




To learn



Last time



With you



You're always






I wanted you



I do



I do



I do






To go



I know






City girl



You're beautiful



I love you



I do



I do



I do






Could love



All night



With you



City girl



You're beautiful



I love you



I do



I do



I do



[ Man Singing In Japanese ]



[ Continues In Japanese ]

Special help by SergeiK