Lost In Yonkers Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Lost In Yonkers script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Neil Simon movie starring Richard Dreyfuss and Mercedes Ruehl.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Lost In Yonkers. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Lost In Yonkers Script



You were lucky. When we was kids

we couldn't afford no dentist.



Ma took out my back molars

with an open Coke bottle.



You sit here all night

till you finish that soup.



I tried. I can't get it down. It's awful.



- Eat it up quick. You won't taste it.

- I would taste it if I didn't have a tongue.



You don't want a tongue?

I can arrange that, too.



- Maybe if he just had some plain, hot tea?

- Did I ask you?



Maybe instead of dinner,

you'll go count the pretzels?



- What pretzels?

- The ones in the pretzel jar.



There were nine pretzels in the jar

this morning, there are only six tonight.



We don't sell no pretzels today.



- lf you let someone steal, you pay for it.

- What?



Don't "what" me.

You don't "what" your grandma.



Go help Bella wash up the dishes.



And then you go down

and clean up the basement.



- I'm not through eating.

- Bella, take his plate.



Take his plate!



You find this funny, Louie?



Don't try taking my plate, Ma.

Louie's hungry.



Eat it quick and no noise.



I talked to Gert.

She's coming over tomorrow night.



That's when I'm going to tell Grandma.



I need you and Arty.

You're gonna back me up on this, right?



Don't get Grandma upset,

because I really need her in a good mood.



Look at me. I can't stop eating.

I ate three pretzels today.



- You ate them? Why didn't you tell her?

- She knew I ate the pretzels.



She said, "Why are you eating so much?

You nervous?"



Of course I'm nervous about something!



I'm sorry. It was an accident.

I'll pay for it.



No. Put it on my bill with the pretzels.



You're just wasting gas, boys.






Just Hollywood Harry's

trying to shake Uncle Louie out of the tree.



I forgot. They told Jay to tell you

that Friday night the dance is over.






Don't worry about it.



Uncle Louie can out-dance a couple

of Bronx palookas like that any day.



I wish I was as tough as you.



You're getting there. Took on

the old lady tonight, that took moxie.



- What's moxie?

- What's moxie?



That's moxie.



Are you in trouble?



I was never not in trouble.



Hey, Hollywood Harry?



Take this,

right through your Betty Grable tie.



You no-good, dirty, little kid killer.



That store doesn't have to be cleaned

for a year now.



- Guess what Uncle Louie gave me?

- I don't know. I'm dead.



A dollar.

Wanna go to the movies on Sunday?



Movies? Let's go to a war movie

and see them kill German grandmas.



What you think you're doing?



- Dusting your chair?

- No, I don't think so.



From now on, Arthur,

I don't think I be so nice to you.



"Star light, star bright



"First star I see tonight



"I wish I may, I wish I might"



I forget the rest.

But please help me tomorrow night.



I'm gonna show you

how I used to sneak out when I was a kid.



I was really hot to see my girlfriend,

Francie, but Ma didn't like her.



Why not?



'Cause Francie was married,

and I was    and a half.



Come here.



Twenty-two feet.



Me and Bella dug it ourselves.



Bella did?



I just told her China was on the other side.



She got all excited

because she loves Chinese food.



- Did Grandma ever know about this?

- She found out about it after a while.



When I crawled out the other side,

she was waiting.



Whacko! I got that big German hand

across the head.



Then it was prison for me.



- What prison?

- Grandma's closet.



She used to lock me in there,

two, three hours at a time.



No light, no water, no food.



Just enough air to breathe.



- That would make me crazy.

- I'm tough as nails.



Come on. Let's go. Give me your arm.



Arty, come on.



Funny place for a manhole cover.



Stole it from down the street,

me and Bella did.



I told her it was to keep everyone

from China from moving into our house.



Let's go.



All right. Back up, boys. Come on.

Out of the way!



Here comes Louie Kurnitz, King of Yonkers!



- What'd I just do?

- You jumped in the water.



No, you stupid jerk. I made a splash.



That's what life is all about,

making a big splash.



Otherwise you die a nobody.

And I ain't dying till I'm somebody.



Get him!



Come on!



Did Grandma ever put my father

in the closet?



Not a chance.



She used to open up the closet door,

he'd tie himself to the radiator...



...even if it was hot.



Eddie was really afraid of her.



Now, Aunt Gert...



...she was more afraid than your old man.



She used to talk in her sleep.



And one night, Ma heard her say

some things that she didn't like...



...so Gert didn't get no supper for a week...



...till she learned how to sleep

holding her breath.



Which is why she talks so funny today.



- Didn't you ever want to run away?

- You kidding? I did,    times.



- Twelve times?

- That's still a record in Yonkers.



Last time, Ma wouldn't take me back.



She told the policeman

she didn't know me.



- Didn't you hate her for that?

- Sure I hated her, plenty.



Till I realized I could survive without her,

or anybody else.



Hell of a teacher, Ma was.



What do you think of your Uncle Louie?

You like him?



You bet.



Don't get used to it.



Once you start depending on people,

you'll never make it on your own.



You understand? Come on.



Get him!



Give me your best shot.



Would you watch the store

until Grandma comes down?



I have to shop for dinner.



I can't make any ice-cream sodas.

Maybe a glass of water, that's all.



Grandma'll be right down.



And don't forget: you and Jay promised

you would back me up tonight.



- How you doing, son?

- Okay.



Would you like a glass of water?



- Morning.

- You bet.



I wouldn't leave that car there too long.

Pretty close to the hydrant.



It'll be gone in a minute.



Hey, big guy. How about

a cup of coffee? It's right behind you.



No. I want to take it with me.



You could take it. Just bring back the cup.



You boys enjoy your little swim last night?



Louie knows we ain't gonna make a move

unless he's got the black bag with him.



But he'll have it with him tonight.



You can bet his life on it.



Teresa? Is that you?



It's Bella!






Oh, my God. Is that yours?



You were just a baby yourself

a few years ago.



- Is he a boy or a girl?

- Boy, Andrew.



Looks like his father, I think.



Your husband looks like this?

He must be very cute.



You know what? I used to make

ice-cream cones for your momma.



You think I could hold him for a second?



All right.



But be careful. He squirms a lot.



Don't worry. A baby is one thing

I would never drop.



You are so cute.



Look at that. He likes me.



All babies like me.



I see your raise...



...and I raise you...



...five more.



And what do I do?



That depends on

what's in your hand, Dumbo.



- You wanna see?

- No, I don't wanna...



You call me.



Two, three, four, five.



Now what do you got?



Four cards. Is that any good?



If I was a blind man. Here, now.



Now what do you got?



I got five cards.



I know you got five cards.

I just gave you five cards.



Don't make me crazy, kid.

I'm not in the mood.



Just declare.



- Can't I bet first?

- We already bet!



We bet and we raised,

then we re-raised the raise.



All right.



You wanna bet? Bet. What do you bet?



I think I'll bluff.



You're gonna bluff?



If you tell me you're bluffing,

then I know you're bluffing...



...then I already win.



Why? Maybe I'm just bluffing

that I'm bluffing.



Gimme the cards. Get away from me.



You play like your old man. Like a loser.



You wanna end up

selling scrap iron like him?



I got four aces. Does that lose?



- Yeah, that loses. Four aces stink.

- Why?



Because that's the name of this game,

Four Aces Stink.



Take another look.



They're still there.

I guess you're not going to leave tonight.



Don't bet on it.

That's one game I got you beat.



Poker and Coca Cola? If Grandma knew,

she'd throw me off the roof.



- You don't think much of her, do you?

- She's so mean.



When she was    years old...



...her old man takes her

to a political rally in Berlin.



The cops break it up with sticks,

on horseback.



Somebody throws a rock,

and a cop bashes in her old man's head.



And then a horse goes down

and crushes Ma's foot...



...and nobody ever fixed it.



Hurts every single day of her life.

I never once seen her take even an aspirin.



That's moxie, kid.



- Where's Uncle Louie?

- Taking a shower.



- I have to talk to him.

- About what?



- It's private business.

- You don't have any business.



All you got is a job

that costs you    cents a day.



Not for long. I'm gonna ask Uncle Louie

to take me with him tonight.






I wanna make some money.

Get a job somewhere.



If we wait for Pop, I'll owe Grandma

more than he owes the loan shark.



- Then take me with you.

- Take you? You're only a kid.



Besides, she doesn't treat you

the way she treats me.



I'm afraid of her.



A horse fell on her when she was a kid,

and she hasn't taken an aspirin yet.



I got my hair done. Did you notice?



Yeah. It looks the same to me.



It is. I said, "Don't do it any different,

'cause my friend might not like it."



Do you think I could

meet your parents today?



It's just not a good day today.



- Why is that?

- I can just tell.



- Okay. Nothing's wrong, is it?

- No.



- Everything's still on, right?

- Yeah, sure.



It's just not a good day today.



I better get started.

Tonight's the big dinner.



Wish me luck, Johnny.



Okay, that's good enough for me.



You wanna go with me? Why?



- It's cold and dangerous out there.

- I know, but there's money out there.



- You're looking to get rich fast?

- It's not for me. It's to give to Pop.



- Ain't that nice? Kind of like Robin Hood.

- I don't wanna rob people.



- No? Who you wanna rob?

- No one.



- That sort of rules out getting rich fast.

- Some people do it.



- Meaning who?

- I thought you could teach me some things.



I got nothing to teach you,

and I got nothing I wanna teach you!



You think that's what I do? Rob banks?

Rob liquor stores?



- Little old ladies in the park?

- No, I don't think so.



You got balls, kid.

You know you got balls?



I'm aware of them, yes.



Take you with me?

For what? For company?



Your company's beginning

to pester me already.



What do I need you for?

What can you do for me?



I could carry your little black bag.



- You interested in my black bag?

- I just thought...



But you wanna carry it. Why?

Does it look heavy to you?



You think I got a broken arm,

I can't carry a little bag like that?



Maybe you got some other interest in it?



- Have you been fooling around with it?

- No, I swear.



No, but you're curious, right?

How much it weighs or something?



- Why don't you pick it up?

- I don't wanna.



Pick it up! It ain't gonna bite you.



- You won't be happy until you pick it up.

- I really don't want to.



- Just pick it up.

- You stay out of this!



Arty, come here.



- Me?

- That's right! You're Arty.



I want you to come over to the table

and pick up the bag.



Jay is closer.



Jay is not interested. I want you to do it.



Pick it up.



I don't know why,

but I think I'm going to cry.



Just pick it up.



Is it heavy?



- Is it light?

- No.



- What is it?

- It's medium.



It's medium. Okay.



What do you think is in that bag? Money?



$ s and $  s and $  s and $   s

wrapped together with rubber bands?






- I said, "What"!

- I don't know!



You don't know? Maybe you'll have to

open up the bag and see?



Please, I don't wanna open it.



I'll ask you once more,

because I'm out of patience. Open it!



Don't do it! Leave him alone!

You want the bag open? Do it yourself!



Maybe you don't rob banks

or little old ladies.



You're worse! You pick on

a couple of kids, your own nephews!



You make fun of my father

because he's afraid of Grandma?



Everyone in Yonkers is afraid of her.



And something else. At least my father's

doing something in this war.



He's sick and tired, but he's selling iron

to make ships and tanks and cannons.



I'm proud of him!



What are you doing?

Hiding in your mother's apartment?



Scaring little kids

and acting like Humphrey Bogart?



You're no Humphrey Bogart!

Yeah, and I'll tell you something else.



No. That's all.



That was good. That was terrific.



I had tears in my eyes, I swear to God.



You got bigger balls than I thought.



You got a couple of steel basketballs there.



Your father's a lucky guy, let me tell you.



You know what you got, Jay?



You got moxie.



What's moxie?



Tell him, Arty.



Come on.



That's moxie.






Would you like

another piece of strudel with that?



How about you, Louie? Another piece?



- I had enough, thanks.

- You always have two pieces.



No, one piece of strudel is enough tonight.

Thank you.






Don't help me with the chairs, anybody.

I know exactly how I want this to be.



Momma, I'm gonna run along now.

I'll call you next week.



Jay, don't worry about it.

Arty, keep your dukes up.



- Gert, great seeing you, sweetheart.

- You can't go yet! You promised!



I said I'd stay for dinner.

How many dinners are there?



But the family hasn't had a talk yet.



We talked all through dinner.

I didn't get a chance to swallow nothing.



There's still something

that hasn't been talked about.



It wasn't something

that we could talk about at dinner.



You sit here. This is your place.



I told you I had to go right after the coffee.



I had my coffee, I had my strudel,

I had my dinner. I gotta go!



You can't go! You have to be here!

The whole family has to be here!



- Momma, tell him!

- You're getting excited.



All right, okay.

I won't get excited. See? I'm fine.



Could you just ask him to stay, please?



He'll stay.



Jay, Arty, sit on the sofa.

Momma, you sit there.



I will sit here,

and, Louie, just sit on the chair.



I've been sitting all night. I think I'll stand.



It would be better if you were sitting.

I pictured everybody sitting.



I don't wanna sit! Change the picture.



Picture everybody else sitting

and me standing.



Can't you sit for a few minutes...



...till Bella tells us

what it is she wants to talk to us about?



Okay! Here. All right?

Is this how you pictured it?



I pictured you sitting

on the chair I picked out.



It's very important that I leave here

very soon. Very important!



I don't wanna upset you, sweetheart.



But I don't wanna spend my time

getting the seating arrangements right.



I'm gonna stand up,

I'm gonna listen, and then I'm gonna go!



- I pictured everybody sitting.

- Jesus!



Stop arguing with her and sit down...



...before she gets into

one of her moods again.



Louie, quiet! Gertrude, stop it.



"Louie, quiet. Louie, stay. Louie, eat."

You don't scare me anymore, Ma.



Maybe everybody else here, but not me.

You understand?



Louie, sit.



Who wants to start?



"Who wants to start?" Start what?



Momma, I don't got time for this.



Maybe when I was    years old,

but not tonight.



This is one of her crazy games.

It's one of her crazy...



Is this just a game?

Are you playing a game with us, darling?



No, this is not a game! It's very important.



I just don't know how to start to say it.



Somebody has to help me out

and start it first, that's all.



You got something important to tell us

and you want us to start?



Gert. No!

You understand her better than me.



When you figure out what it is,

let me know.



Aunt Bella,

have you been going to the movies lately?



Yes! Thank you, Jay. I have been going

to the movies a lot lately.



- Three times last week.

- Really?



Did you see anything good?



I saw a picture with William Holden

and Jean Arthur. I liked it.



That's why I saw it three times.



This is what I stayed to dinner for?



I had to sit in the right seat

to listen to this?



Jean Arthur and William Holden?

Are they in the picture that you pictured?



Is that what this is all about?



Is this about what movies

you went to see last week?



No, I'm getting to it.

Jay, ask me more questions. Come on.



- Did you go alone?

- I did. I always go alone.



It is interesting you would ask me that,

because I met a friend there.



You get to ask me questions, too, Gert.



I don't know what kind of questions

to ask you.



Ask her who the friend was.



- Who was the friend?

- His name is Johnny.



I always see him there 'cause

he's the head usher. He's really nice.



You just saw him in the theatre?



No. Once or twice we went out for coffee,

and once we went for a walk in the park.



- You went to the park with this guy?

- Yeah, but just to talk.



You have to sit down

if you want to ask me questions.






- Whose turn is it now?

- Is this when you came home from   :  ?



Yeah, it was.

Thank you for listening, Momma.



What were you doing until   :  ?



We walked and we talked

and we got to know each other.



And he does not want to be

an usher forever.



One day he wants to open up

his own restaurant.



His own restaurant? And he's an usher?

What is he,      ?



No. He's   . And he wants to

open up the restaurant with me.



- Why with you?

- Because I would do all of the cooking.



And I'd write out the menus.

And I'd keep the books.



- What would he do?

- He will be the manager.



If he's the manager then why won't he

write the menus and keep the books?



'Cause he has a reading handicap.



- What?

- He has a reading handicap.



Wait. Hold it a minute.

What are you saying? He can't read?



You're not supposed to get out of

your chair. That's not how I pictured it.



Maybe I'm getting my own picture here.

This guy is what, illiterate?



No! He can read a little.



What does that mean, "a little"?

His name? You listen to me.



Either this guy is pulling your leg,

or else he's after something.



- Is he after something?

- Maybe it's not the time to talk about it.



I think it's the perfect time.

What is this guy after?



Has he touched you?

Has he fooled around with you?



He's not that kind of person.



What kind of person is he?



He's    years old,

he takes you to the park at night...



...he wants to open a restaurant with you,

and he can't read or write?



How are you gonna open a restaurant?

Who's gonna put up the money?



It would only cost $    .



$    ...



Why not $  million?

Who is gonna put up this $    ? Him?



I don't think so.

He doesn't have any money!



- Too bad. Then who does that leave?

- Don't yell at me!



I'm not yelling at you!

I'm asking you a question.



- Who does that leave to put up the $    ?

- It's too terrible. Momma, please.



- Who does that leave?

- I would get it somewhere.



Where is somewhere?

There is no somewhere.



You want Momma to sell the store?

Is that what he wants?



He didn't ask me anything!



Either this guy is very smart,

or he's very dangerous.



He don't sound very smart to me,

so that only leaves dangerous.



He is not dangerous!



How do you know?



They don't take you at the home

if you're dangerous.



Oh, my God.



The home?



I don't understand this.



Could somebody please explain

all this to me?



Honey, this man sounds very troubled.



- Is he staying at the home now?

- No. He lives with his parents.



He didn't like the home.

They weren't very nice to him.



Momma, that's not a nice place over there.



Sweetheart, I don't want you

to go to the movies anymore.



I do not want you to see

this fella anymore.



He may be very nice, but he sounds like

he's got a lot of wacky ideas.



Jay, Arty, you said

you would back me up here.



Come on! You promised!



Back you up with what?

With the restaurant? With the money?



- Is that what he is after?

- No, he wants more than that.



- What could possibly be more than that?

- Me! He wants me!



He wants to marry me.

I wanna marry him.



I wanna have his children.

I want my own babies.



Jesus Christ!



Enough! I don't want

to hear this anymore.



Why? You think that I can't have

healthy babies? Momma, I can.



I am strong as an ox.



I've worked in that store,

I've taken care of you since I'm   .



That's how strong I am. I'm like steel!



Isn't that what you say

we're supposed to be?



Only my babies won't die...



...because I will love them

and I will take care of them.



My babies will be happy because

I will teach them to be happy.



And not to grow up and run away

and never visit when they're older.



And not to be so frightened

that they couldn't even breathe.



And never, ever to make them spend

their lives rubbing my back and legs...



...because you never had anybody

around you who loved you enough...



...to want to touch you,

because you made it so clear...



...you just didn't want to be touched...



...with love.



You know what it's like

to touch steel, Momma?



It's hard and it's cold,

and I don't want that for my babies.



I want it to be soft and warm.



Let me have babies, please.



I gotta love somebody.



I gotta love somebody

who will love me back before I die.



And I promise you, you would never

have to worry about being alone...



...'cause you would have us.



Louie, tell her

how wonderful that could be!



Gert, wouldn't that make her happy?

Wouldn't it?



Please say yes.



I need you to say yes!






Somebody please hold me.



"Dear Pop:



"Later that night, something happened

that I know you wouldn't approve of.



"But I hope you'll forgive me."



The bar's closed.



Look at this guy.



- Where do you think you're going?

- Harry, it's empty.



- Where is he? Where's my money?

- What money?



My goddamn money!



I don't know what you're talking about.

I found the bag in the house!



I was running away from home!



Tell me where he is,

or this is where you stop running!



I don't know. I swear.



I'll find him. Then I'll find the money.



And if not,

you better pray you don't see me again!



I'll send your car back in an envelope!

Thanks, Jay-Jay!



You got moxie, kid!



He had two bags!

The son of a bitch had two bags!



"I know it was wrong for me

to help Uncle Louie get away, Pop...



"...because maybe he was a crook.



"But after what I saw Grandma do

to Aunt Bella tonight...



"...I thought someone in this family

should help someone else."



Where do you think Aunt Bella could be?



Gone four days, somewhere in the city.

I'm worried.



- Maybe Uncle Louie took her.

- lf he didn't take me...



...you think he's gonna take Aunt Bella

and her   -year-old usher from the home?



Hi, Aunt Gert. How's Grandma?



She looks tired.

She wouldn't even let me help in the store.



Any idea where Aunt Bella is?



She's at my house.

She doesn't want anyone to know.



Is she ever coming back?



Who knows?

She's meeting with that man today.



I'm sorry. It's hard for me to talk.



Isn't there something

the doctors can do for that?



I don't have it that much.

It's mostly when I come here.



I'll call you tonight. 'Bye, honeys.



Hi, Johnny. I guess you're wondering

why you haven't seen me for a few days.



We have a new Bette Davis picture tonight.



I got more things on my mind

than Bette Davis.



I haven't been home for four days.

I might never go back.



Henry Fonda's in this one.



Johnny, listen to me,

'cause this is important.



We can open up the restaurant

any time you want.



I got the money. $    .

I got it right here in my purse.



Mr. Margolies said...



...he might be opening

another theatre soon, a bigger one.



Yeah, but you don't wanna be

an usher forever. You told me that!



You know what? I even found a place.

It's right next to a bowling alley.



People get hungry when they bowl.



What? You don't want it?



You're afraid of running a restaurant?

I told you, I'll do most of it.






Listen, an usher is a good job.



Maybe if the theatre is bigger

you would make more money.



I have to go.



- Why?

- I have to go!



Why? Because of me?

Is that what your parents want you to do?



I never got a chance to talk to them.



It's just that it's not a good day today.



It's not a good day for what?

It's not a good day to open a restaurant?



It's not a good day to get married?

It's not a good day to have a baby?



It's not a good day for any of that?



Oh, God, stop. Don't cry, it's all right.



You don't have to do

anything you don't want to do.



I promise. I would never do that to you.






Hello, Momma.



Brought you a coffee cake

from Greenbaum's.



It's still warm.



Are you home for good, or this is a visit?



I don't know. I thought I'd

come back and talk to you about that.



The way you talked to me

the night that you left without a word?



No, not without a word.

I told you how I felt.



- You were the one that walked out on me.

- I heard what you had to say.



I don't have to hear more.



Look at me.



Look at me!



I'm not crying.

And it's not 'cause I'm afraid to cry.



It's 'cause I got no tears left in me.



I feel pretty empty inside,

like you feel all the time.



How would you know how I feel?



You just don't think I know anything,

do you? You think I'm stupid, don't you?



No, you're not stupid.



Then what am I? Am I crazy?



- You think I'm crazy?

- Don't use that word to me.



Why not? Are you afraid of it?



If that's what I am,

don't be afraid to say it!



'Cause if I'm crazy, I should be in a home.



And then you'd be all alone

and you wouldn't like it.



Is that why you don't use that word? Is it?



Is it?



You want to know what you are?



You are a child.



That's what the doctors told me.

You are not crazy, not stupid. A child.



And that's how I treat you,

because that's all that you understand.



You don't need doctors.

You don't need to live in a home.



This is where you live, where

you can be watched and taken care of.



You will always be a child.



And in this world, where there is

so much hate and sickness and death...



...maybe you're better off.



You stay a child

and be glad that's what God made you.



Then why did He make me

look like a woman...



...and feel like a woman inside?



And want to have all the things

that a woman should have?



Is that what I'm supposed

to thank Him for?



I know that I get confused sometimes.

I know that I get frightened.



But if I'm a child,

why can't I be happy like a child?



Why can't I just be satisfied with dolls

instead of babies?



I'm not so smart.

I can't answer those things!



I am. Maybe I'm just as smart as a child...



...but some children are smarter

than grownups.



Some grownups I've seen are very stupid.



And very mean.



You don't have responsibilities.

It's responsibilities that make meanness.



I don't want to be your responsibility!



Then who would be responsible

for you, yourself?



That man you ran away with who

wants money? God only knows what else.



Things you would never dream about.

You stay the way you are.



You don't know what such feelings

could do to you.



Yes, I do.



I know what other things you're talking

about 'cause they happened to me.



They happened

because I wanted them to happen.



You're angry, so you tell me lies?

I don't want to hear these childish lies.



When I was in school I let boys touch me.



And boys that I met in the park.



Some nights when you were sleeping

I went downstairs and let them in.



And not just boys.



- Men, too.

- You stop this!



You dream this stuff in your head!



I needed somebody to hold me.



To tell me that I was pretty.

You never once told me that.



Some of them even told me

that they loved me.



I know. I didn't believe them.

I know what they really wanted.



Except Johnny.



And I thought for the first time

in my whole life, maybe I could be happy.



That's why I ran away.



I even brought him

the $     for the restaurant.



Something else you dream about?

Where would you get $    ?



- Where did you get this?

- Does that look like a dream to you?



Did you steal from me?



You know where I keep my money.

You're the only one.



You thief.



You steal from your own mother?



You thief!



Do it!



Hit me! Crack my head open!

Make me stupid and crazy!



That's what you really think I am! Isn't it?



Get out of my house!



You go live with your thief friend!



You want the rest of my money?

Go take it! It won't last too long!



You'll both have to steal again

to keep alive, believe me.



I don't want your money.






You take that! Louie gave that to me.



Maybe he's a thief, too...



...but he is my brother,

and he cared enough to want to help.



Thieves and sick little girls,

that's what you got.



Only, God did not make us that way!



You did!






We're alive, but that's all we are.

Rose and Aaron are the lucky ones!



Don't say that.



God, don't say that to me.



I'm sorry.



- I didn't mean to hurt you like that.

- Yes, you do.



It's my punishment for being alive,

for surviving my own children.



For not dying before them, that's my sin.



Go on, take Louie's money.

You think I don't know what he is?



He's stolen since he was   years old...



...the year Aaron died.



And I closed off from him

and from everybody.



I lost Rose.



And then I lost Aaron.



I couldn't stand losing no more.



Go on, open your restaurant,

live your life, have your babies.



If it's a mistake, let it be your mistake.



If I done wrong by you...



...that's for me to take care of.



There is no restaurant.



He's afraid to be a businessman.



He likes being an usher.



He doesn't want babies.



He doesn't wanna get married.



He wants to live with his parents

'cause he knows that they love him...



...and that's enough for him.



Then maybe he's more lucky than you.



Yeah, maybe.



But I can't stop wanting those things.



And it can't be the same

between us anymore.



It can't.



I'm gonna put my things away.



I think we've both said enough for today.

Don't you?



"Dear Eddie: I'm just writing to tell you

that Jay and Arty are fine.



"But something's happened to me

that I can't figure out yet.



"Lately, I feel so happy and so sad

at the same time.



"Did you ever feel that way?



"I'd tell you more, but I don't have

any more room. Love, Bella."



No, I'll stay.



Eight months later, we got a card from Pop

saying he was coming home to get us.



Then one night,

Uncle Louie called Aunt Bella.



He said he didn't know if he could

ever come back to Yonkers...



... but said he was now the richest guy

in Guadalcanal.



Grandma didn't say anything...



... but she didn't come out

to dinner that night.



Come here.



There he is. That's him, it's Pop.

Come on, let's go!



- He's here, Grandma! Pop is here!

- No! You stop right now! You hear me?



- But Pop is here.

- You want to say goodbye, say it now.



- We're not leaving this minute!

- You come quick, you say goodbye quick.



Yes, Grandma.



I wanted to thank you for taking us in.



- I know it wasn't easy for you.

- It wasn't.



It wasn't easy for us, either.



You're not afraid to tell the truth.



That's good.



Maybe you learned something here.



Maybe now I get a little rest.



What were you two looking for that night

under the ice cream?



My money, maybe?



- No, I swear!

- Don't swear!



You lie to me, you lie to everybody.



Yes, Grandma.



It was in the mattress

you were sleeping on!



- Come here, you guys!

- Pop!



Look at you guys!



Eddie, wait!



Don't go yet!



Hey, Bella! Come here!



It's so good to see you, sweetheart!



You look wonderful!



- Do I? I lost    pounds!

- It looks great!



Really? 'Cause I put it back on

a month ago.



Listen, I better go upstairs

and see Momma.



- You better.

- Thank you for everything.



Close your eyes, both of you.



Close them!



The basketball is for Jay...



...and the football is for Arty.



- Do you like them?

- Holy mackerel!



This is incredible!



I didn't know if I got the right size,

so I took a guess.



Back up. Let's throw them around!



But don't throw it too hard!



As hard as it was

coming to live with Grandma...



... it was twice as hard leaving Aunt Bella.



Because in the    months since we came...



... she lost Johnny and she lost Uncle Louie.



And now she was losing me and Arty.



'Bye, Aunt Bella! See you soon!



I'll get dinner started.



Would you mind eating early tonight?



I'm going out with a friend.



A girl!



I got a new girlfriend.



She likes me and I like her.



She also has a brother that I like.



He works in a library.

He can read everything.



Do you think during dinner we could

listen to some music on the radio?



Okay, it doesn't have to be tonight.

Just think about it, okay?



I wish I could say

that while Aunt Bella started dinner...



... music came on from the living room...



... but it didn't.



I wish I could say that Grandma

went to the cemetery with Bella...



... to see Aaron's grave on his birthday...



... but she didn't.



And then one day,

early on a Sunday morning...



... the most unexpected thing happened.



Aunt Bella left home.



She didn't know where she was going

or what she was going to do.



People who saw her from the window

that day, said she looked a little scared...



... but she just kept going.



And then, a few months later,

we got a postcard from Bella.



She said:



"Dear Eddie, Jay and Arty:

In case you're worried, don't be.



"I'm in Florida. I got a job in a restaurant.



"The important thing is I'm on my own.



"It might be a little late in life

to suddenly get born all over again...



"...but at least I got the walking part

over with.



"Love, Bella."



Special help by SergeiK