Lost Souls Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Lost Souls script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Winona Ryder and Ben Chaplin movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Lost Souls. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Lost Souls Script



Look at you. Come here.



I told you, you've got to

double-knot those things.



One of these days...



we'll have to get you

some zipper shoes.






why are we doing this?



I know, Maya.



But you'll understand

when you see this man.



Ensemble pour toujours,

quoi qu'il arrive.



He's in torment...



the way you were when I met you.



I've got patients.

I've got sprinklers.



I've got a flood.

I'm ready to build an ark.



Hook me up with maintenance.

You're killing me!



Your court order, Dr. Allen.



You know I'm not

comfortable with this.



The patient

is legally entitled to it.



The patient has been plagued

by temporal lobe seizures.



It is the patient's request,




I am aware of that,

but I don't think...



he's in any condition

to make requests.



I'm trying to appeal

to your logical self, Father.



I'm concerned

about harm to my patient.



Father Jeremy...



Deacon John Townsend

of St. Ursula's...



and our associate, Maya Larkin.






Secular assistants

can be permitted...



if they are regarded

as qualified.



I'm going in with you.



You wouldn't last five minutes.



Just open the door.



What do you think

of the color of this room?



It's supposed to be relaxing.



Hello, Henry.



You know why we're here.



I'm really

looking forward to it.



Let us prepare the room.



Get the other one.



Please, do the other one.



God, the Holy Spirit,

have mercy on us.



God, the Holy Trinity, one God,

have mercy on us.



Holy Mary, pray for us.



-Holy Mother of God.

-Pray for us.



-Holy Virgin of Virgins.

-Pray for us.



Saint Michael. Saint Gabriel.

Saint Raphael.



Holy angels and archangels.



All holy orders

of blessed spirits.



Saint John the Baptist.



Saint Joseph.



All holy patriarchs

and prophets.



Saint Peter. Saint Paul...



...our sins

or those of our forefathers.



Hail Mary, full of grace...



Do not punish us

for our offenses.



Lead us not into temptation.



Hail Mary.



Do not punish us

for our offenses.



Lead us not into temptation,

but deliver us from evil.



-They're all still in there.

-What the hell is that?



-It's in Birdson's room.




Get Haldol, Cogentin, Ativan,

five, two, and two IM.



Open the door!






Hail Mary, full of grace,

the Lord is with thee.



Blessed art thou

amongst women...



Hail Mary, full of grace,

the Lord is with thee.



Blessed art thou

amongst women...



Hail Mary, full of grace,

the Lord is with thee.



Blessed art thou amongst women.



Blessed is the fruit

of thy womb, Jesus...



Mr. Silberman...



you worked for your whole life

at the same company.



-Is that correct?

-That's correct.



And you worked with

the defendant George Viznik...



for the last two years

in the same room?






How would you describe him?



Quiet. Real quiet.



And on the day of the murders,

his state of mind?



He seemed on edge. A little.



On the day of the murders,

what did the defendant request?



He asked to go home early.



He said he was bothered...



by all the people

who kept telling him what to do.



He said he was bothered...



by all the people

who kept telling him what to do?



Is that what you said?



Tell the jury how many people

work in that office...



with you and Mr. Viznik.



How many people?



Well, just me.



Could those voices

have come from outside?



Next room?



-Hey, Mr. Kelson.

-Hi, Robert.






Here's the stuff you wanted

on pathological narcissism.



What about that psychic?

What's his name? Szabo?



He can see you Thursday.



I still think

it's a waste of time.



The police used him

as a witness in the case.



I'll be at my brother's tonight

if you need me.



"D" equals two.



"E" equals three.



So four should be five.



"H" is six. One equals seven.



"J" equals eight.









So "E" equals...



"K"..."P" is twenty-four.


















We welcome Peter Kelson...



author of the current

bestseller "Vicious lntent"...



as part of today's story

on the trial...



of mass murderer George Viznik.



Thank you so much

for joining us, Peter.



Thanks for having me, Sally.



Peter, you're making a career of

studying sensational murderers.



How does it feel,

day after day...



face to face with killers?



Long-term exposure

to these things...



tends to give you a sort of

clinical understanding...



of the subject.



It sounds as if you're saying

the closer you get to evil...



the less evil it becomes.



No, the less mystifying.



Good and evil

are only illusions.



I don't believe in evil

with a capital "E."



That suggests

some kind of external force...



some third-party bad guy

pulling all the strings.



Are you referring

to the defense's efforts...



to prove that George Viznik

is tormented by demonic voices?



There were no voices.



Not even from mental illness

as the defense asserts?



Are you trying

to get me to say...



there's another cause

for little voices?



No. Viznik's a manipulator.



He has what I call

malignant narcissism.



Hey, beautiful.



Uncle James.



-How you doing?

-Fine, thank you.



That's great.



And you? Lovely as always.



You ready?



Yeah. These guys

have been doing this...



twice a week for ten years...



and they still

can't get it right.



All right,

you shrieking harpies!



Enough of that racket!

Be off with you!




You guys are a little late.



Hey, little brother.



-Hey, Will.

-It's about time, man!



I'm starving!



It's good to see you guys

out of the house.



You got to come out here

more often.



Here, Claire, after you.



Bless us, O Lord,

for these Thy gifts.



Through Thy bounty,

through Christ our Lord.



And a special blessing...



for Peter and William's

mother Andrea...



and their father Jack...



in whose memory

we gather here every year.



May their souls and the souls

of the faithfully departed...



rest in peace. Amen.






Well, dig in.



I made a reservation at Marco's

for Peter's birthday dinner...



but I'm thinking

I should have you cater it.



Thank you.



-What time did you make it for?

- :  . Is that good?



Remember that dream I used

to have when I was little...



about the bear on the mountain?



You know, right after--



I don't know. Maybe the trial's

been getting to me...



because I've been having

this weird dream every night.






You didn't say anything to me.



It's probably trivial.



If it's recurring,

maybe it's not so trivial.



OK, I'll tell you.



I'm reading this book...



and I can't remember what

the book is when I wake up...



but I realize

halfway through it...



it's something

that I've written...



or will write, actually.



And, anyway,

I get to the end of the book...



and I'm feeling very satisfied.



And I close the cover

to read the title...



and the title,

it just says "X-E-S."



Just three letters.



For some reason,

that makes me feel great.



Then I wake up.



It usually makes me

feel great, too.



But I fall asleep

right afterwards.



What do you mean?




is "sex" spelled backwards.



What can I say?



I'm not a master of the obvious.



Not even from mental illness

as the defense asserts?



Are you trying

to get me to say...



there's another cause

for little voices, Sally?



No, Viznik's a manipulator.

He's clever.



He has what I call

malignant narcissism.



He's dangerously self-obsessed,

but not psychotic.



He's incapable.



He has no capacity

to understand...



or ability to recognize

any higher authority.



What about Peter Kelson?



Where is your moral compass?



I like to think

I'm the actual needle...



on the compass.



Morality is which way

you're facing...



depending on the dilemma...



but the needle,

it always points north.



"Best-selling author...



"New York native...



"Own parents murdered

in an unsolved crime."



John, I know who he is.



What's going on?



Birdson's repeating numbers.



It's a code I found

in the papers...



that I took from his room.



It spells "Peter Kelson."



So he's the one.



We have to check the criteria.



Baptismal records, blood type.



I found his doctor,

so that's a start.



And then what?



If Father Lareaux's

not up to this...



I filed a report

with Father Frank.



A lot of good that'll do.



The Church dismisses this

completely. You know that.



We need all the help we can get

right now, John. We really do.







Thanks, Mike.



Sure thing, Peter.



Hey, James.



Seems Viznik isn't making

too many friends in lockup.



He got beat up.



I'll get my smokes.

I'll be back.



All right.



What's the matter with you?



He was looking right at me.



He could see me.






Your time's up.



I don't know.



Maybe he was looking

right at himself, right?



Maya, the diocese

has rejected your report.



And I have to tell you...



I agree with them.



I believe

that these are projections...



caused by

your unfortunate childhood.



Maya, Satan is not

what you think he is.



If you really

believed in God, Father...



why is it

so inconceivable to you...



that His adversary

could be just as real?



The Church...



will not tolerate

your obsessions.



If you want to stay here,

leave this alone.






Is anybody in there?



You're not real.



Excuse me.



May I help you?



Yes. I'm from St. Ursula's.



I was told you could help me

with some baptismal records...



for one of our new parishioners.



The person's name?



Peter Kelson.



Here you are.



Great. Thank you.



Hey! What are you doing home?



I forgot my car keys.



What are you doing

on this floor?



We got Mr. Kowalski's mail




Lucky Mr. Kowalski.



Hey, come here.



Just an outside observer.



...what I've heard...



it seems that Mr. Viznik

is probably not schizophrenic.



Can I help you?



Peter Kelson?



I saw you

on television yesterday...



and I thought

you were brilliant.



Thank you.



You work in the building

or coming from the party?



You said something

really interesting.



You said malignant narcissism

was not evil.



Yes, I did.



Not pure evil.

That's correct.



And also that--



I'm sorry,

but I'm running late.



And that there was no such thing

as evil with a capital "E."



It's not the most

popular opinion, but yes.



What if I told you

I was a malignant narcissist?



Have a seat.



I probably wouldn't believe you.



A narcissist wouldn't admit it.



It's basically an extreme form

of self-denial.



-Do you mind?

-Please, be my guest.



You want a drink?



No, thank you.



What if I told you that

I believe in God and the Devil?



In fact, I know that they exist.






I know.



Is that your girlfriend?



Excuse me?



Are you familiar with the case

or Henry Birdson...



the math professor who went home

and murdered his entire family?




What's that got to do with you?



Last week,

the Catholic Church...



certified him

as genuinely possessed.



You realize how rarely

they make that ruling?



Yes, I do.



An exorcism

was held for Mr. Birdson...



and it failed disastrously.



Is that right?



Thank you.



I really think

you should meet him.



With your book on Viznik...



I think you'd find him

very, very interesting.



I'm sure I would.



You seemed so self-assured

on television.



I thought that someone

with your confidence...



would be up for letting someone

try to prove you wrong.



Please, prove me wrong.



The world would be

so much simpler...



if it were all

just about good and evil.




I find it a much more--



I actually think

it is that simple.



This is a tape

of the Birdson exorcism.



I'll be in front of

the public library...



at  :   tomorrow.



If you're at all interested

in meeting him...



I can take you to where he is.



Hey, Joe.



How's it going?



-Some dirt.




What a racket.



How do you live

with that all day?



What else can I do?



Mrs. Levotsky. Jesus.



Keep your hands off me.



What are you looking at?



Why don't you go inside

and make more noise?



Go play your music.



Play it so loud that nobody

could sleep. Go ahead.






Inconsiderate. Selfish.



-Holy Virgin of virgins.

-Pray for us.



-Saint Michael.

-Pray for us.



-Saint Gabriel. Saint Raphael.

-Pray for us.



Holy angels and archangels...



Stop it!



Come on!



Come on, I turned it off!



Where are you?



I'm sorry.



It's just this strange woman

waltzes into my office today...



says she can get me in

to see this killer.



You're not getting involved

in this, are you?



No, of course not.



So, I got you a latte.



Thank you.



Didn't know what you wanted.



I'm glad you came.



Take the Williamsburg Bridge.



What did you think of the tape?



I think you gave me

the wrong one.



What do you mean?



It was blank.

There was nothing on it.



You gave me the wrong one.



Are you sure?



I cranked it all the way up.

Nothing but hum.



So, what'd I miss?



Shouldn't we wait

for the doctor?



I'm sure she won't mind.



It's right here.



It's not locked?



Not necessary anymore.



-Mr. Kelson.

-Hello, Doctor.



What a pleasure to meet you.



I have to say,

your instincts are impeccable.



I am a fan.



Thanks, Doctor. Coming from you,

that's quite a compliment.



When your secretary phoned...



she didn't mention

her coming along, too.



My secretary?



You are aware

that this woman was party...



to the so-called exorcism?



No, I didn't, actually.



I've never felt that Mr. Birdson

needed anything...



but professional

psychiatric care.



Minutes after these people left,

he suffered a stroke.



He's completely comatose.



There's no brain-wave activity

at all.



What do you believe

put him in this condition?



They put him under

severe mental stress.



That caused the aneurysm.



Could you tell us what you heard

when you tried to open the door?



I certainly hope you're not

lending any credence to this.



Just tell him what you heard.



Well, the patient

was in severe distress...



so naturally he was yelling.



And when you opened the door,

was he yelling...



or was he sitting here calmly?



There's a medical explanation

for everything that happened.



You heard the voices.



You know you did.



Sounded like a hundred voices

to me.



I've already said

that Mr. Birdson was agitated.



Victor, would you check on

the patient in room   please?



Could you just describe it

to me, the scene?



He opened his eyes.



He just opened his eyes.



I'm surprised at you,

Mr. Kelson.



Allen, he just opened his eyes.



-Please leave.

-Excuse us, Doctor.



I'm not making this up.

I swear!



-Let's go now.

-I did not hallucinate that!



He just opened his eyes!



Where do you get off

pretending to be my secretary?



I had to.



Did you? And this is evil?



The guy had an aneurysm.

Now he's in a coma.



That's their explanation.



I know you don't believe me.



Yeah, well, why should l?



Maya, wait a minute. Wait.



Detective Smythe, please.



Hey, Mike, it's Peter.



I'm good, thanks.



Could you pull some prints

off something for me?









It's Maya.



Can you hear me?



Leave him alone.



Once upon a time...



He's not going to respond.



The doctor's afraid

that he might not even recover.



He will. He has great strength.



-What was he saying in there?

-I don't know.



Besides, it's useless.



I mean, look at him.



What are you doing?



You can't back out on me now.



We need to be sure.



He couldn't hear the tape.



What other proof do you need,




I'm not going to sit around

until it's too late.



Oh. And what is that, John?



What is that?



Our Father, who art in Heaven,

hallowed be Thy name.



Thy kingdom come,

Thy will be done...



on Earth as it is in Heaven.



Please give me the strength.



Live through me.



Give us this day

our daily bread...



and forgive us our trespasses...



as we forgive those

who trespass against us.



I'm in the dressing room.



...but deliver us from evil...



I picked your tuxedo up

from the cleaners.



Hail Mary, full of grace,

the Lord is with thee.



Blessed art thou

amongst women...



and blessed is the fruit

of thy womb, Jesus.



Holy Mary, Mother of God...



pray for us sinners now

and at the hour of our death.



It is the biggest

publishing party of the year.



You'd better hurry up.



Don't fail me.



Give me the grace, strength,

the courage to do your work.



Show me the way.



I saw you on the news.

I think you're even better live.



He is.



By the way, Lauren, did you

finish your book on tattoo art?



I hear your publisher

wants his advance back.



That's not true.



So, Peter,

how crowded is the field now?



I mean, there are, what,

  books about the Viznik case?



Six, actually.



But no one has the access

that I have.



Is it true

the cops used a psychic?



I saw a psychic once.



Those guys

are definitely for real.



I saw some cable show about...






No, thanks.



God will forgive me.



The time of transformation

is near.






You OK?






Thanks for handling this.



Sure thing.



I think I got enough between

your preliminary statements...



and all the eyewitness accounts.



You can go home.



Give me till morning

to find out who this guy is...



and till then,

don't sweat it, huh?



Thanks again for everything,




Don't thank me.



Somebody up there likes you.



Thanks, bro.



Good evening,

Mr. Kelson, Miss Claire.



I want to tell you something.



I'm so upset.



Your neighbor, Mrs. Levotsky,

she's dead.




-She's dead.



-That's horrible.

-What happened?



Apparently, sometime last night,

she killed herself.



The paramedics told me

that she hung herself.



Climbed up on her dresser.



A stocking around her neck.



But I don't know.

She was completely rheumatoid.



It's a shame.




I thought you should know.



It's funny.



All my life, I thought I was...



I was someone

who didn't believe in any of it.



It doesn't matter.



He believes in you.



But it's true.

I have no faith, James.



It's strange.



When that gun was pointed

in my face tonight...



I was surprised,

but I was never frightened.



Not for one second.



It was as if I knew nothing

could possibly happen to me.



In that one moment...



I didn't care about anything.



Not even my own life.



Peter, you must care

about your own life.



I respect that you

have such faith, James.



I don't understand it, but...



I want you to know

that I admire you.



I admire you, and I always will.



I appreciate you saying that.



I think I'd better go.



Thanks for coming.



Good morning, Father.



Father, what's wrong?



It's about John.



Last night,

he tried to shoot Kelson.






Maya, John's dead.



Coffee for you, miss?



Thank you.



I can't do this.



-Excuse me.

-Oh, God.



You have to put

your napkin in your lap.






How's this? Better?



I'm sorry.

She's really into rules.



That's fine.



Doesn't your daughter

put her napkin on her lap?



I don't have a daughter.



Aren't you lonely?



That's enough.



I have someone

who takes care of me.



But he's dead.



Jesus is dead.



Jesus is dead.



You are so weak.



-How you doing?

-I'm good.



-How you doing?




So, what have you found?



Well, we traced this guy

to a seminary in Newark.



Now, if you can believe this,

he was a deacon.






I talked to the man in charge,

a Father Frank Page...



and he said that the gunman,

John Townsend...



had been caught up in some kind

of nonsense about the Devil...



along with a priest

named Lareaux...



and a woman named Maya Larkin.



Same woman whose prints we took

off that coffee cup you gave us.



So, what's going on here?



-Can we go for a walk?

-Yeah. Sure.






She came to my office

the other day...



and tells me this weird story

about demonic possession.



She's got a juvenile record

from New Orleans.



Her parents died

when she was thirteen.



Her parents died?



Yeah. Murder-suicide.



Anyway, she was a runaway.

Arrested for vandalism...



petty theft, drugs,

the whole bit.



Parole records show

that she graduated...



from community college,

moved into a retreat house...



and teaches some classes

at the seminary school.



Hasn't been

in any trouble since.



Le pain.



Le chien.



Le chapeau.



I need to go to the bathroom.



OK, Daniel.



-La fleur.

-I need to go to the bathroom.



OK, go ahead, Daniel.



La glace.



Le poulet.



Very good.



Le chat.



Le chapeau.






We need to talk.



-Peter, I'm in the middle of a--





just stay in your seats.



I'll be...



A guy named John Townsend

tried to shoot me.



Now I find out you knew him.



What the fuck is going on?



Why did he try to kill me? Why?



Townsend believed that just

as God became man in Christ...



Satan will assume human form.



Oh, my God.



I believe it, too.



And the point is?



At the exorcism,

Birdson boasted...



that Satan was about

to take over the body of a man.



You are that man, Peter.






It's true. He knew your name.



He was writing it

in this numerical code.



I figured it out.

It spelled your name.



You should really think hard

about getting professional help.



You're already--



Get your hands off me.



You're already contaminated,




That's why

you couldn't hear the tape.



There's probably a pentacle

near your bed to sanctify you.



-I'm won't be drawn into this.

-Look for it.



I know it sounds crazy.



You need proof.

Check your parents' blood types.



No, don't.

My parents are dead!



Are you sure your parents

are your birth parents?



My parents are dead.



You're becoming the Antichrist

who is born unholy...



and becomes the door to eternal

suffering in this world.



If you or any

of your lunatic friends...



ever come near me again...



You have no messages

at this time.



Melvin Szabo,

this is Peter Kelson.



Peter, this is the psychic.



I'd appreciate it

if you'd put that back.



You're the younger one of two.



You're afraid of committing

to this girl...



but she worships you.



Your mother is dead,

but your father is alive.



Nothing you couldn't find out

from reading the papers...



and you're already wrong

on one count.



Viznik will get off, and Robert

has got a crush on you.



How dare you?

You know what?



You can go.



Suit yourself.



I will.



But does this mean

anything to you?



You do know, don't you,

that these are also numbers?



Greek numbers--



six hundred, sixty, and six.



Or the sign of the Devil.



Get out of here.



Wait a minute.



"God will forgive me."



"The time of transformation

is near."



Get the fuck out of here.



-Look, I'm--

-Just get out.



Help me.






I don't understand

what's going on.



This has been planned

since your birth.



You fit all the criteria

that we know of.



Never baptized, devoid of faith,

born of incest.



I was baptized.



I was certainly

not born of incest.



You were never baptized.



At least, I don't believe

it was Christian.



Your baptism was performed

by your uncle...



James MacKenzie, right?



Yes, I know.



The only baptism

he ever performed...



in seven years

as pastor at Bedford.



Yeah, so what?



Seven years. One baptism?



Your mother's only brother?



Do you know

your parents' blood types?



My father was O-positive...



and my mother, A-negative.



You're an AB-negative.



There is no way...



that your birth father

could be an O-positive.



It's impossible.



This is ridiculous.



There's been a mistake.

I don't believe any of this.



Then why are you here?



When Townsend tried to kill me,

he said something.



"The time of transformation

is near."



What does that mean?



He must've figured something out

on his own.



Maybe we should go to his house.



It's hot in here.



What are we looking for exactly?



I don't know.

Papers, anything.



He's bought all my books.



What's this?






What was that?



It's just a bulb.



It blew. It's OK.



There's nothing here.

I'll check upstairs, OK?



All right.



There's nothing upstairs

except empty rooms.



You got anything here?



It's not what we're looking for.



I'll keep looking.



No. Not again.



You're not real.



Watch out. It's sharp.



Henry, I know you don't

want to do this.



Henry, I know you don't

want to do this.



I know you don't.



Put it down.



Put it down.






Peter, he can't hurt you.



You OK?



Keep it up.



Your thirty-third birthday.



That's the transformation

Townsend was talking about.



He found it

in one of Lareaux's books.



What are you doing?



It's going to happen...



at the exact moment

of your birth.



My birthday's tomorrow.






Oh, my God!



Know what the last thing

I said to my mother was?



"See you tomorrow."



And she said, "You know it."



And I can see her face...






A real smile.



Why didn't you just

go along with Townsend?



Because until it happens,

you're still a person.



What about after?



You're gone.



But if you die...



then Satan can't stay.



Unless we stop

the transformation.



It should be in here.



Here it is.



Tomorrow afternoon,  :  .



Maybe there's something

in one of Lareaux's books.



They're in the car.

I'll check. Just stay here.



What are you doing

on this floor?



We got Mr. Kowalski's mail




Yeah? Lucky Mr. Kowalski.



Here he is.

He's right here.



Sweetheart, where have you been?



I've been so worried.



Is this the person

you were telling me about?



What are these?



I don't know. What are they?



I found them

behind your picture.



They're the spare set.



I thought the spare set

was in the kitchen drawer.



You were hiding them.



Darling, you're tired.



I found the pentacle.



The pentacle?

What are you talking about?



I found the pentacle, Claire.



She's been stalking you, Peter.



No. Give me the gun, Claire!



Maya, look.



Little one! Ah, yes.



Thank God you're better.



We really need your help.



We only have

a couple of more hours.



Don't worry.



Not about the transformation.



What do you mean,

don't worry about it?



In my prayers...



I came to realize that we've

been fooling ourselves.



Probably blown this out

of all proportion.



And that God...



would never allow

a thing like this to happen.



I told you.

This was a myth all along.



So we won.



That's right, Maya.



We won.



Christ triumphed over Satan.



That's right, Maya.



So if Christ won, that means--

What does that mean, Father?



Satan is the weak one.



He's the coward who trembles.



The whimpering slave of God.



Maya, that's enough.



Come here.



He will make Christ crawl...



through the shit!



He's our best chance

if we can get him back.



What can I do?



Just wait outside.



So are you going to do it?



I don't have the expertise.



Father Thomas should officiate.



Bless me, Father,

for I have sinned.



Help me overcome all fear

and selfishness.



Help me find

and keep my strength.



Help me fight the evil

I'm about to see...



with all the courage

you can give.









Father, please don't die.



Don't die.






and find his uncle.



Don't die.



"God appears,

and God is light...



"to those poor souls

who dwell in night.



"But does a human form...



"display to those

who dwell in realms of day?"






Did you really think

that you could just end this?



They had

their two thousand years.



Now it's our turn.



Everything you said...



Everything you did...



I did for you, Peter.



I love you.



Think of it.



I'm giving you a gift.



Absolute power.



Peter, absolute knowledge.



But you raised me

like your own son.



Why, yes.

You are my son, Peter.



You are my son.



Peter, don't you see

the opportunities...



that lie before you?



You killed my parents.

How could you?



I had to.



No! It's what they want.



Don't do it, Peter!



Do it! It will be

my ultimate sacrifice.



If you commit murder,

you accept evil.



Drop it.



You have no idea how much you

look like your mother right now.



Thank you, Maya.

You served us quite well.



Go ahead.



I'm not strong enough for this.



Listen to me.



I'll see you tomorrow.



It didn't happen. Maya.



It didn't happen.



I'm OK.



Put the gun down.



Maya, please, it's me.



It's me. It's me.



Special help by SergeiK