Love And Baseketball Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Love And Baseketball script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the movie starring Omar Epps and Sanaa Lathan.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Love And Baseketball. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Love And Baseketball Script



Swish! That's "horse."



- You can't make that.

- Watch me.



You guys are too easy.



Just wait till

I get big like Kareem.



You want to be like Kareem?



All his big butt do

is stand by the basket.



- I be blocking your stuff.

- Yeah, right.



Hey, look. Q.



I thought you said

only girls were moving in.



That's what my mom said.

Hope he can ball.



- Bet he's a scrub like Kelvin.

- Shut up.



- Can I play?

- No.



- You nice?

- Yeah, I'm nice.



All right.



You and Kelvin

against me and Jamal.



- Oh, man!

- He is a girl!



- Girls can't play no ball.

- Better than you.



- What a dog.

- She heard you.



She can only hear dog whistles.



- Check.

- Check.



Damn! She dogged you, man.



- Shut up!

- One-zip.









I got her.



Told you I was nice.



I'm gonna be

the first girl in the NBA.



I'll be in the NBA.

You'll be my cheerleader.



Oh, God.



Be quiet.



How you feeling, munchkin?



You tough.



She needs to stop running

around like a boy.



- She's all right.

- Looking the way she does?



Camille, she'll be fine.



Let me find you some gauze.



Girl, who you trying to fool?



Alley-oop, dad.



Boy. New neighbors.






See, Quincy, this is how

your moms caught me.



With the old fake and bake.



Thought I was catching

a sister who could burn.



I can't do this shit.



Boy, what did I tell you

about using that word?



"Can't" should never be

in a man's vocabulary.



And why not?



'Cause when you say "can't",

you ain't a man.



- That's right.

- Zeke.



What? Oh, yeah.



Don't say shit.



Come on.

We should head on over.



Just you and Quincy, baby.

I got a meeting.



- With who?

- Some business folks.



You just got back

from a four-game road trip.



Nona, please don't

start bitching.



I got maybe

two years left to play.



I'm trying to put

some things together for us.



See you later, man.



Be good. I love you.



I love you, Dad.



So how long

have y'all been here?



We moved back here

when Quince was about five...



after Zeke was traded again.



The neighborhood was

a little more mixed then.



Before the black people

down the street...



became the black people

next-door. OK?



Thank you so much again.



This was terribly

nice of you, Nona.



Girl, don't worry about it.



It's the least I could do.

I love to cook.



You do? I cook for my friends'

parties back in Atlanta.



You're a caterer?



No. Once Nathan

gets settled in, though...



and the girls

are a little older...



that's certainly something

Mom would like to try.



Do you know as long as

I have lived next-door...



I have never seen

the inside of this house?



Let's just have a look.



Honey, put that

on the table for mom.



Quince, help her.



So how come you

can play basketball?



I just can.



I never knew

a girl that can play.



Momma says she doesn't

know why I act different.



- Your dad play?

- He works at a bank.



My dad plays for the Clippers.



He says I'm gonna be

a doctor or a lawyer...



but I'm gonna play for them.

Same number and everything.



I'm gonna be number   

like Magic.



He's all right.

My dad can take him.



What was the most points

you daddy ever got?



I don't know. A lot.



Well, one game,

Magic scored    points...



they only had

six-minute quarters...



and he sat out

the whole fourth quarter.



- You do act different.

- I don't care.



If anybody messes with you...



just let me know,

'cause I run this street.



I'll tell my sister Lena.



She don't know how to box.



My dad taught me

how to fight like Ali.



I know karate

from Almighty Isis.



Bet you can't do this, though.



How about this?



Monica. Sit still.



And don't sit

on your knees, sweetie.



You're gonna turn them black.



You are lucky I found it.



Someone had put

your box of dresses...



underneath a pile of rags

in the garage.



- You OK?

- Yeah. I need to lay down.



I've been running around

all day.



Honey, which one

of these for tomorrow?



- Blue stripe.

- You sure?



You want to iron them both?

Just in case.



- Sure.

- Thanks, sweetie.



That boy next-door will ride

to school with you tomorrow.



You'll know somebody.



Hurry up. I'll come

back up for good nights.



Make it look nice, OK?



You want to be my girl?



What do I have to do?



I guess we can play ball

and ride to school together.



When you get mad at me,

I got to give you flowers.



But I don't like flowers.



How about Twinkies?

My mom won't ever buy them.



I think we ought to kiss now.



For how long?



Five seconds?



Not out here.



Over there, then.









'Cause you my girl,

you got to ride on my bike.



I want to ride my own bike.



- My dad always drives my mom.

- So?



That means I have to ride you.



Come on.



I don't have to do what you say.



Forget you, then, stupid.



You stupid, and your dad plays

for the worst team in the NBA.






Last time they won,

Dr. J was a nurse.



Shut up!



I don't want to be

your boyfriend, you ugly dog.



I don't want to be

your girlfriend, big head.



Get off me!



Big head.



Hey, Q.



Play some "D"!



Technical foul.



For what?



Damn! Come on, get in.



Let it go.



Unsportsmanlike conduct, white.



- For what?

- Technical foul.



- Man, you suck!

- Two shots.



Sit down and shut up.



Let it go. She feels better.



Oh, please.

She's behaving horribly.



I'm out.



I need a sub.



Karinda, sub, sub, sub.



Dad, you got to talk

to coach for me.



What am I supposed

to say to the man?



Tell him to keep me

on the floor.



The coach

from UCLA was there.



He has me riding the bench.



- You lost your head.

- I was showing emotion.



So it's all right

for you to act like that?






- What did you do?

- Nothing.



I don't know why

I keep hoping...



you'll grow out

of this tomboy thing.



I won't. I'm a lesbian.



That's not funny.



That's what you think...



'cause I'd rather wear

a jersey than an apron?






Monica, I think what

your mother is saying is...



Maybe it's time

you start thinking



about other things

beside basketball.






One game left and

you haven't been recruited.



Munchkin, I wanted this

as bad as you did...



but we have to face reality.



The coach from USC

will be at the championship.



I know, but chances are...



Chances are

there's still a chance.



If you would just listen

to someone for a change...



you'd realize you have a lot

going for yourself.



You're smart.



You would be pretty if you'd

do something with your hair.



I don't know why you run around

with your hair looking like...



"Who shot John

and forgot to kill him."



You'd be real pleasant-looking

if you'd smile.



My mom's about to be home.



I'm not good enough

to meet your moms?



Now, girl.



If my moms knew I had a hottie

like you up in the crib...



she would beat

the black off of me.



That's a lot of beatin'.



Hey, girl.



Your hair looks

really cute like that.






So, do you know who Q is asking

to the spring dance?






Come on, girl.

You live right next-door.



Just tell me

who's been creeping.



There's just so many,

I can't keep track.



Can you give him this for me?




Give it yourself.



I'm not trying

to look all fast.



Thanks, girl.



Good lord, look at that booty.



I want to lick the sweat off.



Quincy, so help me out.

Where's it gonna be?



I'll see you at

the press conference, baby.



Four years, I've been

writing about your son.



Did that cover story on you two

in "Sunday Magazine."



You'd love for him to play

at USC like you, right?



No, I'd love for him

to get a good education.



See you at

the press conference.



Fine. Blow me off.



Never like that, baby.



We should have another talk

with Coach Carile of Princeton.



Come on, Pop.



There's no way an lvy League

team will go all the way.



I don't care about

the team, Quincy.



I care about the school.



Didn't we have

this conversation already?






You played a good game today.

I was proud of you.



Thanks, man.

You up for a game later?



I don't want to hurt

your feelings now.



You don't want

to hurt that back.



I gotta bend down low

to guard you.



Anyway, I gotta get

to this meeting...



so tell your mom

I'm gonna be late.



Don't work too hard.



Let's hope I can say

the same about you someday.



I love you, bro.



- I love you, too.

- Be cool.



Hey, what's up, man?



Thank you.



Hey, Mr. M.



Hey, Miss Baller.

Excuse me, ladies.



- Way to hoop.

- I know this.



- What you want?

- A ride home.



Your legs don't look broke.



Look, big head,

I'll be at your car.



I guess "Please"

would be a stretch?






Don't touch the radio,

all right?



Just appreciate

the ride home.



Have a little respect

for a man's car.



Put something on.



No, I like going home

in silence after the game.



Thinking about how good

I look shootin' that three.



Don't flatter yourself.



What's that?



Some note Shawnee Easton

told me to give you.



Shawnee Easton.



With the bigass titties?



Hey, give it here!



Give it here!



"Q, you are so fine.



"I've been wanting

to get with you.



"Let me take you

to the spring dance...



and I promise

I'll leave you satisfied."



What a ho.



Why she gotta be a ho

'cause she wanna get with me?



She's a ho because she's sends

her coochie through the mail.






She's not saying,

"I think you're a nice guy...



and I want to get

to know you better."



She's saying, "I wanna bone."



She's honest.



An honest, tramp-ass ho.



But then I guess you'll stick

your thing in anything.



My thing?



I didn't know you cared so much.



I don't.



So, who you going

to the dance with, anyway?






Who's Spalding?



- See?

- Stupid!



That's why you ain't

getting recruited.



Who said I'm not

getting recruited?



Your hot-ass temper,

that's who.



I'm not the one

who put this scar here...



when we were   -years-old

'cause he was about to lose.



You know what?



Give me your best shot.



Give me your best shot.

I'm sick of...



Would you watch the damn road?



I am. I'm sick of you

hanging this over my head.



Give me your best shot.



Don't tempt me.

I'm warning you.



I'm warning you.



You don't store that attitude,

no one will recruit you.






You jump in some guy's face,

you talk smack...



and you get a pat on your ass.



But because I'm a female...



I get told to calm down

and act like a lady.



I'm a ballplayer.



With a jacked-up attitude.



Didn't know you cared so much.



I really don't.






I'm home! What's up, Mom?



What is this?



That's your earring.



I look like

some hoochie to you?



I found it on your bed.



What you doing in my room?



I have told you about

these fast-ass girls.



We were just studying.



Boy, I'm not playing with you.



These girls are looking

to get you caught.



They see you,

and they see dollar signs.



I know.



Are you hearing me?



I'm hearing you.



No. Are you hearing me?



I've been hearing you, Mom.



How was your game?



   points,    assists,

still undefeated.



Still the man.



You know that.



Where's your dad?



He said he'd be home later.



Later when?



I don't know.

He had a meeting.



At  :   in the morning?



I'm not getting anywhere

by punching a clock



just so my wife

doesn't get an attitude.



I came second to the NBA.



I'm not about to come second

to no bullshit scouting job.



I didn't mean it like that.



Zeke, all I'm saying

is that it would be nice...



if you found time

for your family.



You should see the tramps

coming after Quincy.



If you don't talk to him...



I have.



You said you'd think about

going back to get your degree.



You said

I should get my degree.



I like my bullshit job.



And it's gonna lead to

a front-office position.



Until then, don't worry.



We got just enough savings...



to keep your fine ass

in Gucci and gold.



How many nights does

my fine ass get...



Damn you!



What about now?

Do I get a week yet?



- Keep your voice down!

- Keep your ass home!



Coming to my game?



You know that,

but I got finals tomorrow...



so I gotta leave at halftime.



You can't leave at halftime.

It's the championship.



I know, but I got a cutie

coming over to help me study.



What's going on

with you and the spring dance?



You got a date yet?



Yeah. Brothers are

lined up at my locker.



I found you someone.




I'm not some charity case.



Ma tell you to do that?



- No, she did not.

- Damn, Lena.



Who is he?



This brother from my college.



He's in college?



And he is fine, girl.



How'd you get him to say yes?



I told him you looked like me.






- Monica, you do.

- Yeah, right.



If you were tore up,

I would not be claiming you.






We're gonna do something cute

with your hair...



get you in a nice, sexy dress,

some heels.



I don't know

how to walk in heels.



You just worry about

playing your heart out...



for that recruiter tonight.



You let your big sister

worry about your date.



You ever been in love?



Too many times.



They ever love you back?



Once I cut 'em off.






I don't have to tell you girls

how big this game is.



We worked too damn hard not to

take the championship with us.



So we're gonna play smart

and with control...



and we're gonna kick some butt.






- Whose house?

- C-house!



- C...

- House!



Lady Cougars on three.



One, two, three, Lady Cougars!



Come on, now. Come on!



Crenshaw Cougars!



Crenshaw! Crenshaw!



Green! White!



   spread,   .



Down   you got this.



What you got, baby?



Don't get tight.

She's laying off.



Pull up.



Down one, down one.



Come on, D-up, Mon.



Watch the ball.



Watch the ball. Now.






Toss up. Take it right.



Watch your left!



All right, watch your left!



Up one.



D-up, Mon.



Come on. Play smart.



Up one. Play smart.

You got this.



Play smart. Play smart.



I got this. Play smart.



Don't put that out there.



- What?

- Reaching in.



No! Come on, ref.



White,  - ... reaching in.

One and one.






Let it go.



It's all right.

Just get it back.



One shot.



Let's go, Monica.

Take this all the way.



It's all you, Mon.



Let's go.

Come on, come on, Mon.



Get there.

You just need to get there.



Come on, you need this.






Foul, foul, foul!






That's five.



That's OK.



You played hard.



It's all right, Monica.



It might help

if you didn't look so evil.



I don't even want to go.



Talk to me.



Go look in my top drawer

and bring Grandmother's pearls.






don't worry

about yesterday's game...



or the recruiters

or anything else.



I just want you

to enjoy being beautiful.



Will you do that?



Here you go, Ma.



Thanks, sweetie.



Do you really think

I'm beautiful?



Honey, hush.



Can I take your coat?



You're cold?



No. I mean,

I can check it for you.






Your sister wasn't lying.



Damn. Hold up.



Well, I see you made it.



You don't look half bad.



You, either.



What's up, black? Jason.



Damn, girl.

I didn't know Nike made dresses.



Guess we'll see you later.



So, you like school?



High school was cool.



I don't remember the sisters

being as find as you, though.



Girl, how come

you're so stressed?






No. I'm having

a good time with you.



So what I do have to do

to make you have a good time?



My mouth is kind of dry.



Then I'll get you some punch.



Don't jet while I'm gone and

leave a glass slipper behind.



There we go.



Oh, man.



You having fun?



Damn d.j. Is fresh.



Who is this clown?



He ain't Spalding.



Guess not.



So, you took Shawnee, huh?



It was late. She asked.



You want to dance?









Early night for you,

isn't it?



Should be

asking you the same...



after your big date

with college boy and all.



Where'd y'all go after?



- Mulholland Drive.

- Figures.



So, what dead-end street

did you and Shawnee hit?



None of your business.



I'm sure she kept her word

and left you satisfied.



That's what you think, huh?



After you left, I told Shawnee

it was time to go...



drove her ass straight home.



After she told me...



I was the dumbest brother

in the world, I took off.



I was sitting in

Jason's ride with him...



And he was kissing on me

and feeling on me and...



It was really bugging me,

'cause I couldn't remember



how many offensive boards

I had in the championship.



And then I guess

he got sort of tired of me...




Kneeing him in the balls.



- Four.

- What?



You had four

offensive rebounds.



Hold up a second.



What's up?






It was on my desk

when I came home.



What you waiting for?



Can you...?



You sure?



All right.






Damn, girl.



They want you.



And guess what.



Guess what.






I'm going, too.



They're announcing it




I knew it.






What was that about?



I don't know, all right?



Come on.



Wait a minute.



Want me to stop?



Let's go, freshman.

You're getting spanked!



Point guards lead from

the front, not the back.



Come on, girl.



You took her out.



Girl, you need your mama?



Do you need a hug?



Are you telling me

you can't take a little charge?



I can take it.



Get your feet set this time.









Let's go. Move it!



Way to work it. Good job.



Lower, Monica,

move your feet!



I said lower!



Monica, this is low.



This is low. You got it?



Offense sells tickets.

Defense wins games.



Back to the line, everybody.

Let's go!



Hustle up! Move it!

Come on, get a move on.



You got it. Come on, lift.



That's it.



Coach hates me, doesn't she?



She hates all freshman.



What is up with that?



Don't take it personally.



Don't think just because

we play the same position...



we have to compete

with each other.



We're teammates, OK?



Thanks, Sidra.



Besides, I've been starting

point the last two years.



Ain't no way some soft-ass

freshman is taking my spot.



Damn, Sid.



You're all right, fresh.

Come on.



You finish

your reading for Econ?



What it say?



Basically, it broke down...



how I'm gonna make

mad loot in the NBA...



being I'm such

a limited commodity.



Whatever, big head.



Q-man, you gonna take us

to the final  ?



We'll see.



- I'll be watching.

- Hope so.






You do see me

standing here, right?



I can't be nice to a fan?



Fine, Quincy.



I can't help it

if girls come up to me.



I said fine.



Oh, little baby.



What you doing? Quit.



Daddy's here.



You're such a punk.



All these girls...



you're the only one

I know who's for real.



I love you, too.



All right now.

Hustle back! Hustle back!



Get that, Shay!



Nice shot!



Stay with her.



Monica, get up on her.



Stay on her.



That's it.



You got it.






All right, now. Push it up!



You got help.



Be active, Sidra.

Don't reach.



Cut, Mon, cut!






Yeah, girl!



Sidra, feel like playing

any "D"?



Let's get back.



Stay balanced. Move your feet.



Nice steal.



You're by yourself!



Heads up!



Whose net?



Yeah, girl.



While you're so busy posing,

your man just scored.



- Show me again.

- What?



You like to pose so much,

let's see it again.



You think I'm funny?



Stand like that

for the rest of practice.



I want you to stand like that

so you get sick of it...



because I don't want

to see it again.



Do you hear me?



That's right.



Dora, take her place.



Better step off the court.



Nice pass.



What was up

with practice today?



She tried to kill us.



Can you hook me up

with some socks, please.



I need my socks back.



What am I,

the sock lady or something?



That's what you get for trying

to show out, freshman.



I was just playing ball.



You were trying

to make me look bad.



I didn't have

to try very hard.



Girl, don't you know

you just sloppy seconds?



Sidra, let it go.



The only reason you here...



is Tanya Randall got pregnant

and decided not to come.



They were done recruiting.



That's cold, Sid.



Just thought

the girl should know.



Don't even trip, Mon.



She's just mad

'cause she's bowlegged.



Forget Tanya Randall.



Coach wishes

she was here instead of me.



So prove her wrong.



I don't have it easy

like you, all right?



There's no red carpet

laid out for me.



So you're gonna act

salty all night?



Yo, dog,

about to order some wings.



No, thanks, man.



No, we're fine.



Don't worry about

proving everybody wrong.



If you can't handle

the pressure...



I'll understand.



That is so weak.



No. I'm serious.



Who cares if you're never

the first girl to be in the NBA?



You're gonna get more play

being Quincy McCall's girl.



That's what you get.



I got you.



So, how about

a little one on one?



What we playing for?



- Clothes.

- What?



I score, you strip.



You score, I drop something.



Give me the ball.



Home court advantage, baby.



All right. Hold up a second.



Let's see what you got.



Don't reach.



I ain't reaching.






All right, George Jefferson.



Take it off, yeah.



It's all right.



First try, lucky try.






Feel the butt.



Where's the "D"?



Kiss my black ass.



I plan to.



Hold up.



All's fair in love

and basketball, baby.



All right.






Come on.



You trying to clown?



Too bad you got

your mama's height.



Take it off.



- Come on. Do it.

- You can't hold me.



You're going down.



What? What?



My bad.



Where's the "D"?



It's right here.



I won.



I wanted you to.



It's about emotion.

It's about determination.



It's about heart.



It's college basketball.



And I'm like a kid

in a candy store.



Are you kidding me?

I get so excited about it.



There are too many

great teams to choose from.



I mean,

we're talking about...



the Dukes, the Kentuckys,




But my surprise treat

this season...



Is the probable emergence of USC

as a basketball powerhouse.



On the men's side...



the heavily recruited

freshman phenom Quincy McCall.



One of my real diaper dandies,

a genuine PTPer...



a prime time player, baby.



And for the women...



while not boasting one of

the top recruiting classes...



they are returning four starters

from last year's squad...



which made it to the sweet   .



And Coach Ellie Davis

feels that if just...



one of her freshman

has a breakout season...



It's gonna be awesome, baby,

with a capital "A"!



And at guard...



player number   ...

Quincy McCall!



Here, now! A break!



Go, go, go, go!



What else do I have to do?



I mean, up and under between

  defenders with the left?



That's got to make

"Sports Center."



Zeke and Q.



How you doing, Terry?



What can I get you?



Genuine draft for me.



Orange juice for my son.



Hey, Pop. The numbers

I'm putting up this year...



are better

than any other freshman.



People saying

I'm a definite lottery pick.



What people?



Just people, you know.



Tell them to mind

their own damn business.



Here you go, fellas.



Thanks, Terry.




give yourself time to develop.



Get an education.



The NBA ain't going nowhere.



You're right.




the sooner you go pro...



the sooner you got to deal with

the mess I'm dealing with.



What mess?



There's this thing out there,

this paternity suit.






Some girl that's been

hanging on at every party.



Now I'm supposed to be

her baby's daddy.



I told your mom I wanted

to be the one to tell you.



Tell me what?



I just told you.



I mean, it's...

it's not true, is it?



You got the balls

to ask me that?



I'm sorry, Pop.



No. If you need

to hear me say it...



I'll say it.

It's not true.



Yo, Q-man.

Awesome game.



Thanks, man.



- Can I get your autograph?

- Sure.



To Paul.



Thank you.



Take it easy.



Let's go, let's go.



Let's go, USC.






You all right, Sid?



It's gonna be all right.



Just hang on. Stay calm.

It's all right.






I'm late.



What's up, Ma?



Hey, you scared me, baby.



Oh, I'm sorry.



You OK?



Mm-hmm. I'm fine.



You know, Ma, last time

my mother be drinking...



Marvin Gaye died.



Is it about dad?



I guess he talked to you.



Don't sweat it.



The truth's bound to come out

sooner or later, right?



And whose truth are

you talking about?



We can't let something like this

break up the family.



You do believe him, right?



Don't you?



Quincy, just let it go.



Ma, this ain't

nothing but about money.



Quincy, please.



How many times you told me

to watch these hos out there?



I should have been telling

your father that.



So you're gonna take

the word of some trick over Pop?



What's this?



I hired somebody.



Ain't that pathetic?



After all his late nights

and his meetings...



and I still needed proof.



I used to think that I was lucky

being married to Zeke McCall.



I am too tired.



I am tired.



Mama, don't cry.



Put your hands in your pockets.



Keep your head up.



Always look a man in the eye.



All the time,

I'm hanging on his every word...



like he's God or something.



Q, I know he messed up...



but that doesn't change

what he's been to you.



What has he been to me?



The man looked me in my eye...



and he lied to me

like it was nothing.






Like it was easy.



I know some guys dog

their wives, you know, but...



man, I didn't...



I never thought my pop

would do something like that.









Why don't we walk to my dorm?



I don't feel like

running into anybody.



Let's just kick it here.



I can't.



Why not?



Coach has us on   :   curfew.



If I'm late, I don't suit up.



I could stay a few more minutes.



Don't sweat it.



Quincy, I'm sorry.



All right, for real,

I should be alone right now, OK?



Give me a call, maybe,

when you get in?



I'll stay up.



Gimme the ball!



Hustle up!



Let's play.



Play smart.



Hold it!



Get back, get back!



No shot!

Offensive foul!



Good job!



Yeah, baby! We won!



You see that crowd?



Oh, damn, mon,

I think old girl...



took out your chi-chis

with that shot.



Yo, T, why you so quiet?



Just thinking about next year.



I thought you were hyped

about playing overseas.



I was, but it's never

gonna be like this...



playing in front of my family,

hanging out with my homegirls.



Probably don't even have

a McDonald's over there.



Girl, please,

there's always a McDonald's.



Is she pregnant?



Better be Q.



You could have given up

after you threw that ball away.



But you kept your head,

and you showed real heart.



Thanks, Coach.



Our final games are against

Oregon and Oregon State...



and I want to shake

things up a bit, so...



I'm starting you at point again.



But l...



I thought Sidra's ankle

was OKfor next game.



You want the job or not?






It just...



It just seems like

you're always riding me.



You think I'd go hoarse

for a player with no potential?



When I ignore you,

then you worry.



Q in the house!



I missed you all day.






I came by your crib.



Darren said you'd be here.



When was this?



A little after my game.



Look, we went

to celebrate after, all right?



But I came right after that.



Sorry about your game.



Hey, it happens, right?



What's up, superstar?



Did you hear about your girl?



She won the starting spot.



Oh. Hey, where the keg at?



It's in the back room.



What's up?



Just wanted to say good game.






No buts.






Just one word of advice

for next season.



What's that?



Never let a freshman

take your spot.



All right, Q-man.

I'll see you.



Who was that?






Who's nobody?



Look, this party's wack.



You ready to go?



Do you want to go talk?



Not really.



We can finish what we were

talking about last night.



Q, quit!



What's wrong?



You know what?

I'm gonna go crash.






Maybe I'll come by later.



Nah, I got curfew.



What are you doing here?



The door was unlocked.



It still is.

You can let yourself out.



I messed up, OK?

I know that.



But I ain't that kid's father.



Lucky kid.



I ain't saying it's right,

just sometimes, things happen.



Some things should

never fucking happen!



Look, boy, you so perfect

you can look down on me?



I'm not a liar.



Your mama's real quick

to show you those pictures, huh?



She was   

when she got pregnant.



Don't get me wrong, you're

the best thing in my life.



But she knew I wasn't ready

for no marriage.



You're trying to say

my mother trapped you?



I'm saying I handled

my responsibilities like a man.



Now when you're in the NBA,

and you roll into a city...



there's a hundred girls

waiting down in that lobby.



Listen to me.



There's twenty more that make it

past security onto your floor...



and the boldest one

is there at your front door.



After a while, it just becomes

part of the game.



I'm sorry I lied to you

when I shouldn't have...



but I only did it

because I didn't want to see...



that look on your face

that you got right now.




since we're being so honest...



Since we're being so honest...



I figured that I'd tell you...



I decided to drop out of school

and turn pro.



Oh, boy. Damn it!



Look, man,

I know you're mad at me, OK?



But I cannot let you do this.



I always thought "can't"

wasn't in a man's vocabulary.



Hey, what's up?






Hey, what's up, girl?



Where's your boy?



Oh, in back.



- Oh, man!

- Here you go.



Hey, baby.



You weren't at my game.



I'm sorry.



I had this meeting

with this guy.



You win?



Yeah, I hit four  s.



The man again, huh?



No, the woman.



What's up?



Monica, this is Kerry.



Kerry, this is Monica.



What's going on?



I was about

to go get some food.



You want to come?



Maybe I should come back.



No, you stay.



I'll leave.






What are you doing here?



I didn't know I needed

a reason to come home.



Don't be so defensive.

I'm surprised to see you.



Dad around?



No. He's still at the bank.



Is everything OK?



Good. I'm going to the market

to get things for dinner.



Will you join us?



I don't know.



It's just a game.






Every time you lose,

you get this attitude...



but it is just a game.



Got your key?



Can we talk?



Talk to your new girlfriend.



I took the ho to Burger King.



- Cheap date.

- She had time for me.



You messed around

to prove a point?



You got your head

so far up your ass...



it took a cheap date

for you to notice me.



Did I forget to kiss your ass

like everybody else?



You forgot to be there.



You wanted to talk about

your dad, I had curfew.



- What was I supposed to do?

- Stay!



If I stayed,

I wouldn't be starting.



At least you got

your priorities straight.



I'd never ask you to choose.



You'd never have to.



I'm a ballplayer.



If anybody knows what that means

it should be you.



If basketball is all

you care about, why bone me?



Why don't you bone Dick Vitale?



Wait a minute. Hold on.



How do I know the next time

you're feeling neglected...



you're not gonna

just run around on me?



If we're going to be together...



I have to be able

to trust you.



I'm not asking for us

to be together.






I'm going through

a lot of shit right now.



It's obviously more

then you got time for.



How can you tell me

what I have time for?



Whatever I did,

we can fix this.



I don't think so.



You don't think so?



I'm entering the draft.



You're what?



I'm going pro.



Who knows where

I'm gonna end up, you know?



When did you decide all this?



A few days ago.



So that's it?






Just forget about you and me?



I'd still like to be friends.






I'll see you around.



Luisa, what did he say?



He say to give the ball to you.



What's up?



What's up, Sidra?



What do you know?



I'll love winning

this championship in your house.



How do you say,

"You're dreaming," in Italian?



This ain't college,

and I ain't on crutches.



Can you take that damn thing

off the table?



You mean

my championship trophy?



My bad.



You are still a cocky bitch.



Look at you.



So what are

these Spanish guys like?



I wouldn't know.






You've been here seven months

and ain't tapped nothing?



Just not my type, I guess.



Shit. Them Italian boys?



They love them

some black women.



They can't get enough of me.



Do you ever

think about going back?




but what's the alternative?



Not playing?



Do you remember Big Toni?



She quit last year

and works at some bookstore.



Look at us.



They treat us like

Hollywood stars over here.



We just played in

the championship game.



It doesn't get

much sweeter than this.



  straight points in this run.

Worthy for  .



Stu, this game

is in the refrigerator.



The door is closed.

The lights are out.



The eggs are cooling.

Butter gettin' hard,



and the Jell-O's jigglin'.



And here come the subs.



It's nice to see the subs

get a chance to play.



- The fans love it.

- They really do.



Quincy McCall

is in for Nick Van Exel.



Quincy has got

the ball over in the corner.



Puts up a  -pointer.

That's no good.



The former Trojan came out

after his freshman year...



and as they go down

the floor the other way...



I can tell you he has

moved around quite a bit...



but now he's trying to find

a home with these Lakers.



Quincy makes a steal.

He's on his way.



Open court. Look out, folks.



It's showtime!



- How is he?

- Not great.



What is "Not great"?



He tore his a.c.I.



Almost didn't recognize you

with your hair like that.



How you been?






and he won't want

to see you.



Hey, son.



You made "Sports Center."



What do you want?



Just came by to check on you.



After five years?



Don't remember

that being all my fault.



Seems like you divorced me

same time as your mom.






I know things look

kind of bleak right now...



but don't get down

on yourself.



I stopped taking your advice

a long time ago...



or did you forget?



You want me to step off?



Fine, but not until

I say something.



You're a better ballplayer

than I ever was.



But that ain't the only thing

you got going for you.



You're smart, Quincy.



I always knew you could do

anything you wanted to.



You want to play ball, son?

Then play ball.



Just know you're not like

everybody else on that court.



You're not like I was.



You got options.



That's all

I ever wanted to show you.



How come you couldn't be the man

you tried to make me?



I just couldn't, son.



Good morning!



And I thought

this was gonna be awkward.



I got these.



Not that you need any more.



So how're you doing?



I'm doing all right.



I heard you were in Spain.



I was.



I see your peach fuzz

finally grew in.



Just something new

I'm trying.



No, it looks good.

It's cool.



Thank you.



Shouldn't you be lying down?



No, I'm cool. Have a seat.



No, I'm fine.



Still trying to be

the first girl in the NBA?



I tried sneaking in

after college...



but they found breasts

during my physical.



That's funny. I never did.



Kiss my ass.



I can't believe

it's been five years.



I tried calling you

a couple of times.



Oh, yeah?



I wanted to give you props on

making first team All-American.



Then, when Magic retired,

I tried again.



Must have been my cheap-ass

answering machine.



It was always messing up.



I figured something like that.



So when you going back?



Actually... l'm not.



What do you mean?



I'm tired of playing overseas.



I'm over there by myself,

no family, no friends.



My phone bill is ridiculous.



Thinking about giving it

a rest for a while.



A rest?



Basketball just isn't fun

for me anymore.



You know?



Hey, babe.






Nobody would

switch flights with me.



Baby, what are you

doing out of bed?



What are you doing?



Baby, this is Monica.



You guys grew up together,





told me all about you.



Monica, this is Kyra,

my fiancee,












Thank you.



I didn't know.



That's great.



Well, I should go.



Monica, I really appreciate

you coming by.



We really appreciate it.



Quincy, good luck

with your knee and everything.



Your sister's bringing

the baby by later, so...



be nice to be around.



I can't wait to see her.



Need any help?



No, I can manage, thank you.



I just saw Quincy.



How's he?






To that stewardess?



You met her?



His mother had a barbecue

a few weeks back.



He could do a lot better,

if you ask me.



So what do I do?



Find out where they're

registered and send a gift.






Is that still your answer

to everything?



When you come at me

with bullshit like that.



Are they cursing

their mamas in Spain?



You didn't want my opinion,

why did you ask?



I asked, but why does it

have to be so damn prissy?



What do you want me

to say, Monica?



Go over there

and beat up the girl?



Go have sex with him?



'Cause I'm not gonna do it.



Yes, I think decorum

is important...



and yes, I'd rather bake a pie

than shoot a jump-up shot.



If that makes me too prissy

for you, too damn bad.



So that's why

we can't get along?



Because I'd rather shoot

a stupid jump shot?



You always turn

your nose up at me.



No, I don't.



Oh, yes.

Female superstar athlete...



whose mother is nothing

but a housewife.



That's not it.



Don't tell me you're not

ashamed of me. I know.



I remember when

I was eight years old.



You spent four hours cooking up

this big, fancy meal...



and I guess you and dad

got your wires crossed.



In he walks with

a couple of pizzas...



and you didn't say anything.



You never stood up

for yourself. Ever.



If I was ashamed,

it was because of that.



That is ridiculous.



What's ridiculous

is not being a caterer...



so your husband

can feel like a man...



knowing his woman's cooking

and ironing his drawers.



Damn it.



I'm sorry.



Is that really

all you think about me?



When your daddy and I

got married, I had dreams.



But I happen to have

gotten pregnant with Lena...



and then I had you...



so I had to put

my dreams on hold.



You know what day I remember?



In high school,

your spring dance...



and I put my mother's pearls

around your neck...



and I told you

you were beautiful...



because you were.



That day,

I was happy I didn't have...



a catering business

to run off to.



My family had

three meals a day.



They had somebody

to pick up after them...



and when my daughters

went to a dance...



I could help them

get ready.



That is what

I came to care about.



That's all you cared about.



I must have played

in a thousand games...



and I can only remember

you being at two.



You had your coaches

and your daddy for that stuff.



It never mattered to you

whether I was at them games.



It mattered, Mama.



It mattered.



Save pulls up

the original account.



Shift F 

pulls up the open account.



Oh, hello, Mr. Wright.



- Could you excuse me?

- Sure.



Thank you.



How's it going?



- Fine.

- Fine?



Damn, girl.



I remember your mom

had to beat you into a dress.



Very funny.






Kyra's out of town

for a couple of days.



Figured I'd keep my mom company.



So how's the knee?



It's getting there.



Strong enough

to get you down the aisle?



Two weeks.



I didn't get to send you

an invitation, but...



Oh, it's OK. It's OK.

I'm probably...



you know.



Can I ask you something?



You never told me

why ball wasn't fun anymore.



It just isn't.



Cause I'm kinda feelin'

that way, too.



We had a rough couple a years.

That's all.



I haven't dribbled a ball

in four and a half months.



I may miss the attention,

but besides that...



You're serious.



Seems like I needed ball when

I was trying to be like my pop.



No. I was tryin' to be better

than my pop.



Now it's time

I tried something different.



Like what?



Well, I'm thinkin' about

goin' back to school.









Yeah. Kyra hasn't heard about

the school thing yet.



She'll probably say

it's the painkillers talkin'.



It's a trip, you know?



When you're a kid, you...



You see the life you want...



and it never

crosses your mind...



that it's not gonna turn out

that way.



So why did you give up ball?



Why do you keep

sweatin' me on that?



Because I don't get it.



Man, I never knew a girl...



I never knew anyone

who loved ball as much as you.



Now all of a sudden, you're

gonna trade in your Nikes...



for a pair of shoes

you can't even walk in.



What's up?



Just leave it alone, all right?



All right.



You need to put a sweater

on him.



It's a little chilly, sweetie.



She's fine, ma.



Yes. Her little icicle arms

are so sweet.



All right, ma.



Come on, Lorraina.



Your grandma says it's too cold.



Oh, grandma.



You know, Monica...



one of the things that always

drove me crazy about you...



and I have to admit

it made me jealous...



I always admired

was the fight in you.



What are you talking about?






I might be a little more prissy

in this situation that you...



but remember when I said

Quincy could do better?



I was talkin' about you.



What's goin' on?



We need to talk.






You asked me what was missing.



- What?

- From basketball.



You woke me up to tell me that?



It's not fun for me anymore,

because you're missing.



What I'm trying to say is...



I've loved you

since I was eleven.



It sure won't go away.



We haven't talked since college.



You wait two weeks

before my wedding...



to tell me something like that?



I know. I probably should

have said it two weeks ago.



You haven't changed.



You still think the sun rises

and sets on your ass.



Guess what?

It doesn't.



Then why are you so upset?



Because you don't pull this

on someone about to get married.



Better late than never, right?






I'll play you.






One game, one-on-one.



For what?



Your heart.



You're out of your mind.



So, what, you gonna bitch up?



Huh. What's that supposed

to be, some psychology?



Look, I know why you broke up

with me in college...



and not that

it wasn't messed up...



but I should have been there

for you.



I just didn't know how to do

that and be all about ball.



Monica, after that stuff

with my dad...



I couldn't trust anybody, OK?



I was lost.



That was five years ago.



I've moved on.



Prove it.



What will this prove?



You once said the reason

I beat you...



was because you wanted me to.



- So?

- So...



if I win...



it's because deep down

you know you're about to make...



the biggest mistake

of your life.



And deep down,

you want me to stop you.



And what happens when you lose?



If I lose...



I'll buy you a wedding present.



First to ten.



To five.



You scared?



I have better things to do.












Why don't you D-up this time?






Three-zip. Where's the D?






Your knee hurt?



Come to play?



So now you wanna play?



Now you're takin' off

your brace, huh?



Think that's gonna make you

play better?












Three up.



I don't hear you talkin'.



I don't hear you.






All's fair

in love and basketball, right?



Double or nothin'.



All right,

ladies and gentlemen...



let's stand and welcome

your Los Angeles Sparks!



Fifteen and six on the year,

five in a row.



Let's meet tonight's starters.



At one forward,  ' ", from

the University of Florida...



number eight, Dalisha Milton!



At guard,

 ' ", USC, number thirty-two...



Monica Wright-McCall!



At forward,  '  ", from

the University of Georgia...



number double zero,

Lakesha Frett!



At guard, number four,

Lawadi Malika!



And at center,  ' ", USC,

wearing jersey number nine...



Let's go, McCall!



- Go, Mommy!

- Go, Mommy!



See Mommy? Yay!

Special help by SergeiK