Love Liza Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Love Liza script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the movie starring Philip Seymour Hoffman.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Love Liza. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Love Liza Script



News Radio 8:00 KFK News.

I'm David Weinninger.



Prescription-drug discount

cards for seniors, the high cards...



in the president's hand in

proposals to revamp Medicare.



KFK correspondent

Peter McFadden has details.



The president and his congressional

allies today met on Capitol Hill...



Dude, you can't leave that open.

- What?



Well, if you put the icon here

I could just come in the other way.



No, you can't.



Tell him.

- The media links can't tile like that.



They won't move without a T .

- These fuckers built planes, Wilson.



You still need a T .

- Wilson, pick up line four.




- Mr. Joel? This is Evan Blackbird...



from the Obituaries Department

at the Eastern Hills Journal.



I'm so sorry to hear about your wife.

- Yeah.



I'm writing a few things down here...



and as to the cause of death...



did you want us to list

that she took her own life...



or would you prefer

we leave that unmentioned?



You wrote me a note.






You don't want to sleep

in my house?



I wanna sleep in my house.



Wrote me a note.



Your daughter wrote me a note.






I knew he had called

and ordered the tuxedo...



because I found him

two and a half hours later...



completely passed out

on the couch...



with Joanne's contract

right next to his laptop.



I'm not telling you to take time off.



I'm asking you

if you think it's a good idea.



So you've been here before?

- Yeah. I was here on my honeymoon.



You know, maybe it's the sand.



I think it has something to do

with the granule size.



Right. What's a granule?



The sand. You know, the little...

- Right. Right.



The little sand things.

- Yeah.






I came down here by myself.

- You should hang out with us then.



Who'd you guys come down with?

- It's just us.






I'm sure you need a breather

after opening her letter...



I just assumed. So...



I found one of those little cards

she used to make.



You remember those cards

she would make?



So where are you?



I miss you.



Lynne really wants to get you

over for dinner. Okay, buddy?



End of message.

Next message.



I'm sure you needed a breather after

opening her letter. I just assumed...



Message erased.

End of new messages.



To review your previously

erased messages, press one.



To return to the main menu,

press three.



Can I help you, sir?



No. Thanks.



What are you doing with the pump?



Please come inside.






I'm sorry.



I ran out of gas, and...



I thought you drove up in that car.

- I did.



I have two. One's back at the house.

- Okay.



I'm sorry.

- It's okay. What can I do for you?



Can I get that?

- Sure.




- It's   bucks.



How much does it take?

- Two gallons,    ounces.



Two gallons,   ....



Three on five?

- Sure.




- All right. Great. Have a nice night.



Thank you.

- You're welcome.



Hey, Wilson. How was your trip?



It was great.

- Do you smell gas?



No, do you?



Oh, my God, there he is. Wilson!



Tom Bailey, this is Wilson Joel.



Wilson, how are you?

- Nice to meet you.






God, were you at a meeting?

- Yeah. But you didn't miss a thing.



Tom's really mad.



Listen, I want you to know something.



I will do anything

to get you through this.



And that's a great shirt.



Really? Thanks.



Hey, Jordan.



You make one yet?

- Yeah.



So we're finally getting you

over for dinner tonight, right?







- Hey.






I was nearby, and

I just thought I'd stop by...



and tell you how much

Tom Bailey liked you.



Yeah? He's a good one.




- Yeah. Are you okay?






You look upset.

- I am upset.



I'm sorry.

- Yeah, I've been crying.



I wish I could do something.

- No...



Hey, so Tom Bailey.... Yeah?

- Yeah. He's really excited.



Do you smell gas?

- No.



I've been crying.

- I know, but it really smells like gas.



I have planes.

- Planes?



Yeah, toy planes.

- I didn't know you did that.



You know, they say, 'Get a hobby.'



Well, good night.



You know, just...



be careful.

- They're not big.



No, no. But the fumes...

- It's okay. They're models.







- This Wilson?



Yeah, it is. Who's this?

- Denny.




- Your boss Maura's brother-in-law.






She said you're out in the dumps,

and you're into remote control.



Yeah. Yeah.

- Let's get together tomorrow.



I live right over there.

I'd like to see your plane.



Okay, sure.

- Six o'clock?



Sure. Sure. Six o'clock.

- Okay,   on the dot.






I don't think he understood

what he was looking at, but....



He didn't like the mockup?

- No, Tom Bailey is in, definitely.



I need to know what I'm doing.

I don't know Tom.



How about this Sunday?

- Can we meet him on Sunday?



No, it'd just be us, but we could go

over everything from the meetings....



Okay. Great. Yeah. All right.



So are you seeing Denny tonight?

- Denny?






You know, show him your plane.



Yeah, do I need to put it together?

- Yes, there is some assembly.



Am I...? I'm gonna need tools?



You usually need tools,

but not many tools.



My daughter put together

a Camaro, if you can believe it.



Can I get that one?

- That's a display.



Can I buy a display?

- Well, not usually.



I don't like tools.

- Yeah. Well...



Now, have you ever

operated one of these?



Me? No, no.

- Well, I hadn't when I started either...



but this manual is good

for helping you out.



Call me with any questions.

- This takes regular gas?



That's a good question. And, no.

- It doesn't take gas?



It runs on special fuel.



Are you Wilson?

- Yeah.



I'm Denny.







- It's really 'Denny.'



I was gonna tell you that on the

phone, but you seemed upset.



Are you upset now?



I don't know.



So, what do you got in there?



What do I got?

- Maura said you have a plane.



Yeah. It's really, really....



I just got it.

- Yeah? When?



Not today.



I mean....



Not today. You know?



I've got some more stuff in the car.

You wanna take this stuff?



I got another car,

but it's got a stalling problem.



This one make does that.

I'll bring it over and show you later....



Whoa! That is kick-ass.

- Yeah.



It took me a while to put it together.

- Jesus Christ, I'll say. Is it new?



I just got it.

- How does it fly?




- Yeah, it looks new.



It is.

- Flat bottom.



What's the fuel? Tetra  ?



You keep your fuel in the fridge?






Pretty stupid?

- Who told you to do that?



I don't know.



You got gas in there too.



Yeah, yeah.



Well, might as well. There's no food.



My boat runs on that. They all do.



Yeah, it's the same.



I hate going off to the hobby shop

for that stuff all the time.



You run out quick. It's not cheap.

Does this have lights?




- Yeah, it sure does.



Sure does what?






You got a bottle opener?




- Yeah, in the house?




- Could you get it?




- Rachel must have taken mine out.



She's always fucking doing that to

keep me from drinking and driving.



Is it far?



From your house?



This is great. You wanna try?

- No, you're fine.






This is kick-ass.



Why aren't you on the couch?



Because I like it here.



The floor can't make you feel better.

- I don't know.



I don't know.



You wanna be near the bedroom?



Look, Mary Ann, I found

a place to sleep, that's all.



I know it's a stupid place,

but it's the place I found.



Okay? Okay.



Sleeping's important.



Have you ever slept

in a strange spot?



Yes, I have.



I shouldn't make you move.



What did she say?

- You want to read it? Go ahead.



It doesn't have my name on it.

- You're right. It doesn't.



But if it did, I would open it...



because that's what she wants.

- Wanted. What she wanted.



You refuse to honour that.

- Is there something you wanna know?



There's something

you don't wanna know.



I don't! I don't!

I loved well! I did!



I did! I loved well!



I don't want a letter!

I don't want a fucking letter!



She left reasons, Will.

- It's my name!



Look, yeah, it's the one....



Sorry. It's the one....

It's right over there.



That's our sun bear habitat.

- Is it closed?



They're probably inside.

- Should we sit and wait for them?



It could be a while.

- Hours?



Let's walk over to the seal part.



And so it's difficult to plan

when to see the sun bears?




- I'm walking over to the seal part.






I don't think she knows

what she's talking about.



Tom Bailey just loves your work...



and he's willing to give you

as much time as you need, so....



This is totally inappropriate.






No, not this.



Not what?



Sitting here.






I was trying to preface

what I was about to say.



You gonna say

something inappropriate?



Totally inappropriate.



Totally inappropriate?

- But I'm gonna say it anyway.



I'm attracted to you.



I should...

- Listen...



I didn't mean it like that.

- Because...



You don't have to say anything.

Absolutely nothing.



It's just that I...

- Can I...?



You know, that was totally

inappropriate. Totally.



Please, let it go.

- I need to go to the bathroom.






I'll be right back. I wanna talk.



We should.

- Okay, yeah.



You okay?



You're about to lose something there.



It's a suicide note from my wife.



I think I did something.



Hi. Leave a message for Liza

and Wilson here.



Leave us a message.

Leave us a message!



Do you have a Yellow Pages?



Customer copy out at...

- It's all torn to shreds.



I apologize, but that's for customers.

- Can I use your copy?



Sorry. Convenience store next door

might have one.



But you have one.



Sir, I am sorry. Try the next door.



I just got finished eating

your bad pancakes...



and got my plane stolen

out of my car in your parking lot.



Want me to call the police?

- No. I want the Yellow Pages.



What are you looking for?




- Planes?



Yeah. Model planes.

You know, remote-control planes.



Toy planes.

- Yeah, toy planes.



You're not going to find anything.

- Let me look.



Let me look.



You're not going to find it.



There, you see that? You see that?



Yeah, one of your fucking friends

stole my plane...



somebody who eats your bad food

all the time.



That plane is going to ruin

this whole place.



How's this?



How's this?



Looks great. Yeah, looks great.

- Nephew has the same one.



It's red, though.



He took it right into the grain closet

and rolled for   .



My sister won't let him

in her house anymore.



I got a Chevy truck, like the one

that I grew up as a girl with.



What fuel does it take?

- Omega,    to    percent.



You know what that is?

- I got some in my trunk.



Oh, you don't need any.






Well, you're gonna run out sometime.



Sure will.



Where you off to?



New Orleans.

I want to go to the beach.



Honey, there's no beaches

in New Orleans.



It's right on the water.

- I know. Funny. None.



There's no beach?



Problem over at the Pancake House?



Oh, it's all right. I got another one.




You got another Yellow Pages?



No, another plane.

I got my plane stolen.



After yelling at people?

Tearing up their phone books?



Let me show you the way out.



Attention, drivers,

are you a big fan of radio control?



If so, there's only one place for you:

Patriot Model Aeronautics.



We carry all the top brands of planes,

boats, trains and cars.



Patriot Model Aeronautics...



has all the equipment and

accessories you'll ever need.



Stop by our show room off Exit   

just outside of Prescott...



and consult with our expert team

of hobby enthusiasts...



or visit us on the Web at

www.patriotmodelaeronautics. com.






Anything I can help you find?

- This is totally incredible.



It is.

- Where are we?



You mean the name of the store

or what city are we in?






Well, sir,

this is Patriot Model Aeronautics.



You're in Prescott, Arkansas.

My name's Brian.



How many people in Prescott

buy these things?



I mean, are there that many?



Well, we do have a substantial

catalogue business...



which better than   % of it

is through mail.



This is basically just our show room.

- Okay.






What's that?

- Oh, Roundup?



Mainly just hobbyists get together,

have competitions, that sort of thing.



It was yesterday.

Hey, is there another one?



Lord, yes.

Seem like they've always got...



Hold on a minute, let me see.

Here's one this weekend.




- Wait a minute. That's in Louisiana.



There's one in Little Rock,

end of the month.



Where's the one this weekend?









Hey, I'm going to Slidell!



Are you going to Slidell?



Oh, no, no,

I know how to get to Slidell.



Are you going to the regional?



Look! I got a plane!



I'll see you there!



I've never seen food so big.



That's why I made so much.

I knew you were coming.



You knew I was coming?

- Sure.



The plates are right there.



If I could have kept him here,

I would have.



You do understand that?

- Right, exactly. But how did he quit?



He left.

- How? Why?



You're not telling me anything.

He's not at his house.



He's not at his job. He's disappeared.



Does that register? I mean, does it?

- Yes! Yes!



Okay, so when he said, 'I quit,'

you didn't ask him why?



You didn't say anything?

- I didn't get a chance to.



You're full of bullshit.

Know why I know you're full of bullshit?



Because he's distraught

and I'm distraught...



and you're sitting on your ass

not giving a damn where he is...



because you can't stop this bullshit!

- I told him I liked him.



You told him you liked him.

- Yes.



You told him

you wanted to be his girlfriend.



Not exactly that.



You want a date?



Date this guy. Hey, come here.



This is Maura.



You probably know Maura.

She's looking for a date.



She asked Wilson for a date

and now he's nowhere to be found...



which I think we can all say

is a big 'no.'



So if you'll excuse me now...



I'm gonna try to find

my son-in-law, who needs help...



I would imagine,

dealing with the loss of his wife.






Go. Go. Go.



Stay hydro. Stay hydro.




Good morning.



I was already here.



Do they have races?

- All day long.



Do they race planes?

- Boats. No planes.



Do they have swimming?



Nobody does, really.



You know, with all the boats.

Not really.



Somebody's in the water.



Stop the boats.



Somebody's in the water.






Get out of there, sir.



Hey! There's no swimming today!



I saw swimming.

- They had to go too!



We can't have swimmers

when we hold races.



I'll stay away!

- We can't have you in the water.



I'm a great swimmer.

I'll stay out of the way.



I won't bother the race.

- Swim later!



Do you know who I am?



I am a big fan of radio control!



I got a plane in my car!



Hey! What are you doing here?



Not jumping in the lake,

pissing people off.



That race will be disqualified.



You have to leave!



You have to leave.

- He's all right.



This is great.

- Are they together?



This woman made me eggs.



Louis, call the cops

and get him out of here.



No, he's sick.

He's okay. He's with me.



No, I'm great.



You can't just do anything you want.



We have insurance rules we have

to abide by, and when they--




This guy's wife just died, okay?



She blew her head off, okay?



Now we'll be cool, okay?

Come on.



Strange seeing you here.

- Yeah, well, I'm a member.




- Yeah.



I wanna be a member.

Can you sign up somewhere?



Well, I don't think

you could sign up now.



What do you think?



Yeah, I guess.



Here, check this out.



That's yours?



Check it out.

- Wow!



This is the bad-boy boat, Wilson.

- Try it out yet?



Did I try it out yet?

- Have you?



I won my prelim.

Is that trying it out?




- My prelim.



What's a prelim?



I won my race.

- You did! Really?



This morning.

It's just a prelim.



Quarters are today,  :  .



This is in the quarters?

- Yeah.



You can't swim in the quarters.

- I won't.



No swimming.

- That's great.



 :  .

- Today.



It doesn't matter, Wilson, because

I won my quarters, and that's it.



I won my quarters...



and I can go into the semis

tomorrow and I can be loose.



I might do very well

'cause I don't give a shit.



It's all just gravy on the...

Icing on the cake.



When you win quarters,

you race on Sunday.



Everybody can race on Saturday,

so that doesn't matter.



When you race on Sunday,

it means you won.



I don't care if I come in last.

I don't care...



because I already won.



So I will definitely be loose.



Have fun.

- Yeah.



What time is it tomorrow?









I have all morning to prep.



That's good.

- Yeah.



I have all morning...

- Yeah.



To prep.






I'm sorry.



I want to start a fire.



Well, don't use my fuel.



You wanna start a fire?

- Yeah.






I don't know.






Is Liza here?






No, she's not.



I'm Mary Ann.

I'm Liza's mother.



You're Liza's mom?



I'm Mary.

- Yeah?



Is Wilson here?









He's not here either.



They're both gone.



I'm sorry.



I'm sorry.



I'm sorry.



Let go! I got...



Did your wife do

what your friend said she did?



Maybe not exactly

like he said, but...






I'm really sorry.

- Yeah.



Why'd she do it?

- God, shut up, Stacy! God!



I don't know.



She wrote me a letter,

but I can't read it.



She probably wrote some really

cool stuff about you in there.



About the both of you, even though...

- You can tell.



I wouldn't wanna read it.

Like, 'Here you go, read it.'



Oh, my God! No way.



It's cool that you miss her so much.






Second-to-last place.



I am fucking out of here.



Losers don't stay for finals.

- Well, nobody else is leaving.



Do tennis players stay

and watch other tennis players win?



I don't know.

- No, they don't.



Losers leave.



You didn't...



...'lose' lose.



I'm not in the finals, which means

we don't have to drive in the dark.



That's cool. I'm cool,

but I'm out of here.






Hey, someone left you a letter.






Yeah. I found it when I got up.

I forgot.



Where is it?

- I put it in here so it wouldn't get wet.



You ain't gonna open it?



I'm an idiot.



It's from my wife.



I don't think so, Wilson.

- No.



She left it for me.

- Not here, obviously.



No, not here.

- Good.



I thought you were more fucked up

than I thought you were.



She left it for me.



You haven't opened it?



I should probably just open it here.

- Now?



I don't know.



We might not be able

to drive afterward.



You ain't gonna open that thing

in here, are you?



Why not?

- Because it's stupid.



Why's it stupid?

- First off, because I'm in here.



I don't care if you're here.

- Well, I do!






I don't wanna be here when you open

a letter from a person who shot herself.



Excuse me,

but it scares the shit out of me.



She didn't shoot herself.



That's why cops

and psychologists do that...



because they've been trained

to do that.



Yeah, you're probably right.



You can't open it here

in a bathroom.



You're in a public bathroom.

- It's stupid.



No, you need to open this

near some candles or something.



With a dog, you know, or a priest.



But not here.

Jesus Christ, not here.



I wouldn't wanna open it.

No way.



I mean, who the hell

wants to know, really?



Especially you.



Oh, God!

I gotta take a mean shit.



Always after camping,

gets all backed up.



Hey, Wilson.



You got a phone call.

- What?



It's some lady.






And a guy named Tom Bailey

called me about a job for you.



He did?

- Yeah.



I guess your old boss gave him

your number, or my number.



I haven't read the letter yet.



That's hilarious.



Hey, run out of gas again?

- Yeah.



Five dollars on two.

- Hey, you fly those planes.




- That's wild.



Sometimes the gas is for that.

- Gas is for what?



You know, sometimes I come in...

Sometimes it's for the planes.



You know,

sometimes it's for the planes.



The two planes my buddy's got

don't use gas.



Synthetic blend?

- Yeah.



They don't run on gas.



What the hell have I told you?

Go somewhere else!



Do it somewhere else!



Do it somewhere else!



This is simple stuff.

- I can't believe it.



This is simple stuff.

- I can't believe it.



I did this two years ago.

- You're kidding.



Sure. I can generate pop-ups

with the new Java...



which can maintain several

windows simultaneously.



And you can count unique

users within each one.



And I can throw in

a half-dozen firewalls...



so guys can't steal jack shit.



I was trying to track you down.

- Yeah. I heard you called.



How was your vacation?






You look great.

- I do?



I think.

- You do.



So maybe we can just set you up

at your house...



and you could get started.



I'm really happy about this.



Me too.



All right.

- Thank you.



Oh, fuck.









Oh, God, no!









No, I can't talk now, Mary Ann!



I got robbed, Mary Ann.

They took everything!



Yeah, everything!

The letter's missing. I don't...



No, I haven't opened it.



I didn't read it!

I didn't open it. No!



Where the fuck is everything, Wilson?



Wilson, wake up.



Wilson, all your shit's missing.






What happened to your stuff?



I got robbed.



They took everything?

- Yeah. How'd you get in here?



The door was open.



The door was open?

- It wasn't wide open. It was unlocked.



And you just walked right in?



Are you getting high on the gas?

- No. Fuck that, Denny.



Did you just walk right in?

- Well, yeah. I saw your car.



You didn't answer the doorbell.



So you thought you could

just walk right in my house?



What the fuck are you doing?



What the fuck am I doing?

- Yeah!



My God, Denny, give me a break!



Do you think you can just

come right in, like...?



We're not in a motel room together!



I'm sorry.

- Well, fuck your sorrys!




- Sorry, I...



God, what the hell are you think...?

What the fuck are you doing?



I didn't think it would be a big deal.

- Well, it is a big deal!



You come in here, like,

you know....



We're not in a motel room,

you know, Denny?



God! I got stuff I might be

doing in here, Denny!



You don't just come in here.

'Hi, I'm Denny!



Who cares what anyone thinks?'

You don't care what I think!



'I'm Denny.' Who cares?

Coming in here.



Don't come in here!



Two on one.



Guy at Arlington Hobby said

planes don't run on gas.



Well, mine does.



He said it's impossible because...



I own a plane, and it runs on gas, and

I wanna fly the thing right fucking now!



You don't have to yell.



Well, I just wanna buy

$  worth of fucking gas!



Two on one!



Two on one.



Here you go.



Well, Mary Ann, you wanted me

to come back, and now I'm back.



I'm sorry I didn't open

your fucking letter.



I want some goddamn pictures

of my wife. You're her mother!



All right? And you got...






Are you Wilson?



I'm Angela Ryan

from Bailey Federated. We...



Yeah. I got the computer.



So it showed up all right?

- Yeah, it did. Yeah.



Do you want to do this

another time?



What are we doing?

- We were going to discuss...



budget parameters for this design

that you're doing for us.







- Yeah. All right, okay.



Yeah. Come on in.



I heard you were robbed.

That's awful.



Terrible. Just terrible.



Have a seat.



Hey, you want something?

- I'm fine.



I don't have anything anyway.



So the computer's fine?

- Yeah.



Still feeling it out?

- Yeah, I think so.



You're sitting on it, actually.



Can we have some gas?

Like, a whole can.



Why don't you get it yourself?

It's not illegal to buy gas.



The places know us.

- So why don't you get drunk?



Because we don't like to.

- You don't like to?









What do you want?

- I need your help.



Really? No shit?

- I need your help, really.



Remember, I'm Denny?



I need some pictures of Liza, and

Mary Ann keeps hanging up on me.



God, I wonder why.



Please. I'm sorry.

- We're not at the hotel.



I know.



We're not at the hotel.

- All right.



Look, I know your wife killed herself,

and it's been hard...



but all I did was come in...



and you had

this fucking gas hangover.



Fuck you!



Okay, please. I'm sorry.



Yeah, you are too!

- I am!



She probably...



She's probably not here.

- I don't care.



Mary Ann!



Open up!



Mary Ann, open up!



I don't think she's home.

Would've answered already.



I don't think she's in there, buddy.



Come on.

Let's go back to the house.



I got this karate tape we can watch.



This is crazy.



That's not even gonna work.

- Look, I'm going in!



This guy's wife did herself in

just three weeks ago, not even.



What the hell are you doing?



It's my son-in-law

and somebody else.



Are you breaking into my house?

Are you out of your mind?



I'm Denny.

- I was at the gate.



Because I don't answer immediately,

you're breaking in?



I want pictures!

You keep hanging up on me!



You keep calling me and swearing

at me like I did something wrong!



I want pictures!



You expect me to do what you want?

- Yes!




- I have nothing!



You had everything.



You had everything!



I need some fuel for my plane.

- We're not open yet, sir.



Can you sell me some fuel?



All the registers are down.

I really can't.



Can't you ring it up later?

- I really can't. Sorry.




- We open at noon.



If I gave you some money now...



can you ring it up

when you're open?



I really am unable to help you.



See, I gave the rest of it

to some kids in the neighbourhood...



and I have a demonstration

with some handicapped kids...



in a half an hour,

and I'm really in a bind.




- I'm...



I do this every Sunday,

and I fucked up.



Can't I ever fuck up?






No, that's all right.

- All right. Thanks.



Where's the demonstration?

- You can't come.



What are you doing here?



Can we get some more

of the stuff in the jug?



I just gave you some.



We spilled it.

- Well, don't spill it.



Just take it with you.



You can't do it here.

- Hello?



Look, leave.

You can't do it here.






Hey, Wilson.



Tom Bailey.



Tom Bailey!



These are my...



niece and nephew.

They just came by to say hi.



This is the....



That's the hardware I sent you.

- It is. Yeah, it really is.



You'll be here later?



I will. I am going to be.

- Good. Good.



I'll send somebody by to pick it up.

- The design?



You don't... You don't...

You don't...



The computer, Wilson.



The boxes.

You two go home right now.



Go home. I'm gonna call the police

if you come back.



Whatever's going on here stops now.

You understand?



I'm gonna call the police to watch

for these kids coming back over here.



Tom Bailey.



It's cool. They'll be...






We're done.



Open up!



Oh, my God.



Mary Ann!






I probably made a mess...



and you deserve better.



But love me to take this

onto your life...



and bear it.



Find another...



and carry me in your heart.



I talk to you from there.



I talk to you from there.



Love, Liza.'



'I talk to you from there.'

Special help by SergeiK