Love! Valour! Compassion! Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Love! Valour! Compassion! script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Terrence McNally movie based on the play.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Love! Valour! Compassion!. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Love! Valour! Compassion! Script







I love my house.



Everybody does.



It was built in     



and still has most

of the original roof.



The wallpaper in the dining room

is original, too.



So is a lot of the woodwork.



You'd have to be a fool

to change it.



I hope you appreciate detail.



The marble fireplace

is hand-carved.



The main stairs have

a very gentle rise.



Everyone comments how easy

it is to climb them.



I like to fill it with my friends.



Over the years,

we've become more like a family.



It makes me happy to have us

all together in our home.



Mine and Bobby's.



They don't build houses

like this anymore.



The golden age

of American house building.



Not architecture, mind you,



but house building.



This house

was meant to stand.






Make yourself at home.



# In the summertime,

when the weather is high #



# You can stretch right up

and touch the sky #



# When the weather's fine #



# You got women,

you got women on your mind #



# Have a drink, have a drive #



# Go out and see

what you can find #



# If her daddy's rich,

take her out for a meal #



# If her daddy's poor,

just do what you feel #



# Speed along the lake,

do a ton or a ton and    #



# When the sun goes down #



# You can make it,

make it good in a lay-by #



# We're not gray people,

we're not dirty, we're not mean #



# We love everybody,

but we do as we please #



# When the weather's fine #



# We go fishing or go sailing

in the sea #



# We're always happy #



# Life's for living,

yeah, that's our philosophy #



# Sing along with us #



# Dee-dee-dee dee-dee #



# Da-da da-da-da #



# Yeah, we're hap-happy #



# Da da da #



# Dee-da-doo

dee-da-doo da-doo da #



# Da-doo da-da-da #



# Da-da-da da-da #



# All right now... #







Goddamn cunt!




Goddamn cunt!



Fuck you and your

ultimate driving machine!






Well, they are when they

drive like that.



Did you see the way

she just cut right in front of me?



Oh, are you talking to me?



Sorry, I was reading "The life

of Ray Charles." What happened?



Some asshole whore

cunt bitch dyke



with New Jersey

license plates



and Republican candidates

on her bumper



practically took my fender off

at    miles an hour.



Sounds like an extremely

cunt-like maneuver, Batman.



I think you're both




If I had any convictions,

I'd ask you to let me out right here.



I was mad.



Words only mean something

if you say them



and you're not mad

and mean them.



I agree, "Nancy Reagan is a cunt"

is an offensive remark.



I wouldn't go

that far, Bruce.



But "cunt" when she grabs

a cab in front of you



after you've been waiting    minutes

on a rainy night



and she just pops out

from Lutesse



is a justifiable

emotional response



to an enormous social injustice.



All I am saying is it's never right

to use words to hurt another person.



How did I hurt her?



She didn't hear me.



She's halfway

to Poughkeepsie by now,



the bitch!



Don't get me started.

I was just calming down.



We hurt ourselves

when we use them.



We're all diminished.



You're right.



I don't agree with you,

but you're right.



Of course I'm right...



you big fairy.



# Wilkommen, bienvenue #



# Welcome #



# Fremde, enchante #



# Stranger #



"Cabaret." Joel Grey.



The Broadhurst Theater.






and they don't write musicals

like that anymore.









You looked like someone I could

have a little fun with



on my way to oblivion.



Oh, well.



Wake me when we get

to Glocamorra, will you, hmm?



# Au Cabaret, en Cabaret #



# To Cabaret! #



Do you ever wonder

what Gregory looks like?






I know what

he looks like.



No, I mean what he

really looks like.



I know what he

really looks like.



He's handsome.



He has wonderful

green eyes that shine.



But you've never

seen green eyes.



You have

no concept of them.



In my mind's eye I do.



What do we look like?



Oh, Perry.



Like bookends.



Is that a compliment?



I think...



you love each other

very much.



I think you will stick it out,




I think right now

you're holding hands.



I think that when Perry has

to take his hand from yours,



Arthur, to steer in traffic,



he puts it back in yours

as soon as he can.



I think this is how

you always drive.



I think...



this is how you

go through life.



Welcome to Shangri-La.




Welcome back, stranger.



Remember, don't, um, mention, um,

his, um, stutter, um.



Now isn't this, um,

better than the, um, city?



What did I tell you?



Traffic was ghastly.



You need, um, a swim.



I need a-- ahem--

a drink.



This is Ramon,

Ramon Fornos.



I know. I saw, um, your company

performing at the, uh, Joyce.



You were terrific.



You saw us?



Yeah. Great, just great.



You, uh, swim

as well as you dance?



I don't do anything

as well as I dance.



Come on.

We'll, uh, both cool off.



John, we'll work this afternoon.



When I first bought this house,

people thought I was crazy.



It's in, um,

the middle of nowhere.



I like, uh,

the middle of nowhere.



How long have you

and John been...?



Uh, three weeks.



Our regular rehearsal

pianist was sick,



so John filled in.



Thanks for letting

him bring me.



Not at all.

I'm glad, uh, John's happy.



I don't, um, do this,

uh, on purpose, uh.



Oh, it's okay, Mr. Mitchell.



It's Gregory, please.



You'll make me feel like an old man

if you keep that up.















Oh, great, whoo!



That's disgusting.



What is?



What is? What is?

Reading someone's journal.



Did you just get here?



Yes. Where is Gregory?



They're swimming.

You alone?



No. I have Michael J. Fox

in here.



Are you?






"Dancing gets

harder and harder.



I have pains in places

I didn't know I had..."



- Oh, I hate what you're doing.

- "The spirit is willing--"



If I thought for one second

that you read



anything I wrote when we were together,

I would kill you.



I'm puzzled.

What kind of statement about his work



do you think

a choreographer is making



by living with a blind person?



It's not a statement.



It's a relationship!



Remember them?



And at least

they have someone.



Speak for yourself.



All right, so you got lucky

this weekend. Don't rub it in.



What happened

to you and, uh--




I got too intense for him.



That's my problem

with people.



I'm too intense

for them.



I need someone

like Dennis Hopper.



A cute, young,

gay Dennis Hopper.



In the meantime,

I am through with love



and all that it meant to me.






Perry's work for Gregory

is pro bono.



Arts advocacy is very in.



- He does my clinic, too.

- So is AlDS.






All right. That's $ .  .






Anyone that mentions

AlDS this summer,



It's gonna cost 'em.

Cough it up.



Hello, we're back!



Put this away

and come downstairs.



I want to see this new

boyfriend of yours.



Oh, did I mention

he's a dancer?



I hate you.



I really hate you.



You don't know, um,

what you're missing, John!



The lake is, uh, wonderful.



Don't believe him.

It's freezing.



Oh, my.



Hello, hello,

hello, Gregory.



Hey, Buzz, welcome.



Buzz, this is Ramon.









I am so sorry.



It's been such a long day for me.

How are you?



Hi, I'm Ramon.



Nice to meet you.



Oh, oh, oh, my.



Ho ho, ooh.



You're home, Bobby.



Well, that isn't bad.

   /  hours door-to-door.



Whose car is that?

Are we expecting company?



Okay, John had nowhere to go,

so Gregory invited him.






John Jeckyll?



No, no, no, no.



Didn't Gregory tell you

that he'd be here?



No, he did not.

Shit. Why would Greg do that to me?



Shh. He, uh, he didn't.



He told me.

I elected not to tell you.






Oh, why?



Perry has a problem

with John, Bobby.



I don't have

a problem with him.



I can't stand him,

and I wish he was dead.



He said he was

bringing someone.



A new boyfriend?



One of the Menendez




Oh, you're really

over the top this afternoon.



Wait till the weekend's over.




Where is everybody?



They're here.

Buzz, John, they're here.



Need a hand, Bobby?



I was beginning

to, um, worry. Hi.



Oh, that bus was horrendous.

I should've called for you.



A handshake?

What is this shit? I want a hug.



Where's my, um, angel?



Hey, John.



You both look terrific.



Don't you two put on

weight ever anywhere?



Oh, look who's talking.



Love to see the portrait

in his closet.



No, you wouldn't.



Ramon, Arthur

and, uh, Perry.



He's Arthur.

I'm Perry.



He's nice, I'm not. Hi.



Oh, now,

we're both nice.



Don't you listen to him.






So what are you boys

driving these days?



A Ford Taurus.



What do you care,

you big fruit?



That's a Volvo

    Turbo, Buzz.



Oh, he's so butch.



Well, that's why

you married me.



- Can you change a tire?

- No.



Neither can l.



Aah! That's from

"Annie Get Your Gun."



"Can you bake a pie?"

"No." "Neither can l."



Ethel Merman was gay,

you know.



So was lrving Berlin.



Irving Berlin.



I don't think English is Ramon's

first language.



I missed you.



Oh, it's so good

to be here.



The city's awful.



You can't breathe.



Have you been working?



I didn't leave, um,

the studio, um, all week.



How'd it go?



Don't ask.









Hi, I'm Ramon.



Oh, I'm sorry.



Uh, Bobby doesn't,

um, see, Ramon.



Oh, I'm sorry.



Don't be sorry.

Just come here.







Is that Latino?






Mi casa es su casa, huh?



I bet you were wishing I wasn't

going to say that.



We all were, Bobby.

We all were.



What room are you in?



What room are you in?



The little horror

under the eaves.



I call it the Patty Hearst

Memorial Closet.



Perry, give me a hand

with this, will you?



I told you not to bring

so much stuff.



Well, it's my hair dryer.



You don't have enough hair

to justify an appliance that size.



Has it ever occurred to you



I stopped listening to you

at least    years ago?



I hope you brought,

um, your swimsuits.



Hey, we don't need




We're all going

skinny dipping after lunch.



What are we,

men or wimps?



You just want to see

everyone's dick.



Oh, I've seen

everyone's dick.



Answer the question.



Sometimes we're men,

and sometimes we're wimps.



And you haven't seen

Ramon's dick.



You are a troublemaker.



I am not a troublemaker.

I'm an imp.



A gay imp.



Gregory always

leaves Bobby alone like that?



That's their ritual.



Whenever he gets here,

he likes to be alone in the garden.



Greg, we need

some towels!



No, we don't. We brought

our own, remember?



Never mind!



Right. We hate his towels.



Try to be nice to John

for a change.



It's only three days.



Tell him not

to start with me.



It's usually

the other way around.



I don't know what

you're talking about.



Oh, yeah.



What did you think

of John's new friend?



He's all right, I guess.



Didn't really notice.



That'll be the day.



- Psst, Gregory.

- What?



John is on the phone

to his brother...



in London.



I didn't hear him use a credit card

or reverse the charges.



Um, I'm sure

he'll, um, tell me.



Don't you ever believe the worst

about anyone?






Oh, fuck everything.






Who's that?



I'm sorry.






You startled me.



It's Ramon. I'm sorry.



Uh, I was just, um,

thanking God for all this.



I didn't mean to interrupt

or anything.



I'm not crazy.

I'm happy.



I understand.






I'll leave you alone.






Hey, you want to go for a swim?



Want to go for a swim?



Oh-- oh, shit.



What's the matter?



My brother, he wants

to come over.



I didn't know

you had a brother.



Twin brother.

We're like that.



Ah, sounds like me and mine.



He's not well.



He needs me, and, uh...



I don't like him.



I, um...



work with quite a few

AlDS organizations.



Thank you.



They can help

him find a doctor.



Thank you.



It never ends.






How does Buzz look to you?



I don't know.

How does he look to you?



I can't tell anymore.



He wouldn't tell me

if things were worse.



I can't look at him







You got that from me,

you know?



Got what?









It's a word in the dictionary,

page    .



You can't copyright

the English language, ducks.






I'm trying.



Fuck you.



I can reach that, Arthur.



I'll get it.



I don't want

to get my shirt wet.



Please stop telling me

how to wash the car.



Arthur, you do the-- don't.



- I am serious.

- please.



Don't tell me how

to wash the car!



Oh, fuck. Jeez.









I was having a musical

comedy nightmare.



They were going to revive

"West Side Story"



with Robert Goulet and Cher.



We've got to stop them.



- Ooh.

- Come on.



Oh, thank you.



No, Gregory,

it's out of the question.



I'm not gonna do it,

and I'm not gonna let Arthur do it.



His master's voice.



It's for a good cause.



You are not going to find six serious,

respectable gay men,



non-dancers, all,

to put on tutus



and do "Swan Lake" for

another AlDS benefit at Carnegie Hall.



You're not gonna find

one decent gay man.



Speak for

yourself, Perry.



Well, you, the love child

of Judy Garland and Liberace.



When is it, Gregory?



Right after Labor Day.



I'm sorry, but men in drag

turn my stomach.



Honey, I wouldn't

put you in drag.



I'd have you in tulle.

Lots and lots of tulle.



You know what

I'm talking about.



Don't yell at him.

It was my idea.



I thought

it might be funny.



You've done enough for AlDS.

We all have.



Nobody's done enough,

um, for AlDS.



Never mind, Perry.



I'll ask someone else.



People are sick of benefits.



Especially the people

they're being given for.



Dinner was delicious.



Those mashed potatoes

are fabulous, Gregory.



Those mashed potatoes

are fabulous, Gregory.



- Oh yeah.

- The mashed potatoes were mine.



# Giving credit

where it's due #



# There is much

I like in you #



But it's also very true



that you're spoiled.



Well, I don't know why

I bother to perfect



a flawless imitation

of Gertrude Lawrence



when none of you cretins

have even heard of her.



We've heard, love.

We don't care.



Who's Gertrude Lawrence?



A British actress.



Julie Andrews made

a rotten film about her.



Isn't Julie Andrews gay?



I don't know.

She never fucked me. Don't interrupt.



Who's Julie Andrews?



I suppose I should have

seen that one coming.



I was born in the wrong decade.

That's my problem.



- Who's got the milk?

- Who's Ethel Merman?



Who's Mary Martin?

Who is anyone?



We're all gonna be dead

and forgotten soon anyway.



Gregory's not.



I know who

Barbra Streisand is.



She'll be very pleased

to hear that.



You admit people like

Gertrude Lawrence don't really matter.



I cannot believe that

a subject of the UK



would even make

a comment like that.



I have United States




When did you take out

US citizenship?



Nine years ago,

October   .



Barbara Cook's birthday.



Who's Barbara Cook?



No one, nobody.

Forget it.



Die listening

to your Madonna albums.



I long for the day when somebody says,

"Who's Madonna?"



I apologize to the teenagers

at the table.



The state

of the American musical



has me very upset.



It's the state of America

that should have you upset.



It does.



It's a metaphor, you asshole.



Now, just a minute.



I have a picture

of a starving child in Somalia



over my desk at the clinic.



It doesn't justify

you calling me--



Five feet away,

a vulture sits and waits.



Just sits and waits.

He's not even looking at the kid.



He's that certain

where his next meal is coming from.



We've all seen the picture, Buzz.



Not like this kid

is going to get up



and launch into some number

from "Oliver!"



- Or "Porgy and Bess."

- We've all seen the picture.



I haven't.



So what is your point?



My point?



I don't have a point.



Why does everything

have to have a point?



I sit, and I look

at that picture every day,



And I get sick

to my stomach,



and sometimes

I cry a little bit, and so what?



So fucking what?



That kid is probably

dead meat by now anyway.



I think the point is

we're all sitting around here



talking about something,

pretending to care.



- No one's pretending.

- Pretending to care...



because the truth is there's nothing

we can do about it.



That kid is a picture

in a newspaper



who makes us feel bad

for having it so good.



But feed him,

brush him off,



and in    years, he's just another

nigger to scare the shit out of us.



Apologies tendered,

but that's how I see it.



Apologies not accepted.



You'd rather I dissembled?



Yes, I would.



I'd rather the man

I shared my life with



and love

with all my heart--



I'd rather he dissembled



than let me see the hate

and bile there.



The hate and bile

aren't for you, love.



Well, that's not

good enough, Perry.



After a while, the hate and bile

are for everyone.



It all comes around.






I hate that word.



You use it to get yourself out

of every tight corner



you've ever found

yourself in.



Shall I load the washer?



Um, just rinse and stack.



Thank you, Arthur.



Need a hand?



No, thank you.



As a person of color,

I think you're full of shit.



As a person of color,

I think you're full of shit.



As a gay man, I think--



No one cares what you think

as a gay man, ducks.



I think the problem

begins right here.



The way we relate

to one another as gay men.



This is tired, Ramon.



- Very, very tired.

- I don't think it is.



We don't love one another

'cause we don't love ourselves.







Where's the love

at this table?



I wanna see the love

at this table.



I love Gregory.



I love Bobby.



I love Arthur.



I love Gregory.



I love Bobby.



I love Buzz.



Well, I certainly don't love



anyone at this table

right now.



All right.



Bobby and Gregory

a little bit.



But only because

they're our hosts.



None of you said yourself.



Maybe it goes without saying.



We were waiting for you,




How do you love yourself?



Let us count the ways.



I love myself.



I love myself

when I dance.



That's one.



I love myself when I'm making love

with a really hot man.






I love myself when I'm eating

really good food.



I love myself

when I'm swimming naked.



That's four.



The rest of the time

I just feel okay.



I'm jealous.



We don't reach

such an apotheosis



at the law firm of Caan, Mendelson,

& Cronenberg.



But most of all,

I love myself when I'm dancing well



and no one can touch me.



Yes, this is a gay dance,

huh, chiquita?



Fuck you, John!



That's right, sweetheart,

you tell him.



Fuck you, John!




use that expression



entirely too often.



Hmmph. Everyone?



Fuck you, John!



In England we think it

nearly as often as you do,



but we don't actually

say it to someone's face.



It would be too rude.



Fuck you!



What do you mean



when you tell

another person, "Fuck you"?



Fuck you,



and don't you ever call me

chiquita again!



This is good.



I think it means

several things--



mixed signals I believe they're called

in therapeutic circles.



I hate you,

get out of my life.



At least, I hate you,

get out of my life for the moment.



I love you,

but you don't love me.



I want to make you feel

small and insignificant,



The way you've made

me feel.



I want to make you feel

every terrible thing my entire life,



right up until this moment,

has made me feel.



I said fuck you!



Well, I say fuck you

right back,



with every last fiber

of my fading British being,



every last ounce

of my tobaccoed English breath.



Fuck you, Ramon.



Fuck all of you.






I think I've said my peace.



What brought that on?



His brother.



That's no excuse.



Play something, John!



Something gay!



We want gay music

by a gay composer.



There's no such thing

as gay music, Buzz.



Well, maybe there should be.



I am sick to death

of straight people.



Tell the truth.

Aren't you?



There's just too goddamned

many of them.



I was in a bank the other day.

They were everywhere--



writing checks,

making deposits.



Two of them were applying

for a mortgage.



It was disgusting.



They're taking over.



No one wants to talk about it,

but it's true.



I like this.



It's not Jerry Herman,

but it's got a beat.



I don't have a complaint.



Yeah, I know.






What the hell is it?






Hey, it's not--

it's not funny.






I brought you a sweater.



The stars are incredible.



Thick as...



whatever stars

are thick as.



Molasses doesn't sound right.




No. No.



I love you.



I know. Me too.



I'm sorry we don't always

understand each other.



I hate it when we're not

in synch.



I hate what I said at the table.



I hated it, too.



I just get so...



frightened sometimes.



So angry.



It's all right, Perry.



We all do.



Don't give up on me.






It's incredible.



I can see Orion's belt



and both Dippers.



So many stars.



So many stars.



Say a prayer for Buzz.



Well, children,



this has been

a magical night,



but I must retire



to the second-floor




in the rear...



no lock on the door.



Welcome at all hours.

I take all comers.



Good night, Buzz.



I am going up, too.



Is everything okay?



We're fine.

I'll be up.



Welcome, Ramon.



Good night.






You all right?



I'm sorry.



It's this business

with my brother.



It's okay.



I'm glad you're here.



Good night.



You still there?






What are you doing?









No. No. No.






Don't. Don't.



Stop. Please.



Go, go, go.



I'll clean it up.

Go ahead.






Good night.



What happened?



Oh, be careful.



There might

be broken glass.



Oh, I'm okay.

I'm wearing slippers.




I think I got it all.



Oh, you cut yourself.

Now sit.



- No, I'm fine.

- Sit.



I'm... I'm...




Where were you?



I couldn't sleep.



I missed you.



I said...



I missed you.



I heard you.






Go back to sleep.



What are you doing?



I, uh...



I guess you should know.



There's a rather obvious stain

on your pajamas.



I didn't know I could

still blush at my age.



Your secret's safe with me.



I, uh...



I had sort

of an accident.



I hope you both did.



You know what we used

to call them



back in Catholic boys'




Nocturnal emissions.



It always--



always made me think

of Chopin.



Nocturnal Emission

in C-Sharp Minor.



Come on.



I don't want Greg to know.



I swear to God,



I only came down here

for a glass of milk.



I swear to God

I did, too.



Is he attractive?



I'm not supposed

to notice things like that.



I'm in a relationship.



So am l.



Is he?



I think the word

is hot, Bobby, okay?



Ah, I love these stairs.

They're so easy.



Everyone says that.






Have you ever...



on Perry?



Uh, yes...



and I don't recommend it.



Did he find out?



Well, no.



I told him.



And it's never been the same.



It's, uh-- it's terrific.



It's just not the same.



Don't fuck up.



Oh, you are so...



He's not that hot,




No one is.



I know.




Good night.



Are you all right?






Go to sleep.



I missed you.









Te quiero,

Ramon Fornos.



Te quiero,



 th of July weekend.



Promise of good weather.



After Memorial Day,



we deserve it.



I've been stuck for weeks

on the new piece.



It isn't coming as easily

as I thought it would.






Bobby and I have spent most of June

working in the garden.



I'm always amazed



at how quickly things

get overgrown if you don't.






# La... #



Buzz arrived alone again.



We were hoping

he'd bring someone.



He seems to be doing better

on his new medicine.



John Jeckyll is arriving with his

twin brother James...



who came over

from London



to participate in the trial

drug protocol.



A weekend in the country

will do him good.



Perry has

already dubbed them



James the Fair



and John the Foul.



Good morning, everybody.



Smile for the camera.



John asked to bring

Ramon Fornos again.



To say Ramon made an impression

on all of us the last time



would be putting it mildly.



Meet me on the raft.



Was I ever that young?



I don't remember.



Hello there.

Good morning, sunshine.



Perry and Arthur asked



if they could celebrate

their anniversary with us.



Say hi. Say hi, honey.

Come on, you look so pretty.



I warned them

John would be here.



Poor John.



People don't like him.



- Good try.

- Okay.




Good serve, Perry.



Come on, Buzz. Yeah!



It's all right, hon.



Way to go, Buzz.

Good try. Good effort.



Your serve.



You don't catch the ball.



All right.



- Good set.

- Oh, it's ESPN.



Get it off my--



you're supposed

to cover that spot.



It's all right.






Perry, get up.



Come on, now,

let's be good sports.









# Go, Perry, go #



# Go, Perry... #



Come on, Buzz!



What? No.



It's all ri--

now, honey, come on.



You have to hit the ball!



- We're gonna take your toys away.

- What?



Why are you

running up like that?



- You-- I'm gonna...

- What?



Let's go. Come on.



That's two serving   .



Let's go.



Whoo! Whoo!




You run like a girl, Perry.






Ooh! Are you okay?






That's it!

Change partners!



You show him, Gregory.



Oh-ho, honey.



Oh ho!

Don't do this!



You're traumatizing me!



Oh, I'm back

in the sixth grade.



Coach Reardon's

gym class.



Nobody wants me

on their side.



It's the exact moment



I became

a raving homosexual.



Oh! Oh! Oh,

it's all so vivid still!



Oh! Oh ho ho!



Here, Buzz.



Make a V with your,

uh, forearms.



Like this.



Oh, thank you.

Thank you.



You see how I respond

to basic human kindness?



Oh, why can't you

have a twin brother?



Where are all

the eligible men?



There are no eligible men!



Will you keep

your voice down?



Why? We're in the middle

of nowhere.



Keep my voice down?!



You're a martyr, Arthur,

a genuine martyr.



I hear Ramon's eligible.



Oh, no, no.

I don't date dancers.



It's very simple.

I've made it a rule.



Dancers don't want to date me,

so fuck 'em.



All right, what's the score,

     to one?



I'm really getting into this.



Are we playing or what?



Here, Perry. Your serve.



Now getting ready

to serve,



the ever lovely

Dr. Renee Richards.






Tea time.

Tea time.



Tea time.

Tea time.



- Oh, hiya.

- Tea time!



Hey, Buzz, which one

of them is it?



It must be James.

The grass isn't turning brown.



- Just in time, James.

- Mmm.



- Mmm.

- Ooh.






My brother gave me

the most extraordinary book.



"Queer America--

from A to Zed."



Am I in it?



It gives the names of all the gay men

and lesbians in this country.



Every one from...






right up to someone called...

Dan Rather?



# You say "Raw-ther,"

and I say "Ra-ther" #



# Let's call

the whole thing off. #



Oh God,

that ridiculous book.



I bet they've even got

Charlton Heston in there.



I must say,

for a young country,



you've turned out

almost as many poofters



in two and a half centuries

as we have in   .



Oh, thank you.

We try.









Anyone aboard?






I waited for you last night.

I thought you'd come down.



I can't do this.



Meet me

somewhere tonight.



Bobby, come in!




long distance.



They're calling me.



I'll be in the garden after  :  .



Not the garden.







John didn't tell you?



- No.

- Ah.



Well, it was when he first came

to this country, short and sweet,



six months, tops.



I'm sorry.

What happened?



Oh, we were both so young.



I was too needy

and he wasn't needy enough.



I don't think John

can love anyone.



Now you tell me.



Perhaps one of us had better



swim out there

and tell Ramon.



I think

you should break it to him.



I don't think I'm his type.



I don't think either of us is.



I enjoy looking though.



Is there a British equivalent

for machismo?



No, none at all.



Maybe Glenda Jackson.



Well, this tea

is not doing it for me.



Can I bring you

a real drink down?



An ice cold martini,



very dry with a twist.



Is that gonna be

good for you?



Absolutely terrible.









All right,

it's right here.




Thank you.









Yeah, I can't hear you.

You have to speak up.






We don't have sun

like this in England.



If we did,

we'd be much nicer people.






"Swan Lake."



My blood just ran cold.



You're serious about

that goddamn benefit.



Of course I'm--

I'm serious.



That's all we need--

a picture of you



Iooking like some flaming fairy

in the Arts and Leisure section.



Men in drag give the rest of us

a bad name.



I have terrible news.



"The Fantastics"

is closing!






-Oh, come on, buzz!

- What?



You know

goddamn well what!



No. What? This?



Put some clothes on.

No one wants to look at that.






You are referring

to my body as that?



Tell him, Arthur.

It's not bothering me.



Thank you, Arthur.



It's nice to know that Sharon Stone

has not lived entirely in vain.



What brought this on?



Nothing brought this on.



Some people do things




It's a beautiful day.

The sun feels good.



I may not be around

next summer, all right?



This is how I look, Perry.



Love me,

love my love handles!



None of us

may be around next summer.



What do you think

you're doing?



Oh, calm down, Perry.



I can't believe you actually

lived through the '  s.



We only read about 'em in Kansas.

I'm less uptight than you are.



Leo, I could walk around

like that too if I wanted to.



Who's stopping you?



I just don't want to.



She's got it.

By George, she's got it.




I give up.



I hope your dick

gets a sunburn.



Yadda, yadda, yadda.



Thank you very much.






Bobby? Bobby?



What is it?

Are you all right?






Come on, baby.






Give me a hand.



All right,

I'll race you back in.



No, I just got here.

Give me a hand.



You think I should be

trusting my lover



skinny-dipping with a horny

Puerto Rican modern dancer?



It depends on what

makes you suspicious.



Horny, Puerto Rican,

modern or dancer?



All of them.



How long have you two

been together?






- Oh!



We're role models.



It's very stressful.



John, what--

what's the matter?



Bobby's sister.



There's been an accident.









You had a fly on you.



You know, you got a nice ass

for somebody your age.



Thank you.



So do you.






Have a nice ass.



Oh, you mean

for someone my age?



No, for someone any age.









Hey, hey! Hey!






Goddamn it.



I'm so sorry.



It's all right.



It's all right.






It's okay, it's okay.



It's all right.



It's all right.

It's all right.



Some sort of a ride

at a fair in lndia.



Some sort of a ride

at a fair in lndia.



Some sort of swing thing




I couldn't get

the whole story.



Is she...?



Poor lamb.



Thank you.



It's hot.



How is he?



He's, uh, all right.



You know, we'll go.



Oh, no, no, no.



He wants you to stay.



I remember when Gregory

bought this place.



I was dead against it.



No one for miles

and miles.



We could be the last

eight people on earth.



That's a frightening thought.



Not if you're with

the right eight people.



At times I wish

you could see me.



See me looking at you.



The love there.



Uh, I'm not...



I know.



I know this is a terrible thing to say right

now, but...



I am so happy, Bobby.



Thank you, God, for him.



You know how we tell

each other everything,



even when it's hard?






Memorial Day weekend.






Ramon and l--



Don't, Bobby.



- We made love.

- Don't.



I didn't want it to happen,



but it did.



Have you, um, um...



did you, uh...



do you, uh,

want to again?



No, I'm with you.



You leave tonight.



I don't want you

in our house.



Where are you going?



Don't, um, come, um,



with me.



It's back.



That was brief.



- Arthur, discard.

- Okay.



Go. Will you go?



I'm going, I'm going.



The door is still closed.



You were right, honey.

We should have left.



Here he is.



That's him.



I'd swear on

my mother's life.



And I once had sex with the ghost

of Troy Donahue.



Wait a minute, first you said he was

the model for Calvin Klein's Obsession.



I can't keep

all those names straight,



but I'll not forget a face

and a body like that.



And you found this person

sleeping adrift on a fishing boat?



Yes. You ever been to Greece?

There are a lot of fishing boats.



- And you made love to him?

- Not in the fishing boat.



It started to rain.

Found sort of a cave.



Oh! Oh! Oh!



Oh, this is very

Dido and Aeneas.



Fuck you, all of you.

I don't care.



The next time

you see his picture,



you're tossing in bed

thinking about him,



just remember,

somebody had him,



and it wasn't you.






Ramon, Ramon, Ramon.



Do you think

he's telling the truth?






Do you?



Probably got

a rotten personality.



I know how we can have

a lot of fun.



Sit down.



Did you lock the door?



It's locked. Sit.



Put your hands

behind your back,



feet apart,



head down,



ready for interrogation,



my beautiful bound prisoner.



Look at me.



You look so beautiful

like that,



I think I could come

without even touching you.



Let me go.






Please, the rope,

it's too tight.



My wrists.



Go on.









I can't get loose.



Look at me.



You don't take

your eyes from mine.



Who do you see?



Who do you wish I were?



- No, I won't tell you.

- Yes, you will.






Look at me.






Who do you wish I were?



Kiss me.



Gag me with your mouth.



Come on, baby.



Who do you see?



Who do you want in this chair?



I don't know.



Yes, you do.

Everybody does.



Who do you see?



Come on, tell me.

It's okay, John.



I can't.



Come on, baby, who?



Don't make me.



I can't make

you do anything.



I'm your fucking

prisoner, man.



You have me tied up

here, gagged.









His name was Padrick,

the lrish spelling.



Fuck the spelling.



Padrick Boyle.



He was    years old.

I was   .



I hear you.

   and   .



    bottles of beer on the wall,

    bottles of beer...



Shut up. Shut up.



He worked for us.



We owned a fleet of coaches.



Padrick and his father

washed them,



but that didn't matter.

We were friends.



He liked me.

I know he liked me.



Cut to the chase.



Cut to what chase?

There wasn't any chase.



Get to the good part.



It's all a good part.



Get to the sex.

One night and day.



We started...






Suddenly Padrick

put his hand...



down there,

and he could feel I was hard.



And he said...



"What is this?



What the bloody hell

is this, mate?"



He took off my belt,



wrapped it

around my wrists...



he raised my arms

over my head



and hung them to a hook

along the wall.



Then he unfastened

my trousers



and let them drop

to my ankles.



He undressed himself,



Took a chair like this one,



and sat in it.



Then he looked right at me.



Didn't move, not even

the slightest undulation of his hips.



And then he came,



and all he let out

was this one soft "uhh."



- What did he say?

- Uhh.



After a while

he opened his eyes,



stood up,



and kissed me lightly

on the lips.



No man had ever

kissed me before.



My heart stopped beating.



He was going to tell me

he loved me,



but instead he said,

"I've doused this place with petrol.



I'm lighting a match. You have

three minutes to get out alive.



Good luck,    ."



Then he laughed

and walked out, whistling.



He never wanted to play again.



Last time I saw him,

he was overweight,



father of four, and still

washing our coaches.



But that's who

I still see there



every time.



And that's why we hate

the bloody lrish.



Sorry. Can l, um,

get in there a sec?






Um, uh, sorry.



I need to, um,

get a suitcase for Bobby.



How is he?



He's going home.



Was it in there?



No. Wrong closet.



Do you mind if we don't...



Suit yourself.



I'm not Padrick.



And I'm not Bobby.



I don't know what

you're talking about.



You son of a bitch.



It was his idea.

I had nothing to do with it.



I'm sorry, John.

It was a joke.



You scum, you cunt,

you piece of shit!



I will get down

on my knees to you.



How dare you?

How fucking dare you?



I hope you get

what my brother has.



I hope you die from it.



When I read or hear that

you have, then, Perry,



then will I forgive you.






Well, so much for the unsafe

exchange of body fluids.



Boy, I would like

to flatten that limey motherfucker.



You know,

I'm tired of "limey."



Aren't there any other hateful words

for those ass-licking,




motherfucking, shit-eating



descendants of Shakespeare,

Shelley and Keats?



Okay, honey, let's drop it,

all right?



He is just lucky

I am a big queen.



One thing

you are not, Arthur,



and never will be,

is a big queen.



I know.



I'm butch.



I can-- I can

catch a ball.



I genuinely like

both my parents.



I hate opera.



I don't know why

I bother being gay.



Oh, God.



Where did that come from?



Happy anniversary.



Are we okay?



We're fine.






Make you feel old?



No, lucky.



How did we manage?



We wanted to manage.



I haven't been perfect.



Well, I've been perfect.



Sure, you have.



I thought you were the most wonderful

looking man I'd ever seen.



Did you really think that?












When was the last time

I did this?



Just don't make a face.



I am not making a face.



I can hear it

in your voice.



I wouldn't do this

for anyone but you.



You know,

if you really think about it,



this is what

it all comes down to.






Trimming the hair

in your boyfriend's ears?



Oh, God, I hope not.



I'll snitch a frock out of

National Theater storage for you.



Something of

Dame Edith Evans. Oh.



What's the matter?



I'm waiting for you

to tell me she was gay.



She wasn't, actually.



One of two British

actresses who isn't.



I think the other one

is Deborah Kerr.



But all the rest,

galloping lezzies.



Do you have a boyfriend

over there?



Not anymore.



What about you?



Oh, darling,

when the going gets tough,



weak boyfriends get going,

or something like that.



I can't say

I'm honestly minding.



Last acts

are depressing,



and generally

one long solo.



Well, they don't have to be.



How sick are you?



I think I'm in

pretty good nick,



but my reports read like

something out of Nostradamus.



I should have died

six months ago.



Try   .



Do you have any lesions?



Only one,



and I've had it

for nearly a year.



- Where is it?

- In a very inconvenient spot.



Oh, they are all




May I see it?



It's, uh...



All right.



I, um...



I have a lesbian

friend in London,



who's the only other person

who's ever asked to see it.



I was quite astonished

when she did.



Touched, actually.



Somebody loves me,



even if it's not the somebody

I've dreamed of.



Are you through?



Gwenyth didn't go that far.



It doesn't disgust you?



It's going to be me.



You don't know that.



Yes, I do.



You're very nice, you know?



So are you.



No, l-- I mean it.



So do l.



# Happy anniversary to you #



# Happy anniversary to you #



# Happy anniversary #



# Arthur and Perry #



# Happy anniversary #



# To you #






Whoo, speech!



All right, blow out the candles

and make a wish.









All right, now,

speech now.



Speech, speech, speech.



Oh, no, no, no.



I'm married to the best man

in the world,



even if he does forget

to put the toothpaste cap back on



and squeezes the tube

in the middle.



I wish him long life...



much love...



and as much happiness

as he's brought me.






Oh, God.






That's it, "ditto"?

Oh, God.



# And wouldn't sleep #



# When love came

and told me... #



Oh, that's nice.



Don't go and get all

goody twoshoes on us.



Everybody dance.



All lovers dance.



What about us single girls?



You know you're

dying to ask me.



So what was your wish?



No fucking way, Jose.



He still thinks you're gonna get me

into one of those fucking tutus.






# Each spring to him #



# And long for the day #



# When I'll cling to him #



# Bewitched, bothered

and bewildered #



# Am I #



# He's a fool,

and don't I know it? #



# But a fool

can have his chance #



# But a fool

can have his chance #



# I'm in love,

and don't I show it? #



# Like the day before... #



You're still here.



I would have driven you,

uh, in, uh.



We've got guests.



We both need time to think.



I don't.



I'm sorry.



I love you.



Hurry back to me.



Got a few steps.






Here, give me your bag.



# Though he's speaking #



# He's at his very best... #



Arthur, look.



# Vexed again... #



Answered prayers.



# Thank God #



# I can be oversexed again #



# Bewitched #



# Bothered #



# And bewildered #



# Am I #



# Wise at last #



# My eyes at last #



# Are cutting you down #



# To your size at last #



# Bewitched #



# Bothered #



# And bewildered #



# No more #



# No more #



Labor Day weekend,



but already it feels

like the end of summer.



Perhaps the autumnal chill

in the air



is telling us this will be

our last weekend.



The lawns are brown,



the gardens wilted.



Soon it will be

back to school.



James Jeckyll has decided

to stay in the States.



Buzz says he will get

much better care here.



He will also get Buzz.



Who could not love




We have all taken him

to our hearts.



It will be a sad day

when that light goes out.



I keep telling everyone



the new piece

is nearly finished,



but the truth is

I haven't begun.



Maybe it isn't meant to be.



I wish

I could blame Bobby.



It hasn't been easy



since he got back

from his sister's funeral...



but we're working on it.






I really wish

I could blame Ramon.



I hadn't counted on him

coming with John this time.






I thought they were over.



Hey, did you hear that?



- Hmm?

- Did you?



Would you leave them alone?



You're as bad as John.



I'm not as bad as John.



No one is as bad as John.



Most of all,



I wish I could

let what happened go.












How are we feeling?



Not sexy.



How are you feeling really?



We defy augury.




What does that mean?




It means don't fuck with me.






Shakespeare was gay,

you know?



You're going too far now.



Oh, you really think

a straight man



would write a line like

"We defy augury"? James, get real.



Good morning, Gregory.



Coffee's brewing.



Welcome to my diva mode.



How's work going?



Don't ask, huh?



I'll get famous like you, Greg.



A great dancer...



Iike you were.



What's the matter?

What are you looking at?



You're making me feel weird.



I'm sorry.

Great dancer you are,



I didn't mean it, okay?



Look, I'm sorry your work

isn't going well.



Ow! Ow!

What are you doing?



Put your, um, hand,

um, down the drain.



Fuck you. No.



- Do it!

- What for?



I said do it!



- What for?!

- You know what for!



- I don't.

- You know!



- Because of Bobby?

- Because of Bobby?



Did you say

because of Bobby?



What because of Bobby?



Nothing, nothing.



- Put your hand down the drain!

- Jesus, Gregory, what are you--



He wants me to put my fucking hand

down the drain.



- Tell them why.

- I don't--



Tell them why!



- He thinks me and Bobby...

- That's why.



Gregory, let him go.



I am gonna break it!



Is that coffee, um,

ready yet?



That was not funny,




Are you all right?



That wasn't about me

and Bobby.



That was about me

and you!



Coffee, Perry?






You're old

and you're scared,



and you don't know

what to do about it.






Yeah, I'll...



I am young,

I am not scared,



and I am coming

after you.






That's what

this was about.



Yes, please.

With milk.



One café con leche,



For Ramon.






Thank you.



Well, my stomach

is up in my throat.



I knew he wouldn't do it.



I knew you

wouldn't do it.



Oh, yeah.

Macho man herself here.



Yeah, he's just lucky

I didn't pop him one.






Coffee grounds.



You're not supposed

to put them down there.



Ramon, would you, um,



take this up to,

uh, Bobby?



Thank you.






I can't believe

the rain this summer.



It's simple.



God doesn't want us

to develop skin cancer



from overzealous

exposure to his sun



in our overzealous




of looking drop-dead

good to one another.



Look out for that log.



That's big of him.

I see it.



After AlDS, he figures

we deserve a break.



That's $ .



Oh, I think we stopped

playing that game.



Who won?



Well, not Buzz and James.



Do you ever feel guilty?












Do you?



Every time

I look at Buzz,



even when

he's driving me crazy,



or now James,



I have to think or say

to myself,



"Sooner or later,

that man--



that human being,



won't be standing there

washing the dishes



or tying his shoelace."



None of us is...












I don't know.






Oh, but you're right.



It's no comfort,

but you're right.



Will be.

None of us will be.



Watch your step.



A little more.






Real good.



Watch out there.









Move back.



That's it.



You're dying, aren't you?



There's so many things

I've never said to you,



things we've never

spoken about.



I don't want to wait

until it's too late to say them.



I resent you.



I resent everything about you.



You had Mom and Dad's

unconditional love.



Now you have the world's.



How can I not envy that?



I wish I could say

it was because



you're so much

better looking than me.






The real pain



is that it's something

that's so much harder to bear.



You got the good soul.



I got the bad one.



Think about leaving me yours.






what's your secret?



The secret of unconditional love.



I'm not going to let you die with it.



There's no secret.



It's all right.



- I understand.

- No.



I hated you.



John. John...



I wished...



you were dead.



Stop it!






You just thought you did.



There's a difference.



I just wanted to be

the one they loved.



And now...



you will be.



How is he?



Don't ask.



Poor guy.



How are you?



Weary and wonderful.



Anyway, I was just

gonna go take a shower.



Oh, um...



I think we used up

all the hot water.






I could fetch, uh...



No, I'll just do it later.



Really, Buzz.

It's fine.



Ah. If this were a musical,



that'd be such

a great cue for a song.



Really, Buzz.

It's fine. I got...



# Tok tok, sss,

steam heat. #



Life and Gregory's plumbing

should be more like a musical.



There is always

a happy ending.



And plenty of hot water.



Perry, just once I would love to see

a "West Side Story"



where everyone gets it.



The Jets and the Sharks



and Officer Krupke, too,

while we're at it.



What's he doing?

Sneaking away from the theater?



Get back here and die

like everyone else, you son of a bitch!



I wanna see a "Sound of Music"



where the entire Von Trapp family



dies in an authentic

alpine avalanche,



or a "Kiss me, Kate" where she's got

a huge cold sore on her mouth.



Oh, God.



"A Funny Thing Happened

on the Way to the Forum."



And the only thing

that happens is nothing!



And it's not funny!

And they all go down waiting!



Waiting for what?

Waiting for nothing,



Iike everyone I know

or care about is--



including myself.



That's the kind of musical

I'd like to see,



but they don't write musicals

like that anymore.



So in the meantime,



gangway, world.



Get off of my runway.



You are my oldest

friend in the world.



And next to Arthur,

my best.



It's not enough sometimes, Perry.



You're not sick.



You two are gonna wind up on Golden

Pond in matching wicker rockers.



That's not fair!

We can't help that.



I can't afford to be fair.



Fair is a luxury

I can't afford.



Fair is for healthy people

with healthy lovers



in nice apartments

with lots of health insurance,



which, of course,

they don't need!



Are you through?



I'm scared that I'm not gonna be there for

James when he needs me.



And I'm so angry



that he's not gonna be there for me

when I need him.



I know.



I know.



I said I wasn't

gonna do this anymore.



But it's wonderful what's happened,

you know?



It's wonderful.






Who is gonna be there for me



when it's my turn?



We all will.

Every one of us.



Can you promise me that?



Can you promise...



that you will be

holding my hand



when I let go?



That the last face I see...



will be yours?






I believe you.



Mine and Arthur's.



Arthur's is negotiable.






can't tell you



how important

this is to me.



I'm a very petty person.



No, you're not.






Thank you.



I adore him.



What am I gonna do?






- Hey.

- Hi.



Oh, thanks.



Tuck it in, Arthur.



I beg your pardon.



See, that's what I keep

telling him.



If your just gonna sit on the sidelines

and be a kibitz...




What's a kibitz?



A place where very old, gay,

Jewish couples go.



All right, gentlemen,

line up.



From the top.



Here we go, guys.






Here we go, everyone.



You started without me.



We thought you were resting.



Don't stop.

Just let me in.



It's all right.



It's all right.



All right, gentlemen,



this is a take.



  and   and   and  .



And   and  



and   and  



and   and  



and   and  .



Very good.

Very good.




Buzz kicked me.




Shut up and dance.



That's from "Gypsy."



That's amazing

for an accountant.



And  .



How are we looking?



Actually, you look

like you're having fun.



Getting behind

the music, gentlemen, come on.




I always want to go left on that.






  and  .



And   and   and--







No, I'm fine.



I'm fine, I'm fine.






back off.



- I just want to go lie down a bit.

- Uh, I'll--



No, I'm fine, I'm fine.




Go on, please.



You need all the rehearsal

you can get.



I've got him.



Buzz, maybe

you should go.



Maybe you should

mind your own business.






Perry, put on the record. That's how we're

gonna perform it anyway.



The piano is for stop and start,



And we're way beyond

stop and start.



- We're one short again.

- We'll live.



All right, come on, girls.

Places. Tops.



I have    years,



  months,   days,





and     seconds left.



I will be watching

"Gone With the Wind,"



of all things,



again on television.



Arthur will be

in the other room



fixing me hot cocoa



and arguing with his brother

on the phone.



He won't even hear me go.



He insisted on keeping

the TV on so loud.



Wouldn't buy

a hearing supplement.



Three years later,

it's my turn.



On the bus.



The M- .




Very quietly.



Just like my life.



Without him,

I won't much mind.



I don't want to think about it.







than I thought, even.



Let's just say

I died happy.



They reissued

"Happy Hunting" on CD,



and I'd met Gwen Verdon

at a benefit.



She was very nice,



and I don't think

it was because she knew I was sick.



I wasn't brave.



I took pills.



I went back home

to Battersea



and took pills.



I'm sorry, Buzz.



I don't die.



I'm fucking immortal.



I live forever...



till I take a small plane

to Pittsfield, Massachusetts.



I was late for a concert.



No one else from my company

was onboard.



Just me



and a pilot I never bothered

to look at twice.



I don't know.



I don't want to.



I won't be with Gregory.



His name will be Luke.



I'm sorry, Gregory.



I didn't change,



and I tried.



At least I think I tried.



I couldn't. I just couldn't.



No one mourned me.



Not one tear was shed.



I bury every one of you.



It got awfully lonely out here.



It will seem like...






Oh! Whoa.



How the hell

did that happen?



- What?

- The lights went out.



There will be no performance

of "The Red Shoes" tonight.



Oh, boy.



Come on, Bobby.



When do you expect

the power back on?



Are the lights still out?



Ohh. Could be forever.



All right, you. You don't have to sound

so cheerful about it.



Who's turn is it

to do the dishes?



- I'll start.

- No, it's Buzz. No.



It's Buzz, it's Buzz,

it's Buzz.



How is he?



He's sleeping,

but he's better.



He's a little better.



You've all been so...



I want you to like me.



Oh, look out there.

It's clearing up.



Ah, there's a full moon.

The lake is incredible.



This is why people

have places in the country.



Even gay people?



Drop it, you two.



You can practically read

by that moonlight.



All right.



Let's go swimming.



Huh? Come on, Bobby.

Come on, let's go.



No. Moonlight's

wasted on me.



Go down to the lake,

all of you.



I'll be down in a bit.



Ah, he's a saint.



He's gorgeous,

and he's a saint.



Let's go.



What's the weather

supposed to be tomorrow?



- More rain.

- Ah, no.






we're all going

down to the lake!



No, and I have

never had the guts.



Watch out

for the alligators.



Oh, no.

Don't even joke.



And stay clear

of the water moccasins.



If I see one snake...



that isn't in a trouser...



That a girl. Come on.



If we had enough guts

to put on those tutus,



we'll have enough guts

to go in this pond.



- I am insane.

- Okay, I'm going.



- Whoo!

- Come on, baby!






- Whoo hoo hoo! Go, girl!

- Whoo!



Who's there?

Somebody's there.



It's me.



You look very handsome

in the moonlight.



You took my breath away.



I'm going

to remember you like that.



It's James.



I know.



Are you supposed

to be down here?



No, and neither are you.



There's a full moon.



Everyone's down by the lake.



I could see them

from my window.



Come on.

I'll go with you.



Come on. Come on.






Look at Arthur.



I have a confession

to make.



I've never been

skinny-dipping in the moonlight



with a blind American.



But you only live once.



If you're lucky.



Some people don't live at all.






I thought you were scared

of that snapping turtle.



I'm terrified of it.



I'm counting on you.



Well, let's go.



I have another

confession to make.



I'm English.



I've never been skinny-dipping

in the moonlight with anyone.



I knew that.






Hey! Yeah.



- Look.

- Honey.



Wait a minute,




- Whoo!

- Wait a minute.



Come on, Bobby!



Honey, I thought

you were sleeping.




are you getting in?



Everybody in!



Come on!






Oh my God!

Oh my God!



I saw a shooting star!



Wait, wait,

I have to make a wish.





Special help by SergeiK