Lovely And Amazing Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Lovely And Amazing script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the movie starring Catherine Keener, Emily Mortimer, Dermot Mulroney, Brenda Blethyn, etc.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Lovely And Amazing. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Lovely And Amazing Script



(music plays)



Don't you think I have

too much make-up on?




No, you look great.



could you

open up your jacket?



Just, you know,

pull it open.



That's it.



Put your arm back

where it was.



Give us

a nice look.



Does this

seem strange to you?



No, it's high fashion.

It's sophisticated.



It's totally hot.



But my dress-

I feel sort of...



I thought you said

you liked this designer.



I do.

I'm just not sure.



I just don't feel

quite like myself.



Who does?



- Got your bathing suit?

- Yep.



- Your book?

- Yep.



Got your jacket?



Mc Whitie

or Winky Fresh?



Winky Fresh.



Excuse me-



do you know if

the buyer's here today?



What can I help you with?



I was wondering if the store

might be interested



in these things

that I made.



- Let's see.

- Okay.



This one has

a bird in a nest.



- Oh, delicate.

- Yeah.



What are these?

They're nice.






Don't you wish we were

little enough to sit in them?




Michelle Marks?



- Oh my God!

- Debbie Waldman?



Emerson Junior High.



- God, you look great.

- Thanks.



- What are you doing here?

- I made these chairs



and I was hoping the store

might want to sell them.



- Oh, they're so cute!

- Thanks.



What about you?

What are you up to?



I'm a pediatrician.



Are you kidding me?



No- why?



Oh, I don't know.

It just seems-



- it seems too fast.

- We're   .



I know,

but we're not      .



Store clerk:




How much would you

sell them for?



I would need to make

about $   on each one.



That's a bargain.



clerk # : We couldn't buy them

from you for that much.




I could take    maybe.



clerk # : That's okay.



They're not

for us anyway.






clerk # : We used to have

something similar.



Remember that guy?

He made these little tables



- out of string.

- Yes, I remember him.



Nobody bought them.






Excuse me?






(cell phone rings)



Dr. Waldman-






- It was great seeing you.

- You too.



- You were always so creative.

- Yeah.



No, it was-

I just ran into someone...



I'll be there

in    minutes or so.



Annie? Hey!



How are you doing?



How are you doing?



Are you ready

for our first date?




Pick you up later.



I want

to stay with you.



Honey, if you're having a bad time,

call me.



I want you to push off.

Push off with your feet



and reach out for me,





Reach out for me...




Good, see?



How's you get

your hair to do that?



- Do what?

- Be so straight?



I straightened it.

I fried it like straw.



Feel it.



- Ew!

- Told you!



Okay, now I want

you to go for me



- to the other side.

- Okay.



All right, go.



Do it!



Kick, kick!



Tell your mom to wear

a bathing cap in there, okay?



What did she say?



She said you need to wear

a bathing cap in the pool.






You don't understand,




I looked insane.



I was wearing this weird

see-through designer thing.



I felt like an idiot.



And I tried,

I really did,



but the fashion stylist

was so intimidating.



You should have seen the color

they had on my lips.



I can't believe I'm

going to be in Vogue Magazine



- looking like that!

- Maybe you shouldn't have done it.



How can you

say that?



It's publicity for the movie.

I have to do it.




for a fashion magazine



has nothing

to do with acting.



So if some magazine

called and said



they were doing an article

on nature journalists



and wanted your picture,

you'd say no?



- Right.

- You're so high and mighty.



You don't understand

what I'm saying.



Everyone wants their picture

in a magazine.



- They do?

- Yes, if they admit it.



I just think-



if it's going to make you upset,

you shouldn't do it.



Maybe you think I'm

not attractive enough



to ever look good

having my picture taken?



I know you think

my arms are flabby.



I'm going

to the bathroom.



Mother: Like it?



It costs too much

but I think it's so pretty.



I don't see why

you need it.



Be cause nothing else picks up

the dark tones in the chair.



There's nowhere

to lie down.



I take them off

if I want to lie down.



Maybe I should

be making pillows.



Any luck

at the gift store?






But I ran

into Debbie Waldman.






Debbie Waldman.



From Emerson.



She used to be

such a loser.



Maybe you should

just get a job.



You know-

a job job.




for your support.



Hi, honey.



Why are you eating

cookies before dinner?



They're the fat-free ones.



Doesn't make any difference.

They're high in calories.






I didn't put them

in her hand.



- You bought them.

- She begged me.






- You're the mother!

- Still.



Annie: I thought

these weren't the bad kind.



- Let's go home. Bye.

- Bye.



- Goodnight, sweetheart.

- Goodnight.



- Sweet dreams.

- You too.



I hate my life.



You need

more of one.



Blah, blah!



Arturo stole

my commission today.



Are you serious?



Did you tell him

to fuck off?



Of course not. I have to work

with him every day.



Well, I would

still tell him.



- Oh my God!

- What?



It's my sister's movie.

She's in the ad.



She doesn't even have

a big part.



Hey, you're in Jane Magazine.



In an ad for your movie.



- Really? It must be tiny.

- No, it's big.



I mean your head is...



is half an inch big.



But it doesn't really

look like you.



I don't think

it's your hair.



Well, whose hair is it?



It's a little

Phyllis Diller-y.



It's frizzy?



No, it's not frizzy.

It's just-



- I don't know. Go buy it.

- I think I'll skip it.



Why are you panting?



Paul's over.

We're doing yoga.



- (laughs)

- What's so funny?



You guys

do yoga together?



- I'm hanging up.

- Bye.



She wasn't excited?



No, she's not even

going to get it.



She said

your hair looked bad?



Like Phyllis Diller.



Was she jealous?



Are you kidding?



My sister's jealous

of everything.



Hey baby,

how's it healing?



You make $      

a year?



- Sometimes.

- Wow! God!



You could get

a personal trainer.



- I like running with you.

- Aw, still.



I tried to sell my chairs

the other day.



Nobody wanted them.



What a drag.



What does Bill say?



Oh, he thinks they're

an enormous waste of time.



He stepped on one

once by accident.



- If you can be freelance, do it.

- Yeah.



I worked so hard last year,

I hardly saw Jessie.



She spent almost

every weekend with her dad.



- Was he into it?

- H e's crazy about her.



When we

were growing up



I saw my father

maybe twice a year.



and he lived

like    blocks away.



Jessie's lucky.



Did your mom

ever remarry?



Oh no, unfortunately.



She hasn't been with anybody

in a really long time.



I think she's pretty lonely.



- How did you get this?

- I had a mole removed.



I see.



We're gonna do

a little here.



I don't want to do you

with the wrong pen.



- You're gonna draw on me?

- I'm gonna draw on you.



- We're gonna do a little here.

- That tickles.



This is the hard part.

Just look forward, okay?



You'll have a chance to look at

my arts and crafts in a minute.



Then we'll do

a little on this side



so that

you're not lopsided.



Then we do

a bigger chunk



right here in front



with a happy face on it.



I really should

exercise more.



- (chuckles)

- It's not lack of exercise.



It's loss of elasticity.



Mother Nature.



You can expect to lose a little

weight through skin loss alone.



- Skin loss?

- Yes.



We're going to tighten

your skin here



and then down here

where it's stretched.



What do you do with the skin

when you're through with it?



We send it to pathology.



One option is donating it

to a burn center.




Sorry, I feel a little dizzy.



- Oops!

- Sorry.



Have a seat.



Put your head

between your knees.



Hold your head.

That's it. Much better.



come on, Vince.

come on.






can't you smell it?



Are you going to come

to the premiere with me?



You should take someone

you'll have more fun with.



I want to take you.



Then I'm there.



Good doggy,

yes you are.



Good dog.



- Sweetie?

- Yeah.



How many dogs are you

going to have?



I don't know.



- You're kind.

- You think I'm an idiot.



I think you spend

too much time saving lost dogs.



(dog moans)



Thanks, Gina.



Did you ever cheat on Dad?



Mother: No.



Why not?



I don't know.



We did this threesome

thing once,



but it was more of a joke

than anything else.



A threesome?



Don't look at me that way.

Everybody was doing it.



You shouldn't

tell me shit like that.



Maybe you should try it.

Loosen up a little.



- Ha ha!

- What do you think?



They're a size eight.

Should I buy them as a reward?



How do you know

you'll be that small?



Dr. crane said so.



can you believe it?



I'm finally gonna get rid

of my gut!



I don't understand.

Nobody sees you naked anyway.



Will you take care of Annie

while I'm in the hospital?



- I thought it was out-patient.

- It is,



but I won't be well enough

to do anything for two days.



So that's how long she'd stay

with you. Is that okay?



It's a lot with two kids, Mom.

can't Elizabeth do it?



You have no job



and Maddy has a ton

of play dates.



Okay, I'll do it.



Don't expect me to do it

with joy all over me.



I won't.



It's a lot, that's all.



You mean Annie's a lot.



Mom, I'll do it,




- What's it for?

- The hell of it.



- You're so sweet.

- No, I'm not. I'm regifting.



It has self-esteem

and tranquility or something.



I'm so happy

for it.



No, jerk, you burn it



and it helps you have

self-esteem and tranquility.



- Should I be offended?

- H ell no.



I have them burning

all over my house.




I have good news.



They want you back

on Riot Act.



I can't believe it.

I didn't think I did that well.



Well enough, obviously.

They want you to meet with Kevin.



- You're kidding me?

- No.



- Oh my God.

- This would be the best break.



I'll never get it.



They want to see

the two of you together.



You mean he wants

to read with me?



Yeah, but mostly

to see if you guys are...



you know, hot together.



It's a chemistry read.



Don't look at me.

I think he's gross.



Maddy: Mom.



- What?

- come read with me.



come watch Hickory Dog.



- Hi.

- Hi.



How was work?



Where's Maddy?



Reading in her room.

come sit with me.



- What are you watching?

- Hickory Dog.



We haven't had sex

in so long.



It hasn't been

that long.



Yes it has.



Donna says, how often

do you guys have sex?



I'm too embarrassed

to tell her the truth.



Why does Donna want to know

how often we have sex?



Just talking.



So you want to have sex



so that you could have

a good answer for Donna?



Why do you have to be

such a prick?



I don't understand.

Are you saying



that you want to have sex

with me, that you miss it?



Or are you accusing me

of something?



Be cause that's what

it feels like.



How could you?



- I don't understand.

- Paul: Is that him?






Do you think he's sexy?



He's a movie star,

everyone thinks he's sexy.



I think he's repellent.



So does my agent.

Don't tickle.



- I'm not.

- That tickles.






My meeting with him

is on Thursday.



I have no idea

what I'm gonna wear.



- It doesn't matter what you wear.

- Of course it matters.



I have to be sexy.



It's all based on whether

or not we have chemistry.



Paul: clothes have nothing

to do with chemistry.



H e'll think you're sexy

or he won't.



You're being naive. I have to put

some energy into what-



Oww! You stuck

your nails into my back.



I'm sorry.

I was trying not to tickle.



Why are you

so against me?




I said it was an accident.



No, what you said about

my audition, my clothes.



I have a deadline.

I have to work.



That's all.



I'll call you




The truth

should be known.




what's a ''lippensection''?



It's a procedure they do

to makeyou look thinner.






So I can look better,

feel better about myself.



It's an improvement.



I want to tear

my skin off.






I want it to be

the same as yours.



You're skin's gorgeous.



But I like yours.



But mine is wrinkled

and old and saggy.



Why would you want

to have skin like that?



Mom, they're clean




A man flirted with me today.

He was at the dry cleaner's.



You spend too much on dry cleaning.

You should hand-wash.



Is that really the point?



What is the point?



Nobody wants my chairs.



- Did you try a lot of places?

- Just one.



Part of me is relieved.



I think deep down

I just want to keep them.



Why does it

make you mad?




you're not nine.



- Oh!

- You need to make a living.



That's probably why

you don't want to sleep with me.



First of all,

you got that bladder infection.



Then you had

that yeast infection.



Oh, God!

You make me sound so appealing.



Why don't you just admit



you're not attracted

to me anymore?



I'm still

attracted to you.



(s coffs)



I am.



(door squeals)



- Hi.

- Hi.



Annie: Mom's getting

cut up now?



- In surgery?

- Pretty soon.



Do you want to know

what she did the other day?






She was taking me

to my date with Lorraine.



She got into the car and tried to

drive but forgot to turn the car on.



- She's a mess.

- Annie: Like what do you mean?



She's totally

out of it.



Like what

do you mean?



It's a choice.



She goes through life in a daze so

she won't have to deal with reality.



And what's reality?



Reality is what is.

It's like the facts of your life.



Mom doesn't like the facts

of her life so she tunes them out.



Annie: What's wrong

with her life?



Nothing, if you consider

that she has one.






She's not alive?






I'll see you in recovery.

It'll be a piece of cake.



What kind- mocha?




God, I can't believe

I just said that.



H e's not

interested in me.



H e's probably married.



And no offense, Mom, but this man

will be seeing your fat.



- Yeah, but you know.

- There's no ''yeah, but.''



It's not like he'll be seeing you

in a bathing suit.



H e'll be seeing your yellow,

puffy, lumpy fat.



(both laugh)



Right. He probably

dates   -year-olds.



Elizabeth: Yeah, probably.



So how are you

and Paul doing?



I don't know.

He won't give me a break.



Mom: H e's withholding.



Why do you say that?



He knows what you need.

He won't give it to you.



He doesn't have the patience

for my insecurities.



That's so manipulative.

It's as if he wants you



feeling uneas y.



- Doctor: Okay.

- Oh, here we go.



- See you later.

- I hope so.



- Good luck on your audition.

- Thanks.



If Kevin Mccabe doesn't like you,

he's a fag.



Bye, Mom.



- Kevin: That was outstanding.

- Woman: It's so good to meet.



- Kevin: You did a fantastic job.

- Woman: You were so funny.



Kevin: What a pro!



Woman: Thank you for coming.



- Kevin: We'll keep in touch.

- Woman: We'll be talking to you.



You're not

leaving town are you?



Kevin: No, she's not

going anywhere.



She's staying right here.



- Bye.

- Thanks again.




are you ready?



- Yes.

- come on in.



He was great with actors.



Everyone thought

he was great.



It was a great




I heard it was

a great movie.



- Great.

- Great.



Did I say ''great''

a lot?



I guess I'm just

a little nervous.



Nervous is cute.



So Elizabeth,



what do you think

is sexy?



U mm-



Sunset walks

and candlelight dinners.



What kind of sex do you have

with your boyfriend?



You heard me.



That's priv ate.



Kevin: You're right.



Forgive me. I was just just trying

to get a feel for what you find sexy.



Woman: Why don't we try

reading the s cene?



Let's do this,







Director: What we need

here is hot.



You two are about to rip

each other's clothes off.



Okay? Okay.






- Ready?

- Yeah.



How do you know

they'll find us?



Maybe we'll be hiding

here for the rest-



No, no-

hotter, hotter.



Seduce him.



How do you know

they'll find us?



Maybe we'll be hiding here

for the rest of our lives.



Would that be so bad?



- Depends.

- Depends on what?



On what we'll be doing...



while we're hiding.



What if we did this?




Don't be s cared of me.



Remember, I'm a stock broker,

not a movie star



and you want to fuck me

more than you've ever wanted



to fuck anyone

in your life.



- Okay, thanks.

- Director: Okay?



Let's take it from

''depends on what we'll be doing.''



It depends on what we'll be doing

while we're hiding.



What if we did this?



Maddy, come here.

I want to put sun-s creen on you.



Jessie, you too.

You're gonna burn.



Should I put some on?



Lucky you,

you don't need sun-s creen.



That's right,

you're lucky.



Why don't

I need sun-s creen?



'cause your skin can't burn,

it's already brown.



It's so incredible

what your mother did.



She must be a saint.



She did it for herself.

She was lonely.




it's so much work.



I don't know anyone who would

adopt a kid at that age.



She saved that girl's life.



She does do a lot for her.



- Okay.

- Okay.



Maddy: Look, Mommy,

look at me.



That's nice, honey.

That's good.



That's so good.



Is she all right?



She's playing.






She can hold her breath

a long time.



Yeah, she just

wants our attention.







Stop it.






That's not funny.

You made us nervous.






It was definitely the hardest thing

I've ever done.



But I felt like I really

accomplished something.



I asked for the epidural

when I wasn't even dilated.



I didn't mind the pain.



I felt like a different person

when it was over.



If I could tolerate that,

I could tolerate anything.



- Donna: You made it.

- Hey, guys.



- Hi, sweetie.

- Hi, Daddy.



I had no idea your brave wife

did natural childbirth.



- She's phobic about medication.

- Donna: (laughs)



That's not why.



They sell wrapping paper

already made, you know?



This is handmade

wrapping paper.



Let's go visit Mom.



She's still in recovery.

We'll go later.



I want to be there

first thing.



We have to wait

for Bill to get back.



Where is he?



He went to help Donna

get a stereo.



- I want to go now.

- No, later.



You're not the boss of me.



I am too,

when Mom's not here.



Fuck you.



Fuck you.



(phone rings)



H ello.



Oh, hi.

Is she out yet?



Hi, Mama.



Is it over?






- How do you feel?

- Nauseous.



I hurt so much.

I never should have done this.



How are we doing,




I might throw up.



It hurts too much.



You're gonna

feel better soon.



We're gonna have to keep

your mom here a couple of days.



Because she's nauseous?



She needs IV fluids

for the dehydration



which resulted from fluid shifts

that occurred during the surgery.



It's not uncommon.



I did-

I'm happy to tell you-



remove    pounds

of fat.



I think you'll be

very pleased.



You're welcome.



I thought it was supposed

to be outpatient.




it's not that big a deal.



Lots of patients

have to stay over.



It sucks because Mom said

the nurses don't want



to pay attention to her because

she had cosmetic surgery.



H er doctor's gorgeous.



Mom's lying there

and you're looking at her doctor?



It's not like I can't do

two things at once.






There's no still.

Thank you.



This food

looks disgusting.



I think it looks good.



That's so weird.

He should be home by now.



I know, yeah...



Don't worry,

I'm sure everything is fine.



He probably just went

to do some errands.



I'm sure

he'll be home soon.



That's awful

about your mom.



Okay, take care.



- What's wrong with her mom?

- I don't know.



Let's go.



But I want to stay

with Mommy.



You can't, Annie.

We'll come back tomorrow.



Then I want

to go home.



You can't do that either.

We're going over to my house.



I want to sleep

in my own room.



I'll sleep there

with you if you want.



- You will?

- Sure.



can we get ice cream?



You just ate

an enormous lunch.



But I'm still hungry.



You're not going

to understand this now,



but being a fat teenager

would not be a fun thing.




God, leave her alone.



Just like Mom.

Nobody wants to take control.



Were you a fat teenager?



- She was the Home coming Queen.

- What's that?



Don't listen

to what she's saying.



She doesn't know

what she's talking about.



I do too. You should see

what this kid eats.



What are you

staring at?



She seems so indifferent




I think if Jessie and Maddy

weren't so close



I wouldn't hang out

with her as much.



Did she buy

an expensive stereo?






Where'd you go after

you dropped her off?



Had to wash the car.



I'm really worried

about Mom.



I'm sure

she'll be fine.



How do you know?



I don't.



I guess it's just

what you say.






Bill: Oops!



Why don't you just fucking stick

a knife in my back?



It was an accident.



- This is the second time.

- It was on the floor.



I was working on it.



I'm sorry.

I'm distracted.



I had a horrible day at work.

I'm really sorry.



Why, what happened

at work?



Arturo basically

stole my commission again.



You should tell that guy

to fuck off.



I can't.



Why not?

He takes adv antage of you.



You don't understand.



What don't I understand?

You don't stick up for yourself.




that's not the priority.



- What's more important than that?

- Keeping my job.



- You're the manager.

- And Arturo is the boss' nephew.









You can't just run around

telling people to fuck off.



Oh yeah?



Fuck off.



You've got a lot of nerve

telling me how to act at work



when you haven't had a job

since I met you.



You were suppose to contribute

once Maddy went to s chool.



I'm trying

to sell my art, Bill.



Fuck your art!



You stepped on this

on purpose.






- Hi.

- Hi.



You can't sleep

on that pillow.



Why not?

She's got     .



That's one

you can sleep on.



I don't think

Michelle likes me.



Oh, honey-



Michelle just

doesn't like herself.




Did you have breakfast yet?






When were they

suppose to come?



I saw them walking around

with trays an hour ago.



Excuse me-






- Want me to get you something?

- No, I'll wait.



You guys should go.

It's a nice day.



I was gonna

take Annie to Lorraine's



but maybe we should cancel

and stay with you.



Yeah, maybe we

should stay with you.



No way,

go have your date.



I have an appointment

but I'll go another day.



Get out of here.

I get to watch trash TV.



All right.












Just think,

   pounds of fat!



Hey, so did

you get that job?



I don't know.

My agent hasn't called me back.






Michelle: When I was a kid



you sold some

of my artwork here.



Oh, I didn't

work here then.



I know.

I'm just saying...



Anyway, this one

has little ducks on it.



Oh, look

at the little ducks.



This one's-



What is that one?

It looks like a little-



it looks like a little turd.



It's not a turd.

It's a rose.



Ah, good.



I don't know how

to tell you this,



but nobody is going to buy

handmade wrapping paper.



It's too expensive.



Well, it's for people who

don't really care about money.



But that's absurd,

isn't it?



Listen, mister,

this shit is pretty.



Then I suggest

you try someplace else.



- Thank you.

- Okay, fine.



If you don't like it,

it's your loss.



Get out of my store.



- Asshole.

- Freak.



That little bitch!



(bell rings)



Hi, I'd like

to apply for the job.



No way!



Why not?



You look like my mom.



If I haven't developed pictures

before, will somebody train me?



- I will.

- Don't look at me like that.



- You said I look like your mom.

- My mom's cute.



can I have this job or not?

Whom do I have to talk to?



My dad owns this place.

Aren't you gonna give me a smile?



If I'm gonna

give you the job...



- You're hired.

- Thanks.



Are you sure your mom said

it was okay to do this?






My mom didn't let me get my hair

straightened until I was   .



Do you know

your real mom, Annie?



- You mean my birth mom?

- Yeah.



She couldn't take care of me

because she was a crack head.






that's a lot

to grow up with.



Well, my older sisters

have it hard too.



They didn't know their dad anymore.

H e's not even a drug addict.



And Elizabeth- she's an actress

but can't get good parts



because she needs

better muscles.



And my other sister

has it hard too



because her husband

wants her to get a better job



and stop making hobbies.



Guess what, Annie?

You've got it harder.




because I'm fat?



Because you're Black.



But Mom's rich.



That doesn't

make any difference.



Do you know the one about

the kid who had the Black mother



and the Jewish father?



Should you be going around

telling Jewish jokes?



Why not?



I don't know.

Because people might get mad.



I'm Jewish.



You are?



I think so.






Well, go ahead.



So the kid

goes up to his mom



and says,

''Am I Black or am I Jewish?''



And the mom says,

''Why do you want to know?''



And the kid says,



''There's this bike

that I want



and I don't know whether

to bargain them down



or steal it.''



Don't you have

a sense of humor?



(phone rings)



I'll be back.



This has to stay on

for    minutes.



Okay, whatever you say.



Why didn't you tell me

you were coming in?



I have a lunch

in    minutes.



- I brought you something.

- What's it for?



I'm regifting.

Just kidding.



- This is so cool.

- My sister makes them.



She wants to sell them

so I'm helping her.



Plus, you're always

buying me things.



I love it, thank you.



I know I shouldn't just pop in

but I hadn't heard from you.



It's not going

any farther.



What did they say?



They said you were great

but not quite right.



I can't believe it.

They told me I blew them away.



I'm sure they were

impressed with you.



They just want

to keep looking.



- I'm shocked.

- Don't take it personally.



Should I?



I just said not to.



I wasn't going to

until you said that.



What did they say about me?

I want to know.



They said you were great.



come on!



They said

you weren't quite right.






They said...



you weren't sexy.



They said I wasn't sexy?



Kevin Mccabe

is a weasel.



Who is it that actually

said I wasn't sexy?



Did they use

those words?



- Was it the director or-

- Elizabeth?



Who the hell knows?

Who cares?



I can't do this anymore.



- I just can't.

- Be positive.



You're in a movie

that just about to open.



I play the neighbor.

I have two s cenes.



You're in the poster.



You know how many people

would kill for that?




I think you're sexy.



- can you get me a job?

- I can have sex with you.



Don't joke.

This is hideous.



The profession is hideous.



Didn't he go out with Rosie campbell?

She's not pretty.






I have to work.



You don't have a lot

of s ympathy for me.



Since I chose

this profession,



I shouldn't feel bad when

I get rejected?



This is so boring.







it's not personal.



Maybe you should

date an actor or something.



Someone who goes through

the same things as you.



You don't want

to see me anymore?



I don't think

I can give you what you want.



What is it that

you think I want?



You want a girlfriend.



Someone you can talk

about your upper arms with.



That's so mean.






- What happened to your hair?

- Do you like it?



- Lorraine: It's cute, isn't it?

- Yeah.



- Did you do this?

- H er mother said it was okay.



No way she said it was okay.




- Don't look at me.

- Who am I suppose to look at?



- You were taking care of her.

- She said it was okay.



I trusted her.



Pull it in-

and then out



and then press in.



Hey, Splooge!




The pictures ready yet?



You probably splooged

all over them, didn't you?



You like the one

of Jennifer topless, don't you?



Was that before

or after her boob job?



Real perceptive

for ''cock boy.''



Fuck you.



One-hour photo boy

said fuck you.



Some of us have to work,







Does that include splooging

all over pictures



of my girlfriend?



I didn't look at them.

I didn't splooge on them. I hate you.



Yeah, sure.



Hey, assholes,

you forgot to pay me.









I really worry about Annie

if I died.



You're not gonna die.



You're gonna have

a flat stomach.



No, but one day,

if I die before I'm really old.



I got two daughters,

but I don't know.



One of them

is really fucked up,



and the other one

isn't married.



I think about the things Annie

will have to face in her life...



and I just want to cry.



She's lucky to have you.



She's not lucky.




Every child's entitled

to a mother.



This is coming along fine.



I'm gonna send the nurse in

to change the dressing.



- Thanks.

- Okay.




you're gonna be fine.



And you're

gonna look great.



- H ello.

- He just flirted with me.



You're deluded.



I'm not kidding.

I think he might like me.



What are you,   ?



Why couldn't

he be interested in me?



The guy is your liposuction doctor.

Leave it at that.



- Don't be so negative.

- God, this is depressing me.



- (door opens)

- I gotta go.



- Bye.

- Goodbye.



Where've you been?



- What do you mean?

- It's  :   and you didn't call.



I told you I went

to the movies with Jay.



You didn't tell me




You forgot.



You forgot.



I got a job.



It pays $  an hour.



What is it?



I work at

a one-hour photo.



There were no toll-booths

in the area?



Hey, I took a job.




Did you take it so

you could talk to me like that?



I took the job because you wanted

me to work. Now I'm working.



- Good for you.

- Good for you!









N urse!



N urse,

I know it's only lipo,



but would somebody

please come and help me?




$       fucking dollars



and I'm laying here

on the fucking floor.



Some nurse came by after about

   minutes and she was rude.



That infuriates me.

I wish you'd called me.



I couldn't move.



Does your doctor know

what he's doing?



It seems like it. He says I can

go home in a few more days.



Aw, I'd give anything

to take a shit.



Is your insurance

paying for this?



No, I'm going broke.






you will take care of Annie

when I die, right?



Mom, you already

know that.



I hope nothing happens

to you



because Michelle's not

really an option.



I'll say.



What about Paul?



How would he feel

about it?



Why are you smoking?



Paul and I broke up.



What is his problem?



Why do you assume it's

his problem?



Maybe it's my problem.



You don't have

any problems.



You think I'm perfect?



I think you're lovely

and amazing.



I'm narcissistic.



- You are not.

- It makes Paul sick.



He makes you feel bad

about yourself.



I felt bad about myself

long before I met him.



Well, if he loved you



he'd make you realize

how wonderful you are.



Forget it, Mom.



I saw an old man with a tube

coming out of his throat.



I can barely

look at you.



- Mom, it's an improvement!

- Mom: It is not an improvement.



I loved your hair.



When are you coming home?






Why'd you have to come here

in the first place?




take Annie somewhere else.



Do something fun.



come on, Annie,

let's go.



Bye, Mom.



And buy her a hat.



- How many came out?

- All   .






Jesus, you'd think they'd send

these to a better lab.






what does your husband do?



H e's a personal

sound engineer.



What the hell is that?



He installs stereos

for rich people.



You're kidding. I need a c D player.

could he get me a deal?



Why should he get you

a deal?



Because I'm

his wife's boss.



Good point.



Those guys that came in here

the other day-



they paid me back.

It's cool.



- I'm shocked.

- They're all right.



They were just showing off

in front of you.



I see...



You have

a lot of friends?



Oh yeah.



You could say-



you know,

kind of a cult thing.



Oh yeah.



I see.



Do you have

a lot of friends?



No actually, I think people

are too self-involved.



Don't they know

how cute you are?



I think I'm too old

to be cute.



No way,

you're pretty cute.






This girl has it harder

than this girl.






Look at her hair. She can't get

a job with it like this.



Of course she can.

She has an Afro, that's all.



She looks like a clown.



No she doesn't.

She looks fine.



What areyou doing,

a survey?



Oh, hi.






We gotta go.

come on, Annie.



Wait a minute.



- Hold on. Not so fast.

- What?




It wasn't my fault.



The director had final say.



- He did?

- Yeah, I loved you.



couldn't you tell?

I got a boner, for christ's sake.



- Well, it's a style.

- What's your name?






Hi Annie, I'm Kevin.

I like your hair.




She's my little sister.



That is a great organization.

Good for you.



Listen, that part

in the movie-



you shouldn't stress

about shit like that.



- I know.

- You want to get a drink?



- How about dinner?

- I can't.



You can take me

to Lorraine's.






A way of saying I'm sorry

you didn't get the part.



Who did?



Rosie campbell-

it wasn't my decision.




I need to see some I. D.



H e's   

I'll vouch for him.




When were you born?






What do you want?



I'll have a s cotch

on the rocks.



I'll have a glass

of merlot, please.



My first wife had no idea

how to handle it.



She couldn't understand why

I had to go away on location.



She hated

my whole profession.



That's how Paul seemed.



He thought it was a waste of time

for me to care about how I look.



I wish!



They don't get it.



He acted as if I have a choice.

There is no choice.



Are you one of those actresses

who don't eat?



I never eat, ever.

In fact, I'm dead.



- You're killing me.

- Yeah. So...



I like to make things

and paint things,






- I paint too.

- You do? Wow!



But you were saying...



Just small things like



little plates and bud v ases.



Stuff like that.



Wrapping paper was just a new idea

that I'm not going to pursue.



Not exactly

a can't-live-without item.



- I draw.

- Oh yeah?



I want to do

c D covers one day.



But I don't think

I'm that good.






I love animals.



I have a sort

of personal animal shelter.




Are you kidding me?



Because I have this cat

and it shits on everything.



- I was about to give it to the pound.

- I only have dogs.



couldn't you take a cat?

She's great. You'll love her.



She shits on everything.



That's at my house. Maybe

he wouldn't do that at your house.



She's probably doing it

because she's angry.



Who cares? Am I supposed to care

about my cat's feelings?



I do care. I do.

I was kidding. I love him.



I feel like I'm doing

a very bad thing.



I've had

a drink before.



When you have

as many zits as I do



you're entitled to get hammered

once in a while.



You don't have

that many zits.



I bet you had no zits

when you were in high s chool.



You're right.

I had an excellent complexion.



And I bet

you were popular.



I was the Homecoming Queen.






Fuck you,

you're kidding, right?






cool, I'm out

with the Homecoming Queen.



Where do you get

your dogs?



Sometimes I'll find one

that someone's abandoned.



Or the pound'll call me

if they have one that needs a home.



That kind of thing.



You must have

a tremendous amount



of pet hair

on your furniture.



Promise me,

never get a boob job.



Is that advice?

A compliment?



Just promise me.



Why would you care?




you're an original.



An original what-




- An original beauty.

- I am not.



You are.



Hey, I could be your own

personal lint roller.






- Ouch!

- Michelle: What?






- This is gorgeous.

- Thanks.



I'd buy this from you

in a second.






(Michelle giggles)



(whistle blows)



Lorraine: I'm gonna

take that class



even though I hear

the teacher's boring.



You already have

too many credits.



I could never keep up with

so many classes.



I don't know.

I'm used to it.









You can't do that.

You can't play that game.



- I was floating.

- Didn't you hear me?



- No.

- You heard me perfectly well.



- You were laughing.

- It was funny.



It was not funny.

come on, out of the pool.




No more swimming.



Out! Out!



What are you

looking at?



Don't look away,

you're the fat girl.



- You're the fat girl.

- You can't act like that.



Feeling guilty

about your boyfriend?



A little.

We broke up.



- When?

- Two days ago.



A long mourning period,

I see.






You didn't have to ditch him

so you could sleep with me.



He probably

wouldn't have minded.



How's that?



A movie star.

Different role.



Go on.



You don't know

how many boyfriends



will forgive you for cheating

with somebody famous.



And when two famous people

cheat with each other



they cancel each other out.



I see.




come on,

you look good.



Do I?



Do you...



think that

I am sexy person?



No, I think

you're a cow.



Let me ask you something,

I've been seeing this trainer



and I think he doesn't

know his shit.



Look at my stomach. I told him

I want it narrow and hard.




I'm getting wide and pumped.



What do you think?



No, it's fine.



If I asked you to do something weird,

would you maybe do it?



Oh, absolutely.



I'm gonna stand there...



and you're gonna tell me

everything that's wrong with me.



You can also say

what's good with me.



But I hardly know you.



I mean about my looks,

my body, my face.



Whoa, no way,




Are you kidding?




You don't understand.

You'd be doing me a favor.



- No.

- I won't be mad at you.



- Not a chance.

- I want to hear your opinion.



I won't get upset.



This is some kind

of trick.



Why do you want me

to do this?



I just do.



Good and bad?



Your opinion.



Yeah, well, hmm-



You got nice hips,



nice flat stomach,



sexy belly button.



You're definitely on

the skinny side, kind of bony.



Okay, the bush is big.



- (giggles)

- Big bush.



It could use a little trim.



You could trim

the trim.






This is so weird.






I like your breasts.

One's a little bigger than the other



but they're really pretty.

Perfect from the front.



Turn to the side.



They're a little droopy

from the side.



N ice nipples though.

Good color.



You're bowlegged.



It seems like your knees



are thicker than...



Turn around.



In a perfect world,

your ass would be rounder.



But overall,

your body is in good proportion.



You've got smooth skin, kind of pale.

You could use some sun.



You have a really sweet smile,

very charming.



Your teeth are yellow, though.



I should give you

the number of my dentist.



You have pretty eyes...



although one of them

is bigger than the other.



Your hair is flat

and thin,



but you've got

a real nice neck.



It's long and smooth,

happens to smell good too.



What about my arms?



- Your arms?

- Yes, my arms.



I don't know,

they seem fine.



Oh, yeah,



they're a little loose

right at the top.



They could be

a little more toned.



- They're kind of flabby.

- Is that it?



You want more?



Is there more?



No, I think

that's probably about it.






Thank you.



- You're not upset?

- No.



- You sure?

- I'm positive.



Should I get you

something to eat?



- No thanks.

- Tea?



No, I've got to pick up

my little sister.



Was this some sort

of sick fetish thing?









I like your dress too.









You sure you're not mad?



I'm not mad.



Oh good!



Because that was

sort of refreshing.



She pretended she was dead

in the pool,



which s cared the hell out of me

and everyone else.



Then she teased

some poor girl.



Honestly, I didn't

know how to handle it.



She has

no sense of humor.



I'm sorry.



I know she's

going through a lot.



Her mom's in the hospital

and everything.



So, shall I bring her by

on Friday?



I don't think so.



I don't think I can take

this kind of thing on.



This kind of thing?



It's not like she doesn't have

any real sisters.



When I signed up

to be a Big Sister



I thought I would get

somebody poor from a bad family.



This is sort of weird.



Why is it weird?

She needs to have a relationship



with somebody who's Black.




this Black somebody



doesn't want

to do it anymore.



Did you have dinner

with that gross guy?






- You're wearing a real Baldesaro?

- Yeah, who is that?



I don't know. I think he's good.

Are they giving it to you?



No, lending it to me

for the premiere.



- Who are you taking?

- I thought I'd take Annie.



can I come?

I don't have to work today.




You'll have to meet us there.



- I can do that.

- Good.



What do you do?

You develop pictures?



Yeah, it's fun.



You went to college.

I mean, how much can you make?



Eight bucks an hour.



And your boss is   ?






He's probably got

a huge crush on you.



How are you and Bill?



I don't know why

he ever married me.



You were pregnant.



Where's Mom?



She's in the hospital.

How could she be worse?



I don't understand.

Is she gonna be all right?



Your mother's blood cultures

came back positive



indicating she's




- She's in a coma.

- Yeah.



She's most definitely

not in a coma.



The infection is causing

confusion and delirium, that's all.



I don't believe this.

She had liposuction.



Doctor: Whenever you do surgery

there is a risk.



We're giving her strong

antibiotics for an infection.



This is bullshit.



- I'm sorry.

- You'd better be.



- Elizabeth, stop this.

- Stop what?



It's probably because the nurses

didn't pay attention to her.



Elizabeth, your mother

is going to recover.



Toward that end,

the less noise



and the less stress,

the better.



Excuse me.







It's not your fault, babe.



I did tell her

her stomach was flabby.






You didn't tell her

to have an operation.



Everybody has

these operations.



- No, they don't.

- Yes, they do.



- That means they should?

- I don't give a shit if they should.



I just know my mother

is really sick.



And you're acting

like you don't care.



You care, Daddy.



Of course I care.



But the doctor said

she'd be fine.






- Where are you going?

- I don't know.



It looks amazing.

It's very flattering.



Are you kidding?

This looks disgusting.



Did he leave me

anything else?



No, just this.



He picked it out

especially for you.



Are you sure you wouldn't like

to try it with this?



No, please no.




is Jordan home?



Oh, uh, yeah.



He just got home from s chool.

can I help you with something?



No, I'm a friend of his.



Oh, come on in.






- (knocking)

-  Turn the pain... 



Jordan, there's someone

here to see you.



- What's your name?

- Michelle.



Bye, Mom.




 When you're just

another waiter... 



This is so incredibly







Look at my room.



I know how old you are.



Is it okay

that I came here?



Are you depressed?



- Is it me?

- No, my mom's really sick.



Was she old?



No, she had a cosmetic

surgery operation



and her fluid shifted



and I don't know...

she's got some infection.



In her nose?



No, it wasn't a nose job.

It was her stomach.



- My dad is dead.

- He is?



I thought he owned

the one-hour photo.



That's my stepdad.

My real dad died when I was   .




That's horrible.



I miss him a lot. My mom and I

don't even talk about him.



I don't really

have a dad either.



I mean he's alive



but we have

no relationship.



Doesn't he want one?



I guess not.



I don't think

he ever really liked us.



Or me, I should say,

he never liked me.



He has to like you.

H e's your dad.






Sometimes I think

I used to be nicer.



You're so nice.



I have a problem

with anger.



Do you want

to stay over for dinner?



My mom's cooking

chicken Payard.




Are you kidding?



Did you see the way

she looked at me?



I have to go somewhere

with my sister anyway.



Will you meet me later?

Spend the night with me?






We could pick a place,

I don't know.



- A hotel or...

- No.



My daughter would freak.



I've never spent the night

away from her.



She's with her dad.



That's true.







I gotta get my bag.



- You were great.

- Thanks.



- I loved the movie.

- I'm so glad.



Who are your dates?



These are my sisters,

Michelle and Annie.



Are you proud of your sister?



- I didn't have a big part.

- Don't tell him that.



It's true.

You just saw it.



- You made it.

- Hey.



No, this is mine.



How did I do?



Hey, you guys,

this is cindy, my agent.



These are my sisters,

Michelle and Annie.



Hi, nice to meet you.



I didn't know

you had two sisters.



I've told you

a million times.



- You did?

- Yeah.



Are you upset

your part was cut down?



Yeah, a little,

you know.



I only

had two s cenes so-



You know how hard I pushed

to get you that part?



It's better than nothing.



courtney, hi.



You should tell her

to fuck off.



I gave her one of your chairs.

She liked it.




You think she liked it?






Woman: Which one of you

is older?



(in unison)

She is.



What do you do? You're thin enough

to be an actress.



I'm an artist.



I thought you worked

at a one-hour photo.




That's an interesting job.



I take my pictures

to a one-hour photo.



It takes about an hour.






What are you going

to be doing next?



I'm not sure really.

I'm getting offered some stuff.




I'm bored.



We told you

you'd be bored.



- Annie: I am.

- Elizabeth: Want to eat something?



The food is weird.

I want to go home.



All right.



- But it'searly.

- What do you want me to do?




can't you just be patient?



I'm tired.



I wouldn't mind going home.

I'm worried about Mom.



- I don't want to go yet.

- Well, stay.



- Really?

- If you want to.



You don't think

it'd be weird?



No, kind of, but-



no, stay.






- Okay.

- Okay.



- Have fun.

- Bye.



You're too young to be wearing

all that make-up.



My butt itches.



Look at the poor pup.



So dirty.



come on.




You have enough dogs.



come on, puppy.



- (dog growls)

- Hey, baby.



Elizabeth: Aah!



(dog growls)



H elp!

Someone please help!



Please help!



Michelle: It's strange because

it's not like me.



But I didn't

mind the pain.



I mean I minded,

but it was worth it.



I guess you women

have a raw deal.



Oh no, no.

childbirth is incredible.



What I went through

made me a stronger person.



I'll always feel

really proud of that.



I didn't s cream for the drugs.

And that's saying a lot.



- So...

- Man: Excuse us.



Oh, yeah.




hi, how are you?



Do I know you?



I'm Michelle.

Elizabeth's sister.



Oh, right.



You know...



you're sister

is a neurotic mess.



My sister is insecure.

Is that a crime?



Fuck off!



 Down to the store tonight 



 can you still

see my face 



 Next to my eyes? 



You're going to have to get

a series of rabies injections.



What made you go after

a strange dog like that?



He looked lost.



- Hi.

- Hi.



I've been waiting so long,

I didn't think you would come.



I'm sorry,

I can't go to a motel with you.



No, a hotel-

someplace nice.



I can't.

I don't know what we're doing.



We're having a relationship.



I'm married.



I'm old.



I've been thinking about you

all night.



About spending the night

with you.



It's not gonna happen.




Let me be with you.






- Jordan!

- H mm hmm.



- Get out of this car.

- Oh.



Oh, Mom,

you remember Michelle?



Hi, I know this looks weird,

but it's not what you think.



- Michelle's my lover.

- Jordan, we're friends.



We're not-

we're a lot more than friends.



Jordan, get out of the car

and go to your room.



- No.

- Now!



It's okay.

You should go.



I can't believe this!




That's funny,

I have that same robe.






Who cares what kind

of robe she's-



- Is this some kind of joke to you?

- No.



I just think

you should go inside.



(siren blares)






Officer: License

and registration, please.



We weren't driving.



License and registration,




Look, my mom-



I don't know what she told you

but she's crazy,



so like-



Please step out

of the vehicle.



Step around

to the back of the car.



Place your hands

on the hood.



- You have the right to remain silent.

- Are you kidding?



- What did she do?

- You're handcuffing me?



- What did she do?

- Statutory rape is illegal.



- What? She didn't even rape me.

- You have the right...



- have an attorney present...

- We didn't do anything.



If you cannot afford an attorney,

one will be provided for you.



Do you understand

these rights?



- Yes.

- I wanted to be here.



We're in a relationship.



Son, please go back

into the house.



- Michelle:(laughs)

- Watch your head.



Please don't talk to me

like that, Bill.



I know what

you've been doing.



Of course, I know.

I'm not an idiot.



Don't e ven threaten me

with something like that.



It was just a fling.

This had nothing to do with Maddy.



Did Donna have anything

to do with Maddy?



You go to hell!






He wants to take

my daughter from me.



That's rough.



I'd die, you know.

She's everything.



She's the best thing

I ever did.






Annie, don't forget

to brush your teeth.



And not just

for two seconds, okay?


















My sister's missing.

She's only eight.



I thought she was

in the house with me.






No, no, I have no idea

where she'd go.



You'll be notified by the court

if charges are pressed.



I think it's broken.



could you

let me off here, please?



can I take your order?



How many nuggets

in a large?







How big are they?



U mm...







I won't finish it all.



I just couldn't decide

what to order.



What are you doing here?



I was hungry.









How did you get here?






You walked here

by yourself?







know you're here?









Hi, it's me.

I'm with Annie.



No, she's fine,

she's fine.



Mc Donald's.



Yeah. Okay, okay.

All right, bye.






do you have any idea

how dangerous this was?



Elizabeth is hysterical.



Are you going

to drink that?






Don't worry,

I'm not gonna finish it.



I don't care.

Have more.






I just got arrested.



Do you like

my straight hair?



I do, I really do.



I think it looks pretty

up like that too.




Thanks a lot.



It's funny,

do you ever...



wonder what things

you might inherit?



I mean, you're Mom's kid

and everything



but you've got

different genes.



You could inherit

all kinds of things



that would make you

so different from us.



No, I mean better.



Like your dad, he could be

a genius or something.



Your mom-

who knows what your mom was?



My mom

was a crack addict.






But I'm sure she was

a lot of other things too.



Some of them

must be good.



Maybe she was

a good swimmer.



Yeah, exactly.



All right,

I better call a cab.






Maddy, come on.



I'm gonna take you

to Grandma's house, okay?



come on, big girl.






Michelle: Let's try not

to wake up Daddy.



Elizabeth: Hey!



Dr. crane.



Dr. crane.



N urse: Jane.



can you

see me all right?



Yes, I can see you.



- Dr. crane.

- How do you feel?






You know you've been sleeping

for quite some time.






Who's the president

of our country?



Dr. crane.



Dr. crane isn't here.



H e'll be happy

to see you're feeling better.



Where is he?



I'm sure he's at home.



With his wife?



I imagine so.






(phone ringing)



(phone continues ringing)



- Hello.

- Elizabeth, it's Kevin.







Kevin Mccabe.



Oh, God.




How did you

get this number?



From your agent.

Not without a fight, though.



So what are you doing?









Of course, alone.



You're talking funny.



I had an accident.



What's up?



You left

your black camisole here.



I don't have

a black camisole.






Nevermind, Elizabeth.



I like you.

I want to sleep with you again.







So what do you say?



How about we get together

this weekend?



I don't think

I can do it this weekend.



It's because of what

you made me do, isn't it?



I knew it was a trick.

It's what I said about your teeth.



(phone beeps)

Kevin, I'm getting another call.



I gotta go.



Well, all right.



- Elizabeth: Thanks for calling.

- You're welcome.









He's paranoid.



He's so convinced

the tiger's gonna eat him



that he can't stop

running around.



If he'd stay still, the tiger

wouldn't know he was there.



- It's pathetic.

- Yeah.



We can go get Mom.



This is Annie.

She was six here.



It was about a year

after she came to me.



She's adorable.



She's gonna be

a heartbreaker...



or an arm-breaker.



God, she loved that jacket.

It's so dirty.



You know,

I have a   -year-old.



She won't even

let me shop for her.



These are

my two older girls.



This was taken

when we went to the beach.



That was a great day,



more or less.



What's she doing in there?



checkout time is noon.






Michelle: Annie.



 You worry on 



 Hurting anybody anymore 



 You worry on 



 Small comfort 



 One of us

seems not to tremble 



 You make a rift

inside me 



 Every day 



 And did he

choose to stay? 



 I walked the ocean 



 Pushing white earth 



 You are forgiven 



 I open all my doors 



 You are forgiven 



 What a heart is for 



 I am no martyr 



 You give me reason 



 I try harder 



 And wait

for a warmer season 






 You are forgiven 



 I hear a soft noise 



 Like a sigh 



 A singing

like a lullaby 



 It is my heart 



 It is its will 



 That blows through 



 Where you

held me closer 



 Where we whispered 



 This is 



 This is true 



 You are forgiven 



 I open

all my doors 



 You are forgiven 



 What a heart is for 



 I am no martyr

but you give me reason 



 I try harder 



 And wait

for a warmer season 



 And meanwhile 



 You are forgiven 



 I open all my doors 



 You are forgiven 



 What a heart is for 



 I am no martyr,

you give me reason 



 I try harder 



 And wait

for a warmer season 



 And meanwhile 



 You are forgiven 



 You are 




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