Luzhin Defense Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Luzhin Defense script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the John Turturro and Emily Watson chess movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Luzhin Defense. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Luzhin Defense Script



Cattle. That's all

we are to them... cattle.



Why all the fuss?



Welcome, maestro, welcome.



Traveling through Europe

is becoming unbearable.



I was a prisoner in my compartment

as soon as we left Berlin.



The types

they allow to roam free.



Why you chose to travel ahead...



There must be kinder ways

of expressing independence.



Your letters were very cryptic.

Who have you seen?



No one.



In two weeks?



And we're next to each other?



I've taken a room at the back.

It's quieter.



Maestro, we're across now,

safe and sound.






You are the first of

our honored competitors to arrive.



Why is the hotel

in such a state of excitement?



It's the whole town as well. It's

the world championship chess tournament.



I don't believe you've had

your nose in a book for two weeks.



- Well, I've walked a lot too.

- No wonder you've made no friends.



There's an interesting young man.






This place is in fast decline.



So much is evident.



I'll have the soup and the fish.



Stop! Aleksandr!



Aleksandr, no!



Will you listen to me?

Come back!



Aleksandr, everybody

has to go to school one day.



It's the best possible school.



Fathers have to fight

to get their sons accepted.



And I fought for you.



I fought like a lion.



Your fellow countryman?



You've made a point of memorizing

the nationalities of the guests?



Only the interesting ones.



I'm Jean de Stassard.



Natalia Katkov.



You know that unfortunate man?



Why unfortunate?



Yes, perhaps "unfortunate"

is unkind of me.



Aleksandr Ivanovich Luzhin

could be anything he wants to be...



believe it or not.



That man is a genius.



Ah, Mama, this is Jean de Stassard.



So delighted.



I believe it's Comte de Stassard,

n'est-ce pas?



Would you do me the honor

of dining with us this evening?



I'd be delighted.



Mama, shall we?



Right through.



Right through.



Poor material, you see.



Don't put them back in there.



It seems very precious.



You should take more care of it.



It's for you.



Where is he?



Where is the scamp?



He's not hiding

from his Aunt Anna, is he?



He wouldn't dare!



Come back!






Come here.



He's just like his father.



I saw it in Kuragin's window. I just

thought, a memento of a wonderful day.



It's exquisite.



It's not a toy. Hmm?



Other guests are arriving.



Oh, I'm sorry. It's the fault

of your wayward sister.



As usual.



Come along, Aleksandr.



- Can you still see her?

- Just about.



- To the middle?

- Of course.



My mother has a very vivid imagination,

and nothing would please her better.



Nor me.



And I shall row back only when

I have found out everything about you.



Well, I was hoping for a much longer

and more interesting journey.



Your best loved opera,

most adored poem...



favorite symphony...



favorite walk...



most cherished and treasured object,

worst fear...



best landscape...



most deeply held conviction,

most inspired...



Nosiest boating expedition ever.



The honor of being added to the list.






I- I wanted...









Thank you for...



I was losing things.



Oh, please, don't mention it.



It was very kind of you.



Are you...



enjoying the resort?






- You're here for the tournament?

- Yes, I...



Well, how long

have you been playing chess?



I'm sorry. What a very dull question.

You must think me very...



Nine thousand, two hundred

and sixty-three days...



four hours and five minutes.



I stayed here once before...



at this hotel, as a child.



My parents brought me

to recover from an illness.



And there was a chess tournament,

Just the same as now.



Patterns repeating themselves.

Different moves, though.






I came third.



I was only    and sick...



and still I came third.



I'll show you where the hall was...



where they held the tournament.



Well, I promised my mother that...



Yes! Yes, yes.



Come on.



It was around here somewhere.



Three-storied white marble, nine arches,

nine tall windows, three fanlights...



six carved figures,

nine small windows in a square...



two domes, three spires,

two bell towers.



I was brought here for the air.



My father was unlucky.



He thought there would be

no interest in chess here...



and we landed

right in a tournament.



I'm well now.



Bit of rheumatism,

shortness of breath...



and last year I had the piles.



Some of the most respectable players

took part in it.



Ah, here... here we are.



It hasn't changed a bit.



Of course

it's a Jewish conspiracy.



It was invented by a Jew,

it's run byJews... it's a conspiracy.



You really think the radio

is that dangerous?



Whatever is the matter, Natalia?

You're being very dull.



I'm sorry. Am I?



The chess player.



He's probably locked away

from any distractions.



They say he will stay for hours

in a dark room, planning his moves.



Not on the board.

In his head.






Absolutely fascinating.



Aleksandr was so brave,

really so brave.



He sat right up front. Didn't you?

Not a squeak out of him.



And the speed of this thing...

I thought my heart was going to burst.



That wasn't fast.

We could've gone much faster.



That is so cheeky!



You had your eyes closed

the whole time.



I did not!



My dear,

whatever is the matter?



I want to learn.



What a thin little neck you have.



I can almost clasp it

with one hand.



Your money we live on.



All we hear about is your money!



All right.



This is your king.



He's the most important

piece on the board...



and he knows it...



but his moves are limited.



One square at a time.



He's weighed down

by his own pomp and circumstance.



The queen, she's more agile.



She's brave and she's cunning...



and she can move

as far as she likes.



Your opponent

will fear her enormously.



- Aleksandr, go to your room.

- I'm playing chess.



Go to your room!




why aren't you at school?



That's good.



Check again.






Very good.



There really is no easy way

of saying this, I'm afraid.



It is one of the most difficult tasks

that I have as a teacher.



I can see very few prospects in your son

continuing his education with us.



Perhaps another school

might be the answer...



a less demanding environment.



We've given him every encouragement...

literature, art, music.



My wife's father was a composer

recognized by the academy.



- Surely Aleksandr's background...

- Three weeks, you say.



He's been playing truant

for three weeks?



We assumed illness.

I'm sorry.



Our son cheats...



Just as you cheat.



I'm surrounded by cheats.



Aleksandr, please!



Well, what a day.



What a day.



I shan't want to eat.

I've already dined with your Aunt Anna.



No, Aleksandr, you'll stay.



Brooding alone in your room,

it's not healthy.



I'm sure we could find something else

to amuse you down here.



How about some magic?



You used to be so good at it.



I know.



I could teach you chess.



As Pushkin's doomed duellist said...



"Let's start...



if you're willing. "






If you do that, that's mate.



And if you do that,

you lose your queen.



Well, that one doesn't count.



Let's start again.






You can't still be playing.



It's past midnight.



Good night, Papa.



Good serve!






Oh. Hello.



I want you to be my wife.



I implore you to agree.



Now everything will be different

and wonderful. Everything will change.



You see, the first time...



when you spoke...



your voice...



All my life...



I've been waiting to hear...



All my life...






Please compose yourself.



Excuse me.



Do you not think, before proposing

marriage, you should ask me my name?



What is it?



Natalia Katkov.






Aleksandr Ivanovich Luzhin.



Come on, Natalia!



- I have to finish my game.

- Ah. Yes.



I can only promise you...



that, in keeping with

the speed of events...



I'll try to give you

an answer soon.






Fetch the luggage.



Seven pieces, huh?






- I've got questions.

- Yes.



- Lots of questions.

- Yes.



- Do you have any brothers or sisters?

- No.



- Any cousins?

- No.



Is there anyone

who had a significant influence?



I had an aunt.






Apart from chess,

do you have any other abilities?



No... Yes.



I dance a little.



You dance?









there was a short life

before chess.



About ten years.



And then chess

became your whole life.



And then there was

the day before yesterday.






When we met.



That's it.

The whole thing.



It's amazing.



You have

absolutely no small talk.






You answer every question

with "yes" or "no"...



and you haven't asked me

a single one.



You have no flattering observations

to make whatsoever.



Am I not beautiful?



I don't know.

Exciting? Witty?



- Yes. You're...

- No, no, no.



It's fine.



It's welcome.



I like that part of you.



I can...






It seems so much a part of you.



His name is Turati.



He's an Italian grand master.



Luzhin's main rival for the crown.



I was wondering if...



It's a perfect afternoon

for the lake.



Yes, it is...



but I've arranged

to meet my mother.



And don't ask her along too. The boat

will become very small indeed then.



I understand.



Mama, wait.



It isn't what you think.



He isn't here yet.



I'd like you to meet

Aleksandr Ivanovich Luzhin.



- I don't understand. Where is...

- Mama.



Aleksandr is a very famous

chess player.



So, why don't you two...






How long have you

and my daughter been friends?



We met the day before yesterday.



Your daughter, she...






cooling beverages.



She enjoyed one earlier on.



There's a nice atmosphere here.



Yes, the hotel...



lake, flowers, footpath.



That's where I was struck.



Not with an arrow.



With a pebble.



I don't know what you mean.



Please, I, I must...



have an audience.



I have the honor...



the honor of begging

for your daughter's hand.



Isn't he amazing?



- Do you really despise me this much?

- I'm sorry?



He wants to...



To trick me into thinking I was

meeting a handsome, well-mannered...



And then that!



If you had listened.

But you ne...



Jean de Stassard

is a very charming man.



I, however, desire

something a little different.



A little different?



You will not see that lunatic again.



I want to send a telegram

to Berlin, urgently.



Ladies and gentlemen,

welcome to the opening ceremony...



of our world chess championship.



Il Signore Salvatore Turati

from Italy...



and Il Signore Aleksandr

Ivanovich Luzhin from Russia...



will each take on    players...



invited from our wonderful audience.



I did resist for ten moves against him.

I can tell my grandchildren about that.









Oh, Papa, this is Jean de Stassard.

My father.



- How do you do?

- I'm honored, sir.



It's wonderful to see you,

but why have you come so early?



I mustn't intrude. I will leave

you two together. Excuse me.



What's the matter?



Well, he doesn't seem at all like

the dangerous, gloomy character...



your mother described

in her telegram.



She's had me chase her

across the length of Europe.



Donkeys were a particular favorite,

I recall.



Your whole childhood

was littered with stray animals.



I remember her duck.

I grew quite fond of that.



Poor, sick creatures

that were better off being put down.



Nothing was too far gone

for your compassion.



Mama, this is very dangerous.



As an adolescent, you were forever

having crushes on eccentrics.



Thank God you were

too shy to approach them.



You mean that writer

across the lake from...



And now these two fundamental flaws

in your character have combined...



to produce this...









With a man I've yet to meet.



No doubt that's the reason you're

not taking this matter more seriously.



I'm sure

when Papa does meet him...



he'll understand exactly why I think

that Aleksandr Ivanovich Luzhin...



is the most fascinating,

enigmatic and attractive man...



that I have ever met.


















I'm beginning to get some idea

of how all the pieces take each other.



I saw him take on    players,

and he was in absolute control.



But in the end it's going to come down

to   players: Aleksandr and an Italian.



You know that...



deep down your mother

has only one wish in life...



to see you happy.



I don't want you to judge him

when you first meet him.



He can appear slightly odd.



Come up to my room.

Come on.



Your mother isn't around.



- Aleksandr, please.

- Come up to my room.



Papa, this is

Aleksandr Ivanovich Luzhin.



Aleksandr, this is my father.



I'm sorry my wife

couldn't be with us.



She's a bit under the weather.



Ah, such a kind, sensitive woman.



We hit it off very well.



My dear.



So, after you've had

your game of chess...



I expect you'll be off to play

somewhere else, yes?



And how long are you

here for, exactly?






By the way,

I've always wondered...



is there a move that

always enables one to win?



A move that one

always plays towards?



I see what you mean.



There are quiet moves

and strong moves.



A strong move is one

that gives an immediate advantage.



The capture of an important piece

or discovered check, perhaps...



or when a pawn is queened.



A quiet move implies trickery...



subversion, complication.



I see.



- No, I don't really.

- Let's take some position.



Take an ending from a recent game.



White had King C-  Rook A- ...



Knight D- 

Pawns B-  and C- .



- Now, black...

- Yes, a complicated thing, chess.



Black had the advantage, because white

overestimated his initiative's value...



after the exchange of queens.



Black had King A- .



I needed a quiet move.






I moved my pawn...



to B- .



Why don't you tell us about

the early days when it all started?






I was wrong.

Aleksandr does have a gift.



Quite a remarkable one.

We all missed it.



If only it wasn't so all-consuming.

It's like a fever with him.



The doctor stopped him playing once...



and we took him off to Europe to escape

the wretched game, but it didn't work.



I try to limit the hours

he spends at the board, but...



oh, the arguments.



I'm sure. And being a busy author and

artist, it must be quite a distraction.



Yes, it is.



That's what none of them understand...

the need to immerse oneself.



It must be very difficult for you.



Which is why I would like to

put forward a proposition, if I may...



a possible solution to this dilemma.



I have excellent contacts

in the world of chess...



and with your permission I would like

to take Aleksandr under my wing.



We could travel the country,

he could play exhibition matches...



and obviously I would attend

to his education personally.



I would tutor him myself.



Your son has a very rare talent

that needs to be nurtured.



I will consider it a great honor

if you would allow me to do that.



I would consider it

my duty, in fact.



You will be in good hands.



He knows all the right people.



It's not my world.

You see?



I want you to write and tell me

about all the places you visit...



and your victories.



Good-bye, Sasha.



As a so-called child prodigy,

he was a curiosity.



Under my charge,

he became a phenomenon.



I spent many years nurturing him...



in the hope that one day

he would become world champion, but...



in the end I had to accept the fact

that at heart...



he was merely a contestant,

not a winner.



He doesn't play well

under pressure.



The last time I played him...



we spent    hours at the board...



and believe me...



every minute of it

he was under intense pressure.



It was a certain combination

I had in mind.



If you devoted your moves to putting him

under pressure at the board...



and my concern was putting him

under pressure away from it, then...



Mr. Valentinov...



do you want to see me win...



or him lose?



Does that really make

any difference to you?



I'm very glad

you came to watch me play.



Very glad.






for the moment, it...



it somehow disturbs me.



In answer to your proposal...



I've decided...



My dear Aleksandr!



Leo Valentinov.



- Natalia Katkov.

- Delighted to make your acquaintance.



I want to hear all about you.



I also want to catch up on everything

that Aleksandr has been up to.



It's been years.

Too many years.



Oh, look at you now.



So thin.



Heard that your father died.



Come, I will

buy you both a drink...



and you can tell me

everything that you have been doing.



I was his chess father,

so to speak.



His teacher and chaperon

at first.






And as the years passed by...



I became his secretary, his chef...



Aleksandr, sit, sit, sit.



His confidante, accountant,

debt collector.



Fourteen years we were together.



Board   King F-  to G- .



Bishop F- .



Board  ...



Bishop D-  C- .



Knight F-  check.






Board   F-  to F- .



He never mentioned me to you once?



And then you left?



I wanted both of us

to go to America.



It's where all the opportunities

are these days, but...



Luzhin, get out.



Here. Take this.



This is all there is,

so you look after it.



But what will I do?

Where will I go?



- I have to go. I'm late.

- Please, don't leave me.



It's just a bad patch.

It's never happened before.



You need to look on this

as an opportunity.



It's time for you to do

something else with your life.



Don't leave me, please.



Please, don't leave me.



Aleksandr, trust me in this

as a friend.



You are never gonna be more

than you are now.



And what you are now

isn't good enough.



Good luck.






What city...



What city is this?



My dear boy,

it was a quite wonderful surprise...



to find out how far you've managed

to get in this tournament.



You should go home

feeling very pleased with yourself.



Aleksandr is going to win.



Now, wouldn't that be something?






What have I missed?

Why is everyone so excited?



It was a draw.

Neither player could force a win.



And that's exciting?



It was unexpected.

Luzhin is off his game.



You see, Turati,

he's almost qualified.



Luzhin is one and a half points

behind in his group.



They think he might not

reach the final.



I was looking for you everywhere.



I've been watching the chess.

I think I'll stick with horse racing.



Look, don't worry.

The infatuation will soon fade.



- In fact, it may end very soon.

- It has to stop now.



So far I've managed to hide it.

Nobody knows about him.



Now you have to end it.



Natalia, darling,

your father wants to...



I was going to surprise you

this afternoon.



I had the papers

drawn up this morning...



and we'll be married

in three weeks' time...



when Luzhin's won the tournament.



And if he doesn't win?



It makes no difference, but he will.



No. Stop.



Stop! No!



Why is he doing this?



Who? Valentinov?



You've read the article.



Sasha, dance with me.



Come on.



You said you could dance.



Never with a...



I've never had a partner.



Don't be silly.

How can you dance alone?



Well, now you have a partner.



You have to lead.



You have to take charge.



You have to make...



brilliant, bold...



courageous moves.



"He's now playing like

the young Aleksandr Luzhin...



who revolutionized the game

in his early   s. "



And how is he himself?



We're not seeing each other right now.

His concentration's so intense...



he doesn't like to get

his two worlds mixed up.



I arranged with Monsieur Le Comte

to go out onto the lake.



Would you like to come?



No, thank you.



He's defiled you already, hasn't he?



That's why you're rushing

this ridiculous marriage.



You're carrying his child.



Natalia, my darling,

the choices one makes in life...



when it's the only life one has...






The two group winners will meet in

the final starting in three days time.



The winner of group A...



is Dottore Salvatore Turati...



with seven out of nine.



And in group B...



Il Signore

Aleksandr Ivanovich Luzhin...



with six and a half out of nine.



The last time I played Turati

in my first game with black...



he isolated my queen's pawn.



Five hours he laid siege to it.

He tortured me with it...



with an adjournment

and another five hours.



I can't allow him...



to inflict such pain on me.



I need a defense.



Can you please lift your arm up?



- Do as he says, Luzhin.

- I am in perfect health.



There's no need for his quackery.



He isn't a doctor.

He's a tailor.



He's here to fit you for your suit.









Thank you.



Everything's decided.



Luzhin, you need to rest.






- No.

- Yes.



- Yes.

- Rest.






- Please.

- It's beyond my conception.



Hang the suit up.



What does it all mean, this?



I need a defense.



Yeah, that's what I need.



Would not be the answer.



Please, maestro?

Will you please open the door?



Please, maestro?



It's very late, maestro.



Prego, maestro.

Open the door, maestro.



They are waiting for you.



- Everyone is waiting.

- Excellent!



Where is he?



Where is that scamp Turati?



- He's not hiding from me, is he?

- Are you ill, maestro?



No doctor nonsense, please.



Where is everyone?



Please, maestro. Please!



They moved it.

No wonder there was confusion.



There's your reason.

They moved the venue.



There's a big victory coming!



There's a big victory coming...



a big, big victory!






Very late, Mr. Luzhin.



And who was it? Yes.



Pushkin's doomed duellist.



"Let's start, if you're willing. "



Silence, please!

The game will now commence.






- Flag, Mr. Luzhin, on move   .

- How many moves?



Flag on move    maestro.



Here are the moves, please.



Adjournment, gentlemen.



Mr. Luzhin will now seal

his next move.



Well, what did I miss?

Who's won?



They'll resume tomorrow.

It's very close. Very tense.



Thank you, maestro.



I've got it!

I've got it!



The whole piece!

I've cracked it!



Right there in front of me!



It's the rook!

It was the rook!



It was the rook!



Oh, yes!

Oh, it's the rook!



It's Rook H- .

Do you understand?



Rook H- .



If he moves, he can take my rook

and I mate him.



I mate him with my bishop on F- .



He has no escape!



I've got it!



Thank you! Thank you!



Please, take me home!



Not a trace of alcohol.



No paralysis.

He's not an epileptic.



The condition is a consequence

of prolonged strain.



A complete nervous breakdown.



A catastrophe, Dottore Turati.



A real catastrophe, believe me.

Signore Luzhin is too ill to continue.



The tournament is over...

finished without conclusion.



Then by default,

the title must go to Dottore Turati.



No, no.

The rules are very clear.



There has to be a definite conclusion.



There will be no world champion.



The rules allow for illness.



Postpone the match for a few weeks until

he's back to his normal self again.



- But the doctor?

- Doctors.



The sicker the patient,

the bigger the fee they demand.



To have everything that you've achieved

in this tournament simply destroyed...



on the basis of one man's opinion...



doesn't sound very sensible.






He will need to know

I have your approval.



I will do the rest.



The game is his life.

If he stops...



He will be cured.



If he doesn't, it will kill him.



He's an addict.



I don't know if I have the right.



If joy can be found in one way...



it can be found in others...



in a balanced, ordered, normal life.



A "normal" life.



Is that what I have to reduce him to?



Sasha, my love.



This is very difficult.



It's so very difficult...



and I know you're going

to be confused and hurt by it.



You see, my love,

things can't be as we planned them.



The doctors are very adamant,

and so am I.



The only way to give you back your life

is to take chess out of it.



We will have a life together...



but you can never play chess again.



Listen to me.

Listen to me.



You are not going to the tournament.



The doctors say you cannot play.



The wretched game makes you ill!



So you will not play!



You will not play!



How good to see you

up and better again.



This is from all of us.



I'm so looking forward to you

finishing the game with Turati.



I want to see you pull off another

one of your brilliant defenses.



I could take you to see him now,

if you like.



You could finish the game.

No crowds, no fuss.



Just the two of you.

Needs to be finished.



Do you remember when you were a boy,

what I used to tell you?



Shine while you can.



This is the time to do it.



Please, allow me.



Go away. Aleksandr

isn't well enough for visitors.



You've always hated him, haven't you?

Born with a talent you never had.



I spent more than a decade

caring for Aleksandr.



Caring for him?



If this infatuation of yours even lasts

out the summer, I'd be surprised.



You made a fortune out of him,

and then you scuttled off to America.



You made a big mistake.

Without you, he did better than ever.



And then you couldn't stand the idea

of his being world champion.



Just allow him to finish this one game.

Then he can retire.



I told you, he's too ill to play.



Listen to me.



I know Aleksandr better than you

could ever hope to, and trust me...



even in this state

he could still play his finest game.



Or your newfound friend Turati

could have a very easy win indeed.



And then you could spend

the next ten years exploiting him.



I'll come and see you again soon,

old friend, hmm?



This world tournament

will be concluded.



No visitors.

Doctor's orders.



We came to see how things are.



We've waited this long

out of delicacy...



knowing how difficult things

must be for you, now that he's...



so different.



My darling, no one will blame you

for changing your mind. No one.



It's started to rain.



Have you really thought this through?



About the future?

Your future?



I will not abandon him,

and that's the end of it.



Then you'll end up

in the madhouse with him.



Soon we have to leave this place.






But you have to turn your mind

in a new direction...



that has nothing to do with chess.






"A short life before chess...



then the lost years...



and now here we are. "



That's it, exactly.



My dear Aleksandr...



the so-called experts continue

to argue about the outcome.



Although black

has short-term threats...



there's no perpetual check,

let alone a freak mate.



Of course, black can immediately

regain the piece...



but afterwards he will have

one way or another...



to defend a most unpleasant

opposite bishop ending.



Then, there are only two of you

who can finish this game.



Let me remind you

of the adjourned position.



There's a pattern emerging.



A definite pattern.



Not Turati. I beat that game.

I've beaten him.



His moves are repeated,

repeated, repeated moves.



I must keep track of every second.



Every second I must keep track of.



Every second.



It sounds like such a lonely battle.



Please don't go away from me again.



It's been thrown together.

I've never seen a hem like it.



No more fussing now, Mama.

It's fine.



You look so beautiful.



I promise I'll keep the howling

to a minimum.



This was your grandmother's.



She gave it to me on my wedding day.



Your mother-in-law to be gave me

strict orders to see you off.



It's the least I could do

for an old friend...



drive him to his wedding on time.



We just have to make

one brief stop...



on our way in order to honor

a previous commitment.



Everything's been taken care of.

Natalia will wait.



It will just be you,

Turati and myself...



and a couple of officials to make sure

that everything is legal.



I'm quite certain Natalia

would rather marry a world champion.



Imagine what a wonderful wedding

present that would be for her.



Where is she? Natalia!






I have to get to her.



No! That's a wrong move!



It's an obvious move!



No. Natalia!



A glass...

A glass king.



A beautiful glass king.



I've got the king, but I need...



the whole army!



It's here somewhere!



It was here somewhere!



I've got the king,

but I need the whole army!



Aleksandr, will you listen to me!



Aleksandr, open this door!



Listen to me.

Listen to me.



Aleksandr, open this door!



You are not going to the tournament.



The doctors say you cannot play.



The wretched game makes you ill.



So you will not play!



You will not play!



Sasha, please open the door.



As Pushkin's doomed duellist said...



"Let's start, if you're willing. "



Sasha, open the door.



What is it?



He was trying to defend.

There are also several lines.



But then at the end...



he went back on himself.



Something he'd given up

at the very beginning.



Just four moves.



He thinks it's hopeless.



Then I think he found something...



absolutely extraordinary

with his castle.



I mean, his rook.



Show me.



Good luck.



This is very good of you.

Thank you.



Please, have a seat.









The game will now continue.






It was a brilliant defense...



an immortal combination

from a world champion.



Thank you.




Special help by SergeiK