Mad Max 3: Beyond Thunderdome Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Mad Max 3: Beyond Thunderdome script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Mel Gibson and Tina Turner movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Mad Max 3: Beyond Thunderdome. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Mad Max 3: Beyond Thunderdome Script




-You bet, Dad!



You go straight home.



Bombs away!



Sayonara, sucker!



No preservatives, just pure water!



Cool, clear water.



Step up, schmuck, get some dealing done.



H   that's my go.



Don't you understand? This is water.

You can't live without it.



What's a little fallout, huh?

Have a nice day!



You get a sack of grain. . .



. . .or a woman for two hours.



-What are you trading?

-I'm looking for someone.



Are you trading or not?



He had a team of camels.



People come here to trade, make a little

profit, do a little business.



If you've nothing to trade,

you've no business here.



An hour inside.




-I got skills I can trade.



Sorry. The brothel's full.



One hour.



-And if you find him?

-I'll ask him to return what's mine.



And he'll be desperate

to clear his conscience.



He will be.



You're that good?



Perhaps you have something to trade

after all.



Keep talking.



   hours of your life.



In return,

you'll get back what was stolen.



Sounds like a bargain.



It's not. Let's talk.

Come inside.



Leave your weapons here.

It's the law.



Remember, this is the vehicle

that sent Detroit broke.



Where did you get these animals?



The glorious dromedary.

The ship of the desert.



They've got independent suspension,

power steering and no emission control.



Ride them away now.



A warrior, Aunty.



Lost everything.

Looking for a deal.



But he's just a raggedy man.



He's quick.



Ironbar. . .



. . .can he do it?






What did you do before this?



I was a cop, a driver.



But how the world turns.



One day cock of the walk,

next, a feather duster.



Play something tragic, Ton Ton.



Do you know who I was?






Except on the day after,

I was still alive.



This nobody had a chance to be somebody.



So much for history. Anyway. . . .

Water? Fruit?



Congratulations. You're the first

to survive the audition.






It's okay.



Come with me.



Look around. All this I built.



Up to my armpits in blood and shit.



Where there was desert,

now there's a town.



Where there was robbery,

there's trade.



Where there was despair,

now there's hope.



It's civilization.



I'll do anything to protect it.



Today it's necessary to kill a man.

What do you say?



What do you pay?



I'll re-equip you. . . .

Vehicles, animals. Fuel, if you want.



It's a generous offer.



Why me? You've got warriors,

weapons. Give the order.



We are dealing with subtleties here.



This is no enemy.

It's almost family.



I see, real civilized.



The reasons don't concern you,

just the conditions. Deal?



First, no one knows

you're working for Aunty.



You hit him, you go.



Second, it's a fair fight.



And third, it's to the death.



Who's the bunny?



It's called Underworld.

It's where Bartertown gets its energy.



Oil, natural gas?






Pigs like those?







Pigshit. The lights,

the motors, the vehicles. . .



. . .all run by a high-powered gas

called methane.



Methane comes from pigshit.



Have a look.

Tell me what you see.



I see a big guy

giving a little guy a piggyback.



MasterBlaster. They're a unit.



They even share the same name.



The little one is called Master.

He's the brains.



He runs Underworld.



The other one is Blaster.

He's the muscle.



Together they can be very powerful.



They are also arrogant.



We want to keep the brain,

dump the body.



He's big. Is he good?



He can beat most men with his breath.



I want a closer look at him.

How do I get in there?



-It's a factory. Ask for work.

-I know nothing about methane.



You can shovel shit, can't you?



Hey, you!



Let's talk!



Here, free man, come help a convict.

You don't want to end up like me.



How long are you in for?



The big one. Life.



For killing a pig?



I had to feed the kids.



Doesn't worry me. Down here

life's two, three years.



Where is that bum mechanic Blackfinger?



We got a real problem.



Twelve pounds of dynamite set to blow.



You expert! Disarm!



It's a class job. One mistake,

it'll blow the crap out of this place.




-Think what to do!



Now. . .the dynamite is connected

to the timing device. . .



. . .which is connected to the switch,

which I can't find. . .



. . .which is connected to the. . .



. . .battery.



-I'll disconnect the battery!

-I wouldn't do that.



Who you?



-Me Max.

-You smart.



That's my vehicle.






How much?



No trade. Do!






Me order. Me Master!



Me run Bartertown!



That's why you live in shit.



Not shit! Energy!



Call it what you like,

it still smells like shit.



Not shit! Energy!

No energy, no town!



Me King Arab!



Sure. Me, fairy princess.



Embargo, on!



Embargo on! Main valve off!



Four, three, two. . . .



For God's sake, what now?



Who run Bartertown?



Damn it!

I told you, no more embargos.



More, Blaster.



Who run Bartertown?



Who run Bartertown?



You know who.









Say loud.






MasterBlaster what?



MasterBlaster runs Bartertown.






MasterBlaster runs Bartertown.



Lift embargo.



You want foot in face?






Good boy.



Over here, Blaster.



-What are you laying for?




-Who are you?




No, mister, I can feel it.

The dice are rolling!



I want my camels, my vehicle,

food, water, methane.




-You said a fair fight.



-What does that mean?

-As provided by law.






Two men, hand to hand.

No jury, no appeal, no parole.



Two men enter, one man leaves.






Anything's possible.

Chance decides.




How do I get in there?



That's easy. Pick a fight.



Everybody have a good time!



That's my vehicle

and I want it back!



Hearing wonky.

Sounds like an order.



That's right.



Yumping Yesus! Him sad.

Brain broken.



Me explain.



This my vehicle. You. . .



. . .pedestrian!



Three seconds. . .



. . .break neck. One. . . .






Listen to the law!



Aunty, two men in dispute.



These our witness, Aunty.



Us suffer bad.

Us want justice.



We want Thunderdome!



You know the law.

Two men enter, one man leaves.



This Blaster.

Twenty men enter, only him leave.



Then it's your choice.




Aunty! Aunty!



Welcome to another edition

of Thunderdome!



Listen on! Listen on!



This is the truth of it.



Fighting leads to killing,

and killing gets to warring.



And that was damn near

the death of us all.



Look at us now, busted up

and everyone talking about hard rain.



But we've learned by the dust

of them all. Bartertown's learned.



Now when men get to fighting,

it happens here.



And it finishes here.



Two men enter, one man leaves.



And right now,

I've got two men.



Two men with a gut full of fear.



Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. . .



. . .dying time's here!



He's the ball cracker.

Death on foot.



You know him. You love him!

He's Blaster!



The challenger,

direct from out of the Wasteland.



He's bad. He's beautiful.

He's crazy!



It's the man with no name!



Thunderdome's simple. Get to the

weapons, use them anyway you can.



I know you won't break the rules.

There aren't any.



Remember where you are.



This is Thunderdome.



Death is listening, and will take

the first man that screams.






Two men enter, one man leaves!



-You know the law!

-This is Thunderdome!



Kill him!



No, no! Look at his face!



He's got the mind of a child.



It's not his fault.



Blaster, I'm sorry.



This wasn't part of the deal.






What do you mean, "deal"?



You must have tasted it.

It was in your hands.



You had it all!



What do you mean, "deal"?



No more methane!



This place. . .finished!



No, little man.



We've only just begun.



Open it.



Two men enter. One man leaves!



What's this?!



Do you think I don't know the law?

Wasn't it me who wrote it?



And this man has broken the law.



Right or wrong, we had a deal.



And the law says,

"Bust a deal, face the wheel. "



Bust a deal and face the wheel.



All our lives hang by a thread.



Now we've got a man

waiting for sentence.



But ain't it the truth?

You take your chances with the law.



Justice is only a roll of the dice. . .



. . .a flip of the coin,

a turn of the wheel.



Fix it.



You run Bartertown.



You fix.



Not pigs! No!



That's enough!



Do you want to use him or kill him?

Bring him up.



Master, do what lronbar says.



I will. Yeah, I will.






Finn, look.



It's him. I finded him.



It's Captain Walker.



-What's his talk?

-He ain't made wordstuff.



It's a long track.

Maybe he's burned out.




Maybe he's just listening.



Walker? Hello?



Maybe he's talking,

but we ain't hearing.



You see his lips ain't moving.



Not with wordstuff, with sonic.



That ain't never gonna work,

sonic-bonic bullshit!



This is Delta-Fox-X-Ray.



Can you hear me?






Come in.



Is anybody out there?



Can you read me, Walker?



What's up, Doc?



Hey, take me with you!



Can you hear me, Walker?



Fly, Walker!



Who are you?






Shut up!






Who are you?



We are the waiting ones.



Waiting for what?



Waiting for you.



And who am I?



I think he be testing us.



This a testing, Walker?

You reckon we been slack?



I don't know.

Maybe you've been slack.



We ain't. We kept it straight.

It's all there.



Everything marked, everything

'membered. You wait, you'll see.



This you knows.

I be First Tracker.



Times past count I done the Tell.



But it weren't me that tumbled Walker.

It was Savannah.



So it's only right

that she take the Tell.



This ain't one body's story.

It's the story of us all.



We got it mouth-to-mouth.

You got to listen it and 'member.



'Cause what you hears today

you got to tell the birthed tomorrow.



I'm looking behind us now. . .



. . .across the count of time. . .



. . .down the long haul,

into history back.



I sees the end what were the start.



It's Pox-Eclipse, full of pain!



And out of it were birthed

crackling dust and fearsome time.



It were full-on winter. . .



. . .and Mr. Dead chasing them all.



But one he couldn't catch.

That were Captain Walker.



He gathers up a gang, takes to the air

and flies to the sky!



So they left their homes,

said bidey-bye to the high-scrapers. . .



. . .and what were left of the knowing,

they left behind.



Some say the wind just stoppered.



Others reckon it were a gang

called Turbulence.



And after the wreck. . .



. . .some had been jumped by Mr. Dead. . .



. . .but some had got the luck,

and it leads them here.



One look and they's got the hots for it.

They word it "Planet Earth. "



And they says, "We don't need

the knowing. We can live here. "



"We don't need the knowing.

We can live here. "



Time counts and keeps counting.



They gets missing what they had.



They get so lonely for the

high-scrapers and the video.



And they does the pictures so they'd

'member all the knowing that they lost.



'Member this?



Tomorrow-morrow Land!



'Member this?



The River of Light!



'Member this?






'Member this?



Captain Walker!



'Member this?



Mrs. Walker!



Then Captain Walker picked them

of an age and good for a long haul.



They counted twenty, and that were them.

The great leaving.



"Rescue party departed

at first light. . .



. . .Ied by Flight Captain G.L. Walker. "



"May God have mercy on our souls. "



They said bidey-bye to them

what they'd birthed.



And from the nothing

they looked back. . .



. . .and Captain Walker hollered,

"Wait, one of us will come. "



"Wait, one of us will come. "



And somebody did come.






We's heartful to you,

Captain Walker.



We's ready now. Take us home.



We kept it straight!

Everything marked, everything 'membered!



You kept it real good.

You ain't been slack.



-Why are we waiting?

-That ain't me.



-You got the wrong guy.

-Quit joshing!



-Catch the wind.

-We got to see Tomorrow-morrow Land!



Home! Tomorrow-morrow Land!



There were places like these.




They were called cities.



They had lots of knowing.

They had skyscrapers. . .



. . .videos and they had the sonic.



Then this happened.



This Pox-Eclipse happened, and it's

finished. It isn't there anymore.



You got to understand

that this is home. . .



. . .and there's no Tomorrow Land. . .



. . .and I ain't Captain Walker.



This is it!



We's loaded and waiting, Captain.



We got the wind up our arse, Captain.

Let's go!



Who's coming?

We's pulling a leaving.



There ain't gonna be no leavings.

All that's just jerking time.



We's working it different.



Ain't you seen nothing?

He couldn't catch the wind.



There weren't no skyrafting.

There won't be no salvage.



This is our Tomorrow-morrow Land.

He's proof of that.



Program! All of you program.

If he ain't Captain Walker, who is he?



He ain't no different to us.

He slogged it on foot.



If he can get here,

we can get back.



He ain't much bigger than us.



Copilot did it.

So why can't we?



That's the trick of it.

Who's coming?



Across the nothing?

Don't you 'member?



When you finded him,

he were half jumped by Mr. Dead.



Nobody's saying

it ain't a hard slog.



If we wants the knowing,

it ain't an easy ride.



There ain't no knowing!



There ain't no skyraft and no sonic.

You slog out there to nothing!



Worse than nothing.



The first place you'll find

is a sleaze pit called Bartertown.



If the earth doesn't swallow you up,

that place will.



Listen him! There ain't no

Tomorrow-morrow Land!



We done that!



He's got wordstuff out his ass!



Whoever's got the juice,

track with us.



Now listen good!



I'm not Captain Walker. I'm the guy

who keeps Mr. Dead in his pocket.



And I say we're gonna stay here.



And we'll live a long time

and we'll be thankful.






Keep tracking.



Get the others.



They've gone.

You got to get them back!



They've gone! Scrooloose let them go.

They're in the nothing.



Come on, you got to help me!

You got to help me get them back!



Savannah and Gekko.

He can hardly walk.



Little Finn, Mr. Skyfish, and Cusha.

She's gonna pop any day now.



-How long?

-Half a night.



Maybe less.

They be deep in the nothing.



-Without much water.

-It makes no difference.



They'll be swallowed up by the sand.



Get them back, Captain!



Stop with the "Captain. "

Stop the noise!



I need water to carry.



What are you doing?



I's coming salvage for my buddies.



We needs a hunter.



He holds his own, okay?



Help! Help me!



Quick, let's trek!



Is it Tomorrow-morrow Land?



No. Bartertown.



It's our only chance.



Get in, we're right behind you.



Wait! Stick together!



Where are we?



It's Bartertown.



It stinks!



Tubba, Cusha, wait up!



Which way?



Head for the light.



-Where are the others?

-They've gone ahead.



-How far?

-A long way.



-Can you see them?

-Only just!



What are we doing?

What's our program?



We're looking for someone.



In here? This is jerking time!



A little guy with the knowing

of a lot of things. Understand?



Well, shut up!



What's to see, Captain?






It's him, Captain!

It's the little guy!



Little? He's the smallest!

What the fuck, Captain. What use is he?






-Where are the others?

-Out there.



Screwy, let's fly!



Excuse me.



Hold it!



Remember. . .no matter where you go,

there you are.






All aboard!






Hang on!



Chase now, pay later.




Listen to me!



Where are you gonna run?



Where are you gonna hide?

Listen to me!



Bartertown will live!



Find the little man.



Bring him back to me. . .alive!



We will rebuild!



For those who took him. . .no mercy!



So, what's the plan?






There ain't no plan.



Skyfish, look!



It's got to be!



The sonic!



Gekko got it straight.






Come in.



Welcome. Open your book at page one.



Now repeat after me. Bonjour.



Good morning.



Oł allez-vous?



Where are you going?



Je vais chez moi.



I am going home.



He's got the man!



Ah, Pigkiller!



Blackfinger! Pull the pin!



Do it now!



Hold it, Blackfinger!



Give him back!



Let go!



Blackfinger, let go!



I've got you now,

and I'm going home!



You'll be all right.



Come on now!



We're gonna count to three.



What happened to two?



This is a stickup!



Anybody moves, and they're dead meat!



I think we're all dead meat!



Dad! We're dead meat!



Quick, get in the plane!



Which way did he go?



I warned you, Dad!







You. It's your lucky day.



It is?



You got a plane.



I have?



It might save your life.



It will?



All right, let her go!



What's the problem?



We're not gonna get off the ground.



We're overloaded!



Dad, you better do something!



-Kick her in the guts.

-Not gonna make it.



Not enough runway.



We haven't any choice.



Between them. . .



. . .and us, there's not enough runway.



There will be.



Ain't we a pair. . .



. . .raggedy man.



Goodbye, soldier.



This you knows. The years travel fast.



And time after time

I've done the Tell.



But this ain 't one body's Tell.

It's the Tell of us all.



And you got to listen it and 'member.



'Cause what you hears today,

you got to tell the newborn tomorrow.



I's looking behind us now,

into history back.



I sees those of us that got the luck

and started the haul for home.



It lead us here and we was heartful

'cause we seen what there once was.



One look, and we knewed

we'd got it straight.



Those what had gone before had knowing

of things beyond our reckoning. . .



. . .even beyond our dreaming.



Time counts and keeps counting.



And we knows now. . .



. . .finding the trick of what's

been and lost ain't no easy ride.



But that's our track.

We got to travel it.



And there ain't nobody knows

where it's gonna lead.



Still and all, every night

we does the Tell. . .



. . .so that we 'member who we was

and where we came from.



But most of all we 'members

the man who finded us...



...him that came the salvage.



And we lights the city.

Notjust for him...



...but for all of them

that are still out there.



'Cause we knows

there'll come a night...



... when they sees the distant light...



...and they'll be coming home.



Special help by SergeiK