The Magdalene Sisters Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the The Magdalene Sisters script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Peter Mullan movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of The Magdalene Sisters. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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The Magdalene Sisters Script


Well? What did you want  to show me?


Kevin, what is this secret?


What's gotten into you?  I'm going back down.


Kevin, stop it!


Behave properly!  You're my cousin!


What would your father say?


No, please. Stop it!


Please, Kevin!


I beg you. Leave me alone!


Stop, please! No!


Come on. Get up.


Hurry and get dressed.  I'll wait for you downstairs.


- What's going on?  - I don't know.


Dad. Where is Margaret going?


Mom, where is Father Doyle  taking her?


- Where did you put the brush?  - Go away. I won't tell you.


- Sonia, fart in her face.  - I won't fart in her face!


- Your farts stink more!  - Forget it.


- My God, how can you do that?  - Where is the brush?


Take it.


- It's my turn now.  - I did   . I have to do another  .


You did   . I counted!


Stop arguing,  or I'll brush my hair by myself.


- Isn't it a sin to be beautiful?  - No. Think about the Virgin Mary.


She is beautiful. You shouldn't  be vain. Vanity is a sin.


- Hey, beautiful, what's your name  ? - Bernadette.


- The other one is cute too.  - Bernadette is a lovely name.


It was my grandmother's name  and she was proud of it.


- Will you come give us a kiss?  - Forget it!


Let's see your legs. Come on!


- What?  - Let us see your legs.


Let's see those legs!


- You always spy on girls?  - Which one of us do you like?


- Do you like me?  - With that face? Look at me!


Scoundrels. If you don't go away  right now, I'll call the police!


She left!


She's a witch, huh?


- Come on up and give us a kiss.  - How brazen!


- Why not?  - I'm not one of those.


You didn't say that the other  night.


- Will you give him a kiss?  - She's provoking us!


I know. She's looking for  a fiancee.


He's lovely, isn't he?  And this bonnet!


Mom, at least look at him,  please.


He is your grandson.


I told you how sorry I am


to have done something so  shameful. Please, look at him!


You can't blame him.  He has nothing to do with it.


I know I dishonored you and Dad.


Look at him, Mom.


Mom, please.  Say something, anything!


Hello, Dad.


Sit down, Rose.


I am father Doonigan. I work for  the St. John Adoption Society.


Your father and I think the best  thing for the child


is to give him up for adoption.


A child born outside of wedlock  is a bastard.


You want him to live all his life  as an outcast,


refused and scorned by all honest  members of society?


- You committed a horrible sin.  - I know, Father. I am repentant.


Do you want your child to pay  for your sins?


- No, Father.  - Speak more loudly, Rose.


No, Father.


So you do want to give him  a chance in life,


and have him raised in a Catholic  family with a mother and father.


Sign here.




stay here while I get the baby.


- You're taking him away now?  - You might become attached to him.


Did you see the baby, Dad?


He's lovely.


I'm going to tell him I changed my  mind! Can the form be ripped up?


Mom, did you see him?  Isn't he lovely?


Yes, he is.


My baby! I want my baby!  I've changed my mind!


Please, Dad, stop them!  Don't let them take my baby away!




Please, Dad!


Put them here on the floor and  wait.


Sister Bridget can receive you.  Come in.


The philosophy that supports us  in the Magdalene Asylums is simple:


Thanks to the power of prayer,  of cleanliness, of hard work,


Iost women can find the road  towards Jesus Christ.


Mary Magdalene, holy patron  of the Magdalene Asylums,


was a sinner of the worst kind.


For money, she gave her body  to the depraved and lustful.


She was saved by doing pennance  for her sins,


giving up the pleasures of  the flesh, including food and sleep.


She worked beyond the resistance  of a human being


so that she could offer  her soul to God,


cross the gates of Paradise,  and live an eternal life.


Our laundries do not just clean  ordinary clothes and sheets.


They are the earthly means  that serve to cleanse your souls


and cancel the spots of sin  that you committed.


Here you can be redeemed  in pleasing God.


You can be saved  from eternal damnation.


Breakfast is at  . At     there  is prayer. Work begins at  .


- Lunch...  - Excuse me, Sister.


I think I should leave.


My father was very...


Don't ever interrupt, girl. Didn't  they tell you it is bad manners,


or you were too busy being a slut  to listen?


- No, Sister.  - Then you are ignorant.


Are you such a simpleton?  I decide if you can leave.


I think I can safely say  it will take some time.


- What is your name?  - Margaret, Sister.


- Margaret what?  - Maguire.


- And you?  - Rose Dunne.


We already have a Rose.  What is your second name?


I don't have one.


Not on your birth certificate, but  your parents had some names in mind.


- What is your Confirmation name?  - Patricia.


You will be called Patricia.


- Thank you, Sister  - Thank you, Sister.


- And you?  - Bernadette Haffie.


From Saint Attractas.


Yes, Sister.


- How do you think I know?  - I don't know.


Because principal McLaughlin is my  good friend and told me about you,


or after many years in this  convent, I can spot a tempter?


I don't know, Sister.


Poor us!  Two simpletons in just one day!


Anyway, time will tell us, right?


Now come with me.


- Good evening, Sister.  - Good evening.


You, come with me.


You, go over there.


You, come here.


In the name of the Father,  the Son and the Holy Spirit.


"Angel of God, my guardian dear,  to whom God's love brought me here,


ever this day be at my side,  to light, to rule and guide."


In the name of the Father,  the Son and the Holy Spirit.


Get right to bed, girls.


Excuse me. Can you take me  to the bathroom, please?




Are you alright?




I feel awful.


- What's the matter?  - I feel...


I feel faint.


Don't touch her.  Is your milk clogged?


I don't know. I think so.


Don't touch her.  You'll drip everywhere.


The sisters get furious  when you drip.


Keep the pain.  It'll go away in a few days.


You should go to bed.


If they see you become friends,  they'll skin you alive.


Everyone get out of bed!  Everyone up!


Have any of you seen Una O'Conner  ?


Did any of you hear anything  during the night?


None of you saw her leave?




"I believe in one God,


Father Almighty,  Creator of Heaven and Earth,


and of all things visible,  and invisible.


I believe in Jesus Christ,  His only Son,


born of the Father  before all ages.


God of God, Light of Light,


true God of true God,  begotten, and not made."


I'm sure she was there last night.  I checked.


I checked too!  Don't think I slept last night!


I don't know how it happened.  I can't explain it.


You were obviously distracted.


Anyway, it is your fault.


- It's the first time...  - I didn't...




"I believe in one Holy, Catholic  and Apostolic Church."


I keep them all  well under control, Sister.


Did you know I've been working  here for    years?


I won't wash priests' collars.  Ask someone else. I don't do that.


So I have to do my work  and yours too?


- If you want, we can exchange.  - Forget it.


Do you have something bloody?


Some girls hate bloody things.  I don't really care.


There. I'll do that for you.


Some put them in hot water.  I told them, but they won't listen.


First you must put them in cold  water with a little salt.


After that, rub them.


I see.


What are you talking about?  It's forbidden to talk here!


Sister, they were talking.  I'm giving them a good scolding!


- Am I right, Sister?  - Yes, Katy.


It is not allowed to talk here.


- What were you talking about?  - I told her how to wash this.


Jesus, Joseph and Mary!  Get that away from me.


You are disgusting.  Did you know that?


Get back to work.


I've been working here for     years. I know all the tricks.


I'm keeping you two under control  !


Poor Sister Augusta is in trouble  because that girl ran away.


That's why they told me  to substitute her here.


That poor sister is destroyed.  Her nerves are shattered.


Am I right in giving them  a piece of mind, Sister?


A good scolding!


The bad thing about you,  is that you are all selfish!


You don't care if a sister gets  into trouble and loses her position.


She just fell asleep  while she was on surveillance,


and now she'll end up in Africa.


She'll go work with the lepers.


Her fingers will fall  from her hands and her feet.


She could lose her nose!


Anything that sticks out  from her body could fall off.


Now get to work.


Work in silence. Come on!


- We have to get out of here.  - Silence!


- No!  - Walk!


I'll make you walk! Walk!


Please, don't!


I'm sorry!


Please! Leave me!


- Is this your place?  - Please, Father!


- Please!  - Is this your place?


You'll stay here  until you live, slut!


I just wanted to go home,  Dad... Go back to my house!


I hate this place!


I thought I told you...  What did I tell you?


What did I tell you?


You don't have a home,  a mother or a father.


You killed us, slut.  You killed both of us.


If you run away again,  I swear I'll make you a cripple.


Mr. O'Conner,  I think you should leave.


We'll take care of Una.


What are you looking at, sluts?


God bless you, Sister.


Please don't leave me here, Dad!  Don't leave me here!


Get to bed, Una.


I'll see you tomorrow morning.


And now,


everyone under the covers.


You must sleep.


Are all the women  who work here, sluts?


Don't look at them  or talk to them, understand?


Good morning.


Someone wants you.


My sister!


My little one!


My little boy!


He's so lovely! Isn't he  the loveliest child on this earth?


He's only   years old  and look how big he is!


Blessed Virgin,  I pray to you and St. Christopher.


St. Christopher, take care...


God in Heaven, protect him.


Blessed are You and blessed are  all.


You two, stop wasting time!


Are you spastic?


No. I was just making  a pleasant expression.


You can stick it up your ass.




They told me you liked boys.


Isn't that so?


Aren't you here because you like  giving it to young men?


You like pulling  your panties down, right?


What is your little boy's name?


I don't know.


Ask me what my name is.


What is your name?




It means "girl with curly hair".


That's what Sister Bridget  called me.


Two shillings  if you suck my cock.


You are crazy, ugly slut!


When my baby came out of my  stomach, they gave him to my sister.


She doesn't have permission  to come here, or talk to me.


That's why I don't know his name.


But my aunt, who is the richest  woman in the world,


gave me and him one of these.


My sister...


My sister brings him to the gate  every once in a while,


and we talk with this.


This is...




It's Saint...


A saint...


Excuse me, Sister.  What is the word?


What is the word?


I can't find the word.


You know you're not supposed  to talk. Get back to work.


I said get back to work.


I don't want to repeat it.


Telephone! That's it, telephone.  I never remember the word.


I want to see Sister Bridget  immediately!


Wait here.


I heard you were disobedient.


- I'm sorry, Sister.  - I just asked to see you.


You didn't ask, girl.  You demanded.


Who gave you the right  to demand something?


I was wondering  why I am here, Sister.


I did not commit any crime.


I've never been to bed with a boy,  and that's the truth.


But you'd like it, wouldn't you?


I am a good girl.


No. You are arrogant,  impolite and stupid.


That's why the boys liked you.


Scarce intelligence makes it easy  to slip fingers under your clothes.


Right, Crispina?


Yes, Sister.


What did I say?


I don't know, Sister.


That all men are sinners  and therefore, prone to temptation.


and therefore, all men  are prone to temptation.


In God fearing countries, if men  want to be saved from themselves,


temptation must be removed.


- Understand, girl?  - Yes, Sister.


I didn't ask you.


I understand, Sister.


Are you really sure?


You used too many words.  One syllable was enough.


I understand, Sister.


Disobedience cannot be tolerated.


Faces to the wall.


Now go back to your work  immediately.


Una, have you become mad?


You don't need that hair anymore.


We'll sell it to O'Brien and give  the money to African children.




You won't run away  with a shaved head, will you?


Where could you go?


I have a cousin in Dublin  who is a hairdresser.


I just saw her once,


but I'm sure if I ask her,  she will help me.


Do you want to come with me?


Why? What wrong did we do  to deserve this?


We are not slaves.


We are not handicapped.


What did we do?


Having a child is not a crime.


Having a child before marriage  is a mortal sin.


All mortal sins of the world  do not justify this place.


I'd commit any sin  to get out of this place.


- Let's get married.  - What?


- We can run away together.  - Where will we go?


To England, America,  wherever you want.


- Do you have any money?  - You think I have money?


Didn't you save anything  from your pay?


You think I came here  in answer to an ad in the paper?


- I thought you had something.  - They don't give us anything.




- Well what?  - Let's run away.


How? We don't have money,  or a place to go.


Besides,  I practically don't know you.


You can look, but if you touch  me, I'll kick your teeth in.


It's not a fireplace.


- Do you have the back door keys?  - I don't. Seamus does.


- Can you get them?  - I think so.


Then get them  and bring them tonight.


- Tonight?  - Yes.


Holy God! Oh Holy God!


- Christ!  - God in Heaven!


- Promise you will come tonight.  - Okay, I promise.


- If you don't, they'll kill me.  - I promise.


Go away!  I don't want to see you!


You are disgusting!  Really disgusting!


- We're getting married. I swear!  - He'll never marry you.


He will, but if you tell them,  I won't be able to leave,


and we can't get married.


I will be a sinner.  You don't want that, do you?


No. I'll tell Sister Bridget  you acted disgustingly.


They'll keep you here forever,  and you can go to Heaven,


because you will have paid  for your disgusting sins.


- Please, don't tell her.  - Isn't that good?


I'll stay here and work  and pray for my sins.


Please, don't tell her.


I have to tell her.


Alright, but if you do,  I will kill myself.


Do you know what that means?


It means I will go to Hell  and so will you,


because in the eyes of God you  will be guilty of murder as much as me.


No, that's not so.


It's not true.


It's crazy. A bunch of bullshit.


Open the door. Open the door.


Brendan! It's me.  Please, open the door.


It's madness. I don't even know  your name! It's crazy!


My name is Bernadette!  Please, open the door!


They will know I did it.  Do you realize that?


I'll lose my job, everything!


My brother's serving   years in  jail for stealing apples from the nuns.


What would my sentence be?  I'm sorry, I can't.


Brendan! Don't leave me here!


- Brendan!  - I'm sorry.


At least open this damned door!


- Stop!  - Hold her!


I'm holding her!


Stop it!


I'm holding her!


- That's enough.  - Stop!


Open your eyes, girl.


Open them.


I want you to see  what you really are.


Now that vanity has gone and your  arrogance has been defeated,


you are free to choose between  right and wrong, good and evil.


Look into the bottom of your soul  and find what is pure


and offer it to the Lord.


That is the only way to salvation.


Alright, enough.


There's nothing like exercise  before dinner.


Anyway, someone should eat  less potatoes.


Hands along your sides.


Frances, not only are your breasts  the smallest I've ever seen,


but you don't even have nipples!


Did you notice?  That can't be normal, right?


We agree. Frances has  the smallest breasts.


Who has the biggest?


- I'd say Patricia.  - No. She has a big behind.


Turn around, Patricia.


See? Patricia,  you have a bricklayer's back.


With a couple of tattoos,  you'd look like a sailor.


No, Cecilia is surely the winner  for the biggest breasts.


An applause for Cecilia.


Good girl.


We saw the biggest breasts,  the smallest,


and the biggest behind.


There is only the hairiest one  left.


Crispina, one step forward.


Bernadette, one step forward.


Get alongside of each other.


Crispina, take your hands away  from there!


Bernadette, you have more hair  there than on your head.


But the winner is... Crispina.


Crispina, you won!  Why are you crying?


I don't know, Sister.


Neither do I.  We were playing.


Everyone put your clothes back on  ! It's time for tea.


"Every day of my life  belongs to You, my Lord.


Every act of my life  should be taken


with the pure intention  of honoring only You.


From this moment on,  I offer them to Your sacred heart,


and with this offering, I  consecrate them to Your glory.


And I will undertake them,  aiming at perfection.


Do not allow, my Savior,


that they be soiled by anything  unworthy of your sacred heart."


What is going on down there?


- Crispina, what are you doing?  - I don't know, Sister.


- She's very hot, Sister.  - Take her to bed.


Let's go.


I'm sorry, Sister.


I think I made a mess.  I'm sorry.


"I give up everything that  diminishes the value of my offering.


I give up vanity, self love,  human respect.


Grant to me, oh Lord, the chance  to begin, to go on, to finish


this day in Your grace,


with the sole intent  of pleasing and honoring You. Amen."


I am dying.


You're not dying. You have fever.  It's probably the flu.


- You can die from the flu.  - Old people die, not the young.


Did you sleep here all night?


Did you pee in bed?


I never did,  even when I was little.


Then why is it so wet?


Thank God it didn't go through  the other side.


Otherwise, we would've had to tell  the nuns. You don't want that, huh?


Hold this.


Sleep with your clothes on.


I'll look for some sheets.


- I can do it myself.  - Then do it.


I'll be right back.


- What is going on now?  - I lost my medal.


My St. Christopher.


Relax. Let's see  if it's on the floor.


Where is my St. Christopher?


- I don't know.  - Where is it?


Crispina, don't worry.  Relax and lie down.


It probably fell in the cafeteria.  I'll go get it.


Get under the covers  like a good girl.


- What'll I do?  - I'll find it.


St. Christopher... What will I do?


She's not well!


She's not...






Crispina, what are you doing?


- You'll never find St.  Christopher. - I will!


Get down from there and go to bed.


- This is my punishment.  - For what?


I promise I will find it.


Come down.  Come on.


Lie down.


If someone dies from the flu,  it is not his fault.


Of course it isn't.  In any case, you won't die.


What if I do?


- Will you be a good girl now?  - Yes.


I must get back to work.


Wake up!


Wake up!


We have to try to lift her!


Get her legs and lift her!


- Crispina, breathe!  - Come on!


Try to breathe!


Try to breathe!


- She can't!  - Hurry!


Crispina, don't move around.


Loosen it!


- I can't. It's too tight.  - You have to loosen it!


- Lift her more!  - Yes, lift her up!


That's it. Don't move her.


She's almost made it!


Crispina, why did you want  to kill yourself?


What a stupid question  to ask in this place.




I wanted to die from the flu,  but you said I wouldn't die.


You must not kill yourself.  It's the biggest of mortal sins.


You would go to Hell.


- I saw your little boy today.  - My little one!


- How was he?  - Fine.


He seemed very sad because you  weren't there. He missed you.


Think how sad he would be  if he didn't find you anymore.


I must go back to bed.


We all feel desperate in this  place,


but remember that one day  you'll leave, and play with your son.




- I don't know.  - Then why do you say it?


- Because it's true!  - Then tell her when.


In a week, a month, a century?


I don't know. I'm trying to  convince her not to commit suicide.


I know what you're doing,  but I don't know why.


- I lost St. Christopher, Father.  - Let's hurry, or I'll be late.


Una O'Conner has decided to give  herself to the convent.


This is the biggest recognition  that a young repentant


can give to our order.


She turned her back on the evils  and temptations of the world.


She'll see the light of the Lord  in this convent until her death.


Her sacrifice and  transformation...


is something that should enlighten  all of you.


Thank you, Una.


In the name of the Father,  the Son and the Holy Spirit.




- May the Lord be with you.  - And with Thy Spirit.


Grant me justice, oh God, and  defend my cause against merciless people.


Save me from infamous  and betraying men.


- The body of Christ.  - Amen.


- The body of Christ.  - Amen.


- The body of Christ.  - Amen.


Now enter another time,  and chat while you enter.


Go on!






Now show her the flowers  in the garden.


Relax. Be yourselves!


Try to be natural.


He is not a man of God.


Want a ride?  Want a ride or not?


Why the heck did you stop me?


You're in there, right?  They even take retards now.


- Lord, have pity on us.  - Lord, have pity on us.


- Christ, have pity on us.  - Christ, have pity on us.


You said you would find  my St. Christopher.


You shouldn't make promises  that you can't keep.


Bernadette says someone  must have taken it.


They're hiding it on purpose.


You said you would find it.  You promised.


I feel like telling the nuns  what you said about Father Fitzroy.


- Mother of our Redeemer.  - Pray for us.


- Gracious Virgin.  - Pray for us.


- Venerable Virgin.  - Pray for us.


What did you do to my bed?


My St. Christopher!  You found it!


God bless you!


Disgusting thief!


Stop it, for the love of God!


You are a real bitch,  a disgusting thief!


She was hiding Crispina's  St. Christopher under her bed.


The only thing in the world  that girl has, and you took it!


You found my St. Christopher.  Thank you.


Don't you understand?  She stole it!


Yes, but you found it.


Am I the only one to think  that what she did was terrible?


Then go to hell all of you!


- Why?  - She wasn't suffering enough.


We must repent, don't forget it.  We must suffer.


Don't annoy me and let me sleep.


Come on, girls.


"...but that a man  prove himself,


and eat of that bread  and drink from that chalice.


Because he who eats and drinks  without dignity,


eats and drinks  his just punishment.


That is the word of the Lord."


Let us give thanks to God.


A reading from the holy gospel  according to John.


Glory to you, oh Lord.


"At that time Jesus said  to the crowd of Jews:


My flesh is real food  and my blood is a real drink.


He who eats of my flesh and drinks  of my blood, lives inside of Me,


and I live inside him,  like the Father who gives life..."


I don't know what's happening  to me. Help me.


I don't know why.  I feel it all over me.


Sit down.


Sit down. Sit down, Crispina.


- Sit down.  - It hurts!




It won't go away.




Come on. Sit down.


- You are not a man of God!  - Crispina!


You're not a man of God!  You're not a man of God!


You're not a man of God!


You're not a man of God!  You're not a man of God!


You're not a man of God!  You're not a man of God!


Crispina, wake up.




Come on. Wake up.


On your feet.


That's it. Good girl. Come...


- Let's go.  - Where?


I'm sending you  to Mount Vernon hospital.


They can take better care  of you there.


- Mount Vernon?  - Yes, Mount Vernon.


- Mount Vernon is for lunatics.  - Let's go.


I don't want to go.  I'm not crazy.


Stop, Crispina.  Don't create any more problems.


She told the truth, Sister.


- What did you say?  - Nothing.


- No, you said something.  - I'm sorry. I was confused.


Confused? I'd say so!




Crispina,  let them take you downstairs.


Everything is alright.  You must relax. Stop it!


Crispina, be a good girl and  relax.


- Help!  - Let go of the bed. Let go!


I said to let go.  They won't do anything to you!


Stop screaming.  Let them take you outside.


Take her away! Don't worry.  Nothing will happen to you!


We know that confession  is good for the soul.


So, in the presence  of the archbishop,


Mr. And Mrs. Lannigan,  the sisters, all of you,


there's a confession I want to  make.


I warn you that you may  find it disturbing.


For many years,  more than I can remember,


I had a secret love...  in fact, a dozen of them.


I've been in love since I was    ... with movies.


It's true!  My father took me to the movies.


There were silent films at the  time.


He liked light films,  but I liked westerns.


I'll never forget my mother's  expression the day I told her


that if I didn't join a convent,  I would become a cowgirl.


Fortunately, God gave me  the vocation,


but I never forgot those old  movies.


Today that we celebrate the birth  of our Lord Jesus Christ,


Mr. Lannigan, a respectable  businessman from Dublin,


has brought a projector  and a film for us today!


Isn't it marvelous?


As you, I don't know  what film it is,


but I know it's not a western.  Right, Mr. Lannigan?


Films have changed greatly  since my days,


and have taken the devil's road,  as has much of modern society,


therefore, non other than  the archbishop in person


chose the film for us today.


Sister Jude,  shut off the lights, please.


You don't become a nun  to escape from life, Bet.


Not because you lost something,  but because you found something.


Good morning. I have a letter from  Father Donnelly for Sister Bridget.


God of Heaven, take away  all the bitterness from my heart.


Please help me see Your holy will  in each thing.




Please help me.


You can't enter there.


It's beautiful, beautiful!


A really wonderful movie.


I think we should all thank  the archbishop.


Thank you very much.


What is going on?


I have a letter here regarding  my sister, Margaret Maguire.


It's from Joseph Donnelly.  I am her brother, Eamonn.


Margaret Maguire.


Come. Let's go. What is it?


Let's go!


Sister Jude,  turn on the lights, please.


Now go back to your dormitories.


Do you realize how simple it is?


All it takes is a brother to come.


Incredible, isn't it?


- Margaret, hurry up!  - Don't tell me what I have to do!


Don't you ever dare again!  Where have you been these   years?


Are you crazy?  I had to grow up!


You should have grown up  more quickly!


Unfortunately, there wasn't enough  time to organize things.


- We did what we could.  - Splendidly, I must say.


I very much admire  this touching reunion.


Please let me by, Sister.


I hope you are kidding.


Do you really think someone  here will move aside


for people like you  or your supposed brother?


I would punish such insolence  very severely.


I am not moving, Sister.


Okay. It means  you will stay here with us.


"Our Father who art in Heaven,


hallowed be Thy name.  Thy kingdom come,


Thy will be done,  on Earth as it is in Heaven."


I think we should leave.


"...and forgive us our trespasses,


as we forgive those who trespass  against us.


Lead us not into temptation,  and deliver us from evil."


- Excuse me, Sister.  - Yes, Katy?


I don't feel very well today,  Sister.


Drink a glass of water.


Yes, Sister.


Jesus, Joseph and Mary.


Did they tell you I was dying?


They wanted to send me  to the hospital, but I refused.


I wanted to stay here with  the nuns and my friends.


You knew my mother, didn't you?


What are you blabbing about,  old witch?


She was always kind to me.


My father said my brain was weak,


but she was always kind.


She had everything from life,  yes or no?


Raise your head.


She told me to stay away  from soldiers.


She had told me.


He came into the world  on October   .


I called him Freddy.


I hoped my mother  would come get me,


but there were so many of us  at home...


We were poor,


and she said I would be happy here  with the nuns,


and all my friends.


Don't leave.  Please, don't leave.


The nuns don't want you  to leave me alone.


I'll tell the nuns  if you leave me alone.


All the sisters want  is that the work be done.


Don't you realize that?


The sisters don't care  about you, and neither do I.


So do yourself and me a big favor.


Hurry up and die.


Here he is.


If you'll come with me to my  office, we'll fill out the documents.


Come in.


Sorry to bother you, Sister.  I'd like to ask you something.


It will soon be my son's birthday.


I was wondering if I could send  him a birthday card.


I know you can't tell me where  he is, but if I give it to you,


you could send it to the people  he is living with.


Help me look for a key this big.  It's the key to that.


Come on! Look for it!


Where can it be?


It's just a birthday card, Sister.


I won't sign it,  and he won't know who sent it.


It would be foolish


to send a birthday card to a child  who doesn't know who sends it.


You would confuse him  and ruin his birthday.


- But I am his mother.  - No, you're not.


A mother puts a child to bed,  comforts him, feeds him,


dresses him, educates him!  You did nothing of all this.


Do you want to take credit  for something you didn't do?


No, Sister.


Then forget this nonsense  and look for that darn key!


I didn't want that!  It's just...


The cookie boxes were perfect.


I should've put it in another  place. There's all that money in there.


Did you find it?


No, Sister.


I'm sorry, Sister.


Oh, God!


That nice lady is here.


They didn't tell her!


She's not here!


They took her away  over a year ago!


- They should have told you.  - Patricia!


Oh, God. Let's go.


Aren't you dead yet?


You got what you deserved.


I just wanted...


Excuse me, Sister.  Katy is dead.


May she rest in peace.


Remember this punishment.


If you talk with someone  from outside again,


you'll receive the same treatment  every day for a month.




both of you,


go back to work.


Do you know that we'll get old  and die in here?


Nobody will come for me.


Or for you, either.


I don't want to feel like this  for the rest of my life.


I don't want to end up  like one of them.


Well, are you ready?


Ready for what?


- We have to go.  - Go where?




Are you completely mad?


Look what she did to me  just because I spoke to someone.


What would she do if I got caught  trying to leave?


It doesn't matter.  She'd do it anyway.


For something or for nothing.  It has no importance for her.


We have to leave.


We have to leave right now.


What's the front door key  look like?


It's big and black.


Give me that key!


What are you doing?




Give me the key.


Give it to me!


Give me the key, Sister!


Leave the key, disgusting witch!


Leave it or I swear I'll stick  this down your throat!


Give me the key.


Stop! Stop!


- Stop!  - Go away! Don't touch her!


Don't you dare follow us!


Stay in there, damn it!


Thanks again for the money,  clothes and everything.


As soon as I find a job,  I'll pay you back. I promise.


Good luck, Patricia.


- My name is Rose.  - Rose.


Wait a minute.


- Will you manage?  - I have my ticket. I'll make it.


Liverpool is in England, right?


Yes, I think so.


What about you?  She'll get the police after you!


They can't touch me.  I'm an apprentice hairdresser.


Therefore, respectable.


They can't touch you  if you're respectable.


I'll write to you.




Good luck.


Sit down!










Special help by SergeiK