Magnum Force Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Magnum Force script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Clint Eastwoody Dirty Harry movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Magnum Force. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Magnum Force Script

This is a .44 Magnum,
the most powerful handgun in the world.

And it could blow your head clean off.

Do you feel lucky?

Mr. Ricca!
How do you feel about your acquittal?

lt proves what l always said,
l had nothing to do with Scarza's murder.

Who could have killed
Anthony Scarza and his family?

That's a stupid question. Get off my back!

Mr. Weinstein, explain the technicality
involving the lack of admissible evidence.

That's a legality
that can't be explained at this time.

Mr. Weinstein, you don't seem surprised
about the decision.

l don't know why they waste
the taxpayers' money.

This whole thing is an arbitrary attack
on a legitimate businessman.

-Do you have any comments?
-What, dear?

Do you have any other comments?

l'll give you a comment:
Their minds are dead.

-What do you mean by that?
-Their minds are dead.

Mr. Ricca means he is very pleased
with the decision.

There's a big crowd.
Do you fear for your life?

No, of course not.

Mr. Estabrook.

As the prosecutor,
how do you feel about the court's decision?

lt's happened before,
it'll probably happen again.

l have no more comments.

l'm sorry, no comments. No comments!

l have no comments.

You know what l think?
l'll tell you what l think!

Fuck the courts, that's what l think!

They've already wasted too much time
worrying about the rights of killers!

Ricca, you're a killer!

Get in the car! Go on!


Today the noted labor leader
Carmine Ricca...

...was acquitted on a technicality:
the lack of admissible evidence.

Ricca had been charged with complicity...

           the murders of labor reformer
Anthony Scarza and his family.

When he appeared outside
the courthouse this afternoon, a free man...

           touched off a wild,
mob-like demonstration.

But the police were finally able
to bring it under control...

...and there have been
no reports of injuries.

But one can expect an uproar
from an angry and alarmed crowd...

...which fully expected Ricca
to be convicted.

And l'm sure we haven't heard
the last of the Ricca case.

Art Brown reporting from city hall.


Gino, for Christ's sake.

Come on, Carmine.
l'm driving this thing like a baby carriage.

Could l see your driver's license, please?

Do you know who that is
sitting back there?

l'll still have to see
your driver's license, please.

l'll have to find it.

Do you know why you're being stopped?

Yes, we know, Officer,
and you're making a big mistake.

-You crossed a double line back there.
-A double line?

Take it easy.

Whatever you say, Officer.

l just happened to find it, sir.

That's right, Simple Simon.

Check, see if it's stolen.

l want this bastard busted out of his job.

We'll take care of this guy.
You fellas, just take it easy.

-This car registered to you?
-To him.

-l'll have to see the registration.
-Come on, give me that license.

Hi, Harry. ls this your case?


Hello, Harry. What are you doing here?

This couldn't have happened
to a nicer bunch.

Ricca, Weinstein, his attorney.
James Cantina, the driver.

What about the bodyguard?

We're checking that out now, Lieutenant.

Looks like somebody saved
the taxpayers a lot of money, doesn't it?

Callahan, what're you doing here?
You're on loan to stakeout.

We had nothing hot on,
besides, we were close.

Callahan, you get your lying ass in gear
and get back to that stakeout squad.

Anything else, you call it in.

-Who do you think did this, Briggs?
-You're on loan to stakeout, Callahan.

That's right, Lieutenant, you saw to that.

l've got nothing personal
against you, Callahan.

But we can't have the public crying,
''police brutality''...

...every time you're on the street.

You just might need me on a job like this.

Whoever did this was very good at it.

You'd sure be the one to know, Harry.

-Well, l just work for this city, Briggs.
-So do l.

Longer than you.

And l never had to take my gun out
of its holster, once. l'm proud of that.

Well, you're a good man, Lieutenant.

A good man always knows his limitations.

Lt. Briggs?

What did you get?

Well, it looks like
they were killed with a Magnum.

The boys now are checking
the blood types and for fingerprints.

What do you have?

Driver's license. Doesn't look at all
like the usual gangster crap, does it?

Briggs has his nose up his ass today.

l guess he thinks
that's where his promotion is.

See you later, Harry.

What's with you and Briggs anyway?


He knows this is the kind of case
l should be on. lt's just a matter of time.

Hey, Early, want to get in on this?

What the hell is that about?

They're giving odds on how long
you'll stay alive being my partner.

Are you kidding?


How long did your last partner go?

A couple of weeks.

Don't worry, he's still alive,
teaching college.

You have another trade, Smith?

No, no. Do you?

No, but Bill Mackenzie does.

Who in the hell is Bill Mackenzie?

He's an ex-homicide man,
has a snack shop out at the airport.

Greatest burgers in town. Hungry?

-How can you be hungry after seeing that?
-Seeing what?

So, Ricca finally bought it.
There must be hope for the world yet.

How about you? Do you want something?

-We got chili and garlic bread today.
-No, thank you. l don't feel very hungry.

ln broad daylight at close range?
Must've looked like ripe melons.

Operations Supervisor, Mr. Phoenix,
use white courtesy telephone.

Now all keep calm.

l'll never forget the Floyd case.

Got it with an axe during the rush hour.

How about some cream pie?

Operations Supervisor, Mr. Phoenix,
use white courtesy telephone.

Must be trouble.
That's the airport code name for trouble.

We've got    people being terrorized
by those maniacs...

           boarding area B right now.

What's taking so long?
They said they'd be there in    minutes?

Where's that overseas pilot?

l don't understand.
How did they get through security?

-l don't know.
-Any problems here?

What are you doing here?

-l'm sorry, you'll have to leave.
-l'm a police officer.

We've got two frantic hijackers
on our New York flight.

-Have you called the FBl?
-They're on their way here right now.

But the hijackers want an overseas pilot
before they take off.

May l make a suggestion?

Good afternoon.

You took your goddamn time about it.
Now, close that door!

All right, what's in there?

Overseas charts and flight plans.

Set it down!

All right, turn around.

Stay there.

All right, turn around here.

Here! Now get in there!

-lt's all yours now.
-All right, get this thing up!

Where to?

You get us up,
l'll tell you where to when we're up.

You want to put us in take-off position?

Starting three.

Move it!

All right, l'll take it.

That's right, Lieutenant. We were lucky
to have one of your men here.

He's on board now, an lnspector Callahan.


Excuse me, Captain.
l know this may sound silly...

...but can you fly?

No. Never had a lesson.

Sit down!

What are you doing here, Lieutenant?

Harry! You crazy son of a bitch!
l could've killed you.

Yeah, l noticed that, Charlie.
What the hell you doing?

l haven't seen you in a coon's age.

l been meaning to drop by,
but we've been kind of busy.

Yeah, well,
l ain't living with Carol anymore.

Sorry to hear that.

Yeah. lt's my third time at bat.

Where's the time go?

l'm afraid of time.

l know you    years already, ever since
l first came out here, you realize that?

You don't look older to me.
Do l look older to you?

Why don't you put in
for some desk work, Charlie?

You don't need the streets anymore.

We should've put our    in the Marines.

These days,
a cop kills a hoodlum on the street...

...he might as well just dump
the body some place.

Because those snot-nosed
young bastards...

...down at the DA's office will crucify them
one way or another.

A hood can kill a cop,
but let a cop kill a hood....

Am l right?

You put in plenty of time,
why don't you go for retirement?

What the hell, you don't need this.

l know you    years.
l'll tell you something, l'll never retire.


l'm going out fighting.

That's the only way to go. Am l right?

You boys rookies?

Yes, sir. Traffic.

l'm John Davis. This is Phil Sweet.

That's Red Astrachan, Mike Grimes.

-You're lnspector Harry Callahan, no?
-That's right.

What are you doing here?
Don't you have regular times for this?

You shouldn't be on the streets
if you can't shoot well.

-Killers don't make allowances.
-You're in big trouble.

Can't fault you there.

Are you shooting
in the combat championship next week?

l always do.

-You win every year, don't you?
-Became sort of an institution around here.

Yes, sir, we've heard all about you.

This is about the only time
l get this place alone.

We'll leave if you'd like
the range to yourself.

No, that's all right.

What kind of a load do you use in that .  ?

A light special.

This size gun gives me better control
and less recoil...

...than a .    Magnum with wadcutters.

That's not bad.

Care to try?

No, sir. No, l don't think so.

-Come on, give it a try.
-Go on, Sweet.

l'm farsighted.

Don't drop it.

Hey, that's not bad.

Well, l think it's just a little heavy for me.
l missed one.

You'll get used to it.

Where did you learn to shoot?
Not around here.

No, sir, no.
Airborne Rangers, Special Forces.

And the rest of these guys, even close?

Well, Grimes here, he's...

...l guess he's about even with me.

Astrachan's a little better on a good day.

And Davis is just dog nuts.
He's a lot better.

A lot better? Sure show a sense of style.
Sweet, is it?

Yes, sir.

When l get back on Homicide,
l hope you boys will come see me.

-Thank you very much, we'd like that.

Let's go!

-Good night, sir.
-Good night.

Who buys? The sun was in my eyes!

You got to be on, Grimes.
The sun is always in your eyes.

How come l always have to buy
the beer for you turkeys.

Where do you want to go?

Put your hat on!

Come on now, baby.

Will you look at my ring!

lt's beautiful!

ls this a gang war?

You have nothing to say?

-Do you expect more murder or violence?
-l have nothing to say at this time.

-ls this a gang war, Lieutenant?
-No comment.

There were     murders last year.
Do you want to make a comment on that?

There'll be no bombs in pools.
This town belongs to the people.

We're gonna have law and order here.

That's all l have to say at this time.

What does that mean, Lieutenant?

You're it!

You're it!

Don't you want to play with us?

-Well, l don't know, sweetheart.
-Just a little while?

You're really getting the full treatment.

lt's not often you get a sit-down dinner.

Okay, kids. All right, that's enough.

-Just a little bit more, just five minutes?
-Let's go, let's go.

Say good night to Harry and off to bed.

-Good night.
-Good night, my love.

-Good night.
-Take it easy.

-Good night, Harry.

Take the jacket out of your mouth,

Boy, sometimes they're too much for me.

But then l can't afford
a woman coming in anymore.

l think you manage quite well.

Well, l just laugh all day long.

l'm glad you called.

Tell me, have you seen Charlie?

Yes, l saw him last night.

Wanted to see the kids...

...and then he started playing
a little Russian roulette with his revolver.

What happened?

What could l do? l went next door,
we finally got him to stop.

What do you tell your children...

...when they ask why their father
tried to shoot himself?.

What did you tell them?

l just said it was a special kind of sickness
that some people have...

...and that there are doctors
who could cure if they could.

Do you know where he's living right now?

l don't know and l don't care anymore.

He's so sick.
He shouldn't be allowed to carry a gun.

Do you know that he was living
in North Beach with some nude dancer?

Oh, well, l'm glad l'm over that one.

l do have to survive.

You will.

You know, Harry, if l ask you
a personal question, would you mind?

Sure, go ahead.

Are you sure?
Because, well, it's a little difficult.

Look, we've been friends a long time,
go ahead and ask.

Well, l'm just wondering
why you've never made a pass at me.


Goddamn it.

With all those kids
do you think l'll ever get laid?


Yes, just a moment.

lt's for you.

What's happening?


Yeah, Early, l saw it on TV.

l'll be right down.
l'll come in the back way.

-That's it, right?
-l have to go.

Good night, Harry.

Good night, sweetheart.

How's it going?

By the magazine rack.

The owner remembers seeing him
just before the last robbery.

Yeah, he doesn't look much
like a paying customer, does he?

-There's a car parked out in front.
-That's right, a no parking zone.

Get over there by the door
with that shotgun.


You think it'll be a hit or a miss?

Well, here's three salty looking dudes.

Freeze, nigger!

-What you got there?
-Don't you go setting off no alarm.

You! Get over here, fast!

-You got a safe, nigger?

You lying sack of shit.

All right, take it easy. Take it easy now.

Suck it!

Suck it!

l'll kill you. l said, suck it.

You go find that safe.

Right here is where l kill me a nigger.

Get on your knees.

Get on your knees.

Better get out there now.

Not yet.

Get on your knees.


Drop it!

All right, hold it!

l never shot a man.

Why don't you help the lady?

lt's all right, ma'am.

You handled yourself real well tonight.

You work close. Man, you work close.

Hey, where are you guys off to?

-The Downtown Bowl on Eddy Street.
-Oh, yeah. See you later.

-You know them?
-They came from the academy after me.

They stick together like fly paper.

Everybody thought
they were queer for each other.

l'll tell you something,
if the rest of you could shoot like them...

...l wouldn't care
if the whole damn department was queer.

Excuse me, it's very important.

What do you think you're doing?


We're not going to get there
unless you keep your eyes on the road.

Right on.      O'Farrell.

Too bad you're not on welfare.

l'd give you a freebie.


-Sidney, l was just on my way to see you.
-Where to?

-Just keep on going until l tell you to stop.
-Yes, sir.

Drop that flag.

-You're on your way to see me?
-Yes, Sidney, honest.

How come you didn't come by the crib?

-Don't shit me.

l wouldn't do that.

-l've been waiting for you for one week.
-l've been working the convention.

-No telephones in that hotel?
-l've been working like hell, you know?

Let me show you.

-See? lt's all here, all l got.

Looks like you've been holding out on me.

No, l haven't. l've been straight
with you, Sidney. You know me.

Damn right l know you. Let's see
how much there is in the titty bank.

Hello, Mr. Green.

Check out the snatch bank, too.

Damn right l know you.

l was gonna give it all to you,
but you didn't give me a chance.

Bitch, you had your chance.
l was your last chance.

Everybody else in town
threw your black ass out.

Help me!

Good day, sir.
ls this car registered to you?

Yes, sir. This is my car.

You must be new. You know who l am?

l'll still have to see your license
and registration, sir.

l believe you were speeding
coming across the bridge.



What's your name?


l've been living here for six months now.
lt's funny l've never met you before.

Well, l work a lot.

l know.

-You're the cop who lives upstairs.
-That's right.

Mind if l ask you a question?

No, go ahead.

What does a girl have to do
to go to bed with you?

Try knocking on the door.


Do you always live in the dark?

Well, you meet a better class of people
in the dark sometimes. Come on in.

Sit down.

Harry, this is Briggs. Are you alone?

No, actually,
l'm entertaining a young lady friend.

Put your pants back on, Callahan,
and come to the city morgue right away.

The morgue? What the hell for, Briggs?

l'm not on homicide anymore.
l'm a stakeout man now, remember?

Not anymore, Callahan.

You and your partner
are back on homicide.

This is a little dramatic, isn't it, Briggs?
Not your usual style.

lt's meant to be, Callahan.

This thing might be bigger
than even we think it is.

Hijacking and gambling.


Narcotics and prostitution.

This is the cream in the bottle.

Someone wants
to put the courts out of business.

So far, you've said nothing wrong.

This one just came in an hour ago.

Somebody wants it all.
This guy was just a pimp.

That's one of his girls.

How did she get it?

Sometime before he got hit, he poured
a can of drain cleaner down her throat.

That shows a certain sense of style.

You're all heart, Callahan.

Am l gonna have to have him
leaning over my shoulder?

You work with Briggs on this, Callahan.

But if you ever lean out of line, so help me,
l'll flop you lower than whale shit.

Speaking of whale shit,
what have you turned up, Briggs?

Nobody in my department
is sitting on their ass.

See this thing, Callahan? The chief.

He calls me on this all the time.
Even in the can.

l haven't been out of my shoes
in    hours...

...and still we have no witnesses, not one.

ln these cases, there's always
an officer right on top of the crime.

But nobody's ever seen a thing.

-Who was the officer on this one?
-A patrolman, Sweet.

Wasn't it, Briggs?

Sweet seems like a good man.

l'll get on the ballistic reports
first thing in the morning.

We ran all the slugs through ballistics.
We'll never see those guns.

lt was too professional,
you're wasting your time.

Well, it takes me time, Briggs.

A man has to know his limitations.

Warm enough?

You're my first cop.

Guess that'll be two firsts tonight,
won't it?

What do the others look like?

The gun was a .    Magnum.

The other bullets are all too deformed
to do us any good.

Hollow points, fired point-blank, you know.
We were lucky to get these two.

l found them in the pimp's car.

.    Magnum?

Maybe it's a cop. Maybe it's Harry.

Nobody hates hoodlums
as much as he does.

Whoever it is, he enjoys it.

lt's possible the man was dead
with the first shot.

The others were thrown in
just for good measure.

-He unloaded a whole magazine into him.
-One big mothering hole, huh?

Well, everybody has to pay something.

He would have to be standing right here,
this close...

...point-blank range.

The driver's license
and the $    bill were out.

Almost like he was showing it
to a traffic cop.


From what we have, it figures somebody
to be impersonating a police officer.

On the cars, at least.
lt's been done before.

This close, it would have to be
somebody he would never recognize.

Or never suspect.

Lou Guzman, ex-meat lugger
with a first-grade education.

He started working for the old boss
of bosses as a hitter.

He controls narcotics state-wide,
and now dabbles in prostitution...

...has big friends everywhere.
l want Casale and DiGiorgio on him.

Next. Thank you.

This one is for your special talents,

Frank Palancio.

Two hundred and twelve pounds.

lndicted for murder    times,
no convictions.

Complains about his health now.

Suffers from ulcers, migraine headaches.
Dangerously violent.

At one point,
he was Ricca's principle assassin.

lf you mix it with him, he won't back off.

He's all yours, Callahan.

That's very nice, Lieutenant,
but l don't think Palancio--

l want you on him, Callahan.

l'd bust Palancio for stepping
on a crack on the sidewalk if l could...

...but this isn't his style.
Not the cars anyway, it's too direct.

Callahan, you just keep your nose
pressed against Palancio's ass...

...until l get a warrant
from the DA's office to bring him in.

And l want the first conviction
on this animal.

He's liable to be your next victim.

What are you asking for, Lieutenant?

l'm not asking you to follow him, lnspector.
For the last goddamn time, l'm telling you.


Nick Royale, Palancio's No.   hitter.

He's had good training.

What's happening?

Nothing, just a lot of peeping and checking,
checking and peeping.

l knew an old boy once
who used to keep pigs under his bed.

Pigs? The eating kind?

The eating kind.
ls all you ever think of your stomach?

That's very interesting.
l think we better get going.


-They're splitting up. Which one, Harry?
-We'll stay with these two.

Across the bridge,
it's out of our jurisdiction.



Stick with the money.

Pull over and stop.

What are you trying to do?
He doesn't even know we're cops.

He may panic, and besides,
we don't belong over here anyway.

l hope he does panic.

Then l'll get him for    other murders.

And if he doesn't...

...then l may be right about something
that's been nagging at me.

l sure hope l'm not.


l don't want to be winning bets
for anybody.

Go a little faster, l'm on their side.

-Roll down your window.
-What? Are you out of your mind?

-l've never been wrong yet, have l?
-l don't know why l'm doing this.

-Say, excuse me. Could you help us out?
-What do you want?

Maybe you could help us,
we seem to be lost.

We were looking for the entrance
to San Quentin. You know where that is?

lt's back there. Don't you see too good?

Yeah, l see fine. l just wanted to know
whether you knew where San Quentin was.

And you do, don't you, asshole.

Get you yet, you son of a bitch.

You always gotta do things your way,
don't you?

No wonder Briggs stays on your tail.

You do things someone else's way
and you take your life in your own hands.

That son of a bitch Guzman!

He hasn't gone out for almost
   hours now.

Hey, one of our guys took a spill.

lt's Charlie McCoy! Seems to be okay.

Let me take a look.

Yeah, he's okay.

There he is.

So, all you've got to do
is sit around all day, Guzman?

This coke is out of sight!

Oh, Guzman gets the best, baby.

Oh, you bitch. Don't spill it.

That stuff's worth $    an ounce.

You better not spill it.

Don't get so uptight.

Nobody says ''don't'' to me.
You understand? Nobody.

l never touch the stuff.

You want to put that over there now?

Take over for me, will you, Ed?

Damn, l wish something would happen.

Take it easy.

That's what stakeouts are all about.

No, please! No!


-Just what the hell is going on?
-Somebody killed a cop.

Folks, there's been a little trouble here.
Everyone stand back.

Please, ma'am, move back.

There's been some trouble.

What happened?

Everything seems to be all right, folks.

What's going on?

Move it, people.

Please, sir, stand back.

Yes, sir.

Yes, sir.

No, sir. We won't let anything
out to the press.

Yes, sir.

You endangered an entire investigation
by trying to push something.

Not to mention your own lives.

You blew the whole Palancio stakeout.

lnstead of keeping him under surveillance
as l told you to...

           had to harass him.
What do you have to say about that?

What do l tell Avery? What?

You tell him it's not Palancio.
You tell him it's a traffic cop.

A cop?

That's right.

A traffic cop. Are you out of your mind?

Do you expect me to believe
that a traffic cop...

           killing off all the top criminals
in the city? Who?

lt's Charlie McCoy.

He's ready for the rubber gun squad.
He even tried to kill himself.

Charlie McCoy.

Guzman was hit today.

A cop was killed. lt was Charlie McCoy.

-Yes, Charlie McCoy.

The only reason l don't bust you
into the bag this minute...

           l know the two of you
were close friends.

l was just about to call his wife.
Or you can, if you want to.

l know he had kids.


-Who reported it?


What happened
to the DiGiorgio stakeout team?

lt was an accidental coincidence.
Davis happened to be going by, it happens.

McCoy was already dead
when he got there.

Any witnesses?


-l'll make that call.
-Go ahead.

Harry, if it means anything coming
from me, l'm sorry about Charlie.

But it's Palancio, believe me.

l'll have a warrant in    hours.
You can pick him up.

He's all yours.

Well, thank you for coming, Harry.

You sure you have to leave?

l won't have any place to go
for a sit-down dinner anymore.

l never really did like it here very much.

l always liked the change of seasons.

l'm going to take him home. lt's time.

lt's time he went home.

Come on, kids, let's get in the car.

lt was nice of that young man
to help us with the children.

Goodbye, Harry. We'll all miss you.

'Bye, doll.

Take them
to the passenger terminal, please.

lt was nice of you to come out.
You didn't have to do that.

lf l'd have been there sooner,
he might still be alive.

He didn't deserve to get it that way.

lf there's anything l can do....

l feel responsible somehow.

The next shooter is Callahan.
Davis on deck.

You sure shot the pants off
of everybody with that score, Harry.

l've never seen you smoother.

By the way, l personally want to tell you...

           sorry l am
about what happened to Charlie.

What l can't figure out, Frank,
is how that kid, Davis, got in there first.

You guys were right across the street.

l don't have a goddamned idea, Harry.
The kid came out of nowhere.

We were in that garage
before you could spit.

Maybe l'm slowing down in my old age
or something, l don't know.

l want to be the first to congratulate you
on what l think will be the winning score.

You shaded me by seven points.

The only person now
who has a chance is Davis.

Shoot 'em up!

l think the kid beat you, Harry.

lt happens.

Harry, he edged you by four points.

That evens it up on the overall champion.

You have your choice in the shoot-off.

Bull's eye or combat?



Five,    seconds. Score, perfect.

Good luck, sir.

A good guy!

That last one was a good guy!

But l'm sorry, Harry, you hit a good guy.

You had a bad break.
l really don't deserve it.

You won, didn't you?

-Yes, sir, but--
-That's all that matters.

You mind if l try that one?

Chester, how about six?

Not bad. l seem to have lost the last one.

You get used to it.

l can see how you would, at that.

You said five minutes
and l've been waiting for a half an hour.

Don't you ever get hungry?

-lt just didn't seem like a half hour.
-Yeah, well it has been.

l went over to my butcher's yesterday
and picked up some veal.

Pops is really an artist, man. l could
watch that man cut meat all day long.

Why don't you come home with me and....

My wife's a good cook.
Have a little dinner with us.

No, thanks. l just saw something
that killed my appetite.

We'll catch those animals with their pants
down. l was going to call you at home.

We got our search warrants
and multiple charges.

We're going to make a city-wide raid
tomorrow morning.

Palancio is yours.
Just don't take him out head-first, Harry.

l think you'll find what l want to show you
in ballistics very interesting.

You'll find more leads than you can
shake a stick at tomorrow morning.

-Good morning, Harry. Sir.

Do you mind excusing us
for a few minutes?


There's only two.

-l wonder what happened to the others.
-Federal boys have them.


Take a look.

Close, real close.

But there's still a lot of lines
that don't match up.

All this proves is that these two bullets...

...came from barrels
with a similar twist and width of rifling.

You don't think it would stand up
as evidence?

As it is, no.

But l'll have a full comparison report made,
no problem.

You're probably right.
Besides, it isn't necessary yet.

What do you mean, ''yet''?

Where'd you get that slug?

-l'd just as soon not say for the time being.
-Don't play games on this.

Whose side are you on anyway?

lt's just a wild shot
and l'm probably wrong.

l'd like to handle it my own way.

By the way, l'd like to have Davis
and Sweet as my back-up squad tomorrow.

They're just rookies for Christ's sake.

You drum up somebody in the department
who can shoot as well and l'll use them.

Goddamn it,
there isn't supposed to be any shooting.

Besides, they don't have the experience yet
for a job like this.

How the hell's a man supposed to get
experience if nobody gives him a chance?

And Davis is the new pistol champion.

Suppose they panic and start shooting?

Nothing wrong with shooting,
as long as the right people get shot.

-Let him know who you are and keep cool.

l want you to keep an eye
on Davis and Sweet.

What for?

Just do it, will you?

All right.

-You all set?
-All set.

We'll take off in three cars.

Davis and Sweet will make the arrest.
Early will cover.

l'll be on the back at the pier
in case anybody makes a break for it.

lf there'll be trouble, that's where it'll start.

We're holding the other squads back
until you've made your arrest.

Yours is the most important, it'll be
the first. We don't want any foul-ups.


l'd never walk up to a door with Harry,
too many people don't like him.

Thanks. l needed that.

-You boys ready?
-Yes, sir.

-Thank you for requesting us.
-Sir, we won't let you down.

Well, l'm depending on that.


Who is this?

What was that, Nickie?

Somebody said we'll be hit in two minutes.
They'll be dressed like cops.

Did it sound like anybody you know?

No, l couldn't tell.

Ed, Chuck...

...get over to the windows.

l got the water side.

l'll take the street side.

lf they are cops, this could be a set-up.

After the holes they put in Ricca
you want me to wait and see?

lf they're cops, they'll have papers.

Car coming, Frank.

There's a big guy out there.

-He got a uniform on?

He ain't no cop.
Cops always come in the front door.

Another car.

Why didn't they come in squad cars
if they're cops?

That big guy's working himself around
by those containers.

He's got a gun out.

Two uniforms in it.

That ain't no cop's gun, Frank.

There's a cop in uniform coming up
to the door.

We aren't open. Come back tomorrow.

Police officers,
we'd like to ask you some questions.

Yeah, l'm just a watchman. Nobody's here.

We're looking for Mr. Frank Palancio.

Would you open the door?
We have a warrant for his arrest.

l said nobody's here, goddamn it!

We have warrants
for a search of the premises.

Serve them!

They got Sweet! Send some help! Quick!

Cease firing.

Throw your weapons out and come out
with your hands behind your heads.

-Fuck you!

You sure you don't want a local for this?
Takes about seven stitches.

No, thanks.

Okay, it's your ass.

My head, cut's on my head.

Why does everybody suddenly
become a comedian in here?

Does he have to stay in here?

No, l could stop and let the man's
brains run out all over his shoes.

Rogers, l don't need to have a doctor
display that kind of attitude.

A police officer is dead.


l got those warrants
for a search of the premises, Callahan...

...not for you to become
judge, jury and executioner.

lt was supposed to be a simple arrest.

Arresting a killer like Palancio
isn't always simple.

People are guilty until proven--

l mean....

Goddamn it, you know what l mean.

The city's on the edge
of the worst violence in its history...

...and you have to start
full-scale military operations.

l didn't start shooting at anyone
who didn't start shooting at me first.

Each time you pull out that gun,
my paperwork backs up for three months.

The chief and l have already
conferred on this matter.

A full investigation is warranted here.

What about a dead cop?

-l warned you against taking them.
-Sweet was killed with the first shot.

Besides they were tipped off.
They knew we were coming, Briggs.

How? Don't hand me that crap.

They knew we were coming.
After     arrests, l know the difference.

lf l have my way, Callahan, you won't make
another arrest as long as you live.

ls that all, Lieutenant?

No, that's not all.

l want that slug you showed me.

l ran that through ballistics, it was nothing.
The rifling was totally different.

lt's still State's evidence.
l want it anyway.

Eat it.

Look, Harry, if it means anything,
l think you got the wrong end of the stick.

-You do?

What did they find when they got in there?

Nothing. Palancio was as clean
as he could possibly be.

They knew we were coming, Harry.

Why do you figure they opened up on us?

They must've thought
it was a set-up like the others.

-lt was.

lt was a set-up, Early.

What l'll lay on you seems so far-fetched,
l can't even believe it myself.

l gave up being surprised
working with you anyway.

Would you be surprised if l told you...

...a bunch of rookie cops were the ones
who were doing all the killing?

See this?

l gave Briggs a phony for the time being.

This is a bullet l took out
of the target range.

lt came from Davis' gun.

lt matches up with the one
taken out of Charlie McCoy's body.

Davis? That's insane.

Maybe so, but somebody tipped-off
Palancio that we were coming.

Wanting me killed or Palancio
or hopefully both.

Yeah, but Sweet died today.

Sweet was sacrificed.

What's more important if l'm right,
l'll be sacrificed.

They've gotta figure l told you,
which means you'll be sacrificed.


lf anything happens to me,
l want you to give that to Lt. Briggs.


What happens if they get us both?

Then they win.

lt's not hard to understand
how this could happen, the way things are.

As incredible as it seems, there may be
a sub-organization within the police force.

Sort of a death squad
like they had in Brazil some years back.


Some nights l wake up, wonder
where the hell the world's going to.

l want you to take care of yourself,
you understand?



Jesus, what happened to your face?

Nothing, just a few stitches.

l was going to the market,
how about if l bring back a few beers?

Good, l could use a beer right about now.

l've got your key, so l'll get your mail, too.

All right, baby.

Keep it warm.

Do you have any idea how hard it is
to prosecute a cop?

You heroes have killed
a dozen people this week.

What are you gonna do next week?

Kill a dozen more.

ls that what you guys are all about,
being heroes?

All our heroes are dead.

We are the first generation...

...that's learned to fight.

We're simply ridding society
of killers that would be caught...

...and sentenced anyway
if our courts worked properly.

We began with the criminals
that the people know...

           that our actions would be understood.

lt's not just a question
of whether or not to use violence.

There simply is no other way, lnspector.

You of all people...

...should understand that.

Either you're for us or you're against us.

l'm afraid you've misjudged me.

-Hi, Sunny.
-Hi, Sue.

No, no!

Harry, what are you doing?

Hey, what's going on down here?

l'm taking the mailbox apart,
what does it look like?

-You people live here, don't you?

What are you doing to the mailbox?
Did you lose you key?

Why don't you mind
your own goddamn business.

That's my mailbox, too.
Don't you get smart with me!

Tampering with the mail
is a federal offense.

l'm calling the police.

l am the police.


The cop that lives upstairs?

What's that?

Plastic explosive.

A bomb?

That's right.

lf you'd bothered me any more,
we'd all be stuck to the ceiling.

-Do you want to hold it?
-No. l don't want to get involved.

Go to your apartment and stay there.
Don't open for anybody.

Homicide, Lt. Briggs,
lnspector Callahan calling.

Callahan, where are you?

Look, Briggs,
l just found a bomb in my mailbox.

l want you to get a man
over to Early's house right away.


l've got a bomb right here!

Now get a man over to Early's,
you hear me?


Stay right where you are.
l'll be down there myself.

Don't move.


Come on in.

l don't like looking down one of those.

Where's the bomb?

Right on the dresser.

All right. Let's get out of here.

Avery will want to see this.

You mind driving?
l want to take a closer look at this thing.

This thing could be activated
by your mailbox key.

Or by a timer.

Turn right, here.

Get on the freeway.

The freeway?

You got a new route to city hall,

Your gun's out of its holster, Briggs.
First time?

You know you're not going to city hall.

The only way you're going anywhere
is in a rubber bag.

Let me have your gun.

Now the shells.

Three. You always carry three.

Throw them out the window.

How do you figure on pulling this off,

l run the investigation, with your record,
l can make anything stick.

What l can't understand is,
why you of all people?

A hundred years ago in this city,
people did the same thing.

History justified the vigilantes,
we're no different.

Anyone who threatens the security
of the people will be executed.

-Evil for evil, Harry. Retribution.
-That's just fine.

But how does murder fit in?

When police start becoming
their own executioners...

...where's it gonna end, Briggs?

Pretty soon, you'll start executing people
for jaywalking.

And executing people for traffic violations.

Then you end up executing your neighbor
'cause his dog pisses on your lawn.

There isn't one man we've killed that
didn't deserve what was coming to him.

Yes, there is. Charlie McCoy.

What would you have done?

l'd have upheld the law.

What the hell do you know about the law?

You're a great cop, Harry.

You had a chance to join the team,
but you'd rather stick to the system.

Briggs, l hate the goddamn system.
But until someone comes along...

...with some changes that make sense,
l'll stick with it.

You're about to become extinct.

Get off at the next exit.



Briggs was right.
You guys don't have enough experience.

Just hold it right there, Callahan.

No tricks.

Your organization's through, Briggs.

There's a lot more where they came from,
believe me.

Move out of the way. Move it!

Uphold the law.

You just killed three police officers, Harry.

And the only reason
l'm not gonna kill you...

           because l'm gonna prosecute you
with your own system.

lt'll be my word against yours.

And who's gonna believe you?

You're a killer, Harry. A maniac!

A man's got to know his limitations.

Special help by SergeiK