Man In The Iron Mask Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Man In The Iron Mask script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Leonardo DiCaprio movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Man In The Iron Mask. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Man In The Iron Mask Script




Some of this is legend,



but at least

this much is fact —



when rioting citizens of France

destroyed the Bastille,



they discovered in its records

this mysterious entry...



You dead yet?






Porthos is...



I'm sorry, my dears.

You would have enjoyed it.



He's hung like a donkey.



- So are you!

- Really?



He's been asleep so long,

I'd forgotten.



OK, go on now.



Leave His Holiness alone.



I'll bring you back tomorrow,

when he's in a better mood.



Go on, ladies. Go!



Stop praying

and revel with me, Aramis!



I need my spirits lifted.



I'm old, I'm weak,

my strength is gone.






- I'm praying.

- I just said that.



Are you deaf, too?

I know you're blind,



because if you'd seen those tits

you'd have tears in your eyes.



There's more to life



than a good pair of tits.






If you can name me one thing,



one single thing,



that is more sublime



than the feel of a plump pink

nipple between my lips,



I'll build you a new cathedral.



- Forgiveness.

- Forgiveness?



Forgive me...



Forgive me...



Am I forgiven?



Am I forgiven?



Your forgiveness isn't sweeter

than a plump nipple.



Don't you understand?



I'm trying to pray!



You're always praying!









How are you, young pup?



You interrupted

a theological discussion.



- So I see.

- Welcome. Sit down.



No, I come upon

the King's business.



He wishes to see you.



You serve him loyally,



even though people throw

rotten eggs at his emblem.



D'Artagnan, look at you!



You look so young

and I feel so old.



The King says immediately.



One for all, d'Artagnan.



And all for one.



We were all Musketeers once.



I wonder how Athos is doing.



Relax, Raoul.



After all, you're my son.



How could any woman resist you?



When will you ask her?



Today, as we arrive...



or when we leave.



When I think about it,

I get confused.



Will this help?



Mother's ring.



I can't take this. It's yours.



She died giving you to me.



I want to die knowing it's worn

by the woman my son loves.



Go! Bring back your fiancée.



Your Majesty, the attack

will come at dawn.



No, no. Do not

underestimate the Dutch.



These troops will be

cut off here,



so shift them here and here.



Then we outnumber them there.



Send that.



Your Majesty!



The yellow sash.



As your advisors,

we feel that it's...



...our duty...

- Yes, our duty to inform you



that there are riots in Paris.






Paris is the most beautiful

city in the world.



Why should my people

feel anything



but pride and contentment?



Of course, Your Majesty.



I'm sure they are

content and proud.



But they are also starving.



If we distributed some of the

food reserved for the army...



The priest Aramis!



Father Aramis, His Majesty

is experiencing difficulty



- with the Jesuits.

- The Jesuits?



They have declared

His Majesty's wars unjust.



His Majesty should speak

to their leader.



But who is he?



No one can keep secrets

like the Jesuits.



Your Majesty.



You are a priest,

but once you were a Musketeer.



Like my father,



I have trusted you

with the gravest of missions.






I want you to find the

secret leader of the Jesuits.



And when you have,



for God and for France,



I wish you to kill him.



I know this is

a terrible thing I ask,



especially from a priest.



Can you accept this mission



and keep it private?



When I discover the identity

of this Jesuit rebel,



I will kill both him

and the man who told me.



Once a Musketeer,

always a Musketeer?



About these riots...



We have stocks

on the wharves now.



Distribute that.



But that food is spoiling.



That's why it wasn't

sent to the army.



Then you must hurry.



What an excellent idea,

Your Majesty.



Look at that stitching!



Don't they look glorious?



Not so glorious as you.



Who is that?



Raoul, the son of Athos.



François, you may like

young soldiers,



but I'm referring

to the beauty with him.



Her name is Christine.



Your Majesty?



What now, d'Artagnan?



Assassins falling from the sky?



I was not told

of the pig chase.



Look at these men's faces.



How they admire you.



With you protecting me,



what fool would try to harm me?



A fool's blade can be

sharper than his brain.



Let us play a game.



Let's pretend that I am king



and you are captain

of my Musketeers.



Pretend my wish is law,



and my wish is

to enjoy this party.



As should you.







ever since I arrived...



- Monsieur? Mademoiselle?

- No, thank you.



Captain, may I present

Christine Bellefort.




is my father's best friend.



I am honoured



you granted my request

to join the Musketeers.



The honour is mine.



One for all...



And all for one.



I love you.



And I love you, Raoul.



I'll never be rich,

but you have my heart.



Then I am richer than the King.



I have something to give you...



We offer a contest

of cunning and agility.



Behold our unicorn!



Whoever captures our unicorn,



shall win its treasure.



Now, to the chase!

I command you all!



The pendant will be yours!



Christine, isn't it?

I'd have thought it impossible,



but the excitement of the chase

has made you more beautiful.



Sire, I... thank you.



You blush.



You do not wish to look

beautiful for your king?



No, sire! I mean... yes...

Of course, sire!



- I mean, you are...

- It's all right.



You're not used

to these surroundings.



That is a condition

we can happily remedy.



You would fit nicely

as a lady-in-waiting.



His Majesty is...

very... very kind.



But I am engaged to Raoul —

or will be when he asks me.



You would choose a soldier



who has not yet proposed



above a king?



I can only be faithful

to my heart.



But how faithful

is that heart to you?



Wait, Christine!



Feed your people!






Get me a general!





Her Majesty

wishes a word with you.



Your Majesty?



I understand you saved

my son's life today.



God smiled upon us,

Your Majesty.



And you are not hurt?



- No, my lady.

- That is good.






Raoul, son of Athos,



has withdrawn his request

to join the Musketeers.



You have improved.



It's been so long!



So it has, my friend.



What's the occasion?



As you say, it's been too long.



The great d'Artagnan

must have the best wine.



If the great Athos offers,



then the great d'Artagnan

must drink.



I'm sorry I haven't been

to see you lately, my friend.



Head of the King's bodyguards?

Must keep you busy.



Especially with this king.



Still, I should

have come more often.



I belong to the past,



when grown men wore the uniform.



At least it gives you time



- to practise your violin.

- And feel sorry for myself.



My son is grown.

He proposed to a wonderful girl.



The errors of my life

are made right in him.



Now, for the life

I've always wished him,



- he's leaving home.

- Athos, I...



Out celebrating all night!



Raoul, look who's come to visit.



What's wrong?



I cannot make her a widow,



just as I've made her a wife.



I've been recalled

to my regiment.



But that makes no sense!



You've already served

at the front.



Has there been some disaster?



Has everyone else

been recalled?



I believe the King's eye

has fallen on Christine.



True, he noticed her,

but it has nothing to do...



The King is a dog!



And a coward!



But I am neither. And so I go.



Does the King have trouble

finding women?



I served his father.



Until I retired, I served him.



And now, to seduce a woman



who'll mean nothing to him

once he's had her,



he would put

my son's life in danger?



You knew this was happening!



That's why you came!



- I knew your temper...

- You came to restrain me?



I came to bring you hope!



I will speak

to the King personally.



I still have faith



he may become the king

we wish him to be.



You don't know what

it's like to have a son.



To have kissed his hair,

watched him grow.



Yes, fatherhood is a blessing

I can only imagine.



I have never known

a finer man than you,



but if the King harms my son

merely to take a lover,



then this king becomes my enemy!



As will any man who stands

between him and me!



Then I must hurry,



for I treasure your son...



as I treasure you.



Guard the gate!



Captain! The people say



the food the King ordered us

to distribute is rotten.



They're attacking Musketeers.



Get the gates!



- Prepare to fire.

- No! Close the gates!



Do not fire!



It's d'Artagnan!



Citizens of Paris, listen to me.



- I am one of you.

- We're starving!



They gave us garbage

not fit for rats!



Listen to me!



Listen, I beg you.



You're right, it is rotten.



I'll speak to the King myself.



You have my word.



And you will release those men,



for they serve France... and you.



Louis, you were right!



A woman has never known love



until she has known

the love of a king.



I'm hungry.



I'll have some food brought.



I like to eat alone.



By the way,

you're leaving tomorrow.



These passageways

are meant for my security,



not for you

to startle me to death.



It's for your security

that I've come.



I know about the rioting.



Your people want to love you,



but they are eating rotten food.



Rotten food?



I'll deal with that decisively.



There is another matter



of a more personal nature,

Your Majesty...



You are surrounded

by beautiful women.



Do you love any of them?



Quite frequently, actually.



And they love you?



How do you know, when a woman

is intimate with you,



that it is you

and not the crown she loves?



You think my affairs are empty?



I think it is possible



for one man to love

one woman all his life



and be the better for it.



You may be right.



Perhaps I haven't met a woman

with a heart like my own



until recently.



Would that be Christine?



D'Artagnan, I fear

you watch me too closely.



Did you send Raoul to war

so that you could pursue her?



Do you question my honour?



No, I do not

question your honour.



It is you I care about.



Raoul will return soon.



You have my word.



Thank you, Your Majesty.



I am a young king...



but I am King.



Then be a good king,

Your Majesty.



You are the new chief advisor.



Execute him for

distributing rotten food.



And the next time

there are rioters, shoot them.



Please take this

to the royal despatchers.



I'll get you water

in a moment, Mother.



'His Majesty regrets

to inform you



'that Raoul, son of Athos,



'has been killed in action.'



Sir, a casualty report came.



Does Athos know of this?



Athos, my friend...



Stop, you traitor!



Athos, listen to me!



The cannons killed Raoul!



Do not add your own death

to this tragedy.



I beg you!



Get back! Get back!



You're the traitor.



See to the wounded.



Does your new

apartment suit you?



Sire, when you sent for me

after the news of Raoul,



I came to ask for your help.



I have no way to feed my family.



My father is dead, my mother...



...has a sickness of the lungs.



And your sister has

signs of the condition.



My physician saw them both

and is optimistic.



They will recover

at my country estate.



Your Majesty...



I know that for you, this day...



the earth has

spun round many times.



You must still feel it spinning.



Let us sit at a quiet dinner

and bring it to a pause.



Listen to me!



You've lost someone

dear to your heart.



And I have no desire for you

to turn that heart to stone.



I only ask you this:



That whatever you feel tonight,



you allow yourself

to share it openly with me.



To good health.



You are so beautiful.



I cannot do this.



I hope you know there is

more of me to love than a crown.



Of all the wonders I have seen,



I have never seen any

as beautiful as you.



Aramis! Is this the way to hell?



Hell may be our destination,

but not this trip.



A tomb!



We're in a tomb?



The secrecy is regrettable,

but necessary.



Please, sit.



When we were young and saw

injustice, we fought it.



Some problems cannot

be solved with a sword.



Some can't be settled

without one!



Here is the problem at hand.



The Jesuits oppose Louis' wars



and the starvation that results.



So, Louis has ordered me



to discover the identity

of the Jesuits' general.



And to kill him.



Let the secret general

worry about that!



The problem is...



...that I am he.



I am the General

of the Order of Jesuits.



What do you propose to do?



Replace the King.



- I cannot listen to this.

- It can't be done.



It can!



I am with you.



So am I.






I need you.



All for one and one for all.



I cannot betray my king!

I swore an oath!



When a king is dishonourable,

you are removed from your oath.



An oath is an oath

because it cannot be removed!



Why do you follow him?






What we fought for is greater

than king or rank or reward.



What do you fight for?



For the belief that every man

can be better, even Louis.



Whatever the plan,

I am with you.



The next time we meet,

one of us will die.






Even were I not a priest,



I could see that your heart

carries a secret weight



and that it is hurting you

to bear it alone.



I cannot betray my king.



I will defend him with my life.



Then God be with you.



For none of us will.



I hear there was an incident

at the Musketeers' gate,



where a man came

intent on killing me.



Is it our policy now



to let would—be assassins

go free, d'Artagnan?



He wished to kill his own pain.



His son is dead.



I can think of nothing worse.



- What about losing your king?

- That depends on the king.



When I became a Musketeer,



I was told,

each time I drew my sword,



I should consider

not what I killed,



but what I allowed to live.



You know who told me that?



If he has become our enemy,



we should ask ourselves why.



Athos is gone.



Porthos and Aramis

are missing, too.



You know them

better than anyone.



Are they a threat to me?



If they are a threat,

we need not seek them out.



They will find us.



Not if you find them first.



Who is that?



Chi è?



È malato.



Lo rimpiazzo io.



He says he's a replacement.



Parla francese?



Non lo parlo.



Il prigioniero

ha solo un giorno al mese



per la confessione.



He says the prisoners

gets Confession once a month.



The usual priest is sick.



Vai, vai! Avanti!






Grazie tanto, signore.



Grazie. Grazie.



It is my Confession day.



I'm sorry. You've never

seen me before.



I must shock you.



I am a friend.



I am here to help you.



What are you doing?



It is your escape to freedom.



Who is this?



He is you.



Signore, scusi, scusi!






Signore, scusi!



Cosa c'è?



È caduto stecchito

mentre leggevo la messa.



He says he fell stone dead



as he was reading him the Mass.



How could he just keel over?



Ha la peste.

Come I'altro prete.



He says the prisoner

had a fever, like the priest.



Plague? They brought

plague in here?



Get him out! Get him out now!



No last rites! Get away!



We could chisel it off

and see who it was.



No one will ever know.






O la peste ci colpirà tutti!



He says burn it

or we will all get plague.



He's right!



Dio! Dio, Dio...



Don't touch me!



Get out!



Stay back! He has plague.



Hurry up!






Hurry, hurry, hurry!



Go away! Hurry!



My God!



Jesuits. They're mine.









It's all right.



I have waited six years



to ask this question...



Why was this done to me?



You don't know?



What do you remember?



I lived in a country house.



I had guardians.



An old woman and a priest.



But no friends.



They took me to the prison.



- Who?

- A man in black.



I never saw his face...



but he took me to the prison



and he put me into the mask.



And you don't know why?



For days I shouted,

"What have I done?"



Then I realised there was

something about my face



which had to be hidden.



But I never knew what.



What is your name?



The old woman called me...



These men will clean you.

They won't harm you.



Thank you.



Thank you for your kindness.



Why are you so glum?



Why are you so glum?



I expected action.



There was no killing,

no fighting.



I was useless.



Porthos, I grow tired

of this attitude.



You are surrounded by beauty,

by intrigue, by danger.



What more can a man want?



Look around you.



The robins are singing,

the pigeons cooing...



Can't you listen to their song?



There's food here, but Louis

sends it all to the army.



I have no appetite.



I'm wasting away.



Even women don't

interest me any more.



Say goodbye to Porthos.



He is gone.



Who is he?



Seek the truth, not facts.



You are not my priest!



And wouldn't be

even if I had one!



That's bitter.



The loss of Raoul

and d'Artagnan,



who you held as a brother

and now you hate.



What right have you to judge me?



Are you holier

than everyone else?



Yes, and I'm more intelligent

than anybody else.



Porthos, what is it?



Kidney stones.



It hurts when I piss.



It hurts when I shit.



I'm just a fat old fart

with nothing to live for.



I'm going to hang myself



as soon as I'm sober.



Come on!



Aramis! He is ready!



The greatest mystery of life...



is who we truly are.






I will tell you the secret

that was kept from you.



It began the night

King Louis was born.



D'Artagnan, Athos

and I were dining.



D'Artagnan was drunk -



the only time

I've seen him like that.



I was on duty.



I was summoned to the

rear door of the palace.



The Queen's priest

handed me a baby.



Do you understand this, Athos?



The Queen had given

birth to twins.



The child I carried

was the younger of the two.






It's another.



The King realised

he had two heirs.



He'd seen brothers

tear apart enough kingdoms



that he decided to make one

disappear. You, Phillippe!



He ordered your identity

kept from you.



On his deathbed,

he revealed the truth to Louis



and your mother.



She had been told

you died at birth.



She blamed herself

for believing it.



She wished to restore

your birthright.



But now, Louis was King.



He was afraid to kill you,



for his claim to power



rested on the sanctity

of royal blood.



So he devised a way



to keep you forever hidden.



For my country, for my king...



I bought peace with your life



and with my soul.



One day... I will

ask your forgiveness.



But not until I have

restored you to what is yours.






We will replace Louis

with Phillippe.



That is your plan?



Exchanging one for the other?



It's ludicrous!



It's brilliant. What did

you think we were up to?



Revolution, open war!



Blood in the streets.



At least it's a change.



Physical resemblance is a start,

but Louis' arrogance...



...can be adopted!



And people close to him?



I have considered everything.



Have you considered

you not only risk our lives,



you risk Phillippe's as well?



And like us, he has a choice.



What about it, Phillippe?



All those years in prison,

were they for nothing?



Or have they given you strength

unlike ordinary men?



You have the chance to be king,



if you have the heart

to take that chance,



you have the heart.



Do you?



I... l...



Do you?



Your Majesty!



A box has arrived



whose contents

are for your eyes only.



Take this to my mother.



My son!



My son!



Please... forgive me.



I can never make it right.



My Lady...



No... No...



If anyone sees...



it is death.



If I don't kiss you,

I'll die anyway.



I cannot bear to see you cry.






Tell me what's wrong.



I know that to love you

is treason against France.



But not to love you

is treason against my heart.



Then we will both

die traitors, d'Artagnan.



More wine!



More wine.



How is he?



Exhausted. He's had a long day.



- Aramis...

- More wine!



Consider this plan.

Phillippe is like a child.



- He cannot be ready...

- You can do it!



- No!

- Yes!



- In a year maybe...

- Three weeks!



Three weeks?!



The King is having

a masquerade ball.



A swirl of people,

their faces covered.



It's a perfect opportunity.

We must act!



Phillippe could be

discovered at any time.



More wine! Where is everybody?



No! It's no use.



My sword is bent.



It'll be all right.



You're just taking

a while to get started.



- I'll make your sword straight.

- No, it's dead.



It's dead! I am useless!






Three weeks to learn

all he must know?



For    years, he was

educated as a gentleman.



And for six more,

he lived in that mask!



Now he knows that those

who should have loved him



threw him into

loneliness and pain.



You're fond of him. That's good.



Don't play God with me, Aramis!



Nothing can replace Raoul!



What is Porthos doing?



Walking into the barn naked,

or so it seems.



What is he doing?



Going to hang himself.



Hang himself?!



A sign from God...



If Porthos is determined

to end his life,



he'll find the opportunity.



Goodbye, cruel world.



Farewell to useless Porthos.



- What was that?

- I sawed the beam.



I'm a genius,

not an engineer.



Aramis! You did this!



You knew I'd hang myself

and you sawed the beam!



- Admit it!

- Of course I knew.



You've been moping around

for months.



Now you can stop boring

everyone and be useful!



- Well... all right.

- Put some clothes on!



I've worn this mask so long,



I don't feel safe without it.



I will sit with you.



I can't sleep either.



I've been in prison

for six years.



You have freed me.



Now you ask me

to enter another prison.



A palace is hardly a prison.



Do you see

those farm maids?



See the one holding the lamb?



I would tend lambs with her

the rest of my life.



We're offering you

a chance to be king.



No, you offer me a chance

to pretend to be king!



A king you hate!



Not everyone hates him.



Don't you?



Why should I become him?



Until you give me

a reason, I won't.



I cannot.



We're all God's instruments,

like it or not.



All we can do is keep faith.



Though I sometimes

find that hard.



We all fail at faith, Aramis.



That's why we must eat,

drink, and make love to life.



As king, you can have

a thousand ploughmaids.



Porthos! You miss the point!



What point?



Phillippe is right.



We haven't given him a reason



to do what we ask.



I understand

your reason, Athos.



You do?



Porthos told me about your son.



You think that's why I'm here?



Yes, Raoul is my reason,

but not the way you think.



Once, all of us believed



in serving something

greater than ourselves.



Aramis had his faith.



Porthos, his lust for life.



D'Artagnan, his devotion.



And I had Raoul.



But we all had a common dream -



that one day we would

be able to serve a king



worthy of the throne.



It is what we dreamt,



what we bled for,



and what we have waited

a lifetime for.



I taught Raoul

to believe in that dream.



And now my son is dead.



So I am here to find out

if his life was in vain.



And the only one who can

answer that question is you.



If we fail in this attempt -



and we probably will -



I am honoured to die beside you.



And you.



This arrived for you.



'My darling Christine,



'in parting from you



'I have left heaven for hell.



'I go because I can love you

only in honour.



'You've created in me

the need to be a better man.



'I will love

through heaven or hell



'to love you

as you should be loved.



'Remember that

and give yourself no blame.



'Yours forever, Raoul.'



What's wrong?



What's the matter?



What's wrong?



I received a letter

from Raoul.



He sent it to the palace,



knowing that he would die



and that I would be here.



How would he know that?



I... I can't guess

what he was thinking.



He was irrational.



I ordered him placed

far from the fighting...



but he plunged in

against my wishes.



He forgives me for all

that he knew I would do.



But how can I forgive myself?






I loved him, Louis.



I love him still.






And in pretending to love you,

I do something awful.



You pretend?!



I have sinned

against love and God



for the sake of your mercy,



which you would not

have given without my sin.



I will burn in hell

and so will you.



No. No, no.



No, my love.



You will burn in hell,



but I will not,



for I am King, ordained by God.



Come on! We have to get started.



- Get my bag.

- Where do you go?



Paris. I'll be gone a few days.



Make sure everything

is ready when I return.



You want me to do

the impossible alone?



This is the perfect solution -

a revolution without bloodshed.



Or treason -

for he is a king's son.



I can't get him ready in time!



The urgency is not my choice.



Instead of distributing food,



Louis has ordered

the rioters shot.



Imagine what will happen



when the starving people

hear about this ball.



This is not for me, Athos.



It's for everything

we once were...



and might be again.



Thank you, Father.



The ball is now tomorrow night.



Louis is unhappy

with his mistress



and needs revelry.



My tailors must work all night!



Saddle my horse!



The brothel is closed

for the night.



Everyone out,

except the ladies. Out!



Closed? We came here...



Go somewhere else.



Out! Out!



You must finish

the clothes you were making.



We'll go, and take

your money with us!



Come on, old man!



Old? You try to rob me

because you think me old?



See if you can rob someone

with your pistol up there!



Out! Everybody out!



Out! Get out!




I finished this for you.



I love Paris! I love life!



And I love you, ladies!



Now get busy - except for you!






No, wait.



With a king, it is so.



Servants have

touched the goblet,



so the king touches

as little as possible.






I'm sorry.



No, do not be sorry!



There are no mistakes

when you are king.



You never apologise.



The king cares for

nothing and for no one.



Is that the king

you wish me to be?



Or do you say this

because your son is dead?



Forgive me. I did not mean...



I am not angry with you.

Do you understand?



Good. Of course we wish you

to be a good king,



but first you must pass as

Louis, who is cold and cruel.



His eyes say he cares

only for himself.



Your eyes ask too much.



You shouldn't care about me.



You shouldn't care about...



You mustn't ask about my son.



Bless me, Father,

for I have sinned.



And so have I.



Your Majesty.



Do you believe



that just as one can lie

can destroy a life,



one truth can put it

together again?



I pray every day

for such a miracle.



I have prayed every day

for forgiveness.



But forgiveness

must come from you



before it can come from God.



It was I who took

your other son from you.



And I was never brave enough

to find the truth.



I have raised a son

who destroys lives



instead of saving them.



And I have failed to save a son



who died within an iron mask.



No! That mask

was Louis' creation.



Now we have a chance

to make a miracle —



to strip all masks away forever.



These rooms are yours.



Through this corridor

and upstairs,



or through this passage,



are the rooms

of your mistress Christine.



And whose rooms are these?



Your mother's.



My mother's...?



Change the horses!



Clear everything out!






Remember, Phillippe:

Nobility is born in the heart.



Make love as if you don't care.

Fart when you wish.



Hold your goblet

with two fingers.



If you get stuck,

just say "Continue."



In the morning,



order that we be brought

to the palace as your advisors.



D'Artagnan watches everything!



We will need luck.



We will make our own luck!



If Phillippe holds up.



Relax, Phillippe!

You're doing well.



My brother!



What is wrong, Your Majesty?



Nothing. Carry on.



Did you see that?



What, Your Majesty?



A mask! I saw a mask!



The ballroom is full

of masks, Your Majesty.



Your Majesty?



Carry on, everyone.



To the passageway.



Your Majesty! Your Majesty!



It's Judgement Day.



Don't look so shocked,




Why do you call me Phillippe?



We have a present for you.






D'Artagnan guards the hall.



Let us go back

the way we came.



Time to go, Your Majesty.






You know the way.



You have the heart of a king.






Your Majesty?



Some refreshments, Your Majesty?



The Queen Mother!



God bless the King

and Queen Mother!



I retire now.



Wait two dances,



then withdraw to your room



and spend the night in safety.



We have much to talk about.



And the rest of

our lives to do it.












my son.






How long has the King been back?



Some while, Captain.









I wrote to the front

under your seal.



I demanded to know why the

general disregarded the order



to keep Raoul out of danger.



He writes back:



'But, Your Majesty!



'Your letter ordered me

to place him



'at the vanguard of the assault



'in front of the cannon.'



You killed Raoul!



You killed Raoul!

You killed Raoul!



Let her go! You're hurting her!



However I have wronged you,

I will make amends.



Take her to her room.



Deploy the Musketeers!

Guard the passages!






We have an emergency

of security, Your Majesty.



I must ask you to accompany me.



Not now. The ball...

My guests...



I insist... Your Majesty.



Yes, certainly.



- They've raised the alarm!

- They'll try to cut us off.



I am Porthos!



And I fight the King!



Look out!



Come on! Porthos!



Come on!



Everyone pump!



Stop them before

they reach the river!



Pull them back!



This man... is an imposter.



This is the imposter.



Pull them back.



Get in the boat, Your Majesty.



Open the gate!



Open the gate!



Open the gate.



I'm sorry. I failed you.



We failed you.






You take my king...



I shall take yours.



Get him! Get him!



Seize the imposter!



- Get him!

- Sire!



Seize him!



Seize him! Take him!



Hold on to him!



I was told this

imposter was dead.



You knew?



You knew there was a man

of such resemblance?



He is my brother.



- Brother?

- My twin.



My blood.



A fact which has

kept him alive, until now.



Louis! Please!



You were a part

of this, Mother?



I love you both!



That has meant nothing to us!



It has meant something to me.



Your Majesty, listen to me.



Never once have I asked

anything for myself.



I ask you now - spare the life

of this man, your brother.



You have no right to ask this!



Your Majesty...



every day of your life,



I have watched over you.



I have bled for you.



I have prayed every day



to see you become

greater than your office.



Show me what my faith

and blood have purchased.



Show mercy.



You take the side of traitors?



This one, worst of all —

my own brother!



And what have you done to him?



For one moment...



I thought you had

become the king



I'd hoped you would be.






My Lord, may I speak?



I beg that you kill me.



I release you from any sin

in taking my life.



In fact, I pray God

rewards you for your mercy.



But, please... do not...



I beg you...



return me to the prison

where I have lived for so long.



You will hunt down

Porthos, Athos and Aramis



and bring me their heads.



Or I will have yours.



As for you, my brother,



back to the prison you shall go,



and into the mask you hate.



Wear it until you love it.



And die in it!



There were two?



Not one but two?



I couldn't tell you.



You had enough to bear.



I have loved you always,

none but you.



No matter what happens,



I pray you remember that.



Christine's room.



Where is she?



Get rid of it.



Where are you taking me?






Where are you taking me?!

Where are you taking me?!



Please, no! No!



It has been done, Your Majesty.



When d'Artagnan returns,

watch him.



When he leaves again, tell me.



Your Majesty.



Nothing down here.



All right, this way.



Phillippe is in the lower

dungeon of the Bastille.



At midnight, I will delay

the new guards for    minutes.



One for all and all for one,




It is a trap,

but we have no choice.



If Phillippe is in the Bastille,

to the Bastille we will go.



I'd rather die covered in blood



than an old man

lying in my piss.



Our old uniforms,

from our days of glory.



I was saving them...



so that we could

wear them in death.



And so we shall!



Open up. We have a prisoner.



Take him to level three.



The captain will see

to the document.



It worked!



It's a prison.



The problems come

when we want to get out.



Midnight. We have    minutes.



Down there.



Is this what you're looking for?



The key!






Remember this?



Don't be so sad.



There's nothing

left of him anyway.



He's just a snivelling,




I knew you'd come!



We feared the mask

would destroy you.



I wear the mask,

it does not wear me.



- The courtyard is blocked.

- He lies!



- He's here to trap us.

- See for yourselves.



All that you have suffered,



I would gladly

have borne myself



to keep it from you.



Go to the east gate.



The courtyard

is filling with soldiers!



This way!



Go till you reach the river.



- They'll know you helped us.

- That doesn't matter. Go!






Get that door!



The lock!






Charge them!



Spare their lives if you can.



Cowards! Twenty men

run from four!



No one has the stomach

to fight the Captain.



I am not angry with you.



I knew you'd lead me to them.



Lay down your sword



and I will not punish you.



You can retire in peace.



I'll give your friends

a swift execution



if you surrender now.



You should take his offer.



We're dead anyway.



He's right, d'Artagnan.






Bargain me to Louis

for your lives.



You've done your best.



Please, let me go.






I cannot do it.



Even if I could give up my king,



I could not give up...



my son.



Your son?



I loved your mother.



I love her still.



You are my son.



I never knew you existed.



And I never felt pride

as a father...



until this moment.



They're young Musketeers.



They've been weaned

on our legends.



They revere us!



- It is an advantage.

- Yes. Why don't we charge them?



I trained these men.



They will fight to the death.



But if we must die...



if we must die,



let it be like this.



One for all...



All for one.






Magnificent valour!



Shoot them!






Get off me!



He is... your brother.






Outside, all of you!

You are sworn to silence.



Get this off me!



Forgive me.



All my life...



this... this is the death



I have always wanted.



All for one...



And one fo...



You were the one in the mask.



All my life...



all I ever wanted to be



was him.



We recaptured the prisoner.



No, I am the Ki...!



Put this madman



where no one

can hear his insanity.



Let him be fed by a deaf mute,



but feed him well.



Let him find redemption



wearing the pains

he caused others.



Take him!



I am Louis! I am Louis!



And the others?



They are my royal council

and truest friends.



He was the best of us all.



After all you have done,



I must ask one more service.



Let me love you

like a son to a father.



And I pray you live for this:



To love me like your son.



Musketeers, salute!



One for all, all for one!



The prisoner in

the iron mask was never found.



It was whispered that

he received a royal pardon



and lived quietly

in the country,



visited often by the Queen.



The King known as Louis XIV,



brought his people food,

prosperity and peace.



He is remembered

as the greatest ruler



in the history of his nation.

Special help by SergeiK