Man-Thing Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Man-Thing script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Marvel comic movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Man-Thing. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Man-Thing Script





There is a sacred place

in the deep swamp...



where the mangrove trees

grow close together...



and the rays of the sun

are never seen.



My people call this place

The Dark Water.



The spirit of the swamp lives.



This place was always filled

with life and beauty...



but evil men have changed that...



with their drills...



their pipes...






and murder.



Now the swamp cries out

a warning.



A time of retribution is here.



- Wait!

- Hey!






Come on.



Not here, Billy.












- I mean it, Sarah, stop!

- Come on, Billy.



I don't want to.



Come on back to the fire.

This swamp's dangerous.



You're out of your goddamn mind.



You've heard the stories

about this place.



Hey, people disappear down here

all the time, girl.



Why you being so crazy?



- Afraid of the dark, Billy-boy?

- No...



- but this place has bad Mojo.

- 'Fraidy-cat.



Oh shit!



- You still afraid, Billy-boy?

- We shouldn't be out here.



Holy shit.



You seem like a virgin, Billy.



I ain't no fucking virgin.



- Oh my God!

- You liked that, baby?



That's good.



Oh my God!



So... you're taking me

the scenic route, huh?



What're you doing here, boy?



Start a new life.



Looking for peace and quiet

you know?



You city boys sure are funny.



Why do they call it




Because it's by the water.



No ma'am, I can't.



I'm sorry,

but I have to stay put.



I don't know where your son is.



- I got to get out of this town.

- Why would you leave Paradise?



- You scared the shit out of me.

- Sorry.



I'm Kyle Williams,

the new sheriff.



- You must be Eric Fraser.

- Yeah, Fraser'll do.



- What?

- No offence, but...



well, I just expected someone




more experienced.



- I mean, considering...

- Considering what?



See Sheriff Corely, he...




he kind of went insane

before he disappeared.



Lots of missing persons

for a small town.



I guess they didn't fill you in

all the way.



This Indian medicine man,

Ted Sallis...



was the first one to disappear.



Corely thought

Sallis put a curse on Bywater.



- I can take all this down.

- No.



Leave it.



- So, what do you think?

- I don't know.



'Gator attacks.

Murder, possibly.



Another disappeared last night.

Local boy.



- Billy James.

- Jesus.



- Who's Rene Laroque?

- A local troublemaker.



Corely thought he was

involved with Sallis.



Called him a shape shifter.



- But we could never catch him.

- Why can't you?



Why can't we catch him?



Hell, you ain't been

in that swamp before? Well...



Deputy Fraser.



Oh hey Val.

It's the coroner.






Oh my God!



Is that Billy?






That's Billy.



Fraser, you go wait outside.



Yeah, okay.



Cause of death?



Only thing large enough...



around here is a gator.



The girl who was with him

might have seen what happened.



She's down at the hospital.



Is this normal?



This green stuff?



Sheriff, this body has been in

the swamp. You understand?



Yeah. For one night.



Mr. Schist called,

a disturbance at the oil site.



You go.

I'll stick with this.



He wants you to handle it.



Said he wants you to see

what he's up against.






I want a full autopsy.



You got it.



I appreciate your right

to free assembly...



but this here

is private property.



Now, we can cut you out

one by one...



or you can tell me

where the key is to that chain.



This is not a goddamn park

this is a worksite.



Surely, you've got a home

to go to.



I've been real patient with you.



- You're all trespassing.

- You listen to the man!



I'm giving you one last chance...



to disperse!



Or I'll drag you out

by that chain!



Fraser, I'm real glad

you're here.



- I want all these folk arrested.

- Now, now.



This is Kyle Williams,

our new Sheriff.



- Sheriff, this is Jake Schist.

- Morning.



He's foreman,

heading up...



the new drilling.



Good, you can arrest them.



Arresting them all is difficult.



I'll see what I can do.



All right everyone...



I appreciate your right

to free assembly...



but this is a privately

owned site.



Your actions here are illegal.



Get your asses off the mud

and go home.



Who the hell are you?



The new Sheriff.



Well, have a taste

of country hospitality, Sheriff.



Our asses aren't moving.



Go fuck a tree,

you hippie bitch.






- Fraser!

- Got it, Chief.



Ma'am, right or wrong

it's my job.



It's about a different law.



Schist has committed

a crime here...



for long enough.



You've got handcuffs,

put them on Schist.



Bolt cutters.



Hey, what are you doing?



Sheriff, I'm sorry.



Are you all right?



- Walk or ride?

- What did you say?



Put me down! This is a violation

of my civil rights.



You have the right

to remain silent.



Anything you say...



- Who do you think you are?

- Fraser! Cut them loose.



I want an attorney.



- You have a right to an attorney.

- I want a lawyer.



If you can't afford an attorney,

one will be appointed to you.



Get in the car.



You'd better be arresting me.

I'll kick your city-boy...



Got in straight to work,




I like that.



Howdy Sheriff.

Frederic Schist.



Kyle Williams.



Hell of a way

to spend your first day.



I hate this, these

are good folk.



I sympathize.



Can't let the goddamn flies

spoil the picnic, Sheriff.



You'll hear a lot about me.



I'm the big fish in the

small pond.



Bottom line...



I'm breaking no law.



No American law anyways.

And I paid a bundle for this land.



What do you mean American laws?



Well, you're going hear that

honey that you arrested...



sing about tribal laws.



Horse shit excuses

for terrorists to...



put sand in my gears.



Is there something

you want to tell me?



Something specific?



You're a straight shooter,

aren't you? I like that.



Well, there is

someone specific.



Rene Laroque...

He's a part Indian.



He could be in the swamp,

killing people.



Lives there

like an animal.



Sir, before I arrest anybody...



I'll conduct an investigation.



Of course you will.



I'm saying it should be sooner

rather than later.



Let me tell you,

when the dust has settled...



you'll find this a nice

place to live.



- Isn't that right, Jake?

- Yes, Sir.



Real nice place.



I'll make sure of it.



Thank you, Mr Schist.






Get that dozer moving!



Pa. He's kind of young

to be Sheriff?




he is.



That's the idea.



- Name?

- Teri Elizabeth Richards.



- Occupation?

- I teach third grade.



Being arrested

sets a good example?



Standing up for your

principles does.



So, yes.



Arrested   times.



  more and you get

the Dakota Ring.



Sheriff that swamp has been my

backyard since I was born.



It's part of me...



and I love it.



It's not Schist's.



It's ancestral

and sacred to the tribe.



And they saw no money.



Their leader, Ted Sallis

took it and ran.






Okay, I'm listening.



No one'll see because Schist is

busy pumping money into the town.



But Sheriff this swamp is dying.



People are dying.



Rene Laroque.



Do you know him?



It's a small town.



- Everybody knows everybody.

- Can you help me find him?



He's not that easy to find.






You can go.



Not charging me?



It's a small town.



Charging a teacher whose crime...



is caring about the land...



on my first day... That's not how

I'd like to get started.



You can go.






- 'Morning, Sheriff.

- How are you doing?



Shouldn't diners be friendly?



Well, for you,

first coffee's free.



Thank you.



Second one is twice the price.



- There you go.

- Thanks.



- Morning, Sheriff.

- How are you doing?



What brings you here?



Warrant or pleasure?



- Got a sweet tooth.

- Well, Sheriff Williams...



meet another sugar addict.



This is Pete Horn.



Oh Pete, this is the nice man

that arrested me yesterday.






- Pleased to meet you, Sheriff.

- A pleasure, Pete.



- Do you mind?

- Here.



Breakfast, Sheriff?



Eggs and grits, I guess.



Can I help you?



No, I don't think you can.



But I can help you.



Welcome to Dodge City.

It's the showdown, man.



Legends here are true.

It's incredible.






Come to my swamp place...



I'll show you some things...



if you've the courage to...






What the hell you doing,

you freaky piece of shit?



Heel boys. Heel.



I told you,

don't bring them dogs.



Didn't realise you're the law.



You're lucky I didn't eat them.



Good luck.



Have a fine time with

the Bywater breakfast club.



I've seen this show before.

I'm going.



Bye Pete, take care.



- Got a kiss for me?

- Right.



Don't fill the Sheriff's head

with your bullshit, Ploog.



Don't pay him no never mind,

he's coon crazy.



Crazy as a coon.



That sure is

one shiny new badge.



- No hands on me, mister.

- Thibodeaux.



Wayne Thi... bo... deaux.



Well, take your friend, Mr.?



Rodney Thibodeaux.




Well, your mother must be proud.



So, please sit down, gentlemen.



Let a man have his coffee.



I was just fooling.



Just joking with you.



No man can stand

against it alone.



- What?

- Something is out there.






- She's been like this...

- Since she came.



It's like we're not here.



Tell me if anything changes.



Sheriff? Fraser.

Schist wants you back at the worksite.



Thanks for fitting us in...



- in to your busy schedule. Sheriff.

- Fraser could came out earlier.



You need to see this

for yourself.



You had some vandalism

here last night?



You could call it that.



Had to cancel a whole work day.



They hit every rig.

Slashed the belts, the pipes.



This time they stole dynamite.

I'm already months behind here...






Will you do anything about

Laroque or just take pictures?



This was done by Laroque?



Hell, yeah!

Red-skinned mother-fucker.



And that old madman,

Pete Horn...



him too.



Yeah? He's old to run a revolution.



Makes no difference,

you can't trust them.



Injuns and coloreds both.



- Steve! I...

- They hate us.



 st chance they strike.



They're snooping and stealing.



They'll burn this place down.



You see if they don't.



You can't trust them.

There's all kinds you can't trust.



Racist assholes top the list.



Come on. They think I

ripped them off.



But I overpaid for swamp land.



That crook Sallis started it.



- Jake!

- What?



He skipped town with the money.

One of their own.



Break the law,

you have my full attention.



But this is an open case...



until I get hard evidence.



Whatever you believe Sheriff,

you take care.



More things in that swamp

than you'll ever understand.



It's a dark corner of the world.



You better keep your lights on.



- Fraser?

- Yeah. Go ahead, Sheriff.



I'm driving from the worksite...



checking the swamp perimeter.




you be careful out there.



Shit! This is ridiculous!



Is that you, Laroque?



Jake! Where are you going?



Did you get him?

Did you get a bead on him?



Goddamn it!



I ain't chasing.



Ain't no indian going

to make me run.



No sir.



Keep your hands

where I can see them.



Show me your hands.



Are you Rene Laroque?



Don't fucking move!

I'm Sheriff Kyle Williams.



I will put you down.



Go home...



or you will die.









Quit fucking around, man.



Get back up here,

finish your watch.






Come on, man!

I'm done with fucking around!






New Sheriff...



meet the old Sheriff.

Jim Corely.



Poor guy, there's

hardly anything left of him.



He's been missing a month.

How'd you find him?



Just lucky, I guess.






Notice something? Here.



See these?



Bite pattern

of a large mississippitensis.



Common southern alligator.



There's no doubt about this one.

- This one?



Mind getting that?




County Coroner's office.



- Sheriff.

- Yeah



Fraser, speak up.



Clean up I need you

on a field trip.






- I'll get my gear, Sheriff.

- Fraser.



You okay?



Now, you focus, Eric.



You can be freaked out later,

but not on the job.



- What the hell could do that?

- I don't know.



Could this be some kind of...



ritualistic thing?



I have no idea, Sheriff.



No idea at all.



How's a branch shoved

down a throat like that?



Let me show you something.



See the teeth?

Position of the tongue?



Sheriff, this branch wasn't

shoved in.



It's coming from the inside out.



- See, the other bodies, they...

- What other bodies?



I need a cigarette.



- Do you have to smoke?

- Definitely!



Sheriff.   of our missing persons...



washed up over   months.



Now they all had... well,

not like this, but more like Billy.



Swamp stuff growing inside them,

coming out from inside you understand?



This wasn't filed?



Corely wouldn't let me do autopsies.



He insisted I file them

as 'gator attacks.



What did you think they were?



What fucking else'd they be?



Goddamn, damn it!



What man could do that?






I talked to Val.



You're going to get Rene.



Let me do my job.



- Hunt him down like an animal?

- Lf he's innocent he'll walk.



I won't just sit.



- He didn't do it.

- How do you know?



I saw Rene   miles

from Gerber's murder.



- Sheriff!

- Listen...



- I know Rene!

- Yeah, well that's pretty obvious.



- Hey, Kyle!

- What?



Schist's hired the Thibodeauxs...



- to go after Rene.

- Don't you see what's happening?



We'd better get over there

and talk to them.



- I'll lock up.

- Goddamn it!



- Do you smell that?

- That's bad.






What you doing, Fraser?



Shopping for your new

girlfriend there?



Well Rodney, your mama

told my mama...



Jake's getting you boys mixed up

in our investigation.



Well, well, well.

We in trouble?



- We ain't done nothing yet.

- Shut up, Wayne.



What brings you

here, Jake?



Hey! Want a beer?



Oh, that's right.

You on duty.



Old Jake just told us

what happened to Steve Gerber.



- Nasty!

- Real bad.



I'd appreciate you

not discussing...



Get them heads

out the formaldehyde. Shit!



I bet you over cooked them.



When over cooked

the skin bursts.



They dry all crackly looking

and weird.



- Fucked up?

- No, we're good.



Well lacquer them up quick.



You know how dumb Yankee

tourists like them shiny.



Just so there's no




I see anyone in that swamp

looking for Laroque...



I won't hesitate to throw

the book at you. Get up!



Me and my brother are

just trying to make a living.



No need to get unfriendly like.



Yeah well, Mr Thibodeaux...



that's as friendly as

I'm going to get.



Come on.



Get inside!



Stupid, Jake.



- That's the main channels.

- I want to find Laroque first.



Getting dark, sir.



Just take me to the

deep swamp.









I hate this swamp.



If I don't fix this engine...



the battery'll die

and we'll lose the lights.



Well, I hope you can

fix it, Fraser.



Man, why isn't there

a manual for these things?



Too many things alive out here.



I'd like to remain one of them.



Where you running?



You made the coffee too strong.



My shit's boiling.



Get down wind, squeeze it off.



Don't want Sheriff




picking up your stink.



Believe me, it'll be quick.



Fucking swamp!






You shat yourself?



Your whole self?



I fell in the mud, you scrotum.



Sure it wasn't your own mud?



I'm goddamn sick of your shit.



Oh, come on.

We're brothers, Rodney.



That's my job.



Well, get on with this job.



Let's go get us an Injun skull.



Mike Ploog.



Yeah, I met him.



- A weird guy.

- That's Ploog all right.



Moved here about   months ago

to a place in the swamp.



Says he saw the Loch Ness

monster when he was a boy.



- So, what's at Ploog's?

- He's got a couple of canoes.



We'll need them

if we want to get home.



Or go deeper,

if that plan still stands.



What are you afraid of, Fraser?



The Dark Water.



Sacred land, man.



If I was Rene,

I'd be there.



And I can show you to the edge...



but badge or no badge,

that's as far as I'll go.



You really believe in all this?



When a man's chest

becomes an insect's palace...



when his eyes are gone,

his limbs ain't there no more...



when I'm so scared

I'd handcuff myself...



to keep from coming to work...



Yeah, I believe in that.



I believe I don't want to die,













I can't see you!

Wait up!






Damn! Mud bank!



Get your sorry ass back here.



What's that?









What the...






There it is. That's Ploog's.



Hey Ploog!






Mike, are you there?

It's Fraser.



It's locked.



Something's wrong.



Don't feel right.



You stay here, wait for Ploog.

I'll find Rene.



- Hey, what? Wait...

- Fraser...



I need you to wait here

in case I flush him out.



You can grab him.



If the Thibodeauxs come by

you can handle them.



Yeah Okay, Chief.



Keep your eyes open,




It's all good, Chief.

I'll be right here.



Okay. Smart, Kyle.



Take the Bywater job.



Get a tan.



Beer belly.



Lots of sun.



Get fucking eaten alive.









Goddamn it!



Make me turn my ass around,

come back just to look for you.



Son of a bitch! Wayne!



Where are you at?



Wayne? Is that you?



Oh Jesus, Lord!



No Wayne, no!



What the hell happened to you?



Mike Ploog, is that you?

It's Deputy Fraser.



Now, no goddamn sneaking up,

do you hear?



Hey Ploog!



What the hell?






Wait up!






It's Sheriff Williams.



I just want to talk



A couple of rednecks out here

want to do a lot more than that.



Rene, I want to talk about

Ted Sallis.



Rene, What are you doing?



Joining the hunt, Sheriff?



Oh man.






Is somebody there?




I told you to go home.



If you're not who they say,

cut me down.



Who do they say I am?



That you're responsible

for people disappearing.



- No.

- Then who is?



Only the swamp knows.



- Not everyone's against you.

- Oh yeah?



Some say you're innocent.



- No one is innocent, Sheriff.



Especially not me.



I told Schist to buy

all the Indian swamp land...



So you sold out.



We had nothing.



I thought the money would help.



- What went wrong?

- Ted Sallis wouldn't sell.



I thought he did sell.



That man wouldn't have sold.



And he wouldn't have run.



Sallis was murdered?



After he disappeared.



Schist stuck a rig right in the

centre of our sacred...



Dark Water.



Guardian won't stop

'til the oil does.



Horn said something's

out here.



We never once saw eye to eye but

Pete says prayers can stop it.



But I've got my own plans.



Run, or I'll kill you.






Rene, wait!






Hey Kyle, is that you?



- Kyle, over here.

- Fraser!



Man, it's good to see you.

Listen... Jesus!






- What the fuck are you doing?

- I'm taking pictures.



- I'm a photographer!

- Of Fraser's arm!



I tracked it through the swamp

like I've done for months.



This time I got so close.



What did you do to my Deputy?

Where's the rest of him?



Don't know.

His arm was there.



Shut up!



I've tried to get Big Foot.



A year in Nevada in Area   .

I got zip, man, nothing.



But what I got tonight, man...



will streak your shorts.



We'll go to my shack, man.

I'll show you the pictures.



- Fuck me.

- You know what?



That thing's probably

sniffing us out as we speak.



You show me.



Check this out, man.



What? Bywater by night.



Look closer, Sheriff.



Who killed Fraser?

Fuck pictures!



Sheriff, take a closer look.

Come on, you'll see it.



It's like the nature of fear.



No, it's a trick.



- It's not possible.

- What?



I don't believe it.

What is that?



- That's a man.

- Yeah!



It's the man-thing, man!



All right... it's not perfect.



- But look at that thing!

- Pack your things.



It's evidence. Come with me



- No, I can't leave here.

- Yeah, you and all your crap...



or I'll cuff you and drag you

out on your ass!






Don't run, kids.

Carefully down the stairs.



Something is out there waiting.






Hi. Is everything all right?



Fraser was killed in the swamp.



I need to see Pete Horn.



It was something he said.

I think he can help me.



Okay, to Pete.



Just give me a second, okay?

Kera, I need to talk with you.



Park here at the dump.

We have to walk in.



- Mary, we're here to see Pete.

- Hey Tery.



This is it.



I'm okay.



Pete? Pete, it's Teri.






Please sit. I made tea.



- Thank you.

- You knew we'd be here?



It's good tea.



Pete... I need to ask you

about Rene Laroque.



He doesn't believe

Ted Sallis sold that land.



Not many who knew Ted do.



What about you?



Ted Sallis was my elder.



He knew this land was sacred.



When Schist took it...



drove his pumps into it...



ran his pipes through it...



it was the end.



Our stories will die with me.



Hey, come on.

Pete, listen to me.



You're not dying anytime soon.



Remember when I took you...



to the Dark Water as a child?



I remember I was scared.






It is full of magic both light...



and dark.



Our most powerful

guardian spirit...



lives in the Dark Water.



It protects what our

ancestors called...



the nexus of all realities.



The guardian has become

very angry.



For the blood spilled...



it seeks blood.






Look, I'm a cop.



I can't believe

in indian spirits and magic.



What you believe doesn't matter.



You're not from this place.



You're not from any place.



Where's Ted Sallis, Pete?



- Is he killing people?

- Kyle!



With or without Rene?



I didn't bring you to do this.



Maybe he's in the swamp.



Maybe the swamp is in him.



Whoever or whatever is out

there I saw it.



What did you see?



I don't know.



You know what you saw.



- It has chosen who will die.

- Who will die, Pete?






Hey, Pete.



Come on, I'm sorry.



Sit down, okay?



- Is he okay?

- I don't know.



I'm tired.



Please go now.



Just rest.



You didn't have to do that.



- He's an old man!

- He knows what's going on.



Listen, what are you saying?



Listen, Teri.



Last night something ripped

Fraser up like a fucking puppet!



Look, I'm going out in the swamp

to stop the killing.



It's my fault Fraser died.



Don't know if I can protect you.



Hey Kyle.



None of this is your fault.



Are you investigating murder...



or our educational system?



What's your link with Laroque?



He worked for me.



Most people around here do. So?






- She taste as good as she looks?

- Fuck you.



Listen, my deputy's dead.



I think you're lying.

I'm calling in the FBI.



I can't believe this.



Are you threatening me?



Consider yourself

relieved of your duty, Sheriff.



- I take orders from County.

- I am the County.



We'll sort it by morning.



Until then stay out of my way!



That goes for you too, dipshit.



- Pa! Damn!

- Get in the car!



Just what is it...



you think you know?



You know nothing about Bywater.



This town was nothing before me.



No one's muscling me out.



Not the FBI or Rene Laroque

and certainly not...



some two-bit Yankee cocksucker...



with a badge.



Fuck you!



What's with the Thibodeauxs?



- Didn't come back.

- Damn it, Jake!



- You were supposed to go too!

- I was only trying...



Yes, I was only trying

and never doing.



That's your problem.



If you learn nothing,

you learn this:



You want something done,

do it yourself.



Because you cannot rely

on anybody.



Not even your own son.



What'll we do about this, then?



We're going to finish it.






I want Laroque dead.



What about

Dudley Do Right?



He keeps on digging?



We'll let him dig.



It's his own grave.



Give me the strength.



The killing ends tonight.



I think you should call the FBI.



The Bureau could take days.



Schist'll go after Rene tonight.



I've run round that swamp

since I was a kid.



I can help.



Help by staying away

until all this is over.



The swamp play...



tricks at night.

You don't have to do it.



Teri, listen, please.

Jake could be out there.



Schist, Rene.

God knows what else.



Can you promise me, please?

Just don't go into that swamp.



I'll be here when you get back.



And you better get back.









Pa, I think I hear something.



I know you.



I know you...



and I am not afraid.



Take my life and be done.



- Sheriff's office.

- Is the Sheriff in?



- Val? It's Teri.

- Is he in? It's urgent.



No. I'll give him a message.

What's up?



Corely died of unnatural causes.



- Pulled a bullet from his spine.

- A bullet?



It was at close range.



Semi-automatic hand-gun.

A   .



I think Corely knew who

killed him.



Where is Kyle?



He's out in the swamp.



- Heel! Heel!

- Get your fucking dogs off!



I got them.



Ploog! I told you

to stay in fucking town!



Can you smell that, Sheriff?



'Cause... it's the perfume

of my future. Point, click...






There it is. Got to go.

Good luck, man.



- The cover of Life magazine!

- Life Magazine?



Life Magazine went out of business,

you fucking idiot.



Jake? Jake!



Be damned if you're taking

my picture, asshole!












- Kyle!

- Jesus!



Teri, I almost shot you.



Thank God!



Had to find you.

Corely was murdered.



Val found a    slug

in his spine.



I just found Ploog.



- He's dead. Shot.

- Jesus!



Sallis didn't take the money.



Schist killed him.



- Corely knew so he died.

- Rene?



The last who knows the truth.



I'll lead to the Dark Water.



- That's where he's hiding...

- You've known this all along?



- I knew he was innocent.

- Teri!



You won't find

the Dark Water without me!



- Okay?

- Okay.



Just keep up.



- You know where you're going?

- Yeah, it's down here.



I thought about what Pete said.

He might be right.



About what?

Oh shit!



About that.



This way, come on.



Oh fuck!






Stop right there, Rene!



I'm begging you...

I'm just aching for an excuse.



It doesn't matter...



The swamp will have you.



This way.



Last stretch

before the Dark Water.



You can't see a thing in here.



Oh shit!



God, what is that?



Teri, go!



Go, Teri, go.

Just keep moving!



Jesus Christ.



Do you see anything?



I think there's something

in the water.



What's that?



Go! Move!

It's behind us!



I can't see anything!



I'm here.



How much further?



- How much further?

- I don't know.



Quick! Go!



You don't scare me with that

hocus... pocus... boy.



Your friend, Ted Sallis

before he died...



before I buried him here

under this rig.



- You know what he said?

- Fuck you!



He said I was setting him free.



How about you?



- You all want to be free, Rene?

- It's not as dark up ahead.



- I can see a clearing.

- Quiet.



- It's this way.

- No.



There, I can see it.



Oh God! Rene?



We get the fuck out of here.



What are you doing?



I'm sorry, Teri.



I'm sorry.



My sin put this here.



- What?

- It's my penance to take it down.









- God!

- Pass me the gun, girl!



- Something's chasing us!

- Give me the gun!



You're a murderer, Schist.



You should've kept

your Yankee nose out!



You're going to die.



I suppose you're going to kill me.



No, he is.









Here it comes!



Rene, watch out!









I'll set you free.



Teri, move!



Get down! Now, Teri!


Special help by SergeiK