The Man Without A Past Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the The Man Without A Past script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Aki Kaurismäki movie (Mies vailla menneisyyttä).  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of The Man Without A Past. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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The Man Without A Past Script




Sputnik Oy present



Tickets, please!






Written, directed and produced b y







Lajunen, from the gents.



We have a dead man here.



His pulse is fading.

We're losing him.



Perhaps it's better this way

than a life as a vegetable.



 .   a.m.



What is the deceased's name?

- We don't know.



Notify the morgue.

I'm needed at the maternity ward.



Is he dead?



No, he's moving.



See you outside?

- In a minute.



What should we do?

Take him to the hospital?



I don't know.



He's run away from

the prison mental hospital.



We'll ask him when he's better.



Until then, we'll let him rest.

- You're the boss.






Get some eggs and milk.



Don't stay out all evening.



Thank you.



So he can talk. - Sure.



I just haven't had

anything to say be fore.



You're kind.

- I don't know about that.



We've been luck y... this place

and a job for Nieminen.



What does he do? -He's a night-

watchman at the coal yard.



Just a couple of nights

a week, but still.



We can soon apply for

a council flat.



They'll be taking in new

applications in a year or two.



That is fine. - What are you?



I don't know. - You don't know?



My head's damaged somehow.

I don't even remember who I am.



My, that's bad.



Care for a cup of coffee?



No thank s.



It's Friday.

Let's go out for dinner.



Oh what joy!

I have found a friend



My s ins are w as he d aw ay



I'm always blessed by my friend



He brings sweet peace

To my soul



He comforts me

When the road is rough



My Saviour walks close to me



I'm free d from misery and sorrow



As long as Jesus I follow



He's a faithful friend



Will you have a beer

if I buy you one?



I'll take offence and turn mean

if you refuse.



Or are you an anti-alcoholic?



Don't think so. As far as I know.



I got paid today.

Not much but enough -



for us to have two beers

without Kaisa noticing.






Two beers.



I'm paying.



A seagull.



An ashtray.



A stub.



A Taunus.



Eight times eight?




- Seventy-two.



A woman.

- You make jokes, that's good.



Never give up, even if

you've lost your memory.



Life goes on, not back wards.

You'd be in trouble if it did.



Ho w much do you remember?



I was on a train.



It was dark outside.

- And be fore that?



It's all b lack. - Your childhood?



Not a sound, just a gloomy night.

- Your name? Your age?



Forget it.

I was on a train, that's all.



What about Helsinki?

Are you from here?



Don't think so.

The city seems strange to me.



Another round?

Maybe there's a blood clot -



in the part of your head

where the memory is.



Alcohol will dissolve it.

- You have one. Bring me water.



I used to do a lot of drinking when

I was younger, be fore my marriage.



I could drink for two day s in a row.



But you're young only once.



Workman's hands.

You've done something.



Something simple, you don't

look like a reading man.



Thank s. - You're welcome.



I'll get that beer.



Hey, mate!






Just a thought.

I saw a film as a child -



where a man got his memory back -



when struck again in the same spot.



I see. - Yes.



Thank s for the beer.

I'll tak e a walk no w.



You're welcome. It gave me

the excuse to drink eight.



I may get a whipping

at home, though.



Stand up for yourself. See you.



She won't hit in front of the kids.






This is the man.

This here's Anttila.



The Whip of God. To my friends.

What sort of a man are you?



He doesn't know.

Found on the beach -



some sort of driftwood.

- Let the man speak for himself.



This is a private beach

but if you have a cigarette -



I can let it go. For once.



All I have is roll-ups.

- Then it means prison.



Your interests may be mutual.

He needs a place to stay.



That'd make a difference.

If you lived here -



I naturally wouldn't arrest you.

- Got one?



What? -A place to rent?



Does a bird have wings,

does a wolf cry out his loneliness?



Erik son's container's empty.

- Where is he?



Froze to death last winter.



All this is unofficial, of course.



If the authorities ask anything -



I shall deny you thrice like Peter

denied Christ at the coal fire.



As it happens I don't

even know who I am.



Then we must do an oral

agreement. A hundred.



A month? -A week.



Paid in advance each Monday.



It's not cheap.

- I must make a living, too.



Many people would pay triple

for a sea vie w.



And you don't look like

you'd last the winter.



You seem to be quite plump yourself.



Keep my metabolism out of this.



What about the electricity?

- Included in the rent.



There's the power company pylon.

I can lend you a screwdriver.



When can I move in?

- As soon as I turn my back.



And the keys?

- You see a lock any where?



No. - Don't go splitting hairs

then or I'll take the door, too.



A month's rent, in advance.

- Tomorrow, God willing.



He moves in mysterious ways.

If you don't pay up -



I'll send my killer dog

to bite your nose off.



It only causes trouble any way,

shadows the way wherever I go.



It's no more smoking

in the shower for you. Bye.



May I take this? -Go ahead.






What do I owe you?

- If you see me -



face down in the gutter,

turn me onto my back.



Kaisa promised you a mattress.

We've an extra one.



A jukebox.



Won't work.



These were left over.

It should work now.



The soup had too little salt in it.



Perhaps the rain watered it down.



There was cabbage

and potatoes, any way.



What more do you want?

Meat? -Never.



Good it was. What's your name?



Angling for another plateful?

No chance.



You look lousy, by the way.



I've had misfortunes but I'll

overcome them in a couple of days.



Visit us. You need new clothes.



Looking like that, no one'll take

you seriously. - So I've noticed.



And try to pull yourself together.



Bye now, I must hurry.



I was told to pull my self together.



Know how to do the washing?



Never bothered to learn,

Kaisa's always seen to it.



So far.



Nor do we have a washing machine

as I don't have any credit.



But the neighbour has one

'cause he's wealthy.



Come in!



I'd make some coffee

but I ain't got none.



Thanks, but I'm in a hurry.

How are you?



If the garbage collectors'

strike continues -



I must go on a diet or move away.



Where's this village's Employment

Agency? -See that church tower?



Follow its shadow and you're there.

- Excellent!



Isn't it? No w, if you'll allow me.



I'm sorry, I can't do this.



Surely you know how

to write your name? -Yes.



But these questions...

- I'll help you. It's not difficult.



Your surname, both given names -



date and place of birth,

social security number.



Can I help?



Wait here.



Are you making fun of us?

Surely you have a name?



Course I do. I was hit on the head,

several times in fact.



That's why I can't...

remember everything.



Why don't you ask your

mother or your friends?



Every one around here has

friends. - I've got one too.



But he doesn't know either.

- Did he hit his head too?



The Drama School's

round the corner -



they might have some use for you.

Don't waste our time again!



Some people want to work.

- What about social assistance?



They want a name, too.

Now get out of my sight.



Drugs you can find on the streets.



Do you charge for it?

- Not for the water.



Go ahead.



Leftovers from lunch.



You look hungry.

- I've got no money.



Doesn't matter.

It goes to waste otherwise.



Do you drink milk?



You came for the clothes.



I came because

you gave me the address.



But it's no use, I can't buy

anything. I'm an outcast.



That's no news to us.



You pay back when you're

back on your feet again.



All these are donations. You won't

get ahead looking like that.



God's mercy reigns in heaven -



but here on the Earth

one must help oneself.



The fitting-room's in the corner.



You'll go far yet.



You don't look like a drunk.



Like to tell me what

happened to you?



If you tell me your name.

I asked it once already -



and in my present situation

I'm afraid to talk to strangers.



It's Irma.



Wait in there.



There's a wretched man out there.



I think we should help him.



All right. Ask him in.



These need to be sorted

and carried inside.



Jokinen will help you to start.






Looks cosy. Perhaps

I should raise the rent.



That's what I wanted to talk about.

I can't pay until Friday.






You were luck y.

Usually people end up dead.



Start to pack.



The money will be there.

As certainly as death.



That's what gets you

if you fail to pay.



I've become so ft.



I'll drive my self

out of the business.



I'll be in Tallinn for a week.

The dog stay s here, watching you.



He only eats raw meat.

- I'll take care of him.



He takes care of himself.

Don't try to pet him -



or you've thrown your last dart.



Does he have a name?






As our work is based on charity

we cannot pay you -



the kind of salary private

employers do. - I understand.



Sign here.



Will a cross do?



Do you live some where?

- I've got a home, in a dormitory.



May I escort you there?

The streets are not safe these days.



It's not far, I can manage.

- I'm sure you can.



I was thinking of myself.

I'm afraid of the dark.



It's not proper, with a stranger.

- But we are colleagues.



All right, let's go.



Is this where you live? -Yes.



Thank you for escorting me.



I wasn't afraid for a moment.

- That's fine.



Look out! -What?



There's something in your eye.



I can't feel anything.

- It's just going in there.



Let me have a look.



You stole a kiss. - Forgive me.



I'm not a gentleman.



Will we see each other tomorrow?



Without doubt, if you come to work.



Good night.






Hannibal. Here, boy.



He's a girl. - The man

who sold it said he's a male.



He'd better return the money.

No wonder he's no good.



Ho w was the trip to Estonia?

- I achieved my goals.



Can I borrow your car

for Saturday night?



I've never lent any one

anything in my life.



Twenty per hour, plus petrol.



Greed is a mortal sin.



I run a business.

The State protects business.



The State does not sin. Quo vadis.



Reservation fee's fifty.



Are you sure I can't help?

- I think it's ruined already.



Any way, it's ready.



Do you cook often?



Not very often.



The peas were fine.

- I went to the moon yesterday.



I see. Ho w was it? -Peaceful.



Meet any one?

- Not really, it was a Sunday.



Is that why you came back?

- Yes. And for other reasons, too.



Are you pretending -



or don't you really

remember anything?



I do remember something...



A factory hall -



by a long straight stretch

of a highway.



I did something.



A bright flame, it's hot...



It may be a dream.



I've started having them again.

- That's a good sign.






The thought of a grave

with no name...



Shall we sit on the couch

and listen to some music?



The spring of God

Is never dry



You can drink and

slake your thirst



It's filled with

The Water of Life



Always cool,

clear and bright



My spring of Life

never seems to dry



It's never touched

by the droughts of Time



My soul, oh...



With all due respect, guys.



Haven't you ever thought of

expanding your repertoire -



into rhythm music? -Why?



This is what we always play.



I've got records at home.

bues, R&B, rock'n'roll.



Come and listen, if you want.



Why not-in our free time.



Around here the music

code is pretty strict.



I can have a word upstairs.



Regeneration would be fine.

We've heard about rock.



By widening your repertoire -



you may reach new target

groups who then -



with time may find

the movement interesting.



And I do believe -



that while the guy s' new sty le

is in part worldly -



it might be beneficial

to the movement.



So far, music hasn't killed any one.



We could give it a try.



I used to do some singing

my self when I was younger.



Let's go.



Because tomorrow is Midsummer -



although originally a pagan feast -



our choir will now make

an exception -



and perform a song

about the human heart.



In its lyrics, however,

we discover thoughts -



of the futility of our worldly

life without Christ.



So small is the heart of man



So vast, uncharted land



Within it you find

The grandest dreams



The worlds of hate and love



The wealth of all joy,

The sum of all sorrows



Glorious love and

Pain's poisonous arrows



All can be found

In the smallest of hearts



Happiness, joy, oh!



Shallow thoughts

And noble ideals



Burning emotions

And frozen feelings



All those can be found

In the smallest of hearts



All that fate brings by



I wonder if this was

a wise thing to do.



God knows, but let them dance.



Will you come out with me

on Saturday?



We are out now.



I've got a car, too.



I can't set up shady meetings

during working hours.



But it's all right.



So s mall is the he art of man



So vast, uncharted land



Within it you find

The grandest dreams...



Where do you want to go?

- Into the woods.



I have a basket for mushrooms.



Let's take Hannibal, too,

shall we? -Of course.



She'll protect us from the wolves.






Are these eatable?



Some are.



This one, though,

is lethally poisonous.






It was a good catch, wasn't it?



It'll make a meal.



Now what? -We'll go and

check the guys out.



I got them a gig.



I've been thinking about

becoming a rock'n'roll manager.



You're very energetic nowadays.



You've regained your joy of life.



I feel strong because

you inspire me.



It's all mercy.



I'm haunted by the devil,

Down the corner, every street



Wherever I may ramble,

He is always there to greet



He's staring at me calmly

In the bottom of my glass



He's smiling at me wicked

With the lips of an unknown lass



I'm haunted by the devil,

Every day and every night



Wherever I may ramble,

He is always by my side



Just when I think

I don't have to worry any more



If he's not behind me,

He's knocking on the door



Go d, please help me,

Keep me in the line



Through the straight and narrow

Would you always kindly sign



God, please help me,

would you be my guide



Please, don't let me be tempted,

keep me aw ay from the darker side



The shadow's always covering

the warm side of the sun



Waiting for the night to spoil

The dreams of every one



If I show a happy face

And even s mile to day



The luck is changing,

Game is different almost everyday






What do you mean?

- You haven't paid.



But I organised this.



That's what you think.

- Is that so?



Yes. - Fancy that.



That's outrageous!

- It is, isn't it?



May I give it a try, too?

- Go ahead.



We've got work for you.

Report in the office -



and start next Monday at seven.



I don't care if you say

your name's -



Franklin Delano Roosevelt

and say you were born -



in the deserts of Egypt

as long as I get -



what I need for the taxes

and pension payments.



That's all the state cares

about, and I even less.



Every other worker comes

from Kirghizia now -



and changes e very two week s.

But you need a bank account.



Can't you pay me in cash,

like in the old days?



And how do you suppose

the banks would survive?



No one could control the way

you spend your money.



You'd be like a pig in

a barley field, with no control.



But I have this name problem.



We'll find a name for you.



Don't be so helpless!

Open a numbered account -



in Switzerland and come back.



Good day. How are you?



Not too good. How can I help?



I want to open an account.



Fill this in.



You don't understand.

They ask my name.



I mean a numbered account -



like they have in Switzerland.



This one'll have a number too,

but you need a name any way.



Switzerland's more liberal,

but here in Finland...



Where's e very one?



This is a small bank,

there's no one else.



I'd like to take out       

from this account.



The money is there -



but the account is frozen. - I know.



What's that?



A security camera, but...



It doesn't work.



Not any more, any way.

Start counting the money.



I haven't got that much here,

I must get it from the vault.



You come with us.



Be careful, I don't want too much.



Don't worry, I know my work.



There will be no extra money.



I'd have to pay it back my self.



I must close the door to give

me a head start. I'm sorry.



Perfectly understandable

in your position.



It's good you understand.



Now stay there.



It didn't work out then.



What? -Opening the account.



Wouldn't have made

any difference.



This is the last day

we're open. - Why?



The whole bank was

sold to North Korea.



What did the bank manager say?

- Nothing.



He decided on a personal solution -



being fired after    years' service.



One year be fore retirement age.



I see. - Yes.



We're running out of oxygen.



The air conditioning was cut off

for financial reasons.



Luckily the police will come

immediately after the alarm.



What alarm?



So we'll die here.



We can always just breathe out.



Do you mind if I smoke?



Does a tree mourn for a fallen leaf?



You're not making much sense.



It was nice meeting you.

- The pleasure was all mine.



This won't take long.

We just need some in formation.



Besides refusing to reveal

his identity -



the questioned had

no identity papers.



Under the circumstances,

the records of the hearing -



have not been signed by him,

despite repeated requests.



There fore we have decided

to arrest him until his identity -



and possible involvement

in the crime has been solved.



Got your memory back yet?

- Not yet.



We don't suspect you

of participation in the crime.



The bank clerk's story

was quite straightforward.



Then I can go, can't I?



The Vagrancy Act

has been revoked -



but we have rules and

regulations to keep you here.



You could be a foreigner.

- But I speak Finnish.



You people learn fast.

You don't look Finnish.



How did you get into the country?



Just a moment.



I believe I've got a right

to make one phone call.



You've been watching too many films.



Who'd you call, any way?

- My girlfriend.



You've been bus y, haven't you?



I guess she has a name?

- Not for you.



Inkeri speaking.






It's for you.






Criminal Law, chapter    section  :



A person commits

insubordination by re fusing -



to give the police

particulars stated in -



subsection    of the Police Act.



If the law does not require

a harsher punishment -



he must be sentenced to a fine -



or to a maximum of

three months in prison -



for insubordination.

What do you say to that?



He say s nothing. I am his lawyer -



and will represent

the suspect from no w on.



That section of the law -



only applies if you

can prove that my client -



did it deliberately

and with premeditation.



This is not the case, however,

because it was due to -



a probably temporary loss of

memory caused by violence.



The      Supreme Court ruling -



number     states that

by holding him in custody -



for more than    hours the police -



are not only guilty of misconduct -



but also of deprivation of freedom.



Following my advice

my client has, however -



refrained from filing a suit -



if set free immediately -



and no other action

against him will be taken -



because of this incident.



Chapter   paragraph  

of the Mental Health Act -



enables an involuntary committal

to a psychiatric hospital -



due to an obvious need caused by

a serious mental disturbance -



failure of which action would

radically worsen his condition.



Subsection   makes that

clearly applicable only if -



no other mental health services

are usable in his case.



To be able to apply the law -



you should have within

   hours procured -



a doctor's referral for observation.

May I see one?



Please leave us for a moment.

You can wait in the corridor.



That's it then. For now.



Stay away from further trouble,

especially from the law.



Here's a cigar for you.



Who sent you?

- The Salvation Army.



It's you.



I followed you from

the police station. - Why?



To apologise. I got you in trouble.



I was in trouble already.



I thought you might

do me a favour, for a fee.



I had an earthmoving firm.

I bought two new machines -



and then everything

collapsed, you remember.



The bank called in my loan -



getting rid of "unreliable clients".



The machines were sold

to the bank below cost.



Three week s later the bank -



sold them for three

times that much.



You understand what I'm saying?

- More or less.



When my account

was suddenly frozen -



I could not pay the salaries -



for men who'd already

done their job.



I had to let them go -



and still owed them money.



Can a man stand that? -No.






I agree.



So I did what I did.



The money was mine any way.



Will you do me the favour?

- What is it?



Too many people here.



Let's talk in some other place.



The sums and the names

are on the envelopes -



and the in formation

where you can find them.



I come from the North,

and we pay our debts.






And this is for you.



Why don't you do it yourself?

- Too risky.



The police know who did the robbery.



In that case this is not

the safest place for you.



Doesn't matter, any more.



Will you do it? -Yes.



Tell the boys I'm sorry

for what happened -



but there it is.



You'd better go no w.










Rather small potatoes.



The weather was bad.

But they'll make a soup.



When did you plan to make it?

- Why so interested?



I have an onion.

You need it for the soup.



I've got eight potatoes.



I must save three for the winter -



and at least two as seed potatoes.



We farmers must think

of the coming years, too.



We only eat what is left over.



There's not enough for three,

I want to invite Irma to dinner.



So none for me? -Right.



You're selfish. - I'm a realist.



You city people are

children of the moment.



You might be a city man yourself.

- With a harvest like this? Never.



Give me half a potato, for scurvy.



I won't survive without teeth.



Must go.



We've discovered your identity.

- Really?



We leaked your photo to the press

and your wife contacted us today.



My wife... - Yes.



Your name is Jaakko Antero Lujanen.



Does it sound familiar?



Are you sure? -Yes.



You are a metal worker from Nurmes.



What did you say about a wife?

- She's absolutely certain.



The local police

showed her your photo.



I don't know why your

disappearance wasn't reported.



If you do have a wife...

some where there -



you must return home.



I don't want to.



Marriage is sacred.

I brought the train schedules.



Will you stay a moment longer?



It wouldn't be proper -



especially now

that you're married.



You could help me to pack.



But you have nothing.

- That's why.



Let's just sit, quiet.



I made you sandwiches.



Your home is so far away.



You won't forget...



The child of sorrow?



How could I?



You were my first love.



That was beautifully said. - Yes.



Go now.



It's time.









Is your mother home?



You always were

lousy at flattery.



Did you wait for me? -For years.



Forgive me for asking but...



Did we fight a lot?



You really don't remember

much, do you?



Not a thing.



We did. More and more.



It led to a divorce.



I don't understand.



Did I drink too much?

- No, not at all.



You never touched a drink.

- I didn't?



Instead you gambled.



Fruit machines, pin-ball machines,

poker, anything.



You lost all your LPs

playing blackjack.



Then what happened?

- We carried on for a time.



Your guilt complexes

made you speechless.



I wasn't much better my self.



Finally we slept in separate rooms.



Go on.



We filed for divorce.



You went south after a job -



and I never heard from you.

Until I saw you in the paper.



Suddenly you were famous.



A photo and all.



Now what?



The divorce came through in June.



I would've sent you the papers -



but you left me no address.



When you never called -



I thought you didn't care.

- I'm sorry.



I got beaten up.



I'd have written if

I'd known about you.



I'm Ovaskainen.






Shall we fight, then? -Why?



I love that woman. - That's good.



She seems to like you, too.



What do you mean? -Nothing.



Nothing? -Yes.



So no demands?

- Why should I have?



Love each other as

you would love yourself.



Talk properly.



We are divorced.



Seems like things weren't

too good earlier, either.



So we don't need to fight?

- I don't see any reason for it.



I guess you're a better man

than what I've heard.



I'll let that one pass.



Just one request.



Be good to her. - OK. Sure.



Want a ride to the station?

- Yes, please.



Now that all's been settled -



you can say goodbye

to her, if you want.



Your sake, sir.



Thank you.



I thought we already

killed that one once.



So you decided to come back.






What's this?



They get what they deserve.



They've beaten up many of us.



Us? -Yes.



I'll call for an ambulance,

but not too soon -



if you don't mind.

Shall we go?



Where to? -Where were you going?






There's a social evening

in the canteen.



I remember the prettiest of parks



The wonderful Monrepos



My dr ams often take me back



To that leafy fairy land



The prettiest arched bridges



The loveliest moonlit nights



I have seen in the park



of Monrepos



Back to the by gone times



My thoughts again they fly



The days of the past



The wondrous tales that last



Still come alive in my mind



I remember the beautiful park



The wonderful Monrepos



Forever I've hidden

In my he art the park



Of Monrepos



My thoughts again return...



You did not stay away

for long. - No.



For a moment I was afraid.

- For no reason.


Special help by SergeiK