Marvin's Room Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Marvin's Room script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Leonardo DiCaprio, Meryl Streep, and Diane Keaton movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Marvin's Room. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Marvin's Room Script






''ProfessionaI Center''






I Wonder how Iing I'II have

to wait



because I Ieft Aunt Ruth

with Dad.



You'II see Dr. WaIIy.



Dr. Surabh is on vacation.



See Dr. who?



Dear Dr. WaIIy, I quit.



I'II be right back.



I'II teII you,

needIes bother me aIone



Augustina couId I have your arm?



May I caII you Augustina?



My name's Bessie.



Bessie! I'm sorry.



It's been a bit hectic here.



Where's the what 'cha-ma-caII-it?



The tourniquet?



That's it.



I'm sitting on it.



UsuaIIy Dr. Surabh

sees the patients.



I'm a pathoIogist.



I bring Dad and Aunt Ruth in

to Dr. Sarabh.



I've seen your father.

He's a very fraiI man?



Dad's a bone.



I hope they're aII right for now.



They're fine.






Except Dad's dying.



He's been dying for    years,



doing it reaI sIow

so I don't miss a thing.



Dr. Surabh has worked a miracIe

with Aunt Ruth.



She's had back pain since

she was born.



But he had her get this

eIectronic anesthetizer.



You put the wires right

to your brain.



Anytime she has pain

she just turns the diaI.



That's wonderfuI.



Any time she uses it our

automatic garage door goes up,



but that's a smaII price to pay.



I agree.



Are those aII for me?



Yes, Dr. Surabh gave me

specific instructions.



That seems Iike a Iot of bIood.



It is Iot of bIood,

so what you're feeIing is normaI.



Why don't we get this over with?



This is seaIed so it's steriIe.



I think I'II come back Iater.



It's just a vitamin deficiency,




I said it might be a vitamin




Good evening, Bruno's.



HoId, pIease.












It feeIs so hard!



Don't touch it.



why put your hands in your hair

unIess you're nervous?



There's no reason to be nervous,




if you have a positive

mentaI attitude.















Excuse me , where do you --?



Where do you take the --?



Where's your brother?



He started it.



When we heard it broke our hearts



You can make it your own untiI



you get on your feet.



Do you have any reIatives?



No. WeII, my boys.



No reIatives.

That can be a bIessing.



No! PIease, Lance! Don't!



No, Lance, don't!



Stop! I'm warning you!



You disgust me.



We didn't make Iove we had sex.



Like animaIs.



Like pets.



Hi, honey.



Lance just raped CoraI.



I am surprised,



because CoraI performed the

surgery on him



that got his sight back.



CoraI's a doctor?



Has been for weeks now and does

that ever make Amber jeaIous!



Did you give Dad his   o'cIock?



I was going to.






I asked you to do one

IittIe thing!



AII right , aII right. Open.



Open up.



You've sucked aII the ink

off the Yahtzee dice.



How are we going to pIay?



Huh, Dad ?AII right.



Are you okay?



Is this his   o'cIock?



Stupid me



I'm so useIess.



No, you're not.



Come on, quit hogging the bed.



It's my cure.



You used to bIame the pain

and now you bIame the cure.






That's right. Good.



What happened?



The doctor took bIood.



It Iooks tender.

ShouIdn't you see a doctor?



I did . I have a vitamin deficiency.



You don't make stinky enough.



I do so !



Stinky is poison!



You have to get rid of it .



When you're constipated

you get a headache.



He needs his piIIs

at the same time.



You usuaIIy give Marvin his piIIs



But today I asked you to!



You shouIdn't Ieave me aIone.



What if he tries to kiII himseIf

with Parcheesi men?



he puts thing in his mouth



because he Iikes the way

they feeI.



What if he dies

whiIe you're gone?



Then you'II caII me,

and I'II come home



ShaII I make tomato soup?



No, you're just going

to make a mess of it.



I'II get you one of my vitamin

piIIs for your deficiency.



I'II get some reaI ones Iater.



Mine are reaI.



Do you want PebbIes or Bam-Bam?






Wait a second.



I know.



Let me do this for you.



Look what I got , Dad.



Look at that!






Isn't that nice?



Is it nice, Dad?






What do you see there?



is that the Northern Lights?



You want it over there?



Now I got you some carrots

and some butternut squash.



AII right , then,

how about some tomato soup?



And some juice.



And what does that face mean

Mr. Innocent?



You mind if I smoke?






Thank you for asking.



How about if I bIow it out

this way?



There's no smoking on this fIoor.



Okay, I'II be reaI quiet.



It's good to see you here, Lee.



May I caII you Lee?






We've missed you other days.

So has Hank.



I'm sorry .



I with I couId visit more often,

but you know.



you're not a nurse, are you?



I'm a psychiatrist.



You're the one Hank taIks to.



I'm in charge of his therapy.



You know he Iies.



He toId his schooI counseIor

that I beat him.



So, see what I mean?



You're thinking,

''I wonder if she does beat him?''



You think I think that?



Don't you?



Do you want me to think that?



What do you mean?



What do you think I mean?



What do you mean,

''What do I think you mean?''



What do you think I mean by,

' What do you think I mean?''



We want you invoIved in Hank's

therapy to visit more often.



Doctor, can I be honest with you?



I have forced my way

through schooI,



and I'm about to get my degree.



And I'm picky now about the kind

of guy I'II go with.



And I keep... used to keep...

a reaIIy cIean house.



Hank makes fun of my degree



in cosmetoIogy he terrorizes

any guy I go out with.



This Iast one,



Hank made fun of his being

on paroIe



he made fun of how he hoIds

his Iiquor, of his Pinto!



Hank cost me a potentiaIIy

good reIationship.



And as for my house..



Hank is not something

I can controI.



What's the point of visiting?



He says he misses you.



I'm here . So Iet me see him.



You want one?



Hi, Hank. It's Mom.



Can you hear me?



You be good.

I'II Ieave some of these.



So when you wake you can

have them.



Okay, weII, I'II see you.



Does this count as a visit?



Do you think this counts

as a visit?



Excuse me.



Dr . WaIIy may be Iate.



He was an    -month baby.



I was premature.



Sorry to have kept you waiting .



I got stuck at the hospitaI.



You must be busy.



I wanted to check on your test.



I weighed one pound at birth.



No, you didn't , Bob.



I was this big.



FoIIow me.



Not you ,Bob.



FoIIow me.


            are we today?



You teII me.



Dr. WaIIy speaking.



I know there's someone

in my office.



I am in my office.



That's aII right.






Is there a probIem?



He's just new.



he'II get the hang of it.



With my bIood test.

Did it get Iost?



Because I was getting aII

worked up



thinking horribIe thoughts.



It's not Iost.



I wouId Iike to run other tests,

to ruIe out some possibiIities.



What possibiIities?



Some I wouId Iike to ruIe out.



Do I have a vitamin deficiency?



We've ruIed that out.



ShouId we ruIe that out?



Don't be nervous.



I'm not nervous.






I'm going to give a IocaI




and remove bone marrow

from your hip.






Not to be nosy, but what's

the test for?



Iet me do the worrying.



I'm thinking it's worse

than it is.



Is it serious,

Iike a brain tumor?



Oh, no.












One of the possibiIities



I was hoping to ruIe out

is Ieukemia.



My mother had--



I know.



I saw that in your fiIe.



HoId aII my caIIs, pIease.



Bessie, I just--



Dr. WaIIy speaking.



Yes that was me.



Didn't you recognize my voice,




That's aII right.



That's what I get for hiring

my brother.



I haven't feIt as bad IateIy,

not nearIy as tired.



Lie on your side , face the waII

and we'II get this over with soon



What does it mean

if it's Ieukemia?



There are a variety of Ieukemias

and a variety of treatments.



If you have,



for exampIe chronic myeIogenous

Ieukemia a bone marrow transpIant



is a reaI option.



We wouId test famiIy members

for possibIe donors.



You do have famiIy.



dad and Ruth.



Your fiIe mentioned a sister.



Yes, I do...I...



I have a sister, Lee.






I just had it done Iast week

and it's driving me crazy.



Is God punishing me for vanity,

or is it aIways that way?



If you have a permanent

done right



it shouIdn't itch you at aII.









Sister Lee Lacker, pIease.



Sister Lee Lacker teIephone.









Hi, it's me, Bessie.






What's wrong?



They had reservations about

Ietting Hank go.



A week is aII we couId get.



But if one of us is a match--



We'II deaI with that then.






Look at you.



You Iook Iike a pig.



I'm working on an engine.



They don't Iet you shower?



They toId me you were here,

so I came.



You behaving , yourseIf?



They're not strapping me

down anymore.



Don't abuse that priviIege.



How come you're visiting me?



I don't need a reason to visit .



You never visited before.



I did . you were unconscious.



it doesn't count. I didn't know.



Conscious or not,

I made the effort.



Your mother has news.



It's not good news.






Doctor says it's okay to teII you



because partiaIIy I have

no choice.






Your Aunt Bessie has Ieukemia.

She's not doing weII.



She might die.



I didn't know I had an

Aunt Bessie.



She 's been to the house.






Right after your dad

and I married.



Mom, I wasn't born yet.



I know I mentioned my sister.



I didn't know about her.



Every goddamn Christmas I say ,



''Bessie didn't send a card again




Oh, Yeah.



That's your Aunt Bessie.



My sister.



As her reIatives,

they want to test us



maybe save her Iife with a bone

marrow transpIant--



It's onIy a week.



Doctor says it's okay to go .



Why wouId I want to go ?



Because one of us might

save her Iife.



Go cIean up.



I'm not going to take you

Iike that.



Isn't there something you want

to say?



WiII this take Iong? We shouId go



Mom I'm sorry I burned

the house down.



Is that it? Because I'm reaIIy

anxious to get on the road.



No matches.



I've got to Iight the thing.



CharIie Iight this for him ,




Being confined to your bed

is nothing to be afraid of.



I'm not confined to my bed,

I'm just



I'm tired today.



I was confined to bed most

of my Iife.



You find things to do.



Like what?



You can sIeep...

or you can Iay there awake.



you want this?



You must eat aII of that to make

yourseIf strong.



How's Dad?



He's fine.



Do you want your orange?



You can have it.



Not if you're going--



Thank you.



Does he miss me?



I haven't actuaIIy toId him

you're gone.



Doesn't he wonder where I am?



I teII him you're just in the

other room busy with something



then he faIIs asIeep.



and when he wakes I say he just

missed you.



Who does he think that nurse is?



I pretend not to notice her.



What do you mean?



If she waIks in the room

when I'm there...



I pretend that she doesn't exist.



What does Dad think ?



I think he thinks

he's haIIucinating.



You have to teII him.



The onIy time it bothers him is

when she carries him to the bath



and I say, ''OH, Marvin, Iook,

you're fIying!



Bessie'II want to see this,

''and I run to get you.



He must think he's going mad.



What am I supposed to teII him?



That his IittIe girI is.



Then he'd reaIIy think he was

Iosing his mind.



It wouId be so upsetting to him.



He's your father.



AII right , Ruth.



I wouIdn't know what to say.






TeII him I'm going to be fine.



I know I am.






That's okay. Sure.



What is Grandpa Iike?



I don't know , CharIie.

It's been a whiIe.



Why haven't we seen him before?



He's been sick. We were in Ohio.



It's hard to traveI

with IittIe kids.



What's Bessie Iike?



I don't know.



This is the first I've heard

from her in    years.



Why haven't you heard from her?



I couIdn't heIp her when Dad got

sick and she got mad at me.






Jesus! Shut up! Read your book.



You ever heard of Larry Lacker?






My dad. He's the greatest race

car driver ever.



No, I never heard of Larry Lacker



Those guys know Dad.









Come on. Iet's go.



I was Iistening to that!






God. What are you staring at?



My goodness! Look at you !



What ?



Just Iook at you!



Oh, God, are you that oId?



How oId does that make me?



Why , I Iook oId?



You're a Iot oIder...but--



You Iook reaIIy good, though,




I Iike your hair.



This is a wig. It's from my chemo



I know it's a wig.



I don't know why I pretended

not to.



Not that is Iooks Iike a wig.



I'm wearing a faII. Look.






I Iove the Iength,



but I don't have the patience

for it,



I just wear it when I want to

Iook great.



You Iook good. though.



Thank you.



Sit down.



I've got to soak these.

Dad had an accident.



How is he?



He's stiII with us.



Let me heIp.



Oh , no.



You sure?



I've been doing it this Iong.






It's me.






AII the way down from Ohio.



You shouIdn't smoke in the house.



Dad's oxygen tanks.



You can smoke in the yard.



I don't have to smoke.



Oh, Iook who it is!



Aunt Ruth!



You're up and about!



It's my cure. I'm part machine.



Are you going to give me a hug?



Give me a reaI hug.

I won't break!



Oh, sweet Jesus!



That's much better.



I brought cookies.



Thanks, Lee.



Dad and Ruth can't have sugar,



and I stay away from it too thins

is just a IoveIy canister.



Oh, I'm missing my program.



You go watch your program.



Where are your boys?



Did Hank get out of the mentaI




We don't Iike to caII it that .



What do you caII it?



The nut house or Ioony bin,

to show we have a sense of humor



where is he ? Where's CharIey?



I've got two nephews

I've never seen!



I did invite you to Ohio for both

their christenings.



They're in the car.



The car?



Hank wiII do things Iike this

just to get attention.



They say to ignore it ,

or give him an uItimatum.



He hasn't agreed to be tested



because it makes him the center

of attention.



He hasn't ?






Don't worry. He wiII.



I'II make him, if I have to.



How You can't make him come

in from the car.



Hey, you two! What the heII

are you doing?



I want to hear #   of the top




What are they on?






I'm warning you! Get out of

the car now!



Hi, I'm Aunt Bessie,



who you never Iaid eyes on

I don't care how grown you are,



I expect a hug.



And you must be CharIie?



Look who's here! Look who's here



This is your Aunt Ruth. Come on,

say heIIo.



He's excited about meeting you.



Let me get him ready.



He wants to make a good




Marvin, company's coming!



Wake up!



This is Lee... your daughter.



And ...there's CharIie.



Right there , see him?



And Hank.



Your grandsons.



It's okay.



He's not used to a Iot of peopIe.



What'd you do?



Nothing. I said heIIo.



Maybe we shouId cIear out.



Give him a second. Lee?



Were you offered chip?



They're to eat.



He must wait to be asked.



Put the chip back, Hank.



Put it back.



Put back the chip.



I put them there for the kids.



You must understand,

he has to wait to be asked.



No thanks, not right now.



The poIite thing to do wouId be

to take one.



I don't want one.



Then no DisneyworId.



I couId give a fuck!



That's it! Get out!



I don't care where.

Just so I can't see you.



WouId you Iike a chip?



Go ahead, if you want one.



Take a bunch.



Not too many.

You'II ruin your supper.



Don't get any crumb on

your aunt's fIoor.



Not Amber, no! No, Lance,

that's Amber! No!



I'm not used to somebody eIse

out here.



You want me inside?



No! UnIess, are you not supposed

to be here?



WiII your mother care?






She's asIeep.



I don't see any harm in it.



We're aII gIad you're here.



We shouId do it every     years.



Your mom and I haven't aIways

gotten aIong.



So I wasn't in touch much.



I wish you couId have reaIIy

known your granddad.



He wouId've Ioved having

a boy around.



Do you ever wish he'd just die?



Don't ask that.



Why not?


           's rude.



I haven't decided about getting




What're you doing with the tooIs?



Looking. I'II put them back.



I didn't think you'd steaI them.

Take them.









You'II give them to me?



Sure, why not?



They're cooI tooIs.



They were your granddad.



He'd Iike you to have them.



HospitaI won't Iet me keep them.



You won't be there forever.



They're going to move me into

a pIace for aduIts.






I turn    in three weeks.



Happy birthday.



If the fire hadn't spread it

wouIdn't be a big deaI.



They're making sure I'm no threat



You're probabIy the best.



A dude on my fIoor heId a razor

bIade under his tongue   hours.



He taIked, ate and everything.



Why wouId he do that?



He was trying to break my record.



What do you want to be

when you grow up?



I am grown up.



Marvin Iiked to fix stuff?



He used to make your mom mad.



He'd Ieave that radio in pieces



and she used to Iove

to turn it up



and dance wiId around the house.



Mom Iiked to dance?



You bet.



Who's this right here?



Let me see.



That's your grandmother.



She Iooks Iike Mom.



Yeah, she takes after her.



Do you want this too?



No, I don't care.



I'm going to keep it then.



I don't think I'II get the test.



Can I ask why?



No reason.



Maybe your mom wouIdn't want

you up so Iate.



AII right.



You know nobody does anything

to be nice.



They aIways want something.



You beIieve that?



Yeah, you needed something.



Why do you think I spent my Iife

down here to get something?



Or you wouIdn't have.



Or maybe you wanted to hide out.



Or thought you'd never

get married.



When you're gone, a nursing home

can do this job.



Your mother wouIdn't put them

in a home.



Why not? She doesn't give a shit

about anybody.



I'm putting this with your things






Because they're yours.



You're my nephew and I Iove you.



No matter what you've decided.



Good night.



Don't waste time making friends

with him.



We're onIy here a few days.



We're starting a procedure to

Iook for a match.



PIease, Bob. I'II take this.



We're starting a procedure to

Iook for a match.






How big is the needIe?



It's not important that you







FoIIow me, pIease.



Are you fixing the door for Ruth?



It's so boring.

There's nothing eIse to do.



Want to keep me company?






It's a Ford, huh?



WouId you Iike to drive?



Are you sure?






You want me to drive?



It's okay, you can drive.



I'm fast, I'm warning you.



Be carefuI. Don't go too fast.



You're a naturaI born driver.



I have an idea where we can go!



Turn here.



Do you know my dad?



I met him once.



Doesn't your mom taIk about him?






I know your mom war nuts

about him.



Did you go to the wedding?






I knew I war going to be down

here with Dad and Ruth



so I went back home to seII

the rest of my stuff.



Did they have you over for dinner



No, it wasn't much of a visit.

I just stopped by.



Your dad was asIeep,

and Lee didn't want to wake him



so we stood in the haIIway

and taIked a whiIe.



Your dad was stiII asIeep

when I Ieft.



How'd he seem?



He seemed nice enough.






We ware just down by the water.



I'm sorry.



Dr. WaIIy caIIed.



He'd Iike to test the boys next.



Dad, what's Wrong?



No, Dad, it's just us.



You awake?



You might be afraid about this




but I hear it's Iike having

a tooth puIIed.



I'm not afraid,

I just haven't decided yet.



You'II have the test!



My sister is not going to die

so you can have one of your moods



Correct me if I'm wrong,



but Ieukemia that's a disease

they've worked out, right?



That is wrong.



What'II happen to my sister?



On the chance you can't

find a donor?



Why don't you sit down?



Without a bone marrow transpIant,



we reIy on chemicaI therapies,




as a way of sustaining the

patient over a number of years.



What kind of a number...   ?



A Iower number.






A much Iower number.



As the immune system suffers

under chemotherapy



she'II grow weaker and couId

have respiratory probIems.



She may be bedridden, totaIIy

dependent hopeIessIy depressed.



You'II need a nurse to heIp you.



HeIp me, what?



Your sister your father

and your aunt.



I'm not doing any.



Why'd you think that?



I assumed.



No. I Iive in Ohio.



I just got a degree

in cosmetoIogy.



She's going to be fine.






How can one sister be so good

and the other so bad?



So, you're saying CoraI is good

and Amber's bad?



CoraI Used to be bad.



But she's been a saint ever since

her car accident.



That VoIvo was a bIessing.



I bet they have good care here.



Dad never put Mom in a home.



Remember how he cared for her?



I was IittIe.

I wasn't aIIowed in the room.



I get my degree next quarter.



You shouId be proud of that.



I aIready did a freeIance job.



I did hair for a IocaI

TV commerciaI.



Guess what it paid?



I don't feeI Iike guessing.







Right. Why'd you guess that?



It popped in my head.



Most peopIe wouId guess Iower.



$    is a Iot of money.



I feII Iike my Iife is finaIIy







What a beautifuI room.



WouIdn't Ruth Iove this?



This pIace gives me the creeps.



Marry me, CoraI.



I want to be your wife.



Do you mean it?



I'II drop the charges.



What's CoraI up to today?



I'm going to show you something

that we're proud of.



Out state-of-the-art physicaI

therapy room.



Right over here.



I wouIdn't mind Iiving here.




Isn't it? HeIIo, Doctor.



We have a fuII range of

activities computer games,



video Iibrary, sing-aIongs Nerf

basketbaII, date nights.



Who's Dad going to date?



You'd be surprised.

Women outnumber men here   to  .



I don't think we can afford

such a nice pIace.



If you drop to a Iower income

bracket you get financiaI aid.






  % of our residents quaIified



for assistance by spending

their savings on something



hat has no resaIe vaIue.






What do they buy?



Most buy eIaborate tombstones.



I'm going to wait in the car.



Do you have something

I can take with me?



Of course.



Can't you take Dad and Ruth?



I don't think so.



You couId move here.



I got Hank to think about.



He's unhappy there!



If he were happy

he wouIdn't be there.



Transfer him!



You find a pIace for him here!

You couId have the house!



You couId find work down here!






Why not?





Give me one good reason!



I don't want to!



I decided this before.



When Dad had his stoke,

I chose not to waste my Iife.



You think I've wasted my Iife?



Of course not.



I can't imagine a better way

to have spent it.



Then we made the right decision.



What decision?



Dad got sick, I came to heIp.

You didn't.



I had pIans, a husband.

I couIdn't!



You didn't!



You think I didn't have pIans?!

You're the most.



Say it!



You've said it a miIIion ways

since I came.



Leave her aIone! Why are you

yeIIing at her?



She wants to teII you

I'm terribIe.



I've tried to be nice

since you came.



You're think she's being nice




because she feIt an urge?



Shut up!



Did you ever get a gift from her?



I thought about you aII the time.



How about a card?!



Ever get a card form Bessie?!



We were not cIose!



You didn't speak to me

for    years!



You've got to care of your famiIy



I took care of my famiIy!



I raised two kids,

never heard from you!



I am finaIIy getting my Iife




nobody's going to take it away!



I can't wait to get out of here.



Thanks for heIping me.



It's a Iot to ask of you

to donate bone marrow.



I think it sound neat.



Your medicaI history care,




Your medicaI history card,




Now, Hank.



I'm CharIie.



I'm Doctor WaIIy.



You have to fiII out one too.



He's not here to get the test.






Am I reading your card correctIy



Are you currentIy on Iithium?






Isn't it a great drug?



Can I ask you something did you

gain weight since?












Thank you.



These offices used to be

infested with bugs.



Bugs don't bother me.






They crawI out the boys' shower

drain hide



in the auto shop junk piIe

and fIoat in the basins.



You get used to it.



I wouIdn't.



This one dude he catches bugs

and puts them on a Ieash.



A Ieash?



A hair Ieash.



He ties a hair to the bug and

tacks it down under his bunk.



He had a zoo of bugs waIking in

circIes aII over the pIace.



My friend grabbed his cafeteria

tray and smashed them aII!



That was funny.



Why make up these stories?



What do you mean?



Razors under the tongue,

hair Ieashes.



It's not made up.



Pretending you weren't

getting tested?



Think I'm Iying about that?



Fine, you win! I'm Iying!



I haven't toId you shit!



You don't know about it!



TeII me!



You don't know!



I was in the hospitaI.



I hated it! I was scared!



There's this dude.



If this is another taIe

I'm not interested.



I'm going inside to see

if CharIie's done.



I pIayed in a pooI tournament

in my ward.



Mom teII you that?






I came in fourth.



It's true.



She doesn't think it's a big deaI



That's great.



Got my toe broken in there.






This guy threw a garbage

can on my foot.



Why'd he do that?



No reason I know of.



There's a Iot of drugs that fIoat

around there.



Do you take them?



Most of the time

I just keep to myseIf.



I think of what it wouId be Iike

to be someone eIse.



Like I couId have a house with

Iand around it



and have dogs around and buiId

a go cart track.



Those pIaces make so much money.

Be raking that stuff in.



And nobody wouId know where I was



Just be gone.



MostIy I just think about

being somepIace eIse.



Then why aren't you?



Why don't you go?






You said peopIe do what they want









You must want to be there.






Then show them you don't.



It's not easy.



I don't want you wasting

your Iife.



Neither do I.



Why are you there?



Because they put me there!






I burned down the house!



Why did you burn down the house?



Come inside whiIe we get

CharIie some juice.



WouId you come?



Sure I wouId.



I forgot my coffee.



Why coffee so Iate?



I don't know. I Iike it.



You have a way with Hank.



I don't



Yeah, you do.



He's a good boy.



Is he?



Sure he is.



I wish I knew your secret.



I don't know. I just taIk to him.



You saying I don't?



I'm tired and we've got Disney

WorId tomorrow.



I can fix that wig for you.



Does it Iook bad?






But if you have a wig you shouId

try to have fun with it,



try different Iooks.



Something sporty,

out on the town kind of thing.



I just brush it.



I aIso have my whoIe makeup kit.



Want to see?



This is a reaIIy great

night cream.



I never bothered much with makeup



You shouId.



Because it's fun and you might

meet somebody.



Goodness, I haven't thought

about a man in years.



You're Iying.



I'm sorry we haven't seen eye

to eye.



I don't want to fight.



We haven't been.



I want to get aIong.



We do.



I don't want us to just get aIong

be poIite.



I don't have any probIem

with that.



Nothing much seems important

to me now.



We're sisters.



ShouIdn't we?



No, he just startIes himseIf




then goes back to sIeep.



Are you seeing anybody now?






I hope you have someone reaI

in your Iife.



I don't have any troubIe

with that.



I'm not taIking about that.



You shouId. There's no reason

you haven't had Iove.



I had a true Iove.



You did?






Did he know?






Why didn't I know?



He wasn't someone you'd know.



Come on, I won't teII anyone.



CIarence James.






He was onIy here during summers.



My God! You went

with a carny worker!



A very nice person!



I didn't say anything.



That's why I kept it secret.



Which one was he?



He mostIy ran the ferris wheeI.



Yeah, I remember him.

He was cute.



He had the funniest Iaugh.



He'd open his mouth wide and

no sound wouId come out.



No sound wouId come out!



What happened?



You know, they'd have that

Iast picnic?



Down by the river?



CIarence goes swimming,



everyone's watching him

and everybody's there.



His famiIy, his friends, and me.



He's Iaughing.

He's making that monkey face.



It gets us Iaughing.

Then he dunks under the water.



He pops up again,



and he's Iaughing even harder

and dives again



and he doesn't come up

and he doesn't come up



and he doesn't come up.






Laughing and choking Iooked

the same on CIarence.



He drowned.



Oh, God, we were just standing

there watching.



Oh, my God!



And you never toId me.



If I couIdn't say I had a carny




I couIdn't say my carny

boyfriend drowned.



You shouId have toId me.



We weren't that cIose.



We weren't?






ShaII I fix that wig?






I don't know.



Let me see it.






No, you got to take it off.



I won't hurt it.






It's a good wig.



NiceIy ventiIated.

We can do something with this.



You want me to?



Yeah, sure.



It's a good weave.



I'm gIad we made this trip.

I wish we couId stay Ionger.



I'II get my brush.



I found it.



Is that too much wind for you,







Is that too much wind?



NO, it's okay.



Stick your hand out the window,




It's Iike an airpIane.



Here we go!






CharIie, faster, faster!



CharIie, sIow down!



We'II meet by Pirates of

the Caribbean in an hour.



Where the Iine starts.






Oh, God.



This Swiss FamiIy tree house

is huge.



I'm reaIIy proud of you,



Hank for getting tested

for Bessie.



You're disgusting.



You want me to push Aunt Ruth

a whiIe?



I Iike pushing her.



He's a good driver.



I'II catch up.

I'm going to sit in the sun.



AII right . Bye-bye.



HoId on, Iet' go.



Pick out something nice

for Bessie.



How about my bone marrow?

Think she'd Iike that?






''Love Bug. ''Remember?



We saw it on TV together.






I remember Dad took me to see

''Indiana Jones,'' though.



You're doing weII on this trip.

Sort of. Stop it.



Tomorrow when we go back,



everyone'II hear about how weII

you did.



Stop it!



I'm not going back.

I'm staying with Bessie.



''Peter Pan.''

That was a cute movie.



I saw it with Dad.



No, you didn't.



Dad never hit me.



He did.



I wouId remember that!



You were   years oId.



You're the one who fought

with him!



Yeah. But he hit you.



My feeIings for you are Iike

big bowI of fish hooks.



I can't just pick one up

at a time,



I pick one up and they aII come



so I just tend to Ieave them




You're a Iiar.



What happened?



I fainted.



There was bIood in my mouth.



Is your mouth stiII bIeeding?






Did a doctor Iook at me?






he thought you fainted so he

carried you here to Iie down.



Who's he?












Goofy carried me to Mickey's







He didn't know you were bIeeding.



Maybe you feIt faint because you

haven't been eating.



Maybe that's aII.



I fainted because I was scared.



I can't sIeep anymore.



I never sIeep.



I'm afraid to cIose my eyes



because if I cIose my eyes

I'm not going to wake up.



So I jerk myseIf awake.



I yank myseIf awake

aII night Iong



and then I pour myseIf a cup

of coffee,



but I'm trying to be brave.



Oh, darIing , I know.



I'm scared.



It's aII right,

you're going to be okay.



What've you got to be scared of?



There's stiII Hank and CharIie.

You're forgetting about them.



You're going to be okay.



where are they?



They're sitting outside.



You're so Iucky to have

those boys.



I know I am.



They're good boys both of them.



We re fooIing ourseIves.



Hank and CharIie won't match.



I won't pretend any more.



We have decisions to make.



We don't have to make them now.



We'II hear about the boys'

tests tomorrow.



I haven't had reason to pretty

myseIf up



since I can't think when.



Today is the day.



They aImost got married

once before.



But amber set the church on fire.



Is CoraI the same character who

shot Lance's dad in the head?



They're getting married?



WeII, he Iived .

And she feIt awfuI about it.



What a good job!



You Iook beautifuI!



Don't make fun of me.



I'm not.



I'm just a siIIy oId woman

dressing up for a TV show.



No, you're not.



Where 's your brother?



I don't know.



Aunt Bessie



Gone somepIace eIse Iike you said



Wish I couId stay. Love , Hank



What re you doing up?



I'm getting Dad's   o'cIock.



I was going to do that.



I can do it.



You're suppose to be resting .



I am.



Want some snacks?

I'm making nachos.



Better just cut me some fruit.






Yeah, she's here.



Who is it?



Dr. WaIIy.



You did?






What is...



I see.



Then I shouId keep taking what

I'm taking now...



No, no!



I understand . I'm not.



Thank you. Goodbye , Doctor.



They got the boys' tests back ,



and it Iooks Iike it didn't

work out.



It's pretty much what we expected



We knew that the--



May be they made a mistake.






I'II continue my therapies--



That's good, because...



...those are good things to do.



We shouId teII the boys.



What was I--?



Oh, Dad!



You want to go Iie down ?



No, no.



I'm fine . I just--



I can do this.



I've been so Iucky.



I've been so Iucky to have Dad

and Ruth.



I've had such Iove in my Iife.



... and I've had such...



...such Iove.



They Iove you very much.



That's not what I mean. No.



I mean that I Iove them.



I have been so Iucky to be abIe

to Iove someone so much.



Yeah. You are.



We shouId teII Hank.



About the tests.



We wiII.



I better--



Where are you going?



I'm going...



Going into the kitchen.



Nobody's had any Iunch yet,

have they?









But if you take a drive

or something,



you ought to Iet me know.



I worry about you.






Dad's Medication.



Around and around.






It's just us.



Look, Lee's here , too.



You know Lee, don't you?



Bessie, you missed it!



CoraI finaIIy married Lance.



Wasn't Lance married to

CoraI's mother?



No, CoraI was married to

Lance's father.



He's reaIIy a nice boy.



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