Mata Hari Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Mata Hari script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Greta Garbo movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Mata Hari. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Mata Hari Script






Look. Is any woman worth that?



Surely, you regret having betrayed

your country.



- You can still have a chance...

- You're wasting time.



Come on, out with it.



Who is she? What is her name?



Tell us, you fool!



Mata Hari.



That's her name, isn't it?



- Let me alone.

- Oh, shoot him.



She bewitches them.



Why not? She bewitched all Paris.



She's France's greatest enemy.



The woman has become

a mania with you, Dubois.



After all, you're the only one in Paris

that believes she's a spy.



It's very dangerous to accuse a woman

who's so powerfully protected...



- ...without proof.

- I'll get that proof.



And one cold morning, you'll see your fine

Mata Hari tied to one of those posts.



- Dine with me tonight?

- Thanks, no.



- Tonight I'm to see your Mata Hari dance.

- What?



A special soiree at LeMarchand's.



- How dare you.

- It's to be smart and very private.



After all, there is a war going on.



Oh, well, some dance and some die.



And some will do both.



- Is that it?

- I think it is, General Shubin.



- May I?

- Surely.



It is. Amazing.



Something of an event to see

a ship arrive from Russia.



Event? Why, it's the first time in history,

a flight over the German lines.



Congratulations. A great achievement.



Thank you, sir, but it's just sheer luck.



- And a good engine.

- The dispatches?



Quite safe, sir. I'm to deliver them

to the ambassador personally.



Yes, of course. Of course. Major.



May I present Lieutenant Alexis Rosanoff

of the Russian imperial air force.



Proud to meet such a brave young man.



Thank you, sir. ut I was frightened

to death all the way.



You'll hold yourself in readiness

for a return flight to Russia...



- soon as our reply is ready.

- Yes, Your Excellency.



- How long will it take to decode this?

- Ten to    hours, Your Excellency.



Rush it, please.



General Shubin,

please report back here tonight at   :  .



This will call for immediate counsel.



Congratulations, lieutenant.

We shan't forget.



General Shubin will give you

your instructions.



- Sit down.

- Thank you.



Well, you feel like celebrating?



Sleep is the only thing I'm interested in.



Can I put you up for the night?



No, thank you.

I still have my little place at Passy.



That is, if I can stay awake

long enough to get there.



I'd ask you to dine with me, but I have

to go to a reception right afterwards.



Mata Hari's dancing.



Mata Hari?



I'd be delighted

to have dinner with you, sir.



- I'm not as tired as I was.

- No?



The prospect of a good dinner, perhaps.



Yes, I suppose that's it.



After all, it's rather absurd to go straight

to bed your first night back in Paris.



I think I do feel rather like celebrating.



If you can stay awake.



- Funny, I'm not even sleepy anymore.

- No?



That's all right, Rosanoff.



There'll be such a crowd there,

one more won't matter.



What do you mean?



Why, didn't you say you wanted

to see Mata Hari dance?






...I dance for you tonight as the bayadères

danced in the sacred temples of Java.









They say her mother was a sacred dancer,

her father a temple priest.



You know she married a Dutchman.

My dear, he used to beat her.



Really? I can't believe it.



She makes matrimony seem so dull.



I'd like to know her.



I feel that I do know her.



Madame Mata Hari, may a perfect stranger

offer her appreciation?



- Thank you.

- Your costume was exquisite.



And those earrings, are they Javanese?



No, they are from India.



They're so intriguing. May I?



Andriani wants to see you at the Pavilion

at once. It's very important.



- Glad you like them.

- Thank you.



Do you think...? Could you introduce me?



My dear boy, one doesn't meet Mata Hari

on the spur of the moment like that.



esides, I'm late now.



- Do you mind if I stay for a while?

- No, no. Not at all.



- Thank you. Good night.

- Good night.



- I thought you were different from the rest.

- Champagne, please.



Take this for me. I know what you like.



I know all about men like you...



Permit me, mademoiselle.



- Oh, wasn't she marvelous?

- Wasn't that a wonderful dance, monsieur?



It wasn't a dance, it was a poem.



- Do you know her?

- Who doesn't?



I would give my right arm to meet her.



So would I.



- To Mata Hari the incomparable.

- Unsurpassed.



- Priestess of the dance.

- High priestess.



- Goddess. Goddess of beauty.

- ravo.



The dancer is only as beautiful

as the mood of her dance.



- To Mata Hari.

- To Mata Hari.



Now, gentleman, I'm terribly tired.

You'll have to excuse me.



You've been very, very charming.

I thank you.



Good night, my lady.



Good night. Good night.



- Marvelous.

- Why, of course.



Have you ever seen people's faces

when you dance?



Have you any idea of the effect

you have on them?



My mind is so far away when I dance.



I live in another age.



Centuries back...



...when man and woman...



randy is bad for your heart.



I thought you'd given it up.



I give up a lot of things,

but I take them back.



To me, anything I like is irresistible.



I've always been that way.

Unfortunately, it's in my blood.



What people you Russians are.



What charming savages.



Come in.



- The Marquis de Signac.

- Wait. We're going to the Pavilion.



- Pavilion?

- Yes.



I like gambling.



They laugh, it's gay there.



Gay? With Signac?



- Is that necessary?

- Why not?



He's very attractive, young.



Of course, he's not a general

of the Russian imperial army...


            important as you.



- A diplomat...

- Or a traitor.



I said it, traitor.



- Now, quiet, Serge.

- The time has come when I can't be quiet.



There's something growing here that's

going to make me shout out...



...the whole truth one day.



You want to die so badly?



I'm dead now.



Just as surely as though there were

a bullet in my heart.



You killed me.



No. The brandy.



No, no, no. You.



Then why don't you give me up?



- I will.

- Well, do.



Come in.



- So you're going to the Pavilion?

- Yes.



- Much gambling.

- Caron, are you coming with us?



Sorry, my dear,

but I have to be in court at  .



- Most important case.

- Too bad, too bad.



- Shubin?

- Madame, I must be leaving.



I'm due at the embassy now.



Good night.



Good night, general.



- Tonight, late supper?

- No.






I thought it was all over.



Well, tomorrow, then.



I must help you to give me up.



Please, tomorrow.



Good night, General Shubin.



Good night.



Madame Mata Hari's car!



To the Pavilion.



To the Pavilion.









Four thousand francs.



Here you are, sir.



I have charted all gun emplacements

and air batteries.



- Good. You were attached to me as a cook?

- Yes, sir.



- Technical expert, eh?

- Yes, sir.



- With the rank of captain.

- That's right, sir.



- You're a good soldier?

- I hope so.



- And a good German?

- Yes, sir.



Some months ago, I furnished you

with plans and specifications...



...of a new weapon called the tank.



- Oh, yes, yes.

- You laughed at it, said it was impractical.



That's my belief, sir.



Well, captain, those impractical tanks

went into action in the Somme yesterday...



...costing your country    kilometers

of front and       casualties.



- Impossible.

- So you said before.



Here are a few more of your

mistaken conclusions.



Correct them.



- Send Mademoiselle Carlotta here.

- Yes, sir.



Well, I was able to deliver

your message, Andriani.



Mata Hari is here.



Thank you, Carlotta.

That's what I wanted to know.



- Any more orders?

- No. No, just run along and enjoy yourself.



All right. Good night.



Dear lady.



Oh, good evening.



Won't you have my seat?



It's lucky.

It will be so much nicer to watch you.



- Thank you.

- A thousand francs for the bank.



- Two thousand.

- Ten thousand.



- Ten thousand.

- Ten thousand.






Are you playing?



Never against you.



Any more bets?



Leon. Monsieur Leon.



- Oui, madame.

- I want some chips for this.



I'm sorry, madame.

We do not accept jewelry.



Perhaps one of the players.



You take it, madame.



He paid       francs for it.



Who paid       francs?



Whoever he was, he paid       for it.



I'll sell it for  .



He had very good taste.



- It's an unusual ring.

- May I buy it for you?



It's bought.



- Going?

- Wait. I may be back.



Thank you.



Still      in the bank.



Well, you're looking magnificent tonight,

my dear.



Last time I seemed only beautiful to you.



You must have something very difficult

for me tonight.



No, it shouldn't be for you. Important

dispatches have arrived from Russia.



All right. I'm having supper

with Shubin tomorrow night.



Splendid. Splendid. Why not tonight?



He's at the embassy.



- A conference.

- Probably concerns these dispatches.



- Probably.

- Then tomorrow night won't do.



You must see Shubin

the minute he returns.



- I have arranged differently.

- Then change your arrangements.



I think you should handle Shubin yourself.



You get along beautifully.



- You're so alike.

- This is no time for any of your moods.



Something vital may be involved in this.



Something vital is involved in it.



- Good night, Andriani.

- Then I insist you see Shubin tonight.



A car will be waiting for you

when you leave here.



You also insisted on that submarine job.



You finally had to do it yourself,

as far as I remember.



How well you did it.



I intend to do a better job in finding out who

informed the French authorities about it.



Of course, there's Carlotta, she knew.



- And you knew.

- And so did you.



You don't trust me, do you?



Yes. Yes.



ut you're capricious.

You're a little bit mad.



You might give me away just

for the excitement of the thing.



You might get me killed.



Unless I kill you first.



Hadn't you better wait

until after tomorrow night?



A car will be waiting for you tonight.






I beg your pardon.

I saw you admire this ring...



...and I thought perhaps

you would like to have it.






Well, as a token

of my admiration for you.



How charming.






Madame, the car you ordered is waiting.



I won't need it. This young man

has offered to take me home.



Good night, Andriani.



- No, no, no.

- Just for a little while.



- No, no further.

- Please, don't say that.



I think you're very absurd,

very persistent and...



- Very nice? Thank you.

- And very Russian.



Now, go home.



I'm afraid of losing what I've found.









Hadn't you better take that off?



As long as you insist upon staying.



For a little while.



How long have you been in Paris?



I flew from London this morning.



I saw you once in the ois.



You were so lovely.



I watched you till you drove out

of sight among the chestnut blossoms.



Oh, Paris in the spring.






And now I'm here.



- With you.

- ut it's autumn.



ut perhaps next spring,

the war will be over...



- and I...

- I never look ahead.



y next spring,

I shall probably be quite alone.



Never alone again.



I mean, at least my thoughts

will always be with you.



No, you mustn't.



ut you are so beautiful.



This is absurd.



I am going to bed.



Don't speak.



Good night.



- Madame, the hairdresser can take you.

- I'm too nervous.



- And the marquis is calling for you.

- I'm too tired, Marie.



- And aron Michel telephoned.

- Oh, I'm not interested, really.









- ut, no, sir.

- It's perfectly all right.



For the loveliest lady in all France.



I had to see you.



It seemed like wasting life to sleep.



You're even more beautiful

than I remembered you.



- Why did you come here?

- I couldn't help it.



Out there, the birds were singing, and there

was a softness in the air just like spring.



And you were the song of the birds

and the warm brightness of the morning.



- It's very nice but...

- My heart was so full of you...



...I had to come back and tell you I love you

and take you to lunch.



It's almost  :  

and I have an appointment.



ut you can break it.

I must take you to lunch.



- I told you I have an appointment.

- And I told you to break it.



You're a fool.



The most conceited fool I've ever known.






What makes you think you have

the right to burst in here?



I'm sorry. ut last night

you told me that you loved me.



Oh, did I?



Well, that was last night.



Today I am very busy.






- Yes, madame.

- The gentleman is leaving.



You are quite right. I have been a fool.



I won't make this mistake again.



Still a peasant, Ivan, huh?



Still superstitious.



Evil spirits come in on the wind.



There's Madame Mata Hari.



Leave that alone.

Hurry up, open the door.



Go on.



Monsieur Dubois.






What on earth can he want?



Tell him...

Tell him I can't see him.



Oh, wait a minute, wait a minute.



Tell him...



...that I shall be delighted.



My dear Dubois.



I'm afraid I'm intruding.



And inwardly you must be saying,

"Confound this man Dubois".



- No. No, not at all, but...

- I'll be brief.



And if I seem to touch

on matters that are...


            shall I say it,

too intimate, you must forgive me...



- is because of my duty.

- Yes?



You are very friendly with a lady...



...perhaps the same one

that you are expecting tonight.



Well, what if I am?



We consider this woman

a very grave danger.



And as you know her better

than anyone else, we want you to help us.



Why, what are you talking about?



- I'm expecting Mata Hari.

- Exactly.



And Mata Hari is a spy.



- In the pay of the Wilhelmstrasse.

- A spy.



Oh, my dear Dubois.



- Now you insult my intelligence.

- Please.



Either that or you've lost your mind.



I'm quite sane, I assure you.



Well, if she's a spy,

why don't you arrest her?



ecause I need definite proof.

And that's why I am here.



This is an absolute joke.



It's really too good, you know.



Mata Hari, a spy.



You know, for a moment,

I almost took you seriously.



Well, if the joke is as good as that,

I'd like to hear it.



Or maybe it's too bad for me to hear.



No, no, no. Our poor friend Dubois here...



...says that you are a spy.



Well, of course I am.



Everyone is Paris knows that.



Even Dubois, who knows everything.



- Couldn't you guess, Shubin?

- No, I think I'm getting old and stupid.



As I've amused you both so much...



- ...perhaps I need not apologize.

- Please don't misunderstand...



I don't. Evidently, I'm mistaken.



Good night, madame.



I'm very sorry you found it necessary

to put me in this position.



I spoke in confidence.



- Good night.

- Good night.



Please don't misunderstand,

the whole thing was a joke.



Mother in heaven, I'm done for.



I'm finished.



What did he say?



He said that you were a spy

and that I was your...



- What else?

- Nothing else.



I'm sure he suspects.



Well, he wouldn't come here

if he suspected you.



It's me he's after. You're quite safe.



ut he must know something. Why should

he come here at   :   at night?



The chief of the spy bureau.

It's a trap, of course.



Don't be ridiculous.









Oh, what a fool I've been.



Nothing mattered.



Honor, self-respect, everything gone.



ecause of you.



You can't give away like this.



- Dubois knows nothing.

- He knows nothing.



Here I am facing dishonor,

perhaps death...



...and it means nothing to you.



You haven't even a word of pity for me.



You're all unstrung, Serge.



Nothing's happened.



Look at it calmly.



Laugh at it.



We'll laugh at it together.



When you hold me like this,

nothing seems to matter.



Nothing in the world.



This must never leave your hands...



...till you have delivered it personally

to the prime minister. That is vital.



Should you be forced down

in enemy territory...



...pull this cord, and the contents

will be completely destroyed.



I understand.



The officials at Le ourget Field

will telephone you at your rooms...


            soon as flying is possible.



It is imperative...



...that these dispatches be in Petrograd

as soon as human means can contrive.



Yes, Your Excellency.



Mr. Palin will have these sealed

and delivered to you.



And now, goodbye and good luck.



- Thank you, Your Excellency.

- Lieutenant.



On your way, inquire if General Shubin

has any further instructions.



Don't be so secretive.



I know that the embassy has received

important news from Russia.



Please, don't ask me things.



Not tonight.



ut all you've got to say is yes or no.



Well, at least you can tell me

how they came, by courier?



- No.

- y wireless, then.






y airplane.



The airplane from Russia?






Please, don't ask me anything more.



I can't stand it.



I can't get that Dubois out of my head.



Well, maybe you'd rather be alone.



You might as well be.

Your thoughts are not with me.



My thoughts are with you always.



Are they?



Is that why you haven't kissed

me for hours?



Oh, Mata.



What is it?



Lieutenant Rosanoff.



Come in. Come in.



May I present Lieutenant Rosanoff.

Madame Mata Hari.



I believe we've met before.



I don't think so, madame.



Well, what is it?



I'm flying back tonight, sir.



I am to inquire if you have

any further orders.



I don't believe so.



Surely you are not thinking

of flying in this weather?






- Yes, sir.

- Madame spoke to you.



I know it, sir.



Oh, never mind.



You can't expect monsieur to answer

chatter with a flight for Russia on his mind.



Safe voyage, monsieur.

Come back to us soon.



Paris in the spring...



...with all those chestnut blossoms.



Good night, monsieur.






Yes, sir.



- What's the matter with you?

- Nothing, sir.



Madame spoke to you.



There was nothing to answer.



You're insolent.



- I advise you to return to your quarters.

- Yes, sir.



Impudent fool.



I really can't apologize enough for him.



He must have been drinking.



I thought he was quite nice.



And brave.



Flying all the way to Russia.



Well, this time you didn't have

to tell me anything, did you?



Your conscience is quite clear.



I can't believe they'd send a dispatch

that you know nothing about.



I've told you, I have nothing

to do with political matters.



Mata, if you don't help me forget...



...this ghastly business for a few hours,

I'm going insane.



Of course you should forget them.



We both will.



Well, doesn't matter.



- He wouldn't dare.

- Who wouldn't dare?






What about him?



I was only thinking if he were to search

my rooms while I am here...



What are you driving at?



It doesn't matter.



ut those official figures

that you sent me...



You haven't destroyed them?



- Not yet.

- How could you be so careless?



I suppose it was a little careless,

but they're safely hidden away.



ut Dubois may be there now.

It may be too late.



You must go.



I wouldn't think of leaving you

for something that can't possibly happen.



Please, I can't stand it.






I'd go myself, but I'm sure

they're watching the house.



Please, now, don't lose a moment.



Telephone me the moment

that you've destroyed them.



- Not safe.

- Well, then come back here.



Of course I will.



Don't worry.



- Hey, get out of the way!

- Get out of the way!



ack up! ack up! ack up, will you!



Good evening, Mother Durand.



Come quick.



Call Andriani.



Tell him to send -  

to Lieutenant Alexis Rosanoff's at once.



Right here is the address.



He must wait outside...



Am I allowed to come in?



Why did you come here?



To see you.



You finished your rendezvous early.



No, I ran away from it.






ecause of you.



I'm afraid that Shubin was furious.



- I can't make you out.

- I can't either.



Are you still angry?



Haven't I the right to be?



- This morning you acted like...

- I can explain.



And tonight I find you alone with Shubin.



Alexis, don't think wrong of me.



Artists need help and influence.



And Shubin can do

so much to help my career.



- So I can imagine.

- ut we are nothing to each other.



Please be glad to see me.



Are you sorry I came?






Well, then, look at me.






Please forgive me.



Nice character in this room.



- This is the czar, isn't it?

- Yes.



- Who's the old gentleman there?

- My father.



I like his face.



- And this Madonna?

- The Madonna of Kazan'.



My mother made a pilgrimage

to the Shrine of Miracles to get it for me.



It's about     miles from our town.



She walked all the way.



What is it supposed to do?



- ring you luck?

- Oh, no. It guards you from evil.



I had to kneel before the altar...



...and promise Mother I would always

keep a flame burning before it.



- And have you?

- Of course.



My orderly has taken care of it

all the time I've been away.



You're a strange boy.



Who loves you.



Do you?



I love you as one adores sacred things.



What sacred things?













- I come last?

- No.



- That's how you said it.

- You come first.



efore anything.












There is so much light in here.



Put out that one too.



- The Madonna's lamp?

- Yes.



I couldn't do that.



You said I came first.



ut don't you understand

that it's a holy lamp?



That I swore to keep it burning?



You wouldn't do that for me?



Why? Why do you ask me to?



- To see if you love me as you say.

- I do, Mata. I do.



Well, then put it out.



If you love me.



I'll do anything,

but please don't ask me to do that.



- I'm going.

- No.



Forgive me.









You are still here, sir.



- And they didn't telephone?

- Yes, someone did.



- Then the plans have been changed.

- I didn't answer. Get me a taxi.



- You didn't answer? Why not?

- I told you to get me a taxi.



If anyone calls, you tell them I'm out.




Yes, sir.



- Lieutenant Rosanoff?

- Gone out.



- This is his servant.

- Where'd Rosanoff go?



- He went to the embassy a long time ago.

- Impossible. We just came from there.



- Then he must have met with an accident.

- ut when?



- Oh, these Paris taxis.

- Come on.



I hope it's not a bad accident.



I have to see her.

I'll wait here till I do see her.



Madame Mata Hari is not in.



- Where is she?

- I don't know, sir.



- Where would she be? Who are her friends?

- I don't know. Where would she be?



Where would she be?



- General Shubin's?

- I've told you, sir, I don't know.



All right.



While I know you'll hate to leave Paris,

I must ask you to go on a little mission.



- Yes? Where?

- To Marseilles.



- Marseilles?

- Yes.



Oh, no. Don't do that to me, Andriani.



Think of how I've served,

the work I've done.



- Have pity on me.

- No, no. There's no need...



...of you becoming hysterical.



You're simply being ordered to Marseilles

to meet our Spanish agent.



- What is so terrifying about that?

- It means my number's up. I know.



You think I'm a traitor. I'm not.

I'll swear by everything I hold sacred.



And what do you hold sacred?



There's a train tonight.



rille has your tickets.



l won't go.



l won't go meekly to be slaughtered.



Remember, this is Paris,

not the Wilhelmstrasse.



If you force me to be a traitor,

I'll go to the French police...



...and tell them everything I know.

They'll protect me.



You ought to know.






Now, now, now. What's the matter, dearie?

Not feeling well?



Hello, Mata.



Well, if everybody obeyed orders

as loyally as you do...



Thank you.



- Any further orders for me?

- Yes.



Yes, here are the photographs

of the dispatches.



Take that to Shubin and have him send

them in the first diplomatic mail to Holland.



Very well.



- You don't seem to be in very good humor.

- No.



l'd think your success of last evening

should put you in the very best of spirits.



- To the contrary.

- Why?



Surely, a simple job like that

needn't have been unpleasant.



Most unpleasant.



He's in love with me.



Well, that's not unusual.



He wants me to marry him.



Not really? Marry...






Why is that so funny?



- What is it?

- We are dispensing with Carlotta's services.



She seems to resent it.



Poor Carlotta.



She shouldn't have fallen in love.



l've warned her and you

about that before.



l am surprised she didn't respect

your wishes in the matter.



She was afraid of you.



Ours is an exacting profession.



We're permitted no friends, no emotions,

no personal life of our own.



What are you driving at?



I'm simply reminding

you that a spy in love...


            a tool that has outlived

its usefulness.



You're so subtle.

You imagine that I am in love?



Well, I did think for a moment that you were

taking this Rosanoff a little too seriously.



l never expect to see Rosanoff again.



l never want to.



ut it's not because I'm worried

by any threats of yours.



ut I want you to see him again.



He may continue

to be very, very useful to us.



- Not to me.

- ut...



I don't ever want to touch

that boy's life again.












He did not report to the flying field?



Tell His Excellency I'll be there

as quickly as possible.



- lvan! My tunic.

- Yes, sir.



Hurry, hurry.



l knew this was going to be

an unlucky day when I woke up.



Put it down. Put it down!



Get me a dozen orchids and take them

to Madame Mata Hari.



Take this note along with it.

Meet me at the embassy.



Yes, sir.



Monsieur Dubois.



Good morning, my friend.



- Good morning.

- Oh, no. No one would ever forgive that.



To spoil a man's supper,

then come back and spoil his breakfast.



- Sit down, please.

- Thank you.



- Well, what is it today? More melodrama?

- No, no.



- Today it is a farce.

- Oh, indeed. I see.



Last night I was bold enough

to hint at a relationship...



...between you and a certain lady.

And I've come to apologize...



...because I was mistaken.

Oh, yes, because I discovered...



...that this lady's inclinations

are entirely elsewhere.



- Oh, yes?

- Oh, yes.



We older men merely furnish the soft lights

and champagne.



The mood, as it were.



Youth whistles, and we? We spend

the rest of the evening reading a book.



Just what are you trying to get at?



Merely this, that Mata Hari went straight

to the rooms of young Rosanoff...



...when she left here last night.

And the previous night, he was with her.



ln what way does this concern me?



Well, it doesn't. It merely illustrates

what a fool I made of myself.



Yes, yes.



Well, if you will pardon me, I have a most

important engagement at the embassy.



I'm very sorry to detain you.

It's stupid of me.



ut I had to drop in

and apologize for my silly mistake.



- Very kind of you. Yes, charming.

- Good morning.



- Did it work?

- I don't know yet. He seemed calm enough.



ut there may be quite

an interesting reaction. We shall see.









What's happened?



A private air raid?



You cheat.



- You liar.

- "Good morning, liar" would be more polite.



- e quiet, you...

- We'll omit the pet names.



- Come to the point.

- Rosanoff. That's the point.



You were with him all last night.

Dubois told me.



How does he know?

Did he look through the keyhole?



- Don't deny it.

- I don't.



Of course I was with him.

He had information I wanted, and I got it.



That's all.



You didn't think I went there

because of...?



Can't you understand why Dubois

is doing this?



- He knows what you mean to me.

- You're lying.



You love that boy, and I know it.



Would I have taken this if I loved him?



What is it?



Photographs of his dispatches to Russia.



Doesn't that convince you?



Yes, I'm quite convinced.

Convinced it's not the whole truth.



What about the night before last?

Did he have the dispatches then?



No, he did not have the dispatches then.



ut he had you, huh?

That's what Dubois said.



We older men supply the champagne.



ut when youth sings, the old fool

stays home and pays the piper.



That's what Dubois said.






- Wagram-   .

- What are you doing?



I think it's only fair to apologize to Dubois.

After all, he was right, you know.



Hello, Monsieur Dubois?



Who's calling?



Hold the wire.



General Shubin on number three.



Yes? Dubois speaking.



Will you please repeat that?

l didn't quite hear you.



You were right. She is a spy.



I'll give you all the proof you want.



Well, come over! She's here.



I'll keep her here.



Get me a car quick.

At last, I've got Mata Hari.



You've been cheating men all your life.



ut there'll be    men you won't cheat,

the firing squad.



No firing squad for me, Shubin.



lt'll be your word against mine.



And after all, I have friends.



Paris will laugh at you.

A jealous, hysterical fool.



Perhaps not. You and Rosanoff may get

out of this, but I don't think so.






- And what has he to do with it?

- Everything.



Rosanoff is a traitor. He permitted you

to copy his dispatches.



- That's not true.

- Fortunately...



...this time it isn't a question

of anyone's word. I have proof.



Proof that you gave me yourself.



You've stood that boy against a wall,

just as surely as you're standing there.



l never knew that anyone

could be so vile.



Vile? Not at all, madame,

I'm simply doing my duty.



How ironic, you love a man

and send him to his death.






- Official-  .

- Don't do it, Shubin.



l beg you not to do it.



Hello? His Excellency's secretary, please.



- Leave him out of this. He's innocent.

- Hello, this is General Shubin speaking...



- ...l must speak to His Excellency at once.

- I'm warning you.



- Don't, don't do it!

- Hello, Your Excellency?



I'm coming to the embassy at once.



l must speak to you

on a most urgent matter.



Shubin, if you don't stop...



- Hello, Excellency?

- Shubin!



I'll explain when I arrive. ln the meantime,

order the immediate arrest of...



- What do you want here?

- You.



Why, you must be mad.

Why haven't you left yet?



- ut I...

- I told you. I told you I'm not for you.



efore I go, I want to tell you this.



Whatever you've been,

whatever you are, whatever you will be...



- ...we belong to each other.

- Alexis, it can't be.



l am what I am. You don't know me.

Go away and forget me.



Forget you? How can l?



- Could you? Could you forget us?

- Women like me are trained to forget.



We mustn't admit a heart.



- You are lying. You know you are lying.

- I am not.



- You are.

- No!



You're crying, Mata. You do love me.



Don't you?



Don't you?



- Alexis, you must leave.

- I won't. I won't until you come.



- It's your duty to go.

- No.



Alexis, please go now.



When it's all over, if you still want me,

I'll come to you no matter where you are.



I'll come to you, I swear it.



ut go now.



General Shubin? General Shubin?



General Shubin, Dubois speaking.



Something strange about this.

You got something to open this door?



- I'll get something.

- Yeah.



- Will this do?

- Yes, fine.



- That's hardly a surprise.

- Suicide.



- Suicide.

- He's only been dead a few minutes.



Probably long enough for Madame Mata Hari

to destroy all the proof he told us about.



- Who are you?

- Russian embassy.



Shubin was talking to His Excellency.

There was a woman's scream and a shot.



- See if she's overlooked anything.

- Is he dead?



- Yes. A woman's voice, huh?

- Screaming.



And the word of a dead man.



Come on.



All the papers are saying it's a suicide.



If everyone's convinced,

what's the use of my hiding like this?



Dubois may be doing that

merely to trap you.



- It's unfortunate you found it necessary to...

- I'm the best judge of that.



- Have you still got you Dutch passport?

- Yes.



It doesn't suit my plans

to have you arrested.



You're sailing tonight for Amsterdam.



I'll go anyplace gladly

after three days of this. It's too ridiculous.



And furthermore, your usefulness in Paris

is permanently over.



Here is the list of the Allied agents

in elgium.



Commit those names to memory

and then destroy it.



And report to H-   immediately

you arrive in Amsterdam.



- Come in.

- Well, what is it?



- Madame sent for me.

- Yes.



l want him to get a letter through.



- For Lieutenant Rosanoff.

- Rosanoff? ut he is...



- What is it? What were you going to say?

- Well, I...



Get out. Get out!



Something's happened to him.

Tell me what it is.



He's dead.






- How?

- Plane crash.



Just this side of the enemy line.



It's too late to do anything for him now.

No sense in your risking...



- Don't talk to me.

- Well, maybe I'm wrong, of course.



Maybe he's only injured.

Yes, that's it, I think.



Well, can't you remember?

You must remember.



Why is it so important to you?

Where are you going?



- I'm going to find out.

- Wait a minute. Don't lose your head.



After all, he's not dead, he's only injured.



- And where is he?

- I don't know, some hospital, I suppose.



- Well, I'll find out.

- And be arrested?



The police are probably looking

for you now.



- Remember, you have your orders.

- What do I care for your orders?



You can't frighten me. I'm not Carlotta.



I'm Mata Hari and my own master.



Here are your orders. I resign.



- Not so loud, someone will hear you.

- Oh, so you resign?



Very well, Mata Hari,

l accept your resignation.



- You'll let her resign?

- My dear Durand, you ought to know.



The only way to resign from our profession

is to die.



- Wait here.

- Yes, ma'am.



Flowers, madame. Flowers. Nice flowers.



- How much?

- Two francs.



Thank you.



- Room   that corridor.

- Thank you.



Could you tell me...?



Could you tell me where Room   is?



I'm afraid you'll have

to ask someone else.



Sister Teresa, some water, please.



Here. Here it is.






It's all my fault, Alexis.

If I hadn't kept you...



If l'd let you go sooner,

this wouldn't have happened.



It would have happened just the same.

Really, Mata, you mustn't blame yourself.



I'll spend my life trying

to make it up to you.



Oh, but I'm going to be all...



- I'll be out of here any day now.

- On that day, we'll be married.



ut, Mata...



You asked me, didn't you?

There is so much ahead of us.



Everything. ut I must tell you something.



And as soon as the war is over,

we'll go away...


            all the places

that were made for lovers.



- And, oh, the things we'll see together.

- Don't, please.



- What?

- I don't want to frighten you, but...



What is it?



It would be glorious to go with you...



...but I may never be able

to see all those splendid things.



Is it your eyes?



Here are your eyes.

What's wrong with them?



With those "ridiculously long lashes,"

as you said.



Now, please, it isn't worth crying about.



I'm happier this moment

than I've ever been in all my life.



What do the doctors say?



They aren't very optimistic.

ut you know what doctors are.



- They don't know anything.

- No.



I'll get you great specialists.

They'll make you see.



We'll travel all over the world

till we find the right man.



I'll never leave you again.



Gentlemen, I appeal to you.

That man, he's been molesting me.



What? I'll handle this.



l haven't done anything.



- ack to Paris. Quick.

- Yes, miss.



Madame, I have a warrant for your arrest.



e careful you don't have

to apologize again, Dubois.



Now, Monsieur Dubois...


            say that General Shubin

admitted over the telephone...



- ...that Mata Hari was an enemy spy?

- Yes.



- He had indisputable proof she was a spy?

- Yes.



General Shubin told you, also,

that she was there with him...



- ...while he was talking with you?

- Yes.



And you went there immediately, and you

found that Shubin had been murdered?



- Yes.

- That's all. Thank you.



Does the defense wish to question

the witness?



No, I don't care to prolong this farce.



You've not brought to that stand one

human being who has said that this is so.



- "l know it. I saw it. I swear it".

- The counsel for the defense...



...evidently has as poor a memory

as his client.



Didn't General Shubin say

that Mata Hari...



...was in his rooms

at the time he was telephoning?



Oh, no.



Dubois said that Shubin said

that she was there.



We cannot blame Monsieur Dubois,

of course...



...for accepting too readily

whatever information was given to him.



ut has he any proof that it was Shubin

who spoke over the telephone?



No. And now I want that.



l demand that the prosecution produce

some one witness...



...who will swear to one definite thing...



...or I demand that Mata Hari be acquitted

with the apologies of the court.



There is a man who saw Mata Hari

at General Shubin's that morning.



This man was overheard

by a nurse in the hospital...



...discussing this fact with the prisoner.



Overheard. Overheard.

Something more overheard.



Why don't you bring him here

and let me question him under oath?



l had hoped to avoid bringing to court

a brave young officer...



...recently blinded

in the course of heroic duty.



ut if the defense demands it,

summon Lieutenant Alexis Rosanoff.



No, no, no. He knows nothing of this.



All he can say is what I said to him

as I came out of that room.



When you came out of what room,

Mata Hari? What room?



I'll tell you. Shubin's room!



Your witnesses were perjured.

You have no alibi.



When Shubin called you a spy

over the telephone, he told the truth.



And you knew it, and you shot him

in an attempt to save yourself.



ut it has not saved you, Mata Hari.

You stand proven an enemy of France.



Sister Teresa,

will you read this to me once more?



For the last time.



- For the last time?

- Yes.



"Dearest, I shall not be able to see you

or even to write to you...



...for some time to come.



A sudden attack, nothing really serious,

has caused my removal to a sanitarium.



You must not be alarmed...



...because the only pain I feel

is that of being without you".



"And when it becomes too sharp, I think

of all the happiness we have had together...



...and that which we are going to have.



Then I can bear anything.



Good night, Alexis.

Tomorrow is sure to be glorious.



It brings me closer to you.






ln the name of the French Republic,

this court finds the accused, Mata Hari...



...guilty of espionage and of communicating

military information to the enemy.



Therefore, this said court, by virtue of

articles       and   of the military code...



...condemns this woman to be shot to death

by rifle fire.



On display!






- Any news about the reprieve?

- We are expecting her lawyer any minute.



Oh, it's getting close to  :  .






Give her that. Cognac.

That'll put heart into you.



- You're a good man.

- Good?



ecause I give a dying woman a drink?



You don't want jewelry

and you can't use clothes.



- What can I give you?

- There's nothing.



We have everything we need.



Everything you need?



- How is that possible?

- We serve God and are content.



l wonder if I could be like that if I had

to do it all over again from the beginning.






That's how I am,

and that's how I had to be.



No, little Sister,

mustn't waste your tears on me.



Madame, Maître Caron.



Oh, he's come to bring the reprieve.



My dear, dear child.



- No?

- I tried everything.



l appealed to the highest quarters.



l know you did.



Come and sit down.



l spent a whole hour with the president,

who is one of my oldest friends, but...



What about Alexis?



That's all settled, just as you wanted it.

He's downstairs now.



- I'll...

- Wait.



Will you give him this...






- And be very gentle with him.

- Of course, my child.



l hope I have written the things

that'll help him most.



And if I haven't,

perhaps you will know what to say.



I'll know what to say.



That in having your love

even for a little while...



...he had more than most men ever have.






Just tell him that no matter what

he hears about me...



...and he will hear things...



...that my love for him was honest.



That's all.



Except that he must be happy.



Must laugh and love.



And then, someday,

when he's an old man...



...and his grandchildren ask him

about Mata Hari...



...he must tell a great lie, say that she

was a wonderfully good woman.



And that'll be my heaven.



- Now will you ask him to come up?

- At once.



Sister, the young man is blind.



l've told him that this is a sanitarium.

You must be careful.



They will. They understand.






Take care of the steps.



Madame, I'm leaving the door open so that

the visitor won't hear the rattle of the lock.



less you.






Come, nurses. We'll look

at the patient in the next room...



- ...and leave these young people alone.

- Thank you, doctor.



This is most irregular.



And after the operation, how much longer

will you have to stay here?



I don't know.



- I'll be well soon, I hope.

- Of course you will.



- And so will I.

- What?



The doctors say now that with time

and the right treatment...



...there is every chance I'll see again.

See you again.



That's the one thing I needed

to give me strength.



Mata, you are telling me the truth?

It isn't a dangerous operation?



No. No, it's very slight, really.



And in a short time, we'll forget all this

and be so happy.



Just the same, I can't bear

to think of you suffering.



- Alexis?

- Yes.



- Promise me you won't worry about me.

- Oh, Mata, please.



Now, promise me.



You know what operations are.

Even the slightest, there's always a chance.



Promise me.

If something should happen to me...


            won't grieve too much,

that you'll carry on.



ut nothing will happen to you.

You mustn't be afraid.



Well, then hold me.



l won't be afraid if you hold me.



Is it time?



The doctor and the nurses,

they've come to take me.



Already? Why need it be so early?



Well, they always operate

early in the morning.



And the sooner I go, the sooner it's over.



All right, but you mustn't be frightened.

I'll wait right here till they bring you back.



No, no. I don't want you to.

Monsieur Caron is waiting to take you back.



He'll let you know just how I am.



- Very soon.

- You are afraid.



- No.

- You needn't be. I've been through it.



The anesthetic is unpleasant,

but that's all.



- Goodbye, my beloved.

- Oh, you sound so tragic.



- Goodbye, my beloved. Is that better?

- Yes, darling.



Courage. Courage, my dear. e brave.









God, save her. Protect her.



And if you must take her, take me too.




Special help by SergeiK