Maximum Risk Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Maximum Risk script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Ringo Lam movie starring Jean-Claude Van Damme.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Maximum Risk. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Maximum Risk Script




- Move! Move it!

- Let's go!



Jesus Christ!






I need you to come with me.



Just a minute.



It's Sophie.

Sophie thinks I have a mistress.



You're worried about that?



If you lived with Sophie,

you'd understand.



Sometimes I yearn for our bachelor days

in the army.



We were happy there, no?

Well, I was happy! But you--



I wonder if you've ever been happy.



No. It's not Sophie

that worries me today.



Then what?



- Who is he?

- I thought he was you.



Especially when we couldn't find you.



Then one of my men told me

you were at Major Lescourt's funeral.



I thought it was a sick joke.

I almost fired him.



- But who is he?

- A good question.



Come on.

We are talking to witnesses.



Apparently he was being chased.



There's evidence he had been tortured.

His death was not an easy one.



Here's the bag, sir.



This was found

in the victim's pockets.



These matches are from

the Hotel Chevre d'Or.



- Our men are there now.

- Let's go.



Alain, wait.

This is not your case.



I'm not sure I want you involved

at this point.



I am involved!

Did you see his face?



Are you coming or what?



Monsieur Suverov, thank God!



This man told me you were killed

in a car accident.



- Good morning, sir.

- You only had your hair cut!



Yes. Mikhail Suverov.



Now if you want access

to his room...



why don't you ask Monsieur Suverov?



Good idea.

May we search your room, sir?



But of course.



I trust my map to the street

you asked for was satisfactory?



It was. Thank you.



- Did I get any messages?

- Oh, yes. A telephone message.



Alex Bohemia.



Did he leave a number?



Thank you.



You heard that woman. This Suverov

must have been looking for me.



A stranger with your exact face...



and according to the passport,

your exact birth date...



comes here and asks for directions

to the very street where you live.



A mystery, yes?



An airline ticket

from Nice to New York...



and a New York driver's license.



Some U.S. cash.



He was born five minutes after you.



I kept both of you for three months.



But I was sick.

I couldn't nurse.



There wasn't even enough

for one of you.



I needed the money.

I had to do it.



Tell me now.

Why did you choose me?



I didn't!

I didn't have the courage.



Somebody else did it for me.



- Somebody else?

- A lawyer from Paris.



He picked up your brother because...



you were crying.



He saw my distress

and offered me money.



He said it was a good family.



Oh, God!



What have I done?



You survived.



Made a home for me.



You did what you had to do.

I don't blame you.



You should've told me.



I know.



Can you remember his name, the lawyer?






Somebody killed him, Mother.



He was trying to come home.

They killed him.



Alain, please.



Can you remember his name?



Etienne St. Denis.



He had an office

in Place Pigalle in Paris.



Parents always lie

to their children...



to prepare them for the way they'll

be treated later by the government.



Maybe I'm wasting my time.



But if I don't go now,

I'll regret it for the rest of my life.



What do you gain?

You only open old wounds.



The lawyer can't bring him back.



My brother was adopted. If I can find

his family, I can learn about him.



Kind of get to know him.



The lawyer's office

is on the sixth floor.



Remember, I'll do the talking. Okay?

And then seafood.



Promise. Seafood before we go home.



Get out! Get out!



Go! Go!



The man in the elevator!






Please help!



Help me!



Don't hurt me!



The adoption papers are here.

My boss made me hide them.



He would not give them to anybody.



Stay with me.



You'll be safe.



Come on, let's go.



My God!



Let's go.



Come on.



They've checked the entire floor.



There's no one in there.

No body, nothing.



The secretary said a Russian guy showed

up, asked her boss a lot of questions.



Got upset with him.

Locked her in her room.



The next thing she knew,

the place was on fire.



Have you gone through

every piece of debris in the office?



- We'll keep looking.

- Good.



He was adopted by a Russian family.



The father was a Soviet diplomat

who lived in Paris for five years...



and then immigrated

to America in     .



When's the flight?



- What flight?

- Mikhail's flight to New York.



- I want his passport.

- No! You're a cop. That's evidence.



You think it was a coincidence

that guy was Russian?



Who knows what Mikhail

was involved in.






what happened to my brother

could've happened to me.



Thirty-two years ago it was only luck

that kept me in France.



He made a sacrifice

and never knew it.



I gotta go.



The killer did not know Mikhail is dead.

You go to New York with that face and--



Maybe he isn't.



Would you like a vodka

before you sleep, Mr. Suverov?



- No, thank you.

- You're welcome.



What you see before you

is called gridlock.



- Next exit.

- Yeah, yeah.



I'm writing the great American novel

here on the job.



Literary kind of stuff.

Knock the fillings outta your teeth.



Yeah. I see everything.



That's what it is. It's all about

looking around, observing stuff.



Take you, for instance.

Like that accent of yours.



What's that? Don't tell me.

That's European or something?



Bet you got a story to tell.



This is Davis Hartley here.



I'm not some nickel and dime

street mutt.



I'm not trying to rip you off

or anything.



It would be stupid. A guy like you?

Got a couple pounds of lead in his eyes?



What's that? Is that maybe grief

or something like that?



You want to talk about it?



Maybe you think I'm trying to rip off

your experiences to put 'em in my novel.



But that's not true. Davis Hartley

is not some moral cretin.



Not precisely.



I'm trying to make a point here.



I'm a professional New York City

cab driver. You know what that means?



I'm the greatest individual at being

able to find anything in the world.



I could find a penguin

in a sandstorm.



- I don't know what a penguin would be--

- Stop talking.



Please stop talking!

Hello! Stop talking!



You want to help? After I stop,

I'll be busy for a while.



Find a guy named...



Alex Bohemia.



Who do you think I am?

Do you think I'm a magician?



New York City is a big place.

How am I supposed to find Alex Bohemia?



Kind of like finding a penguin

in a sandstorm.



You sure you got the right address?



You boys think this is Atlantic City?



Jeremy, pick up your milk money

and get inside!



I'm sorry. I'm looking for--



You're in the wrong neighborhood, man!



I'm looking for a family.




Wack accent!



You way out of your 'hood,

white boy.



You crazy or what?



Or maybe you're a cop?



Hey! Get the hell out from my building,

you little shits!



Come on, old man!

He's the chump.



- Thank you.

- Chump.






They're not scared of you.

They don't know who you are.



-They're supposed to be scared?

-Everybody supposed to be scared of you.



- Why?

- Why?



Please! Big-time gangster like you!




I thought you forgot about us.



I haven't seen you here

in a long time.



I'm not who you think I am.



Well, when his family disappeared...



there was a lot of rumors.



Some said they had gone back

to Russia.



Others said there was trouble

with their grocery in Little Odessa.



Russian mob controls everything

in Little Odessa.



Maybe that's why he joined them.



- How old was he?

- Sixteen. Forced to live on the street.



You gotta be strong to be a white boy

growing up in this neighborhood.



Did he ever mention me?



Your brother's.



He kept it here all these years.



- Was he happy?

- Yeah.



The last I saw him, he had matured.

Got real serious.



- But he had choices.

- What choices?



- He was alone.

- I'd have taken him in.



He was a strange boy.



You should go back to France.



What you find here could be ugly.



Did he ever mention someone

named Alex Bohemia?



But there's a nightclub in Little Odessa

called the Bohemia.



Your vodka, Mr. Suverov.



Excuse me, I'm looking--



Mr. Suverov, you have a phone call.

Follow me.






Are you crazy? What the hell

are you thinking coming in here?



The key wasn't in the mailbox

'cause Darlene didn't show up tonight...



so I don't get a break

for another    minutes.






You might as well take it now.



You shouldn't have come!

You should've looked for the key later.



What's the matter?

You all right?



- Excuse me.

- Alex.



You probably gave half of those

bent-nose guys up there a heart attack.



I'm surprised we weren't trampled

on the way to the phone.



You better get outta here.



I'll see you soon as I get off.



Don't even think about going to sleep.

We got a lot of catching up to do.



Just tell me.

ls everything going to be okay?



Get outta here!



You need to go back inside.

Ivan wants to talk to you.



We were family!

You betrayed us.









This is your lucky day.



Get in !



That was dynamite.



Any of those guys Alex Bohemia?



Good. I guess that would've been

structural letdown, huh?



You know this place?



Yeah. It's a fleabag hotel.



They say that Bret Easton Ellis,

he got drunk...



and he threw up in a fig tree.



The thing won't stop growing.

They got to keep trimming it.



- Just relax.

- He's a very good writer.



Just relax. Thanks.



- I'll wait here for you.

- Thank you for your help.



Wait. We're not done yet.



We gotta find Alex.

My whole first chapter hangs on that.



Go home and use your imagination

for chapter one.



Hi. Last time I was here

I stayed in room    .



Kind of a good luck thing.

It's available?



Nope. But I got    

across the hall.



That's fine.






Good evening, Mr. Dzasokhov.



You're a very pretty girl, Alex.

You know that?



Thank you.



Will you do me a favor?

The band is too loud.



It's a birthday party.



The band is too loud.



Ten minutes, Yuri.



Ten minutes.



All I asked was that

you hold Mikhail...



for ten minutes.



Is that a long time?



No. That is a very short time.



How long can you hold your breath?



I know a fellow in Odessa once

who could hold his breath...



for five minutes,    seconds.



Did Mikhail talk to anyone

while he was here?



Nicholas, please.

The man is trying to speak.



He was talking...



to her.



So, what did you and Mikhail

talk about?



I told him he had a phone call.



The caviar is fresh tonight.



Did I tell you

what a pretty girl you are?



Let me ask you something, sweetheart.



Do you have any idea what

will happen to you if you lie to me?



I will never lie to you.



Because if you lie to me,

pretty girl...



you won't be pretty anymore.



Get back to work.



All she needs is a good f--



What are you doing over there?



Oh, Mikhail, I missed you.



You're so tense.



I'll help loosen you up.



What's this?



You playing hard to get?



Is this a game?



Fine. Have it your way.



But no handcuffs this time.



You've gotten a lot harder

since you've been away.



Ivan was all over me

after you left tonight.



He kept asking me stuff.



Did I talk to you?

What did I say?



He's like something

that crawls out of an old pipe.



It's okay.



In a few days,

this will all be behind us.



Uh, I can't do it.



I'm not Mikhail.

He's dead.



Come here.






Look, I'm positive the girl

went up to    .



The room is empty.

I was just up there.



You saw her come in.

When did she leave?



I don't--



Do you recognize this man?



Yeah. He checked in across the hall.



- Room    .

- Room    . Okay, good. Let's go.



Found this.



- Where did he go?

- I don't know.



Where did he go?



Tell me!



I want them dead!






Come on !



Hold it!



What are you--



Get in, get in, get in!






Keep moving.



Come on.



What's wrong?

Are you okay?



You were supposed to go home

and write.



Who needs home?

I'm always working anyway.



I guess we got

chapter one finished, huh?



Oh, my God!



- Is this Alex? Alex Bohemia?

- Yeah.



That's great.



Unexpected development.



The whole thing's so scary.



We gotta go! Come on.



Come on !



Zanzibar Club. Police state that

a man and woman were being pursued--



He was in trouble.



Wouldn't admit it, though.



Always said he had everything

under control.



That he had a lot of money put away.



Enough for a lifetime.



Said he had a plan

that would get him out of the mob.



I guess he was wrong.



They found him.



What did my brother mean to you?






Take me to his place.

I want to get to know him.



Take you to his place?

Are you crazy?



You show up and start this mess

that almost gets us killed.



You don't have a clue

who you're dealing with, do you?



If you wanna kill yourself,

be my guest.



But who gave you the right

to risk my life?



I can't go home.

I can't go to work.



You painted a big red target

on my back.



Where's the check?



Mikhail used to say we could never stay

in one place too long.



We have to move all the time.

It's time for us to move.



- They'll find us here.

- The cabbie didn't have to die.



This is just the beginning.

I've seen it before.



They won't stop until you're dead, too.



You can't go to the police.

You can't hide.



Ivan and his boss, Kirov,

are relentless.



All right, I'll bring you

to your brother's home.



This explains why Mikhail

picked a bank in Nice.



Holy shit.



Looks like we got another chance.



How did he manage to hide

a twin brother from us?



Sir, Mikhail never communicated

with him. If he had, we'd have known.



All right.



Well, in less than    hours that bank

in Nice opens the safe deposit box...



and we all read about ourselves

in the ''New York Times.''



If that happens...



we'll be spending the rest of our lives

wondering how we screwed up so badly.



Washington doesn't

like federal agents...



working for the Russian mob.



Our names are on that list.



Get the brother.

Convince him to work with us in Nice.



We don't have any options.



We'll get him.



And, guys, keep this one alive.

I doubt if they were triplets.






Alex, what are you doing?



Look at this mess.



Maybe if you told me what you're

looking for, I could help you find it.



I wouldn't know what to tell you.

I'm just looking.



What'd you find?



He knew about me.



What'd you do in the war?






Why wait five years to find me?



Jimmy! You in there?



Open up, you shithead!

This stuff's hot!



This is not your lucky day.



Tell your boss to leave me

the fuck alone!



Ivan, you look like your parrot died.



- Mikhail's back.

- Bring him to me.



How can I bring him in when

I've got my hands tied behind my back?



Let me deal with him my own way.



This is not a democracy.

You do what I say. You understand?



Mikhail has caused no trouble.



If FBI had list, believe me...



we'd have major war with Italians,

with everyone.



If he is here,

then list is still in France.



I will convince Mikhail

to take proper course of action.



So, bring him to me.



I meant no disrespect.

I'm just worried.



Remember when you told me about Goradini

talking to the FBI?



And Pietro? And Andrea?



I took care of them for you, Dimitri.



But Mikhail is different.



I know you feel like he's your son.



Yes, Dimitri.



- Is this also Mikhail's place?

- No, my friend's.



Mikhail and I used to come here

to escape.



You looked comfortable with that gun

stuck in that guy's neck today.



That didn't scare me as much as when

you tried to drown him in the Jacuzzi.



I lost it.






How long you been working

at the Bohemia?



About a year.



I used to dance.




I make less money now,

but it's a little more respectable.



I doubt you'll find anything here

of your brother's.



It's worth trying.



What'd he do to make all these people

want to kill him?



Mikhail talked about an insurance policy

or something that would keep him alive.



The FBI was following him.



Pressuring him

to turn evidence on Kirov.



You think those aren't enough reasons

to kill him?



The only time

my brother and I connected...



was when he died.



We both lost something.



Rise and shine, boys and girls.



Special Agent Pellman, Loomis.






How are you?



Alex Bartlett.

Alain Moreau.



I believe we share mutual concerns.



We know you're not Mikhail. We know

you're not part of the Russian mob.



That's a first.

What do you want?



We want to nail the guys

that are trying to kill you.



- And?

- Well, Mikhail kept a list.



A detailed list...



of people, places, events...



which pretty much outlines

the entire Russian mob operation.



Mikhail was working with us.



He was helping us with

our investigation of the Russian mob.



The fact is...



your brother wanted to set things right,

wanted to set things straight.



He wanted to help us.

He was gonna give us the list...



before he was killed.



The list is in a safe deposit box

in a bank in Nice.



What we want you to do

is come with us to the bank...



to Nice, and pretend--



- I'm Mikhail.

- Exactly.




We knew you'd want to help.



But I don't.



Can you protect her from being killed?



Can you protect me?

You sure didn't protect my brother.



Hey, pal...



we're your only hope.



I'll take my chances.



Why don't we try another approach, okay?






I don't understand. They're the FBI.

They're supposed to help us.



At gunpoint, it's not called help.



God, nothing makes sense. Who isn't

trying to kill us at this point?



When the FBI told you Mikhail

was working with them...



you didn't believe them, did you?



No way. He would've told me.

I know he would've.



So they lie!

They knew my brother was dead.



The Russians didn't know about it.

The Russians were pissed at me...



but not surprised to see me alive.



- So if the Russians didn't kill him--

- Follow the list. Who else cares?



The FBI.



The FBI. Yeah.



- Where are you going?

- To see Kirov.



You can't leave me here.

I'm coming with you.



It's too dangerous.



I can't believe this is happening again.

First Mikhail and now you?



Alain, you've got

to let me come with you.



We're in this together, right?






I promise you I'll come back for you.



I promise.



Take me to Kirov.






Sit down.



Kirov asked me to bring him in.



I'm so sorry, Kirov!



Don't do it.



Back off.



I came to talk...



to Kirov.






No, you're not Mikhail.



- Who are you?

- I'm his brother.



If you're brother,

where is Mikhail?



He's dead.



I see I got your attention.



- How did he die?

- You tell me.



I had nothing to do with his death.

And you don't need your gun.



- You're safe here.

- Your people tried to kill me.



- They thought I was Mikhail.

- Impossible!



I wanted to speak to him,

not kill him!



To speak?

In what language?



They tried to kill me

and almost succeeded.



- Dimitri--

- Get out.



- I just want--

- Get out!



Look after Ivan.






I'm sorry.

What is your name?







We need to talk.



Ivan and Mikhail...



they were like sons to me.



I need a favor.



I want to go back to Nice.



Back home.






I can help you.



Mikhail had list

in bank in Nice.



Get it for me.

We help each other, hmm?



Do it!

Call the police! Do it!






Call an ambulance.



Watch it, buddy!



The other side!

Get him!



- Don't move!

- Okay, Peter Pan.



Spread 'em!



Get in the car!



Read him his rights.



Did you know

I had a contract out on him?



lf you weren't protecting him,

he would be dead in his cell right now.



The problem with you, Ivan,

is that you don't think. You kill.



- You're not Kirov.

- What did you say?



We need him to get the list, Ivan.



- Why would he get you the list?

- Because you're gonna help make sure...



he understands what happens

if he's not a good boy in Nice.






And after?



We have    yours left. Work with us

on this, and he's all yours.



I don't care what you do with him.



- Fine.

- Ivan, listen.



We know you have an alibi

for Kirov's death.



We also know

that you had him killed.



So after this, let's start fresh.

No more trouble. Is that okay with you?



Listen to me.

I'm running things now, my way.



And that girl knows too much.

She's mine now.



Step this way.



You have visitors.



So, I'm hoping a good night's sleep

is all you needed to see the light.



You win.



In a few hours, we go bankin'.



So try and get some rest.



Whoa, whoa, whoa.



Don't worry about it. I checked it out.

Everything's copacetic.



So what's the plan?



We gotta get out of here.



No plan.






Alain, about tomorrow.



Tomorrow I really find out

who my brother was.



They're not gonna let us go...



even when they get the list.



Monsieur Suverov.



Welcome again.



If there's anything I can do for you,

do not hesitate to make a request.



I think we'd like to go right in,

if that's okay.



I'm sorry.

Only Monsieur Suverov.



The vault is for customers only.



- My colleague and I would like to dis--

- I'm sorry, sir. Bank policy.



Please, Monsieur Suverov,

come with me.



Please, make yourself comfortable

and stay as long as you desire.



Unfortunately, we must go through

the identity protocol again.



Yeah, okay.



Please identify yourself.



Mikhail Suverov.



And the second name?



Alain Moreau.



- Your mother's Christian given name?

- Chantal Moreau.



Clean and quiet.



Here, monsieur.



- Do you smoke?

- No, sir, I don't.



- Can I get a cigarette?

- Of course, monsieur.



And some gum.



- Certainly.

- Thank you.



I need access to my security box.



May I see your I.D.?



This is the one under the name

Alain Moreau.






Only you could access this box.



Therefore, one of two things

has happened.



We are together again

as we should have been, a family.



Or I'm dead,

and you shouldn't trust anyone.



I know you are a great marksman.



Therefore, I'm leaving you a gift.

Your favorite.



One of the boxes contains evidence

against government agents...



and the Russian mob.



Hand it over to the American embassy.



Alain, when I found out about you,

it was luck.



A newspaper.



The moment I saw the picture,

I knew I had a brother in this world.



You, my brother, reminded me

that I had a chance...



and I decided to quit the mob.



I didn't contact you because everything

I touched in my world turned to poison.



I've tried all these years

to leave my life behind, to reunite us.



I'm sorry if that never happens.



Please forgive me.



I want you to tell our mother...



that I don't blame her

for what she did.



The life I've lived

has taught me this.



I only hope that we are listening

to this tape together.



The money is for you and our mother.



You are my only friend.

God bless.



Have everything in the small box

turned over to the American embassy.



- You understand?

- Perfectly, sir.



What's going on?



Sit down.

Just sit down.



Get the fuck out of here!



- We're clearing the building.

- Can't leave without our guy.



You can meet him outside. Everyone

is being cleared to the street.



Don't shoot.

I'm a cop.



We'll see about that.



Let's go. Come on.



Sorry, sir.



Let's go.



Put your hands

where we can see them...



and step out of the van.






Keep your hands

where we can see them...



and step out of the van.



Back it up!






Get out!



You move, you die.






Come on. Come on!



Come on. Move!



Me first.



Get me out!



Take a number.



Come on.



Don't leave me.




I beg you!



Help me!



- You okay?

- Yeah. Thank you.



The two men,

they took the girl with them.



That way.



Don't shoot.



- Where'd they go?

- Down there.



Need the car.






Here he comes.

Comin' up.



- Look out! Look out!

- Shut up!



Watch that!



Try that again and you're dead.

You hear me?



Come on.



Come on.



I want you to listen to me now.



I know you don't have the list.



But that doesn't matter now. See?



'Cause I want the money.



I know you have Mikhail's money,

and I want it.



Why don't you give it to me?



And you walk.



Do we have a deal?



Do we have a deal?

I don't think you get it, pal!



I will kill her.

You understand me?



The Americans are ecstatic

over Mikhail's evidence.



They've made dozens of arrests.



And thanks to his money,

you can afford to eat here.



Hello, Alain.



Are you nervous,

Alex meeting your mother?



I'm not nervous.



Okay, I'm nervous.



Well, it's too late now.



Wish me luck, okay?



Do you feel okay?



Because it's no reason to be nervous.



I'm not nervous.






Let's take a walk.

It's nearby.



It's relaxing.



Okay, good. 'Cause I think one of us

needs to relax.



Do you know what you will say?



I'm not asking you to lie.



I don't need to lie, Alain.



I'll tell your mother the truth

about Mikhail.



That he was...



kind and generous.






Just like his brother.



Thank you.


Special help by SergeiK