Me Without You Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Me Without You script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Anna Friel and Michelle Williams movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Me Without You. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Me Without You Script



Take a step forward.



And another one.



And another.



Now lift your right leg up.






What's the matter, Holly?

Don't you trust me?



Now hop.



Hey, Nat.



Want to try it?



Oh, please? Come on.



Can I put my foot down now?



Marina, very funny.

Marina, fucking come back! Marina!



Stick your bum up more, Holly.






What the bloody hell's going on

in here?



Get that muck off your face!

You look like a clown!



See you later.






Sorry, darling.

I've got such a bloody migraine.



I'm in exile.



I'd go in quietly if I were you.



-Darling, how can you see in this light?

-What was your honeymoon like?






Oh, well...


           's not like it is in books.



Grandma says it's like being

their lavatory.



Marina's mother's madly in love

with Marina's father.



Honestly, that woman.

She would be.



It's better not to expect too much.



That's why you need to work hard.

What is that on your fingernails?



-Marina wears it.

-Well, it looks silly on you.



Some people are pretty people

and some people are clever people...



...which is more important than looks.



Marina's mother was a croupier

in a nightclub.



Oh, for God's sake, darling, I know.



You're a gorgeous girl, darling.

Don't eat too many chocs though.



You're getting porky thighs.



"Happiness is a cigar called Hamlet."



It's Gorgeous Morgeous.

Come on, Holl. Snuggle down.



G and T? Ciggie?

Walnut whip? Valium?



You're such a skinny twiglet.

Isn't she lucky, Marina?



-Marina's my little piggy.

-Go on, Mum. Show Holly. Please?



Oh, all right then.



Now, girls.



Teeth, tits, tummy. Here we go.



Your dad lost a wad that first night.



Mum, is Dad not going to live here




Daddy likes to come and go.



He's a free spirit.



Which means we just aren't

good enough for him, apparently.









Holly and Marina equals Harina.

We two are one in Harina.










Now we'll always be together in Harina.



-Who's the sexiest princess in the world?




I couldn't stay away

from my beautiful baby, could l?



I'm so bored.



I'm so bored I can hardly speak.



-I'm so bored I could kill myself.

-I'm too bored to kill myself.



Dye your hair, Holly.

You look like a virgin.



-I am a virgin.

-Yeah, but you don't need to broadcast it.



Jesus Christ.



-Are my legs thinner than yours?




-Yeah, but yours are hairier.

-Jews are hairier.



I wish I was Jewish.



-I hate being young.

-I hate being a virgin.



It's gotta reach them on stage.

That's better.



We've gotta make something happen.



I mean everyone's having a brilliant time

except us.



Even Linda goes to key parties.



-What are key parties?

-Oh, Christ, Holly. You're so naive.



Nat's coming back tomorrow.



Love is a universal migraine.



Love is a universal migraine.



Symptoms of true love are leanness,




...Iaggard dawns.



-My favorite. Aida.

-It's not Aida. It's Trovatore.



Really, my dove?



It's quite all right

if you want to think so.



Don't have a heart attack.



May I please leave the table?



-Are you going up to do some revision?




Oh, what have I said now?



I always seem to have done something.



No, Max. No, don't eat

any more of that cheese.



You're obese,

and she looks like a Belsen victim.



-Aqua Marina, the joy of Cortina.

-Hello, Mister Rossman.



-Happy Shabbat thingy.

-Happy Shabbat thingy to you too.



Holl! Holl!



-Hello, Mrs. Rossman.

-What a fabulous outfit.



Aren't you a character?



Mind you, you've got the looks

to carry it off.



You make us feel so mousy.

Doesn't she, Holly?



Yes, Judith.



Well, I'll leave you two together.




-Nice pajamas.



Oh, fuck off.




-Oh, my God, Holly.



-Something is at last happening!




I told you about Nat's girlfriend, Carolyn,

from college. She's amazing.



She's so street. Well, she's only having

this big party all weekend.



Because her parents are away,

and she knows The Clash.






-But a party during the day?

-Don't be such a virgin.



When it's a real party, there's no day

and no night. It's The Clash!



He's got this box somewhere.



Got it.



There we go. "Carolyn Young,

   Vale of Health, Hampstead."



Our lives are about to start, Holl.



Oh, my God, listen:



"Oh, Carolyn. Carolyn,

you break like a pane of glass.



When you melt, I melt too."



"How to give a clitoral orgasm."



You know brothers wank in their socks,

don't you?



"Foreplay can and should last

up to two hours."



You better watch out, Holly.



You might get pregnant

by my brother's sock.



-Stop it!

-You're gonna get impregnated...


            my brother's seed!

-Stop it!






Oh, stop it. Stop it.



-Oh, it's you.

-How's my beautiful princess?



-Knocking them dead, huh?

-Mummy's in the lounge...



...if you remember the way.



Nat, ciao, mate.



Tell your ex-father his fondue set

and flippers are in that box.



My lawyer says not to talk to him

till after the decree absolute.



"Come in, Ray. Sit down.

How are you?"



-You've lost weight.

-Thanks, darling.



Must be all the shagging...



...unless you've got cancer.



"Cheers, Ray. Good to see you.



Happy birthday last week."



Nat? Nat, I'm talking to you.



Answer me. I asked you

when are you coming back?



-I told you. I don't know!

-Don't shout at me, baby!






-Can I get on your back?




Right, get a move on

or we'll miss everything.



Not now! You know what you're like.



You'll be throwing up

before we get there.



Street, remember.



Do you want to look straight?

You'll embarrass Nat.



I don't know what I'll do

if Mick Jones speaks to me.



Oh, my God. Mick Jones!



One more thing. Come here.




-Love bites.



-No. Get off.

-You've got to look experienced.



Come on.




-Right, do me. Come on. Do me.



All right.



You've got to suck, not just bite.

Come on. Do it again.



Ready? All right. Suck. Suck.

Suck. Suck.



There you go.



-That looks good.

-ls it good?



My God, I am gonna do

absolutely everything.



Come on, Holly. Hurry up.



Is Nat in? I need to tell him something.






-What are you doing here?

-Hi, Nat.



Sweet. Yeah, they can play. Yeah?



Do you wanna play, girls?







Is this the party?



Yeah. Thanks.






...what are we playing?



Well, bye, children.



-You going out?

-We're not Siamese twins, Nat.



See you later.



I fucked these Siamese twins once.



Fucking strange man, I'll tell you.



-Anyone for tennis?

-It's heroin.



I know what it is, for God's sake.






Everything. Remember?



-No, no! God, Marina, you can't.

-Bye, children.



Marina, don't.



Hello, little Holly.



Where are your spikes?



Inside me.



That was amazing.



You've got to try living sometime, Holly.



Oh, I'm gonna be sick again.



Don't worry.



She'll be puking for hours.



I made an altar for you.




-Come on. Don't be scared.



Don't be scared.



Come on.



What's the matter?



Fuck off.







What happened?



What do you think fucking happened?



Not Craig.



-God, are you all right?

-Holly, piss off. All right? Just piss off.



Did you have a nice time

fucking my brother?



You know, you really shouldn't bother.

He's totally obsessed with Carolyn.



Didn't you see his face when she left?



He probably thought that you were her.



You know what it's like when

you're stoned. You want to have sex.



It doesn't matter who it's with.



Well, at least I tried heroin.



I can't describe it. It was great.



Well, don't fucking bother then.



-You really should have tried it.

-I didn't.



-Just stop going on about it.




Did you have a nice time at Marina's?



What did you do?



Nothing much,

just hard drugs and casual sex.



Yes, of course.



Well, lunch won't be very long.



-Don't bother to knock.

-Don't bother to stop crashing parties.



-Where are you going?

-Greece with Carol.



All right. Bye then.



Could you give this to Holly?



-What is it?




Christmas card.



I said, bye then.



Take care of yourself, okay?



Dear Holly:



I wanted to say that what happened

last night was beautiful...



...though, a case of bad timing.



And who knows what might happen

in the future.



Love from your confused

and wretched friend, Nat.



If God had meant us to do gardening,

why would he have invented gentiles?



-Hello, Mr. Rossman.

-Here's one.



Like to do some weeding?



Aqua Marina



The joy of Cortina



God, I love your dad.



He's the only nice man I know.



Nat's gone to Greece with Carolyn.



-Did he say anything?

-About what?



They're all pigs, Holly.



You've got me. You'll always have me.



-Look, I'm sorry. Okay?

-For what?



I don't know.



Are we still Harina?



I'm pathetic.



Things will get better. Won't they?






Hang on.






-You look cross.

-We've run out of milk.



And? Shall I run out

to the shops for you?






Good morning.



-What time is it?

-Nine. Are you coming or not?



Oh, give.



-lt was such a great night last night.

-Yeah, I know. Thank you.



Come on.



I had a picket line to stand on

and a nutter boyfriend to avoid.



-I'm going.

-Are you still seeing him?



-He's such a wanker.

-Come on. You don't even know him.



At least Stuart believes in something.

At least he's...



...I don't know,

intense and passionate.



He's so un-intense,

he can hardly stand up.



Ben is nice.

You don't appreciate him.



I want a nice one.



-You got a letter.

-Oh, did l?



Oh, it's Nat.




-Sorry. Sorry.



You always do that.



"Darling M, guess what.

Big brother is in love."



She's called lsabel. She's French.

She's an actress.



We got nettle rash together.

She's incredible.



She wears capri pants

and recites Racine in bed.



-What's that?




"Racine in bed."



She heals my wounds.



But she's gone back

to Paris for an audition.



I know you'll love her.

She's madder than you.



Anyway, I'll send you a postcard

of the Eiffel Tower.



"Love, Nat. P.S.--"






Oh, hi.






...send Holly my love.



All right then. Yeah. See you later.




-Rob. He works at the Union Bar.



-He's chubby, but he's quite street.

-All right. Come on. Let's go.



-Nat sounds happy, doesn't he?




I wish something exciting

would happen.



Are my eyelashes still on?



Rimbaud, Baudelaire, Verlaine...



...nothing that a good course

of antidepressants couldn't cure...



...or maybe    years in psychoanalysis.



"Why should we be subjected...


            their mother-fixated

outpourings?" you ask.



"We get enough of that

from our boyfriends." Right?



Remember now, it's just as relevant...


            talk about Lou Reed

or Adam Ant in your essay.



Precisely what Barthes said in the '  s

and what Baudrillard is saying now.



So questions?



Yes. The young lady

in the green sweater.






Do you think that a deconstructive

approach to literary criticism...



...that it leads to a cooler,

less emotional response in the reader?



Good. That's an interesting one, isn't it?



That is the question.

What's your name?



-Holly Rossman.

-Holly. Holly, very good.



The thing about critical theory

that is important to remember...



-Holly. Holly Rossman.

-...the role the unconscious plays in it.



Socialist Worker.




-Stuart, not now.



We've got to go do

some work with our tutor.



Holly, come on.



Socialist Worker.



You know I was kidding about

Adam Ant, right? Don't do that to me.



Right, but it is so important

to have a visceral reaction to the text.



-But that's so reductive.

-Oh, absolutely.



No, it's not. It's the emotion

expressed that really matters.



Do you know Tarkovsky?

It's like Tarkovsky.



I love Tarkovsky.



Do you?



Oh, he's my favorite director.

Tarkovsky and Bergman.



I'm reading Bergman's

autobiography now.



Really? Oh, my God, so am l.



Great song.



You know, I've gotta figure out

where to get my drugs from over here.



I can get you some coke,

if you like. No probs.



Do you know Nostalgia?



-That's my favorite Tarkovsky.

-Yes, it would be. She likes brooding.



It's on her CV.

Hobbies: suffering and brooding.



-lsn't it, Holl?

-I love brooding.



-You must be Jewish.




We had better go to semiotics.

Holly, are you coming?



-You guys gotta get to class?




-Another drink?




-God, what a wanker.

-I know.



-He fancies himself so much.

-Oh, poser.



Oh, look,

that's your Rob behind the bar.






Oh, it's over.



Is it?






That is an interesting one, isn't it?



Yes, that is the question.

The question to ask.



Holly Rossman.



-Special delivery.

-Oh, great.



Perfect. Thanks.



Look, a few of us

are going to a club on Saturday.



Do you want to come?







We could try some of this, right?



All right. Saturday, then.







Holly, this is much better

than most undergraduate work.



No, I don't think

that I articulated it very well.



The bit about desire and metaphor

with the integration of--



Do you want to get a cup of coffee?



-Oh, okay.




-You got that?




Do you think that being Jewish

makes you more neurotic?



Not at all.



I was never interested in Jewish girls

when I was in school.



I would go crazy for these

rejecting Brunhilde types.



I still do in fact.



Now would you say that was neurotic?







You know, it would be

really helpful if I could...



...just meet once more to show you

a rough draft, before l--






You wanna come by for tea on Sunday?






Great. Thanks.



My bag.



-All right.

-See you later.



Can you imagine how some people

sleep with tutors?



-I mean, how desperate can you get?

-Someone like you would do that.



And yet the thing about blokes is,

just don't ever be yourself.



You've always got to have

a gimmick, like...



...intense and difficult.

You could do that easily.



Oh, thanks.



Shall I come out with you and Ben?



-You know, you look a bit peaky actually.

-Do l?



Why don't you stay in bed?

Tuck up with a book.



-I'll see you later.

-All right.



Oh, Paul.



-This is my flat mate, Paul.

-This is Daniel, my--









It's the connection of desire to reality

that possesses revolutionary force.



Don't you think so, Daniel?






I'm wrecked.



When I was a child, I used to go in

and watch my parents sleeping...



...when they were together,

but they're not together anymore.



I can't imagine you

ever being a child.



You know, Marina,

I'm gonna have to be careful.



If this gets out,

you could be in trouble.



I won't tell a soul. I promise.



-Clandestine is my favorite word.

-All right.



What's your favorite word?






I'm an old man, you know.



-No, you're not.




No, you weren't an old man last night.



Well, that was last night.




-Oh, Jesus, that coke was amazing.



I just need a little sleep.



Just a little bit of sleep.



I'll call you. Call you later.






Come back to me in dreams

That I may give pulse for pulse



Breath for breath



Speak low, lean low



As long ago, my love, long ago



I always loved that stanza

when I was young.



Do you ever feel excluded from

Rossetti's mysticism, being Jewish?



That's right. You wanted

to be Catholic, didn't you?






...I think you're very interesting

and very Jewish, and both are possible.



Holly, I don't think

this is a good idea.



No. No, I know.



No, I'm sorry.



Don't be upset. Please, don't.



No, don't be upset.

No, please don't. It's okay.



All right.



Selfish, shallow bitch!



You're about as deep

as a fucking coma victim!



You're gonna die

a bachelor's lonely, old slut!



Keep your crap, shallow paintings

because they're crap!



It's better than Dynasty.



-Fuck off!

-Fuck off!



-Do you think I'm shallow?

-Of course not.



-Just because I don't read books.

-lt doesn't mean you're not soulful.



-What, you mean soulful like Holly?

-Who mentioned Holly?



Committed to causes?



You know, she's a really scared person.



And she thinks too much.



I mean you can't experience things

by reading about them in novels.



-You know, we've got to really be careful.

-I know.



I won't say a word.



I just....



If you want to see me again....



Of course I want to see you again.



God, you look so beautiful. Strange.



I'm so glad you dumped Stuart, Holl.



He was always weird.



Do you feel guilty about Ben?



Yeah, a bit, I suppose.



Maybe you're right.



Maybe we should all have one person.



Like a real soul mate.












-You always do that.

-No, it's nothing.



-I'll tell you another time.

-Tell me.



You're so annoying.



She just never changes

or wants me to change.



I used to be, God,

so in love with her brother, Nat.



Talk about romantic projections.




I would just melt

when he came into the room.



I probably still am in a way.

In that yearning, impossible, Proustian--



Jesus, Holly.



Do you ever stop talking?






Let's do it here, right now.



You could just...



...pull up my skirt and throw me down

in these leaves.






-What? What's the matter?




Nothing's the matter. Will you stop

asking me what the matter is?



I just don't feel like fucking

in a crummy, wet wood. That's all.



I'm sorry.



There's a Bergman

on at the Duke of York's tonight.



You don't really like that shit, do you?



Sometimes I do, actually.



All right. Which one do you like best?



Wild Strawberries.



That's the one that's on tonight.



Which other one do you like,

Miss Bergman fan?



Lots of them.



That one about death.



The black and white one.



Oh, fuck off.






No, I've got a tutorial.



Marina, have you seen my necklace?



Is that my top you're wearing?



No, it's new.



Why are you looking at me like that?



You've really changed,

you know that?




-I said, you've really changed...


            you know that?



I'll go then, shall l?



Fucking better.










Come in.



So you've left her in Paris.

She's still in Paris?




-God, what a bitch.



You did the right thing.



Love stinks. Doesn't it, Holly?



You just never know with some people...



...especially the quiet,

mousy, passive ones.



-lsabel wasn't at all quiet and mousy.

-Poor Nathy.



You can come out with me tonight.

I'll look after you.



-Gonna come?




Daniel, it's Holly.



Hi, I'm--

Look, I can't make it tonight.



I just realized how much work

I have to catch up on.



-She seems a bit weird tonight.

-How can you tell?



It's really nice

to see you again, Holl.




-It's really nice to see you again.



Good. Thanks.



I often wondered how you

were getting on, you know?



Right. Thanks.






Oh, what a bunch of wankers.



Come on. Let's dance.



Fuck off.



-Christ, Marina.

-She's fucking her tutor, you know.



Holly. Tutor. Fucking.



-What are you telling me for?

-I just thought I would.



Anyway, you two?

It would be like incest.






He's so old. She's so into him.

It's pathetic.



-Oh, it's the coldest house on the planet.

-I know.



So where do you want to sleep?




There's Marina's floor or her bed,

until she gets in or who with.



There's a sofa in Sophie's room,

but she's in there with some drummer.



Anywhere's fine.

Let's finish this first.



I can't believe how much

you've changed.



Is that good?




-Oh, thanks a lot.



I'm gonna get in too.

I can feel TB coming on.



I'll crash in Marina's room

when you want to go to sleep.



I can never get to sleep.



Marina puts her head down

and she's out.



Yeah, I used to stick things

up her nose when we were on holiday.



Draw moustaches

on her in felt-tip pen.



She never used to wake up.



-I had no idea you were close friends.

-I don't believe you.



Girls were never ever interested

in me before. This is new for me.



I don't know what to do.



I'm an asshole.

Is that what you want me to say?



I'm an asshole?




You think I enjoy having you

come here at  :   in the morning...



...screaming and throwing things?

That's ridiculous.



I mean, come on.

What we had was sex.



Listen, fuck off, just fuck off!



Shall I read you a soothing story?



Crime and Punishment. Perfect.



"Raskolnikov pulled the axe quite out,

swung it with both arms...






...scarcely conscious of himself...



...and almost without effort...



...almost mechanically, brought

the blunt side down on her head.



He seemed not to use

his own strength in this...



...but as soon as he had

once brought the axe down...



...his strength returned to him."









You've still got your hat on.



Where are you going?



It feels weird.



Yeah, I know.






...are you seeing someone?



Not Stuart.



No, I was.



Should I not be now?



It's up to you.



Do you want me not to be?



Do you want me

to want you not to be?



I think so.



-You know I do.

-Don't be, then.



-All right.

-Don't be.



Don't be.



Well, I should go and finish it then.



Go on then.



-Go on.

-I can't!



-Promise. Promise that you'll call me.

-I will.



How did it go? You all right?



What happened? What did he say?



He-- He was with her.







They were-- He was with her!



What? The fucking bastard!



I just--



I can't-- I can't believe it.



I don't understand

why she would do this to me.



Listen. Forget about him.

He's obviously a wanker.



He's not a wanker. I just--

I just can't believe it.



She must hate me.

She must just hate me.



She didn't even want him until I did.

I just can't believe it.



She always does this to me.



-Oh, God, what if she knows about me?

-Oh, who cares?



Does she?



What--? Did she tell you?



Oh, God, she told you.



She-- I can't--



I can't bear this. I can't bear this.

I can't bear this.



-What about last night, Holl?




Just forget it, please.

Just forget it.



Fuck's sake!



Come in.



Look, you-- You can't feel

any worse about this than I do.



I never knew you were

such close friends.



With her it was never

anything more than just the....



God, you are such an incredible girl.






Someday you're gonna meet some guy

your own age who's gonna be able to--



If you see or phone her again, I'm going

to the vice chancellor to report you.



How incredible is that?



Where's Nat?



He's gone.



How many men were you

thinking of collecting?



-What do you mean?

-You know exactly what I mean.









Well, is she all right?






Let me go and try and catch Nat. I'll be

there as soon as I can. All right. Bye.






Mum's taken an overdose.

She's in a hospital.



Oh, God. Oh, wait, Marina! Marina!



Would you fetch me

some ciggies, baby?



Come here, sweetheart.



It's all right now, sweetheart.






Piss off!



Holly. Hi.



-This is Meredith.

-It's great meeting all Danny's students.



You've all got such great style,

not like my bunch at Smith.



-I better get going.

-Pleasure to meet you. Happy holidays.



Daniel, it's me. Look, please speak--



Why don't you go back to Paris?



Go on. Go and kiss and make up.



I'll be here when she gets back.



Did you hear from her? From Holly?



-She phoned the hospital. Why?

-Did she say anything?



About what? Like what?

Fucking my bloke?



That's all that's on her mind, Nat.



I'll get the ferry. See you.



Yeah, see you.



Hello? It's only me.






Come on.



You can't stay here alone.



Oh, darling.



No, we've been dancing to swing music

a lot and wearing cocktail dresses.



And we go to this club called

Dick Diver's...



-...Iike in Scott Fitzgerald.

-That's The Great Gatsby.



No, darling, it's Tender is the Night.

What fun! Holly never tells us anything.



That was absolutely delicious, Judith.

Thank you.



Today, M and I went to Biba

and nicked a lipstick.



M says it's much more in in Harinaish

than Miss Selfridge's.



N looked at me, and I felt red-hot.






She'll be all right.



It's all right.



Come on.



Sleep tight.



Don't worry. I'm going.



I'm glad Linda's okay.




-Your mum's been great. Thanks.



Did you tell Nat I wanted

to speak to him?



Yes, I did, and he's gone

to Paris with lsabel.



Do you know he's married?




-Oh, for God's sake!



-Can we please just talk about this?

-I knew you liked him at first...



...but didn't think you'd do anything.



-Because I'm so mousy and boring.

-No. Well, yeah, if you say so. Yeah.



Because I'm not a vacuous airhead

who shags the entire campus.



Oh, is daddy's girl unhappy?



I'm going to bed.

Could you get out now?



You'd better change the sheets.

You don't know where I've been.



Holly, don't go over there. Max, we

are not going through the hydrangeas.



We are not going

through the hydrangeas.



-Happy New Year, princess.

-Don't slobber all over me.



Snowballs all around?



Looking good, Lindy.

You gave us all a scare there.



So to the two most beautiful girls

in my life.












-Hello, Marina.

-Max, come on.



All right.






You're the only person I wasn't

too embarrassed to ask.



My special snowballs. One for you.



Maxie. Gorgeous Maxie.



Come and dance with Linda.



Judith, come along, baby!



Nat! Oh, what a surprise!



-Hi, man.

-Oh, Natty!



What's he doing here?



And I know who you are!

Happy Nouveau Annee, lsabel!



Want a drink?



What a pretty robe. It's like mine.



Happy New Year.



Oh, hi. Thanks. You too.







...I'm glad to see you seem

to have-- You've sorted it all out.



Yeah, well, what about you? Did you

sort it out with--? What was his name?



Daniel. Yeah. No, that's great.

It's fine.



Good. That's great.



You-- I'm sorry about the way that l....



-It's just, I mean, I was so--

-Yeah, it's probably for the best.



Of course. Absolutely.



Linda-- Linda seems really good.



She gave us all a real shock.

Isabel was great.



She's so sure.

She really knows what she wants.



That's good.



Isabel, this is Holly.




-Hi. Nice to meet you.



You too.



So are you here in London for long?



Marina told me you're an actress.



No, no. I have an audition

in Paris on Monday.



Well, I shouldn't say, but with a very

brilliant, very known, ltalian director.



-Well, Bertolucci actually.

-That's great.



You know, acting for cinema

is totally different than theater.



In cinema, you must feel it,

not show emotion. Just feel it.



And the camera sees it. It's wonderful.



Which films have you done?



Mostly theater at the moment.



-What time is it? Is it nearly midnight?




It's absolutely marvelous.



Listen, everyone. Isabel and l

have got something to say.



We're getting married.



You devil!



Isn't that lovely?



Holly, are you all right?



-What's wrong, darling?




A great deal of champagne

is called for, yeah?



Here, it's bloody freezing. Put this on.



Fine. Marina--



God, she's a nightmare, isn't she?



Married! God!

I mean, who gets married?



That's something out of the Dark Ages.

It's embarrassing. It's pathetic.



I know. It's weird. And she's hilarious!



God, how can he?

It's such a fucking cliche!



-You still got me.

-Why? Who haven't I got?



Holly, don't be like that.

I can't bear it when we're not us.



I don't know who I am

when we're not us.



I don't know ever.



Come on. Please? For me?



It's nearly time!



Almost that time.

Happy New Year, Holl.



You too.



Come on. Let's go in.



Come on. Smile.



Five. Four. Three. Two. One.



Happy New Year!



Give me that!




-No, not yet.



-How are we for vino?

-Thanks, Mum.



Do you prefer rouge, lsabel?



So how are the pop videos, Marina?



Oh, they're great. You know,

superficial and meaningless.



And how did you two meet?

It's all been very mysterious.



-At a bar mitzvah.

-lt was fate.



Yes, it was fate.



Holly Rossman, right?



Your father's sister's married to my

cousin's brother. Something like that.



Leo. Leo Muller.



Eleventh commandment:



Thou shalt dance at bar mitzvahs

and not sit in a corner.



It's me. What are you doing

for lunch tomorrow?



I've met this man who's much too

eligible for me. He's a Jewish doctor.



He's called Leo. Dr. Leo Muller.



Where are you meeting him?






If she hadn't walked past the restaurant

at that very minute....



-I can't bear to think about it.

-I know.



How about you two?



I met Paul first, didn't l? It was at work.



Some boring meeting.



Wasn't it?



Then I introduced the two of them.



-It's like something out of Jane Austen.

-Which one?






So you're a fight fan then, Carl?



Yeah, and I spar a bit as well.

It's good to work off aggression.



Bit like therapy.



I'm in therapy as well, twice a week.




-I wonder if I need therapy.



-You need about     years.

-What do you think, Leo?



It suits some people.

It's not right for everyone.



-What do you do?

-He writes songs.



-He's a musician.




-What've you done?

-I'm selling stationery now.



-Top of the range.

-Gotta pay rent.



We've been living in the States

for five years. It was better for my job.



-I'm an actress.

-Cool. I love L.A.



It was Minneapolis, actually.



I was only in a soap,

but, you know, quite interesting.



I bet you were great, with the accent

and the French thing. It's sexy.



-Thank you.

-lsabel, how's it going over here?



-Well, I met Mike Leigh yesterday.

-I've heard of him.



He's totally a genius. And I'm in

a new piece soon. It's very political.



-We can come to the premiere.

-You should all come! No?




-And you, Holly?



Still writing this bloody book thing.



She's been doing it for two years.

Can you believe it?



Still the vampire thing?



Yeah, it's still the vampire thing.



It-- How, you know, each decade...



...reinvents the vampire

as a sexual icon.



It's not a book thing. It's a book. Mum

sent us your articles. They were great.



Marvelous. Well, Holly's

the intellectual of the family.



-lsn't she, Marinie?

-She's a journalist.



I do all right. I'm always broke, though.



-Oh, hi!




I was looking for a light.



-It's weird being back here.

-I know.



-She's kept my room the same.

-Has she?



Still smoking?



No, I've just given up.



This career chitchat

makes me feel a total failure.



Tell me about it.

It used to be hip to be on the dole.



-I know.

-What's happened?



I'm still waiting to transmute

into a successful adult...



...instead of being a   -year-old.



I remember that   -year-old.



Can I read your book, Holl?



Really, you--?



No, no, you'd--



-Actually, would you?




Who's this boxing prick?



He seems like one of Marina's blokes.



-It's nice to see you again.

-Yeah. I mean--



It's nice to see you.



There you are. Come on.

I want everybody downstairs.



-I want, I want, I want, I want.

-Come on.



You miss your little sis?



Listen, everybody. Listen, all my

favorite people in the entire world.






Leo and I have decided...



...that we're going to get married.






And-- And there's something else.



I've decided that I'm going to be Jewish.



Does that mean I will be?



Well, we'll work on that.



-Mazel tov!

-Mazel tov.



You tell me every fucking boring,

little detail about your life...



...ten times a day, but not this one.



You only phoned me four times today.



I knew you'd be funny about it,

and see, you are.



-I'm not!

-Yes, you are.



-With the converting and everything.

-No, it's not that.



I'm sorry. I'm just surprised.



I know.



Come here.



Nothing's going to change.

I promise you.



Holly, it's me. Pick up. I know

you're there. You're always there.



Holly, Holly, Holly, Holly, Holly!

Come on. Answer the phone. It's me.



How much do you two talk?

You're like each other's mothers.



-Are my calves fat?

-Come here.



-Do you like my calves?

-I love everything about you...



...not just when you're being

a sex kitten.



Do you know how safe I feel with you?



I love you so much.



Oh, my soul girl.










Hi, Holly. It's me, Nat.



Listen, I was in Peckham,

so I thought, "Holly. " But you're--



Hi. Hi. No. No, I was working.



Yeah, come around.



Great. Yeah, it's on the fifth floor,

but the lift's not working, I'm afraid.






Blimey, you must be fit.



-I just never go out.

-Your mum must love it around here.



Right, well, that must be

why I live here, mustn't it?



Sorry. Sorry.



Nothing or nothing?



Got a...?



Oh, that's okay. I'll do it.



If you're working, I thought I'd grab

the manuscript, then I'll go.






...I was stuck.



Look, I was just going to have

some beans.



Great. I really missed beans.

Minneapolis beans were disgusting.



I'd love to go to the States

and start again.



Well, start.



There's something I might apply for.



Yeah? Great.



Just don't tell you-know-who.



Holly, it's me. I want to know

what Carl said about that bitch.



Hi. No, I'm working. I'll call you later.



No. No, I haven't got anyone here.

Who would I have?



Look, I don't want to phone him.

Would you just stop nagging?



All right. Go learn some Hebrew. Bye.



Jesus, you two!

You're like fucking Siamese twins.



We're not.



How many times a day do you speak?



She's so controlling!



She wants you to get involved

with that-- What's his name?



That hopeless twat,

so that you'll always need her.



And you let her!



You could charge by

the   -minute hour! You know it all.



-She does it to me too.

-How does she do it to you?



Well, I think you know one way, Holly.



He's not a hopeless twat actually.



And he's not as superficial as he seems.

He just....



He likes the surfaces of things, and--



And style can be stimulating, you know.

And he does a lot of work on himself.



And he's funny,

and my work is going well.



-And I'm really happy for once.

-Good. Good. Great.



So how's lsabel?









-Look, Holl--




I used to watch you...


            your room.



I know.



I talk to you all the time in my head.



Oh, God, I hate you.



Hold me.



Holly, it's me again.



I forgot to say, we've got to go

to Isabel's play on Wednesday. Cow.



But it's for Nat's sake. Okay, well,

don't answer then. Poor me!



I'd better go. It's getting late.



No, but-- Nat. Nat!



-What are you doing here?

-Oh, I really wanted to see you...


            say sorry for, you know.



What's he doing here?



Are you selling paper clips?



-What are you doing here, mate?

-Don't you fucking "mate" me, mate.



Nat, you should go.



-Yes, Nat, you should go.




Yeah, see you.



Nat said lsabel's play is bloody awful.



When did you see Nat?



Oh, no, I didn't. We just spoke.



So how's the Hebrew coming?



-Are you really pleased for us?




Oh, God, how many times already?

How much more pleased can I be?



I'm in a state of complete bliss.



-All right.

-You don't need my approval.



Of course I do.

I want us all to be happy.



I know.



What about that one? That goes.



Honestly, I mean, just

the whole Jewish thing is....



And why shouldn't I be Jewish, huh?

It gives me a sense of identity.



Really? Whose identity?



What did you say?



Nothing. What?



-No, what did you just say just then?

-Oh, Jesus. Come on. I introduced you.



-Don't be touchy. It's Christian of you.

-What the fuck did you mean?



Nothing, all right? I'm sorry.



God, drop it.



We're having a nice time.

Don't make it into a big deal.



We were having a nice time

until you spoiled it.



-Why do you hate people being happy?

-I don't!



-You're just like your mother.

-What do you mean?



Just because things

haven't worked out for you.



Leave Nat alone when he's contented.



Nat? What has Nat got to do with it?



He's happy, and so am l.



-I'm sorry you can't be pleased for us.

-I don't--



I mean, I don't understand what--



I don't know what I'm supposed to--



Fuck it.






Hi, darling. It's Marina.



I'm fine. How are you? Oh, good.



Well, I was just calling

to say good luck, really.



Yeah, and I saw Holly,

and she said she's seen Nat.



So she'll be there too, which is nice.



Okay. All right. We'll see you then.



Lots of love. Bye.



It was symbolism about the Berlin Wall

and the Falklands, wasn't it?



It's not meant to be Cats, Linda.



-How are you?

-Okay, thanks. Yeah.



It's so nice you came, Holly.



You really liked it?









Did you tell them our news?



You know what?

We're going to try for a baby.








-I don't want it calling me grandma.



I like the sound of that. Aunt Marina.



-I'm dehydrated.

-You're not dehydrated. You're thirsty.



Why can't you be thirsty

like normal people?



I'm dehydrated.



How are Marina's wedding plans going?



Leo Muller.

Who ever would have thought?



Great, isn't it? I can't wait.



Rachel Bloom's moving

to St. John's Wood.



And the sister got engaged

to an architect.



Actually, I've got something to tell you.



I'm probably moving.



Oh, darling, thank God!



To New York.



I've practically got

this really good job...



...and I know some people

I can stay with.



-And I just need a change.

-Oh, you just need a change.



"I'm not happy, so I'll just move."



All the chances you've had,

and you--



You fucking--



You-- You just fucking mess

it all up, don't you?



When, darling?



After New Year.



So, what's your news?



Morton Jacobs has got bowel cancer.



Holly, I really need to speak to you.



Look, I'm sorry, okay?



Holly, please!



So when exactly were you gonna

tell me? A call from the airport?



Oh, God, I was going to. I just....



Not yet. Who did?



Carl actually.



Because we're the only two people

who care about you, Holly.



For chrissake, New York?

You wouldn't last five minutes there.



It's the most competitive place

in the world.



-Let's talk in the morning.

-No, we can talk about it now!



All we do these days is argue or sulk.

We don't have a good time anymore.



-Yes, we do.




I'm pregnant.



Oh, God.



Hey. Hey, it's all right.



No, it's not. It's not.



It's meant to be a good thing, isn't it?



With Leo. Leo who makes

you feel so real.



-You won't go now, will you?

-Stop it. Stop it, Marina.



-I have to get rid of it if you go.

-Stop it!



Hi, Marina.



Hi, Carl.



-Did I wake you up?




Sorry, darling.



-How are you, gorgeous?

-I'm okay.



So you're both coming to Leo's house

for New Year, aren't you?



We'll all be together. It'll be brilliant.



Let's celebrate

Marina's perfect, pregnant life.



-You want to go.

-I don't.



But anyway, why shouldn't I want to?



And Holly's goodbye, so sad, huh?



That's why you want to go.



Jesus, lsabel!

Could you move yourself?




Why did that cunt suddenly turn up?



You know why.

Because Linda invited him.



Come on, sulk. I'm freezing.



Anyway, they have to do it every five

years. It's like gorillas or something.



Just don't choose me, darling.



-It's like group therapy.

-Okay, I've got someone.



-lt speaks.

-What--? What element are they like?






The dark sea.



-Very Jungian.

-Mysterious, must be me.



What poet?



Elizabeth Barrett Browning.



-What time of day?




Which painter?




-Never heard of him.



It's lsabel.



No, it's not. It's Holly.



The truth game, right?



-Sit down.

-Nat, old boy. Naughty, naughty.



Shut up, Ray.



This is boring.

Let's play...







You'll play, won't you, Carl?



Do you know how many men

I've slept with?












And now it's gonna stay    forever.



-ls that right?




I talk to you in my head too,

all the time.



It's horrible out there.



Why can't we stay in here forever?



What's stopping us?



You tell me.



Look-- No. No.




-This is too fucked up.



I don't understand

this stupid English game.



Jesus, you're fucked up!



-Come on. Hey.

-Don't touch me.






You're old.



I'm sick.






Come on. Come on.



It's all right. It's all right. Come on.



There you go.



How can I be a mother

when I'm such a terrible, sick person?



That's one of the qualifications,

isn't it?



I'm so disgusting. I'm sorry.



-It's all right.

-He's suffocating me!



I can't bear him to touch me.

I feel so empty.



Come on. Look at you.

You've got everything going for you.



A career, lovely, real, Leo, marriage,

religion, baby. Come on.



No, I'm a big, fat nothing.



I don't have integrity or soul or beliefs.



I haven't even read

War and fucking Peace.



You're gonna go away to New York...



...and I'm going to be left here

with a kid and him.



And then there's no point to anything.

I might as....



-I might as well just die now.

-Stop it. Stop it.



No, please, please, please don't go.



-Please, please don't go.

-Stop! Stop it!



-Please, please don't go.

-Stop it! Stop it!



We both have just got to stop this.



-Stop what? What do you mean?

-Fuck, I don't know. I just--



I don't want to be us anymore.



Do you?



I mean it's not your fault.



I-- I let you do it, and I blame you.



But I don't like what I am with you.



You're strangling me.

I mean, we're-- We're, like--



We're, like, suffocating each other.



All the time that I'm with you,

I feel ugly...



...and    and bloody desperate

and depressed...



...and not good enough

and unsuccessful...



...and jealous and stuck.



-I can change, Holly. I'll change.




-I will. I promise.

-No! No!



-I'll change!

-Get off me!



Please! I'll kill myself if you go.



-No, you won't! No, you won't.

-I'll kill myself!



I will.



There's no me without you.



-Yes, there is.




We're getting a divorce.

I'm sorry. I am sorry.



No, please, Holly!



Here's Leo. You'll be fine.






Come here, baby.



Holly, wait!



Where are you going?



I don't know.



Can I come?



-Take that!




Betty, keep the noise down,




Take that!



Mom. Mom!



Rifka, stop torturing your bloody

brother! Mommy's got a headache.



Thanks, love.




Special help by SergeiK