Mean Streets Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Mean Streets script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Scorsese, De Niro, and Keitel movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Mean Streets. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Mean Streets Script



You don't make up for your sins in church.



You do it in the streets. You do it at home.



The rest is bullshit and you know it.



What the hell is this?



Not in my fuckin' place!



Keep out of my place! I know your face!



And you, scumbag!



I told ya about passin'

that shit in my place.



I didn't do nothin'!



You're supposed to be the bouncer.



- I didn't do nothin'.

- That's it. Ya didn't do nothin'.



Come on, hurry up with that shit, huh?



What's this, more shit?



No, that ain't shit. That's a German lens.



I've got two shipments of those.

That's good stuff.



Can't use it.



What do ya mean ya can't use it?



That's a telescopic one.

That's the best one they make.



It's not German, it's Jap.

This is an adaptor, it's not a lens.



You bought two shipments

of Jap adaptors, not lenses.



Jap adaptors.



Lord, I'm not worthy to eat your flesh.



Not worthy to drink your blood.



Not worthy to drink your blood.



Okay, I just come out of confession, right?






And the priest gives me the usual penance:



Ten "Hail Marys", ten "Our Fathers",

ten whatever.



Next week, I'll come back and he'll give me

another ten "Hail Marys" and...



...another ten "Our Fathers" and...



I mean, you know how I feel

about that shit.



Those things, they don't mean anything

to me. They're just words.



Now, that may be okay for the others,

but it just doesn't work for me.



I mean, if I do somethin' wrong,

I just want to pay for it my way.



So, I do my own penance for my own sins.



What do ya say, huh?



It's all bullshit except the pain, right?

The pain of hell.



The burn from a lighted match

increased a million times.



In finite.



Ya don't fuck around with the in finite.

There's no way you do that.



The pain in hell has two sides:



The kind you can touch with your hand.



The kind you can feel in your heart.



Your soul, the spiritual side.



And ya know...



...the worst of the two...


            the spiritual.



Hey, Charlie, you're crazy.



The priest taught me this.



Terrific. You know any other tricks?



Yeah, but I'll show 'em to ya

when I learn this one.



You know somethin'?

She is really good-lookin'.



I gotta say that again.

She is really good-lookin'!



But she's black.



You can see that real plain, right?



Look, there's not much

of a difference anyway, is there?



Well, is there?



Oh, great.



Hey, Marlboro.



For these prices, Charlie,

you shouldn't complain.



But it's the best I could do.

Maybe next week I can do better.



If ya can't smoke 'em,

maybe ya can sell 'em.



No, I'll be okay for a week.



Bless you.



Seen Johnny Boy?






He's supposed to be here.



But who knows what goes on

in that kid's head, right?



I'd like to know, Charlie.

I think the kid's trying to duck me.



Don't you think you oughta care more

about Johnny's payments to me?



I think you should. You know that.



Michael... nobody's out to screw you.



I guarantee that.



Well, you're not lookin' at it from my side.

You vouched for the kid.



What happens if he doesn't pay?

I gotta collect from you?



- I don't want to do that.

- You're right.



I made a deal with him, not you, right?



You're right. I'm not gonna pay his debts,

believe me.



I'll talk to him. I'll straighten him out.



Straighten him out?

The bum owes money left and right.



Don't worry, Michael...



Hey! Hey, come on!



Get out of here!



- Come on, sit down.

- Take it easy.



- Hey, what's the matter with you?

- Everybody's friends here, right?



Come on, sit down.



Dammit, Charlie, I don't understand you.



I don't understand why you hang around

with a punk kid.



I mean, he's the biggest jerk off around.



Don't say that. Don't quarrel man, will ya?



What's the matter?



Family things, a few things.

I can't explain it, all right?



He really is a good kid.



All right, sure. I'll see you.



Right, later. Be well.



Come on, girls. Give her your coats.

Give her your coats.



If you don't mind, young lady,

I would like to check these.



But I'm keeping my skin pants.



Hey, here he is!



Are those the shorts

with the hearts on 'em?



Girls, after you.



All right, okay. Thanks a lot, Lord.

Thanks a lot for opening my eyes.



You talk about penance

and you send this through the door.



Well, we play by your rules, don't we?



Well, don't we?



- How are ya?

- All right. How are you?



I want you to meet

two beautiful young ladies here.



This is my good friend, Charlie.



This is my good friend, Tony,

who owns the joint.



This is, what's your name, darling?



- Sarah.

- Sarah, Sarah Kline, right?



Sarah Kline, this is Tony.



This is... what's your name?



Heather, Heather Weintraub, right?



I met them in the Village.






Yeah, over at the Cafe Bizarre.



- What do ya want to drink, huh?

- Tequila.



- You got tequila?

- No.



Never mind. Listen...



I'll order somethin'

that's good for the both of ya.



Go on, give yourself a drink.

Give me and Charlie a J& B, will ya, please?



- What's this?

- What's what?



- This.

- What?



- That. What does this look like? Huh?

- What?



Where did you get this?



- What?

- Where did you get this?



- This.

- What?



- This?

- Yeah. In the back, come on.



You're makin' me look bad, Charlie.



In front of the girls here.



Oh, excuse me.

I didn't mean to be rude, girls.



Mr. Civello, I'd like your presence

in the back room, if you got a moment.



Well, you mean you request my presence

for a moment or two in the back room?



I most certainly do.



Well, after you.



- Nah, after you.

- No, after you.



- Mr. Civello, after you.

- No, after you.



In the back!



Tony, give them whatever they want.



Hey, girls, excuse me.



Tony, keep an eye on these nice girls here.



Don't let none of the vultures look, okay?



What are ya doin'?



What do ya mean?

What are ya doin' to me, huh?



What do ya mean?



Michael's been on my back all night.

He's botherin' me.



Why didn't ya make your payment

last Tuesday?



I made my payment last Tuesday.

What are you talkin' about?



- You paid him last week?

- Yeah, I paid him last week.



What did he say, I didn't pay him?

He's a fuckin' liar. Where is he?



- You paid him?

- Yeah, I paid him.



- Last week?

- Yeah!



- Last Tuesday?

- Yeah.



- Charlie, you don't know...

- He's here.



- Where?

- Out front.



- He's here?

- Yeah.



So, what do I care?



Let me go get him.

We'll straighten this thing out, all right?



Hey, wait a minute, Charlie.



- What?

- Well, you're right.



I'm right?



Yeah, was it last Tuesday?



It's the Tuesday that was last week,

that's before the one about to come up.



My mistake, I'm sorry. It was last week,

the week before, that I was thinking of.



- Oh, yeah. It was, huh?

- That's right.



What's the matter with you?

You can't bullshit people that way.



You give your word, you gotta keep it.



You know what happened?

I'm so depressed about other things.



I can't worry about payments,

you know what I mean?



I come home last Tuesday.

I have my money in cash.



Comin' home, I ran into Jimmy Sparks.



I owe him $    like for four months.

I gotta pay the guy.



He lives in my buildin', hangs out

across the street. I gotta pay him.



So what happened?



I had to give some to my mother.



I wound up with $  

at the end of the week.



And today, you ain't gonna believe,

'cause it's incredible.



- I can't believe it myself.

- What?



I was in a game.

I was ahead like $    or $    right?



- You're kiddin'?

- That's the streak.



You know Joey Clams?



Joey Scala, yeah.



- I know him, too, yeah.

- No, Joey Scala is Joey Clams.



- Right.

- Right.



- They're the same person.

- Yeah.



So I was in there playin'

bankers and brokers. All of a sudden...



...I'm ahead like $    $   .

I'm really winnin'.



All of a sudden some kid walks in

and yells that the bulls are comin', right?



The cops are comin'. Everybody runs

away. I grab all the money. I go in.



It's an excuse, like to get away.



I'd give everybody the money later,

and that way I'd get out.



I don't have to get into the game

and get a losin' streak.



When I come out into the yard,

I don't know this buildin'.



I don't know nothin'.

I couldn't get out. It was like a box.



Big, like this. So I gotta go back in.



Not only do I go back in,

but this kid says it's a false alarm.



Imagine that?

I wanted to kill this fuckin' kid.



I was so crazy, I wanted to kill this kid.



Meanwhile, I gotta get back in the game.

Bing, bing, bing! I lose $   .



Meanwhile, Frankie Bones is over there.



I owe him $     for seven,

eight months already.



He's after me. I can't walk on the street

without duckin' that guy.



He's like waitin' for me.

Like I can't move, you know.



He sees that I'm losin', right?

So he's waitin' for me.



He's tappin' me on the shoulder.

He's saying, "Hey."



Tappin' me like this. Like a hawk.



"Hey, get it up. You're losin'.

Give me some money."



I say, "Frankie, come on. Give me a break

over here. Let me win some back.



"I got debts. I'm in a big hole."



He says, "Never mind, give me the money."

I say, "Okay, Frankie."



So I give him $   .

Meanwhile, I lost the deal.



I go outside, a little depressed...



I'll cut the story short

'cause you don't want to hear all this.



I know, I know, I know.



Make a long story short.



So anyway, I went out shoppin'.



Got a new tie, got this shirt, right?

You like the shirt?



It's nice. This tie...



Michael doesn't care if you're depressed!

What is he, your priest?



Why are ya goin' shoppin'

when ya owe money? It ain't right.



How much ya got there?



I'm gonna pay him next week.

I'm gonna pay him!



You're gonna and ya don't do nothin'.



How much you got there?



I got about, I don't know, I got about $  .



What are ya doin'?



I got about $   there. That's all.



What are ya doin'?



I'm holdin' on to this till next week,

till ya make the next payment.



Why, there's a little more than $  ?



- It's a mistake.

- Mistake, huh?



Hey, listen, I swear to my mother,

you come with me next Tuesday...



...I sign the paycheck over to you. I swear

to my mother, swear to Christ, okay?



Come on, it's $   . You give it to Michael.



Come on, give me some money.

We got those beautiful girls out there.



We're gonna get laid now.



I met those chicks in that Cafe Bizarre.



They were fuckin' around

with these two other guys.



That one, Weintraub, is very nice.

Very nice. I want to bang her like crazy.






- That's enough for you.

- Give me another five. Come on.



Which one do you want?



You're leavin' me with nothin'.

We gotta go eat chinks?



That's it and you better make do with this

for the week.



Which one do you want?



I want the Weintraub one. She's nice.

I like that one.



She's the one on the left?



Nah, she's the one... Your left or my left?



- We're both standin' the same way.

- Well, it don't matter.



Hey, girls, we had a little business

to talk over. Everything's okay now.



It's beautiful.



Hey, Tony, you think maybe

you could put this on the tab...



...because somethin' happened before?

You'll be doin' me a favor, you know?



Big tab or the little tab?



Don't you think it's better

that you should put it on the small tab...


            that it balances out with the big tab?



- Oh, so things even out?

- Yeah, right.



Joey, where'd you get those beads?



How about me, too? I don't get a drink?



- Hey, Mikey!

- Long time no see.



You don't get a drink!



Does a bear shit in the woods over here?



Come on, give him a double, Tony.

Give him a double.



Long time no see.



I know what you're gonna say,

but don't say it...



...because I'm not payin' for these drinks.

They're all on the tab.



And I'm gonna see ya Tuesday payday,

I swear on my mother.



Not only on my mother,

but Jesus Christ and... Okay?



All right, I just want to tell ya

to stay on top of it.



- I will.

- We don't want it to get out of hand.



- Don't worry, it ain't gonna get out of hand.

- I'm doin' it for you.



Come on, have a drink.



The queen!



- You know what the queen said?

- What?



If I had balls I'd be the king.



Hey, they told me you were here,

and you're here.



How are you? How's the classes going?



Okay, Oscar.

How's everything goin' with you?



I was in the basement fixin' the freezer.

Would you believe that?



Charlie, you're a good boy.

Will you tell your uncle I have nothing?



I can't make this week's payment.



Listen, you talk to Giovanni, not me.



I should hand this place over to him,

you know that?



I don't need this aggravation.



He'd rather have the loan paid.

You know that, Oscar.



Your uncle's a good man.

I'm not gonna stick him.



He either gets the money

or he gets the place.



Right now it looks like

he's gettin' the place.



You tell me why I should care.



I got a partner who is a bum.

He disappears!



I don't understand this. Where's Groppi?



I should know? His wife don't even know!



If he don't give a damn,

why should I kill myself?



Thank you very much, Natalie!



How are you feeling?



About that shooting last night,

I was there, Uncle.



No, you were not.



Yes, I must have confused it

with something else.



- Yes, you did.

- Si.






About Oscar.



I think he's puttin' on this act

about the restaurant...



...bein' in bad shape and all that.



He says he can't make the payments.



He says his partner, Groppi,

has disappeared.



What should I do?



Don't do anything.



His business is bad.



Can I help?



Yeah, you can help by waiting.



Don't be impatient.



You like restaurants?



Yes, sure.



Well, you know what I do have?

I got a good buy on toilet paper.






I got stock.



No, I got toilet paper comin' from the PX,

the Army.



Tryin' to steal from the Army, huh?



- I can get it cheap. You want it?

- Steal from the American Army.



- Army of the United States of America.

- Hey, you sell firecrackers?



What? Come here.



- What do ya want?

- Firecrackers.



No, that's illegal.



We just went down to Chinatown.

They don't have any stuff.



Keep away from those chinks.

All they have is shit.



We have $  .



Why didn't you say so?



We don't know if we want to spend all $  .



- You want good stuff or you want shit?

- We want good stuff.



You know where this stuff comes from?




- You know what that means?

- That means it's good.



- Tony, can we borrow your car?

- Sure.



All right, come on. Across the street.



Ya got sparklers?



Cherry bombs? Ash cans?



- Cones?

- Cones, yes.






- What are you, a comedian?

- Comedians, Tony.



- Nice car.

- Yeah, well.



Must've cost a lot.



You got a good buy on this, didn't ya?

You need a tune-up there.



Did you kids come down here for the feast?



Now what we're gonna do is

let ya out right over there on that corner.



And we're gonna come back for ya.



Can't we come with you?



No. I can't let anybody see

where I got the stuff.



That's good business,

ya know what I'm sayin'?






- Be back in about    minutes.

- Okay.



Wait, wait, wait. What about the cash?



Take a check?



Take a check?



- Where are you guys from?

- Riverdale.



Maybe that's what they do up in Riverdale,

but down here we gotta take cash.



Now, ya got it or ya don't got it.



Okay, here.



All right, now wait over there

and keep your mouth shut.



Checks? Tony, you take checks, right?



Sure I take checks. How much did we get?



You know, I don't know.

Let me see here. What do we got here?



What do we got here?



What do you know!

We got stiffed by them kids.



They only gave me $  .






Take $ . Tell you what:

I'll write you a check.



I'll tell ya what: Get out of the car.



I'll tell you what: Take the $ .



Give me the $ .



Let's go to the movies.



And the movie's on you.



Pull over here. Pull over here.

There he is!



Hey, Michael!



Charlie, get in the car. Come here.



Comin' in?



Nah, come here.



So, I'll see ya tomorrow, right?

Frankie, be good.



- What's the matter?

- We just stiffed a couple of kids.



- How much ya take 'em for?

- $  .



What are you laughin' about? $  ?

Let's go to the movies.



- That's right and you pay.

- What are you talkin' about?



It's my business.



You guys better enjoy yourselves.



It's costin' me a lot of money.



Hey, get down. Leave me alone!



Shut up, give me a break,

I'm tryin' to watch the picture.



You watch it. I'll get the manager in here.

He'll throw ya out in the street!



Go ahead. Go get the fuckin' manager!



- He's a fruit!

- You're a fruit!



Me? I'm no fruit!



It feels good, huh, Charlie?

Streets are empty. Nice, thank God.



With that feast on, ya can't even move

in your own neighborhood.



I hate that feast with a passion.



Never mind the feast!



Just remember, I'll do the talkin'.



That's the trouble.



Don't fool around, John.

Jimmy asked me to settle this.



How much do they owe him?



I don't know, a couple of hundred.



Look at this character!



He's probably the next judge!



He's the mayor's aide.



- Where's he gonna meet us?

- In the pool room.



Where is it, near Sullivan's?



No, it's on King Street. What are ya doin'?



Show me where to go.

I don't know my way around.



Make a right turn over here

when the light turns green.



Next time, we don't bet

outside the neighborhood.



Come on with this light. What is this,

a coffee and cake light over here?



Why don't you get farther away

from the car please?



It'll be okay. I know these guys.

They're not gonna stiff him.



How do you know?



Keep your mouth shut. I'll take care of it.



- Just don't say nothin'.

- I'm not sayin' nothin'.



- Where the fuck is he?

- Here he is.






The number I bet was    .



I bet a combination

'cause I dreamt of my grandfather.



- How much did you bet on that?

- What did I say?



Clark, you seen Joey Gatucci around?



Yeah, he's in the back room.



When he died, the number

on the funeral parlor was    ...


            I figured that would be a good bet,

you know?



Well, well, well, Saint Charles is here.

Everybody, benediction!



Hey, you may rise. Rise, please.



Thank you.

My good friend, Tootie, over here.



- You can't lose with that.

- How about Mushy?



Mushy! Vote for the lamp!



Mushy, this will definitely

get you to Hollywood.



Chalkboard, the pool cues!



How about the balls? Bless my balls.



Bless his balls!



- How ya been, Joey?

- All right.



Looks like ya took off a couple of tons.



What brings ya down here, Charlie?



Look, Joey, on Friday the   th

I placed a bet with Sally.



- Never heard of it.

- Never heard of it?



Never heard of Sally.

Who the fuck is Sally?



Oh, Joey, really.



Come on, we're all friends here.

Now let's cut the bullshit, huh?



You know you got a good friend here.






Come to think of it, I do remember now.



All we need. That guy is a real scumbag.



Wanna shut up?



Hey, Friday's a busy day.

A mistake can be made, ya know?



- All right, no problem.

- All right.



I forget myself, too, sometimes.



- Okay, let's have a drink.

- Good enough.



Come on, now let's have a drink.

Jimmy, Tony, finish the rack.



- Who's buyin'?

- Me.



Can I have a beer, Joey?



- Go ahead.

- Nah, I got scotch here.



I got a dry throat.



Where did ya get the hat?



Ya like this hat? This is a $   Dobbs hat.



Where did ya get those sneakers?



These are $  sneakers.



Why don't ya lower the jukebox?

I can't hear nothin'.



Hey, the girls like the music loud.



Girls? You call those skanks girls?



Hey, what's the matter with this kid, huh?



Ain't nothin' wrong with me.

I'm feelin' fine.



- Keep your mouth shut.

- You tellin' me that in front of this asshole?



All right. We're not gonna pay,

we're not payin'.



Why? We just said

we're gonna have a drink.



We're not payin' because this guy...



...this guy's a fuckin' mook.



But I didn't say nothin'.



And we don't pay mooks.



A mook? I'm a mook?






What's a mook?



What's a mook?



- I don't know.

- What's a mook?



You can't call me a mook.



I can't?






I'll give you mook!



Come on, I got a bad hand!



What's the matter with you, Joey?



- Hey, Officer. Can I get my hat?

- No.



- Can I call my wife?

- Nope.



What ya got here?



That's a nail file.



- That's a knife.

- No.



- This is a knife.

- No, it's got a toothpick in there.



Davis, Davis this is very embarrassing.



Look, how long have I known ya,

Davis, huh?



You've never seen fights like this.

These are my friends.



- This is my cousin, Charlie. We're friends.

- Friends.



Your cousin?



- Where you from?

- East Side.



The East Side. What is this, a knife?



No! It's got a toothpick in there.

You see over there?



Davis, come here. I wanna talk to ya.



You coverin' for the East Side

or the West Side?



- Let me just talk to ya over here a minute.

- What are ya gonna say about this knife?



- It's a harmless penknife.

- Harmless?



It's a dangerous weapon!

Do you know the penalty?



- I'm sure we can settle this.

- How are we gonna settle this?



- Let me give you some car fare.

- All right.



Took ya a long time. Where ya goin'?



- New Jersey.

- New Jersey.



Okay, here.

This is for you and your partner...



Goin' to Philadelphia.






- Thank you.

- Okay.



Thanks a lot, Davis.






Johnny, come on.



And you guys here, listen.

No more of this fooling around, huh?



You guys'll get hurt like that. All right?






So long, Davis.



- Come on, let's have a drink.

- Come on, let's have a drink, everybody.



Who were those mooks that jumped us?



Every day is Christmas with these cops.



We were gonna pay ya.

We just don't like bein' pushed around.



- Come on, Joey, we're pushin' you around?

- Yeah!



Let's have a drink and forget about it.



This is the drink we never had before.



Come on, salute.






All right, there's your money.



You don't have to count it. It's all there.



No, you go ahead and count it.



Hey, come on, no bullshit, friends.



Hey, don't fuckin' touch me, scumbag.



Fuck ya all!



That's for you!



Up your ass!



Come back here again,

you'll find out what's gonna happen to ya.



Fuckin' douche bags!



Mook, Johnny.



Stop with the mook.



Look at that, look at that.



Don't touch it, it hurts.



- Ya got somethin' we can put on it?

- Yeah, I got somethin'.



- First, I wanna show ya somethin'.

- What does mook mean?



Hey, Jimmy. Mook.



Okay, baby, just relax. Take it easy, okay?



You're supposed to be workin'.



Tony, give me a break. I've got a girl.



Yeah, go out and work.



Charlie, give him a break.



Close the door, George.



Okay. Before we take care of you.



There's somethin' I gotta show you.

Watch this.



Oh, hey!



Where did ya get this?



Look at the size of these guys!



Tony, you gotta be kiddin' me!



Look at this one. That's beautiful.

That panther. Where did you get this?



How many pounds of meat you feed him?



Keep quiet about this.

I don't have a license for him yet.



Where did you get him?



Nobody can go near him but me.

I'm the only one who can feed him.






- You got their claws taken out or what?

- What are ya doin'?



- You crazy or what?

- Be careful.



What are you, out of your mind, Tony?



What are ya doin', cowards?

No wonder Italy lost the war.



Here's Daddy, here's Daddy.



Tony, be careful.



I really wanted to get a tiger, Charlie.

OI' William Blake and all that.



You believe anything anybody says.



That's right, I believe anybody.

That's my charm.



Some charm, pops.



- What about the time you went on retreat?

- What about it?



Charlie goes on this retreat.



He tells me this story about this priest

who used to...



...let this couple borrow his car for dates.



They didn't make it,

'cause they weren't married.



But, two weeks before the marriage,

they decided to make it.



So, they pull over to the side of the road

in the priest's car.



Boom! Mack truck comes along,

and they're both killed.



That's great. That's true?

This really happened?



No, wait.



Charlie believes it.



I tell him two years before that...



...I went on a retreat

and the priest tells me the same story.



It's a different priest,

it's the exact same story.



- So that...

- Ya get it?



Yeah, you mean the story ain't true, right?



Yeah, but the point is, he's really upset.



But he don't understand...


           's a business, it's work,

it's an organization.



You got a way about talkin'

about one thing and then zap...


            slide right into somethin' else

that nobody's even supposed to notice.



I was mad because they lied to me.



I'm gonna tell ya one thing:

I ain't never goin' on no retreat.






Why do you let those guys get to you?



'Cause they're supposed to be guys.



Hey, listen, that's where you and I differ.

What can I tell ya?



You want me to say it?



You gotta be like me.



You wanna be saved.



Bar's closed, kid.



I'm just waitin' for Joey.



All right, sit down.



I gotta go to the bathroom.



So, go ahead. What do ya want,

somebody to hold it for ya?



- Jesus!

- What a jerk off!



Charlie, hold it for him.






You wanna do somethin'?



Yeah... you know how he gets.



You know how my chairs get?



Jesus, this guy!



This place is really gettin' depressin'.



That's an understatement.



If I had my place, every night...



...I'd get bums like this down,

have things happen.



Call it somethin' like Season of the Witch.

Get it?



- Got it.

- Good.






Who's talkin' bullshit? Who's the guy

with William Blake and the tigers?



Hey, come on. Will you guys shut up

with the tigers and the witches over here?



Come on. Let's get out of here.



Come on, close the place.



I'll get outta here

when the place is ready to close.



Why don't ya close it now?

We get out of here, get somethin' to eat.



When everybody leaves, we close.



Don't forget what's-his-name

in the bathroom.



Charlie, come here.

Look at the picture of yourself.



Not quite, but keep tryin'. Dummkopf.



- Ya wanna have a game after we close?

- No.



Yeah, come on. For how much?






Hey, don't call me no scumbag.



You can't pay what you owe.

As soon as a game shows up...



...bang! You wanna jump in.



"For how much?"



Why don't you use your head?



Hey, hold it! What's the matter

with you guys? We're friends!



What the fuck is wrong with you?



- Me? He's callin' me a scumbag!

- You, too!



- All right, enough!

- Fuckin' moron!



Go ahead. Hit each other

with the fuckin' chairs, why don't ya?



- Come on, we gonna go eat now?

- All right, enough.



You oughta know better than that.



I'm sorry.






I'm sorry, Tony. I'm sorry.



- Wanna play a little cards?

- No.



Anybody wanna have a game?



Michael, I've got a game

you cannot say no to.






You said no.



Lot of sports.



A little blackjack?



Somebody get the gun!



Everybody out!



George, kill the lights!



Don't run!



Don't run!



Don't run!



Don't run!



Don't run!



George, where are you goin'?

Where's your car?






Michael, let us go with you.



Hey, chauffeur!



- Hey, chauffeur...

- Shut up, will ya?



Shut up, I'll ask him.



Uptown, James. Come on, you guys.

Hurry up. Where are we gonna go?



Michael, give us a lift.



Get outta here. Get the fuck outta here!



Hey, get outta here!



You're startin' to make too much noise.



Let me in. I'm standin' out here in the rain.



What's the matter with you guys?



Hey, stay there. Come on, get away.

Get outta here. Move over.



Hey, where are we?

Come on, where are we?



Sammy, will you behave yourself?



I'm so sorry.

It's just that he's terribly frightened.



Just keep him quiet, all right?



Are these friends of yours?



What are you, a comedian?



I can't get over the way

he kept goin' at him.



Yeah, must've been

all that liquor in him, boy.






Yeah, chetarsi.

You know what chetarsi means, Sammy?



Sounds like somethin' dirty.



What are you lookin' at?



What are we doin' with these faggots?

Throw them out.



Are ya nuts?



What do ya want me to do,

leave 'em in front of Tony's place?



Hey, Benton, look at that number. Wow!



- Hey, beautiful!

- Hey, shut up!



Hey! Keep it down!



- Quiet.

- What's the matter?



Sammy, behave yourself.



I won't. I won't. Why should I?



Let me out of this car!



Look at that one!



Oh, my God!



Hey, baby, got any meat?



Hey, baby, I want to suck on that! Baby!

I want to suck on that, baby!



I want it all!



Get 'em outta here! All right, that's it.



Get outta here!



Hey, don't push!



What do ya mean, get out?



Get out!



I just got in!



- Go, go!

- Get out!



- Animals!

- Take it easy.



All right, just a minute, please!



- Good goin', Mike. Thanks.

- See ya around.



Hey, wait a minute. What is this?



Hey, fellas, ya goin' my way?



Come on, knucklehead.



What's your problem?



Those two bastards.



Hey, look at the piece, John.



It's one of those little jobs

cops carry in their sock.



Yeah, cop beat me on the head

with one of those.



Remember that time I got beaten

from those cops?



Yeah, you recovered from that one,

didn't ya?



I never recovered.



If I wasn't there to be used

as a punching bag...


            order for you to leave fast...



That's because you're stupid.

You should've ran and left safely with me.



With you?

I'm stupid for gettin' my head punched in?



You schweinehund!



My hand, my bad hand!



Wait a minute!



What are you doin'?



Joey Barker.



Joey Barker. I owe him money.



- I don't think that's him.

- Yeah, it's him.



Where is he?



He's turned the corner.



Is he gone?



He turned the corner.



That don't mean he's gone.



Come on, get over here. He turned

the corner. What's the matter with you?



What's the matter?



You can't go home like that. Stay with me.



Is your mother there?



No, she's on the island

carin' for my grandmother.



Hey, let's get some bread

from my uncle's store.



- I'm sick about my hat.

- Here.



Your grandma's gonna die, right?



Yeah, right.



Did you like her?



What do ya mean? She's my grandmother.



So what? That don't mean nothin'.



So what?



- What's the matter with you?

- What's the matter with you?



Anyway, she ain't dead yet,

God forbid. So, shut up.






You ain't got nothin' to eat over here.



I could've told you that before.



Got nothin'.

I tell you, I know what we do.



- What do ya want?

- Tell you what we do.



I'll go to my aunt's. She's got lots of food.



She has food all the time.

I'll go through the fire escape.



Don't do that!



You'll scare your cousin, Teresa,

if you go in there that way.



Oh, that's right, yeah.

Hey, you know what we can do?



She can have a seizure.

Then we can watch.



That's not funny.

You gonna be a jerk off all your life?



Grow up, huh?



You want some food from your aunt,

go and knock on her door.



Yeah, yeah, I know.



Go to sleep.



Besides, where are you goin'

at six o'clock in the morning?



I don't know.



Did ya say your prayers?



Very funny, ha-ha.

Hey, why don't ya tuck me in, sweetie?



Teresa, I had a dream last night

about you and me.



I gotta tell you this.

We're in this room and we're both naked.



And there's this huge white bed and

you're lyin' on it and I'm standin' over ya.



And we're just about to make love

and I come.



The only thing is, I come blood.



And blood went all over the place!



Squirtin' all over the place, all over you,

all over me, my hands, and everything.



I don't think that's funny.



Girls bother me.

They got no sense of humor.



Well, I'm a girl.



Do you like me?



Yeah, I like you.



I love you.



Well, I don't love you.



We'll see.



Hey, forget it.



If there was a chance of me fallin' in love

with you, I wouldn't be here right now.






Because with you, I can't get involved.



- Because?

- Because you're a cunt.



- It was a joke.

- Where do you get off talkin' like that?



It was only a joke, for Christ's sake.

Hey, come here.



Hell it was.



What are ya standin'

in front of the window like that for?



Someone might see you.

Get over here. Come on.



Go ahead. Jump out the fuckin' window.



Don't look.



Don't look.



- You really don't want me to look?

- Yeah, I really don't want you to look.



I see what you're doing.



I saw you!



What? I wasn't doin' nothin'.



You wild woman.



Let me alone!



- Get your hands off me!

- Let go of me!



You're killing me.



You should've seen it. Unbelievable!



Kid went right to the bathroom

and shot him.



Guy was just comin' at him like Rasputin.



Oh, and that kid was scared!



We were more scared!



It doesn't make any sense. He shot him

just because he insulted Mario?



It wasn't anything personal?



The kid's a climber, not very bright.



He kills a guy who insulted a big man,

gets a reputation and thinks he's made it.



It's still sick.



Not sick, just stupid.



Which reminds me,

last night Johnny decided...


            break into your mother's house

and get some food.



- So, why didn't you let him?

- Oh, that's funny.



Put that shit down. What are you doin'?



What's the matter with you?



He doesn't know anything about us,

does he?



- Really?

- No.



I don't want him to know.



Nobody knows anything.

Your reputation's safe.



Hey, come on, smile. What's the matter?



You look like you wanna kill me.

Wanna kill me? Go ahead, kill me.



You can make up the room now.



- I only got two hands.

- Well, use 'em.



- Cut that out, will ya?

- I hate shit like that.



Excuse me, ma'am.



- You got some mouth, you know that?

- Kiss me.



I'll give ya a zap.



- Hash, how ya feelin'?

- Pretty good.



My uncle out back?



Yeah, I think he's busy right now.



Hey, Charlie,

bet a  - -  combination today.



Yeah, thanks.



What are you talkin' about?



There was no insult. I know the kid.

He was drunk.



He made a fool of himself, not me.



Nobody had to shoot him.



I hate the sun. Let's go inside, will ya?



What else do you hate?



I hate the ocean, and I hate the beach,

and I hate the sun.



And the grass and the trees

and I hate heat!



- Charlie?

- What?



What do you like?



I like spaghetti with clam sauce.




Francis of Assisi.



Chicken with lemon and garlic.



John Wayne.



You know, there aren't any mountains

in Manhattan.



Tall buildings. Same thing. And I like you.



I like it here alone.



You know, I'm really going

to take that apartment... the one uptown.



- Are you?

- Yeah, I'm really gonna do it.



Why don't ya this time?



I'm gonna. The hell with my parents.

I just can't take it anymore.



I think it would be a good move.



And I'm gonna do it.



So what are ya waitin' for?



For you.



Teresa, now ya can't wait for me.



I'm closin' in on somethin'

in the neighborhood. I gotta stay.



What are you afraid of?



Afraid? What are ya talkin' about, afraid?

Go on. What's stoppin' you?



You say you're not afraid of your parents,

so go ahead, move out.



All I've got is the neighborhood.



What about me?



The neighborhood and the guys...

That's all that's important to me right now.



Right, guys like my cousin, Johnny.



No, not exactly your cousin, Johnny.



Well, I hope not, because he is crazy!



He's drivin' me nuts.

How can you be with him all the time?



He's like an insane person!



What's wrong with you?



How can you talk that way

about your own cousin?



That's terrible.



Who's gonna help him if I don't?



It's supposed to matter.

Nobody tries anymore.



Tries what?



Just tries to help, that's all.

To help people.



You help yourself first.



Bullshit, Teresa.

That's where you're all wrong!



Francis of Assisi had it all down.



- He knew.

- What are you talkin' about?



- He knew.

- What are you talkin' about?



Saint Francis didn't run numbers.



Me, neither. I don't run numbers.



Diane, how're you feeling?



Fine. Excuse me, please.



You know, Diane, I've been wanting

to talk to you for a while now.



Excuse me.



Besides all that jokin' around

that you and I do...



- You know, when you're on, l...

- Excuse me.



I really think you're a terrific performer.






Hey, no, I'm serious.

You're really very good.



I know.






In a little while I'm gonna have

the opportunity of openin' my own place.



Much nicer.



Much nicer than this.



Uptown, sort of a nightclub restaurant

and everything.



I was thinkin' you'd do much...

You'd do very nicely for the place.






No, as the hostess. That's nice.






The people come in, you greet 'em

and you show 'em to the tables.



Listen, why don't we get together later on?

We'll talk about it a little bit.



- Chinese food?

- Hey, Chinese food.



Where do you want me to drop you off?



No, don't stop.

Just pass by real slow, okay?



Hey, stop there.



What, am I crazy?



Would you take me back

to where you picked me up?



- Sorry.

- All right.



Hey, you crazy?



That's all I need now:

To get caught in the village with a...



Hi, Lou.



- Come sta?

- Fine, thank you.



- Good to see you.

- Good to see you.



Here you go, Lou.



- How are ya, kid?

- Nice to see you.



- Giovanni, can I sit?

- Sure.



Can I talk?



What is it?



It's about Groppi.



I know all about it.

We'll discuss it later, huh?



Sure, I understand.

Shall I serve the tripe now?



- Anytime. Thank you, Oscar.

- You're welcome.



They are not like us.



They know where to come

when they need us.



I realized this a long time ago,

during World War II.



Charlie Lakey was working for

the government, taking care of the docks.



What did he do?



He was there, that's what he did.



I said the same thing to your father

   years ago.



He didn't listen.



You're still around that kid, Johnny Boy.



This Johnny Boy is named after me.



Nice, huh? Oh, sure.



But this Johnny Boy is a little bit

like your friend, Groppi... Half-crazy.



I understand you try to help him out

because of our family and his family.



Well, that's nice. I understand.



But watch yourself, don't spoil anything.



Honorable men go with honorable men.



Don't forget that.



His whole family has problems.



His cousin, the girl who lives

next door to you...



Teresa. The one who's sick in the head.



No, she's got epilepsy.



That's what I said. She's sick in the head.



Her mother and father came to me

for advice.



She wants her own apartment.

What am I gonna tell 'em? Lock her up?



You know I'm compato with them.



So I listen.



I have to take an interest.



You live next door. Keep an eye open.



But don't get involved.



Charlie, why don't you take a look

around the place if you want to?



I've been in and outta this place

about    times already.



Well, maybe you missed something.



After all, you should get to know the place.






Jesus Christ, you are disgusting!



Hi, Charlie, how are ya?

Hot enough for ya?



Yeah, how are ya doin' there, Cookie?












Meet me downstairs now. Yeah.



What is it?



Come on.



I can't make it tonight.



All right, so, is that all?

So I'll see you on Friday?






...I can't make it Friday either.



What do you mean?



I can't see you for a while.



Don't tell me that.



- Teresa.

- Why?



Because you're fuckin' things up!

Between you and Johnny...


           're gonna ruin everything for me.

- What?



Ruin what...?



I'm sorry, Mrs. Rucco, pardon me.

Come on inside.



Why am I ruining everything?



Because. Be quiet! I'll give you

a slap in the mouth, Teresa! Shut up!



Listen to me for a minute.



My uncle wants me to run a restaurant,

but I gotta stay away from you and Johnny.



- Does he know about you and me?

- No.



Does he know about Johnny

and those loans?



No, what are ya kiddin' me?

Of course not.



He doesn't understand, Johnny.

You know, he's just a kid who needs to be...



Answer me!



What do you want from me?



I said: Do you feel the way

he does about me?






I don't feel that way.

I don't want to stop seein' you.



What are you afraid of?



I love you.



- Don't ever say that.

- What?



- That.

- What? That you love me?



Let's just get out of here.



Let me get the restaurant first, all right?

Then I think things are gonna be easier.






So, where have you been?






You heard what happened to Groppi, huh?



Groppi? No, what?



Well, Oscar found out where his partner is.



It seems Groppi went to visit his mother.



He went to her room

where she was watching television...



...and he says to her that he's sorry.



That's all. Just, he's sorry.



He goes into the next room, gets a gun,

puts it in his mouth...



That's it!



How do you like that? I tell you

that Groppi was always half-crazy...



...half-crazy to say the least.



What is it?



Not now, huh?



Doesn't he see that we are talking?



A couple of minutes, will ya? Outside.



What does he want?



He wants to talk to me about somethin'.



Hey, you spit on my shoe.



Okay, Charlie, lot of aggravation though,

you know.



Like Johnny Boy...



...I figure...



...I give him all the breaks I can give him.



- Oh, look, Michael...

- No.



No, Charlie, it's no good, see?

He's a punk bastard, Charlie.



I call them down there at work

and I ask them...



...if Johnny Boy's there.

He doesn't even show up anymore.



- They told ya that down at his place?

- Yeah.



How's he gonna pay me, Charlie?



I've talked to him, I've talked to him.



- What more can I do?

- I don't know.



Tonight at the party,

the three of us get together...



...and we knock some sense into his head.




All right, Charlie. You know I don't like

bein' taken advantage of.



I mean, you're inside there

with your uncle and all that.



It's kind of embarrassing to me, you know?



I apologize, Michael.

We had some business.



Private. Ya know what I mean?



I'm late. I gotta meet someone.



All right. We'll settle it tonight.



- Okay.

- Ciao.



And, Michael, I appreciate

what you're doin' for me.



All right.



- Very intelligent, too, you know?

- Yeah.



She's goin' to college.

She's gonna be a school teacher.



I've been out with her a few times.



- Yeah?

- Yeah.



- Let me see that picture.

- Yeah, she's gonna be a teacher.



- Oh, I know this girl.

- Yeah?



I seen her kissin' a nigger

under the bridge in Jersey.



What are you talkin' about?



A nigger, that's a...

A black, a nigger.



What do ya mean, kissin'?



I mean kissing. Her lips on his lips.




- You sure?

- I'm sure.



I kissed her.



Don't worry about it, brother.



Hallelujah, I've come to create order.

Carl, J& B and soda, please.



God be with you and with his spirit.



- Let me ask you somethin'.

- What?



Art thou the king of the Jews?



Does thou say this of thyself

or have others told thee of me?



Am I a Jew?



My kingdom's not of this world.



Jerry, hey, how ya doin'?



To Jerry...



...who served in Vietnam.



The immortal words of John Garfield:



"Get him in the eyes,

get him right in the eyes."



Came back with a silver star.

From the boys.



Drinks for everybody!



Hey, drinks for everybody!



Could make a shirt outta that, Jerry.



- We drink and then we bullshit!

- We bullshit!



George, my man.



Watch this.



Put your mouth down there.



- Michael.

- What?



Play only old ones tonight.



Only old ones.



"Did you ever hear of a wish sandwich?



"It's the kind

that you're supposed to take...



"...two pieces of bread

and wish you had some meat.



"The other day I ate a ricochet biscuit.



"It's the kind that's supposed

to bounce off the wall back in your mouth.



"If it don't bounce back, you go hungry!"



Charlie, Flash ain't here yet.



He said he'd be here.



Well, he isn't. Nice, real nice.



He'll be here.






...I'll give ya $   to hold ya for now.



What, are ya kidding? Twenty dollars

doesn't pay the interest for two hours.



- Now with this week, it's almost $    .

- Three thousand?



Shit, you charge a guy

from the neighborhood      vig?



One day he's late with his payments.



What am I, his father?



Ya could have come to me

a little sooner, friend.



Charlie, this is business.



Be realistic.



Where's he gonna come up

with $     huh?



Let's work somethin' out.



Make it $    .



Don't hustle me.



I'm not hustlin' you.



Let's make it $    .



All right, now you're bein' sensible about it.



I swear to Jesus Christ

and the goddamn cross.



If he thinks he's makin' a jerk off outta me,

I'll break his legs.



Michael, come on, huh?



You should be smart enough

not to get involved.



Don't tell me what to do, huh?



I'm tellin' you the truth.



The fuckin' truth is

you're more involved than anyone.



What do I look like, a jerk?



On next payday

I'm comin' down here to Tony's.



Johnny Boy better show

or I'm gonna find him and...



...I'm gonna break his fuckin' legs.



We understand each other?



I heard ya.






Amen, I say to thee.



Thou will not come out from it

till thou hast paid the last penny.



Michael, you look tired.



You said it.



Jerry, take it easy!

We're in America, Jerry!






Do you like this song?



Charlie, there's a girl here to see you.



- Charlie?

- What is it? What's wrong?



Johnny Boy is up on that building

on the corner.



He's been on the roof for half an hour.



- All right, don't get excited.

- He's got a gun.



Don't get excited.



- You stay here.

- I'm coming with you.



- Teresa, stay here.

- I don't want to...



You stay here. Tony...



Hey, Teresa, stay here.



- Come on, have a drink.

- I don't want a drink.



- Carl, give her a drink.

- I don't want one!



Have a drink.



- I'll have a seven and seven.

- Okay.



Charlie. Hey, watch out.



Crazy bastard's on the roof.



Johnny! It's me, Charlie!



Hey, watch this!



I'll shoot the light out

in the Empire State Building.



Hey, cut it out, stupid. It's me.



Hey, what do ya got up there?



A.  !



- That ain't real, is it?

- Yeah.



What's wrong with him?

I'll throw that fucker off the roof.



Oh, shit. Hey, lady, I'm sorry.

Lady, I didn't mean it, I swear to God!



I'm very sorry.



Are you crazy? What are you doin'?



I scared the shit out of 'em!



Very funny. Give me that.



I hit that lady.

I tried to get her clothesline.



What's wrong with you?



What do ya mean?



You have Teresa half-crazy about this.



Why? I wasn't shootin' at nobody.

Just up in the air.



I want to wake up the neighborhood.

It's dead.



I hate that woman

with a vengeance, a passion.



You and your numbers!



Fuckin' chicken shits!



Back to Bataan.



Now they're gonna get

a real back to Bataan.



An atom bomb,

wake up the neighborhood.



- What the fuck? Put that out!

- Put what out?



- Johnny, put that out!

- Surprise, you want to see?



- Want to see?

- Johnny, put that...



Let's hide in here for a while.



What's wrong with the door?



- What are you kickin', stupid? Get in there.

- About time.



Remember when we played hide-and-seek?



Never mind that.

What's this crap about last week?






You got some balls not showin' up

for work last week.



After all we had to do

to get you on that truck, stupid!



What's the matter with you?



Charlie, come on, man.

My arm was hurtin'...



Your hand was hurtin'.

Your mouth's gonna hurt from this kick!



For what? Hey, I swear to you,

what are you talkin' about?



Besides, I don't like loadin' crates.



You're not supposed to like it.



What gets me is your attitude.



My attitude?

What gets me is your attitude.



- Did you ever load crates? You don't work.

- My attitude...



You tell me to go to work

and then you do all the talkin'.



What do you do? You do nothin'.



I'll tell ya somethin' I don't do:

I don't owe anybody      clams, stupid!



I got Michael to make it $    

give ya a break on that.



Oh, yeah?



Go to work tomorrow

or I'll break both your arms.



- We understand each other?

- Yeah.



I'm sorry. I really am. I mean...



...'cause I appreciate everything

you're doin' for me. I mean, I do.



So I was figurin' that the next

logical thing to do... Don't get mad!



- How?

- How you get.



- You know a way out of this?

- Yeah.



Well, let me hear this one.



Talk to your uncle.



Oh, that'd be just really great for you,

wouldn't it, huh?



But not for me!



Johnny, one more word out of your mouth,

my uncle hears one word about this...



All right.



I was just askin', that's all.



That's what I get for gettin' involved.






...on payday, at least show up

at Tony's place to meet him, okay?



This way he won't think

you're tryin' to make a jerk off out of him.



- Yeah, all right.

- I'm not askin' ya, I'm tellin' ya!



- Johnny, come on.

- What?



Come on.



What, we are goin' now?



- Hey, Shorty!

- Fuck you, Charlie, will you?



Shorty, you must be havin'

illusions of grandeur.



- What do ya want from me?

- Talk to him.



Gonna see you and Johnny Boy

down here tonight, right?



Yeah, we'll be here.



I'm tellin' ya, Charlie, that kid doesn't

show up tonight, I'll find him.



I'm gonna drag him down here.



I'll tie one of his legs

to that Cadillac bumper.



I'll tie the other to the Ford. And, boom!



We'll be here!



Better be here, Charlie.



Michael, don't you fuckin' threaten me.



Miss? Excuse me, Miss?



What do you want?



I just want you to remind your cousin

he's gotta see Michael tonight.



Then tell him yourself.



I'd love to. Where is he?



I don't know. He's not here.



He's here all the time.



- Fuck you!

- Fuck me?



Why am I taking this from you?



Look what you did...






What am I doin'?



Would you just give me

my fuckin' eggplant, please?



You got some mouth, you know that?



Get outta here!



Now just be sure and tell him

to be here tonight, all right?



You sure he didn't say anything

about tonight?



I told you before, nothing.



Charlie, will you listen to me?

I can't stay here too long this time of night.



Now, Michael was looking for him.



- What's happening?

- Nothin'.



I don't believe you.



Son of a bitch.



What? What did you just say?



Teresa, watch the hands already!



Charlie, what do you think?



Well, don't you realize

what this apartment means?



Maybe after a while

you could even move in yourself.



Enough with that apartment already!

I don't want to hear anymore!



I got enough on me

with your bastard cousin.



You want to move, go on.

But leave me out of it!



Teresa, I didn't mean that,

but we've got a situation right now.



- Yeah, a situation.

- Come on.



Look, go and play your fuckin' games

with that dunkhead. I don't care.



Teresa, it's no game.



- Hey, hello.

- Where were you?



Where was I? I was around.



Answer me, you son of a bitch!

Where were you? Shut up!



Shut up, Teresa. We don't want

to get Charlie in trouble here, do we?



Don't be cute. I've been goin' crazy here!



What's the matter with you?



You're about an hour and a half late!



Oh, that's too bad.



Michael's waitin' for us.

You forget or what?



Your cousin was gettin' sick

worryin' about you.



We'd have started callin' up everybody!



Yeah? That's too bad. Isn't that too bad?



Huh, Teresa?



So, kiddies,

yas make any plans yet, or what?



When are yas gettin' married?



- Gonna get engaged?

- Don't get smart.



What do ya mean?

I'm stupid, remember?



- You heard me.

- I'm a stronzo.



I'm so stupid

you gotta look out for me, right?



What's the matter? Hey, Teresa.



She's upset.

Now what are you so upset about?



You don't understand Charlie.



Charlie likes everybody,

everybody likes Charlie.



- Enough!

- Fuckin' politician over here.



- Watch your mouth!

- I'm goin' home.



Hey, no. Wait Teresa!

Teresa, whoa!



Hold it. Teresa, come on, stay here.



I don't wanna break up

a nice, happy household here.



- No, I'll be honest...

- Stop foolin' around.



I swear to God,

if you open your mouth about any of this...



About what?



You know what I'm talkin' about.



About what? You two?



Who cares? I won't even say nothin'

to my aunt and uncle.



The guys don't give a shit.

What do they care?



I won't even say nothin'

to your uncle, Giovanni.



I wanted to ask you somethin', Charlie.



I always wondered about her.

This is the God's honest truth.



I always wondered about what happens

when she comes. She get a fit?



What happens when she comes, I mean...



You dirty, fuckin' bastard!

Don't ever hit me again!



I'll tell your uncle!



- Go ahead. Go on, right now!

- Don't do it!



I'll tear your fuckin' eyes outta your head!



- I'm gonna kill you, bastard!

- Go on!



Teresa! What did you do?

You know about this?



Hey, how should I know?

She's your fuckin' girl.






Hey, you! Come here, get out!



Do you know what to do?



I don't know. She had an attack.



What do you mean what you did for me?

You didn't do nothin' for me, you fuck!



Fuckin' bastard, you're a fuckin' bastard!



- Come on.

- You're a fuckin' bastard!



Come on, what are you doin'?



What are you doin' for me?



Don't show up tonight.

We'll see what happens to you.



How much money you got

for Michael tonight?



I got nothin'.



You got anything?



I got eight fuckin' dollars on me.



Well then, here. Take $  .

Take $  . At your rate that'll...



...make $   we'll give to Michael.

I'll keep $   for the weekend.



Maybe we'll get some chinks later.



Take it stupid, I'm doin' it for you!

Come on.



Carryin' on, huh? Cut it out, will ya?



Come on, Charlie.

$   ain't nothin', you know that.



The only way you're gonna do is

if you talk to your uncle.



- That's it.

- Get away.



- Why not?

- I ain't gonna do it. Forget about that.



Did I hurt you?



You're over an hour late.

Michael said he'd be back though.



- Have a drink.

- I don't want any.



Hey, cut it out, will ya?



- Where are ya goin'?

- To the bathroom.



All right, now.

Take it easy, don't get excited.






Who's the girl?






- How do you know?

- Look at her.



She don't look Jewish.



She's in here every night with

a different guy. You know how they are.



I love you.



Ever since that first day when I saw you

playing volleyball with the nuns...



I couldn't help myself.



- Let's go.

- Fuck off.



- Let's go.

- You go. I'm staying.



It's obvious the girl doesn't want

to go with you. What do you think?



Look, fella, this is private.



Nothin' is private.



I want to go.



If she wants to go or not, she's not.

How's that?



Let go of her.



- Take her away.

- You're hurting me!



Physically, you take her away from me.

Go ahead.



You bastard!



Hey, Joyce?



Maybe we'll meet at bingo some night.



Hey, Mike!



What's the story, John?



I was here earlier tonight.

You kept me waiting for an hour.



Hey, I'm sorry, Mikey, but you know...



...I had somethin' to do.



But I got somethin' for ya.



Not much, but I got somethin' for ya.



He has about $  .

That's all he's got on him, Michael.



- Where's the rest?

- Yeah, where's the rest?



I bought a few rounds of drinks

while I was waitin'.



You know what I mean?



Tony says my credit ain't no good no more.



You know $   is enough of an insult.



But I'd take it for Charlie here.






...$  !



You're really somethin', you know that?



You too good for this $   huh?



It's a good $  .



You know somethin', Mikey?



You make me laugh, you know that?



I borrow money

all over this neighborhood...



...left and right, from everybody,

and I never paid 'em back.



So I can't borrow no money

from nobody no more, right?



Who does that leave me

to borrow money from but you?



I borrow money from you

because you're the only jerk off around...



...that I could borrow money from

without payin' back, right?



'Cause that's what you are...



...that's what I think of you, a jerk off.



He's smilin' because you're a jerk off.

You're a fuckin' jerk off.



And I'll tell you somethin' else.



Mikey, I fucked you right

where you breathe...



...'cause I don't give two shits

about you or nobody else.






Come on, fuck-face!



I got somethin' for ya, motherfucker!

Come on.



I'm a big shot.



Come on, D.D., disappointed dunce sky.



Right, asshole! Come on.



You don't have...



- You don't have the guts to use it.

- I don't, huh?



I don't have the guts.

Come on, asshole. Come over here.



I'll put this up your ass!



Hey, asshole, this is for you asshole.



Fuckin' asshole.



You stupid bastard,

were you gonna use that?



Were you gonna use that?



Fuck, fuck, fuck!

I'll fuckin' kill you, Johnny.



Big fuckin' man.



All right.



So, now you did it.



No bullets in this.



Now ya did it!



Get him outta here before this blows up.



Hide the gun, Tony. Throw it away.



Listen, Tony, I gotta borrow your car.

We oughta...



...take a ride.

We shouldn't be around here now.



Don't go driving around.

Go to a movie or somethin'.



This is no good, all right.

You know what I mean?



- You understand?

- Maybe.



You got what you wanted.



Get in the car, John!









Teresa, you all right?






I'm sorry.



I told ya I'm sorry.



He's in trouble.



What do you mean? What's going on?



Look, Teresa, just trouble, all right?



We gotta leave for a few days,

till I get a chance to talk to some people.



I need a couple of bucks

to get to Greenwood Lake.



- Where are you goin'?

- To Greenwood Lake.



- I'm coming with you.

- No, you're not.



Do you want more trouble?

I'm comin' with you.



Teresa, I got no time for this.



- So, what happened?

- Forget it.



I really think we should talk to your uncle.

That's the only way.






- What happened?

- It's all right, Teresa. Will you forget it?



What are you gonna do, hide me or what?



That's right.



I guess you could safely say

that things haven't gone so well tonight.



But I'm tryin', Lord. I'm tryin'.



What are you, talkin' to yourself?



Louder, louder!



Go right ahead. Turn on the radio, John!



We're goin' to a party.

How about some fun?



Where are you goin'? To Brooklyn?



Why don't ya make it louder? Go ahead!



- Where are we goin'?

- Seriously, do you know?



Where are we goin'?

You don't know where you're goin'.



We don't know Brooklyn. What's this?



Right you are.



Is this the right way?



Do I know Brooklyn? Do I know the jungle?



Yeah, you know Brooklyn.



- Watch where you're goin'!

- I'm crazy!



You're outta your mind.

Didn't you see that light?



The light was red, right?



- Slow down. Will you slow down?

- What does red mean?



I wish you'd slow down your mouth a little.



What is that guy, crazy?



Hey, jerk!



Now's the time!



Get down!









Get down!



Get down! Johnny!



Good luck and God bless you.



Special help by SergeiK