Medea Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Medea script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Maria Callas movie based on the Euripedes play.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Medea. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Medea Script



Today you're 5 

and l want to tell you the truth.



You're not my son and l didn't find

you in the sea, it was all lies.



You're not a liar, but l am.

l enjoy telling lies.



Are you sorry to find out

you're not my son,



that l'm neither your father

or mother ?



lt all started

because of a ram's hide.



There was a talking ram,

it was divine.



Hermes gave the ram to Nefele

so she could save her sons.



lno wanted to kill them.



lno was the wife of Cadmo

and second wife of Atamante.



Atamante was the son of Eolo,

the wind god,



lno had also been Eolo's wife.



Anyway ,

it was all a matter of jealousy.



The ram had a golden fleece



and managed to carry Frisso,

one of Nefele's sons, across the sea.



Frisso arrived in the city of Ea:

ruled by Eta, the sun's son.



Ea welcomed Frisso



and to give thanks to Zeus,

sacrificed the golden ram.



Eolo's descendants

wanted to get the fleece back,



because it brought the king luck.



lt guaranteed

a long and peaceful reign.



They tried everything to get it back,

but they didn't succeed.



They didn't succeed.



Little boy,

you are a descendant of Eolo



because you are

a grandson of Atamanta,



who was king of Olco,

a city nearby.



lt was rich with sheep and grain,

all the property of the king.



Your Uncle Pelia imprisoned

your father and usurped the throne.



The kingdom awaits you

and l've kept you safe here.



Have you understood ?



lt's a rather complicated story



because it made up of facts,

not thoughts.



Everything's sacred,

everything's sacred.



Remember, my boy:

there's nothing natural in nature.



When it seems natural to you,

it'll be the end.



Something else will start.

Good-bye sky, good-bye sea.



What a beautiful sky !









Don't you think

that just a little piece is natural ?



That it could be possessed by a god ?



The sea too.



On this day, when you're   

and fish with your feet in the water.



Look behind you, what do you see ?



Anything natural ?



What you see is an apparition.



With clouds reflected

in the still, heavy water



at three in the afternoon.



Look at that black streak on the sea,



shining and pink like oil.



The shadows of the trees

and the reeds.



A god is hidden everywhere you look.



lf he isn't, he's left traces

of his scared presence:



the silence, the smell of grass,

the chill of fresh water.



Yes, everything's sacred.



But sanctity is also a curse.



Whilst the gods love, they also hate.



Maybe you think that besides

being a liar, l'm also too poetic.



But for ancient man, myths and rituals

are concrete experiences,



which are even included

in his daily existence.



For him, reality

is a totally perfect unit,



and the emotion he feels at the sight

of a summer sky, for example,



equals the more internal, personal

experiences of modern man.



You'll go to your Uncle, who stole

your throne, and reclaim your rights.



To eliminate you,

he'll have to come up with an excuse.



He'll send you on a quest,

maybe to retrieve the golden fleece.



That way, you'll travel

to a distant land across the sea.



You'll experience things in a world

we can only imagine.



Life there is very realistic.



Because only he who is mythical

is realistic and vice versa.



This is what

our divine reason foresees.



That which it can't foresee, sadly,

are the errors it will lead you to.



Who knows how many there'll be ?



That which man has witnessed

in the cultivation of grains,



that which he has understood

from seeds as they are reborn,



represents a definite lesson:



the resurrection.



But this lesson no longer useful.



That which he has gleaned from seeds

holds no more meaning for you.



lt's like a distant memory

that no longer affects you.



ln fact, there are no gods.



Give life to the seed

and be reborn with the seed.



Wait for me here.



Dear uncle,

l have come to reclaim my kingdom.



l'll give it back, but you give me

something for the communal good.



- What do you mean ?

- There's a symbol of the perrenity



of power and order.



This symbol is the golden fleece

of the sacred ram.



lt is to be found in a distant land,

across the sea



which no one has visited.



lf you bring the golden fleece

back to our city,



l'll give back the kingdom.



- What fine horses !

- Let's take them !



Here, pray for us !



Get me ready,

l want to go to the temple.



Come on, wake up !



- Come with me.

- Where ?



Come with me !



Help me steal the fleece.



What's happening ?



- What is it ?

- A woman's coming in a cart !



With a golden ram's fleece !



Don't be stupid !

Get the horses ready.



This place will cave in,

it has no support !



Don't pray to god

because he blesses your tents !



Don't repeat god's first act !

You don't search for the centre !



Don't mark the centre ! No !



Find a tree !

A staff ! A stone !



Earth, talk to me !

Let me hear your voice !



l no longer recall your voice.



Sun, talk to me !



Where is the place

in which l can hear your voice ?



Earth, talk to me ! Sun, talk to me !



Perhaps you're disappearing !

l no longer hear what you say !



You, grass, talk to me !

You, rock, talk to me !



Earth, where are you ?

Where can l find you again ?



Where is the bond

that joined you to the sun ?



My feet touch the ground

and l don't recognize it.



My eyes look at the sun

and l don't recognize it.



Today you will experience

something unexpected.



You'll find out that kings are not

always obliged to keep promises.



l understand. Here it is.



Keep the fleece, symbol

of the perennity of power and order.



My quest has shown me

the world is bigger than your kingdom.



lf you want, l'll tell you

what l think the truth is:



away from that land,

this fleece has no meaning.






lt's time to separate.












Jason !



Jason !



Why are you here ?



- Why are you here ?

''- You mean why are ''''we'''' here ?''



- lt's a vision !

- lf so, you are causing it.



- We are inside you.

- l only knew one centaur.



You knew two.



A sacred one, when you were a boy



and a desecrated one

when you became an adult.



But the sacred part

is kept alongside the desecrated form.



Here we are, one beside the other.



What's the purpose of the old centaur

l knew as a child ?



The one that you, new centaur,

replaced without banishing.



He doesn't speak

because we can't understand his logic.



But l will speak for him.



lt's under his sign that you,

despite your plans,



love Medea.



- l love Medea.

- Yes.



You pity her too



and understand her spiritual crisis,



her disorientation as an ancient woman



in a world that ignores all

she ever believed in.



The poor thing's

had a conversion in reverse.



- She hasn't recovered.

- How does knowing this help me ?



lt doesn't. lt's reality.



Why are you telling me this ?



Because nothing can stop the old

centaur from inspiring feelings



and nothing can stop the new one

from expressing them.



Wet nurse, come with me.



- Hurry, wet nurse. Come with me.

- Where ?



- To Corinth.

- But you can't !



Come with me.



Why have you decided

to resign yourself like this ?



What should l do ?



- They say.

- What ?



That in your homeland,

you could work miracles.



Dominate air, fire. At least that's

what the Corinthians say.



- They're frightened of you.

- Frightened ?



Like a magician.

Sorry, but they say that



in the hope of helping you,

pushing you.



To work magic ?



l've been away

from my homeland for    years.



- You're still what you were.

- No.



l'm another creature now,

l've forgotten everything.



- What was reality is so no longer.

- Perhaps,



if you wanted,

you could recall your god.



Perhaps you're right,

l've remained as l was.



A vessel full of knowledge

that is not mine.



- Don't you recognize me ?

- Yes !



You're my father's father.



What are you waiting for ?

Be brave !



Oh god ! Oh justice dear to god !



Oh sunlight !



The victory l foresee over my enemies

will be marvellous !



Now l will go straight to the sign !

l'll avenge myself as l must !



Oh god ! Oh justice dear to god !

Oh sunlight !



Listen to my plans.



One of my women will tell Jason

to come to me.



l'll will be loving and tell him:

''''''You must marry the king's daughter''''.''



''l'll tell him: ''''This marriage''

''will be useful to our sons''''.''



Oh god ! Oh justice dear to god !

Oh sunlight !



As you have revealed your plans,

we want to be useful



and advise you to remember

the most sacred human laws.



l can no longer act differently.



You can't sympathise

because you've not suffered like me.



Who'll give you the courage

to do what you have in mind ?



Who'll give it to you ?



l'll find the courage in thinking

about his destruction.



But it won't help you,

poor desperate woman.



That's enough, wet nurse !



lt's time to act !

This chatter is useless.



Go and fetch Jason.



But don't tell him of our plans.



You love me ! And you're a woman !



ln your old robes, Medea,



in your old robes.



Children, come here !



You wanted me to come.

Here l am. What is it ?



Take these robes

and give them to Glauce



for her wedding.



Tell her that l do not hate her

and wish her well.



Now take your father's hand,

he'll take you to her.



Forget all past bitterness

towards him,



as l have done.



We have made peace.



Come on, children.

Take him by the hand.



l have a dark presentiment of pain.






you will live long lives

and grip your father's hand.



Poor me.



l do nothing but cry

and suffer dreadful anguish.



Just as l have decided to finish



my undignified disagreement

with your father.



Here l am, crying.



Don't repent for what you've done,

it's natural for you to be mad at me.



But now it seems

that wisdom prevails inside you.






now you know your father

has been thinking of your future.



Together with your brothers, you will

occupy first place in this city.



Why are you still crying ?



Don't concern yourself.

Woman is weak and cries easily.



Promise me you'll beg the bride



to convince the king

not to banish our children.



Don't worry, l'll do it.



Quickly ! Go now !



lf you're lucky, as l hope,



you'll return with the happy news

that we're expecting.



Let's go.



Mama sends you this gift

for your wedding.



She says she doesn't hate you,

but wishes you well.



You cannot accept this gift,

listen to us !



Thank your mother and tell her

l am pleased with this gift.



Dress me.



What a beautiful wedding dress !



Come with me.



l was looking for you.

Don't look at me like that,



full of anger towards your husband.

You must leave this city,



together with your sons. Now !



l am personally interested

in your exile



and l won't go home until you

are banished from my kingdom.



Why my sons too ?



Because you frighten me.



l'm afraid for my daughter,

and l tell you openly.



Everyone here knows



you are an expert in spells,

because you came from a barbaric land.



You are different from us,

so we don't want you here.



My knowledge of these things

is very poor.



And then, why should l be offended

by your words ?



Only he is responsible,

my husband !



l am not hurt by your behaviour.



ln fact, it seems just.



l am not even hurt by your happiness !

Go ahead with the wedding !



Be happy ! l just ask a single favour.



Don't banish me, leave me here.



- l will bow my head.

- Your words are sweet.



But it is impossible to look

into the depths of a soul.



lt is true. This is true.



Give me at least a day

to think about the exile,



and to ask help for my children



now that their father

has completely abandoned them.



Unfortunately, my will is not ruthless

like that of a tyrant.



My indolence

has often been my downfall.



l know l'm making a mistake,

but l want to grant your request.



l want to tell you the truth.



lt is not for hatred,

nor for suspicion of your diversity



that l am afraid.



lt's for fear of what

you could do to my daughter.



She feels guilty about you.



And knowing you suffer,

she cannot rest.



For her, this marriage to Jason

is cause for grief as well as joy.



You are without blame, and so that

your presence cannot oppress her,



l want to banish you from my realm !



Ma'am ! Ma'am !



Wet nurse, please go and call Jason.



My right,

gripped many times by your hands.



My knees,

embraced uselessly so many times !



By this miserable man



who owes me everything

and over whom l have lost all hope.



lt's time you understood



that l owe the results

of my efforts to myself.



You'll never admit it,

but that which you did for me,



you did for the love of my body.



You say that l'm ungrateful,



but l, maybe without effort

or even realization,



gave you much more

than l received in return.



Don't boast about this.



You summoned me. Here l am,

l'll listen to you willingly,



even though you hate me.



So, what news is there ?



No news.



l only wanted you to pardon me.



l know that l am destined

for a friendless exile



and that all else is now useless.



l was unjust and you were right

to behave as you did.



Pardon you ? Yes, l pardon you.



lt's that l ask of you before l leave.



Thank you. Good-bye.









Children, come here.



Take these robes

and give to Glauce for her wedding.



Tell her that mama does not hate her

and wishes her well.



Take your father by the hand,

he will take you to her.



Forget all past bitterness between us,

as l have done.



We have made peace.



Come on, take him by the hand.



l have a dark presentiment of pain.



You will live long lives



and grip your father's hand.



Poor me, l can do nothing but cry



and suffer dreadful anguish.



Just as l have decided to finish

this undignified disagreement,



here l am crying.



lt's natural for you to be mad at me.



You boys can be certain that your

father has thought of your future.



With your new brothers, you will

occupy first place in this city.



Why are you still crying ?



Don't worry, woman is a weak creature

and cries easily.



But promise me you'll beg the bride



to convince her father

not to banish our children.



Don't worry, l'll do it.






Go. lf you are fortunate, as l wish,



you'll return with the happy news



that we're expecting.



Mama sends you this gift

for your wedding.



She says she does not hate you,

and wishes you well.



Thank your mother and tell her

that l am pleased with her gift.



Your highness !



Your highness !



Come, it's time to sleep.



- Just a while longer !

- Behave yourself, come on !



Get down ! Be good.






There, all done.



What a good boy you are.



Now let's go to bye-byes.



Let's go.



Climb into my arms.



Come on, let's go.



Get down.



Come on.






Sleep, be good.












Why do you try

to pass through the fire ?



You can't do it !

lt's useless to try !



You can talk to me if you want,

but l don't want you near me.



What have you done ?



- Aren't you suffering too now ?

- l want to suffer !



Your own god will condemn you !



- What do you want from me ?

- Let me bury my children.



- Go and bury your bride.

- l'll go !



But without my two children !



The tears you shed now are nothing !

You'll realize when you're old !



Please, in the name of your god !



Let me caress those poor,

innocent bodies !



Don't keep insisting ! lt's useless !



Nothing is possible any more !




Special help by SergeiK