Menace II Society Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Menace II Society script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Hughes Brothers movie starring Larenz Tate, Sam Jackson, Tyrin Turner, etc  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Menace II Society. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Menace II Society Script


   Hey, hey, nigger...

 There's a gang of ho's up in this motherfucker.

 Y'all brothers spare some change?

 Hey, get the fuck out of my face, fool!

 Fuck what he say.

 Hey, remember that one bitch?

 That bitch was crying like a motherfucker.

 Hell, no, man. Keisha?

 She gonna be at the motherfuckin' party.

 I want my baby. Hear me, though.

 She got a body.

 Yeah, she got a body, man.

 Shit. I'm about to get wooded up.

 Let's see what's up in this motherfucker.

 You ain't got to be creepin'.

 What you want, Dog?

 Give me that O.E.

 I'm gonna fuck with some of this ldes.

 You not drink beer in store.

 Hey, man, I'm gonna pay you.

 Hey, look, bitch...

 You gettin' on my nerves!

 You hurry up and buy.

 Shut the fuck up, man.

 Just pay and leave.

 Hey, man, I said I'm gonna pay you.

 Why don't you calm your motherfuckin' nerves?

 Hurry up and go.

 Why don't you go ahead and get it?

 I got your bag.

 Why don't you get my change?

 I don't want any trouble.

 Just get out.

 Can't stand y'all.

 I feel sorry for your mother.

 What you say about my mama?

 You feel sorry for who?

 I don't want any trouble. Just get out!

 I don't want any trouble. Just get out!

 Where the motherfuckin' videotape?

 Give me the motherfuckin' video.

 Stop. Bring yo...

 Hey, nigger.

 Clean the cash register. Come on.


 Shut the fuck up. I ain't playin'.

 What the fuck did you do, man?

 I said eject it!

 Bitch, if you don't eject it...

 I'm gonna smoke your fuckin' ass!

 Hey, bitch, do it right now.

 Nigger, hurry up!

 Come on, man.

 Let's raise up, man. Damn!

 Nigger...I can't believe this.

 What the fu...

 Six motherfuckin' dollars, nigger?

 This don't make sense. Let's just go, man.

 Goddamn ready teller.


 I'm keeping your shit, too.


 Here we go.

 Got to get this money.

 Where all the money at? Fuck that.

 Fuck, let's go!


 Went into the store just to get a beer.

 Après ça, j'ai su que I'été allait être long.

 One thousand persons rioted...

 in the Watts district last night.

 The riot was touched off when three drunk-driving suspects...

 We're right in the center...

 Burn, baby, burn!

 Burn, baby, burn.

 said his troops sent into the riot area...

 My father sold dope...

 and my mother was a heroin addict.

 Moms and pops were popular...

 in the neighborhood.

 They'd always have parties...

 or who was on their way to jail.

 or a cabdriver or a plumber...

 but his main job was selling drugs.

 before he could even sell 'em.

 Then he'd have to beat her up.

 Growing up with parents like that...

 I heard a lot, and I saw a lot.

 lnstead of keeping me out of trouble...

 they turned me on to it.

 That fucker's got some love up there.

 There were some tears of joy.

 If you're gonna give me some head...

 What's up, Pernell, Clyde?

 Stop calling me that.

 Shut up, little ol' nigger.

 This party here for grown folks.

 Y'all ain't grown.

 We older than your little ass.

 Tat know you out here?

 Nope. I snuck out.

 You a bad fucker. Come here.

 You gonna get us in trouble.

 What you doing?

 Give the little nigger a drink.

 What the fuck is that?

 What the hell you doin', boy?

 You mess around and shoot all of us.

 Let me see it.

 Wait a minute.

 Let me show you how to hold it.


 What you doing out that room?

 I'm just out here playin', Mama.

 You better get your ass in that room...

 before your daddy catch you.

 You hear me talking to you? Now!

 What the hell?

 He taught me things.

 Pow!   !


 Are y'all done yet?

 Hold up, bitch.

 Let us clean off the table.

 Shit, I've been waitin' all day.

 Gonna bust her head wide open, man.

 I got something for you.

 I think Tat keeping her up at night...

 trying to knock the linin' out that motherfucker.

 Fuck that shit.

 before you went upstate.

 You know what I'm saying?

 Fuck you, Jack.

 Who the fuck you think you is...

 motherfuckin' Ron O'Neal or something?

 Talking about I better pay or else.

 I ain't your bitch, nigger.

 What you gonna do?

 What am I going to do?

 Hey, hold up, Tat.

 Get the fuck out the way.

 Squeeze that shit, man.

 What, I'm supposed to be scared now...

 I'll pay your monkey ass when I feel like it.

 Better suck my dick.

 Suck on this, motherfucker!

 Tat, what the fuck, man?

 You owe me some money, motherfucker?

 Hell, no, but here you go.

 Hit me.

 Here, take it.

 but it wasn't the last.

 I got used to it, though.



 I'lI see you next year.

 I graduated with about haIf of it.

 Growing up out here...

 What the hell you doing?

 Trying to ride this old raggedy thing.

 You must want a new Big Wheel.

 I'm gonna buy you a new one, OK?

 All right?

 What's up, little man?

 Hi, Caine.

 Oh, is he?

 lt ain't no thing.

 This is my partner right there.

 Ain't that right, little man?

 So you finally did it?

 Yep. Finally done.

 All right.


 Hey, come on.

 Let's make it in the house.

 Anthony came right after that.

 but I still went by to check on 'em.

 and my moms was too strung out...

 Hey, Grandma.

 Thomas, come on out of that room.

 The Lord's grace is with you, boy...

 when you get that diploma...

 they'd be proud of you, too.

 It's all right.

 It's all right.

 Let's dip into the cock pot, man.

 Graduation night.

 My homey Doc threw a party.

 My cousin Harold rode with me.

 He was a hustler.

 Had a Beamer, a crib, and a fat pocket.

 I never had to worry.

 He had my back, and I had his.

 We was down for each other like that.

 What up?

 Caine's in the house.

 What's going down there?

 This is my cousin Harold.

 What's up?

 You want to be on prime time?


 I seen your ass on prime time, nigger.

 I got the tape. The motherfuckin' tape.

 I told you.

 The rest of the guys are in back.

 What's up, baby?

 What's up, Duane?

 How y'all doing?

 What's up, man?

 Let me talk to you for a minute.

 Hold my motherfuckin' shit there.

 What's up?

 I know you ain't dumb enough...

 Cool out.

 The shit is funny to me, though.

 Let me get back to this shit.

 What's up, fool?

 What up, Caine, Locster, nigger?

 Where the bud at, fool?

 A-Wax was older than the rest of us.

 I mean, he was what we called a "G"...

 He was funny to us.

 it got to a point...

 where he just liked to see other people do dirt.

 O-Dog was the craziest nigger alive.

 All right, fool.

 Give me my fuckin' money, nigger.

 Give me my shit.

 Crapped out like a motherfucker.

 Give me my motherfuckin' money.

 Yo, nigger, throw that money down.

 What's up, black man?

 I'm coolin'.

 Why's that hood on your head?

 You look like the grim reaper.

 It's cold out here, my brother.

 That's why.

 he kept coming at us with it.

 Yeah, right.

 Toss me one, homey.

 He went to a different high school, though...

 'cause he could play ball.

 I got to get something to eat, man.

 Y'all niggers hurry up.

 I'm hungrier than a motherfucker.

 I got the munchies like a motherfucker.

 Your big ass eats too much as it is.

 Damn. Damn.

 What the fuck's going on out in this motherfucker?

 Me and Harold going over to Jack's.

 Hell, yeah.

 stupid ass motherfucker.

 Y'all gonna follow us, right?

 Yeah, nigger. We know where it's at, fool.

 Get the fuck out of here.

 Get your ass out of here.

 We don't need that shit. Damn.

 Who got some snaps on the petrol?

 I got shit.

 My motherfuckin' pocket is hurting.

 and y'all ain't got no motherfuckin' money.

 We'll get you back.

 Fuck. Pump my shit.



 It's hot as hell.

 Turn off the heater, then, man.

 You know what I'm saying?

 Hell, yeah. Kind of fucked up, huh?

 You crazy. All I had was two   s.

 Of what?

 Two bottles of ldes, baby.

 You real fucked up, nigger.


 I'm tired.

 Get your ass up out the car, nigger.

 Get the fuck out!

 Break yourself, nigger. Break yourself.

 Ain't this a bitch!

 Get your motherfuckin' ass up out the car.

 All right, nigger. Chill.

 Caine, get out the car, man.

 I ain't going like a chump.

 Don't make me rush you.

 Get your ass up out the car.

 Get up out the car.

 All right, nigger. I'm coming.

 Nigger, I got you, all right.

 Get your motherfuckin' ass out the car!

 Bitch, move!

 Fuck you!

 Aw, shit!

 Get out of the car!

 Oh, shit! That's Caine.

 Hey, they getting jacked! Come on.

 Shit, that's Caine and Harold, man.

 I know that ain't my niggers, man.

 Hurry up!

 Hey, man, you all right?

 We got to get him to a doctor.

 What about him?

 We got to do that shit another time.

 Let's go.

 We can't leave him here.

 It's not right.

 Hey, Sharif, that motherfucker's dead.

 He's dead, man! Fuck that. Let's go.

 Stacy, help me get him in the car.

 Stacy...Hey, wait!

 Help me get him in the car!

 Sharif, come on, man!

 lt ain't right, OK?

 Fuck, you stay with him, then.

 I'm staying.

 He's bleeding to death.

 Where the doctor?

 Where the doctor at?

 Yo, give us a motherfuckin' doctor.

 He's bleeding to death over there!

 Just stick your ass back there...

 Get a fuckin' doctor right now!

 We need a doctor!

 A week out of high school...

 and I got blasted in the shoulder.

 and watching old gangster movies.

 I got to see some identification.

 How about my army discharge?

 I've got it here.

 What you doing here?

 No. I just thought...

 I told them they didn't have to.

 I told them I would come get you...

 and they could stay home and relax.

 Somebody must want me to die.

 You trying to say I can't drive?

 Yo, Rashid!

 Rashid, hold up!

 Have you seen my wife?

 Merry Christmas, Daddy!

 Merry Christmas, Daddy!

 Kids! Pete!

 Kids! Janie! Janie! Tommy!

 Where's your mother?


 Fine. Not a smidge of temperature.

 Not a smidge of temp... Hallelujah.


 Mary! Mary!

 George, darling!

 What's up, O?

 What's going on, big boy?

 Just chillin', man.

 I'll be in front...

 Kaydee, Kevin. Come on inside.

 What's up with that, man?

 Hey, y'all.

 I guess I better let you all talk.

 Boys, the Lord didn't put you here...

 It's right there in the Bible.

 Exodus   :  ... "Thou shall not kill."

 Oh, I doubt that.

 or he wouldn't have put us here.

 It's messed up around here.

 You don't have any belief, boy.

 Do you care whether you live or die?

 I don't know.

 Come on, man, let's bail.

 Sorry about that, man.

 with that Bible and shit.

 He be in church every Sunday?


 That's what I'm saying.

 It's fucked up, but it ain't no thing.

 That ain't what you was hollerin'...

 on the way to the hospital.

 You was soundin' like a little bitch.

 Fuck you, man. That shit did hurt.

 You fools swear y'all so damn hard.

 Shit, nigger, that wasn't me.

 Tryin' to act all carin' and sensitive.

 Yeah, that was you.

 Fuck y'all. I almost died.

 I was gonna tell you something...

 before we went up in the house.

 What's up?

 Oh, nigger, guess what.

 who jacked you and Harold.

 I know where they be kickin' it at.

 Down with the    ?

 Let's do this.

 Do this for Harold, man.

 You gettin' down, nigger.

 Hey, check this out.

 Boom, y'all!

 That nigger shot that boy!

 Give it to me, nigger.

 You shot that Korean!

 You like that shit.

 You always tryin' to put on a show!

 Let me get a dub of this motherfucker.

 This is bad.

 Aw, shit. Man, fuck that.

 I'm sellin' these motherfuckers for   .  .

 I got money, nigger.

 Shut up, Wax.

 This nigger trippin'.

 This is what the police...

 Yo, man! What you doin'?

 Point that shit somewhere else!

 Y'all scared like some bitches.

 I seen lots of people killed before...

 I seen lots of people killed before...

 but I ain't never done it myself.

 I never had a reason to.

 But when they killed my cousin...

 I knew I was gonna kill them.

 You like my little tape, don't you?

 That shit was cool, nigger.

 But you should have came to the Wax, boy.

 He could have did it much better.

 Oh, shit, nigger.

 It's all about O-Dog, nigger.

 I'm gonna be a big-ass movie star!

 Look, nigger...

 Goddamn! Ain't shit gonna happen.

 Shit, ain't that hard.

 As long as there ain't no crowd.

 I'm not killing no kids or old folks.

 twelve o' clock at night?

 Shit, nigger, I smoke anybody.

 I just don't give a fuck.

 Have a hit of this shit.

 Look, not me. I'm not killing no kids.

 You know what, nigger?

 You acting real paranoid and shit.

 in front of you, nigger!

 and you ain't gonna do shit?

 Man, fuck that!

 I ain't lettin' that shit ride.

 I don't care who the fuck out there!

 Goddamn it!

 ls you down, nigger?

 Both y'all shut the fuck up!

 Give me my motherfuckin' joint.

 Fuck you, nigger.

 with one of them motherfuckin' hot dogs?

 Why don't you get away from here beggin'...

 hungry ass motherfucker?

 Who you sayin' beggin'?


 Why don't you get a job?

 What you waitin' on?

 You done hooked us up    million times.

 I'm tired of hookin' your sorry ass up.

 Get a goddamn job...

 Fuck you, and fuck you, OK?

 Niggers, hurry up.

 Don't be playin'.

 Dog? Caine? You hear what I'm sayin'?

 Kill them niggers and get the fuck back...

 so we can stab out.

 I'm gonna be chillin' right here.

 You ready or what, motherfucker?

 You want to go to my house?

 You know you got a curfew.

 stupid-ass bitch?

 Let's go to your mom's house.

 We don't need this shit.

 Go home to your mammies, OK?

 Yeah, nigger! Break it down, fools!

 Yeah! That's right!

 Shut the fuck up!

 Hey, homey, you need some help?

 Punk-ass nigger!

 Come on, niggers!

 but it really didn't make me feel anything.

 and if I had to, I could do it again.

 and if I had to, I could do it again.

 What's up, Caine?

 How you doin' today?

 I'm all right.

 That's good.

 I'm tired. I'm in there studying.

 You want something to eat?

 Nah. I'm straight.

 OK, have a seat.

 So, where's Anthony?

 He's in the back taking a nap.

 Can I use your bathroom?

 Yeah. You know where it is.

 I got some money this time.

 I got two dollars.

 Where the motherfuckin'    at?

 Come with the   .

 You owe me a dub from last week.

 I got two dollars for you.

 I know I'm a little short, but, um...

 Motherfuckin' fool, nigger.

 Come with    nigger.

 I ain't got nothin'.

 Pay the nigger his money back!

 Want to play me at boxin'?

 What you think?

 I'll whip your ass.

 What? Why you trippin'?

 Because he's five years old...

 and has no business talkin' like that.

 Caine, that has nothing to do with being hard.

 Pernell showed me what's up.

 And? ls that something to be proud of?

 He asked about you.

 For real?

 What's he up to?


 I'll be in the other room...

 We gonna box and shit.

 I mean, you know, a little something.

 Come on, Anthony. Let's just...Come on.

 I'm gonna beat your butt.

 Get out of here. Go on somewhere. Damn.

 I'm gonna eat these cheeseburgers.

 Get the fuck outta here. You stink.

 Aw, shit! One time!


 Fall out! Coíe on!

 Move, man!

 Hold on.

 Let me see that.

 The gun.

 Where did I put that letter?

 Here we go.

 ls this it? Yeah.

 Pow! Punk-ass.

 Look, it ain't loaded.

 What the hell are you doing?

 Yeah, Mama.

 Anthony, get over here.

 Get over here!

 Let me tell you something.

 Get out of here.

 Get up and get out!

 to stop giving us money?

 Don't give me that shit, OK?

 If it wasn't for him...

 No, listen.

 If it wasn't for him...

 my black ass would be dead by now.

 I'm just paying him back.

 and that you're alive at   .

 before you end up like he did.

 Oh, really?

 You act like you never was down.

 What's up with that?

 Caine, it's not even about being down.

 I got a little son to look after.

 And you know what's really sad?

 ls that I look at you...

 Yeah. And?

 Yeah, and what?

 Look at you.

 I got to go. All right. Here.




 What's up, nigger?

 Ain't nothin'. Hold on.

 Who that?


 Hey, nigger, where you at?

 I've been tryin' to page you all day.

 Who there?

 You down with rollin' tonight?

 Oh, it's on.

 All right. Bet.

 Turn that shit off.

 Got a baby doll.

 No shit? 'Cause I like little girls.

 Where your sister at?

 Where your mama at, nigger?

 Y'all niggers made something to eat...

 ain't made me shit, huh?

 You ain't shit, nigger.

 Yo! Who is it?


 Yo, nigger, what up?


 Why you come so early all the time?

 You said one o'clock.

 I don't give a fuck what I said, nigger.

 I don't get out of bed before  :  .

 so early next time.

 U nderstood.

 See what you got.

 This motherfucker here?

 Black Nissan Maxima.     .

 They don't...


 Yo, Wax.

 Yo, nigger.


 Let me get some links with them grits.

 Hurry up. I'm hungrier than a motherfucker.

 Go ahead, Nick.

 for a car that doesn't run.

 Can you hang with this?

 Yeah, I'll hook you up.

 All right.

 Be here tomorrow night about   :  .

 I'm sorry.

 D-d-do I stutter, motherfucker?

 No problem.

 Tomorrow night. That's fine.

 Did I stutter, motherfucker?

 No, you're right.

 No. No problem.

 Man, get the fuck outta here.

 Don't bring your narrow-ass over here anymore.

 Get your motherfuckin' heads down.

 Got me out wasting my...

 One more, one more, one more.


 That motherfucker right there?

 Hell, yeah. There she is.

 Look at the motherfuckin' wheels.

 Hell, yeah. That's it right there.

 Look at them rims.

 Give me the slim jim.

 Hurry up. Let's get the fuck up.

 Don't be trippin'. I'll be outside.

 Caine, get me the motherfuckin' radio.

 Are you watchin' out?

 Nigger, hurry the fuck up!

 Come on, man.

 Got it.

 You got it?

 Damn, man!

 Come on. Get in here!

 Shit! Let's get the fuck up outta here!

 Hold it right there! Stop! Freeze!

 Let's go.

 Let him go.

 Let's go, boy.

 All right, guys, let's go.

 Follow him down.

 Get the fuck off me!

 Get the dog off my homeboy!

 Get the fuck off!

 Get off me!

 Come get this dog!

 to attempted joyriding.

 They let O-Dog off with a warning...

 'cause he was still a minor.

 lt was no place I could get used to.

 Motherfucker, you don't know me, nigger.

 You got some money or not?

 Hook me up this time.

 Nigger, you crazy. Hook you up?

 Get the fuck out of here.

 Nigger, I just ate.

 Call this motherfucker.

 Yo, Dog, hurry up!

 Fuck you, man.

 Wait, man.

 What the fuck you just say, nigger?

 I said I'll suck your dick.

 Suck on that, you bitch-ass trick.

 O-Dog, what the fuck you doin'?

 Yo, Dog, hurry up!

 Any y'alI want a hamburger?

 What's wrong?

 You don't want no hamburger?

 You crazy.

 Man, you stupid.

 I got it from the basehead.

 You stupid.

 You stupid.

 Now, listen to me, you little bitch.

 and I want some real simple answers.

 You understand?

 Let me get this right.

 You bought the bottle of beer...

 about     :  ?

 You bought the bottle of beer...

 at     :   ?

 At    ...

 Yeah, at     :   I...

 Yeah,     :   .

 Why did we find it still...

 there...spilt on the floor...

 after the shooting?

 When I was... After we was leavin'...

 After I left...

 But you don't remember what they...

 Looked like.

 Yeah, it was   :   exactly.

 If I'm not mistaken, it was...

 Now, you see something?

 You see now?

 I said...

 See what I'm saying?

 No. I thought...

 The more questions that cop asked...

 I was just waiting for them to tell me...

 they'd seen that damn videotape.

 But they hadn't.

 You know it, don't you?

 You know you done fucked up.

 Without the tape, they had nothing.

 What's wrong with my brother?

 He's sick as a dog.

 Look at him.

 Yo, Caine. It's Stacy and Sharif.

 You all right, man?

 Hell, no.

 I ain't shit in a week.

 Goddamn. In a week.

 Come on, brother...

 Fuck you.

 What you fools want, anyway?

 Hold on.

 Get up from off your knees...

 Why don't you chill, Farrakhan?

 You better not throw up in my ride.

 What, nigger?

 That's what y'alI need to stop doin'.

 Anyways, nigger...

 You goin' deaf, motherfucker?

 You goin' to Kansas with this fool?

 Yeah, Caine. You should come, too.

 You're not doin' nothin' out here...

 but gettin' yourself in a lot of trouble.

 Shit. I ain't goin' no place.

 Fool, you trippin'.

 You still pushin' up on Ronnie, man?

 Hell, no. Pernell would kick my ass.

 Nigger on life without parole?

 I don't think so.

 You spent enough time up in that motherfucker.

 You should be tryin' to fuck.

 I'd be tryin' to fuck. What about you, Reef?

 Yeah, whatever.

 Put that in for me.

 There that motherfucker go right there and shit.

 So what's up, y'all gonna kick it?

 I gotta go scoop up one of my kids.

 All right, man.

 As-salaam-alaikum, my brother.

 What that fuck is that?

 Get this shit out of my face.

 Stacy Jr. and shit, man.

 Get your ass up in the front seat.

 Here's the ride, bro.

 You got the bread?

 Shut up.

 This shit legit?

 The numbers are clean.

 I had the dope ride.

 I had the dope ride.

 But I was sittin' on some bullshit.

 and jack his ass.

 Turn that motherfuckin' shit down.

 Nigger, what the fuck you want from me?

 You know what the fuck I want, nigger.

 I want your motherfuckin' Daytons...

 and your motherfuckin' stereo...


 Order my motherfuckin' food.

 Hi. May I take your order, please?

 I said with cheese, nigger.

 Oh, shit!

 We supposed to be brothers!

 What, you tryin' to get smart?

 You tryin' to kick some knowledge?

 Fuck that, nigger. Give me your jewelry.

 Take that shit off.

 And you got a pager, too?

 You're a baller, huh? You a baller?

 G imme this motherfuckin' shit.

 Yeah, what's up?


 at a drive-through.

 Tryin' to high sign and shit.

 I had to get him.

 Yeah, but a trip...

 Now, nigger, straight, I'm short.

 I need you to hook me up with some shit.

 How much you want, nigger?

 I'lI need, like,    .

 Give him     man.

 How much y'all fools got back there?

 I got enough.

 Make the shit up yourself.

 Don't come at me like that, partner.

 I like big dollars.

 Heroin, cocaine...all of it.

 My dad taught me.

 before he was killed.

 before he was killed.

 You in my way.

 What the hell are you doin'?

 Calm down, baby.

 That's one of my natural reflexes.

 So you like being in my way?

 What you think?

 They call me Caine.

 I'm llena.

 This gonna be good.

 Real, real good.

 Holy Koran says that if you...

 I don't want to hear that shit now!

 How the fuck you gonna...

 Yo, Wax! Turn that motherfucker up.

 What up?

 That that nigger Caine...

 Hell, yeah. That's that nigger.

 Tryin' to be me and shit.

 Hey, yo, Caine! What's up, nigger?

 Leave that bitch alone!

 So I'm gonna call you, all right?

 Take care of that body.

 Fuck you.

 Lew-Loc bullshittin' on the grill.

 What's up with that fool?

 All right, y'all. Meat is ready.

 Hold up.

 Let's go.

 I got this one right here.

 Jeah, and I'm out.

 Fuck you.

 I won, and I'm out, so pay me.

 Pay me in bud.

 Sharif, is that your pops over there, man?

 How's it goin', men?

 I smelled that barbecue.

 We know that.

 Let me sit down.

 I know there's some food left, right?

 Hey, Keisha! Keisha!

 Bring Mr. Butler a plate!

 A nice-size plate, Keisha.

 Anyway, Pops, I'm glad you come.

 I always seem to be outnumbered...

 so I want to know your opinion on it.

 It's OK to smoke it.

 I don't know about that.

 They're destroyin' their minds.

 Fallin' right into the devil's plan.

 What the hell is the devil's plan?

 Right there. That's the devil's plan.

 Why you always trippin', man?

 Calm your boy down.

 You got a father.

 Hold on. Mr. Butler, man.

 I'm just curious to know what's up.

 Sharif be comin' at us every day.

 Straight up.

 Why does he act like this?

 What y'all talkin' about at home?

 Hey, Keisha, hurry up!

 Bring the motherfuckin' plate!

 Excuse my language.

 Excuse my language.

 Why do you think that's so funny?

 Because it is.

 I could see it now.

 You goin' to mess around and bring back...

 one of your devils to my house.

 Why you gonna throw that on me?

 Whoa. Hey, boy.

 I brought you in.

 I'll take you out.

 What's up, Caine?

 Took you long enough, my brother.


 Hey, Kaydee.

 So what's up, young buck?

 I'm all right.

 How's work?

 White man always on your back.

 But what else is new?

 Have a seat.

 What's up, man?

 What y'all talking about?

 Not much. Just chattin'.

 We talkin' about this Kansas trip.


 So what about Kansas?

 So what are you gonna do, Kaydee?

 What's that, sir?

 I don't know about no Kansas.

 I hear you there.

 before he found the Nation.

 they say regarding black people.

 then I'm all for it.

 You got to think about your life.

 Bein' a black man in America...

 isn't easy.

 The hunt is on.

 And you're the prey.

 All I'm sayin' is...

 All I'm sayin' is...


 All right?

 and my dad never said anything.

 Baby in the black shorts?

 I fucked her.

 I did, fool.

 I hope you wore a hat...

 'cause I know a couple of brothers...

 that done eased up in that.

 Don't play me like that.

 You know I'm packin' the plastic.

 Whoever that is.

 Who is Willy Lump-Lump?

 A little inside thing. lt ain't nothin'.

 Growin' up in the hood...

 especially with a car like mine.

 A  .  and Daytons?

 I knew we was in for it.

 Spread your legs.

 This motherfuckin' hood is hot!

 I thought you boys liked barbecue.

 Go get somebody's cat out of a tree.

 Shut up!

 Get down there!

 Sit down and shut up.

 That's enough. Come on.

 Read me my rights!

 Just because I'm a black man.

 That's why.

 I'd beat your motherfuckin' ass!

 That's why...

 Shut the fuck up!

 If I was white...

 Get the fuck in the car.

 Fuck, man! This thing hurts!

 What the fuck you doing with us?

 Quit fuckin' moving!

 Fuck this, man!

 Stop fucking moving!

 Shut the fuck up!

 I told you to quit fucking moving!

 Hey, get me the wire cutters, esse.

 Fuck you, homes.

 I ain't doin' this shit.

 Are you gonna go with me or what?

 What's your fucking problem?

 That's cool, homes.

 But don't forget, all right, homes?

 Check it out, homes.

 What's up?

 What is, homes?

 See? Over there.

 Let's move on 'em, esse.

 Don't sweat, OK?

 That night, the cops let us have it.

 where the esse stay.

 I guess they was thinking...

 we'd get our ass kicked even more.

 The esses was cool, though.

 They took us to the hospital.

 They took us to the hospital.

 You know you can read this yourself.

 I know, but I like it when you read it.

 Did they do somethin' bad?

 No, I don't think they did.

 I think it was a big mistake.

 Just a big mistake.

 You know, with Caine...

 That's not true, not true at all. Some...

 Mom, is Caine gonna die?

 Caine's not gonna die.

 Caine's gonna be just fine.

 So don't worry about it.

 He'll be fine.

 You look so mean.

 Why don't you smile for a change?

 I ain't got shit to smile about.

 You're alive, ain't you?

 Yeah, and who says that's good?

 Well, guess what.

 I got a job.

 For real?

 Yup. Sure did.

 My aunt hooked it up for me.

 Makin' decent money, too.

 It's about    a year.

 What the fuck you gonna be doin'?

 I'm gonna be doin' office stuff, thank you very much.

 You know, filing, typing...

 That's cool.

 Gettin' the coffee...

 Stuff that.

 The job is in Atlanta.

 Did you hear me?

 I said the job is in Atlanta.

 Take it.

 You might as well get the hell away from here.

 To be honest...

 You know what I was hopin'?

 Come with you?

 I don't know.

 I don't see it as such a bad idea.

 Why are you so worried about me?

 Why shouldn't I be?

 Think about leaving, Caine.

 I got to thinkin'...

 about all the things I done on the streets...

 and all the things...

 I didn't want him to grow up...

 lt was all so crazy.

 Empecé a ver las cosas de una manera diferente.

 lt was the end of the summer.

 Ronnie had a going-away party.

 and Stacy and Sharif...

 were gettin' ready to leave for Kansas.

 Why are you drinkin' up all the beer?

 Go ahead on with that.

 Who, like Caine?

 'Cause whenever that motherfucker come...

 "Caine..." that's the key word, nigger.

 You ain't Caine.

 Stop drinkin' up all the beer.

 You're all on his nut sack.

 Why don't you wash your feet?

 Kiss my ass, motherfucker.

 You got one, motherfucker.

 Like I was sayin'...

 when we got to go to them for jobs?

 Kevin, I was talkin' to the young lady.

 We're not equal until...

 Who is it?

 Know what I'm sayin'?

 I'm sellin' encyclopedias, motherfucker.

 Oh, y'all brought jokes.


 It's the Wax in the house

 And the 'hood rat's in the house

 'Hood rats?

 Don't start that 'hood rat shit.

 You can break something on me...

 Yo, baby.

 Goddamn, what you talkin' about?

 You know what the fuck I'm talkin' about.

 Go take that shit outside.

 And take it now, please.

 Want to go outside?

 Hey, little man, what you doin'?

 Just playin' games.

 I'm thirsty.

 Can I have some beer?

 Beer? No.

 You may have some juice.

 This is for the homeys who ain't here.

 My motherfuckin' cousin Harold.

 Hey, Reef, why don't you go ahead...

 and get a little hit of this?

 It's all right, Kevin.

 You're a little punk.

 Yo, what's up?

 'fore your mama try to kill us all.

 What you doin' out here?

 Just kickin' it.

 Let me have a drink.

 No, man.

 What's wrong with you, Kevin?

 Don't be giving this kid no liquor.

 You ain't his daddy.

 You're not either, Kevin.

 You know better.

 Come on. Let's make it. Get in the house.

 It's about to rain out here.


 Take your juice and go to your room.

 Go on, boy.

 What up, babe?

 I'm fine.

 Come here.


 Chauncy, chill out, nigger.

 I'm just jokin'.

 You know you're my nigger, Caine.

 Caine, me and you, baby.

 Cock-blockin' motherfucker...

 Why haven't I heard from you?

 I been busy.

 About leavin' with you?

 I thought about it.

 Why are you trippin'?

 You ain't doin' jack shit here.

 Ain't nothin' gonna change in Atlanta.

 I'm still gonna be black.

 Just another nigger from the ghetto.

 'Cause it's true.

 You act like Atlanta ain't in America.

 They don't give a fuck.

 You know what?

 He asked me if you were gonna die.

 If you were gonna die, Caine.

 Are you gonna come with us or not?

 Yeah, I'm gonna go.

 That's not cool, all right?

 Let me guess, man.

 You was up in there knockin' it out.

 Get out of my business, Stace.

 Why you sweatin' me?

 Chauncy, please, would you stop it?

 Come here. I want to talk to you.

 About what?

 Let me get this dance.

 Come on, Ronnie.

 Can you just sit down?

 Just a fuckin' kiss, goddamn it.

 Will you stop it?

 Dog, you strapped?

 You know it.

 Give me your gun.

 What for?

 Give me the motherfuckin' gun.

 What you gonna do, Caine?

 What you need a gun for?

 Man, come on...

 Caine, stop it.

 It's not that serious!

 Will you stop it?

 You're going to kill him!

 Get him off of him!

 Stop, man.

 Anthony, get in your room!

 Get in your room!

 Fuck that, man! Fuck off!

 Fuck that shit, man!

 Fuck him!

 It's me.

 llena, what's up?

 I'm pregnant.


 I'm pregnant.

 What the fuck you tellin' me for?


 So you're just gonna dog me?

 lt ain't mine.

 You're the only one I was with.

 Stop lyin', all right?

 That don't mean nothin', Caine.

 That mean it's not mine.


 I'm telling you, this is a good-ass fight.

 Yeah, nigger?

 I bet you Caine won't be laughin'...

 You can bet that shit, nigger.

 Fuck Caine, nigger!

 Motherfuckin' Caine.

 Don't talk to me about no Caine...

 Man, fuck you.

 Look like you the other night.

 I don't give a fuck what you tell me about it.

 I don't give a fuck what you tell me about it.

 How you doin'?

 I'm fine. And you?


 The baby?

 He's fine.

 Let me talk to Caine.

 I love you.

 It's been a long time, Caine.

 How you doin', man?

 I didn't want to see you caged in...

 like some fuckin' animal.

 Nah, man.

 When I was growin' up...

 you was like my dad, man.

 Your letters...

 in the beginning...

 it got me through, young bro.

 Away from my girl, away from my baby...

 away from you.

 Go with Ronnie, Caine.

 That ain't even...I'm...

 She's a good girl, man, you know?

 I just want her to be happy.

 Take care of my son.

 I can't do shit for him in here.

 All right?

 Give me some.

 Give me some.

 Hey, nigger, give up the car right now.

 Look at your ass, scared straight.

 Nigger, I was just trippin' with you.

 I ain't got time for this shit no more.

 Where youse comin' from, C?

 Went to the pen to see Pernell, man.

 For real?

 That nigger get mad at you, or what?

 Aw, he all right.

 Cool. That boy out there.

 Which one of y'all is Caine?

 Who is this fool, man?

 Who want to know?

 A friend, homey.

 Homey, I don't think you know me.

 Check this out.

 I'm llena's cousin, partner.

 and I don't either.

 We supposed to fight over a bitch?

 Homey, scrap that fool.

 Rush him, nigger!

 Hell, you stomped again.


 Caine, chill, man.

 Get your ass in the house!


 Proverbs   :  ... "Cast out the scorner...

 "and the contention shall go out.

 "Yea, strife and reproach shall cease."

 So, what you trying to say, Grandpa?

 Son, you got to go.

 What y'alI want me to do?

 I want you out of here tonight.

 We're sorry, Caine.

 Y'all not too sorry.

 Y'all kickin' me out.

 I've done all I can do for you.

 I wasn't gonna tell y'all till later...

 but in a couple of weeks...

 I'm moving to Atlanta with Ronnie.

 Can I just stay until then?

 Grandma, I'm not...

 Lord knows I do.



 The same day I was leavin'...

 over that liquor store robbery.

 He didn't care, though.

 O-Dog was gonna kill him...

 I ain't goin' nowhere...

 and you'll be a silly motherfucker...

 if you leave with this broad, man.

 Straight up. I ain't bullshittin'.

 Just you and Ant movin'...

 Can you just take the box to the car?

 What's this for?

 So you can take it to the car.

 I ain't the one leavin'.

 Sell-out motherfucker.

 What seems to be your problem?

 I was just thinkin' about...

 sayin' good-bye to my grandparents.

 You haven't talked to them yet?

 But can you take some of these bags...

 to the car, please?

 You ain't goin' where?

 Hey, cuz, come on.

 Don't worry about shit.

 I'm gonna handle this nigger for ya.

 I got to handle my business.

 Stupid ass, quit lookin' around.

 Just get in the car.

 What's up, homeys?

 Let's go! Let's do this!

 Let's go! Let's do this!

 I ain't gettin' paid for this shit.

 Nobody's not gettin' paid, Kevin.

 You already got a gang of shit in here.

 Fuck that.

 Fuck. Y'all niggers ready?

 somethin' real proper like.

 I just bought you a new Big Wheel.

 You still gonna hit me, right?

 Just gonna crash into me, huh?


 You lazy.

 L-a-z-y, lazy.

 You're lazy. You know that, right?

 What's up now, partner?

 Get down, Ronnie! Stay down!

 Damn, Sharif.

 What the fuck happened, man?

 Get off me! I gotta get Anthony!

 Get up!

 Oh, my God, Caine!

 Get Anthony out of here!

 Go get some fuckin' help, man!

 Get some fuckin' help!

 Not my niggers.

 Come on, homey.

 You're gonna be all right, man.

 Get some fuckin' help!

 Get the fuck outta here!

 Oh, shit. It's OK.

 I can't lose you now.

 Fight. Fight.

 Come on, baby.


 Like I said...

 or when.

 I had done too much to turn back...

 and I had done too much to go on.

 Yeah, I do.

 And now it's too late.

 And now it's too late.



Special help by SergeiK