Mercury Rising Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Mercury Rising script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the movie starring Bruce Willis.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Mercury Rising. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Mercury Rising Script




Let's go down.



- You got some out. How many left?

- Three out, eight left.



- Edgar's still the man?

- Edgar's the man.



Edgar, I want to thank you

for letting these people go.



Send out the others, and we can come

to a peaceful resolution.



Get this straight. I don't trust you or

any agent of your occupation government.



Listen to me

one more time.



I have an order from the Citizens' Court

of South Dakota...



to seize the ill-gotten assets

of this bank.



Move your people away from here or

these bloodsuckers will burn in hell!



They're gettin' ready

to come in.



Let them come.



- I have to go home.

- Get down!



Please, let me go home.

Please, let me go home.



- Get the fuck down!

- I just need to go home.



When he says "get down,"

just do it!






I sure don't feel good.



You said we were gonna be in and out of

here before anybody knew what hit 'em.



You said they were

gonna back down.



They ain't backin' down, Edgar.



They got an army

out there.



They're gonna come in here

and shoot all of us.



God just wants His miracle

to be greater.



God doesn't want your boys

to get killed, Edgar!



We need more time,

you sons of bitches!



You ain't in charge here.

So shut up!



- They cut us off.

- We gotta go in.



- We have a man in there.

He wants more time.

- Right.



Undercover agent who isn't supposed

to be there in the first place.



- We're goin' in.

- Let me try 'em on the bullhorn.



- If they come back to me--

- You've got three minutes.



This is Agent Blackwell,




I need you to pick up

the telephone.



- I need to talk with you.

- We can still walk out of here.



You just gotta

stand up to him.



Just tell him you wanna go home.

Can you do it?



Edgar, please pick up

the phone. We can still work this out.



Edgar, please pick up

the phone. We were doing well before.






Peter's right.



It's not like you said

it was going to be.



I wanna go home.




the boy's right.



- Traitor.

- Daddy.

- Shut up, lsaac.



- Let me call 'em on the telephone.

- We don't need him.



- We can still walk out of here.

- Do it, Edgar!



For your boys, do it!



Get down! Get down!




Get on the ground.



Go, go, go!






Stay down!

Don't move.



- Don't move, goddamn it!

- I'm F.B.I. F.B.I.!

Get off me, asshole!



- Tell your men to hold their fire.

- Peter.



- Peter.

- James?



James, keep your head down!

Where are you?



- Peter!

- No! No! No!



Hold your fire!

No! No!



Damn it!



Goddamn it!



Shoot! Shoot!



Get a med tech in here!

Get a med tech in here, goddamn it!



Don't talk.

Don't talk.



Come on now, goddamn it!



Get a med tech in here!



He's dead.



Who said "go"?



Who's the S.A.C.?









Special Agent Hartley!



Hartley! Did you hear me ask

for more time?



- Get your hands off me.

- Did you hear me ask for more time?



- You're out of line, Jeffries.

- I'm out of line? I'm out of line?



Did I just massacre

five fuckin' people? Huh? Did l?



Three seconds, Hartley,

I was gonna walk 'em all out alive.






They were just kids.



Just kids.



I report to Washington

just like you do, Jeffries.



Right on Western.

Left on Belmont.



- Hey, Simon, I have a surprise for you.

- Right on Halsted.



- Left on Fullerton.

- You're giving some good directions.



Look. I have something

very, very special.



You like these puzzles,

don't ya?



Uh-huh. Okay,

but not yet, Simon.



If I give you the puzzle book,

I want you to join in with

the rest of the class, okay?



That's great.



It's time to join

the group now, okay?



Good morning, Simon.



Good morning, teacher.



Look at me.



Good morning, teacher.



I better not beat you.

I only accept cash.



- How are you?

- Well, another day at the office.



- You ready?

- Yeah.



All right,

let's talk about it.



Agent Jeffries here

to see you, Chief.



The psychologist wrote

"delusional paranoia"...



in capital letters

across the bottom of your file.



- So, am I fired?

- No, you're not fired.



- But I can't put you undercover

anymore. That's over.

- What do they expect me to do?



- To do your job.

- I work undercover. That's my job.



- You have a new job now.

- And what is that?



Sitting on a wire,

stakeouts, log tapes.



- A little public relations.

- Fourteen years on the job,

and that's all it means?



I've gotta sit

on a wire with some rookie listening

to a housewife order groceries?



- All you had to do

was keep your mouth shut.

- All I did was tell the truth.



- Act like you belong on the

same team as the rest of us.

- What team?



That bunch of suits sitting behind a

desk trying to justify their existence?



- Like me. Is that what you're saying?

- I don't know, Joe.



- Why didn't you say one thing

to back me up?

- Because you were wrong!



- I wasn't wrong!

- You were dead wrong.



Two teenage kids in cold blood,

and you know it.



- They were goddamn bank robbers,

for Christ's sake!

- They were kids.



Will you forget

about South Dakota?



Forget who's right and who's wrong.

This is one of the best undercover guys.



How could I forget that?



Sit down, Art.




you got somethin'.



It's... magic.



Then it goes away.



You had it.



But the magic's gone.



They told you to break my balls,

and see if you could get me to quit.



I'm not gonna make it easy

for you.



You want me to sit on a wire,

I'll do it.



You want me to chase

file applicants, I'll do that.



Take your best shot.



Check your mailbox

for your new assignments.



Hey, Simon, we're here.



Mommy, Simon is home.



Look at me.



Hi, Mom.



Hi, honey. I missed you.

Come on inside.



Be careful.



It's very hot.



Sip it slowly.



Daddy'll be home soon.



And when you finish that,

you can wait for him up in your room.




You've reached the Puzzle Center.



For solving one

of our master puzzles...



you've won a subscription

to the magazine of your choice.



Can I please have your name,

address and telephone number?



You are...



a stranger.



Excuse me. This the Puzzle Center.

Where did you get this number?



Puzzle nine-nine.



What did you just say?

Who is this?




put down the phone.



Simon, Simon, wait a second.

Please don't hang--



Come on, come on.






See if they correlate.



If they don't, you may have lost some

bytes in the transfer, lost a keyword.



You won't be able

to defractionate. Yeah?



- Are you scrambled?

- Give me a break, Leo. I'm busy.



It's Mercury, Dean. Somebody just walked

on water. You have to get up here now.



- What did you just say?

- You are a stranger.



- Who is this?

- Simon, put down the phone.



Simon, Simon, wait a second.

Please don't hang--



Who is that?



Listen to the timbre

of his voice.



It's a child.

That had to be his mother.



Right. It's just

some rug rat...



drooling over the phone,

punching numbers, like a random thing.






We're not that lucky.



- We have to call Kudrow.

- What? Dean, what?



No, no, no.

We don't have to call anybody.



All we gotta do is an analysis,

and give him a report when he gets back.



- That's it!

- Do you understand what just happened?



We have to call him now

or he's gonna say we tried to hide it.



- Morning, sir.

- Good morning, Marine.



I've got an urgent message

for Lieutenant Colonel Kudrow.



Mercury is already

operational in most of our com centers.



And I'm here to confirm

everything you've already heard.



Mercury is a quantum leap

in our communications security.



And once we complete its installation

in all of our com centers...



- it's going to be very hard

for our adversaries--

- And our allies.



And our allies to compromise

our communications.



An urgent message

for you, sir.



If you'll excuse me.



-Mr. Johnson will continue the briefing.

-All right, gentlemen.






- You're late.

- I wasn't when I started.



Traffic was like mud.



I oozed home.



I told Simon

he could wait up for you.



Simon, my man.



I wonder where Simon is.



Time for bed, Simon.



-Send in Pedranski and Crandell, please.

- Yes, sir.



Who needs a fix?

Double tall, double dark, double sweet.



Double everything. I'm so glad I missed

the whole drug thing...



so my body was virgin territory

for caffeine.



It makes me feel so Ricki Lake,

like I can talk to anybody.



What can I say? I'm the Java Queen.

What's wrong?



Kudrow wants to see me.



Cool! Maybe you'll get

your own section.



No. I, uh,

I screwed up.



Well, just go in there

and throw him a Bart Simpson.



Kudrow, dude, chill out.



- It was that way when I got there.

- Doh!



Puzzle line?



Puzzle line?



Now, I've traveled       miles

in the past    hours.



So I've had a lot of time to reflect

on this. Correct me if I'm wrong.



But I believe neither one of you has

ever said the words "puzzle line" to me.



Before Mercury went operational,

we ran a standard validation protocol.



The works. Double sets of paired

Cray supercomputers...



fricking velociraptor machines

chewing at Mercury    hours a day.



Mercury came out unbent.



Awesome, sir. It was finally a code

that couldn't be broken.



But there was one last thing

to check out. The, um... geek factor.



Human beings will fool you sometimes.

We thought it important--



We slipped a message

in one of those egghead word games.

We dared amateurs to crack it.



- We were sure nobody would ever call.

- But somebody did.



His name is Simon Lynch. He lives

in Chicago. He is nine years old.



And he has deciphered a message written

in the most sophisticated code...



the world has ever known...



in a geek's

puzzle magazine.



I don't recall

ever authorizing...



anyone to put any message...



into any magazine!



That couldn't just happen.

A kid couldn't just pop it open.



Not only is he nine years old,

he is handicapped. He is autistic.



Yes, that explains it.



So our $  billion code

is an open book...



- to people of diminished capacity?

- No, sir.



Autism isn't synonymous

with diminished capacity.



Autistic people are--

They're shut off.



But it's not unusual

for an autistic person to be a savant.



- Oh, a savant!

- He may not be able

to actually decipher the code.



- It might just appear to him.

- Right. He didn't calculate anything.



He just saw it. Like those stupid

pictures at the mall. You stare at them.



- All of a sudden you're looking

at the Statue of Liberty.

- Exactly.



This is not a stupid picture

at the mall.



This is national security.



Looking at the best case scenario,

let's suppose the boy is unique...



and he doesn't understand

what he's just done.



Does that solve my problem?

Answer: No!



Analysis: All we need now

is for someone else...



who understands his capability

to come along...



and my problems are increased




Then maybe we should talk

to the kid.



- And, uh--

- No.



No. No.



There must be nothing

that connects the boy to this office.




Am I clear?



Yes, sir.



I want you to erase

the tape.



Am I clear?



Yes, sir.



- Honey, will you get that?

- Yeah, I got it.



- Martin Lynch?

- Yeah.



Detective Burrell,

Chicago police.



Sorry to bother you. Can I ask you

a few questions? It's very important.



-I got your address from Simon's school.

-Something wrong?



If I drag this out,

it's only gonna make things worse.



One of the other parents

has made accusations...



against Simon's driver

of a sexual nature.



- Oh, my God.

- Well, they're only allegations

at this point.



If I could step inside

and speak with you.



Uh, sure.



It won't take more

than a moment.



- I don't want to upset you.

- Well, you've already upset us.



- I'm sorry about that.

- Would you like a cup of coffee?



- Or something?

- Yeah. Yeah, that'd be real nice.



   . Emergency operator    .



   . Emergency operator    .



What are you reporting?



I have your location on my screen.

Can you tell me what you're reporting?



Anything while I was gone,




- Yeah, I think we got

a big break in this case.

- What?



The Attorney General herself

just called in    dimes on the Cubs.



What do you think?






- Yeah?

- This is   .



- Cubs ten times.

- Got it.



Dumb bet,   .

Cubs are in a slump.



Would you mind if I told you

something personal?



Yeah, I would, Roger.



I really would.



Excuse me.






Art, for you.






We're sending someone to spell you.

We've got another assignment for you.



Lomax has another matter

of national security for me?



Check into a possible missing child,

 -  precinct.



Chicago P.D.

retains jurisdiction.



Yeah. Lacerations.






- You still alive?

- Still here, Art.



- How are ya?

- All right.



What is this?

It's supposed to be a missing kid.



It is.

These are the parents.



Looks like

a murder-suicide.



So where's the kid?



Missing, remember?



What are you

doin' here?



Somebody called the F.B.I.

and they sent me. Go figure.



No, I meant,

what are you doin' here?



Workin' my way to the bottom, Jack,

just like you.



The kid's name is Simon.

Neighbors say he's retarded.



Guys who kill their families

kill all of 'em.



Maybe he did the kid somewhere else.

Didn't want Mom to see.



Kid like that

costs a bundle.



Maybe Dad got tired of knocking himself

out for a kid who didn't know better.



Put 'em all out

of their misery.



How's a guy that's so broke

afford a $     handgun?



- Mind if I take a look around, Jack?

- We already did.



- The kid's not here.

- Does that mean you mind?



- Hey, be my guest.

- Thanks.



By the way, Lomax called.

He said it's important.



Yeah, I bet.

Got a phone on you?



What do you know?



- Thanks.

- Be sure I get it back.



- How are ya?

- Good.



How ya doin', champ?



You okay in there?



Come on.



You can come on out now.



Nobody's gonna hurt you.



I'm not gonna hurt ya.




Come on.



Come on.



No, no, no, no!

Simon! All right.



Quiet! Quiet!



Call Concordia.



Get an ambulance

over here.



- Have some badges waiting

for us when we get there.

- For what?



- I want this kid protected.

- How am I gonna justify

the overtime?



Since when you worry

about overtime, Jack?



The coroner says

murder-suicide, they can go.



Anybody asks about the overtime,

put it on Lomax's Gold Card.



- Straps are just makin' him worse.

- They're for his own safety.



- Unstrap him.

- They're for his own safety.



All right. Simon,

we're gonna unstrap you.



Take it easy. Simon, just calm down.

All right?



Mommy! Daddy!

Mommy! Daddy!



Tell him to turn that off!



Turn the siren off!



Simon, ho. Hey!



Now look. Who's this? ls that your

mommy right there? ls that your mommy?



- Mommy! Mommy!

- Right there?



Yes, that's right.

Your mommy. That's her.



- Is that your daddy?

- Daddy.






"Do not touch. It may be hot."

That's very good advice.



Is that your teacher?

Dr. London?



She's your friend, right?

My name is Art. I'm your friend too.



Art is a stranger!



Art is a stranger!



Art is a stranger!



Okay, strap him in.



I won't hurt you.



- Hi. Are you the doctor?

- Um, no, I'm the nurse.



- Is a doctor gonna see this boy?

- Uh, I took care of him.



Is that the best you could do for him,

just give him a shot?



He's autistic.



- Autistic?

- Uh-huh.



What does that mean?



Nothing gets through?



No, it's just the opposite.

Everything gets through.



He has trouble with feelings

and emotions.



So he gets very frightened

and confused.



Wait. I'm not gonna be able

to question this boy?



Probably not.






Take care of him.



Why are we doing this, Dean?



Why does he want to see us?

We didn't do anything wrong, right?



Should I turn around?



- No, he'd kill us.

- He might kill us anyway.



- Are you being serious?

- Relax, Leo, please.



Okay, I'm scared.

I'm gettin' really, really scared.



Leo, stop it. We're doing this together.

We didn't break any laws.



No matter what he says or does, we're

gonna do the right thing. So just relax.






- Okay. Can we go home now, please?

- Yeah, all right.



It's him.



- Let's just get this over with.

- Okay.



This changes everything.



- Now somebody else knows.

- Oh, God.



- What happened to the boy?

- He's alive.



He's being held in a lockdown unit

in a Chicago hospital.



Why don't we tell




Because we are somebody,




We're the ones that are

ultimately responsible for this.



There isn't anybody

to tell.



So I want you to keep

the puzzle line open    hours a day.



And I want you two to do

your goddamn fuckin' jobs!






Maybe I'm goin' about this

the wrong way.



My wife says my people skills

are like my cooking skills.



Quick and tasteless.



But in the end,

it's about saving lives.



Isn't that the point?



- Yes?

- Yes.



I know a man named Rasheed Halabi,

born in Paramus, New Jersey.



Valedictorian of his high school class,

worked his way through M.I.T.



Right now he's a colonel

in Saddam's Republican Guard.



We put him there. It's him

this code is protecting.



There are thousands of other

men and women just like him...



whose identities are protected

by this code.



We can save their lives.



I give you my pledge.

I want you to give me yours.



Diligence, loyalty

and above all...



absolute silence.



This is kind of an interesting story.



The television program    Minutes

right here on CBS?



I've changed tires doin'   .

You know what I'm sayin'?



Long ways from home



Can't sleep at night



Grab your telephone 'cause

something just ain't right



It's evil



Evil is goin' on



Well, I'm warnin' you,




You better watch

your happy home



Long ways from home



Can't sleep at all

'Cause another--



Where is everyone?



Where's the police? Where's the guard

that was sitting right here?



They were called off half an hour ago.

Told they weren't needed.



Take me to see Simon Lynch right now.

Unlock that door.



We just transferred him

to pediatrics.



- Where's that?

- Room     . Up those stairs one flight.



- Who authorized the transfer?

- His parents.



I could understand.

They didn't want their little kid on--



Can I help you?



Hi. I'm with the F.B.I.



I'm lookin' for Simon Lynch.

Do you know where he is?



He suffered a minor head injury.

Nothing serious.



We had to take him

down to X-ray.



Where is the X-ray room?




Seventh floor.



Great. Thanks.



No problem.



Shh. Shh. Shh.



Shh. Ow!



Here we go. Here we go.

Simon, get in the elevator.



- Hi. Yeah.

- A little crowded, huh?



Just made it, Doctor.



You must be new.

Welcome to Concordia.



Thank you.

You're very kind.

























Thanks for the ride.

Good night.






What's going on?



Get up in that seat.



Move it!



All right, leave it off.

Leave it off.



Come on, Simon. We don't need

any more attention right now.



Leave it alone,

all right?



Keep off the buttons.

Okay, okay, okay!



Leave the buttons alone,

goddamn it!



Please. Please.



"One small step

for mankind."



Get down!



Mommy! Daddy!

Mommy! Daddy!



Mommy! Daddy!



Mommy! Daddy!

Mommy! Daddy!



Mommy! Daddy!

Mommy! Daddy!



Let's go.

Hang on to the fence.



Hang on to the fence.

Hang on to the fence.



Let's go.



No! No!



Simon! No!



Come on. Let's go, Simon.

Come on.






"Mr. Pasquale."

Bus driver.






Pasqual-ee? That's his name,

Mr. Pasquale?



"Do not talk to strangers."



Is that why you won't talk to me?

You think I'm a stranger?






That's me.

I'm your friend.



- See? Art is your friend.

- No! Art is a stranger!



- Okay, Simon. Okay.

- Art is a stranger!



- All right!

- Art is a stranger!



Art is a stranger.






Who are you?



All right.



I'm sorry, Tommy.

Come on, Simon.



What the hell

happened to you?



You kidnapped this kid

from the hospital? Are you crazy?



- What are you talking about?

- Lomax has been calling me

every    minutes.



- There's a warrant out

for your arrest.

- I killed a guy on the C.T.A.



- Oh, Christ!

- I had to. He was trying to kill us.



- How did this happen?

- Somebody pulled the cops off

the kid at the hospital.



It's not a murder-suicide.

The mom and dad got in the way.



They're trying to get the kid. If he

hadn't hidden, they'd have got him too.



- I cannot handle

this paranoid conspiracy crap.

- It is a conspiracy.



Who pulled the cops

off the kid?



Did dead Martin and Jenny say

"Take my kid out of protective

custody"? This is real!



I don't give a fuck

if it's real.



If I don't call Lomax right now,

I'm an accessory to this.



If you don't get on the phone now, call

Concordia or C.T.A., you're a dumb cop.



Tell them to bring

a body bag to put the pieces in.






Hi, Dana.

Sorry we woke you up.



- It's good to see you.

- You too.



It's been too long.



Try not to bleed

on my carpet.



His name's Simon.



Hello, Simon.



I bet you're hungry.



I have peanut butter and jelly

in the kitchen. How's that sound?



This is my son T.J.



- T.J., this is Simon.

- Hi.



Why don't we go

in the kitchen--



T.J., why don't we go in the kitchen

and make something to eat...



and maybe Simon

will come with us?



Here you go, Art.



It's still damp,

but at least it's clean.



- Thanks, Dana.

- You're welcome.



Simon, I think these

will fit you.



Not my Frank Thomas shirt!



Remember what

I told you about sharing?



I thought you were done

taking those downers.



Yeah. So?



- There's no body on the EI tracks.

- What?



No body. No blood.

No casing. Nothing.



Who could've got it cleaned up

that fast?



- Give him up.

- What?



The kid. Give him up.

Take him back.



- Would you give your own kid up?

- It's not your kid!



Yeah? Well, right now,

he's nobody's kid.



His mom and dad got shot dead

by a real bad guy. Remember?



- Let's go, Simon.

- Let me get these clothes on him.



I need your car keys.



Let me just walk around

the streets with this kid now? Come on.



-I'm reporting it stolen in the mornin'.




Daddy is going to sing



Daddy is going to sing



Daddy is going to sing



- Daddy is going to sing

- How can you not be tired?



Daddy is going to sing



Daddy's not here right now,




Daddy is going to sing



I told you, your daddy

is not here now!



Oh, God. How am I supposed

to explain this?



Daddy is going to sing



Daddy is going to sing



Daddy is going to sing



Just going to close

my eyes for a minute.



Damn! Shit!



Stupid, stupid,

stupid, stupid!



Come on, Simon.



Where the hell are you?



Simon? Simon.



Let's go for a ride.




Left on Kenwood.







We are going left.



Howard Avenue to "J" Street.



That's right.



"J" Street...



to West Twenty-Third Street.



You know where

we're goin'?



Simon is going home.




Simon is going home.



Come on, come on.



Mommy, Simon is home.






Simon is home.



Simon is home.



Want this?



Very hot.



Sip it slowly.



Get it, please.




You've reached the Puzzle Center.



For solving one

of our master puzzles...



you've won a subscription

to the magazine of your choice.



Can I please have your name,

address and telephone number?



You are...



a stranger.



That's him! He's calling from

his own house. We have to call Kudrow.



- What are you doing?

- Is that you, Simon?



- Simon, is that you?

- Let me have the phone.

Who is this?



Answer me!

Who is this? Hello?



This is the F.B.I. We have this number

and we will trace it.



- Who is this?

- No, you won't.

You can't trace this number.



Who is this?

What agency do you work for?



- Answer me.

- Dean, do not tell him who we are.



Please don't tell him

my name.



I need some more time,

all right?



Don't call this number again.



I'm gonna set up

an E-mail address.




Check it in the morning.



No, no, don't hang--



Mommy, Daddy.



Come on, Simon,

let's go. Come on.



- Mommy, Daddy.

- Let's go. Come on.



That's it.

Come on.



- Dean, please don't do this.

- If he did it once, he can do it again.



You think this F.B.I. agent is smart

enough to figure out what you're doing?



- He better be, because

that boy's life is at stake.

- This is bad.



It's not fair to me, because

he'll assume I was in on it too!



I don't think

they can hear you on the moon.



- Listen.

- I don't want to listen to you.

You're scaring me.



If anything happens to me,

you're gonna know who did it.



I expect you to do what

you're supposed to do.






You will.

I know it.



Try C.I.A.






Let's try F.B.I.



- Good, good.

- Mm-hmm.



Um... Albert.



Try "E" equals "M-C" squared,

all caps.






- I'll give you some privacy.

- Thanks.



Hey, partner...



I need your help

with something.



It's a puzzle.



Can you help me

with a puzzle?



- Puzzle.

- That's right. A puzzle.



It's right over here.

Come on.



All right. I'm gonna

lift you up now, okay?



Let's put you up

on the chair.



Can you read that?



Simon, what does it say?






"  :  .



The Wrigley Building."



Good boy.



I'm gonna start to take this personally

if you don't--



Hello? Hello?






Oh, I'm sorry, sorry.

Are you okay?



I'm fine, really.

I'm sorry.



It was my fault. I should've watched

where I was going.



No, I shouldn't

have had it there.



The way my day's going,

I'm lucky you didn't trip and sue me.



What do you got in there?

Plumbing supplies?



Look, this is gonna sound crazy,

but I have a little problem...



and I was wondering

if you could help me out.



You see that little boy

sitting over there?



Do you think you could watch him

for a couple of minutes?



You didn't just accidentally

trip over the case, did you?



He's autistic.

And I'm his Big Brother.



Not his real big brother, you know?

Big Brothers of America.



It's going really well, but I need

to get a prescription filled for him.



Normally I'd take him with me,

but I don't like to disturb him

when he's sitting so calmly.



You don't have to do anything.

Just sit here and be your lovely self.






- Okay, yeah. What's his name?

- Simon.



- You sure this is okay?

- Yeah.



If I can handle a district manager,

I can handle anyone.



Thank you. I will be right back.




- What's your name?

- Stacey.



- Stacey--

- Sebring.



Stacey, thank you so much.

I'll be right back. I promise.



Would have done it

without the flattery?



Hey, Simon.



Just keep walking.

Keep walking.



- Jeffries?

- Just keep walking.



I wasn't sure

you'd be here.



Simon's read the code twice. That's

really incredible. Also very dangerous.



- Who do you work for? The C.I.A.?

- No.



- The Defense Department?

- I'm afraid you're not that lucky.



I think the F.B.I. Iikes to call us

"No Such Agency."



- Why does the N.S.A. want

a  -year-old autistic boy?

- The brain is still a mystery.






The Reagan administration mandated

the National Security Agency...



to generate a new code

to protect American informants

working for foreign governments.



We developed a super code

at huge expense.



Named it Mercury.

We thought it was impenetrable.



You're telling me a kid cracked

a government super code?



It doesn't matter.

He can read it.



He might even be able to recreate it.

That's why his life is in danger.



- N.S.A. is willing to have this

boy killed to protect a code?

- We may have already tried.



I think my division chief

may have given orders--



I'm a cryptographer, a nerd.

I don't know what these people do.



Maybe it's routine killing kids,

or maybe my boss is an aberration.



Call an ambulance!

Get an ambulance!



Move it! Move it!



Get out of the way!

Move it!



Excuse me.

Watch out! Watch out!



- Get out of the way!

- Watch out! Watch out!



- Move it! Goddamn it, move!

- Move!



Move it!

Get out of the way!



Look out! Look out!

Move! Get out of the way!



Get down! Get down!



Goddamn it.



Excuse me. F.B.I.

Where's your security office?



- Through the door to the right.

- Thank you.



Hi. Special Agent Jeffries

with the F.B.I.



- Can I help you?

- I hope so.



- Where's the tape for this camera?

- Um, here it is.



No, um... Iook,

it's my ass if you take that.



Then don't tell anyone.

Thank you.



Damn it.



Excuse me,

excuse me please.



Excuse me.




Hey! Come on.

We gotta go.



- Sorry.

- What happened?



He almost got away. You didn't tell me

I have to watch him every second.



Sorry. I shouldn't

have left the coffee shop.



No! No!



All right, all right.



Don't scream, don't scream.

All right.



Oh, my God.



He doesn't see things

like other people do.



Where did you just go?

Rob a bank or something?



I gotta get him out of here.

Let's go, Simon.



Thank you, Stacey.

Thanks for all your help. Come on.



- My dad will kill for this. How much?

- One hundred.



Get real.




Have you ever thought, what are

we gonna collect when we get old?



Plaid shirts

and Kramer dolls?



What's the matter?



- Dean is dead. He's been shot.

- What?



He wanted to go to Chicago.

I said, "Don't go."



He wanted me to go with him

and help him.



Someone shot him?

Who would shoot him?



I can't tell you.



Leo, I want to help you,

but you have to let me in.



Tell me what's going on.



- He'll find out.

- Who? You mean Kudrow?



I don't have the capabilities

to E-mail over his head.



I can't use the phone

because everything gets recorded.



Everything is connected to everything.

There is nothing I can do.



Low-tech rules.






As of this morning, you made it

to the very top of our own perp board.



I don't have to tell you

how profoundly pissed Lomax is.



He's keeping a lid on it to cover

his ass, but you don't have much time.



Yeah. Did you find out

who the shooter is?



Whatever happened to, "Good morning.

How are you? Sorry about your car.



It got impounded. You won't be able

to get it for two weeks."



- Did you get in trouble?

- No. I told them you stole it.



Found him in the

Defense Department data banks.



His name is Peter Burrell,

Special Forces.



So, let's bring him in.



Can't. Unless you want

to dig him up. He's dead.



He's listed as killed

in Beirut in     .



You still think

I'm paranoid?



I don't know, man.

Who knows?



But if you are, then I guess I'm

paranoid too. We're in over our heads.



- We can't fuck with the N.S.A.

- So?



- We find somebody

to talk to about this.

- Lomax? He's a Company man.



- The N.S.A. could've gotten to him too.

- Fine. I'll go above Lomax.



I don't want you

to do anything else.



You got a wife and kid to take care of.

Go do that. Really.



All right then.

What are you gonna do?



I don't know.



Why are you doing this, Art?



That kid isn't

your responsibility.



Whose responsibility

is he?



Look at him.



He looks like

a regular kid, right?



One little circuit

gets crossed. Zap!



He should've been smart,

go to college...



meet a girl, get married,

have some kids, be cool.



Are we talking about him, Art,

or are we talking about you?



Thanks for getting this

together for me.



Be careful.









Who the fuck are you?



Oh. Oh.



Please. Please--



Okay! Oh. You.

What do you want?



It's  :   in the morning,

and you don't know me this well.



- I need to talk to you.

- You're gonna wake up my neighbors.



Oh, man.



We need a place to stay.



- How'd you get this address?

- I looked it up.



No, it's not listed.



The name of your company was on the side

of your sample case. I called them.



Right. Call my company, ask 'em

for my address, they give it to you?






Please. Stacey.



I'm an F.B.I. agent.



Yeah. I bought one of those

for my little brother, $ .



I saw you hiding from the police today.

I'll give them a call.




I really am an F.B.I agent.



Please help us.



- Hello, Simon.

- Hello.






Move your foot.



Thank you.



Thank you very much.



Would it be stupid to ask

why you don't call the F.B.I. for help?



The F.B.I.'s

looking for me too.



Oh, great.



So, how does this work? You murder me

now or you wait till I'm asleep?



Simon needs to get

a little sleep.



He's been up for a long time,

and you seemed like a nice person.



Come on, Simon.

I'll show you where your bed is.



Come on.



Are you thirsty?



He gets the guest room.

You get the couch.



There's food in there.



The bathroom.

You can wash up after yourself.



Let's take this off.



That's good.

Now lie down.






Let's take these off,

all right?



One. Two.






That's good.



You okay?



Good night, Simon.






I have to be up

in a few hours.



I have to fly to Des Moines

in the morning.



If I don't make a sale there tomorrow,

then I don't pay my rent.



So, unless there's anything else you

need, I'd like to get some sleep now.



No, there's nothing else.

Thank you.



I promise you we'll be out of here

first thing in the morning.



Leo, you won't believe the morning.

Did I leave my--






Oh, my God!



Tom, there's a woman downstairs

asking to see Art Jeffries.



- Bring her up.

- She won't talk to anyone except Art.



Do me a favor.



I haven't

logged it in... yet.






- How ya doin', man?

- Anybody else with you?






This is Emily Lang.



Emily, why don't you have a seat?

Go ahead.



Are you Art Jeffries?




I'm Art Jeffries.



My boyfriend's last will

and testament.



I worked with him

at N.S.A.



The other voice

on the line.



His name was Leo.



He was gonna mail one letter

to you.



The other was addressed to

the Senate Oversight Committee.



The letters are gone.

This is all that's left.



"It has come

to my attention...



"that my section director and

immediate superior, Nicholas Kudrow...



"was directly involved in the deaths

of Martin and Jenny Lynch...



"the parents

of Simon Lynch...



and the death of Dean Crandell,

my colleague and friend."



They killed Leo too right after

he wrote that letter.



I'm sorry.



I'm sorry.



Thank you for coming down,




I'm sorry about Leo.



You said you were gonna be out before

I went to Des Moines...



where hopefully I was gonna sell

enough shoes to make the rent.



Only I didn't go to Des Moines

and I didn't make the rent

because you had an emergency.



It was an emergency.



Maybe you're one of those guys

that has constant emergencies.



Everything has to be about excitement.

There are guys like that.



Yes, I know, but I don't happen

to be one of them.



Listen to me. Look at me!

This is not about me.



It's about that little boy.

And he needs some help.



As far as I can tell,

you are a decent, caring person.



I promise you we will be out

of your life as soon as possible. Okay?



Look, if for some reason

there is an emergency--



- Oh! You mean a different emergency!

- Yes, a different emergency.



Do not call the police, okay?

You call this guy. He's with the F.B.I.



I call the F.B.I.,

not the police?



- Right. The police can't protect Simon.

- Right.






Simon is only in danger

if they know where he is.



They don't know where he is,

so he's not in danger, so you're

not in danger. All right?



Right. Unless

there's an emergency.



- It's good to see you're keeping

your sense of humor about this.

- Yeah.



I promise you I will be back in this

apartment at  :   tomorrow afternoon.



And I don't know how yet,

but I will make this up to you.




Thank you.



Take care.



I don't know if it qualifies

as a plan. I'm gonna fly there

and show them Leo's letter.



Here's the bad news.



You gotta get Simon into the

Witness Protection Program right away.



Art, I'm not even supposed

to be talking to you.



How do you expect me to authorize

a move like that?



Lie, cheat. I don't give a shit. You

don't do it, that kid's as good as dead.



Has it occurred to you that maybe Kudrow

would shoot you on sight?



Yeah, that has occurred

to me.



If that happens,

you know what to do with these.



Hope I see you later.




So glad you could make it.



Heard Ted had back surgery. Did you have

anything to do with that? Excuse me.



Can I help you?



Excuse me.

Nick, my good friend!



I want you to know that

your Mercury thing is a goddamn triumph.



- I mean that.

- I appreciate that, Senator.



A feather in your cap. The Oversight

Committee is singing your praises.



You're getting a reputation

as the "can do" guy.



- Thank you. I do appreciate that.

- There's a guy outside.



- Who?

- Says he's with the Bureau.



Would you excuse me

one moment, please?



If he wasn't Bureau,

I wouldn't have bothered you.



I would've lost him,

but I didn't know, sir.



No, Ted, you used good judgment.

I'd like to see him.



He's not

very presentable.



Bring him in the back way. Take him

to the wine cellar. I'll be down.



Nick, I can't believe you look so good

for someone so old!



-How do you do that?

-Drugs, my dear. Massive doses of drugs.



Please don't handle

the wine, Mr. Jeffries.



Yes, I've read

your file.



A deeply troubled F.B.I. agent

with a lousy record...




a nine-year-old boy.



Nice goin'.



You come to my home in the middle

of a social function carrying a gun...



to confront me with this fabricated

unsigned accusation...



allegedly written

by Leo Pedranski...



who was killed the day before yesterday

by you, for all I know.



What do you want from me?

I'd like to get back to my guests.



Unsigned accusation

was typed on carbon paper.



Who uses that anymore?



The late Leo Pedranski's

fingerprints were all over it.



The Pomerello's

a little corky.



I'm sure the Senate Oversight

Committee won't have any problem

connecting you to the murder.



But you haven't given the carbon

to the Senate Oversight Committee.



If you had, you wouldn't

be here right now.



You've got your precious

carbon tucked away...



guaranteeing your safety,

etcetera, etcetera...



so you can come here

and demand what?



Untold millions

in unmarked bills?



I asked you

not to handle the wine, please.



You know, it's good to see you got

your priorities in order.



That's better.



You're not worried about

murdering a nine-year-old boy...



but you're worried about

this fucking wine?



Here's the deal.



I don't give the Senate

Oversight Committee the carbon.



They don't waste three years with their

investigation, wailing and moaning...



"How could this happen

in America?"...



while you have one of

your spooks whack Simon Lynch.






Or you do the only thing that'll

guarantee Simon Lynch his safety.



You or one of your superiors or

the president of the United States...



I don't give a fuck who...



but someone is gonna go on

national television and tell America...



that your billion dollar,

uncrackable code...



has been cracked by

a nine-year-old autistic boy.



Then you get

your carbon back.



You know what I think,

Mr. Jeffries?



I think you've seen too many of those

four-wheel drive commercials on TV.



The ones where you get to drive fast

and be a renegade.



Let's talk about

the real world...



where you're not some wonderful lone

wolf hero, but you're part of a team.



And you play your position

because that's what America is.



It's one big team.



This might be difficult

for you to grasp, but I am a patriot.



And a patriot is one who makes

the right moral choice.



Sometimes it takes a strong man

to make that choice.



One boy who cannot survive on his own,

one of nature's mistakes...



weighed against the lives

of thousands of our people.



Think about it.

You worked undercover.



How many of our agents will

be put in harm's way

if this code is compromised?



Members of your team.



Men like Rasheed Halabi...



an lraqi-American

and a great patriot.



A man, who as we speak, is undercover

in Saddam's Republican Guard.



A man who has not seen

his family--



That's for Simon's parents,

you piece of shit.



You got    hours.



Should be enough time to get your

undercover people out of harm's way.



Oh, by the way.

Happy birthday, Nick.



- Hello?

- Hey, it's me.




You all right?



Yeah, I'm all right. How'd it go

with the witness protection thing?



Everything's set.

Tomorrow night,  :  ...



U.S. marshalls are gonna meet us

with a chopper...



at the heliport on top

of the G.E.X. building.



I took your advice.

I lied.



All right. Good.

See you then. Bye.



That was recorded

on passive V.O.X...



at Agent Jordan's

residence at   :   p.m.



As to the pickup, since we can assume

the boy will not be alone...



I suggest we wait until

we get him on the chopper.



Saw them do this in the movies.



How are you, laddie boy?



Oh, damn!



Simon, turn it down, please!












How much I owe you?



- Twenty dollars, sir.

- Here. Thanks a lot.












- Hello?

- Tommy, where are they now?



Relax. Simon and the girl

are fine. I talked to 'em.



She said she got spooked.

Someone called.



- When she picked up the phone

the line was dead.

- It was me from the airplane.



- Told 'em when Witness Protection

is gonna pick 'em up?

- Absolutely.



She's gonna meet us there.

Everything's set.



Listen, I gotta go.



Agent Jordan.



Lieutenant Colonel Kudrow

of the N.S.A.



What am I looking at here,




You forged documents to obtain witness

protection under false pretenses.



Don't listen to anything this guy

tells you. This guy is dangerous.



Tommy, sit down,

and don't speak.



Agent Jordan...



regardless of what

you think of me...



I only want to resolve

this situation to rescue a young boy...



from a delusional kidnapper.



We will proceed

with the pickup as planned.



As of this moment,

the F.B.I. will stand down...



and the N.S.A.

will take over from here.






- Chief, take a look at this.

- I'm not taking a look.



You have to look at this! Leo Pedranski

worked for Kudrow. He wrote that letter.



He was also killed

after he wrote it.



I ran it through the lab.

And the fingerprints on it

are an exact match for his.






That's where we're goin',




Come on.



Is that you, Art?



I'm a United States marshall

with the Witness Protection Program.



How do you do?






You must be Simon.



Chopper on approach, sir.



Why don't you come

with me, son?



- No!

- He doesn't like

to be touched by strangers.



I'll take him.



Come on, Simon.

Let's go see the helicopter.



- I thought Art was supposed

to meet us here.

- There's been a change in plans.



But I want to assure you

that your country owes you

the greatest debt of gratitude.



Chopper coming in!

Don't have much time!



For the safety of the boy, you should

go home now and forget you were here.



Okay, Simon, you're gonna go for a ride

in the helicopter.



Good-bye, Simon.



You can go with him.






They're on the helipad,

and the chopper's coming in.



You have a green light.

Go, go, go, go!



- It's a go. Let's move.

- Go, go!



Hold them back!



Stay down!

Stay down!



No! No!






No! No! Simon!



Let me go. Come on!



No! No!

No, Simon, no!



Get up. Get up, get up.



That's right.



- Tommy, no! Hold 'em back!

- Hold your fire!



Keep 'em back now!






Where's the team leader?



- Right here, Agent Jeffries.

- It's Kudrow's piece. I got a

nine-millimeter on the sidewalk.



I'll take care of it.



Let's see what you got.



- I want you to say "bug."

- Bug.



Can you look at me?




- Bug.

- That's very good.



I like that very much.



Can I help you?



I'm Art Jeffries,

a friend of Simon Lynch.



Yes, I know. His foster parents

told me all about you.



How's he doing?



He's fine.

He's adjusted very well.



Do you want

to say hello?



He probably wouldn't

remember me.



I was told...

not to expect too much.



I brought him some puzzles.

He likes puzzles.



Do you think you could give

these to him, please?



Sure, but I think it would

be better for Simon if you did.



It's okay.

Come on.



Thank you.



Hey, Simon.



How you doin', partner?



I brought you some new puzzles.

You might like those.



Hey, Simon, look at me.



Look at me, Simon.

Look in my eyes.



Look in my eyes.



It's me, Art.


Special help by SergeiK