Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the David Bowie movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence Script



- What does he want?

- I'll find out.



You don't have to take orders

from this man, you know.



Well, I'm the liaison officer.

So I'm liaising.



You're sure you know what

you're doing, old man?



Yes, and what ever this is,

it's important to him...



that I see it.



- I'll keep an eye on them sir.

- Very good.







A disgracefuI incident has occurred.



I will deal with it myself.



If It's secret why show me?



I want you to witness it.



- Know what he did?

- This dutch soldier?



Not him he was in a cell for stealing bananas.



- The korean guard?

- Of course.



Kanemoto tell this british officer what you did.



Kanemoto come on!

Say it!



Say it! You, Kanemoto!



Why don't you?

Are you too ashamed?



You know now Lawrence?



Last night he stole into the

cell of that dutch boy.



Kanemoto show us how you used

this thing of yours.



Show us how you used it on this

white fellow's ass.



Just do it for us now!



Untie him.



Kanemoto! Do it! Hear me? Now!



Has your dainty thing become

too shrunken to be potent?



If you can bugger him again

you may comit Harakiri.



Have you gone mad?



You haven't seen a japanese

untiI you've seen Harakiri.



I don't want to watch it!



Do you want me to hate the japanese?



I'll do it!



Stop it! For God's sake,

stop it!



Lawrence, out of the way!



Haven't you shamed him enough?



Shame? He didn't even resist being raped!



Can you get up?



You're Dutch, aren't you?



De Jong, sir.Karel De Jong.



Now you'd better

sit down.



Now tell me

what happened.



In the begin in he camein to

dress this wound of mine.



For three days, every night.



He was, he was very kind.



But then last night, he suddenly...



Captain Yonoi! This is

Colonel Lawrence! Come quickly!



Kanemoto, I'll assist you.



Stop it!



Watch this!



Sergeant Hara...






What's going on?



Sergeant Hara is going execute this man!



- This is not your concern.

- Then why bring me here?



- Who ordered this execution?

- This is not an execution.



Kanemoto is trying to comit

suicide for his crime.



And you ignore it?



Out of compassion.



His family is poor. If we deem

his death an accident...



they will get a pension.



What crime has he committed?



Let me report in private.



I've no time now. I'm due at a

military trial in Batavia.



Make your report later.



This way, sir.



- Captain Yonoi is here, sir.

- Let him in.



I'm Captain Yonoi.

I'm here for the trial.



We are very honoured to have

Captain Yonoi here today.



This is Colonel Fujimura,

President of the court.



- Pleased to serve with you.

- Good to have you here.



My name is Iwata.



The military situation here is very serious.



Your service is important.



Gentlemen, the defendant is

a very difficuIt man.



All rise to attention!



Before the court is the

case of Jack Celliers.



Your name is given

as Jack Celliers.



Is that correct?



- Why shouldn't it be?

- What do you mean by that?



Answer the question!

Is your name Jack Celliers?



I've answered that question

about a hundred times.



Read the charges.



The prisioner, Jack Celliers,

a Major in the British army...



parachuted with four men into...



the Banten Valley.



They waged guerilla warfare.



On october    they attacked a

japanese transport unit.



They took ammunition, killed

PFC Takeshi Tazaki, then...



they wounded Corp. Sawafuji

and four others.



His crime is covered by

martial law regulations.



We recommend a death penalty...



as prescribed in section  



Accordingly, he should receive

the death penalty...



as prescribed in Section  

chapter   of the regulations.



How do you plead?



Not guilty. I'm not a criminal.



I am a soldier in His Majesty's army.



One month ago I came out of the

Djaja Sempoer mountains.



I surrendered to Colonel Utsumi

of the Imperial Japanese Army.



I was imprisioned at Sukabumi.

  days in solitary confinement.



Then I was questioned

by Lieutenant Ito.



He asked me my name and

rankand I told him.



Then Lieutenant Ito asked me:

"Is that true?"



I replied:

"of course, it is. I'm with the British army."



Do you mean you would never

give a false name?



Let me ask you something.



Why would a man who's about to

die give a false name?



A japanese soldier it caught

would give a false name.



A Japanese soldier would never

submit to being caught.



But then, I'm not a japanese.



Why did you refuse to tell

about yourself?



You must tell us your pass history.



My past is my business.



What was the reason for

giving yourself up?



You've just read it,

haven't you?



Your men said they'd kill

the villagers.



- How many men did you have?

- None.



- Liar!

- I'm not a liar.



I had four men but they

were killed in action.



We know you led a group

of native soldiers.



We are bound to find them

sooner or later.



Why don't you confess your crime?



I've never led natives.



Look, why don't I have a defense counsel?



Exactly what kind of trial

are you giving me?



This whole thing's a bloody farce.



Erase all those remarks.



May I question him?



"To be or not to be.

"That is the question,



The prosecutor said that you

landed in Java by parachute.



Under whose orders?



Under the orders of the

Suprem e Commander of...



His Majesty's forces in India.



Were you not under the

commander of Java?



You know I came to Java in August.



You know the commander in

Java was captured in March.



- You know Captain...

- Captain Yonoi.



If this man fought in India

as a legitimate soldier.



Then we must treat him as

a prisioner of war.



- We have no proof.

- I believe this man.



What were you asked when captured?



Were you asked how to

intended to conduct a...



guerilla war with only five men?



Well, I suspect they thought we

were an advance party...



for a new campaign presumably

the invasion of Java!



They wanted to know dates and places.



What did you say?



I said I thought they were crackers.






- I thought they were mad.

- And then?



Then they stopped feeding me,

and started beating me.



Can you prove that you were beaten?



Put on your shirt!



No more questions!



The court retires.



A delay this long usually means

a firing squad.



But nowadays new officers like

to try out their swords...



on white necks.



The verdict in your case

has been postponed.



We shall wait for further instructions.



Stand up.



Good day for it, sir.






You have a family waiting for you,




Wife and two kids, sir.

One with, one without.



How's about yourself, sir?



- Tea?

- Yes, I'd like that.



The prisoner, sir!



Can you guess

what I'm thinking.



Yes, I think so. Can you?



He's rebellious to the end.



You have been found

guilty on all charges.



The sentence will be carried

out without delay.



Make him ready!



- I don't need any help.

- Let him alone!



I've practiced walking for years.



Firing position!



I don't need that.



The blind fold is for the firing squad!



So they don't look into

your eyes as you die.



Let him be.



Prepare to fire!



Firing positions!






That's a good one!



Sergeant Hara...



Sergeant Hara...



Lawrence can't you let me sleep?



I'm sorry.



I was just now riding on top of

Marlene Dietrich's tummy.



In a hideway in Manchuria!



I must talk to you.



Why's he here?



I want you to protect him.






My men heard about him.



- I told you not to talk!

- I didn't.



There were japanese soldiers

and korean guards there.



You accuse japanese...?



It was probably the guards.



Don't you realize that everyone

is going to know?



I understood.



Will all your men want to

bugger him now?



Is it true that english men

are all homosexuals?



Don't be stupid.



Listen I need your help.



A japanese never asks help

from an enemy.



Hey, are you a homosexual?



He says you are a homosexual.

Are you?



No sir. I am not.



He's not.



You all fear homosexuality!



A samurai doesn't fear it.



Wars create friendships amongst men.



That hardly means that all

soldiers become homosexual.



You are not soldiers,

you are prisioners!



So you lack discipline,

and you beg favours.



- Shame!

- Sergeant Hara...



I've nothing to be ashamed of.



A new prisioner has arrived.



Another queer's here!



I've brought a prisioner from

military prison, Batavia.



I'm sergeant Gengo Hara.

I'll take over.



Your name and rank?



Celliers, Jack. Major,

British Army.



Celliers? Jack Celliers?

Straffer Jack?



Good morning, Colonel.



You bastard!



Stop it!



No! Stop it! Stop it!



You! Officer! Do you

know this man?



We served together in Libya.

We fought the Germans.



Take him to the sick bay.



What kind of a man is he?



Is he a close friend of yours?



No. He's not a close friend, no.



- What kind of a soldier is he?

- He's a fine soldier.



We had a nickname for him

in the  th Army.



We called him straffer Jack.



Straffer is a kind of um...



it's very difficult to translate.

Straffer is um...



This is astonishingly difficult sometimes.



In any case,

he was a soldier's soldier.



Why are you so

interested in him?



- What did the doctor say?

- I din't talk to the doctor.



You fool!



Lawrecen, I want him in good

health as quickly as possible.



That's an order!



You don't have to order me

to look after a sick man.



I will send the japanese

medic to see him.



Why are you so concerned

about Major Celliers?



Send our medic.



- The commandig officer, sir.

- Let him in.



You spend more time with these

Japs than you do with...



your own men.



I called Colonel Lawrence here.

Now from you...



I want the names of all

prisoners who are informed...



on the subject of armaments

and ammunition.



Who are the experts here?



I am not required under

International Law...



to furnish the enemy with

any information.



This is not North Africa.

We are not Germans!



There is no Geneva Convention here.



If you do not follow my orders,

I will have to replace you.



Replace me?

What are you talking about?



Replace me with whom?



Do you know what

he's talking about?



No sir. I don't know.



You promised to improve our food ration.



You eat the same as we eat.



Give me the names of your experts.



No, Captain Yonoi.

I will not.



Captain Yonoi. Please try to understand.



Group Captain Hicksley

is an honourable man.



"They are all, all honourable men."



As commanding officer, I prefer

another honourable man.



Lawrence, this armaments thing.



I think we can string it out

for quite sometime, don't you?



I mean, young Tojo will never

notice the difference.



They're not fool, you know,

sir, the japanese.



They know how badly the war's

going for them.



A couple months, it could

all be over.



Then why not try and stay alive

for a couple of months?



Sir, I know these people...



I wish you'de be guided by my knowledge.



I know these people, too.

They're the enemy.



And you're a British soldier.



You know they once beat the Russians.



Really? What school did you go to?






Who's looking after Major Celliers?



- I am, sir.

- How's he coming along?



He's a tough man.

Anyone else would have been dead



When will he be up and

about do you think?



Christ, I had to give him a sedative,

so he'll sleep...



most of the time. I'd saya

couple of weeks.



- Good. Where's the big chief?

- I'll get him for you.



All right you malingerers.

Now hear this!



Colonel Lawrence is going to

stay here for a few nights.



- He's one of those, mate!

- Want my boxing gloves?



- Where is he?

- Sleeping.



Take me.



Why was he captured?



He wasn't.

He surrendered.



Why does Capt. Yonoi want to

make him commanding officer?



- I don't know.

- Answer me Lawrence...



Because he's a born leader.



Why are you still alive?



I'd admire you more if

you killed yourself.



A good officer like you!



How can you stand the shame?



We don't call it shame.



Being a prisioner is one of

the fortunes of war.



We surely aren't happy being prisoners.



We want to escape.

We want to fight you.



That's just quibbling.



No! We want to win.

This camp isn't the end.



We won't kill ourselves.

It's the coward's way out.



You're just scared of dying!



Don't wake the patients.



When I was   

I visited the shrine in my village.



I offered my life to the Emperor.



I have already died for my country.



Yes. But you're not dead are you?



It's all right, Jack.

It's Lawrence.



It's all right. You're fine.

It's all right.



Sergeant Hara isn't going to hurt you.



Sergeant Hara isn't going to hurt anyone.



What on earth possessed Yonoi

to save me do you think?



I don't know.



What did he say, Lawrence?



What a fynny face!

Beautiful eyes, though.



All right?



What's that bloody noise!

What's the matter with them?



They're trying to become

super human gods.



They live in the past,

these fellows.



God help them, Lawrence.



And that's our Captain Yonoi's voice,

isn't it?



He's been screaming

his head off...



ever since you got here.



If he's got something

on his mind...



why doesn't he come out with it?



I rather think he is.



Perhaps we're both on the same ladder.



Are you okay?



It was a nightmare.



Ueki is worried about these

training sessions...



that they are too violent.



Sir, your shouts make the prisioners uneasy.



Lawrence has come to me.



- Lawrence is here?

- Outside.



Is it true that our shouts

disturb the prisoners?



Yes, yes, sir. It is.



And you? Do you feel uneasy?



Well, I find the noise irritating,

but irt doesn't make me uneasy.



However, some of the sick men...



- That sick officer, too?

- Major Celliers? Yes.



I do not want the prisoners

to become upset.



Thank you, Captain Yonoi.



How wonderful it would have been...



if we could have invited all of you...



to a gathering under our cherry trees.






My fondest memory of

Japan is the snow.



The trees covered with snow.



- It was snowing on that day.

- What day?



Don't you know?

February        .



Yes... yes.



I was in Tokyo that day.

You too?



No. I had been sent off to

Manchuria   months before.



I was not there

for the uprising.



You regret that?



My comrades were executed.



I was left to die after them.



I see. So you were one of the

shining young officers...



And bring that sick officer Lawrence.









Eyes right.



Lawrence, where is that sick officer?



- The doctor stopped him.

- You stopped him, Lawrence.



He is very weak.



Where is the victim?

Let him step forward.



We're here on your orders.



We're under no obligation to

watch this execution.



If you had any humanity left in you, sir,

you would let us leave.



Any of you who can't watch it...



keep your eyes shut or turn round!



But I will no permit you

to leave this site!



Allied officers do not turn

their back on the enemy.






Raised your head.



Roll him over.



Christ. He's swallowed part

of his tongue.



- Pay your respects.

- Come on, lads.



- Not yet.

- We want to pay our respects!



- You Jap lover!

- Stop them.



You have no respect for anything!

Not even your own men!



You're wrong, Captain Yonoi!

By God you're wrong.



You are to say nothing

about today's execution...



or this soldier's death

until it is announced.



If you're so bloody right,

you've got nothing to hide!



We must wait for the

official announcement.



This is the right way.

I am right.



Colonel Lawrence,

am I not right?



No. No, Captain Yonoi.

You're wrong.



We're all wrong.



I order all prisoners,

each and everyone of you...



not to go out to the fields

today or tomorrow.



Instead, you shall stay inside

your barracks for    hours...



and undergo "gyo".



You'll observe gyo for    hours.

There will be no eating



or drinking. Is this clear?



What the hell's gyo?



It's a Japanese cure for laziness.



Laziness, Jesus Christ!



Why don't you listen?



He means spiritual laziness.

And he believes...



that if he takes away the food

and the water, then he also...



takes away the nourishment

for the laziness!



You don't believe that bullshit,

do you?



I don't fucking know!



Sir, I will tell you something that

may surprise you.



If we do it, he'll do it!



- Pheasant!

- Here.



- Mills!

- Here.



- Ibbertson

- I'm hungry.



- Adams.

- Eggs and bacon, mate.



- Baxter!

- Steak and kidney-pie.



Put up with it for another    or    hours.

You can do it!



How about giving us a wee whisky?



What about a double whisky?



De Jong!



Next! Who's next?



He's dead.



He's not dead!

He'll be back in a few days!



De Jong has been killed!



De Jong has been Killed!

De Jong has been Killed!



Thank you.






- Craig!

- Here.



- Smith!

- Yes.






- Where is Major Celliers?

- He said he'd be back soon.



One man is missing.

Major Celliers.



Look, he'll be here in a moment.

Just mark us all here.



I can't do that. I'll have to

report him missing.



No, please.

Just a few minutes!






That's right.



What are those flowers for?









I wish they were white, but these

were all that I could find.



In memory of De Jong.



It might be nice if you were to

say something Lawrence.



Our father who art in Heaven

Hallowed by thy name



Thy Kingdom come,

Thy will be done



Give us this day

our daily bread



And forgive us our trespasses,

As we forgive them that...



- Give me another.

- And lead us not into temp



What are you doing?

We must observe the gyo.



What the hell are you doing, Major?



I gave Major Celliers permission, sir.



Ah, changed our tune, have we?

What happened to the gyo?



- What are all these flowers for?

- In memory of De Jong, sir.



He didn't give me permission, sir.

And it was my idea.






Lawrence, over here.



You knew of Yonoi's plan to

replace me as comander?



Yes, sir, I did.



May I ask why

you didn't tell me?



It's still only a rumor, sir.



You don't like me, do you?



Captain Yonoi doesn't like you.



I don't know what to

make of you, Lawrence.



You've either very clever, or

you're bloody stupid.



But I tell you one thing.



I will never give Yonoi any

information about officers...



or armaments.

You understand that?



And I will never resign as

commander of this camp.



You can tell that to Yonoi.




Bloody hell!

It's an inspection!



Don't waste the food.

Keep eating it.



I'll take the responsibility.

And keep singing.



Rock of Ages,

cleft for me



Let me hide

Myself in Thee



Let the water

And the Blood



Come on now...



From Thy riven side which

Flow'd Be of sin the



For God's sake get those bloody

flowers off De Jong's bed!



No, leave those on.



I will inspect all of you to see.

You scum!



You aren't eating?



If you've got anything

hidden away in here...



You all have "Manju" cakes!



Talk! Damn it!

Who brought them in here?






Are you crazy?



Well I've tried the "Manju".

And I've tried the flowers.



And I think the flowers taste better.



Stop resisting!



Stop it.



Shut up.



What was that singing?



They're practicing for christmas.



It's for a funeral!



Who do you think you are?

Are you an evil spirit?



Yes, and one of yours I hope.



To the cell!



He's not an evil spirit.

He's a human being!



Get rid of your superstitions!



We found this radio!



You stayed here, so I'm sure we

can count on you to tell us.



My God!



- Who's there?

- The key!



I can't give it to you.



- It's Captain's orders.

- Isn't he coming?



- Does he come here?

- Every night.



Give me the key.



Take this!



Lawrence, we're going walkies.



Listen we're getting out of here!

In my shoulder.



Jack look, we can't...



The tube line doesn't come this far.



Everything's all right. Yonoi

gave me a Persian rug.



It's all right for you.



I can't get my legs to work.



Do you mind if I take the guard?

He's a lot lighter.



This is quite ridiculous.



I presume you've come

for your carpet.



If you defeat me,

you will be free.



I'll kill him.



I think he's taken a bit of

a shine to you.



To the cells!



Please forgive me, Captain.



I want to apologize for my

behaviour with death.



- Are you able?

- Yes.



Why try to kill him?



That man is a devil! He will

destroy your spirit!



How very straight you sit!

I'm very impressed with you!



I'd sit even straighter if my

legs hadn't been wrecked.



My batman. He committed

harakiri last night.



The government doesn't pay a

death benefit in cases...



of suicide.



Sergeant Hara has advised me

to treat the death...



as a death in action.



This is my batman's funeral ceremony.



How very thoughtful of Sergeant Hara.



In your case, Sergeant Hara's

thoughtfulness means that...



your wife will receive a pension

from British Army.



You awful bastard!



Sit up!



This morning I put my sealon

Hara's recommendation.



It has gone to Batavia.

We'll get their answer quite soon.



It's only a formality.



Once the papers arrive, we can

put you to death.



Well that should please

Sergeant Hara.



You brought the radio

into the camp.



You know that is not true.



Not true?



If you didn't do it, who did?



We must punish someone.



But why?



Would you rather punish the wrong man?



You mean I'm to die because

you think if there's a crime...



then it must be punished?



And it doesn't matter

who is punished?



You're not by any chance a

Gilbert & Sullivan fan are you?






You're not very funny really.



I see.



So I'm to die to preserve

your sense of order.



Yes. You understand, Lawrence.



You must die for me.



I understand.

I won't die for you!



Should I have lied about the

radio Sergeant Hara?



Should I have said I brought it

into the Camp?



Sergeant Hara!



Stop it!



It's your gods.



It's your bloody awful stinking gods.



They made you what you are.



May they rot in whatever filthy

hell they came from!



Damn them! Damn your fucking gods!



To the cells!






What will happen to Major Celliers?



That is one of your business.



Oh you wouldn't execute

Major Celliers...



for a crime like bringing a

wireless into a ward.



Your friend was a

disappointment to me.



Do you want to see him

before you die?



What happened in there?



Wait a minute.

Wait a minute.



Something's changed.



I read it all wrong.



Do you think you've had it?



What? What?



Do you think you've had it?



Bloody radio!



Yonoi said something strange.



He said:

"I'm disappointed in your friend."



What is wrong with

them, Lawrence?



I don't know.



They were a nation of

anxious people.



And they could do

nothing individually.



So they went mad, en masse.



God I wish they'd stop hitting me.



I don't want to hate any

individual Japanese.






John Lawrence.



Good night, John Lawrence.



What's up John?



I was dreaming.



I was dreaming about this woman.



Christ, sounds like she cut it off.



I only met he twice...



I met her only twice.



Just before the fall of Singapore.



The streets were just

packed with people.



Everybody was trying to get out.

They'd all gone mad.



The hotels were packed.

Everybody was screaming.



And there was this woman,

who was different from...



all the rest, really.



She didn't seem to be frightened.



I was frightened.



We talked about the war

and she kept saying...



"What's the truth?

I want to know the truth."



Bloody silly question, really.



We arranged to have breakfast

together the next morning.



And would you believe it?

I was whipped off.



The attack had started.

Japanese landed.



Anyway I got back to the hotel

a few days later...



and would you believe it?



She was still there.



She was standing in exactly

the same place...



that I'd left her.



It was as if she hadn't move

since I walked away.



Like I'd run across the street for

a packet of cigaretes.



I don't think I want to talk about

this anymore really.



Jack are you there?



Yes I suppose so.



What's the matter?



The past, again and again.



You've got me at it now, John.



Who is she? Your turn in

the confessional.



I've not had many romantic

interludes of great importance.



My experience lies in the

field of betrayal.



Ride, ride through the day



Ride through the moonlight



Ride, ride through the night



For far in the distance

Burns the fire



For someone who

Was waited long



How do you find the time to

compose these songs?



While you're at school.



Lead us Heavently Father,

Lead us



O'er the world's

Tempestuous sea



Guard us, guide us,

Keep us, feed us



For we have no help

But Thee



Yet possessing every blessing,

If our God our Father be



Listen! They're a two

full notes off!



Savior, breathe forgiveness

O'er us



All our weakness

Thou dost know



- They're after me.

- But why?



- I laughed at them.

- I laughed, too!



They hate me!

They like you.



I won't let them touch you.

Go on home.



Don't look back no matter what!




Do what I told you!



Be brave.



Hey, hunchback!



Get out of the way!



Don't run!



All right! You asked for it!



What an earth do you think

you're doing!



Are you all right?



You brought the pastor!

Why did you have to interfere?



Why didn't you go home

like I said?



- I'm sorry.

- No, you're not.



Stop crying.



You hate me, too!



My brother was scared out of

his skin when the time came...



for him to go to school.



I was in the sixth form,

top of my class...



and head of my house.



Even so my brother lived every

day in absolute terror...



of being revealed...



Tomorrow's the initiation.

Any exemptions?



One got a weak heart. But he's got

a doctor's certificate.



I've got on who's blind as a bat.

He can't even pee straight.



You've got a young brother in your

house haven't you?



- What about him?

- Well, what about him?



- I was merely wondering if he was...

- He's perfectly all right.



If there's any reason why you'd

want your brother excused...



It's awfully decent of you,

but there's no reason.



I knew my brother was

waiting for me.



But I couldn't conscience the

thought of the whole school...



stting eyes on his back.

It would reflect on me...



and anything related to me

was not of the best.



I asked the science master

to let me stay after class...



to make preparations for the

experiments the next day.



Why was he born so beautiful?



Why was he born at all?



He's no bloody use to anyone



He's no bloody use at all



Come on chaps!



- What can you do?

- I hear he can sing.



Oh he's one of those, is he?



Come on sing!



Sing, Sing, Sing.

Sing. Sing. Sing.



Ride, ride through the day



Ride, ride through the night



For far in the distance

Burns the fire



For someone who

Has waited along



Jack, help me!



So how did it go today?



You mean you didn't see?



No. I was in the science

laboratory all afternoon.



I had to finish a job for

the science master.



I see.



My brother never sang

another note... ever.



He took over our father's

farm in due course.



The last time I saw him was

at his wedding.



Over the years, I became,

you might say...



a haunted person.



I really wanted to see him again.

I never did.



I was    eligible batchelor...



a reasonably successful lawyer

and absolutely nothing.



When war broke out, God,

I embraaced it.



With some inexplicable sense

of relief and the kind...



of enthusiasm I hadn't shown for

anything for... I don't know.



Yoy should have joined the

Foreign Legion, Jack.



It would have been

an easier life.



That's the last thing I want.



- Here comes the milkman now.

- Two pints.



Shouldn't we order an extra one.

It's Christmas remember?



Well, it was lovely chatting but

I really must fly.



It's not you. They've como

for me.



How is it John you're always wrong?



- The prsioners, sir.

- Come in.



So, sergeant Hara,

you're human after all.






So Sergeant Hara you're

human after all.




You know Father Christmas?



What's he saying to us?



Yes Hara-San.



Father Christmas means Santa Claus.



I'm Father Christmas tonight.



Tonight, I'm Father Christmas.



He thinks he's Santa Claus.



Father. Father Christmas.



Father Christmas!



Go with him.



You're both free.

He's pissed as a newt.



Marry Christmas.



Thank you.



Marry Kurisumasu, Lawrence!

Marry Kurisumasu!






I brought the squad, sir.



All present, sir.



Lawrence! Why are you here?



- I relesed him last night.

- Why?



Yesterday I questioned a

chinese prisoner.



He confessed he smuggled the

radio into the sick bay.



I had him executed.



I was wrong to blame Lawrence.



Why not report it!



- I also released Jack Celliers.

- Without my permission?



Sir, I was a little drunk.



I didn't think Lawrence or

Celliers would do us harm.



I didn't think you wanted

them to be martyrs.



I'll take the consequences.



Whatever happiened to your

idea to replace me...



with Major Celliers?



Shut up, sir.



Where is you report on armament's

experts here in the camp?



- There are none here, sir.

- Not one among     men?



Do you think you can get away

with such as obvious lie?



I'm told it is the japanese

way to lie, sir.



Very well! All prisioners

on parade in five minutes!






All of them, I said.




I'm sending prisoners to Haruka

to build an airstrip.



You'll take charge of them.

You leave in three days.



In the meantime you will be

confined to your room.



Without sake.



What are they up to now?



I don't think it's anything.

Fairly routine stuff this.



- Listen, John.

- What?



I wish I could sing.



It is beautiful.



My orders were explicit!



I said that all prisoners

were to assemble!



You are not all here!



We are all here, sir.



You! Come here!



You lied to me again!



I said all the prisoners!

Where are the men from the hospital?



- They cannot possibly be moved!

- It's out of the question!



All prisoners will

assemble immediately!



Get them! Now!

Get them!



You're faking.



You are not sick!



You're spirits are sick!



Bastard! He's going to die!



Capitain Yanoi.



He's dead!



You! Get over here!






you and you...



Come here! Now!

Come here!



As a representative of the

British Air Force how...



many experts in weapons and guns

do you have in your group?



None, sir!






You! Go back!

Go back!



Go back! Go back!



Stop it!



I am not as sentimental

as Captain Yonoi.



Things will be different now.









Platoon... shun!



Detail will advance by the left.

Quick march.



Understand them do you, Lawrence?



If I were you, I would commit harakiri.



I'm pleased to see you.

Really Jack.



I wanted to come.



Don't apologize.



But I've wronged you, badly.



Help me water these things.



Look, I need to talk to you.



Remember this one?



You know I don't.



It flowers once every

five years. That's all.



I'll be back before it flowers again.



Cross my heart.



Let's go back to the house.



Ride, ride through the day



Ride through the moonlight



Ride, ride through the night



For far in the distance

Burns the fire



For someone who

Has waited long



I knew you would come,

Mr. Lawrence.



- You've learned English.

- Yes very little. Please?



I very nearly didn't get your message.



It's tomorrow morning.



Well if it was to me.



I'd release you today, send

you back to your family.



Thank you.

I'm ready to die.



I don't understand.

My crimes were...



no different from any

other soldier's.



You are the victim of men who

think that they are right...



just as one day you

and Captain Yonoi...



And the truth is, of course,

that nobody is right.



Do you remember Jack Celliers?



Strange. I dreamed of him last night.



Did you really?



Captain Yonoi gave me a lock

of Jack Celliers hair...



and he asked me to take it to

his village in Japan.



It's sad.



That he was executed after the war.



It was as if Celliers, by his

death, sowed...



a seed in Yonoi, that we

might all share...



by its growth.



Do you remember that Christmas?






It was a good Christmas, wasn't it?



It was a wonderful Christmas.

You were drunk.



May I go on and on being drunk?



Sake is wonderful.



Thank you. Father Christmas.

Thank you.



There are times when victory

is very hard to take.



Good bye. Hara-san.



God bless you.



Merry Christmas!



Merry Christmas,

Mr. Lawrence!




Special help by SergeiK