Metro Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Metro script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Eddie Murphy movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Metro. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Metro Script



Backtrack is starting to make up ground

and closing on the outside.



They've run past the quarter

pole and Cosy Girl has gone

clear by three lengths.



- Now Backtrack coming out of the pack.

- Come on, Cosy. Come on, Cosy Girl!



Backtrack is gonna be

the danger to Cosy Girl.



They come for home.

Cosy Girl is clear by two.



- One-one-four to Roper.

- But Backtrack is putting in...

- Come on. Dig in there, Cosy Girl.



- A determined run on

the left-hand side.

- Dig in! Roper here.



- One-one-four, Roper. Code

two CP, Fourth and Grand.

...Cosy Girl.



But Backtrack is catching stride

for stride on the outside.



- Come on, Cosy Girl!

- It's gonna be a run

for the wire together.



- E.T.A. In five. I'm in route.

- Cosy Girl is tenacious.



But Backtrack keeps on

making up ground on her.



Cosy Girl and Backtrack. Gonna

be a tight photo in this one.



- Come on, Cosy, baby!

- Cosy Girl at the rail.



- Where's the wire?

- Backtrack on the outside.

Here's the wire!



- Come on, Cosy. Come on.

Come on, Cosy Girl. Cosy Girl.

- It's so close between those two.



- Cosy Girl! Cosy Girl!

- But Backtrack has won it!



- Cosy Girl, you lazy bitch!

- Backtrack over Cosy Girl.

Backtrack wins.



- Cosy Girl was second.

- You lazy, hag-ass bitch!



That cosy shit is why we lost

this race. Bein' fuckin' cosy!



You need to get the fire

under your ass!



- Move in.

- All the way to the end.

- Set up on the door.



Clear. Take positions.



To the right.



- Got this one.

- Right window.



- They want us to go

around the back side.

- Ninety-seven at the inner perimeter.



No, no, communications are down.

He ripped the phone out.



Yeah, yeah, he's here now.

Got it.



- Hey, Scott.

- Hey, Eiko, where's the command post?



It's down here. Hey, Bob,

I need two guys to go to CP.



- Now what's goin' on?

- Suspect came in shortly

after the bank opened.



A botched robbery.

Teller hit the silent alarm.



He's taken    hostages, shot one;

the guard. He's still alive.



- So far, he's asked for a...

- Car.



And a plane waiting at the airport,

and if he doesn't get that...



- He'll kill all the hostages

in five minutes.

- Right.



- What's the suspect's name?

- Earl.



Earl. Shit, you'd think on a day

like today, Earl would go

to the park or somethin', right?



Ladies and gentlemen.

What's up, man?



- Scott.

- Hey.



Rope, glad you could make it.

Captain Solis is on his way down.



- You guys got a profile on Earl?

- Yeah.



- This guy's no genius.

- Well, they ain't usually

graduate students.



- SWAT wants to go in.

- What, they ain't killed

nobody yet this week?



Okay, we got a guy who's probably

on drugs. He's got a record of  - - s.



He's been busted

on possession.



Never been busted on a major felony.

What's this guy's demeanour?



Well, he's a little fuckin' agitated.

He ripped the phone out.



I gotta go face to face.



- No, I don't think so.

- Sam, you got a building

full of hostages.



One of 'em is hurt. We don't know how

bad. This nut pulled out the telephone.



The SWAT said he's got a gun

to somebody's head. If SWAT

goes in there, you're gonna

lose one person, possibly two.



You gotta let me go in there

and look around and make sure

everything's all right in there.



- I don't know.

- Sam, look at the guy's rap sheet.



There's no violence on there.

The guy's never offed anybody.



Hey, look. Are you gonna let me go in

there or are we gonna stand around and

talk and let this guy bleed to death?



Can I have a dozen

doughnuts please?



What makes a guy

do somethin' like that?



Gimme a roof and

a rifle any day.



CP, I see a WMA

in window three...



holding a handgun

to Asian female's head.



Suspect is wearing

a black vest and T-shirt.



I'm gonna kill somebody!

If they don't gimme my god-damn

car, I'm gonna kill somebody!



- Who the fuck are you, man?

- Hey, how you doin', Earl?



- I'm Scott Roper, the negotiator.

- Get up! Get up! Get up

where I can see you!



Hands up! Get back! Get back!

Stop right there, motherfucker!



Hands up! Hands up!

Get back!



Get back. Step back.

Stop right there, man.



- Stop.

- Okay, Earl. All right? I'm stoppin'.



- All right, turn around.

- I don't carry a weapon, Earl.

I'm a negotiator.



- I have no gun. See?

- Keep your hands up!



- I'm just pattin' down for you.

- Hands up!

- Pattin' down for you.



- All right?

- What's in the hand, man?

What's in the bag?



These are doughnuts, Earl. I know

you've all been in here a while...



so I brought some doughnuts in case

anybody wanted a snack or something.



Drop the fuckin' bag!

Drop the bag!



Okay, no problem. I'm gonna

put the doughnuts down.



- It's just doughnuts, okay, Earl? Relax.

- Kick 'em over.



- Okay.

- Hands up! Goddamn it, let me see you!



Kick it over, man.

Kick it over!



Pick it up. Pick it up!

Pick it up!



Open the bag! Show me

what's in the bag! Open it!



- It's doughnuts, man.

- That's what I said, man.

I told you they were doughnuts.



That's bullshit, man!

You poisoned that shit!



- You put like fuckin'

powdered shit in it, man.

- Earl. No, no.

- You're fuckin' with me!



Earl, look, I'm not playin'

with you. They're just doughnuts.



- Eat it! Eat one.

- Please, eat. Don't even

worry about the doughnuts.



- Eat the doughnut!

- Let 'em eat 'em. See?



- Where's my fuckin' car, man?

- I'm gettin' you your car,

but first things first.



All right, Earl?

We have to do this thing right.



All right? Okay, Earl?



I want you to take that gun and point it

away from... What's your name, Miss?



- Debbie.

- You point that gun away

from Debbie's head, okay?



Debbie's fuckin' brains are gonna be all

over the floor in five minutes...



- if you don't get my fuckin' car, man!

- No, please!

- No, Earl. Earl.



That's the worst thing you can do.

That's a really bad move if you do that.



Okay? Let's be clear

about something.



If you kill anybody,

I can't help you.



- No, please, God! No!

- All right? I can't help you.



Rules of the game change then. SWAT will

take you out if you kill somebody.



- That's what they gear up for.

- No, please, don't!



They're ready to do you right now.

I want you to see something.



Come here. Just look...

Just look out the window here.



Look across the street.



There's a sniper

in the window.



He's lookin' at you right now

on a scope on his rifle.



The window next to it,

sniper in there too.



- Oh, shit.

- All around the building,

we got SWAT on the roof.



And they been given the word.

You kill anybody...



anybody, they'll

take you out.



And they don't give a shit. They'll take

you out and go right to lunch, okay?



Fuck! Fuck, man! Fu...



- What are my chances, man?

- Not bad.



You know, last month somebody

robbed a bank in Daly City.



They made it all the way

to the freeway. Cops gave him a car.

He got on the freeway and he lost 'em.



- Oh, God!

- Really?

- But they didn't kill anybody.



Hmm? How you doin', Harold?



- Hey, what are you doin' to that, man?

- Okay, uh, Earl?



I gotta take Harold outta here.

He's bleedin' pretty bad.

I took an oath as a negotiator.



If I ever go into a hostile situation

and there's an injured party...



I'm duty bound by that oath

to take the person to safety.



Now, you can shoot me if you

want, but the next negotiator's

gonna tell you the same thing.



- All right?

- Just gimme my car, man,

all right? Gimme my car.



Everybody, everything's gonna

be all right. We're gonna get

everybody out of here. Okay?



- You get me my car or I'll

do her, man! I fuckin' swear,

I'm not fuckin' around!

- We'll get you your car.



All right? And Earl, Earl.

Take that gun down from Debbie's head.



- Don't mess wi...

- We don't wanna have any accidents.

- Don't fuck with me, man.



- Everything's gonna be cool.

- Get me my car, man!



- God, no, don't kill me!

- Shut up!



- Come on!

- Hold your fire!

- Let's go! Let's go!



That's one out.

Seventeen to go.



Okay, Harold, here you go.



- Gimme your gun.

- What?

- Gimme your gun.



- Man, I haven't had to shoot

anybody in three years.

- Why not keep the streak alive?



- 'Cause this strung-out

junkie's gonna kill somebody.

- What the hell are you doing out there?



What's going on?



Okay, Earl, it's happening.

Got your car comin'.



Harold's gone to safety.

Everything is cool. And we're

gonna get everybody out of here.



But first, as a show of good

faith, gimme another hostage.



- Gimme Debbie.

- I gave you the old fuckin' man, man!



He don't count. He was bleedin',

he was gonna die in here and

that would've been on your ass.



I did you a favor takin' him outta here.

Now, gimme a hostage. Gimme Debbie.



- Am I gettin' my car, man?

- You're gonna get your car.

But gimme a hostage.



Come on. Gimme Debbie, man.



Take them, man! Take 'em!

Take em'!



- Okay, you three, let's go.

- Take them! Take them!






Please don't kill me!

Please don't!



See, we're makin' progress.

We're gonna get everybody

outta here. Everybody, relax.



- I'm gonna get your car right now.

- Gimme my car, man.

- I'll get your car right now.



- Gimme my car, man!

- I'll get your car.



- Oh, there's one other thing.

- What? What?



You want a hardtop

or convertible?



- Fuck, man. A fuckin'

hardtop, man. Hardtop.

- Hardtop.



- Hardtop, man.

- Hardtop. All right.



- Manual or automatic?

- Automatic!



Stay down!

Don't you fuckin' move!



- Don't shoot me!

- Don't you fuckin' move!

- Don't shoot me! I give up, man!



Everybody, down!

On the floor!



- Don't shoot me, man!

- Right now! On the floor!



- On the floor!

- Oh, man, don't shoot me!

Don't shoot! Don't...



- Captain Solis, can we speak

to Inspector Roper?

- Inspector Roper?

- Inspector Roper?



- Inspector Roper?

- Inspector Roper, what happened inside?



Inspector Roper, you've successfully

negotiated nine times in the past.



- What was different

about this situation?

- Please, please, ladies and gentlemen.



The inspector is not available

to answer your questions right now.



- We're just very thankful nobody

got killed in this incident.

- Can't you give us something, Kevin?



Now, the inspector will be available to

answer your questions in two hours...



at the official police briefing

at police headquarters.



Inspector Roper, are you okay?

Are you okay?



- Please, please, we have

no further information.

- Hey.



Now that is one

for the front page.



Now, what are you doin' comin'

down here and torturin' me?

You know I'm in love with you.



- Don't start.

- Don't tell me not to start.



Look, Ronnie, that baseball

player you're runnin' around

with, that guy is bad news.



Oh, really. Let's think about this.

He makes about two million a year.



- A really nice guy, and he worships me.

- I worship you too.



- Scott, you worship your bookie.

- No, forget that. Listen.

What's this guy's name?



- Greg.

- Well, I read that

Greg's knees are blown out.



You know, in ten years, you're gonna be

pushin' him around in a wheelchair.



- A lot of hills in this town.

- You know what I think?



I think you only want me back

'cause you can't have me.



Well, I don't think it matters what you

think. What matters is that I think

we should be together.



Hey, hey, hey, hey, listen to me.

Can we please go out this weekend?



No way. And talking

of going out.



What about Troy? You told me

you'd take him out over a month ago.



Hey, Veronica, I had a really

rough month, you know. I know

I was supposed to get with him.



He misses you. I tell him you're

coming around and his eyes light

up. And then when you don't...



Now why do you wanna lay all this guilt

on me, huh? Look, Saturday.



We'll get together on Saturday,

me, you and Troy.



We'll go to the park. We'll

have the most beautiful day.

One big happy family.



No, no, no. You and Troy.

We spend enough time together.



Troy needs a man

in his life.



And besides, I'm seeing

Greg on Saturday.



What do you mean you're going

out with Greg on Saturday? What...



You... You're gonna go out

with Greg and I'm supposed

to go out with Troy to the park?



- You know... You know,

that's a little tacky.

- Tacky?

- Yes, that's tacky.



And it's gonna confuse Troy,

you don't think so?



Look, can I drive you to the

paper so we can talk about this?

Please? Can I drive you?



Huh? Hey!



Hey! Hey! That's my car!



Not any more. Now it belongs

to Silver Hills Financial.



And he was there

the whole time.



- Good work today, Scott.

- Thank you, Inspector.

- If you had gotten them to me

when I needed them...



- I needed them two days ago.

- How're we doin' for the night?



- Two on the floor.

- You're my hero.



- Dinner's on you.

- You got yourself a deal.

I gotta meet with Solis.

- Okay, go get him.



Later on.



Absolutely. Yes, sir, I agree

with you a hundred percent.



Yeah, he just walked in to my

office. Chief says, "Good job

this morning. Congratulations."



- Oh, well tell him

to give me a raise then.

- He said, "Thank you very much, Chief."



- That's not what I said.

- Yes, sir.



Yes, sir, I'll discuss it

with him right now.



Got ya. Goodbye, Chief.



- Roper.

- What?



It has been decided that you will take

on a new partner and train him to be

able to take over for you.



Is that why you got this guy

in the Sunday school outfit

sitting out here in the lobby?



- His name is Kevin McCall.

- Oh, Captain.



Every metro captain agrees

he's their best sharpshooter

and the most likely to succeed.



This is bullshit, Captain.



He tested high on his intellectual

aptitude, didn't he?



- Not as high as me, but pretty high.

- That's true.



National Marksman's Finalist,

attended NYC, went to college.



Very impressive.

FBI sniper school.



Mayoral commendation.

Additional skills:



Biathlete, marathoner,




This is great. Why don't you

send this guy to the Marines?

He's not a negotiator.



- He'll quit in two weeks, Captain.

- You let me worry about that.



Well, I hope there's gonna be

some kind of expression

of y'all's appreciation...



if I gotta hang out

with Huck Finn over there.



What, uh... what kind of appreciation

did you have in mind?






Five thousand dollars.



- Okay, I can do that.

- And a car.



I'm not giving you a god-damned car.

I just gave you a $     raise.



- Get your own damn car.

- Come on, Captain.

I've been down to impound.



I saw what you got there.

You got a beautiful black Benz

just sittin' there right now.



- Nobody's doin' nothin'.

- Impound is not a rent-a-car company.



The car's part of the deal.

I don't have a car.



- What the hell happened

to your Trans Am?

- They repoed my shit this morning.



Look, I'm not promising you nothing,

but I'll see what I can do.



Look, do what you can.



Oh, and I get to keep all the

money, even if this guy quits

'cause SWAT guys don't have...



the temperament or the background

for what I do, okay, Captain?



You know what I'm sayin'?

Hey, how you doin', man? I heard

tremendous things about you.



- Yeah, I'm lookin' forward

to working with you too.

- Yeah, you'll be good.



You've got a lot of hard work in front

of you if you're gonna be a negotiator.



I'm up to it. And don't worry,

I'll be around longer than two weeks.



So, don't, don't worry

about that, okay?



Hey, man, don't be readin' my lips and

shit. You save that for when you're at

sniper school, all right?



Okay, well, don't worry about what I'm

gonna do for the next few weeks, okay?



- Gentlemen, can we move past this?

- We got past it.



- We're just getting

acquainted with each other.

- I'm fine.



Well, I think that's very nice.

Now, if you both excuse me,

I do have other work to do.



- Oh, my bad. We're gone.

- Thank you, Captain.



- Roper?

- Sir?

- About the transportation issue.



- See the impound sergeant.

- Thank you so much. I appreciate it.



- So, you ever been

in a hostage situation?

- Only at the very end.



- Yeah, what did you feel

like after the shooting?

- Like it had to be done.



- It very rarely has to be done.

- And I've very rarely shot anyone.



- Yeah, well, SWAT is a

lifesaving unit. Remember that.

- Now I know that, okay?



- You know, you know a lot.

You're a wiseass.

- No, excuse me?

- You heard what I said.



You're a wiseass.

And I got a special little test

for first-day wiseasses here.



Here. Look. I want you to get

this cap out of the bottle...



without touching,

without destroying the bottle.



- Okay, don't move it.

- And what's the point?



It's a little test

in lateral thinking.



The obvious solution isn't always

the only solution. You got options.



- Use your head. Use your mind.

Don't break the bottle.

- Okay.



- Have a nice day.

- Okay.



No touching!



Hey, don't look at me.

I went to public school.



Right. Great.

Thank you.



Mind if we make a stop on the way?

We busted Frank Antonucci on possession.



- He gave us a lead on the

Polk Street jewellery heist.

- Phony Frank?



Don't waste your time. That guy'd finger

his firstborn to dodge a collar.



I still got to do it.

Wasting time is half my job.



- Yeah, all right.

- You know, I think that SWAT

guy might be a good idea.



May take a little pressure off you.

I'm beginning to worry about you.



Where is   ... You worrying about me?

What are you worryin' about me for?



I saw you talkin' to Ronnie

this morning. I don't know why

you can't get it back together.



I mean, you got to be out of your mind

not to get with that one.



What are you talking about?

It's not me. It's her.



She's goin' out with some baseball

player named Greg Barnett.



- No kiddin'?

- Mm.



Get out of here.

That boy can hit and run.



And throw!



Why don't you just get some

pom-poms and start chanting,

"Greg, Greg, Greg." Fuck him!



What is wrong

with this car door?



- Come on, man.

- Give me the keys.



There's no alarm on those.

Hey, y'all got a spare key...



so I can get to this kill switch

in here and turn this shit off?



This shit is bad. You hear me,

Sam? This is some bad shit.



- Rope, this is it.

- This is too fly.



- This is it.

- What?



This is it.

This is your ride.



No, that's not my ride. This is my ride

over here. This black car's my ride.



No, no, no. The black one is mine.

That's the one I'm... This is my ride.



- Not that shit.

- This is your ride.



Oh, come on, now. Who am I, Redd Foxx?

I can't roll in no shit like that.



Man, what's up, Sam?



That shit's not funny, Sam. I gotta

roll around in this shit all week.



- Man, where's your stereo?

- Never mind the stereo.

What's that smell?



Oh, man, just get in. Come on.

We ain't got all day.



Man, this truck smells

like fish.



Fish and shit.



- Apartment    .

- You want me to come up with you?



Nah, it probably won't turn up anything.

I'm just gonna talk to him.



Good, 'cause I don't

wanna be late.



- Hey, you want anything on the game?

- What's the line?



- Warriors plus six.

- I'll take half your action.



Very, very smart man.



Hurry up, man.



- Who is it?

- Lieutenant Sam Baffert from the

San Francisco Police Department.



- Everything all right?

- May I come in?



- I would just like to ask you

a couple of questions.

- Absolutely. Come on in.



Thank you.






- Very nice.

- Thanks.



- Count Basie?

- Ellington.



"Things Ain't What They Used to Be."

It was recorded July        .



Yeah, yeah. Now I can hear it. Where did

you find an old recording like that?



There's a used record shop down

on Turk Street called Memory Lane.



Actually, I went in there looking

for a rare Robert Johnson.



- Yeah, I think I know the place.

I'll have to get in there.

- You should.



Uh, Mr Korda, do you know

a Frank Antonucci?



Guy who owns the bakery

down the street?



No, this is a different Frank.

This is a man who deals in jewellery.



Stolen, usually. You wouldn't

know anybody like that?



No, I certainly would not.



- Is it...

- No, it's just a little something here.



Could I have

a little water, please?






Thank you.



The reason I'm asking

you is because...



we arrested him

with some stolen jewellery.



We traced it back to a robbery

of a store down on Polk Street.



He said he was

fencing it for you.



Obviously, there's been

some mistake.



Look, I gotta level

with you.



I got this cousin.

Here you go.



He's had a lot of run-ins

with the law.



I wouldn't be surprised if he's trying

to entangle me in this situation.



- It wouldn't be the first time.

- This cousin of yours, what's his name?



Clarence Teal. Believe me,

they'll know who I'm talkin' about.



- Your cough seems better.

- Oh, yes.



Two hundred bucks. I'll take

the points. Yeah, okay.



Hello, Judge Stone? This is

Lieutenant Samuel Baffert.



I'm at a suspect's residence. I'm

requesting a telephonic search warrant.



There's visible evidence on

the premises, glassine envelopes

with jeweller's markings.



That is correct,

Judge Stone.



I believe a full search

of the premises will turn up...



Jesus! Sam! Sam!



Call an ambulance!

Now! Now!



Oh, my God!



- Clear for rescue.

- I'm a cop.






Yes, sir, all of our forces will be

brought to bear. We will get this guy.



Yeah, he's here.

I'll tell him.



The chief wants you

to know how sorry he is.



He said he was just going up

to talk to the guy.



He said...



- I wanna be put on this case.

- I can't do that.



- No, I want to be put on this case.

- You know damn well

I cannot assign you to this.



You're much too close to it.

You're too close to Sam.



- You let the department handle it.

- Who's runnin' it?



- Roper!

- Who's runnin' it?



Kimura and Glass

will head the investigation.



Scott. Go home.



- Okay, check on it.

- Tell me what you've got

on the son of a bitch.



Let me get back to you. Solis

said to keep you out of this.



I don't give a shit

what Solis said!



Anybody get any information on this

fucking Korda, you tell me about it!



Just a minute.



- Hey.

- Hey yourself. I came to see Troy.



It's a little late for

that, Scott. He's asleep.



Oh, shit.



- Jack Daniels?

- Yes, I spent some time

with Jack tonight.



But I'm not drunk yet.



Maybe you should be.



You heard about

what happened?



Yeah. I'm sorry.



Can I come in

for a minute?



Is that a new picture?



It's about four months old.

I've been working on a different style.



Hey, Troy.

How ya doin'?



How ya doin'? Did you miss me,

huh? Did you miss me?



Huh, Troy? Did you miss me?

Did you?



No kissing though.

No kissing.



You know I don't do

that kissing thing, right?



I'm not gonna take up

too much of your time. I just

need somebody I can talk to.



Must be pretty awful.

You don't usually talk

to someone when you're hurting.



It was my fault.

I was right downstairs.



All I had to do was just go

up with him. I was right there.



Scott, y-you

can't save everyone.



Yeah, well, I definitely proved

that tonight for sure.



Look, uh, I don't even know

why I came up here.



This was a...

total waste of my time.



Where'd I put my keys?

Where'd I put my keys?



Scott, what do you

want from me?



Obviously something

I can't have any more!



Don't you dare

try to make me feel guilty.



The whole time we were together,

you went out of your way

to prove you didn't need me.



And now suddenly, for one night, you

need me again? Well, I can't do that.



I can't be more than just your friend

because I know exactly what'll happen.



A few weeks from now,

and you'll be back on top...



and you'll shut me out just as soon as

you don't need me again.



Is that what you think?

You think I didn't need you?



That's what you think?



Well, if you did,

you never showed it.



Oh, Ronnie.



Look, listen to me.



Listen. Look at me.

Look at me.



In my whole life...

I never in my whole...



You expecting somebody?



This night is just getting

better and better.



Where are my fuckin' keys at?

Where are my keys?



They're here on the table

where you always leave them.



Hey, baby, I thought you...



Hey. Greg Barnett.



Excuse me.



- Hey, Mike.

- If you weren't family

I'd fucking kill you.



- Mikey! Mikey!

- You told Antonucci

you got that shit from me?



Don't say shit!



- Huh?

- I'm sorry, Mike.

- Sorry about what?



He's got respect for you, Mike.

He was gonna try and lowball me.



Yeah, and what the fuck do

I use you for, Clarence? To be

a walkin' fuckin' advertisement?



- I'm sorry, Mike.

- You're sorry?



Antonucci never flipped on

anybody before, man. He said

he had the cops paid off.



Not the cop

that showed up at my door!



What happened, Mike?




I'm sorry, Mike.



Two days, I could've taken that fuckin'

store. Now I can't even show my face.



I got a couple thousand bucks,

Mike, if you need to leave town.



Fuckin' leave town? They're gonna

know me in Des Moines by now.



Ten million dollars, Clarence!

Ten million fuckin' dollars!



I could've disappeared.

I could've had it made!



That's all right, Clarence.



I'll just stick around and take care of

you for the rest of my fuckin' life.



Did you k-kill him, Mike?



Oh, God.

I'm sorry, Mike.



I'm sorry, Mike... Mike...



I didn't know, Mike.

I fucked up, Mike.



I fucked up now.

Oh, fuck. I'm fucked up.



- Come on.

- I didn't know.



- I didn't know, Mike. I messed up.

- Come here. It's all right.



- I messed up.

- It's all right.



- I messed everything up.

- It's all right.

I didn't mean what I said.



I'm sorry.



It's not your fault

you're stupid.



Eiko! What you got on Korda?



We ran a search on relatives.

He's got a cousin in town,

Clarence Teal, small-time thief.



Last known address

was on Pine Street.



He moved a month ago. We've got

a couple of leads to check.



- Did you check with DMV

about vehicle registration?

- It's being faxed over now.



How about the record room

for any incident reports?

This guy could've been a victim.



We could get medical records. Have

somebody check with burglary detail.



- See if they know him and if...

- Look, Roper, we've...

- Forensics on two.



And bars. Check with his

neighbours and find out the kind

of bars he used to frequent.



- Scott, we're into it.

- I'm into this shit.

- Roper!



We've already had this conversation.

You are not active on this case.



It's in everyone's

best interest.



Well, y'all are doing

good work here. I'm...



Sorry about your friend. I lost

somebody in SWAT. I know it's rough.



I appreciate your concern,

but let's just leave it at that.

What's this you're reading?



Strategies and Countermeasures

in Hostage Situations.



- You're not having too much progress

with this thing either.

- Oh, wait, no.



You really had me stumped.



Very impressive. You get an "A."

See, no force was required.

No damage was done. All right?



That was your partner?






Why'd he do that?



Well, he figured the kid had a

zero percent chance of survival.



I guess he thought

his odds were better.



We had a plan, then SWAT

opened up fire too early...



and a perp

took out my partner.



You remember this.



You always use your eyes

to keep that connection.

That's the most important thing.



- It's like hypnosis.

- Right.



You connect with them.

You're always on their side.






How much money

you got on you?



- What's that?

- How much money you got?



- I don't know, like     bucks. Why?

- Come on.



Ladies and gentlemen, a reminder

it is now ten minutes to post.



- We have exacta...

- You know why I like coming

to the track?



Yeah. You're

a compulsive gambler.



No. The multitude

of possibilities.



Everything is here for you to see if you

just know what conditions to look for.



Just like a hostage situation.

Now, you see the four horse?



- Mm-hmm.

- Droppin' in class, no works...



front wraps,

lookin' all broken down.



- You wouldn't bet on him, right?

- Right.

- Wrong. You bet on him.



'Cause see the woman right

there with the big belt buckle.

That's the owner of the horse.



- And that belt buckle is

a championship belt buckle.

- I do too.



She wouldn't come out here with

a fancy buckle on unless the

horse was live. We go with him.



- That's how you pick your bets?

By belt buckles?

- That's true. Well, just trust me now.



- That's good.

- Now, you see the horse next

to that? That's the favourite

over there with his tail up.



Lookin' all washy, foamin'

in the mouth, lookin' all rank and shit.



- Uh-huh.

- Supposed to be the favourite, but he

don't even feel like runnin' today.



- We don't go with him.

He's-He's out. Not at all.

- Okay.



Now, the six horse.

The six horse looks great. Got

a shiny coat, that bouncy walk.



That horse is live.

And that trainee/jockey combo?

You can't lose on that.



- What do you think?

- I got two words for you: Seek help.



Oh, and I have three words

for you: Exacta.



- Yeah.

- Mm-hmm. Come on.



- And away they go!

- Come on!



- With India Lucky on the outside.

- Come on!



Okay, we're in good shape.

We're in good shape.



- The six horse is last.

- Don't worry about that.

That's his style.



- What? To run last?

- To run late.



- They come now in full speed.

Pretty Prince on the outside.

- See?



The favorite's fading and the four horse

is in the lead, just like I said.



- Our guy is still last.

- Don't worry about that. He'll

be runnin' at the quarter pole.



Come on, six horse!

Come on, Russell!



- We need first and second?

- First and second. Come on, Russell!



- Who's Russell?

- The jockey. Come on, Russell!



- Come on, Russell!

- How much do we win?



- Eight hundred dollars.

Come on, Russell.

- We win $   ?



- Eight hundred dollars.

- Come on, Russell.

- Come on, Russell!



- Come on, Russell.

- Russell!

- Get that     Russell!



- Come on, Russell!

- Come on, Russell!

- Come on, Russell!

- Come on, Russell!



- Let's go, Russell!

- Come on, Russell!

- Russell!

- Come on, Russell!



- Way to go, Russell! Come on!

- Come on, Russell!

- Go, go, Russ!

- Russell! Russell!



- Come on, Russell!

- Go, Russ!



- We won! We won!

- Oh, shit! We lost!



- We won!

- We lost!

- We won!

- You wanna bet?



- You wanna bet on whether we

just won? What, are you crazy?

- Russell, you midget fuck!



- He won!

- You little midget...



- He won!

- Hey, we won!

- He won!

- Yea!



- Way to go, Russell!

Way to go, Russell!

- Hey, Russell!



- Sorry about that, Russell.

- Don't worry about him, Russell.

- Hey, Russell, it's cool.



- Twelve dollars on the

next race on number eight.

- How long you been comin' here?



About six years. My old partner

turned me on to this place.



- Is it always like this?

- Well, occasionally you lose,

but today we are winners.



- That's right.

- Pay the winners, please.



Oh, Benjamin.



Benjamin looks so sad. I'm in

such a wonderful mood, Benjamin.



Here you go.

There's your share.



- Wait, wait. That's only three.

- What?



Oh, you got good eyes.



- That's part of your training.

I was making sure you can...

- That's right.






Okay. I'm on my way.

Let's go.



Gonna need another

R.A. Unit!



- What's the   -   on the incident?

- Shreve, right on the corner.



- Man, this looks like a shit sandwich.

- Yeah.



You see this car? I'm riding

around in a shitmobile...



and Solis got this out

of impound for    grand.



- It's worth at least   .

- Yeah, police corruption's everywhere.






Where's Solis?



Right. Okay. You relax.

Joe... Joe...



Thirty-two minutes ago, the silent alarm

went off, then the fire alarm.



There was a unit about a block away.

The suspect got trapped inside.



- You got any verification

on numbers?

- So far, we've only seen

and talked to one suspect.



He calls himself Joe. Now there's no

confirmation, but there could be more.



An employee escaped

through the rear door.



As far as we can ascertain, there's

two jewellers, two salespeople...



a manager, security guard, elderly

woman; we believe one other female.



Now listen, this particular

store is where they do a lot

of jewellery making and repair.



On any given day, they can have between

eight and ten million in raw stones.



So they sure shit didn't just wander in.

They knew what they were lookin' for.



- What have you promised them?

- Just that I'd talk to my superiors.



- You locate any good

points of entrance?

- The place is designed to be a vault.



Let me know

when you got a visual.




Tape's rolling.



- Yeah.

- Hello, Joe. I'm Inspector Roper.



- How you people doin' in there?

- Good.



Solis is off the job now.

I'm the guy who's authorized to

give you everything you want.



First, I gotta come down there

and talk to you.



- No, you don't.

- Uh, yes, I do, Joe.

I have to come down there...



and I have to talk to you

to make sure that there are

no misunderstandings...



and make sure nobody is hurt in there

before we can take care of business.



All right, Roper.

You wanna come? Come.



Listen, Joe. I'm not armed,

okay? We gotta operate

on trust here. I'm not armed.



I'm gonna come down there and

I'm gonna talk to you and get you guys

out of there as soon as possible.



Five minutes.



This is obviously the part

of the job that sucks.



- We got a standby on call.

- You got it?



Hey, hey, hey.



How can he be sure

the guy won't shoot him?



He can't.



Right there.



- Can I put my hands down?

- Where I can see 'em.



You're Roper, and you're

in charge, right?



- Yep.

- Good. You listen up.

I say this one time.



I want a four-wheel drive vehicle.

New, perfect condition.



I want a uniformed cop.

Drive it up right here.

You leave the engine running.



He walks to the end of the

block. Then we'll come out.



I know all the tricks, so no

remote control devices, okay?



When I say perfect condition,

I mean, if it's low in wiper fluid...



someone gets shot,

and we'll start again.



I want a plane waitin' at the airport.

I'll tell him where I'm goin'

when I get there.



- Is that all?

- For now, that's all.



Okay, Joe, you're gonna get

all those things, but first

you gotta do something for me.



I want you to let me come inside

and take a look around and make

sure everybody's all right.



- You just do shit for me right now.

- Wait a minute, Joe.



I'm doin' a lot for you, okay?

You gotta do somethin' for me.



You gotta show an act of good faith.

Let me have one hostage.



I'll give you somethin'. Here.



In    minutes, it'll be a bigger

piece. We understand each other?



- Yeah, we understand each other.

- Good.



No, no, no, please!



No, sir, not to the best

of my knowledge.



- That's correct.

- Yes, sir.



That's right. He's here right

now. Let me get back to you.



We're gonna have to take

this guy out.



Well, can't we

wear him down?



Now, I believe there's at least

one fatality in there already.



I think it was gunfire

that set the fire alarm off.



I think this guy is working

by himself 'cause the whole time

I was talkin' to him...



he had a hostage and he had a gun to her

head, and he wouldn't leave the doorway.



He's got a real calm and creepy

demeanour. The guy's a fucking wacko.



The scariest thing about him

is he indicated familiarity

with our techniques.



- So what do you want to do? You

wanna go in there and get him,

or wait for him to come out?

- Let him come out.



- There's too many unknowns in there.

- He's right.



Show me.



When we drive up the car,

make sure it's at an angle about

three feet away from the kurb.



- We put our best man high ground.

Is Anderson here?

- Yes.



Good. Okay,

twenty degrees down angle.



Tell Anderson to prep and

notify us when he's on line.



- I can feel this thing

going sideways on us.

- Well, there's some good news.



He's wearing a ski mask,

so he's protecting his identity...



and he hasn't determined

whether or not he's gonna kill

the rest of the hostages yet.



You. You! Up, up!



Start pullin' those bodies back

behind that counter. Let's go.



Do it! Move!

Let's go! Come on!



Back behind here.

Faster! Let's go.



- He's gonna... He's gonna...

He's gonna kill us.

- Please. It's gonna be...



Over there. Over there.

In there.



- I'm not, I'm not staying here.

I'm not staying here.

- No.



- No, please don't. Please don't.

Mrs Dotson, please don't go!

- Let go of me!



- Mrs Dotson, please!

- Hey. Hey!



- Stop, Miss Dotson.

- Hey!



- Leave her alone.

- What?

- Leave her alone!






Doug, please,

sit down, sit down!



If she's not conscious by

the time I'm done, she's dead.



- What do you got, window?

- We have some confirmation.



Okay, it's time to give

this wacko a call.



How come he's not answering?



Wait, wait, wait.

There's your answer.



- He's smart.

- He's cuttin' down visibility.



Yep. He's doin'

a good job of it.



All positions:

You have a green light.



Come on. Give us

one clean shot, asshole.



Command one, repeat. All positions:

You have a green light.



He switched clothes.

That's Korda!



- That's Korda! Hold your fire!

- Hold your fire!



- I said hold your fire!

- Hold your fire!

- Hold your fire!



- Hold your fire!

- Hold your fire!



- Come on!

- No! No!

- Come here. Get inside!



Please, let me go!



- Get in!

- Please!



- Bunch of fuck ups!

- Get him on the radio.

Get him on the radio!

- These your keys?



- What? Yeah, yeah. Those are mine.

- He's got a girl. Let's go!

- Wait, wait, wait!



Hey, Roper,

what are you gonna do?






Additional units in the area. We need

all additional units in the area.



Oh, oh, please, God!



Hey, watch it!






- Please!

- Suspect heading west on

Sutter, now passing Laguna.



Can we get an intercept?



Move! Move that!

Come on, now!



- Ahh! Let me out! Please!

- Shut up.



Please! Oh!



Everybody okay?



Just stay there, man.



What's going on?



- Hey, man, what's this?

- Get the fuck off.



Oh, oh! Oh!



Everybody just stay calm.



- Fuck! Get out of my way.

- Just take it easy.



- What?

- Just take it easy. Put the gun down.



Put the gun down.






- What the fuck is going on?

- I don't know,

but I gotta get up there.






- Get the fuck off of me.

- Hold the wheel.



- What?

- Take the wheel.

You got it? You got it?



Shut up!



Uh! Oh!






Get out of the way.



- What's the problem?

- I can't get the brakes to work!



We're comin' to the end

of the line!



Oh, shit.



- Get the car steady!

- Come on!



Go! Move ahead!



Hard right!



Get out of the way!



Get out of the way!






- Oh, my God! What's happened?

- What the hell is that?



Outta the way!






- It's that guy down there!

- There! There! He's runnin'!



- Hey, he's gettin' away!

- Somebody stop him!



Get him!



Shit! I lost my piece.



- God bless SWAT.

- Ready?



You check this floor.

I'm goin' up.






Hold it! Don't you move!

Don't you fuckin' move!



Stay right there! Right there!

Put your hands up! Put 'em up!



Spread your fuckin' legs.



Fuckin' move, I'll put

your fuckin' head in the trunk.



Sam Baffert

was a friend of mine.



He had a wife

and he had a daughter.



Why don't you tell that

to somebody who gives a shit?



Wanna kill me,

Inspector? Huh?



- You can't kill me.

- Oh, I can't?



Well, what if we got

into a struggle...



and my gun went off?



Could I kill you then?



Huh? Could I kill you then?






You got him.



Put the gun down.



You got him, man.

Put it down.



Come on, man.

Put it down.



I'm gonna do this shit

by the book...



but you ain't gonna be

fuckin' smiling at me.



Gimme your hands.



Come on. Get up.



Get up. Come on.



- Listen, I'll catch up

with you guys later.

- Okay. See ya.



- Wanna get something to eat?

- Yeah.



Yeah. Can you hold up?



You weren't

at the press conference.



I wanted to get this

out of the way first.



Well, have you got a bet

on the game tonight?



As a matter of fact, I do

have a bet on the game tonight.



Of course you do. Then

you know it's already started.



Well, I was gonna catch

the last half on TV later on.



Well, good night.



You havin' dinner

with Mr Baseball?



Greg is actually

on a road trip.



I was just gonna go home

and make myself some pasta.



Mmm. Go home

and make some pasta.



The one with the garlic

and the oil that I like so much?



No, the kind you get

out of a box.



The macaroni and the cheese.



The instant macaroni?



Mmm. I've been craving

that stuff all week.



Yeah, it's hard to get.



Well, who are you tellin'?



- Just dinner.

- Yeah, just dinner.



What the fuck. You bring me

all the ways over to tell me

you ain't got no collateral?



What do I look like to you, Santa Claus?

I'm a fuckin' bail bondsman.



I know, I know. That's not what

I'm saying. What I'm saying...



Pick up the phone,

for Christ's sake.



- You think I got time for

messing around with this crap?

- I got the stuff.



It's on the outside. I'm just

waiting for somebody to cash in,

that's all. It's real simple.



Give me a fuckin' break.



Look. Just gimme your card.

I'll get it to you by tomorrow night.






Okay. Now, that's

the freshly ground pepper.



Stir it briskly.

Are you listening?



You stir it briskly. Then you

need lemon. I need lemon.



- Should be one in the fridge.

- Lemon in the refrigerator.



- Hey, you know the last

quarter of the game is on.

- Oh, really?



What game is that?



Oh, whoa.

You are making an effort.



That's right, and I'm gonna win too.

I'm going to be the victor.



I'm going to score.



Metaphorically speaking, of course.

I don't mean, like, really score.



- You know what I mean.

- Just dinner, remember.



I know the rules. Just dinner. Just

dinner. Okay, I got this lemon in here.



Now, when you taste this...



I want you to know that you're gonna

be experiencing culinary perfection.



Now just calm d... Calm... Calm down.

I'm giving you background on this.



This is the bomb salad

dressing that I bring...



to all the cookouts

whenever my family gathers.



They say, "Scott, bring..."

"Scott." Here. You ready?



Taste this. Huh?



- Is that not the bomb?

That is the shit, right there.

- Mmm.




Something's missing.



Oh, no, that's not missing

anything. You're just jealous

'cause you don't know how to...



See, in the UK they don't teach you how

to make this, see? This is perfection.



You know, it does need

a little sugar.



Why don't you put your finger in there

for the proper sweetness.



- Scott.

- It's a joke. It's a... It's a...

It's a compliment to you.



I could have said you could..."Why

don't you put your ass in this bowl."



Lt... That's a joke.

'Cause they're all sweetness.



I don't see how you're offended because

that's very... That's a compliment.



If somebody told me to put my ass

in a bowl of salad dressing...



I would be complimented.



What would you say

if I gave up gambling?



I'd say you'd be miserable.



It's not so much the gambling. It's more

what the gambling got in the way of.



The track is where you

would take your troubles...



instead of sharing them

with me.



Scott, do you remember when you lost

that hostage on Union Square?



Yes, I do.



You came here that night

and you made love to me...



and it was so intense and so passionate,

but you hadn't even talked to me.



I didn't even know what happened until

I saw it on the news the next morning.



Now, that's because I don't want you

to be part of that world, Ronnie.



Yeah, that's the point.

It's not that world.



It's your world.



It's part of who you are.



Look, Ronnie,

it's not easy for me.



Okay? And I know

I can't change overnight.



But listen to me.



I know that I miss you...



and I don't ever want

to be without you again.



I'd really like

to believe you.



Well, then believe me.



Nobody asked you anything.



I missed you.



I'm Officer McCall.

What's goin' on?



What the fuck do you mean, what's goin'

on? I'll tell ya what's goin' on.



I'm about to fuckin' waste

everybody in here, pal!



Okay, I'm a hostage negotiator.

I'm here to help you.



How the hell are you

gonna help me, pig?



Screw you, man!

Fuck you, dude!



- Well, I want you to tell me

what you need.

- What do I need?



I'll tell you

what I fuckin' need, man.



I need you to fuckin' find

that dirtbag that fuckin'

ran off with my wife, dude...



so I can cut his

fuckin' balls off, man.



- Okay, I-I can't do that.

- You can't fuckin' do it?



Why am I wasting my

fuckin' time with you, man?



You piece of fuckin' frog shit,

piece of shit asshole!



Hey, hey, is all

the name-calling necessary?

I don't like the verbal abuse.



No, not really, but I like

to throw all that in there...



you know, to kind of give it

the natural ambience, you know?



I'm Officer McCall.

I'm unarmed.



I just want to make sure everybody

gets out of here safely.



Okay, stop right there.

Close your eyes.



- Okay.

- Tell me what you see.



I see a scumbag behind

the counter with a sawed-off.



Nine-millimetre tucked away

in his waistband.



There's a female hostage down

in front of the cereal rack...



with a red polka-dot dress.



Another hostage three feet to her right,

with blue jeans and a checkered shirt.



A male hostage down, green shirt,

white pants, in front of the candy rack.



There's a female scumbag behind me

with a gun tucked away in her shirt...



trying to pass herself off

as a hostage.



And there's a special

on toilet paper, four for $ .  .



That's a lot of toilet paper.



- Am I right?

- That's pretty good. You got good eyes.



- You like that?

- Very impressive.



How you doin', Mike?

Doin' all right?



How the fuck

do you think I'm doin'?



I got something

I want you to do for me.



This fucker Roper,

he's got a girlfriend.



She works at the newspaper.



So... What do you wa...

What do you...



No, Mike. No, Mike, come on. You

know that's not my thing, right?



Hey, don't gimme any shit, Clarence.

I'm in here because of you!



Mikey, come on, man.

You know you...



You were just robbin' a store,

and he was doin' his job.



Fuck you!



- Oh, Mike.

- I carried you your whole life, okay?



You needed money.

You needed a place to stay.



You were strung out. Bail.

This time you are there for me.



Mikey, don't do this to me,




- You do it!

- I ain't gonna get away with it, Mike.



You just fuckin' do it!






Oh, fuck. God!



- Hello?

- Hey, how you doin'?



Look, I'm gonna stop at the corner and

get some wine. I got the bread already.



- Dinner will be ready soon.

- Okay, good. I'm starving.



All right.

I'll see you later.



- Find it, sir?

- Yeah, I found it.



- Thanks.

- That all for you?



Here you go.



Thanks a lot.









Help me!



Help me!









You okay?






Watch it!






If you try to hurt me

or anybody else I know...



I swear to God I'm gonna find

a way to get in here, and I'm

gonna bust your fuckin' ass!



Then I'm gonna put my gun in your mouth

and blow your fuckin' brains out.



- You understand?

- I don't even know what

you're talking about.



- You know what the fuck

I'm talking about.

- No, I'm afraid I do not.



- Don't fuckin' play games with me.

You know what the fuck I'm talk...

- No, I don't.



You don't know what the fuck

I'm talking about?



You see this guy here?

That's your cousin, right?



Well, the guy with the white

gloves on is the coroner.



That's what the fuck

I'm talking about.



I'm talking about not playing

with me, motherfucker.



Don't fuck with me, man.

I'm not playing with you.



You know, in Naples,

there's an expression.



"When you think you're fuckin'

them, they're fuckin' you."



Well, you know what? You ain't in

motherfuckin' Naples right now.



Fuck that Naples shit. Did you hear

what the fuck I just told you?



I don't give a fuck...



about anything or anybody.



Not now.



Least of all a nigger cop

interferes with what's mine.



And what is mine is

ten million dollars' worth.



You come in here.

You threaten me.



Show me a photo

of my dead cousin, my family.



I got at least ten years

in here to figure out...



exactly how to fuck with you

and everything you care about.



Hey, fuck you!

You don't give a fuck?



I don't give a fuck neither, man.

I don't give a fuck about you.



Fucker! Try me!



Fuckin' try me and see what

the fuck... Get the fuck off me!



You try me!



- Where's my pasta?

- It's coming.



- You enjoying San Francisco?

- Oh, I love it.



Have you been

to the de Young Museum?






Thank you.



Thank you so much.



It has an excellent nose. It's quite

vintage, and you may serve it up.



- Thank you.

- This evening's specials:



We have grilled squab

with a sweet potato foie gras...



spring roll with a wild

huckleberry sauce.



We also are offering

braised sweetbreads...



with a white truffle sauce

on cracked bulgur.



- Cracked bulgur?

- Mm-hmm.



You know, my mouth has been screaming

for some cracked bulgur all week.



Can we have a couple of minutes

to look at the menu?



- Oh, sure. Take your time.

- Man can't live on cracked bulgur alone.



- Nice place, huh?

- Yeah, I think it's really nice.



- Bit expensive, though.

- Very, very, very expensive.



In fact, it's costing me

quite a pretty penny...



to wine and dine you in such fashion,

so I hope you're appreciative of it.



Mmm, but I think

I'm worth it.



I think you're worth it too.



In fact, this is the perfect

setting for my little plan.



You see, I know you know that

there's a very important reason...



why I wanted to have dinner

with you tonight.



I didn't realize that

at all, no.



Veronica, this last week

has been incredible for me.



You know, l...

I don't know.



I feel like our relationship went

to the next phase or something...



and kind of crystallized

into this new thing...



and I'm hoping

that the feeling's mutual.



Well, yeah,

of course it's mutual.



Good. Because, Veronica...



there comes a time

in every relationship...



where things

get more serious.



- Yeah?

- The last week I have

rehearsed this so many times.



I have been sittin' and tryin'

to figure out the best way to do this.



And I said, "This...

This is the perfect setting."



You got the perfect dress

and the perfect face and...



I think I should

just show you.



Oh, no, no. Listen, we haven't

even spoken about this, Scottie.



This is gonna be really embarrassing.

Come on, please, can we...






- Tahiti?

- Tahiti, yes.



- Vacation?

- Yes, a vacation to Tahiti.



You and I. Two trips.

Round-trip tickets to Tahiti, yes?



- Yeah, that I'll do.

- What do you mean, "that"?



- What did you think I was gonna ask you?

- Well, come on.



- The way you were talking it was like...

- Oh, wait, wait. Ho-ho-ho-ho...



Let's go to Tahiti first.

Make it a little road test, huh?



- So, are we gonna go to Tahiti?

Did you say yes?

- That is a yes.



We're going to...

We're going to Tahiti.



- Stop it.

- We're go... Hey, I don't...

They not gonna be there.



They ain't gonna never see us

no more. Let's toast it.



To Tahiti.

To being "nekked" in Tahiti.



- Come on, say it. Nekked in Tahiti.

- Naked in Tahiti.



- Not "naked in Tahiti."

- That's how I say it.



- Nekked.

- Nekked.



There you go.

Say, "nekked in Tahiti."



Hold it.

Let me picture you nekked.



Oh, look at the sun

bouncin' off your ass.



I'm just playin'.



If it's not here by  :  

it's not my problem.



Oh, don't talk to me

about Mitch.



I'm runnin' this shift,

not Mitch.



- I don't care.

- Got another load.



Uh, rack 'em.



Yeah, well you got the memo

from, uh, from City Hall too, right?



I've got 'em right here.

No, they went down at  :   to San Bruno.



Yeah, they've got the old forms. The new

forms have the wrong date or something.



Ninety-one or ninety-two.

I don't know.






Yeah, well, don't give me

any grief about it.



No, Frank told me.



Look, I-I can't spend

any more time on this, okay?



That's it. All done.



Yeah. Well, no. Well, you can

tell that to Mitch too.



Okay? Don't call me

on this any more.



Yeah, well, don't give me

any grief about it.



Hey, don't you guys

keep notes down there?



How come in those foreign movies

a young girl always falls

in love with a old fat guy?



Well, I guess women in Europe

find older men sexy.



Cool. Shit.



When I get old and fat...



I'm definitely movin'

to Europe.



- That guy was    years old.

- Shit. I forgot to feed Troy.



I bet he's just starving.



Troy, where are you, baby?

I'm sorry.






Troy, where are you hiding?






My eyes are still hurtin'

from readin' that movie.



Troy? I've got

food for you.






Where are you?



Scott, have you seen...

Hey, baby, there you are! Yes!



Hey, have you been eating my face

soap again? You have, haven't you?



- Scott, what is it?

- Korda escaped.



- Korda's escaped?

- This morning.



You don't think

he'd try and...



Well, I'm... I'm just a little

on edge. I need to relax.



I'm sure he's gonna try to get

out of town, and we're leaving

tomorrow anyway, you know?



I'm sorry about that.

I just overreacted, okay? Okay?



Why don't we feed the dog before

we have Cujo on our hands, huh?



You packed everything? You're

sure you didn't forget your

bowling ball or your, you know.



I sent that ahead,

you wise guy.



You're bringing a lot of clothes

to a place where you're not supposed

to wear a lot of clothes.



Hey, honey, don't you think it would be

better if you stayed in the house until

we're ready to get out of here?



- No, I'm gonna stay here

and help you guys.

- No, I'm not playin'.



- I think you should go

in the house, you know?

- Hold up a second.



We are going to Tahiti. We're

gonna have a great time, and you

are gonna forget everything.




So just calm down.



I'm calm. Don't I look...

Look at me.



There, see? I just think it'd be better

if you went in the house, all right?



- I'll get my cameras

and I'll be straight back.

- Well, take your time then, all right?



- Man!

- You've gotta relax.



- Hey, I'm... I'm relaxed.

- Gotta calm down.



Man, I don't want... I don't want

nothin' else to go wrong.



Ronnie! Come on, now.






Come on! They said we gotta be there

a hour and a half early to check in.



What are you doing?



Come on, Ronnie. Hey!



Ronnie. How long it take to get

some camera equipment, huh?









What's that, Troy?

Is she out there? Huh, man?



Is she? Watch it.

Hey. Veronica!



Roper, what's up?



What is it?



You missin' something,




I got it.



You got something that belongs

to me and I want it back.



 :   tomorrow. Mare Island,

north entrance, off Dixon.



You pull up to berth   .



I so much as smell another cop, I'll be

sending you pieces of her for a month.



He's gonna kill her

no matter what.



- If I take him those jewels,

he's gonna kill me and her.

- So what do you want to do?



Scott, we go back a long ways,

but you can't expect me to do this.



Frank, this guy's a psychopath

and he has Ronnie.



- It's the only way

I'm gonna get close to him.

- Then go to the lieutenant

or the DA with it.



For Christ's sakes, this is my fucking

job you're asking me to lay on the line.



They're not gonna approve it,

and you know that.



If I get the department involved

in this shit, she's dead.

This guy's a fuckin' maniac.



He killed Sam, and he'd kill her. I got

one shot at this guy, Frank, alone.



Man, what if it was Mary? You

know you'd do the same thing.



You'd break every fuckin'

rule in the book. Wouldn't you?



I just hope to God I never

have to make that decision.



This conversation never happened.

I never saw you today.



Now I gotta go take a leak.



This place is

an abandoned shipyard.



He's gonna be able to get a good

vantage point from anywhere.



There's cranes, abandoned

buildings, everything.



He's gonna be able

to see everything we do.



You're gonna have to figure out

a way to sneak me in here.









Roper! Nice of

you to make it.



Now, take the jacket off

and put it on the hood.



Good. Let's have

a look at that tarp.



Under the tarp

in the back.



Pull it back.

Pull it back!



Now, over there to your right.

You see that concrete block?



There's a radio on it.

Walk to it.



That's it. Come on.

Come on. Come on.



Uh, before you touch it,

you throw away your piece.




And your backup too.



Do it.



Pick up the bag.

Bring it to me.



You walk past those

cranes on your right.



You get to the end,

you make a left.



At the end of that building,

you go to your right.



Walk to building   .



That's it. Keep comin'.



That's good. Right there.



Come on in. Somebody's

dyin' to say hello.



Ah, shit.






- Shit.

- Hey.



Over to the table.



- Open your shirt.

- Hey, I'm not wearing a wire.

This is between me and you.



Fuck you. Open the shirt.






- Where are you, McCall?

- Right here, Roper.



- You satisfied?

- Open the bag. Dump it on the table.



- Pick something up.

- What?



Nope. Closer to the front

of the pile. There. Let's go.



Stay put.



That's impressive.



- What the fuck did you

have to do, steal 'em?

- Yeah, I stole it.



That ain't gonna look too good

on the old service record.



You let me worry about that. Let's just

get this shit over with, all right?



A man after my own heart.

Here you go.



Fill it up.



Come on, man. Bring him out.

Move him out.



Step out.



That's far enough.

Right there.



- Bag on the floor.

- I'm not puttin' the bag on the floor.



I took care of my part of this shit,

now you let my girl go.



Scott, just do what he says.

Please just do it!



- Hey, Ronnie, relax. We're

gonna get us out of here.

- That I gotta see.



Just a little more.



No! No! Scott!






Back off.



Don't move.



Shit. Damn it.



I rewired this switch. So you keep

your finger on the red button.




it gets kinda messy.



Such a nice neck too.



- Shit.

- Now, walk to me.



That's it, right there.

Right there. Put the bag down.



Now, real nice,

you kick over what's mine.



Oh, no! Please, Scott!



Remember what I said?

Remember that?



When you think you're fuckin'

them, they're fuckin' you.



You just got fucked.



Gotta go. Got a plane to catch.

Oh, shit, look at this.



Got my car here and, uh, that's

the only exit. Only way out.



You're standin' right

in front of it.



Now, you can move, but...



Scott, what's he doing?






Scott, move.



Get out of the way!

Do it now, Scott!



McCall, stop the...



What car?



- Please move!

- Take a shot!



Scott, please!



Come on! Please, help me!



Come on, Scott!



- Stay in here.

- No, what...



Stay inside, Ronnie!

Stay here!



- McCall!

- He went around that way.



- Fuck, man, how bad you hit?

- He went down that way.



- You all right?

- I'm okay. Get him!









Get the fuck open!



Oh, really?

That's a bad idea.



I'll show you.



I've never seen a sky so blue

and a sea so clear.



This place is amazing.



Yeah. Yep, I could really

get used to this paradise shit.



Oh, excuse me, miss?



Can you get me another

pina colada? And this time,

can you shave the ice for me?



- Oui, monsieur. Right away.

- Oui, monsieur. Right away.

That's very nice to hear.



That's some smooth shit,







- There's something really special

I want to talk to you about.

- What's that?



I think it's time for this relationship

to go to another level. A deeper level.



- A deeper level?

- I think this is it.



Here and now, we should strip

down and get nekked in Tahiti.



Oh, you're talkin' about

gettin' naked in Tahiti.



I thought you was talkin' about

the "M" word just now when you was...



- The "M" word? What do you

think I was talking about?

- You know.



- What, marriage?

- Why you laughin'?



The way you said all that.

You know, us needing to go to

a deeper level. And, you know...



Ah, but you did say that you would

get naked on the beach in Tahiti.



No, I didn't say naked on

the beach in Tahiti. I said,

"Let's get nekked in Tahiti."



The hotel room is in Tahiti too.

I'm not gonna get nekked on the beach.



- You're a prude.

- I'm not a prude. I'm just not dumb to...



- These are strangers.

- Prude.



I'm not getting nekked on no beach in...

And we can go to the room.



I'll take off my clothes and run around

nekked for you. And, incidentally...



that thong in the suitcase,

that's not gettin' worn on the beach.



- Sorry.

- Yeah. I'm very disappointed.



You didn't even try it on

and I bought it for you.



That's for me? Lmagine me

in some shit like that.



You actually bought...

You actually bought that for me?



- It would look cute on your ass.

- Oh, get out. Right, yeah. Girl, please.



What if one of my mother's

friends was down here and see me

walkin' around in that shit?



- Don't bring your mother into this.

- I'm not. That's...



This is a small world. Somebody

that knows my mother see me

in that shit, then they...



"Ooh, girl, Miss Roper's son

be on the beach in Tahiti with

his ass out, on his vacation.



Watch him, girl. Mm-hmm. I see

he had a string up his ass."



Get the fuck outta here.

Not-Not today.



This is for

the $   -billers



Look up

One, two, three, kick it



O yeah

It feel so good



To be back

where we belong



Come on

Give it up



O yeah



It feel so good



This is where we started from



- Come on, girl

- Stand right by me, Ronnie



Everybody, let's take a ride



- Everybody, just come inside

- Come on



On a journey

let's go back in time



I'll be tellin' rhyme



Everybody, it's time to play



Come on, everybody

Let yo' discman sway



Forget all the other sounds



'Cause New Edition

is what's going down



Now the time has come



To return as one



And it's never been better



- Get down

- Get down



I never thought

this day would come



And it feels so good to me



- To be back where we belong

- Come on, y'all, come on



- O yeah

- O, it feel so good



- Yeah

- To be back where we belong



- Back where we belong

- O yeah



It feel so good



This is where we started from



This is where we started from






- And he back for the nasty nonsense

- Yeah



- Jammin'

- B. Brown



- Bring it to me, baby

- Jammin' hip, hip, hip



Been too long

It's time to get in the mood



- Something to make you move

- That's right



- A li'I something that's in this groove

- J.R.



It'll be all right

nobody's humpin' 'round tonight



And, baby, your mama

need not to get it



'Cause N.E. Is damn sho 'nuff

coming with it



- Oh

- Fancy cars and everything



Silk slips and trips to Rio



Playin' C-low with the gamblers



Lear jets and cassettes

Placin' bets



Big win style

I gots the people fly a mile



I'm goin' places

Atlantic City to Vegas



Leavin' no traces except

the mugging with familiar faces



Me and my crew long overdue



Jimmy and Terry

with the N to the E



- The moneymakin' recipe

- Baby, no



- O yeah

- It feel so good



To be back where we belong



O, O yeah

We are back



O yeah

It feel so good



This is where we started from



- And we

- Back where we belong



O yeah

It feel so good



To be back where we belong



- So good, it's so real

- O yeah



It feel so good



This is where we started from



- O, O, O yeah

- O yeah



O yeah

It feel so good



- This is where we started from

- Feel so good, yeah



Are you ready

Put your hands in the air



- O yeah

- Come on



- O yeah, it feel so good

- Yeah, yeah



- To be back where we belong

- Only you and me, yeah



Yeah, come on



O yeah

It feel so good




Special help by SergeiK