Metroland Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Metroland script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the movie Christian Bale and Emily Watson movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Metroland. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Metroland Script



[Phone Ringing]






[ Man Sighing ]



[ Man ]

The phone's ringing.



[ Woman ]

What time is it?






 :  .



It's a wrong number.



Might be something important.



[ Child Crying]



Oh, it's woken Amy.



Oh, I'll get up.



[ Crying]



[ Crying Continues]






[ Crying ]



There, there, there.



[ Screaming ]



[Ringing Continues ]






[ Man ]

It's about bloody time.



Who is this?



Who do you

think it is?






How are you,

you old bastard?



Bloody hell!



Do you know

what bloody time it is?



What? Shit, no.



No, I don't, mate. No. Sorry.



It's not even  :  .



Shit, I should be in bed.



I was.



Where are you?



Buggered if I know, mate.



Are... Are you in England?



Yeah, it's definitely England.



Yeah, yeah.

Without a doubt. Yeah.



This is a surprise.



What's it been...

Iike five years?



Yeah, yeah. Something like that.

Listen, listen.



So, what, what?

We going to meet?




Yeah? What, tomorrow? Lunch?



Lunch. Yeah. Yeah, sure.



Right, right. Well,

I'll come over at   :  .




Yeah? All right.



Ciao fornow.



Can only be bad news

at this time of the morning.



That was Toni.



He's not gone



vegetarian, has he?



No. Well, he didn't say.



I doubt it.



Knowing Toni,

he could have aligned himself



with some vegan

terrorist faction--



The Popular Front

for the Liberation

of the Frozen Pea.



Look, I'm sorry.

I should have asked you first.



For God's sakes,

stop apologizing.



It's only

Sunday lunch.



He's not

moving in... is he?



He really likes you,

you know.



Oh, gosh.



I feel somehow validated.



It's just...






I never understood



why he had to be so angry

all the time.



He was always angry.



We both were.



We were part

of the Anger Generation.



You angry? Come on.



Petulant, perhaps.



Anyway, he's a writer.



He believes

in telling the truth.



He's not a very good writer.



He's not successful.



That doesn't mean he's not good.



Doesn't make him

Proust, either.



You always defend him.



Of course I do.



He's my best friend.



Stop now.



Ne bouge pas.



Comme ça.



Don't look at me like that.



[ Woman Screaming Rapturously]

Oh... Ohh! Oh, Chris!






Oh, Chris! Ohh!



[ T apping ]



I knowyou want



to sleep with other women,

Chris, and I understand.



There's nothing

to feel guilty about.



In fact,

I want you to have affairs.



It'll be good for our marriage.



And, of course,

I'll still cookyour dinner



and do your washing

and ironing.






I'm quite tired, Chris.



It's the weekend, love.



Sunday tomorrow.



I'm not really in the mood.



We never make love anymore.



We make love constantly.



I can't even remember

the last time.



Yesterday morning.



Yeah? We used to do it

three times a day.



Well, that was when we

were new to each other.



Anyway, it only happened once



and you complained

about being sore



for a week afterwards.



Sore, but very smug.



[Amy Crying]






Come here!



[ Toni ]

You're ruined!



You're ruined!



Now, Africa, Chris.



You must get yourself

to Africa.



Black women... Ah!



I was in Italy.



I went to Spain.



Spun me around, really.



Ended up in New York.



I kept meaning

to send a postcard.



You know how it is.



Why did you come back?



Oh, it's difficult

to talk about.



Not bad news, I hope.



No, it's okay. It's...



What's up, mate?



This is really hard.



Do you want me to leave you two

alone for a minute?






No, you stay.



It concerns both ofyou.



You can hide from the truth

for only so long



before it all gets too much.



Time I faced up

to the way things really are.



You see, Chris...



I had to come back because...



I love you.



I always have.



You're the only person

in the world for me.



I'm sorry, Marion.



I know this must come

as a bit of a blow



but Chris and I were meant

to be together.



Very funny.



[ All Laughing ]



Your faces!



What's her name?



Her name's Kally,

as in "California."



It's where her folks were born,

only she's spelt with a "K."



Oh, you should

have brought her along.



Naw. We believe

in having separate friends.



I met her in a creative

writing course in Pasadena.



Yeah? What the hell

were you doing there?



I was teaching it.



I didn't know you went in



for that

sort of thing.




Teaching or seducing students?



Huh? No. No, I don't



if I can avoid it, you know



but you got to subsidize

the old poetry somehow.



I mean, come on.



If poetry's going

to mean anything



you got to take it

directly to the people.



[ Chris ]

That is pure paranoia.



[ Chris ]

That is pure paranoia.



Anybody who wants to



can read poetry.



Yeah, but they don't

want to, do they?



'Cause they're told what?



It's... It's

a minority taste.



Late night slot.



You know,

pigeon fancying...



goat fucking...



whatever it is

they fucking get up to.



I see... I see loads

of poetry in the shops.



But you don't see poetry

in the shops, Marion.



You see

golfing limericks



and jolly

historical ballads.



Dead, unthreatening stuff.



There's nothing vital!



There's nothing...



Hey! Hey! Hey!



Nothing about

what's happening now.



Sorry, baby.



What you actually mean is

nobody stocks your books.









[Marion ]




[ Chris ]




What do you get up

to on your walks?






Think a bit.



What about?



I don't know,

serious shit.



The past, future



meaning-of-life stuff,

you know.



Um, I make a few...



mental lists.



What kind oflists?



You know,

some people count sheep.



Uh... I make lists.



Chris Lloyd...



the story so far.






Not poor,

not... deformed



not... starving.



Not asleep.



Not asleep.



Married: Yes.



Children: One.



Job: One. House: Yes.

Mortgage: Yes. Car...






So on, so on.



Till the panic subsides.



What have you got

to panic about?






That's what worries me.



Love you.



Love you back.



And your friend.



Toni hasn't changed, has he?



Toni's incapable of change.



Like the dinosaurs



and look what

happened to them.









Would you still love me



no matterwhat I did?



Why, what have you done?



No. Nothing.



It's a... rhetorical question.



Would I still love you

no matter what?



No matter what.



You must be joking.



[ Toni ]

What kind ofyield



do you expect, then?



Oh, a good few pounds,

I suppose.



No, listen, you dig up



these escapist

bloody flower beds



you'll triple your output.



Yeah, well, I'm sticking

a few veg on the table



not provisioning

the bloody Ukraine.



Good to see you, mate.



This is really something,

this is, Chris.



What is?



All this.



I mean, you've got

the lot, haven't you?



Everything a man

could want.



I'm impressed.



Are you taking the piss?



Is this it?



Oh, bloody hell.



Ifyou're asking me,

am I happy



with the vegetable patch,

the flower beds



the wife and baby



the job and the mortgage



the answer is yes-- I am



strangely enough.



I believe you.



There's nothing wrong

in any of that.



Okay, no problem.



Just surprised



that's all.



Chris Lloyd



happy ever after in Metroland.



Who'd have

thought it?



They're already calling

them the sexy '  s.



Sexy, saucy '  s.



Oh, it gives you

a hard-on just saying it.



Yeah, Brigitte Bardot,

Anna Karina



Francoise Dorleac.



Think of the sex

going on



in France.



Ifwe were in Paris now...



Strolling down



the Boulevard St. Germain.



Stopping chatting

with friends



kissing on

both cheeks.



Pernod and coffee

with Sartre and de Beauvoir



at Les Deux Magots.



Not much point being

a boulevardier



in the suburbs, is there?



No boulevards

for a start



and Acacia Avenue

doesn't have



quite the same appeal.



I tell you one thing



to be said in favor

of nuclear war:



At least this place

would go up in smoke.



Imagine that,

the whole of Metroland



disappearing in one

brilliant, blinding flash.



A million sand wedges



melted into scrap.



Smoldering mountain

of occasional tables.



Middlesex's topiary

incinerated in an instant.



Could you throw us

our ball back, please?



[Echoing Laughter]



[ Man ]

Talk to yourself.



Only the bloody English.



[ Toni ]

Tennis in the rain.






Poor sods.



Pathetic, isn't it?



And what will they all



end up doing?



Bank managers, the lot of them.



Oh, they can't all

be bank managers.



'Course they can.



Metroland was built

for bank managers.



Actual bank managers.



Retired bank managers.



Student bank managers.

Baby bank managers.



It's like

Invasion ofthe BodySnatchers.



Instead of aliens--



bank managers.






Not me.



Come on.

This one, Chris.



Come on.



God, you're ugly.



This one.



Monsieur, that is wrong, no?



Epaterla bourgeoisie?



[ Chris]

Excusez-moi, monsieur.



Mon ami et moi voudrions



coucher avec votre femme.



Sorry, old man?



Nous passerons donc

la culbuter samedi



à l'heure du thé?



Parlez-vous anglais?






Je crois pourvoir

vous aider.



Je vais traduire

la question.



The young man

wishes to know



if he mi ght come to tea

on Saturday afternoon



with a view



to mowing your lawn.






Merci, merci.



[ Toni and Chris Laughing]



[ Chris ]

Those silly games

we used to play.



[ Chris ]

Those silly games

we used to play.



What's so silly

about them? Huh?



I mean, all ri ght,

we were childish about it



but at least

we had the right idea



sticking one up

the bourgeoisie's



fat, complacent bum.



Yeah, those were great days,

weren't they?



Great. Come on, man,

you're talking



Iike it was

a hundred years ago.



It feels like it was.



Does it?



So when am I going

to meet this Kally, then?




We're having a party.



Why not come along?






Soon, yeah.

Just don't wear that.



I haven't been

to a party in ages.



You know what

it's like, having a kid.



No, I don't, actually.



So, are you in love

with her, then?



In love?






What's wrong with that?



Oh, come on.

It's just the way you say it.



I mean, what,

you sound like my dad.



Yeah. I mean, yeah



things are going

all right with Kally



I suppose, you know.



She's a smart girl.




You'll like her.






We have a non-monogamous

relationship, man.



Really? Christ.



Is she all right

about that?



It was her idea.



I mean, neither of us

wants a relationship



based on possessiveness,

jealousy and that shit.






What, so you just,

you just go off and...



I just...






Whenever I feel like it.



So, you been unfaithful



to Marion yet?



You're serious?






I'm very happy with my wife.



Are you?



No, I haven't been

unfaithful to her.



Oh, that was




What was?



That strenuous denial,

you know.



I mean,

what does that mean?



"No, but I wouldn't

half mind a bit.



"No, but I, you know



nearly got some last week."



No, it means no,

because I don't want to.



What about sex?



Plenty of sex.



All right.

I'm only asking.



I mean, I'm sure Marion

sticks her heels in your ears



and drains you as dry

as a loofah, but...



Kindly... Kindly keep

your disgusting similes



away from my wife.



Come on.

You're only human.



I mean, what,

you've been together, what



eight years now.



Don't you ever wonder

what it'd be like



to go to bed

with another woman?



Of course, um...



Of course,

but I mean everybody does.




just fantasy.



That's nothing to do

with actual life. That's...



I mean, I don't

lie in bed thinking...



"Oh, Christ," you know



"I hope I have it away with

somebody else before I die."



Hmm? And I would never

do anything to hurt her.



You might...

She might not mind.



[ Toni ]

Oh, we've won an award.



Yes, I have.



"Christopher Lloyd.



"Advertising Design Awards



winner, Gold Loom."



Hey, now, now this is it.



This is more like it.



Yeah, I thought

you'd like that one.



I'm impressed.



It's not exactly, uh




though, is it?



Hey, you always were

a bloody good photographer.



Oh, not quite

good enough, though.



Ah, could have been.



You could have been.



Whatever happened



to that book

you was always going to do?



Do you remember?



Yeah, yeah.



Well, um...

I thought it was time



to get serious about the career

when Amy came along, you know.



It's still

on the back burner, though.



What's it about?



Well, it's, um...



It's really...



It's in here?



No, I'm not saying.



It's in here.



I'm sitting on it.



My God.



Christopher Lloyd's

deep, dark secrets.



No, no, don't, Toni.

No, leave it.



You'll only laugh.



What's the matter?



I won't laugh--

Chris, come on.



Friends since the cradle.



It doesn't matter

what it is, I promise you.



However ludicrous,

trivial, obscene...



I'm not going

to laugh, am I?



Let me see.



Watch out.



What I'm planning

is, a, uh...



a photographic...



history of travel in London.



You know, I mean



the premise being

sort of the extraordinary



within the ordinary, you know,

because everybody's



so familiar with,

you know, the trains



and they cease to see anything



special about it, really



but this is one of

the ideas I've got



for the cover

at the moment.



It's just a rough



thing you know, but...



Fuck me.

An illustrated guide



to the Metropolitan Line.



Yeah, thanks, Toni.



What an enticing




Thanks, you bastard.



Hey, come on.

I'm sorry.



Yeah, don't overdo it,

you know?



You know, it's just

one of a lot of ideas.



It's a great idea.



I'm really not

sure that it's...



I'm gonna do

that one yet.



I look forward to it,

honestly, all right?



What's happened to you, Chris?



What do you mean?



You know what I mean.



[Marion ]

Punk concert?



[ Chris ]

Yeah. He's got a friend

in the band.



You hate punk.



No, I don't.



Yes, you do.



You know you'll hate it.




you're only going



because Toni

wants you to go.



I happen to be

very interested.



They might have

an age policy on the door:



"Middle-aged swingers

strictly banned."



I'm not that old.



You know,

you've developed this



very annoying habit

of constantly telling me



how I should be feeling,

what I will and won't like.



I am capable



of independent thought,

you know?



How long's Toni

staying around this time?



I don't know.



He didn't say.



What's he living on anyway?



Dole and savings, I guess.



You know, he doesn't seem

to be short.



He's probably taking



that Kally woman

for all she's worth.



Well, that's a very...

aggressive way of putting it.



Just an educated guess

based on what



I know about Toni.



You've never liked him,

have you?



No, I like him.



I just don't have

a rose-tinted view



of him, that's all.



You can sound very cynical



sometimes, Marion.



Don't tell me

you've only just noticed.



Yeah, well, anyway,

I'm gonna...



I am gonna go to this gig.



It will be an experience,

you know?



It'll be something...




Be fun.



[ Loud Punk Rock Playing ]



[ Indistinct ]



  Destroy! Destroy!  



  Destroy the hoi polloi!  



  Destroy! Destroy!



  Destroy the hoi polloi!  



Nice shirt, wanker!



[ Toni ]

  Destroy the hoi polloi!  



  Destroy! Destroy!  









Wonderful, aren't they?



Yeah, very talented.



  Destroy! Destroy!  



  Destroy the hoi polloi!  



Take it!



  Destroy! Destroy!  



Go on! A big one!



  Destroy the hoi polloi!  



  Destroy! Destroy!  



  Destroy the hoi polloi!  



  Destroy! Destroy!  



  Destroy the hoi polloi...  



[ Chris Slurring ]







[ Man ]

Oh, look at that nonce.



Hello there.

Mr. Nonce to you.



Man with a dress on.



[ Chris ]

I saw you!



What are you doing?



[ Yelping ]



Chris, you all right?






This is fun!



This is fun, Toni!



You, you always knew



how to have fun,

didn't you?



I always, I always...



I always felt

a bit dull next to you.



What's the...



What's the secret?



No secret.



No, really.

What is it?



What's the secret, Toni?



Your problem, Chris,

is you're busy doing



what other people

want you to do.



Your parents,

Marion, everyone.



The trick is to do

what you want.



Sod what he wants.

What about me?



Are we shagging or not?



I should know better



better than to try

screwing old men.



[ Chris ]




I'm having fun!



Yeah, this is it.



Come on, then.



Up you get.



Up you go.

Up, up, up.



From now on



I'm going to do

what I want.



Of course, you are.

Come on.



No. No, really.



Come on.

Let's get you home.



I'm gonna do

what I want.



No, Toni,

I mean it.



From now on.



I mean it.



[ Rock Music In Background ]



[ Toni ]

What's Marion going to say?



Taxi! Taxi!



Hey, stop there!



In you get.

In you get.



Chris, Chris, Chris,

you do not want sex.



I bloody do.



No, you don't.



Come on.



You're going to bed.

You're going to bed.



You are in the first stage



of a three-stage hangover.




Oh, Toni...



I say, sir.






I say, I've never seen

the likes of it.



I said the sofa.



Go on. Get out.



Out, out.



This is private.




Chris, come on.






Come on. Come on.



Stage one

of this hangover:



Start feeling randy...






And stage two

is pass out--



halfway through.



No. Feeling ran...









Anyway, I want it to be you



that I make love to.



It's me.



No, it's not.



It's me, darling.



No, it's eight pints

of lager with an erection.




Yes, it is.



Get into bed.



Stage one.



Then stage two.



What's stage three?



Stage three, my dear,

is wake up



with a blinding headache.






I feel

absolutely fine.



Bed, bed, bed!



No, I feel... Yeah.



Into bed.



Go on. In, in.



[ Baby Crying ]



I'm going

to get the baby.



Oh, Chris, for God's sake.



Are you coming back?



[ Panting ]



[ Horse Snorting ]



[ Classical Music Playing ]



[ Door Opens ]



How you feeling?



Fine, thanks.



I phoned the office



and told them

you were ill.



I got to get going.



Thanks for the sofa.



Everything okay?






You and Toni...



you had a row

or something?



'Course not.



[ Train Rumbling ]



Saw you snapping

away on the platform.



Interested in trains,

are you?



Not really.



Just there's not much else



to photograph around here.



It's very fancy.



Got it for my birthday.



I retired today.



They gave me

a whisky decanter.




in the same company



and nobody's noticed

I never drink.



This is the last time

I'll ever make this journey.



This used to be

a grand line, you know?



Used to have ambitions.



Do you know

there was a Pullman car



right up until

Hitler's war started.



It was called the Mayflower.



It wasn't just ambition



with the Victorians,

you see.



There was confidence as well.



Confidence in ambition.



I mean,

can you imagine?



They wanted to join

the Metropolitan Line up



with Northampton

and Birmingham.



Have a great link through

from Yorkshire and Lancashire



through Quainton Road,

through London



joining up

with the Old Southeastern



and through

a channel tunnel



to the Continent.






Is that when they started

calling it Metroland here?



That bloody nonsense.



No, that was

just a name made up



to please the estate agents

during the war



to please the estate agents

during the war



before Hitler's.



Catchy name

to make it sound cozy.



Cozy homes for cozy heroes.



   minutes from Baker Street



and a pension

at the end of the line.



Turned it into

what it is now...



bourgeois dormitory.



Aren't you bourgeois, then?



[ Chuckles ]



'Course, I am.



So are you...



I shouldn't wonder.



No, I'm not staying

in Metroland.



I'm gonna live in Paris

and take pictures.



French never could run

a decent rail service.



You see, it doesn't matter



where you go.



Metroland isn't a place.



It's a state of mind.



Oh, Amy...



Aw, sweetheart,

what are you doing?






There's a good girl,




There's a good girl...




[ Crying Loudly ]



Sorry, love,

she's just...



Come on.



...taken everything down.






Daddy's had a bad day...

Come on.



[ Clown Squeaking ]



[ Crying Fades ]



[ Camera Shutter Clicking]



Stop now.



Ne bouge pas.



Comme ça.



[ Woman ]

The camera...



No more. No more.



[ Chris ]

You taught me

to say what I'm feeling.



Nowyou're blaming me

when I do.



You know...



I'm sorry. I'm sorry.



Yes, but I was teaching you

to be sincere, not cruel.



[ Marion ]




Ifyou're going

to look at dirty pictures



ofyour old girlfriends



at least have the style

to do it openly.



[ Woman ]

Sex with me

was always wonderful, Chris.



Betterthan it is now

with Marion.



No, that's not true.



That's just nostal gia.






you gave me

multiple orgasm every time.



Did I?



You never said.






You were

a fantastic lover.



[ Gasps Quietly]



Marion doesn't

appreciate you.



You might be right

about that.



[ Toni ]

Face it. You don't

desire her anymore.



No, I do.



Just not in the same way.



You never stopped



desiring me.






I didn't fall in love with you

either though, did I?



Are you sure?



Maybe you were just

too young to know.



Maybe you just lost

your nerve and ran back



to where you felt comfortable.



What do you mean?



I thought you came to Paris

to be an artist.



I did.



So what are you doing

ten years later



Iiving a mile

from where you grew up



doing a job you despise?



Face it, Chris...



you've become your parents.



That's not true.



Oh, yeah?



Why didn't you stay in Paris?



[ Sighs ]



[ Crowd Clamoring On TV ]



Tu devrais être dehors

dans la rue avec eux.



Tu prendrais

de bonnes photos.



Je suis un artiste,

pas un journaliste.



Comment va madame aujourd'hui?



Très bien.






[ Chuckling ]



[ Crowd Clamoring On TV ]



[ Woman Gi ggling ]



A vez-vous du feu,

s'il vous plaît?






[ Woman ]







C'est qui,

cette fille?



Quelle fille?



Euh, léopard plastique,

cheveux foncés.



L éopard plastique,

cheveux foncés, trèsjolie?






Aucune idée.



[ Cl icks T ongue ]






Ne te fatigue pas, hein?



Ne t'approche pas des filles.



Elles ne pensent

qu'à te couper les couilles.



[ Scoffs ]







Tu gagnes ta vie

avec des photos?



[ Exhales ]



Pas avec les miennes,

en tout cas.



Parce que j'ai besoin

d'aide pour le week-end.



A moins bien sûr que...



ce ne soit pas digne

d'un artiste de ton envergure.



Non. Oui.



Merci, Henri.



[ Toni ]

"Africa 's where

it's happening, Chris.



"Vibrant culture.



"Great people.



"Thinking ofhanging out here

for a while...



"or maybe heading down

to Afghanistan



"'cause apparently they grow



"the best pot

in the world there.



"You wouldn 't believe

the skirt out here.



"The American girls.



Jesus, even you could score. "



[ Chris Chuckles ]



"I'm working on getting

to Paris.



"Just not sure when.



"Don 't start the revolution

without me.



"Eat the rich.



L ove, Toni. "



You're meant to be here



you bastard.



Not bloody Afghanistan.



[ Shutter Clicks ]



[ Henri ]

Ça y est.



C'est fait.



[ Chris ]

Quoi, donc?



Ce matin madame m'a dit

que son chocolat était froid.



Ça a fait tilt.



Je suis descendu

à la cave



j'ai pris une hache



je l'ai découpée

en tous petis morceaux.



T'aurais vu le sang.



Vous avez tué votre femme?



Pas vraiment.



Mais on peut rêver.









C'est vous qui

les avez prises?






Elles sont géniales.



Ah... Non, elles

sont pas mal.



Je m 'appelle Chris.

Chris Lloyd.







Je m 'appelle Annick.






Vous êtes anglais, alors?



[ Chuckles ]






J'entends ça.



Alexandria Quartet. Ah.






Vous lisez mountolive?










I'm practicing.



I love speaking English,

but, uh...



you know, I make

so many mistakes.



No... It sounds good to me.



Um, did you read

the first two?



Yeah, of course.



I mean, if I started

reading a quartet



on the third book,

I might get a bit lost.



Yeah... Yeah, right.




Yeah, you'd have to be

really stupid



to start on the third book,

wouldn't you?



Yes, of course.



Which, um, you're not,

I'm sure... stupid...



I mean.



Wouldyou like

another drink?







I'd like that.



Ça commence toujours

comme ça avec les filles.



Un petit blanc sec--

et boum.



Your cock in the mangle.



I love to drink

a little bit.






Makes me

less inhibited.



Yeah, me, too.



Trouble is, I get

so uninhibited, I pass out.



[ Laughs ]



What's wrong?






You keep staring at me.



I'm sorry.



Have I got something

on my face?



No! No, no, no,

not at all, um...



It's just... you're so...



[ Giggles ]



Oh, God. Sorry.



[ Laughing ]



No, I'm just...



What I'm trying to say is,

you're really...



[ Giggling ]






Yeah, exactly.



[ Both Laughing ]









Ony va, on va être en retard.









It was, uh,

real nice meeting you.







Annick! Do you want

to see a film on Friday?



There's a new Bresson.



Friday, um...



Yes, at, uh...

 :   here?









So what did you think?



Oh, I think it

is so, so sad.



It's so true,

you know?



And lots of

little things.



Lots of humor.



Humor... maybe.



Ah, no...

you mean sad humor.



You're absolutely right,

yeah. Um...



not the funny sort.






The human comedy.






No, not the kind of humor

you laugh at.



No, no.









Let's walk.






Yeah, where to?



I don't know.



Who cares?



[ Laughing ]






Oh, no, sorry.

No, I just wish, um...



My friend Toni

was here to see this



'cause we always dreamed

about being boulevardiers.



Now I'm about to be one.






  Tous les garcons et les filles

de mon age  



  Se promènent dans la rue deux

par deux 



  Tous les garcons et les filles

de mon âge  



  Savent bien ce que c'est

d'être heureux  



  Et les yeux dans les yeux  



  Et la main, dans la main...  



Oh, qu'il fait beau.



So French.



Ah, c'est

le Palais Royal, ça.



I had lunch there

with my boss.



Oh, nice.



 ...Je vais seule

par les rues...  



You're very clever.



No. I'm not.



You think so?



 ... Carpersonne ne m'aime...  



I'm sorry. I'm sorry.



  Mesjours comme mes nuis  



  Sont en tous points pareils  




et pleins d'ennuis...  



You're mad.



  Personne ne murmure "je t'aime"

à mon oreille  



  Les garcons et les filles

de mon âge...  






[ Shrieks ]



Slowly. Slowly.









Is it the first time?






Is it the first time?






No, I've slept

with loads ofwomen.



[ Moans ]



Er... Well, you know,

a... some.



Well, one or two.



Um, shall I...



Shall I put something on?












Oh, shit.



No, I can't...



Let's try.



Okay, give it to me.






[ Gasps ]



Dear, dear.






No. I'm going to do it.



It's okay.



[ Gasps ]



[ Moaning ]



[ Annick Giggling ]



Did you come?






Oh, God. Sorry.



Oh, no, it's okay.



I usually don't

the first time.






I like the sound of that.



Implies there's

going to be a second.



Oh, I hope so



if it's what you want.



Well, yeah, I like

to sell my women into slavery



after ravishing them

usually, but, um...



Is that right?



In your case, I'm prepared

to make an exception.






I'll be back.



Look, um, I'm sorry.




You probably noticed.



I'm not...



I'm not very experienced.






Have you been with many men?



Oh, thousands.



[ Laughing ]



[ Whistling Tune ]






[ Toilet Flushing ]



I never thought the sound

of a flushing toilet could be sexy



but I guess it depends

who's doing the flushing.



Very funny.



Well, at least I can

keep you entertained



while you're not coming.









[ Moaning ]



[ Laughing ]



[ Shutter Clicking ]






We're here.






[ Laughs ]



How are you feeling?






You don't have to speak English



ifyou don't want to.



No. I want to improve.



I want to.



I want to...



What the word?

"Impress" on you.



You do impress on me



all the time.



Your English hardly needs

improving at all.



Your English

is wonderful.



Oh, liar.



Tell me whatyou're feeling



but not just

generally like-- exactly.



[ Sighing ]




Normal, I suppose.



Okay, now, I want really

what you're feeling.



Tell me.









Uh, I don't know.






I don't know.



You go first.



Well, okay, let's try.



Um, well, um, I'm amused

and surprised



that I have a beautiful



English boyfriend

and, um...



guilty about what my mother

would say about the sex.



And, um...



anxious for her

opinion ofyou



and, uh, maybe



a little bit worried



that I'm not quite

clever enough foryou.



And that you might

want a girlfriend



who's more

than just a secretary.



That's it.



Now you try.



Right, um...



Well, I'm content,

peaceful, tranquil



with, um...



an undercurrent of turbulence.



My God, what was that?



The weather forecast?







I mean, it's not a test.



Don't look so worried.



No, no. It's...



In England, when, uh,

you ask somebody



how they are, you know,

it's just... words.



It's just a courtesy.



The last thing in the world

that you expect



is that they're going

to actually tell you.






You're so direct.



Where did you learn

to be so sincere?



What do you mean, "learn"?



I mean, eitheryou say

what's truthful



oryou don't.



That's it?






You look so scared.



Comment savoir

sije suis amoreux?



Quand ta maison est en feu,

tu le sais.



C'est tout.



Right arm around the wicket.



Four balls to come. Play.



It's a glorious run--

surely the century.



[ Game-playing Yells Continue ]






Oh, it's a good one.

My run!






God... Sorry.



Are you okay?



Pourquoi lesAnglais

sont-ils toujours si anglais?



Je suis venu ici

pour eviter tout ça.



I think the natives

are getting restless.



Why, what did he say?



Um, something unflattering

about the English, I think.



Ecoutez, ça va, allez faire

les idiots ailleurs.



Did you get

any of that?



Maybe he wants to take

our picture.



Do you think

he's putting on an act?



Do you think

he's English himself?



Are you?



[ Sighs ]



He certainly acts

like the real thing.



Well, speaking for myself



I could do with a vin rouge.

Any takers?






Come on.



Are you coming?



Why not?



Monsieur et madame.



So, why were you pretending

to be French, then?



Well, you know

the bloody English abroad--



they're always complaining,

aren't they?



It's always something.



It's either the food or the beer

or the terrible service.



"Oh, aren't

the Parisians rude?"



Or something like that.

I mean... and shouting.



As though that's going to make them

understood or something.



Why would I want

to be English?



Well, surely

there must be something



you like about us.



I can't think of anything.



Don't you miss home?



No, of course not.









Don't you believe me?



Of course I believe you.



[ All Laughing ]




Le monde, s'il vous plaît.



Vous parlez anglais?















What are you doing today?



Nothing special.






Then, see you.






[ Outside Door Shuts ]



And I've started thinking



in French, you know?



I feel French.



I'll wave my hands about

when I talk, you know?



I have, uh...

sex in the afternoon.



I mean, if that's not French,

I don't know what is.



I mean, I...

I belong here, you know?



I feel like I'm at home.









It's not that I

miss England, exactly



but there's... one part of me



that feels like



it's being disloyal

to the other.



Maybe you're just homesick.









[ Scoffing ]






Oh, yes, you've got thingmy--

What's her name?



Anyway, what's she like--



this girl that you're having

a relationship with



as you put it?



Her name's Annick.



What's wrong

with putting it like that?



You don't have

to tell me about her.



It's none of my business, anyway.



No, I don't mind

telling you about her.



She's, um...

She's really... direct



and, uh, emotional,

and sincere-- everything.



I mean, we've got this

real connection between us.



We never lie to each other.



What? Never?



No. Never.



Don't worry.



I'm not trying

to embarrass you.



I'm not embarrassed.



[ Church Bells Ringing ]



What are you

going to do, then?






For a living.



Take photographs.



Does it pay well?



I don't know.



I haven't actually

sold any yet.






How are you going to provide

foryour family then?



What family?



Oh, the one

you'll have one day.



Bloody hell.

Give me time.






Well, 'cause I'm    .



I'm still...

you know...



still having




What, more than one?



Well, not simultaneously, no.



Anyway, marriage

is a relationship.



Yeah... So?



Well, you said you were going

to have relationships



and then get married



as if they were

two different things.



No, I didn't say I was

going to get married.



Well, no, I suppose you didn't

technically, no.



Too bloody right,

I didn't.



I'll never get married.



Oh, I thinkyou will.









You're not original enough

not to.



[ Loud Slurping ]



Chris... does Annick

know about me?



She knows I see friends.



Does she know you see

this particular friend?



Not specifically, no.



It's never come up.



It's no big deal,

though, is it?



It's not as if...



we've got anything to hide.



I thought you

never lied to her.



I'm not lying.



If she asks me, I'll tell her.






if she doesn't know I exist



how can she ask?



Fair enough.



I'll tell her then,

shall I?



Don't start reading things



into these conversations,

will you?



What do you mean?



Well... ifyou analyze

them too much



you might just get the idea

that I fancy you.



Do you?



I'll see you then.



What shall we do tonight?



I don't know.



See a movie?



How about the new,

uh, Truffaut?



This English girl I met

said it's pretty good.



That's settled, then.




She really liked it.






Yeah, um...



Marion, this English

girlfriend of mine



uh, said it was, um...



one ofher favorite films.



Are you trying

to tell me something?



What do you mean?



Is this the famous English tact?






Merely pointing out



that apparently

the film is quite good.






Who told you that?



A friend.



An English girlfriend?



Well, not "girlfriend."



You know, I mean, a friend

who happens to be a girl.



You've got, uh, French boyfriends,

haven't you?



Yes! But I don't mention them

three times running



unless I have

a very good reason.



Well, I'm just explaining that,

you know, she's a friend.



Um... see each other

from time to time



and... I've been meaning to

mention her to you. That's it.



I think that you mean

you've been meaning



to mention that you're

sleeping with her.



No. Of course not.



I sleep with you.



Or that you want to.



No. Hold on.

This is getting ridiculous.



I'm not being, um...

What's the bloody word?



I'm not being perfidious.



[ Laughs ]



You know,

Albion is always perfidious.



They teach you that in school.



No, I'm not... Listen, I just...



I'm trying to be honest.



I don't hide things



from you.



Are you sleeping with her?






Are you in love with her?



Bien sur que non.Je...



Je t'aime bien.



Thankyou very much.



So kind.



Of course you do.



No, I mean, I really do.



I love being here,

being with you and everything.



You know, I love it.



I think, um... I like...

Iike you a lot.




How rational!




How measured!



How English you are!



You say it as ifyou'd

known me for    years



rather than a few months.



Well, you taught me

to say what I'm feeling.



Now you're blaming me

when I do.



I thought... you know...



I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.



I was... I was...



I was teaching you

to be sincere, not cruel.



I'm sorry. I mean, not 'cause

I've done anything wrong.



I haven't,

but I'm sorry because



you've misunderstood

the situation.



No. No.



Why are you...?






Why are you crying?






Is it because

I mentioned that girl?



I don't know.



Tell me.



Is it because

you think



I don't love you enough,

or something?



Is it because

you love me?



Tell me.






It's all right.



[ Humming "God Save The Queen" ]



[ French Accent ]

God save the Queen.






Perhaps he has

been malade, huh?



He looks



healthy enough to me.



Perhaps he

has been sulking.



Mais, il n'est pas

boudeur, non?



Perhaps he work hard.



Perhaps his duck



she has given him

the elbow.



Oh, perhaps that, yes.



[ Imitating Violin Playing

"Auld Lang Syne" ]



Anyway, how could we let you

spend the evening by yourself?



We thought you

might be ill.



I thought you might

not like me anymore.



I made a terrible mistake.



Annick... meant

everything to me.



I... Ioved her.

I loved her.



I realize it now.



I don't want to go

to bloody England.



I hate England.



I'm staying here.



I'm going to stay in Paris.



I'm going to be an artist.



I don't want a wife.



I don't want bloody kids.



I don't want responsibility.



I don't need any of that.



Well, at least

we know where we stand.



[ Chris]

Attagirl. That's it.



It's Mummy, Amy.



Hey, hey.



Watch what you're doing

with those hands.



Oh, that's great.



Yeah, that looks lovely.



On this beach,

sun coming down



music playing,




and the women--







Do you ever think

about... somebody else



when you're having sex

with Kally?



Of course.



I mean, who doesn't?






Until recently, just lately.



Um, whenever I make...






Yeah, uh, with Marion. Um...



Annick keeps

popping up.



You know, I mean, it's not

that I physically want her.



If she walked

in the door right now



I might not fancy her at all



but I've just been thinking

about the past a lot.



And I'm wondering

what that says



about... me and Marion.



To be honest, we haven't been

getting on that well recently.



Are you going to leave her?



[ Laughing ]



No. No. I haven't

even thought about that.



It's just I feel...




You feel trapped.



Quite frankly, Chris,

I'm not surprised.



Look what you've done

with your life.



No wonder

you're bored.



Oh, and I suppose your life

is something wonderful



by comparison.



I do what I want to do.



I'm proud of my work.



Can you say

the same?



I'm your oldest friend, Chris.



I know what's going on



in your head.



I can read you

like a book.



You keep thinking to yourself,

"Did I make the right choice?"



Well, did you?



Toni did askyou, you know.



Of course he did.



"Come to Toni's party.



"Dress informal.



Wives optional."






He wanted you

to come.



Well, someone's got

to look after Amy.



We could have got

a baby-sitter.



We never go out




We haven't been

at a party in decades.



You always say

you hate parties.



Yeah, well,

I want us to have fun.



You mean you want

you to have fun.



Well, go on.

I'm not stopping you.



You know what I really hate

is that you feel this need



to drive a wedge

between me and Toni.



Like you've got something



against there being anybody

who knew me before you.



I thinkyou'd better go.



I hope it's fun.



[ Door Closes ]



[Rock Music Playing]



  Strolling along,

minding my own business  



  Well, there goes

a girl and a half 



  She's got me goin '

up and down  



  She's got me

goin ' up and down  



  Walking on the beaches,

looking at the peaches  



  Well, I've got

the notion, girl  



  That you've got

some suntan lotion  



  In that bottle ofyours  



  Spread it all over

my peeling skin, baby  



  That feels real good  



  All the skirts

lappin ' up the sun  



  Lap me up...  






  Why don 't you

come on over here?  



Hey, how you been?



What did you do?

Raid an art gallery?



What are you doing

with your trousers still on?



Where's Kally?



Downstairs, I think.



Bit of a sausage roll

crisis going.



Listen, go down

and cheer her up.



She just had an abortion.



It was her decision,

you know, but I agree.



I mean who wants to bring



another little bastard

into this shit heap, huh?



Except budding

bourgeois fat cats, of course.



Enjoy yourself,

for fuck's sake.



  Walking on the beaches,

looking at the peaches  



  Well, youjust take

a look over there  






  Is she trying

to get out ofthat...?  



  So you win again,

you win again  



  Here I stand again  



  The loser...  



Prawn vol-au-vent?



They're, uh, part-raw,




barbecued-sushi effect

sort of thing.



[ Laughing ]

I know you.



You were staring at me

in the hall.



Well, not staring, exactly.



You were checking me out.



Oh, it's all right--

I was doing the same to you.



I'm Joanna, by the way.






Are you a friend ofToni's?



Mmm, that's one way

of describing it.



Has anyone ever told you

you have a nice face?



"Nice"? Ugh.



I, uh, suppose my mother

might have mentioned that.



You can get me a drink,

ifyou want.



Oh, can I?



Mind if I get myself one?



  Oh, it's so funny to seeyou

afterso long 



  And with the wayyou look 



  I understand thatyou

were not impressed 



  But I heardyou and that

little friend ofmine...  



[ Water Running ]



Hello again.






I was wondering

where you'd gone.



I was wondering

where you'd gone.



I was looking foryou.



So now that you found me,

what are you going to do?






Well, you're interested,

aren't you?



I know I am, so I assume

we're going to fuck.



Oh, I... don't know about that.



I'm married.



I'm not prejudiced.



No, it's not that easy.



Ifyou're worried

about getting involved, don't.



I'm not into that shit.



You're a married man.



You got it all

out in the open.



Well, good foryou--

on both counts.



Can we go to bed now?



Well, that wasn't

so difficult, was it?



[ Zipper Unzipping ]



[Marion ]

I wantyou to have affairs.



It'll be good for our marriage.



I'll still cookyour dinner



and do your washing

and ironing.



[ Zipper Unzipping ]



[ Jewelry Rattling ]



It's a little more practical



ifyou're within reach.



Have you got any Durex?



I'm not on the pill.






[ Chuckling ]

It's, um, not

the kind of thing



you carry around with you

when you're married, really.



[ Chuckling ]

You'd be surprised.



Toni keeps them

in the bathroom cabinet

just under the sink.






[ Heart Beating ]



[ Monitor Beeping ]



Marion! No!



[ Heartbeat, Beeping Continue ]



[ Flatline ]




[ Laughing ]



[Joanna ]




You okay?



[ Toni ]

Good old Joanna...



Go on,Joanna.



You go for it, man, all right?



[ Slapping ]



[ Door Creaks, Closes ]



What are you doing?



I'm going home.






Because Toni

put you up to this.



You sleeping with him?






I'm not a whore.



I decide who I sleep with,

not Toni.



But he suggested

it might be a good idea



provided you didn't find me

too repulsive, right?



He just wanted you to be happy--

He really cares about you.



I'm really touched.



Chris, what difference

does it make?



Whatever Toni did,

the point is



you still wanted

to sleep with me.



I wanted to, but I didn't.



'Cause you were scared.



Possibly, yes!



Isn't that as good a reason

as any?



[ Gurgling ]









[ Whistling ]



Joanna found this

in the spare bedroom.






A friend of Kally's?



Want to watch this husband

ofyours, Marion.



Right little raver

on the dance floor



when they put

the oldies on.



It was his wild streak



that I

married him for.



What the hell

are you doing here?



I know what you did.



About what?



That whole bloody little

adolescent game with Joanna.



It wasn't a game.



I was giving you

what you said you wanted--



helping save you

from yourself.



Ifyou've said anything

to Marion...



What are you

frightened of, Chris--



upsetting the whole cozy

little middle-class applecart?



Losing your perfect wife

and your neat little flower bed?



Have you said anything?



What's happened

to you, man?



You've just given up...

down the line.



Come on. What went wrong?



Paris wasn't that long ago.



It's been nearly bloody

ten years since Paris!



Most of my adult life!



New definition

of the word "adult":



"Time in which you've sold out."



A few years of freedom



then back to the safe job

and the tennis club.



Yeah, and yet another triumph

for the bourgeoisie steamroller!



What are you doing here?



What the fuck were you

doing with Marion?



Why don't you ask her?



I'm asking you!



Well, let's just say



Marion doesn't share

some ofyour inhibitions.



For Christ's sake,

Chris, stop it!



Stop it, Chris!



Stop it!



Stop it!



Get off!



Stop it! Stop it!



Did you sleep with Toni?



Is that what he said?



Not precisely.



And what do you think?



I want you to tell me

you haven't.



Does it really matter

if I have?



The way you've been

behaving recently



I wouldn't have thought

you cared.



Of course I care.



He made a pass at me.



More than once.



I turned him down.



But I...

I nearly said yes.



Oh, I was tempted.



He happens to be

rather attractive.



I really don't know

what's going through him.



I don't understand him.



Oh, Chris...



you're such an innocent sometimes.



Don't you see?

He's jealous ofyou.






Toni's jealous of me?






And ifyou can't see why...



then we really

have got a problem.



Hello, darling.



Hello, sweetheart.



Good girl.



You all right?






you know Toni's party?






Something happened there.



There was this girl.



Well, what's important

is she, um...



tried to get off

with me.



I'm glad I'm not

the only person in the world



who finds you attractive.



She really tried

quite hard.



I can't say

that I blame her.



Just thought you

ought to know.



Is this a confession?






'Course not.



You didn't sleep with her?






I just want to get everything

out in the open...




with the circumstances...



But I was wondering



How would you feel

if I had?



Well, I suppose that depends

on the circumstances.



I expect we'll find out one day.






Well, you'll probably sleep



with someone else

sooner or later.



It's too interesting not to.






I don't see why.



I don't think either of us

went into this marriage



with ridiculous expectations.



I mean... I do know what it is

to be sexually bored.



Do you?



Are you?






but mostly not.



The thing is, Chris, it...



It isn't what you think it is.



It doesn't prove anything

and it doesn't



disprove anything.






Well, you know, it's...

a hypothetical situation, anyway






Well, not entirely.



I... Since we're discussing it



I might as well tell you

that... yes



I have been unfaithful

to you once



and, yes,

it was only the once



and, no, I haven't been

tempted to since



and I don't think

I will be now.



[ Door Opening ]



[ Door Closing ]






[ Panting Passionately ]



[ Chuckling ]



[ Laughing ]



Was that better?



Better than what?



You did sleep

with her, didn't you--



that girl

at Toni's party?



I told you...






she was all right,

I suppose...



but who wants fast food

when you can eat at the Ritz?



[ Sighs Gently ]



Listen, I just came

to say good-bye.



Yeah. Yeah, back to

the States, I think.



What are you going to do?



I don't know,

maybe some screenwriting.



Kally's people

are in the film game.



I might, you know...



Going to stay

at their place in Malibu.




It's lovely, yeah.



So, when you coming back?



Oh, I don't know.

I'm leaving it open-ended.



Listen, Chris...



why don't you come?



[ Chuckles ]



You're serious.



Yeah, of course

I'm bloody serious.



Why don't you just

let it all go, huh?



I mean, come on.



Doesn't your heart just sink

at the thought of it all?



Knowing what,

you're going to spend the rest



ofyour life here--



knowing how every day

is going to begin and end



day after monotonous day

until what?



You keel over

with a heart attack



well before your time?



The thing

you don't understand, Toni



the thing

I didn't understand...



is that I like it here.



I like my life.



I'm content.



[ Footsteps Approaching ]



[ Footsteps Approaching ]



Making lists again?






What about "happy"?



What about it?



When you're drawing up

your lists



what do you put

in the column next to "happy"?






"If not now...






  Yearning, we wereyearning 



  Green light blinding

on the rail 



  Green light blinding

on the rail 



  Burning, we were burning  



  And the line unwinding

to the Holy Grail  



  To the future gleaming

on a blue horizon  



  And a golden girl

on golden sand  



  Dreaming, fantasizing  



  In another world

from Metroland  



  I've danced in rain  



  And I've been Django  



  And I've got laid  



  I've been a rollin 'stone  



  I've been Verlaine

and I've been Rimbaud  



  Not afraid to walk alone  



  And now I take

my midnight ramble  



  Do I fold orplay

what's in my hand?  



  What's at stake

and what's the gamble?  



  Do I stay in Metroland?  



  Dreams, yesterday's laughter  



  Ghosts and lovers

come back to play  



  But dreams

have a morning after  



  And run for cover

in the light of day  



  I got something real,

worth holding onto  



  I can belong to

and understand  



  I've made my deal  



  I will go on to  



  Make my peace

with Metroland...  



  With Metroland...  









  In Metroland  




Special help by SergeiK