The Mexican Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the The Mexican script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Julia Roberts and Brad Pitt movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of The Mexican. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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The Mexican Script




(Car horns)






(Radio) ' downtown Los Angeles

right now. Here with the traffic...'



I've been waiting for    minutes.



- Thought you were stuck in traffic?

- You late?



- You got all the paperwork?

- Yeah.



Are you pissed off at me?

I'm just doing my part.



- I know, I know.

- You're my guy, Jerry, my guy.



'Margolese Holdings,

how may I direct your call?. '



- Yes, I'll put you through.

- Hey, Estelle.



Is that Nayman's little nephew?



- Yeah, that's Big Tom.

- Big Tom! Sure, it is.



- How's it goin' there, Big Tom?

- Hey, hey. Look.



Shh. See? See?



Why are you scaring the kid?



- I-l was just...

- Did you get that passport?






- I have issues.

- Issues, Jerry.



It burns my ass to write you

a cheque every week.



I can explain what happened.



You say that

when it's once in a while.



- It's every time, Jerry.

- It's every fuckin' time.



And I can certainly

understand that perspective.



But I've been having

some personal problems...



uh, with my life.



My girlfriend, she's a great girl,

but she has complaints.



I don't but, she does.

If you want to know the truth,



I can't even believe this,

but we go to a group.



So...last week,



when you guys told me to pick up

the thing at the thing,



well, Samantha says she needs

the car to pick up some things.



And, I don't have to tell you boys,

I mean, things got heated, right?



And she hid them.



She hid them?



Oh! The keys. She hid them.



She... You know, and I couldn't

get to the thing on time,



and it all got messed up

and I think that maybe...



Maybe some things

aren't meant to happen.



Jerry, you're a fucking moron.



Here are your options. Number one,

I roll you up in a carpet,



stuff you in a Sedan

and set fire to you.



- You with me? Choice one.

- Yeah.



Number two. You like sex and travel?.



What, you like to have sex?

You like to travel?.



Get on a flight to Mexico. All the

hookers you can shake your stick at.



Pick up a pistol

that belongs to Margolese.



- What's it gonna be?

- OK, I was under the impression



with Margolese getting out of jail,

that the last job was my last job.



- You fucked up that job.

- You fucked it up.



This job will be your last job.



OK, but a trip right now...



He asked for you. Want me to call him

and say you can't go?



Because I'll call. I'd love to.



You're goin' on a fucking trip.

The town's called San Miguel.



You look for a kid in a bar,

the EI Alamo.



This is a simple fucking task.

Write it down. Roll up your sleeves.



- Get involved!

- Ow!



The kid's name is Beck. He's got this

particular gun. He's waiting on you.



- Beck.

- When you find him, bring him



and the gun back Stateside, got it?



Last chance, Jerry.

I'm telling you. The last.



Even he's getting tired of your shit.



I'll take care of it, Bernie.



Vaya con Dios, motherfucker.

You're in coach.



Baby, what are you doing?



You said this was your last job!



What do you want me to say?

"Sorry I can't,



"the old lady wants me to quit.

Fuck off."



Yes! Something like that.

Like exactly!



I'm not in insurance, sweetie!



If you get on that plane, you will

never, never, ever see me again.



You got me?

We talked about this. I told you.



I wanted us to go

to Las Vegas for me.



- Not you, me.

- Baby, you're overreacting. OK?



Don't do that! Don't you do that!

Don't diminish my needs.



Sweetheart, I don't have a choice.

I gotta go.



- I go down there, I come right back.

- "I, l, l, l, l!"



I wonder what the group

would have to say about that.



No. You cannot use that against me!

We are not even married, but I go.



The group thinks we're married.



I accepted the potato slicer

for our anniversary.



Right, sweets? I go along.



That's it. That is it.

You... You... You go along!



You don't want to get married.

And this is the way you deal with it!



Huh? You're back to

the same old selfish,



self-involved, vile, disgusting...



- Oh, God. You are...

- ..self!



You're missing the grand design here!

lf I don't go, I'm dead.



Yeah. And it's difficult

to have a relationship



if I'm stuffed with formaldehyde.



- Now, if anyone is being selfish...

- Oh! Now you blame-shift?



- You are blame-shifting?

- Stop analysing!



I'm calling a time-out!






All right...



Jerry, I want you to acknowledge...



that my needs mean nothing to you

and you're selfish.



- Oh, my God!

- Jerry, acknowledge.



I... OK.



I will acknowledge that I promised

I would go to Vegas with you.



But now we're just slightly delayed.



If you want to construe my wanting

to stay alive as being selfish, OK.



I have every intention of going with

you. Your needs are important to me.



Come on. Look at all my stuff here,

all over the pavement.



Come on, baby. Huh?



What do you say?






I'm going with or without you, Jerry.



What's it gonna be?



- A bastard!

- A bastard.



What happened to, uh,

"sweetheart" and "big love"?



All those things

you called me last night?



The only thing I'm interested

in calling you is a cab!



(Singing in Spanish)



(Automated telephone

instructions in Spanish)



Excuse me, speak English?

Excuse me, you speak English?



- (Speaking Spanish)

- What?



All set, Mr Welbach.



If you go to the front,

a shuttle will take you to your car.



- What kind of car is it?

- It's a Chrysler. Brand-new.






Is there a problem, Mr Welbach?



You know, it's my first trip

to Mexico and...a Chrysler?



I mean,

I drive a Chrysler in America.



I thought you might have something

more authentic, a little more...



- Mexican?

- You know, get into the spirit?



- Your first time?

- Yeah.



Wow. Exciting.



(ln Spanish)

Do you speak Spanish, Mr Welbach?






(ln Spanish) I didn't think so. Just

what you learned on Speedy Gonzales?



Yeah, Speedy Gonzales.



Let's see what we can do for you.



Oh, I think I have just the thing.



How would you EI Camino?!



Ooh! I like that. Yeah.



(ln Spanish) You're going to get

into a lot of trouble here, sir.






(ln Spanish)

Who wants him, a two dayer?



He looks like a lead foot

and a brake rider.



No, no, no. At the count of three.



Uno... Dos... Tres...



(Engine revving)



Yeah, man. EI Camino!



# EI Camino excellente,

EI Camino excellente... #



(Woman speaking Spanish)



# EI Camino...



# ln my EI Camino... #



(Truck horn blares)



(Fuck me.)






(Chatter and fireworks popping)



You are in the wrong place, America.



Yeah, I'm aware of that.



What you want here?






I asked because no one like you...



comes to this place.



It's death, this town.



Only farmers...and bandidos.



And I don't see a hoe.



You a bandido, America?



Uh, no. Uh, actually

I'm looking for a Seor Beck.



Seor Beck?









(Football commentary on TV)



- You Beck?

- (Men jeer)



- I know who you are.

- Good. That makes things easier.



- Whoa, whoa, whoa!

- (Beck speaking Spanish)



- We cool?.

- You're all the same.






This ain't America. You want a drink?



- Yeah, all right.

- Sit down.



Somebody using this chair?



I guess you wanna see it, right?



- Yeah.

- You want to see it, don't you?



Yeah. I'm afraid I'm gonna have to.






You know what? Come with me.



Sorry. Sorry.



This is what they call The Mexican.



Wow. Yeah, that's pretty.



Are you shitting me?

"Yeah, it's pretty."



- Can l?

- Uh-huh.



It was made for a rich landowner,

a nobleman,



by a poor Mexican gunsmith.



He fashioned this gun as a gift

to go along with the hopes



that the nobleman's son would take

his daughter's hand in marriage.



(Beck) 'The townspeople

waited three months



'to catch the first glimpse

of the pistol.



'Finally, the day had come.



'No one had ever laid eyes

on a more beautiful gun.



'lt was all they thought it'd be.



'Some even thought

it was too beautiful to look at.



'lt was considered to be

an honour and good luck



'to be the first to fire

a newly-fashioned gun.



'Especially one as beautiful as this,

made for the hand of a nobleman.



'The townsman was in a trance

at the gun's flawless craftsmanship.



'lt backfired...



'killing him instantly.'



(Church bell chiming)



Legend has it

that it's been cursed ever since.



But it hasn't harmed me any though,

you know? l... I love to look at it.



(Let me show you something.

Look, there's a bullet in there.)



(lt's handmade. Hand-fucking-made.)



You don't even want to know

what this gun is worth.



We could sell that gun, man.



It's... It's a great fucking gun.



And I'm not just talking shit either.



You don't have to be a... Fuck.



I've been pissin' on myself. Fuck.



Anyway, the old man

is nothing to be afraid of.



As a matter of fact,

last week I told him to fuck off.



- Yeah, you did!

- That's what I said too!



I said, "Fuck off, Margolese,

you old prune shit-ass! lf you..."



Come on, fella. Get up. Huh?



Man, you're soaked in your own urine.

Don't make me carry you.






Ah, this is my life.



All right.



Yeah, baby. I got the touch.



- (Groans)

- Oh!



Buddy, you whacked your noggin!






Oh, f...






Hey, man. Hey.



Oh, shit!



Oh, shit!



Stop that! Stop!






I found the gun.



'The gun is in your possession?'



As we speak.

But, like I said, there's, uh...



There's a problem.



What? You lost the kid? He's a souse,

he'll be in another bar.



The kid's dead, Ted.

Ted, are you hearing me?



Yeah. I-l heard you.






Bad luck, act of God, fuck if I know.



All these maniacs shooting

guns up into the sky.



It's lndependence Day or something.

The kid got tagged by a loose one.



Right in the fuckin' head.

I mean... Fu...



He's dead! The kid's dead.



The little fucker's in my car

right now, dead.



Geez, Jerry,

that's not a little problem.



- 'That's a big problem.'

- I know.



Jerry, that little fucker

is Margolese's grandson.



What? What?



'Geez, you really

fucked it this time.'



What did I have to do with it? One

minute he's pissin', next he's dead.



'Don't even move.'



I'll phone the office now.



I'll get me on a plane

and straighten shit out.



Ted, you gotta get word to the old

man. I didn't know who he was.



- OK. Just sit tight, Jerry.

- (Crackling)



- Hello?

- Ted? Ted? Hello?



(Line cuts out)



(Car engine revving)



Hey! Wait!



Oh, no!



Excuse me, Bernie.



There is an issue.

It's that fuckin' Welbach.



# You keep sayin'

you got somethin' for me



# Something you call love,

but confess



# You've been a-messin'

where you shouldn't been a-messin'



(PA) # And now someone else

is gettin' all your best



# These boots are made for walkin'



# And that's just what they'll do



# One of these days these boots

are gonna walk all over you... #



(# Pipe organ music)



# You keep lyin'

when you ought to be truthin'



# And you keep losin'

when you ought to not bet



# You keep samin'

when you ought to be a-changin'



# Now what's right is right

but you ain't been right yet



# These boots are made for walkin'



# And that's just what they'll do



# One of these days these boots

are gonna walk all over you



# Yeah



# You keep lyin'

when you ought to be truthin'



# You keep losin'

when you ought to not bet



# You keep samin'

when you ought to be a-changin'



# Now what's right is right

but you ain't been right yet... #



You need to know straight out,



I don't stand

for any motherfuckin' shit.



- Mm-hmm.

- Mm-mm.



No shit at all.



This is what you're gonna do.



You're gonna stop crying. Shh.



And you're gonna walk

out of here with me.



Can you feel me, Sam?



- Mmm.

- Good.



(Door opens)






(Sit down.)



# ..and what he knows

you ain't got time to learn



# These boots were made for walkin'



# And that's just what they'll do



# One of these days these boots

are gonna walk all over you



# Are you ready, boots? #



Now, Sam, as I was saying...



# Start walkin' #



No, please!

Please don't hurt me!



Help me! Help me!









- Please!

- Where's your car?



- Where's your fucking car?

- It's there!



- Are you hurt?

- No.



Yes. I don't know.



Truck, truck, truck!



Um, um... Sir?



- Can you stop the car? Please.

- Why?



- I'm gonna be sick.

- Just open...



She told me, "Don't go. I don't want

you on that highway alone."



I said, "It'll be fine, Mom.

It'll be OK." But it's not, is it?



- I'm dead.

- Well, you're not dead.



You would have been dead

if I hadn't saved your life.



Would you rather

it was you back there?



I didn't think so.



Are you gonna kill me?



Depends on

too many variables to answer.



Are you gonna rape me?



That's not likely, no.



Well, what do you want?



I suspect the same thing

as the other guy.



The pistol.



The one that Jerry's havin' a hard

time coming back from Mexico with.






I work for Bernie Nayman,

who works for Arnold Margolese.



- You heard of these people.

- Yeah, I have.



- And your husband works for 'em.

- No.



Well, he does.



I know the selfish, no-good liar

works for them. He isn't my husband.



Well, whatever he is to you,

Jerry is in the shit books.



When you're in as much shit as he is,

you get skittish about your future.



Clouds your judgement.



There's a lot of people

interested in that gun.



So what we got here is a...



"he who controls the girl,

controls the pistol" situation.



I'm a hostage? You blew that guy

to pieces for a fucking gun?



This is so Jerry. Look...



Sit down. Sit down.






Uh, uh...






Jerry and I broke up,

so if he's doing...



I don't know what he's doing.

It's got nothing to do with me.



You seem like a very nice girl.



Thank you.



But it's a fact,

in these life-threatening situations,



human beings...lie.



So you are gonna kill me.



All right, look.



If everything goes OK and Jerry comes

through without this getting funky,



I don't think that'll happen.



He gives me the pistol,

I give you to him.



I'm just here

to regulate funkiness. OK?



Go on.






(Donkey braying)



Hyah. Hyah!






Come on, buddy. Come on, OK?

Just you and me. Yeah.






Go. Oh! You're such an ass.



What are you...? No, no, no!



I'm sorry! I didn't mean...















- ?Que pasa?

- Buenas noches.



- Buenas noches.

- I need a lift to the next town.



(Speaking Spanish)



I need a ride

in your automobile to the next town.



I can't pay you.

I have no money. No dinero.



- De Niro?

- Si. None.



Robert De Niro?



Robert De Niro!



Yeah. Uh, I need a lift

in your el truck-o



to the next town-o.



- Uh, village-o. Uh, uh, pueblo.

- Ah, pueblo.



- Yeah, si!

- AI otro pueblo. OK.



- Yes?

- Seor De Niro!



Self-winding. You never have

to wind it. It's very fine.



Yeah. Shake like...

Perpetual calendar.



It's good.



Is this even gonna run?






Hey. That your ball?.



Shit. Hey. Hey, man.



You got a rabid dog back here.



Go. Go!



Go. Out.



You gotta do something

about this dog.



(Operator) 'l have a collect call

for Samantha from Jerry Welbach.



- 'No one there, sir.'

- (Jerry) 'Give it a second.'



Sam, pick up the phone.

Sams? Samsonite?



Baby, please don't do this.



- 'Please try again, sir'

- No!



Just give it a second. She's there...



What are you doing?



- You're gonna make a call.

- To whom?



To Jerry.



You're gonna tell him that Leroy

is with you then you hang up.



- Leroy?

- Yeah. Leroy, that's right.



Then you're gonna hang up. Simple.



That's it?



It's enough. Believe me.



You gonna make the call

or do I have to make you? Cos I will.



- No. I'll call.

- Good.



Dial it.



OK. What's the number?



You have the number.



I don't know where he is.

You should have the number.



What are you tellin' me? You don't

have a number, a motel, nothing?



What's the matter, don't you listen?

We broke up. No longer together.



Why would I have the number?



I'm sensing you have trust issues.



You got one minute.



I'm a professional.

I do this for a living.



Goody for you.



You're wasting your time.



(Radio) # You're nobody

till somebody loves you... #



I think I believe you.



# You're nobody

till somebody cares...



What's in Vegas?



Uh, well...l'm gonna be a waitress,

then make a career as a croupier.



They can make $       a year but you

have to have the hands, which I do.



I got them from Grandma Vega,

which is a good thing



cos my Granny Barzel

had hands like a circus midget.



How come you can't live with Jerry?



Do you know Jerry?



He has trouble expressing feelings.

He had a fucked-up childhood.



His mom is nuts. One of those people

who thinks the iron is always on.



- Don't you love him?

- I think that's the problem.



We love each other too much.



But he's... He's so selfish.



It's like we've been living

his life forever.



He'd tell you a different story,

but I give and he just keeps taking.



Our counsellor totally

agrees with me, by the way.



I don't put much stock

in those counsellor types.



All they do is sit around

and smoke joints.



Maybe, but Jerry is still a taker

and I'm a giver.



It's obvious.



A lot of people

are under the impression



that you get to choose who you love.



I'm sorry, are you...



Are you taking his side?

You're a man, of course.



- You're taking his side.

- You love him. You said so yourself.



It's all that matters.



You're a very sensitive person

for a killer.



Thank you, Sam.






Get. Get out. Out.



Look, you gotta get out.



Get out!









(Truck horn blaring)



(Speaking Spanish)



Hola, shithead! Where's my stuff?



Get back! Where's my stuff?



- Pistol. Pistolero. Get back.

- La pistola.



Get back!



Stay calm. Get back, get back!



Don't move.

What the f...? Give me those.



Back! Back, back.



Get in the car. Get in! OK.



Is that my...? ls that my jacket?



Put it in the car! What is wrong

with you people? Get back!



- (Sam) You don't have to be in here.

- I go by track record.



- I don't hear any tinkle, tinkle.

- Stage fright.



Look around,

there's not even a window.



So what's with this "We've been

livin' his life forever" thing?



I didn't mean it literally.



Jerry's been working for Margolese

for five years less a day.



It just feels lifelong.



- Sounds like jail terms.

- It is.



Arnold Margolese is in jail

because Jerry put him there.



Jerry ratted out Arnold Margolese?



No. Jerry was coming across Ventura,

over there by Laurel Canyon.



- Yeah?

- He wasn't paying attention,



ran a red light,

smashed into Margolese's Cadillac.



When the cops came,

Margolese got busted



cos he had a person in the trunk.



That's how Margolese

got sent to jail?.






- Live person or dead person?

- Live person.



Huh. What's the big deal, then?



He probably wasn't

gonna stay that way.



He was taped up in a trunk

for a reason, wasn't he?



I would think this was

right up your alley, Swifty.



- He saw something?

- Whatever it was this guy saw,



or was going to say to the cops,

he got the chance.



Since it was Jerry's fault, Margolese

had him work off the jail time.



My whole relationship

has been hijacked



because he doesn't pay attention

when he drives.



I... I can't go with you in here.






(Sam urinating)



(Man) We didn't think we were getting

a dead man with the car.



I got no use for a dead gringo.

Take a left.



(Flies buzzing)



Come on.



If you're going to kill me,

at least tell me



who it is that's going

to send me to God.



Tell me!



Look, I'm not gonna kill you.



But I am gonna have to shoot you.



But why, sir? Why?



Why? Because you stole from me,



you know about the pistol

and you'll steal again.



I can't have you coming back

like a fly in the ointment.



I won't be a fly!

You'll never see me again.



You're gettin' shot, that's it.



It'll take time to walk to town,

especially limping...



Wait, wait. Limping?



Can't you just tie me up some more?

Fuck! You shoot me? Tie me!



Yeah. I don't have a rope.



So you shoot me?



It's the American way.



Where do you want it?






Not the leg! There's arteries.

I could bleed to death in seconds.



The foot.



That's fair where I come from. OK?

It'll hurt, but it'll heal.



What if you take off a fucking toe!



Wait, wait, wait. Not the left.



Oh, sorry.



On the count of three.



- One...

- (Screams)



Look, I'm agreeing with you.

But there's a few ways to look at it.



Sex is, no matter what anybody says,



a very important part

of any relationship.



The fact that Jerry

is a considerate lover says a lot.



- You lost me.

- Well, he's a considerate lover.



You gotta find a way to get him to

expand this quality he has during sex



to other areas of your relationship.



Even if it only comes out in sex,

it's there just the same.



That's a good point.



If a person's a considerate lover,

he can't be all selfish, right?



Unless of course he's...



- He's, uh, being a considerate...

- What was that?






That. That moment you had.



What moment?



Leroy, you just checked out

that guy and had a moment.



That was a moment.



I don't know if it was a moment.



(Are you gay?)



- As in happy?

- As in homosexual.



What does my sexual orientation

have to do with our conversation?






Nothing. Except something that you

said back there really bugged me



and this would kind of

help it make sense.



Yeah? What's that?



I asked if you were gonna rape me,

you said, "Not likely."



You said it so coldly,

like I was repulsive



and it was ludicrous to think I was

actually at risk of being raped.



First of all, it's a crime of anger,

not attraction.



Second of all, you're not repulsive.

You're very beautiful.



Thank you.



- You want me to rape you?

- Are you gay?



- You want me to rape you?

- You're gay.



You're gay. I knew it!



Oh, I so knew it.

I just knew it. What a relief.



Do you want a medal?. A little trinket

saying you identified a homosexual?.






Are you full throttle?



Full throttle?



Yeah, I guess I am.



Oh. I'm not... I mean...



I'm not trying to be a smart-ass

or anything like that.



I just... I think this is great.



Wow. This is...



This is...major, OK?



I...know the kind of people

in your business, OK?



- Yeah?

- And to me, it seems that...



Well, being gay isn't really...

conducive to the environment.



Like I should be an interior

decorator. That's insulting.



- I am very good at what I do.

- Do you have a boyfriend?



No, I don't.




I seem to be unable to keep...



relationships together.



Seems like everybody's having trouble

keeping relationships together.



It's ringing, seor.



- Thank you for that.

- No, no, no. No necesario.






That's so kind.

You have no idea what...



'Hi, this is Ted. Leave a message.



'lf this is my guy in need,

I'm on my way.



'Go to the Hotel de la Plaza.

Wait for me there, OK? Sit tight.'



OK, OK. Forget aeropuerto.



Uh, Hotel de la Plaza.



- (Muttering in Spanish)

- Hola.



- Is this your dog?

- Sort of.



Came along for the ride.



He has a personality

and that does count.



- He's a good guy.

- Is this your car?



It's a rental. I'm an American.



- No shit? Really?

- Yeah.



I'm Mexican.






Do you have a passport?



- Jerry Wellbatch, Los Angeles, USA.

- Welbach... Wellbatch.



Can I ask you a question, Jerry?



How long have you been in Mexico?



- A few days. Pleasure.

- I see.



- Pleasure, huh?

- Yeah.



I see. Can you tell me,

uh, what happened here?



That's not accurate, I'm afraid.



The gunsmith did craft this pistol

for a prospective husband,



and he was a nobleman's son, true.



But the motif was darker, my friend.



It's cursed, this gun.



(Policeman) 'The key to this tale

involves the gunsmith's assistant,



'a poor, but honourable

young man in blinding love



'with the gunsmith's daughter.



'For months at a time,

the assistant took to the mines



'gathering the precious metal



'that would yield the most

beautiful gun that ever existed,



'only to discover that what he hoped

could be a wedding gift for him...



'was for another.



'The gunsmith insisted his daughter

marry the nobleman's son,



'forbidding their love.



'Angered in his bitter pain,

the assistant cursed the gun,



'vowing the creation

would never prevail.



'But the gunsmith

was racing against time.



'He had promised a pistol

of unparalleled craftsmanship,



'the nobleman's dowry

hanging in the balance.



'He worked day and night

to correct the pistol's problems.'



(Bullet ricocheting)



(Church bell chiming)



This gun never worked properly.



Some say its very creation

ended the gunsmith's life.



Well, my friend, you're free to go,

but without the gun.



This gun doesn't belong

to you or to your boss.



Now it belongs to me.



(Man) Yeah, Vegas.

It can be tough that way.



(Sam) Expensive?

(Man) Yeah, emotionally.



I had a serious relationship problem.



Well, you fit right in here.



- What do you do now, Frank?

- Now...l am a postman.



Get out of here.



- That's so rigid.

- Swear to God.



There's a seedy underbelly

to the postal service.



- Is that the key to it?

- That's the key.



You have no idea how many small,



unmarked brown paper packages

I deliver.



- What, porno?

- Yeah, daily.



Like what?



Videos, blow-up dolls,

dildos, pocket pussies.



- Don't leave nothing out.

- Oh, yeah?



But even with all that

dirty excitement at my fingertips,



I still have to take off

once a year.



I just get up and I know I'm going

to Vegas, I just don't know how.



All I've got is my wallet

and an attitude.



I don't know, it keeps me sane.



After all, guns don't kill people...



postal workers do.



OK, you're all set, Mr Shurker.



If you go to the front,

a shuttle will pick you up.



What kind of car is it exactly?



It's a Chrysler, sir, brand-new.



You wouldn't happen to have

something a little more...






Yeah, man!



Yeah. Never fear, Teddy's here.



How are you?



- 'Rosco!'

- (Speaks Spanish)



Come on, Jerry.

The Mexican thief, the dirty cop?



The word is out.

It's a big-ticket item.



A lot of fucking people

are interested in that gun.



No fucking...

Is that what they think?



That I'm selling them out?



Maybe they think you're scared

and might do the wrong thing.



- Ted.

- You know, I don't know.



- I'm just doing my portion here.

- Yeah, and what is that?



To find out what's going on, assess

the damage, try to calm you down,



help find the pistol, get us home.



I get on that plane, pistol or not.

it'll be the last flight I ever take.



- Oh, come on, Jerry.

- "Come on"? You know it.



- I know what I have to know.

- Doing your part.



I know what I have to know.



You sound like Schultz

from Hogan's Heroes.



(German accent) I know nothing!



I don't like Nayman

running things either.



I got a few years on you and I'm

telling you, keep your nose clean,



Iook straight ahead

and do what you're told.



That's why I nearly paid off

Boca Raton. I do my fuckin' portions.



I don't care how you look at it,



the first step out of this

is to get the pistol back.



I never took a pay-off in my life.



Jerry, look,

I know where your loyalties lie.



But the kid's dead.

The pistol's gone.



I mean, you can see

how it looks, right?



Come on.



You're my guy.






(Ringing continues)



# We can dance if we want to

we've got all your life and mine



# As long as we abuse it,

never gonna lose it



# Everything will work out right



# I say, we can dance if we want to



# We can leave your friends behind



# Cos your friends don't dance

and if they don't dance, well they're



# No friends of mine



# I say, we can dance, we can dance,

everything's out of control



# We can dance, we can dance



# They're doing it from pole to pole



# We can dance, we can dance,

everybody look at your hands... #



- (Music stops)

- Not the safest dance!



I'm not going anywhere.



(Sam) We are in the city

where I'm going to be living.









What's wrong? Huh?



You know when you're in

a bad relationship and you separate?



All of a sudden, everywhere you look

there's love and possibility.



I'm worried about Jerry.



All right, don't worry.



I'll call Nayman

and check in on everything.



You want me to stay?



I want you to go.



You sure?



I really want you to go.









(Ted) I couldn't sleep all night.



Yeah. No, he said he followed

the cop to the pawn shop.



He's taking me over there

after breakfast.



We're booked on the seven o'clock

if all goes well.



No, now wait... No...

No, you wait a minute, Nayman.



Now what do you gotta go

and say that for?



Well, now or later?



How could I misinterpret?



No, you didn't send the wrong guy.

I'm handling things.



But I never signed up for that.



Listen, I promise you, when I tell

him, it'll make a difference.






(Toilet flushing)



Hey, sweets. I keep calling

and I haven't heard a word from you.



I'm starting to wonder.



I know you're angry with me,

but, uh...



You know,

"Ain't no sunshine when she's gone".






I think she actually went to Vegas.



I keep telling you,

these women are problems, you know?



You should try to be like me -

I answer to myself.



No hassles, nobody ridin' my ass like

a goddamn horse in a saddle. Free.



You close yourself off so you have

no shot at meeting the right woman.



Any woman can be the right woman

if the numbers work.



No way. Not me.



You settle. You open yourself up.

You become vulnerable.



What's the insight

into my relationship?



OK, look, Jerry. She is in Vegas.






Hey, shit falls down, you know?



Shit falls down?



Margolese called Nayman all pissed

off cos you were fucking this up,



told him to keep an eye on Sam

in case...



In case I get any funny ideas.

You're just telling me this now?



- There's other things to consider.

- Like what?



That gun's worth a lot. People know

you have it. Sam could be in danger.



No shit. Who did they put on her?



You don't know him,

but you know of him.



- Who?

- That fucking psycho Leroy.



- Leroy!

- Nayman had to. It was an order.



Margolese would know if he didn't.






They're just trying to scare me.



Well, that would sure do it for me.



We've all heard

the kidney story, Jerry.



Nayman wants us on that seven o'clock

flight, pistol in tow. No buts.



They'll meet us at the airport

and then Leroy will take the pistol.






I had to borrow...



Do you mind?



Sleep well?. !



Yeah. You?



Who's Winston?



Somebody I don't like very much.



You can have that removed, you know?



Yeah, maybe I will someday.



You wanna get some breakfast?



(# War: "Why Can't We Be Friends?")









# I've seen you round

for a long, long time



# I really remember you

when you drank my wine



# Why can't we be friends?

Why can't we be friends?



# Why can't we be friends?

Why can't we be friends?



# I seen you walking

down in Chinatown



# I called you

but you could not look around



# Why can't we be friends?

Why can't we be friends?



# Why can't we be friends?

Why can't we be friends? #



At first,

I thought this guy is all right.



And then I'm thinking he's more than

all right, he's terrific.



But there's no way he's gonna

feel the same way about me.



Then I find out he does.



Then I'm thinking...



what happens when

he finds out what I do...



and who I am and what I've done?



You know, who am I kidding, right?

Let's get serious.



What are you gonna do about it?



That's it.

I didn't have to do anything.



It happened absent of my will

to consciously make it happen.



Oh, really?



I was a little drunk last night.



I took my gun and I put it in

the towels in the bathroom, you know?



And he found it.



And he said,

"The past doesn't matter.



"It's the future that counts."






See, life can change.



People can change.



I haven't cried in    years.



What are you lookin' at?



Don't look at me like that.

You're makin' it worse.



What are you, Barbara Walters?



It's just beautiful.



Let's talk about somethin' else.



- What do you wanna talk about?

- Anything. Anything else. Whatever.



What was it over,

the last time you cried?



Let's talk about that.



Oh, yeah,

that'll bring the sun right out(!)



(Ted) I heard

it was this guy Leroy's mother.



OK, that's what we call bullshit.



If I told one guy

at the next convention



that you kept your mother

cut up in the freezer,



you'd have a reputation too.



Fact or not, it makes no difference.



Jesus, Ted, you can't be so naļiļve.



- The guy's a star.

- Oh, my God.



Why are you so worried

then if you think it's bullshit?



I met Leroy once.

It was for all of two seconds.



I shook his hand.

He seemed like a nice guy.



Whether or not he lives up

to his legend isn't the point.



Or if he sits in his garage

soaked in gasoline lighting matches,



I don't care.



What concerns me

is he was hired in the first place.



- Are you with me?

- Geez, Jerry, you really met him?



Oh, my God!



Ted is not gonna let anything happen,

OK? I'm here.



Thanks, Ted. I feel real safe.



- Hola.

- I no fuck around, comprende?



Gun, gun, loaded.

Bang, bang. You, dead.



Do you have a speech impediment?



- Give me the gun. The pistol.

- The pistol?.



You know what I'm talkin' about.



- The pistol?.

- OK, what's your name?






Joe, do what he says and we'll

be out of here before you know it.



- The pistol, please.

- OK.



Thank you.



Excuse me.



Come on. Go.



Got it.



Just have a seat right here, amigo.



Jerry! Have you lost your mind?



What were you talking about

on the phone?



Put the gun away.



Was it to off me?

ls that what you two were discussing?



- Jerry, I would never...

- Go ahead, deny it! Go ahead.



- Go ahead!

- OK, OK.



Jerry, that's what he said.



So you were lying when you said

I'd walk away from this?



- No, Jerry, that's what he said.

- Then you're lying to me now.



No, no. Nayman told me to do it,

Jerry, but...



- But?

- But...



But you're just doing your portion.

Isn't that how it works?



   portions left for Boca...

Boca Raton, right?



I wouldn't do that. Come on, I swear!



They tell you to bring me in,

then they tell you to take me out.



Why are you being told

two contradicting things?



- You don't ask a question?

- I-l just... I... I don't know.



- You don't think it's weird?

- Yeah, it's... It's weird.



Right! Because something's going on.

What is it?



Exactly. You don't know,

you're just doing your fucking part.



Well, I'm not going down

because you don't know!



You see my predicament?



You're my guy, Ted.



(Handcuffs locking)



You're my guy, Jerry.



Wait. What happened here?



Someone killed themselves.

Swan-dived off the balcony.



Let's go.



Stay back. Nothin' to see here.



Walk on.



Thank you very much.

Sorry to have disturbed you.



(Man) Hotel security.






Please, no.






No. No.



(Leroy) Coming.



Sir, there's been

a terrible incident.



Are all parties

in your room accounted for?



Yeah. Yeah.

Just me and my wife. Honey!



No, that's OK, sir. Thank you.



- What happened?

- Sorry to disturb you.



Everything all right?






Pack your shit.



Shh, shh.



(Leroy) Psst.



You're a stupid motherfucker,

you know that?



You're well dressed,

I'll give you that, but stupid.



Wear Kevlar? Huh?









Please don't do this. Please.



You think I should

listen to her? Huh?



What do you think?






Wanna know what I think?



Kevlar is for pussies.



This is for Frank.



(Woman speaking Spanish on PA)



- My bag will make the flight?

- They'll run it down.



- I just need to see your passport.

- Yeah.



- I'm afraid there's been a mistake.

- What?



No! No!



Mr Shurker most probably has yours.



(Leroy) I told you, if Jerry makes it

and nothing gets funky, it'll be OK.



- Well, shit got funky.

- Why isn't he here? Why? Why?



Give me a second,

I'm trying to get the story here.



Take it easy and stop acting like a

kidnapped chick on a carton of milk.



Hmm. Yeah, you're right.

This is an offer for the gun.



Yeah. I can see how this looks.



I've just been trying to get

some better numbers together.



You have no intention

of giving the gun to Margolese.



Look, Bobby.

You know, I know that you're loyal.



That's good.

I mean, nobody's debating that.



Let me ask you,

in your skulking around,



going through private things

in people's offices,



did you discover

that he's shutting us down?



That's right. You, me, everybody.



I don't... I don't understand.



What, you didn't get the memo,

the bonus? No?



No. Nothing.



Me neither. Difference is I know

when I'm being fucked and you don't,



cos you're standing

on the wrong fucking line.



Let me help you get on

the right side of the line



and do for you what

he should've done, Bobby.



He's changed in prison.



I'm telling you,

something's changed him.



- He's not the same guy.

- (Door opens)



They're still holding.

What shall I tell 'em?



Can I count on your co-operation?



Yeah, yeah, Bobby. I'm here. Yeah.



Yeah, that's his hotel.



Yeah, all right. Sure.



- What?

- Plan B is now in effect.



I hope you don't get airsick.



Get in the car.



- Hola, seor.

- Hola, Seor Welbach.



Has the US Consulate called back yet?



No, sir, not yet.



Look, this is a muy, muy important

call. I've lost my passport, OK?



I'll be sitting right there.

I'm not gonna move.



Do you see that man over there?






- That's Mr Williamson.

- So?



He's been waiting

for that very same call.



Really? What, the whole morning?



- Since March, seor.

- Oh, come on!






Hotel de la Plaza.



Yes, as a matter of fact,

he's right here.



Seor, it's for you.



Oh. Oh. Hey. Yes, hello?



You bastard. Hello? Like, "Hello, my

life is great. Everything is fine."



- Sam?

- 'l thought you could be dead.'



I was worried sick

and you answer "Hello,"



Iike you're confirming

a room service order?!



Sam? Sam?



I'm done with Mr Jerry Welbach.

Mr "Hi". No, no.



- (Leroy) 'Ask about the gun.'

- Is that Leroy?



- 'Did he fucking touch you?'

- Do you have any idea



what I have just been through?



Multiply it by      and you'll have

a vague conception of where I'm at.



Oh! Oh, isn't that typical, Jerry?

It's all a competition!



- Tit for tat, tat for tit...

- Stop yelling, for Christ's sake!



How are you? Are you OK?

Are you all right?



- 'Where are you?'

- Toluca airport, Jerry.



And things are shitty, really shitty!



Tell him if he shows up with

the pistol, it'll be OK.



'He doesn't care.

He only cares about himself.'



Why are you airing

personal matters with strangers?



Oh, let me see. Uh, I don't think

that you really classify



someone who you just perpetrated

a killing with a fucking stranger!



And I can't find my Kotex cards

or my credit cards...



Sam, what did you say?



Jerry, just settle down.



What'd you do to her?



- Jerry, just settle down. OK?

- Yeah.



We had a situation

but I'm a professional



and I know what I'm doing.



So why don't we chill out

a minute here?



- 'Now, what happened? You get lost?'

- Yeah, five years ago.



- What did you...? I can't hear you.

- No, nothing. Nothing.



Nothing. I hope you have something.



Yeah, you just... You don't...



Make sure you return her

with all ten toes.



- Huh?

- 'l understand. I understand.'



'Just come down here, pick us up.

We'll square things away.'



You got a very special woman here.



But we all know

how you can get, right?



- 'So none of that.'

- What?



This is a time for selflessness.



What? Wha...?



- You all right?

- Yeah, come on.



Stupid gun.






(Leroy) I have to ask you a question.



And it's an important one



so I want you to think about the

answer before you give it to me, OK?






When two people really love each

other but they can't get it together,



when do you get to that point

where enough is enough?



That... Oh, well, that's...

You know?



Um, you know it's over when...



OK, I have, like, these psychosomatic

insomniatic manifestations of...



Well, here's the thing about me.



I'm a product of my emotions, not a

product of my environment, like him,



which he is, exactly,

just that environmental...



I-l need sunshine to grow.

That's who I am.



And with the projection of...



I have goals.



- That's your answer?

- Yeah.



That's not right.



I mean, there's a right answer here,

but that's not it.



Look, in my business

you're surrounded...



by loneliness and finality.



I don't care what your take is

on an afterlife,



when people die, it's scary,

and they go alone.



Now, the people that I send off,



that have experienced love...



They're a little less scared.



They're still scared,

but there's a calmness to 'em.



I think that comes from the knowledge

that somebody somewhere loved 'em



and cared for 'em and will miss 'em.



Now, I see that from time to time

and I am awed by it.



I don't think I'd be telling you this

if it wasn't for Frank.



Anyway, it's a loaded question.



Look, when two people

love each other, totally, truthfully,



all the way love each other,



the answer to that question

is simple, especially in your case.



When do you get to that point

where enough is enough?









I just hope Jerry's not stupid.



What is he driving?!



It's a funky rental.



I know we're all

a little grouchy right now.



We'll get something to eat,



you'll get the pistol

and then we'll go our separate ways.



- Really separate ways.

- Don't start.



Shut up.

I'll start because I have the...



Why do you do that?

Do not tell me to shut up.



- I count.

- We had an agreement.



- Shut up.

- Why don't we all shut up a bit?



- I swear, I will crash this car.

- Jerry, don't do that.



I will. One more word out of you.

Another word, Sam. One more word.



I swear to fucking God.






- All right.

- Jerry!



- You finished?

- Yes!



- You gonna shut up?

- Yes, yes, yes!



Jerry, I will, I will!



(Sam screaming)



Stop the car, Jerry!

Stop the car.



(Sam) Stop, stop, stop!



Oh, my God!






(Driver) Pendejo!



Jerry...l want you to know,



you're the craziest fuck I ever met.



You know what? Go!

Go to Vegas. I've had it!



Son of a bitch!



I had a flat down in Florida once.



Out in the middle of nowhere.



So I go to the trunk,

there's no spare.



Four hours in the baking sun,

waiting for a truck to come by.






Now I always check.



Let me give it a rip.



Sometimes you need a little more

torque, you know what I mean?



Wouldn't kill the bastards

to oil these every once in a while.



Fucking car rentals.









- Walk away, baby.

- What did you do?



He was gonna kill us.



What the fuck did you do?

Look at his head!



Stop! Stop! Listen, listen.

I met Leroy in     .



- And that's not him!

- No, no, Jerry.



You made a terrible mistake.



He was my friend!

You made a terrible mistake!



Baby, Leroy is black. Leroy's black.



- OK?

- No.



- Yes! He's black.

- No.



African-American. A person of colour.



The guy he killed in Vegas is Leroy.

That's Margolese's Leroy.



So, this guy...



Oh, I'm such an ass.

Such an ass. Of course.



"Give the gun to Leroy. He'll get it

down to Margolese." Ha fuckin' ha!



You see? Do you see?



I'm being set up!



Nayman hires this prick

to take out Leroy,



get the gun and pin it all

on Jack-off Jerry.



Isn't that right, Mr Winston Baldry?



I met Leroy and there's no way

you could have known that.



And that's your mistake.

You fucked up.



I can't believe it.



Every fucking time.

Every fucking time, I fuck up.



Not this time. This time, I win.



This time, I win!



I fucking win! I win!



Oh, my God.



I'm lucky I didn't

lose you three days ago.



I wanna go home.



Did you call about your passport?

Did you call the consulate?






Do you have enough money?



Yeah, I'm all right.



I wanna ask you a question.



It's a good one, so think about it.



If two people love each other...



but they just can't seem

to get it together...



when do you get to that point

of enough is enough?






They'll call.



I've left    messages.

I said it was an emergency.



Why would Nayman ask you

if you like sex and travel?.



W-w-what is it supposed to mean?



That you fool around or something?

ls that...



I tell you the whole, long debacle

and this you have a problem with?



Yeah, I do.

I think that when you ask someone



who is involved

in a relationship of the heart



if they like sex and travel, that...

that's m-m-mean-spirited.



It's stupid. I'll tell you this,

we're not running any more, no.



No, no. So done with the running.

The packing and the running and...



Sooner or later,

that phone is gonna ring.



We are going to get

your passport in order



and you are gonna give the gun

to Margolese.



Nayman is fucking Margolese.

That has nothing to do with us.



By the grace of God,

I don't know what,



you have managed to Forrest Gump

your way through this.



And just, if we run now...



we're gonna be running

the rest of our lives.



We want our life back.



Yes, baby, we do.



(Jerry) No, that can't be right.

Can you just check again?



Ow! Baby, don't. Margolese.



M as in Mary.



Baby, can you turn that down?

You don't even speak Spanish.



Real emotion

transcends language, Jerry.



You don't have to understand

to hear their pain.



No, that's impossible. That's...



Do you know when? Ay-yi-yi!



No, no, all right. All right.



Margolese is out.

He got out this morning. He's out.



What's going on?

He's not due out till Thursday.



It is Thursday, hon.



(Dog barking)



- What is it?

- Shh. Come on.



Just stay away from the window.



Shit. Shit.



Here, give me it.



Good one.



What is it, boy?






Get out of there.



Come on, man. You're freaking me out.









Where are you taking me?



It's not your fault

you know nothing about this gun.



You're American.

This gun does not belong to you.






Mr Margolese.



Well, l-l... I don't understand.



What's it gonna take, Jerry?






For the gun, Jerry.



What's it gonna take for you

to give it to me and not to another?



You... Man!



What'll it take?



I don't know what it takes.

I'm new in the "fuck you" business.



- You tell me, what does it take?

- I didn't fuck you, Jerry.



I had Nayman send you down here,



but I didn't know

he was looking for a buyer.



When I found out he was,

I didn't know who on my team was...



still on my team,

or even if there was a damn team.



Who...? Who the fuck are these guys?



They work for this man, Tropillo.



And who the fuck is Trop...?

You know? Not important.



Give me a good reason why I shouldn't

fight to not give you the gun.



If it comes to that,

someone will leave here



missing an ear

or not being able to fuck any more.



One reason, now that you let me know

what you think I'm made of.



Are you a fatalist, Jerry?



Uh, I never really thought about it.



Por favor... Gracias.



When you do think about it,



about that afternoon you smashed

into my life, into my car,



ever think there's anything to that?



I honestly never thought about it.



Because of that afternoon,



I'm doomed to remember a backwards

inmate with a paper clipping.



When you're in jail, a small box...



you learn a lot about the fella

you're in a cage with.



I grew to love that boy,

like he was my own son.



But he was his.



One day the boy came to me

with a clipping.



"This is my destiny.

This is my birthright."



It was a story about the pistol...



how they found it

in the mines, stashed away.



When I asked why

it meant so much to him,



the story he told changed my life.



(Tropillo's son) 'The night

before the nobleman's arrival,



'the assistant could not sleep...

his heart in aching pain.'



'The day was here when

the gunsmith would present



'his gift to the nobleman.



'The nobleman's son

was a notoriously vicious soldier,



'worldly and wicked.



'For him, his father demanded

something more beautiful,



'more perfect than

he'd ever laid eyes on before.



'But nothing, no words or description

could have given justice to it...



'or have prepared him

for that gun's flawless grace.



'When the nobleman's son

saw his intended bride-to-be...



'it was love at first sight.



'The nobleman's son took

the mighty weapon into his hands.



'A perfect fit.'



- (Click)

- 'lt did not work.



'The nobleman took it as a bad omen.



'The curse had rendered it useless

in unworthy hands.



'The gunsmith urged him to try it

one last time, and so he did.'






'The nobleman was insulted by the

ineptness, angry with the gunsmith.



'They argued.



'When he realised that her heart

belonged to the simple assistant,



'a man far less than he,

he was furious in anger.



'He could not have that.



'The assistant, realising that

even if the gun should work,



'she would certainly die next,

begged his love to withdraw



'and accept their fate.'



'Some say you could actually

hear her heart break.



'She fearlessly surrendered

her bitter spirit unto purgatory.'



(Church bell chimes)



'The pistol contains

her damned soul.'



Day after day I listened to that

story and always he'd tell me,



"When I get out, I will find that

pistol and return it to my father,



"whose father's father

had crafted the gun."



Eighteen months later,

he took it in the belly for me.



He died.



I vowed to search, acquire the

pistol and return it to his father.



My grandson, Beck, headstrong boy...



Sure, he was mixed up,



he didn't understand the honour

behind what I was doing.



That's when it became clear

I had to send you down here.



Because you were the instrument

in the situation, Jerry.



His son is dead.



My grandson is dead.



All of it brought together by

that afternoon at our intersection.



Well, that...



that's a pretty good fucking reason.



(Speaking Spanish)



Usted es un soldado de Dios.



You are a soldier of God.



(Speaking Spanish)



She will be safe there, right there,



and she can fly with the angels.






No devils can catch her here,

right here,



and now she will be able

to fly with the angels.



We square?



I'll owe you.






Jerry, honey?



'l bet this is the queen

of the idiot?



'This must be Sam.

This is Bernie Nayman.



'Where's that stupid fucking Jerry?

With Leroy?'



Don't you mean Winston?



I hope not, cos he's dead.



'Then you're in a lot of trouble.



'Especially if Jerry sold that gun.'



- Jerry hid it.

- 'A step in the right direction.



'Are you there, Sam?'



Yeah, I'm here.



Yeah, me too.



(Jerry) Nayman!



What have you done with her?



(Banging on boot)



Sam? Don't shoot. She's in the trunk.



- I swear, if you hurt...

- It is hot in there.



- Let her out!

- Give me the pistol and I will.



All right. All right, Nayman,

where are the keys?



I might have lost them.



Well, you're out of luck.

She's the one who hid the pistol.






Sam, no!



- Put it down. You'll damage it.

- Shut the fuck up!



Sam, do not, I repeat,

do not pull that trigger. No.



I... I will pull

this fucking trigger.



You toast that gun,

he's dead right after.






Put the gun down. OK?



Put it down.



I'm not worth it.






He's right, it's not worth it.



Don't you know when enough is enough?






Do you like sex and travel?.



As a matter of fact, I do.



Wrong answer.



(Church bell chimes)






We just witnessed a miracle.



Oh, my God. Oh, my God.



- Oh, my God.

- Are you OK?



Am I OK? Yeah, I'm OK. You OK?






- May l?

- It would be our honour.






Seal it.



Do you love me, Jerry?



I adore you, sweetheart.



Then tell me it again.



- I've already told you three times.

- Just one more time. Please. Please.



The pistol was crafted for a

noble man by a poor Mexican gunsmith.



- Nobleman.

- Hmm?



- It's nobleman. One word.

- What did I say?



What difference does it make?



- It doesn't.

- Why correct me?



- English is your mother tongue.

- I'm calling a time-out!



- (Hotel clerk) Raoul!

- (# Mariachi)



(Sam) I love you, Jerry.


Special help by SergeiK