Miami Blues Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Miami Blues script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Alec Baldwin and Jennifer Jason Leigh movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Miami Blues. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Miami Blues Script



Oh, thank you very much.



Uh, may I trouble you

for a pillow?






Great. Thank you.



Excuse me.



I guess we're going

to be a while.



Ha ha ha!

You're funny.



The temperature in Miami...



is currently    degrees

and muggy.



We will be starting

our descent for landing...



in just a few moments.



Herman Gotlieb...






Please remain seated

with your seat belts on...



until the captain has

turned off the seat belt sign.



All passengers

holding tickets...



to Eastern Flight    

to Tampa...



please come

to the ticket counter.






Wow! Thanks.



All passengers leaving

on Flight    ...



please go directly

to the check-in desk...



at Gate  .



All passengers leaving...






Please go directly

to the check-in desk...






Hi there.

Going home?



I'd like to tell you

about a book.



It's a classic

of the Vedic literature...



"The Knowledge of God."



Have you seen

the movie "Gandhi?"



My name's Ravindra.

What's your name?






Mr. Gotlieb...



You know,

anything you want.



Hey, send me up

a girl, Pablo. Now.



You got any

of that hundred...



I gave you last week?



I got all of it, man...



but I'm not lending you

no more money.



Come on, Blink.



Look.    bucks

till payday.



Moseley. Homicide.



A what died?



All right.

Right away.



I'll pay to find

the dumbbell killers.



What's it worth to you?



$  .  .



$  .  .



Thanks, Blink.



Hey, man,

replace your teeth.






Pablo sent me.



How old are you, anyway?



  ...and my name is Pepper.



You got a driver's license

on you, Pepper?



What's wrong

with Susan Waggoner?



You know, Susie...



this license here says

you're    years old.



I know what it says.



You can call me Junior.



You around a size  ?












Uh,  .



Sometimes  .



Depends on...



Here. Try this on.



Could you turn

around, please?



Thank you.



Can you zip me up?









it looks nice to me.



You want me to wear it?



Fuck, no.



I want you to buy it.






It might be worth a suck.



Is that what you're

getting for a suck...



these days,    bucks?






Where did you get

all these nice things?



Oh, when I left my wife

I took 'em with me.



Figured I paid for 'em,

they're my clothes, right?



You left your wife?



How long you been

working for Pablo?



Since the beginning

of the semester.



I go to Miami-Dade.



l...I'm majoring

in business...



but I also take

English classes.



Yeah, well...



the first thing they

should have taught you...



at your hooker classes...



is you shouldn't

ask the clients...



so many fucking

personal questions.



I'm sorry.



Are you going to call down

and cancel me now?



That's OK.

Don't feel bad about it.



Um, I hope, uh...



the next girl's

more to your liking...



and I hope that you enjoy

your stay in Florida...



Mr. Gotlieb.



I'm giving you

your dress back.



No, forget

about the dress.






did I upset you?



I'm sorry.



So you want me to stay?



OK, then.



Let's do it.






Turn over.



Is something wrong?



I haven't been

with a woman...



in a long time.






I'm sorry.



Nobody kisses us.






OK, Henderson, what's up?



These two Krishnas have

been working the airport...



for a couple of months.



Now they'd been warned about

bugging the passengers.



Should've listened.



How was he killed?



He fucked with some guy...



wearing a suede

leather sport coat...



so the guy takes

his finger...



bends it back, breaks it,

then disappears.



Now the witness lady says

she thinks that, uh...



well, he hopped on one of

the hotel courtesy vans.



We got a partial




Wait a minute.



The Krishna died

of a broken finger?



I mean, is that a homicide?



Well, I guess

he died of shock.



Well, it hurts like hell...



to have your finger

bent back.



My sister used to do it

to me when I was a kid.



Yeah, but you didn't die.



Now, if this

was an accident...



it would be

simple assault, right?



However...if the guy

in the suede sport coat...



knew that Krishnas

had a bad habit of dying...



every time you bent

their finger back...



-Murder one?




Well, the guys

at the station...



are going to laugh

their asses off...



Your turn to notify

next of kin.



No way! I did the fat lady

that sat on a kid.



That's good for  .



Next week?



I'll be retired by then.



Ah, shit.



Well, you try the hotels.



See if anyone got off

one of their courtesy vans...



wearing a suede sport coat.



Ah, shit.



This is good here.



Oh, excuse me.



Maybe we should try

in here.



All right.



Price check.

Uzi squirt gun.






What's up?



Got something for me?



I got the goods.






In the bag. Now!



Up against the wall. Now!



Be cool, brother.



Hey, he's got a gun!



Let's get out of here!



Move it!



Give me a day's notice

before it runs out, OK?






Tell me Tuesday.



Looky, we got

a million dollars.



We got a million...

Brazilian dollars.



Absolutely worthless.



"That's a lot

of money, man.



"That's a lot of

fucking money.



"I don't think you are

a Porsche customer...



"Mr. Frenger.



"I don't think you really

want to buy a Porsche.



Do you want to buy

a Porsche?"



No, man! I'm here

to waste my time.



How much for

the speedboat, man?



"Oh, the speedboat is

very expensive, sir.



That speedboat is $     ."



Wrap it up, man.



Yeah. The bellman said...



some guy matching

the description...



got off a courtesy van.

Registered. Yeah.



Got a name?



Name was, uh...

Herman Gotlieb.



Yeah. I'm in the room

right now.



Coat's here, too.



Coat? What else?



Well, the bellman

also said...



the guy had

a hooker with him.



-A hooker?




No lie?



I got an address on her.



An address?



Oh, man.



Got a pen handy there,




Give me the hooker's








You showed up.



I brought you

a present.



Oh, really?

I got you one, too.



A present from a client.



Well, hey, I'm more

than a client.



"Shit happens when

you party naked!"



Look at us.



I was just gonna get you

the plain "Shit happens..."



but I thought you'd like

the "party naked" part.



Hey, that's the best part.



Hi. Um, circe salad, Noira.

It's real good, Junior.






Right away.



So, uh, Susie...



tell me how you wound up

living in Miami.



Oh, I got a job

at a Burger World...



up in Hollywood...



and I was gonna, you know...



save up and get

my own franchise...



but Pablo offered me

this job.



Well, it pays

a whole lot better.



This is a nice cup, Junior.



I'm gonna get a lot

of use out of this.



It's a good cup.



Hey, did you see

the swimmers?



That's why

I picked this place.



They do, like,

a water ballet.



Ballet in the water.

I like it.



'Cause I like

to swim myself.



I'd rather do that kind

of work, you know?



But you gotta train

for a long time.



So now I want to take

a Spanish course in college.



You know, in my business...



a lot of people don't

speak English...



so I think I'd

be better at it...



if I spoke...thank you.



We'll take

the check now.



Yes, sir.



You know, like,

well, Cuban, also.



And I think that's sort

of like Spanish...Cuban...



but it's

a little different.



This ice cream dressing

is sour as shit.



It's yogurt dressing,

not ice cream.



Where you been?



Oh, that's OK.



I never had

yogurt dressing...



up in Okeechobee.



Where is that?



That's where I'm from.



You heard

of Lake Okeechobee.



I'm from California.



I don't know shit

about Florida.



You ever heard

of Lake Tahoe?



Lake Tahoe?



How is it?






Who is he?



We're engaged.



Hey, separate checks.



My treat.



Good luck.



Hey, Susie...



we're not gonna be

calling it a night, are we?



I got a homework paper.



I gotta write a haiku

for English class.



I tell you what.



I'm real good

at making up things...



you know, poems.

I could come over.



I could help you

write your, uh...









Let's get out of here.



Thank you. I'm sorry.

I liked the food.






So you think this

unidentified assailant...



who broke, uh...



Ravindra's finger

did it on purpose?



Sorry, uh...Ramba.



That's all right. Heh.



That was a short engagement.



Hey, you know,

you still haven't told me...



what it is you do.



Oh, I got investments.



I take people's money

and put it to work.



You got any?



I got a $      CD...



and I take

the interest from that...



and I put it

into a N.O.W. account.



Jesus Christ.



That's the biggest

frigging racket going.



I want you

to march straight down...



to the bank first thing

in the morning...



and cash in both

of those things.



I can't let my fiancee

get ripped-off...



when I can

double your money.







How 'bout that poem

we were gonna write?



We make love a lot.



We make love right now.



No. It's seven

in the second line.



Seven in the second line?



Splashes around

in his pond...



Could you

close the door, please?



Thinking he's...






Breaking, entering...



the dark

and Ionely place...places.



Finding a...big gun.



Smelling like a rose.



Any luck?



I wrote  . Heh.



Maybe I'll get extra credit.



Hey, where did you

get these?



Dumb question.



-Are you a nosy rosy?




What the hell

was that, man?



The doorbell.



Talk about dumb questions.



Susan Waggoner?



Can I come in?



I bet you're

Herman Gotlieb.



How much?



Sergeant Hoke Moseley.






Herman Gotlieb.



I'd like to ask you

a few questions. Routine.



Boy, you got

a grip there, Herman.



Been working out?



Can I get you

a cold one there, Sarge?



Well, why not?



Two Polars, honey.



You down at the airport

today, Herman?



Yeah, I was.



Somebody broke

the finger off



a Hare Krishna...



and the son

of a bitch died.



No shit?



No shit.



I didn't do it.



Oh, no, no, no.



We're just looking

for someone...



who might have seen




I'm curious, uh...



you own

a suede sport coat?



Yeah, I do.



OK. You're probably

the one.



Did you get on

the courtesy van...



to the Grand Prix Hotel?



Hey, fuck

this nonsense, man.



You're misunderstanding

this, Herman.



Who got killed?



You know, if I had

something better to do...



like sit at home

with a beautiful girl...



I wouldn't even be

bothering you, but, uh...



you were mentioned

as a possible witness.



See anything?



We got this

forensic dentist.



And l, uh, I talked him

into pulling my teeth...



and fixing me

some new chompers.



Well, it took two months

of his spare time.



And I got so used to

drinking without 'em...



I just pull 'em out.



Bother you?






you want me to fix

those pork chops now?



Hell, I'll put 'em

back in for pork chops.



Pork chops comin' up.






your fiancee...



is the best cook

in South Florida.



More taters?






So, Herman, where

did you do your time?






What do you mean?



Well, the way you're

guarding that food.



You know...



like another con could

take it away from you.



Well, I was raised

in foster homes, you know?



I didn't get no dessert

till I was in eighth grade.






I got a daughter

in the eighth grade.



Half my paycheck goes

to her orthodontist.



She's got your teeth, man.



Yeah. The joint's

about the only place...



you got time to work out

to get a grip like that.



I was an aerobics




Shoots the shit

out of that theory.



Any more Polars?






Junior got

the last one.



I could run out

and get some.



Beer's gone, I'm gone.



You're kidding.



But, you know,

I gotta get...



that pork chop

recipe first.



No. Are you serious?



It's so easy, what I did.



You are definitely

not gonna have...



to write this down.



All it is is pork chops

in a frying pan.



And just cook 'em

in their own fat...



with a lot of salt.



Oh, well,

they sure were good...



but you know

what I really like...



is native Florida cooking.



Now, did you ever have

chestnut batter...



on your pork chops?



Boy, I never did.



You got a recipe

for that somewhere?



Uh, yeah, I do,

as a matter of fact.



I'll give it to you.

Just a minute here.



Oh, I appreciate that.



Great dinner.



Get you something

to go, Sarge?



Just you.



Kidding, Herman.



Listen, if you

think of anything...



just, uh, give me a call.



That's my home phone.



Look, it's a hotel...



and the old guy

at the desk is deaf...



so, uh, just let it ring

till he sees the lights.



Oh, and, uh,

when we round up...



the usual airport




maybe you could shoot by and

take a look at a line-up.



Take you five minutes.



Oh, yeah.



You mind standing

in the line-up, too?



We're a little short

of bodies. Heh heh.



You ever stood

in a line-up before, Herman?



Never been caught, Sarge.



Ah, you ain't got

one beer rat-holed...



I can take with me

for the road, do you?



You got it all, man.

Dog biscuits, too.



Oh...see you.



Night, Susie.



Years ago, I started

preaching catch-and-release.



Back then, a lot of things

seemed to indicate...



that our bass resource in

many areas of the country...



was rapidly diminishing.



Today, there is

no doubt about it...



and I'm very concerned about

what the future holds...



for this great sport.



In simple terms...



we don't have the vast

water we once had...



and there are

several reasons for it...




illegal netting...



the pressure of removing

too many adult bass...



from their environment.



You know, they're kind of

like money in the bank.



I got news for you.



I'm not coming back.

I'm married.



I am so married.



I gotta go. Bye.



You like ham and eggs?



Drop it.



It smells good.



Who was that, anyway?






The cops rousted him.



I guess they're giving him

a hard time because of you.



We got to go for

a little ride, honey.






What about breakfast?



It was gonna be a surprise.



I was gonna bring it

in to you on a tray.



And then l...



Make it to go.



Not too tired

for some fun?



Call it a night, sister.



Aye, aye, sir.



I got something that

I gotta tell you.



I used to be in prison.



What did you do

to get there?



I used to rob people

who robbed people.



Kind of like Robin Hood?



Except I didn't

give the money...



to the poor people.



You don't do that

anymore, do you?



I got investments now.



Good. You got me

out of the life.



Now you stay out of crime.



Sounds good.






Yeah, sure.

Why not?



Say you promise.



I promise.






Sanchez. Homicide.



Oh, my replacement.



How is he?



He's got a cervical

disc injury...



a dislocated jaw, bruises...



uh, got a concussion...

I don't know how bad it is.



Somebody really

worked him over.



Did he tell you

who did it?



What happened?



No. He's in and out

of consciousness.



Drop the knife, Pablo.



My name isn't Gotlieb.



Sergeant Hoke Moseley,




That little girl

you sent up to my room?



She's    years old, man.



She's    man.

She's not   .



Look. Sergeant Lackley

checked her I.D.



Why don't you call him?

I pay him every week.



Maybe you two guys

can get together.



How much you pay

Lackley every week?



$    a week. Don't.



All right, from now on,

Lackley gets    .



The other     to me...



at the Primrose Hotel.

You got it, man?



Lackley's not gonna go

for any split like that.



You tell the guy

at the desk...



to leave it for me

in the safe.



Hi. What can I get for you?



Uh...iced coffee.



Hey! What are you doing?






Open the goddamn

drawer now! Do it!



Stop or I'll shoot!



You just shot me.



I fired a warning shot

and it hit you.



You're no cop.



No problem.



There is no problem.



Police. Homicide.



You people go about

your business.



You finish your lunches,

your breakfasts, whatever.



Don't worry, lady.



I'm gonna call

an ambulance now...



on the radio

in my police car.



Yeah. I'll be right back.



Slow down.



Go ahead.



Stop right here!






Yeah, with almost antiques.



How much?



I been worried sick!



Where you been all day?



Dumb question.



Did you get the money?



I cashed in

the $      CD...



but I decided to keep

the N.O.W. account open...



for   more days.



What did I tell you?






They said if I keep it

open for   more days...



I'll be eligible

for a teapot.



I'm sorry.



It's just   more days.



You'll still be here,

won't you?



I don't know.



My problem is

that I can have...



everything and anything

that I want...



but I don't know

what I want.



Tell me again about that

Burger World franchise.






You need $     .



You borrow another      

from Burger World...



and you wait for an opening.



But why?

What's the purpose?



To make a living,

that's all.



You hire kids, so you

can pay 'em nothing.



And you watch 'em

real close...



or they will

steal you blind.



And...and you save

your money...



and you buy

a nice little house...



with a white picket fence.



And you live

happily ever after.



I tell you what.

Let's go straight...



to the "happily

ever after" part, OK?



I can't see any point...



in hanging out

at a Burger World...



no matter how much money

you're gonna make.



It's stupid.



You can forget about

Burger World, honey.



I'm gonna

take care of you...



and you're gonna

take care of me.



That's our purpose.



Do you know any

married people today?



Hmm? They're a team.



They pull together,

and they get rich.



They got it all.



And you know

that little house...



you were just

talking about?



I rented us one

in Coral Gables today.



Oh, Junior.



That's what you were

up to all day?



I'm gonna take

such good care of you.






He was a big guy, man.

Bigger than you.



Got up from the table,

said he was homicide.



Pulled a badge?



After he whacks the dude.



It was cold, man, ice cold.



Thanks, Blink.



What do I owe you?



It's on the house, bro.



Come on.



I like the air conditioning

on frozen.



Me, too.



 /  ounce.

Primo, man.



Thanks, man.



Hey, half that's mine.



Fuck you! I sold it.

I keep the money.



These are my contacts.

They're my people.



I don't give a shit

about your contacts.



Don't turn your back.

I'm tired of your shit.



Get out of my face!



Police! Freeze!



Stand over there.



Put that on.

Right through there.



You know what to do,







I don't believe this.



I'm gonna let

you two guys go...



with a little warning.



Don't get caught.






Police! Don't move!



You can go now.



Give me your wallet!



Come on, man.

Move it...



Police! Drop it!



I said drop it.



Shoot him!



Make it, Julio.






Yeah. Yeah.



That's my purse!



Stop him!



Stop! Somebody

please help me!



Go get him.



Thank you, officer.



Yeah, that's great, lady.


           're a cop!



Hey! Police! Police!



You have anything

against broccoli...




stuff like that?



I don't want to talk

about that at this time.






What are you going to do

now that we're married?



Take care of the house,

shop, fix dinner.



Take care of the babies.



Is that what

you'd like to do?



Be a mother?



Well, I don't...



I guess so.



l...I don't...

I don't know.



I lived with a girl

once for   months.



She didn't do anything...



a housewife was

supposed to do.



I thought you said

you were married.



I told you that before

I really knew you.



What I'm driving at,

Susie, is...



I want to have

a regular life.



I want to go to work

in the morning...



sometimes at night...



come home

to a clean house...



and a hot meal...



and a loving wife

just like you.



I don't want to have

any babies.



This world's a shit hole.



You think

you can handle that?



I do.



I do.



This is better

than counting money.



These yours?



I can't tell.



Yeah. This, uh...

nail polish.



We found two muscleheads

cuffed together.




He's making arrests?



We did some

routine prints.



They match those taken...



from the scene of

the dumbbell murders.



I've been working

that case for    months.




Case is closed.



Find Gotlieb?



We're looking for him.



Ohh...let's get

the fuck out of here.



I'll find him.



Maybe you should wait

and let him solve...



a couple more from

your case load, huh?



Will you have

a seat, please?



Where, here?



Your name, please?



Ziffel. Fred Ziffel.



Is that the way you want

the account to read?



No. I want it to read

"Arnold Ziffel."



Here you go.






Hey, Eddie.



Here's the key

to your new suite.



Oh, and some Cuban kid

on a bicycle...



made two deliveries.



Uh,     in both.



I'm sorry.

I opened them.



It's OK, Eddie.









Who is it?



Lackley. Vice.



Slide your I.D.

under the door.



Are you fucking serious?



Try me!

Next thing you hear...



will be a bullet

coming through the door!



Pablo sent this.






What's the matter, Sarge?

Got a guilty conscience?



I just got out

of the hospital.



I know all about you.



I like your place here,

too. It's very nice.



You also got

a little something...



that belongs to me,

don't you, Gums?



What the fuck

you talkin' about?



I never seen you

before in my life.



Now, listen, Sarge...



you think you're moving in

on my territory?



I think you better

cough up...



some "do-re-mi" right now.



    bucks. Let's have it.



What     bucks?



What are you

talking about?



-Fuck off!

-Fuck off?!



You go to Pablo...



you cut yourself in

on my action.



You don't think

I'm coming after you?



Jesus Christ!

You got a lot of balls!



And Pablo wants the hooker

back on the job...



tomorrow at   :  

and all is forgiven, Gums.



What hooker?



  :  .



He got your gun

and your badge...



and your teeth.



You are a disgrace

to the police force.




Junior "Bullshit" Gotlieb.



Hey, you got

a piece, Eddie?






No. A gun. I need it.



Hold on.



Hair trigger.



Hollow points.



Thanks, Eddie.



Right in here.



Where's Antonio?



On your feet, pal.



Turn around.



Move it.



Police raid!

Everybody freeze!



Run for it!



Yo! Hey, guys!



Come on back.

Where are you goin'?



Come on.

I got this covered!



At ease, officer.



I think you'd better

check with your superiors.



Remain silent.



Hey, I pay good money

to the right people, huh?



Were you out

at the airport today?



Was I out

at the airport today?



What, are you crazy?



You ever stood

in a line-up before?



Oh, yeah. I stood in

a line-up before.



OK. I want you to

line up there!



Hey, what the hell's

going on here?



Shut up!



You own a suede

sports coat?



Courtesy van?



You ain't no cop.



Oh, I'm a cop.



Prove it, slick.

You're not walking...



You crazy son of a bitch!



I'll kick the living shit...



Take it easy, Scanlan.






Hey, Smiley.

How are you?



Ellita Sanchez?



Hoke Moseley.



I've been calling you.



Don't they have someone

at that desk to answer?



Yeah...but he's deaf.

Got something?



Prints I.D.

on those beer bottles.



That's the son of a bitch!



"Frederick J. Frenger,




Junior Gotlieb.

I knew that was bullshit.



I got something

on the real Gotlieb.



Mugged. D.O.A...



at the San Francisco

Airport Hospital.



That sound

like Junior's M.O.?



Murder one.



We can nail him as the

Krishna finger killer, I bet.



He's grown up behind bars.



And look at this.



Someone charged

a suede sport coat...



on the real Gotlieb's

credit card...



after he was dead.



We got the motherfucker!






I'm sorry. Habit.



I ran his real name

by the utilities...



but I turned up nothing.



He wouldn't use

his real name.



Well, if he did...



we'd be knocking

on his door right now.



What about Waggoner?



I called every utility

in Dade.



Even bottled water.



I'm sitting here

having my lunch...



waiting for

a call back, OK?



Sitting on your lunch?



Try Broward.



Look, I know you think

I'm a weak suck...



but I don't care.



The guy who did this

to me...this Frenger...



Junior...he's got

my old badge, Sanchez.



He's running around

playing cop...




and beating people.



I'm doing everything

I can to help.



Call me if you

hear anything.



Put the funny book down!



Give me the fuckin' cash...



or I'll blow

your fuckin' head off!



No, don't count it,

Goddamn it!






Drop the gun, son.



I know what it's like...



to be on the other end

of that gun.



You're making

a big mistake.



I tell you what...



you put down the gun,

give back the money...



and I'll let you

walk on out of here.



You walk out that door...



your life is

gonna change forever.



Hold your fire,

you asshole!



What the fuck?!






Hey, you OK?



Hey, mister.



Get this thing off me.

I'm a cop.



I think I hit him.



You didn't hit shit.



Where is

the whipping cream?



We're out.



Oh, my God.



OK, I want you to do

something for me.



Go get me some

cotton balls...aah!



Some peroxide...



some bandages...



and bring me

a small mirror.



Oh, God. Oh, God.



Oh, fuck me.



I want you to go

and get me...



your smallest needle...

a small needle...



and thread it

with black thread, OK?



Here. I got it.



Oh, fuck. Oh, God.



OK. Now...

I tell you what.



I want you to sew

my eyebrow back on.



Hey, hey!

Now, come on, come on.



Come on.

You're gonna be OK.



I got it.



I'm sorry.

I'm no good at this.



I got it.



What? OK.



I got you.



I'm going to

get you a doctor.



Oh, no. No doctors.



I want you to get me

a bottle of gin.



I nursed my husband for

  years before he died...



but you're not

going to die.






It's gin, Junior.



Drink it.



We're going to need this.



This is going to hurt.



You move, and you're

a blind man. Scissors.



Hold it. Hold it.



You're doing real good,




I'm just gonna

move down a bit.



Now we just have one more.



Just hold on.



That'll hold you.



Your husband must have

been glad to die.



Thank you.



Yeah, thanks.



You got a real nice

touch there, lady.



So...are you going to

tell me about it?



Yeah, I'll tell you

about it.



This straight life

that we've been living...



has been giving me this

misplaced sense of security!



I thought for

one minute there...



I was some kind of fuckin'

solid citizen or something.



All I want to know

is what happened to you.



Some guy in a blue

Toyota pickup ran me over.



I thought it must have been

something like that.



An anonymous, apparently

off-duty, police officer...




a robbery tonight...



at a Coral Gables

convenience store...



heroically confronting

an armed robber...



with only bottles

of spaghetti sauce.






Ellita Sanchez.



Come in.



What's this?



Susan Waggoner.

Telephone order.



There's an address

in the Gables.



The Gables.



What time is it?



It's  :  . I was

going out on a date.



I've got a relative

with Southern Bell...



or we wouldn't have gotten

the number for days.



That's great. Thanks.



What are you

going to do?



I'm going to

check it out.









You feeling better?



What would you like

for breakfast?



You're not hungry?



Well, I'm just

gonna run some errands...



and then I'll be back.



I love you.



Oh, I'm sorry.



Hey. Susan, uh...

Waggoner, right?



Remember me?



No, sir.



Hoke "Pork Chops" Moseley.



God, what

happened to you?



Ah, some psycho

jumped me...



almost broke my neck...



stole my gun, my badge,

and my teeth.






Yeah. These are temps.



Hey, I got

something for you.



Do you do your

marketing here?



Excuse me, would you

like to try some sausage?



No, thank you.



Are you sure?

It's really good.



Remember that...



pork chop recipe

I promised you...



with the chestnut batter?



Glad I ran into you.



Oh, this is great.



I can't believe

you remembered.



That is so nice of you.



I'm gonna

put it on my list...



and I'm gonna

make it tonight.



Hey, is that

an invitation?



I'll be there.






I got class tonight.

I'm sorry.



You're still

with that guy, huh?



No. Umm...

I kicked him out.



Well, good for you.



You know

who he really is?



He's a murderer.



Herman Gotlieb

isn't even his real name.



He spent his life in prison.



Frederick J. Frenger,







Hate to run into Senior.






hey, you ever made

vinegar pie?



Vinegar pie?

My mother used to make it.



I can still taste it.



Oh. Seedless raisins

for a start.



Chop 'em up real fine.



And you beat the egg

yolks and the butter...



until they're creamy...



Wait a second.



And you beat

the egg whites...



until they're stiff...



and then you

fold them in...



and you take

one cup of sugar...



and, um...




the tricky part, OK?



This is the key.



You use  % vinegar,

no stronger.



And just   teaspoons,

that's all.



Just   little teaspoons.



That's where Mama

went wrong.



Yeah, probably so.



You don't know

where I could...



find that old boyfriend

of yours, do you?



No. He's gone for good.



I know you wouldn't

lie for him.



He was the liar.



Well, uhh...

enjoy that recipe.



I will.



Look, my number's on it.



If you really like it,

give me a call.



Oh, my God.












What are you

doing tomorrow?



I was gonna paint

the security bars.



Oh, no. I got

a million errands...



I gotta run tomorrow.

I wanted to go in...



and cash in

my coin collection.



I need you to drive me

around some.



We'll be done by noon.



Can't you drive?



Oh, no way, honey. Heh!

Honey, I gotta...-



I'm gonna be hoppin'

in and out...



of a hundred different




Cost me a fortune

just to park...



if I could find a place.



That dessert?



I'll bring it to you.

Just go sit down.



So, you gonna drive me

around tomorrow?



Junior, are you sure

this is just an errand?



You promised no more

illegal stuff.



You saved my life, Susie.



Would I fuck up

the best thing...



that ever happened

to me...



just to make you

some kind of a wheelman?



Would you?



We made a deal.



I promised.



Like it?



This is really great.



It's great!






One of your best.



If a cop should

hassle you...



then you just drive on

around the block.



Why would anyone

hassle me?



You parked

in a yellow zone.



Police officer.



Buzz me in.



You say these coins

are stolen, Sergeant?



Sergeant, uh...









We picked him up

on a fencing sting.



We figure if we could

get a line on the owners...



we could solve the crime.



This a valuable

collection or what?



It's by no means

a rare collection.



When I take

this fleeting breath



When my eyes,

they close in death



Just a cursory look

at these coins...



tells me they're

in fair condition.



That was cursory?



You ever seen them before?



Seen lots like them.



What happened

to your eye?



Car accident.



You should sue the doctor

who sewed you up.



You could make a bundle.



He said it'd be fine

after it scarred over.



He lied.



How come

a homicide detective...



is so interested

in stolen property?



First of all, that's

confidential information.



Second of all, I'll ask all

the questions around here.



I'm working on a tip.



I'm thinking of putting

a stakeout in here.



You know, before

I put that window in...



I was hit   times

in one month...



but I don't need

no stakeout now.



Yeah? Why's that?



Because of Pedro.



He's been watching you

the whole time...



through a peephole

in the door.



It's OK, Pedro.



This is Sergeant Moseley.



He's with the

police department.



You bitch!



Oh, God.



You promised!



What the fuck

are you doing?!



-Freeze! Police!

-Freeze! Police!



Hold it.



Hey, move it!



Stop! Police!



Get out of the car!






What happened to you?



Raise your hands level

with your shoulders.



What are you gonna do

if I don't, Sarge?



Shoot me?



What was the bullshit...



with the money

you left me...






I don't give

nothing away.



What did the Krishna

do to die?



Where did you get

that jacket?



Herman Gotlieb.



Stand up.

Back up slowly.



Turn around

and face the wall.



I don't think

I can do that.



I'll pass out.



Most of my fingers

have been cut off...



and I'll probably go into

shock any minute now.



Move it!



Everything's turning

all orange and silver.



Susie's going to

get you, Sarge.






Did you kill him?



Good-bye, Junior.



You don't have to answer

if you don't want to...



but, uh...gotta clear

a few things up.



Did you know Junior

was gonna rob the store?



I was hoping he wouldn't.



He swore to me.



I had to give him

the benefit of the doubt...



because he had

some good qualities.



He always ate everything

I ever cooked for him.



And he never hit me.



There were lots of good

things about Junior.



Listen, Hoke, this is

exactly what happened...



or you're in big

jurisdictional trouble.



You were tailing him...

a murder suspect.



You see him coming

out of the coin shop...



with a gun in his hand.



Suspecting him of robbery,

you called for back-up...



and you followed him

to the house.



He pulled a gun on you,

and you shot him.



Something like that.



Exactly like that.



There's only one problem,

though: the girl.



She'll blow holes

in this story.



Cut her loose.



Is she really

Princess Not-So-Bright...



or is she just pretending?



Ah, she's been

through hell.



Leave her alone.



Let's get the fuck

out of here.



You look different.



I got my teeth back.



Special help by SergeiK