The Missing Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the The Missing script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the movie by Ron Howard starring Cate Blanchett, Tommy Lee Jones, Rachel Evan Wood, etc.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of The Missing. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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The Missing Script


            Ma! Seņora Nunez came in. She's burning up with fever.

            Go cool her head. Recite the   rd Psalm.

            I'll be there in a bit.

            New Mexico,     

            "Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil."

            - Morning, kids. - "Thou art with me. Thy rod and staff...

            ...they comfort me.

            Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies.

            Thou anointest my head with oil. My cup runneth over.

            Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life."

            Darling, get me some Cocea paste and my tooth plier, please.

            Yes, ma'am.

            No. No.

            She don't worry about the pain. No.

            It is her only tooth. She worry how she look.

            Thank you.

            Thank you.

            I need you to hold your grandmother down.

            Darling, can you hold her arm?

            Pin that, Dot. Hold her nose. Hold her nose.


            I hate to ask...

            ...but can you pay me for this today?

            Jumping "pinches" coyotes sons of bitches.

            That lightning sure did kill her.

            This calf won't last the night out here. Let's put her in the barn.

            Seņor Brake.


            Apache, maybe.

            Some kind of Apache son of a bitch.

            Good day, sir.

            I said, hello.

            That your man over there in the trees?

            What is he planning on doing with that carbine?

            We've had trouble with coyotes killing calves.

            Tell him I'm not a coyote.

            Is that the healer's place?

            You come for doctoring?

            Lady shuts her doors at sundown.

            She's pretty firm about her hours.

            You're welcome to spend the night, see her in the morning.

            I thank you kindly.

            Barn's this way, mister.

            There's a spare bunk over there, Mr...

            Mr. Fernandez.

            Jones. The man that owned that saddle tried to kill me.

             I was living with the Jicarilla. I suppose he thought I was one of them.

              You're Apache, huh?

              - What did you say? - Forget it.

              What did you say?

              Come over here.

              Now, I mean it!

              There'll be no trouble here.

              If that's too tough for you to understand, you can move on.

              Emiliano, unpack his mule.

              You will keep your hands off of my mule...


              - Don't slam that door. - Yes, ma'am.

              There are houses in Cleveland with lamps that run on electricity.

              I'd like to see Cleveland.

              - Can you fetch the water, please, Dot? - Yes, ma'am.

              At the fair, there's gonna be expositions of the future.

              There's gonna be a graphophone. You can hear your own voice back on it.

              - The Dickersons are going. - Brake can't spare you.

              - Ma. - Not tomorrow with the cows calving.

              - The Fosters too. - Got all the future you need right here.

              Riding all day with this cramping and all.

              Don't you ever act helpless and pitiable to win favor with a man.

              Some people shouldn't give advice on how to act with men.

              - And it's "pitiful" in English. - You heard what I said.

              That pail's half-empty.

              I didn't do it. It's that old Indian's dumb old mule.

              - What Indian? - Some drifter looking for doctoring.

              If you're gonna eat barefoot...

              ...why not take supper with the animals in the barn.

              My boots don't fit no more. Cut off my blood circulation.

              - It's your birthday soon. - I'll have gangrene by then.

              Your mother may have to saw off your feet, then. Like poor old Mr. Swenson.

              Mr. Jones.

              Maggie, this is the visiting gentleman I mentioned.

              I'll bet a warm meal sounds pretty good to you.


              I'm afraid we have just enough food for family.

              We can't be offering our hospitality tonight.

              - I'm sure we can all do with less. - I'm sure we can't!

              I have two growing girls to feed.



              Lilly, why don't you say grace.

              Who is he?

              Called you Magdalena.

              Your hair bristles when you lay eyes on him.

              He scares me, is all.

              - Nobody scares you. - Can't trust him.

              Maggie, who is he?

              He's my father.

              - I thought your father was dead. - He is.

              To me, he is.

              I want him gone, Brake.

              Gone? He's your kin. You just can't...

              He ran off when I wasn't Dot's age. Went Indian.

              Turn your back, he'll eat your horses and dogs.

              He's being chased...

              ...or running from something, I don't know what.

              But he's bad, Brake. I swear.

              I do not want him near my children.

              We're Indians, Lilly. We're Indians.

              Does he do that all night?

              Oh, he's just getting started.

              - You come here for the healing? - In a manner of speaking.

              Thought you might be hungry.

              - It's rabbit stew. - I can't eat rabbits.

              I was bitten by a rattlesnake.

              All right.

              When there's company, you sleep in there. Is that right?

              That's right.

              - You're not her husband? - No, sir.

              Not for lack of asking.

              They your children?


              What happened to their father?

              You don't know this?

              I can't say what all happened between you two...

              ...but you ain't welcome here.

              But she's a good Christian.

              She won't turn away any man in need.

              Tomorrow, she'll give you what doctoring she can...

              ...then you're on your way.

              There's places where a father would kill a man...

              ...for doing what you're doing, you know that, don't you?

              If you have something to say, say it.

              Are you really a Indian?

              Brake said you rode with the Chiricahua.

              That's right.

              - So that means I'm part Indian, right? - No.

              Not at all.

              You look stupid trying to work in those fancy clothes, you know.

              I am leaving here as soon as I can.

              - I'm moving to the city. - But Grandpa's visiting.

              Did you see him?

              He's a savage.

              They're gut-eaters, you know.

              I was born into the wrong family, I swear to God I was.

              - I appreciate this. - Take off your shirt.

              - Magdalena... - Don't call me that. It's not my name.

              - Where's it hurt? - Hurts when I breathe.

              Mostly around here.

              Yeah. Your muscles are torn just under your ribs.

              You need to put a cottonwood plaster to it.

              You'll live.

              I never thought you'd turn out to be a healer.

              I remember you had that yellow cat one time.

              You cried because a badger bit its tail off.

              - Your mother came running... - Don't remember. Not in front of me.

              Because I remember my mother.

              My mother died scrubbing a man's floor.

              And you killed her.

              Didn't shoot her or stab her, but what you did...

              You broke her!

              And I remember my brother too.

              He lasted six years.

              I bet you never even knew his name.

              And I remember praying hard every night that you'd come home.

              On the day I put him in the ground...

              ...I remember praying even harder you were dead.

              So you don't want to reminisce with me, that I promise you.

              I earned this money in large part...

              ...killing mountain lions for ranchers like you. I want you to have it.

              If I were destitute and drawing my last breath...

              This is good money. Take it for your children.

              - Take it for your funeral. - Magdalena.

              I've done my duty as a Christian. You get the hell off my ranch!

              I'd stop now.

              Maggie asked you to leave.

              I think it's time you did so, sir.

              Right about now.

              So long.

              Nice making your acquaintance.

              What's done is done, I guess.

              I know you would have done different.

              I appreciate your regard, Brake.

              I do.

              Well, night, then.

              Did they see you come in?

              We can't make a sound.

              Figure we can get them all branded in a day?

              - You want Dot to stay for company? - Brake, you said I could go.

              You promised. Mama, you promised too.

              Oh, I'm fine. He won't be coming back.

              This will help the cramping.

              The calves are more important...

              ...than hearing your voice come out of a machine.

              Well, I guess you never had anything but this. So why should I?

              Come on, let's get going.

              You sure look frilly to be working cattle.

              I'll keep an eye on them.

              - Just be home before dark. - All right.

              All right.

              Easy now.

              That's right.




              Get! Get!





              Oh, Lord. Darling.

              Mama, I'm cold.

              - I'm here, darling. Are you all right? - I'm cold. I'm cold.

              - Mama, I'm cold. - Darling, where's Lilly?

              - Emiliano. - Yeah, I know.

              Darling, where's Lilly?

              Emiliano and me...

              ...we was in the arroyo.

              We heard shots from where Brake and Lilly was.

              He told me, "Stay down"...

              ...Emiliano did.

              "Don't move. Stay down."

              He went to see...

              ...but he didn't come back.

              I waited like he said, but he didn't come back.

              Brake was screaming, Mama.

              He screamed so long I wanted him to stop.

              I know. I know it.

              - I know it. - Then he did.

              Then someone rode away with Lilly.

              I wanted him to stop!

              I know it. I know it.

              Darling, did you see who?

              Who took your sister?

              He wore a hood.

              He was Indian.

              I'm sorry for your loss, ma'am, but I'm afraid you got the wrong fella in mind.

              I've had the man you're describing in jail since last night.

              Sold himself a lion's hide and got quite a drunk on.

              Unacceptable drunk.

              He did say he was staying out by your place, though.

              There's been raids like this on people here lately...

     Arizona and New Mexico.

              Some Apaches jumped the reservation at San Carlos middle of last month.

              We've been getting communications about them near every day.

              To Fort Bowie.

              From me.

              Possible your hostiles attacked local ranch.

              Two dead, one girl missing.


              Lilly Gilkeson.

              Lilly Gilkeson.


              This takes just a moment.

              The device is truly a miracle.

              And now you'll hear your voice back as clear as day.

              - Ladies. - My name's Louise Dewey.

               y:i My name's Louise Dewey.

              To Sheriff Purdy...

              ...of Chloride.

              Believe hostiles...

              ...headed northwest...

              ...toward Colorado River.

              Fourth Cavalry...

              ...will pursue...

     due course.

              Well, there you have it.

              I'll send the undertaker out...

              ...for the remains. - You're not going after them?

              Not under the present circumstances, ma'am.

              With the fair in town, I need all the men I have right here.

              If you don't follow now, their trail will get cold.

              The Army is handling the situation.

              They have Apache scouts. Takes an Apache to catch an Apache.

              If someone doesn't go now, my daughter may be dead.

              Ma'am, I am elected to keep vigil over this town of ours.

              Just one or two men, sir, that's all I'm asking.

              Ma'am, I am sorry.

              Seth, I need a word with you.

              It was the Indians did it.

              Now, ladies, I will not authorize fireworks until a water wagon is here.

              Ma'am, that's the drunkard from last night.

              What would you like me to do with him?

              Let him go.

              I don't care.



              I want you to ride to the Handys'...

              - No. No, I won't. ...and stay there till I get back.

              I won't stay behind. I'll follow you as soon as you're gone, you know I will.

              - Darling... - I'm not... You can't leave me, Ma.

              I'm going with you, Mama, please, I am.

              - Now, you hear me, Dot... - I'm not staying behind.

              Wherever you put me, I'm coming after you, Ma.

              You know I'm not gonna stay put.

              I swear to God, I won't stay put.

              Hush, hush.

              Hush, now. It's all right.


              The Army's headed in the wrong direction.

              Seventeen horse tracks.

              Three shod, one outrider, two cavalry horses.

              Six horses were tied together...

              ...carrying light loads. Probably young women, children.

              And their captives...

              ...those are being led along...

     packhorses. They're headed south.

              Not north.

              Probably trying to make it to the Mexican border.

              The Apaches sell a lot of girls over there.

              Top dollar.

              Can you track them?

              You can track them. But if you catch them, you'll wish you'd stayed home.

              I don't wanna catch them.

              Keep me on the trail till I get the Army down to Fort Selden to catch them.

              You wanted to give me money.

              Do this instead.

              Taking this child out there is foolish.

              I know my daughter.

              - Leave her behind, she'll just follow. - No way to care for a girl.

              What would you know about any of it?

              I'll be just fine, thank you.

              Come on, now.

              Pretty moon, Anne.

              Old Bob Hadley was supposed to stop by tonight.


              Mama, I'm afraid in my room.

              It's just your fever giving you bad dreams, honey.

              You want Mama to sing you a song?

              Your man didn't keep his rifle very clean.

              If he wanted to marry you, though, I guess that's something.

              He's not all bad.

              - Did you ever marry? - Dot's father was my husband.

              He built the ranch with me.

              The notion of it was better than the doing, I guess.

              What about the other one's father?

              Didn't get much of a look at him.


              What you're doing, you're doing for your own soul.

              Because what you've done, you can't undo.

              You can all move now.


     you suppose it's safe for me to be on my way now?

              Mister, I don't suppose nothing. You're theirs now.

              They captured you.

              Could you help me, please?

              Go into the cave. Bring picture-maker. Go!

              Take them.

              You're heartless.

              I see you gentlemen are engaging in a little frontier recreation out here.

              No, these girls are going to market.

              We ain't supposed to sully the merchandise.

              I can smell him from here.

              I see you share a fondness for the photographic arts like myself.

              Where did you find this squashed penis?

              We captured him as a gift for you.

              Sir, may I have the honor of posing you with your captives, please?

              He wants to take your picture.

              Please, please.

              That's perfect. Now...

              ...very still. - Help us. Help.

              Please help us.

              Look your best.

              Lord, protect us.

              Stay behind me.

              - Indians. - Yeah.

              But not the way you're thinking.

              Is there time enough to give these men a proper Christian burial?

              Dead's dead, one way or the other.

              I asked if there was time.


              There's time.

              Get in.

              You must be the pride of your people.

              And you of yours.

              Prepare to dismount!


              The two on the porch have expired, lieutenant.

              Ask him why he murdered those men.

              I didn't murder anybody. They were dead when I got here.

              What are you doing in here?

              My granddaughter was stolen two days ago. I trailed her to this place.

              What's her name?

              You don't know your granddaughter's name?

              Well, her sister's name is Dot.

              We found two horses with a bunch of women's property in them.

              Hang him.

              - Other side! - There he goes!

              I didn't kill anyone!

              - I said, I didn't kill anyone! - Come out and show your hands!

              - I am looking for my granddaughter! - Then you tell me her damn name!

              - I don't know her damn name! - Lilly!

              - Lilly Gilkeson. - You know this Indian?

              - He's no Indian. - Damn well looks Indian to me.

              No, he's a...

              That's my father.

              I've been hoping we'd find you, sir. We need your help.

              We tracked my daughter south from Chloride.

              They're heading toward Mexico.

              Near as we can figure...

              ...they've hit six or seven homesteads so far, including this one.

              Army should've killed the heathens when they had a chance.

              They are Army, ma'am. Deserters.

              Why, I thought they were Apache.

              Apache scouts.

              Formerly on Uncle Sam's payroll.

              Like Happy Jim here.

              - We use them to hunt other Apaches. - The Indians were American soldiers?

              Then a couple of months ago, some of them turned...

              ...shot some white officers and jumped the reservation in San Carlos.

              The  th Cavalry started all this by hanging their chief.

              Don't know what they were thinking.

              What makes you think they were thinking?

              This whole territory's gone topsy-turvy.

              You got Indians running with whites, whites running with Indians.

              Get those prisoners moving!

              Come on, squaw man. Get on the way here.

              Happy Jim.

              You think because you're wearing that coat

              they won't put you on the prison train to Florida with chains on your legs?

              I don't know of Florida.

              It's a real swell shit-hole of a swamp.

              You'll see.

              White man, you don't look like someone who gives good advice.

              Break it up!

              What's going on here? I said, break it up.

              - I found it first, lieutenant. - Lying bastard!

              Looks like God intended you two to share.

              Any man found looting...

              ...will have the value of their property deducted from his pay.

              They're enlisted men.

              - Post two men over there. - I'm going to camp down by the river.

              If I stay here long, I might misbehave.

              - Right over there.

              Somebody might have to kill me.


              I imagine you plan to ride first thing.

              Would it be all right if my daughter and I rode along with you?

              Naturally, I'm quite concerned.

              Ma'am, capturing those renegades is the Army's highest priority.

              - Yes, of course. - Butcher a couple goats for supper!

              - And I'm grateful. - But that's the assignment of the  th.

              But the  th is going in the wrong direction.

              I assure you, they'll be redirected as soon as we reach Fort Stanton.

              Stanton's three days away. My daughter will be in Mexico by then.

              I grieve for your situation, I truly do.

              But my assignment is to return these hostiles in my capture to Stanton...

              ...for their prompt and immediate deportation.

              - You like fish? - Go water the horses.

              - I watered them back at the... - I'm not asking.

              Don't make them too raw, please.

              Very well, ma'am.

              Lilly, she's...

              ...not the same as Dot.

              She's not strong.

              She gets hurt so easy.


              - What? - For the fish.

              I know I asked you to get us to the Army...

              I asked you if you wanted some sage put on your fish.

              Yeah. All right.

              None for Dot.

              We'll ride at first light in the morning.

              If we can catch up to them, I might have enough money to buy her back.

              If they make it to Mexico...

              ...your child is lost.

              Hey, that stuff will make you sick, but I like it.

              No, no, no, no. Whoa. That flash behind her head bother you? It's just...

              Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

              There's no magic. It's an optical defect. A flaw.

              A flaw. Flaw.

              Wait, wait. Hey, wait.

              Look at these. Look at these. See?

              I know where all the prettiest girls live, from Arizona to Texas.

              You pick the ones you want, and I'll take you right to them. Look!

              All the pretty girls, see? All of them! I'll take you... Look!

              Take your bad luck to your grave.

              What was that?

              What did you just do?

              I'll get it done.

              Who of you can skin a deer?

              Hey! Who of you can skin a deer?

              Me. I can.

              All right. Gotta gut her.

              I can't see.

              What is happening to me?

              Somebody tell me. What is happening?

              I can't see. I can't see. Please!

              Where's clubfoot going? I thought we was dropping back down into Mexico.

              Seven's an unlucky number for him. He wants eight girls. We go now.



              Fill the packs with meat.

              I gotta take Sally. No, I gotta take my little girl.

              No! She just needs water. She's fine.

              Shut up. She's dead now, mama.

              - She's my baby. - Shut up.


              No! No! No!

              No, no, no, no.


              Get up!

              Get up!

              Get up!

              Trying to make a fool of me.

              It's gonna be all right.

              I think my feet grew two sizes today.

              Try these.

              - They're beautiful. - They were my wife's.

              My grandmother?



              - Mama! - Dot?

              You all right?

              You get bit? Did those snakes bite you?


              Mama, a dead man's in there.

              Don't worry about that child.

              Go on now.

              Mama, look at his eyes.

              - What happened to him? - He lost control of his wagon.

              Maybe he had a heart seizure.

              He didn't have a heart seizure. His heart's in that hole.

              What's behind her head?

              - Some people would think it's a sign. - A good sign or bad sign?

              It wasn't a very good sign for him. Come here.

              - What are you doing? - These are for protection.

              The man who did this is a "brujo".

              - A what? - It's a witch.

              You need to wear one too.

              You can believe in your witchcraft and your impiety all you want.

              I believe in what I've seen, girl.

              Snakes belong on the ground. This one hangs them in the air.

              A man's heart holds his spirit. This one digs it out and throws it in the dirt.

              Don't you start this.

              I know a "brujo" who'd put an arrow in you a mile away.

              I know a "brujo" who laid his hand on a child one time. One time.

              The child cramped up, fell down and spit up bees till she died.

              - You stop this. You're scaring her. - She needs to be scared. So do you.

              Mama, please. Please.

              Just on her.

              We gotta get through that canyon before the storm hits.

              You go on and I'll follow.

              Give me some of the medical stuff they stole, the laudanum.

              You like that stuff.

              You know, I drink enough of this stuff, I swear...

     start to look good to me. - Hey.

              They give this to my grandma when she was fixing to croak.



              I'll get her!

              Get those horses to higher ground!

              I've got her!

              Dot, you hold on to me!

              My foot's caught!

              Hold your breath! Right now!

              Gotta piss.

              Sit up.

              I can get us out of here.

              - Do you hear that? - You mustn't speak.

              My baby's calling me.

              No. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

              Your baby's passed on.

              No. That's just how she sleeps.

              There's nothing you can do, so please just...

              There, there. My baby.

              Here. Watch out while I get the horses.

              Hey. Just going to get those berries I promised you.

              Don't wander off.

              Lord, forgive me.

              Stop squirming.

              - Goddamn you! - Give her to me.

              - Get up! - No!

              - I got her. - No!

              - Tie her legs! - Shut up!

              Shut up!


              Now we're gonna be back to seven, and seven's an unlucky number.

              Whore! Stop!

              Thank you.


              You're better than them, but you're not better than me.

              Can she have the moccasins now?


              Can I just...?

              I'm glad you were here.

                I was bitten by a rattlesnake.


                A good shaman gave me two amulets.

                Told me not to eat rabbit meat for a year...

       say my prayers every morning...

                ...take care of my family, and I might get well.

                You're telling me the only reason you came back...

                ...was because you were following the say-so of some...

                ...medicine man. Is that right?

                Yes. Absolutely. A rattlesnake can make your soul...

                ...very sick.

                That's likely not what you want to hear.

                But it is the truth.

                We have eight girls. Now, we can go.


          No. This one ran, let the mother kill herself.

          Go on. Hit me.

          You won't fetch as many pesos with my face swollen, and you know it.

            This is what the rest of your life will taste like.

            Keep still.

            That them?

            Once they clear those trees, they'll be riding in line along that river.

            I'll shoot the front horse.

            You shoot a horse in the middle. We're lucky, they'll scatter.

            - Thought we'd buy her back. - The more of them we kill...

            ...the easier they'll be to reason with.

            Maybe she'll get clear and save us the trouble altogether.

            Dot, you keep shooting. Try to hit a horse.

            Mother of Jesus...

   watched your child suffer.

            Give me strength. Stop my hands from trembling.

            Let them come on.

            Not yet. Not yet.

            Let them come. Let them come.

            On my call, pick a horse in the middle and shoot him in the neck.

            I can't see Lilly.


            Take everything.

            They're Chiricahua.

            Kayitah, where did you steal that horse?

            Chaa-duu-ba-its-iidan? Hasn't someone killed you yet?

            You still owe me three lion hides, you know.

            I lived with his family for a time.

            - Good. That's good, isn't it? - Name's Kayitah.

            Think the other one's his son.

             Forget the hides. Give us your horses and your guns and we'll call it even.

              - They want our horses and guns. - I am not giving over my horses.

              You understand? You'll have to kill me first.

              You tell him what I said.

              Now look. You pissed her off.

              How can you tell? You people look pissed off all the time.

              You tell them to get on their way.

              Even better, you tell them we want their guns and ammunition.

              Go on. You tell him.

              The men you just killed were trying to kill us too.

              The witch stole my son's future.

              His bride was taken a week ago.

              He stole my granddaughter too. We can help each other.

              And she's a healer.

              Ain't no undergarments or nothing.

              Dot, bring me my bag.

              Go outside, sweetheart.

              You don't know what diseases these people have.

              I don't usually operate on Indians.

              They have green blood and a pinecone in their chest instead of a heart.

              Just give me that mescal.

              All right. It'll hurt.

              Do you still go up north and fool around with that fat Zuni girl?

              Don't lie.

              No. She started to like me too much.

              He told me this "brujo"'s mother was raped by a witch.

              Came out of her womb two years later with a full set of teeth.

              I'm not feeling too good myself.

              Don't sit too close, darling. I'm not feeling too good.

              - It's so cold. - It's not that cold, Ma.

              You knew my father?

              What do you remember about him?

              We called him Chaa-duu-ba-its-iidan.

              He was a good hunter.

              Yeah. He was.

              He married Laatsine. His Chiricahua wife.

              Was she beautiful?


              She was cross-eyed.

              He was living with the Navajo when she died of smallpox.

              She died... I didn't realize.

              Moved around a lot. Never still, Chaa-duu-ba-its-iidan.

              Moving spirits don't make happy men.

              Did he love her? His Chiricahua wife?

              He loved all of them. For a time.


              What are you doing?

              I'm dreaming of what's gonna happen tomorrow.

              Can I dream on it too?

              I don't know. Can you?


              Mom's talking in her sleep again.

              Sometimes at home, she talks so loud we have to wake her up.

              Sometimes she cries. Other times, she sounds like somebody's hurting her.

              And all the next day, she looks at Lilly funny.

              Me and Lilly notice, even though Mama doesn't, I don't think.

              - What happened to her? - I don't know and I wouldn't ask.

              I think when she was young, she was...

              ...treated with cruelty.

              She was alone in the world at that time.

              You wish you'd been there?

              I don't wish.


              - Ma, wake up, you're having a bad... - Don't touch her.

              The Brujo has put a curse on her.

              I will gather some ghost bush.

              Go get your mother's Bible.

              - Is it bees? - Go on.

              What did you leave behind at that camp?

              Today. This day, what did you leave behind?

              I don't... I don't know.

              Help me again to heal.

              Keep all evil away from here.

              Mama. Don't let him, Mama.

              "Abraham begat Isaac, and Isaac begat Jacob.

              And Jacob begat Judas and his brethren.

              And Judas begat Phares and Zara of Thamar.

              And Phares begat Esrom, and Esrom begat Aram.

              And Aram begat Aminadab, and Aminadab begat Naasson.

              And Naasson begat Salmon, and Salmon begat Booz of Rachab.

              And Booz begat Obed of Ruth, and Obed begat Jesse.

              And Jesse begat David the king, and David the king begat Solomon...

              ...of her that had been the wife of Urias.

              And Solomon begat Roboam, and Roboam begat Abia.

              And Abia begat Asa, and Asa begat Josaphat.

              Josaphat begat Joram, and Joram begat Ozias.

              And Ozias begat Joatham, and Joatham begat Achaz.

              And Achaz begat Ezekias, and Ezekias begat Manasses.

              And Manasses begat Amon, and Amon begat Josias.

              And Josias begat Jechonias and his brethren."

              - Let's attack them. - We don't have a chance.

              Still, we must try.

              Father, I can fight too.


              You stay here.


              - Good morning. - Reckon I drank from the wrong bottle.

              Wrong as can be.

              - Here. - You need to keep that on.

              You know, Dot was wearing hers when she almost drowned.

              Yes. Almost.

              After we attacked them, you reckon we can still buy them back?

              I don't know. Money's always money.

              But we don't have enough to buy them all, though. Two or three at the most.

              You get Lilly.

              And get the Indian girl...


              ...whoever else you can.

              Sorry for the rest.

              I'll see you again.

              Should be back by dark.

              If we're not, leave at daylight tomorrow.

              That means go home. You and Dot.

              You understand?

              You tell me yes, or I'm not going.

              I understand.

              Give this to my daughter.

              She won't trust an Indian.

              I want to buy two girls.

              - I want to buy two girls. - Yeah?

              - Do I deal with you? - No.

              You deal with him, there.

              You have two girls I want to buy.

              You are a make believe Indian. Is that what you are?

              Yeah, that's right.

              You want to become a real Indian? Like them?

              I want to give you     dollars for two girls.

              Some here want your money.

              For the evil your people have done...

              I want your pain.

              Look at me.

              Inside you are two dogs.

              One is evil, the other is good.

              The mean dog fights the good dog all the time.

              Which one wins?

              I don't know.

              Whichever one I feed the most.

              No. They are killing each other. That is what makes you sick.

              I will make you a real Indian. That is what your soul asks me for.

              This will tear out your soul.

              You were born white, but you will die an Indian.

              Do you know this? Do you know this?

              I don't understand.

              Die slow.

              The vultures will eat your guts while you watch.

              Please. Please.

              That's my mother's.

              What did you do to my mother? What did you do?

              You killed him.

              You killed us all.

              There is nothing we can do.

              There is no hope.

              My friend.

              Do a favor for me.

              Forget your gophers and mice.

              Take me to my family.

              Give them repentance and better minds.

              Be merciful, O God, to those who are in any trouble.

              And do thou, O God of pity, administer to them according to their...


              - Needs.

              Grandpa said we was to leave in the morning.

              He'll come back.

              He's gonna come back.

              Reward all those who have done us good.

              Pardon all those who have done or wish us evil.

              Give them repentance and better minds.

              Be merciful, O God, to anyone who's in any trouble.

              And deal with them, O God of pity, according to their needs...

              ...with kindness, just as Jesus Christ, your son, did.

              I told you to go home.

              How bad are you hurt?

              I've seen the girl. She's still alive.

              Your father never stopped fighting.

              They killed him like cowards.

              Are we gonna go get Lilly?

              You can raise this child.

              Take her home.

              And you can be sure of that.

              You do anything else, you're likely to lose two daughters and your own life.

              I don't know how to leave her.

              You can't turn away from that?

              Can you?

              All right...


              All right.


              You scared of dead things?

              - They finally going to get buyers? - He'll be back. We sell them today.

              Hey, my friend, we're getting paid today.

              The body is gone.

              It's him, look!

              He's come back from the dead!

              Don't think like that. Come this way with me.

              It's a trick, you idiots!

              Get the girl.

              Get down there.


              I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

              It's all right, baby. It's all right.

              You cut them loose. Get to the horses!

              I thought we killed that bastard.

              Get going!

              Get out of here, Maggie.

              Where are the women?

              Give me your horses.

              I will bring them back before nightfall.

              And leave us here with no horses?

              We don't have time to drink water. Let's go!

              - Can they catch us? - Oh, yeah.

              Help me.

              Take my arm.

              I got her.

              We're going to the top! If your horse quits, get off and go on afoot!

              Hold on to the tail. I got you.

              - You knew this was here. - I've had occasion to use it before.

              We won't get to the other side before dark.

              We'll have to last out the night right here.

              Put as much dry brush as you can carry in this gap!

              Are you all right?

              Your hair's all tangled.

              Here, let me get it.

              It's all right.

              It's all right.

              It's all right, Lill-Lill.

              You'll see.

              I dreamed on it.

              We're gonna get away, and Grandpa's gonna come live with us...

              ...and we're all gonna be a family.

              You'll see.

              Right, Ma? Isn't that right?


              You know that Indian name of yours?

              - What's that mean? - Very hard to translate that.

              Try it.

              It means "shit for luck."

              - Is that right? - Yes, it is.

              Chiricahua value family very highly.

              A man doesn't live with his family, he's not considered particularly...


              I don't have any Indian...

              ...brothers or sisters?

              None that lived.

              What did you see in them...

     didn't see in us?

              Why didn't you stay?

              There's an Apache story about a man that woke up one morning...

              ...and saw a hawk on the wind.

              Walked outside and never returned.

              After he died, he met his wife in the spirit world. She asked him why.

              He said, "Well, the hawk kept flying."

              There's always the next something, Maggie.

              And that will take a man away.

              You tell yourself you're protecting them, they're better off without you.

              Stay or go, there's nothing a man can do to protect his family from himself.

              I guess I do realize now I made people's lives more...

              ...difficult by the things I have done...

              ...and the things I have not done.

              People I did love, mostly.

              - I'm not forgiving you. - Not asking you to.

              I wore that birthing both my girls.

              I thought I'd die wearing it.

              I've always liked this thing.

              Your mother gave it to me.

              Never meant to leave it behind.

              Thank you.

              I better see to Lilly and them.

              Look out!

              Pull those horses back!

              Your "brujo"'s dead!


              Let's go home.

Special help by SergeiK