Mobsters Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Mobsters script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Christian Slater and Patrick Dempsey movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Mobsters. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Mobsters Script

 Here we go. Come on.

 Come on, seven!

 What are you doing at the house of God?

 This is where I grew up. Mott Street.

 I'm Charlie Luciano. In my neighborhood there were two dons.

 Two bosses, each fightin' for control of New York.

 And sometimes innocent people got caught in the middle.

 I got a right to drink a glass of wine!

 I got a right to find work that uses my brain!

 You clean the fish and the calamari,just like me!

 What are you sayin'? 'Cause I'm a greasy immigrant, all I can do is clean fish?

 That ain't enough, Pop!

 Buon giorno.

 Che cazzo "buon giorno". You come in my house, hmm?

 You tell the son of a bitch Faranzano,

 the miserabile bestia. I give him-

 Oh. Don Faranzano.


 Faranzano, I no mean what I say.

 You have been very loyal. Done favors for me.

 Always made your payments on time.

 Now, you've stopped paying. I have to ask myself, ''Why?''

 No, no. Faranzano, Mia piccola bambina she's sick.

 I no have the money. I no got the money.

 Fat pig.

 When I came from Sicily, you went with me.

 Now, you're drifting back to that fat pig, Masseria.

 - No! Faranzano- - You are, I see.

 No, no, no. Tu sei mi padrone- Aaah!

 I can't take chances.

 If one man can desert me, everybody can. Understand?


 If you have to sell your daughter, you will pay!

 You have a pretty wife.

 Usually, after children,

 they get fat.

 Nice sweet taste.

 Disgraziato.! Get out of my house!

 I felt your balls, so I know why she needs her own.

 Figlio mio, put down the knife.

 You'll have your chance one day.

 That was one boss.

 Don Faranzano.

 Some things change your life forever.

 Yeah, I know. I know. Loyalty.

 My father sweated blood for him.

 The guy with me here is Frankie Costello. Loyalty, Frankie, yeah?

 He and Joey DeCarlo were my two best friends. ThatJoey?

 But on these streets friends were hard to keep.

 Don Masseria.! Don Masseria.!

 Lo bisogno, per favore. Chi e chieste?

 Look at this.

 Lo bisogno aiuto, per favore.

 Chi e chieste?

 No, don't!

 Sono sangue.

 Terrible what these niggers are doin'.

 They come down from Harlem, kill my own nephew.

 Right in front of my face.

 My son.!

 Oh.! Oh, no, my God.!

 Oh, my son!



 Oh,Joey! Oh, my God! Oh,Joey!

 That was the other boss.

 Don Masseria.

 Some way, some time,

 no matter how long it took,

 I knew what I had to do...

 to both bosses.

 He kills his own blood, you know?

 I mean his own nephew. What kind of man is that, huh?

 And on top of that, he pays some Irish to do it.

 Uh! Ah!

 The law of the street was: take or be taken.

 Everybody fought everybody. Irish, Italians, Germans,Jews.

 But this was different. This was that Irishman who killed Joey.

 Beatin'up on some skinny Jewish kid, Meyer Lansky.

 And theJewish kid wouldn't stay down.

 Meyer wouldn't give no matter how bad he got it.

 You had to respect that.

 Meyer's big pal was Benny Siegel. Leave him alone!

 Benny loved a good fight.

 Even a bad fight, but they wouldn't let him in on this one.

 What is it? You in love with the littleJew boy? No.

 Joey was a friend of mine!


 What the hell's everybody looking at?

 He just saved your life.

 Come on.

 Let's get the fuck out of here.

 So that's how we started.

 Two Italians and twoJews. Funny combination, huh?

 Frankie--he liked to worry, so he paid off the cops.

 Benny liked to brawl, so he was our muscle.

 And me and Meyer-- we were both the leader.

 At least it started out that way.

 Just four mugs off the street.

 At first we were penny-ante, but together we grew.

 Thing that worries me is things is goin' too good.

 Relax. How can I relax?

 When everything's goin' right, you know it's gonna go wrong.

 We can't keep operating like four kids running around the neighborhood.

 That's what I mean. If we're going to expand, we need a leader.

 And who's that gonna be, huh?

 Tommy's meetin' us over here.

 After you. Please, be my guest.

 Thank you.

 I got 'em comin'up right now, sir.

 Do like I said with the kid. Okay.

 What is this, huh? You'll see.

 Charlie, come sta?

 How's everything? Meyer. Good to see you.

 I got everything ready for you in the back.

 What do you got to show me, huh?

 It's a little experiment.

 You asked me a question. I'm gonna answer it.

 Come here. Yeah.

 He's telling this kid there's a guy here,

 very powerful, successful, who's got a job for him.

 Easy money.

 You got that? Good, get out of here.

 Let's go.

 Now he realizes.

 Bugsy didn't tell him, right? Me or you.

 Got a job for me?

 You just did it, kid.

 Get lost.

 Now do you see?

 Between you and me, we're equals.

 But other people, they look to you.

 What're you sayin', huh? I'm your front man?


 This ain't a con, Charlie. You're it.

 You're the one.

 Tommy Reina, Charlie, Meyer.

 Good pal, gonna even be a better partner.

 From your mouth to God's ear, hmm?

 He's got a line on the good stuff. How good?

 Bottle in Bond Scotch Whiskey.

 I got a friend got a boxcar sittin' on a spur in Philly.

 He wants     G's. I only got    .

 Ahhh. Who's this friend?

 Arnold Rothstein.

 No disrespect, Tommy. Why would Rothstein wanna do business with bums like us?

 'Cause some of us are Jewish bums. Right?

 You'll find out Monday night when you go to his hotel.

 No one ever called you all bums.

 Come on.

 It's very good stuff.

 Come on in, fellas.

 I want you to meet the genius who fixed the World Series.

 Mr. Arnold Rothstein.

 This here's Charlie Luciano...

 and Meyer Lansky.

 Tommy, thanks. Yeah.

 Well, sit down. Sit down.

 Mr. Luciano,

 you're walking down the street.

 Suddenly you realize you're being followed. It's a hit.

 Walking toward you is a second gunman.

 You have time to fire at only one of them. Which one do--

 I don't accept the question. To live, I gotta kill 'em both.


 your wife-- I don't have a wife.

 - Why not? - Emotion is dangerous.

 - Aren't you human? - Would it help?

 Next. I have ships and distilleries in Scotland.

 I need distribution in New York.

 Masseria? Faranzano? They'd kill me.

 - I won't? - You haveJewish partners.

 Maybe I kill them too.

 You can't afford to.

 You're in the squeeze. Masseria has     soldiers. Faranzano,    .

 Either one realizes you exist, they squash you like an ant.

 Unless I get a powerful friend, huh?



 What's the secret of America?

 What's the matter with this guy? I'm    years old--


 Everything is money, Charlie.

 Don't ever forget it.

 But you, you'll never make any money.

 - Why's that? - You dress like a schmuck.


 Let's do some business.

 Check it.

 It's raining money.

 We got money to burn, Charlie.

 Wanna burn some? Want to? Want to?

 Be my guest. All right!

 Everybody ready?

 The party. Our first million.

 Paisan, you ready to make some money? I'm ready.

 - I'm always ready. -Just don't hog all the broads.

 I can't help it. They're all over me.

 Tell us something we don't know, huh? Gentlemen,

 before we go, let's have a toast.

 Our first million dollars.

 Say this bottle is bootleg business, greater New York.

 This is our business when we started.

 Nobody noticed us, nobody gave a shit.

 Now this is our business right now.

 It's big enough for us to have a party.

 Big enough for other people to notice.

 This is where we want our business to be.

 But the bigger we get,

 the more we're taking from other people.

 Thanks. Masseria's already calling us.

 Faranzano, calling.

 You see what I'm saying? Yeah. I didn't get no whiskey.

 I'm saying this.

 If we're not careful--

 Charlie.! Hey.

 I got the room in the back for ya's.

 Father, how are you?

 Tommy, you bum, you look beautiful.

 How you doin'? Good to see you.

 The table looks beautiful.

 Hey! Giovanni!

 People will love to play numbers.

 It's smart business. Somebody hits big, you gotta publicize.

 All right. I'll get somebody downtown.

 Excuse me, gentlemen.

 Anna Citron, these are my partners.

 Frank Costello. Hello.

 Benny Siegel. Hi.

 And um, these are their girlfriends.

 He has two girlfriends? At least.


 Charlie, this is my girl.

 I want you to meet Anna Citron.

 My goodness, I'm honored.

 Sit down.

 You met my priest? Anna Citron, this is Meyer Lansky. Hello.

 This here is Father Bonotto. Buona sera, signorina.

 Buona sera.

 Father! Ah, Tommy, you stupid bootlegger from the Bronx.

 Charlie, I want to talk to you.

 You see, this is why alcohol is outlawed.

 You son of a bitches, uh?

 They're threatening us. Then talk to the bosses.

 You mean buy ourselves some time. Exactly.

 I agree.

 Hey, Frankie. We made it.

 Let me tell you this. Watch your back, all right?

 Good. Yeah.


 you talked to Rothstein? Yeah. He worries too much.

 So do I.

 Faranzano wants to meet in the morning.

 I think we should go. Not yet. Let him beg.

 [ Meyer ] He is begging.




 Move! Move!

 You okay, Meyer?

 Anna? Yeah.

 - That's twice I saved your life. - You're telling me.

 I hate owing somebody.

 Listen, we're meeting Faranzano in the morning.

 Whatever you say,Meyer. Good.

 You all right, Anna?

 Don Faranzano.

 Have we met?

 Maybe around the neighborhood.

 When I was a kid.

 This is my associate, Meyer Lansky.

 I don't talk business with Jews.

 You talk business with me. If Meyer works with me, that ain't your concern.

 Let's be blunt.

 If you go with Masseria, maybe he wins.

 If you go with me, maybe I win.

 This seems to give you a lot of power.

 So what're you offering me?

 Masseria's the boss of all bosses. I respect him.

 He's a fat pig.

 I offer you this.

 Join my family. We combine all operations.

 You'll get     percent.


 Well, it's a very handsome offer.

 We have to think it over. That means no.

 Means what it means. We have to talk with our partners.

 Show them out.

 Fifteen percent, huh?

 You know how much money that is?

 Well, I don't, and neither do you.

 But it's a hell of a lot.

 Fifteen percent?

 As soon as we sold to Faranzano, he'd knock you off.

 Why would he do that? You're Sicilian.

 One day you might wanna be boss.

 If he iced you now, there would be a stink,

 but if you're workin' for him, who's gonna come after him?

 Who is gonna give a fucking shit, except us.

 And we'd be history.

 He's right, Charlie.

 That's why we're in partnership with theseJews, Frankie.

 Excuse me.

 How're you, Charlie? Right this way.

 Show Mr. Luciano his table.

 Hey, Charlie!

 Nice to see ya. Good to see you.

 I heard you told Faranzano to go fly.

 I told him I'd think it over. Always so polite?

 Now you come to seeJoe, the boss?

 It's a very smart move, Charlie. Everybody needs protection.

 Even me.

 Where is he? He's up in his balcony.

 You oughta come aboard, Charlie.

 We're just one big pasta-eatin' family over here. All right.

 I'll see you later. All right.




 I don't believe my eyes.

 It's me. Hey, Charlie! Come on, sit down.

 I send messages, send flowers and you don't come to see me.

 I had some things I had to straighten out with Faranzano.

 I heard. You won't marry him-- that's beautiful.

 Still, you won't go to bed with me, and I'm so gorgeous.

 I know. I've always held a warm spot for you,Joe.

 Your nephewJoey was a friend of mine.

 It's too bad, Charlie.

 Charlie, you belong in this family.

 Someday I will join you,Joe.

 - You don't like today? - No. No, I don't like it.

 It's too bad, Charlie. I've seen a lot come and go.

 Guys just like you.

 The ones who come, they come to me. The ones who go--

 I'm the guy who sends them off.

 Hey, you want a little broccoli?

 - No. No, thank you. - Come on, it's full of garlic.

 It looks wonderful, but I gotta get back downstairs.

 Enjoy the show.

 What do you think? I don't trust him.

 You don't trust anybody. I doubt that you trust me.

 He's stringing us along. Yeah.


 You boys enjoy the show? Park it here, baby.

 How're you doin'?

 Great. Couldn't be better. Got a light?

 A light? For you, I'd burn down this whole joint.

 Excuse me,Joe. I hate to interrupt, but can I talk to my sister?

 This is your sister?

 Yeah. Go ahead. Be my guest.

 It's nothin'. Just relax. Whoa!

 Thanks. No problem.

 It's not really my favorite part the job. I could see that.

 It's a nice-nice outfit. Thanks.

 What's your name?

 Mara Motes. Somebody said you're Charlie Luciano.

 Let's just say I'm somebody who believes in his friends.


 Maybe you and I can be friends sometime.

 Yeah. Yeah. I could pick you up after the show if you like.

 You sure you wanna do that?

 If you want to be somebody's friend, it takes time, doesn't it?

 I guess it does.

 I should really get back.




 Friends, huh?

 Yeah? Charlie, it's Meyer. We got hit.

 We got no shipment New Year's Eve.

 We gotta see Rothstein. Right.


 We're supposed to meet Mr. Rothstein.

 Yes. Of course.

 Hey, you know where to find me.

 I'm Benny Siegel. You heard of me? No, not really.

 What do you do? I kill people.

 Who hit us? Masseria or Faranzano? Probably Masseria.

 But who knows? Could be either one.

 I'm the first guy to worry,

 but doesn't everybody get hijacked.

 You think this was business as usual?

 I shouldn't have to explain this to you!

 Next week, our customers will be buying our scotch from them.

 In a month, I'll lose my distillers toJoseph fucking Kennedy.

 And we'll all be out of business!

 We gotta get tough. Yeah!

 Only, we can't afford a war.

 They got armies; we don't.

 Happy New Year, honey.

 Balls and brains. You got 'em, you don't need an army.

 A hundred years ago,

 Austria was run by a prince named Metternich.

 Austria was weak, its neighbors strong,

 but Metternich was a cold, calculating fox.

 If one country got too strong,

 he organized an alliance against it.

 He would bring Europe to the brink of war,

 then everybody thanked him when he kept war from happening.

 He barely had an army?

 But he had Europe by the kishkes.

 We gotta send a signal. Nobody messes with our stuff.

 We have a shipment landing. Cape May, tomorrow night.

 This is a perfect opportunity to set a trap.

 Aaah! Aaah!


 Try this again, I will kill your mothers,

 fuck your sisters and turn your brothers into eunuchs.

 I think you've made your point, Benny. Let's go.

 Tony No Nose. Well, well, this is a surprise.

 Give our regards to Don Faranzano.

 Who's next?

 You wanna start a war? I don't mind.

 Well, I do. Sometimes you're so stupid I can't stand it.

 Let's go. Move it. Move it.

 I knew it. You had to kill him, didn't you?

 In     hours, Faranzano comes after us. So?

 So? We can't fight him. We ain't got the guns.

 Masseria does. Masseria?

 We're goin' with Masseria?

 He ain't so bad.

 He's a fat, stupid fuck!

 Other than that, I guess he's swell.

 Frankie, right now, this fat stupid fuck can save our lives. Remember, it's only temporary.

 A few more stupid moves like that, they'll knock us over like bowling pins.

 It's time to play with the big boys.

 Yeah, I used to be skinny like you.

 Hey, pay attention!

 I'm talkin' for a reason here.

 I used to move fast, jump fast, dodge bullets.

 Fourteen! Fourteen with my name on it.

 Yet, never a scratch on this beautiful body.

 So I realized, hey, I can't be hit.

 So, why be skinny? Eat! That's what we are here for.

 - What are you here for? - I wanna talk details.

 Yeah, I hear you got some trouble, huh?

 You hear wrong.

 I hear you gotta join my family to stay alive another     hours.

 I don't deal from weakness. Hey.!

 You sit down.

 I like you...

 up to a point.

 What are the details?

 I'm number two, above everybody. Including Catania here.

 We get a fair piece of all the action,

 and everything from me and my associates goes into the pot.


 Except whiskey. The booze stays with us and Rothstein.

 So, my family shares in everything,


 The whiskey, huh?


 You suckin' bastard!

 You son of a flea-bitten bitch!

 Thank God I can't kill him now.

 He made such a tough deal. He's no phony.

 You and me together, Faranzano is a dead man.

 In six months,

 you pass the whiskey to me,

 or I kill you.

 You're part of the family.

 Ah, that's my boy.

 It's not a question of numbers. Anyone can rack up numbers.

 It's how you do it. It's a question of style.

 I don't kill with style? You don't know how to kill at all.

 Gentlemen, sit down.

 Very interesting to see you again, Mr. Coll.


 About three years ago, you ambushed me and Meyer here.

 Oh, yeah.

 By the old way of doing things, I should let Benny shoot you in the head now.

 But I'm not gonna do that.

 So, you're not gonna kill me.


 - So, we have a problem. - Name him. He's dead!

 Our problem is you. See, you freelance.

 When you hit people on our turf, it upsets the cops.


 Plus, you're very, very good at what you do.

 I figure, I upset somebody else, you don't miss a second time.

 That's my motto.

 Nothing so pretty as the back of a man's head, huh?

 What, you want Mad Dog to go back to sellin' argyles?

 No, we want Mad Dog...

 to move his operations out west.

 Los Angeles, San Francisco.

 We promise to keep you very, very busy.

 Out west?

 I'll think about it.

 I'll let you know.


 Maybe we should just kill him. No. He could be useful.

 Let's just see if he leaves town. Okay?


 Yeah, sure.

 Gloria.! Hi!

 Hey, Mara.

 Yeah? Could you come out here for a minute?



 Let's go upstairs.

 Gambling doesn't start till midnight. Okay? Okay.

 Come on.

 Ah, I'm sorry I haven't been in to see you. I had business.

 It doesn't matter. It doesn't?

 No. I knew you'd be back. You believe in fate?

 I don't know. I do.

 Some people are born to be chorus girls and dog catchers,

 and other people, people like you,

 have something they don't even realize.

 What don't I realize?

 I can't tell. Wouldn't be fair.

 There's another kind of fate. Between two people.

 I mean, why did I meet you?

 You're very gentle, you know that? I am?


 Most guys, tell 'em you want to be friends and they skip town.

 But you really can, can't you?

 Can what? Be my friend.

 I'd like to be.

 I gotta ask you a question. Not that I'm complaining,

 but if we're gonna be friends, why did you kiss me?

 If somebody's your friend, you can trust them, right?

 With anything? Yeah.


 Do me a favor? I would do anything for you.

 Don't forget we're friends.

 Once you throw sex into the kitty, guys forget their manners.

 I won't forget mine.

 Or they start getting all goo-goo and talking about love.

 Love is a very confusing thing which I personally do not understand.

 Well, neither do I.

 Can we do this again? I gotta go to work.

 I don't mean right now, I mean, um--

 Sure. I can do it as often as you can. Probably more.

 I'm sure.

 I'll see you later. Okay.

 Don't fall asleep.

 I won't.

 Hey, how's it going?

 Lansky's inside. He is?


 What're you doin'?


 Straight? Yeah.


 I got a serious question for you.

 Ask away.

 You wanna sleep with Anna?

 What? My girl, Anna.

 I'm offering her to you.

 She's... very beautiful, Meyer.

 I happen to think this.

 But she's not my type.

 She's not your type? Why isn't she your type?

 Because she's your type.

 You're turning down this offer?

 That's right.

 I'm marrying her next week. Or month.

 We're not gonna rush it. But I'm gonna marry her.


 Maybe you'll stop with all these ridiculous questions.

 Friendships, Charlie, they never get tested.

 You and me, if we're gonna stay in this business,

 we gotta know we can trust each other.

 So you're, uh, you're getting married?

 There's this Yiddish expression:

 "A wedding is like a funeral, but with musicians."

 The reception...

 should be an excellent business opportunity.

 Meyer, what, uh, what if I'd said yes about Anna?

 Oh, that you wanted to shtup her?

 Yeah. What if I'd said that?

 - I would've killed you. - You would've tried to kill me.

 Oh, no. I would've done it.

 All right. Let's just say...

 for friendship's sake that we're both equally strong.

 And we both would've died.

 Okay, for friendship's sake,

 I'll-I'll say this.

 Even if it ain't true. [ Thunderclap ]


 Oh, God.

 I'm gonna get sick from this goddamn wine.

 Why don't we get some Corvo or something like that?

 Excuse me, Mr. Siegel.

 Have you met my daughter, Rachel? No, I haven't.

 She was voted the prettiest girl in school.

 Very pretty. She's not a bad cook, either.

 Oooh, that's important.

 They got those things called ''kreplach.''

 That's like ravioli. And they got this thing...

 called a ''blintz.'' It's like manicotti.

 I love manicotti. Yeah, right here.

 Then they got that. That's matzo balls.

 It's like a big hunk of soggy bread.

 Oh, God, that looks like brains. Yes.

 Oh, no, I don't want that. Charlie?

 How's family business?

 It's up     percent since I came on.

 Ahh, that's good.

 See if you can get someone to get me...

 some of that, uh, ravioli crap. I got some.

 Prohibition... ain't gonna last forever. Yes.

 We're gonna go with booze and smokes best we can.

 I got this... crazy idea.

 - The big plan is this. - We're gonna take the unions.

 - The unions. - Garment workers.

 - The longshoremen. - Not just New York unions.

 - Chicago. - The whole fucking country.

 - The West Coast. - What are you gonna do about...

 Don Masseria? He's an old man.

 - Masseria? - What are you worried about?

 - I just wanna run things. - I'm not worried.

 - A little more control. - You gotta watch your back.

 Masseria? What should we do about him?

 I think it's very tricky. Yeah?

 You should consider many things with him.

 You have something in mind, I hope? Yes, we do.

 [ Sonny ] Rothstein's behind it.

 Then Rothstein must die.

 Cash, money, unions. I see what you're doing.

 If I see, Masseria sees.

 Everybody dies, Charlie.

 I know.

 This thing'll blow up in your face.

 When? I don't know.

 You give me such naches.


 It's like pride, when a son makes his father proud of him.

 Look at you! You're bigger than me now!


 When war comes, and it'll come,

 the winner will be the one who gets his enemy to trust him.

 How do I do that?

 You save his life.

 Crew's takin' steam tomorrow.

 Boss wants you there.

 Nobody's bigger than you, A.R.

 Seven-card stud. Let me ask you something.

 You ever dream about this game?

 I do... every night... nightmares.

 I got jacks up. I'm lookin' at kings up.

 I got four aces. Oh, sh--

 I'm looking at a straight flush. Oh, looky here, looky here.

 Looks who's high, huh? A thousand.

 Come on, come on. You in or out? I'm in.

 It's my turn now. You in or out?

 Are you in? Huh?


 What's the matter? Did I make a wrong bet?

 Ohhh! My number two.

 Sit down and get wet.

 That was a beautiful wedding, huh?

 Always makes me cry like a baby--

 Young people madly in love.

 Isn't it funny?

 I mean, isn't it funny to hear...

 things that you can't believe.

 Like, I've been hearing, Charlie, you've been talking to people...

 about the unions and all that dogshit,

 horseshit, pigshit!

 I'm just tryin' to make money,Joe... for you.

 How come I ain't heard of it?

 All the guys you was talking to...

 thought you was talking to them, not me!

 After all, I am your number two, right?

 Holy Christ, screw 'em.

 We could be bigger than theJews, bigger than the Irish.

 We could run the whole fucking country.

 You could be the next John D. Rockefeller, if you let me do it for you.

 See,Joe, it's what I told ya's.

 It's terrible what happened to Rothstein, isn't it?

 Yeah, fuckin' terrible.

 He got hit in his own hotel room.

 It's scary.

 Who, uh-- Who did it and why?

 Who knows? Gambling debts, mad-dog killer.

 Who knows, it's--

 We're all shook up around here.

 You know, Charlie,

 you're a swell guy.

 But from now on, you look the wrong way,

 you fart in the wrong direction--

 Joe, you're always complainin' I don't eat.

 If I don't eat, how am I gonna fart, huh?


 He's funny.!

 Yeah, he's funny.

 I told ya's, five G's on Sonny Boy in the fifth,

 five G's on Star in the sixth.

 Off the phone. I'm makin' a bet!

 Beat it!

 Charlie,you know who hit Rothstein.

 You gotta kill him.

 I always said you was the one, Charlie.

 But if you're gonna take him down,

 get a price from Faranzano.

 I, uh, always thought your loyalty was toJoe.

 I loveJoe,

 but this is business and Faranzano's gonna win.

 And if you do this, you can write your own ticket.

 How do we set the meeting?

 I won't go to Brooklyn. He won't come here.

 Pick a neutral territory.

 Staten Island, Profaci's turf?

 Perfect! I'll set it up.


 I always knew you was the one, Charlie.

 It's likeJoe Profaci's invitin' me into his home.

 Right. It's like a bar mitzvah.

 Look, if you told me something because it was Jewish knowledge,

 I'd say okay. But now you've gotta say okay.

 This is between Italians. I've known Profaci    years.

 I'm safe on his turf. When things are between Italians,

 one of the Italians ends up dead.

 Relax, Tommy Reina'll be there. Tommy's my pal.

 Will you shut up? Listen,

 at least take Bugsy and I along.

 No, no. I take you guys, it's a sign of distrust.

 I want Faranzano to trust me, huh? Charlie's right.

 It's true, ain't it?

 You changed. You're not listening to your friends.

 Listen to you! You let Mad Dog Coll live.

 He's already killed Rothstein, and who knows who's next!

 You blame me for A.R.'s death. I don't blame you.

 So what then? I make one mistake.

 Suddenly you-- you know everything.

 Ah. Hey, you're gettin' a swelled head.

 I see it. I do!

 Meyer, don't ever point your finger at me.

 Oh, excuse me, Mr. Bigshot!

 Please, Charlie,

 I need you alive.

 I chose you as our leader, remember?

 Remember that. You chose me?

 That ain't what I remember. What I remember is,

 you didn't have it. I didn't have it?

 I didn't have what? I didn't have the guts?

 I didn't have the brains? Don't make me say it, okay?

 Fuck you. You got somethin' to say?

 Fuck you! You fucking got something to say to me?

 I could've let you die in the streets. Come on, say it.!

 That's your second mistake, you fuck.

 Come on, Charlie.

 Meyer, come on.

 All right! All right!

 Look, you're brilliant, okay?

 But you ain't Italian. You don't understand Italians.

 Without me, you don't last two weeks.

 Yeah, because I would screw up some Sicilian!

 Yeah. But you said it yourself.

 I got it, whatever it is. Now I'm gonna use it.

 You got it! You got what?

 At least I've got the brains not to make a fatal mistake.

 Anna. You care about her. You married her.

 If you were out front, she'd get hit.

 And as tough as you say you are,

 you would never recover.

 You see what I'm saying? Without me,

 you are a loser.

 Go on, then, Charlie. Kill yourself.

 Bambino! It's been too long.

 Profaci? I told him it was postponed to tomorrow.

 He talks too much anyway.

 This is just you and me, huh?

 Thanks for setting this up, Tommy.

 You're a pal.

 Charlie,you understand business.

 I'm a business man myself. I.R.S. came last week.

 Eighteen hours, they found nothing.

 So, strictly business.

 I hope you can appreciate some facts.

 Conditions have changed.

 Some people have gotten too powerful.

 I'll take care of Masseria.

 Personally. I want you to do it yourself.

 That's not all, though. Lansky and Siegel.

 I know you've always gotten along,

 butJews, they're different.

 You cross 'em one time, fight with 'em one time, and they're gone.

 I know this. I've heard.

 Heard what?

 They're a different race...Jews.

 You take Communion. I take Communion.

 They don't even believe in sin, for Christ's sake.

 They're gonna betray you,

 just like they betrayed Jesus Christ.

 You join my family,

 they die.

 No one will even know you approved.

 Looks like I don't have a choice, do I?


 Either I agree to, uh,

 kill my friends, or you kill me.

 That's right.

 I don't accept the choices.

 Charlie, Charlie!

 Tough little bambino.

 He's got balls-- Don't talk to me!


 What is this loyalty?


 We're going to kill them anyway.

 All this is for nothing.

 Well? I don't bend over.

 It's too hard to stand straight again.

 Long run, short run,

 you have no choice.

 Salvatore- Don't start.

 Tough guy, isn't he, Tom?

 - Hi. - Hello.

 How ya doin'?

 I look beautiful, huh?

 You look like shit.

 It's good to see you with your eyes open.

 Everybody's talkin' about you. They say it's a miracle.

 First time somebody got taken for a ride and lived.

 I guess I'm just lucky. Yeah, lucky.

 That's you, Lucky Luciano.

 So what aboutJoe? Masseria.

 He's confused.

 He don't know if you're workin' for him or Faranzano.

 He's gotta be pissed, but he ain't lifted a finger.

 He can't figure out why Faranzano didn't kill you.

 He needs me.

 He can't get close enough to Masseria to do it himself.

 He wants me to kill him.

 - What's wrong with that? - Sicilian law, Benny.

 Kill a don, you can't never be a don.

 We have to start a war. Make those bastards fight each other.

 The only way to do that is to kill somebody important.

 Have 'em blame it on each other.

 - Reina. - Tommy?

 Faranzano will think Masseria ordered the hit 'cause Tommy changed sides.

 The Bronx is at stake. He'll have to strike back.

 You're talkin' about a friend of mine, Meyer.

 Anybody touches Tommy--

 No, it's done. It's not done.

 Benny, Reina set me up.

 When he went with Faranzano, the don made him pay a price--


 I just don't believe-- I mean, Tommy would never--

 Meyer, from now on, you and me, we gotta agree.

 So if I start getting a swelled head,just shoot me.

 It'd be a lot less painful.


 You guys gotta get out of here.

 Take care of yourself. See ya, Charlie.

 See ya later, Frankie.

 When the, uh, war comes,

 you're gonna be in danger.

 Danger's not for girls?

 Maybe you oughta leave town for a while.

 You don't understand anything, do you?

 I'm with you now.


 Okay. Okay.

 You get some sleep. Yeah.

 Benny. Tommy.

 Come here. How you doin', huh?

 We gotta talk, Tommy.

 Where's Short Stick?

 It's his day off. He's at the dog track.

 How's Charlie?

 Charlie's tough.

 Faranzano had no right! He had no fuckin' right!

 If I'd have known, I'd have done something.

 It wasn't your fault.

 That's why I'm here.

 I wanna show you there's no hard feelings.

 I got somethin'. Take it.

 Hey, what's this? Huh? Huh?

 This was, I swear to God--

 a friend of Frankie's pinched it--

 the personal property... of Benito Mussolini.

 - Il Duce. - Il Duce.

 Oh, shit.

 It's a nice gun.

 We've been friends a long time, huh, Tommy?

 A long time.


 You know what Charlie always says--

 how this is America... and everything is money.

 Yeah, I think I, uh--

 I think I may have heard that somewheres.

 But this ain't money, Tommy. This is friendship.

 This is too big to pay off the goddamn judges.

 It's great that the bosses are trying to knock each other off,

 but they can't seem to get the job done. Take it easy.

 Then we'll have to do it for them.

 Masseria? Yeah.

 There's just one problem.

 How do we get him to trust us again?

 I know.

 We save his life.

 How's it goin',Joe?

 How many times you gonna fuck me, Charlie?

 I got eyes, I see. I got ears, I hear.

 I even got a brain. Whatever you think,

 I've already thought it...     times over!

 So then why suspect me, huh?

 Staten Island?

 You were pissed at me, so I thought,

 I'll tell Faranzano I'm gonna make a deal with him.

 He admits it.

 How else can I set a meeting with this guy?

 How else can I get close to him?

 There's one thing you haven't thought about.

 I am going to kill Faranzano.

 If I live, he dies.

 That's what I went to Staten Island to do.

 Obviously, uh,

 it didn't work out as I planned it.

 You got    hours to kill him.

 Mr. Lucky Luciano!

 You know, what's great is that there's no hard feelings.

 I-- I'll take you guys out to dinner tonight.

 Where you wanna go?

 Anyplace you wanna go. Anyplace you wanna go.

 I mean, it's on me.


 - Where's the car? - Staten Island.

 You enjoyed Charlie gettin' tortured, didn't you,

 you fucking shit. Yeah, but--

 But you said all was forgiven.

 It is.

 Come on,Joe. Get away.

 That's...     times.

 I told you, Charlie,

 they will never kill me.


 By the way... thanks.


 Sorry what I had to do.

 Why do they call them king of beasts?

 They don't hunt. They don't kill.

 All they do is eat, shit and fornicate.

 Just like some fat people I know.

 Let's talk business.

 The only way I can kill Masseria is if you lose the war.

 Masseria has to think he's won.

 I give you a week.

 One more thing.

 Don't ever, ever touch my friends.

 Your lives will be your own.

 Let's go.

 Hey! Ha, ha!

 We did it, huh?

 We did it!


 We won!

 I knew we would,Joe.

 So, when do we wipe out Faranzano?

 This week? Next week?

 Next year. What's the hurry, huh? Right.

 Let the fucker sweat. Right.

 It looks good. Not bad. Wait.

 Try this. Salsiccia. Mmm.

 Tell me something,Joe.

 What do you love, huh?

 What do I love? What kind of question is that?

 Conversation while we eat. What do you love?

 I love food.

 I love pussy. You know.

 Young pussy.

 But, uh,

 most of all, I love to destroy people.

 Anybody? The bigger the better.

 But... anybody.

 Makes me feel... good.

 There's something I've been meaning to ask you about your nephew.

 He was a pal of mine. Your namesake, right?

 Yeah. He was a...

 good kid.

 Yeah, he was.

 You forgot this, but I was there the day he got killed.

 On the street? Yeah.

 You see, I've been wonderin'...

 why'd you kill your own blood, huh?

 Some kind of family dispute.

 I don't remember.

 We're family, ain't we?


 Family, huh? Mm-hmm.

 I gotta take a leak.

 Joe, this ain't number    .

 Come on.

 My friends! Honorable men!

 I welcome you today as your Caesar.

 The boss of all bosses!

 Capo de tutti capi.

 To give impartial leadership,

 I have turned over my interests to other members of my family.

 In return, I will receive a fair share of the proceeds...

 from all the families across the country.

 From now on, we will be divided into five families,

 and the capo from each family...

 will report to me.

 Mr. Thomas Gagliano.

 Mr.Joseph Bonanno.

 Mr.Joseph Profaci.

 Mr. Vincent Mangano.

 And Mr. Charlie Luciano.

 Who will supervise the entire operation...

 under my direction.

 Now I ask you to come forward and pay respects,

 not to me,

 but to the office I hold.

 Dei gratia et iatalorum...

 in volutate.



 It's a great privilege, Don Faranzano.

 Excuse us.

 Ready for this? Faranzano brought in Coll...

 to ice you.


 Know what we have to do?

 Have a good day, Mr. Coll.

 You guys are so stupid!

 The problem is... I don't feel it.

 All this blood, I don't feel a thing.

 The way I see it, we got two problems:

 getting past his outer guards and having him invite us into his office.

 I could pay some cop to kill him.

 Give me the money and I'll do it. No, no.

 Brains, not brawn.

 This is somethin' we need to do ourselves.

 Pride... that's his weakness.

 Don't people say you look more like a bookkeeper than a gangster?

 So, you look like a second baseman!

 You see, Faranzano's the only mug I ever heard brag...

 about being audited by the I.R.S.

 He came out clean, so he figures his shit don't stink. Right?

 His shit don't stink. So?

 Seeing as how he enjoyed the experience so much,

 why don't we give it to him again?

 I'm scared.


 I'm scared.

 Everything I want...

 is right here. All I have to do is take it.

 Morning. Mmm.

 Oh,Jesus Christ.

 Name it, Frankie. Anything.

 Whatever the department can do.

 The body goes out covered.

 So far as the press knows, it's Charlie.

 You got it.

 Hey, Benny.

 Those bastards! They'll pay.

 It's like you told me, Charlie.

 If you loved her...

 it was a mistake.

 You gotta come out of it, Charlie.

 This is the moment.

 This is the test.

 They're the ones who made the mistake.

 Shut up and give me the don.

 Don, Don, Don. You got the dough?

 - Charlie's dead? - Deep fryin' in hell.

 You want the other three to join him?

 Come on over.

 I'll pay you for this. Give you instructions.

 I'll be over.

 Mad Dog Coll's coming over to get paid.

 When he walks in, put him on ice.

 My pleasure.

 Here's my key.     .

 Yes, absolutely.

 Mr. Coll, I sent your room service.

 It must be on its way. I don't know.

 You don't know if it's on the way up?

 I'm sorry, Mr. Coll. Give it to me again.

 I want two eggs up. I want a rasher of bacon.

 I want a pot of coffee, black. And I want it now!

 I want a pot of coffee, black. And I want it now!

 Right now, or I'll--

 Room service.

 It's about time.

 Bring it in.

 What's your handle? Because...

 I wanna talk to your boss, that's why.

 I just want your undivided attention.

 Son of a bitch!

 Oh, my God.Jesus.!

 I.R.S. raid. Get goin'.

 I said, get lost! Now!

 Anybody else got any bright ideas?

 Now, beat it!

 Nice work, Cliff. Okay.

 Mr. Faranzano? It's the I.R.S. again.

 Show them in.

 Don't even think about it.

 Hey, you want it in the eyeball?

 Drop it! Heaters on the floor! Now!

 Siegel, drop it.!

 All right, Lansky, over there.

 You too, Costello... over with your Yid friends.

 Ah, this is pretty.

 - Kill 'em! - Yeah, yeah, yeah.

 How much is it worth?

 Anything! Hundred grand!

 - You don't like yourself much. - Two hundred!

 Five. Come on, say it! Five!

 All right, five.

 Truth is, I like my work. I would've done it for nothin'.

 Okay, boys.

 That's number three, Meyer.

 This time I want you to thank me.

 Thank you.

 No, you crazyJews!

 Remember this?

 Sicilian law, remember?

 You kill a don-- All right. Just do like I said.

 Slow. What are you doing?

 Why slowly? 'Cause I tortured you?

 No, no, no. It's what you did     years ago.

 Jesus! You want revenge after     years?

 I've been busy. Get up!

 At least tell me...

 what I did     years ago.

 No! Want me to tell you?

 Wanna know what you did?

 Tell me, what'd I do     years ago?

 You destroyed my father!

 Your father? I don't even remember your father!



 No, no, please!



 Hey, Lucky.


 I want to thank Mr. Capone for hosting this meeting.

 Sit down and shut up, will ya?

 Hey, there ain't gonna be a boss.

 You all know how I got this.

 MaybeJoe Profaci, here--

 Wait a minute. What're you saying? Don't worry.

 Maybe you knew it was gonna happen to me,

 maybe you didn't.

 But by the old way of doin' things,

 if I become boss now, I have to hit you in case you knew.

 And all of you shrug?

 Except some of you are friends ofJoe's.

 And one day I might do something, that, uh,

 upsets you, then you'll hit me.

 Then you become boss. My friends, they hate you.

 Somebody else becomes boss, and on, and on, and on.

 Know what I call that? Stupid. Very stupid.

 So, if you ain't doin' it, who's gonna be--

 Nobody. We're all bosses here.

 What then, Charlie? We're gonna vote on everything?

 That's right.

 Everybody here... is equal.

 Corporations have a board of directors.

 So will we. A commission.

 Now, I have friends. They're not from Palermo,

 not from Sicily... they're not even Italians.

 They'reJewish. And I trust 'em.

 Anybody have a problem with that?

 You say there's gonna be no boss, but you're startin' to talk like one.

 I've learned.

 Every organization needs somebody...

 standin'out front.

 Call it a figurehead, a leader,


 It doesn't much matter to me who does it.

 I say we make Charlie Luciano head of our national commission.

 Who agrees?

 You want it, Al? It's yours.

 Hell, no. I want you to do it.

 It's justJulius Caesar never took no vote.

 That's why Caesar ended up dead in the street.

 Any other business?

 Hey, friendship.

 Friendship. Friendship.




Special help by SergeiK