Money Talks Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Money Talks script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Chris Tucker and Charlie Sheen movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Money Talks. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Money Talks Script



My first...



my last...



my everything.



And the answer to...



all my dreams.



You're my sun...



my moon...



my guiding star.






That's what you are.



I know...



there's only...



only one like you.



There's no way...



they could have made two.



They couldn't have made two!



You the only one!



You're all I'm living for.



Your love I'll keep forevermore.



You're the first.



You're the last.



My everything.



Oh, shit!



Go, man, go!



What you got?



Dodgers tickets,

Lakers tickets...



and Phantom of the Opera




It's theater.

You ever been to the theater?



What the hell wrong with you?



Nobody give a damn

about Phantom of the Opera.




there's money in culture.



Let me tell you something,




Black people

don't want to see that.



Get me some good shit,

like Luther Vandross tickets.



Luther Vandross is not culture.



Fuck culture!



People complain about

these fucked up tickets.



You're making me look bad.



Next time,

come up with some better stuff.






I'm not fuckin' with you.

I'm for real!



You owe me.



I don't owe you shit.



Where have you been?



You're supposed to wash it,

not take it for a joyride.



Where you been?

I been looking for you.






I've been looking for you.



I'm glad I found you.



Get the hell on.



That's him. Let's do this.



I need two on the floor.



I need $   .



Same time. I don't know you.






All righty.



Get out of here.



Try to hide some of this.



Keep it on the down-low.

You'll get a nigger busted.



Get me locked up.



Hurry up.



-How we doing?

-What you need?



Let me guess.

Two to the Phantom of the Opera?



I've already seen it.



Wait a minute.



You that silly ass reporter

from the Channel Five News.



Channel    actually.



What's up?



James Russell. How you doing?



Wonder if we can talk to you

on camera.



Julio, is that all right?



Whatever you want to do.



Let's roll it.






-Wait a minute.




Let me straighten out my shit.



I'm ready. Let's go.



You're ready? You sure?



I'm sure.



This is James Russell...



reporting on our city

and her crimes.



I'm here talking

to the car wash hustler.



You've got

quite an operation here.



What is going on down here?



I'm a businessman.



What the fuck you think

goin' on?






You can't use

that kind of language on TV.



What language?






Fuck what?



You cannot say "fuck"

on television.



Fuck that.

You the one wanted an interview.



Hurry up. I got shit to do.



I got shit to do, also.



Get on with it.






This is James Russell reporting

on our city--



Hey, Franklin!



What's up?



I gotta go.



Y'all do a commercial

or find somebody else.



What up, Carmine?



I ain't seen you in a long time.



Fucking cut!



When am I gonna get my money?



What money?



Wait a minute.



You're talking about

the money I owe you.



I'm gonna pay you.



You know I'll pay you.



And I got your phone calls.



When you call--

Somebody stole my phone.



Can you believe that shit?



I don't like brothers,

and I don't like welchers.



Killing you would be double fun.



Stop playing.



What are you talking

about killing for?



If you kill me,

how am I gonna pay you?



Open the door,

get out of my car...



get on the street,

and get my money.



I'm gonna get it,

but don't leave mad.



Give me a hug or something.



-Get out.

-A kiss?



Franklin Hatchett?



He dead. They buried him

at the Compton cemetery.



You're under arrest.



What the fuck y'all doing?



I didn't do shit!



Nobody ever does.



You have the right

to remain silent.



Wait a minute.



I'll give you $ .  

to let me out.



Bribery, too?



In the car.



Watch my head.



He offered me $ .  .



Channel   help a brother out?






You ain't gonna do nothing?



I'm gonna get your ass!



A serious crime.



Justified punishment.



This is James Russell reporting.



Channel    News.



We got him.



We didn't get shit.



Let's get out of here.



I am dead serious.

The po-po trippin'.



Ever since that O.J. shit.



I was rolling down the street,

wasn't doing nothing.



They gonna pull me over.



I was just living

ghetto fabulous.



I had five of my finest hos--



Are you hot?



A little,

but I was just chillin'.



The cop pull behind me,

lights and everything--



"Get out of the car."



I said,

"I ain't gettin' out the car."



Then all my hos was scared.



They was like, "We scared."



They be saying stuff

like that.



I was like, "I ain't stopping.

I ain't do nothing."



And he said, "Get out the car."



I got out and said,

"What you calling backup for?



"This is between me and you."



They got my license,

my registration, everything.



You gotta talk to 'em.



Stop playing.



He started trippin'.

That's when I slapped him.



I put his handcuffs on him...



put him in the back seat,

and said...



"I'm gonna take your ass

to jail...



"'cause you're

the one trippin'."



They put their hands on you?



One dude tried to grab me

from the back.



That's how they caught me.



From the back? How they do it?



They tried to grab me

like this, jack me up.



Like that?



They was grabbing.

They was trippin'.



Like that.



Get the hell off me!



Where's your shirt at?



Good-bye, sweetness.



Where we going?



Just leave me the fuck alone.



Who you talking to?






Vacu fela culay, you Jerry-

Lewis-liking motherfucker.



Let's move it.



Let me borrow your gun.



Come to the back of the bus.



You shut up and sit down.



What the hell wrong with you?



I don't play that shit.



Check my police record.



You don't know

who you're messin' with.



You better come to the back

before you get hurt.



Play that shit.



Wait till we get off the bus.



I'm gonna kick your ass!



Shut up!



Where you from?

That French part of Compton?



What's that you claiming?



You don't know

who you're messing with.



I'm deep in the streets.

I slap people for fun.



That's what I do.



You want to play rough?



I kill for fun.



I ain't scared to go to jail.



Take me to jail.

Would you speed up, please?



I want to go back.



All my cousins in there.



I want to see all my friends.



What are you doing up there?









Let's get out of here.



No time.

We'll take him with us.



We gotta go together.

We're a team.






We made it.



Everybody OK?



What it is.



Drop me off over there.



My cousin's house coming up.



Hover over the roof.

Y'all don't even have to stop.



I can be out of here.



I know y'all probably

got shit to do--



Shut up!



You can drop a brother off.

Y'all don't need me.



Fifteen million.



Cut a brother in on that.



Let me be down.



We'll split it three ways.



Seven for me, seven for you,

and you get whatever's left...



'cause you been trippin'

since I met you.



What you doing with the ax?



Forget about what I said.



I don't know shit about

no $   million in no Jaguar.



I don't even know where we at.

I got a bad memory.



-Be still.

-Put the ax down.



Don't move.



What's wrong with you?



Trying to cut

a brother's hand off.



Always trying to kill somebody.



Why don't you try

loving somebody?



What did you open the door for?



Y'all trippin'.

You want some girls?



I can get you any kind

of girl--black, Japanese.



I can take you over

to my grandmama house.



She cook you some chicken,

some cornbread, some poulet.



It's cold.



It's colder than a motherfucker.



A serious crime.



Justified punishment.



This is James Russell




That's some hard-hitting stuff.

John Tesh school of journalism.



Barclay, just watch it

one more time before you decide.



Why? Nobody else will.



Who gives a rat's ass

about some two-bit hustler?



The people getting ripped off

give a rat's ass.



You're just another walking

head shot, aren't you?



Another pretty boy wanker

masquerading as a reporter.



I don't need this bullshit.



This is the skinny.

You're fired.



Have your stuff out by Monday.



Be brief.



What part of "you're fired"

don't you understand?



Not you, you asshole.

I'm talking to somebody else.






Tragedy and terror

strike the Southland.



Good afternoon.



A bus delivering prisoners from

the men's central lockup...



to the Van Nuys courthouse

was destroyed...



on the First Street bridge

in downtown Los Angeles.



Fourteen prisoners and

two policemen were killed...



in what authorities describe

as a commando-style raid.



All bodies

have been accounted for...



with the exception

of two prisoners.



Witnesses saw the two men

boarding a helicopter...



shortly after the bus

exploded into flames.



The two fugitives are wanted

in connection with the murders.



This has got sweeps week

written all over it.



Let me know how it turns out.



On the left is a John Doe

police arrested at L.A.X...



for possession

of a counterfeit passport.



And on the right,

Franklin Maurice Hatchett...



a local street hustler

with suspected gang ties...



who was en route to Van Nuys...



to be arraigned on charges

of soliciting goods.



The two fugitives

are considered dangerous.



Fourteen prisoners due to face

a Van Nuys judge today...



now face the ultimate

judgment day of all--



one where sentencing comes

with no chance of reversal.






Come out with

your hands above your head!



I'm gonna come out,

but I didn't do it!



Don't shoot!



I didn't kill no cops!



Is this James Russell?



I'm on my way.



I cannot wait for you

to eat my ass.



Here it is.



Good afternoon.

I'm Detective Pickett...



and this is Williams.



I wondered if we might chat

about Franklin Hatchett.



Franklin's not here.



We're dealing

with a multiple homicide.



Would you just open the door?



Excuse you?



I'm sorry. Listen...



it would only take

a few minutes of your time.



We'd really appreciate it.






Thank you so much.



When was the last time

you spoke to him?



He left on the freak train

to Atlanta six weeks ago.



I haven't seen him since.



Do you think this is funny?



I got a busload of bodies

and a couple dead cops...



because of your gangbanger.



Franklin ain't no banger.



If I find out

you're helping him...



I'm going

to make your life miserable.



Back off, please.



Treat the lady with respect.



Can you help us out, Paula?



I swear,

I don't know where he is.



This is such bullshit!



You know...



It's OK.



All I'm saying is

if he tries to contact you...



give me a call.



It's so much better

if he turns himself in.



He stays out on the street,

he's gonna get himself killed.



I'm trying to protect him.



This is my card.



Will you give me a holler?



Thank you.



Keep it running.



This might be quick.



White boy.



What the fuck was that for?



That's for getting me busted.



What you bring a gun for?



'Cause you're wanted for murder.



I ain't murdered




I don't know that.



Now you know.



'Cause if I could,

I'd murder your ass right now...



coming down here with a gun.



Guns don't kill people.



Stupid motherfuckers

with guns kill people.



I'm enlightened.



Let me enlighten your ass.



Bring your monkey ass up here.



Got me running

all over goddamn town.



People shooting at me and shit.



You the one got me in this shit.



Ought to kick your ass

in the head.






I know. I was

in the motherfucker earlier.



Listen to me.

I want an exclusive.



A what?



The entire city

is looking for your ass.



The cops want payback.



How many times I got to tell you

I didn't kill no-goddamn-body?




they want your ass dead.



Franklin, I will protect you.



I'll get you turned in,

let you tell your story...



but I want the exclusive.



I'll hide you for the weekend.

It'll all be over on Monday.



I don't trust your ass.



How I know this exclusive shit

gonna clear my name?



I guess you don't.



But without me,

you'll probably end up dead.



They need someone to blame.



Right now, it's you.



What do you say?



I ain't staying

in this neighborhood.



I can't stay here

for no two days.



That's right. You can't.



What you talkin' about?



You're coming to my wedding.



Your wedding? Shit! Hell, no.



I ain't going nowhere.

Po-po looking for me.



Trying to kill me?

Staying on the low-low.



God damn.



How you do that?



Did a report once

on escape artists...



and the women who love them.



Teach me how to do that shit.



There's no time.



We got time.



I need you to take a shower,

shave, lose the earring...



and, please, do something

about that hair of yours.



What you talkin' about?

My 'do is tight.



Every cop in the city

is looking for that tight 'do.



I'll hook up the hair, but

I ain't touching the earring...



'cause I'm still a player!



I'm gonna make a phone call.



I don't think

there's any hot water left.






You heard me.



Punk-ass white boy.

This tub better be clean.



Who is it?



Barclay, it's James.

How you doing?



I got Franklin Hatchett.



Don't play games with me.



Words like that give me

a stiffy.



At my age, I can't waste them.



I'm not kidding you.

He's at my place safe and sound.




You're rehired.



I thought I was supposed

to clear out by Monday.



Didn't you say that?



You didn't really take

me seriously, did you?



You're Pulitzer material.

I've always said that.



I'll send a camera crew...



down to the   th precinct

in an hour.



Not a chance. I'm going

to keep him until Monday.



For sweeps week.



Don't be foolish.



A bird in the hand

is worth a   -share...



for the whole weekend.



Fuck you.



This is my story,

and you know it.



You're right. Monday it is.









Vic Damone...



Get your hands on the car!



Vic Damone--

his music will last forever.



What the hell is a Vic Damone?



Vic Damone's Greatest Hits...



Ain't no greatest hit.

I ain't never heard it.



He thrilled the world...



when he married

actress Diahann Carroll.



Now he'll thrill you again...



How the hell an ltalian get

a fine black woman like that?



The timeless hits

of Vic Damone.



He can't sing.



Only reason she married him

'cause he got money.



Takin' all our sisters.



I'm James Russell.



Those stories

along with Andy Rooney...



tonight on    minutes.



I'm out the door.



People are already showing up.



I am so sorry.

Something important came up.



More important

than our rehearsal dinner?



Of course not.



And I'm bringing

somebody with me.






Old, dear friend of mine

from college.



Just kind of ran into him today.



Are you all right?

You sound funny.



I'm perfect.



I'll see you soon.

I love you.



I love you, too. Hurry up.



Fuck me.



I'm gonna start the car.

I'll meet you in the courtyard.



Kiss my ass!



Find something that fits

then move your ass! We're late!



This tub wasn't clean,

you dirty-ass white boy!



You had to pick that one,

didn't you?



This your ride?



Yes, and that's my favorite

fucking suit you're wearing.



I look good, don't l?



Don't get mad 'cause I look

better than you in your shit.



I should be

Ebony Man of the Month.



Is that something

to be proud of?



You wouldn't know nothin'

about that with your goofy ass.



You fuck up the suit,

and we got a problem.



We already got a problem.



Look at this shit!



You hustlin' son of a bitch.



Look who's talking.



At least I've worked

for everything I have.



You worked yourself

right into some rich pussy.



No wonder you don't give

a damn if I'm innocent.



Your ass gonna get

married and retire.



Let's get things straight

about tonight's dinner.



You don't speak

unless spoken to.



You stay by my side.



If you try

anything fucked up or funny...



I will kill you myself.



Just like you did

back on the docks?



I will beat your ass.



You ain't beatin' shit, homes.



We went to Stanford,

which is where?



How the hell I supposed to know?



It's in the Bay Area, where you

graduated with honors in '  .



And your name tonight

is Jonathan Smith.



Fuck the Jonathan Smith.



I'm me.



Do not say a word about

my fiancée's weight.



She's very sensitive about that.



You must have one

of them fat-assed



Taco Bell, McDonald-eatin',




Mr. Cipriani.



How are you?



How many times I got to

tell you? Call me Dad.



-You're not getting nervous?

-Who wouldn't be?



That's true. Who's this?



This is

a very good friend of mine.



Vic Damone.






He's Diahann Carroll's kid

and Vic Damone's kid.



So you're half and half ltalian.



Hey, paisan.



Me and your father?

Forget about it. Come here.



Mamma mia!



God, your house...






Molto bella!

Tutti frutti!



Where'd you learn

to talk ltalian?



Did Vic talk to you in ltalian

when you were a kid?



All the time.



Here she is!



It's nice of you to show up.



I'm terribly sorry.



Fiancée Grace,

this is my friend Vic.



You're phat.




Pretty, hot, and tempting.



I'm stunned by your phatness.



You're a lucky man to have

such a phat-ass fiancée.



She fine.






You're welcome.



You made it.



I thought you'd be off

covering that prison escape...



with the rest of

the low-life sensationalists.



Mother, give it a rest.



Actually, I am covering that

sort of indirectly, Mom.



How many times do

I have to tell you...



to call me Mrs. Cipriani?



Connie, this is Vic Damone Jr.

He's Jimmy's good friend.



Tell us what it was like

growing up in show biz.



Everybody's interested.



I had a lot of friends.



Junior Walker Jr.,

Sammy Davis Jr. Jr.



We hang out all the time.



And what do you do now,

Mr. Damone Jr.?



-I'm in--








On the stock exchange.




-Ticket scalper.



I can get you anything if you

let me know ahead of time.



He's a funny guy.



He's hysterical. Kills me.



How about

some nice Dom Pérignon '  ?



How about some Colt .  ?



Would you excuse me

for one second?



I need to talk to you.



What the fuck do you think

you're doing?



I'm mingling

with the rich folks.



I'm locking your ass

in the fucking closet...



for the rest of the weekend.



Don't even start with me.



You the one

brought me out here...



in Beverly Hills mingling

with these uppity-ass people.



I'm wanted for murder,

my life on the line--



What about my life?



I'm lookin' at your life.



Grace! What's up?



This is beautiful.



I couldn't be happier

for you and James.



It's about time

he settled down...



after all the women

he been through.



And those twins in school

wasn't his.



That was all a lie.



He had a lot of women.



He had all the women.



All the women, all the guys,

I fucked them all.



Here we go.



I'd like to propose a toast.



Ladies and gentlemen!






I'm going to propose a toast!



This is Vic Damone's son.



If you don't mind.



You're James' first,

his last, his everything.



And you're the answer

to all his dreams.



You're his sun, his moon,

his guiding star.



You're kind of wonderful,

that's what you are.



He knows

there's only one of you...



Isn't that Barry White?



There's no way

he could have made two.



You're all he's living for.



Your love...



he'll keep forevermore.



You're his first...



his last...



his everything.



That was beautiful.



I do what I can do

when I can do it.






You got a phone?



Thank you.



You can see

this kid is ltalian.



He feels deep.



Hey, baby, what's up?

It's me.



Don't you "baby, it's me" me.



I saw your ass on the news,

talking you killed some cop.






I just saw you on the news.



I didn't kill nobody!



You killed some cop!



Once again, you are in trouble!

What did you do anyway?



Don't yell at me!

Are you gonna let me talk?




Stop watching the goddamn news!



Somebody set me up!



Where have you been

for the last    hours?



You better not be over

no girl's house!



I ain't over

at no goddamn girl's house!



I'm wanted! I ain't got time

to get no pussy!



I ain't fuckin' nobody but you.



What about this guy named

Carmine called here...



saying he's gonna kill us

if you don't give him $     ?



I don't owe him

no goddamn $     !



We got him.



He's calling from

a     area code, a     prefix.



What's he doing

in Beverly Hills?



Lock the doors

and don't answer the phone...



and get under the bed!



I'm on my way!



Get under the--



Somebody bothering you?



Everything's cool.



Frank Sinatra Jr.

got in trouble again.



They got it down

to a one-block radius.



He's on Roxbury

between Sunset and Lexington.



They're gonna check on it.



Where do you think you're going?



I'm leaving. I'm out.



You're out?



Who'd you call, your partner?



Partner? What the hell

you talkin' about?



I called my girl.



She's pregnant,

and she needs me, and I'm out.



That is not part of our deal!



Damn our deal!



I ain't dealin' my life away.



Why you hustling me?

Why you won't just turn me in?



What you waitin' on?



I thought so.



This is bullshit.

You got me running--



I'm helping you.

You gotta help me, too.



I need your story

live on Monday.



It's sweeps week.



Fuck sweeps week!



I'm wanted for murder...



you talking about

a goddamn broom !



Get me a taxi!



What is your sweeps week thing




You didn't tell me

where you're going.



You have to trust me.

I'm onto something big.



What am I

going to tell everybody?



You'll think of something.



I'll be back

first thing in the morning.



I love you.



I know.



You better not be lying to me.



What the hell

I got to lie to you for?



I happen to know

how your type operates.



My type?



Why the hell you take my type...



to your goddamn dinner

rehearsal for a damn story?



I'm stuck with you.



I figured your white ass out.



You have?



You're full of shit.



You one desperate-ass

middle-class white boy...



that don't give a damn who you

step on to get what you want.



Get your priorities straight.



My priorities?



Your goddamn priorities.



I'm not the one

wanted for murder.



I'm sick

of your smart-ass comments.



You know I ain't murdered




You the reason

why I'm in this shit.



I was minding my own business...



Iiving ghetto fabulous,

I wasn't messin' with nobody.



You fucked that up.



You know how much money I was

making down at that car wash?



A buck,  .  ?



I will slap the hell outta you.



You don't know

who you messin' with.



I don't even know

when I'm gonna slap somebody.



I be like, "Why did I do that?"



I don't know

when I be slappin' people.



Keep messin' with me.

I'm dangerous.



I'm scared of myself.



They call me "snap and pop..."



'cause I'll snap

and pop your ass in the mouth.



Don't mess with me.

Better watch your back.



Even in the shower,

eatin' at picnics...



you better watch your

goddamn back. Make a right.



There's my crib.



And there goes your stakeout.



Turn down here.

I know a shortcut.



She just turned the lights out.



You're up, sport.



What the hell is

wrong with you? It's me!



Don't take that tone with me.



I should crack

your thick-ass skull right now.



Leaving me here all alone!



Is this the kind of father

that you're gonna be?



I'll move back to Riverside.



Don't think that I won't.



Would you calm down?



What's up with the hair

and that suit?



You look like you stepped out

of a casket!



Calm down!



You know I ain't killed nobody.



It's me.



You know I need you.



Why you think

I came over here so fast?



I'm worried about you.



I'm sorry.



You know I love you.



She just

turned the lights back on.



Let's go.



Who is this?



And what is he doing here?






James Russell,

Channel    News.



The weatherman?

What are you doing with him?



That's just my white friend.



He gonna help me

get outta this mess.



But what about Carmine

and the money you owe him?



Don't worry about that

'cause he's lyin'.



I do not owe him no $     !



I owe him $    .

He added on interest.



I don't even know why I asked.



I'm sorry. Calm down.



Don't worry about it.



-How you doin'?

-I'm OK.



How the baby doin'?



He fine.



How my baby boy doin'?



You ain't

worrying about nothin'.



My baby come out with two toes,

I'm gonna kick your ass.



You've had the sonogram?







Sonogram? Did a three-part

exposé a few years back...



on pre-natal health care.



We discovered that not only--



Police. Open the door.



We know you're in there.



In a minute!



I don't know what else to say.



Gimme your pager number.



What for?



Open this fucking door,

or we're gonna break it in!



Anything go wrong, you page me.



You can reach me there.

Everything gonna be all right.



I'll take care of him.




-Wait a minute!



Do you have a warrant?

What do you want?



We want your boyfriend.






You can't keep busting--



Shut up!



Wait for me!



Come on!



What the hell

are you shooting at?



He's a cop killer!



Don't be

trying to kill everybody.



For Christ's sake!



Right here. This is it.



Turn here.



All you've been doing

is bitchin'...



ever since we got together.



So I'm bitching.

I'm not used to getting shot at.



I'm not used to people getting

me into shit, so shut up.



That French dude

who killed those cops...



had a stamp on his hand

from this club.



A lot of Euro-trash

hang out here.



We're gonna go in here.



If we see him,

we're gonna call the cops...



get him busted,

and clear my name tonight.



Can I handle this?



Good evening.

James Russell, Channel    News.



We're doing

a report on local nightclubs.



I'd like to ask you

a few questions.



Oh, you're

the investigative reporter.



Yes, I am.



Get the fuck out of here.



You got

a lot of pull in this town.



I could do a report

on this shithole...



that'd close it down forever.



Fuck that.



If we can't go

to the Red Camel...



Red Camel comes to us.



What are you talking about?



Just come on.



-Where are you going?

-Shut the hell up.



Bring your ass on.



Gimme a quarter.



Hurry up and gimme a quarter!



Who are you calling?



It's Mike Vermishki.

Remember me?



You done fucked with me

for the last time!



There's a bomb in the building!



That's right!

A goddamn bomb in the building!



Get your ass out...



Fuck you!



There's a bomb in the building,

and it's fixin' to blow!



You better get your ass out

right now!



You have crossed the fucking--



Watch this.



Five, four, three...



two, one.



Move it!






That's him right there.

That's one right there.



-You sure?

-I'm sure!



That bitch fine.



Wait a minute.



Let's go.



This is crazy.



What the hell is--



When we get in here,

you don't say nothin'.



Only two white people

walked in here.



Keep your mouth shut, you'll

be the first one to walk out.



And another thing.

You ain't white, you mixed.



Your mama black and your daddy

Puerto Rican if they ask you.






Aaron here?

Franklin want to talk to him.



Aaron don't know

no damn Franklin.



How the hell you know?



Tell him I was there when he

shot Baby Bro at MacArthur Park.



Where'd he shoot Baby Bro?



At MacArthur Park,

you big dumb--



Where'd he shoot him?



In the ass! Everybody know

he got shot in the ass!



Don't ever play me like that,




I'm sorry.

I was just playin'.



Black bastard.



What's happening?



What's up?



I tried calling you,

couldn't get through.



But anyway, I need your help.



I need some gats on credit.






Again? Last time,

you know that wasn't my mistake.



That was Little Johnny

who fucked up the money.



You know Little Johnny

is lnvisible Johnny now, right?



I went to the funeral.

That was fucked up what you did.



It was a closed casket

and everything.



But I appreciate this

if you do this.



You get me two courtside...



if it goes seven games,

on the floor...



and I don't mean

behind the backboard.



I gave you the wrong tickets

by mistake.



It's done.

If it goes     games, I got you.






What the fuck is this shit?



He's cool. He's just

a reporter from Channel   News.






What the hell--



What's he reporting on,

my lifestyle?



He gonna help me out!



Help you do what?



Help me to clear my name!



You fuck me up here...



the only thing your name

is gonna be good for...



is a goddamn tombstone.



He don't know nothin'

about you. He here for me.



He don't know nothin' about

the hos, guns, and drugs.



I won't bring no shit

down on you.



Look at me now.

How far we go back?






Jump rope?









Red light, green light?



What would our mamas say

see us like this?



All the stuff we been through?



We boys.






Come with me.



So you say you got problems?




teeny-weeny problems.



Big fat-ass problems.



I got what you need.



There's no itch that an...



HK-MP  can't scratch.



Unless you want a...




with a Wilson suppresser on it.



Very nice.









I'd go with the Heckler & Koch.



It's got a closed bolt,

as opposed to the Uzi.



It's got a faster cyclic rate,

better sights, rear aperture.



It's German,

as opposed to lsraeli.



It's much more accurate than--



Look, Dan Rather.



You sure you not a cop?



I'm sure I'm not a cop.



I did a report last year

on street weapons.



If you don't shut up, the last

report you're gonna hear...



is this Uzi

going off in your ass.



I don't mean

to disrespect your shit...



but this is too heavy.



I need something lighter...



'cause we're gonna be doing

a lot of running.



See this here?

One or two of these.



This is all I need.



Couple of these, and I'm cool.



I'll pay you back.

I'm good for it.






Call me if you get in trouble.



I'm gonna call you.

And thank you again.



I'm gonna get you

that money soon.



I just got

the lnterpol report back...



on the John Doe they picked up

at the airport yesterday.



This is our guy.

Raymond Villard.



Last known residence: Belgium.



He's wanted for killing a cop

in Paris...



convicted of a jewelry heist

in London...



wanted for killing someone else

in Cologne.



It goes on and on.



I don't think so.



This guy could turn up laying

flat on his face in that bus.



Forensics ain't done

with the bodies yet.



I still think Hatchett's

our man.



Not according to this.



Got a nice videotape

of your suspect here.



It's from the security camera

in the deli.



We'll see.



And now a live report

from the scene.



A cold-blooded murder...



Iast night in a deli

here in downtown L.A.



Homicide detectives have

identified the two gunmen...



through the use

of a surveillance camera tape.



We're told they are

Franklin Maurice Hatchett...



and an unnamed reporter

from Channel    News.



Hatchett is already wanted...



in connection with the death of

   inmates and   policemen...




a daring prison escape at--



I have this late word just in.



Police have released the name

of the second suspect...



and he is James Russell

of Channel    News.



We'll continue to update you

on this breaking story...



as developments warrant.



Now back to you in the studio.



The eensy-weensy spider...



walked up the waterspout.



Down came the rain...



And washed--



How you doing?



-Morning, folks.

-Have something to eat.



I gotta talk to Grace.



I'll take a little something.



I'm a little hungry.



I was wondering when you was

gonna ask me to sit down.



I think we're interrupting

a very tender breakfast here.



That's cool. Is it cool?



The kids say it's cool.



Go take care

of your business with Grace.



Talk to Grace

as long as you want.



I'm gonna come and get you

when I'm through.



I love it, man.

Nervous about the wedding.



Best friend in the world.



Did you tell Vic

I want him to call me?



He said

he was gonna call you soon.



He was happy

to hear from you, too.



Terrific. What do you want

for breakfast?



Whatever y'all got.

I can eat anything.



You want some bacon and eggs?



Wait a minute. You're ltalian.



Make him a nice vilosh.



Put a nice gravy of ragu

and some sausages on the side.



Is that OKwith you?



OKwith me.



And give me

some ltalian grits on the side.



-Thanks, Ma.

-That's your mama?



That's how the rich stay rich.

Keep it in the family.



So how's the mistress

of the house this morning?



I've never been

anybody's mistress.



He was my first, my last,

my everything.






Excuse me.



You pissed her off.



She always like that?



But she's worth it.



What's going on? Oh, shit!



What's in the paper?






So what'd you get the newlyweds

for their wedding gift?



I'll show you.



You got it already?



Come on.



This is another house.



How rich are you?



Loan me a million dollars.



You gonna loan it to me?



I was just playing.



How many people sleep

in this bed?



Me and Connie. That's it.



This is incredible.



Let me spend the night.



Anytime. You ready?



I'm ready? ls this the gift?



This is it.



That's nice. That's tight.



That's nice, but...






-What's the matter?

-Nothing. That's cool.



That's all right.



You hooking them up

on some Liberace-type shit.



What's wrong with it?



That's Bulgari.



Forget about it. It's cool.



They're not gonna like it?



You know something.



Did they say something to you?



Forget about it.

I can't be saying nothing.



I'm not in the family like that.



Be a friend. Tell me.



If I tell you this,

you can't them I told you.



Why would I do that?



I happen to know that

the newlyweds want a dope ride.



We don't do dope

in this family.



Not dope. A ride.



My chauffeur

will take them anywhere.



Not a ride. I mean a car.



Oh, a car.



I got a lot of cars.

Which one did they want?



They want the Bentley?

The Rolls?



Not any type of car.



They want a European type-X

racer car.



Where am I gonna get that

by tomorrow morning?



I think we can get one.

I know a place.



I'll take these back.



Why don't you let me keep them?

I'll give them back to you.



I'm just playing, unless

you're gonna let me keep it.



You brought a killer

into my parents' house!



Are you even listening to me?



Franklin may be

a lot of things...



but he is not a killer.



-Trust me on this one.

-I am trying.



We're supposed to be

in this together.



We are.



-What about tomorrow?

-I'll be here.



You are wanted for murder.



We can't get married

when you're wanted for murder.



You're right.



I'm telling you, we're gonna

have fun at the Auto Expo.



Oh, fuck me.



Next item up

is a Mercedes      gull-wing.



Only      of these were made.



Let's open up the bidding

at $      .



One hundred's there.

One hundred five now.



Go    ...    out back.



One hundred fifteen

to the lady there. And    ...



All my old friends in here.



Where's Trump?



One hundred and ninety

thousand dollars.



How you doing?



How those  -   chains going?



Let me remind you that

Cary Grant drove this car...



in Monaco

while filming To Catch A Thief.



Cary Grant drove that car.



Is that the most beautiful car

you ever saw in your life?



That's not it.

I'll tell you when I see it.



What are you talking about?

It's beautiful.



Trust me. That's not it.



Three hundred thousand

there now.



Three hundred and ten.

Still bidding.



Three hundred twenty thousand

to you there.



And   .

Still bidding strong there.



And        against you still.



Three hundred and fifty thousand

is now the bid.



Any advance? Last call.



All through.



All done at       .



Sold to the gentlemen

in the burnoose...



with the three lovely ladies.



Thank you very much.



Now that car goes to Arabia.



I heard he didn't really

drive that car.



That's lke Turner's old car.

I seen that car.



-Who's lke Turner?

-Old pimp.



Do I have    ?



One hundred and twenty thousand

bid there. Thank you.



One hundred and thirty.

Still bidding here.



Forty thousand.



One hundred and forty thousand

is the bid.



And     still.



That's the one.



That's not it.



Do I hear       ?



And        I do.



And    ?



Five hundred and fifty thousand




And        here.



And        there.



That's not it.



That's beautiful.

What do you mean?



That's not it.



The next item up on the block...



is a      Jaguar XK-   




custom built

for Princess Grace of Monaco.



Mint condition.



Bidding will commence

at $      .



-This is the one.

-You sure?



-I'm positive.

-Thank God.



One hundred and five.



Lovely    .



Who'll give me    ?



One hundred and ten

there now.



Now    .



One hundred and fifteen is bid.



Do I hear    ?



One hundred and twenty

is now the bid.



One hundred and twenty five?



One hundred and twenty five




And    ?



One hundred and thirty

to you, sir?



One hundred and thirty he does.



One hundred and thirty

is now the bid.



Do I hear    ?



One hundred and thirty five

to the gentleman taking aim...



at this mechanical masterpiece.



Do I hear    ?



The gentleman

who's welcoming all challengers.



Do I hear    ?



One hundred and forty five

bid to my right now.



Suck my dick.



I believe that's    .



What are you doing?



Stop it.



Do I hear    ?



Still bidding strong now.



Do I hear    ?



One hundred and sixty

is bid in time to my left now.



Who is this guy?



I don't know.

I gotta use the bathroom.



I'll be right back.



We're in the middle of--



Who'll go       ?



Hello, police?



Y'all need to come out

to the auto auction right now.



The cop killer's down here.



They down here.

They shooting and shit.



Slapping people.

They acting a fool!



Cops wanna talk to you.

They on their way.



They wanna know

where to pick you up at.



You're dead.



The cops are on their way!

Hold up!



One of them dressed in black...



and the other one

dressed in a fucked-up tuxedo.



Hurry up!

People dying here!



One hundred and seventy five.

Still bidding strong.



Do I hear    ?



One hundred and eighty

is now the bid there.



One hundred and eighty five




What the fuck is going on here?



What the hell

you doing down here?



You and I are gonna settle this

right here, right now.



Thanks to you,

I'm wanted for murder now, too.



I want some answers.



Me and Guy just down here

checking out some fly rides...



and macking some hos

and chillin'.



Imagine that.



Just like a "G" Dawg

on a fly tip...



flossin' with the posse,

cuttin' in the crib.



What the fuck does that mean?



I don't wanna have

to beat your ass...



but I will beat your ass!



Stay the fuck out of my face!



I'll be right back.



-You fucked up.

-You like that?



You done fucked up now!






Fuckin' with me?



Two hundred forty.

Do I hear       ?



Two hundred and forty thousand

bid there.



Two hundred and fifty thousand

if you wish, sir.



How you doing?



He won't give up.



Let's get out.



At        if you wish.



Fuck him.



Two hundred and fifty thousand




Two hundred and fifty thousand

dollars is bid here.



I believe

we've lost our competitor.



Two hundred and fifty

going once. Going twice.



Sold to the gentleman there.



Thank you very much.



You the man!



I'll meet you out front.






Where you at?






So this James is a murderer,

is that it?



No. James is innocent.



Is this other guy

Vic Damone's son, or isn't he?



I don't know.



So what are you telling me,

he's    % moolie?



Who cares?



I had mom make him

a mozzarella omelet.



That lying

son of a bitch bastard.



There's no wedding.



You're not gonna marry

this James.



But we've got     people

coming here tomorrow.



Good. They come here,

they eat, they drink...



they sing,

they go the fuck home!



And what am I supposed

to tell them?



You tell them that our Grace

was about to be married...



to some no-good,

limp-dick bastard!



He is not limp-dicked.



I don't wanna hear that!




I love him, and I trust him.



Let's not jump to conclusions.



I'm gonna tell you something.



This James comes in here,

I break his legs.



And as far as Vic Damone Jr.--

That's not Vic Damone Jr.!



What the hell am I saying?



Have a drink.



Me, too.



You sure nobody followed you?



You sure?



Yes, nigger, I'm sure!



-Look under the table.




Look at that.



You done gone and done it now.



'Cause this scares me.



What you talking about?



This gonna take care of us

for the rest of our life.



We won't have to do shit else.



What we gonna do?

Where we gonna go?



We can go wherever the hell

we wanna go with this shit.



I was thinking about

buying a small country.



This is wrong.



This is right!



It can't get no righter!



This is the only way

out of this shit I'm in.



Here's the number

for this policeman.



You want me to call the cops?



You want me to call them

so they can shoot me.



My baby ain't gonna be

no fugitive.



You don't wanna call the cops,




Maybe that reporter

can clear this whole thing up.



Fuck him.



And don't give me that look

'cause it ain't gonna work.



Don't even give me that look.

I see you looking at me.



One more time.






Where are my diamonds?



Gimme a kiss.



Hey, James, that you?



I want the diamonds,

or your partner's dead.



Partner? I ain't got

no goddamn partner!



Who the fuck is this?



Listen to me.



I'm with some people

who've promised to kill me...



unless you give them

those diamonds...



the ones you forgot to mention!



What diamonds?



The fucking diamonds,

you prick!



Medulla alagata.






Tell them to shoot you

in the medulla alagata...



right behind the ear.

You won't feel shit.



This isn't a joke.



I'm in some deep shit here.



Listen to me.



Three A.M.

Hangar number seven.



Long Beach airport.



Keep the diamonds

in the plastic bag.



They will be weighed.



Kiss my ass!



We meet where I say we meet,

French motherfucker.



What happened?



He hung up.



We meet on his turf,

then your ass be all alone.



Meet on my turf,

at least we got a chance.



He'll call back.



What'd I tell you?



All right, motherfucker,

this is the deal.



Watch your language!



Mama, I ain't know it you!



I ain't killed no cops.



Call me back.



Stop watching the news.



Don't be believing

everything on the news.



Who is this?



I'm listening.



This is the deal.



Fifty yard line,

Coliseum, three A.M.



And if Jimmy boy ain't alive...



you can kiss

them diamonds good-bye.




I'm gonna pay your ass off...



in diamonds.



Where's a piece of shit

like you get diamonds?



Coliseum, three A.M.






Hey, cop.



This is Franklin Hatchett.



Meet me at the Coliseum,

three A.M.



Be there.



We'll be there.



That was Hatchett.

He wants to turn himself in.



I'm gonna go tell the captain.



No way, buddy.



This is our collar.

You and me. Us.



Let's go.



Roland, it's me.

Wake your old ass up.



What do you want?



I need you down at the booth




I'm gonna owe you for this one.



Yo, Aaron?



Pick up the phone!



You said call you

if I need you.



I need you

at the Coliseum tonight.



Don't let a brother down.



Hatchett, drop the gun!



What the fuck y'all doing?



It's just for protection.



Don't you even scratch

your skinny, stanky ass...



or you're fucking dead.



Wait a minute!



I'm the motherfucker

who called y'all.



The dude you're looking

for is on his way.



Y'all just calm the fuck down.



Y'all gonna get medals

for this shit.



I'm helping y'all out.

Y'all trying to kill a nigger.



Hand over the gun!



I ain't handing over shit.



Hand over that gun right now.



How do I know y'all

ain't gonna shoot me?



I'm gonna shoot you

if you don't!



I'm gonna shoot, then!

We'll be dead motherfuckers!



-Hand over the gun!

-Shoot, then, shoot!



Shut the fuck up!



I ain't putting nothing down.



Nobody's gonna shoot you

if you hand me the gun.



You gotta trust somebody.



I don't trust nobody.



Lower the gun.



You lower your gun.



Hand it over to me.



Nobody wants to die.



Come on, nice and easy.



Just hand me the gun.



If I give you the gun,

and he shoots me...



I'm gonna kick your ass.



He will not shoot you

if you give me the gun.



Control that white boy.



Backup's on the way...



and you're gonna tell me

where the diamonds are.



What are you talking about,

backup's on the way?



And whoever said something

about diamonds?



Lieutenant, what the hell's

going on around here?



You son of a bitch.



You just killed my partner.



You just killed

your goddamn partner!



This is your gun.



Where are the diamonds?



You have my diamonds.



You three go that way.



You two go with Guido.



Find Franklin

and hold him for me.



Hey, Roland, wake up, man!



I know you're watching me!



These motherfuckers

are trying to kill me!



Wake the fuck up!



I need you right now!

Put me on the screen!



Bonjour, motherfucker.



Listen up. This is the deal.



Let my boy go, and

I'm gonna give you your shit.



So you can stop

fucking with me...



and take your old ass

back to France.



He does make a strong point.



Come on.



Get up.



I got $   million in diamonds.



Sounds to me like you

promised them to someone else.



I don't know

who the hell that is.



I know who it is,

but I didn't say...



we was the only people

that wanted the diamonds...



but I'm the only one

who know where they at.



I got a feeling

I put a bullet in your nuts...



you're gonna tell me

where they're at.



Stop playing.



You can't shoot

a nigger in his nuts.



I need my nuts.



If you kill me,

you won't find them diamonds.



You need me. Trust me.



Believe in me.



What about them?



Forget them.



I figure for    million,

your boys will do their thing.



Ten million?

I thought it was    million.



What you think I'm doing

all this running around for?



I want some diamonds, too.



I ain't doing this shit

for free.



Look at your stingy ass.



The second we get those stones,

stick him.



Watch out!



One more step!



I was just going

to get diamonds.



Then get 'em for me now.



Fuse time,    seconds.



Or was it   ?



I'm ready for another close-up,

Mr. DeMille.



What the fuck's wrong with you?



What you shootin' for?



I'm the only motherfucker that

know where the diamonds is...



so if you kill me,

you won't find 'em.



So tell your boys

to stop shooting...



or you ain't getting shit.



I want to report a shootout at--



I'll hold.



You're messing up everything.



Shut up and keep moving.



Who the fuck you shooting at?



I want those diamonds!



Come on!



First, I'm gonna shoot

your right knee.



Then I'm gonna shoot

the other one.



You got that, homey?



Until you tell me

where my diamonds are.



That really must have hurt.



Kick his ass!



We gotta go.



Don't you ever say

I'm your goddamn homey!



OK, what?



OK, we done fucked up!




I'm sorry I got you busted.



I want you to know,

for what it's worth...



I never doubted you.

Never once.



That ain't worth shit now

'cause we fixin' to die!



But thanks anyway.



You're welcome.



Hold this.



That was beautiful.



Follow me.



Let's go.



We almost there.



I get the feeling you stole from

the wrong bunch of bad guys.



You're right.

This shit ain't worth dying for.



I'm gonna give 'em

what they want.



Fuck this.



Sweet Jesus.



We surrender!



Stop, everybody!



We surrender!



We were just bullshitting.



I got your shit.



Is this what you want?



Come and get it!



Don't worry.



He won't get far.



And that's when

the L.A. Coliseum...



turned into a virtual war zone.



Among the dead,

Raymond Villard...



Ieader of a highly sophisticated

international smuggling ring...



and the man responsible

for Friday's prison break.



Also dead, LAPD detective

Bobby Pickett.



A dirty cop

who was Villard's inside man.



I have with me now

Franklin Hatchett...



the man once believed

to be responsible...



for the events and the chaos

that led to last night's mayhem.



Anything you'd like to add?



First of all,

I told y'all I was innocent.



For those y'all

that thought I was guilty...



y'all know what y'all can do.



Mama, I love you. I'm OK.



Paula, I love you, too.



I'm gonna be home later on.

We gonna party.



Cook some chicken

and some cornbread...



and some kool-aid...



and I'm gonna be back

at the car wash Monday morning.



Everything on sale,

half price. Peace out!



Thank you.



I'm James Russell.



This has been

a Channel    News exclusive.



If anyone can show just cause...



why this couple

should not be wed...



please speak now

or forever hold your peace.



The ring, please?



That's not the ring.



No shit.






It's a wedding gift. Take it.



This is a sacred event.



I know it's sacred.

This is sacred, too.



Just take it. It's legal.



Don't nobody know about it.



How many did you keep?






Now get married.



Take it.



Lord, forgive me.



He will.



You may now kiss the bride.




Special help by SergeiK