Monsters Inc. Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Monsters Inc. script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Pixar movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Monsters Inc.. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Monsters Inc. Script



Good night, sweetheart.



Good night, Mom.



Sleep tight, kiddo.






Oh! Aye! Oh! Oh!



Simulation terminated.



Simulation terminated.



Simulation terminated.

Simulation terminated.



Simulation terminated.



All right,

Mr. Bile, is it?



Uh... my friends

call me Phlegm.






Mr. Bile, can you tell me

what you did wrong?



I fell down?



No, no, before that.



Can anyone tell me

Mr. Bile's big mistake?






Let's take a look

at the tape.



Here we go.



Uh, right...




Ah! There, see?



The door.

You left it wide open.



And leaving the door open

is the worst mistake



any employee can make




Um... it could let in a draft?



It could let in



a child!



Oh! Mr. Waternoose!



There is nothing more toxic

or deadly than a human child.



A single touch could kill you!



Leave a door open



and a child could walk

right into this factory!



Right into the monster world!



I won't go in a kid's room!



You can't make me!



You're going in there

because we need this.



Our city is counting on you



to collect

those children's screams.



Without scream,

we have no power.



Yes, it's dangerous work



and that's why I need

you to be at your best.



I need scarers who are

confident, tenacious



tough, intimidating.



I need scarers like... like...

James P. Sullivan.



Hey! Good morning,




It's now five after

the hour of  :   A.M.



In the big monster city.




a balmy    degrees...



which is good news

for you reptiles...



and it looks like

it's going to be a perfect day



to maybe, hey,

just lie in bed, sleep in



or simply... work out that flab

that's hanging over the bed!



Get up, Sulley!



I don't believe I ordered

a wake-up call, Mikey.



Hey! Less talk, more pain,

marshmallow boy!



Feel the burn!



You call yourself a monster?



Scary feet, scary feet,

scary feet!



Oop! The kid's awake!



Okay, scary feet, scary feet,

scary feet, scary feet...



kid's asleep!



Twins! In a bunk bed!



Ooh! I thought I had you there.



Okay, Sulley, here we go.



You ready? Follow it.



Oh! It's over here!



Oh, look over there!



Don't let the kid touch you!



Don't let it touch you!



I don't know,

but it's been said



I love scaring kids in bed!



Come on, fight that plaque!

Fight that plaque!



Scary monsters

don't have plaque!



   ... do you have    ?



Do I see    ?



Oh, I don't believe it!



I'm not even

breaking a sweat.



Not you!



Look! The new commercial's on!



The future is bright

at Monsters, Incorporated.



I'm in this one!

I'm in this one!



We're part of your life.



We power your car.



We warm your home.



We light your city.



I'm Monsters, Incorporated.



Hey, look! Betty!



Carefully matching every child

to their ideal monster...



to produce superior scream



refined into clean,

dependable energy.



Every time you turn something on



Monsters, Incorporated,

is there.



I'm Monsters, Incorporated!



We know the challenge...



the window of innocence

is shrinking.



Human kids are harder to scare.



Of course, M.I. Is prepared

for the future



with the top scarers...



the best refineries



and research

into new energy techniques.



Okay, here I come.



We're working for

a better tomorrow... today!



We're Monsters, Incorporated!



We're M. I...

Monsters, Incorporated.



We scare because we care.



I can't believe it.



Oh, Mike...



I was on TV!



Did you see me? I'm a natural!






I know!



Hey, wasn't I great?



Did the whole family see it?



It's your mom.



What can I say?

The camera loves me.



I'm telling you, big daddy



you're going to be seeing this

face on TV a lot more often.



Yeah? Like, on

Monstropolis's Most Wanted?



You've been jealous

of my good looks



since the fourth grade, pal.



Have a good day, sweetie.



You, too, hon.




Okay, Sulley, hop on in.



Nope. Uh-uh. Uh-uh.



Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!



Where you going?

What are you doing?



Mikey, there's a scream

shortage. We're walking.



- Walking?!

- Yep.



No, no, no, my baby.



Come on. Come on.



Look, she needs to be driven.



Bye, baby.

I... I'll call you!



Hey, genius,

you want to know why



I bought the car? Huh?



Not really.



To drive it!



You know, like, on the street?



With the honk-honk

and the vroom-vroom



and no walking involved.



Give it a rest,

will you, butterball?



Come on, you could

use the exercise.



I could use the exercise?!



Look at you.

You have your own climate!



How many tentacles

jump the rope?



Morning, Mike!

Morning, Sulley!



Hey! Morning, kids.



Hey, kids.



How you doing?



Bye, Mike! Bye, Sulley!



Ow! Hey!



Ah, nuts.



Hey, hey, hey! Fellas!



Hey, Tony!



Tony! Ba-da-bing!



- Tony!

- Hey, Tony!



Pow, pow, pow, pow, pow!



I hear somebody's close

to breaking



the all-time scare record.



Ah, just trying

to make sure



there's enough scream

to go around.



Hey! On the house!



- Hey, thanks!

- Grazie!






Oh, great.



Hey, Ted!



Good morning!



See that, Mikey?



Ted's walking to work.



Big deal.



Guy takes five steps

and he's there.



Monsters, Inc. Please hold.



Monsters, Inc. Please hold.

Monsters, Inc. Please hold.



Morning, Sulley.



Morning, Ricky.



Hey, it's the Sullster!



See you on the scare floor,




Hey, Marge.

Hey, how was jury duty?



Morning, Sulley!






Hey, it's still leaning

to the left.



It is not!



Hey, fellas.



Hey, Jerry.



Hey, Mr. Sullivan!



Guys, I told you,

call me Sulley.



I don't think so.



We just wanted to wish you

good luck today.



Hey. Hey, hey, hey, hey!



Come on, get lost, you two.



You're making him lose

his focus.



Oh. Sorry.



See you later, fellas.



Go get 'em, Mr. Sullivan!



Quiet! You'll make him lose

his focus.



Oh, no. Sorry!



Shut up!



Monsters, Inc. Please hold.



Monsters, Inc.

I'll connect you.



Ms. Fearmonger is on vacation.



Would you like her voice mail?



Oh, Schmoopsie-poo.



Googley Bear!



Happy birthday.



Oh, Googley-woogley,

you remembered!



Hey, Sulley-wulley.



Oh, hey, Celia...






Happy birthday.






So, uh... are we going

anywhere special tonight?



I just got us

into a little place



called, um... Harryhausen's.






But it's impossible to

get a reservation there!



Not for Googley Bear.



I will see you

at quitting time



and not a minute later.



Okay, sweetheart.



Think romantical thoughts.



You and me



Me and you



Both of us together!



You know, pal, she's the one.



That's it. She is the one!



I'm happy for you.



Oh, and, uh,

thanks for hooking me up



with those reservations.



Oh, no problem.



They're under the name

Googley Bear.



Oh, good ide...



You know,

that wasn't very funny.



What the...?






What do you know?



It scares little kids

and little monsters.



I wasn't scared.



I have... allergies.



Uh-huh. Sure.



Hey, Randall, save it for

the scare floor, will you?



I'm in the zone today,




Going to be doing

some serious scaring.



Putting up some big numbers.



Wow, Randall.



That's great.



That should make it

even more humiliating



when we break the record first.



Ha, ha!



Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh.



Do you hear that?



It's the winds of change.



"You hear it? You hear

the winds of ch...?"



Oh, what a creep.



One of these days,

I am really...



going to let you

teach that guy a lesson.



Chalooby! Baby!



Good morning, Roz



my succulent

little garden snail.



And who would

we be scaring today?



Wazowski, you didn't file

your paperwork last night.



Oh, that darn paperwork.



Wouldn't it be easier

if it all just blew away?



Don't let it happen again.



Yes, well, I'll, uh...



I'll try to be less careless.



I'm watching you, Wazowski.



Always watching.



Whoo! She's nuts.






All scare floors are now active.



Assistants, please report

to your stations.



Okay, people, eastern seaboard

coming on-line.



We got scarers coming out!



Ooh, they're

so awesome.



Hey... may the best monster win.



I plan to.



We are on in seven... six...



five... four... three...






You're the boss.

You're the boss.



You're the big, hairy boss.



Oh, I'm feeling good today,














Another door coming right up.



You're still behind,




You know, maybe I should realign

the scream intake valve.



Just get me another door!



A door! Yes, door!



Well, Jerry,

what's the damage so far?



We may actually

make our quota today, sir.



Hmm. First time in a month.






What happened?



The kid almost touched me!



She got this close to me!



She wasn't scared of you?



She was only six!



I could've been dead!



I could've died!



Keep it together, man.



Hey! We got a dead door

over here!



- We're coming!

- Coming!



- Look out!

- Out of the way!



- Coming through!

- Excuse us.



We've lost    doors

this week, sir.



Oh, kids these days.



They just don't get

scared like they used to.



Let her rip!



Uh, sir?












We have a new scare leader:

Randall Boggs.



Slumber party.






Never mind.



Hey! Watch it!



Well, James, that was

an impressive display!



Oh, just doing my job,

Mr. Waternoose.



Of course, I did learn

from the best.



If I don't see a new door

at my station in five seconds



I will personally put you

through the shredder!



Hey, Wazowski, nice job!



Those numbers are pretty sweet.



Are they?



You know,

I hadn't even noticed.



And, uh...

how is Georgie doing?



He's doing great!



I love working

with that big guy.



Keep the doors coming,




I'm on a roll today.



George and I

are like brothers.



    ! We have a     !



Red alert! Red alert!



Red alert! Red alert! Red alert!



George Sanderson



please remain motionless.



Prepare for decontamination.



Get it off!



Duck and cover, people!



Oh, not the CDA.



Move! Move! Move!



Coming through, please.

Stand aside.



Clear the contaminated area.



This is a      in progress.



Keep the area clear.



Coming through. Watch yourself.



Stand back.






All clear.



Situation is niner-niner-zero.



Ready for decon.



Hey, thanks, guys.



That was a close one.






Okay, people, take a break!



We got to shut down

for a half-hour



and reset the system.



An entire scare floor

out of commission.



What else can go wrong?



Oh... what a day.



We're just going through

a rough time, sir.



Everyone knows you're going

to get us through it.



Tell that

to the board of directors.



James, this company



has been in my family

for three generations.



I would do anything

to keep it from going under.



Oh, so would I, sir.






Say, I could use your help

with something.



Anything, sir.



You see, we've hired

some new scare recruits



and frankly, they're...

they're, um... uh...






Oh, they stink!






And I thought maybe

you might come by tomorrow



and give them a demonstration.



Show them what it takes

to be a top scarer, huh?



I'll start out with the old

Waternoose jump-and-growl.



Ha! Oh, oh, yes!



Now, that's my boy!



Let's go, everybody!



All doors must be returned!



No exceptions!



- Oh, yeah.

- Whoo!



I've never seen anything

like you today.



You were on a roll, my man.



Another day like this



and that scare record's

in the bag.



That's right, baby!






So get this...

as if dinner wasn't enough



I'm taking her to a monster

truck rally afterwards.






What's on your agenda?



I'm going to head home

and work out some more.



Again? You know, there's

more to life than scaring.



Whew. Hey, can I

borrow your odorant?



Yeah. I got, uh...



smelly garbage or old dumpster.



You got low tide?






How about wet dog?



Yep. Stink it up.



You know, I am so romantic



sometimes I think

I should just marry myself.



Give me a break, Mike.



What a night of romance

I got ahead of me.



Tonight is about me



and Celia.



Ooh, the love boat

is about to set sail.



'Cause I got

to tell you, buddy



that face of hers,

it just makes my heart go...






Hello, Wazowski.



Fun-filled evening

planned for tonight?



Well, as a matter of fact...



Then I'm sure you

filed your paperwork



correctly... for once.



Your stunned silence

is very reassuring.



Oh, no. My scare reports...

I left them on my desk



and if I'm not at the restaurant

in five minutes



they're going to give

our table away!



What am I going to tell...






Hey, Googley Bear.

Want to get going?



Do I ever!

It's just that...






Uh, you know,

there's a small...



I don't understand.



It's just that I forgot

about some paperwork



I was supposed to file.



Mike was reminding me.



Thanks, buddy.






I was? I mean, I was!

Yeah, I was.



Oh, okay. Let's go then.



We're going!



On my desk, Sulley.



The pink copies

go to Accounting



the fuchsia ones

go to Purchasing



and goldenrod ones

go to Roz.






Leave the puce.



Pink copies go to Accounting,

the fuchsia ones go to Roz.



No, the fuchsia ones

go to Purchasing.



The goldenrod ones go to Roz.



Man, I have no idea

what puce is.



Oh, that's puce.






Uh, hello?






There's a door here.















Anybody scaring in here?












Whoa! Ah! Ah!






























No, no... stay back.






And hold it.



Get a paper bag!






Oh, Michael, I've had

a lot of birthday...



well, not a lot of birthdays



but this is

the best birthday ever.






What are you looking at?



I was just thinking



about the first time

I laid eye on you...



how pretty you looked.



Stop it!



Your hair was

shorter then.



Mm-hmm. I'm thinking

about getting it cut.



No, no, I like

it this length.



I like everything about you.



Just the other day



someone asked me who I thought



the most beautiful monster was

in all of Monstropolis.



You know what I said?



What did you say?



I said...



- Sulley?

- Sulley?



No! No, no.



That's not

what I was going to say.



Mike, you're not making sense.



Hi, guys!



What a coincidence,

running into you here!



Uh, I'm just going

to order something to go.









I wonder what's good here.



Get out of here.

You're ruining everything.



I went back to get

your paperwork



and there was a door.






A door?!



Randall was in it.



Wait a minute. Randall?



That cheater!



He's trying

to boost his numbers!



There's something else.






Ook-lay in the ag-bay.






Look in the bag.



What bag?






They don't have

anything I like here.



So take care, Celia!



Excuse me, sir.



What's going on?



Celia, please try

to understand.



I have to do something!






On three.



One... two...



A kid!






A kid!



There's a kid here...

a human kid!






Googley Bear!



Come on!



Let's get out of here!



Please remain calm.



This is not a drill.



We have an     in progress.



Please advise.



Michael? Michael?



Oh, Celia.



- Please come with me.

- Ow. Stop pushing.



Hey, get your hands off

my Schmoopsie-poo!



Building clear.

Ready for decontamination.



Well, I don't think that date

could have gone any worse.



If witnesses are to be believed



there has been

a child security breach



for the first time

in monster history.



We can neither confirm nor deny



the presence of a human child

here tonight.



Well, a kid flew right over me



and blasted a car

with its laser vision!



I tried to run from it,

but it picked me up



with its mind powers

and shook me like a doll!



It's true!

I saw the whole thing!



It is my

professional opinion



that now is the time

to... panic!






Oh, it's coming!



It's coming!






No, no, no, no, no!



Come here, kid.






No, don't touch those,

you little...!



Oh, now



those were alphabetized.



It's okay, it's all right.



As long as it doesn't

come near us



we're going to be okay.



Wanna ride on it!



Da, da-da.






Oh, y-you like this?






Hey, hey, that's it!



No one touches little Mikey!



Mike, give her the bear.



Oh, no.



Make it stop, Sulley!



Make it stop!



Look! See the bear?



Ooh, nice bear.









Ooh, bear, ooh.



Oh, he's

a happy bear.



He's not crying,

neither should you



Or we'll be in trouble



'Cause they're gonna find us



So please stop crying



Right now.



Good, good, Sulley.

Keep it up.



You're doing great.



Ooh, the happy bear,

he has no...



She touched me!



Sulley, the bear!



The bear!



Give her the...






What was that?



I have no idea



but it would be really great



if it didn't do it again.



Shh, shh, shh.















How could I do this?



How could I be so stupid?



This could destroy the company.



The company?



Who cares about the company?!



What about us?



That thing is

a killing machine!






I bet it's just waiting

for us to fall asleep



and then wham!



Oh, we're easy prey,

my friend... easy prey.



We're sitting targets.



Okay, look, I think



I have a plan here.



Using mainly spoons, we dig

a tunnel under the city



and release it into the wild.






That's it, I'm out of ideas.



We're closed.

Hot air balloon?



Too expensive.

Giant slingshot?



Too conspicuous.



Enormous wooden horse?

Too Greek!



No plan. No plan.



Can't think. Can't think.






Uh, Mike?



I think she's getting tired.



Well, then

why don't you



find someplace

for it to sleep?



While I think of a plan!



Are you sleepy?



You want to sleep?



Is that what you want?






Okay, all right.



I'm making a nice little area

for you to...



No. Hey, hey, that's my bed!



You're going to get

your germs all over it.






My chair is

more comfortable anyway.






It's just a closet.



Will you go to sleep?



Hey, that looks like Randall.



Randall's your monster.



You think he's going

to come through the closet



and scare you.



Oh, boy, how do I explain this?



Uh, it's empty.



- See?

- Ah!



No monster in here.



Well, now there is



but I'm not going to scare you.



I'm off-duty.






How about I sit here,

until you fall asleep?



Go ahead.



Go to sleep.






Now... go.



Uh, you...












Hey, Mike,

this might sound crazy



but I don't think

that kid's dangerous.



Really? Well, in that case,

let's keep it.



I always wanted a pet

that could kill me!



Now, look.



What if we just put

her back in her door?






Mike, think about it.



If we send her back,

it's like it never happened.



Everything goes back to normal.



Is that a joke?



Tell me you're joking.



Sulley, I'd like to think

that, given the circumstances



I have been extremely

forgiving up to now



but that is a horrible idea!



What are we going to do?



March right out into

public with that thing?



Then I guess we just waltz

right up to the factory, right?



I can't believe we are waltzing

right up to the factory.



Sulley, a mop, a couple of

lights and some chair fabric



are not going

to fool anyone!



Just think about

a few names, will you?



Loch Ness, Bigfoot,

the Abominable Snowman...



they all got one thing

in common, pal... banishment.



We could be next!



Don't panic...

we can do this.



Hey, how you doing, Frank?



Hey, guys.



Everything's going



to be okay.



Number One wants this place

dusted for prints.



Careful with that.



I got a good view from here.



A little lower.



This was recovered

at the scene.



Don't panic. Don't panic!



Don't tell me not to panic.



Just keep it together.



Everything is not okay!






...could be contaminated.



Gentlemen, safety



is our number one concern.



If there's anything that...



not now, not now.



Oh, hello, little one.



Where did you come from?



Mr. Waternoose!



Ah, James!

Is this one yours?



Actually, that's my, uh,

cousin's sister's daughter, sir.



Yeah, it's, uh...



"Bring an Obscure

Relative to Work Day."



Hmm, must have missed the memo.



Well, listen, James



why don't you stop by

the simulator after lunch today



and give us

that scare demonstration



we talked about, huh?



Oh, oh, sir, uh...



Excuse me,

Mr. Waternoose?



Yes, yes, I'm coming.



All right then, I'll see

you this afternoon, James.



That is, if these gentlemen

haven't shut us down.



Oh, boy.



Oh, a scare demo.



Well, that is great.



Why am I

the last to know?



We can bring your cousin's

sister's daughter along.



She'll be a big hit!






Stop him!



Hold him down.



Come on, the coast is clear.



Okay, all we have to do

is get rid of that thing.



So, wait here while

I get its card key.



But she can't stay here.



This is the men's room.



That is the weirdest thing

you have ever said.



It's fine. It's okay.



Look, it loves it here!



It's dancing with joy!



Uh, uh, uh, uh.



I'll be right back

with its door key.



That's a cute little

dance you've got.



It almost looks

like you've got to...






Uh, are you done in there?



Ah! Sorry. Sorry.



Okay, you

finished now, right?









Where did she go?



Oh, did she disappear?



Did she turn invisible?



I just have no idea.









Hey, you're good.



Be relaxed,

be relaxed, be relaxed.



Roz, my tender, oozing blossom



you're looking fabulous today.



Is that a new haircut?



Come on, tell me.



It's a new haircut, isn't it?



That's got to be a new haircut.



New makeup? You've had a lift.



You've had a tuck.

You've had something.



Something has been

inserted in your skin



that makes you look like...



Listen, I need a favor.



Randall was working

late last night



out on the scare floor.



I really need the key

for the door he was using.



Well, isn't that nice?



But guess what?



You didn't turn in

your paperwork last night.



He didn't... I... no paperwork?



This office is now closed.



Ready or not, here I come!



I'm getting warmer.



Any second now.



Fee fi fo...



What are you doing?!



L-I'm looking for the kid.



You lost it?!



No, no, she was just...



Here she is.



Hey, what's the matter?



I already told your buddies

I haven't seen anything.



All right, carry on.




Thank goodness!



What are we going to do

about the child?






Shh, shh, shh.



The front page!

It's on the front page.



The child...

the one you were after.



Will you be quiet?!



Don't you think I'm aware

of the situation?



I was up all night

trying to find it.



I did a simple




factoring in the size

of the sushi restaurant.



The child may have escaped!



Yeah, well, until

we know for sure



we're going to act like nothing

happened, understand?



You just get the machine

up and running.



I'll take care of the kid.



And when I find whoever

let it out, they're dead!






Why are you still here?



Come on, go!



Move! Now!



Ow, ow! I'm not here.



They're gone.






This is bad.

This is so very bad.



What were they talking

about a machine?



Who cares? Oh!



Look, don't panic...

all we have to do



is call her door down

and send her home.



You're right, you're right.



We're just two regular joes

on our way to work.



We will blend right in.



Top of the mornin', fellas!



Hey, what's shakin', bacon?



Did you lose weight?



Or a limb?



You have her card key, right?



Of course

I have her card key.



I told you

I'd get her card key.



I went and got her card key



and now I have her card key.



Okay, here we go.



Take care of yourself.



Try not to run

through any more closets.



Mike, that's not her door.



What are you talking about?



Of course it's her door.

It's her door.



No, her door was white

and it had flowers on it.



No. It must have been

dark last night



because this is its door.



Hey, you hear that?



Sounds like

fun in there!



Okay, send me a postcard, kid.



That's Mike Wazowski, care of




you-got-your-life-back Lane.



Mowki Kowski.



Very good. Now bon voyage!




Come on.



Look at the stick.

See the stick?



Go get the stick! Go fetch.



Mike, this isn't Boo's door.



Boo? What's Boo?



That's what I decided

to call her.



Is there a problem?



Sulley, you're not

supposed to name it.



Once you name it, you start

getting attached to it!



Now put that thing



back where it came from,

or so help me...



Oh, hey!



We're rehearsing a scene

for the upcoming company play



called Put That Thing

Back Where It Came From



Or So Help Me.



It's a musical!



Put that thing back where

it came from or so help me



Bom-bom, bom-bom,




So help me, so help me.



And cut!



We're still working on it.



It's a work in progress



but, hey, we need ushers.



Sulley, I've had enough.



Now say good-bye to...

where'd it go?



What'd you do with it?



Where is she?



I don't believe it.



She got away from you again?!



Well, that is just...



Wait a minute.



The sun is coming up.



This is perfect!



She's gone!



Hey, hey, hey, hey.



Where are you going?



Sulley, please,

don't blow this.



Not when we're so close

to breaking the record.



Somebody else

will find the kid.



It'll be their problem,

not ours!



She's out of our hair!



What are you two doing?



They're rehearsing a play.



She's out of our hair!



Can it, Wazowski!



So, what do you think of that

kid getting out, Sullivan?



Pretty crazy, huh?



Oh, yeah, crazy.



Word on the street is the kid's



been traced back

to this factory.



You haven't seen anything,

have you?



Uh, well, uh...



No, no way!



But if it was an inside job



I'd put my money on Waxford.






Yeah, the one at station six.



You know,

he's got them shifty eyes.



Hey, Waxford!






Michael Wazowski!



Last night was one

of the worst nights



of my entire life, bar none!



I thought

you cared about me.



Honey, please.



Schmoopsie, I thought

you liked sushi.



Sushi? Sushi?!!



You think this is about sushi?!






Michael! Mike...






Breathe. Keep breathing.









Where's the kid?



Kid? What kid?



It's here in

the factory, isn't it?



You're not pinning this on me.



It never would have gotten out



if you hadn't been

cheating last night!






Cheating. Right.



Okay, I think I know how

to make this all go away.



What happens when the whistle

blows in five minutes?



Uh... I get a time-out?



Everyone goes to lunch!



Which means the scare floor

will be...?






Empty! It'll be

empty, you idiot!



You see that clock?



When the big hand

is pointing up



and the little hand

is pointing up



the kid's door

will be in my station.



But when the big hand

points down



the door will be gone.



You have until then

to put the kid back.



Get the picture?









Hey, you! Halt!



He's the one.



The one from the commercial!



Affirmative. That's him.



Can we get an autograph?



Oh, oh, sure. No problem.



You can make that out

to Bethany, my daughter.



Yes. Let's see...



"From your scary friend



best wishes..."



So I said,

"If you talk to me



like that again,

we're through!"



What'd she say?



You know my mom.



She sent me to my room.



See you guys later,

take it easy.



Bottoms up!












Oh, well, hello, there.



What's your name?



Mike Wazowski!






Oh, Sulley.



Okay, Sulley, come on, enough.



Hey, you guys seen

Sulley anywhere?



Nope. Sorry.



Oh, Sulley!



Boy, Wazowski looks

like he's in trouble.






We have a     !



Oh, dear.



Get him!



Sulley? Sulley!






Oh, great news, pal.



I got us a way out of this mess



but we got to hurry.



Where is it?



Sull, that's a cube of garbage.






L-I can still hear

her little voice.



Mike Wazowski!



Hey, I can hear her, too.



Mike Wazowski!



How many kids

you got in there?



Mike Wazowski!









Boo, oh,

you're all right!



I was so worried!



Don't you ever run away from me

again, young lady!



Oh, but I'm so glad

you're safe.



My, what an affectionate father.



Actually, she's

my cousin's sister's...



Okay, Sulley.



That's enough. Let's go.



Mike Wazowski!



Yeah, yeah.



Step aside, kid. We're in a...



Will you stop

making Boo laugh?



I didn't, so come on!



I still don't understand.

You've got Boo's door?



I'll explain later.




Okay, let's move,

let's move, let's move.



Come on.



Oh, please be there, please

be there, please be there.



There it is!



Just like Randall said!



Randall? Wait a minute.



Oh, hey.



One, two, three, four!



Get the kid back

through the door!



Hey, hey.



We're going to get

our lives back.



The nightmare is over.



Hey, it's okay, Boo.



What's the matter?



Come on, it's time to move!



Mike, what are you thinking?



We can't trust Randall.



He's after Boo.



Who cares? Let's go.



This is a limited time offer.



No, no.



I don't like this.



Look, Sulley, you wanted

her door and there it is.



Now, let's move.



No, Mike.



You want me to prove

everything's on the up-and-up?



Fine! He wants the door,

I get the door...



Mike, wait!



He's a paranoid delusional







Shh, shh, shh.



Hey, Sulley,

where you been all day?



Sulley? Sulley?












Where are you?



You in there?



Where are you, buddy?









Boo, way to go.



It's okay.



Yes! I got the kid!



Oh, huzzah!



That's great news.



Not that I was concerned,

of course.



Just get over here and help me!



Come on, come on, come on.



While we're young here, Fungus!



Kid needs to take

off a few pounds.






Where is it,

you little one-eyed cretin?



Okay, first of all,

it's cree-tin.



If you're going to threaten me,

do it properly.



Second of all, you're nuts

if you think kidnapping me



is going to help you cheat

your way to the top!



You still think this is about

that stupid scare record?



Well... I did, right up

until you chuckled like that



and now I'm thinking

I should just get out of here.



I am about to revolutionize

the scaring industry



and when I do, even

the great James P. Sullivan



is going to be working for me.






somebody's certainly

been a busy bee.



First, I need to know

where the kid is



and you're going to tell me.



Yeah, I don't know anything.



Uh-huh, sure.



I don't.



I mean, I don't.






What's that?



Come on. Wait, wait, wait.



Oh-oh. Oh-oh. Oh, come on.



No, no, no, no, no.



Come on, hey, hey, hey.



This thing is moving.



I don't like big...



moving things that are

moving towards me.



No! Come on!



Hey, Randall!



Say hello

to the scream extractor.






Come on, where you going?



We'll talk.



Come on, we'll have a latte!



Come on.



We can talk about this.



What's that thing?

What is that thing?



Wait, wait, wait!



Stop, stop!



No, no!



Come on, hey!



Help! Help! Help!






Oh, for...



What did you

do wrong this time?



I don't know.



I calibrated the drive...



Go check the machine!



There must be something wrong

with the scream intake valve.



That's the problem

with these      units...












Fungus. Fungus.



You like cars, huh?



'Cause I got a really nice car.



If you let me go,

I'll give you...



a ride in the car.



Please, Fungus?



I'm sorry, Wazowski,

but Randall said



I'm not allowed to fraternize

with victims of his evil plot.






What happened?



Where's Wazowski?



Where is he?!



Come on!



This is crazy.

He's going to kill us!



Careful. That could be




We got to get out of here now!



We can start a whole new life

somewhere far away.



Good-bye, Monsters, Inc.!



Good-bye, Mr. Waternoose!



No, Mike, wait!



Hey, what are you doing?



Follow me. I have an idea.



No! No, no, no, no,

no, no, no, no...



Simulation terminated.



No, no, no, no, no.



What was that?



You're trying to scare the kid,

not lull it to sleep.



I was going

for a snake/ninja approach



with a little hissing.



How many times

do I have to tell you?



It's all about presence!



About how you enter the room!



Mr. Waternoose!



James! Perfect timing.



No, no.

Sir, you don't understand.



Ah, now, show these monsters

how it's done.



What? No, no, I can't...



Sir... sir, you have



to listen to me.



Pay attention, everyone.



You're about to see



the best in the business.



Reset the simulator.



But-but, sir!



Good night, sweetheart.



Night, Mom.






No, Boo, no, no!



Now, give us a big, loud roar.



Mr. Waternoose,

there's no time for this.



Come on. What are you

waiting for? Roar!



But-but-but, sir!






Well done.



Well done, James.






- All right, gentlemen,

I hope you've learned...

- Right this way, everyone.



...a valuable lesson

in scaring today.









Boo, it's me.



The child!



Sir, she isn't toxic.



I know it sounds

crazy, but trust me.






No, no, no, no.



It's okay.



I was just...



No, no, no, no, no,

don't be scared.



That wasn't real.



It's just a...



I was just...









...and he was going

to test it out



on that sweet, little girl.



- Boo.

- Now that we have her...



...he is trying to kill us.



This whole thing

is Randall's fault.






Yes. And we can take you to his

secret lab, which is right here



in this factory.



How could this happen?



Oh, how could this happen?



Does anyone else

know about this?



No, sir.






This company can't afford

any more bad publicity.



Now, before we do

anything else, let's...



take care of the child.



Oh, I never thought things

would come to this...



not in my factory.



I'm sorry you boys

got mixed up in this.



Especially you, James.



But now we can set



everything straight again

for the good of the company.






sir, that's not her door.



I know, I know.



It's yours.









No! No!



No! No! No! No!






It's too late!



We're banished, genius.



We're in the human world!



Oh, what a great idea, going

to your old pal Waternoose!



Too bad he was in

on the whole thing!



All you had to do was listen

to me... just once!



But you didn't, did you?



You're still not listening!



Take that!



Welcome to the Himalayas!






Can you believe that?



Do I look abominable to you?



Why can't they call me

the Adorable Snowman or...



or the Agreeable Snowman,

for crying out loud?



I'm a nice guy.



Snow cone?






No, no, no.



Don't worry... it's lemon.



Uh, how about you, big fella?



Snow cone?



Did you see the way she...

Iooked at me?



Ah, poor guy.



I understand.



It ain't easy being banished.



Take my buddy, Bigfoot.



When he was banished



he fashioned an enormous diaper

out of poison ivy.



Wore it on his head

like a tiara.



Called himself King ltchy.



Ah, it won't be so hard for

you guys, though, you know.



I mean, how lucky

can you get?



Banished with your

best friend.



He is not my friend.



Oh. I just assumed you

were buddies, you know



when I saw you out

there in the snow



hugging and all that.



Look at that big jerk.



Ruined my life, and for what?



A stupid kid!



Because of you, I am now stuck



in this frozen wasteland!






I think you mean wonderland!



I mean, how about

all this fabulous snow, huh?



Oh, and wait till you see

the local village.



Cutest thing in the world.



I haven't even mentioned

all the free yak's milk.



What... what did you say?



Yak's milk.



Milking a yak

ain't exactly a picnic.



You know, once you pick

the hairs out



it's very nutritious.



No, no. Something

about a village.



Where? Are there kids in it?



Kids? Sure.



Tough kids, sissy kids,

kids who climb on rocks...



Where is it?!



It's at the bottom

of the mountain.



Around a three-day hike.



Oh, three days?!



We need to get there now!



You want to go to the village?



Okay, rule number one

out here.









Never go out in a blizzard.



We need to get to Boo.






What about us?



Ever since that kid came in



you've ignored

everything I've said



and now look where we are!



Oh, we were about

to break the record, Sulley.



We would have had it made!



None of that matters now.



None of it matter...



Wa-wait a second.



None of it matters?






That's... no. Good. Great.



So, now the truth comes out,

doesn't it?



Oh, would you look at that?



We're out of snow cones, uh...



Let me... just go outside



and make some more.



Sulley, what about everything

we ever worked for?



Does that matter? Huh?



And what about Celia?



I am never... never

going to see her again.



Doesn't that matter?



What about me?



I'm your pal.



I'm... I'm your best friend.



Don't I matter?



I'm sorry, Mike.



I'm sorry we're stuck out here.



I didn't mean

for this to happen.



But Boo's in trouble.



I think there might

be a way to save her



if we can just

get down to that...






Whoa, whoa, whoa. "We"?






There's no "we" this time, pal.



If-if-if you want

to go out there



and freeze to death



you be my guest...



because you're on your own.



Hey, I got more snow cones!












Oh, come on, now, George.

I know you can do this.



I picked out an easy door

for you... in Nepal.



Nice, quiet Nepal.



You know, you're right.



Here, take this.



Go get 'em, Georgie!



Gangway! Look out!

Coming through!



Sorry, George.



Hey, you can't just...






Out of the way!



- Hey!

- Whoa!









I never should have

trusted you with this.



Because of you, I had

to banish my top scarer!



With this machine,

we won't need scarers.



Besides, Sullivan got

what he deserved.



Sullivan was twice the scarer

you will ever be!


















Sorry, Boo.



Stop him!



Let's get you home.






Finish him off!



Oh! Ooh! Oh!



You don't know how long



I've wanted to do

that, Sullivan.















Look, it's not that I

don't care about the kid.



Mike, you don't understand.



Yes, I do. I was

just mad, that's all.



I needed some time to think.



But you shouldn't

have left me out there.



I'm being attacked!



No, I'm not attacking you.



I'm trying to be honest.



Just hear me out.



You and I are a team.



Nothing is more important

than our friendship.



L-l-I know, kid.



He's too sensitive.



Come on, pal.



If you start crying,

I'm going to cry



and I'll never get through this.



I'm sorry

I wasn't there for you



but I am now.






Sulley, I am baring

my soul here.



The least you could do

is pay attention!



Hey, look at that...

it's Randall! It's...






Come on!



Get up!



There can't be any witnesses.



There won't be.



I'm glad you came back, Mike.



Somebody's got to take care

of you, you big hairball.







I really can't talk.



Come on!



Michael, if you don't tell me



what's going on right

now, we are through!



You hear me? Through!



Here's the truth.



You know the kid that they're

looking for... Sulley let her in.



We tried to send her back



but Waternoose

had this secret plot



and now Randall's right behind

us and he's trying to kill us!



You expect me to believe that

pack of lies, Mike Wazowski?!



Mike Wazowski!



I love you, Schmoopsie-poo!



Move it! Look out, you...









Look out. Coming through,

here, coming through!



Make way. Move it!



Hurry up, hurry up.



There they are!



Attention, employees:

Randall Boggs



has just broken

the all-time scare record.






No, I didn't.



Get out of my way!



Go get 'em, Googley Bear!



There it is!



Get off my tail!



Let me through!




what are you doing?



Grab on, Mike!



Are you out of your...?



Sulley, what are we doing?



We have to get Boo's door

and find a station.



What a plan...

simple, yet insane!






Oh, boy.



Hold on!






Don't look down!



I'm gonna be sick.

I'm gonna be sick!






Oh, no!









- Boo's door?

- There it is!



How are we supposed

to get to it now?



Oh, it's a dead end, Sulley!



There he is.



Make her laugh.



What, Sulley?!



Just do it!



Oh... ow!



Get it open.



Here he comes.



Give me that kid!



Why couldn't we

get banished here?



Come on. We got to

find another door.



Look, Boo's door!



There he is!



Hurry up, hurry up!



Give me your hand.



Come on, it slides,

it slides!



Ooh, right, right, right.



Jump! I'm behind you!



Come on!



Hurry up! Keep moving!



Get inside!



Ooh! That was weird.






Oh, sorry, buddy.






I hope that hurt, lizard boy!



Great job, buddy. We lost him.






Ha, ha!






Nice working with you!



Get it open!



- I'm trying!

- Open the door!



Come on, get in here!






There they are!



Sulley, what are you doing?






Looks like we caught

the express, pal.



Do you see them?



Straight ahead!












Look at everybody's

favorite scarer now!



You stupid, pathetic waste!



You've been number one

for too long, Sullivan.



Now your time is up!



And don't worry.



I'll take good care of the kid.






She's not scared

of you anymore.



Looks like you're out of a job.



All right, come on,

over the plate.



Let's see

the ol' stuff here, pal.



Come on, now, chuck him,

chuck him, baby. Hum, baby.



Hum, baby, here's the pitch.



Wait, please, don't,

don't, don't!






And he is... out of here!



Mama, another gator

got in the house.



Another gator?!



Give me that shovel! Come here!



Get him, Mama! Get that gator!



Care to do the honors, Mikey?



With pleasure.



That's right, Boo.



You did it.



You beat him.



Come on.



Okay, Boo, it's time to go home.



Take care of yourself,

and be a good girl, okay?



Oh, no!



The power's out!



Make her laugh again.



All right, I got a move here.



It'll bring down the house.






Oh, sorry, she didn't see that.



What?! What'd you do,

forget to check



if her stupid hood was up



ya big dope?!



Uncle Mike, try not to yell

in front of her.



You know we still need her

to laugh.






Hey, Boo, just kidding. Look!



Funny, right? Huh?

See what the...



These are the jokes, kid.






What's happening?



Hold on!



When the door lands

in this station, cut the power.



You'll have the child

and the criminals responsible



for this whole mess.




A welcoming committee!



What are we going to do?!



This is the CDA.



Come out slowly



with the child in plain sight.



Okay, okay.



You got us.



Here we are.



Here's the kid.



I'm cooperating.



But before you take us away,

I have one thing to say:









We have a toxic projectile!



Halt! After the suspect!



Cover the area!

Bring in reinforcements!



Stop him!



Come on.



Don't let them get away.






No, wait, wait!



Come back! He has the child!



Sullivan? Sullivan!



Give me the child!



Me not go!



Give her to me!



Open this door!

Open this door!









Don't do it.



Come on.



Don't go in that room!



I think we stopped him, Boo.



You're safe now.



You be a good girl, okay?



This has gone far enough, James.



She's home now!

Just leave her alone!



I can't do that!



She's seen too much.



You both have.



It doesn't have to be this way.



I have no choice!



Times have changed.



Scaring isn't enough anymore.



But kidnapping children?!



I'll kidnap

a thousand children



before I let this company die



and I'll silence anyone



who gets in my way!






Good night, Mom.



Good night, sweetheart.



Good night, Mom.



What, wh-what is this?!

What? Who? Huh?



Simulation terminated.

Simulation terminated.



Well, I don't know

about the rest of you guys



but I spotted

several big mistakes.



But-but-but how-how did...?

How did...?



You know what?



Let's watch my favorite part

again... shall we?



I'll kidnap a thousand children

before I let this company die.



What...? Wha...?



I'll kidnap

a thousand children before...



Shh, shh, shh, shh!






I'll get him.



All right, come with us, sir.



Wh-what are you doing?



Take your hands off me!



You can't arrest me!



I hope you're happy, Sullivan!



You've destroyed this company.

Monsters, Incorporated is dead!



Where will everyone

get their scream now?!



The energy crisis

will only get worse



because of you!



Stay where you are.






Number One

wants to talk to you.






Hello, boys.






Two and a half years

of undercover work



were almost wasted



when you intercepted

that child, Mr. Sullivan.



Of course, without your help,

I never would have known



that this went all the way up

to Waternoose.






about the girl...



I just want to send her home.



Very good.



Bring me a door shredder.



What, you mean... you mean,

I can't see her again?



That's the way it has to be.



I'll give you five minutes.



Well, so long, kid.



Mike Wazowski!






Ah, Boo, it's been fun.



Go ahead.



Go grow up.



Uh-uh, B-Boo...?



Um... Boo?



Oh, look at that.



Yeah, you know...



Oh, that's cute, yeah.



Uh, Boo, um...



Well, that's very nice.



Come here, you!



Oh, he's a happy bear...



Nothing's coming

out of your closet



to scare you anymore, right?









Good-bye, Boo.






Kitty has to go.









None of this



ever happened, gentlemen.



And I don't want to see

any paperwork on this.



Take him away.



I bet we get

the rest of the day off.



You idiot!



They're going to shut down

the factory!



I'm telling you, pal,

when that wall went up



you should have seen the look

on Waternoose's face.



Whoo-hoo! I hope we get

a copy of that tape.



Hey, you all right?



Come on, pal,

cheer up, we did it!



We got Boo home.



Ah, sure, we put the factory

in the toilet, and...



gee, hundreds of people

will be out of work now.



Not to mention the angry mob

that'll come after us



when there's no more power,

but, hey...



at least we had

some laughs, right?






Hey, is this thing on? Hello?



Hello? Testing, testing.



Hey, good evening. How are you?



How are you? Nice to see you.



I tell you, it's good

to be here in... your room.



Where you from?



Never mind.



You're in kindergarten, right?



Oh, I love kindergarten.



Best three years of my life.



Of my life.



But I love sports.



Dodgeball was the best.



Oh, yeah.



I was the fastest one out there.



Course I was the ball.



But I...



was the ball, see?



All right.









Hey, thanks a lot.



I'll be here all week.



Remember to tip your waitresses.



Great job, Mikey.



You filled your quota on

the first kid of the day.



Not bad, huh?



You know, only somebody

with perfect comedic timing



could produce this much energy

in one shot.



Uh-huh, and the fact

that laughter is



ten times more

powerful than scream



had nothing to do with it.



Oh, Googley Bear.



Come here, you.













Girls, put...



Stop, stop, stop!



Michael, you're such a charmer.



Hey, did you bring the magazine?



They just delivered a whole box.



Let me see it!



Sulley and I

made the cover, right?



I don't believe it.



Googley Bear...



I'm on the cover of a magazine!






Oh, this is great!






Hey, Sulley!



Hey, uh, Mike.

I was, uh, just...



Well, listen,

if you got a minute



there's something

I want to show you.






Okay, close your eyes.



Follow me. Come on.






No peeking.



Keep coming, keep coming,

keep coming.



Come on, keep coming.



Keep coming, keep coming.






Follow the sultry

sound of my voice.



Okay, stop.

Open them.









Is that...?



Sorry it took



so long, pal.



It was a lot of wood

to go through.



You know, it only works



if you have every piece.









- Speed.

- Marker.



And... action.



With a million or two



I'd live in a penthouse



In a room with a view



And if I were handsome



No way.



It could happen.



Those dreams do come true



I wouldn't have nothing

if I didn't have you



Wouldn't have nothing if I

didn't have



Wouldn't have nothing

if I didn't have



Wouldn't have nothing...



Okay, cut.



Okay, you finished now, right?









Come on, get lost, you two.



You're making him lose

his focus.



Oh, sorry.



See you later, fellas.



Go get 'em, Mr. Solomon.



You idiot!



It's Sullivan, not Solomon!






You're messing up the scene!






We're never going to work

in Hollywood again!



Let me do it over.



Shut up!



Keep rolling!



You're making it worse!



Duck and cover, people!



Hey, thanks, guys.



That was a close one.






Oh, Boo, it's been fun.



Go ahead.



Go throw up.



What? What did I say?



What? What?






Hey, Ted!



Good morning!






Hey, how was that? Was I scary?



Do I get the part?



Thank you.



Can I do it again?



I can be taller!






And action!



Okay, let's move.

Let's move, let's move!






Can we get a little more wax

on the floor, please?



Wait a minute. Randall?



That cheater!



He's trying

to boost his numbers!



There's something else.






Look-lay in the bag-bay.



I think you mean

"Ook-lay in the ag-bay."



What? Didn't I...?



Well, you know, maybe

you should just take a minute



and ead-ray your ipt-scray.



You think he's going

to come through the closet



and scare you.



Oh, boy, how do I explain this?



Uh, it's empty.






Guess who.



Hey, what's the...



Okay, very funny.



Hey, I look good in a suit.






Let her rip.









Shut it off! Shut it off!



Pull the lever!



You're making it worse!



But I must admit it



Big guy,

you always come through



I wouldn't have nothing

if I didn't have you



You and me together



That's how it

always should be



One without the other

don't mean nothing to me



Nothing to me...



Oh, hey!



We're rehearsing a scene

for the upcoming company play



called Put That Thing Back

Where It Came From



Or So Help Me.



It's a musical!



Put that thing back where

it came from, or so help me



Bom-bom, bom-bom,




Get that thing

away from me, you guys



Put that thing back

where it came from



Or I'll poke myself

in the eye!



It's a work in progress.



It's gonna get better.



Ladies and gentlemen



welcome to this year's

company play



starring, written



and directed by Mike...



and produced!



And produced by Mike Wazowski.






Put that thing back where it

came from, or so help me



So help me



So help me get by



Put that thing back

where it came from



Or so help me



So help me



I just gotta cry...



Your seat is right

over there, sir.






There's a child,

there's a child



There's a human child



Oh, no!



Running 'round

the restaurant



This is really wild



What in heaven's name

will become of us



We who are living

in Monstropolis?



All right, Wazowski.



Tell us where the kid is.



I will never talk!






She's out of our hair



And just when I dare...

to care



She says, "au contraire"



You're my pair... of friends



I love you.



Keep it together, man!



And so we put that kid

back where she came from



And she helped us to find



A better tomorrow today!



Thank you!



What a night for my mother

to be in the audience!



Ladies and gentlemen



my mom!



Thank you, Monstropolis!



I don't have to say it



Ah, say it anyway.



'Cause we...



Both know it's true



I wouldn't have nothing

if I didn't have



I wouldn't have nothing if I

didn't have



I wouldn't have nothing

if I didn't have you



Wouldn't have nothing

if I didn't have you.



One more time.



It worked!



I don't have to say it



I'm gonna anyway!



'Cause we both know

it's true



Let's take it home, big guy.



I wouldn't have nothing

if I didn't have



I wouldn't have nothing if I

didn't have



I wouldn't have nothing

if I didn't have you



You, you



A, E, I, O...



That means you, yeah.



Special help by SergeiK