Montana Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Montana script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Kyra Sedgwick movie  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Montana. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Montana Script



What the hell, Nick?



There he is on the sidewalk.



No, he's not. He's in the trunk.



No, on the sidewalk.



I'm sure this time.



Thank you.



Well, well. Country Mouse and

City Mouse make good.



Why, I'm impressed.



I'm so glad.



There's a fine line

between luck and skill.



In fact, there's no line at all.



Boss wants to see you.






How did you find

the son of a bitch?



Grace of God. Nick spotted him.



- Alone?

- No bags, no protection.



- Spend any time with him?

- No.



Good. Well, we'll just

let him sweat it out.



We should do him somewhere else.



- Why?

- Duncan.



- Claire?

- What does he do for us anyway?



You just don't trust him

because he doesn't carry.



What happened to, "Do it

yourself and it gets done right"?



The business has changed, you know?



Duncan saves us taxes.

Keeps us clean.



He's introduced us

to a world of money.



A lot that matters if people

walk away with it.



It's not about money.



It's about perception of strength.



Claire, did you think of that

all by yourself?



The bagman was your responsibility.



The loss of that money is your fault.

You're fucking useless.



Now that we've thanked

our foot soldier...



...for the invaluable work contributed

today, please dismiss yourself.



Fuck you.



The Boss and I have some important

financial matters to discuss.



Numbers? You know,

things you wouldn't understand.



Hey! Hey, friends, friends, come on.

We'll get it out of Koo.



Don't shush me.






We tossed Koo's house.

Wife's gone. I checked the airlines.



Simms, check her credit. Boulez,

get on everyone who moves paper.



Let them deny things

and then drop that we've got Koo.



We're gonna break him.

If they know anything, they'll spill.



When's The Boss

gonna squeeze Koo?



When he's ready.



- All right, boys. I'm in.

- Fresh blood.



I could use a challenge.



Take any more money from

this boy, hey...



...l'm gonna own him outright.



- What you looking at?

- What the fuck?



Stupid little girl's gonna get

your balls in a vice.



The mass of men lead

lives of quiet desperation.






- Amazing.

- I'm surprised you talk to me.



The Boss doesn't see in me

the threat he sees in others.



Why? You don't like girls?



My medications have taken their toll.



If I could do whatever I wanted...



...I wouldn't sit around here

playing poker all day.



They're just tools for The Boss.



They have no idea how

badly they're being used.



Everyone is a tool for someone.



The thing to consider is what

exactly one should be used for.



It's convenient Claire brought

the bagman without the bag.



No, Claire's solid. I trust her.

This is the only life she knows.



- That's obvious enough.

- Don't piss her off. It's not smart.



All right, look. Until we

get a handle on this problem...



...l'm thinking we should shift

some of our capital abroad.



Will it cost us?



We'll be in profit in    days,

trust me.



- I trust results.

- Precisely.



Do it.



Wait! There ain't two

of these in a deck of cards!



- Fucking piece of shit!

- You been robbing me all night.



What the fuck is going on?



Somebody was cheating, Boss.



Of course somebody was cheating.

You're a bunch of fucking criminals!



That is precisely

why this always happens!



If I see money on that table again,

I'll have Nick shoot you all.



Kitty, stay away from the boys.



That's it, forget it.



It's nice to see you, Kitty.



We haven't spoken for a while.

How was your day?



"It was fine, Duncan.



I mean, it was just like yesterday

and the day before that.



So slowly I work up

the courage to run away.



But I never get quite enough courage

to run really far away.



And then someone is sent

and I'm brought back...



...and I'm noticed by The Boss.



But it's only to punish me

for running away.



Because how does that reflect on him?



And then I'm back to sitting

in my niche, you know.



Bettering myself with books

that no one I know...



...can possibly appreciate.



I find myself hating them...






...and more...



...until I think...



...well, maybe it's time

to run away again."



Well, that sounds

like a bad day, Kitty.



- Pair of kings.

- Aces and eights.



- Two pair.

- Three nines.



Pair a threes.






Oh, fuck.



Now this is gambling.









- My dad in?

- Yeah. He's in.



Hey, guys. Hey, check this out.



Look what I got.

It's a Glock    polymer frame, man...



...chamber for

  millimeter parabellums.



Holds a    round magazine,

tritium night sights, silencer.



This thing's so light, man.

Feel how light that is.



- Yeah, kid, it's just great, kid.

- Don't call me a kid, all right?



Do they make them for men?



Who said that?



Fuck you! Fuck! Fuck!



Kitty, get upstairs and wait for me.



Bagman time!



Do you have anything

you'd like to share with us?



You fucked up big time.



Now, the good Dr. Wexler says

that you made your pickup...



...and then somehow you got lost

between there and here.



Now, I want the money and I want

whoever put you up to it.



I don't think you fully appreciate

your position.



If you did, you would

be spilling your guts...



...and praying

that I kill you quick...



...before I crush your balls

like grapes.



Oh, God. Please don't.

It wasn't supposed to go this way!



You're wrong, Koo. I think

it was supposed to go this way.



Somebody sent you out in public

knowing you'd get picked up.



You've been set up.

Now, I know you're scared...



...but listen carefully.

Your situation has changed.



You've been sold down the river.



Now, you have to think.



You are gonna be tortured

more heinously...



...than you can conceive of

by the man behind this desk.



There's only one way to avoid that.



There's only one way out.



What are you gonna do?



I had him! You did that on purpose.



What the hell was that?

You stupid sons of bitches!



I should fuck you all!

How did this happen?



- He's dead.

- Of course he is.



- Who didn't fucking search him?

- He was fucking clean!



- Obviously fucking not.

- Well, who was near the fuck?



I want you to find that money.

Duncan, whatever it takes!



You, you, get the fuck out of here.

Stupid sons of bitches!



He did not have that gun on him

when we brought him in.



What about Duncan?



- Duncan wasn't near him.

- Who was?






- So, what are we gonna do now?

- Simms, cool it.



Give up the money

so the pressure's off.



When he relaxes

we'll get a better opportunity.



- What about Kitty?

- I didn't give her the gun.



- I'll do it.

- I'll do it.






No one's ever smelled opportunity

on The Boss before.



You've been here...?



Twelve years.



It's a big world.

You should see more of it.



I can't just leave.

Everybody is vulnerable occasionally.



You don't cut out on friends.

It's more than just work.



Everything I have is

because of The Boss.



And if it wasn't for him,

you'd be what?



- A Kitty? Married, dead, happy?

- I don't see you leaving.



Well, you've ruined me.






Have you been back to the hospital?






How long?



Not long.



You guys seen Kitty?






Koo moved the money.



The money isn't the biggest

problem right now.



Kitty ran away.



Jesus Christ,

Duncan, she's gonna talk.



He'll probably send lves after her.



The new guy always gets

the shit end of the stick.



Get with him in case he finds her.



Start looking for her now.

Make it an overdose.



It's not my fault if you didn't think

to use the same hole twice!






You know, when I was young,

I had this boss, Lazarre.



He used to talk a lot about

getting taken out.



And he always used to say,

"You gotta see it coming.



You gotta look for it where

you think it ain't.



You gotta look hard.

You gotta be fast...



...because even seeing it coming,

don't mean you can stop it."



So you killed him?



Damn right.



Know anything about last night?



I love you, Dad.



Well, I love you too, Jimmy.



- Did you do it? Did you?

- No, I...



Well, that's good. That's good, Jimmy.



Go pour yourself a shot of bourbon.

You took that one like a man.



Good morning, Claire.



How are things in the light of day?



- Okay so far.

- I like that.



You wanna watch this one

of mine, Jimmy.



You're gonna have to know

everything she knows...



...when you run things here.



Came with me all the way,

never fucks up.






Kitty ran away last night.

I want you to go get her.



You kidding?



If it's about the gun, say so,

but don't hand me newbie work.



- Pussy patrol.

- Finally, a little respect.



Claire, take Jimmy with you.



It's only    ounces.

This thing's so damn light.



- What do you know?

- Hey, come on, give me that back.



Come on, give me that back

or I'm telling my dad. I'm serious.



Look, I'm warning you.

I'm serious, all right?



- In that case.

- Yeah, thought so.



Where we going, anyway?

We're supposed to look for Kitty.



Could you shut your yap, junior?

Perhaps you'll learn something.



I know you. You're nobody watching

this program alone late at night.



I know you. You're nobody watching

this program alone late at night.



So when I say, "What are you

waiting for?" you identify.



You say, "What am I waiting for?

I could take that step today."



So you shell out $  .  

for my book...


            read it and you feel inspired,

really changed.



But then nothing happens.



For the first time,

you see what you have to do...



...and yet you lack the will

to do it...



...because you haven't changed.




Because you don't want to.



You'd rather just sit back on

the couch, have another light beer...



...and catch up on some

of those Happy Days reruns.



That's it, isn't it?

Now, as you know...



...other programs have as many

as seven or even    steps.



But with mine, you can change

your life in just one step.



Won't you take that step?

Call the number on your screen.



Do it now.

God bless you, and good night.



- You are so inspirational, doctor.

- It was just like on the TV.



Mr. And Mrs. Presser, take Sharon

and wait for me over in the garden.



- Yes, sir.

- I have a question.



Earl, go work on your step.



Ms. Kelsky, it's been too long.



And I believe Mr. Roth and I

have never had the pleasure.



So nice of you to drop by. I hope

Mr. Lawrence took good care of you.



And if it isn't young James.

I'm Dr. Wexler.



- Your father and I are good friends.

- They're business associates.



So, James, what did you think

of the show?



- I really liked it.

- I knew you would.



How are you getting along

with your father?



Peas in a pod, thanks for asking.



Sometimes he makes me mad.



If you're interested in taking

that step, you should...



He's not.



- Thank you.

- Cute.






How are you feeling

these days, Mr. Roth?



What exactly are you

a doctor of, Mr. Wexler?



Let's talk about money.



So much sent in, so much cash.

Also untraceable with a little ingenuity.



I did not mean in general.



You must be referring to your people

running all over town...



...looking for poor Mr. Koo.



With all that concern I can only

assume he suffered some misfortune?



- Yes, but whose?

- Koo was a small man.



He had not yet taken the step.



There are a great many Koos

in the world. What happened to this one?



Nick shot him.



Thank you, James.



It's refreshing to hear

a straight answer now and then.



So the money I

placed in Mr. Koo's trust...



...remains at large

in the hard cruel world...



...and you wish me

to reunite it with you...



...its devoted friends.



- Interesting.

- No one ever saw you give it to him.



Koo never said

you gave him the money.



And now he never will.



Your boss and I have been

conducting business...


            a mutually satisfactory manner

for three years.



That's plenty of time to get used

to the idea of more.



Twenty percent looks small next

to     percent.



I bet you like the look

of this whole setup.



Relax, Mr. Lawrence.

Ms. Kelsky here is just worried...



...that someone of means was pulling

her bagman's strings.



We should be flattered that she thinks

of me in this manner.



Personally, I find it impressive

how apt she is in her work.



She should do well in the world

without even reading my book.



Focus, doc.



Your estimate of my position

is savvy...



...but there is no way I could just

step in and run your organization.



Why should I?

I do very well laundering the cash.



I'm sure.



Claire, should you ever find

your situation changing...



...I only hope you'll think of me.



"James." I like the sound of that.

That guy's cool.



- When are we gonna get this girl?

- What?



My dad sent Duncan for the money,

us to get the girl.



Your dad sent you to learn something.



I'll tell him you shoved

the gun in the doctor's face.



- This is where I get off.

- No way, Nick.



I'm sure the boy will be

fine with one less instructor.



I'm gonna finish tracking down

the money.



Fuck. Fuck!



- Who is it?

- Mrs. Koo, my name is Nicholas Roth.



I work with Joseph

at Dunster, Rhodes and Collier.



If it's not an imposition,

I'd like to speak with you for a moment.



May I?



Good Lord, look what

they've done to your home.



Mrs. Koo, I am so sorry.



- Did you just get back?

- Yes. Do you know where Joseph is?



No, I do not. No, not specifically.



But he asked me to look in on you

to make sure everything was all right.



- He's very worried about you.

- When did you speak with him?



Could I get a glass of water from you?



I have some medication I must be taking.



- Of course.

- Thank you very much.



Mrs. Koo, I'm glad to meet you in person.

Joseph spoke of you so often.



Were you visiting your sister

this weekend?



Joseph didn't want me near family.



He didn't even want to know where I was.



Is he all right?



He's fine.



He's just in a little bit of trouble.



He said everything would be

all right when I got back.



He said we'd go to Aruba, then...



Mrs. Koo, Mrs. Koo.



Look, I want to be able

to help him more...



...but the only way I can do that...


            for you to give me what he entrusted

you with before he had to go away.



He asked me to ask for it.



He didn't tell me someone would come.






...not everything went as planned.



Thank you.



Will Joseph be all right?



I will take care of everything.



Here's some money

to help you restore your home.



You'll want it nice for Joseph, right?






- Why is she so scared?

- Get her shit together.






It's time to go.



No! No, just leave me, please!



- Leave me here!

- Shit.



No! Claire, no,

please just leave me here!



Leave me here!

Just leave me here to die, please!



Claire, leave me, please!

Claire, please, just leave me.



Claire! Please, get away

from me! Get away!






Next time, cut the other way,

along the vein.



Jimmy, I need you to get me

some supplies from the pharmacy.









I don't do errands. You do them.






You watch her.



Hey, Kitty.



Hey, Kitty! You there, huh?



Hi, Kitty.



Oh, my God. I'm fucked.



I'm fucked.



I'm fucked!



Oh, my God!



I'm fucked!



Stupid bitch! You stupid, fucking bitch!



Okay, here you go.



You were gonna do it a second ago.



- It's Nicholas.

- Jimmy's dead.



- Kitty shot him.

- Jesus.



- I was gonna shoot her, but...

- Claire, listen to me. Listen.



You have to be careful.

You've got to look out for yourself.



I know.



But The Boss and I have a lot of years

together. We'll work this out.



That's not enough, Claire.

His son is dead.



No one is that good a friend.

No one.



You do not go in there

without me, okay?



It'll be okay. I just need

to see him face to face.



Let me get the money.

It'll make a difference if we have it.



Look, I'll clean things up here

and call you in a while, okay?



- Call me before you go.

- Yeah.



My God.



Are you gonna kill me now?






Where are we going?



Claire, where are we going?



I'm not going back with you, Claire.



- Claire, please, don't take me back there.

- Come on.



I'm not gonna go!

You can't make me go!



Claire, I'm not gonna go!

I'm not going!



You can't make me go, Claire.



I'm not gonna go!

You can't make me go!



No, no, no, no, no!



Don't kill me, please! She's crazy!



This lady's nuts!

Somebody help me! Help!



- Please, hold still.

- Stop it, you're hurting me.



- It's gonna hurt a little.

- I think you should pump her stomach.



Don't pump my stomach.

I didn't take anything.



- I think she'll be okay.

- I said pump her stomach.



- No.

- You got it, Claire.



No, no, no.



Stop it, no!



What salon do you go to?



Full service salon, where do you go?



- Get me Greta.

- Do you have an appointment?



Don't even think about it.



Kitty, darling, what happened?



Where did your beauty go? My God.

We must make this better.



Stephanie, I want white wine,

massage, steam. Be quick.



Send someone for clothes...



...and don't leave her alone.

You see to it.



Naturally. We will work magic.



Madam, if I may suggest,

perhaps you would care...



...for some of our services

while you wait.



- Believe me, I could suggest several...

- Get the hell away from me.



I'm gonna get her cleaned up here...



... and I'll call you in a little while, okay?












Get me Duncan.



Duncan, it's Nicholas.



No, no. Things are fine.



I'm just sitting here

counting all this money.



You know how I feel about details.

And guess who has Kitty?



I know The Boss will be so relieved

to know that everything is fine.



He was awfully upset

about that fiasco yesterday...



...and I know you did everything

you could to make us look bad.



I just wanted to tell you

that it's a great day to be me...



...mostly because I'm not you.



What's wrong?



Nick says he has the money. Yeah,

Claire has Kitty.



He was calling to gloat.



- Does he know?

- No.



It's just like that son of a bitch

to play around like this.



I just wish he'd hurry up and die.



We're safe, though. We are.



If he knew, he would've said something.

He has no reason not to.



Unless he likes watching you sweat.



We're fine. Okay?












My son's dead.



Oh, God.



Kitty killed my boy.



Why are you so mean to me?



You're joking, right?



No, no. I'd really like to know.



You know what happens

if The Boss gets killed?



Everything's falling apart

and I gotta be here.



- I didn't ask...

- I had to tell him his son was dead!



You killed him on my watch!



I'm just asking you, please,

please don't take me back.



I'm gonna do my job.



You got yourself into this situation.



What do you know about my situation?

You have no idea.



You're right. I don't.



I'd never be a whore.



If you were unhappy,

you would have left by now.



I leave there all the time.



Yeah, I mean, "leave" leave.



Not check into some hotel

and order nose service.



It's the principle.



You're a coward.



What about you? Why do you stay?



You make it sound like

I might not want to.



Nick's gonna die, isn't he?



You think you're free, but you're not.



You're a valet.



"Claire, get Koo.

Claire, why don't you go pick up Kitty."



I could be a bag of goddamn laundry

and you wouldn't know the difference.



At least they don't own my soul.



- We all chose to be where we are.

- I didn't.



I was traded in a drug debt

when I was   .



Bad childhood! I don't give a fuck!



When I go back to The Boss,

it's gonna be to save my ass, not yours.



He's always been fair. We're friends.



I will not lie to him and I will not

welch on my responsibilities.



It's Claire. Give me The Boss.



He's not up for calls now.

What can I do?



You can scurry over and ask him

if he wants me to bring Kitty in.



I don't think Kitty should be

near the house.



Did I ask you what you thought?



Why am I talking to you?



Because you screwed up

so badly that his son is dead.



Fuck you!

I only talk to The Boss.






Who was that?



Yeah, we're still in it.



Why would Kitty kill your son?



Why hasn't the money shown up?



You're getting at Claire.



Nick killed Koo.



He did it when you

were pressuring Koo to name names.



Just one bullet proves

their loyalty to you...



...and wipes out the trail to the money.



They were the ones

who found him on the street.



They were the ones who were supposed

to search him on the way in...



...and Nick, he couldn't

have been more ready.



Nick's fast.



We couldn't find the money

because it wasn't there to be found.



Now she's taken Jimmy out of the picture

and she's using Kitty to get to you.



Unless, of course, you turned Koo.



Much more likely.



You got it wrong.






I had a little talk with Mrs. Koo.

Nick has the money.



He called in yet?












- Claire.

- It's me.



We've been together a long time, Claire.



Time matters.



Do you think you owe me?



I owe you everything.



What about the future, Claire?



What do you want?



I want things not to change.



I want nothing.



You want nothing?



You're too good to me.



I don't understand.



I want you to come in.

We'll figure out this thing together.



You want me to bring Kitty?



No, leave her, leave her.



We'll just sit down, you and me.



It's gonna be okay?



Yeah, yeah, sure. It'll be fine.



I get to stay here?






What makes you think

I'm not just gonna run away?



Now Nick is holed up somewhere.



Probably one of those hotels of his.

I need you to go kill him.



Just us?



You don't have to bring him in.

You don't have to make it pretty.



You don't have to like it. All right?

Just do it.



- What are you gonna be doing?

- I have to wait for Claire.



Now get the job done. Get the money.



Nick's got the money?



You, don't grow a brain.




Just go together. Do not split up.

Do not wait to talk to him.



Find him. Shoot him.

Stash the money. Okay?



Don't move a muscle. You know

how I am when I'm nervous.



Have some goddamn respect

until things are decided.



I don't understand.






Did you really think that I'd believe

that Kitty killed Jimmy?



I don't know what Duncan's been

telling you, but you got it all wrong.



It's me. Claire.



Duncan must have given Koo the...



Feed the tree.



- What you doing? Digging a hole?

- Yeah, kid, we're digging a hole.



You gonna plant something?



Yeah. That's just it, kid,

we're gonna plant something.



- Can I help?

- Sure, kid.



No, better not. She likes digging.



- Okay. Bye.

- All right. See you.



Well, Claire. It was fun.



- But I'm not gonna miss you.

- Likewise.



Don't move.



Turn around.






Did we get him?



I don't know.
























It's Nicholas. Is there anything

I should know about?



The Boss wants you to come in.



Would you like to speak with Boulez

and Simms? They're right here.



- Sure.

- I'm sorry.



They've just become unavailable.



- Hi.

- Hi.



Where are the two men?



I killed them.

Wanna help me bury them?






Rest easy, little man.






You can, you know, because

those bastards are gonna die.



And when they do,

I know you're gonna be there.



Time to go to work.



- Jesus, Nick, you look awful.

- Let me have a glass of water, Mike.



Jesus, Nicholas, water?



Do you need me to take you

to the hospital there?



Jesus, Nick, that must be five grand.



Nobody pours them like you do, Mike.



Jesus, Nick. Trouble.



- Thanks, Mike.

- Sure, Nick.






Very cute.






Yeah, Stykes. Can I get The Boss?



All right. Well, tell him I called

from Claire's.



Yeah, Kitty's here. She's dead.



Yeah, nothing else going on, though.

Look, I'm gonna call it a day.



Never can tell how

a day's gonna go, huh?



You could just go. You could leave

now and I wouldn't tell anybody.



- I promise.

- Just go?



I could never stand you. Never.



Sitting in that room every day,

looking at you.






Now it's please? Please what?



Please? You gonna please me?






I got such a big itch to do something

to you right now.



That's how dumb guys get killed...



...with their pants down around their

ankles. Not me, baby.



You're looking at a smart guy.






- Claire here?

- She went to go see The Boss.









Nick. Nick.









You okay?



Once, when I was little,

I had a goldfish that died.



Was it called Nicholas?



No, Goldie.






When you traveled,

what was your favorite place?






However, I always have been

very partial to Montana.



I love the red ones.



There's nothing quite like

the red ones.



What's wrong with you, Nick?



I am tormented by my many sins.






So when I say, "What are you

waiting for?" you identify.



You say, "What am I waiting for?"






I'm looking at your grave.



Yeah, well, I'm looking at your mess.



I told you not to go in there without me.



Duncan confused him,

it's not his fault.



No, it is his fault.



It doesn't matter. Wexler's involved.

I can still turn things around.



No, Claire. You've got

to look out for yourself.



I am looking out for myself.



Nick, you all right?



I am not well, Claire.



I want you to rest. I mean it.



- What are you going to do?

- Visit Wexler.



Okay. Claire, there's some things

I have to do.



- But I'll be there if you need me.

- I know.



He never cleans up after himself.



You got kind of dirty.



I'm surprised you're still here.



So how did it go with The Boss?



Claire, he's not gonna fit.



Oh, God. You're not...?

Oh, God.



I need an immediate pickup.



- It's freezing.

- I don't need you around anymore...


            why don't you just take off?



What was all that crap

about taking me back?



I got bigger problems

than lugging you around.



Look, Claire, I really think

we should stick together.



We're in the same boat. We're in

trouble with The Boss. We could hide...



...get a room at the Royal,

order room service. It'd be fun.



- I know people there.

- Yeah, they'd never look there.



I don't have any place to go.



Kitty can wait here.



- Stay awake. We're not safe.

- No problem.






I knew you'd come.



You and I have a rare

business opportunity.



- Benny's with me.

- Jesus.



- Who else?

- Well, Duncan, of course.



It's ironic that your boss and I made

the same mistake trusting Duncan.



It's clear that you would

have been the better choice.



There's a lesson in it.

I figured you would never sell out.



I had no choice but Duncan. But

your boss had you and Duncan...



...and he chose poorly,

betraying years of trust.



- Everyone makes mistakes.

- True, but consider the present.



He wants to kill you.

I want to be your friend.



To control the organization, we need

somebody who knows the connections.



If it were me, we'd have to kill you,

Nick and whoever was left.



If it were you, we could start pulling

things back together right now.



What about the money?



Taking the money was merely a means

to get to The Boss. It's nothing. Keep it.



You stay out of my way. You let me

run my own show, we got a deal.



You and Mr. Lawrence

can work out the hit.






- I make the hit.

- We'll see, won't we?



What'll you have, hon?



Ice cream.



Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry,

praline, mint chip, chocolate chip...



...Swiss orange chip, peanut butter,

boysenberry, fudge brownie...



...and a whole mess of sherbets.



We'll have...






- Anything else?

- Fresh apple pie.



- We're out.

- Do you bake?



I have been at work for    hours.



Then I would like to pay you...



...$      per hour...


            bake me a fresh apple pie.



I don't know if my pie is that good.



- Where you from?

- Potato Creek, Indiana.



I trust you.



My wife and I came all the way

from Texas to meet Dr. Wexler.



- Have you taken The Step yet?

- No.



You should all be excited to meet

our new guests, Claire and Kitty.



Claire is coming to work for me.

Aren't you, Claire?



And I can't help but feel Kitty

has a future with me as well.



Claire is about to take The Step.



- That is wonderful. Congratulations.

- Time to go, folks.



The doctor needs some time

with our guests.



- Come on, Henry.

- Good night.



Have a wonderful evening, everybody.




Earl, would you like to join

our guests for dinner?






- What do you think of our guests?

- Thrill a minute.



Earl, what do you think

of our friend Claire?



- I would give anything to be you.

- You are the sunshine on my flower.



It is so nice to see someone

who knows what they want.



Do you ever worry about things,




Yeah, sometimes.



I do too. I worry about Claire.



I worry that I won't be able

to rely on her.



I worry that she's trying

to play me for a sucker.



And I want it to be absolutely clear

to her what the stakes are.



Good pick, Benny.



Nothing, dear.



I want for nothing.



- Paul.

- Claire. Give me The Boss.



He's not available, Claire.



Paul, it's important. Please?



We're gonna find you, Claire.



Damn it.



- I can't believe you.

- What?



I can't believe you're so alone.



They had you digging your own grave

and now you're begging to go back?



- It was Duncan and Wexler.

- You're pathetic.



You're a stupid whore.

You don't know shit.



I may have been a whore, but you're

the one crawling back to get fucked.



Shut up!



I gave Koo the gun.






It was easy. Nobody ever

pays any attention to me.






- Why?

- I knew I had to get out of there.



I didn't know what else to do.

I know what I'm gonna do now, though.



Is that right?



You were right when you said

that I have to "leave" leave.



So I'm gonna go someplace

really far away. Montana, maybe.






You could come with.



No, I can't.



I wish Nick were here.



What are you gonna do?



Wexler could turn us in to The Boss

and still look loyal.



I can't touch him

until I straighten things out.



Claire, I feel

we're not communicating.



I can't make a move against

The Boss until I contact Nick.



If he opposes us,

we could be in trouble.



I'm giving you protection, Claire.

I don't see you giving me anything.



We have an agreement.



Nick wouldn't cross you.



Besides, he won't be around

much longer.



I will take Kitty

as the price of continued protection.



You may contact Nick,

and perhaps we can still proceed.






Claire, certainly you don't

owe her to The Boss.



No. Kitty's not on the table.



So far you haven't put much

of anything on the table.



I suggest you reconsider

your bargaining position here.



I'll do that.



We're leaving.



Move it.



That's gotta hurt.



Better her than me.



Relax, beautiful.

You get the good part of the deal.



You get to stay with Dr. Wexler.



- No, no, no.

- Stop crying.



Go away. Please, just go away!

Somebody help!



Help! Please, help!



Oh, God. Jesus.



- Claire.

- Claire?



Nick. Nick, you okay?



I've been testing the waters

of my soul.



Are you okay?



- We've got to meet.

- Nick?



- I'm at the Hotel Belle Age.

- Okay, I'm there.



- Could you refill my prescription?

- Sure.



- Nick?

- Yeah.



Thanks for killing those two.



- What?

- Nothing.



After we see Nick, I'm gonna leave.



You should too.






You look like hell, Nick.



I could say the same about you.



What happened to your leg?



I shot myself.



What's gonna happen to you

when I'm gone?



I don't know.



I'm gonna go get a soda.



- I'm sorry.

- No, no.



It's okay. It's okay.



It's okay.



- Help, please! Somebody help me!

- Shut up! You're going to The Boss!



- Help, please! Somebody help me!

- Shut up! You're going to The Boss!



Be very quiet.



You're gonna die, you son of a bitch!



Ouch! Goddamn it, Nick.

Son of a fucking bitch.



Oh, Nick. Nick, what do you...?



Where are you...?

Where are you hurt?



- Hey, Claire.

- Yeah?



- You didn't shoot yourself again, did you?

- No. Jesus, no.



It's okay.



It was perfect.



- This is for you.

- No!



- Take it.

- No.



It's okay.



Look at me.



Now you can go.



- No. I'm with you.

- No.



- Not anymore.

- No.



It's time.



You're going to do something different.

You can make it whatever you want.



So make it good.



So don't be afraid.



You'll be fine.



Tell me you love me.



I love you.



I love you too.



Now go.



I love bananas



Because they have no bones



I hate peaches



Because they...



... have no...



- Wait! No! No!

- Where's my money?



I gave Koo the gun.



Claire didn't kill Jimmy. I did.



I took his own gun, I put it under his

chin and I blew his pathetic head off.



Oh, God.



You cunt!



It's hard to see clearly when everything

you know is filtered through others.



Your instincts, the things you know

are true, they get twisted.



Damn you.



You could have trusted your instincts.



What are you gonna do, Claire?



Where have you got to go to?



You gotta get out now.






I love bananas



Because they have no bones



But I hate peaches

Because they have stones



I love bananas

Because they have no bones



But I hate peaches

Because they have stones




Special help by SergeiK