Moonraker Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Moonraker script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the James Bond movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Moonraker. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Moonraker Script

            How we doing, Richard?

            We should pass over England    minutes ahead of time.

            With this load, that's good going.

            Just trust the RAF, sir.

            - What the hell is that? - It's the shuttle ignition!

            Disappeared? What happened to the Moonraker?

            Good God!

            Yes, of course, Minister. Right away.

            Moneypenny, Is     back from that African job?

            He's on his last leg.

            Any higher, Mr Bond, my ears will pop.

            I don't think I'll ever fly with anyone else.

            You're so right, Mr Bond.

            - This is where we leave you, Mr Bond. - A little premature, isn't it?

            Enjoy your flight.

              - Good morning, Moneypenny. - James! Why are you so late?

              I fell out of an aeroplane without a parachute.

              - Who's in there? - Q and the Minister of Defence.

              You don't believe me?

              - And you should go right in. - Yes, Moneypenny.

                 ! At last.

              Good morning, sir.

              You know Frederick Gray, Minister of Defence.

              - Commander. - Minister, Q.



              - What do you know about Moonraker? - What I read in the newspapers.

              The Moonraker shuttle was being flown over here on loan, on the back of a    .

              Which crashed in the Yukon. Aircraft and shuttle destroyed.

              In the official version.

              The truth is more disturbing,    . Look at this.

              That's the scene of the crash.

              Wreckage strewn everywhere. That's the fuselage.

              We've been through it thoroughly, but there's no sign of Moonraker.

              So the shuttle was hijacked in mid-air?

              That's for you to find out.

              It was built in California by Drax Industries.

              Yes. We were responsible for the safety of that shuttle.

              The United States government is justifiably concerned.

              - So California must be the place to start. - I agree.

              Don't make any mistakes,    . This situation is critical.

              - We've got to find that shuttle. - Yes, sir.

              - If that's all, gentlemen? - Just a minute. I have something for you.

              Roll up your right sleeve.

              This is being issued as standard equipment.

              Strap it on your wrist.

              It's activated by nerve impulses from the wrist.

              Like this?

              Oh, thank you,    !

              - Be careful. - Yes, Q.

              Five blue-tipped armour-piercing darts,

              five red-tipped cyanide-coated, causing death in    seconds.

              You must get them in the stores for Christmas!

              Good morning, gentlemen.

              - Welcome to California, Mr Bond. - I like it already.

              My name is Corinne Dufour.

              Are you going to show me around?

              No, I'm just a humble pilot for the Drax Corporation.

              This is the Drax estate. Everything you see belongs to Mr Drax.

              - He owns a lot. - What he doesn't own, he doesn't want.

              We're approaching the main complex.

              - That's where the Moonraker is made? - That's right.

              Workshops, hangars, design and experimental blocks,

              - everything. - Very impressive.

              I'd heard Hugo Drax is obsessed with the conquest of space.

              Now I can believe it.

              Good Lord!

              The Drax residence. Every stone brought from France.

              - Cute, isn't it? - Magnificent.

              - Why didn't he buy the Eiffel Tower too? - He did. He was refused an export permit.

              Look there! Those are the astronaut trainees.

              Mr Drax is financing the entire programme out of his own pocket.

              Seems to have an eye for a good investment!

              Mr Drax will see Mr Bond in the drawing room, Miss Dufour.

              This way, please, sir.

              Mr Bond, sir.

              - Mr Bond. - Mr Drax.

              Let me present Countess Lubinski, Lady Victoria Devon - Mr Bond.

              How do you do?

              Well, my dear fellow, your reputation precedes you.

              I'm honoured you were sent on so delicate a mission.


              To apologise in person for the loss of my space shuttle.

              How would Oscar Wilde have put it?

              To lose one aircraft may be regarded as a misfortune.

              To lose two seems like carelessness.

              An apology will be made to the American government

              when we've discovered why the Moonraker wasn't in that wreckage.

              Your loyalty commands respect, Mr Bond.

              You have arrived at a propitious moment,

              coincident with your country's one contribution to Western civilisation.

              Afternoon tea.

              May I press you to a cucumber sandwich?

              Thank you, no. Nothing at all.

              Is the shuttle made entirely here in California?

              No, I own a number of subsidiaries worldwide, producing components.

              The conquest of space is an investment in the future of the human race, Mr Bond.

              It is therefore logical to seek out the best from each nation.

              Are you referring to people or skills?

              Both, Mr Bond.

              Am I too soon?

              Not at all. I'm sure Mr Bond is eager to start his tour.

              Miss Dufour will escort you to Dr Goodhead. Ask anything you like.

              - Thank you for being so cooperative. - A pleasure.

              Look after Mr Bond.

              See that some harm comes to him.

              You'll find Dr Goodhead first on the right.

              - Thank you for the ride. - Call on me if you need anything.

              - Good afternoon. - Can I help you?

              My name is Bond. James Bond. I'm looking for Dr Goodhead.

              You just found her.

              A woman!

              Your powers of observation do you credit, Mr Bond.

              James. To my friends.

              Holly Goodhead.

              Are you training to be an astronaut?

              I'm fully trained - on loan from NASA.

              The space administration.

              Well, Mr Bond, I guess we'd better get started.

              You don't want to lose time as well as a space shuttle, do you?

              This is it - the Moonraker.

              Capable of being launched into space

              And re-entering the atmosphere to land like any conventional aircraft.

              This is the centrifuge trainer.

              It simulates the gravity force you feel when shot into space.

              The speed is controlled from up there.

              Why not try it?

              Why not?

              Strap yourself in firmly.

              Yes, Doctor!

              Now your arms.

              That's to prevent you from knocking yourself out.

              How fast does it go?

              Up to    Gs, but that would be fatal.

              Three Gs is takeoff pressure. Most people pass out at seven.

              You'd make a great saleswoman.

              You don't have to worry. This is a "chicken switch".

              The moment the pressure gets too much, release the button and the power's cut off.

              Just like that?

              Come on! A   -year-old can take three Gs.

              Trouble is, there's never a   -year-old around when you need one.

              - Do you want me? - Mr Drax says to telephone him.

              I'll call him from my office.

              You go ahead. I'll be right back.

              The instructor will supervise the session. Enjoy yourself.

              Yes, we're taking good care of him.

              I don't know what could have happened.

              Something must have gone wrong with the controls.

              Let me help you.

              My mother gave me a list of things not to do on a first date.

              Maybe you won't need it. That's not what I came for.

              No? What do you want, then?

              Would your feelings be shattered if I were to say "information"?

              Why should I tell you anything?

              Why indeed?

              You presume a great deal, Mr Bond.

              What goes on here besides Moonraker and the astronaut programme?

              There are the laboratories, but not much is happening now.


              They were working on something very secret, but everything's been moved.

              Where to?

              I don't know.

              What about that list of your mother's?

              I never learnt to read.

              What are you doing?

              You whetted my appetite for information.

              Is there a safe in here?

              Thank you.

              James, no!

              That's amazing!

              There you are. You have a heart of gold.


              You must go.

              You go first. I'll turn off the lights.

              Thank you.

              - Take care of yourself. - And you.

              Ah, my dear Bond. This is Mademoiselle Deladier and La Signorina del Mateo.

              - Ladies. - I'll see you at lunch.

              A pity you leave us. Such good sport.

              Unless you're a pheasant.

              Oh, really, Mr Bond! Take my gun - a stray bird may fly over.

              I only stopped to thank you for your hospitality.

              Fraser will get you to the airport.

              Come now.

              - I doubt if I'm in your class. - You're too modest.

              Over there.

              You missed.

              Did I?

              As you said, such good sport.

              You called for me, Mr Drax?

              You were with Bond last night in my study. You showed him the safe.

              - I didn't. - I'm terminating your employment.

              You will leave immediately.

              Franco, I'll call you where to meet me.

              - Could I interest you in something? - I'm tempted to say yes immediately,

              but I'd better have a look around.

              Please, go anywhere you wish.

              ...were taken over by Drax Industries.

              Here we have some of the rarest examples of the glassblower's art.

              Everything was done absolutely by hand.

              Here is a vase done by Lorenzo Graziati between      and     . And over here...

              This exquisite bowl was fashioned about      over     years ago.

              If it ever came on the market it would certainly fetch in excess of $  m.

              But if any of you were thinking of taking it...

              Here we have a very early   th century dish with an aquamarine medallion.

              Over here, we have something very, very interesting.

              This glass-handled sword, the only one of its kind in the world,

              was owned by General Menotti in the late   th century...

                th century.

              Dr Goodhead!

              I hope your presence is a coincidence. I dislike being spied on.

              Don't we all?

              You're staying at the Danieli?

              - Yes. How did you know? - I like to keep abreast of things.

              May I ask what you're doing in Venice?

              Addressing the European Space Commission.

              Heady stuff!

              There again, I keep forgetting you are more than just a beautiful woman.

              If you're trying to be ingratiating, don't bother.

              I have more important things on my mind.

              That's what I'd like to talk about. Dinner this evening?

              This evening I'm giving my address.

              Then can you think of a reason for not having a drink afterwards?

              Not immediately. But I'm sure I shall.


              Play it again, Sam.

              - What the hell are you doing here? - Convalescing.

              Your friend Chang just tried to kill me.

              - You think "I" had something to do with it? - It had flashed across my mind.

              - What's Drax up to in that laboratory? - Why don't you ask him yourself?

              - You're leaving me your phone number? - I don't see the point.

              Ah, now I do.

              Not what I want to get stuck with tonight.

              James, why don't you pour yourself a drink?

              Thank you.

              Daily diary.

              Fairly deadly diary.

              Bollinger! If it's '   you were expecting me.

              A trifle overpowering, your scent.

              Standard CIA equipment - and they placed you with Drax. Correct?

              - Very astute of you. - Not really. I have friends in low places.

              Could this possibly be the moment for us to pool our resources?

              It could have its compensations.

              Where are you planning on going from here?

              I'm not planning on going anywhere.

              I suppose you're right, Holly. We would be better off working together.

              - Détente? - Agreed.

              - Understanding? - Possibly.

              - Cooperation? - Maybe.

              - Trust? - Out of the question.

              Send the night porter up for my bags immediately, please.

              I hope you know what you're doing, Bond. I've played bridge with Drax.

                  doesn't usually push the panic button unless it's something serious.

              You've covered everything with our Italian friends?

              Yes, sir.

              - Is this it? - Yes, sir.

              - Gas masks? - We can't afford to take any chances.

              Frederick Gray, what a surprise!

              And in distinguished company, all wearing gas masks!

              You must excuse me.

              Not being English, I sometimes find your sense of humour difficult to follow.

              On behalf of the British government, I apologise.

              I think you owe us an explanation,    .

              I've never been so humiliated in my life.

              Your man should be taken off the assignment. I'll see you at the consulate.

              I'll have to do what he says.

              Before you do that sir, have Q do an analysis of this.

              I took it from the laboratory. Tell him to exercise caution. It is lethal.

              So there "was" a laboratory.

              You'd better take two weeks' leave of absence.

              - Any thoughts on where you might go? - I've always had a hankering to go to Rio.

              I think I can recall your mentioning it.    ...

              No slip-ups - or we're both in trouble.

              A minor crisis has been averted.

              No, nothing serious, but all merchandise is to be rerouted as from today.

              Now, regarding a replacement for Chang. You have someone in mind?

              Oh yes, well. If you can get him, of course...

               y:i Flight BA    to Rio de Janeiro  y:i now boarding at Gate  .

              Welcome to Rio, Mr Bond.

              The President's Suite.

              Really? Don't bother showing me the rest. If I get lost I'll take a cab.

              - Do you come with the suite? - It depends who's renting it.

              Vodka martini, shaken not stirred.

              - Why were you following me? - I was trying to meet you.

              I'm Manuela. I work for Station VH. We have been asked to assist you.

              M thinks of everything.

              Tell me, do the initials C and W mean anything to you?

              C and W... yes. Carlos and Wilmsberg. They are very big importers in Rio.

              A subsidiary of the Drax Group, I believe.

              They have a warehouse on Carioca Avenue.

              I'd like to pay it a discreet visit tonight.

              Tonight? I think you may find that a little difficult.

              Difficult or not, it's something we have to do.

              Meanwhile, how do you kill five hours in Rio if you don't samba?

              There's the warehouse.

              And not a soul about.

              - I think there's a way round the back. - Good thinking.

              This is it.

              Don't talk to any strange men. I'll be back.

              Are you all right?

              Yes. But I'd rather dance with you.

              I did tell you not to talk to any strange men.

              Did you find anything in there?

              Only this.

              "Drax Air Freight."

              - Know which airport they operate from? - São Pedro. Shall I take you there?

              No, I think you need some rest.

              Come on.

              Haven't we met before somewhere?

              The face is familiar.

              As is the manner.

              - It's become chilly since Venice. - That was before you walked out on me.

              Nearly tripping over your suitcase on the way out.


              So why waste time working against each other?

              I've checked Drax's warehouse. It's empty.

              No surprise. Since I arrived those planes have been taking off every two hours.

              - Yes, he's moving out. - Where to?

              That's what we're going to find out - now that we're working together.

              I still don't know if I trust you.

              I don't know if I trust you either.

              That's what makes it more exciting.

              What's wrong?

              I don't know - but I'm sure we're better off out than in.

              Bring that chain.

              - Hang on, James. - The thought had occurred to me.

              - I might have guessed. - Do you know him?

              Not socially. His name's Jaws. He kills people.

              Here, give me the chain!

              Come on, hang on to me.


                Have you broken something?

                Only my tailor's heart.

                - What was that for? - For saving my life.

                Remind me to do it more often.

                Thank you, but we're in great shape.

                Sorry about that.

                James! You look as though you've fallen off a mountain.

                Funny you should say that. As a matter of fact, I was in a cable car and...

                - Never mind. - The other courtyard.

                Ah, there you are,    .

                Balls, Q?

                Bolas,    .

                - Good. Have that ready for army day. - Yes, sir.

                - Where's M? - In the office.

                This way.

                - Good morning,    . - Morning, sir.

                - You're just in time. Sit down. - Thank you, sir.

                - Q's come up with something. - Splendid. Any news of Dr Goodhead?

                'Fraid not. Right, Q.

                It's a breakdown on that phial of liquid you picked up in Venice.

                - You seem to be right,    . - Thank you!

                It's a highly toxic nerve gas that has no effect on animals.

                May I see the formula?

                It's a chemical formula of a plant.

                 y:i Orchidae nigra. A very rare orchid indeed.

                Thought to be extinct - until a missionary brought one back from the Amazoco.

                Actually he brought it back from the River Tapirapé.

                Well done, James. You'd better get up there and fast.

                And I've got something to get him there. If     can be trusted to look after it.

                Mr Bond, you defy all my attempts to plan an amusing death for you.

                You're no sportsman. Why did you break off the encounter with my pet python?

                I discovered he had a crush on me.


                 y:i Moonraker   on preset  y:i launch programme minus two minutes.

                 y:i - Retract crew access arm.  y:i - CAA retracted

                 y:i - Transfer orbital power.  y:i - Internal power transferred.

                 y:i - Activate hydraulics.  y:i - Hydraulics activated.

                 y:i - Activate auxiliary power unit.  y:i - APU activated.

                 y:i - LH  replenish.  y:i - Status confirmed.

                 y:i - Pressurise helium tanks.  y:i - Helium flight pressure confirmed.

                What exactly are you up to here, Drax?

                - And why the orchids? - The curse of a civilisation.

                Neither war nor pestilence wiped out the race who built the city lying around us.

                It was their reverence for this lovely flower.

                Because long-term exposure to its pollen caused sterility?

                Correct, Mr Bond.

                As you have discovered, I have improved upon sterility.

                Those same seeds now yield death.

                Not, of course, to animals or plant life. One must preserve the balance of nature.

                Moonraker launch programme now commencing.

                 y:i Minus    seconds.

                 y:i - SRB, you will profile.  y:i - Activated.

                 y:i - Cooling pumps?  y:i - On.

                Moonraker   lift off.

                 y:i We have lift off.

                 y:i Moonraker   T minus   ...

                 y:i ...        ...

                 y:i ...      ...

                 y:i ...    .

                 y:i - Main engine start. - Moonraker   lift off.

                 y:i - Moonraker  .  y:i - Moonraker   lift off.

                 y:i - Moonraker   confirm PB.  y:i - PB confirmed.

                 y:i - Moonraker   launch programme.  y:i - Moonraker   lift off.

                 y:i Moonraker   SRB jettisoned?

                 y:i We have separation. Confirmed.

                 y:i Moonraker   confirm programme.

                Moonraker   on preset launch programme minus   .

                Drax. One more thing.

                You delivered a shuttle to the US government, then you hijacked it. Why?

                Because I needed it.

                One of my own Moonrakers developed a fault during assembly.

                Now, you have distracted me enough.

                Jaws, Mr Bond must be cold after his swim.

                Place him where he can be assured of warmth.

                 y:i Moonraker   go for orbit.

                 y:i SRB jettison.

                 y:i Moonraker   ready for launch.


                Thank God you're safe.

                 y:i Moonraker   transfer orbital power.

                 y:i Hydraulics activated.

                 y:i - Activate auxiliary power unit.  y:i - APU activated.

                 y:i LH  replenish.

                Even in death my munificence is boundless.

                When this rocket lifts off I will be leaving you in your own private crematorium.

                Mr Bond, Dr Goodhead, I bid you farewell.

                 y:i Pad EPS, power on.

                Come on. The air vent!

                 y:i Moonraker   reset.

                 y:i - External LH  pressure?  y:i - Confirmed.

                 y:i - Retract crew access arm.  y:i - CAA retracted.

                Get back, quick!

                 y:i T minus    seconds.

                 y:i ... six, five...

                Bang on time.

                Come on, quick!

                Straight on!

                 y:i Moonraker   astro-technicians,  y:i prepare to embark.

                 y:i I repeat, Moonraker    y:i astro-technicians, prepare to embark.

                 y:i - Moonraker   crew.  y:i - All systems go.

                 y:i Moonraker   start launch sequence.

                 y:i We have separation.

                 y:i Moonraker   ground crew stand down.

                We're going the wrong way.

                 y:i Moonraker    y:i preset launch programme completed.

                 y:i Pilots proceed from base to launch area.

                 y:i Shuttle go.

                 y:i Boosters go.

                 y:i Launch pad go.

                 y:i - External LO  pressure?  y:i - Confirmed,    psia.

                 y:i - External LH  pressure?  y:i - Confirmed,   .  psia.

                 y:i CAA retracted.

                 y:i Moonraker   cleared for launch.  y:i T minus    seconds.

                 y:i    ...

                 y:i ...      ...

                 y:i ...      ...

                 y:i ...   go.

                It's all right. We're on a prearranged flight programme.

                That's Drax in Moonraker  .

                - What about the others? - I don't know. Let's see.

                We're on parallel courses. We must be headed for a rendezvous in orbit.

                Let's see what cargo we have.

                The animals went in two by two.

                What do you mean by that?

                Noah's Ark. This operation.

                We're converging.

                - Control rockets? - Yes, we're slowing down.

                What's that?

                There's no image on the radar scanner.

                An entire city in space...

                ...and still nothing on the radar scanner.

                - So nobody on Earth knows it's there. - Right.

                Drax must have a radar-jamming system.

                 y:i All Moonrakers prepare to dock  y:i and continue radio silence.

                 y:i Moonraker   you are now in manual.  y:i Initiate docking sequence.

                 y:i All shuttles now docked.  y:i Execute station activation procedure.

                Gravity, normal conditions. Life-support system, nominal.

                 y:i Moonraker   technicians,  y:i commence operational sequence.

                 y:i - Check airlock seals.  y:i - ALS secure.

                 y:i All personnel to command satellite.

                 y:i All personnel to command satellite.

                 y:i All crews to M  segment.

                 y:i Moonraker   technicians to M  segment.  y:i Moonraker   and   to M  segment.

                 y:i Moonraker   and   to M  segment.  y:i Moonraker   to M  segment.

                 y:i Units   and   man console as planned.

                 y:i Assume preassigned stations.

                 y:i - Pressure on line?  y:i - Confirmed.

                 y:i - Life support?  y:i - Normal.

                Those are the globes I saw in Venice with the nerve gas phials inside.

                First there was a dream. Now there is reality.

                Here in the untainted cradle of the heavens

                will be created a new super-race,

                a race of perfect physical specimens.

                You have been selected as its progenitors - like gods.

                Your offspring will return to Earth and shape it in their image.

                You have all served in humble capacities in my terrestrial empire.

                Your seed, like yourselves,

                will pay deference to the ultimate dynasty which I alone have created.

                From their first day on Earth they will be able to look up

                and know that there is law and order in the heavens.

                 y:i All units: Start Operation Orchid.

                If we were visible from Earth, they'd investigate.

                Where do you suppose that radar-jamming system is?

                We didn't pass anything on the way here, so let's try this way.

                 y:i Station   check coordinates, mode  .

                Orbital communicator, level   . Zero gravity.

                This is it - the radar-jamming system.

                 y:i Coordinate conversion programme.


                 y:i - Side lobe gain. - Check.

                 y:i - Spectral response. - Check.

                 y:i - Spin stabiliser correction factor. - OK.

                 y:i Gigahertz reflector efficiency.

                 y:i Solar photon screen.

                Where did you learn to fight like that? NASA?

                No, Vassar.

                - Switched off? - Permanently. Now Earth can spot us.

                This doesn't look good at all.

                It's over     metres in diameter.

                Yes, yes.

                Please listen, General Gogol. We didn't put it there.

                Neither did we, Colonel Scott. So what are you suggesting?

                We've acted already. We're sending up a vehicle to intercept.

                Very well, but if we don't hear from you in the next    hours

                we'll take action and hold you responsible for the consequences.

                We'll be in touch, General.

                - Sorry to have woken you. - I was already awake.

                How can I sleep? Nothing but problems.

                Problems, problems.

                 y:i Astronauts to launch pad.

                Launch pre-programme complete, sir.

                Launch globe number one.

                TDRSS reports a launch, sir.

                Continental USA. Vandenberg.

                There are no launches scheduled.

                Check radar-jamming system.


                Jamming power supply and backup have failed, sir.

                - Investigate immediately.  y:i - Investigate number    immediately.

                James Bond.

                You appear with the tedious inevitability of an unloved season.

                I didn't think there were any in space.

                As far as you're concerned, only winter.

                And the treacherous Dr Goodhead.

                Despite your efforts, my finely wrought dream approaches fulfilment.

                Your dream, whatever sort of nightmare it is, hasn't a chance.

                You think not? We shall see.

                We're coming up to second launch position.

                Launch globe number two.

                No doubt you have realised the splendour of my conception.

                First, a necklace of death about the Earth.

                   globes, each releasing its nerve gas over a designated area,

                each capable of killing     million people.

                And the human race as you know it will cease to exist.

                Then a rebirth, a new world.

                US spacecraft on course to intercept us.

                Activate laser. Prepare to destroy spacecraft.

                You see, my dear Bond, we're well able to protect ourselves against all enemies.

                Allow me to introduce you to the airlock chamber.

                Observe, Mr Bond, your route from this world to the next.

                Dr Goodhead, your desire to be America's first woman in space will soon be fulfilled.

                Leaving you on your flying stud farm, conceiving your new master race?

                If you like, yes.

                And anyone not measuring up to your physical standards will be exterminated?



                Most interesting.


                expel them.

                Jaws! You obey me!

                Expel them!

                Hold them!

                US spacecraft, three minutes to intercept.

                Stand by to laser it.

                 y:i Initiate firing sequence.

                 y:i US spacecraft in laser range.

                 y:i Range   .

                 y:i Range   .

                 y:i Prepare to fire.

                 y:i        ...

                It's stopped rotating.

                Open the cargo doors.

                Number one platoon, EVA.

                Let's try docking.

                Take the first landing!

                - Intruders have docked at satellite  . - Double the guard at every entrance.

                Report intruders' progress throughout the station.

                - Number   globe ready for launching. - Proceed!

                 y:i Intruders attacking command module.

                 y:i All units shoot to kill.

                - Don't shoot! - Hold your fire.

                 y:i Corridor   penetrated. Intruders  y:i advancing on command satellite.

                 y:i Maintenance crew needed, section  .

                At least I shall have the pleasure of putting you out of my misery.

                Desolated, Mr Bond.

                Heartbroken, Mr Drax.

                Allow me.

                Take a giant step for mankind.

                - Where's Drax? - He had to fly.

                - How's Scott doing? - He put the globe launchers out of action.

                When the station breaks up, they'll disintegrate. They're harmless.

                - But the three launched will kill millions. - Those must be destroyed.

                Come on!

                Colonel, get your men off! Your mission is completed.

                Sergeant, round up your men!

                Back to the shuttle, everybody!

                Moonraker   - that's the answer. Its laser can track those globes and destroy them.

                It's hopeless. The corridor's blocked. They can't get to us.

                All right, let's go.

                Docking release is jammed.

                Release the door lock. I'll see if I can operate it manually.

                It's jammed too.

                Well, here's to us.

                Jaws, we can't disengage - the release system is jammed. Can you help us?

                We're free.

                Don't worry, they'll make it. It's only     miles to Earth.

                Let's get a read-out on those globes.

                I have the three globes on the screen. We should have a visual in a minute.

                There it is.

                The laser's on automatic. Code     set.

                One down, two to go.

                Number two straight ahead.

                - What is it? - We're skipping on Earth's atmosphere.

                In range.

                We should see the last one soon.

                There it is.

                - It's getting hot. - I'm coming in steep to get the last globe.

                I can't hold this course much longer. We'll break up at        feet.

                A few seconds more.

                Automatic firing system negative. Must be the heat.

                Switching to manual.

                Controls aren't responding.

                - The wings are beginning to glow. - Just hold her steady.


                It's entering Earth's atmosphere! James, this is our last chance.


                Colonel Scott reports picking up two survivors -

                a tall man and a short blonde woman.

                Right. OK.

                Dr Goodhead reported their position.

                They're coming into range of our Pacific tracking ship.

                We'll have audiovisual within minutes from on-board monitors.

                 y:i Houston calling Dr Goodhead.  y:i Houston calling. Confirm your position.

                 y:i As this is the first joint venture  y:i between our two countries,

                I'm patching it to the White House and Buckingham Palace.

                I'm sure Her Majesty will be fascinated!

                - We have audiovisual. - Ah, at last!


                My God! What's Bond doing?

                I think he's attempting re-entry, sir.

                - James? - I think it may be time to go home.

                Take me round the world one more time.

                Why not?




Special help by SergeiK