Mortal Kombat Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Mortal Kombat script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the movie based on the video game.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Mortal Kombat. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Mortal Kombat Script

            MORTAL KOMBAT

            Your brother's soul is mine.


            You will be next.


            "Liu Kang - Brother Dead. Return home. Grandfather"

            Let's go.

            ls the perimeter secured?

            - Yes! - Better be, l want Kano.

            - Trust me. - l trust   person. You talk to her.

            Good boy.

            She's here.

            Right on time.

            l love punctuality in a woman...

            don't you...

            Mr. Shang Tsung?

            Now, you're sure she'll follow me?

            You killed her partner, didn't you?

            She'll follow you into hell.

            Just make sure she's on that boat.

            Sonya Blade must be at the tournament.

            Me and Sonya should share a cabin.

            Have our own little honeymoon cruise.

            lf you so much as touch her, Kano...

            you'll need a seeing eye dog.

            Where's Kano?

            Where is he?

            Let's dance.

            This is where you fall down.

            Where do you get these guys?

            The press says l don't know how to do this stuff?

            - Cut. Reset. Back in   . - l won't do it again.

            - What do you mean? - l won't.

            - lt's the last shot! Where you going? - To my trailer.

            Then l'll shoot myself for being in your movie.

            Kill me. l'll be back directing traffic.

            Don't leave me hanging up here. You're killing me!

            l love you. l need you.

            Excuse me,

            there's someone who wants to speak to you.

            - Who is it? - l don't really know.

            - You don't know who's on the set? - No, of course not. l...

            - lt had better not be a reporter. - Oh God, no.

             You want me to find out?

              Oh, great.

              Mister, you're in my chair.

              "Johnny Cage A Fake!"

              Hi, Johnny.

              Master Boyd.

              The press is still giving you a hard time.

              Yeah, they think l'm a fake.

              You're one of the best martial artists in the world...

              and l can help you prove it.

              Prove it? How?

              A tournament.

              The tournament.

              lt's held once a generation.

              The world's best fighters are invited.

              You win the tournament, you win their respect.

              They'll tell the entire world you're the real goods.

              - So how do l...? - There's a boat.

              Leaves pier forty...

              Hong Kong, tomorrow.

              Be on it.

              "The Temple of Light, China"


              ls this the place?


              This is where we found his body.

              What happened?

              After you left for America...

              he followed in your footsteps.

              Preparing for the tournament.

              Grandfather ... it wasn't enough to fill my head with that nonsense?

              To save the world is not nonsense.

              Men fighting in a simple contest don't decide these things.

              How can a wise man believe this?

              We all believe in it...

              including your brother.

              Liu Kang has been given the dream.

              He is the Chosen One.

              No. He left our temple. Turned his back on us.

              Why have you come back?

              l want to represent the Order of Light at the Tournament.

              For what reason?

              My brother's killer will be there.

              That cannot be your only reason for going...

              or you will fail.

              Oh yes, l forgot.

              We're fighting for the fate of the world.

              That's why you left the temple...

              and ran away, isn't it?

              The Great Tournament was too much responsibility.

              But vengeance...

              that's so much simpler.

              Lord Rayden.

              You're still running away from your destiny.


              Grandfather, get up.

              This isn't your God of Thunder.

              - He's a beggar. - Spare him, my Lord Rayden.

              American life has enfeebled his mind.

              Too much television.

              So, you're going to win the tournament?

              - Yes, l am. - Show me how.

              Oh, don't tell me you're afraid...

              of a simple beggar?

              lf you are Rayden...

              why did you let Chan die?

              - Why didn't you protect him? - Why didn't you?

              l've had enough of this.

              l'll find my brother's killer at the tournament.

              With or without your consent.

              He isn't ready, my Lord...

              and we lost so much time.

              l know.

              But there is no one else.

              "Chai Wan Bay, Hong Kong"

              Ah, give me a break.

              "Johnny Cage Fake!"

              - Sure.

              Aren't you Art Lean?

              l saw you fight in London, you're great.

              Thanks. l saw some of your films. You can't fake those moves.

              Yeah, well, tell that to the press.

              Pal, when the ship comes in...

              could you put these on board?

              You want me to carry your luggage?

              l pay money. You carry bags.

              - Or is that too complicated? - No.

              l got it.


              Thank God l didn't ask him to park the car.

              Nothing says that creep at the club wasn't lying.

              Kano could be      miles from here by now.

              What is that?

              You must be kidding me.


              That's it, Blade...

              come to Papa.

              Sonya, don't get on that thing.

              Hey, Sonya!

              Hey, you.

              Alright, tough guy, you want to get...


              No. Do you?

              l'm Johnny Cage. And you are?

              Where's Kano?

              l don't know who you're talking about.

              But l can help you find him.

              Out of my way.

              Just another starstruck fan, huh?

              l'm honored to finally meet you.

              Shang Tsung at your service.

              l'm looking for a murderer. He boarded this ship.

              l'm impressed.

              But it is my boat, and if you'd like a tour...

              l'd love to give it to you myself.

              Be nice to the lady.

              She's doing her job.

              When l want back-up l'll radio for it.

              Got that radio handy?

              Scorpion and Sub-Zero.

              The deadliest of enemies...

              but slaves under my power.

              Move aside.

              - Enough. - Lord Rayden.

              How good of you to grace us with your...


              Your sideshow freaks attacked my fighters.

              That is expressly forbidden before the tournament...

              as your emperor well knows.

              My sincere apologies.

              lt won't happen again, l promise you.

              - l shall see to that. - Of course.

              Until we reach the island...

              where you have no dominion.

              My dominions are well known to me, sorcerer.

              - Thank you. - What tournament?

              You've been chosen, Sonya.

              Much to my delight.

              You really are Rayden.

              Come with me.

                guy with things coming out of his hand,   who freezes stuff...

              and   man who seems to be made out of electricity.

              How did he disappear? What's going on? Who is he?

              Let's think this through.

              There is a rational explanation.

              He's Rayden, God of Lightening and Protector of the Realm of Earth.

              - Great. - There's your rational explanation.


              What you're about to face is...

              vastly more important than...

              your ego...

              your enemy...

              or your quest for revenge. You have embarked...

              on a sacred mission.

              You have been chosen to defend the Realm of Earth...

              in a tournament called Mortal Kombat.

              Defend it from who?

              Your world is but one of many realms.

              One of them is a forsaken land called Outworld...

              ruled by an immortal who has crowned himself emperor.

              Now he seeks a new world to conquer and enslave.

              Now, wait a second.

              lf this guy is so powerful...

              why doesn't he invade us?

              To enter the Realm of Earth

              the Emperor's demon sorcerer, Shang Tsung...

              and his warriors must win    straight victories in Mortal Kombat.

              They have won nine.

              This will be the tenth.

              A handful of people on a leaky boat are going to save the world?


              The essence of Mortal Kombat...

              is not about death...

              but life.

              Mortal men and women...

              defending your own world.

              Why are you telling me this?

              What about the others?

              They are all great fighters...

              but l have looked into their souls...

              and yours.

              One of you will decide the outcome of the tournament.

              The fate...

              of billions will depend upon you.


              What about Shang Tsung?

              Oh, still concerned only with vengeance?

              lf you challenge Shang Tsung now...

              you'll lose your life and your soul.

              He'll pay for my brother's death.

              You're not ready.


              lt has begun.

              lt has begun.

              Black Hawk to Cardinal.

              Black Hawk calling Cardinal. ls anybody monitoring?

              Jaxx, this is Sonya. Do you copy?

              While you're at it, call my agent.

              Do l look like your secretary?

              What are you doing?

              The electrical disturbance blew out the transistors.

              Your radio equipment's fine.

              Look at your compass.

              Where the hell are we?

              - Do l look like your travel agent? - Fine.


              l give up.

              What's going on?

              l don't know.

              But what if all the legends were true?

              What legends?

              Do you need help with those?

              Ah, no more steps.

              Great! Can't wait to see the bathrooms.

              You know?

              When a woman looks at you like that...

              it usually means something.

              Princess Kitana.

              She's our most dangerous adversary.

              Watch her carefully, Reptile.

              Keep her away from these humans.


              You're here to compete in...

              Mortal Kombat.

              Tomorrow morning the great combat begins.

              Some will have the distinct honor...

              and pleasure...

              to face Prince Goro...

              our reigning champion.

              You are witnesses to a great turning point in the history...

              of your planet.

              Treasure these moments...

              as if they were your last.

              Now, for a taste of things to come...

              Flawless victory.

              "Come to a little tournament," he said. "Be good for the career," he said.

              Yeah, right.


              - Where are you going? - After Shang Tsung.

              You can't go after him. Remember what Rayden said?

              He didn't say anything to me. He knows where Kano's hiding.

              You know, you've got to admire her.

              When she sets her mind on something...

              lt's not her mind you're admiring.


              How many times must l tell you? l don't need your help.

              l can take care of myself.

              We can't help it. lt's a guy thing.

              - Where are you going? - l'm following him.

              - l work alone. - No, Shang Tsung is mine.

              Let's forget about Shang.

              Forget about him?

              l want to get to the bottom of this.

              Are you out of your mind?


              You go ahead. Find out what that was.

              Liu and l'll wait right here.


              See, me... l believe in a fair fight.

              You know, one-on-one, man-to-man...

              hand to hand. Like my daddy taught me.

              But what l just saw wasn't very fair.

              That's Kano.

              Forget about Kano.

              Who's the other guy?

              Then he freezes this guy, right?

              And then he explodes. l could see his guts and everything.

              Almost lost my lunch.


              What l want to know... if this Shang Tsung guy's so great...

              how come he's got such a crummy looking boat?

              Well, anyway, guy gives me the creeps.

              "Treasure these moments".

              That was his intention.

              Shang Tsung is a great sorcerer.

              The wise cultivate his favor.

              Those who challenge his power...

              become his slaves.


              l haven't seen any of them around.

              You fool!

              You know nothing.

              He enslaves souls.

              He learned the black arts from the Emperor himself.

              You're some kind of royalty too...

              - right? - l am Goro!

              general of the armies of Outworld and prince...

              of the subterranean realm of Shokan.


              What's that, something like underground?

              Yes, something like...


              l'm kind of an underworld boss.

              Well... l mean, back home.

              How lucky for them...

              "back home".

              lt's true...

              Prince Goro.

              Why else would l have chosen such a disreputable looking cretin?

              Look at him.

              No dignity...

              no manners.

              Yet in the realm of Earth...

              such men can amass great wealth...

              and almost godlike power.

              l'd get back to my amassing as soon as possible, if you don't mind.

              Now, when do l get paid?

              After you've fought the girl. But remember...

              she's not to be harmed, only humiliated.

              l have plans for my beautiful Sonya.

              To what do we owe the honor of your visit, Shang Tsung?

              To warn you Kung Lao's descendant is competing in the tournament.

              - Handle him carefully. - l saw this Liu Kang in the hall.

              He'll pose no problem.

              This is no time for foolish pride.

              We've never been so close to victory.

              Which is why l've come to warn you of another danger.

              Princess Kitana.

              The Emperor's adopted daughter?

              Why should l worry about her?

              Princess Kitana is       years old...

              and the rightful heir to the throne of Outworld.

              She must not join the forces from the Realm of Earth...

              especially Liu Kang.

              What's so special about you?

              l don't know.

              The Emperor will not tolerate failure...

              and neither will l.

              l do not fail.

              Let's get out of here.

              What? What is it?

              We are not alone.

              Wait a second, l don't remember this.


              That has to be Princess Kitana.

              She's trying to help us.

              - You're hard up for a date. - Come on.

              Forget her. She's       years old.

              - So what? - Liu?

              - What happened? - There's something here.

              lt's following Princess Kitana.

              Where is she?

              l don't know.

              - Where are we going? - l know exactly where we're going.

              Kitana went this way.

              l can smell her perfume.

              l don't smell anything.

              l smell something.


              We got company.

              Just the way l like them.

              Dumb and ugly.

              - Piece of cake. - Piece of cake, huh?

              - Well, it was easy for me. - Get over yourself.

              What is it with you guys?

              We're standing... they're not.

              What more do you want?

              Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.

              So, why don't you show me what you plan to do about...


              l don't think so.

              You'll find that this is the way out.

              You guys are lucky he stopped us.

              - So, you've seen what you'll face? - You mean Goro?

              - And Shang Tsung. - Will he fight in the tournament?

              lf he chooses to.

              As a former champion he has the right to do so.

              And he's far more dangerous than Goro.

              His power comes from the souls of vanquished warriors.

              To fight Shang Tsung...

              is to face not one...

              but a legion of adversaries.

              Remember that.

              Tomorrow the tournament begins.

              Be prepared.

              From this moment on...

              my island will be your battleground.

              Liu Kang!

              You will be first.

              Let Mortal Kombat begin.

              - Let's go! - Yes!

              Your soul is mine.


              Sonya Blade!

              l have something for you, my dear.

              l don't want anything from you.

              On the contrary.

              l have something you want very much.

              You can thank me later.

              Hello, baby.

              Did you miss me?

              Now look at this.

              This little baby brings back memories, doesn't it?

              You used it to knife your mother in the back?

              lt put a big smile on your partner, though. Ear...

              to ear...

              Give it up. l've studied all your moves.

              Study this.

              Does it hurt, baby?

              Right. Finish him.

              No, Sonya. Don't!

              - Give me a break! - Okay.

              Get over here!

              Come here!


              Get down here!

              "To my Greatest Fan Johnny Cage"


              Fight with all of your heart or there is no hope.

              Why do you care if l win?

              To win your next match, use the element which brings life.



              Remember my words.

              That's enough!

              You disappoint me.

              Not very wise.

              Use the element which brings life.


              ls it time?


              We've let these humans win enough.

              At last.

              What the...?

              Yeah, that's it! ln and out!

              Come on. You can do it!

              Move! Use your feet.

              Kick him!

              Come on, Art. Get up!

              Get out!

              Finish him.

              Get out!

              Goro! Goro!

              Yes! Goro!

              Finish him!

              Time to die.

              Finish him.

              Flawless victory.

              Your soul is mine!

              We can't win!

              How can we possibly beat something like that?

              Good question.

              Goro can be killed.

              Shang Tsung's power can be destroyed by mortal men and women.

              You can overcome any adversary...

              no matter how bizarre their powers may seem.

              There is always a way.

              Only one thing can defeat you:

              Your own fear.

              So, who says we're afraid?

              You must first face your fears...

              if you are to conquer them.

              You, Johnny, are afraid you're a fake...

              so you'll rush into any fight just to prove you're not.

              You'll fight...

              bravely enough...

              but foolishly...


              and you'll be beaten.

              You, Sonya...

              are afraid to admit even you sometimes need help.

              lf you are afraid to trust...

              you will lose.



              What about me?

              Oh, you.

              You fear your own destiny.

              You already fled once when you went to America, so...

              you're guilty about Chan's death.

              l am responsible for Chan's death.

              Every mortal is responsible for his own destiny.

              Chan believed this. Why can't you?

              l tried.

              Despair is the most dangerous fear.

              l know this...

              and so does Shang Tsung.

              He can peer into your soul...

              and use the fear he sees against you.

              You must be prepared.


              You will be next.

              Goro's never been beaten.

              You go up against him, he'll kill you.

              lf l don't...

              then he'll finish us off one at a time.

              lf l challenge him now...

              l can finish this.

              You're making this sound simple and it isn't.

              Yeah, it is.

              'Cause l can't let what happened to Art happen to you.

              Not to you.

              Oh, don't you dare do this to protect me, Johnny Cage.

              Trust me. l've a plan.

              l don't believe this! You are the most egotistical...

              self-deluded person l have ever met.

              You forgot "good looking."

              Challenging Goro, eh?

              You weren't supposed to fight him now.

              Are you that eager to die?

              l'm not the one who'll die.

              l see.

              You're very foolish.

              The true sign of a hero.

              You want to protect your friends.

              But make no mistake.

              They too will die...

              after Goro destroys you.

              So what's the problem?

              As you wish.

              As absurd as your request is, l shall grant it.

              ln return l reserve the right to challenge the winner myself.

              Or another of my choosing.

              ln a place designated by me for the final battle...

              of the tournament.

              - You got it, pal. - l don't think so.

              Too late, Lord Rayden.

              The rules are quite clear.

              lt's... How do you say?

              "A deal's a deal."

              What have you done?

              l made a choice.

              This is our tournament, remember?

              Mortal Kombat.

              We fight it.


              At last one of them has understood.

              Goro! Goro!

              Finish him quickly.

              Pay me my tribute.

              This puny mortal will be no problem.

              l'll crush him in one blow.


              Let's dance.

              Yes! Sorry.

              You imbecile.

              Damn, that hurt.

              Follow him.

              Finish him.

              - Yes! Yes! - Goro! Goro!

              Finish him! Finish him!

              Those were $    sunglasses, asshole.

              This is where you fall down.

              Let me go!


               l hereby exercise my right to challenge.

                l challenge her.

                You're a coward, sorcerer.

                Stand and fight.

                We had a deal, remember?

                Mortal Kombat continues. l'm simply...

                changing the place...

                as we agreed.

                - Sonya! - Wait!

                - Where's he taken her? - To the Emperor's castle...

                in the wastelands of Outworld, where l cannot follow.

                We can.

                Rayden...Can Sonya beat Shang Tsung?

                l'm sorry.

                - You're sorry. - There is one last rule.

                Neglected to mention it.

                She must accept the challenge or there'll be no final combat.

                l have nothing further to teach you, Liu Kang.

                You possess the knowledge.

                All that is lacking now is the will.

                You sure you don't want to go?

                ln Outworld, if you look hard enough...

                you will find another guide.

                Good luck.

                They'll need it.

                This is not good.

                But l'm fine.

                l can deal with this.

                So... this is Outworld.

                l can see why they want a change of scenery.

                We should head for that tower.

                He'd have taken Sonya there.

                l hate this place.

                l do. l'm telling you l hate it.

                A hostile environment, l'm unprepared...

                with people who want to kick my ass.

                lt's like being back in high school!

                What's that?



                There's something else.

                Oh, great.

                What are you doing?

                What are you doing?


                Oh no, you don't.

                Well done.

                You're finally learning, Liu Kang.


                Come with me.

                What happened here?

                The same thing that will happen to your world...

                unless you prevent it.

                My father was the rightful ruler of Outworld

                Then his best warriors lost ten Mortal Kombats...

                and the Emperor entered the Realm...

                killed my parents and adopted me...

                to lay claim to the throne.

                but it was beautiful once...

                before Shang Tsung engineered its destruction.

                How can l stop this from happening in my world?

                lf l did not believe in you...

                l would not have helped you.

                ln the Black Tower you will face three challenges.

                You must face your enemy. You must face yourself.

                And you must face your worst fear.

                l will not fight you, Shang Tsung.

                l am not playing your game.

                My sweet Sonya.

                There's no one else.

                lf you don't fight...

                the Realm of Earth will forfeit the Tournament...

                and its portals will open...

                to our great Emperor.

                You're lying.

                My friends will come for me.

                Hoping against hope.

                Such an endearing human trait. l'm touched. Really.

                One last chance, Sonya.

                Fight me in Mortal Kombat.

                Go to hell.

                Take her away.

                The Emperor will be overjoyed.

                My friends will come.

                They're already here.

                - Seize them. - Stay where you are.

                Will you dare interfere with the tournament...

                and betray our Emperor?

                ln his great wisdom, he knows that Mortal Kombat...

                cannot be won by treachery.

                How dare you speak to me of treachery?

                Your ignorance will lose forever...

                the keys to the Realm of Earth.

                Very well.

                l challenge you.

                You'll fight me.

                l am Liu Kang...

                descendant of Kung Lao.

                l challenge you to Mortal Kombat.

                Do you accept or yield?

                l accept.

                Leave us.

                l will take care..

                of this impudent mortal myself.

                Nice dress.

                You fool.

                What's that noise?

                The source of all Shang Tsung's power.

                The souls of      dead warriors.

                Face your enemy.

                ls that all you've got, sorcerer?

                Liu Kang!

                l can see into your soul.

                You will die.

                Face yourself.

                You can look into my soul...

                but you don't own it.

                Face your worst fear.

                l'm not afraid of my destiny.

                Face me.



                lt can't be you.

                Rayden sent me.

                To help you.

                You're not really Chan.

                Remember when our parents died?

                You promised you'd always take care of me?

                l remember.

                lt's my turn to take care of you.

                Come with me.

                l forgive you for letting me die.

                lt wasn't my fault.

                - Brother. - No.

                Chan chose his own path.

                Every man is responsible for his own destiny.

                Shang Tsung killed my brother.

                You're mine.

                The Chosen One.

                l am The Chosen One.

                You hear your slaves, sorcerer?

                You have lost your power over them. They have risen up against you.

                Free them.

                They are mine forever.

                All those souls, and you don't have your own.

                l pity you, sorcerer.

                Save your pity for the weak.



                Flawless victory.

                l knew you'd come.


                One day...

                we will be reunited...

                but until then my spirit will always be with you.

                Go in peace, my brother.

                Let's go home..

                l've been waiting for you.

                What took you so long?

                l guess you knew it would end this way.

                Didn't have a clue.

                You humans are so unpredictable.

                l must tell you something... you guys did great.

                - Bow to me! - What is it?

                The Emperor.

                You weak, pathetic fools. l've come for your souls.

                l don't think so.


                Flawless victory!



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