Mortal Thoughts Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Mortal Thoughts script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the movie starring Demi Moore and Bruce Willis.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Mortal Thoughts. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Mortal Thoughts Script

            Why don't you take my seat, Mrs. Kellogg.

            - Right here? - Yes.

            If it's too cold for you, we'll close the window.

            No, it's all right. I'm fine. Thank you.


            Let's get started.

            We're speaking with Cynthia Kellogg who has come forward voluntarily...

            to give information in the case regarding James Urbanski.

            In attendance are Detective John Woods...

            and myself, Detective Linda Nealon.

            Mrs. Kellogg, as procedure, I have to inform you of your rights.

            You have the right to remain silent.

            If you give up that right, anything you say...

            can be held against you in a court of law.

            You have the right to an attorney.

            I don't need an attorney.

            I didn't do anything that I should need one.

            This is your right.

            lf, during the questioning, you wish to have an attorney present, you may.

            I'm just anxious to get on with this.

            Do you understand everything I've said?

            Yes, I do.

            When was the first time you noticed problems in the Urbanski marriage?

            That I can remember....

            The wedding.

            That's it, fellas.

            How you doing?

            How are you?

            How you doing? How are you? Good to see you.

            Congratulations, Dominic.

            Hey, how are you?

            Harry, you look great. Hey, what do you got?

            We can use a couple more drinks here, Bob.

            I was more nervous than I thought I'd be.

            I forgot to do my left hand.

            You have gloves on. Nobody'll notice.

            I messed up those words during the ceremony.

            Everyone messes up. Remember mine? I forgot everything.

            Your wedding was great. Except your husband is...

            I don't know. What groom sells tools at his own wedding?

            I know. Let me go get my comb.

            Move quickly. The condo is the future.

            If you wanna go co-op, I can help you with that too.

            I couldn't tell the difference.

            A condo, you own outright. A co-op, you own stock in it.

            All the units together. It's not that complicated.

            What? One minute, excuse me.

            I need the purse.

            Do you have to talk business? This is a wedding.

            Cynthia, that's the best time.

            Social occasions. How do you think people get rich?

            Rich? That's Joyce's cousin, Bobby. He doesn't even have a job.

            Dominic, the purse.

            Thanks, hon.

            I'm gonna check with the photographer.

            Let's have a group shot of just the bridesmaids.

            Just bridesmaids, please.


            Come here.

            Come here.


            - The purse? - I gave it to my dad.

            Since when do you trust your father?

            He paid for the wedding. If he wants to collect the envelopes, let him.

            - Get the purse. - No!

            Go get it!

            My sister paid for this dress.

            - Come on, it's family now. - It's none of your business.

            - There's no need... - Get out of here.

             Who invited you anyway?

              I'm telling you nicely, go get the purse.

              He embarrassed you. He embarrassed me.

              Jim, you got your whole life to fight. Let's go get a drink.

              Go get me a V.O. and soda.

              - Daddy? - Hi, hon.

              - What? - Give me the purse.

              I'll take care of it. You're beautiful.

              - Give it to me. - I got it.

              - He's gonna break my neck. - He'll break your neck?

              Just relax, Daddy. Come on.

              You look beautiful anyway.

              Cut. Cut. Cut.

              There's the fucking purse. You happy now?

              It doesn't make any difference...

              since we won't know what was in there.

              - What are you talking about? - You're father's been drinking.

              Big deal. He's nervous.

              Keep your voice down. You wanna make a scene?

              You're making a scene in front of all these people.

              Dancing for the first time as husband and wife...

              Mr. James Urbanski and his lovely bride, Joyce.

              Oh, great. Everybody's staring at us.


              Have a lot of dough.


              - I don't hear you. - I said, I'm sorry.

              Come here. I'll bite your hand.

              - Aren't they a lovely couple? - You're an ass.

              Mr. and Mrs. James Urbanski.

              I guess they drifted apart from there.

              I can't see why they bothered.

              Joyce jumped at the chance to marry Jimmy.

              In her mind, he was a very good catch.

              And after the wedding, Joyce continued to confide in you about her problems?

              Yeah, she did.

              Can you tell us what her complaints were?

              Comes and goes as he pleases. High all the time.

              He was a heavy drug user. This was a sore point with Joyce?

              Well, not at first, but he never came around.

              And then he would just lose it.

              What do you mean exactly?

              Well, he would...

              he would pull a knife on her and chase her around the room.

              Punched her so hard once, put her in the hospital.

              When is the first time Joyce said she wanted to get rid of her husband?

              I remember a time, I don't know if it was the first time.

              - When this is blond, it'll be gorgeous. - That'd be nice.

              Cynthia, I'll do her. Stay off your feet. Why don't you cop a squat.

              Joyce, what are you talking? I know my limit.

              I don't want you popping your toast with the store full of customers.

              Where the hell is Cookie?

              Cookie, I'll brain you.

              I swear I was stuck in the tunnel for an hour.

              Well? What do you think?

              What? Did you swallow a hand grenade?

              Joyce, you don't know what's happening anymore.

              We're gonna see your mother now.

              - Hey, Joyce. Take the baby. - You're supposed to take care of him.

              - I gotta take care of something. - You're gonna shoot hoops?

              I gotta take care of what I gotta take care of.

              - What the hell is this? - We ran out of Pampers.

              Are you crippled? Buy some.

              No. It's your responsibility, Joyce.

              What happened this morning?

              - I don't wanna talk about it. - What's that mean?


              Great, Joyce.

              Could you hold him?

              Really fucking smart.

              - Thank you. - Real fucking smart.

              That was your second appointment.

              When will you listen to me?

              Why talk about it in front of customers?

              Fuck these customers! Who gives a fuck?

              I do. I don't wanna talk about it!

              We better talk about it soon. We'll run out of time.

              You don't take care of this, we'll have another baby running around.

              So what if I want another baby?

              - Why? - We talked about it and you know that!

              - Get this taken care of! - Fuck you, James!

              Fuck me, huh?


              Hey, Jimmy.

              - What? - This is not the time or the place.

              Mind your business.

              You're the one that inspired this shit.

              Why don't you go cut some hair? Go.


              I'm telling you, Joyce.

              Look at me when I'm talking to you.

              You get this taken care of.

              End of conversation.

              Get out of here, James.

              Cookie, who fucked your hair up?

              Just leave us enough for change.

              - Joyce, are you all right? - No.

              - What, he hurt you? - Yeah.

              I hope you know a lot of tips were in the register.

              Cookie, I'm gonna rip that hair out of your fucking head!

              I'll kill him, so help me God. You want haIf the business?

              She said, "I'll kill him, so help me God. You want half the business?

              You can have it. Just kill him for me".

              Did you take that proposition seriously?

              No, I never took any of that seriously.

              But she talked about it all the time?

              Well, it was a joke. A running gag.

              "Leave the oven on while he's sleeping".

              "Put an appliance in the tub while he's bathing".

              Like that, I mean.... Anything she could think of.

              But it was just talk. I told her to go to the cops.

              She said, "I call the cops when he belts me, and they don't do shit".

              They tell him to take a walk. Cool off.

              Still, you were encouraging her to do something?

              That's natural.

              You sympathized with her predicament.

              You see another woman abused.

              You think something should be done.

              I told her to divorce him. Throw him out.

              I don't know.

              I mean, you have two friends, married, who are at each other's throats.

              He verbally and physically abuses her.

              She says over and over she wants to get rid of him.

              You don't take it seriously?

              I watch The Honeymooners every night. I don't take that seriously.

              One of these days, Cynthia, pow! Right to the moon.

              I'm gonna get some water.

              - You need the toilet? - No, thanks.

              All right, so?

              - Give me five minutes. - Would you get me some goddamn sugar?

              I work all fucking day. As for the rest of us...

              You cut fucking hair! You cut hair!

              What the fuck do you do? You sit around all fucking day.

              No, you go get it!

              Here we go.

              There you are.

              Jimmy expects everybody to do everything for him. Jesus Christ!


              Go next door and buy him some sugar.

              My nails are all wet.

              What? So go like this. Come on.

              No appointments, right?

              Of course not. Who'd go to a shop with lunatics running around upstairs?

              He's gotta go.

              Did you order this?

              - No. - No? I'm gonna send it back.

              - We're not going tonight? - We're going.

              I'm just not taking that animal. He should die in his sleep.

              We're short. We should wait till next week.

              No, no. I got some put aside.

              I'll get Arthur to watch the kids. He won't wanna go anyway.

              The hell with both of them. lt'll be like old times.

              Here. I hope he chokes on it.

              I don't need you today, so you could take off.

              You're a real pal, Joyce.

              What are you doing?

              There. Why don't you give him his sugar?

              I'm not gonna give him that.

              You wanna give him the sugar? You give him the sugar.

              Nice doggies. You wanna give him a smooch?

              Mommy, this looks like Buttercup.

              Yeah, you're right, it does.

              So now we wait.

              You didn't do it.

              Yes, I did.

              What are you, nuts?

              Come sit with your brother.

              I can't believe you.

              Hey, there, Cyn. What's up?

              Want some tea?

              - We gotta talk. - Did Joyce send you up here?

              You gotta learn to control your temper.

              It's not good how you fly off the handle.

              I don't "fly off the handle" for no reason.

              But you gotta learn to talk, not yell.

              You don't wanna be intimidating everybody.

              You used to be such a happy-go-lucky guy.

              Hey, I'm happy... I'm very happy-go-lucky.

              I don't intimidate you, do I?

              Well, James, you can be a little overbearing.

              Cynthia, you see? You see? Here's what I like about you.

              I could talk to you.

              I cannot talk to Joyce.

              - I can talk to Joyce. - Maybe you should...

              because you're one of the last five people in Bayonne that can.

              - Got enough sugar? - You're gonna start with the sugar?

              I like tea. Okay?

              I like coffee. I can't take it without sugar.

              We've been married five years.

              I know her three years before that. Can't she figure it out?

              How hard is it for me to get some goddamn sugar in my own house?

              You look in the fucking cabinet, you go, "We need some sugar".

              Then what? You take a pencil, a piece of paper.

              S-U-G-E-R, this is what we need.

              You go to the store, you say, "What do I need? A one-pound box?

              Maybe that big five-pound sack? Low-cal? NutraSweet?"

              Whatever you need, you bring the sugar home.

              But, no. Can I get some sugar? No.

              We can have this argument about it.

              Five minutes later, I don't even know what I'm yelling about.

              You wearing a bra today?

              - What? - Is Cynthia there?

              We're talking up here.

              - Did you get the sugar? - I got it.

              Thank you and fuck you.

              Oh, shit.

              We had an accident. Cynthia spilled the tea.

              Hold on. Hold on. Let me get the Dustbuster.

              Come here, look out. Watch out.

              You get out of the way.

              Wait. You have a little sugar on you. Let me tidy you up.

              - Get that off of me. - Let me see your tits.

              I won't let you look at my tits. Joyce is downstairs.

              - I'm not gonna say nothing. - Well, I am. She's my best friend.

              lsn't that what best friends are for?

              Jesus Christ. I gotta go.

              All right. Let me get the door.

              Open the door.

              Show me your titties.

              Open the door.

              What are you gonna do? Scream?

              Wait. I'll do it for you. Help, Joyce.

              Jimmy wants me to show him my titties, but I don't want to.

              - I got customers. - Fuck them. Let me see your tits.

              - Why are you always doing this? - Because you're so beautiful.

              You smell so good. You look good.

              I gotta get out. Get your fucking hand out of there.

              Jimmy, don't do this to me!

              - What the fuck is the matter with you? - You fucking mooch. Fuck you!

              Go ahead. Run down there and tell them what I did. I hope you do.

              I don't wanna see either of your faces up here again...

              or I will not be held responsible for what I do.

              I didn't think that she'd do it.

              But James would be dead if you didn't stop it.

              I thought if I hadn't stopped it, that she would have.

              lt was a sick game.

              What did she say about the sugar?

              She said, "You dropped the sugar?"

              I said, "Of course, what'd you expect?"

              And she said, "You see?"


              Meaning, "We could've got rid of him and you didn't".

              Did you hear what you just said? You said "we".

              - "We could've got rid of him". - I didn't.

              - You did. - No, I didn't.

              Yes. I could play it back for you.

              Well, so? That doesn't mean anything.

              Everything means something.

              lt doesn't mean what you're saying.

              What you want.

              All I want is what you have to give me. That's all I want.

              When you left the shop...

              what arrangements were made?

              - I don't wanna go. - You sure?

              You can. I can get a sitter or my mother.

              Don't put your fire engine on Daddy's work. I'll tell Santa not to come.

              Come on. Let's go watch Fraggles.

              Daddy will let you stay up a little later.

              Don't threaten her, Arthur. She'll resent you.

              She resents her mother going out and leaving her alone.

              Don't put your feelings on her. If you wanna come, you can.

              I'm up to my neck in work. I gotta get a new pitch ready.

              - I've gotta get out. - You was going to go over it with me.

              I'd be very happy to go over it with you tomorrow.

              I don't know why you associate with them.

              Let's not insult each other's friends.

              He hangs out in the playground.

              Your friends talk about who bought this, who bought that.

              They turn around and screw you in a minute.

              There's a Hungry Man in the freezer.

              The bottle's in the fridge. Heat it up if he wants it.

              And would you take out the dog?

              - Watch your little brother. - If he starts drinking...

              take a cab home. - He's not going. Bye, sweetie.

              Get your little brother. He's going up the stairs.

              This is gonna be great.

              Guess who?

              Cynthia, what's up? Looking good.

              What are you doing here?

              We're partying, baby. Joycie, turn the radio on.

              - You broke it. - I didn't break the radio.

              I was showing you it wasn't fixed. I'll just have to sing.

              Everybody was kung fu fighting

              It was a little bit frightening

              Those kids have expert timing

              So James actually did go with you?

              But it wasn't planned.

              Joyce couldn't get out without him...

              and he had dropped the kid off at his mother's.

              He said he wanted to have a good time.

              Was he having a good time?

              Them kids was fast as lightning

              Get off!

              - Where is Mr. "Morehead"? - Who?

              - Mr. Morehead. - Who's that?

              Arthur. Got more head than hair.

              He didn't wanna go.

              He doesn't approve of the Urbanski family.

              - He's with the kids. - Fuck him.

              You could've done so much better. Like Joyce here.

              - Mr. Wonderful - Get off. I'm driving!

              That's what I am

              Stop being such a shit.

              Jesus! You ought to start treating me nice, who knows?

              I may throw a shot into your best friend.

              Jimmy, come on.

              I'm porking old Cynthia.

              - Fucking great! I dropped the coke. - Good.

              I swear, if you don't stop, I'm gonna crack up this van.

              - I dare you. - Don't.

              I double-dare you. I fucking quadruple-dare you.

              Get over it.

              Shut up, Cynthia. This is how we party.

              I don't like it.

              What the fuck are you doing?


              My fucking heart is in my throat.

              Baby. Oh, baby.

              What the fuck?

              - I wanna get out of the car. - A fucking boner on that one.


              Cynthia, wait.

              If you two wanna kill each other, leave me out of it.

              This is how we party.

              When you come out with us, you gotta plan on excitement.

              Come here.

              Let her go.

              Tell me you like me, I'll let go.

              - Tell me you like me and I'll let go. - I like you!

              Give me $  . I feel lucky.

              You're so lucky, what do you need $   for?

              Don't make me angry. You don't like me when I'm angry.

              Just give me the fucking money.

              - Where's the Tuinals? - Here!

              Take the money, take the drugs. Burn yourseIf out.

              Wait, wait. Cynthia? Do me a favour.

              Don't let her fuck around with no other guys, all right?


              The kid was fast as lightning

              Before he leaves, Joyce gives James a little money, some drugs and whatnot.

              That's a little odd, isn't it?

              You said that was one of Joyce's complaints about James, the drugs.

              I think in this particular situation, she just didn't wanna fight with him.


              And at some point, it's gonna hit him.

              At some point, he's gonna just fall out incapacitated.

              He won't be able to fight. He won't resist.

              lt never struck me that way.

              That never crosses your mind?

              When's the next time you see them?

              They were arguing...

              and I was over playing roulette.

              - I told you. I'm broke. - All I find on you, I can keep?

              You can't even stay straight for one night.

              Give it to me.

              - Don't start with me! - What are you doing?

              Do you think you can calm down?

              What the fuck are you doing?

              Come on. Let's not...

              Let's not do this.

              Why do you guys have to do this?

              - Here's the keys. Drive yourseIf home. - Get the fuck out of here!

              You can't let him drive like this. Where are you going?

              I fucking hate this shit.

              Jimmy, give me those keys.

              Get out of here. Get out of here.

              Give me the keys, Jimmy.

              I'm all fucked up.

              Yeah, I can see that.

              - Give me the keys, all right? - Don't jostle me around.

              You jostle me around too much, I'm gonna get sick.

              Come on, Jimmy. Leave off. Listen, why don't you just lay down?

              Tell Joyce I wanna talk to her.

              Tell her to come out here, all right? Just tell her to come out.

              So there it is. He's falling over drunk and drugged up...

              and you help him to the van?

              I wanted to get him where he'd lay down and not hurt himself.

              You take him to the truck where he's out of sight.

              Where he won't draw any attention.

              And he falls out?

              Yeah. And then I went on back to the feast.

              That's the last time you see him alive?

              We have to go.

              I'm winning.

              We have to go now. Come on.

              I was playing nine and won.

              lnstead of changing numbers, I let it ride. lt was unbelievable!

              The guy said I was on a roll. I'm never lucky.

              - Unbelievable! - Give me the keys.

              Oh, that's right. I have them in my pocket.

              So is James still sleeping?

              I better just calm myseIf down, or I could get into trouble.

              So Joyce, I was gonna play seven....

              I must've won about $  .

              Well, I started with    and left with    so it was only   .

              But who cares? lt felt like   . Did you win?

              Earth to Joyce.

              What's the matter?

              I think I killed him.

              - What are you talking about? - Come here.

              lt was an accident, man. He was choking me.

              James, are you up?

              He grabbed me by the throat, so I cut him on the....

              lt was the jugular.

              Could you see any area of the body that was wounded?

              Where were the wounds?

              I don't know. I couldn't see the wound.

              There was just blood.

              But did you check?

              Was there a pulse? Was he breathing?

              I couldn't see.

              You didn't think he was hurt? Let's get him to a doctor?

              That's exactly what I said to her. But she wouldn't listen to me.

              I was begging her to go.

              You were begging her?

              We'll tell the cops he disappeared.

              Are you out of your mind? We have to report this,

              or you'll be in bigger trouble.

              He tried to kill me. Understand?

              He tried to kill me! What if the cops don't believe me?

              They'd burn my ass, and I'd go to jail for the rest of my life.

              Sweetheart, you need a little help?

              Come on!

              Thanks a lot, guys.

              Here we come, baby!

              Have a beer! Bitch!

              We have to put him someplace.

              - You hear me? - I hear you.

              We'll go by, like, maybe by that old train yard, that swampy place.

              We gotta get our story straight too.

              We had an argument, and he took off. No, we didn't argue.

              He was winning, and he just took off. Remember to say that.

              We'll take his wallet and his jewellery.

              We'll hide it and say some people robbed him.

              So you're discussing the cover?

              We weren't discussing. She was giving instructions.

              But what were you thinking?

              Who was thinking?

              Everything was moving so fast.

              No attempt to get away from her? You didn't run for help?

              Jump while the van's doing   ?

              You've already said you made no attempt to see if he was alive.

              He wasn't fucking moving.

              - Take his leg. - I can't.

              Jesus Christ! I can't do this by myself.

              Now push!

              John, you know we're gonna have to book her.

              I'm not comfortable with that. I wanna keep going.

              We can always pick her up.

              This is your show.

              You had the murder weapon in your hand?

              You picked it up and threw it away?

              By instinct.

              So you're thinking straight at this time?

              Not really.

              You know enough to get rid of the murder weapon.

              I didn't wanna leave anything they could trace.

              But you left the body.

              - I said I wasn't thinking straight. - What did you do next?

              We should say something before it's too late.

              It is too late. There's nothing we can do.

              - We can call the police. - We can't.

              Yes, we can, Joyce.

              And say what? They won't believe it.

              Listen to me, because we're in deep shit now.

              You think I don't know that? That's what I'm saying.

              What the hell are we gonna do now?

              We'll say we didn't see each other.

              - What? - We didn't see each other tonight.

              So we don't mix our stories up with the cops.

              And tell Arthur that me and Jimmy had a fight...

              you decided you didn't wanna go... Make something up!

              Gotta take care of the van. Clean it up in the morning.

              - Why me? - I gotta be here.

              I gotta report him missing to the cops in the morning.

              Take his wallet and jewellery.

              - Get rid of it! - I can't do that.

              - Why not? - I'm just not ready for that.

              Do you want them to find this on you?

              You just get rid of this shit!

              - All right, I will, I will. - Oh, man!

              I'm really afraid. I don't think we're doing the right thing.

              I really appreciate what you did.

              I love you for it. You know that.


              Listen to me. We are friends...

              and we are gonna watch out for each other forever.

              Am I right?

              Don't worry.

              Cynthia, please, don't worry.

              I gotta go. I gotta get home.

              Joyce called her mother-in-law and started the story

              about Jimmy disappearing.

              Gloria just hung up on her.

              Joyce said, "He's dead, and what the fuck does she care?"

              I just walked home.

              - What are you doing? - Nothing. Go back to bed.

              You gotta take out Buttercup. I forgot to.

              What are you doing?

              What are you doing? ls everything all right?


              What's wrong?

              What's wrong? What's the matter?

              - What? - Joyce killed Jimmy.

              Joyce killed Jimmy? What the hell are you talking...

              Cynthia, my God!

              What happened to you?

              I don't know. They were fighting.

              And he tried to choke her, so she stabbed him with a razor.

              How do you stab someone with a razor?

              I don't know, Just a slice, you know, a cut.

              I can't fucking believe this is happening to me.

              What are you talking about? Tell me what happened.

              I told you, they were fighting all night. He was fucked up.

              I left him in the van sleeping.

              Did you see her?

              No, I didn't see her.

              After I saw her...

              he was cut up bad.

              That don't mean he's dead.

              Jesus Christ, Arthur, I have blood all over me!

              - I helped her get rid of the body! - All right, just calm down.

              I don't understand this. How could you go along with her on this?

              It just happened so fast.

              Oh, Christ!

              I warned you about those two.

              They're crazy. They're animals! Anything can happen with them.

              We gotta call somebody.

              Say what?

              Say what?

              Say what happened. Whatever happened, and hope for the best.

              You're pretty innocent, right?

              You told me everything, right?

              For chrissakes, what do you think of me you could say that?

              You want me to call the police? I'll call the police.

              What's your explanation gonna be?

              I don't have an explanation.

              You have to have an explanation. Hang up the phone!

              Jesus Christ! You get me to do what you want, then you don't want it.

              Why is it when you do things, you start at all the wrong times?

              I'm busting my ass. I'm trying to get something done...

              at the most important time.

              Who will buy anything from a killer's wife's... Husband's wife...

              Whatever the fuck we are?!

              Why do I tell you anything?

              She actually killed him.

              So what do we do now?

              It's her problem. I'm out of it. She swore she wouldn't involve me.

              She said that?

              She swore up and down.

              So if somebody's gotta call the police, let her be the one.

              Look at you. Take this off.

              My God! If anybody saw you, Cynthia....

              Come on.

              Look at this blood. It's gonna never, never come off.

              It's all right. Christ Almighty!

              Listen, you have to cut it off. You have to not see her.

              I mean... Where's the Joy?

              - What're you talking about? - The Joy, the soap.

              You don't use that on clothes. You mean Cheer.

              Joy, Cheer, deck the fucking halls with boughs of holly!

              Under the sink.

              - And nobody saw you? - Nobody saw us.

              And she's not gonna tell anybody I was with her.

              This better be the end of it.

              The kids will lose their mother, I'll lose a job, then where will we be?

              On the streets. On the fucking streets!

              Did your husband persist about calling the police?

              He didn't wanna be involved either. He was worried about my kids.

              I don't know.


              I don't know.

              Did you think you would get away with this?

              I didn't do anything!

              I may have mixed feelings about James.

              But I would never raise a hand to anyone. I would never hurt anyone!

              If Joyce would get caught, she'd get caught.

              I won't be the one to turn on her.

              - What the fuck are you nodding for?! - Now wait a minute, here!

              You have a so-called friend who brutally murders her husband...

              orphans his kid and drops his body behind the    th hole.

              And you protect her?

              - Cops don't protect each other? - There must be a reason!

              And don't give me any lip, lady!

              I think now's a good time to take a break.


              Let's take a break. You want something to eat?

              You wanna use the toilet?

              Want a sandwich or something?

              Are you all right, my dear?

              I'm her attorney.

              I demand to know what's going on with my client.

              Do you do your own hair? It's nice how you sweep it up.

              Yeah, I do.

              There are a few things I'd like to clarify.

              You told your husband your story,

              and swore to avoid contact with Joyce.

              And how long did that promise last?

              You gotta come here now. It's an emergency.

              - What's wrong? - You gotta come right now.

              - Dominic, you want some coffee? - No, I don't.

              After you go to bed, you'll feel better.

              It's Cynthia. I'm glad she's here.

              What's happening?

              They found a body. They think it's Jimmy.

              - Sit down. She needs you. - Oh, my God!

              - Tell me what's going on. - Pray it's not him, Cindy.

              Pray to St. Anthony it's a mistake.

              They have to identify the body.

              I swear to God, Mama! I'll ring his neck, if it's a mistake!

              You want coffee?

              Why did he do this to me?

              Why are you blaming him? It's not his fault.

              She's not blaming him!

              For chrissakes, she's not blaming him!

              - Where's Anthony? - He's at his Aunt Marie's.

              God! How do I tell my son his father's in heaven?

              Don't count on it.

              What is that supposed to mean?

              I gotta explain it to you?

              Just wait and see. Don't give up hope.

              Get over here. Get over here.


              - How you doing? - Oh, Marilyn.

              You at home?

              Wanna go to lunch?

              No, we gotta be at the medical examiner's by  .  .

              - I'm really sorry. - Yeah, I know.

              I can't talk now. Bye.

              You were with them last night, no?

              She couldn't go.

              Yeah, the kids were coming down with a virus...

              or something.

              The fever break?

              Yeah, it broke this morning.

              - So you went? - Yeah, we went. lt was good.

              Same old Jimmy. I was telling Gloria.

              But, you know, he was high, he was happy, he was winning.

              - That's good then. - And now this. What'll I do?

              I expect him to come walking through the door any minute.

              What's happening?

              Dunkin' Donut?

              They called me to come...

              Have a fucking donut.

              You need the keys to the van, right?

              Come here.

              Somebody's gotta get those wigs we ordered.

              - They're ready by now. - When did you do that?

              The other day from the catalogue. You remember.

              When was that? Catalogues deliver.

              We don't need questions. We're trying to keep our wits.

              Cynthia knows what's gotta get done. If I had to depend on you, forget it.

              For chrissakes! lt was only a question.

              - Let me go with you. - I need you here.

              I'll go with her.

              You should be here with Joyce!

              I don't feel so good.

              I gotta go to the bathroom!

              - We should go in the van. - What're you saying?

              There's just a couple of us. She's got boxes to take care of.

              I thought of my bad back in that small car.

              Wigs at a time like this?

              I can't take all this pressure! Don't you understand?

              Just calm down! Let's do this according to plan. Excuse me.

              You do what you have to do.

              We'll all fit in the car or take a cab.

              When we get back, maybe we'lI have good news.

              Come on, let's go inside and eat.

              Come here. Stop!

              Cynthia, where are you going?

              So Joyce keeps her end of the bargain. You didn't go to the carnival.

              What did you do with the van?

              I parked it where I could keep an eye on it.

              So now you go along with getting rid of the evidence?

              I thought, "I'm out of it now,

              If I can get me through this, nobody'll even know I was there".

              What's going on?

              Did they hear anything?

              Something fishy's going on, and I don't wanna be involved.

              - What are you talking about? - You know what!

              I'm not lying for anybody.

              - About what? - About the van, okay?

              Joyce told me what to say about it.

              That somebody broke into it and cleaned it out.

              I don't know what's going on, but I'm not lying for anybody.

              - Why? - Why what?

              "Why what?" Just say somebody broke into the truck.

              We both understand what we're talking about.

              I think so.

              - What are you doing, Joseph? - We'lI see what I'm doing.

              - Where's the wigs? - They weren't ready.

              How come this fucking van is so clean? It's usually a pigsty in here.

              What are you talking about?

              You got something to hide, the way you drove out of here?

              Joey, you're so crazy.

              We'lI see how crazy I am.

              We'lI see how crazy the police think I am.

              What do I tell Joyce?

              She can burn in hell! That's what you can tell her.

              That's nice talk for your brother's wife.

              What are you saying?

              Did you see Joyce again that day?

              I didn't see her till the next day at Polaski's.

              That's a funeral parlour where James was laid out.

              Oh, my God!

              I don't understand how this could happen.

              I can't look at him.

              He's all alone up there.

              Oh, God!

              - There's nothing we can do. - He's the first to go.

              She makes me sick.

              Always the actress.

              I'm the wife, the one they're supposed to come to.

              Just keep your dignity. Let them be the phonies they are.


              What are you doing sitting back here?

              They got here first and took all the front seats.

              He looks beautiful still.

              Yeah, except that beard.

              No, the beard is good. lt hides the scar.

              Doesn't even look like him.

              We gotta talk. Excuse me, Mom. Go ahead.

              Lock the door.

              - The cops kept the van. - Oh, shit!

              Fucking Joey and his suspicious mind!

              - Did you clean it good? - I spent two hours cleaning it.

              - You can't see blood? - It's spotless.

              Because cops got eyes, and dogs that smell everything.

              And science, Mr. Fucking Wizard!

              You gotta calm down. You're spitting all over the place.

              I told the cops, "Somebody broke into the van...

              stole the shit and washed it out to cover fingerprints".

              Then they won't think we cleaned it to cover up something fishy.

              Anybody in there?

              Anybody in there?

              Come back later, it's crowded! Everybody has to go at the same time?

              And fucking Cookie too! Did you talk to her?

              She didn't come to the wake.

              When her brother killed himself, I was a friend.

              I didn't leave her side.

              It's not the same. Jimmy sold him that bad acid.

              Shit! Now you sound like her. Bad acid, my ass!

              Get the story straight. Her brother was disturbed from way back.

              If she opens her mouth, we're gonna get caught!

              No one's getting caught.

              You have to be optimistic.

              Grieving, but optimistic.

              Why? Do I look guilty?

              You don't look guilty. You look mournful.

              - You look how you should. - Mournful.

              But nobody knows what's inside your mind, so don't tell them.

              You gotta keep reminding me, because I'm a sucky liar.

              You're a terrific liar.

              You've just lost confidence in yourself.

              I've lost confidence in myseIf now.

              Come on. We gotta get to the shop.

              Take his wallet and his jewellery.

              I told you to get rid of that shit!

              - I know! Come on. - Oh, Jesus!

              She was dumping all this stuff about Cookie on me.

              - I had done enough already. - So you refused to help her?

              Joyce can be very persuasive. And she didn't take no for an answer.

              What the hell's in this?

              His wallet, his jewellery and his gun.

              Enough, already. I can't have any guns.

              It's not registered. How will I explain it?

              I gotta get it out of here.

              You could see what was happening to her.

              She was taking pills left and right.

              She was really cracking up.

              I think I hear him.

              Like, sometimes...

              I think I hear his voice calling me.


              It's really weird, the way the mind works.

              You're gonna be fine.

              After the funeral, you should just take a trip, get away for a while.

              Put this all behind you.

              In the meantime, you can't keep putting me in the middle here.

              I gotta keep it quiet with Artie. So if we don't talk...

              it's all for the best.


              It's all for the best if we don't talk.

              Do you know I am so exhausted, and I can't even sleep?

              Let's get out of here.

              They have concerns, you have the answers.

              They have objections. You use it as buying signals.

              You make the deal. You close the deal.

              You can't give them enough time to think.

              You woo them...

              you sell them...

              and sign them.

              Caveat emptor. End of story.

              Yeah, only me.

              A person usually says, "I'm home", or something.

              Well, I'm home.

              What the hell's going on?

              Nothing. Why?

              Why? What happened at the wake? Did you talk to her?

              - Yeah, I talked to her. - And?

              And I told her not to call anymore...

              and to not involve me, and that I'm out of it.

              - Sid is here. - Oh, great.

              I'll go say hello.

              Hi, babies!

              Come here, sweetie. Hi, Sidney. How are you?

              The question is how are you?

              Artie told me what happened.

              He did?

              I told him about James. About what happened.

              What'd I tell you? That somebody stole something...

              and left him for dead and he died.

              Fucking animals! If you'll excuse my French.

              They should line them up against the wall, slice them open...

              and spread their guts out on the parkway.

              It's an ugly picture, I know, but....

              A young couple? Did they rent or own?

              They rented.

              Ooh, bang!

              Come on, honey.

              Let's go on upstairs.

              Time to get ready for bed.

              What's in the bag?

              Nothing. It's just my Tampax.

              I'm gonna get the kids ready for bed. Come on.

              - Good night, Sidney. - Good night.

              Fucking animals! You got that right.

              I know.

              - " Ca-veet" emptor. - Caveat emptor.

              Yeah, right.

              So she's taken to Women's Detention.

              Her fa ther told me that she wanted to see me.

              And he told me about the accident she had with her wrists.

              What did you do to yourself?

              I don't know, man.

              Somebody's talking.

              - So what? - Somebody's talking.

              They ask questions, like somebody knows something or said something.

              I haven't talked to them.

              Not even Cookie?

              You know Cookie. She's off dying her hair green...

              and hanging out in Newark, scared of her own shadow.

              If she says something, they're gonna put you in a cell next to mine.

              - What do you want me to do? - Knock her over the head.

              With a fucking club, for chrissake!

              That'll shut her up.

              Joyce, listen to me.

              You've gotta keep it together.

              You've gotta stay strong.

              I know, but you gotta do something...

              or we're gonna kiss our kids goodbye.

              The thrust of this conversation...

              is getting your stories together on the van?

              So, like, I was telling Mr....


              You had the van on Monday, Tuesday...

              and Wednesday, right? - Right.

              And then it got broken into on...

              - It was Wednesday night. - Thursday.

              - Thursday. - Thursday.

              And how did you hope to verify this?

              We keep a log of everything at the shop. This is my number.

              Can I pick it up tonight?

              No, you know, I would rather get it to you tomorrow.

              As you wish. I will wait till I hear from you.

              Don't worry.

              And did you deliver the log book the next day?

              Why not?

              First, I had to go buy the books.

              I had to check the appointment schedule at the shop.

              lt was a bigger job than expected.

              I'm sorry, I have to stop here.

              Something keeps bothering me.

              Did you tell your husband that you went to visit Joyce?

              Did you tell him about the log book and that you'd cleaned up the van?

              See? You said you tell your husband everything.

              The night James died, you said you told your husband everything.

              But now something else is happening.

              You don't bring him up to date anymore.

              What's going on with that?

              I didn't wanna upset him. I thought I could deal with this.

              There's something else here.

              Joyce suspects someone is talking.

              Yeah, she's being paranoid.

              She suspects someone is talking. Maybe Cookie.

              But somebody knew. Who knew?

              You see, you're really confusing me now.

              Please, you're an intelligent girl.

              lt never crosses your mind that it might be Arthur who's talking?

              Arthur knew. You told Arthur.


              He would never do that!

              His concern was for me and the kids.

              He didn't wanna lose me.

              But for some reason, you don't seem to trust him anymore.

              I just wanted to keep him out of it.

              Keep the peace.

              Till that fucking lawyer called!

              Tell us about that.

              It was late. I was washing the dishes. The kids were asleep.

              I didn't hear the phone ring.

              Arthur came up behind me.

              He said, "Your friend's lawyer called today".

              "He wants that book".

              - What's this? - I said it didn't concern him.

              - Where'd you get that? - He said, "But this is a lie".

              I said it was for Joyce's defence.

              Why are you still involved?

              - It's just to show the van was robbed. - Listen to me.

              If you gotta keep your nose up her behind...

              you should just pack your bags and go with her.

              So you're having problems now. You're fighting over this thing.

              We're not fighting, just discussing how to handle the situation.

              He's threatening you.

              He was worried about Joyce. He was more upset with her than with me.

              She really needed help, some professional help.

              And did she get help?

              No, she got bail.

              Are you wrapping him up like a present?

              Don't let him eat that. I'm gonna get the door.

              What're you doing here? Arthur will be home any minute.

              I need the gun and the jewellery.

              Why? What's going on?

              I'm afraid of my in-laws.

              They're after me.

               You ought to get out of town for a while.

                You shouldn't have a gun in your frame of mind.

                Nobody's following you, threatening you. You're in the clear.

                But if I go, so help me, everybody's going.

                Just give me what I came for.

                We'll get caught when we turn against each other.

                I'm not leaving without protection, so just do this for me, all right?

                All right.


                How's my little girl? Come here.


                I thought you was Greta Garbo there for a minute.

                Why don't you go watch your brother.

                How's it going? The investigation and everything?

                Police don't know anything. I don't think they give a shit.

                No suspects?

                Who knows what they're doing? They don't tell me anything.

                - But you think that he was robbed. - That's what I figure.

                Didn't they arrest you or something?

                Can you believe it? Just goes to show how stupid they are.

                They don't have a case. It's falling apart.

                They should find out who really did it.

                We'd all be better off.

                Couldn't have been someone who knew him, who had a grudge?

                You know what they say?

                Most murders are committed by someone you know.

                Family even.

                If you got any hunches, I'll give you the number.

                You can call the detective yourself.

                Well, I'lI think about that.

                - Here's a little something for Anthony. - Thanks.

                So you got everything you want?

                Nice seeing you.

                Be well.

                Everything's gonna work out. You wait and see.

                I'm just gonna walk her out. All right?

                That fuck thinks he knows something! Did you say anything?

                - He doesn't know anything. - I could see it in his eyes.

                He never liked you. What do you expect?

                A little sympathy, consideration! I am the fucking widow, you know.

                So what do you want, a medal?

                You can't trust him. He'd open his mouth.

                He's not gonna open his mouth.


                What did you tell him?

                I was covered in blood. You think I told him I got my period?

                The man is a threat! We can't afford him saying something!

                I'd get him first, so help me God...

                All right, you're like a broken record! Get off it!

                You better not screw me over...

                after I've been covering your ass, keeping you out of it.

                I'll get your husband, your children, and I'll get you!

                It's over. Leave me alone. I'm tired of your bullshit!

                It's fucking over!

                You think it's over?

                You got it, baby.

                Good boy. There, have a cookie. Good boy.

                Hi, sweet boy. Come here.

                Where's Jennifer?

                She's upstairs.

                So what are you two chatting about?

                Nothing, just talking.

                She thinks she's getting away with it. She's not even worried.

                I told you, I don't want her near this house and near the kids.

                What do you think, I invited her?

                - Who are you calling? - I'm calling the police.

                - Hang up. - I'm not gonna hang up.

                I'm gonna end it here and now.

                - Let's not be stupid. Hang up. - You just don't get it, do you?

                You don't get involved with that maniac!

                What, you think you're not involved in this?

                Think about it.

                Yeah, I'lI think about it. I'lI think about it, all right.

                Come on, let's go in the bedroom.

                Watch your brother. Mommy's gotta talk to Daddy.

                What're you doing?

                I'm gonna go see a lawyer. All right?

                I'm gonna see about a divorce and a separation.

                I'm sick of you favouring her over me.

                You always did.

                You haven't been married to me, you two have been married to each other.

                Well, now you can have her with my blessings.

                Yeah, well, this is the real ballsy thing to do...

                throw me out with the kids when we need you the most!

                No, you got it wrong! You go!

                The kids stay. You're not fit to be their mother.

                And I'll tell you this. You raise one finger to stop me...

                and I will burn you and your friend together.

                You got that?

                Sounds like James and Joyce over there.

                Never. Never like that. You have to read between the lines.

                Help us out here, because that's exactly what we're trying to do.

                He just was frustrated that I couldn't avoid her, be done with her.

                But he's blaming you.

                Jesus! I tell you one fight, you make it my whole life.

                He just was taking his frustrations out on me.

                Couples say things to hurt each other during an argument.

                And then they make up. Do you understand? You married?

                I see. So he's not blaming you or attacking you?

                He's actually coming to your rescue.

                I wouldn't make fun.

                But he's throwing you out!

                Now, you got Joyce over there, making like Pocahontas.

                You're caught in the middle. You have to make a choice.

                I made my choice.

                I told my husband my place was with him.

                I wasn't gonna destroy my marriage over this.

                Then where would I be?

                I thought, if they came to me and asked me...

                that I was just gonna say the truth, and that's it.

                So why didn't you do that?

                Nobody asked.

                Nobody asked?

                Not until...

                they found my husband's body.

                You could've picked up a quarter and called somebody.

                On the day your husband was killed...

                the first thing you did that morning was what?

                I kissed my husband goodbye.

                After he left, I took the kids...

                and left the house.

                Every day I would go by my mother's or my sister's...

                any place to avoid Joyce.

                - Could I speak with Cynthia? - Who's this?

                Hold on.

                - Cyn, telephone. - Who is it?

                It's your friend.

                For crying out loud!

                This baby's soaking wet.

                - Cyn, where are the diapers? - I don't know, Ma.

                Lauren, get Ma one of yours diapers.

                Watch my sauce.

                Yeah, I'm here.

                I don't hear from you or see you. What am I supposed to think?

                Joyce, think whatever you wanna think.

                So you're going home or what?

                No, I'm gonna be here awhile.

                ls Arthur with you?

                No, he's home. I'm with the kids. Why?

                You see, now?

                This, I don't understand.

                You say she got it in for you, got it in for Arthur.

                Then you give her information that he's home alone.

                And you're way over at your mother's house...

                which gives her the opportunity to go do whatever she'd like to do.

                Weren't her questions suspicious?

                What do you wanna know about Arthur?

                You think I don't know what's going on?

                You spilled it to Arthur. Now he's trying to pull something.

                She's concerned again that Arthur's giving information, setting her up.

                I told her he wouldn't do anything, and he wouldn't say anything.

                Arthur's had it in for me from way back.

                Don't bring up the past. That has nothing to do with this.

                I'm gonna go over there and find out what was said.

                If I don't like it, I'll set things straight.

                Don't start with Artie, because he won't stand for the same shit I do.

                You're not listening. I won't start with Artie...

                I'll finish with Artie!

                I thought she was just threatening me.

                Did you think she would just try and talk to him...

                go over and threaten him, scare him?

                I honestly don't know what I thought she'd do.

                You all right?

                I'm just really tired, that's all.

                Well, don't drink too much.

                Give me a kiss.

                - Bye, sweetie. - Come on, baby.

                How long did you sleep?

                A couple hours, until my father came in and woke me.

                What happens then?

                Come on, honey.

                Dad, what time is it?

                It's almost   .  . Come upstairs and get some sleep.

                Did Artie call?

                - Why don't you get some sleep? - I should go on home.

                You want me to drive you home?

                - The kids still asleep? - They're fine.

                You're sure you wanna go home?

                Yeah, I'm sure.

                Your fa ther drives you home. Do you express any concerns?

                I told him it was strange that Arthur didn't call me back.

                He said I probably slept through the call,

                and maybe Arthur fell asleep.

                But you knew better?

                I knew something was up when I saw the lights.

                Where's my husband?

                Oh, my God!

                Would you like some water?


                Thank you.

                Do you feel able to continue?

                All right. Let me say, Cindy...

                I do understand how difficult this ordeal has been for you.

                How hard it is for you to step forward and make this statement.

                But something just doesn't sit right, here.

                Maybe I can help you.

                Well, that's what I'm hoping. Maybe you can help me.

                Now, on the day Arthur is killed...

                you went to your mother's house because you wanted to be safe.

                And I wanted to see my mother.

                Yes, that's a good time, the right time to visit your mother.

                Joyce calls...

                her fuse is still burning, she tells you she'll shut Arthur up.

                I told her Arthur wouldn't do anything.

                I trusted him. He would never say anything.

                You're pleading with her at that point to save his life.

                - I was defending him. - After everything Joyce has done...

                and you know what she's capable of, you go to sleep on the couch?

                Well, I was drinking and nodded off.

                That just doesn't make sense.

                Explain it to me.

                There's a killer on a rampage threatening your husband!

                And you nod off for a couple hours?

                Now, you tell me if these things are true.

                You tell me if that makes sense.

                Well, it doesn't make sense because...

                I should've went home. I should've told somebody.

                Who do you tell? Who do you warn?

                There must be a reason. You come here, you talk about Joyce.

                But you knew what was happening. You let it happen.

                I didn't know what was happening or gonna happen.

                You're asking us to accept too much.

                If Joyce wasn't a murderer and hadn't slaughtered James...

                then maybe it'd seem... maybe you didn't realize.

                But what do you do?

                You make her more angry.

                You threw it in her face.

                You made her furious.

                I'm not sure what you're saying is     %%% true.

                No, I'm not sure what you're saying is     %%% true!

                You know what? I think you wanted him dead!

                That's a goddamn lie!

                You thought he was talking, that he'd give you up as Joyce's accomplice...

                take the kids and ship you off.

                That's bullshit!

                I just...

                You allowed this crazy woman to go and shoot him full of bullets...

                then blow his head off so you can't even open the coffin!

                The father of your kids.

                The man you took vows and shared your bed with.

                How dare you sit there and judge me?

                I never wanted anybody hurt, not even James!

                You wanted him dead!

                - You're twisting it! - You fixed it with Joyce to finish him!

                - You gave her the gun for chrissakes! - It's not like that!

                I thought she was just bullshitting. I called her bluff.

                After all this while?

                James' brutal murder? All her threats?

                Now she calls you up and says she's gonna kill Arthur...

                and you think she's bluffing?

                I mean, the woman's a murderer!

                You're telling me she's a mur...!

                Unless, of course, she isn't a murderer.

                She is a murderer.

                She killed my husband.

                She destroyed...

                the only thing in life that mattered to me.

                Well, you know something?

                That, I believe.

                That, I can understand. That's why you're here.

                But the day Arthur was killed, you said you didn't believe her.

                You said it a moment ago, you thought she was bluffing.

                Which brings me right back to James...

                and what's been bothering me about this whole story.

                What are you talking about?

                Well, you see?

                Joyce threatened for years to get rid of her husband...

                but you never took it seriously.

                Every time Joyce called, you jumped.

                The van, the log book...

                James' personal effects, the gun.

                The whole cover-up.

                I thought I was protecting her, helping her.

                Just doesn't wash. You can see that when I lay it out for you.

                Come on.

                Why does a young woman, a mother, risk everything in life...

                for a friend who torments her?

                That whole time, you didn't act like Joyce would kill somebody.

                You acted like she was gonna say something...

                something she had over you...

                something you did.

                What you want is a lie.

                Right? lsn't that what you want?

                You won't get it, because I won't say something that I didn't do.

                Something that is a fucking lie!

                You lie to me, Cynthia. I want a lie.

                Bring in Mrs. Urbanski.

                I'm not gonna lock you up right now.

                Your kids need a mommy more than I need an arrest.

                I'm gonna let you go home.

                I know where you live.

                Let me walk you out.

                You know...

                I'm in a real tough spot here now.

                I get the privilege of going back in there...

                and orphaning Joyce's son.

                But, you know...

                then again, the truth is never easy, is it?

                Thanks for coming in.

                Give me these keys. Come on.

                No, don't. Don't jostle me.

                Come on.

                I'm gonna be sick.

                Come on. Hey, come on, leave off, Jimmy!

                Stop it.

                It's time for you to lay down.

                Let go. Come on.

                - Lay down with me. - I don't wanna lay down with you!

                You'll like it.

                Just lay down for a second.

                Lay down for a second.

                No, I don't... No!

                Somebody help me!

                - Don't do this! - Just fucking relax!

                Fucking stop, all right?

                I am winning! Yes, I won!


                - He's bleeding. - Don't worry.

                Let me see, let me just see.


                He's bleeding all over.

                - Let me see. - Look, no, he's...

                he's out. He's asleep.

                Asleep or unconscious? Because if he's asleep, we can wake him up.

                Give me the keys.

                Give me the keys. We'll go to the hospital.

                We'll get him a transfusion. He'll be fine.

                What are you waiting for? Let's go, let's go!

                Come on, come on!

                I didn't mean to hurt him. I'm so sorry.

                I mean, he just left me no choice.

                I'm gonna go to jail for this.

                I can't go to jail. Who'll take care of my kids?

                Did he try to fuck you?

                Please don't.

                Son of a bitch!

                Where you going?

                To the hospital.

                The hospital's the other way.

                What are you doing?

                Come on, we gotta turn around. We gotta turn...

                What the fuck? We gotta turn around!

                - What's the matter? - What if they don't believe us?

                What if he wakes up? He'll kill us both, you know.

                We gotta stick together now.

                It is too late!

                We are just gonna have to take him somewhere...

                and leave him.

                Oh, my God!

                Oh, my God!

                What am I doing?

                What am I doing?


                Let's get started. 



Special help by SergeiK