Mothman Prophecies Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Mothman Prophecies script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of theRichard Gere and Laura Linney movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Mothman Prophecies. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Mothman Prophecies Script



Are you still there? 

No, I'm back. 

I'm not sure I got the spelling. 

It is a "Y " Okay, great. Yes, thank you. Bye. 

Honey,you there? Pick up, pick up. 

You're not there. Okay. Look, it's a little after  :  . 

I'll catch a ride and see you out there. Bye. 

-Jack. - Yeah? 

The Balkans peace council is "comprised" or "composed" of ten members? 

Twelve members. 

Oh, right. Thanks. 



A three-block area has been evacuated. 

You might wanna avoid that route coming home from work. 

- What do you think, Cy? - This'll make them sweat. It's good. 

- I 'll lead with it. - Great. I'll see you Monday. 


- I gotta go. - Come on,John. 

It'll look bad, my star reporter not showing up at the Christmas party. 

I can't. 

Mary's waiting for me. 

It's a big house, isn't it? It's a steal at this price. 

That's if you want it. 

But we're gonna have to make an offer today. 

The owner's highly motivated. 

Think it over. I'll make some calls. 

Take a look around. 

Okay. Thank you, Brian. 

Thank you very much. 

It's okay. We're just gonna look. 

My God. 

Here you are. 

We were just making sure there was adequate closet space. 

Good. Good. 

Well, this house is yours if you want it... 

but you have to decide right now. 

We'll take it. 

Really? Oh, my God! 

You know what I kept thinking when we were looking at that house? 

That we should get a mattress for that closet. 

I kept thinking that it felt like a dream come true. 

Come here. 

- How fast can you drive this thing? - Really fast. 

Let's see. 


- We bought a really, really-- - Excuse me. We bought a house. 

We bought a big house. 


Mary, are you all right? Mary, talk to me. 

Are you okay? 

Can you hear me? Jesus Christ! 

Hold on, darling. 

    there's been an accident. 



You okay? 


All right. It's all right. 

It's all right. It's just me. 

You didn't see it, did you? 

See what? 

What did you see? 

I didn't see anything. 

There's something wrong with me. 

It's called a glioblastoma. 

It's a temporal lobe tumor. 

According to the doctor, it's extremely rare. 

One in... 

       gets this thing. 

Did they say it was a result ofthe accident? 

No, it turns out... 

that it's been there a while. 

There's nothing else they can do? 

They did the surgery, and they couldn't get it all out, so they'll... 

keep her on the chemo... 

as long as her strength holds out. 

That's working. I think she's looking better now. 


That's good. 

Two weeks ago... 

we were house hunting. 

One day you're just driving along in your car... 

and the universe... 

just points at you and says... 

"Ah, there you are, a happy couple. 

I've been looking for you. 

I've been looking for you." 

I'm sorry. 

For what? 

For all of this. 

I feel like I ruined everything. 

You didn't ruin anything. 

Not a damn thing. 

I want you to be happy. 

You didn'tsee it, did you? 



She knew. 


She was drawing angels. 

It was the meanness of the campaigns... 

the almost complete lack of candor and honesty... 

that turned the voters off.. 

I think that these parties are demonizing each other. 

They're projecting our own personal fears and anxieties... 

onto the national stage. 

People don 't like it. People are very, very unsatisfied at the moment. 

It makes them complacent because they don 't see any possibility of change. 

    -- Is there a dark horse candidate out there for the Democrats? 

Well, I'm hearing a lot about Russ McCallum. 

- Governor of Virginia. - Yeah, he might do what Carter-- 

Hey, I told her to watch. 


Peter's friend Gwen. 

She'll be there tonight. 

Oh, God. Look, I don't think I'm gonna be able to make that one tonight. 

Come on, you can't keep blowing this thing off. 

I'm not. I've got an interview with the governor. 

I gotta be in Richmond at  :   in the morning. 

I almost forgot. McCallum's office called. 

They bumped the meeting till tomorrow night. 

Eddie, look, I-- 


she's not Mary. 

Not by a mile. 

But you know what? 

No one everwill be. 

Hey, Ed. I'm sorry about today. 

I'm sure Gwen is very nice. 

Maybe some other time. 

It's about  :   in the morning. 

I'm a little wired, so I'm driving down to Richmond tonight. 

I'll talk to you tomorrow. Bye. 

Allright, come on. 

Hi. I 'm sorry. I know it's really late, but my car broke down just up the road. 

I wondered if I could use the phone. 


It's him. 

I been waitin' for you. 

You son of a bitch. What are you doin'? 

Get the door! Get the door! 

Just stay right there. 

Mister, I don't know who you-- 

Shut up! 

Shut up. 

Honey, Connie's here. 

Well, hey, Gordon. How you doin'? 

Okay, why don't you just... 

put down the gun and tell me what's going on here. 


He's come around three nights in a row. This son of a bitch is stalking us. 

- I'm John Klein. My car broke down-- - Let's let Gordon finish, Mr. Klein. 

Two nights ago... 

at  :   in the a.m., there's a bang on the door. 

I open it up, and here's this guy. 

He says he wants to use the phone. 

But there's something creepy about him... 

so I tell him to get lost. 

Last night at  :   on the dot, guess who's back. 

You're sure it was Mr. Klein here? 

I am absolutely positive it's Mr. Klein. 

- Crazy. This is-- - I am not crazy. 

- I didn't say that you-- - So then what happened? 

I warned him off my property. 

I used the word "trespass," and he still came back. 

You're lucky I'm a Christian, because I had the right to shoot you on my porch. 

He'd have to been inside the house, Gordon. 



So tonight I figured the dumb fuck might come back, and sure enough, there he is. 

It wasn't me. 

I don't know what's happening here. 

Something's very wrong here. 

I don't know these people. I have never been here before. 

I'm from DC. Look. 

It's a wallet, okay? Wallet? 

I'm from DC. 

My name is John Klein. 

Washington Post. 


Can I get out of this shower now? 

You can wait for me outside, Mr. Klein. 

We'll run a check on him. Anyone else comes by, forget the gun. 

Just call me. 

Just find out what he wants. 

So, you didn't actually see the guy before tonight? 


But I heard the knocking. 

Three nights in a row. 

I'll talk to you tomorrow. 

I'm gonna give you a ride into town, unless you wanna sleep in your car. 

I can call for a tow in the morning. 

You're a long way from DC. 

What are you doing here? 

Driving through. 

We're not on the way to anyplace, Mr. Klein. 

I recognize you. 

DC Review. 

- You watch that? - We're not all bumpkins. 

So I'm not under arrest? 

You didn't steal anything. You didn't hurt anybody. 

No breaking and entering. 

You've had trouble with him before? 

Gordy and Denise? No. 

They're good people. 

Things have just been a little strange around here lately. 

You still haven't told me what you're doing here in the middle of the night. 

I don't know. 

Where am I? 

Think you could show me where we are on the map here? 

We're right on the state line. 

With Ohio. 

- What time did you leave DC? -  :   in the morning. 

If I was doing    the whole way, it would've taken me six hours to get here. 

-There's gotta be a logical explanation. -I don't know. 

By the way, don't worry about your pal the governor. I'll take care of it. 

Yeah. Okay. 

Thanks, Eddie. 

- So? - I t's running fine, Mr. Klein. 

- Can't find a thing wrong with her. - Really? 


- All right, what do I owe you? - Nothin'. 

I said I can't find anything wrong with her. 

Mr. Smallwood. 

Mr. Smallwood... 

I just wanted to apologize for that misunderstanding we had last night. 

Are you sure it was me that came by the last couple of nights? 

Listen, mister. 

Connie called me. 

She told me that you check out, and that's good enough for me. 

I'm perfectly willing to let it go. 

But I don't drink anymore... 

and I don't lie. 

And as far as I know, I'm not crazy. 

So if you're accusing me-- 

Look, here's the thing. 

I don't know how I ended up here last night. 

I didn't even know I was in West Virginia. 

Some how, between   :   and  :  ... 

I traveled     miles and ended up on that road by your house... 

and I've got no memory of it. 

And you call me crazy? 

I was afraid I'd see you here. 


You didn't show up. 

Too bad. I really wanted to know what I look like. 

Sergeant, I'm curious. 

Last night you said... 

things had been strange... 

around here lately. 

- What kind of things? - You really don't want to know. 

Now I really need to know. 

Just your odd reports. 

People seeing things they can't explain, so they all come to me. 

'Cause you're the cop. 

Because they know me. 

You know, if there are other people in this town... 

who are feeling as... 

confused as I am right now... 

I'd sure like to hear it. 

The past few months, people have been coming up to me... 

and reporting that they've been seeing strange things. 

I don't mean the town speed freak. I mean good, honest, church going people. 

I've known these folks my entire life... 

and they seem down right embarrassed to be bringing it up. 

Bringing what up? 

It's hard to explain. 

Weird lights, strange phone calls, you. 

Seeing a UFO is one thing. 

What do you do when someone tells you they saw this in their backyard? 

What is it? 

My wife died two years ago. 

She saw something. 

Drew pictures. 

Who showed you this? 

It was right here. 

There was only a foot or so between its head and that branch. 

That makes it about... 

eight feet tall. 


I was getting ready for bed and just happened to glance out the window. 

At first all I could see... 

were these two red eyes. 

I kept looking at it. 

I couldn't stop. 

I've never had that feeling before, like I couldn't move. 

And then I guess itjust... 

took off.. 

That may not make much sense, but it's... 

the only way I can put it into words. 

You didn't see it, did you? 

It started about two months ago. 

Every time I answered the phone I'd hear it. 

The first one was just a loud beeping noise. 

Now they're mostly these creaking, howling sounds. 

They all like this? 

Well, once it was a man talking really fast. 

- What'd he say? - I couldn't make it out. 

- Some foreign language. - Have you had the line checked? 

I even had our number changed. 

But before I got a chance to give it out to anyone... 

the calls started again. 

It's not a question of believing them. Like I said, they're honest people. 

- How long you lived here? - My whole life. 

- I grew up right over that hill. - On a farm? 

Shucks, no. A real live house. 

Indoor plumbing and everything. 


We even had shoes for church and schoolin' and stuff. 

All right, all right. 

Where the hell are you? 

I'm still here. 

- West Virginia? - Yeah. 

Something's come up. 

You're kidding. Something of national interest in West Virginia? 

No, scientific. I'll tell you about it later. 

Cy's beginning to look rabid. 

Keep him at bay, okay? 

Are you okay? You sounda little stressed. 

No, I'm fine. I'll talk to you later. 

We were parked up here... 

and sort a making out in the back seat. 

And what happened next... 

is sort of hard to explain. 

Next day... 

I woke up and... 

both my-- 

my eyes were swelled up. 

What did the doctors say? 

He couldn't explain it. 

See this one here? 

It ain't never healed. 

We're getting engaged. 

That's good. 

- I gotta talk to you. - Okay. 

Last night I woke up... 

with the worst headache I've ever had in my life. 

I went into the bathroom to get some aspirin... 

and I happened to look in the mirror... 


I swear to God... 

I see something... 

I can't describe. 

But it sure as hell... 

is not my reflection. 

And then... 

I hear... 

this weird... 


coming out of the sink. 

And there's a voice. 

It's a voice... 

and it's saying... 

"Do not be afraid. 

Ninety-nine will die. 

Denver Nine." 

I even wrote it down. 

He just keeps saying the same thing over and over for an hour... 

and then it stops. 

And when I wake up this morning I look at this piece of paper... 

where I wrote down the words... 

and this thing is on it. 

I did not draw that. 

- Gordon? - What? 

Gordon, you-- your ear's bleeding. 


This CAT scan is clean, Gordon. 

No sign of any physical problem. 

Are you sure? Because this man's wife had a tumor. 

What you had, Gordon, was a first-class migraine. 

- I can write you a prescription. - That'd be good. 

- Thank you, Doctor. - There were other symptoms, Doc. 

He had hallucinations, heard voices. 

Aren't they both associated with glioblastoma? 

I see nothing here to suggest... 

something as exotic as glioblastoma, Mr. Klein... 

but if you'd like I can refer Mr. Smallwood to another neurologist... 

for a second opinion. 

- He's wrong. - No, that'd be fine. 

Thank you. 

Thank you very much. 

Wait. Wait. 

He's not wrong. 

Nothing's wrong. Nothing's wrong. 

He's not wrong 'cause there's nothing wrong. 

There's nothing wrong. 

You go to a doctor with a bleeding ear and he tells you you got a headache-- 

Yes, well, you're not sick, so that is good news. 

I wish I was sick. Then I would know why this is happening. 

You shouldn't say things like that. 

What should I say, Denise? I'm hallucinating. 

I'm hearing voices. 

Was your wife hearing voices before she had her tumor? 


News is headed to the scene, and we'll have a live report in minutes. 

Again our top story, Domain Air flight   out of Denver has crashed. 

An airline representative is expected to make a statement shortly. 

There is no confirmation... 

but all    passengers and crew members are believed dead. 

Wow, man. 

Could I speak to Alexander Leek, please ? 

- This is Leek. - Mr. Leek, this is John Klein. 

I'm working on a pretty strange story. 

I was hoping you might be able to help me out. 

I'm particularly interested in your theories on precognition and prophecies. 

Anything you want to know is in the book. 

Yeah, but the chapter that you have on the entities you call-- 

Were you contacted... 

or are you pretending to have a professional interest? 

Yeah-- No. 

I'm a reporter for The Washington Post. 

Well, I'm sorry, Mr. Klein. I don't work in those areas anymore. 

I don't understand. 

To hear a voice is one thing... 

but this isn't just a message, it's a prediction. 

It came true. 

These things Gordon's having, are they dreams or hallucinations? 

The way he describes them, they sound like dreams. 

I don't know. 

He believes they're real. 

I had a dream like that. 


It was nighttime... 

and I was in the middle of the ocean. 

I was trying to swim, but I was too cold. 

I kept looking-- I kept looking for something... 

to hang on to. 

And there were presents... 

floating all around me. 

They were wrapped up. They were tied with bows. 

I tried to grab on to them, but they kept popping away. 

And then I started to sink... 

like a stone. 

There was nothing I could do. I was falling. 

But it felt good. 

I was letting go. 

I was letting myself go... 


all I could see... 

was black... 

and all I could feel was the darkness above me... 

and the lights... 

coming from below. 

I knew I was dying. 

And then I heard this voice, like somebody whispering in my ear. 

"Wake up, number   . ' 

And then I woke up. 

What do you think that means? 

Number   ? 

I have absolutely no idea. 

I met him. 

The guy who told me about the plane crash. 

You met him? 


I met him. 

Last night, coming home from work about midnight. 

I'm driving past the cement plant... 

out bythe chemical factory. 


Something happened. 





encircles me. 

Everything's kind of hot. 

I feel like I can't catch-- 

catch my breath. 

He looked human. 

But there was just something... 

wrong about him. 

That's when I heard the voice. 

The same voice that I heard two nights ago. 

He said... 

"Do not be afraid. 

My name... 

is Indrid Cold." 

And he said to me... 

"In a place this size. 


Three hundred. 

Three hundred will die. 

Wait for me. 

I will return. 

I will see you in time." 

And that was it. 

It's a Iittle-- 

Have a look. 

She knew. 

I didn't see anything. 

You want to hear the chief's latest phone call? 


- Thank God you're there. - Gordon? 

I know I sounded crazy the other day, but things are getting weird out here. 

Slow down, Gordon. 

- He's here. - Who's here? 

Indrid Cold. He's standing right next to me. 

Get over to Gordon's right away. He says Indrid Cold is there. 

Gordon, let me talk to him. 

Sure. Hang on. 

Hello, John Klein. 

Who is this? 

My name is Indrid Cold. 

Unless, of course, you're Gordon Smallwood. 

Your father was born in Racine, Wisconsin. 

He lived in a green house on Monroe Street. 

You don't remember how your mother looked. 

Okay, you got my attention. 

- Where's my watch? - In your shoe. 

Under the bed. 

Very good, John. Thank you. 

What's in my hand? 

Chap Stick. 

You're reading my mind, aren't you? 

Did you read my mind? 

I have no need to, do I? 

What's the third line of page    ? 

"A broken smile beneath her whispered wings. ' 

Still more proof,John Klein? 

What do you look like? 

It depends on who's looking. 

I want to meet you. 

You already have,John. 

I have seen you afraid. 

You're afraid right now, aren'tyou? 

Can I ask you something? 

Why ask me what you already know,John? 

What happened to my wife? 

You were there. 

Mary Klein cannot be found by looking. 

You will see her in time. 

What's up, Connie? 

Everything okay? 

Did you just call John? 

I 've been asleep since  :  . 

Unless, of course, you're Gordon Smallwood. 

See? It's sticking up here around      cycles per second. 

But it never gets any lower than maybe      or so. 

But yours is way down here in the normal vocal range... 

anywhere between      and      cycles per second. 

Okay, so this guy's vocal range is much higher than mine. 

What makes you think it's a man? 

Still more proof,John Klein? 

What is it? 

Near as I can tell, it's... 

an electrical impulse. 

But whatever it is, it's not coming from human vocal cords. 

Why ask me what you already know,John? 

What happened to my wife? 

You were there. 

Mary Klein cannot be found by looking. 

You will see her in time. 

This isn't like you. We used to rip on this stuff. when it came over the wire. 

Yeah, I know. 

- It's different when it happens to you. - Do me a favor. 

Talk to Cyrus today. Tell him you got the flu. Any excuse. 

I'll back you up. 

I just wanna make sure you still got a job... 

when you're done doing whatever it is you're doing down there. 

Okay, I'll call you from Chicago. 

What time is your flight? 

 :   a.m. 

Am I crazy? 


I am crazy. 

Alexander Leek. 

- Who the hell are you? -John Klein. I called you last week. 

Do you know what that is? 

Stay away. 

I need to know what this is. Tell me. 

Where are they seeing it? 

Point Pleasant, West Virginia. 

You can help me. 

Follow me. 

The nocturnal butterfly. 

In ancient cultures, the moth represents a form of the psyche... 

or the soul immortally trapped... 

in the hellish death realms. 


That's what the Ukranians called him. Rough translation, of course. 

There were      sightings in Chernobyl the year the nuclear plantwent down. 

Galveston,       just before the hurricane. 

They saw it. 

But seeing isn't always believing. 

Look, there's never been a single shred of evidence... 

to show that these things exist materially. 

So you're telling me these things do not exist? 

Oh, they exist. All kinds of things exist around us that we never see. 

Electricity, microwaves, infrared waves. 

You know, these things have been around forever. 

They show up in cave paintings. 

They're a normal condition ofthe planet. 

They're just not part of our consensus of what constitutes... 

physical reality. 

What are they part of, then? 

You're asking for an explanation... 

for something... 

that can't be explained rationally. 

You know the buildup of energy before something happens? 

The way your hair stands up before lightning strikes? 

"Before something happens." Do you mean they cause disasters? 

Why would they need to? 

All right, then... 

are they trying to warn me? 

Their motivations... 

aren't human. 

All right, then what do they want? 

I have no idea. 

What you really want is to know... 

why you? 


You noticed them, and they noticed that you noticed them. 

Most people aren't sensitive enough to see them... 

without some kind of... 


What happened toyou, Mr. Klein? 

Last week my friend got a strange phone call... 

from an entity... 

a spirit, whatever. 

It seemed to know everything. 

Like God? 

- It made predictions that came true? - Yes. 

His name was Indrid Cold. 

It's perception,John. They appear differently to everyone. 

A voice, a light, a man, a monster. 

If your friend thinks it's God he spoke to, he's off by more than a few degrees. 

Then how do you explain that it knows everything? 

Look at that. 

If there was a car crash     blocks away, that window washer could likely see it. 

That doesn't mean he's God... 

or even smarter than we are. 

But from where he's sitting... 

he can see a little further down the road. 

I think we can assume that... 

these entities are more advanced than us. 

Why don't they just come right out and tell us what's on their minds? 

You're more advanced than a cockroach. 

Have you ever tried explaining yourself to one of them? 

How many people have seen it? 

Ten. Twenty, maybe. 

Listen to me. Something terrible is going to happen in Point Pleasant. 

Don't go back. 

Stay away. 

I can't talk about this anymore. 

There is a reason... 

that I ended up in Point Pleasant. 

Something brought me there. 

Whatever brought you there... 

brought you there to die. 

You're just in time. They're just about to light this Christmas tree. 

They have been for the last two hours. 

Isn't that Denise? 

Is she okay? 

She left Gordon. 

He got fired from the chemical plant. Just stopped coming to work one day. 


- Where is he? - Who knows? 

Be back in a second. 


What's wrong? 

Fifteen more people reported seeing that thing today. 

Fifteen. Three of them were cops. 

I hate this,John. I absolutely goddamn hate this. 

How was Chicago? 

What did he say? 

He wouldn't see me. 


You all right? 

It's cold. Get in the car, warm up. 

I can't. I'm waiting for him. 

Everybody in this town is looking at me like I'm insane. You know why? 

Denise and all the others, they don't know,John. 

I do. 

I don't think you're crazy. 


You talked to him too,John. 

You know... 

I've been lying awake at night. 

I feel... 

like I'm sleeping... 

but I'm awake. 

That's when I hear him. 

And lately, when I hear him... 

all at once... 

I understand. 


John, doyou remember the last time you were happy? 

It's real. 

These things are real. 

I want you to be happy. 



This is your wake-up call, Mr. Klein. 

I didn't ask for a wake-up call. 

What happened to you, Mr. Klein? 

I can't believe I got through. 

Gordon, where are you, man? 

Speak up. 

Listen, John, he was right. 

Mr. Cold was right about everything. 

Right? Right about what? I can't hear you. 

He was right about understanding. 

It's real,John. I want you to know. 

- It's real. - What is-- What are you talking about? 

You've got nothing to worry about. 

I'll see you in time. 


Can they tell how long he was out there? 

Looks like he's been dead about eight hours. 

He died of exposure. 

What made you come out here? 

- He called me. - When? 

I didn't like the way he sounded. 

When did he call you,John? 

About an hour ago. 

I can't stand this. 

It didn't seem right to bring this up at the funeral... 

but as far as I know there's never been any accidents at the chemical plant. 

I don't know what you're talking about. 

I got your message the other day. I meant to call you back, but I forgot. 

Don't you remember leaving me that message? 

Chief, this is John Klein. 

I didn't call him. No, it's not me. 

I analyzed both tapes with the voice print. 

I don't care. It may be my voice. It's not me. 

- It is not me. - Listen to me. 

I would swear in a court of law that that's your voice. 

Yeah, great. Thanks. 


Regular coffee to go, please. 

Seventy-five cents. 

Have a great day. 

Do you know that woman? 

- What woman? - She just left. You didn't see her? 

- No. - That's strange. 

She had long red hair, green eyes, real pretty, and she was asking about you. 

- Did you see which way she went? - No. 

- What did she say? - She asked a lot of strange questions. 

What are you doing here? And she asked if you were happy. 

- What did you say? - I asked her for some I D. 

- Did she give you any? - No. 

She just said "Tell John I'm sorry for ruining everything," and then she left. 

What's wrong? 

Was it her? 

Was it her? 

That's your wife? 

It was her. 

- I'm not sure. - What? 

I mean, the hair is different. 

- Oh, come on! - What? 

- This is the woman you saw. - No, it isn't,John. 

Now, I agree there is a similarity-- 


John, it's all right. 

I'm not all right. 

This is the woman you saw. She was here. This woman. 

Don't you do this to me. 

I'm sorry,John. 

I feel like I've ruined everything. 

I feel like I've ruined everything. 

I'm so sorry. 

I need to know what happened to you. 


Come in. 

I was a physics professor at Cornell. 

Tenured. You can look me up. 

One day I started hearing voices. 

The voices became messages. 

Before long, I was fully convinced that I was receiving... 

predictions of disaster from outside intelligences. 

But you were, weren't you? 

John, I had tapes of their voices. 

I knew a building was going to blow up, and I tried to prevent it... 

but no one listened. 

What happened? 

People died. 

Many people died. 

I was investigated, almost arrested. 

My wife divorced me. 

My kids... 

stopped speaking to me. 

Do you know what four years in a psychiatric hospital can do to you? 



Oh, you'll never understand their messages. 

You'll misinterpret them. 

I did. It almost destroyed me. 

In the end, it all came down to just... 

one simple question. 

Which was more important-- 

having proof... 

or being alive? 

Trust me. 

I turned away years ago... 

and I've never looked back. 

Didn't you need to know? 

We're not allowed to know. 

It's me, Cyrus. 

John, is that you? 


Yeah, it's me. 

Whatever you are doing, you drop it. 

Governor McCallum is going to Charleston. 

Then he's touring that chemical plant in Point Pleasant today. 

Now, I want you to go down there... 

and meet him at the airport. 

You listening? 

Yeah, McCal I um at the chemical plant. Got it. 

I need to know that you're gonna be there. 

John, are you there? 


Great tragedy on the River Ohio. 

Great tragedy on the River Ohio. 

I can't call in sick just because you have a bad feeling about today. 

Just think about this. Gordon saw weird Iights in the sky. 

They show up over the chemical plant. 

Josh gets a call from me, but it's not really me. 

I'm talking about something bad happening at the chemical plant. 

Then I get this message from this Indrid Cold... 

who's talking about a great tragedy on the Ohio River. 

Guess what's on the Ohio River. 

The chemical plant. 

Today Governor McCallum is gonna be there. 

I was on myway to interview him. That's how I ended-- 

That's how I ended up here. 

My God. 

That's why I'm here. 

He was right. 

Who was right? 

You saw Leek. 

- He was part of the warning. - What? 

He was part of the warning. Stop, stop, stop. 

I didn't want to scare you. 

He said-- 

He said the messages are real. 

Something terrible is gonna happen. 

Connie, please. 

We have to leave here now. 

I will not live my life like that. 

I will not make decisions based on messages from Indrid Cold. 

He may be real to you. He's not real to me. 

Okay, I'm going to Charleston. 

I'll be at the Marriott. Get yourself reassigned. 

I don't want you anywhere near the plant today. 

What if nothing happens? 

What if there's no great tragedy? What'll you do then? 

- That's not the point. - Well, I think it is the point. 

- Gordon believed what he heard too. - I am not Gordon! 

I know what's gonna happen. 

You have to leave now. 

I have to report to work. We can talk about this later. 

- Governor? - Good to see you, John. 

I need to speak with you. It's urgent. 

- What's this about,John? - It's the tour. 

You can't do it. You can't go. 

Listen to me. Cancel it. Cancel the tour. 

Cancel it. Make them shut down the plant now. 

The plant's gonna blow up while you're there. 

Where are the cops? What are they doing? 

- This is McCallum's chief aide. - They don't know yet. 

Have you received a bomb threat? 

I didn't say anything about a bomb. There's a source. 

- I know this sounds-- - You're messing up here,John. 

Get me Cyrus Bills at the Post. 

Our top story takes us tonight to Point Pleasant... 

- where Virginia Governor McCallum... - Turn it up! 

toured the Edgewater Petrochemical plant. 

In what he's called a successful review... 

Governor McCallum has given high marks to this petrochemical plant. 

He is expected to call for similar renovations... 

at several Virginia plants. 

WOWK- TV    ... 

has an exclusive look inside at what the governor saw. 

Son of a bitch. 

I congratulate my friends at Edgewater Petrochemical... 

on a job well done. 

- Success here at Point Pleasant-- - Excuse me, Mr. Klein. 

You have a message. 

Come in. 

- Back to Washington? - Yeah. 

- Do you have to go? - I have to go. 

- If this is about today-- - No, it's not. 

I got a message. 

I have to go home. 

I have to be there noon on Friday. 

John, do you realize what's happening to you? 

I have to go. 

Hey, it's me. 

- Connie? - Yeah. 

I thought we could chat for, say,     or    minutes. 

- I'm sorry. Can I call you back? - No,you can't. 

- I booked you a flight. - What? 

It leaves Dulles for Columbus, Ohio at   :  . 

I tried to get you on the one to Charleston, but they're all booked up. 

So if you leave now, you'll just make it. 

I can't. 

It's Christmas Eve,John. 

You shouldn't be alone. 

I can't. 

Yeah, you can. 

You know... 

when Mary got sick... 

I couldn't help thinking... 

this isn't real. 

I can stop this. 

I know I can. I can stop this. 

No one can stop it,John. 

Listen to me. 

Planes are going to crash. Earthquakes are going to happen. 

People you know and love are going to die... 

and no matter what that voice tells you... 

there 's nothing you can do about it. 

It's two years to the day. 

He told me that she's goi ng to call. He said that Mary's going to call. 

He's lying. 

Whoever calls maysound like her... 

but it's not gonna be her. 

I don't know what happens to us after we die... 

but I 'll bet you wherever Mary is now... 

she's nowhere near Indrid Cold. 

What if it is her? 

She's dead,John. 

The only important question now is how do you want to remember her? 

I miss her so much. 

I know you do. Of course you do. 

But,John, listen... 

you can miss her here just as easily as there. 

Even more easily because there, you're all alone. 

And that's just no way to be. 

You do whatever you need to do... 

and I'll understand. 

But here, we have dinner at  :  ... 

and we open presents at  :  . 

And we hope we see you. 



WJMP time is  :    on this chilly Christmas Eve. 

Come on. 

- You know what's going on down there? - Some problem with the traffic lights. 


Great tragedy on the River Ohio. 

My God. 

Get off the bridge! Everyone's gotta get off the bridge! 

Get off! Everyone get out of your cars and get off! 

C.J., come on! 

You've gotta get off. Turn the damn thing down. 

- What? - You gotta get off the bridge now! 

- Get out! Get out! - Let's go! 

Get off! Get off the bridge! 

Oh, God! 


Get out of the car! Get off the bridge! 


Let's get out! 

Get out! 

Get out! 

Come on. Get out. 

All units, this is unit   . 

Get out! 

Signal    on the Silver Bridge. 

Rose, do you copy? 

Signal    on the Silver Bridge-- 

Wake up. Wake up. 

Here we go. 

You are here. 

I didn't know if I was dreaming or-- 

I left DC right after you called. 

You did call me, right? 


Yeah, I called. 

- How bad is it? - It's bad. 

But I supposed it could've been a lot worse. 

Are they done with the search? 


Looks like about    people. 




Wake up, number   . 


Special help by SergeiK