Mr. Majestyk Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Mr. Majestyk script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Charles Bronson movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Mr. Majestyk. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Mr. Majestyk Script





- $3 worth. That's all you want?

- Yeah.



And if you're not too busy,

you can wipe the bugs off the windshield.



Bob Santos.



Ambrocio Verraras.



Luis Ortegas.



Have you picked melons before?



Luis? All his life.



- He was born in a melon field.

- Okay.



Hey, Larry, what about me?






Vincent, we got   .

Do we need any more than that?



If he's got some who'll work for nothing.



Man, you're sure tight with the dollar.

You squeeze it to death.



We're paying a $ .   an hour,   -hour day.



And don't you shortchange me.



Hey, man, I take my percent.

I don't need to cheat them.



Larry's going along. If he finds anybody

hasn't slipped melons, they come back.



And for them, I don't pay.



Man, I never give you no bums.



- All these people are experts.

- Yeah, I know.



$ .



$ . That's $  and $ .



Hurry back and see us.



- Is there a key you have to the ladies' room?

- It's broken. You can't use it.



What about the men's room?



It's broken, too. Both of them are broken.



We'll go in separately.

The men come out, I go in.



You don't have to call the cops

and say we're doing it.



I'll call them right now if you want me to.

Now get out of here.



- Where do you go?

- I'm warning you.



Maybe you never go?

That's why you're so full of shit.






I was the last one to use that men's room.



You saying I busted the toilet?



Listen, you know how many migrants

stop in here?



These people get in there, take a bath,

mess the place up, steal the toilet paper.



Let them use it.



I work for somebody. You understand?



Now my boss says

no migrants use our restroom.



Not even if they buy gas.



You looking for work?



Well, we forgot our golf clubs,

so we might as well.



You know something about melons?



Onions, lettuce, melons.

We pick anything you got.



After you use the toilet.



First things first.



Since the toilets are broken...



why don't you all come in here

and use this?



Get out of here now.

Every goddamn one of you.



You said somebody else owned the place.



What the hell do you care

if they use the toilet or not?



Here. Don't take all day.



Those people your relatives?






You been traveling with them long?



What are you trying to find out?



If I sleep with some of them?






We go to different places.



We help organize the farm workers.



We also have to stop and work

to pay our way.



You work for the union?



If I tell you yes, you don't hire us?



I don't care if you work for the union,

you don't work for the union.



As long as you know melons.



Look, I've been in the fields most of my life.



- What's your name?

- Nancy Chavez.



Not related to the other Chavez.



But I'll tell you something.



I was on the picket line with them

during the grape strike.



I believe it.



- Is that yours?

- Yes.






My second crop.

If I don't make it this time...



This guy's already got a crew working.



What the hell are we supposed to do,

go home?



Hey, I don't think I know you.



Bobby Kopas.



Come over from La Junta

with some top-hand pickers.



I don't think I ever hired you before, either.



One thing I know for sure, I never will.



$ .   an hour?



Save yourself some money,

and they're already hard at it.



I don't hire winos

who never slipped melons before.



I don't know.

You hire a lot of Latins and no whites.



Looks like discrimination to me.



Get your people on the truck.

Get off my land.



Them Latins buddies of yours?



Look, what do you care who works for you,

as long as you get the job done, right?



I hire who I want.



Yeah, well, you see, you want me.



Only it ain't sunk into

that thick brain of yours yet.



See, everything goes a lot easier...



and a lot less trouble

when you do business with me.



You understand what I'm talking about?



You make sounds like you're

a mean little ass-kicker.



Only I ain't convinced.



You keep talking,

I'm gonna take your head off.






Leave the melons you've picked

or messed up right there.



Pile in the truck and get out of here.



I know you need the work,

and I know you want to work.



I already hired a crew.



The man made a mistake.



You came to the wrong place.



What're you gonna do now?

You gonna shoot us?



Lady, I'm gonna talk to him,

and this time he's gonna listen.



For $ .   an hour, you gonna shoot people?



He threatened me,

and all you people heard it.



Stay back, boy, I'm warning you.



Mean little ass-kicker like you, need a gun...



Put him in the car.



Like I said, the man made a mistake.



Pile into the truck.



Open up the trunk.



Open it.



Hey, buddy.



You want my opinion,

you're in the wrong business.



- Majestyk?

- Yeah.



Someone lodged a complaint against

you. I got a warrant for your arrest.



Can you put your hands on the truck?



- Is this yours?

- Yeah.



Okay, let's go.



What's happened? Hey!



If you can't afford to hire a lawyer

one will be appointed...



to represent you

before any questioning, if you wish.



Do you understand these rights

I've explained to you?



If you do, write "yes" here.



Having these rights in mind,

do you wish to talk to us now?



If you do, you write "yes" here.



Sign your name, address, city and state.



- Witness it, Richie.

- Yes, sir.



My name is McAllen, Detective Lieutenant.



You understand your rights under the law?



I understand I should keep my mouth shut.

That seems to be about it.



You can tell your side of it if you want.



Well, a man I never saw before tried

to force me to use a crew I didn't want.



Complainant says he offered you

a business proposition.



And instead of a simple "no thanks,"

you assaulted him with a shotgun.



It was his gun, not mine.



And he was trespassing.






Four years ago, he got one-to-five

in California for assault. First offense.



Served nine months in Folsom.



You use a gun that time in California, too?



It was in a bar.



Guy hit me with a beer bottle.



Hey, Lieutenant.



Lieutenant, I got     acres of melons

sitting out there.



I got to get them in.



Let me go see that they're picked...



and I'll come back a few days later, okay?



If this was your first offense,

how come they put you away?



See, this guy came to trial with

a broken collarbone and a wired jaw...



and some friends of his

who testified that I started it.



And they said that I kicked his face in

when he was unconscious.



Of course, you did no such thing?



I've been tried for it already, okay?



You married?



I was married for four years.

My wife divorced me when I was in prison.



If I don't get those melons in this week,

I lose the whole crop.



Hey, Lieutenant, I only need a few days.



That's all that's worrying you? Melons?



I think you better get a lawyer.



He'll go to court. Court'll set bond.



If you pay it,

you can go pick all the melons you want.



Sure. I pay the bail,

and I have no money left for a crew.



And I can't pick     acres by myself.



You should have thought of that earlier.



Lock him up.






Hey, buddy, you going to eat that sausage?



You ain't gonna eat it, nobody is?



Help yourself.



No, I guess not.



Take one of those cigarettes though.



- I'll pay you back later.

- Hey.



Want a smoke?



Yeah. It's all right. I got one.



Hey, don't you know who that is?



He's a TV star.



Man, that's Frank Renda.



Yeah, I saw him play the accordion on TV.



I said, Frank Renda.



He's a hit man.



You know what I'm saying?



He shoots people with a gun.



And you ask him

is he gonna eat his sausage.



Cuff Renda.



All right, let's go.



Today, Frank Renda is being taken...



to the county seat for pretrial examination

on a charge of first-degree murder.



Renda, a familiar name in organized crime...



has been arrested

nine times without a conviction.



This time, apprehended

by an off-duty police officer...



who actually witnessed the murder

outside a local bar.



It would appear Renda's luck

has finally run out.



Hey, hey, come on.



What the hell?



This is Ron Malone with On The Spot News

coming to you from Edna, Colorado.



Now he's a TV star.



The keys for the handcuffs!



The keys! Move!



Just see if he's got them.



Hey, he's hurt pretty bad.



If we don't get him out of here,

he's gonna bleed to death.



The keys.



Man, I was drunk driving.

I don't want to get shot for that.



The keys.



Hey, out there!



We got a wounded man here.



Hold your fire, we'll bring him out.



The keys.



Go ahead.



The keys.



Don't shoot.



Take him out, okay?



What are you doing, you?



Man, I hope you know what you're doing.



What are you doing?



Get the bus with Renda. That way.



Let's get the hell out of here.



The panel truck. Get the truck.



Hey, you move, you.



I had you figured for the local clown,

but you really move.



Hey, what'd they bust you for?



Assault with a shotgun.



A shotgun?



That's attempted murder, man.



They're gonna jam you the same as me.



I got an idea that might work.



You don't worry about it.



I give you a phone number to call,

we'll be out of the country before morning.



I like my idea better.



Now listen, you come with me...



be worth plenty.



Sound good?



You got it ass backwards. I ain't coming

with you, you're coming with me.



Wait a minute. Talk to me. Wait a minute.



All right, listen, listen a minute.



Well, we're home.



This is your home?



It's a place I use during hunting season.



You did take those keys.



Come on, what is this game?



In time, you'll find out.



You know, we could be in LA tonight.



Get in a couple of broads.



Go to Mexico City in a few days.



Cruise around, get a boat,

anything you want!



I've been to LA, and I've been to Mexico.



And I've been laid.



- Well, what do you want?

- I want to get a melon crop in.



Hire somebody to do that.



I intend to, but I got to be there.



Okay. All right.



Now I'm gonna tell you something.



I've killed seven times with a gun.



One guy I hit with a crowbar.



Another guy I threw off a roof.



Some others I didn't kill myself,

but I had it done...



like I can have it done for you,

if you don't make a deal with me.



What kind of deal?



You name the price.



Just get me out of these,

and I'll walk out of here. How much?



You don't know.



What's the matter,

you afraid your price will be too low?



All right, I'll tell you how much.






Twenty-five what?



$     .



How do you manage that?



I mean,

how would you get the money to me?



You call a number I'll give you in Denver.

You say you've got a message for Wiley.



The money will be delivered to you

any time, any place you say.



$     .



What did you say that number in Denver is?



Yeah. Okay.



Hi. How are you?



Okay. This is a nice place.



Yeah, we like it.



I was driving on the road, got a flat tire,

and I found I didn't have a spare.



That's a shame.



Yeah, a long walk to get here, too.



I was wondering

if you have a phone I could use.



Yes, we have a phone you can use.



How much to call Edna?



Edna? Two bits.



Two bits.



Didn't have a spare,

and I don't have two bits.






I think I can trust you for a phone call.

Phone's over there.



- Thank you.

- You're welcome.






Operator, would you get me

the police department in Edna, please?



This is    -    .



- Edna Police Station.

- Lieutenant McAllen.



- Hello.

- Hey, Lieutenant. This is Majestyk.



Damn it, Majestyk, where are you?



I'm downtown in a hotel, what do you think?



Get your ass over here,

or you'll be in a lot more trouble...






Listen to me now, who the hell

do you think's paying for this call?



- What's on your mind?

- Now that's better.



Hey, Lieutenant, I got Renda.



What? I don't believe you.



I said I got him.

He can't get loose, unless I turn him loose.



Just think again.

He's got you all over the country...



You keep talking, man, I'm gonna hang up.



Vince, what do you want?



All right. I got Frank Renda...



and you got an assault charge against me.



Drop the charge, I'll give you Renda.



You're gonna sell him to us?



Well, there ain't nothing

that's free in this world.



Why don't we come right over and get him?



No, I'll deliver him.



- Right, then.

- You come here...



you're liable to say you found us.



You're taking a risk.

I think we'd better come there.



- Yeah...

- Tell me where you are, I'll be there first...









Could you trust me

for one more call to Denver?



Sure, okay.



And a couple of bottles of beer to go, okay?



All right.



- Yeah?

- Hey...



I got a message for someone named Wiley.



Wiley's not here now.

You can leave the message with me.



All right.



Get a pencil and paper,

and I'll give you the details.



That's it.



That's the car, man!



Okay, let's go.



Who's that?



That's Wiley.



That's all you got to know.



- God, Frank, you're really a mess!

- Yeah.



- Where's the money?

- I already gave it to her.



- Gave it to who?

- The lady at the store on the highway.



I was told to stop there and give her $ .  .



That's what I did.



$ .  ?



Hey, what are you pulling, man?



We made a deal, $     .



You drive.



You sit on the other side up front.



Hey, wait a minute.



You want to do it by yourself,

or you want me to give you some help?



I must have missed something.

Where are we going?



We're going to jail.






You fink!






you got a new game.



The price is up. What's it gonna cost?



You paid $ .   you're in.



Stop the bullshit!



How much?



Nothing, Frank.



I explained it to you simply, didn't I?



You make a deal with me, or you're dead.

You understand?



I go away, you're dead!



I made another deal.



With who, the cops?



They'll have to live with you forever.



Can you see that?



Never knowing when you're gonna get hit.



He's kind of weird, isn't he?



Baby, you want a cigarette?



- Yeah.

- Here.



Lieutenant McAllen.



Well, Majestyk!



- I had him.

- Did you?



I suppose you want to hear what happened.



I think I can guess.



- Take him away, Mark.

- You don't want to hear?






Frank, you like it?



Sure is nice to have friends.



- It's great.

- You like it?






The place has got air conditioning.

You got plenty of vodka, scotch...



steaks in the icebox, here.



And $     for cigarette money.



Frank, there's a really funny shower.

It's over the toilet.



Tomorrow night you'll be in Mazatlan.



Your house is all set. It's on the beach.



Everything's all ready.



- A regular vacation.

- Yep.



You having a good time?



I could use a rest.



That stunt hitting that bus...



took a couple of years off me, man.



- Where is he?

- Got a couple of beers?



- Where is he?

- Want a beer?



- Where is he?

- He turned himself in.



They're holding him in Edna, last I heard.



- A tight fit, but all the comforts of home.

- We're not home, my love.



- He is.

- Frank.



He's in jail. You're free.



We can go anywhere you want.



There's only one thing I want.



So he gets out of jail, you have him killed.

Same difference. Dude's dead.



I said I want him, you understand?



I want to look him in the face...



hold a piece against his gut...



and when I know that he's sure...



I'm gonna kill him.



Can I ask you a question?



Are you going to walk in

and ask the cops for a visitor's pass?



How will you get close to the dude?



You find that sucker he hit.



Tell him to drop the complaint,

it was all a mistake.



- Suppose he doesn't want to do that?

- I said tell him, not ask him!



Then we get a couple of our people.



You find him, you call me...



I come up...



I'll have a talk with him, and it's done.



Frank, there's a dozen guys who'd do it,

guys who the cops aren't waiting to bust.



I said I want him!






Hey, I never killed anybody

for free before, see?



But this one,

I'm doing as a special favor to myself!



And that's before I go to Mazatlan,

or lie on any beach.



Am I getting through to you?



- You got anything more on Majestyk?

- No, not much.



High school education,

truck driver, farm laborer.



He was in the army three years.



A Ranger instructor at Fort Benning.



Was captured in Vietnam...



escaped with four enemy prisoners.



Got a Silver Star.



Man doesn't fool, does he?



I don't know. Let's find out.



Okay, Ben.



Have a seat.



I've been sitting for four days.



I guess another day won't matter.



When do I go to trial?



The guy you hit, Bobby Kopas...



dropped the charges.






- Why'd he do that?

- Said he thought it over.



Wasn't important enough

to waste a lot of time in court.



You think that's the reason?



Lieutenant, whatever the reason,

it's all right with me...



as long as I get back to my place.



Maybe you'd better stay here.



Now why would I do a dumb thing like that?



Because Frank Renda's

still walking around free.



Yeah, I know.



The eyeball witness who saw Renda

commit murder was a police officer.



He was killed when Renda escaped.



No witness, no case.



You've given Renda a real good reason

to want to kill you.



And I can't think of anything

that would stop him from trying.



So you want me as bait.



You don't let me go unless I hang around

and let him take a whack at me?



Something like that.



Why is it that I get a feeling from you

that you hope he pulls it off...



just so you can nail him for murder.



That did enter my mind...



but we'll settle for attempted.



As I remember it...



you're the one

who wanted to make the deal...



so you could go home

and pick your melons.



All right, go pick them.



- How did you sleep?

- Too long.



Man, you needed it.



I tried again this morning,

it's the same thing.



Nobody wants to work for us.



I talked to Julio, Tomas, some of the others.

What's going on?



Julio says, "Man, I don't have

a crew for you, that's all."



- Julio can get as many men as he wants.

- I know it.



He sends them away, says they are no good.



That girl, Nancy Chavez...



if she wasn't here,

we wouldn't have nobody.



She got more of her friends to work for us.



But we've got to get a crew,

or we'll never get it done.



I even have my wife

and the children working.






I hope you have better luck than me.



 -  to base.



He just drove out in his truck, heading west.



I got him.






Hey, Vince, they let you out, man!



- That's great.

- I've been looking for you.



Why can't you get me a crew?



Hell, man, you've been in jail.



Mendoza hasn't. He told me you

turned him down the last two mornings.



It's the time of the year, Vince.



I've got too much business.

Other people ask first.



I'm asking you now for tomorrow morning.

Twenty people. $ .   an hour.



Vince, I got crews signed

for more than a week.



You're just too late, amigo, that's all.



What about you? Will you give me a crew?



Maybe in    days.



I can't promise you nothing right now.



What the hell is this?



A stickup?

What do you want, a bonus? What?



Vince, it's not the money.



How can we get you people

if we don't have any?



Hey, Julio...



what the hell is the problem?



Vince, will you listen to me?



I got to work for a living.



I can't do it from no damn hospital,

you understand?



Okay. This I understand.









Next season, okay, amigo?



If he's still around.



Hey, I hear you're looking for a crew.

Maybe I could get you some winos.



Maybe I can fix it

so you'll never smile again.



Touch me, you'll be back in jail before noon.



Hey, why did you drop the complaint?



I'm being a good neighbor.



And you think I'm pulling something?



Now, why would you think that?



Seeing me lose my crop?



You know, I think you're mixed up.



Standing there in deep shit...



and all you're worried about

is your melon crop.



You've been talking to somebody?



- Yeah, who you got in mind?

- He get you to drop the complaint?



I'm tired of talking to you.



But I'll tell you one thing.



Somebody's gonna set your ass on fire,

and I'm gonna be there to watch.



Real nice, bigmouth. Real nice.



I had to give him one.



The son of a bitch.



Hey, Frank. Smooth flight?






- Rough?

- How are you doing?



Okay. Hey, Wiley, how're you doing?



Your lawyer had to put up a bond...



you gotta appear at a hearing,

but nothing to nail you with.



- God!

- See?



Nothing like a little dumb luck.



What do you mean, "luck"?



The secret is, never run

until you know you're being chased.



- And have a fast lawyer available all times.

- Real fast.



Your lawyer's waiting

at the lodge he rented for you.



- Hey.

- He wants to talk to you.



What about my melon picker?



They turned him loose. The question now

is, what do the cops have in their minds?



No, the question is, what's he doing?



He's around. We just saw him.



Probably at home waiting on you.



Mr. Renda...



I was wondering if, when you finish him off,

you'd let me put a couple of slugs in him?



Who's this asshole?



This is our friend Bobby Kopas,

the fellow Majestyk hit.



He's making sure nobody works for him,

so there won't be a crowd around there.



- You know him good?

- Well, I know he's a stuck-up son of a bitch.



Got a few melons

and thinks he's a big grower.



How long has he lived here?



Too long.



It seems that I ask you questions,

and you don't answer them.



I'll try you again.



- Would you show me where he lives?

- Yes, sir, any time.



- Right now?

- You bet.



We're up to it now, Mr. Renda.






- You said no one was working for him.

- No crews.



Just some migrants he hired, that's all.



Go up a ways, and turn around.



How long's that been here?



They're always patching the road,

getting in the way.



How long?



I don't know. Two or three days, sir, I think.



Don't you know cops when you see them?



Cops? Are you sure?



I never thought about cops being around.



They'll get tired

in a couple of days and leave.



Then we can run those Mexicans off.

Wouldn't be no sweat to that.



Pull over.



Pull over and stop.



Okay, asshole...



get out!



What, right here?



My car's all the way over in Edna.

That's a four- or five-mile walk.



Come here, you.



I ain't known you a half hour,

and you're talking shit to me...



out of the side of your face.



I say I want nobody working for this guy,

and he's got a dozen people living here!



The cops set up a grandstand

to watch the show...



and you don't even know they're cops.



I don't see where you're doing me

any good at all.



But I watched him for you, didn't I,

so he wouldn't run?






Well, you better run off now.



And you better do just like Lundy says.



And don't you ever, ever...



talk no shit to me again!



Do you hear?



Yes, sir.



Let's get out of here.



Hi, Frank. Good to have you back.



Hey, man, that was beautiful.

You beat them again.



What are you guys, just standing around?



- Hello, Richard.

- Wiley.



- Hello, Frank.

- Hello, Dick.






- How do you like it?

- It's not bad.



It looks like a dude ranch.



It belongs to a stockbroker

I once represented.



Yeah? And where's he? In jail?



Lewisburg, as a matter of fact.



I figured that.



Conspiring, they say,

to defraud the United States government.



I'll have one, too. I can use it.



Frank, where you been?

Looking at melon fields?



I've been busy.



You're out on a $     bond, pending

a District Court examination in    days.



What are you talking about?



I thought I was clear.



You are. But they have to

go through the motions.



Frank, this is not the time

to do anything impulsive.



There's a melon I've got to pick.



Also, there are some very big offers

that have come in.



Big offers from big people.

Now what am I supposed to tell them?



- You tell them I got something to do.

- Frank.



Hey, if they don't like it...



tough shit.









Vincent, I think we're going to do it.



If we can keep him from goofing off.



Thank you.



Hey, didn't somebody say something

about a cold beer after work?



What about you?






- You buying?

- Damn right.



I'm gonna be a rich man in about a week.



- Hey, Larry, what about you and the missus?

- Oh, no.



Ma'am and me got more important things

to do. We are going to bed.



You got that much energy, back to the field.



Good night.



Now where in the hell's he going?



He must have got hit by a truck.



Or something.



You want to wait for him?



With a dead cop across the road?



- Let's talk to the help.

- Right.



Come on, get outside. Get her out. Get out!



Where is he?



I don't know. I thought he was home.






Where is he?



If we knew, I would tell you.



Bring him along.



Ask them.



Amigos! We're looking for your boss.



El jefe.



Who wants to tell me where he's at?



They don't know nothing.



We're wasting our time.



Tell them they don't work here anymore.



You all don't work here anymore.



You got two minutes to get in your cars

and get out, now.



- We been...

- Keep talking, you get your head busted.



- Let's go.

- All right, kids, come on.



Well, the man's been busy.






You know, he said all he wanted

was to get his melons in.



Get the man's melons in.



You heard him. Get the melons in.



Go ahead.



Was she blonde, blue eyes?



Blonde, most of the time.



Do you ever put your hair up in rollers?



Once in a while. Why?



When I picture my ex-wife,

I think of her with rollers.



She was always fiddling with her hair,

washing it, that sort of thing.



Do you have any kids?



A daughter.   years old.



Do you miss her?



I haven't seen them in two years.

They moved to Los Angeles.



Are you thinking about them?



No, I was thinking you might be worthwhile

getting to know better.



Well, I'll fill out an application.

You read it. See if I pass.



Acting tough again.



Fact is, you're a very pretty girl.



If you want to go to bed with me,

why don't you say it?



Don't want to say it, I want to do it.

Come on.



I have to go to the ladies' room,

if it isn't locked.



If it is, I'll kick the door down.



How you doing there, buddy?






I just came by to tell you something.

Maybe you know it already.



But I want to make sure. I'm gonna kill you.



Hey, there's a couple of cops over there.






Otherwise you might be dead already.



When is this big event gonna take place?



What's the difference?

Tomorrow. Next week.



You can hide in the basement

of that police station.



But I'm gonna get you, my baby.



Seems like there's no use

trying to get on your good side.



Hey, why don't you call a cop?



The light's been left on.






I took my wife and the kids to her mother's.



- Did you talk to the police?

- Sure.



They ask me questions.

But what can I tell them?



Some men came.

I didn't know who they were.



They say leave, or get our heads busted.

Just like that.



Do one thing for me.



Take this load in.

Drop her off at the bus station.



What do you mean, one thing?



I'll come back and get

the whole damn thing picked.



No, it's finished, Larry.



A lot of them are still good.



Yeah, Larry's gonna take this load in.



He'll drop you off in town.

You can catch a bus there.






That guy, Renda, will be back.



There's no reason

for you to be here anymore.



Get yourself ready.



Hey, Vincent.



I've been in a car that was shot at,

and the guy next to me was killed.



Another time, a truck chased a bunch of us,

trying to run us over.



I've been in a union hall when they

threw a firebomb and blew the place up.



I don't need anyone looking out for me.






If you don't want me here,

now, that's something else.



I don't want you here.



The bus to La Junta always stops here.

Don't worry about missing it.



Thanks, Larry. Good luck to you.



Nancy, later you come back

and see us, okay?



That's not Majestyk, that's Larry Mendoza.



Yeah, I recognize him.



Boy just didn't listen to me.



Hey, Larry.



You were told to get out and not come back.

Ain't that right?



I'm just helping my friend,

delivering some melons.



You get a chance to run and don't use it.

Ain't that right?



I just get rid of these melons,

and I am gone.



You never see me again.



Come on, Larry.



Honest to God.



- I just work for the guy, that's all.

- That's right.



For Larry Mendoza.

Tell me what room you think he'll be in...



when they bring him out of surgery.



- Where is he?

- He's in there.



The warehouse guy didn't see anything.

He didn't even see the car.



What'd they do to him?



They broke his legs.



I'm sorry.



Hey, Larry.



I'm real sorry, man.






Larry, who were they?

Do you know them? Know who they were?



Yeah. Same people who came last night.



And Bobby Kopas. He was there.



They're not kidding. They do this to me...



they're gonna kill you!



Do you want me to feel better? Go away.



Hide somewhere.



There's nothing wrong with that.



Sure as hell...



you're going to be dead.



Majestyk, I'm sorry about your hired man.



He's not just a hired man.



A deputy was killed last night.



Run over or beaten to death.

About the same time your migrants left.



We'd like to locate them, talk to them.



Why don't you talk to Frank Renda instead?



The Denver police

have got a watch on his place.



He hasn't been there.

We don't know where he is.



You don't know much about anything.

Stay the hell away from me.



We pull out, you know what'll happen.



Well, let's see what's happened

with you hanging around.



So far, he's managed to run off my crew...



shoot up some melons...



break my friend's legs,

and kill one of your deputies.



Don't you talk to me

about police protection.



Keep these hotshots off my property!



You won't get those melons picked

if you're dead.



If I'm dead it won't matter, will it?



Suit yourself. You're on your own.



Lieutenant, I've been on my own

from the beginning.



Are we really pulling out?



We'll let him think so and see what happens.



- By the truck. See him?

- Where?



Damn, he was there a second ago.



Did he go in the house?



He must have. That Mexican girl's inside.



Where are your other boys?



Round the back side of the house.



You keep watching.

I'll go tell Frank what's going on.



Ain't nothing going on, as far as I can see.



Sonny boy, if you try keeping

your eyes open and your mouth shut...



you might see something!



- What do you think?

- I don't know.



I'll tell you one thing, though.



I'm not going to worry about it.

His truck's there.






What the hell are you doing here?



I hitched a ride back.



There's a bunch of guys outside with guns.

They see you come in?



I don't know. I didn't see anybody.



I think you're stuck with me.



Yeah, sure.



Till I figure out a way to get you out of here.



At least I don't think they'll do anything

until Renda shows up.



Do you know how to use this?



You point it and pull the trigger.

Isn't that all you do?



Never mind.



As long as you're here,

sit over by the window.



If you see anything move, just tell me.






Picked up his trailer, went home.






He was. Kopas says there's a girl there now.



Came before the dude got back.



Man's waiting to get shot,

and he's got his girlfriend there with him.



Probably figured I wouldn't

come for him so soon.



- Maybe.

- Get yourself a drink.



Thank you. We can't just walk in there.

The cops could be waiting for us.



Got to figure something out.



Look, I got no time to fool around

here anymore.



You want to hit him yourself,

wait for the right time.



I don't have the time! You understand?



I don't know how much longer

that Renda's gonna wait.



But I'm not.

I'm going to turn this situation around.



Good morning, Mr. Renda.



Got him for you.



Sure as hell he's in the house.

There's no way to get out.



You seen him?



I figure he's locked himself up in the toilet.



Either that,

or else he's hiding under the bed.



I just asked you a question, man.



Well, no, sir.

Ain't seen no sign of him, but he's in there.



There ain't no other place he could be.



Okay now, we're gonna bring him out.

Nice and quietly.



- Walk him to the car.

- The broad, too.



Mr. Renda, what if he's got a gun?



We'll just have to take it away from him,

won't we?



Now, you're gonna get to go

through that door first.



We'll be right behind you.



Mr. Renda, I...



I ain't never done this kind of thing before.



I mean...



maybe I'm no good at it.

You know what I mean?



You are gonna be just fine.



And I said,

you are going through that door first.



We'll be right behind you.



You're gonna be fine.



You put this stuff in the back of the truck.



Once you start, don't stop

or even slow down till you get to the café.



- You can't...

- Listen to what I'm saying.



When you get to the café, stop,

get out as fast as you can, don't look back.



You can't do it alone. You need someone.



What you're doing's enough.



Here are the keys.






I knew it.



Blue convertible, white top.

Heading west on the highway.



-  -  stand by.

- What is it, Hal?



Renda's on his tail.

They're going west on the highway.



- Okay, put everything we got on it.

- Yes, sir.



Call the airport. Get me a helicopter.



What the hell you doing?

You're going the wrong way.



There's a highway on the other side

of that field.



- They're probably headed for that.

- Straight ahead. First road on the left.



Keep going and don't lose 'em.






Move over.



Guess there's no way

to get rid of you, is there?



I told you, you were stuck with me.



Tell them to look down there.



Take a look down that way.



This is his hunting country.



He brought us here.



It looks like we're only

a couple of miles from the lodge.



Do you want to go to the lodge, or what?



He sucked us in.



That melon picker sucked us in.



- Come in, F- J.

- The     now heading south.



Looks like a blue convertible

with a white top...



about a half a mile ahead of the pickup.

And he's really moving.



Just a minute,

he's pulled a disappearing act on us.



They must've turned off on a trail

through the timber.



Hang on and I'll give you some coordinates.



I never seem to catch

the beginning of anything.



Somebody want to tell me what's going on?



- Frank?

- Just relax, will you?



Well, should I start packing or what?



You know, I think he's in those trees.



- You're seeing something I don't see.

- Will you shut up?



Hand me those glasses, Wiley.



Get over here.



Come on, Frank, let's finish it!

I got work to do.



How about this guy?



He's anxious?



Wiley, you're going out to talk to him.



Where are you?



- Well, it's been nice talking to you.

- Hey, Wiley.






Come here.



You go back in there and tell Frank...



if he wants to settle this thing between us,

we haven't got much time.



The police are on their way.



You know, this really hasn't got anything

to do with me.



Who's in there with him?



Lundy and Kopas.






Take her and go back to the highway.

Wait for me there.



- What are you going to do?

- I don't know yet. I'll take this shotgun.



Where'd she go, Mr. Renda?



He must have grabbed her.






Maybe they left. And he took her with 'em.



He's still there.



Let's go upstairs.



- Maybe we can spot him from there.

- Yeah.



I didn't tell you to come upstairs.

You go downstairs and watch.



I'll do it, Frank.

You spot him, I'll flush him out for you.



Lundy, he's going back in the woods.



- Get him!

- Where?



You never saw him at all.



You just told Lundy that.



You used Lundy.



You used him to set him up.



I don't even know what I'm doing here.



I don't give a damn about that melon picker.



This is none of my business, you know.



This is none of my business.



I don't want nothing

to do with this anymore!



Stay away from me.



- You get out there.

- No.



Get out there!



- I don't even have a gun. He'll kill me!

- You got a choice.



Stay here and I'll kill you.



I'm staying.






Where is he?



He's on the staircase.



You want to live?






Drape yourself over that log

and don't even twitch.



Do it.



Hey, boy.



Check him, Richie. Bob?



Bring him in.



I'll take that.



Hey, buddy.



Like I said, you're in the wrong business.



- Where's Renda?

- He's out in back, dead.



Get in your truck.

I want to talk to you in town.



Let's go.



Hey, Lieutenant...



you were right.



He was really trying to kill me.


Special help by SergeiK