Mulan II Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Mulan II script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Disney sequel to the movie Mulan.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Mulan II. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Mulan II Script





Oh, saviour of China,



you have ennobled the House of Fa.



In gratitude, we honour you.



O, veneration to you,



O, mighty...



Say it, say my name.






That's what I'm talking about.

How you doing up there, man?



Thanks for the intro.



And now, I think I'd like to visit

my beloved pedestal.



Let's get it over with.



Ceremonial robe of honour.



If Mulan could see me now.



Mulan saves China one time,



and now he thinks he's the emperor.



I'm climbing a stairway to heaven.



Top floor.



Pedestals, perks and props.



Ceremonial bath of honour.




Y'all better take a deep breath now,



'cause I ain't leaving my pedestal



for the next thousand years.



Let the whirlpool begin.



Oh, yeah.



According to this chart,

I put the coins here.



Relax, child.



The spirits tell me Shang will arrive



and propose to Mulan

before the sun sets.



Still time to get in on the pool.






Gambling is like playing Mah Jongg

with blank tiles.



No one really wins.



I'm enriched by your presence,

my son.



I think I'll go pray.



Hello, Sha-Ron.



Is Fa Mulan here?



She's out in the field.



Yeah, doing her chores.



I'll go help her.



Thank you.



The children all love Mulan.



And why not? She's strong,

she's brave, she's beautiful.



She's a chip off the old block.



It's okay, Little Brother.

What's going on here?



We want to be like you, Fa Mulan.



But I'm still learning myself.






Okay. I guess I can show you

a few moves.



Mulan's gonna teach us

how to kick butt.






Hold it, calm down.



That's lesson number two.



The first and most important lesson

is to be gentle.



At the same time, we're being tough.



- How can you be tough and gentle?

- Yeah, I want to be tough.






I know it does

sound a little funny, huh?



But the world is full of opposites,

and so are you.



To be a good warrior,

you must bring it all into balance.



Let's see if this helps.



Earth, sky. Day, night.



Sound and silence.

Dark and light.



One alone is not enough



You need both together



Winter, summer

Moon and sun



- Lesson number one

- Wow!



Like a rock

You must be hard



Like an oak

You must stand firm



Cut quick like my blade



Think fast




Like a rock

I must be hard



Like an oak

I must stand firm



Cut quick like my blade



Think fast




Okay, Mulan, I'm ready.



But you're still out of balance.

You're only halfway there.



Like a cloud

You are soft



Like bamboo

You bend in the wind



Creeping slow

You're at peace because you know



It's okay to be afraid



Like a cloud

I am soft



Like bamboo

I bend in the wind



Creeping slow

I'm at peace because I know



It's okay to be afraid



One alone is not enough



You need both together



Winter, summer

Moon and sun



Lesson number one



Like a rock

I must be hard



Like bamboo

I bend in the wind



- You can fly

- i'm at peace because I know



It's okay to be afraid



- You have begun

- Lesson number one



It's General Shang.



Hello, little warriors.



Your new uniform suits you, General.



The uniform, yes.



Now I just have to live up to it.



Of course you will.

You're very brave.



Oh, right. Brave. Yes, well...



Mulan, I haven't known you

for very long,



but I feel that doesn't matter so much

when a man is in...



When a man is in...



Is there someplace private

we can talk?



We can go to my house.



Okay, everybody.



Time to be like the river

and flow home.



Bye, Shang. Bye, Mulan.



Could you take care of this for me?



You're never gonna get that back.



She said yes.



When one's heart

is overfilled with joy,



some may spill from the eyes.



You can say that again.



I win the pot.



Actually, you bet he would propose

before sundown.



I bet he would propose

before noon.



But, you don't gamble.



Betting against my mother

is not a gamble.



It's an investment.



Oh, what a happy day.



My little baby's getting married.



Mushu, someone will hear you.



I can't help it.

You know dragons are very emotional.



Seems like just last month,

you and I were saving China.



- It was last month.

- How time flies.



You know, this must be

a magical moment for you.



It's not every day I get engaged.



I meant telling me you're engaged.



I'm the guy that gave you

and pretty boy the hook-up.



Am I a guardian,

or am I a guardian?



You're more than that.



You're my most trusted friend.



- Oh, that did it.

- Are you crying again?



No, I just got some

exfoliating cream in my eye.



Of course I'm crying, girl.

What you think? Oh, Mulan.



- I'm just so happy for me.

- You?



This wedding business

is a big status boost for me.



When the ancestors

look up the career ladder,



all they're gonna see is my behind.



So glad my getting married

is helping you out.



All right, I get you, Miss Missy.

But I'm thinking about you too.



I'll plan your wedding.

I gotta work me up a theme.



Theme is everything.



How about "Rainbow of Memories?"



That's too junior prom.

I've got it.



The theme is, "Think Pink. "



You know, pink is the new red.

It's simple, it says it. Watch my smoke.



Cri-kee, to the fabric store.



Mulan, seems your grandma

invited someone



to help us celebrate

the engagement.



Really? Who?



- China.

- Congratulations!



Isn't it wonderful?



Sorry it's sort of slapdash.



It took us by surprise, you know.



Make way for the happy couple.



- Now this is a battlefield.

- What's our strategy, General?



Divide and conquer.



All right, dead people.



We've got work,

so move with purpose.



I've got an important announcement

to make.



Hold on to your ectoplasm now.

Mulan's getting married.



All right. Simmer down.

I know just how you feel.



But time is wasting. Move.



The theme is pink.



I want to see pink flowers,

ribbons, bows.



I'm not talking about salmon.

No blush.



I mean pink as a freshly-slapped

newborn's behind.



- How about a pink slip?

- Excuse me?



Nobody wants to see your drawers,




Actually, she meant this.



Hey, this looks like

a for-real pink slip.



You know,

like a "you're fired" pink slip.



- Oh, it is.

- Say what?



The pink slip is for you.



It is written,

once a woman marries,



her husband's ancestors



take over the duty

of guardianship.



No. Your scroll must have a typo.

That can't be.



- But it is. You're out of a job.

- Out of a pedestal.



And out of our hair, fool.



No, no.

I ain't going out like this.



It took me     years to get

this pedestal back,



and I ain't about to give it up.



Hear me, you lazy lounge lizard.



The moment Fa Mulan is married,

you've got your old job back.



Remember gong duty?



Perhaps this will ring a bell.



Mushu's on his way out



What am I gonna do?



- So, tell me, will it be a big wedding?

- Absolutely.



No, absolutely not.



- Children?

- As many as possible.



Maybe one or two.



- We'll think about it.

- Right away.



- Blue... Mild... Yes.

- Pink... Spicy... No.



Oh, dear. Did you hear that?



- Not exactly a harmonious couple.

- What should we do?



Perhaps we should give our gift

to the children now.



General Shang, Fa Mulan,

orders from His Majesty, the Emperor.



- Is there trouble?

- Yes. Report to the Imperial Palace.



We'll leave at once.



This must be important

for the emperor to want both of us.



He knows a winning team

when he sees one.



Since when are they the winning team?



Ink's not dry on my pink slip,

and I'm being replaced.



Yeah, I know. You're right.



How could I have been so selfish?



Look at them.

Those two clearly got it going on.



I've made a decision.

I've got to kiss my pedestal good-bye,



cos my girl's happiness comes first.



- Baba. Mama.

- We were admiring the mudan tree.



It's so lovely this year.



The blossoms reach

for the sunlight above,



yet, unseen, the roots reach

for the rainwater below.



Sun and rain.



So different,

yet only by working together



do they create harmony and life.



I know, the lesson of yin and yang.



And, to help you

remember that lesson...



Father, mother, your necklaces.



Not ours, our great-great grandparents'.



And now, yours.



- Thank you, sir.

- Oh, they're so beautiful.



But, you'll be surprised how heavily

they can weigh.



To share the burden,

you must work together,



like the sun and rain.



Wait a minute,

old man Fa-Zhou got a point now.



Mulan and Shang

are as different as sun and rain.



When the infatuation wears off,



their tree of life is going to

wind up with root rot.



Yeah, sure. She seems happy.

That's the real tragedy.



The girl don't even realise

how miserable she is.



That's why I gotta

nip this thing in the bud.



This is not about my pedestal.



This is about Mulan making

the biggest mistake of my...



I mean, her life.



Man, how could I have been so selfish?



Mulan's a girl worth fighting for.



And, after all,

I am the girl's guardian.



Cri-Kee, I'm gonna break them up.



So, I guess that means

you're on board?



Mulan, could you smooth out the ride

a little? I'm getting horse sick.



- Mushu, what are you doing here?

- Whither thou go, I goeth, girl.



Remember, teamwork ain't about ego,

it's about "we go. "



Cri-Kee, what are you doing here?



Protect Mulan from me?

I'm her guardian.



Yeah, you're her lucky cricket.

Lucky I don't break out the bug spray.



As we stand here, Mongol forces

are moving closer to our border.



The threat of attack

is growing every day.



As it is, our army's

hopelessly outnumbered.



Your Majesty, let me lead my forces

in a pre-emptive strike.



Each of my warriors

will fight like ten Mongols.



No, General.



I plan to defeat this enemy

without the use of force.



Instead, we will

forge a union so strong,



the Mongol hordes

won't dare attack.



An alliance with

the kingdom of Qui Gong.



We will become united

through marriage.



You will escort three princesses

to Qui Gong.



There, they will marry

Lord Chin's sons,



and seal this critical alliance.



Yes, Your Majesty.



My advisors tell me

the charts are clear.



If this wedding does not take place

in three days,



the alliance will crumble and

the Mongols will destroy us.



Mark my words, General.

Three days.



Not a moment more.



I know that face, Fa Mulan.

What troubles you?



Your Majesty, an arranged marriage?



Rest assured, child.



My daughters know exactly

what they're doing.



Your daughters?



They consider it an honour to marry

in the cause of peace.



Your Majesty, I...



Apology accepted.



General, how many troops

do you estimate you will need



- to accomplish this mission?

- Three.



- Companies?

- Three men.



You surprise me.

These are my children.



This mission does not call

for force, but finesse.



We must become one

with the countryside.



As emperor, I trust you.



As a father, I implore you

to choose your three soldiers wisely.



- I know just the men. Fearless.

- Loyal.



- Disciplined.

- China's most honourable



and noble soldiers.



And stay out!



I've found wives

for hundreds of men,



but the Golden Dragon of Unity himself



couldn't make love matches

for you three.



Come back when

you get personalities.



Well, that's a fine way

to treat China's greatest...






What's her problem?



All I asked for was a girl who

would worship the dirt I walk on.



I simply asked for someone who would

cook for me morning, noon and night.



And I just wanted a girl

who likes to laugh,



and thinks I'm a god.



Perhaps we weren't specific enough.



Forget that dragon lady.



The only ones who can

find girls worthy of us is us.






Well, I don't need her

To be all smug and snooty



I got a plaque right here

That says I kicked Hun booty



We have everything

We dreamed we'd find



When we came back from war



Yeah, everything but...



A girl worth fighting for



- Hey, suck in your gut.

- There's a girl worth fighting for



And I think she wants us

to come over.



My girl won't laugh at all my jokes

But tell it to me straight



She'll rub my head when I get sick



And let me pick off of her plate



If Ling can find a girl

Who likes his chopstick nose trick



He really better just propose quick



Well, I have to say

Based on today, I'm cranky



- I'll just spend my life with you two

- Pass the hanky



And there's no one there

To steal my chair



And twirl around the floor



I wish I had

A girl worth fighting for



I would be true

To a girl worth fighting...



I'd make fondue

For a girl worth fighting...



I'd even kiss you

For a girl worth fighting









General Shang.



If you three aren't too busy

disturbing the peace,



I need you to join us

on a mission.



- To save China?

- Naturally.



I'll be leaving behind a few

broken hearts, but count me in.



- Sign me up.

- When do we start, General?






We're about to depart, Your Highnesses.



You have my word

we will arrive swiftly and safely.



My sisters and I thank you.



Permit me to introduce Fa Mulan.



It is a privilege

to meet the hero of China.



I leave you in her capable hands.



- Stand ready.

- You might need these. It's chilly.



- Thank you.

- You're welcome, Your Highness.



So, you're getting married.



- Oh, yes.

- To princes in Qui Gong.



- That's right.

- Well, they must be handsome.



We don't know.

We've never met them.



Really? So you have no idea

what they're like?



- At all?

- It's all right.



It's our honour to serve the emperor.



- And the Middle Kingdom.

- The whole thing is so exciting.



We're very happy. Really.



Well, I'm glad to hear that.



- I'm not sure I could go through...

- Prepare to move out.



Time to get going.



Move out.



If we get to the Honshu Pass

by midday tomorrow...



We'll have time

to make it to Qui Gong.



Yeah. Just enough time



to stop Mulan from making

the biggest mistake of my...



I mean, her life.



- What's the face?

- What face?



- That face.

- There's no face.



This is my face. That's all.



You know I know you better than that.

What's wrong?



- I realise our duty is to the mission.

- But...



But I have another duty.

To my heart.






- Your only duty is to the emperor.

- But an arranged marriage?



I know, but not everyone

can be as lucky as we are.



In an ideal world,

everyone would marry for love,



but the world isn't perfect.



I'm just glad my world is.



"My world". Talk about selfish.



You don't hear me bragging about

how it's my world, even though it is.



I'm telling you,

the sooner I bust them apart,



the better things will be for Mulan.



And so, I said, "You just broke

my best set of china. "



- China. Get it?

- Did you see the way she looked at me?



You mean with disgust?






Our eyes met and we shared

a cosmic moment.



Just like when I look at

potted pigs' knuckles.



It's love, I tell you. Love...



Love, shmove.



It doesn't matter.

We're on a mission.



No fraternizing with the princesses.



Engaged-to-be-married princesses.



Wow. China is so big.



Isn't it beautiful, Mei?






Yes, beautiful.



Did you see the way

he looked at me?



Who? The gorilla with the bad eye?



Gorilla? He's more like

a big, cuddly panda bear.



- But you didn't even talk to him.

- A true romantic can tell.



He may be coarse on the outside,

but on the inside...



- He's gross?

- I mean under that.



He smells?



I can see past my nose.

Deep down.



Deep, deep down. Way down.



There's something.



Ting-Ting, I think she's in love.



No, there'll be none of that.



Remember, Mei, you are

to be married in three days.



You gave your solemn oath.



You're right.






We're stopping to water the horses.



- Maybe you'd like to stretch your legs?

- Are the guard fellows out there?



Yes, you're perfectly safe.



I think a leg stretch

would be very nice.



Thank you for helping me

with my slipper.



May I know your name?



Now. Dow. Cow. Bao?



No, you must eat.



It must be exhausting guarding us

day and night.



No. Well, yes.



But I'm strong and marching.



Yes, I suppose all that training

does make it second nature.



But I think you, a princess,

with royal...



- I could never.

- But it is our duty and our honour.



Although it can be a burden.



I've said too much.

You are very easy to talk to, Yao.



Permit me to echo your praise.



I find your presence engaging

and your conversation sparkling.



Thank you.



Hello, there. I am Ling.



I am Princess Ting-Ting.



Well, if you ever need me,

just give me a ting-a-ling.



Come on, Your Highness.

You don't want to let your guard down.



Get it? Guard... down?

Thank you.



You know,

I've got some blue blood myself.



Many have called me a royal pain.

Thank you.



You've been a great crowd.



Ting-Ting, look.

Isn't this fruit lovely?



Chien-Po got it for me.

He's so sweet.



Just get your pomegranates

in the carriage.



- Fa Mulan.

- Your Highness. Is anything wrong?



No, not at all.



Are you sure?



I just wanted to compliment you.



You were so brave

to take your father's place in the army.



Well, thank you.



Your duty was to stay home,



but your heart told you

to break the rules.



How did you decide

between duty and heart?



Well, it wasn't easy.



But, by following my feelings,

I wound up doing the right thing.



I guess I learned that

my duty is to my heart.



My duty is to my heart.



Yes. That makes sense.

That's marvelous.



Thank you, Fa Mulan.



You're welcome...



I guess.



Let's get back on the road.



That's my cue to put

Operation Shang into action.



Pretty boy's gonna look so bad,

it'll send Mulan running for the hills.



This is gonna be delicious.



Watch this.






Good catch.



What? Shang?









I try and I try.



I put my heart and soul

into busting them up.



And what do I have to show for it?



A cricket that laughs in my face.



I just can't do it anymore.



Oh, great ancestors,

I throw myself at your mercy.



My pedestal is all

but a distant memory.



Great spirits, take me now. Ah!



Hold on, ladies.



- We'll save you.

- Look out! A cliff.



They're headed for the cliff.

Come on.



- Time to go.

- Ting-Ting, over here.






- You're next, Su.

- No, no.



Take my arm.



Ting-Ting's stuck.



Mulan, the rope.



Hang on!



Is everyone all right?



- Mei, I'll save you.

- I saved the food.



And I saved you.






- What happened?

- I don't know.



- I wasn't near the carriage.

- Yao, Ling, save the supplies.



Keep paddling.

Look how great you're doing.



- Who's the big boy?

- Thank you.



My fault?



This wasn't my plan.

Wagon's busted.



Cold and miserable.

Everything's ruined.



Or maybe not.



Old Shang's steaming

like a fresh pork bun.



I bet he and Mulan are two nasty words

away from an all-out feud.



Oh, Cri-Kee,

things are brightening up after all.



- I've seen happier princesses.

- That's the least of our problems.



There's a mountain pass

between here and Qui Gong.



It takes us through bandit country,

but it's the only way.



Why not just follow the river?



Because the river's

not on the map.



It's bound to go past a town and

where there's a town, there's a road.



There's no town on the map.



Then maybe we should just

forget the map and wing it.



We can't wing it. We need a new plan.

We have three days.



- What if we get lost?

- Then we pull over and ask directions.



We don't need to pull over

and ask directions. We have a map.



What is with men

and asking directions?



- What is it with women and maps?

- You're saying women can't read maps?



Women will ask

but they won't follow directions.



...because they refuse to ask.



Am I interrupting?



- What is it?

- Scout report.



I found a village and a path to it

through the forest.



A forest path?



Great. Show us.



See. If it were a snake,

it would've bit you.



There's bound to be a road

that will lead us to Qui Gong.



- Good work.

- Thank you, sir.



Shang, I'm sorry.

You're in charge of the mission.



No, I'm the one who's sorry.

A good leader is open to new ideas.



- Forgive me.

- There's nothing to forgive.



I'd better go.

I've got the first watch, General.






Are you bugging? Look at her go.

She can't wait to get away from him.



That's no smile.

That's a mask of pain.



That was just phase one

of my new   -phase master plan.



Now, just watch phase two

when I get up close...



...and personal.



Excuse me, Your Highness.

I found your fan.



It just needed a little drying out.



Thank you, Ling.



Normally, I would say,

"I'm your biggest fan. "






I'll just go away now, again.






I'll replace that.



Of course she doesn't like you.

You're such a ding-a-ling.



He likes you.



It would seem so.



And you like him.



Well, I appreciate

that he's a good soldier.



How can you do that?



How can you look at someone,

realise you share a connection,



- and then just...

- I know where my duty lies.



Do you?



And so, my dear father,



I cannot complete this mission.



I have come to realise that my duty



- is to my heart.

- What are you doing?



- She's running away.

- What are you thinking?



I can't complete this mission.

I know that now.




Because Yao has given you his heart?



No. It's not about his heart.

It's about mine.



We've discussed this.



A princess must make every sacrifice

for her country.



It's our duty.



The life of a princess



From her birth is well-defined



She must humbly serve her country



Play the part she's been assigned



She guards the hopes of her people



Weak and mighty

Rich and poor



Who could ever ask for more



I want to be like other girls



Climb up a tree like other girls can



Just to be free like other girls



Get to be



Mei. Su.



- To slouch when I sit

- To eat a whole cake



- Feel the sun on my feet

- Get dirty



- Act silly

- Be anything I want to be



- Dance around

- In my underwear



- To run really fast

- To get rid of this fan



- To eat a whole cake

- Get crazy



- With frosting, no manners

- No escorts, no nursemaids



No worries

No hands folded perfect



Like holding a lily



No pinchy shoes?



I want to be like other girls



Scrape up my knee like other girls can



Just to be free like other girls



Get to be



- To speak for myself

- To sing way off-key



Marry someone I've met

Who loves me for me



No escorts, no manners, no nursemaids,

No worries, no hands folded perfect



Like holding a lily



No pinchy shoes



I want to be like other girls



Climb up a tree like other girls can



Just to be free like other girls



Get to be



She defied you.



She insulted you.



- She laughed at your map.

- My map.



And if she's laughing to your face,



imagine what she's saying

behind your back.



Behind my back.



She's a loose cannon.

She's out of control.



- She's out of control.

- Who's in charge here?



- You? Or Mulan?

- I'm in charge.



Mulan... Mulan!






General Shang?

No, that's not it.



General Shang?

Hello, it's me, Mulan.



General Shang...



Shang, Shang, Shang.



I got it.



General Shang? General Hardhead,

that's what they should call him.



- Everything's got to have a strategy.

- Mulan?



The man won't brush his teeth

without a back-up plan.



- What?

- I blame myself.



I fell for those broad shoulders.



I didn't realise there wasn't

much sitting on top of them.



Except for that garlic breath.



That boy can peel paint.



That's enough.

Where is she?



I am good.



- Mulan!

- Why, hello, General.



Out on night manoeuvres?



General Hardhead?

Brushing my teeth?



- Something wrong?

- I heard you.



- Every word.

- Every word of what?



Don't play coy.

I saw you outside my tent.



What? I haven't left my post.



I suppose you weren't gossiping

about me with the princesses.



Did that dip in the river

get you waterlogged?



And why are you talking with

your hand over your mouth?



I wouldn't want to peel your paint.



Changing of the guard.



And next time,

don't leave your post.



What's with him?



What's with her?



Who am I talking to?



How could he not believe me?



I don't know, girlfriend.

But I do know this...



Without trust,

there can be no relationship.



And that man don't trust you.



Maybe he was just confused.



You fussed about the arranged marriage,

then about which way to Qui Gong.



Now y'all feuding over nothing.

It seems clear.



You're right.



- I don't know what to do.

- I do. It's simple.



Drop him like a hot potsticker.

Kick him to the curb.



Burn his letters and dance around

the fire yelling, "Happy days are here. "



You have a point.

If this is the real Li-Shang,



I don't like what I'm seeing.



I hope the tea's still warm.



- After you.

- No, after you.



- No, after you.

- After you.



I said, after you.



- You. I'm gonna...

- Yao!



- Is everything all right?

- No.



I mean, yes.



You see, Chien-Po here

has always had a dream.



- A dream?

- A dream?



- A dream.

- But I don't...



That dream.



A dream of seeing a small village



in the middle of nowhere

by the moonlight.



- How can we help?

- Well...



If Your Highnesses would consent

to come with us to the village,



we could still guard you,

and Chien-Po could have his dream.



My one chance

to be like other guys.



- Can we please?

- Please, please.



Sounds like fun.



Oh, we're sorry.



We're off.



I never noticed

we were so different.



It's like I don't even know him.



Well, what do you know about that?



I mean, I know

he's "by the book,"



but doesn't the man ever bend a rule?



Speaking of bending rules...



You know, relationships are easy

when everything runs nice and smooth.



Nice and smooth

just ran out of camp.



- What?

- Did you know almonds, rice and milk



are part of a complete breakfast?



I'm trying to tell you

the princesses went AWOL.



- Where are the guards?

- Showing them the way.



They're together?



- Together together?

- Don't you understand Chinese?



Hey, what about old Shang-hai?



I think I'd better handle

this one on my own.



Shang's on a short fuse, as it is.



Just make sure

nothing wakes him up.



You can count on me.



Where are the guards?

The princesses!



"My duty is to my heart?"






Get your ticket.

The show's about to begin.






Look at all the food.



We just got in

some excellent ginger.



Ginger. That goes very well

with dumplings.



- Did you say dumplings?

- How about some fresh ginseng?



That makes a wonderful accompaniment

to soy beans.



One order of soy beans.



Oh, my.



Who will be next to challenge

the undefeated Shi Rongkai?



- Step aside.

- Yao.



You'll be killed, little man.



Where'd he go?



Yao! You're my hero.



Pick a prize, any prize.



Which one do you want, sir?



Gimme that one.



Okay, how about this one?



What does Attila say

when he walks through the door?



Hun, I'm home.



I give up. I guess I'm not

as funny as I think.



What a cute laugh.



No. I hate my laugh.



What? It's adorable.



I thought you didn't have

a sense of humour.



No sense of humour?



It's so beautiful.






It's the same moon

we see from the palace.



No, this one is entirely different.



You're right.



I know I've never

seen anything like it.



I'm listening.



We... that is...



I... all of us...



Oh, boy.



Fa Mulan, it's love.

Yao and myself,



- Chien-Po and Su...

- And myself and Lingy-Bear.



I mean, Ling.



Group hug.



I'm so happy for all of you.



- General Shang.

- General Shang.



Oh, boy.



Excuse me.

Excuse me.



Don't worry.

I'll handle this.



I'm so sorry to break up

your little party.



This is gonna be good.



Before you jump to conclusions,

let me explain.



Fine. Why don't we start with this?



- That's mine.

- All yours?



Or did you have help?

"And so, my dear father,



I cannot complete this mission. "



"I have come to realise that

my duty is to my heart. "



- Who does that sound like?

- Mei never meant to send it.



Your Highnesses, you swore a vow

to be married in Qui Gong.



If your father saw you now,

breaking that vow,



what would he say?



You three are to escort their highnesses

back to their tents immediately.



You are to guard them. You are not

to enter their tents or speak to them.



Not a word. Ever.

Am I understood?



Yes, sir.



- The problem isn't as bad as it seems.

- The problem is you.






You place your feelings

above everything.



Duty, obligation, tradition,

it all means nothing to you.



It means everything to me.



My heart tells me my duty

and I follow it.



You're a brilliant warrior.



You're brave, you're loyal,

but you don't trust your heart.



Sometimes I wonder

if you even have one.



This assignment has made it clear.



We are very different people.



Maybe too different.






We have a mission to complete.






Isn't it a great day?



I see pretty boy isn't talking to you.



And you're not talking to pretty boy.



You know, you can always talk to me.



Wait till she realises

what I've done for her.



Will that frown turn upside down.






Just for that,

I'm not talking to you.



We're so sorry

for what we've done.



You inspired us to follow our hearts,



and we repay you

by ruining your relationship.



No, you just opened my eyes

to how broken it was.



I'm indebted to you.



Keep a sharp eye.

This is bandit country.



I sure wish we could

talk to the princesses.



What? You know we can't.



Yes, I also wish

we could talk to them.



But as you know,

orders is orders.



Yes, but if I could talk to them,



do you know what I would say?



No, what would you say

if only you could?



I'd tell Ting-Ting that she's

the prettiest, funniest,



most extraordinary girl

I've ever met.



I would tell Princess Su

that she is like fresh ginger



on the rice bowl of my life.



And I would tell Mei

that she's one right babe.



Mulan, what do you say

to a little pick-me-up?



My father said, "Differences can

make you stronger. "



He didn't realise that Shang and I

are just too different.



Well, you know,

you've always got me.



The old team, right?



You're always looking out for me.



Just doing the best I can.



Really, I just don't know

what I'd do without you.



You're the best friend

I've ever had.



I can't stand it no more.



The only thing wrong

with you and Shang...



I'm the one that got between you.



What are you talking about?



You didn't make the carriage

go into the river.



That was an accident, following

several attempts at on purpose.



It wasn't you outside Shang's tent.



You know how I gab.



You woke him up after I left?



It wasn't easy.

That man can sleep.



- What did you do?

- I was banging pots and pans...



No. What did you do?



You was getting married.

Everything was gonna change.



I was gonna lose you.

And my pedestal.



You got between Shang and me

so you could keep your job?



I'm sorry.



What you did was unforgivable.



But you and Shang are so different.



Wait a second.

Not as different as I thought.



All those problems, they weren't us.

They were you.



I've got to talk to Shang.

Tell him I love him.



I'll make it up to you.

I promise.



Forget it.

You've helped enough.



Shang! Shang!



- It's an ambush.

- Bandits.



Close ranks.

Save the princesses.



You two, get the gold.

You two, come with me.



I've got them.



I've got your back.



Take my hand.



The princesses.



How dare you touch me.



- It won't budge.

- Then take the whole package.



Get your hands off her.



Hold them off. Let's go.



Help me.









Come on.



Let's get out of here.



- Shang, hang on.

- It won't hold us both.



It will.






- I'm sorry.

- Please.



Shang! Shang!



Fa Mulan, we're ready

to go through with the wedding.



No. Your orders are

to take care of each other.






Losing Shang

will not be meaningless.



No matter what it takes,

I'm finishing this mission.



Good horse.



What do you mean,

they are gone?



There was an accident,

Lord Chin.



The royal carriage fell in the river

and was destroyed.



A grave loss.



But it does not alter

my agreement with the emperor.



And unless it is honoured,



I will sanction no alliance

with the Middle Kingdom.



- A marriage was promised.

- A marriage there will be.



I would be honoured

to wed a prince of Qui Gong.






My lord, Fa Mulan,

the hero of China.



A jewel in your crown,



far more dear than

three mere princesses.



This is not what was agreed.



However, the Golden Dragon of Unity



smiles upon you today.



And in view of the tragedy,



I will accept your offer.



You will make a fine bride

for my eldest son,



Prince Jeeki.



This is her?

She's so old.



Mulan said she was gonna finish

the mission, no matter what.



- But how can she without us?

- By taking your place.



Shang's alive.



Mulan was right. No one should

marry someone they don't love.



- I'm going to Qui Gong.

- We're going too.



No, you're not. Stay here.



Would you say that was an order?



I would say

it was a friendly suggestion.



Let's go.



Looks like we won't

be a team after all, Mushu.






I would give up a thousand pedestals

if I could stop this.



I doubt even the Golden Dragon of Unity

could stop this now.



Good-bye, Mushu.



My people,



the Golden Dragon of Unity,

who guides us in all we do,



today sanctifies a union



that will be a blessing

for all of Qui Gong.



Of course I want to stop it.

But what can one itty bitty dragon do?



With the tying of this sash,



we shall unite not only two lives,



but two kingdoms.



- It's General Li-Shang.

- He's alive.



Yeah. Shang to the rescue.



Lucky for Lord Chin,

cos I was about to whip his butt.



You're alive.



I couldn't let you get married

without me.



This is outrageous.

You will leave at once.



I'm not going anywhere.



- What are you doing?

- I don't know. I'm winging it.



How dare you trample

upon this sacred ceremony?



Oh, my gosh. He's gonna

lower the hammer on Shang.



Where's the dang Dragon of Unity

when you need him?



Don't bother me now, I...



I have an idea.



My lord, I love Mulan.

I don't care what the rules say.



If she'll have me, I intend to marry her

right here. Right now.



Insolent dog. Seize him.



What's with all this drama?



The Golden Dragon of Unity.

He lives.






You dang right, I live.



So you best drop

your dumpling-eating behind on down



and tell me why

we ain't busting out the vows.



But your greatness,



General Li-Shang

is not a son of Qui Gong.






I am the Golden Dragon of Unity,



and I decide whom to unify.



My all-seeing eye has peered



into the very heart of China.



And I've never seen two people

more right for one another



than this lovely couple right here,

Mulan and Shang.



Give it up for them,

would you please?



Now, I command you

to proceed at once.



Yes, your greatness.

As you command.



Let's get to business.

Mulan, do you love Shang?



Of course.

Shang, do you love Mulan? Yes.



Moving on.

By the power vested in me, by me,



I hereby pronounce you

husband and wife.



You got anything to say,

Lord Double Chin?



Yes, I mean, no.

I mean, whatever you say.



And furthermore, I hereby decree that

the princesses of the Middle Kingdom,



wherever they may be,

are released from their vow,



and may marry

whomsoever they please.



And who pleases them,

that's very important.



Honey pie.



I can't believe

I'm back on wake-up duty.



Well, Mulan is happy.



If she's happy, I'm happy.



Thank you.

I did do good, didn't I?



You better get your rest.

I have a yoga session at dawn.



And I don't want to be late for

my "greetings to the sun. "



And don't forget,



I like to be awakened

from my beauty sleep



with a nice, long foot massage.



I think I'm gonna be sick.



- Shang, what are you doing?

- Watch and see.



- What is he doing?

- It can't be.



He's combining the family temples.



Excuse me, what does that mean exactly?

For me?



- It means...

- What? It means what?



Unfortunately, you get

to keep your pedestal.



Oh, yeah. I'm back, baby.



I am back.






So, this is the famous Mushu?



Somehow, I pictured you bigger.



Say what?



You told him about me?

About us?



I have no secrets

from my husband.



I told him everything.



Everything everything?



That's right,

Great Golden Dragon of Unity.



I still don't get it. What does

combining our temples do?



It gives me back my pedestal.



Wait. Can you do this?

Aren't there rules?



Of course.



Right next to the rules about dressing

up like a man and joining the army.



Well, what do you know?

This might work out, after all.



Hey, where's my masseuse?



Saving China gives me knots

you wouldn't believe.



What about my pedicure?

Let's get jamming on the toe jam.



And somebody heat up some oil.



I don't know what we're gonna

do with it yet, but it's gonna be good.



Does a hero dragon

deserve anything less?



Draw my bath.

Warm my towel.



Let the pampering begin!


Special help by SergeiK