Muppet Christmas Carol Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Muppet Christmas Carol script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Jim Henson movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Muppet Christmas Carol. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Muppet Christmas Carol Script





- Well. That was a fine meal.

- Yes. It was. Wasn't it?



Yes. Where shall we go now?



- Let's have. Uh. Lunch!

- Oh. Good idea.



- Now quiet down. You melons.

- Hey. I'm being stolen!



Hey. Help me! Help me!

Hey. Put me down!



What about my nose?




Banana peels comin' down!



Come along. Ladies.

Here's a nice Christmas turkey.




Get your Christmas turkey.



Hey. Wha...

Get back in that box there!



Get your boomerang fish.

Oh! Guaranteed fresh.



Throw the fish away.

and it comes back to me.



- Get 'em while they're fresh.

- Apples! Christmas apples!



- We got Mclntosh!

- Get your Christmas apples.



- Red Delicious.

- Tuppence apiece while they last.



We... They won't last long

the way you're eating them.



Hey. I'm creatin' scarcity.

Drives the prices up.






Hello! Welcome to

The Muppet Christmas Carol.



- I am here to tell the story.

- And I am here for the food.



- My name is Charles Dickens.

- And my name is Rizzo the Rat.



Hey. Wait a second.

You're not Charles Dickens.



- I am too!

- No.



A blue. Furry Charles Dickens

who hangs out with a rat?



- Absolutely!

- Dickens was a   th-century novelist.



- A genius!

- Oh. You're too kind.



Why should I believe you?



Well. Because I know the story

of"A Christmas Carol"

like the back of my hand.



- Prove it!

- All right.



Um. There's a little mole on my thumb

and. Uh. A scar on my wrist...



- From when I fell off my bicycle.

- No. No. No. No.



Don't tell us your hand.

Tell us the story.



Oh. Oh. Thank you. Yes.



The Marleys were dead to begin with.



- Wha- Wha... Pardon me?

- That's how the story begins. Rizzo.



The Marleys were dead to begin with.

as dead as a doornail.



It's a good beginning.

It's creepy and kind of spooky.



- Oh. Thank you. Rizzo.

- You're welcome. Mr Dickens.



In life. The Marleys

had been business partners...



with a shrewd moneylender

named Ebenezer Scrooge.



You will meet him

as he comes around that corner.



- Where?

- There.



- When?

- Now.



There he is.

Mr Ebenezer Scrooge.



Say. Is it gettin' colder out here?



When a cold wind blows

it chills you



Chills you to the bone



But there's nothing in nature that freezes

your heart like years of being alone



It paints you with indifference



Like a lady paints with rouge



- And the worst of the worst

- The most hated and cursed



Is the one that we call Scrooge



- Unkind as any

- And the wrath of many



This is Ebenezer Scrooge



Oh, there goes Mr Humbug



There goes Mr Grimm



If they gave a prize

for bein'mean



The winner would be him



Old Scrooge, he loves his money

'cause he thinks it gives him power



If he became a flavour

you can bet he would be sour



Even the vegetables

don't like him.



There goes Mr Skinflint

There goes Mr Greed



The undisputed master

of the underhanded deed



He charges folks a fortune

for his dark and draughty houses



Us poor folk live in misery



It's even worse for mouses



Please. Sir.

I want some cheese.



He must be so lonely

He must be so sad



He goes to extremes

to convince us he's bad



He's really a victim

of fear and of pride



Look close and there must be

a sweet man inside



- Nah.

- Uh-uh.



There goes Mr Outrage



There goes Mr Sneer



He has no time for friends or fun



His anger makes that clear



Don't ask him for a favour

'cause his nastiness increases



No crust of bread for those in need



No cheeses for us meeces



Scrooge liked the cold.



He was hard and sharp as a flint...



secretive. Self-contained.

as solitary as an oyster.



There goes Mr Heartless



There goes Mr Cruel



He never gives

He only takes



He lets his hunger rule



If being mean's a way of life



You practise and rehearse



Then all that work is paying off

'cause Scrooge is getting worse



Every day in every way

Scrooge is getting worse



- Oh. Boy!

- How the time flies! Look at this.



- I've got to go.

- What happened?



Hey. Guys. What happened?






What an unpleasant fella!



He was a tightfisted hand

at the grindstone. Scroo...



- Boy. This really is a dirty city.

- You're telling me!



- Come here.

- Hmm?



Thank you for making me

a part of this.



He was a tightfisted hand

at the grindstone. Scrooge...



a squeezing.

wrenching. Grasping...



clutching. Covetous old sinner.



- Bob Cratchit?

- Yes. Mr Scrooge?



- Who is this?

- It's Mr Applegate. Sir.



He's here to speak to you

about his mortgage.



Please. Mr Scrooge.

I know you're very angry about this.



And I didn't mean to fall behind

in the payments.



Lord knows.

it being Christmas and all.



Please don't shout at me. Sir.



That and. Of course. Little Gwen.

Her lungs aren't right.



The doctor takes his share. Don't he?



I mean. You can yell and scream and

you're right. But it won't do no good...



because I'm the stone

you can't squeeze blood from.



And that's the truth!



Thank you for not shouting at me.



- Seventy-two...

- Seventy-four...



Let us deal with the eviction notices

for tomorrow. Mr Cratchit.



- Tomorrow is Christmas. Sir.

- Very well.



You may gift-wrap them.



- Let us help you with that. Mr Cratchit.

- Oh. My. There are certainly a lot today.



- We'll get 'em.

- Okay. Okay.

- There you go. Boss.



- Here you go.

- Look out on that end.

Look out. Iook out!



Come on. Guys. Whoa!



Whoa! Look out!

Look out! Look out!



Christmas is a very busy time

for us. Mr Cratchit.



People preparing feasts.

giving parties...



spending the mortgage money

on frivolities.



One might say that December

is the foreclosure season.



Harvest time for the moneylenders.



- Hey. Boss. Ask him.

- Tell him. Mr Cratchit.



- Come on. Do it now. Boss.

- Uh. If you please. Mr Scrooge...



it's gotten colder.

and the bookkeeping staff...



would like to have an extra

shovelful of coal for the fire.



- We can't do the bookkeeping.

- Yeah. All of our pens

have turned to ink-cicles.



Our assets are frozen!



How would the bookkeepers like

to be suddenly unemployed?






This is my island in the sun



l-I believe you've convinced them

once again. Mr Scrooge.



At that moment.

who should arrive at the door...



but Scrooge's nephew. Fred.

his only living relative.



- Nephew Fred? I don't see him.

- Trust me.



Hello? Uncle?



- Rizzo?

- You're very good at that. Mr Dickens.



A merry Christmas. Uncle Scrooge.



- God save ya!

- Merry Christmas? Bah humbug.



Quick! It'll be warmer in there.



Christmas a humbug. Uncle?

Oh. You don't mean that. Surely.



Actually. I think

it's colder in here.



Merry Christmas you say?

What right have you to be merry?

You're poor enough.



What right have you to be dismal?

You're rich enough.



He's got him there.

The old boy's speechless.



If I could work my will...



every idiot who goes about

with "Merry Christmas" on his lips...



would be cooked with his own turkey

and buried...



- With a stake of holly through his heart.

- Well. Not quite speechless.



- Oh. Uncle!

- Nephew...



you keep Christmas in your own way

and let me keep it in mine.



Christmas is a loving.

honest and charitable time.



And though it's never put a scrap

of gold or silver in my pocket...



I believe that Christmas has

done me good and will do me good...



and I say. God bless it!



Yeah. Yeah. Yeah!



And how does one celebrate Christmas

on the unemployment line?



Now. In these times. It was customary

on Christmas Eve...



for well-meaning gentlemen

to call upon businesses...



collecting donations

for the poor and homeless.



Mr Scrooge. I presume?



Who are you?



We're from the Order of Victoria

Charity Foundation.



We'd like to speak to you

about a donation.



Ah. Welcome! This jolly old

gentleman here is Mr Scrooge.



- He's very generous to charities.

- My dear nephew!



At this festive season

of the year. Mr Scrooge...



many of us feel that we must take care

of our poor and homeless.



And are there no prisons?

No poorhouses?



Oh. Plenty of those. Sir.



Oh! Excellent!

For a moment. I was worried.



Some of us are endeavouring to raise

a fund for the poor and the homeless.



What might I put you down for?



- Nothing.

- You wish to remain anonymous?



I wish to be left alone.



I do not make merry

myself at Christmas.



- That certainly is true.

- And I cannot afford

to make idle people merry.



That is certainly not true.



Don't you have other things to do

this afternoon. My dear nephew?



Sadly. I do. Uncle.

So I shall make my donation...



and leave you to make yours.



Thank you so very much.



Oh. Uncle. Come and have Christmas

dinner with me and Clara tomorrow.



- Why ever did you get married?

- Why? Because I fell in love.



That's the only thing in the world

sillier than a merry Christmas.



It's no use. Uncle. I shall keep

my Christmas humour to the last.



A merry Christmas to you

and a happy New Year.



- Merry Christmas. Fred.

- Merry Christmas. Bob.






Now. Then. Sir.

about the donation?



Well. Now. Let's see.



I know how to treat the poor.



My taxes go to pay

for the prisons and the poorhouses.



- The homeless must go there.

- But some would rather die.



If they'd rather die.

then they'd better do it...



and decrease the surplus population!



Oh. Dear. Oh. Dear.



- Oh. Dear. Oh. Dear.

- This is the door. You may use it.



All right. Beaker. Come along.



I think we've taken enough

of Mr Scrooge's time.



Oh. Dear. Dear. Dear.



Good King Wenceslas looked out

on the Feast of Stephen



Though the snow lay round about

deep and crisp and even



Brightly shown

the moon that night



Though the



- What do you want?

- Uh. P-penny for the song. Guv'nor?



Seventeen. Twenty-four. Fifty-eight...



two fifty-two. Twenty-one.




Uh. Excuse me. Mr Scrooge.

but it appears to be closing time.



Very well. I'll see you

at  .   tomorrow morning.



- Tomorrow's Christmas.

-  .   then.



If you please. Sir. Half an hour off hardly

seems customary for Christmas Day.



- Hardly customary.

- Not at all!



How much time off is customary.

Mr Cratchit?



Uh. Why. Um.

the. Uh. Whole day.



- Yes! Yeah. That's right! The whole day!

- The entire day?



No. That's the frog's idea.



If you please. Mr Scrooge.

why open the office tomorrow?



Other businesses will be closed.

You'll have no one to do business with.



It'll waste a lot

of expensive coal for the fire.



- Yes. That's definitely a point.

- That's a point.

- That's right.



It's a poor excuse for picking

a man's pocket every December the   th.



But as I seem to be the only person

around who knows that...



- Take the day off.

- Yay!



What a boss! Oh. Man!



- We love you. Ebenezer!

- Will you stop that!



Thank you. Mr Scrooge.



- Be here all the earlier the next morning.

- Okay. Sir! You bet!



With their employer gone at last...



Bob Cratchit and the bookkeepers

immediately began...



that most pleasant of activities.

the celebration of Christmas.



He's gone!




let's close up for Christmas.



There's magic in the air this evening

Magic in the air



The world is at her best

you know



When people love and care



The promise of excitement



Is one the night will keep



After all, there's only

one more sleep till Christmas



- Okay. Fellas. Are you ready?

- Ready. Go.



- Alley-oop!

- Yay!



The world has got a smile today



The world has got a glow



- There's no such thing as strangers

when a stranger says hello

- Alley-oop! Yay!



And everyone is family

We're having so much fun



After all, there's only

one more sleep till Christmas



Okay. Ready.

Here we go.






- Yay!

- Ta-da!



- Easy. Easy.

- Back. Back. Back. Back.



Back it up.

All right!



That's it!



- We're all done.

- Very good. Gentlemen.



'Tis the season

to bejolly and joyous



With a burst of pleasure

we feel it arrive



It's a season when the saints

can employ us



To spread the news about peace

and to keep love alive



What's that?

Oh. Iook!



It's the penguins'

Christmas skating party.



Oh. My.



- Ah! Hmm. Uh. Yeah.

- Hey. What...



Hey. It's Bob Cratchit!



Oh. You big klutz.

you big klutz!



Oh. Thank you.

Thank you very much. What...






- No way!

- Come on. Rizzo.



No way! No!



Oh. Boy.



Fun. Huh?



Merry Christmas. Penguins.



There's something in the wind today



- That's good for everyone

- Yeah.



Yes, faith is in our hearts today



We're shining like the sun



And everyone can feel it



- The feeling's running deep

- Merry Christmas. Mr Cratchit.



- After all, there's only

one more sleep till Christmas

- Merry Christmas!



After all

there's only one more sleep



Till Christmas Day



- Merry Christmas!

- Hmm.






Scrooge lived in chambers

which had once belonged...



to his old business partners.

Jacob and Robert Marley.



- Have some bread?

- Not while I'm working.



- Whoa. Whoa.

- Okay. Suit yourself.



The building was a dismal

heap of brick on a dark street.



Now. Once again. I must ask you to

remember that the Marleys were dead...



- And decaying in their graves.

- Yuck!



That one thing

you must remember...



or nothing that follows

will seem wondrous.



- Um. Why are you whispering?

- It's for dramatic emphasis.






Jacob Marley?






Hey. You okay?






Oh. Gonzo. Speak to me.



I mean. Mr Dickens.

Charley. Are you hurt?



To say that Scrooge

was not startled would be untrue.



Still. The moment had passed.

and the world was as it should be.



He ain't hurt.

Didn't even break his concentration.



- Hmm?

- Nothin'.

- Oh.



Come on. Rizzo.

We'll follow him in.



In a minute. I had a little bag

of jelly beans over here.



Will you just get over here!



- All right.

- Sheesh.



- Steady. Steady.

- Scrooge made his way up the staircase...



caring not a button for the darkness.



Darkness was cheap.

and Scrooge liked it.



But the incident at the door

had made Scrooge wary.



Before he shut himself in for the night.

he searched his rooms.



- Okay. That does it!

- Pardon?



How do you know

what Scrooge is doin'?



- We're down here. And he's up there.

- I keep telling you.



Storytellers are omniscient.

I know everything.




Mr Godlike Smarty-pants.



To conduct a proper search.

Scrooge was forced to light the lamps.



How does he do that?



It's my best dressing gown.



No harm done.



Look! It's Ebenezer Scrooge.



Looking older and

more wicked than ever.



I knew he wouldn't disappoint us.



Who are you?



In life.

we were your partners. Jacob...



And Robert Marley!



It looks like you.

but I don't believe it!



Why do you doubt your senses?



Because a little thing

can affect them.



A slight disorder of the stomach

can make them cheat.



You may be a bit

of undigested beef...



a blob of mustard.

a crumb of cheese.



Yes. There's more of gravy

than of grave about you!



- "More of gravy than of grave"?

- What a terrible pun.



- Where do you get those jokes?

- Leave comedy to the bears. Ebenezer.



Please. Jacob. Robert.

don't criticize me.



You always criticize me!



- We were always heckling you.

- It's good to be heckling again.



It's good to be doing anything again.



Why do you come to me?



We're Marley and Marley



Avarice and greed



We took advantage of the poor

Just ignored the needy



We specialized in causing pain



Spreading fear and doubt



And if you could not pay the rent



We simply threw you out



There was the year we evicted

the entire orphanage!



I remember the little tykes

all standing in the snowbank.



With their little

frostbitten teddy bears.



We're Marley and Marley



Our hearts were painted black



We should've known our evil deeds



Would put us both in shackles



Captive bound

we're double-ironed



Exhausted by the weight



- As freedom comes from giving love

- So prison comes with hate



We're Marley and Marley



We're Marley and Marley



But. My friends. You were not

unfeeling toward your fellow men.



True. There was something

about mankind we loved.



I think it was their money.



Doomed, Scrooge

You're doomed for all time



Your future is a horror story

written by your crime



Your chains are forged

by what you say and do



So have your fun when life is done

A nightmare waits for you



What are these terrible chains?



Oh. The chains!



We forged these chains in life

by our acts of greed.



You wear such a chain yourself.




Speak comfort to me. Friends.






You will be haunted

by three spirits.




I've already had enough of that.



Without these visits. You cannot hope

to avoid the path we tread.



Expect the first ghost tonight

when the bell tolls  .  .



Can't I meet them all at once

and get it over with?



When the bell tolls  .  !



We're Marley and Marley



We're Marley and Marley



We're Marley and Marley






And with that. The spirits of Scrooge's

partners vanished into the darkness...



leaving him once again...



- Alone in his room.

- Whoa. That's scary stuff.



Hey. Should we be worried

about the kids in the audience?



- Nah. That's all right. This is culture.

- Oh.



Oh. Uh. Jelly bean?

I had 'em in my pocket all along.









- Come on!

- But I really hate this.



You wanted to know

what was happening.



Now. Scrooge's bedchamber is

on this side of the house. Now. Jump.



There's only two things in this life

I hate... heights and jumping from them.



Too late now.

Come on. I'll catch ya.



God save my little broken body.






Oh. Wait a second!

I forgot my jelly beans. Um...



Oh. Good.



- What?

- You can fit through those bars?






- You are such an idiot.

- What? What?



Hey. What?

What? What?



Oh. Dear.



Scrooge slipped into the empty silence

of a dreamless sleep.



You know. A guy could break his tail

falling out of this tree.



You want to see

what's going on. Don't you?



- Yes.

- Look. There's Scrooge's window.



Oh. Yeah.



Expect the first ghost

when the bell tolls  .  !






Are you the spirit whose coming

was foretold to me?



I am.






- You're just a child.

- I can remember nearly  .    years.



I am the Ghost of Christmas Past.



- What business has brought you here?

- Your welfare.



A night's unbroken rest

might aid my welfare.



Your salvation then.



Take heed.




I beg you. Spirit.

l... I am mortal and liable to fall.



A touch of my hand

and you shall fly.



- What are we doin'?

- Nothin'.



- What?

- Well. Just hold on.

- What?



- W-Watch out. Rizzo.

- What? Ow! Oh!




Hello. London!



- Goodbye. Lunch!

- Yeah!



- Spirit?

- Yes?






- Oh. Iook. Rizzo.

- I don't wanna look.



Spirit. What is that light?



It cannot be dawn.



It is the past.



Look! It's beautiful. Rizzo.






Hey. We're going down.



Hang on. Rizzo!



- Sorry. Madam.

- Ouch!



Pardon me. Sir.

Look out. Rizzo!



- Rizzo. This is Louise.

- Yeah. We've met.



And so they arrived

in Ebenezer Scrooge's childhood.



- That was the worst trip of my life!

- Well. It's over now.



Yeah. Safe at last.






No! No!

Oh. No. Stop.



Nice kitty. Nice kitty.

Ow! Ouch! I'm from New Jersey!



It was the afternoon

of Christmas Eve...



and Scrooge was conscious

of a thousand odours...



each one connected

with a thousand thoughts...



and hopes and joys and cares...



long. Long forgotten.



It's my old school.

I was a boy here.



That... That's Henry!



And Edmund. My best friend.



Hello. Boys.




These are but shadows

of your past. Ebenezer.



They can neither see nor hear you.



Come and let us go inside.



- Rizzo. Stop playing with the cat.

- Help me! Save me!



- Help me! Save me! Help me! Save me!

- Follow me.



Help me! Save me!






And what a flood of memories

came back to him...



as Scrooge beheld his old classroom.



I know it all so well. Spirit.



The desks.



The smell of the chalk.



I chose my profession in this room.



And is he. Too. Familiar?



Scrooge beheld a small boy...



a boy he knew.

oh. Very well indeed.



Good heavens.

It's me.



Hurry. Ebenezer.

The last coach is leaving.



Come on.

He never goes home for Christmas.



Who cares about stupid old Christmas?



I was often alone.



More time for reading and study.



The Christmas holiday was a chance

to get some extra work done.



A time for solitude.



- Rats don't understand these things.

- You were never a lonely child?



I had  .     brothers and sisters.




Rats don't understand these things.



Let us see another Christmas

in this place.



They were all very much the same.



- Nothing ever changed.

- You changed.



The years performed

their terrible dance...



and in a moment. Scrooge had seen

his entire childhood pass.



He saw his old schoolroom

age and decay.



What? What the...

Hey. Hey! Ow!



So. Master Scrooge.

graduation day. And yet...



That's my old headmaster.

This man taught me my greatest lesson.



Stand up. Build your life

as this school is built.






My ear! My ear! My ear!



Ah. Yes! Work hard. Work long

and be constructive.



Oh. Ebenezer.

life is a golden opportunity.



Today you go forth

into the real world.



You must keep your nose

to the grindstone.



Work hard. Lad. And one day

your life will be as solid...



as this very building!



- I've been meaning to fix that shelf.

- Yes. Headmaster.



Well. Young man. You have been

apprenticed to a fine company in London.



Today you become a man of business.



- I'm looking forward to it. Headmaster.

- You will love business.



It is the American way.



- Sam?

- Hmm?



Oh. It is the British way!



- Good.

- Yes. Headmaster.



Oh. Here is your coachman. Ebenezer.



Come. Scrooge.

There is much to see.



Remember. Don't tip the driver.



A moment later. Scrooge found himself

standing on a city street...



Iooking at a building

he had not seen in years.



Tell me. Ebenezer Scrooge.

do you know this place?



Know it?

My first job was here.



This is Fozziwig's

old rubber chicken factory.



Once again.

it was Christmas Eve.



Night was falling. And the lamplighters

were plying their trade.



H-Hey! Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey!

Light the lamp. Not the rat!



- Light the lamp. Not the rat!

What are you doing?

- Oops! My apologies.



Put me out! Put me out! Put me out!

Put me out! Put me out! Put me out!



- Rizzo!

- What?



- Th-Th-Thank you.

- You're welcome.



There he is.

old Fozziwig himself.



Look. My lads.

dusk has fallen.



The lamplighters are at work.

It's Christmas Eve for certain.



What an employer he was.



As hard and as ruthless

as a rose petal.



It's time for the party to begin!



It's the Fozziwig Christmas party.



Rizzo. Come on!



Rizzo. Just grab hold of the stick.



Merry Christmas!



- Merry Christmas.

- Thank you. Thank you.



Excuse me. Everyone.

C-Can we have some quiet. Please?






I suppose I should

be grateful for that.



You're welcome.



Please. Can I have your attention

for a moment?



Look. It's the Marley brothers...



my old partners as they were as lads.



Can I have your attention. Please?






- Thank you.

- That's better.



Welcome to Fozziwig and Mom's

annual Christmas party.



At this time in the proceedings.

it is a tradition for me

to make a little speech.



And it's a tradition for us

to take a little nap.



Pay no attention to them.

My speech.



Here is my Christmas speech.



"Thank you all.

and Merry Christmas."



- That was the speech?

- It was dumb!



- It was obvious!

- It was pointless!



It was short.



- I loved it!

- I loved it!



I'm bored with speeches.

Let's dance. Son.



Hey. Here's Mrs Fozziwig

to start the party.



- Way to go. Ma!

- Hit it. Boys!






Hey. Iook. There's a buffet over here.

I'm kinda hungry.



In this ferdy hurdy bursky



Fa la la la la

la la la la



Ah. Forget it.

Mother always taught me...



never eat singing food.



It's a pleasure having you

here at the party.



- Please. Enjoy yourself.

- Excuse me. Mr Fozziwig?



- Excuse me.

- Yes. I've been going over the accounts.



Do you know how much the firm

is spending for this party?



Master Scrooge. This is Christmas!

It's a time for generosity!



Stop working. Enjoy yourself.

Go meet some people.



Go ahead. Go ahead.

Go ahead. Go ahead. Oh. Hello.



You dancing fool!



Belle. You know. I love these

annual Christmas parties.



I love 'em so much.

I think we'll do it twice a year!



- Excuse me.

- Oh. Master Scrooge!



Excuse me.



Belle. I'd like to introduce you

to Ebenezer Scrooge...



the finest young

financial mind in the city.



Ebenezer. This is Belle.

a friend of the Fozziwig family.



I'm pleased to meet you.



Well. I'm glad you two finally met.



Do you remember this meeting?









I remember.



There was. Of course.

another Christmas Eve...



with this young woman

some years later.



Oh. Please...



do not show me that Christmas.



Another year

before our wedding. Ebenezer.



Well. It can't be helped. Belle.



How could we marry now? There's not

even enough for a decent home.



The investments

haven't grown as they should.



So you said last year.



Business continues to be poor.



You're a partner in your own firm now.



And barely clearing expenses.



- You said the partnership was the goal.

- This is for you.



I love you. Belle.



You did once.



Oh. Rizzo.



Spirit. Show me no more.



Why do you delight

in torturing me?



I told you. These were the shadows

of the things that have been.



That they are what they are.

do not blame me.



Leave me!



Scrooge was left alone and exhausted

in his bedchamber.



And thus he remained until the nearby

clock began to strike the hour.



- What was that?

-  .  .



- Oh. Is it too early for breakfast?

- Yes.



Oh. Good.

Supper time.



Scrooge knew that the second

of the ghosts was due to appear.



Yet now. As the clock

finished striking...






Come in and know me better. Man.



Come in and know me better. Man.



- Did I already say that?

- You did. Yeah.



I am the Ghost

of Christmas Present.



This is the night before the dawn

before the day of Christmas!



Did I tell you that I am

the Ghost of Christmas Present?



- You did. Yeah.

- Come in and know me better. Man!



You're a little absentminded. Spirit.



No! I'm a large

absentminded spirit!



My mind is filled

with the here and now.



And the now is Christmas!



I don't believe I've ever met

anybody like you before. Sir.



Really? Over  .    of my brothers

have come before me.



 .   ?



Imagine the grocery bills.



Have you ever noticed that everything

seems wonderful at Christmas?



In all honesty. Spirit. No.



Perhaps I've never understood

about Christmas.



Before this day is done.

you will understand!



Oh. No. Oh. No!



Ah. We shall go out into the world.



I suppose you enjoyed that.



Of course.



May I welcome you

to Christmas morning.



It's in the singing

of a street corner choir



It's going home

and getting warm by the fire



It's true

wherever you find love



It feels like Christmas



A cup of kindness

that we share with another



A sweet reunion

with a friend or a brother



In all the places you find love



It feels like Christmas



It is the season of the heart



A special time of caring



The ways of love made clear



And it is

the season of the spirit



The message, if we hear it



Is make it last all year



It's in the giving

of a gift to another



A pair of mittens

that were made by your mother



It's all the ways

that we show love



That feel like Christmas



A part of childhood

we'll always remember



It is the summer

of the soul in December



Yes, when you do

your best for love



It feels like Christmas



It is the season of the heart



A special time of caring



The ways of love made clear



It is the season of the spirit



The message, if we hear it



Is make it last all year



It's in the singing

of a street corner choir



It's going home

and getting warm by the fire



It's true

wherever you find love



It feels like Christmas



It's true

wherever you find love



It feels like






It feels like Christmas



It feels like Christmas



It feels like Christmas



Spirit. I had no idea.



I wish to see friends. Kin.

Show me family.



It's... It's Fred.



My dear nephew Fred and his wife Clara

having Christmas with friends.



- Hey. Iook! Fruit!

- Well. There now!



We've had the plum pudding and sung

the carols.



- What now. My lovelies?

- A game. Fred.



Yeah. We must have

a game at Christmas.



- Do people play games at Christmas?

- I love games!



Say. Do you know

that fruit is wax?



Oh. Yeah.

I wondered about the texture.



- Let's play "Yes and No."

- A wonderful game!



- Oh. Yes!

- Ah! That's a great game! I'll be it.



Yes. Let Fred be it.

He always thinks of good things.



I do have a good one. Clara.




- Is it vegetable?

- No.



- Mineral?

- No.



- Animal. Then?

- What else?

- What else. Indeed!



- Is it found on a farm?

- Never.



- In the city?

- Usually.



- Does it pull a hansom cab?

- Certainly not!



How about a dog?



- No.

- A cat?



- A cat?

- I said it first.






Wait. Then.

Is this an unwanted creature?



- Often.

- A mouse.



- No.

- A rat.



- You called?

- A cockroach.



- No.

- A leech.



- Oh. Dear. It's too wonderful.

- Wait! Wait! I know!



An unwanted creature.

but not a rat. A leech or cockroach.



- Then what?

- Then what?

- What?



- It's Ebenezer Scrooge!

- Yes!






- Yes!

- That's a good one!

- That's a killer!




There's much to see.



No more.

I wish to see no more.






Why have we come to

this odd corner of the town?



It's Christmas here. Too. You know.



That's Bob Cratchit's house.



Perhaps it was the spirit's

own generous nature...



and his sympathy

for all poor men...



that led them straight to the home

of Scrooge's faithful clerk.




They're cookin' goose down there!



- Rizzo. Get out of the way!

- Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey!



Don't be sweeping the chimney now.

You're blockin' the smell!



This is Bob Cratchit's house?



- How do you know that?

- You just told me.



Well. I'm usually trustworthy.



- Who's that?

- Mrs Cratchit. Of course!



Peter. Do not stop turning that spit.



That is the whole secret

of a properly roasted goose.



It smells so good. Mother.



It does. Doesn't it?



Oh. That smells wonderful!



Oh. Good grief!



Hey. I'm stuck.

Get me outta here.



I knew you weren't

suited for literature.



At least I landed

on something soft.



And hot!

Hot! Hot! Hot! Hot! Hot!



Mother. Mother. Mother! I thought

you said we couldn't eat the chestnuts...



until Father and Tiny Tim get home.



l-l-I wasn't eating them.



I was... I was merely checking them

to see if they were not burnt.



It's a chef's thing. Dear.

And do not shout. Betina.



- I'm Belinda!

- I'm Betina!



Of course you are. Betina.



- Belinda!

- Whatever.



- Hmmph!

- Hmmph!



'Tis the season

to bejolly and joyous



Fa la la



With a burst of pleasure

we feel it arrive



Fa la la



It's a season when

the saints can employ us



Fa la la



To spread the news about peace

and to keep love alive



- Come on. Son.

- Yeah.



Let's go see

if Christmas dinner is ready yet.



- Oh. Yeah.

- Yes.






Merry Christmas. Everyone.






Merry Christmas. Girls.

Merry Christmas. Peter.



- Merry Christmas.

- Children. Children. Children!



Now... Now it's time to set the table.

Go ahead.



Wait for me!



- Merry Christmas. Emily.

- Merry Christmas. Cratchie.



- Emmie!

- Hmm?



I fell down the chimney and landed

on a flaming hot goose.



You have all the fun.






Oh. Peter!

The Christmas dinner!



The goose!

The goose!



Oh. No. No. Now. Son. Son.

now you've gotten too excited.



You go sit in your chair a moment.

Okay. Rest. Rest a moment.



- How was he at church?

- As good as gold and better.



He told me that he hoped the people

saw him in church because...



it might be pleasant for them

to remember upon Christmas Day...



who made lame beggars walk

and blind men see.



A remarkable child!



And with that. The Cratchits

came to what was surely...



the happiest single moment

in all the livelong year.



- Such a meagre feast.

- But very much appreciated.



I pay Bob such a small amount.



- Mr Scrooge!

- Bob!



Bob Cratchit!



It only seems right that I should

lift a glass to my employer.



I give you Mr Scrooge.

the founder of the feast.



- The founder of the feast. Indeed!

- Hmmph!



If I had him here. I would give him

a piece of my mind to feast upon.



And I bet he would

choke on it. Hmm!



- Choke!

- Choke!

- My dear!



The... The children!

Christmas Day!



Well. I suppose that

on the blessed day of Christmas...



one must drink to the health

of. Uh. Mr Scrooge.



- Even though he is odious. Stingy...

- Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.



- Wicked and unfeeling...

- Mm-hmm! Mm-hmm!



and badly dressed...



- And...

- To the founder of the feast. Mr Scrooge!



To Mr Scrooge.



He'll be very merry and happy

this day. I have no doubt.



- No doubt.

- Cheers!



God bless us. Every one!



Life is full of sweet surprises



Every day's a gift



The sun comes up

and I can feel it



Lift my spirit



Fills me up with laughter



Fills me up with song



I look into the eyes of love



And know that I belong



Bless us all



Who gather here



The loving family I hold dear



No place on earth



Compares with home



And every path will bring me back

from where I roam



Bless us all



That as we live



We always comfort and forgive



We have so much



That we can share



With those in need

we see around us everywhere



Let us always love each other



Lead us to the light



Let us hear the voice of reason



Singing in the night



Let us run from anger



And catch us when we fall



Teach us in our dreams



And please, yes, please



Bless us one and all



Bless us all



With playful years



With noisy games and joyful tears



We reach for you



And we stand tall



And in our prayers and dreams

we ask you bless us all



We reach for you



And we stand tall



And in our prayers and dreams



We ask you bless us all



Let's all take our seats now.

Let's have dinner.



Spirit. Tell me if

Tiny Tim will live.



That is the future.



My realm is the present.



However. Ah. I see a vacant seat

by the chimney corner...



and a crutch

without an owner.



If these shadows

remain unaltered...



I believe the child will die.



What then? If he's going to die.

he had better do it...



and decrease

the surplus population.



Oh. Spirit.



As the Cratchit family

vanished into the darkness...



Scrooge kept his eyes

upon Tiny Tim until the last.



Come. My time grows short.



- Spirit. Do you grow old?

- I do.



Are spirits' lives so short?



My time upon this globe is very brief.



I believe it will end

upon the stroke of   .  .



Uh! One.



Now? But. Spirit. I have

learned so much from you.



- Three.

- Nothing Scrooge could do or say

could stop the relentless march...

- Four.



- Of those terrible bells.

- Five.



Oh. Spirit. Do not leave me.



I think I must. In fact.



You have meant so much to me.

You have changed me.



And now I leave you with the Ghost

of Christmas Yet to Come.



You mean the future?



- Must I?

- Go forth and know him better. Man!









Am I in the presence...



of the Ghost of Christmas

Yet to Come?



Spirit. I fear you more...



than any spectre I have yet met.



Oh. This is too scary. I don't think

I want to see any more.



Oh. When you're right.

you're right.



You're on your own. Folks.

We'll meet you at the finale.



- Yeah. Oh!

- Ah!



I am prepared to follow

and to learn...



with a thankful heart.



Will you not speak to me?



Oh. Yes. Yes.

The night is waning fast.



Lead on. Spirit.



No. I don't know much about it

either way.



I only know he's dead.



- Yeah.

- When?

- Last night. I believe.



- Hmm. Wonder what he died of.

- Mm!



I thought he'd never go.



Well. I don't know or care

why he's gone.



I'd just like to know what

he's done with his money.



- That's right!

- Wouldn't we all?

- Well. He didn't give it to me.



- No. No.

- No!

- Well. It's likely to be a cheap funeral.



I don't know a single soul

who'd go to it.



- I wouldn't mind goin'.

- Hey?

- What?



If lunch is provided.



- I say!

- Speaking of lunch...



Oh. Good Lord.

Look at the time.



Yes. We must be off.



I know some of those gentlemen. Spirit.

Of what poor wretch do they speak?



So. Back from the house

of sadness. I see.



Huh! Sad that he didn't die years ago.

the old skinflint.



- Hear. Hear!

- Well. Let me see.



What do you got

for old Joe. Eh?



What do you got for me

to remember him by?



Joe. Get off!



Well. I got these collar buttons

from his dresser.



- Mother-of-pearl.

- No. No. No. No.



I got his bed curtains.



- Very fine damask.

- Oh.



Very cheap damask.

but worth a few coins.



- Now. I've got his blankets.

- Oh. His blankets?



Why. Mrs Dilber.

they're still warm.



I don't pay extra

for the warmth. You know.



You should.

It's the only warmth he ever had.



Only warmth he ever had!



The only warmth

he ever had.



I understand. Spirit.



The case of this unhappy man

might be my own.



My-My life tends that way now.



Merciful heavens.



Let me see some tenderness

connected with this world...



or I'll be haunted by that

terrible conversation forever.



It's Bob Cratchit's house.



Oh. Yes. Spirit.



A place of joy and laughter.



Thank you

for bringing me here.



It's so quiet.



Why is it so quiet. Spirit?



Oh. Mother. You're crying again.



Oh. Um. No. It's just the lamplight

that hurts my eyes.






Not Tiny Tim!



Th-There. There now.



My eyes get weak

in the... in the dim light.



I would not want to show

weak eyes to your father...



when he gets home

for anything in the world.



He... He should be back now.



I think he's walked a little slower

these past two evenings.



- Hello. My dears.

- D-Daddy.

- Oh.



- Hello. Girls. Hello. Peter.

- Hello.



Children. Please...

please go set the table.



Thank you.



- How was the churchyard?

- Oh. It'll be lovely. Emily.



It would have done you good

to see how green the place is.



l... I picked a spot for Tim

where he can see...



It-It's a spot on the hill...



and you can see

the ducks on the river.



- Tiny Tim...

- Tiny Tim always loved...



watching the ducks

on the river.



Oh. Spirit. Must there

be a Christmas...



that brings this awful scene?



How can they endure it?



It's all right. Children.



Life is made up of meetings and partings.

That is the way of it.



I am sure we shall never forget

Tiny Tim...



or this first parting

that there was among us.



Must we return

to this place?



There's something else

that I must know...



is that not true?



Spirit. I know

what I must ask.



I fear to. But I must.



Who was the wretched man

whose death brought so much...



glee and happiness to others?



Answer me one more question.



Are these the shadows

of things that will be...



or are they the shadows

of things that may be only?



These events can be changed.



A life can be made right.



"Ebenezer Scrooge."



Oh. Please. Spirit. No.



Hear me.

I'm not the man I was.



Why would you show me this

if I was past all hope?



l... I will honour Christmas

and try to keep it all the year.



I will live my life in the past.

the present and the future.



I will not shut out the lessons

the spirits have taught me.



Tell me that I may sponge out

the writing on this stone.



Oh. Spirit. Please speak to me.



I'm home.



Yes. The bedposts were his own.



The bed was his own.

The room was his own.



- Hi. Guys! We're back.

- We promised we would be.

- Mm-hmm.



But the thing that made Scrooge

happiest of all...



was that his life lay before him

and it could be changed.



I will live my life in the past.

the present and the future.



Oh. Jacob and Robert Marley...



Oh. Heaven and the Christmas time

be praised for this day.



I say it on my knees. Jacob and Robert.

On my knees.



Oh. They're not torn down.

They're here.



And I'm here.

More is the miracle.



Oh! Oh.



I don't know what to do.

l-I'm as light as a feather.



I'm as happy as an angel.

I'm... I'm as merry as a schoolboy.



Um. Do you think it's safe

for us to be up here?



- Scrooge is saved.

What can happen now?

- Yeah.



- You there. Boy.

- What. Me?



Uh. That is. What. Me. Sir?



- What's today?

- Pardon?



What's today. My fine fellow?



Today? Well. Today

is Christmas Day.



It's Christmas Day?

I haven't missed it.



The spirits did it all in one night.

They can do anything they like.



- Of course they can.

Of course they can.

- Uh. Of course they can.



- Do you know the poultry shop

in the next street?

- Yes. Sir. I do.



An intelligent lad.

A remarkable lad.



Do you know whether the prize turkey

has been sold in the window?



Oh. The one twice as big as me?

It's still there.



Oh. It's a pleasure

talking with you. Lad.



- Go and buy it.

- Be serious.



I am being serious. Buy it for me.

and I'll give you a shilling.



- Oh!

- No. I'll give you five shillings.

- What?



- Wow!

- And so the boy was off like a shot.



- So eager...

- Wah!



Um. Sorry.



I'll bring it to Bob Cratchit's house.

What a surprise it'll be.



It's twice the size of Tiny Tim.



And a few moments later.

dressed in his finest...



Scrooge appeared

on the streets of the city...



to wish "Merry Christmas"

to all the world.



- Merry Christmas.

- Merry Christmas.



- Merry Christmas.

- Merry Christmas.



Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas.



Gee. Thanks.



Everyone was out and about

this fine morning...



and soon he encountered

two familiar faces.



M-M-Mr Scrooge?



Pardon me. Gentlemen. But about

the charity donation...



- You asked me for yesterday.

- Oh. Yes?



Put me down for...



- That much?

- Not a penny less.



A great many back payments

are included in it. I assure you.



Oh. My goodness.

I don't know what to say.



I just wish there was something

we could give you.



A gift?



A gift for me?



Thank you.



Thank you...    times.



And a Merry Christmas.



- Here's your turkey. Mr Scrooge.

- Follow me. Lad.



With a thankful heart

With an endless joy



With a growing family

Every girl and boy



Will be nephew

and niece to me



Nephew and niece to me



Will bring love, hope

and peace to me



Love, hope

and peace to me



Yes, and every night will end

and every day will start



With a grateful prayer

and a thankful heart



With an open smile

and with open doors



I will bid you welcome

What is mine is yours



With a glass raised

to toast your health



With a glass raised

to toast your health



And a promise

to share the wealth



A promise to share the wealth



I will sail a friendly course



File a friendly chart



- On a sea of love and a thankful heart

- On a sea of love and a thankful heart



Life is like a journey



Who knows when it ends



Yes, and if you need to know



The measure of a man



You simply count his friends



Stop and look around you



The glory that you see



Is born again each day



Don't let it slip away



How precious life can be



With a thankful heart

that is wide awake



I do make this promise

Every breath I take



Will be used now

to sing your praise



Used now to sing your praise



And to beg you

to share my days



Beg you to share my days



With a loving guarantee



That even if we part



- I will hold you close in a thankful heart

- I will hold you close in a thankful heart



I will hold you close



In a thankful heart



In a thankful heart



- Okay. Okay.

- Oh. Yes. Yes.



Oh. Oh. Oh.

Oh. Yes.



Bob Cratchit!



- So here you are.

- Uh. M-M-Mr Scrooge. Uh...



You. Sir. Were not at work this morning

as we had discussed.



Oh. But-but. Mr Scrooge. Sir.

we did discuss it.



It's Christmas Day.

You gave me the day off.



I? I. Ebenezer Scrooge?



- Would I do a thing like that?

- No.



I mean yes.

But-But you did.



Bob Cratchit.

I've had my fill of this.



- And I have had my fill of you.

Mr Scrooge.

- Emily! Emily! Mr Scrooge.



- And therefore. Bob Cratchit...

- And therefore. You can leave

this house at once!



And therefore. I'm about

to raise your salary.



- Oh! And I am about to raise you right

off the pavement and out... Pardon?

- Pardon?



Yes. Bob. Raise your salary...



and pay your mortgage

on this house.



- Please. Sir. Come inside. Uh. Yes.

- Oh. Yes. Yes.



Bob Cratchit. Would you

and your family...



care to join us for a little turkey dinner

on this fine Christmas Day?



Merry Christmas!



- Ho-ho! Merry Christmas!

- Merry Christmas! Ho-ho-ho-ho!



- Try a truffle?

- Oh. My goodness.

- I don't know...



And Scrooge was

better than his word.



He did it all

and infinitely more!



And. Uh. Tiny Tim?



- And Tiny Tim. Who did not die...

- Aw. Isn't that swell!



To Tiny Tim. Scrooge

became a second father.



He became as good a friend.

as good a master and as good a man...



- As the good old city ever had!

- Hmm.



And It was always said of him that he

knew how to keep Christmas well...



if any man alive

possessed the knowledge.



May that truly be said of us.

and all of us!



And so.

as Tiny Tim observed...



God bless us.



God bless us. Every one!



The love we found



The love we found



We carry with us



So we're never

quite alone



The love we found



The love we found



The sweetest dream



That we have ever known



- Hey! See ya later!

- Goodbye!

- The love we found



The love we found



- We carry with us

- Bye-bye!

- Goodbye!



So we're never

quite alone



- Nice story. Mr Dickens.

- Oh. Thanks.



- Lf you like this.

you should read the book.

- Ho-ho-ho-ho!



It's in the singing

of a street corner choir



- It's going home and getting warm

by the fire

- Merry Christmas!



It's true

wherever you find love



- It feels like Christmas

- Yes. It does!



The cup of kindness

that we share with another



- A sweet reunion with a friend

or a brother

- Hello!



In all the places

you find love



It feels like Christmas



It is the season of the heart



A special time of caring



The ways of love made clear



And it is

the season of the spirit



The message

if we hear it



Is make it last all year



Ho-ho-ho! Yes!



- Make it last all year.

- So we give our gift to another



- A pair of mittens that were

made by your mother

- Merry Christmas!



- It's all the ways that we show love

- Ho-ho-ho-ho-ho!



- That feel like Christmas

- Yes.



A part of childhood

we'll always remember



- It is the summer of the soul

in December

- Bye-bye!



- Yes, when you do your best for love

- Ho-ho-ho! Merry Christmas!



- It feels like Christmas

- And remember...



It is the season of the heart



A special time of caring



The ways of love made clear



It is the season of the spirit



The message

if we hear it



Is make it last all year









It's in the singing

of a street corner choir



It's going home and getting

warm by the fire



It's true

wherever you find love



It feels like Christmas



It's true

wherever you find love



It feels like






It feels like Christmas



It feels like Christmas



It feels like Christmas



- It feels like Christmas!


- It feels like Christmas



It feels like Christmas



There comes a moment

in your life



Like a window

and you see



Your future there before you



And how perfect

life can be



But adventure calls



With unknown voices

calling you away



Be careful

or you may regret



The choice you make someday



When love is gone



When love is gone



The sweetest dream



That we have ever known



When love is gone



When love is gone



I wish you well



But I must leave you now alone



It was almost love



It was almost always



It was like a fairy tale



We'd live out

you and I



And, yes, some dreams

come true



Yes, some dreams

fall through



And, yes, the time

has come for us



To say goodbye



Yes, some dreams

come true



Yes, some dreams

fall through



Yes, the time has come

for us



To say goodbye


Special help by SergeiK