Murder at 1600 Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Murder at 1600 script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the movie starring Wesley Snipes.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Murder at 1600. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Murder at 1600 Script


          It's a form! What could be simpler?! All you must do is fill in the blanks!

          What do I have to do, hire a nursemaid to hold your hand?

          Put ribbons in your hair?!

          How many times must I tell you?!

           If you want him down, this is no huge problem.

            You should be able to fill out a form correctly!

            And if you can't do that. . .

            . . .then I'll just have to get somebody who can.

            I ain't going to ask you again!

            Get back to your desk!

            I was a good boy!

            What's happening?

            Well, well! Why are you here?

            Smelled business.

            Third bureaucrat this month.

            Enough of this shit. Tell Carl to shoot him. He's fucking up traffic.

            His name?

            Jeffrey Brose, lnterstate Commerce Commission. . .

            . . .whatever that is.

            The lnterstate Commerce Commission?

            -He didn't say that. -Yes, he did.

            Hold this.

            Tell them, "Don't shoot. "

            -Get back here! -Hang on a second.

            Strap in. This'll get weird.

            I got to talk to him.

            Go away!

            Any improper behavior on the part of any employee must be reported!

            Just be easy, man. Look, I just want to talk. I got no gun.

            -I got no gun. -I'll kill myself!

            I believe you, I just got a question.

            You work for the Commerce Commission?

            No! They let me go! Threw me out!

            You too? They evicted me too.

            They bought my apartment building so they could turn it into a garage for--

            They're so unfair!

            I agree! The Durable Goods Division.

            What the hell is that?

            Don't work there anymore, and they're on the second floor!

            Do you know who I could talk to because I phone, write and nobody calls me.

            It's driving me crazy.

            No! I'm crazy!

            They were going to shoot you.

            Christ, Regis, what are you, insane?

            The gun's on safety.

            All right, boys, I'm thinking this looks. . .

            . . .handled.

            Let's get out of here.

            Go, go!

            Sector   secure.

            Sector   secure.

            Cory Luchessi.

            I work here.

            Sector   secure.

            There's a gun on you. Get up, slowly.

            Sorry, sir.

            Sector   secure.

            Sector   secure.

            All sectors secure.

            America held hostage, day    . A special report.

            CNN has just received this smuggled footage...

             ...showing American soldiers in captivity and under extreme duress.

              You see this?

              The Government expressed outrage upon viewing the tapes.

              Sources say the U. S. Seventh Fleet remains on full alert...

     the Sea of Japan at this hour.

              Air Force officials have reiterated their initial statement...

              ...describing the mission as routine.

              Can you believe this? What is this President waiting for?

              Is leaseholder one word or two?



              In the face of growing support for military intervention...

              ... the President urged patience, stating negotiations--

              Oh, I see.

              So you negotiate for    . How many do you go to war for?    ?

              Everything's about numbers.

              Two drinks a day. Healthy. Three. . .

              . . .you're an alcoholic.

              -That's your third. -Get me again, man.

              It's Farr.

              I'm not here.


              Yeah, I got a coat. . .

              . . .and a tie.


              Harlan Regis, homicide.

              Detective Regis, come right on through.

              Your weapon.

              You'll get it back when you leave.

              This way, please.

              Gentlemen. . . .

              Straight ahead.

              Look at that.

              Straight down this hall to the left.

              Multiple puncture wounds to the upper torso and base of neck.

              Wound would be   to   centimeters across.

              Rigor is progressive.

              Get in here and take a look at this.

                    years old, tops. She's a baby.

              What is the world coming to?

              -When was she found? -About     .

              -Name? -Carla Town.

              My best guess is she's dead maybe   hours.

              -Where's the First Family? -Camp David.

              Left yesterday afternoon.

              What's the murder weapon?

              It's not as clean as a knife. See the jagged edge of the wound?

              It's not big enough to be scissors, so it's something smaller.

              Excuse me, all film stays in-house. Orders.

              Whose orders?

              What was she doing here so late?

              You're not cleared.

              Who invited you here?

              We did.

              Sir, he's a D.C. homicide cop.

              If I'm not mistaken, what I see over there is a homicide.

              But jurisdiction--

              It can go to hell.

              I'm in charge of White House security.

              I'm the President's National Security Advisor.

              A murder    yards from where the President sleeps. . .

              . . .is a matter of national security.

              Alvin Jordan.

              Harlan Regis, homicide.

              Do you know why she was working so late on Friday night?

              The government doesn't close because it's Friday.

              Yes, I understand.

              Do you know how many people were in the White House?



              Carry on, Detective.

              Thank you.

              Avoid using two words if you give any statements to the media.

              The words are "woman" and "murder. "

              You say, "All information will be forthcoming on a timely basis. "

              One more thing.

              -I'll need everything you have on her. -You'll get what's material.

              This is D.C. Unfortunately she's mine.

              -She was killed in the White House. -She was killed in my city.

              She was killed in my house.

              Don't forget that.

              He's all yours.

              I'm just trying to do my job.

              I guess I'm supposed to get my briefings from CNN?

              No, from your Secret Service liaison.

              For the task force.

              He didn't assign me one.

              He did. Nina Chance.

              I see.

              They think I'm BooBoo the Fool.

              Excuse me?

              I guess he figures I'll be easier on you than some rookie with acne.

              I'm an agent for the United States Secret Service.

              Which means I can answer questions relating to White House security.

              I resent the implication--

              You resent the implication?

              People don't speak English in this town anymore.

              Detective, it's this way.

              I know that.

              No statement about...

              . . .what's happening in the White House. The First Family is at Camp David.

              As you can see behind me, the immediate area has been sealed off.

              Sheldon Tercott, CNN, at the White House.

              So why kill someone from the Office of Protocol?

              Maybe she sat some ambassador in the wrong seat.

              -They kill you for that now? -It's a tough town.

              If I'd known, I'd have put a turnstile in and charged admission.

              -Who else was here? -Secret Service.

              They started around     :    .

              They even took her garbage.

              If you want me, I'm downstairs in      .

              -Thank you very much. -Anytime.

              Wait a minute.

              The body's found at     :  .

              The Feds get here     minutes later.


              They don't even have cool sirens like we do. Look at her photo album.

              Look at this, Regis.

              Is this the only one?

              It's the only one I see, but I just got here.

              But I can tell you that the apartment is registered in the name of. . .

              . . .Brookland Associates.

              But that is about all I have right now.

                .  on the beach!

              White House is giving out sweet Christmas bonuses this year.

              Looks that way.

              I want a list of everybody in-house last night between   and     .

              And don't say it's classified.

              Quick on the draw, Agent Chance.

              There's only    names here.

              All whereabouts accounted for.

              Spikings told me there were    .

              I see his name here.

              So whose name is missing?

              Apparently, Agent Spikings was mistaken.

              The count is    in-house.

              Check it out.

              I'm on it.

              Where are you from?


              So why the Secret Service? I mean, why not. . .?

              Kindergarten teacher?

              You don't look like one of those.

              I was in the Olympics.

              The Olympics!

              That's how I got in the Secret Service.

              -That right? -I was on the sharpshooting team.

              We met President Reagan. It was      .

              One of his agents was a woman. She took me under her wing.


              I feel safer already.

              I brought home the gold.

              Where are we going?

              To my place. I got to change.

              You're being evicted?

              Whole building. Feds are tearing it down to put up a garage for the. . . .

              Interstate Commerce Commission.

              Why do they need a parking lot here?

              I'm trying to figure that out. Everyone thinks I can fix it because I'm a cop.

              Harlan, what's going on?

              Mrs. Wallace. . . .

              Soon we'll be living out of garbage cans.

              I'm making progress.

              -Truly I am. -Progress.

              That's what you call it?

              Progress. Yeah, you're making progress!

              You take care of your business.

              What you should be doing is taking care of your business.

              I know what he's making progress at.

              Make yourself comfortable.

              Washington City, July    st,       .

              This is Manassas.

              First battle of Bull Run.

              I'll show you something.

              Right here.

              Where Stonewall Jackson got his nickname.

              That's Sudley Springs there.

              Civilians used to take picnics to that crest to watch the battle.

              Amazing, huh?

              How did you. . .?

              I'm a homicide cop in the homicide capital of the world.

              It's cheaper than a shrink.

              You did this all by yourself?

              The whole thing.

              My father was a history buff so he kind of rubbed off on me.

              What did he do?

              He worked at the Smithsonian for about    years. . .

              . . .as a guard.

              How am I going to move all this?

              First I must take it apart, then put it back together again.

              Oh, no. Hell, no!

              I can't move.

              I'll be right back.

              Stand back.

              Detective Regis, Stengel's been looking for you.

              Who isn't?

              Remember that claim check? I sent Greeley to the drug store.

              Let's see what we got.

              And there she is. . .

              . . .Iive and in color.

              Where'd you get these?

              We'll be late for the autopsy.

              Her VISA card activity, last    hours.

              Banning Travel,       bucks.

              I got it by a nose hair.

              Phone records, credit card, bank account, all impounded, now classified.

              She had a flight to New York. . .

              . . .reservation at the Pierre. . .

              . . .rental car, flight to the Virgin lslands, St. Croix. . .

              . . .one-way.

              Lady was buying a new life.

              She wasn't coming back, either.

              The evidence indicates a crime of passion.

              There's evidence of vaginal penetration.

              There's traces of lubricant in the vaginal tract and under fingernails.

              The blows were from the left, and powerful.

              A condom was used.

              No semen. . .

              . . .no blood, except hers.

              No DNA.

              Signs of force?


              So you're saying sex, not rape.

              This doesn't leave the room.

              It was here we saw the image of an untroubled President...

              ...before the White House murder cast a dark cloud...

              ...over this once highly regarded administration.

              Cory Alan Luchessi, janitor.

              Nobody can account for him during a   -minute period. . .

              . . .prior to when the Secret Service found him in the East Room at     :  .

              The time of her death is set. . .

              . . .between    :  . . .

              . . .and     :  .

              He eats a doughnut. . .

              . . .then stabs her   times.

              Lee Harvey Oswald was seen in the book depository cafeteria drinking Coke. . .

              . . .a minute after Kennedy was shot.

              He's reading Soap Opera Digest.

                months ago. . . .

              That's not enough.

              If that's all you got, you got nothing.

              Except this.

              It was found in the bathroom.

              It's the missing button. . .

              . . .from a shirt in Luchessi's apartment.

              Luchessi doesn't clean the bathrooms.

              All right, where is he?

              Being picked up.

              What would it take for me to see the surveillance tapes?

              Not much.

              Just an act of Congress.

              After you, detective.

              That button was labeled as found in the dining room.

              How did it get in the lavatory?

              I labeled it wrong.

              Did you kill her?

              Did you have an affair with Carla?


              But you came on to her, right?

              You did come on to her, yeah?

              Did you come on to Carla Town?

              I came on to her. I mean. . .

              . . .did you ever see her?

              She's hot.

              You take it further than that?


              Listen to me.

              Carla. . .

              . . .was strictly hands-off.

              What do you mean, hands-off?

              I don't know.

              But then, that was the word. The Secret Service. . .

              ... was looking out for her.


              I don 't know.

              Like if she worked late, say...

              . . .     o'clock,     o'clock. . .

              . . .the Secret Service guys. . .

              . . .they would always drive her home.

              Don't want that, don't want that. That!

              This is an act of war.

              This is the Pueblo revisited, and he wants to negotiate?

              Give me a break!

              Neil negotiating to defend us at a table!

              He can 't even defend his own house.

              Where's your rider at?

              How did you get down here?

              You want to live. . .

              . . .open the door   inches and slide your weapon out.

              Don't make me stain my linen.



              It's a nasty-ass city, Regis.

              Congratulations, you are now a statistic.

              Let me see that.

              Son of a bitch!

              So they're eavesdropping.

              Big surprise. It's the government.

              Look. . . .

              They brought you in on this...

              ...for the same reason they brought Dallas doctors in to work on Kennedy.

              They go the extra mile so no one'll say they couldn 't have done more.

              You never would've let me hold Luchessi on what they have.

              You know that.

              All right, go take another look at it.

              But don 't make any fucking noise till you have something real.

              Yes, sir.

              Come on, Carla.

              Talk to me.

              This is full frame?

              The machines automatically crop.

              -Can you get me closer to this? -No problem.

              He's Secret Service. Can you make me a hard copy?

              Thank you. You the man!

              Is there any progress in the case?

              Was the First Family involved?

              Can I have a fruit juice, please?

              Aren't you the. . .?

              The Speaker of the House.

              How you doing?

              Good, thanks.

              Do you ever speak to anyone at the lnterstate Commerce Commission?

              They're some organization, I'm not really sure, but they're evicting me.

              Excuse me, Mr. Speaker. . .

              . . .the detective is needed elsewhere.

              Don't worry about it, I'll call you.

              What're you doing here?

              Trying to find you.

              The task force is closed. We have a suspect.

              Yeah. Me too.

              Who's that?

              He's Secret Service. You should know.

              I can't tell you.

              Is that classified too?

              -Yes, it is. -Then I'll have to find out for myself.

              There he is.

              The one who just stepped to the podium.

              What's his name?

              I can't tell you that.

              Either you help me or I'll find out the loud way.


              -What's his name? -Burton Cash.

              Who's he assigned to?

              Kyle Neil.

              The President's son?

              Ladies and gentlemen. . .

              . . .it is an honor to present the First Lady of the United States. . .

              . . .Mrs. Kitty Neil.

              If the bodyguard was there, that means Kyle was on that boat as well.

              Kyle Neil was having an affair with Carla Town.

              He had sex with her that night.

              Agent Chance, right here, right now.

              I've got to go.

              How long before the media finds out. . .

              . . .that the President's son was banging her an hour before she died?

              I've got to go.

              Nice dress.

              You are to have no further contact with Detective Regis, understood?

              What if he initiates contact?

              I want a report, detailed and immediate.


              Beginning with what you two just discussed right now.


              -We used to date. -Then you know how it works.

              I think you should get revenge.

              Excuse me?

              You should get revenge.

              How do I go about getting that?

              Move to New York, become a model and don't take his phone calls.


              I need a drink.

              -Like one? -Your treat?


              What would you like?

              Whatever you're buying.



              After   bourbons, she's telling me that his one mission in life. . .

              . . .is to get laid in every room in the White House.

              It sounds like a plan to me.

              She even told me. . .

              . . .Kyle once bragged about sharing a mistress with his father.

              Carla Town?

              She wasn't sure who.

              It gets better than that. Her uncle's company, Brookland Associates. . .

              . . .is the leading East Coast fundraiser for Jack Neil.


              The company who leased the President's campaign space owned her apartment.

              This is good.

              This is very good.

              I hope you know what you're doing.

              Good night.

              Good night, dear.

              Do you want to see my badge?

              Why'd you come here?

              So I'm digging. . .

              . . .going through People magazine, and just happen to come across page    .

              I find a picture of Kyle coming back from Brazil. . .

              . . .and you standing next to him with an earpiece.

              I must've looked at     months of pictures of the guy.

              You know what I found?

              I found you were in over half of them.

              You didn't say you were on his detail.

              Until when?

              I've nothing more to discuss with you about this. The case is closed.

              Agent Chance, when did they remove you from Kyle's detail?

              You show up grilling me about work?

              Answer the question.

              Don't come here again.

              Answer me!

              You expect me to violate every oath I've taken?!

              I have a duty to protect!

              Your duty could send an innocent man to prison for life!

              Are you comfortable with that?!

              I think you should leave.

              How did Spikings find a button in the bathroom no other detective found?

              Did he plant it there?

              I asked you to leave.

              Did he plant it?

              I don't know, okay?

              Everybody's lying around here.

              So, again. . .

              . . .why did they remove you from Kyle's detail?

              They didn't remove me.

              One night. . .

              . . .I heard sounds. . .

              . . .of violence, fighting. . .

              . . .in his apartment.

              So I went in.

              And I found him. . .

              . . .beating up his girlfriend.

              He was ugly.

              And they. . . .

              We. . .

              . . .covered it up for him.

              That was even uglier.

              That's when I asked to be reassigned.

              Look, I don't know what I would do if I was you.

              But I know I could not let an innocent man. . .

              . . .fry for something he did not do.

              Maybe you can.

              Get Neil out!

              Bring our soldiers home! Get Neil out!

              Testing.   ,    .

              Response: North Korea has broken off negotiations.

              A dark cloud seems to be hanging over this administration.

              The FBI has not been able to interview the First Son. . .

              . . .now said to have been in the White House at the time of the murder.

              I have this to add to the Carla Town effects.

              Could you open it, please?

              Thank you, Agent Chance.

              No problem.

              Go on through.


              Any problem?

              No, I finally found everything.

              You done?

              Spikings wants to see you.


              Anything I should know about?

              I don't know. Is there?

              You were in the Olympics.

              You know about being a team player?

              Sharpshooting isn't a team sport.

              This is.

              We put our lives on the line. . .

              . . .every single day.

              You must trust your co-workers.

              Is there a problem?

              You tell me.

              This case is closed.

              So I've heard.

              Harlan Regis hasn't.

              You would tell us if he tried to contact you, right?

              Of course.


              Because if anybody found out. . .

              . . .he'd elicited your support. . .

              . . .for his paranoid theories. . .

              . . .I'd hate to think how it'd look.

              What people might think. . .

              . . .as a team.

              Why's the door shut?

              Excuse me?

              Why are your hands on me?

              Because if anyone walked in. . .

              . . .I'd hate to think how it'd look, what people might think.

              As a team.

              This day and age, they might get the wrong idea.

              Agent Chance examined Carla Town's effects   minutes ago.

              Get her. And Cooper. . .

              . . .do it quietly.

              Nina Chance, find her and lock her down.

              Cover the stairs, I'll take the front.

              We got a visual.

              I got it.

              Cover the front!

              Your approval ratings dropped    %%% .

              Your point?

              The point is that it's enough to distract anybody.

              From a sober judgement?

              I can't defend my own house. . .

              . . .so how can I defend America?

              We're a superpower, let's act like it.

              So is China. . .

              . . .which, last time I looked, had a pact with North Korea.

              We can handle China. . .now.

                  years time, at the rate they're arming, who knows?

              Mr. President. . .

              . . .Iet's bring the boys back.

              We can go in with special forces.

              General Tully has a point.

              Poll in today's New York Times, Jack.

                % of Americans--

              Think we should strike the North Koreans.

              The Vice President's point amplifies mine.

              I'm not going to war over this.

              I want the  th fleet to stand down, not turn around. . .

              . . .stand down.

              That doesn't bring them back to the table, we'll reconvene.

              Thank you, Mr. President.

              You may be prepared to sit here while they torture our boys, I'm not.

              We're not being passive.

              We're being patient. . .

              . . .and prudent.

              It's my duty to tell you your lack of action is almost criminal.

              Then you've done your duty.

              Now I'll do mine.

              I expect your resignation on my desk in the morning.

              You shall have it.

              That's all, gentlemen.

              What's wrong?


              -It's from Carla's answering machine. -Right.

              How'd you get it?

              I stole it.

              Look, here's what you need.

              In her appointment book. . .

              . . .she has a meeting scheduled for tomorrow in New York.

              Craig Nisker and Associates?

              He's the king of tell-all.

              His agency sold   of the top     scandal memoirs of all time.

              That's his motive.

              I'll be damned!

              "Jack, Kyle and Carla: The Oval Office Threesome. "

              He figured she'd burn the whole family.

              She'd score big with this.

              I guess Kyle found out about it.

              We can place him at the scene.

              And he had history of violence against women.

              That's it.

              He's mine.

              You just don't get it.

              These people can make us disappear.

              I've got to go.


              I checked into a motel.

              I'll call you.

              Be careful.

              The court may direct what?

              Mr. Peterson?

              Under      . . .

              . . .of the criminal code. . .

              . . .the court may allocate a fine for the children of the victim.

              Please, what is it? The porch light's on, but nobody's home?

              Or the victim's spouse.


              The court may direct the fine be paid to the female seduced. . .

              . . .or her child, if she have any.

              Pursuant to this statute. . .

              . . .we have Desmond versus Preston, which states:

              "Where testimony in rape prosecution concerning clothing of defendant was--"

              What is it?

              Heavy date?

              Yeah. That's pretty funny.

              What's going on?

              I just need your car, all right?

              -Get off of me! -Easy, easy!

              You are a son of a bitch!

              I'm going to have your badge.

              Why didn't you shoot her if you had this?

              You know who I am?

              I don't give a shit! You're going down. Turn around.

              -Get off of me. -Get over here.

              Just like a big fish, fell right for the bait.

              Only guilty men do that.

              Or one who's being framed.

              You had sex with her, then offed her.

              Oh, Jesus!

              You think it was an accident she was murdered after I slept with her?

              Someone knew I'd be with her.

              Someone with a motive as good as yours.

              What motive?

              Did your father have sex with Carla?

              I don't know my father's sexual rÚsumÚ.

              -You knew she was leaving town. -Yeah, I read newspapers.

                nights in New York, then to the Virgin lslands, and a rental car.

              Carla Town didn't have a driver's license.

              You think I killed Carla?

              Think you can prosecute me?

              Your arms don't reach that high.

              So why did you show up?

              I go to sleep every night thinking of a woman with   stab wounds.

              A woman I slept with an hour before.

              Try that as a sleeping pill.

              You forgot something.

              Rivaling the Korean hostage-taking as an issue for the White House...

              ... the murder of Carla Town remains unsolved.

              As the attention of homicide detectives turn to Kyle Neil...

              ...and the President's approval ratings drop...

              ... we must ask, will this be Jack Neil's Chappaquiddick?

              No one knows where the trail will end.

              But for an administration deep in the troubled waters...

              ...of a potential confrontation in North Korea...

              ...a serious domestic concern...

     especially dangerous to the President's public image.

              If Jack Neil cannot protect the workers under his own roof--


              Come on, Regis.

              Sorry I'm late.

              What's wrong?

              What is it?

              They were there.

              Who was where?

              The President and the First Lady.

              They were in the White House when Carla was murdered!

              How do you know?

              That morning I almost shot their dog.

              They never go anywhere without it.

              I saw footage of them coming back from Camp David with the dog.

              Their alibi is complete bullshit!

              They took them to Camp David after the body was found.


              He could've smuggled them out.


              The tunnels under the White House.

              I built this city, remember?

              I just can't believe this.

              They covered it up, got them out. Why?

              Because then they would be considered suspects.

              Why shouldn't they be? That's the question.

              Because he's the President.

              What does that mean? He doesn 't have a motive?

              He has a mistress about to drop a tell-all. That's motive enough.

              Wounds are from the left. President Neil is right-handed.

              Yeah, I noticed that.

              He writes with his right hand. . .

              . . .but he swings a baseball bat and golf club with his left.


              She's still there. Do you want me to finish this?

              No, they're right where we want them.

              We're right on schedule.

              Thanks, Regis. I appreciate it. I can take care of myself.

              I want you to lay low until I get to Jordan or Spikings.

              Secret Service.

              Back door!


              Get them!


              Go for the gas tank.

              He's clear.

              What about Nina Chance?

              You want the spotlight? Become a rock star!

              I'd reassign you, but it'd make more news!

              Come in!

              Call for you, Regis.

              I'm not taking any calls.

              It's the White House.

              How lovely for you!

              That was some stunt you pulled.

              Last night had nothing to do with me. I was off-duty.

              -That's difficult to believe. -I don't care what you believe.

              If the President was in residence that night, why didn't you tell me?

              The President's not to be involved.

              The President is about to be an official suspect.


              I must question--

              You won't question the President!

              The Presidency is an institution, not a person.

              And that institution will be protected at all costs.

              -Why do you think we got him out? -To cover up a crime.

              To keep the smell of blood from North Korea. We'd never get our boys back.

              This is global, detective.

              It's a bit off your turf.

              It's a homicide! It is my turf!

              Let me tell you. . .

              . . .I've known Jack Neil for   decades.

              I'm godfather to his son. Your suspicions are ludicrous.

              Luchessi's a stooge.

              -Then prove it. -How?

              Nobody can pinpoint the time of death. He can't prove where he was.

                 cameras cover the hallways of the White House.

              Are you telling me none of them saw her within   minutes of her death?

              Are you trying to tell me?

              The tapes are classified.

              Out of my reach.

              You Republican or Democrat?

              I think Washington is drowning in a sea of its own bullshit.

              Those     men aren't risking their lives over bullshit.

              It's not about     men. It's about a dead woman in the White House.

              A Harvard study. . .

              . . .measured a man's longevity by what he reads first in the paper.

              I'm an obituary man.

              Start with comics, you'll live longer.

              Whoever leaked this, I'm going to bottle their last breath!

               If she was alive at    :   she was murdered well after--

                This changes nothing about Luchessi.

                No one saw him until     :  .

                That still gave him     minutes to do the job.

                So, Regis. . .

                . . .what are you going to do? Put the President in a lineup?

                You're Carla Town, you're about to sell this story. . .

                . . .move to paradise, so you buy a one-way ticket, right?

                This is Sears for Carla Town, confirming Monday between   and   ...

                ... to install the trash compactor you bought yesterday.

                Why have a trash compactor installed after you're gone?

                Maybe she forgot?

                But she just bought it the day before.


                Monday,  :  . You're right.


                Wait a minute.

                And the handwriting on the   rd?

                The slope of the writing is different.

                Here, look at this.

                The loop on the L is smooth and continuous.

                In the day planner. . .

                . . .there's an obvious pause. . .

                . . .which indicates a deliberate stroke.

                It's on the B. . .

                . . .as well.

                It's a forgery.

                There never was an appointment.

                She wasn't going anywhere.

                Spikings. . .

                . . .entered at    :  . . .

                . . .Ieft at    :    .

                Yes, sir.

                Surveillance tapes.

                He had clearance.

                Thank you.


                Yes, sir?

                I want to talk to Detective Regis, D.C. Homicide.

                He'll want to question Spikings. Get me his address in Alexandria.

                Someone's playing us like puppets.

                What are you saying?

                Carla Town wasn't killed to protect the administration.

                She was murdered to destroy it.

                What do you mean?

                Someone dumped a dead body in the White House. . .

                . . .so the trail would lead to the Neils.

                They even manufactured the motive.


                Only the guard knew I took the tapes.

                So you have someone on the inside.

                Let's stop playing games.

                Sit down.

                Do you know what it takes. . .

                . . .to stand all day in one place. . .

                . . .watching a dumpster in the rain. . .

                . . .because it's next to a hotel. . .

                . . .where the President is staying the next day?

                When his life is in your hands. . . .

                Loneliest job in the world.

                Get rid of the wire. I know who's listening anyway.

                You think you got it all figured out?

                You haven't read me right at all.

                I see my life and my service. . .

                . . .with a clarity. . .

                . . .you're incapable of--


                Shit! Cover me!


                -You're a sharpshooter? -Save it!

                Freeze China out if they stand with North Korea.

                All talks for a grain deal cease until they stand down.

                If China wants grain, I want our boys back!

                You got   minutes.

                I'm afraid it'll take longer than that.

                It's bad news, Mr. President.

                It's still Jack, Alvin.

                Nick Spikings is dead.


                And he had evidence that Kyle killed Carla Town.

                Spikings collected it.

                They found a condom with Kyle's semen and the woman's fingerprints on it.

                They found the murder weapon. . .

                . . .and the surveillance tape putting Kyle and Carla together. . .

                . . .minutes before the murder.

                There must be another explanation.

                Spikings was about to cut himself a deal to leak it.

                Nick Spikings. . . .

                He wouldn't.

                Everyone has a price.

                Not the first thing in your life you've been naive about.

                Obviously not.

                You're safe now.

                So's Kyle.

                Spikings. . .

                . . .was murdered.

                See what we got.


                   :    . That's  :    .

                He goes out there.

                We got a special on that model.

                Back off!

                Sure. Only a couple left though, just so you know.

                 :     he comes in.

                Can even throw in a universal remote with that.

                Back off!

                Sure, sure. Take your time. Just ask for Jack.

                He comes in and then he leaves with--

                Who's that?

                I know that guy.

                He's the guy at Spikings' .

                The    st name?

                Jordan walked him in.

                Jordan set up the whole thing.

                The investigation into the White House murder has resulted in   suspects.

                The car...

                ...a burgundy Chevrolet Caprice, is the possible suspect car.

                There won't be anything anyone can prove.

                All the evidence will be destroyed.

                What do you want?

                Your resignation. . .

                . . .effective     p.m.

                I don't know why you look surprised.

                Tully was right when he called it criminal.

                Because we didn't attack?

                -You think that'd save our boys? -You have failed!

                You have failed your office pitiably.

                I've seen your cowardice grow from the beginning.

                Finally, not having served your country in the military. . .

                . . .you had no idea of the time-honored code. . .

                . . .of never leaving a man on the field of battle.

                You should have brought those boys home!

                Dead, wounded or otherwise.

                You should've done it by force if necessary!

                Any President who serves up his country as appetizers for the enemy. . .

                . . .isn't fit for this office.

                So the choice is yours.

                You can resign. . . say it's due to your health. . .

                . . .and tour the best golf clubs in America.

                Or you can stay in office and watch your son destroyed.

                The choice is yours.

                If any father can call that a choice.

                Why didn't he just kill Neil?

                It's easier to kill the secretary than the President.

                Besides. . .

                . . .alive and ruined is better.

                Than what?

                Than dead and martyred.

                And now, this special bulletin.

                An Oval Office address is scheduled for   :   tonight.

                Sources say the President will resign.

                Jordan played his card.

                That gives us   hours to get to the President.

                Are you insane?


                We'll use the tunnels they used to get out.

                You don't know where they are.

                But you do.

                You know the security and the layout.

                You're crazy.

                Why, because I'm helping a government that's evicting me?

                You got no argument there.

                We got to get rid of this car.

                Don't say my name, just listen.

                Remember where we had the double homicide   weeks ago?

                Meet me there in one hour.

                Get down. Cops.


                That's the steam grate.

                It'll take us to one of the three points vulnerable to penetration.

                Eisenhower put a water-filtering system down in there.

                There must be an alarm.

                There is.

                It goes off across town, the General Services Building.

                No White House or Secret Service.

                Response time?

                Officially,   to   minutes.

                But realistically,     to     .

                By that time, we'll either be fired or we'll be dead.

                What do you think? Meet and greet time?

                Good evening, officers.

                Tense night in the big city.

                Could be this thing with the President maybe?

                Nice to know that we have our men in blue out here to. . .

                . . .keep watch over us.

                This has got to work.

                Didn't that Senator lay the wood to that stripper around here somewhere?

                All right, take it easy this evening.

                Just asking. Didn't see it on my guide map.

                We'll see you later.

                All right, gentlemen.

                Come on!


                Be careful.

                Come on!

                My grandmother moves faster than you.

                -Wait. -Where are we?

                We're under the mall. That's Pennsylvania Avenue.

                It's not far.

                Now what?

                End of the line.

                This is the old emergency water system.

                These pipes go through the wall.

                That's where we're going.

                After you're sworn in. . .

                . . .you'll salute Neil for his service to his country.

                You'll ask for the country's prayers, for bipartisan unity.

                Would you two excuse us now?

                Thank you.

                Gentlemen, at      hours. . .

                . . .President Dylan will sign off on the raid into North Korea.

                Look for a steel door.

                Army Corps engineers.

                These are escape tunnels.

                Built in case the Confederates lay siege to the White House.

                Who says history isn't practical?

                We're running out of time.

                You first.

                You hear that?


                Go ahead, I'll be okay.

                We got to cross over.

                In less than an hour...

                ...Jack Neil will step down after a little more than   years in office.

                For CNN, I'm Doris MacMillian.

                Let's do this.

                Wait. We're here.

                Motion sensors.

                They trip an alarm in the White House.

                Set it off, we're surrounded by agents.

                How long?


                We've come too far to turn back now.

                I'll hold them off as long as I can.

                Movement in     . Repeat. Movement in      subsector     .

                Tunnels. Tunnels, subsector     .

                You're under arrest! Drop your weapon!

                Cover sector    !


                On the ground! Get on the ground!

                Clear sector   now and report back to me only.

                Let's go!

                What agent captured?

                Get her up here.

                Not now.

                Hold it!

                Let's see l.D.

                Agent, gun!

                The janitor!

                Get him! He killed Spikings!

                Mr. President. . .

                . . .Kyle's innocent!

                You can't be here.

                I am here. Seal the corridor.

                I am still the President!

                Seal the corridor!

                Jordan, you're under arrest. . .

                . . .for conspiracy in the murder of Carla Town and Nicholas Spikings!

                You may remain silent!

                Anything you say can be held against you in a court of law!

                You have the right to an attorney. If you can't afford one, you prick. . .

                . . .one may be appointed to you.

                How'd you get in?

                I crawled.

                He gave Spikings the evidence on your son.

                I have you on tape. . .

                . . .with Carla's murderer.

                The same man who put a bullet in Spikings.

                Stand him up.

                Don't believe me, look at the tape.

                It's in my back.

                Carla was killed to destroy you. . .

                . . .to force your resignation.

                Then Jordan had Spikings shot because he saw the tape.

                Arrest him.

                Not him.


                My God, Alvin. . .

                . . .you had her killed.

                I think Teddy Roosevelt said it best.

                "lf I must choose between righteousness and peace. . .

                . . .I choose righteousness. "

                She was    years old. She was a child.

                She was a casualty of war.

                Mr. President!

                Get him out of here.

                Thank you, son.

                Just stay easy.

                Stay easy. I'm right here.

                Hold on.

                There's absolutely no truth to any of those rumors.

                At no time was President Neil planning to resign.

                Here's what we know so far:

                The murderer of Carla Town is dead.

                He was killed as he fired upon authorities arresting him.

                In that same gun battle. . .

                . . .National Security Advisor Alvin Jordan. . .

                . . .and Senior Secret Service Agent Nicholas Spikings. . .

                . . .were also killed.

                Did the killer penetrate the White House with the objective of killing Miss Town?

                In      years, there's never been a penetration of the White House.

                President and Mrs. Neil will have a statement later.

                Thank you very much.

                Call D.C. Homicide, tell them the detective is on his way to the hospital.

                Paramedics say he'll be fine.

                How is she?

                She's stable.

                You saved my life.

                Thank you.

                And detective. . .

                . . .how can I ever repay you?

                Don't bother.

                Just doing my job.

                Well, there is one thing.

                Yes, detective?

                You know the lnterstate Commerce Commission?

                Sure, Secretary Randall's office is down the street.

                Down the street?

                See? It's not what you know, it's who you know.

                What are you doing for dinner?


Special help by SergeiK