The Musketeer Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the The Musketeer script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Tim Roth and Mena Suvari movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of The Musketeer. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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The Musketeer Script

             Okay. Whew. Ohh!

            Yeah. You went on the defensive too soon.

            Ah, you gave too much ground. A Musketeer would never do that.

            A Musketeer doesn't fight his duels after a morning of farm chores.

            No, but they drink and carouse all night. So it's much the same thing.

            Time to eat. Don't fill his head with that.

            D'Artagnan wishes to serve his king as the bravest of Musketeers.

            Well, I might have a drink now and then.

            Aren't we waiting for Planchet? Oh, I would,

            - but my hunger won’t - Riders coming.

            Please join. There is not a lot, but you’re welcome to share it.

            You don't recognize me, Gaston?

            Not since you no longer wear the colors of the King.

            Are you the son?

            You know your father was quite a swordsman at one time.

            - The best in Europe. - Second best.

            - He's second to no one. - He is no one but a cripple.

            Leave now.

            Not without the taxes. I’ve paid my taxes to the King.

            Oh, that does the Church no good at all.

            Taxes for the King, taxes for the Church,

            taxes for the sheriff, taxes for the mayor.

            It's a wonder there is anything left to eat.

            Does it look like I've struck gold here?

            Such insolence... from a thief.

            - My father is not a thief. - D'Artagnan! Please.

            Listen to your mother, and listen to me.

            A man who does not pay his taxes is no more than a thief.

            - My father was a Musketeer. - I know.

            Planchet. Not here.

            I've heard otherwise. You've heard wrong.

            Not only a thief, but also a liar.

            I'm so sorry, little D'Artagnan.

            Planchet will take care of you.

            I do not hope to replace your parents. No one can.

            However, I would like to help you in becoming a man.

            It's a rather tricky journey.

            I will be your guide.

            I want you to teach me to become a Musketeer,

            like you taught my father.

            I will find that man and kill him.

            Listen to me, D'Artagnan. Listen to me carefully.

            I didn't teach your father how to kill. I taught him how to live.

            I don't understand. That's because you’re a boy.

            You have always had your father in you.

            I can see it in your eyes.

            You will become a Musketeer.

            A great one. Understand...

            it will not happen quickly, and it will only happen if you listen.

            If you teach me, I will listen.

            I'd be honored.

              Whoa. Whoa.

              D’Artagnan, this place invites one for bad food and worse company.

              Oh, well, I just want breakfast, not a new home.

              You have money? Yes.

              - Who invited you? - The space is free.

              Move. You're attracting flies.

              Forgive my associate. Strangers make him anxious.

              What with the public running wild, thieves and cutthroats around every bend--

              I'll keep my eyes open.

              Get out! Go on, go away!

              - Where are you going? - Paris.

              - Oh, what business takes you there? - Mine.


              Put down your sword or he's dead.

              This man is a moment from his death if you don't put down your sword!

              What do I care about some old man?

              I think you do care.

              - Why did you come here? - I wanted to watch.

              - I will kill him! - You'll be dead before you do.

              Well, I'd love to see how all of this turns out,

              however I have a long ride ahead of me.

              You have an interesting fighting style. Where did you acquire it?

              Here and there.

              Perhaps there. Certainly not here.

              When you bury Darcy, I wouldn't be too concerned about a cross.

              He was not a man consumed by religion.

              If you survive, don't try these heroics in Paris.

              You will not last the day.

              When you pass the entrance, would you send six of my men back?

              - Six men? - Well, that should be enough, don’t you think?

              He doesn't have men outside! He's-- He's bluffing.

              Let him go now. He doesn't mean much to me.

              However, he is a friend of the men outside. They will not be merciful.

              I see you have been making friends again.

              Why didn’t you do anything? He was no match for you.

              This was your test, not mine.



              Why are we stopping?

              We are emissaries from the King of Spain.

              I have a document from King Louis guaranteeing me safe passage in France.


              You said there were always    or    men here waiting to be assigned...

              and that one could mark this villa...

              by the men outside begging to call themselves Musketeers.

              by the men outside begging to call themselves Musketeers.

              Things change. Oh, thank you.

              Hello? Monsieur Revile?

              - Your guard’s too low. - Nothing wrong with my guard.

              I'm looking for Monsieur Revile.

              He is not receiving visitors.

              He will receive me.

              Please forgive Aramis. He's not at the peak of civility this morning.

              I'm civil as this stray deserves. You have the courage of wine for breakfast.

              May we give Revile a message? You may give him this.

              Just the name will do.

              My father was a Musketeer. Revile gave him this sword.

              I'm Porthos. This is Aramis.

              - We, too, are Musketeers. - You two? Musketeers?

              - So much for civility. - I'm sorry. It's just that I had no idea--

              - Well, now is not the best time to be a Musketeer. - Or the child of a Musketeer.

              On the    of 'April, just outside of Lyon,

              the Spanish envoy and his escorts were slaughtered.

              The sword and tunic of a Musketeer were found.

              But who would believe the Musketeers capable?

              Cardinal Richelieu. Or so he professes to.

              The Musketeers have been suspended.

              Replaced by Richelieu's own private guards.

              And Revile, as our leader, has been, uh... detained until there's a full inquiry.

              Detained where? In the Cardinal's jail.

              We must get him out of jail. Well, that seems unlikely.

              What of the King? These are his Musketeers.

              Surely he will want us to free Revile.

              - He will not meddle where the Cardinal is-- - You have a loose tongue.

              I'm hardly giving away great secrets.

              Perhaps one more secret. The name of a place to stay.


              Your guard's too low.

              Bless me, Father, for I have sinned.

              It's been a lifetime since my last confession.

              I have murdered, plundered, raped.

              Oh, and I have been...

              uncharitable. Don't make a mockery of the Church.

              - You sent for me. - You've gone too far.

              I wish to scare the Spaniards. Embarrass the King.

              I want political tension, not war.

              Oh, the Spaniards were scared. You could see it in their faces just before they died.

              And I'm certain King Louis feels embarrassed.

              Buckingham must be dealt with. He is coming despite what happened to the Spanish.

              If the King makes peace with the English, it will strengthen his position with the people.

              So, let me see, how can I phrase this?

              Without killing anyone,

              make the King a fool in Buckingham's eyes.

              What if I absolutely must kill someone?

              Well, if you must, you must.


              Three pistoles a week, a week in advance and-- Oh.

              It says you have no money and that you are a man of honor...

              and blah, blah, blah, blah.

              My niece, Francesca. She's lovely.

              Not if you must live with her.

              She thinks she's something special because her mother hemmed dresses for the Queen.

              She sometimes forgets her place.

              Sorry, Francesca. Gout. Puts me in a foul humor. Show monsieur a room.

              I have some pressing book work.

              Is he always like that?

              No. He's never apologized before. Why do you stay?

              He is all the family I have. I have nowhere else to go.

              Do you wish to see the room or not?

              The room. Yes. Yes, of course.


              'Are you all right, Monsieur? That stair moved at the last moment.

              Stairs can do that. Do you have a name? A name?

              Yes, of course. Uh, D'Artagnan.

              Are you certain? Not if you don't like it.

              It wasn't always like this. Once we were filled with would-be Musketeers.

              What happened? They kept getting killed.

              This is the best room.

              This is the best room?

              Well, actually, it's the only room.

              You're beautiful. I'm sorry. It just came out.

              I've embarrassed you. No.

              Does every man tell you you're beautiful? Yes.

              Will there be anything else?

              - Did the ceiling move? - I need a place for my horses and coach.

              Around the back. I'm sure you'll be able to find it if you don't kill yourself.

              Nothing like this. They're far fussier than I am.

              Hallways are here, and cells are down here.

              Do you know the jail so well from the time you spent there?

              This is not the first time a Musketeer needed rescuing.

              Something amuses you? This coach, for one.

              And those pathetic horses, for another. Not to mention your clothes.

              You see, everyone is rude here.

              Paris is the rudeness capital of the world.

              - Move this trash. - Not until you apologize to my horses.

              Apologize to your horses?

              They're very sensitive. You've hurt their feelings.

              Be thankful that's all we do. Now move.

              You really don't seem to understand.

              I can't leave until you apologize to my horses.

              Do you know who we are?

              No. Do you know who I am? Good. No.

              In their hearts, I believe they wanted to apologize.

              For a moment, I thought you planned to talk them into unconsciousness.

              Ow! Ohh!

              - You! - Me?

              A Cardinal's Guard. I said he was spying--

              If I were a Cardinal's Guard, you'd be dead.

              And so would you. Perhaps.

              For certain.

              Standing like this, we're likely to attract some attention.

              What do you suggest? That you trust me.

              A stranger? Dressed as a Cardinal's Guard?

              You're not in the spirit of this, are you?

              What are you doing here? Freeing Treville.

              How? Trade a barrel of wine for him?

              You'll be outnumbered    to  . Or    to  .

              We're drunks, not fools.

              Why risk your life? You're not one of us.

              From what I've seen, I'm more a Musketeer than either of you.

              - Yes? - Wine from the Cardinal.

              The Cardinal? Yes.

              Leave it.

              - Who was it? - Someone delivering wine... from the Cardinal.

              A gift from the Cardinal?

              Don't open it!

              Well, we wanted to see how good you are.

              And? You're quite good.

              You're gonna need to be better.

              Revile? Here! Over here!

              The keys.

              Which key? Guess.

              It is in your interest to provide a hint. If I guess wrong,

              Monsieur Treville will slice your throat.

              I couldn't bear the guilt.

              The black one. Wise choice.

              - Whoa! - Planchet. My old friend.

              - You are too old for this. - No, we are too old for this.

              If you are with Planchet,

              - then you must be-- - D'Artagnan, sir.

              'At your service. D'Artagnan.

              Aw, home sweet home.

              Forced into hiding. Is this any better than prison?

              Well, the food will be. D'Artagnan,

              I'm afraid you have joined us at not a very propitious time.

              It was my timing. Well, then, old friend,

              you have brought him to us when we're not at our best.

              No, I brought him when he was most needed.

              Oh, yes. I can see how D'Artagnan's arrival signals an end to all our problems.

              Well, we can at least drink to this evening's work.

              And if they come to take you again?

              Then I shall go and see the King in person...

              and not rot in the Cardinal's jail.

              To a job well done.

              We have our own toast. D'Artagnan, draw your sword.

              All for one, and one for all.

              Porthos, who is this pretty young thing?

              He's a bit tender for you, Josephine.

              Oh, they can never start too early. Is that not right, Aramis?

              Perhaps later. You both know her?

              Yes. Well, she knows many of the men in this room. No.

              Many of the men in Paris.

              You fight amongst yourselves? Oh, a man has to fight with someone.

              Silence! Quiet!

              Silence, please! Please, quiet!

              Thank you. I have an introduction to make.

              Men, please!

              It's the introduction of Monsieur D'Artagnan!

              His father served as a Musketeer,

              and D'Artagnan wishes to join us.

              But can he hold his liquor? Doesn't he know we don't exist?

              We're going to work for the Cardinal.

              You see how well they take the suspension?

              Everybody's a bit preoccupied with, uh, not being occupied.

              Normally, we'd be preparing to guard the Englishman.

              The Englishman? Buckingham.

              He arrives tomorrow evening. He'll be royally greeted, eat, drink...

              and then, along with Richelieu and our King,

              determine if there’s to be war or peace with England.

              Unless something should happen at the banquet to cause trouble and Buckingham is harmed.

              Regardless, we as Musketeers have no choice but to sit and watch.

              Lord Buckingham's safety is with the Cardinal.

              You'll need to hit the eyes to better that.

              Who can do it?

              How about the would-be Musketeer?

              Go and win our meals and wine. I'm not very good with a knife.

              Humility is so boring. We've all seen you fight.

              I'm not fighting now. Come on.

              Take it.

              Next time, listen to him. You're no Musketeer.

              You're a sheepherder. Go drink with the sheepherders.

              Pay no attention to Athos. He envies your youth.

              Have you got dung in your ears? Go!

              Yes. He's just trying to make you overconfident. He's much better with a sword.

              Please understand, if I'm not fighting-- Ah. Better with a sword.

              Yes. We can all see how much better with a sword.

              Too petrified to move.

              I do not wish to fight a Musketeer.

              Oh, I'm certain you don't.

              I would not fight a drunken Musketeer...

              so I'm unfit to drink with?

              Athos was...

              testing you. Testing me?

              Yes. Judging you. Measuring you.

              That is not a happy walk, D’Artagnan.

              The Musketeers are suspended and they are drunk. The Cardinal has arranged it...

              so that no one will be protecting the King, and the Queen and Buckingham...

              at the banquet tomorrow night.

              Something is going to happen. I know it. I have to find a way into the palace.

              The King must be protected. I can't do it alone.

              'Ask the Musketeers.

              They don't seem very cooperative. They are loyal.

              'Ask them.

              - This is not what you think. - You have no idea what I think.

              I- I-I wish to explain.

              You behave as though you've never seen a naked woman.

              Never one quite so... naked.

              Or so, uh, beautiful.

              - You've seen many ugly naked women? - That's not what I meant.

              - 'Are you standing up? - You can turn around now. It's perfectly safe.

              My back. Are there, uh, any on my back? A few.

              You're not very brave. Brave enough when need be.

              And you feel no need to be when insects are involved?

              I was up there chasing away a rat.

              A sewer rat.

              If I tell the Queen, you'll be back cleaning the palace sewers!

              How is it you have-- How is it someone like me has the ear of the Queen?

              My mother came from Spain with the Queen.

              She was her seamstress. Perhaps more. Perhaps her confidante.

              And since I was a little girl, since my mother died,

              the Queen has always been kind to me.

              She is a kind woman at a time when kindness is ignored. Or worse, mistaken for weakness.

              But it will not always be so, will it, D'Artagnan?

              Not with those who matter.

              You got no right to-- Of course. Shut up!

              You cleaned the palace sewers? That must be fascinating work.

              I'm sure I can get you an apprenticeship. Tell me about the palace sewers.

              Where they go. How you get in.

              Everything. Go crawl around in them yourself.

              Over here with the torch. I think I heard something.

              I do not wish to see anything that may live down here.

              It's rumored that a crocodile lives in the sewers.

              Young Louis was given a baby crocodile from Egypt.

              The Queen dropped it in the sewer, and it's been living on whatever it can find.

              Is that true, Bonacieux?

              Something kept dragging the poor workers away. All we ever found were bones.

              I'm very glad you and D'Artagnan lead this little group.

              Me too. Crocodiles attack from behind.

              Slow down!

              Bonacieux, slow down!

              Where did he go?

              If Bonacieux went that way,

              we should be going this way.

              Crawling around in a sewer. You consider this the test of a man?

              There is a certain lack of dignity in it.

              Hurry up there!



              Henri! Hmm?

              Uh, more bread. We need more bread. Can you get some, please?

              Does he mean you or me? I thought I was the baker. Me.

              There's blood on your apron. You think that came from a croissant?

              Oh. Uh, right.

              Oh, God-- God bless.

              Thank you, thank you.

              Mister. Wine, please.

              Nice sword. Thank you, Mademoiselle.

              Is it a long sword or a short sword? Well, long enough.

              Do you keep your sword polished? Uh, when there's time.

              And do you do it yourself or do you have help?

              Mm, myself. I, uh, won't trust my sword to anyone else.

              Come on, you make bread like a butcher. Hurry! Hurry!

              I wanted to be the butcher.

              What now? Add the salt.

              Hey, you! Hurry with these two.

              What do I use for ducks? The smaller one.

              Shoo! Shoo! Fly away!

              You can thank me later.

              This wine is rejuvenating. Don't get too rejuvenated.

              It's begun.

              Stop! Stop! Stop!

              I order you to stop!

              Where are your guards? Like your respect and power, they have been overrun.

              - We will lead you out. - Who are you?

              Your Musketeers.

              - Then you should be arrested! - Might that wait until we're safely out of here?

              I will stay. Someone has to confront this madness.

              I will not go down there.

              Your Royal Highness, would you rather go back out there?

              Hello. Hello.

              - You own an excellent sword for a peasant. - You fight well for a waiter.

              I've heard there are crocodiles down here.

              If you're that jumpy, you'd best leave Paris.

              Why? Will you keep leaping out at me?

              I wanted to warn you. There are six Cardinal's Guards in your room.

              How could six of them fit in my room?

              Why did you tell me?

              Perhaps because you said I was beautiful. You are.

              I thought men always say that to you. It's still nice to hear.

              Come, come. This way. Come on.

              The Cardinal demands to see you.

              Then he may join me here for a breath of morning air.

              Come on. Quickly. Quickly.

              - You've got him! - There he is!

              If he’d asked politely, I'd have been glad to visit the Cardinal.

              For the Cardinal, this is politely.

              You warned D'Artagnan. You want to get us all slaughtered?

              Yes, I warned him.

              You'll bring the Cardinal down on us. Is that what you want?

              And worse yet. That- That night creature.

              Not your Queen or any other power on Earth can save you from his hell!

              It doesn't have to be like this. We can get along much better.

              I'll take my chances with the Cardinal.

              Oh, that's better. That's more like it--

              Remember... we're family. That sad fact...

              is all that keeps you alive.


              My- My dear niece, may I say something? No. Just listen.

              If you ever touch me again,

              threaten me again or hit me again,

              I will slice off your balls and feed them to the pigs.

              Do you understand me?

              Yes- Yes. Very clear. You explained it quite well.

              Get out!

              You wanted to see me?

              I am your humble servant, D'Artagnan.

              I've heard about you, Monsieur D'Artagnan,

              and nothing I've heard suggests you’re humble.

              Monsieur Rochefort will not be joining us.

              Who are you, D'Artagnan?

              Where are you from?

              What do you want?

              I even want to know your philosophical and political leanings.

              I don't have any. You'd best acquire some quickly, if you’re to survive in Paris.

              Is that why you wish to see me, to pass along advice?

              Fires are erupting all over France. Last night, for example.

              I'm sure you'll be glad to know that I subdued the peasants without further incident.

              And how did you deal with the ones who were not peasants? You confuse me.

              The men I confronted were well-armed and fought like swordsmen.

              Even swordsmen can be poor.

              Do you know why France has come to this?

              The King, poor man, is weak.

              The Queen is manipulative.

              The Spanish and the English are opportunistic. The Protestants are divisive.

              The nobles are scared and the peasants are impatient.

              Well, I thought they were just cold and hungry.

              If that were so, we could just give them hot soup and be done with it.

              Understand me. There will be a shift in power,

              and with that, a shift in wealth.

              Those who do not join me will be against me.

              They will be swept away with the King. That includes your friends, the Musketeers.

              I will be sure to tell them. I'm counting on that.

              - How is it you have their trust? - I helped them free Revile.

              Such honesty.

              Such stupidity.

              I assumed Your Eminence was not aware Revile was jailed.

              I mean, why would it be important to jail an old man...

              when the impression it would give is that Your Eminence was frightened of him?

              And, of course, why give the Musketeers a martyr?

              Of course.

              For a man who does not have a political position,

              you think remarkably like a politician.

              Men without greed make me nervous.

              This is someone who will bear watching.

              Or eliminating.

              I think he's the most dangerous kind of man.

              He’s young and he has a cause.

              He will serve me or he will serve no one.

              I think you should kill him now, before he causes more trouble.

              You've barely washed the blood from your teeth...

              and you hunger for more. Call it a weakness.

              I want him alive, for the moment.

              After last night, he's in the King's good grace.

              When the time is right and the King can do no harm, I will let you have him.

              - When? Will it be soon? - Yes.


              The Cardinal is not satisfied with suspending the Musketeers,

              now he has to arrest them; I will not stand by while this happens.

              - This is not necessary. - Or wise.

              What is not wise is hiding here,

              letting Cardinal Richelieu dictate what I do.

              I will no longer cower in this place.

              Then Richelieu will have you cowering in one of his jails instead.

              Aramis, I do not intend to cower at all.

              If they want to put me in jail,

              if they want to hang me,

              so be it.

              I will no longer hide.

              Your Majesty, Buckingham has left for England...

              after the fiasco at the banquet.

              The situation with the English grows more...


              If you will excuse us.

              The concerns of the Crown are my concerns as well.

              - We do not wish to trouble you. - I assure you...

              if anything can help keep peace, it's not troubling.

              I think there is still an opportunity--

              The role of the Queen is not to think.

              - But if I could explain-- - The Queen wishes to return to her chamber.

              I would not presume to dictate the behavior of the Queen,

              but she grows more strong-willed.

              It does you an injustice.

              - I will deal with her. - I'm certain that you will.

              Your Highness.

              Most of the Musketeers are in the cells back here and here.

              Most of the Musketeers are in the cells back here and here.

              At dawn, they change guards.

              The hour before, they'd be most vulnerable.

              They'll expect it. They're counting on it.

              That's what makes it fun.


              I need your help. Yes, of course. Anything.

              You could start by taking the pistol from my head.


              Please, come with me. Where?

              We escort the Queen. She visits Buckingham, a last plea to avert war.

              Won't the King's Guards escort her?

              No, the King does not know. Richelieu does not know.

              No one must know. Not now, not later.

              I must have your word on that. You have.

              But you could wait one moment.

              There's no time for that.

              Well, there's no time for that.

              Are you bragging?

              I will wait outside.

              Don't deny you’re cheating.

              What do you call that card you are hiding in your sleeve?

              The ace of spades.

              Good morning, D'Artagnan.

              You may close your mouth now.

              Her Majesty thought it best to travel as a commoner--

              dressed as a commoner, and in the company of commoners.

              Oh, how fortunate we're so common.

              What you do is most important for France.

              Only the four of us will ever know.


              We've been looking for you. We need your help.

              We ride to free the Musketeers.

              I... cannot go.

              Cannot go?

              There's something that I must do.

              Uh, well, uh-- Take care and do it.

              We'll wait for you.

              What is so important that you cannot help a Musketeer?

              As you so frequently remind me, I'm not a Musketeer.

              Wait here. I'll get some food. Don't leave the coach.

              Hey. Hmm.

              Two loaves of bread and that small wheel of cheese, please.

              - Oui, monsieur. - The one next to it, if you please.

              - Go back to the coach. - And a nice bottle of wine.

              I'll bring it to you. Back to the coach, please.

              I know you, don't I?

              - I very much doubt it. - You're Hessian.

              I don't think I like your tone.

              Well, that's the only one I have for people who sell their loyalties.

              You have insulted me!

              This is foolish. There's no quarrel here.

              - Would you fight a man over nothing? - Enthusiastically.

              I'm enjoying this. I suppose a Queen...

              participates in few tavern brawls.

              This Hessian concerns me.

              They're mercenaries hired by someone not friendly to the Crown.

              In case we stop... at another tavern.


              Hyah! Hyah!

              - Get down. Hold tight! - What is it?

              Come on!


              Hyah! Hyah!


              - Whatever happens, you keep going. - Hyah!

              Hyah! Hyah!

              You'd be best going. She might sleep until autumn.

              I have never slept through a whole season.

              You hear the most interesting things about yourself...

              when people think you're asleep, hmm?

              This is Francesca Bonacieux, an old friend.

              - Mmm. - And this is D'Artagnan, a new friend.

              Oh, D'Artagnan.

              Perhaps a little to eat...

              and then on your way?

              I have no intention of leaving you.

              I mustn't draw attention to myself.

              And... if things should turn...

              difficult, it's better you know little of what goes on here.

              I will be deaf and blind, but I will stay.

              Francesca, I want you to return to Paris.

              - It's not good, it's not good. - What's not good?

              The lead horse lost a shoe. But we can't replace them till the swelling comes down.

              You may as well go. It could be hours.

              Days. Weeks. How can we go?

              I'll be back in a moment.

              I saw a Musketeer's tunic in your room.

              It's my father's. My parents were killed when I was a boy.

              - They were murdered. - I'm sorry.

              I was there. I watched. Couldn't stop it.

              You were a boy. I should have done more.

              So, that's what this is really all about.

              In the beginning, yes. It's all I thought about.

              Planchet, he raised me. He taught me everything.

              He taught me that if I really wanted to be like my father,

              I need a higher purpose than hate.

              - Are you now like your father? - You ask a lot of questions.

              How else am I to learn? Are you like your father? I'm still trying.

              - Don't look at me like that. - Like what?

              - Those eyes. - They're the only eyes I have.

              It's unfair.

              It's the Tear of Brionne.

              Shed by Saint Bridget, because she couldn't feed all the poor.

              Wherever her tears fell, a fruit tree grew.

              Provided food for the hungry.

              Thank you.

              When you look at me like that,

              I don't know what to say. Sometimes it's much better to say nothing.

              Would you care to say that again?

              This is not after, this is between.


              I don't believe we've had the pleasure. Who are you?

              - Your pallbearer, if you hurt her. - In truth, I know who you are.

              D'Artagnan. The name is familiar.

              Maybe you can tell me all about yourself, just before you die.

              But, first--

              Where is the Queen?

              Where is the Queen?

              - No. - Do not tell him! - The lady gives unsound advice.

              - Do not harm her. - But I feel the need to harm someone.

              Where is the Queen? Hmm?

              Oh, how touching.

              The Tear of Brionne.

              It's a beautiful place, Brionne.

              I believe the Queen has an old acquaintance there.

              Thank you for your cooperation. Bring her.

              Fire away, boys.

              Come on, girl. You're going to come with us.

              Febre left me here, in case you were not dead. Just one? I'm insulted.

              Don't be.

              For whom do you do this? For my own pleasure.

              Now write the letter.

              Richelieu? No, he wouldn't go that far.

              He believes that rhetoric conquers nations.

              - Chaos conquers nations. - Did you kill the Spanish envoy?

              Yes. Write the letter.

              You bring us to the brink of war.

              Now it's time to push you over. Write the letter.

              Am I to assume, then,

              - that you won't write the letter? - I would die before I help you.

              Well, you wouldn't be the first.

              You have... no children.


              But you like children. Of course you do.

              Everybody likes children.

              Except for me.

              She's very pretty, isn't she?

              - Why are you doing this? - No, you said... that you liked children.

              Well, do you like them enough to save her life?

              - Is there no mercy in your heart? - No mercy.

              No heart.

              Take this to Grenouille. Place it in Buckingham's hands...

              the moment he arrives, and give him this:

              the Queen was generous enough to donate her ring to the cause.

              Monsieur. The rest of you, join the others in DuChamps.

              What happened? He came back.

              And did you kill him? Well, he doesn't seem to have killed you.

               So what choice does that leave us? He escaped, sir.

                Who is D'Artagnan?

                Whose throat do I have to cut now?

                Hmm? Perhaps a little boy?

                I know.

                A little boy and a nun.

                Prepare DuChamps castle for hell.

                I have business in Paris.

                I'll be with you soon.

                She's gone.

                The Queen? And Francesca.

                - Who did this? - A man in black.

                He is without pity, without remorse.

                Where did he take them?

                Monsieur! Monsieur!

                You're a friend of the Queen's? Yes.

                You brought her here? Yes.

                I know where she is. Where?

                DuChamps castle. And a young woman?

                He took her too.

                You're sure it was DuChamps.

                He made the Queen write a note to a Lord Buckingham.

                It said she had changed plans.

                He was to meet her in DuChamps.

                And then he sent some man to meet this Lord Buckingham where the ferry comes in.

                The Queen did not want to write it,

                but he said he would slit my throat if she did not.

                He would have. You're lucky.

                He has an army. What will you do? Get an army of my own.

                And find him. When you do,

                give him this.

                I will.

                Come on. Come on, boy.

                Just a little further and you can rest all you want.

                Come on.

                We're almost there.

                It's just ahead. You see?

                Come on, Strega.

                Come on, Strega.

                Just a little further.

                Go on. No, rest, Strega.

                I will come back for you.

                I didn't hear you knock.

                Tell me about D’Artagnan. He would have knocked.

                Tell me where he comes from.

                Tell me about his parents. Why?

                I know his name.

                Ask him yourself. No, I'm asking you.

                Get out of here. Get out!

                Tell me about D'Artagnan.

                You're a madman. All the more reason to fear me.

                Tell me what I mean to know.

                Or you’ll be rendered to ashes...

                with your books and your maps.

                H- He comes from Gascony.

                His father was a Musketeer.

                They were both killed in front of him when he was a child.

                What's the importance to you?

                Oh, my God. It’s you.

                - You killed his family. - He wants revenge.

                He wants to be a Musketeer.

                And in attacking me, he'll fail in both.

                Or succeed in both. No, I will kill him.

                But first, I will kill that which he holds most dear.


                - He has gone too far. - Who’s gone too far?

                I'm here to tell you, you shall have your wish. I will kill the Queen.

                And Buckingham.

                They will die in each other's arms: victims of the King's jealousy.

                - You're mad! - That's the second time this evening I've been called mad.

                And I'm beginning to resent it.

                With this final stroke, France will erupt, the King will be dragged from the throne,

                and France will turn to you...

                for spiritual and political guidance.

                The Queen is at DuChamps castle with     of my men.

                - Buckingham arrives tonight. - I gave no orders for that.

                Well, this is beyond orders.

                This is the domain of history now.

                So you plot the course of history now. You are indeed mad.

                That's three times! It must be so.

                You cannot do this, Febre!

                And what would you do... Your Eminence?

                Damn me to hell?

                Well, I'm certain that's where I'm going.

                And I'm just as certain...

                we can finish this debate there.

                He is your creature-- you made him, and now you can no longer control him.

                Is that what he needs? Controlling?

                I will stop him!

                Arm yourself! If you insist.

                Sorry you had to come all that way for this.

                Lord Buckingham? From the Queen.

                Well, there's no seal.

                Oh, I was instructed to give you this ring.

                It's explained in the letter.

                We go to DuChamps.

                Are you gonna shoot me? Where's Revile?

                We carried what was left of him out a few minutes ago.

                What happened here? Someone said they saw a man.

                In black. Leaving the villa. Febre?

                Well, it's the sort of thing that appeals to him.

                Revile was waiting for you, D'Artagnan.

                When this fire started, he was waiting for you!

                So then I have killed him. He was worried about you.

                Worried that the guards had picked you up.

                Worried about what was so important that you couldn't help us.

                Well, do you care how we got on? Does it matter to you...

                that three men died?

                Well, we managed to free the others-- without you, D'Artagnan.

                We remembered, "All for one, and one for all. "

                Don't turn your back on me, D'Artagnan!

                For I will fight you!

                Do not fight me, Aramis, for I will kill you.


                I know who did this.

                Febre. The one that does your bidding.

                This is not my bidding. He is gone mad.

                He was always mad. But when he was your madman, it was overlooked.

                He will set France ablaze and rise from the ashes.

                He's out of control. He will kill the Queen,

                kill Lord Buckingham--

                But the thing he hates most is you.

                He is horribly scarred, and his eye is useless. He says you did it.

                I will stop him.

                I will pray.

                Pray for your success.

                I will kill your monster, but not for you!

                I've come to ask for help.

                Is this your answer?

                I've been practicing.

                We don't want you here.

                Are you afraid of Febre?

                We've come to this. The Musketeers afraid of one man.

                - We are not afraid of anyone. - This isn't our fight. - He will kill the Queen.

                If not our fight, whose fight is it?

                They're King's Musketeers, not the Queen's.

                - You have your allegiances confused. - I know my allegiances.

                But you’ve forgotten what it was that made you Musketeers.

                Really? And where were your allegiances when we asked for your help?

                I had to escort the Queen.

                - I was sworn to secrecy. - Escort the Queen? Or was it the chambermaid?

                Hate me all you want, but act!

                - Defend your country. - A country that has scorned us.

                Then do it as Musketeers. Do it to resurrect yourselves.

                Perhaps what you seek here only existed in the imagination of a small boy.

                "All for one, and one for all. "

                Candle wicks. Ten of them.

                Dipped in Armagnac. Just like you taught me.

                Uh, I didn't teach you to use such a good Armagnac.

                Where are we going? Probably to die.

                Strega? Can you get Strega?

                He's on the southern road, two kilometers out.

                What are you doing? Saddling a horse.

                Not your saddle. Not your horse.

                I have to borrow them. Steal them, you mean.

                But then, you're a Musketeer!

                You can just steal things!

                Must be strong wine, Bonacieux, to give you so much courage.

                You won't want what's left of Francesca when Febre's done.

                Don't come near me, or I'll--

                How did you know Febre has Francesca?

                I heard talk. I-- There was no talk. No one knew.

                You're wrong! No, you listen.

                When Francesca came to my room, you listened, and you told Febre!

                No, I-I-- You betrayed your own flesh and blood.

                If I do not come back with Francesca,

                I'm coming back for you.

                I'm afraid you're going to regret we ever met.

                Well, it would be nice if you could fly.

                - Am I truly crazy? - Let me answer that.

                I've known you longer. You've changed your mind?

                No, I've come to change yours.

                You've wasted your time.

                You cannot do this.

                You're right. Not at all.

                Well, I suppose that in the scheme of things...

                the loss of our lives will matter not.

                What scheme is that?

                I shall ride with you. As shall we.

                We'll take them by surprise.

                Yes. They're expecting an army.

                Well, perhaps we shall not disappoint them.


                Keep watch, Strega.

                You've done enough.

                It's our turn.

                You dropped this.

                It's begun.

                - All for one... - and one for all!

                Come on!

                We'll have to charge the damn thing!

                Come on!

                Come on! I need men over here!

                Push it back. Back!

                Turn it around. Heave!

                Now push forward.

                Push! Push!


                Keep going.


                Come on! Push.

                Push! Keep going!

                Come on!

                Now stop!

                I just knew he was going to blow something up again.

                Where's the Queen? I don't know.

                Then die here.

                Francesca! Come here.

                Now get up.


                I wanted you here for this.

                This will just take a moment.

                No! Francesca!

                I'm not dead. Now, will you please go kill him?

                Time to dance.

                That's from a young friend.

                Do you think it's worth anything?

                - I'd be very much surprised. - Shh!

                France owes you all a great debt.

                I owe you my life, Monsieur D'Artagnan.

                'And England owes you thanks for preventing a great war.

                I don't think you realize how much you've done for France.

                I'm only glad I could be of some guidance.

                Bless me, Father, for I will sin.

                One night, I will come for you.

                I'm not made of lace.



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