My Neighbor Totoro Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! The My Neighbor Totoro script is here for all you fans of the Hayao Miyazaki movie which is soon to be redubbed by Disney with Dakota Fanning.. This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of My Neighbor Totoro . If you have any, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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My Neighbor Totoro Script

My Neighbor Totoro
("Tonari no Totoro")

Hayao Miyazaki
Music: Joe Hisaishi

Transcript by Bill Pellowe of the English version of the video by Fox Video.
(compare this to the translation of the original Japanese video)
June 23, 1998. Revised July 12. 

MEI KUSAKABE: Girl, 4 years old
SATUSKI KUSAKABE: Girl, 12 years old
FATHER: (Prof. KUSAKABE) Mei and Satsuki's father, a researcher at a university in Tokyo
MOTHER: (Mrs. KUSAKABE) Mei and Satsuki's mother, sick in the hospital
GRANNY: Neighbor
KANTA: Granny's grandson
TOTORO: Large guardian of the forest

Words in  are unspoken.
Words in (parenthesis and italics) are descriptions.

(Driving through the Japanese countryside)
Mei: Thanks.
Satsuki: Daddy,  you want any caramel candy?
Father: Oh, thank you very much, I would.
Satsuki:  welcome.
Father:  anybody tired yet?
Satsuki: Mm-mmm.
Father: We're almost there.
Satsuki: Good.

Satsuki: Mei! Hide!
Satsuki: I thought he was a policeman! HI-I-I!
Postman: Hi! Hello there!

(Arriving at the neighbors' house)
Father: Sorry to bother you, but are your parents around anywhere? 
Kanta: They're out there, in the field. 
Father: Thanks a lot.

Father: Hello there!  looks like we're going to be neighbors!
Man:  pleasure to meet you! Good luck in the new house!
Father: Thank you!  see you soon!
Father: (to Kanta) Thank you very much. 

(At the gateway to the house)
Father: Everybody out.
Mei: Hey!
Father: Hang on. There. 

Satsuki: Hey Mei, come over here a minute.
Mei: Wow. What are those little things swimming around?
Satsuki: I don't know, goldfish maybe or something?
Father: So, do you like it?
Satsuki: It's terrific.
Mei: Uh-huh!
Satsuki: Come on, Mei, run!
Mei: Wait up!
Satsuki: Can we?
Father: Mm-hm. You be careful, OK?
Satsuki: Oh sure.

(At the house)
Satsuki: What a lot of neat old junk.
Mei: Do you think it's haunted?
Satsuki: Maybe it is!
Mei: Oh boy!
Satsuki: Come on, I bet I can beat you around the house!
Mei: Hey wait a minute!

Satsuki: It's completely rotten.
Mei: oh-oh, it's going to fall down.

Satsuki: Wow, Mei, look up.
Mei: What?
Satsuki: Up there, look.
Mei: Wow, what a tree!
Satsuki: It's giant! That's got to be the biggest tree in...
(Mei sneezes)

Satsuki: Daddy, look at that big tree on the mountain.
Father: That's a camphor tree.
Satsuki: A camphor. Camphor tree.
Mei: Camphor tree
Satsuki: Camphor.

(In the room)
Mei: Oh. 
Satsuki: Hey Mei, look, an acorn.
Mei: But I want an acorn too.
Satsuki: Oh, hey wait a second. There's some more over there.
Mei: Oh, I have my own acorn right here. Huh?
Father: Mei, how am I supposed to open the house up if you're in the way?
Satsuki: Acorns!
Mei: We found them!
Satsuki: And I found a bunch of them right near the back door.
Mei: And they came from way up.
Satsuki: It's true, they came out of the ceiling.
Father: Hmmm. Hm. Some squirrels must've dropped them.
Mei & Satsuki: Squirrels!
Father: Or maybe some other animal, perhaps a rat. 
Mei: Yuk.
Satsuki: Rat?
Mei: But I don't want a dumb rat!

Man: Hey, uh, where am I going to put it?
Father: Ah, just bring it here, I'll open it up for you.
Father: Satsuki, go and open the kitchen door.
Satsuki: Uh-huh.
Mei: (to man) Hi.
Man: Same to you, too.
Satsuki: Mei, come on.
Mei: He's funny.
Mei: Hey, wait! Hey, wait up!
Satsuki: You can't catch me!
Mei: Can too!

(Satsuki opens the door)
Mei & Satsuki: Ahhhh!
Satsuki: Hm. Ready?
Mei: Uh-huh.
Mei: Bathtubs.
Satsuki: Right.
Satsuki: Nothing up there...
Mei: No. 
Father:  bathtubs are in there.
Satsuki: We saw something move in there.
Father: A squirrel?
Satsuki: We're not sure. Well, maybe they were cockroaches, but anyway, there were millions of them! 
Father: Hmmmmm....
Satsuki: Lots of little black things.
Satsuki:  see anything?
Father: Well, I'm pretty sure they were dust bunnies.
Satsuki:  you mean real dust bunnies? Like in my picture book?
Father: Dust bunnies make much more sense than ghosts. 
Mei: Why?
Father: Well, ghosts are a lot harder to see. But when you suddenly move from a lighted room to a dark one, you can't see for a second, and that's when the dust bunnies come out. Got it?
Satsuki: Boy, yeah! Come out! Come out!
Mei: Come out!
Satsuki: Come on out! Come out! Come out! Come out! Come out! Come out!
Mei: Come on, dust bunnies!
Father: What do you say we get to work now. We have to figure out where the steps are that lead up to the attic, right?
Satsuki: What?
Father: So you go find the way up, and we'll open all the windows upstairs.
Satsuki: Yeah!
Mei: Hey, wait for me!

(Searching the house, they go running from room to room)
Mei: No stairs.
Satsuki: Nope.
Satsuki: Nothing here!
Mei: Nothing here!
Satsuki: Nope, nothing there!
Mei: Nothing there!
Mei & Satsuki: Nobody in this room!
Satsuki: Nobody here!
Mei: Hi!
(Satsuki taps Mei's head)
Mei: Hey!

Satsuki: Come here, Mei, I found it.
Mei: Wow.
Satsuki:  someone up there?
Mei: Can some ghosts live upstairs?
Mei & Satsuki: Oh!
Satsuki: It's an acorn! Oh-oh. 
Mei: They must like them.
Mei & Satsuki:  spiders go away right now!
Satsuki: Hmmm.
Mei & Satsuki: Ahhhhh! Ahhhhh! 
Satsuki: Don't be scared Mei, there's nothing to be afraid of. There's nobody here.
Satsuki: (opens window) There.

Father: (outside, carrying furniture) That's it. Easy. Slowly.
(Satsuki calls from the window)
Satsuki: Guess what, something's really living upstairs after all!
Father: That's wonderful. Good for you. I've always wanted to have a haunted house. It's been my livelong dream.

Satsuki: (to father) Careful!
(Father drops a piece of furniture)
Satsuki: Oooh!

(Satsuki runs downstairs and Mei approaches a crack. She catches a dust bunny.)
Mei: Guess what, Sis! I got one!

(Mei runs downstairs and into an old woman)
Granny: Eh?
Mei: Ah!
Father: Mei?
Granny: Oh!
Granny: A couple of fine kids!
Father: Mei, there's nothing to be frightened about. Nanny's the lady who has the farm next door. She came over to help us out.
Satsuki: Nanny, this is Mei, my sister. And I'm Satsuki.
Granny:  very pleased to meet both of you. My, my, what smart children. 
(to Father) If I had known what a big hurry you were in to move, I would've cleaned the house up a bit.
Father: Nanny, you've done so much already, it really isn't necessary.
Granny: Well, you know how it is. I've been so busy in the rice paddies lately, there just doesn't seem to be enough time...
Satsuki: (to Mei) Oh my gosh, how did you get all that black on you?
Mei: I had a dust bunny right in my hand!
Satsuki: Mei, your feet!
Granny: (in background, to Father) Still, I did manage to get over here once in a while to do a little dusting, you know.
Mei: Oh-oh!
Satsuki: Hey, you got mine all black too!
Granny: Eh? Eh-heh! It appears the soot sprites are hard at work.
Satsuki: What are they?  you mean those black little fuzzy things? that fly around the house and disappear upstairs?
Granny: Yes, they breed in very old, empty houses, building invisible nests, and turning everything into dust. I could see them too, when I was a very small child. That the two of you are both able to see them makes me very glad.

Father: It couldn't have been a spirit, could it?
Granny: If they're not sprites, then you have nothing to be frightened about.
Father: Huh?
Granny: If we all keep smiling, the sprites may gradually go away and leave this place alone. Yes, I'm sure that somewhere up in that ceiling, they're busily discussing plans for leaving the house.
Satsuki: Maybe they really will leave us alone.
Mei: Oh, what's wrong with them?
Satsuki: With dust bunnies all over the house, you wouldn't want to go away?
Mei: I'm not afraid of dust bunnies.
Satsuki: Well, maybe you can go to the bathroom by yourself at night.
Granny: (laughs) Come, come. The house needs cleaning up. So fetch a bucket and go get some water.
Satsuki:  you mean from the stream?
Mei: Maybe we'll catch a fish!

(at stream)
Satsuki: Mei, you wait here, OK?
Mei: Did you get any fish?

(Working the pump)
Satsuki: It's coming out! It's coming out, Nanny!
Granny: Good, very good. Just keep at it till the water gets cold.
Satsuki: Right.

(Cleaning the house, Kanta arrives with lunch from Granny's house)
Satsuki: Hey, is that for us? Is that for me? Tell me what your name is.
Kanta: It's for Grandma.
Satsuki: Huh, Grandma?
Satsuki: Hey, wait up. Where  you going?
Granny: Kanta, don't be silly.
Kanta: Hey, haven't you heard? You're living in a haunted house.
Granny: Go away!

(Having lunch...)
Father: (laughs) Well, I remember doing the very same thing when I was his age.
Satsuki: I hate boys! But I love Nanny's food better than anything else in the whole wide world.
Granny: Eat all you want.

(Later, saying goodbye to Granny)
Father: (to man driving away) Thanks for your help!
Mei: Bye!
Father: Thank you so much, Nanny.
Satsuki & Mei: Goodbye!

(Evening. Satsuki is outside collecting wood. A strong wind scatters the wood)

(Later, in the bathtub during the storm)
Mei: Daddy, I'm scared the wind's going to make the house fall down!
Father: (chuckles) Maybe it will, but I hope not, because we've just moved in.
(The wind shakes the house and blows things around)
Father: (laughs very loudly) Come on! What are you waiting for? You have to laugh loud to scare a spirit! (laughs very loudly) 
Mei: I'm not scared at all.
Satsuki: (laughs very loudly) 
Mei: Hey, I'm not, I mean it!
(Everyone laughs and splashes water. The dust bunnies fly off to the camphor tree.) 

(The next morning, doing laundry)
Mei & Satsuki: One, two, one, two, one, two...
Father: That's it, give it all you've got.
Mei & Satsuki: One, two, one, two...
Father: Come on, yeah!
Mei & Satsuki: One, two, one, two...

Father: There we go. Well, if I may humbly say so, we're finished.
Mei & Satsuki: Yea!
(getting on the bicycle)
Father: There we are.
Satsuki: Get ready to fly, Mei!
Satsuki:  better hold on!
Father: Here we go!

(Riding off on the bicycle to visit the hospital, they pass Granny in the
Satsuki: Nanny! Hi!
Father: Hello! 
Granny: Where are you pedaling off to this morning?
Satsuki: We're going to visit Mommy in the hospital!
Granny: Well, be sure to give  my regards! I know she'll be very happy to see you.
Satsuki: Bye-bye!

(They pass Kanta and he and Satsuki stick out their tongues at each other)

(Further down the road...)
Satsuki: That way, Daddy, that way!

(At the hospital)
Satsuki: (to another patient) Good afternoon.
Patient: Good afternoon.
Mother: My love, I'm so happy to see you.
Mei: Daddy took the wrong road and we had to come back another way.
Mother: Well! (to Satsuki) Don't be shy.
Satsuki: We got off today from school.
Mother: Wonderful.
Mei: Mommy, Daddy told me to tell you he'll be here.
Mother: He's probably speaking to the doctor, Mei. It's so good to be able to see you all. Please tell me about the new house. Do you like it?
Satsuki: Yeah.
(Satsuki whispers to her mother about the dust bunnies)
Mother: Ah, you mean they live upstairs?
Satsuki: Uh-huh.
Mei: Do you like spirits, Mommy? Even fuzzy ones?
Mother: Of course. I wish I could go home with you and see them right away. 
Satsuki: You were right, Mei.
Mei: Hm-hmm. 
Satsuki: We thought you might not be too happy about the house being filled with spooks.
Mother: Are you happy with them?
Satsuki: Yep!
Mei: And I'm not afraid of them at all.
Mother: (laughs). Don't tell me you've fixed Mei's ponytails by yourself! 
Satsuki: Uh-huh.
Mother: They're beautiful. (to Mei) You know, you're a very lucky girl. 
Mei: She get mad at me almost all the time
Satsuki: That's because you're always jumping around.
Mother: Satsuki, come here. Why don't you let me brush your hair for a minute?
Satsuki: I'm glad you let me keep it short.
Mei: I want mine short, too.
Satsuki: Only when you're my age, Mei. 
(Brushing Satsuki's hair)
Mother: Satsuki, you have wire for hair. As stubborn as mine was when I was a small girl. 
Satsuki: I'll be able to have as beautiful hair as yours when I become older, won't I?
Mother: Of course you will. And I know that because you're the spitting image of me when I was young. 
Father: Hi. 

(On the road home....)
Satsuki: I thought Mommy looked a lot better.
Father: A lot better. In fact, I think the doctor might let her leave in a very short time.
Mei: Does "a short time" mean tomorrow, Daddy?
Satsuki: Aw, come on, tomorrow means tomorrow. 
Father: Maybe not tomorrow, but it's pretty soon.
Mei: She said when she comes home, she's only going to sleep in my own bed. 
Satsuki: Hey, what about what you told me? That you were big enough to sleep all by yourself
Mei: Mommy told me it'd be OK. 

(The next morning...)
Satsuki: Daddy, Daddy, wake up, it's morning.
Mei: Daddy, get up! It's Mei. 

(The kitchen...)
Satsuki: Good morning.
Father: I must've overslept or something.
Satsuki: We get our lunch boxes today.
Father: I'm sorry, I completely forgot.
Satsuki: I made lunch for everybody, don't worry about it.
Mei: Hey, it's burning!
Satsuki: Just a minute.

Satsuki: OK, this one's for you.
Mei: That one's mine.
Father: Mei, stop that. Sit down and eat.
Satsuki: Go ahead, wrap it yourself.
Michiko: (a schoolmate, outside) Hey, you're late! Satsuki!
Satsuki: Must be time to go. (to Michiko) Ka-ay!
Father: I can't believe you've made a friend already.
Mei: Hey,  bet you sit next to her in class.
Satsuki: Yep, and her name's Michiko. (Finishes eating and runs out the door) Here I come!
Father & Mei: Well thanks for saying goodbye!
Satsuki: (outside) Hi. Sorry.
Michiko: How come you took so long? We're going to be late.

(Later, in the garden)
Mei: Daddy, this hat. Am I grown up if I wear it?
Father: Well, it looks that way to me. Where are you off to?
Mei:  going to get some flowers.

(Mei runs around in the yard for a few minutes)
Mei: Is it lunch time yet?
Father: I don't think so.

(Mei puts some daisies on Father's desk.)
Mei: Daddy, look, I'm the flower lady.

(At the pond)
Mei: Tally-wallypogs 

(Mei goes to the well and finds a rusted bucket)
Mei: There's no bottom!

(Looking through the bucket, she sees an acorn in the grass)
Mei: Wow, acorn! Dust bunnies! (Sees small Totoro) Hey. (Follows it.) Come back! 
(She follows the two small Totoros to find the large one, Totoro)

Mei: Hey. 
(Totoro sneezes)
Mei: Tell me who you are. Are you a big dust bunny?
Totoro: To Ro Ro.
Mei: Waaaaah! 
Totoro: To Ro Ro.
Mei: Totoro? That's it! I bet you're name's Totoro., isn't it.
Totoro: Ro.
Mei: So you're really a Totoro. 
(Totoro yawns)
Mei: Totoro.
(Both fall asleep.)

(Later in the day, Satsuki returns from school)
Satsuki: Sure I will. Tomorrow. 
Michiko: k, bye!
Satsuki:  see you later!

Satsuki: Daddy, I'm home!
Father: Already? (looks at watch) Wait a minute. How come you're home so late?
Satsuki: I was playing with Michiko. Where's Mei?
Father: That's funny, I haven't even eaten my lunch. I think Mei's out back.
Satsuki: Mei? Mei?
Father: Mei?
Satsuki: Mei? 
Satsuki: Mei?

Satsuki: Daddy, over here! I think I know where Mei went.

Satsuki: Mei? Mei! Wake up! Wake up. Wake up, Mei, right now! You have no business sleeping in this place!
Mei: How come he's gone?
Satsuki: How come who's gone? Tell me who you lost.
Mei: A big Totoro was here with me.
Satsuki: You don't mean a big one like what's in our picture books, do you?
Mei: Mm-hmm. And I climbed up on top of him. And he was furry! And he had a big mouth! And there was a little one. And one this big. And a great big one sleeping by himself.
Satsuki: Oh!
Father: Hello! Anybody in there? Well, I'll be. What a great hiding place. 
Satsuki: Daddy, Mei was just telling me she saw a big Totoro!
Father: A real one?
Mei: Mm-hmm. This way.
(The children run ahead; Father crawls behind.)
Father: Hey, give me a chance!
Satsuki: Here?
Mei: Mm. Mm-hmm. He was by the big tree a little while ago.
Satsuki: I don't see how he could've gotten away.
(Mei runs back into woods.)
Satsuki: Mei! Mei, come back!

(Mei emerges, shocked; Father & Satsuki laugh.)
Mei: I really saw him! I'm not lying! I'm not lying.
Father: Hey...
Mei: You don't believe me. 
Father: Mm-hmm. That's where you're wrong. I believe you're being completely truthful about this. But I also believe that you met the King of the Forest, Mei, and meeting him is a sign of good luck. But there's no guarantee that you'll see him all the time. Come on. We'll have to go back and pay our respects.
Satsuki: Where do we find him?
Father: Well, Miss Mei will find him for us.
Satsuki: Yeah!

(Climbing the stairs to the shrine....)
Father: Mei, you're getting heavier by the minute.
Satsuki: Daddy, the camphor tree! What a beautiful tree.
(Mei runs towards tree)
Mei: I found it!
Satsuki: You're sure that's the one?
Mei: Uh-huh! 
Satsuki: What are you waiting for, Daddy? Hurry up!
Mei: The hole's not there anymore! But I'm sure this is where it was.
Satsuki: You're positive it is?
Mei: Uh-hum
Satsuki: (to Father) The opening's completely disappeared. 
Father: Well, remember, you can see him only when he wants you to. 
Satsuki: Will we see him?
Father: Maybe.
Satsuki: But I want to meet him.
Father:  never can tell. If we're lucky enough. 

Father: What a beautiful tree it is. This tree's been here, oh, since before anyone can remember. You know, a long time ago, men and trees were the best of friends. It's actually because of this tree that I decided to buy our house in the first place. And you can bet Mommy'll like it when she sees it. So, what do you say we thank the king of the forest and get back for our lunch?
Satsuki: I have to meet Michiko after lunch to get ready for an exam.
Mei: I'm coming too!
Father: Atten-tion! (to tree) Thank you for all you've done for Mei. Please look after her and protect her forever. 
(All three bow.)
Mei & Satsuki: Thank you so much. 
(Father turns and runs)
Father:  last one home's a rotten egg!
Satsuki: Hey, that's not fair. You cheated!
Mei: Wait! Hey! Hey, wait up!

(Satsuki writing a letter...)
Satsuki: (voice over) Dear Mother, You're never going to believe this, but today, under that giant tree on the top of the hill, Mei actually met a ghost - Totoro! Daddy says it was the King of the Forest. Well, whoever he was, I really want to meet him. 

(Outside, all three Totoros are in the tree)

(Next morning)
Kanta's Mother: Kanta! You'd better hurry up, or you'll be late!
Kanta: K!

(In classroom)
Satsuki: There. (sees Mei outside with Granny) Huh? Mei, what ... . Excuse me!
Teacher: Yes?
Satsuki: It's my little sister, Mei. 

Satsuki: Nanny! Nanny, what happened?
Granny: Dear, I'm sorry, but she demanded to be with her sister, and simply won't listen. 
Satsuki: But I'm going to be ... . Mei, now, you promised to be a good girl because Daddy was going to be at the university and wasn't going to be able to take care of you! I have a couple  hours left before I can come home. And Nanny's been nice to watch you. 
Granny: Our Mei has been a very good little girl, eh?
Satsuki: Well, I  better ask permission for her to come inside. 

Teacher: Because her mother is going to be in the hospital, Satsuki'll be taking care of her sister, Mei, for a short while. Is that clear for everybody?
Everyone: Yes, ma'am.

(Mei drawing at Satsuki's desk)
Michiko: What's that a picture of, Mei?
Mei: A Totoro picture!
Satsuki: Shhhhh. Could you be a little more quiet about it?
Mei: Okay!

(School lets out...)
Michiko:  want to come over and play?
Satsuki: If I can. But I might miss the club meeting. Is that OK?
Michiko: Come whenever you can.  see you !
Students: See you! Bye Mei. 
Mei: Bye. 

Satsuki: We'd better walk fast or we're going to get wet. 
Mei: K. 
(begins to rain)
Satsuki: Oh, no! Hurry!

(Mei falls into a puddle)
Satsuki: Oh my god! Are you OK?
Mei: Yeah. 
Satsuki: Come on. 

(Taking shelter under a roadside shrine)
Satsuki: Wow, what do we do now? (Prays) If it's not too much trouble, could we stay until it stops raining?

(Kanta walks past with an umbrella, sees Satsuki, and turns around)
Satsuki: Uh ... Thanks. 

(Kanta leaves the umbrella on the ground and runs off)
Mei: We were pretty lucky, huh? That's funny, it's got holes in it!

(Later at home...)
Satsuki: Oh-oh, Daddy left his umbrella.
Mei: Hey, we could bring it back to him.

(At Granny's house)
Kanta: I just forgot because I forgot!
Kanta's Mother: How can you forget your umbrella when it's raining outside?
Kanta: Ouch!
Kanta's Mother: Even you can't be that stupid. 
Kanta: Mom!
Kanta's Mother: You were probably playing with it and broke it in half or something.
Kanta: I did not!

(Satsuki & Mei come)
Satsuki: Excuse me, is anybody home?
Kanta's Mother: Satsuki, what are you doing here? Grandma!
Satsuki: Thank you for taking care of Mei.
Kanta's Mother: Oh, don't be ridiculous, she was a treasure. 
Satsuki: Well, besides that, we wanted to bring back the umbrella we borrowed.
Kanta's Mother: But, Kanta's umbrella, but why would he want to give you this beat up thing?
Satsuki: It came in handy because we didn't have one. But I'm afraid he got soaking wet. Anyway, please thank him for us. 
Kanta's Mother: I will. I'm always telling him to wash the mud off, so some rain did him no harm at all. Are you on your way to meet your father?
Satsuki: Yes, ma'am. 
Kanta's Mother: Well, you give him my regards. Bye-bye.
Mei & Satsuki: Bye!
Granny: Did someone come to the door?
Kanta: I didn't hear anything.

(At the bus stop; a bus is coming)
Satsuki: Oh, boy, we made it.
Bus Conductor: (to passengers) Thank you. Thank you. (To Satsuki & Mei)  getting on board or not?
Mei & Satsuki: (shake heads)
Bus Conductor: All right, let's go. (Bus departs.)
Mei: Daddy wasn't on that one, right?
Satsuki: I'm sure he'll be on the next one. Do you want to go back to Nanny's house and wait?

Satsuki: What's the matter?

Satsuki: Mei, you're sleepy. 
Mei: Uh-uh. 
Satsuki: Aw, come on now. I told you it might be a while. You don't want to go to Nanny's and wait? It won't be long. I'm sure the bus will come soon. Just hang in there. Well, I guess they were delayed, but I hope not. (picks up Mei) Come on. 

(Totoro arrives)
Satsuki: I bet you're Totoro. 
Totoro: (growls)
Satsuki: Oh we have another umbrella, if you want . (holds it out to him) Go ahead, take it. Come on,  I'm going to drop Mei. (he takes it) You put it over your head, like that. 

(Headlights approach)
Satsuki: The bus is here.

(Cat Bus arrives, and Totoro leaves)
Satsuki: Mei, wa- wasn't that umbrella he took with him Daddy's? 

(Bus arrives)
Bus Conductor: Thank you.
Father: How nice of you to meet me.
Mei: Daddy!
Father: I'm sorry, but the train was late. That's why I missed the first bus. You weren't worried about me, were you?
Satsuki: I saw him, I saw him! He was right beside me at the bus stop!
Mei: Me, too! We saw Cat Bus, too!
Father: Uh, uh
Satsuki: Oh, gigantic arms!
Mei: Great big eyeballs!
Satsuki: It was scary!
Mei: And I was scared!
Satsuki: We saw Totoro!
Mei: We saw Totoro!
Satsuki: We saw Totoro!
Mei: We saw Totoro!
Satsuki: We saw him!

(Walking back)
Father: Hey,  anyone want a ride?
Satsuki: I do!
Father: OK. Here we go. 

(Satsuki writing a letter)
Letter: Dear Mother, I'm surprised  I can write to you at all, cause my heart is still beating so fast. Mei and I had something incredible happen today. We both met Totoro! I really saw him! And he even gave us a gift. It was a package wrapped up in bamboo leaves, and tied with dragon whiskers. We opened it as soon as we got home, and guess what was in it? Magic nuts and seeds!
(Mother reading letter)
Mother: (reading) We've decided to plant them all out in the front , because someday they'll be tall and beautiful. Mei just...
(Satsuki writing letter)
Letter:  sits there every day, waiting for them to sprout. But they don't seem to want to grow! I can't wait to see what they'll be like. Oh yes, Mei sends her love, and wanted to make sure you saw her drawing. 
(Mother looks at Mei's drawing, and chuckles.)
Letter: (letter) It's going to be summer vacation soon, and we'll be out of school. I love you, Mother. And please get well soon. 

(Bedtime, Satsuki and Mei are playing on the mosquito netting)
Father: Come on, get off. I said get off! Come on, it's bed time.
Mei: Daddy? Will the plants come out? I mean will they come out tomorrow?
Father: That's tough to say. Perhaps Totoro will be able to say if they will. Good night.

(Later, Satsuki wakes up and sees Totoros in the yard)
Satsuki: Wake up, Mei!
Mei: Huh?
Satsuki: But isn't that where we planted ...
Mei: Yeah!
(They do a dance with the Totoros. The seeds grow into a large forest)
Satsuki: It worked!

Satsuki: Yeah, we did it!
(Satsuki & Mei climb onto Totoro, and they fly around)
Satsuki: Now we know what makes the wind blow!

(The next morning, the magic forest is gone.)
Mei: What happened to the tree?
Satsuki: Hey!
Mei: Hey, wait!

(At the garden, some of the seeds have sprouted)
Satsuki: We did it!
Mei: We did it!
Satsuki: We did it! Yeah! 
Satsuki: It was only a dream.
Mei: It wasn't a dream.
Satsuki: It was only a dream.
Mei: It wasn't a dream.
Satsuki: It was only a dream.
Mei: It wasn't a dream.
Satsuki: It was only a dream. We did it!

Mail Man: Telegram. Hello? Telegram. Hello? Anyone home? Hm. Maybe not.

(In Granny's vegetable patch)
Mei: Nanny!
Granny: Over here, Mei. 
Granny: (pointing at corn) That one's perfect.
Satsuki: About how ripe is this?
Granny: That's ripe.
Satsuki: Wow. Your vegetable garden is more like a mountain of treasure!
Granny: Thanks to Mother Nature. Let's take a little rest, shall we?

Granny: (lifting vegetables from water) There we are,  nice and cold.
Satsuki: Michiko'd be jealous.

Satsuki: It's amazing.
Granny: They've absorbed lots of wonderful things from the sun, and that's what makes them so good for the body and good for the soul. 
Satsuki: They wouldn't help my mother, would they?
Granny: Of course they would. My vegetable garden is bound to make anyone feel better in no time at all. 
Satsuki: Our mother's coming back home this week from the hospital..
Mei: And she's going to come sleep with me under my covers.
Granny: That's wonderful. She's able to come back, is she?
Satsuki: Un-uh. She's coming home to spend a couple of days, but then has to go right back there. I suppose she has to be careful.
Granny: Yes, she has. But we'll fatten her up on my fresh vegetables.
Mei: I'm going to give Mommy this corn I picked for her specially.
Granny: And I'm sure she'll love you for it.
Mei: Um-hmm.

(Kanta comes running up)
Kanta:  mailman gave me this telegram cause you were out. Here.
Satsuki: But Daddy won't be home from the university till after nine.
Granny: Open it now, then. A telegram is serious business.
Satsuki: Um-hmm. It's from my mother's doctor at the hospital. (reading) "Please contact me". What's that supposed to mean? Is something wrong with her or not? I know something awful's happened to her. What am I supposed to do if my father's not home?
Granny: Listen, you must be calm. Have you any way of telephoning your father?
Satsuki: I have the number of his research lab, but we don't have a telephone to call him.
Granny: (to Kanta) Take them back to your mother's place and let them use the phone to reach their father. Do you understand?
(Kanta nods)
Granny: (to Satsuki) Don't panic, but go quickly. 
Satsuki: Uh-hmm. 
(Kanta & Satsuki run off. Mei follows, carrying the ear of corn.)
Granny: Mei, you make sure you stay put at my house! Mei! Mei!

Satsuki: Hey, Mei, don't follow me! Go to Nanny's house!

(At the house)
Satsuki: (on phone) Hello, Operator? I'd like to make a long distance call, please. It's very important. It's number 1354 at station 12. Yes. Thank you very much.
Old woman: (to Kanta) Your friend is very pretty. What lovely hair.
(The phone rings)
Satsuki: Hello? Yes. Can you put me through to the main lecture room of the Anthropology school? To Professor Kusakabe. Please hurry. Yes. Yes, I'm his daughter. (waits) It was from the hospital, Daddy! I'm so worried!
Father: Whoa, whoa, slow down. From the hospital? Oh, OK, it's all right. I think I understand. Now, I'm going to call the hospital, ...
Satsuki: (interupts) What's wrong with Mommy? Tell me everything's going to be all right.
Father: There's no need to worry. I'm going to check with the hospital and call you right back. OK? OK?
Satsuki: Uh-huh. 
Father: You stay where you are. 
Satsuki: Uh-huh. 
Father: I'm hanging up now, so you stay right there. 
(hangs up)
Satsuki: He's going to be calling back, so is it alright if I stay right here by the telephone and wait?
Old Woman: You take all the time you need.

Mei: Hey, where are you!
(A goat comes)
Mei: Uh-oh. Oh, no! I'm going to give this corn to my mommy! Go away! You'd just better stop it right now! 
(Mei runs off, catches up to Kanta & Satsuki)
Satsuki: Mei, the hospital said that mommy's condition isn't very good. So she isn't going to be coming home just yet. 
Mei: But why?
Satsuki: Mei, what can we do? If she came home now, it'd only make it worse.
Mei: It would not!
Satsuki: But, she'll be able to come home real soon!
Mei: No!
Satsuki: All right, then, be that way! Let's see if she dies!
Mei: No!
Satsuki: Don't be dumb, Mei! Oh, I give up. You're so stupid! 
(Satsuki runs off)
Kanta: Come on, Mei.
Mei: I'm not stupid.

(At the house...)
Granny: I took care of the rest of the washing. Come on, now. It isn't the end of the world. Your old Nanny's here to help. Let's see that beautiful smile. Your father's going to be stopping off at the hospital on his way home, eh? What I heard was that your mother only caught a small cold. Mm-mmm. She'll be home next weekend, I believe. 
Satsuki: That's what they said  last time, too. "It'll be a little visit. Just a few days to see what's wrong with her. It's just a cold." What are me and Mei going to do if Mommy dies? 
Granny: Uh
Satsuki: What are we going to do, Nanny? (begins to cry)
Granny: There, there. Don't worry. Your mother's not going to die.
(Mei in background, listening)
Granny: Hush. She'd never leave two such beautiful children. She loves you too much for that Don't cry. Nanny will stay with you until your father comes home.
(Mei runs off with the ear of corn. No one sees her leave)

(Later, Satsuki & Granny are searching for Mei)
Granny: Mei? Where are you?
Satsuki: Mei! Mei, come back!
(Satsuki & Granny meet)
Satsuki: Did you see her anywhere?
Granny: No sign at all. She wasn't at the bus stop?
Satsuki: (shakes head)
Granny: That's very strange. Where could she possibly have gone off to?
Satsuki: Maybe she's angry about this morning. We had a bad argument, and - Oh! Maybe she went off to visit Mommy in the hospital!
Granny: But the hospital's so far from here. It's, oh my heavens, why, it would take a grown man three hours to get there!
(Satsuki runs off, passes Kanta)
Kanta: Hey!
Granny: Oh my goodness! (to Kanta) Please, you must get your father right now. You must tell him that little Mei has disappeared!

(Satsuki, running)
Satsuki: (to herself) How could you do something so stupid, Mei! You always get lost!

Satsuki: Mei!

Satsuki: (calling to a farmer) I'm sorry to bother you, but you, well you haven't seen a little girl come by this way, have you? She's my sister, about 5 years old. 
Farmer: Well,  seems to me I remember someone. Ah, yes, uh, near as I can recall, she went that way.
Satsuki: (to herself) Maybe she went through the forest.
Farmer: Then again, she might've gone in the other direction. Are you sure it was your sister? All sorts of folks come by here, but I don't see them.
Satsuki: (to herself) Mei, I'm scared. (to Farmer) Thank you.

Satsuki: Mei!

(Satsuki, in road)
Satsuki: Please stop!
Driver: Ah! Hey, are you crazy, kid?
Satsuki: I'm looking for my sister. Have you seen a little girl wandering around? 
Passenger: I'm afraid not. 
Satsuki: Mei's her name, and she's about 5 years old. She probably got herself lost.
Driver: We haven't seen anyone, have we?
Passenger: (shakes head)
Satsuki: I think she's going to Shichikokuyama.
Passenger: We just came from there, but we haven't come across anybody for the last couple of hours. I'm sorry.
Satsuki: Well, um, thank you. 
Driver: By the way, where are you from? 
Satsuki: Um, Matsu-go.
Driver: You walked from there to here?
Passenger: That's over three hours away!
Driver: Yeah. Well, good luck, kid.
(Drives off)
Passenger: I hope you find her.

(Kanta rides up on a bicycle)
Kanta: Satsuki! Wait! Come here!
Satsuki: Kanta!
Kanta: We haven't found her yet. How about you?
Satsuki: Nothing.
Kanta: Hey, my dad's got everyone in the village searching for her, so you go home and I'll bike to Shichikokuyama. OK?
Satsuki: But I'm afraid if she goes to visit Mommy's hospital, she'll completely lose her 
Kanta: (interrupts) Wait a second. Somebody found some sandals by the lake half an hour ago. There's no way she can get past all those people without someone noticing.
Satsuki: Ah! (runs off)
Kanta: Hey, don't worry. Nobody said they were Mei's sandals!

(Passing the farmer)
Farmer: Did you find her yet?

(At the pond, men are searching the water with long poles)
Granny: (praying)
Man 1: Go back a bit over towards your right! You haven't covered that area!
Man 2: Hey,  you have any poles left?
Michiko: There's Satsuki!
Granny: Eh?
Michiko: Look!
Satsuki: Mei! Mei!
Granny: (Showing Satsuki the sandal) Look, Satsuki. Is it hers?
Satsuki: It's not hers.
Granny: What? Oh, merciful heavens. You know, Satsuki, for a while I thought it might be Mei's.
Kanta's Uncle: Mom, I told you  you jumped to conclusions too fast.
Man 2: Hey, boys! Forget it! Stop! It isn't hers!
Man 3: So, what do we do now?
Man 4: Well, we keep on looking, that's what.
Woman: Well, whatever you do, you'd better hurry up. It's going to be dark soon.
Kanta's Father: I'm grateful to you all. I know it's tough work, but if you could keep searching.
Man 4: Aw, don't worry, we understand.
Man 3: Hey, don't you think we should call the police maybe?
Kanta's Father: Well, I don't know, do you think the police could ...
Satsuki: (looking over at Camphor Tree) Police? 
Granny: (to Satsuki) Please, where are you going?

(At the entrance to Totoro's tunnel)
Satsuki: Totoro, I beg you, please protect Mei. She'll be lost, and probably scared. Please believe me, I'll be good for the rest of my life if I can just see her again. 

(Runs into tunnel. She finds Totoro)
Satsuki: What? Totoro! Totoro, Mei's lost somewhere! I've looked and looked, but I can't find her anywhere. Oh, please, you have to help me find her. She's probably alone somewhere, crying and upset. Oh, Totoro, I'm scared! 

(Totoro flies with Satsuki to the top of the camphor tree and roars)
Satsuki: What? 
(Cat bus runs between two farmers)
Farmer: He wouldn't be able to.
Satsuki: But how come nobody sees the bus?

(Satsuki gets in Cat Bus)
Cat Bus: Next stop, Little Sister.

Granny: Mei, where are you!

(Running through the forest, the trees lean out of the way)
Satsuki: But how does he make it do that?

Satsuki: Mei!
Mei: But Sis! Where are you! Satsuki!
Satsuki: Mei!

(Cat Bus jumps down next to Mei)
Satsuki: There you are!
Mei: Satsuki!
Satsuki: Oh, Mei!
Mei: I'm sorry!
Satsuki: Tell me one thing. Were you bringing that corn to the hospital?
Mei: Uh-huh.
Cat Bus: (meows)
Satsuki: Ah!
Cat Bus: Next stop, Shichikokuyama Hospital.
Satsuki:  you mean we can go to Mom's hospital?
Cat Bus: (meows)
Satsuki: You're wonderful! 

(At the hospital)
Mother: I'm sorry. It was all because of my silly cold that the hospital sent you that telegram. The grief it must've caused all of you. I hope you can forgive me.
Father: It was simply a bureaucratic mistake. I'm sure it wasn't terribly traumatic for either of the girls. It just means you'll be home next weekend. They understand. 
Mother: I wouldn't be at all surprised if they suffered more than we know. In particular Satsuki, because she's so smart and sensitive. 
Father: Mmm.  could be right. 
Mother: You'd better be careful after I get home, because I intend to spoil them rotten for a while.
Father: Oh, no!
(both laugh)

(Satsuki, Mei and Cat Bus are in the tree outside the window)
Mei: Look, Mommy's laughing.
Satsuki: She seems pretty healthy to me.
Mei: Yep.

(The hospital room)
Mother: Oh, I can't wait to get up on my feet again.
Father: Neither can we.
(both look at window)
Father: (picking up the ear of corn from the window sill) Now, that's weird.
Mother: (looking out the window) Oh! 
Father: What happened?
Mother: Well, I'm not sure, but I could've sworn that I saw both of the girls up in the treetop, laughing.
Father: That might not be as crazy as you think. Have a look! 
(Shows her the corn. On it is written, "to mother")

(Satsuki & Mei ride in Cat Bus. They meet Granny, who hugs Mei. Satsuki greets Kanta, both laugh. Closing credits show still scenes: Mother getting out of taxi, taking bath with the children, the children playing)


Special help by SergeiK