My Own Private Idaho Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the My Own Private Idaho script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Gus Van Sant movie with River Phoenix and Keanu Reeves.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of My Own Private Idaho. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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My Own Private Idaho Script









Five, six, seven, eight...



nine, ten.











I always know where I am

by the way the road looks.



Like I just know that

I've been here before.



I just know that

I've been stuck here...



like this one fucking time before,

you know that?






There's not another road anywhere

that looks like this road.



I mean, exactly like this road.



It's one kind of place.



One of a kind.



Like someone's face.





Like a fucked-up face.





Where do you think

you're running, man?



We're stuck here

together, you shit.





Don't worry.

Everything's gonna be all right.



I know. It's okay.



[ Woman ]

I know,you're sorry. I know.







The cattle are prowlin'

The coyotes are howlin'



Way out where

the doggies bawl



Where spurs are a-jinglin'

a cowboy is singin'



This lonesome cattle call





He rides in the sun

till his day's work is done



And he rounds up

the cattle each fall
















- Walt.

- Yeah, Mike?



You think, um, that you could

spot me    more dollars?



Ten dollars? What's the matter?

You can't get it from your dad?



My dad and I don't get along too well.

You know that, Walt.



We're not getting along

that well either now, are we?



No. We don't get along too well....



or else he wouldn't have gone out

and drowned himself at Boxcar Canyon.



- Again?

- Yeah.



He hit the water this time?



- He survived the first time. This time-

- Oh, God.



You're the only one I can ask.

You know that, Walt.



Please! I'll owe you a date.

How about that?



I'll owe you a date. Please.



Oh, God, crying tears. Hold on.



Here you go.






Don't worry.



Everything's gonna be all right.



Don't worry. Everything's gonna be all right.









Here. Now, mind the carpet. It's white.



Give me your shoes.

Give me your shoes.



Mmm. Mmm.



Okay,just a sec.



Put these on...

so you don't make a mess.



I am so lucky.



I was born on April       .



That's  / /  .



If you add that up,

it comes to   .



One, six.



One plus six is seven.



Luckiest number of all.



- You know your math.

- It's more than math, Mike.






immaculate perfection.








Boy, this place is a mess.



Yeah, let's make it immaculate.



- Okay.

- Okay.



Deep night



Stars in the sky above






Lighting our place of love



Night winds



Seem to have gone to rest



Two eyes



Faster, little Dutch boy.








Yeah, that sound. That sound.



Vow that you'll love me always



And be mine alone



- I'm all done.

- Deep night



And now, my lucky   th...



little Dutch boy...



you must scrub...



Daddy Carroll.



This chick's living

in a new car ad.



Feels like a dream.



A girl never picks me up,

much less a pretty, rich girl.



They don't?

I don't know why that is.



This is a nice home.



- Do you live here?

- Yes.



I don't blame you.









What up, Scott? What up, Gary?



Hey, it's Mikey the dike.



You men make yourselves comfortable.



I'll be right back.



There are cokes in the refrigerator.

Help yourselves.



She's cool. She just likes to have three guys

'cause it takes her a while to get warmed up.



It's normal. Nothing kinky.






Hey, dude, did you get into that

Sinéad O'Connor concert last night?



- What? To - To the Sinéad -

- The chick with the bald head.



I-I've never been

to a concert before, dude.



This is nice.












Oh, shit.



He always does this.



I'm surprised he can exist like this.



How do we know he's okay?



Well, he's not dead. Listen.



He's not dead. He's just passed out.

It's a condition.



He really scared the shit

out of that lady.



What causes it? Sex?



Narcolepsy doctors are saying it's brought on

by certain chemical reactions in the brain.



Comes about in situations of stress.



Some hustler, huh?



Well, where are we

gonna take him?



We can't just leave him here.



Come on, Mikey.





Hey, Mike, you stay here.



When you wake up, come back into town.

I'll be waiting for you.



You'll be safer here in this

comfy neighborhood than in the city.



- I grew up in a neighborhood like this.



- And my dad -



he has more fucking

righteous gall...



than all the property

and people he lords over...



and those he also created



like me, his son.



I almost get sick

thinking I am a son to him.



You know you have to be

as good as him to keep up.



You have to be able

to lift as big a weight.



You have to be able

to throw that weight as far...



or make as much money,

or be as heartless.



My dad doesn't know

that I'm just a kid.



He thinks I'm a threat.



No, I won't listen!

I won't listen to you!





Hey, Scotty! Come on,you big stud!



When you wake up,

wipe the slugs off your face.



Get ready for a new day.



I never thought I could

make it as a real model.



You know,

fashion-oriented modeling.



'Cause I'm better at full-body poses.



It's all right so long as the photographer

doesn't come on to you...



and expect something

for nothing.



I'm trying to make a living.

I like to have a professional attitude.



Of course, if the guy

can pay me, hell yeah.



Here I am for him.

I'll sell my ass.



Do it on the street

occasionally for cash.



Or I'll be on the cover of a book.



It's when you start doing things for free

that you start to grow wings.



Isn't that right, Mike?



- What?

- Wings, Michael.



You grow wings and become a fairy.



What do you care about money?

Shit, you got plenty.



Why don't you go ahead

and do whatever it is that you do-



I can only imagine what that is-

for free?



- Is that right, sweetie?



So, how much is a lot of money, honey?



What are you doing on the cover

of that magazine? Slumming?



Actually, Mikey's right.

I am going to inherit money.



A lot of money.








- What's happening?

- Nothing.



- You want a lift?

- A lift?






Isn't this that, uh - that lady's car?



- What's her name?

- Alena.



- Is she a friend of yours?

- No, not really.



- She's a very good friend of mine.

- Good.



Any friend of Alena

is a friend of mine.



- You want to be my friend?

- No.



My name is Hans.



I'm from Germany.



- Now I live in America selling pieces for cars.

- Mm-hmm.



- Say, why don't you get in?

- No.



I take you wherever

you want to go.



- Where you want to go?

- Home.



- Get in the car.

- No.



This guy's a pervert,

I can tell, man.



Why don't you go home?

Go the fuck home.



- How did we get home?

- That German guy, Hans.



He brought you downtown.

You were passed out.



He said he was heading to Portland,

so I asked him for a ride.



For some reason, I'm forgetting

a German guy named Hans.



Well, you were sleeping.



So, how much do you make

off me when I'm asleep?



Just a ride, Mike.



I don't make anything.



What, you think I sell your body

while you're asleep?



No, Mike, I'm on your side.



Gary's up here somewhere.

He left about three days ago.



He flew up here with a...









I heard something about Bob

coming up here to town. Is that true?



- You hear anything about that?

- Bob.



I don't know.

I hope he's in town.



- We'll have fun if Bob's in town.

- Yeah, I wouldn't mind seeing him.



Hey, didn't you two have like a -



I kind of remember you

having, like, this real heavy, uh -



- Thing?

- Thing. A heavy thing goin', right?



- Yeah, we had a real heavy thing going.

- Huh.



- He was fucking in love with me.

- That's what I thought.



- Yes.

- He taught me better than school did.



I love Bob more than my father.



I'd say I love Bob more

than my mother and my father.



Yeah, I wouldn't mind seeing him.

I'm - I'm hoping that he comes to town.



Hey,you dick!



Scotty, my friend.



Ah, you - Hey. You like that, huh?

You like that.



My new Nikes.

My new bracelet.



It says Rudy, though,

but that's cool.



My new Calvins.



What a dickhead.



So stupid.





Not when I'm eating.

Don't blow it in my face.



It's the smoking section.





um, this guy books up

in a black Porsche around the corner.



uh, I'm asking my friend if,

you know, this guy's okay, if he's cool.



They say-They say,

"Yeah, he'll treat you really good.



"He'll, uh, you know -

He'll - He'll pay you what you want.



He'll, you know - He'll smoke weed with you.

He'll do whatever."



I hadn't dated before or tricked...



or done anything like that before,

so I went with this guy.



- blew it off.

- Well- Uh-



'Let's go to- Let's go to the park.

Let's go to Washington Park. "



So, I said, 'Okay. That's cool.

Let's go to Washington Park then. "



And, uh, all of a sudden, before I know it -



I mean, I already laid down the law

before I got into the car.



I told him what I do

and what I don't do.



So, uh, we got up there, and he just

started doing whatever he wanted.



My first date was in Portland.

I was, um -



I was hanging out at the City Club.



I was frying really hard

on acid and speed.



There was this big black guy

who had a lot of eight balls...



of speed and a lot of money.



And, uh, he wanted to get

his dick sucked.



And, uh, I was pretty broke,

and he offered me    bucks...



and a bunch of speed.



So, I went up to his hotel

- I guess you're just gonna starve.



What she's feeling sorry for herself for?

What's that all about?



So, the plan was, uh-

He was on the third floor.



So my buddy Scott would

hang out on the street on a bench.



When I got up to his room, I was gonna

toss the money out the window to Scott.



There's not really much I could do.

I was up in the - in the woods, in a thicket.



I couldn't get out or anything like that.

I wouldn't do what he wanted me to do.



So, he just kind of flipped out

all over me.



He basically raped me.

He put a fuckin' wine bottle up my butt, right?



It was like -

It was, like, horrible.



So, we get up there in the room,

and he, like,just-



He starts getting naked and jackin' off and shit.

And I start gettin' freaked out.



And I say,

"No, I don't want to do this date."



I say, "Let's go down to the street, and I'll

get the money back from my friend Scott.



And we'll just -we'll cancel it, right?"



So, we go down to the street

to get the money back...



and Scott's, like, long gone, you know.





What's this? Ooh!



So we're hanging out, and I'm all, 'Wait.

He'll be right back. Let's just wait for him. "



So, we wait about five minutes, and he starts

telling me how he's gonna kick my fuckin' ass.



And how my friend's gone and how he's gonna

kill me and all this shit and beat me up.



So I had to go upstairs

and do the date anyway. And, um -



This black guy, he had

a big old fucking cock and shit.



And, um, it was this totally

awful experience, um -



And that was - that was my first date.

I never did another one until a year later.







Jesus. The things we've seen.



Do you remember a thing

since we moved from graffiti bridge?



No more of that, Budd.



Hey, Scotty!

Here comes that fat guy!



- He owes me money!

- Who?



You know, the fat one, Pigeon!



"I think that I shall never see...



a poem as lovely as a tree."



Hey, everybody!

There goes Bob, the chiseler!



Here comes Bob, the sewer!



The thrasher!



I think my friends can see...



that I am back from Boise.



- And the listener!

- Hey, everybody, look!



- And more than that -

- bob's back!



my real father.



- Is Jane Lightwork alive, Bob?

- She's alive, Budd.



- Is she holding on?

- Old. Old, Budd.



[ Budd ] She must be old.

She has no choice.



Here comes Santa Claus!



- Yeah!

- Whoo!



Jesus, the things we've seen.



Aren't I right, Bob? Aren't I right?



We have heard the chimes at midnight.



That we have. That we have.



In fact, Bob, we have.



Jesus. The things we've seen.





- Where's Bob?

- Crashed out in his room.



Snoring like a horse.





What did you get?



I think this is coke.

I'm not sure though.



Yeah, it's fucking coke.



Oh, fuck!



What the hell? Scott.



My true son.



- How are you? What time is it?

- What do you care?



Why, you wouldn't even look at a clock

unless hours were lines of coke...



dials looked like

the signs of gay bars...



or time itself was

a fair hustler in black leather.



Isn't that right, Bob?





There's no reason to know the time.

We are timeless.



Aren't you forgetting, Scotty, my boy...



the mayor's son, no less...



that we who steal...



do so at midnight?



Who ripped me off?



budd! budd!



- Yes, Bob?

- I fell asleep, and I've been robbed!




- You'd think I could keep the peace of my house.



Jane! I know you well enough.



- Bob! Bob, we'll find your drugs.



We'll find them.



This hotel is full of thieves,junkies!



You are the thief.



You have corrupted me, Scotty.



- I was an innocent before I met you.



And now look at me,

just a little better than wicked.



- I used to be a virtuous man.

- Ha!



Well, virtuous enough.



I swore a little. I never gambled

more than seven times a week! Poker!



I never picked up a street boy

more than once a quarter.



- Of an hour!

- Of an hour.



bad company has corrupted me.



I'll be darned if I haven't forgotten

what the inside of a church looks like.



- I see a change for Bob to make.



From stealing... to preaching.



Stealing is my vocation, Scott.



- It's not a sin for a man -



to labor at his vocation.



Very early tomorrow morning

there's gonna be a bunch...



of small-time rock-and-roll promoters

coming back from their gig.



And every night they walk home

with the loot.



They stop by the Grotto Bar.

It's about a half-



No, it's about mile

down the road from here.



Dude, if we can't steal from

them going into the bar...



dude, we can get them comin'out!



- See, Bob, dude?

- Not me.



So long as I don't know these

guys personally, it's okay with me.



See, uh -They're from Beaverton,

new to the business.



I'm not gonna go along with this crackpot

scheme, especially since Gary thought it up.



Come off it, Mike.

There is a better way to make a buck...



something to fall back on

other than your ass.



I'll fall back when

Scott inherits his money.





Bob, we don't need these guys.

We can do this ourself.Fuck them!



- Come on, Mikey. I have a joke I want to play.

- Okay.



- Ajoke I can't pull off alone.

- Okay. I think that stuff was -



- Bob!



- Aaah! Oh, my sweetheart.

- Oh!



- Come and rob with us tomorrow.

- I was going to anyway. I was just kidding.



- Good.

- Right? We'll have fun.



- All right.

- We'll be rich!



- Yeah, we'll be rich.

- We're gonna be rich.



- Gary says we'll be rich!

- We're gonna be rich!



[ Chanting Together ]

We're gonna be rich. We're gonna be rich.



- We're gonna be rich.



Ho! Ho! Ho!



Budd? Budd.

It's all right, Budd.



Budd,just -just relax, Budd.



Provide for us,

oh, great psychedelic papa!






When you inherit your fortune

on your    st birthday-



Let's see.

How far away is this?



One week away, Bob.

Just one more week.



Let's not call ourselves

robbers but Diana's foresters...



gentlemen of the shade...



minions of the moon...



men of good government.



When I turn   

I don't want any more of this life.



My mother and father will be surprised

at the incredible change.



It will impress them more when

such a fuckup like me turns good...



than if I had been a good son all along.



All my bad behavior

I will throw away to pay a debt.



I will change when everybody

expects it the least.



You'll become a head-roller...



a hatchet man for your old man.



No! You will be

the hatchet man, Bob!



That will be yourjob.



And so there will rarely

be a job hatcheted.



It will all be just one endless party.



Won't it?



But at least my little friend

has offered me a job.



They're so good to me.







How long has it been, bob,

since you could see your dick?



About four years, Scotty.



Four years of grief

blows a man up like a balloon.



- There's rock-and-roll money coming this way!

- And they're drunk as skunks!





All right. All right.

You four should head them off there.



We four?

How many are walking with 'em?



- There's five of'em.

- Five? Shouldn't they be robbing us?



If they escape from you guys,

Mike and I will get 'em here.



Oh, eight feet of this muck's

like    yards of flat road -



Would you guys shut up?

Shut up! Pay attention.



- Squat down! Squat down!

- Squat down? You got a crane to lift me up?





- Where are our disguises?

- Right behind us.





- Let's go.

- Okay.



- Who are these jokers, man?

- Look like Rajneesh.





This one looks like

he's a little thirsty.



- Ha-ha! up against the wall...



-you sully scumbags!

- Don't shoot.






- Up against the wall.



Come on! Come on!



- Don't shoot us.



- That's right.





- Fags.

- Okay, set the box down. That's right.



Thank you.

Nice and gently. Nice and gently.



- Let's see what we have.



Yes, my baby doll. Ooh.



Tickets anyone to next week's show?



Scott and Mike

have disappeared.



Could the shots

have scared them away?



Maybe we should get

the hell out of here.



Are they such chickens?











Let's get the hell out of here!



The thieves scatter!



- Bob Pigeon will sweat to death.





Has anyone seen my son?



It's been a full three months

since I last saw him.



Where is my son Scott?



- We don't know, sir.

- Ask around in old town.



Some of the taverns there.



Some say he frequently is seen down there

drinking with street denizens.



Some who they say even rob

our citizens and store owners.



I can't believe that such an effeminate boy

supports such friends.







Hey, Mikey, how long have I been here

on the streets on this crusade?



Huh. W-Well, I came back to town

around three and a half years ago...



and that's when I met you.



- So, it's been -

- It's been three years, Mike.



Yeah, almost four years.

That's a long time.



What I'm getting at, Mike,

is that we're still alive.



Yeah. Well, that's obvious, isn't it?



Yeah. It's incredibly obvious.



- They could drop a big old bomb on this city.



- Know what we would do?

- Take shelter?





- This bike was caught with much ease, Mike.

- Yes.



And the reward for the joke

that we played last night...



will be the unbelievably huge lies

that Bob will come up with now.





A plague on all cowards!



What's up, Bob?

Where have you been?



Where have I been?



If manhood's not forgotten on the face

of the earth, then I'm a shot herring.



- You sit down, you little fuck.



A mayor's son.



If I jog you out of that right

and teach you to be a man...



your father would be as proud of me

as he would you, Scotty!



Why, you whoring round man.



What is the matter?



Are you not a coward?

Answer that.



- And that goes double.

- You calling me a coward? You fat duck.



I'd give $     to be able

to run as fast as you can.



- It'll never happen, Bob.

- Where's the money, Bob?



Where is it?



- Taken from us by    or    punks.

- Thirty?



I was struggling with a dozen of them.



I think my arm's broken

from the fight.



- Certainly a toe. Most definitely a rib.



- Let me tell you about it.

- Tell us about it, please.



- We four set upon a dozen of'em.

- Sixteen, at least, Digger, my boy.



Yeah, and got their money.

As we were splitting it,     others set upon us.



Thank God you had not

murdered some of them.




Well, they are past praying for.



I peppered two of them.



- Two punks in leather jackets.

- What?



- I'll tell you, son. These four came in close.

- You said there were two -



Four! I said there were four, Scott.






These four came from the front,

kicking at me, pulling their knives.



And I whipped out the blade

and took all seven as a target, like this!



Seven!Just a second ago,

there were four.



- In leather?

- No, Bob, my friend.



There was four of'em,

and they all had leather on.



Seven, by my count.



Leave him alone.

We shall have more soon.



As I was saying, these nine in the alleyway

that I told you about-



There's more already, I see. Nine?



Full force, and with thought,

seven of the    I pegged!



There are    now.

He started with two.



but, as the devil would have it,

three of them came at my back.



They were wearing green.



And they had it out with me.



Because it was so dark, Scotty...



that you could not see your hand.





How could you see green

when it was so dark...



that you couldn't see your hand?





- Tell us the reason. Come on, Bob.

- Tell us!



- Come on, bob!

- Tell us the reason, bob!



- Tell us why.

- You can tell 'em. Go on and tell 'em.



- upon compulsion?

- Come on, bob.



Not for you or I or all the rest of the world

would I tell you...



on compulsion!



I will no longer

be guilty of this sin!



This sanguine coward,

this horseback-breaker...



this huge hill of jelly!







Punk! You starfish!



Oh, for breath to utter what lies

of a tailor's yardstick!



You boot case! You vile punk!



Breathe a while, and then do it again.



But hear me out.



We two saw you four set upon five.



And, Bob...



you carried yourself

away at the slightest noise.



And roared for mercy. And ran and roared

as ever I heard a bull calf.





What trick,

what device can you find...



to hide from this open

and apparent shame?






What new trick

do you have for us now, Bob?





Good Lord, lads.



I know you as well as

he that made you.



Do you think that I would

kill the heir apparent?



Do you think I would turn on you, Scotty?



Why, you're our only ticket

out of this poverty and oppression.



I am as valued as Hercules.



But beware my instinct.



The lion will not touch the true heir.



Good Lord, lads...



I'm glad you have the money.









If we're looking for a fat man,

why don't we get one under the bridge?



Oh! Oh! The sheriff and his posse are here.





Scotty, they've come to search the house.



Shall I let them in?



- Call in the sheriff.





- God.

- Oh, God, what's that smell?





- Hey!



- Hey!

- There they are.



- Over there! Over there!

- Come here, you little shit!



- Come here!



There he goes! In the door!







- baby,yeah.





Wait, wait, wait! Wait, wait, wait!



Aha! What have we here?



Pardon me, Mr. Favor. An informant

has followed certain men into this house.



- What men?

- One of them is well known, sir.



- A large fat man.

- Fat as butter.



Well, he's not here.



but if I see him...



I'll promise you that

I'll send him to you by...



dinnertime tomorrow...



to answer against any such charges.



So, would you leave us alone?



- You!

- Sorry for the interruption.



We have a message for you

from your father.



He'd like to see you

as soon as possible.



Fuck you.



I don't know whether it is God

trying to get back at me...



for something I have done, but...



your passing through life makes me certain

that you are marked...



and that heaven is punishing me

for my mistreatings.



When I got back from France

and set foot in Clark County...



and saw what your cousin, bill Davis,

had done at his family's ranch...



I thought, by my soul...



he has more worthy interest to my estate

than you could hold a candle to.



And being no older than you are,

he organizes operations for state senators...



lobbies for the small businessman...



and has an ambitious five-year plan for

the forest that even I would like to support.



And then I have to think of you...



and what a degenerate you are.



Don't think that, Father.



You will find out it's not true.



And I hope that somebody

forgives the people...



that have swayed

your fond thoughts away from me.



For a time will come when I will

make this northern youth...



trade me his good deeds

for my indignities.



Bill Davis is my good cousin.



But even the slightest

worship of his time -



Dad -



I will die...



a hundred thousand deaths...



before that happens.







I wanna see my face on the front

of album covers.



I wanna produce my own music.



You know, I just - I just want

total control over my music.



I wanna engineer it.

I wanna mix it.



You know, I wanna - I wanna get

my own say on opening bands.



Then I'd like to, like, stand in back

of bigger pictures of myself.



- That's good.

- And you?



I don't care.



Where should we go?



- To visit my brother.

- You have a brother?



Yeah, I've got a brother, man.

You know that.



Where is he?



Well, I'm thinking he should be

someplace in, uh, the potato state.








- Shut up, Mike.



If I'd known it'd be this hard to start,

I wouldn't have stopped it at all.





I've been on this road before.



This is my road.



Looks like a fucked-up face.



Like it's saying, 'Have a nice day"

or something.



See what I mean, Scott.



Scott, look.









- You need some help with this, man?

- Shut up.



You shut up.



- You suck.

- Do you know anything about bikes?



Yeah, I-I've turned over a few.



Scott, man, where are you going?



Getting away from everything feels good.



Yeah, it does.



When I left home,

the maid asked me where I was off to.



I said, "Wherever, whatever.



Have a nice day."



You had a maid?






If I had a normal family

and a good upbringing...



then I would have been

a well-adjusted person.



Depends on what you call normal.



Yeah, it does.



Well, you know, normal,

like - like a mom and a dad...



and a dog and shit like that.



Normal. Normal.



So you didn't have a normal dog?



- No, I didn't have a dog.

- You didn't have a - a normal dad?



Didn't have a dog or- or-

or a normal dad anyway.



That's all right.

I don't feel sorry for myself.



I mean, I feel like I'm -

I feel like I'm, you know, well-adjusted.



What's a normal dad?



I don't know.



I'd like to talk with you.



I mean, I'd like to really talk with you.



We're talking right now,

but, you know -



I don't know.

I - I don't feel like I can be -



I don't feel like I can be close to you.



I mean, we're close.



Right now we're close, but, I mean -

You know -



uh -



How close? I mean -



I don't know. Whatever.






What do I mean to you?



What do you mean to me?



Mike, you're my best friend.



I know, man. And I - I know -

I know I'm your friend.



We're good friends.

And it's good to be, you know, good friends.



That's a good thing.






So, I just -



That's okay.



We can be friends.



I only have sex

with a guy for money.



Yeah, I know.



And two guys can't love each other.






Well, I - I don't know.

I mean -



I mean, for me...



I could love someone even if I...



you know, wasn't paid for it.



I love you and...



you don't pay me.



- Mike.

- I really want to kiss you, man.



Good night, man.



I love you though.



You know that.



I do love you.



All right. Come here, Mike.



It's just like - Come on.



Just go to sleep.

Come on.







Oh, shit!



Oh, shit! Oh, man!



Looks like this is it.



Can't get the bike started. Cops are coming.

Stuck in the middle of nowhere.



- Yeah?

- With a stolen bike. Yeah, Mike.



Looks like this is the end.





- Matter with your friend?

- I don't know.



I guess he doesn't like cops.



- Oh,yeah?

- That's how it looks.



What are you guys doing out here?



This cycle is one bitch to turn over, man.



But I guess you don't

know anything about motorcycles, huh?



- You're not a motorcycle cop.

- I've turned over a few.







- Wake up, Mikey. The heat's off.





Look, Mike, sandwiches.



Thanks, man.



Did I ever show you this picture

of you and Mom?



That was taken out by the institution.



We used to go out to that place

on the weekends to see 'em.



You were about one year old

at the time, I think.



I hated that fucking place.



Scott, how do you have a kid

this young in an institution?



- W-What does that mean?

- Why were you in an institution?



- Is that what you're askin'me?

- I'm asking you.



Because of Mom.

They didn't think she was safe.



but we were still a family.



Me, you...



and Mom.





- Where you going?

- Pisser.





- Don't give me any of your shit!

- Dick! Dick!



- I don't wanna hear your shit!

- Dick! Dick!



- Don't talk to me like that!

- Dick!



He's all right.

This happens every time we get together.



You want a drink? This?



You like those?

I paint 'em for a livin'.



Sometimes when they're finished

the people don't send the check, so I keep'em.



I kinda like them hangin' around.

They keep me company.





Run free and sure



No man can take



This land from them



I want you to know

the truth about your mother.



I know the truth about my mother.



I mean the real truth.



- I know.

- You don't know.



You wanna go around through life

believing the lies?



Is that what you want?



Listen to me

when I'm talking to you.



You know, she used to go out at night

and look for men when I was asleep.



She'd go out to different bars, you know.



She'd shake her ass at anybody

that was interested.



That's how she met

that guy from Reno...



that low-life, gamblin' cowboy fuck.



He worked at one of

those big casinos in Vegas.



He got fired for fuckin' with the cards.



He was a real scumbag.



but your mother loved him.



She loved him.



She had it in her head that

she wanted to marry this guy...



and go off with him and -

and have a little family...



with the house and the -

the white picket fence...



and the dog and the fuckin'station wagon.



All that shit.



But he didn't want to marry her.



He didn't love her.



That's around the time

that you were born.



Now, she had a gun.

She used to have this gun.



It was a-a Smith & Wesson.   revolver.



And she loved this gun. She loved this gun.

She used to sleep with it.



She used to stir-fry the vegetables

with the loaded gun.



I remember, I used to say,

'Sharon, what're you doin'?



'You stir-frying vegetables

with the gun?



You're gonna blow a hole

through the frying pan. "



So, one night she goes

to the drive-in movie...



with this cowboy fuck.



Jesus Christ. What -What the fuck

was the name of that movie now?



- It was a western.

- Rio bravo?



Right, Rio bravo.

It was a John Wayne movie.



During the movie...



she takes this gun,

sticks it in his mouth...



and blows his brains out.



Rio bravo on the big screen.



John Wayne on his horse

ridin' through the desert.



Spilled popcorn all over the front seat

soakin' up the blood.



Oh, come on, man.

How corny.



This is why she had to leave.



And that guy-



That guy is your real father.



Don't fuck me in the head

anymore, man!



I know the fucking truth!

I know who my fucking real dad is!



Who is it? Who?



- Who?

- Dick, you!



Richard,you're my dad.

I know that.



You know too much.



She doesn't want to

see me like this, man.



I got this from her, I don't know,

a few months ago.



Fuckin' got blood all over it.

Did you cut your hand?






"Dear honey, found a job in the lounge

of the Family Tree in Snake River.



If you're ever out this way,

look me up. Love, Mom."



"Rooms, phones, color TV.



"Wall-to-wall carpeting,

and efficiently controlled electric heat...



combination tub and showers,

game table -"



"And two reading chairs,

with some connecting rooms."



It sounds so nice.

I wouldn't mind living here.



I'm gonna look her up, man.



Sharon. Sharon.



There was a Sharon who worked here

about a year ago, but she split.



Saved up all her money

and headed for Italy.



- To Italy?

- Yeah, Italy.



Took her forever

to save any cash...



but, uh, she finally did it

and flew away.



Said she was lookin' for her family.

Guess she was Italian.



She didn't look Italian though.

She, uh, left us this address.



Sharon Waters, Via Casoli, Settevene...



R-Rome - Roma? Rome.

She's in Rome, Italy.



- There's that guy.

- What guy?



Guy who gave us a ride

from Portland.



- Oh, yeah. What's his name?

- What's he doing here?



- I don't know. Is his name Hans? Hans?

- Hans.



That's it as usual.

Thank you very much.



Scott. Mike.



- Hey.

- How nice to run into you boys.



- How have you been?

- Gut.



See you later.











- What?

- I'm extremely excited.



I just got in.

Could you please wait your turn?



but don't you want

anything to eat, Mike?



- We are ordering room service,yes?

- Room service?



Yeah. Uh, four orders of large french fries...



extra crispy, and some Coke.



And that's all.



That makes four portion

of french fries...



very crispy, and a large Coke.



- Is that correct now, Mike?

- Ja. Ja. Ja.



Thank you very much, Mike.

Thank you.



- Thank you.

- See you soon.



- What?

- See you soon.



Yeah, right.



I must show you something.



My mother.



Heaven bless her soul.

She died seven years ago.



She's very beautiful.



I think so.



You want to see it?



She looks just like you.



Thank you.



Well, what do we have?



You know, before I was selling pieces...



for cars...



I was a performer.



Great time I had,

being on many stages -



Put it on.



- Yes? You like it? Okay.

- Yeah.



Let's make some room.



Put out the light.



Turn on the music.













- Oh, sitting on a bullet

- Oh, sitting on a bullet



Thinking of power



Every hour






Being in space



Controlling the world



With a different face



Face, face, face






New York, Moscow











Thank you very much.

Long time ago.



Well, tell me something.



How did you boys get so far?

To Idaho?



I only left you in Portland

a couple of days ago, right?



We rode on our trusty motorcycle.



And what brings you to this

exciting Family Tree Inn?



- Business.

- Business?






What kind of business?



- We're selling motorcycles.

- Okay.



Let's go down, us...



for some... business, right?










You know why I stopped you?



You was going too fast

for this road.



For going too fast on this road,

I'm gonna give you a ticket.



A speeding ticket.



- You like your bike?

- Mm-hmm.



Well, I'm still

gonna give you a ticket.



What's your name?



- Hans.

- Hans?



- Kline.

- Kline?



K-L-I -



Do you have any baggage?








- Enjoy your flight.

- Thanks.











Mike! Mike, over here!







So, what did they want?



I told them to take care of you

while I got a taxi.










- Scusa.






Is this your house?



- What?

- um...



la tua casa?



No, this is my uncle's house...



but he's not here now.






My name is Scott.






- My name is Carmella.

- How do you do?



um, how do you do?



I - Good.






An American woman?



Yeah, do you know her?






um, but is not - is not true

that she lives here.



- It isn't true?

- No, she -



She left a long time ago.



Back to America.



Oh, shit.



Was she your friend?



Yeah. She lived here, and...



'cause I wanted to learn English...



she - she - she taught -

she taught it to me.



Oh. Well...



your English is very good.



Oh, this is my friend.



- This is Mike.

- Mike.



- Mike?

- Michael.



- Hi.

- Carmella.



- Hi.

- She knows your mom.



Really? Where?



No, she -



I'll be right back.



- uh, Mike?

- Mom!





My mom's house was blue.



No, it was green.



It was green.



How could I forget that?



Da-da, da-da-da, da-dum



Da-dum, da-da-da, da-da-da







Thanks for comin' all this way, though, man.



I'm ready to leave whenever you are.
















- Grande.



- Tanta fame?

- Yeah.



- Tanta fame?

- "Tanta" what?



- Tanta fame?

- Oh, yeah.



- You know what "fame" is?

- Hungry.



- Hungry. Hungry.

- Hungry.






bacio. bacio.



- "Bacio"?

- bacio.



This is bacio.











- Yeah?







What is it?



It's nothing.



No? Okay.



- Come on.

- No. Stay, please.



- All right.

- Look.



There is a castagna here inside.



- 'La castagna"?

- Castagna.






La castagna.



Know what it's for?



Eh, if- If they were bigger,

you could eat.



If they're bigger.



I understand.



- Do you?

- Yes.



I know how you feel.



I think I fall in love.







I'm gonna take a little time off.



You know...



maybe I'll run into you down the road.



There's some cash.

That's your share from the bike.



I fell in love, Mike.



I'm sorry.



I'm really sorry

we didn't find your mom.
















- Hmm?






- What?







- Tuo fisico.

- 'Tuo fisico"?



- Bravo, così.













Signore. Signore.



Wake up.

We are in the Portland Airport.



We're here. Whoa.






Please extinguish cigarettes. Thank you.





Oh, man. Where were you?



Forty D's?



So, how's your wife?



You're not very talkative tonight, man.

That's cool.



Where we goin'?



That should just about do it.

Man alive, there's nothing better...



than a hamburger grilled to perfection.



Cool, man.



Your burgers are getting cold, g-

Holy Moly!














Hey, bob.



George, what blew you in?



Remember that rotgut shit we used to drink

on the streets- the wino wine?



Well, I got three jugs

hidden in a bush on   nd.



We're talkin' hard-core fun, man.



All we need to do is put

a ride together to the bush...



and we're in business.



I'm afraid if I shared your wine...



I might catch this awful disease

you appear to have.



My jacket would grow little zippers

all over it,



and my toes would have

jingle bells on them like those there.



Bob, chill out. Is it true that

you're the greatest man on the street...



- that you own the street?

- That is correct.



Well, then you can get us

a ride to see God. Do it.



- If it isn't Scotty Favor himself.



Dressed in a three-piece suit,

looking every bit a gentleman!



- Who, man?

- Scott Favor.



He's run headlong into his inheritance.



George, Budd...






I have waited for this day to come.







Scotty, I haven't seen you in a dog's age.



You're lookin' well. So grown up.



Scotty, I'd like you to meet Tiger Warren.



He's with Muchísimo Más restaurants.



- Tiger, Scotty Favor.

-Jack Favor's son?



Hello, I'm pleased to meet you.

Awfully sorry about your father.



It's really all right.

The, uh, family is taking it very hard...



but we live on with his memory.



Scott, you ever considered

a political career?





Come, George. Watch this.



You'll see the reception that I get.



Hey,you guys, look at this.



It's true, we're drawing

attention to ourselves, but...



Scotty will witness

that I'm dying to see him...



and it won't matter

how we're dressed.



God save you!

God save you, my sweet boy.



Scotty, my own true friend!



I mean you, Scotty. It's me, Bob!



I don't know you, old man.



Please leave me alone.



When I was young

and you were my street tutor...



an instigator for my bad behavior,

I was planning a change.



There was a time when I had

the need to learn from you...



my former and psychedelic teacher.



And although I love you more dearly

than my dead father...



I have to turn away.



Now that I have,

and until I change back...



don't come near me.



O-U-T. Out.























Scott Favor broke his heart.



Sure is quiet.



He's either in heaven or hell now.



be sure it isn't to hell.



He's tried to be an honest sort.



I'm the one who heard him

cry out last night.



He said, "God, God, God"...



three or four times.



And when I got there, I put my hand

into the bed and felt his feet.



And they were cold as stones.



And I checked the rest ofhis body...



and it, too, was as cold as stone.



In the name of the Father, and of the Son...



and of the Holy Ghost, amen.



"I am the resurrection and the life,

sayeth the lord.



"He that believeth in me,

though he were dead, yet shall he live.



"And whoever liveth

and believeth in me shall never die.



'Lay not up for yourselves

treasures upon earth...



'where moths and rust do corrupt

and where thieves break through and steal.



'but lay up for yourselves

treasures in heaven...



'where neither moth

nor rust corrupt...



'and where thieves do not

break through and steal.



"For where your treasure is,

there shall your heart be also.



- 'I know that my redeemer liveth...



'Whom I shall see for myself

and mine eyes shall behold.



'be not deceived.

God is not mocked.



'For whatsoever a man soweth,

that shall he also reap.



Bob, Bob, Bob, Bob







bob, bob, bob

bob, bob, bob






bob, bob, bob



'For he that soweth to his flesh,

shall of the flesh reap corruption.



Bob, Bob-Bob










Bob! Bob! Bob!



'but he that soweth to the Spirit

shall of the Spirit...



'reap life everlasting.



Bob! Bob! Bob!





And their going from us

to be utter destruction. "





Bob! Bob! Bob!








I'm a connoisseur of roads.





Been tasting roads my whole life.



This road...



will never end.



It probably goes...



all around...



the world.















When I first came to London



I was only   



With a fiver in my pocket



And my old dancing bag



I went down to the dilly



To check out the scene



but I soon ended up

upon the old main drag



Where the he-males

and the she-males



Paraded in style



And the old man with the money

would flash you a smile



In the dark of an alley

you would work for a five



For a swift one off the wrist

down on the old main drag



In the cold winter nights

the old town it was chill



but there were boys in the cafés



Who'd give you cheap pills



If you didn't have the money



You'd cajole and you'd beg



There was always lots of Tuinal



On the old main drag



One evening as I was lying



Down in Leicester Square



I was picked up by the coppers



And kicked in the balls



between the metal doors at Vine Street



I was beaten and mauled



And they ruined my good looks



For the old main drag



In the tube station



The old ones who were on the way out



Would dribble and vomit



And grovel and shout



And the coppers would come along



And push them about



And I wished I could escape from



The old main drag



And now I am lying here



I have had too much booze



I've been spat on and shat on



And raped and abused



I know that I am dying

and I wish I could beg



For some money to take me

from the old main drag





Deep night



Stars in the sky above






Lighting our place of love



Night winds



Seem to have gone to rest



Two eyes



brightly with love are gleaming



Come to my arms, my dear one



My sweetheart, my own



Vow that you'll love me always



And be mine alone



Deep night



Whispering trees above



Kind night



bringing you nearer

dearer and dearer



Deep night



Deep in the arms



Of love


Special help by SergeiK