My Summer Of Love Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the My Summer Of Love script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the movie starring Nathalie Press and Emily Blunt.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of My Summer Of Love. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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My Summer Of Love Script



are you all right



- did you crush or something? -



- no, i was just resting -



- what's your name-



- Mona-



- You don't look like a "Mona"-



it's not my real name -



- It's cause of "me" brother -



- We're always playing when we're kids

and he started call me like a "mona" -



- as my real name is Lisa -



- Mona-Lisa

you get it? -



- Yeah, I've studied the original -



-I'm Tamsin -



- I like your bike -



- Ya?It's a Honda -



-It doesn't appear to have an engine



- it's rolling... -



- What's the point of a bike without

an engine?-



- Well. I'm getting one

next week

-Ok -



- This is where I live -



I've never seen you here

before -



- Yeah, this is cause I'm here only my

school hollidays -



-You've got in

a boarding school? -



-yeah, but i've just been




- Aparently, I'm under a bad influence

of people -



- Won't you come in? -



- Nah, I've got to go

Ok, but drop by if you could



-You've got invited

I'm here all know



- What are you doing? -



- A fair thing, don't I..-



- You are a bastard -



- This is what you are -



- And I want this place

back the way it was  -



- It can't be-



- I looked to the Pub and I thought

god..what I've been doing?  -



Thank you Lord

I now see what i can do



- Our room is not a Pub



our room is a spiritual center where



people can come and learn

about Jesus Christ -



because we will give

this valley back to Jesus Crist



-Because people live spiritual fullfilment -



They need to know that the

Lord is there for them



-they need an echo of it



- They need to know

their Lord -



- will you help me do this -



-How great is The Lord -



- We gonna bring love to this




- We gonna bring the name of

Jesus Crist to the

lost people of this valley



-We would let them know

that He is there for them



Thank you -



- don't question the name of




- come to me darling

come to me -



- more passion, more passion...

just give him strenght Lord-



-let' go out somewhere now -



-somewhere nice like a club

or something



- Look, I've have had enough of this -



- It's over between me and you now -



What? -



- Look,we've got good fun,

now it's finished



- Get in the car

i take you down now -



- You've could have told me that before

Oh i'm gonna

in the car -



-No, fucking real, I'm not

suit yourself



- You are a pig -



- Hello-



- Is Tamsin in?-

- Yeah, she's in her room, as usual

Have fun



It was "This one" by Saint-Saens



- I live above "This one" -



- The Pub-



- You live in a Pub-



- yeah...boy, it's not like a Pub anymore

it's like my temple -



-You see Me brother

He found God -



- Our god found him

He's been born again -



- And Pub now is more like not so much like a

place to drink, it's a place to pray



- anyway

he love to be born again... -



-So it's just you and your brother

in the Pub -



-Yes, just me, me brother and God -



- Is he completely mad? -



- yeah -



- what happened to him



- he went inside and

he came out phoney-



he went to prison?-




-what for? -



robbery, burgery




fighting people-



-What about your parents -



- i don't know me dad -



and me mom is dead -



-what she died of? -



- cancer-



- my sister died of anorexia -



-oh no-



- that's her there -



- that's Sadie -



- She's been beautiful -



-yeah, she was-



- do you think i look like her




-have you read Nietzsche?







- This was great philosopher

and he just believed that -



- you know people, there are some people

that are put on this planet

you are made to succeed-



- or just made to blossom and

it doesn't matter how many things

they suffer-



- it doesn't matter

as long as they succeed

you know like Shakespeare and Wagner-



- And your borther with

all that crap, i mean Nietzsche would strangle him




- with all that stuff about God -



- God's dead -



-God's dead

this is what is real,it's  here -



- here and now -



- Yeah, you should read him

I think you'd like him -



- Or Freud, you know -



- So, what are you gonna do

with your life? -



-I'm gonna be a lawyer -



- I'm gonna get a job ...-



-work really hard -



- get by famous like a bastard -



-and chillin out all this kids right -



- with mental problems -



- and then i'm gonna wait

for menopause -



- or cancer -



- God is dead -



-Good night brother -



- Ok,  -



- i  just go talk to her -



- what was all about Mona? -



- I don't know

it's just you and your friends

down there -



- you crack me all -



- sorry -



-i just imagine

with you being a room leader -



- i mean, you-



- why you're always trying to

hit in me? -



- because i think that you are

a fucking fake, that's why -



- what's wrong with you?-



- I just miss me brother

I'm here  -



that ain't you



did it?-



Mona, this is me-



- this is the real me -



- I want the old Phil -



-well, that old Phil didn't make me

very happy -



- he made me happy -



- i loved my brother -



- he used to be real-



- I've gotn't any family -



- me home-



- no one fancies me -



- come here -



- Oh Jesus watch over

this child -



- watch her always -



- back up -



- I'm lookin for Mona, is she there? -



- Yeah, she's here, she's

in there -



- Thank you -



- Could you wait me here?-



-On the left, inside -



- What's he making?

-A cross -



- He's putting it up to the top of the hill

to clean the valley off evil-



- Now.. these are nice -



- thanks -



- they're me mum's

when she used to be "this one" -



- are you done?yeah



- I've got a cab waiting outside

what for?-



- cause we're going

where? -



- you'll see -



-ok -



- what do you think of

this place

it's funny-



- and that one, that is special

-you see that house there?




- and the posh Jaguar parked

outside? -



- It's my dad's car -



and he comes here

quite a lot, i think -



- cause this is where his girlfriend

lives -



- and..his secretary..nice -



- and he is in there now

he must be in there now

with his car there -



- and you know

he is fucking her now




- and  he bend her over

and he is fucking her up in  her ass -



- oh should to see her -



- she's just a dog  she's a fucking whore



-and she's also blond hair and

big tits and this high heels  -



- and she's got no fucking brains

she's got nothing -



- This is Edith Piaf -



-I just adore her -



- She was this marvelous parisien

woman -



- ...and she had such a wonderful

tragic life -



- and she was married three times-



- and each husband died

in misterious circumstances -



-and the last one was

a boxing champion -



- ..and she killed him

with a fork



- and she not even gone

to prison -



- because in France,

crimes of passion are

forgiven -



-so my mother is off somewhere

with some dodgy company  -



- pretending to be

an actress -



- while my father's busy

with his secretary -



- so, i'm practically an orphan -



- this is the main guest

bedroom -



- but it is dirty of dust

because we're not even

have many guests -



- excuse me -



- this my noon mother's

rehearsal room-



- this is my favorite bathroom -



- this is Sadie's room -




it's such a turn into

a bedroom of sanctuary



- because when she died

my mother wanted to keep everything-



- exactly as it was -



- you don't go in?-



- oh, and the whole house

is really creepy so you're

going to stay with me -



- common -



- if you're hear any strange noises

in the night, don't panic -



- it's just the furniture cricking

cause it's an old house -



- night

-night -



- wake up wake up -



-morning -



- morning -



- I didn't know what you wanted

so i just got you everything-



- what are your plans for today -



- manicure, pedicure

full body wax -



- get in the car... -



- what about you?

i'm gonna buy you an engine -



- this is me favorite rock -



- it's like a strange cathedral -



- I don't feel like in

me old town -



- What you mean -



- It don't feel the same

i like it.with you -



- which one do you

want -



- that one -



- which one?

this -



- try this one-



- you could have that

i don't want it -



- honest? -



- God, you're looking beautiful -



- It was Sadie's dress -



- I felt so useless -



- You know it was my only sister

my beautiful sister

and she started to turn into this monster -



- and all the bones

in that body...they started to




-... like a death spell...


            a warewolf -



- and she stopped smiling

she couldn't smiling anymore -



- because she was throwing up

all the time, and she vomit acid

and her teeth were going yellow -



- and she stoped smiling

she stoped living-



- i miss her so much

i miss her so much

-let it out -



- don't cry

don't cry "mia amica"

shhhh -



- who is it? -



- I think it's your brother

fuck -



- how does he know you are here? -



-I've told him -



- do you fucking a lot? -



- it give me kicks -



- who'd that be?.. -



- there's a guy -



- i've gone around with -



- what's he like?-



- ummm-



- he's like a man

you know... -



- not like a boy -



- not like a boy of school

he would... like a man-



-that's strong and overcome

and he used to go driving -



- He used to take me in places




-wanna  know? did he shake you? -



- what you mean? -



- how would he do it? -



- horribly? -



- no -



-just normal

i mean..



i don't know



- show me -



- do you wanna see? -



-do you?-



- do you wanna be shaken

by Ricky?-



- do you?yes-



- are you ready?

yes -



- serious?

yes -



- no joking

no joking -



- ok

go -



- i'm on it -



- let me show you-



- oh Mona -



- no turn around -



- oh you so good mona -



- that's it -



that's it?



- is that it? -



- are you in love with him still?




- were you ever? -



- I thought i were -



- then why did

you dump him? -



- he dumped me -



- why? -



- he said he couldn't be

bothered anymore-



anyway, he had wife and kids -



men like that should be




- you are clever-



- you should teach that Rick a lesson -



- That's Rick -



- You didn't mention

he is fat -



- he is not

he is all muscle

oh right... -



- all right

come on -



- hello

hi -



god, this is really hard

but this is my friend, Mona



and she just had to have an abortion



and what's that has to do

with me?

it was your husband's fetus



Basically, what he did

was completely to waste it...

and he took advantage of her



and now she is clinically depress

as you can see it

i mean she's just catatonic



she haven't said a word since

have you Mona?



I mean it could the time

you not satisfied him enough at home

i mean...



we all know we have a certain age

we all get sad but you know...



..maybe you should keep your husband looked up

maybe you should castrate

your husband..



why won't you two just go out

and leave me and my family alone...?



It's fully understand?

-get out of my face?

don't touch me!



leave my family alone!



hi there






would you be there tomorrow

won't you?



i have no absolutely any intention

to be part at your crucification



would you be there please,

for me...



can i come?




i need you there, Mona



We're going!



they go there...



Is he got a girlfriend?



As he thought of it...

he's got god

he's too busy with god



With god is like that

one long life orgasm



from you're born until you're dying

sin never goes down on him



if anything goes wrong we're slowly

bring it down again, ok?








Ok again we deserve aplauze



if i can be saved

anybody can be saved,

anybody can be saved



the Lord Jesus started speaking to




he told me to build this cross



to claim this valley back,

in his name, for Him



because there's evil work in this valey



there's evil in this valley



and it manifests itself in

hundreds of ways



one person who's closer to god




for our actions

then that's a victory



it's a victory for everybody here



we don't pray for richies,

we pray for fullfilments in our souls

and in our hearts first before, most of all



but i have prayed for my sister,

who's there now



this is the power of prayer

cause i've prayed to Lord for

my sister



I've prayed that she'd be set free

because i know she's in turmoil



and so often

i can't reach out and tell her



but I've prayed for her Lord



I pray cause i love her



And I know that the Lord

is answering to my prayers



he answers all our prayers



...yes lord...



do you really think that

there is darkness in this valey?



oh absolutely ye

there's darkness everywhere



what about the devil?



yeah i know i was filled with Devil

at one point



what were you like?



i wasn't really a nice guy

i didn't think enough and

pour a glass in your face



pounching you in the




and is it that Devil did that?



yeah, the Devil drove me




the Devil want you to do bad things

and he's got a grip of you



must be interesting to believe in something



yeah, but remember

there is Devil and there is God

and he is powerfull anywhere



I am the Devil and I have

come to kill you



I am possesed and I'll throw you..



I raise my hands on you..

you I am a child of




..........leave your body...!!!



spirits say is anyone else




do you push that?



you pushed it

I bloody did not



who is there?















who the fuck is sad









sadie..i'm not moving it



i swear i'm not



sadie is that you?






I don't think we should

carry on



are you in peace?






why are you not in peace?















do you blame dad sadie?

do you blame dad?






it's bollocks



no, it's not...



he didn't love her enough

that is why she died



it's still hair in it...



it's like she's still here






we comunicate with sadie












thank you

good man



i love you all




we must never be parted



do you hear me




are you listening to me?




we're gonna spent the rest of

our lives together



i know



if you leave i'll kill you



if you leave i'll kill you



and then i kill myself



i love you



i love you






i've got the most blackcorns

for breakfast



ok, it doesn't matter how many you brought




it's not enough for breakfast



i know



i'm fucking freezing, i've been

into shivers i wanna go home



i'm sick of this place







let's go back






It's in Egypt



why would you wanna go there?















It's in Siberia



It's your brother



Just ignore him



he'll go away



It's an attractive man

your brother



I'll seek some spiritual guidance from him



Yeah, go on... it would be funney...






Oh hi




is Mona here with you?



No, but she'll be back

in a moment



Oh right



why don't you wait here?

-would that be ok?







you can wait in the

sitting room




Actually, there is something

i wanna talk to you about



I have a real problem believing in anything



or anyone....



-and i can't stop thinking about

that day on the hill



when you made that speech




and the way you spoke



and everything you said...

i just believed you



it was just god speaking thru me



The Lord is the truth






everything you were saying about the Devil




and all the demons



you really believed that



oh yeah



i've already met the demons



and what did you do?



I've asked Jesus Christ to

come into my life



I've asked me to free me from




and He came and

He washed 'em away



I can do the same for you



But He never speaks to me



But you have to pray to Him



ask Him



- To come into your heart



and He will



he is a gentle God



He is a God of love



and he knows you



he knows every hair on your head



I can't feel Him



I can't feel anything

I just feel empty



-Lord can feel you



He's in this room now



He needs to be close to you



and He want you to ask Him

to come into your heart



he wants to reach out

and touch you



He want you to feel Him



He wants to come inside you



and overwhelm you with joy



I want him to



do not resist him



It's too easy

you're fucking fraude



Tam, Tam



Help me







come here..



I'm sorry I've got violent..ok?



is that it?




there is something with that girl going on

inside her



this things that driving her



you saw what happened to me

didn't you?



we need you to promise me

you'd stay away from her



i love her

she loves me



we're going away together, forever

and we are never coming back









what are you doing?



Phil, don't lock myself in



Phil,... please






Phil open the door..





-Don't leave me Lord



Father we just pray and you just

help us in our prayers



please you just don't leave us

helpless Father



we just pray, Father

you just reach into her life






Father will you put words into his heart

into his mouth Father



that he will be able to deliver Jesus

to his sister, Father



that she will be saved, you're understanding Father...



You just shut up!



just shut up!



stupid girl



stupid girl



stupid girl



don't do this to me



I love you



I am the Antichrist and I am...



everything's ok man?



fucking not!




chill out

just fucking go






don't fucking touch me

get out



get out


you bunch of fakes



go,.. fuck off!



get out!



Fucking move!

move it!!!



get out

and take the fucking books with you












What's going on Tam?



I'm going back to school..



Excuse me...



Can i have my top back, please?



You're Sadie..!!!




cand i have my top, please?



I've got to go back to school, Mona..



You've always known that...



Look..I couldn't be myself

back front of my mother...



Anyway...I were just playing a part

Wasn't even me...


            know me



you know me..



Don't be upset about Sadie..

Sadie was just..



Sadie was just a bit of poetic licence,

I mean I am a fantasist



You can't tell me we weren't have any fun..?!



I've never met anyone like you



Please don't be angry with me...



What the fuck are you doing?!!



You're a fucking crazy bitch!

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