Mystery Train Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Mystery Train script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Jim Jarmusch movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Mystery Train. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it (halfway to go), so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Mystery Train Script




It's been such a long time. It seems

like we've been on this train forever.



Hey, how much longer 'til Memphis?



Two more days.



There's a time difference in America.



Jun, Memphis!

We're here! We're here!



And two days early, too.



Great echo!






It's a lot different

than Yokohama station.



I like Yokohama station better.



It's modern.



Are you kidding?



Memphis station is a lot better.



It's antique and has

a nice atmosphere.



I like Yokohama station better.



Modern atmosphere.



I like it here better.



A light!






You're welcome.



Hey, he spoke Japanese!



Thank you very much!



Sun Studio's at     Union Avenue,

but you know...



I still would rather

go to Graceland first. Elvis' house...



Sun Studio first.



They all recorded there...



not just Elvis.



Carl Perkins...



Yeah, but Elvis is still the King.



OK, OK, Graceland first,

just to get it out of the way.



Then we'll go to Graceland first?






Let's go!






Maybe we should go

to Sun Studio first.



No, Graceland.



Look! Sun Studio!



I thought we were

going to Graceland.



Yeah, so did I.



She talks so fast!



I'm all worn out...



Not Graceland right now.

Is that OK?



Yeah, it's OK with me.



But I was sort of looking

forward to going to Graceland.



Really? I thought you

didn't want to go.



Let's just walk around.






Hey, my turn in front.



Elvis Presley, the King.



Carl Perkins was better.



You know, Memphis does

look like Yokohama.



Just more space.



If you took away sixty percent

of the buildings in Yokohama...



it would look like this.



This doesn't look

anything like Yokohama!



This is America,

and the city of Elvis.



We didn't have Elvis in Japan.



This is nothing like Japan.



Look, a hotel!



Looks like a fun one!



Should we stay there?



What'd he say?



I'm not exactly sure.



I think it's twenty-two dollars.






There he is again!



Yeah, and no Carl Perkins.



No TV.



No TV.



Watch it!



Jun, why do you only take

pictures of the rooms we stay in...



and never what we see

outside, while we travel?



Those other things are in my memory.



The hotel rooms and the airports

are the things I'll forget.



Yeah, I guess so...



Oh, did I show you my

important discoveries?



Look at him.



Study his face carefully.



Now, look at this.



This guy was an ancient Middle Eastern

King. Looks just like him, right?



Elvis as the Buddha.



The Statue of Liberty in

New York. She's Elvis too!






Elvis was even more

influential than I thought.



That's right!



There's one more!









Madonna looks like Elvis, too.



Oh no, not Madonna!



Give me a break!



Why do you always have

such a sad face? Are you unhappy?



I'm very happy.



That's just the way my face is.



Can't I do anything

to cheer you up?



Now you look a little happier.






Let me light it for you.






So, now do you feel

a little happier?



I feel the same.



I was already happy.



Don't you think you wear

too much lipstick?



What are you looking at?






Is it like Yokohama with

sixty percent of the buildings gone?



No, nothing like that.



This isn't Yokohama.



This is America.



What are you thinking about?



To be eighteen...



feels cool...



and so far from Yokohama...



It feels cool to be in Memphis.



Nothing on now.






Do women...



always worry about their hairstyle?



What are you talking about?



In all the times we've made love...



and this is number eleven, I've never

once thought about my hairstyle.






And if that's what you're thinking...



try shaving first next time...



It hurts my face.



But I just shaved two days ago.






Hold me.






Wake up. It's morning.



The hotel is on fire.



Don't you want to go to Graceland...



home of Elvis Presley?



Let me sleep.



It's my favorite thing...



to sleep.



You sleep too much.



You spend half your life

in your dreams.






but sleep is wonderful.



And when you're dead,

you don't get to sleep ever again...



which means no more dreams...



Don't forget these.






But they belong to the hotel!



In America towels are included

in the price of the room.



Everyone knows that.



Well, they won't really fit in here.



That's because you have a

hundred tee-shirts in there.



I only brought two shirts.



Get rid of some tee-shirts.



No way!

They're part of my collection.



We're not getting rid of any of these.



Never, never, never-- Never!



Okay, then.



Go ahead.



But not both of them.



Pack the one I used.



The one I used is drier.



Yeah, but mine's cleaner.



You didn't take a bath.



Pack it neatly.



Was that a gun?






This is America.



That's everything, isn't it?



Did we forget anything?






It's me!



In Memphis.






In the south of

the United States, in Tennessee.



We had a little trouble, some

stupid thing with the airplane, yeah.



Yeah, a little problem.



Don't worry.



Tomorrow we've got

a connecting flight...



and we arrive in Rome

the day after tomorrow.



I don't know.



How should I know

where I'll stay tonight?



I'm okay...



that's just the way life is.






We saw Graceland this morning...



and by tonight we'll have seen

Fats Domino's house in New Orleans!


Special help by SergeiK