Narc Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! The Narc transcript is here, for all you fans of the Joe Carnahan movie. The Narc script was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of the movie. I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Por que estas aqui?

No, not te me...

Porque estas aqui?

No, no, no, que estas haciendo.





Mommy, Mommy!

Please, help me.

Please, help me.


It's okay.


Mr. Dowd was pronounced dead on arrival, Detroit Sinai.

Perforated cranial pan,

projectile fragmentation... frontal lobe.

Now, the woman, Jeanine Mueller, she subsequently lost the child.

Uterine damage, hemorrhaging on admittance.

The infant died due to blood loss

suffered by the mother.

Hospital records indicate

acute fetal trauma, gunshot wound.

This material was covered some months ago.

Why is it being brought up again?

Have you had contact with Ms. Mueller?

I have spoken to her, yes.

On what occasion did you speak with Ms. Mueller,

and what prompted the conversation?

I'm not going to answer that. That's a personal...

Do you think, in retrospect,

acting perhaps less aggressively,

this might have been prevented?

What might have been prevented?

The infant's death.

That's very dangerous, you know that?


Yeah, but not for this... toe cheese.


I'll bite it off.

He's going to wake up.

If the smell didn't wake him up already, he's out.

My feet smell?


Yeah. Hi.


So, what?

So, how'd it go?

It went.


What can I say?

What did you say?

What do you think?

Ma'am, let me just, uh...

Sorry, your name, again?

Liz Detmer.

Right, right, Ms. Detmer.

My, uh, duty assignment

was solely undercover narcotic work.

Do you have any idea what that entails?

I have a general idea, yes.


Well, then, generally speaking, Ms. Detmer,

you don't know what the fuck you're talking about.

They expect you to come in

with this, "glad to be here" bullshit,

head hung low, hat in hand.

Yeah, that's ridiculous.

Well, they're not going to forget.

It's all what they say.

Then I don't understand why, you know,

you went and talked to them.

'Cause they asked.

Mr. Tellis,

that's not necessary.

If you haven't seen what I've seen,

or done what I've done,

you don't know where I'm coming from.

I am not an officer of the law, Mr. Tellis,

and, therefore, I have no formal training.

But I would expect someone that did

would perhaps behave judiciously,

exercising discretion and restraint

in necessary quantities...

Jesus Christ, lady.

Look, we can do this all goddamn day.

You want to assess all this blame?

I'm going to call you on it.

So what is this?

I mean, I can make it very simple for you.

You want to talk? I'll talk.

I have no problem with that.

But if this becomes some half-ass ambush,

and you're putting me under the lamp,

I will walk. Now.

Are you familiar with the Michael Calvess case?

Uh... Yes.

He was murdered.

Yes, I'm aware of that.

This investigation, as you may or may not know,

has stretched over 60 days,

and failed to produce any tangible evidence

or yield a single suspect.

It has not, however, deterred or diminished

our efforts to apprehend and punish those responsible.

Throughout your undercover stint,

you maintained prolonged contact with the city's drug element.

Would that be an accurate statement?

I had some relationships.

Is it fair to say,

given your rather abrupt discharge

from the ranks 18 months ago,

that your cover and those contacts might remain intact?

We feel that your presence

in this investigation would be invaluable,

and would warrant complete reinstatement,

homicide division,

detective grade.

When the suspects are caught

and charged, and a verdict rendered,

you would be eligible

for the assignment of your choosing,

commensurate to sentencing.


I'm sorry?

I'm not interested.

Bear in mind, Mr. Tellis,

if I may be so bold, that career opportunities

in law enforcement...

What a fucking waste of time that was.


Captain Mitchell Cheevers.

- Thanks for coming down, man. - Oh, sure.

Come on, listen, I want to apologize for in there, okay?

They get paid to put people on the spot.

They made their money today.

All right, come on, hey, hold on.

You're going to make me fucking chase you?

Come on, give me ten seconds.

Go ahead.

- Calvess was a cop. - Yeah.

Okay, he didn't deserve this.

Nobody does.

Fine, good, then help me out.


Come on, help me catch these motherfuckers.

Man, just come down here.

Just-just look at the files, would you?

Help me out.

I think that's ten.

Time's up.

For who?

What the fuck else are you going to do?

They offering you something?

They asked me to look at some files.


I swear to God.

Yeah, files.


'Cause they got a dead cop

and dead ends and they're reaching.

This welfare-pension bullshit is not going to cut it.

I know that.

You just do something else, then.


I do something else?

- Yeah. - Okay.

What would that be?

Hey, Sergeant, has, uh,

Michael Calvess' personal effects cleared yet?


Lieutenant Oak, per departmental mandate

is restricted from participating

in the Calvess investigation any further.

That's the log line, and...

that's the way it's been worded to me.

Why is that?


he and Calvess were close.

He'd been on collateral narcotic investigations for over a year.

He was the first one in the tunnel that day.

He discovered the body.

I like him. I do.

He's got a 93% conviction rate.

He's swingin' a big stick.

He makes solid collars that make solid cases.

But... between you and me, he's not stable.

You don't even know

what the fuck you're planning on, man.

Come on.


You're an idiot. You don't even know.

You ought to know...

He's all of that shit

a cop just cannot be, not right now.

Not in this city.

Not in this department.

We're talking about a marked name.

Henry, what the fuck, man?!

I swear to fucking God, if I get another call

you're beating on your wife and kids,

you're fucking dead!

Get off me! Get the fuck off me!

- Get off! - Shit!

What the fuck!

Go get this piece of shit out of here!

I mean, listen, Captain, we can both sit here and say,

or we can assume that he's just adhering

to this department ban on his involvement.

You're a smart guy. You know that's bullshit.

Well, I would hope so.

Yes, but again...

it's only a matter of time

before IAD brings down an indictment on him.

Listen, do yourself a favor, concerning Oak, um...

I would just blow out all this bullshit,

go to Convicts and Ethics Inquiries,

and hinge this whole thing on his involvement.

Would that be up to

and including your own involvement?

I don't understand.


if I go to bat for him,

I'm going to have to do it contingent

on you being his partner for the duration.

The duration of what?

The duration

of the investigation.

Hey, you asked me to read some files, and I did.

You know, the tale of the tape is...

and this is nothing you don't already know...

is that your best shot

at breaking this is bringing him back on,

and just go off the work he's already done.

I don't want to waste any more time.

Do you want on this case roster... yes or no?

I am not looking for active assignment.

I don't...

I-I want a paycheck... okay?

I mean, this three-quarters is not cutting the shit.

I don't need, I don't want...

I don't want to be out

with some guy playing nine-ball on some perp's skull.

I'll tell you that.

I want a desk.

I need a desk.

Fine. Get me a conviction, I'll get you a desk.

Like that?

Just like that.

Why don't we get some coffee?

You must be somebody's something special.

No, not really.

No, not really?

Getting them to reassign me to a case

that I'd been so resoundedly removed from?

You got to admit, that takes some people to pull.

It's not what I did.

It's what you did.

The work you put in.

They know they're better off with you than without you.

I'm just going to say this, all right?

I don't know you, so I refuse to fuck around with you

any more than I have to.

Did Internal Affairs set you up with this?



Fringe ex-cop

fallen out of favor,

Iooking to get back behind a badge?

They got files three feet thick on guys like you.

They bunted you on a reflex.

Probably, but I'm telling you the truth.

You weren't approached or asked in any way

to keep tabs on me for IA?

No, I was not.

Hey, I don't blame you

for asking.

You don't do what I did and just waltz back in.

Now what does that tell you?

That tells me

that this investigation is running on fucking fumes.

Don't get confused thinking that this is about Calvess.

I know it's not.

This is all politics.

This is political appointments,

it's referendums, it's squashing a race riot.

You think those assholes upstairs

give a shit and a shake about Michael Calvess?

They didn't know him, they don't care about him,

and they can't forget about him fast enough.

The only thing you need to know about me

is that I'm going to bag

the motherfuckers that killed Mike.

If that means breaking every point of procedure,

then they're broke.

It's because his life was worth a little bit more

than a wreath and a rifle salute.

You understand?

No, it's just me.

And what about you?

What about me?

Well, why you coming back to this shit?

Cops die daily, and they die bad.

What makes Mike the exception?

I don't know.

You don't know?

Just something to do?


I know what time it is,

but you can still give me a kiss.

Audrey, I don't want to get into this

with you right now.

I just want to go to sleep.

I just want to lay down next to you,

and go right to sleep.

You want to kick my ass all over in the morning,

that's... that's fine, but...

I just want to...

I'm fucking beat, man.

You guys ever see this guy?

His name was Jimmy Fredricks... was his street name.

He'd be dirtier, he was undercover.

No, no, no.

Wait, whoa, whoa, whoa.

What are you jumping up and down for?

What the fuck's the matter with you?

- Cold, man. - Shut up.

Eh! What are you, his interpreter?

Speak English, will you?

You're fucking in America. Speak English.

Remember a guy named Jimmy Franks?

No, man.

Stop jumping up and fucking down.

Have you ever seen him?

He used to do a lot of business down here.

I'm the one that does business on the bridge.

Oh, yeah?

You ever seen this guy before?

He's a cop... street name's Jimmy Fredricks.

A guy named Jimmy Fredricks.

What's his street name?

That's his name... Jimmy Fredricks.

He'd sometimes go by Calvess. No?


- Nothing? - Nothing.

How you doing, all right?

Everything beautiful, yeah.


Let me ask you a little bit of a...

there was a cat named Jimmy Fredricks,

used to hang around here.

Jimmy Fredricks?

Yeah, yeah.

I don't know that guy.

Let's go, asshole, game's over.

I want to ask you a question about a guy.

A cat named Jimmy Fredricks.

Does he live around here?

No. You sure?

No, this is not your neighborhood?

- No. - Haven't seen him.

I ain't got shit to say to you.

I want to ask some questions.

Fuck this, man.

Oh! You know a guy named Jimmy Fredricks?

Jimmy Fredricks! Jimmy Fredricks!

Are you high right now?

Nah, man.

Are you sure?

Because you look fuckin' spun to me.

I'm looking for a cat named Jimmy Fredricks.

Is it relative to the case?


Yeah? You work around here?

Come on, give me a break.

Hey! What the fuck you running for?!

A cop got killed here about, uh...

Never too cold for pussy, is it?

You stay right there. You stay right there!

A guy named Calvess, yeah.

Went by his street name, Jimmy Fredricks.

I never knew a Fredricks or a Calvess.

Fredricks sound more familiar though.

Now, he didn't go by nothing else, right?

That I can't tell you.

Nobody knows Calvess.

Nobody knows Calvess as Fredricks.

Nobody's seen his fucking picture.

Calvess, Fredricks, maybe he didn't go by either one.

I'll holler at some niggas, though, see where it fall out.

My name is Tellis.

What I'm sayin' is, I work and stuff.

Okay, no, that's cool.

What're you talking about, man?

I'll do whatever I want.

Everyone's out of town.

So I heard that.

Help! Help!

This guy's pretending to be a cop, man!

He denies it, he grabs the aerosol can

and then some matches and lights her head up.

That's her screaming.

So he mentions this Jimmy Fredricks,

and Cheevers told us to route this through you.

And what's he saying?

Guy claims he's the snitch for him.

Says he'll trade what he has to say

for some type of sentence reduction.

Oh, we can't do that. We're not going to do that.

Well, we got him cuffed up there,

but he's got no pants on.

I tried to get a pair on him, but...

this guy's fucking berserk.

All right.

What's her name?

Louisa Nuņez.


Louisa Nuņez. It's all we could get out of her.

They married?

Whoa, whoa, whoa, don't kick.

Fuckin' asshole! Look what he fuckin' did to me!

Shut up!

Shut that dumb fucking bitch up!

Let go of me!

Let the fuck go!

Right there to the left.

Have fun.

Seņor ltchy Cock.

What you saying, man, what that?

Looks like you got yourself

a bad situation, here, uh...

what's your name? Octavio?

Octavio? That's it?

Going firebug on your old lady's wig?

What's all this fucking drug stuff?

Yo, man, did you see what she did to my fucking jimmy?

What that puta bitch did to my shit?

She out there tossing her nasty snatch on the curb.

She come back here poison pussy.

Now, I can't hardly even walk around.

I can't have no fabrics on, nothing.

Look at it, check it out.

All right, okay, Hoss, let's just holster that up, okay?

I ain't never seen no shit like that,

black and blue.

I can't wear no drawers.

This shit hurts so bad, I go take a piss...

piss don't even want to come out.

She fucking set fire

to my dick, I'll burn her head down.

Yeah, uh... Great.

You want to talk to us about a Michael Calvess?


Michael Calvess.

You used to snitch for a Michael Calvess.

His street name was Jimmy Fredricks.

What can you tell us?

Jimmy Fredricks.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, him. He dead, right?

That's right, he was killed.

Yeah, I seen it on TV, too.

Yo, could I get a quick hit?

What'd you say?

My cock

is killing me, man.

Let me get a quick hit.

A quick hit. I'll talk to you.


I'll talk to you.

It's almost impossible you're this dumb.

You're serious.

Yeah, just a quick one.

Please, bro.

Fucking junkies.

Who got a lighter?

I used my last match on that bitch.

Yo, man,

I know my ass is going to jail.

I ain't got no paper

to post bail on.

I'm fucked. I'm fucked.

What it gonna matter I hit this real quick?

It ain't gonna half time or no shit like that, right?

I hit this,

and I'll talk to you guys.

Come on, yo, my nerves.

They're all, like, jingle-jangly. Oh, fuck!

You going to tell us everything?


You sure? Oh, yeah.

Don't fuck with us.

This shit is fucking heaven, dawg.

All right, enough.

We took care of you, now talk to us

about Calvess and knock that shit off,

or else I'm going to turn a hose on you.

No, it hurts, man.

Stop picking at it, then!

Now, Calvess.


Talk to me!

I seen him over on Bell Isle a few months back.

He beefing with my boy, Leo Lee.

You know Leo Lee?

Yeah, you know him and shit?

Yeah. Leonard Leflore.

He's just a punk narc.

We used to run raids on his ass every other day.

So what were they arguing about?

Some shit, man.

Lee pinched on a buy.

That dude, Calvess,

he got a bad temper, yo. He beat up on...

Listen to me, nobody gives

a shit what you think you saw.

Just tell us what happened.

Yo, I'm telling you, man, I saw him

spit on him.

I saw him walk away, told him, "nigga" this, "nigga" that.

Who-who, Calvess?

Yeah, man.

Don't be fucking with me.

I'm not fucking with you.

This shit ain't talking too loud, is it?

Yo, I swear that I saw it, man.

They, like, scrapping and shit.

They, like, argue,


Let go of me!

So... you gonna use that, man?

Fucking asshole! Look what you fucking did to me!

That's right, bitch.

I'll burn you.

Look at my fucking hair!

I'll burn you up with that shit!

Fuck you!

Fuck you! I hate you!

Crotch rot, pussy stank!

Fuck you!

Puta sucia de la vagallado!

I-I-I love you, baby! Fuck!

I love you!

Fuck you!

That's a good woman.

What do you know about this Leflore,

'cause his name doesn't do anything for me.

There's no mention of him in any of Mike's duty summaries.

There's no F.I. card on him.

He's just a nickle-bagger I ran across

maybe half a dozen times.

He's got two whole hobbies... ganja and guns.

Other than that, he's a fucking bore.

But I guarantee he's got outstanding warrants.

You want to run him?

Lay down on the floor, this is the police!




You doing good?

Oh, yeah.

Sorry I didn't make...

I couldn't get to Gabe's birthday party.

It's just... I just had a lot of stuff to do.

Don't worry about it, we didn't miss you.

Thanks for the present, anyway.

Yeah, well... Nick Tellis,

this is a really good friend of mine, Art Harlan.

How you doing?

He works with the Coroner's Office.

So I hear your name on the call, and this one I have to see.

What'd you do, drown him?

No, this might have to do with Mike.

- Calvess? - Yeah.

What the hell you doing with that?

I thought they were closing it out?

No, not yet.

Okay, thanks, guys. It's good.



He's been here for a while.

How long you think?

I'm guessing he's sitting in this...

two, three weeks.

That long?

Oh, yeah. He's ripe.

Okay, subject has

distended bloat, upper, lower torso.

Clotting and...

hematoma discoloration.


What is it?

A tooth.

Oh, my God.

Back molar.

Blasted it

right out of his head.

Well, most of his mandible was shattered,

along with the rest of the dental palette,

so IDing him outright's going to be a little tricky.


What do you got there?

Looks like a Mossberg, SG 6-shot.

I don't know how the fuck he got this.

What? Why?

It's tactical issue, Metro PD.

SWAT team uses it.

It looks like

the serial number's been filed down.

Let me see that.

Definitely looks like our man opted out with it.

No question about that.

Oh, damn!

I don't know about that.

Well, not on purpose.

Why? What do you mean?

There's no firing pin mark

on the casing.

Boy never even pulled the trigger.


So what do you think happened?

I'm stretching here, but... knowing old Leo,

I think maybe he was high out of his fucking mind,

reaches for the bong, goes down, breaks...

His lazy ass is not getting out of this warm water, so...

he sees the gauge, maybe, and takes a little green bud,

decides to pop it in the breach,

fires it up, starts toking away,

forgets there's a shell in the pipe,

flame hits the firing cap.

That's beautiful.

Bubble bath, earful of tunes, smoking some hub,

and this is how the evening ends!


That's fucking fantastic.

That still doesn't explain the Mossberg.

I don't know how he got that.


if it is tact ordinance,

it could be an underground buy.

I mean, their armory's been broken into a few times.

Yeah, it could be.

Or he could've known a cop.

Or somebody who knew a cop.

What do you want to do about this?


Just let Art finish up.

Recovery sweep through, if they find something good,

if they get a stolen weapons hit,


What we came here to do is corroborate Ruiz' story,

which we obviously can't do.

That's all right.

I think it was all bullshit anyway.

Hey, Art, I'll talk to you later.


I hear bubbles.

I hear bubbles.


What are you guys doing up?

We had a deal, I thought, you and me, there?

So you want to talk about this now,

or you want to wait or what?

I-I don't know.

What are we going to talk about?

Oh, my God, what could we have to talk about?

You know what?

I can't believe that you're out there again.

And don't say that you're not or give me any of that crap.

What are you talking about?

There's hours involved. I'm sorry. There are.

What do you want me to tell you?

Why don't you tell me who uttered that fucking famous, uh,

"This job'll either burn you out or bury you"?

Do you remember saying that?

Yeah, it's narcotics, Audrey...

You know, I'm just curious.

How bad you think that it was, huh?

Tell me what you remember,

'cause I'll tell you what I remember.

Five months pregnant,

being in a detox tank with you.

What the fuck is this coming from?

Not sleeping and watching you...

What does that have to fucking do with anything, huh?

...climb the walls. Do you remember that?

I'm a little late for bath time?

Well, excuse me.

I've been giving him one every day for seven months!

Your acting like this is no big thing,

like you can just jump in and then just jump out again.

It is a big thing, all right.

It's a fucking big thing!

Yeah, it's two weeks work, is what it is.

You know what, that's bullshit.

That is... That is bullshit!

That's all you want me to think that it is.

You know, the other day I asked you why you wanted to do this,

and you said that you didn't know.

Well, you know what? I got news for you.

You need to know, and you need to let me know,

'cause for the life of me,

I'm looking at you hold your son

and I can't understand, do you understand?

I can't understand why you would ever feel the need

to go back to that again.

Yeah, what if it was me who got wasted out there, Audrey?

That wasn't you.

What if it was?

That wasn't...

What if it was!

There are other people aside from you, okay?

You're a little three-foot circle.

You know what, that's really unfair.

They had this kid beaten half-dead.

They could've walked away.

Anyone could've.

Instead... they took the gun,

and they blew half his head off, okay?

I know, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, baby.

I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

You were right about the Mossberg.

Definitely was one of ours.

Lab pulled partial prints off of it.

One set belonged to Leflore,

the other set belonged

to this gang-banger, Latroy Steeds.

It's just that he's got a bunch of drug shit.

Just did 30 days in Wayne County.

Got out a week ago.

Do we know where he's at?


Larry, you're his parole officer.

He hasn't...?

Not once?

All right. Well, let me know if he shows, okay?

No problem, you got it.

He hasn't checked in once.

Here, go on.

Let's sit on the house, see if he shows up.

Come on, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go!

Let's move it out here!

How long you been married, Nick?

Uh... about a year and a half.

Got any kids?

Yeah, one. I got a boy... a big baby boy.


Almost ten months.

That's nice.

How long you been with your wife?

Um... I lost her.

We were married just shy of 16 years.

She had cancer.

I didn't know. I'm sorry.

- No... - I thought...

It's okay.

We were talking wives.

You have one. I had one.

I've been asked before.

Probably'd be easier on people if I took my ring off, but...

...because we'd avoid these embarrassing little moments,

but it's okay.

I like talking about her.

The first detail I had was... was vice.

I wanted robbery/homicide, but... I caught vice.

I worked vice.

- I hated it. - Mm-hmm.

Just hated it.

You know, I rode it to the seams,

hoping to leapfrog out of there, but... no good.

No dice.

And I'd come home, just in bad shape.

Just pissed off.

That's when I first started getting an ulcer.

Just miserable.

And I'd lie down in her lap...

and she'd rub my head.

Some nights, she'd sing me to sleep.

I'd just lie there, staring at her.

Still the best place I've ever been.

I'll tell you this much:

I became a much better cop the day she died.

And any half-step, any hesitation

I had about the job was gone.

I see a dead-bolted door, I break it down

and be the first one in the room.

I started working Joint Task Force.

The head-crack,

hang-wrecking crew.

Zombie squad.

It was a diversion.

It was just a way to keep from thinking about her.

I remember one night...

...I went with the sheriffs on a warrant raid.

This dipshit was selling meth out of his apartment.

It was just

a stop and pop.

Broke down the door, rousted the guy.

I was in one of the back rooms looking for junk.

And I hear something.

I turn around, and see these...

these eyes staring at me from a closet.

It was a little girl.

A little ten-year-old girl...


Shaking like a leaf.

She was scared to death.

Her stepfather was pimping her out for rent.

Wrapped her in my coat...

carried her out to the squad car.

I went back.

And I beat that motherfucker half to death.

I thought of my wife.

I thought of the baby we never had.

All the things about her that I hung onto.

'Cause a little girl being brutalized,

a little girl being abused has got nothing to do

with the rules and regulations,

and everything to do with right and wrong.

It's the same thing with Calvess.

Why is he the cookie monster?

He loves cookies.

'Cause, like, every time in the morning

I want cookies for dessert...

gone, no cookies left.

- No? - None.

'Cause he eats them all.


He eats cookies for breakfast.

He eats cookies for dinner.

He eats cookies for lunch.

He eats cookies for...


This one won't let me out of her sight.

She drags her dad's T-shirt around with her

wherever she goes.

Can you say hi to the man?


She's a little doll, though.

Honey, you can go.

I want to thank you, Kathryn, for letting me come by.

Oh, it was not a problem.

Thank you for bringing his things.

I wasn't too thrilled about going through them,

but I'm glad you brought them.

I haven't seen

some of these pictures for a long time.

You have to forgive me, because I'm pretty convinced

that any way I go about this is the wrong way, so...

No, please.

I don't mind answering questions.

Did you know Mike?

No, I didn't.

I never got

the chance to meet him.

I wish I had.

I know his reputation, though.


But what I need to...

know more of, I-I think...

You know, what I'm lacking...


Well, I worked undercover narcotics

for two and a half years myself,

so I know that life can be very difficult.

I know that it can be...

very problematic, especially with a...

with a family.

You know, maybe I...

Maybe not.

Baby, can you go check on your sister for Mommy?

Go check on your sister.

What are you asking me now?

Well, um...

I know it's personal...

...but did things at work adversely affect things here?

Here at home?


Did he tell you what it was that he was doing?


Did that seem to bother him?

Did it bother you?

Yes, it did.

Well, there you have it.

You notice anything about his mood

in the weeks before?

Was there anything strange about his behavior?


Did he mention any names?

Maybe there were some people

that he was dealing with that... came out?


I remember the day

that Mike was killed.

I was putting the girls to bed, and I heard a knock.

And when I opened the door...

Henry was standing there with tears in his eyes.

And I knew right away that he was gone.

And I remember running back to the girls' room,

and sitting on the edge of their bed and just...

...staring at them.

I needed to see his face.

Mom, somebody's at the door.

Where? Where?

Hi! Hi. Come here, you.

How are you?

Give me a kiss. Where's my kiss?

There's someone here.

He's been asking me questions about Mike.


I need to talk to you outside right now.

I'll be right back, okay?


What the fuck you doing

talking to her without me being here?!

I brought her husband's things over.

Yeah, and you questioned her. What for?

What for?!

Is this "Mother, May I?"

We said we were going to do

some of this on our own, right?

Some of this doesn't extend to her,

and don't get fucking cute with me!

Take your hand out of my face.

If you need to know what she said about anything

case-related, you refer to the file!

Yeah, I looked at the files. They're thin.

What you don't fucking do

is talk to her without notifying me in advance!

That's not the way we do things!

Why is that?

What's the problem with me speaking to her?

Because the problem is

every fucking question you asked her,

she's already answered!

She's been badgered and bothered by cops and cop questions

for two fucking months now,

and the biggest fucking problem is

her husband is fucking dead!

You understand?!

- I understand that. - Great.

Don't let it happen again.

It's the meanest crowd ever tonight.

It's like the Roman Coliseum in here.

No to babies.

Are you insane?

It's burnback.

It's like a table scrap junk

that they stew in a freebase and then shoot.

It killed this guy Dandridge I told you about.

Well, I think they were trying to sell

the same shit to Calvess.


Tellis? Mason in Records.

Hey, what's going on?

Hey, I got the stuff.

Looked for matches, looked for hits...

No, no, I just want hits.

How many hits?

Okay, I got four, and they're a little bit vague.

You want the names? You got something to write with?

Yep, go.

All right... R. Evans...


R. Mosley...


G. Parks, E. Sheps.


The last one, Sheps.

He got brought in ten months late,

and they booked him in the E.R.

All that stuff I faxed you...

I got that.

Yeah, okay. You got an address on that?

Yeah, Madison...

For the last guy, I got 443 Grashid, Unit 2.

I don't know how good it is,

but that's the last address we got.

"Unit 2," that's good enough.

- All right, man, thanks. - All right, appreciate it.

They ran the comps through,

and about ten months ago,

an overdose was brought into the E.R.,

and this guy Sheps...

Wait a fucking minute.

Eugene Sheps... Jesus Chri...

I know fucking Eugene Sheps.

I know this fucking guy.

When your mind's playing tricks on you...

You been doing this all week, man.

I need my money.

I ain't messin' 'round with you this time,

but I need my dough.

I'm gonna let you off where you are,

and when I get down there,

you better have my... whatever. Later.

You know, you left the door unlocked.

What the fuck?!

You shouldn't do that, 'cause anyone can walk in.

What the fuck y'all doing in my house, man?

Ah, no need to get up.

We just want to ask you a few...

What the fuck y'all doing in my crib, man?

Yo, hold up, man. Hold up, man.

Get the fuck off of me! Get the fuck off of me!

Get off!

Huh? Huh? You want the bottle? Here.

Anymore bottles?

What the fuck is...?

Fuck, man! Oh, fuck!

My fucking arm!

There you go.

You're a spicy little burrito, aren't you, there, Eugene?

How are you, my man?

Take a seat.

Take a fucking seat.

How you been, Deacon, good?

Oh, fuck this, man!

Oh, Jesus.

Are you still sniffing glue, Deacon?

You still sniffing glue?

Isn't this shit a little dated, dawg?

Fucked with a bottle

of modeling glue a few years back,

and you sealed your sinuses shut.

You had to have them drilled,

you remember that back then, back in the day?

And you're still sucking back cans of hair spray.

Oh, fuck, man!

How you making your paper these days, Eugene?

Six months on, huh?

Titan Auto, Titan Auto.

You still stealing cars

and cutting them up, or what, boss?

Oh, fuck, now I know

your snitch and bitch ass now, man.

You're that motherfucker, Grimmy, dirty into some shit.

Wrong answer.

Fuck that, man! I seen you, man.

You that motherfucker hanging around Endo Joe and shit.

That's right, that's right.

You know what happened to him, right?

He up in Jackson, man.

No, no, no, no, he was.

- He's dead now. - Oh, fuck!

And he died fucking dumb,

talking shit to some Aryans, you know?

So they peeled him back and they shanked his bitch ass

56 times.

We got a lot of pals like that, don't we, huh?

About to ask you about another

dead junkie... a guy name of Dowd.

You know him?

No? No?

Hey, you listening to me?

- Are you listening to me? - Yeah, man.

Huh? No?

You see, I do.

I know Dowd, I know Endo Joe,

I know what happened to that little punk

you used to roll with,

J. Reed.

I know your daddy nicknamed you Deacon

after Deacon Jones,

'cause he had a little thing with him.

Fuck, man...

You know how I know that, don't you?

- How, man? - 'Cause I was

and I still am a cop.

A fucking cop?

You're trying to tell me you a fucking cop?

- Word. - Lf you a cop,

why you ain't bust me back then?

'Cause you way too little to bust, acorn.

Yo, fuck that shit, man.

You forgetting something.

I used to smoke blunts with you, Mr. Cop, man.

I don't give a shit what you think, asshole.

It doesn't matter to me in the least,

but I'm about to tell you what does matter,

and you're about to fucking listen

like your life depended on it.

Fuck. What the fuck, man?

A month ago, an undercover officer

was murdered... pedestrian tunnel off Houston and West Grand.

They beat him up,

they put a gun to his fucking head,

and put a bullet through it.

I don't want to hear any shit

about what you don't know or what you didn't do,

because we both know

you ain't got the nut sack for something that size,

so, I'm fucking positive

you didn't kill him.

His name was Michael Calvess.

Take a gander, there, buddy.

Hold on a minute, man.

Y'all motherfuckers come up in my fucking crib, and shit,

want to throw fucking hot sauce and blind my fucking ass,

and now you want me to help you?

Street name Jimmy Fredricks.

- Fucking crazy? - I know you know.

- Oh, my bad. - You know you know.

My bad. I know this motherfucker.

I think I might've let him suck on my dick once or twice.

Come here, come here.

You want to be bounced back to County, keep it up!

I'll have you wearing half-shirts and halter tops,

braiding some nigger's hair!

Piece of shit!

Oh, fuck, man, I think I'm bleeding, man.

You going to act like a punk,

you're going to get played like one.

Now, listen very, very carefully.

They found smack at the murder scene.

A mean fucking mix.

Now, you took some of this exact same stuff

about ten months ago,

and it nearly killed your dumb ass.

You don't have the chemistry or the sense God gave goats,

which means you didn't do the cook.

Now, Dowd is dead, so, who sold to you?

Whatever, man.

You going to tell us? No?

You think you're a real

fucking smartass, you know that?

We're tossing every inch of this place.

Every inch!

I didn't do it, man.

I don't know, man.

Where is it?

Where is it?!

Oh, my God, this must be one of those new refrigerator safes!

What a laugh, you dumb fuck!

What's all this, huh?

What's all this?!

Oh, bagels and guns.

What do you know?

You're going to prison.

You're deep lock now.

Now, tell us who sold you.

Deep lock found, deep lock found.

Come on, man, fuck all this shit, man!

Unbelievably so fucking dumb!

Are you kidding me?

This is the last time I'm going to ask you!

- Who sold you?! - Get off me, man!

- Who sold you? - Darnell, man!

It was fucking Darnell, man!

He's got a cop ID.

He's got a shield.

You all right?

Let me see.

Where you hit, the neck?

Let me call it in.

I'll call the paramedics.

Hang in there. I'll be right back.

What I have done is I've given him

a rather large and strong dosage

for the wound itself,

but other than that, I've used a mild sedative for him.

What I am actually worried about

is his prior history of drug abuse,

and I'd like to know more about that series of...

You know, I...

...the problems that he had before.

I have to go

and pick up my son.

We have a... we have a son so...

but I'm-I'm going to be back.

He didn't do it.

I don't know if you're not listening

or you don't want to listen,

but he didn't do it!

Well, we've compiled enough evidence

to support the contrary.

Wha...? And what does that mean?

What evidence? What?

That means

we're closing it out.


there's absolutely no way that Sheps killed Calvess.

And if you're closing because of that,

you're way off.

Neither one of us believe that he did it.

He didn't have the balls to do this!

He didn't have the capabilities!

He didn't have the cold blood!

This guy did not do it.

And yet he had no compunction when faced with possible arrest

about trying to kill both of you.

This is someone of questionable

mental stability with a pronounced

history of drug use.

That you can pin motive on.

That could ride the rap after the fact,

'cause this is what you're going to do in lieu of.

You know, you all are jazzed up because

this piece of shit that we killed, Sheps, was white.

So the whole racial card gets cooled,

and you can forget about the dead cop.

That's what this is all fuckin' about.

All right, all right,

Henry, ease off, all right?

- Wha...? - Ease off.

We initiated

and backed this effort

from the very beginning,

but factually irrefutable

is the following:

We have a known criminal

with over 40 felony and misdemeanor offenses

with a drug tie linking him directly to Calvess

in possession of stolen weapons,


and identification belonging to another slain officer.

Richard Dekolvie

was stabbed to death three years ago...

And Homicide got a confession and a conviction out of that,

so that bullshit's irrelevant.

What you fuckin' bringing that into it for?

It still denotes illicit criminal acts.

Oh, this is unfuckin' believable.

Sheps came into possession of the ID

as either a result of participation in the murder

or through association with the murderers.

This guy was 105 pounds

soaking wet.

If that.

These injuries that Calvess sustained,

they only could have come from two men

with considerably more size and strength.

That's not even taking into account,

Jesus Christ, there's no murder weapon.

What are you fuckin' talking about here?

This matter is no longer mine, gentlemen.

I apologize.

Are you serious? Are you serious?

It's the Commissioner of Police.

That is so fucked up.

Yes, it is fucked up.

This is so fucked up.

We're done.

You're so wrong, pal.

Fuckin' bullshit!

I'm sorry, man.

I want you to stop now.

This is done.

It's not.

No, it has to be.

You know I wasn't happy and that was fine,

but this is where I hit the wall

'cause I've seen you like this before.

And before I was willing to put myself through it,

but I can't do it anymore.

I'm gonna get 'em

I'm gonna get the guys who did it.

They fucking... didn't do it

'cause we... I, I lost 'em.

I lost 'em.

You know, you're running at this

for all the wrong reasons.

What, you think catching them

is going to make you less like them?

Purified? Just like Calvess?

You know what, that's bullshit, Nick,

'cause that's not what he was.

That's not what you are.

I love you,

but I don't want...

With everything that I am, I'm still going to leave.

'Cause I can't be with you like this.

I'm done trying.

I'm done trying.

Tellis, you got something on your desk.

Look at this.

Where'd you get a warrant?

Friends where friends count.

I ran that name that Deacon gave us... Darnell.

This is what came back.

Darnell, Beery, "Big D Love."

Possession, trafficking.

His last arrest was pulling a gun on an officer.

Look who he was booked with.

Eugene "Deacon" Sheps... Latroy Steeds.

Steeds. Steeds and Berry were never questioned

about Mike's murder.

They all used to work

at Titan's Auto.

It was closed down after a flood six months ago.

I want to check this place out.

...chicks in my limousines, lovin' every minute

Of my fantasy, wet dreams, girl scream...



Steeds or Berry?


Do not fuckin' move!

Do not move!


Fuck you.

Get down!

Fuck you!

Now, fuckin' Coolio tried to blow my head off.

Darnell, let me see you. Let me fuckin' see you.

Fuck off, bitch!

Come on! We've got some shit to fuckin' talk about.

I don't see no badges! I don't see no warrants!

I didn't do this shit, man!

Let him go, man.

Put him down on the ground!

Let him go, man.

You shut the fuck up. Shut the fuck up.

I'm Detective Lieutenant Henry Oak

of the Detroit Metropolitan Police Department.

This is Detective Sergeant Tellis.

We already know who you are

which is why we are here.

You've been hiding from us 'cause you killed a cop.

That cop's name

was Michael Calvess...

Jimmy Fredricks.

Now I'm going to give you the opportunity

to come all the way clean on this and confess.

If you choose in your limited wisdom

to fuck around with me and force my hand,

then you're both going out of here in a bag.

Fuck that!

You know what you're doin' is illegal.

Bullshit. Just book us, man.

Give me my fuckin' phone call!

Hey, hey, hey, hey! Shh-shh-shh-shh-shh.

You're going to need a hell of a lot more

than a fuckin' phone call, my man.

You got a hell of a jacket on you.

You have multiple counts, you got assault, B&E,

felony possession, grand theft fucking auto.

You add to that list the murder of a decorated cop,

and you've officially fucked yourself for life.

Man, I didn't murder no fuckin' cop.

Man, I never touched...

Enough. Shh.

Now I'm gonna toss this place.

Is there anything you want to tell me?

Huh? No?


This is next.

Whose ride is this? Is this yours?

Is this supposed to be your fucking car, Darnell?

Huh, Big D? Is this your fucking car?

Is this yours?

Give me the keys. This is next.

Fuck you. I ain't giving you no keys.

Say it again. Say "fuck you" again.

Say "fuck you" again.

Say "fuck you" again to me.

Your ride? Okay.

What is this, man?

Take us in.

You're going to fuck around with me?

- No. - Huh?


Fuck, why'd you do that?

- No! - This ain't right, man!

One more?


Well, look at that.


What, are brothers throwing a coup?

You selling this shit to the Serbs?

Police issue.

That's from the impound.

Let's hear it.

What you been doing?

Huh, homes?

You been sneaking into the impound at night.

You're in a lot of fucking trouble, boys.

This is it.

This is Calvess' gun.

This is Mike's gun.

What the fuck are you doing

with a dead cop's gun?

Huh? Answer me.

What are you doing with a dead cop's gun?

- Answer me! - Fuck that, man.

I don't know nothing about no fucking

dead cop's gun. This is a police issue

revolver, and it belongs

to a slain officer. What are you doing with it?

That was not in there.


That fucking gun wasn't in there.

Shut up!

What are you doing with it?


Come on, that's fucking bullshit.

It's a throwaway.

It's a what? What'd you say?

- You planted that. - I planted it?

Is that what you said? I planted it?

Look at the blood on the barrel.

Look at the dry blood on the trigger guard.

Look at it!

Who the fuck planted that, huh?

Who planted that?

- Come on, man. - Who planted that?

Listen to me. Listen to me!

Fuck. You two better get

a fucking goddamn groove going right here

'cause you're in a life and death struggle

as of right fucking now. I want to talk

to my lawyer!

What did you say?

I want to talk

to my lawyer.

There are no lawyers, dumb fuck.

It's just me and you, and I am in your shit

for the duration.

Come on, man.

You know you planted

that shit there.

Say one more fucking thing.

Please say one more fucking thing.


In the fucking trunk.

No, I didn't do it.

In the trunk!

What'd I tell you?

They get dumber every year.

Okay, nice and easy.


We'll get this over real quick.

And you're going to tell me, loud and clear, what happened.

Two months ago, a walking tunnel off of West Grand...

You found out there was

an undercover cop in the group.

You confronted him,

you overpowered him, and you beat him.

You took his pistol off of him.

You took it,

you pointed it in his skull,

you pulled the trigger and you killed him.

He died instantly.

That's a fucking lie.

I lied? Here.

Remember Jimmy Fredricks? Remember Jimmy Fredricks?

Look at him. Look at him. Look at him.

Huh? Remember him?

You fucking remember him?

He was a fucking junkie, man.

What'd you just say?

He was a fucking what?


You're bullshit, Darnell.

Come on, man.

We sold that motherfucker every day.

Three or more times a day.

That's fucking bullshit!

You're fucking lying! You're lying!

You found out he was undercover!

You tried to sell him a bad score

hoping it would kill him.

He didn't use, so you shot him!

So you're fucking bullshit!

You fucking dealing motherfucking...!

That motherfucker used every day, man! Fuck you!

I'm going to kill 'em! I'm going to kill 'em!

Where you think we got them fucking cop guns from?

That motherfucker used to swipe this shit

so he could get high regularly, man.

You lying...!

He was a cop! That was a cop

you killed!

He had a fucking wife!

He had kids!

Huh, did you hit him?!

Did you? Did you hit him?

He's a fucking junkie ass addict!

Motherfucker, you know who killed him!

No! Stop!

No, not like this!

No, stop, stop!

No! Stop!

We bring 'em in looking like this,

fucking civil liberty lawyers will crucify us.


You put them under duress

this bust gets bounced at arraignment.

These two call it as a plant, and they fucking walk.

They fucking walk for good.


Come on, we're too close.

There's a kit in the car.

We get it, we roll prints off the pistol, all right?

You grab it.

I'm going to get on the horn and call a wagon.

No. No, no, no, no, no.

No, no, no.

Don't call it in.

We're going to get the confessions on tape.

Then we call it in.

I want some time alone with these two.


All right.

Yeah, okay.

But grab the kit, all right?

Look, we got conclusive guilt, we got the murder weapon.

It's top-heavy for a conviction.

I'll go upstairs,

I'll bag whatever peripheral evidence

I can find, yeah.

Let them get their fucking shit straight.


- Just for a minute. - Yeah?

This makes no sense

to knuckle down on them right now.

All right.

A brief reprieve, all right?

So suck it up.


Hey, yo, why you got to lock the door?

Yo, man, why you got to lock the door, man? Shit.

There's no fucking time.

Shut up!

If anything happens

to my daughter, you better...

I don't give a fuck about...

Hey, look me in the eyes.

I know you.

I know you way before with this shit.

You that thing fool killed Elvin, man.

How do you know that?

How do you think?

You think Calvess just blow his own game?

Blow his own spot, man?

What the fuck you talking about?

Who do you think snitched you out to Dowd about

being a fucking cop, man?

You think that shit fell out

of the fucking sky or something, man?

Come on, man, he came after you

after Calvess told him you was 5-0.

He's a cop... He's a cop.

He's one of me, my man.

What the fuck you think

we making this shit up for, huh?

We ain't got nothing to gain from this shit.

They both dead anyway.

Yo, man, you think Calvess is some kind

of a fucking saint, man?

That's something he about the furthest thing from.

That motherfuck...

that motherfuck...

Shut up.

Listen to me. We have seconds.

Make every single one of them count.

Before he left, he yelled at you.

You yelled back and you said he knew who killed Calvess.

What's that mean?

That means that your fucking partner Oak is dirty, man.

He's fucking lying to you.

What? What did you say?

- He's lying to you. - He's lying to me?

Yeah, he's lying.

What's he lying about?

He's lying about what went down in that tunnel.

About who killed that cop.

Just about everything.

Yo, why you think we still up in here, man?

It's 'cause he was there.

He was where?


In the tunnel.

That morning, Calvess came around,

he told everybody he wanted to get some get-high.

6:00 in the morning.

I told that motherfucker

"You get me up this early,

"this shit better be worth my while.

Better have some big money."

You knew him by his real name?

Yeah, he came on for a couple of weeks.

Said his name was some Frederick something.

Jimmy Fredricks, yeah, go.

Yeah, but he got strung out, man.

Turned straight bitch.

Blew his own cover.

So you knew.

Everybody knew he was a cop.

Just like everybody know

that you and a handful of motherfuckers was cops.

Come on, man.

You know, he kept us out of his reports.

Tipped us off to who was getting fucking raided,

who was getting got.

We kept him high.

You say he supplied you with IDs?


He supplied you with police IDs?

All kinds of shit, man... badges, IDs, guns.

Whenever he had no money, he'd come trade up shit.

That morning, that morning,

what was his condition like that morning?

He wasn't looking too good, man.

Talking all kind of crazy shit.

Hands looking all shaky.

So we show up in the morning.

He got no money, nothing to trade.

What the fuck was I supposed to do?

I told him to fuck off, man.

I ain't givin' him shit.

But you know,

this motherfucker starts straight trippin', man.

Talking about he's going to arrest us

and take us in if we don't comp his ass.

Then Oak showed up.

Where? Where?

On the other side of the tunnel.

Did he say anything?

No, man. No, when we saw him,

Calvess seen him at the same time.

This motherfucker just flipped.

Talking about arresting us.

Started reaching for his gun.

So what'd you do?

I hit him, man.


'Cause he was reaching for his gun, you hit him?

Man, I ain't trying to get shot by nobody.

Especially no fucking junkie

all of a sudden trying to be a cop.

So what then?

He fell.

Latroy hit him in his face once,

then I kicked him again to keep him down.

And then we ran.

And then Oaks started shooting.

The lieutenant fired on you?

How many times?

Three, four times.

Lieutenant fired on you three or four times,

you didn't get hit?

Yeah, right here.


Tell me, fucking quickly, tell me what happened then.


When we was running,

we heard Oak yelling at Calvess.

What are you doing here?

What the fuck are you doing, Mike?!

That's when he did it.

He did what?

That's when he killed him, man.

What'd you say...

What did you just say to me?

Fucking Calvess was a junkie.

He blew his cover and Oak killed him, man.

Give me a straight fucking face and say that to me. Huh?!

You-you think he ain't capable of some shit like that?

Like he ain't got it in him, man?

He come there and see his partner all strung out there.

That motherfucker just flipped out.

You guys think that this is my first fucking walk in the park?!


You cop to selling to an officer,

you cop to assaulting an officer,

but now you won't cop to fucking killing him. Why?

Because you want to fucking spin some fucking bullshit

'cause you fucking wasted him!

You fucking wasted him!

It's over, man.


- What? - It's over, man.

Oh, yeah. It is over.

It is fucking over!

Because I gave you a fucking shot

to set it straight, Darnell,

and you fucking pissed it away!

Both of you pissed it away!

So all this shit that's coming down,

you brought all this shit on yourself!

You must be suspicious.

If you wasn't, then why the fuck you lock the door, huh?

The only thing you need to know about me,

is that I'm going to bag the motherfuckers that killed Mike.

Where we grow up, man, you kill a cop,

they will crown you king motherfucking con.

You understand what I'm saying?

But there ain't nobody here

talking about killing no cop.

Oak come here, trying to fucking stick this shit to some niggas

because he know

that anytime you stick some shit to some niggas,

it's gonna stay stuck.

Yo, when-when did you find that gun in there? Huh?

That gun Oak found, Calvess' gun.

You the first one that looked in that trunk.

Did you see a brown bag in there with no gun?

- Oh, God... - No, you did not.

It came up when your back was turned.

Yo, don't you see?





Open the goddamn door!

Why don't you dust the prints and let's see

whose prints come up off of there.

I'll bet you all the prints that come up off of there

- belongs to your man Oak. - That's right.

He planted it, man. He put it there.

You got ten fucking seconds,

front to back, for the record now.


Goddamn it!

Open the door!

Hey, god...


What the fuck was going on in there?

Why'd you just fucking lock me out?


I just asked you a question!

What'd you lock me out for?!

Were you tailing Calvess the day he was killed?

- What?! - You heard me!

Did he compromise his cover?

And were you tailing him as a result of that?

You talked to them after I left?

The Mossberg off Leflore.

Dekolvie's ID and badge.

You heard them!

They're claiming Calvess supplied them

with stolen police-issued to make junk buys.

Can you explain that?

'Cause I am having a hell of lot of trouble figuring that out!

Exactly how long after I left

did you let those liberal stirrings in you

spill out all over the fucking floor?!

The position I'm in...

I don't like where you're putting me,

and ask these questions.

Now, were you following him?

It's not an indictment if you did, but if you did,

I need to know, and I need to know that now.

No. I was not tailing him.

But you were there before he died.

You were there before he died.

Tell me that I'm wrong.

You wanna fucking talk?

All right, we'll talk.

Mike was making a bust that morning.

He had enough going against him to make an arrest.

He needed backup.



Because he wanted to bring 'em in on his own.

So I stayed back.

I waited,

and the buy went bad.

Then how come you couldn't identify those guys

in there right away?

Because they shot him and ran!

They shot him, but...

you shot them as they fled the scene.


What did they say to you?

When that motherfucker Oak starting shooting,

he shot Calvess, killed Calvess.

He killed him, he killed Calvess

so that somebody could take the fall for his...

You must be out of your fucking mind!

As much as he meant to me, you call on my integrity?!

My commitment to that kid?!

You're going to let these

fucking lowlife pieces of shit smear that?! Huh?!

It's gotten past us.

We're bringing 'em in. We're taking 'em in.

You're fucking with something you can't possibly understand.

I'm taking 'em in. It's over now.

You fucking joke.

You know that?

You're a fucking joke!

Your whole career is a fucking joke!

A complete fucking washout!

You popped that needle freak in the park

and in the process, you hit that fucking woman

with a stray bullet, costing her a bouncing baby!

- Enough! - Fucking her up for life!

Enough! Stop!

Shut the fuck up!

Come on.

You're a lie.

Come on.

Fucking lie.

Got this from Child Welfare.

Kathryn Tunney.

Mother deceased.

Was removed from the custody of her stepfather, Myron Cobb.

November 23, 1985, declared ward of the state.

Placed with foster parents.

Do you know that little girl, Lieutenant?

I think you do.

You sealed the records till she was 18.

And then you wanted to adopt her.

She's been in an out of trouble for years and years

in and out of foster homes.

Handful of arrests. Mostly drug related.

You had 'em all squashed.

You bailed her out of rehab.

Lots of times. When she was a minor,

you needed a doctor to sign the release, so who did it?

Your old pal, Harlan.

This is a good friend of mine, Art Harlan...

He signed her out of all of those clinics.

See, I saw the signatures.

Shit... you made sure that Harlan was

the acting M.E. On the Calvess case, didn't you?

Didn't you?

Tellis might have a connection to Mike.

Calvess? What the hell you doing with that?

I thought we were closing out.

So he could doctor the autopsy, right?

Alter the lab reports, make 'em look clean.

Make Calvess look clean.

He's as dirty as you are.

A filthy, fucking, needle-ridden junkie.

And you fucking knew it, you motherfucker.

You motherfucker.

I'm calling this in, right now.

Your gun and your shield, on the ground, now.

I am so far from fucking with you.

You're pointing a gun in face. You're threatening my life.

I'm going to take your life.

Gun and shield on the ground, now.

You're a fucking lie.

You just wanted me to back your bullshit.

Sell your story so you could railroad those poor pricks...

Pulled her out of all that shit, didn't you?

You just couldn't afford to break her heart again.

You just couldn't do it.

I get it, man.

I get it.

He was a fucking addict.

I mean, how long before he started pimping her out, right?

It's all hopeless, right?

Everything you did was hopeless, didn't matter.

You just took this case so you could bury it...

Oh, good. Yeah...

kill me.

Kill me just like you killed him.

Come on, buddy.

I'm going back in there and finish this up.

Come on.

Go home.

Come on.


This bullshit's over.

Destroyed his life, his family.

You fucked it all up.

So now you two are going to tell me

that you killed him.

7091, 077 King-Robert-John.

No other warrants.

He identified himself.

He attempted to make an arrest.

You overpowered him, and you shot him.

Say it.

You say it, and you get out of here.

You think I'm fucking with you?

You think I'm fucking with you? You think I'm fucking with you?

You ready to talk?

You ready to talk?

This is Calvess' gun.

This is his gun.

This is the gun that you used to kill him.

See it? See the gun?

Take it. Take it in your hand.

With his gun!

Now you are going to tell me calmly.

Remember, I got two bullets left.

One for this head...


Do you understand?

Drop your weapon.

Say it. Say Calvess.

Step away from the suspect!

I will shoot you where you stand!

I... killed... Calvess! Say it! Say it.

Shut up!

Shut up!

- Say it! - I killed Calvess.

Don't you fucking

leave me with this, Oak.

Don't you fucking do that.

I need to know. I need to know,

'cause there was no bust.

There was no fucking bust.

You killed him.

You were there to fucking kill him.

That's what you did.

Tell me. Tell me. You knew what he was.

You knew what he was.

You planted the fucking guns.

You used the junkies.

I know you fucking did, and you killed him.

You got to fucking tell me that.

Open your fucking eyes and tell me that.

- They ruined him. - Who?

They made him that way.

They made him a junkie.

The department...

takes everything.

The pension.


The family gets nothing.

Kathy gets nothing.

That's not what I want.

I want you to fucking tell me the truth.

You tell me the fucking truth.

Look at me. Look at me.

Do not

fucking go!

Tell me!

Fuck me.

Shut the fuck up.

Fuck you, man.

I will bust your fucking shit!

Right here, Jack.

What the fuck?



Give me the gun.

What the fuck are you doing here, man, huh?

What you doing, Mike?

What the fuck you doing?

- I'm taking you out. - No.

I'm taking you out, Mike. I'm getting you help.

I don't want fucking help.

No, you are not taking me anywhere!

I'm not going out.

You're high right now.

Look at me.

You know what you're doing to Kathy?

You know what you're doing to the girls, Mike?

You know what they mean to me, and you're fucking that up!

You're pissing away your entire life, Mike.

I won't have it! I won't have it!

I heard about this, and I fucking waited.

I ignored it.

Why Kathy didn't tell me, I have no idea,

but that's it, it's over.

I'm sorry I took so goddamn long,

but it's over.

Oh, my God.

Oh, my God, Mike.

Oh, my God.





Jesus. Jesus Christ...

Oh, Mike.

Oh, my God, I'm sorry.

Oh, my God, I'm sorry.

* For all those * * who wanna analyze me *

* For all those who wanna * * analyze me *

* Starts off in the hips, * * and move to the lips *

* For all those * * who wanna analyze me *

* My mother committed suicide * * when I was four or five *

* I love Mike-O * * was killed by a psycho *

* But I'm not sad or sorry *

* 'Cause we be tomorrow *

* 'Cause we be tomorrow *

* For all those * * who wanna analyze me *

* For all those * * who wanna analyze me *

* My mother committed suicide * * when I was four or five *

* I love Mike-O * * was killed by a psycho *

* But I'm not sad or sorry *

* 'Cause we be tomorrow *

* Next month, next week *

* I guess I'm weak, * * I guess I'm weak *

* But I'm not sad or sorry *

* Train passes * * where they prosecute *

* So be careful * * where you tread *

* 'Cause we be tomorrow *

* It's a land mine, baby *

* Suicide when I was * * four or five *

* Don't go losing your head, * * just remember our love *

* Mike-O killed by a psycho *

* Sad or sorry... *

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