Nashville Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Nashville script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Robert Altman movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Nashville. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Nashville Script



Now, after years in the making,



Robert Altman brings to the big

screen the long-awaited Nashville,



with   ... count 'em...

   of your very favorite stars!



David Arkin, Barbara Baxley,

Ned Beatty in Nashville!



And the fabulous performances

of Karen Black, Ronee Blakely!



Timothy Brown in Nashville,



along with the spectacular

Keith Carradine, Geraldine Chaplin!



With Robert Doqui in Nashville!



And the exciting appearances

of Shelley Duvall, Allen Garfield!



Henry Gibson in Nashville!



And the fantastic Scott Glenn,

Jeff Goldblum!



Barbara Harris in Nashville!



Not to mention the terrific

David Hayward, Michael Murphy!



Allan Nicholls in Nashville!



And the all-time great

Dave Peel!



Cristina Raines,

Bert Remsen in Nashville!



Plus the incredible

Lily Tomlin!



Gwen Welles and Keenan Wynn

in Nashville!



Be the first on your block to marvel

at the magnificent stars...



through the magic of stereophonic

sound and living-color picture...



right before your very eyes

without commercial interruption.



Fellow taxpayers

and stockholders in America,



on the first Tuesday

in November...



we have to make some vital decisions

about our management.



Let me go directly

to the point.



I'm for doing

some replacing.



I've discussed

the Replacement Party...



with people

all over this country,



and I'm often confronted

with the statement:



"I don't want to get

mixed up in politics,"



or "I'm tired of politics,"

or "I'm not interested. "



Almost as often someone says, "I

can't do anything about it anyway. "



Let me point out two things.



Number one: All of us

are deeply involved with politics,



whether we know it or not

and whether we like it or not.



And number two:



We can do something about it.



When you pay more

for an automobile...



than it cost Columbus

to make his first voyage to America,



that's politics.



My mother's people came by ship



And fought

at Bunker Hill



My daddy

lost a leg in France



I have his medals still



My brother served with Patton



I saw action in Algiers



Oh, we must be doin'




To last






- I pray my sons won't go to war

- Oooh



But if they must, they must



I share our country's motto



And in God

I place my trust



We may have had

our ups and downs



- Our times of trials and fears

- Ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh



But we must be doin'

somethin' right



To last






We must be doin'

somethin' right



To last






I've lived

through two depressions



And seven

dust bowl droughts



Floods, locusts

and tornadoes



But I don't have

any doubts



We're all a part of history



Why, Old Glory waves to show



How far we've come along

till now



How far we've got to go



How far we've got to go



It's been hard work



But every time

we get into a fix



Let's think of

what our children face



In  -aught- - 



It's up to us to pave the way



With our blood and sweat

and tears



Oh, we must be doin'

somethin' right



To last






We must be doin'somethin'right



To last     years



We must be doin' somethin' right



To last












- That girl down there.

- Hold it! Hold it, everybody.



Honey, you gotta

get her out.



- Bob.

- Yes, sir.



I want to talk to Buddy.




Y- Yes, sir, Dad?



Buddy, who is that woman in there

with the hat on?



- She a friend of yours?

- I'm Opal. Mr. Hamilton, I'm Opal.



I'm from the BBC, and I'm doing

a documentary on Nashville.



Buddy, you know I don't allow no

people visitin' when I'm recordin'.



I want no recording equipment

in that studio.



Escort the lady out.



If she wants a copy of this record,

she can buy it when it's released.



I'm sorry.

Just no strangers at all.



Mr. Hamilton,

I'll be waiting outside for you.



We'll have

a little interview.



I wanna do another one.

Jimmy, you count off.



I wanna hear

a little more Haven in this one.



There we are.



This is Studio B

right here.



- I think they're doing some gospel.

- Oh, how sweet!



A recording of some sort.

Hey, Glenn. How are you?



- Mind if we sit in?

- Come on in.



It's so little!



We'll be going down front

so we'll get out of the way.



I've been through all

the recording studios in London.



They're always enormous

and very impersonal.



This is so cozy.



Keep down

so they can see what's going on.



There we are.



Good Lord love a duck!



This is a choir...

a black choir...



from, uh, part of...

from Fisk University here in town.



Good Lord!



- The lady singing is...

- Is she a missionary?



No, she's not.

She's a gospel singer.



She's the wife

of our attorney.



I was making

a documentary in Kenya...



and there was this marvelous woman

who was a missionary.



That's why I asked if she was

a missionary. She was sensational.



She was converting Kukuyos

by the dozens.



She was trying to convert Masais.

Of course, they were hopeless.



They have their own

sort of religion.



- Do you believe in Jesus

- Yes, I do



- Do you believe in Jesus

- Yes, I do



- Do you believe in Jesus

- Yes, I do



Do you believe that Jesus knows

what's in your soul



Do you thank the Lord

every chance you get



For He sent His son

to save all good men



Yes, I do



- O Lord

- Yes, I do



- O Lord

- Yes, I do



Yes, I do

Yes, I do



Look at that.

That rhythm is fantastic.



- Do you believe in Jesus

- Yes, I do



It's funny... You can tell

it's come down in the genes...



through ages and ages and

hundreds of years, but it's there.



I mean, take off those robes and

one is in... in... in darkest Africa.



I can just see their naked,

frenzied bodies...



dancing to the beat of...



Do they carry on like that

in church?



Depends on which church

you go to.



- Yes, I do

- Yeah-eah-eah



- Yes, I do

- Ohhh, Lord



- Yes, I do

- Yeah-eah-eah



- Yes, I do, Yes, I do

- Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah



- Ohhh-ohh-ohh

- Yes, I do, Oh, Lord



I've lived through

two depressions



And seven

dust bowl droughts



Floods, locusts

and tornadoes



But I don't have

any doubts



We're all a part

of history



Why, Old Glory

waves to show



How far...



- Hold it. Hold it!

- How far...



Hold it, everybody.



Damn it, Bob.



What's the name

of the piano player, Bob?



- That's Frog.

- That's Frog. He plays like a frog.



We'll try it again.



Jimmy, you count off.



- I believe in Jesus

- Yes, I do



- Oh, yes, I do

- Yes, I do



- Oh, yeah

- Yes, I do



- Yeah, yeah

- Yes, I do



- Yeah! Yeah!

- Yes, I do, Yes, I do



- Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

- Yes, I do, Yes, I do, Yes, I do



- Oh, yeah, Oh, yeah

- Yes, I do, Yes, I do



- Oh, yeah, Oh, yeah

- Yes, I do, Yes, I do



- Oh, yeah, Oh, yeah

- Yes, I do, Yes, I do



- Oh, yeah, Oh, yeah

- Oh, yeah! Oh, yeah!



Yes, I do

Yes, I do, Yes, I do



But we must be doin'

somethin' right



To last     years



Must be

doin'somethin'right to last






- Damn it to hell!

- Hold it, everybody.



- Bob.

- Yes, sir?



What did you say

the piano player's name was?



- Frog.

- Yeah.



When I ask for Pig,

I want Pig.



Now, you get me Pig, and then we'll

be ready to record this here tune.



Yes, sir.



You get your hair cut.



You don't belong

in Nashville.



This is Bill Jenkins on special

assignment for Channel Two News.



Here at Metro Airport we're awaiting

the arrival of Barbara Jean,



who has been away for treatment

at the Baltimore Burn Center.




prior to her arrival,



around      Barbara Jean fans and

supporters are here at the airport.



They are being held inside

the terminal by security police.



Ma'am, excuse me.

Am I late for Barbara Jean's plane?



- I don't think so.

- Thank you, ma'am.



Members of the Chamber of Commerce

and other fans are on the way.



Also, Haven Hamilton will make

an appearance here at Metro Airport.



There is

no question about being involved.



The question is,

What to do?



It is the very nature

of government...



to strain at a gnat

and swallow a camel.



As loyal citizens,

we accept our take-home pay,




most of the deductions...



and even, to a degree,

come to expect them.



However, when the government

begins to force its citizens...



to swallow a camel,



it's time to pause

and do some accounting.



Her plane has touched down and will

be turning onto the ramp area...



directly here in front of us

at Metro Airport.



Could you pass me

the crackers, please?



- There you go.

- Thank you.



- Miss, may I have...

- Hi!



A... a caramel sundae,




Honey, we ain't got

no caramel sundae.



- Butterscotch?

- Ain't got no butterscotch sundae.



- Oh.

- Got a strawberry.



- Strawberries are always in season.

- Fine, fine.



- That's fine. Thank you.

- Good for you too.



Thank you. Then I'll have

a strawberry sundae, if I may.



- You got it.

- Thank you.



- Sueleen, did you see what he did?

- One strawberry sundae!



Sueleen, did you see

what he just did?



He took the thing off the salt

and threw it up in the air.



Why'd you do that?



What are you doin'

in Nashville?



- Oh, I live here.

- You do?



Hey, fellas, come here.

I want you to see somethin'.



My wife and I...



My wife is sick,




Oh, I'm sorry

to hear that.



It's just one of those things

that happens.



- Happens in the best of families.

- Yeah.



I wrote me this real hot song.

You wanna hear it?



It's called

"I Never Get Enough. "



Okay, listen.

All right?



I never get enough

I never get enough



Of the love

I'm hungry for



I never get enough

I never get enough



I always want

more and more




If we stay together



Our whole lifetime




I'll never get enough

I'll never get enough



I'll never get enough

of you



At any moment Barbara Jean will be

stepping out and will be greeted...



by the Chamber of Commerce,

as well as Mr. Sperry.



Mr. Sperry making his way to the

aircraft right now with a big wave.



Of course, he's the president

of Barnett Enterprises.



- We'll be talking with Mr. Sperry...

- Hey!



John Triplette?



- I'm John Triplette.

- Oh!



- How are you?

- Hey, John. How are you?



Those kids in those uniforms

are terrific.



- Hello.

- What's your name?



- Del Reese. I'm sorry. Forgive me.

- Thanks for coming out.



- It's a great idea.

- You mean the girls in the costumes.



Barbara Jean's

still on the aircraft.



We'll be awaiting her.



Thousands of people have turned out

to greet Barbara Jean...



after her arrival.



Now Haven Hamilton has just arrived,

typically dressed in white.



His white Jeep being driven today

by his son Bud.



Members of the Chamber of Commerce

are going over to Haven Hamilton.



He's greeting some of his old

friends, business acquaintances.



Autograph seekers are now

making their way over.



Barbara Jean still is

aboard the aircraft.



- Hello, Martha.

- Hi.



- How are you, Martha?

- I'm okay, but, uh...



- Pardon me?

- Listen, uh, I changed my name.



- Oh?

- It's L.A. Joan from now on.



Let me get some cigarettes.



Your Aunt Esther

wants to see you.



- She's in the hospital.

- Wait a minute.



This guy's a rock star.



Can I get your autograph?

You're Tom, aren't ya?



Tom, Bill and Mary?



Jesus, you oughta stop that diet

before you ruin yourself.



Do you believe this? They have our

album here. Hey, how's it selling?



- What's that?

- Bill, Mary and Tom.



A little slow,

but we sell mostly country.



I'm the handsome one

in the front.



I don't have my glasses on,

but I...



Wait a minute! Hal Phillip Walker

looks exactly like Connie White.



Now, Del, I like...



I like the idea of bands.



I want you to listen to

those little kids, honey.



They practiced every day

for two hours for a whole month...



just for this event.



- That's so nice.

- Isn't that cute?



- I think they're adorable.

- Pearl, shut up.



- Just like your mama, son!

- Yes, yes, I'm sure he is.



Barbara Jean, tragically burned in

an accident involving a fire baton.



She has now fully recovered,

however required to take...



- Excuse me, Barnett...

- I got no time right now!






I just think they're so cute,





I wonder if this thing's on.



Hey... Hey, are you Tom

of Bill, Mary and Tom?



- Yeah. What's your name?

- Jamie.



You thought of voting for Walker

for president?



- I don't vote for nobody.

- Oh, come on.



Just read it.

He's got a fantastic platform.



How you doin', Sarge?

You kill anybody this week?



So beautiful.



Did you ever see

such pretty girls in your life?



Someday you're gonna be big girls

like your mommies,



and you're gonna be lookin'for

a nice, young, handsome man...



Come on, Buddy, say hello.



My son Buddy, he just graduated

from Harvard Law School...



and we're tryin' to give him

all the breaks we never got.



- Buddy, say hello to the people.

- Hi.



Thank you, Buddy.



And thank you again for comin'here

and makin'us all feel so at home.



Here she comes!



Here she comes!

Our Barbara Jean!



Get up here.



Get on

the other side.



Here's our own Barbara Jean!



May I have a word,




Not here.

Come on. Come on.



Who do you think you are?

Marlon Brando?



Barbara Jean, ladies and gentlemen!



- Hi!

- Oh, look at that!



Is that a sight!



Hello, Haven darling.



Hi, Bill. Hi, Mary.

Where's Tom?



- Can you take my bag?

- Sure.



- The gate.

- Then let's go meet at the gate.



- Norman, let's go to the limo.

- The limo is just outside.



Barbara Jean, for you.



- Thank you, Haven.

- Right here for the photographer.



Thank you, Tennessee Twirlers,

for coming out today,



and thank you,

Franklin High School Band.



I think you kids

get better every year.



Twirlers, let's twirl!



Oh, little beauty!



Thank you so much!



Are you gonna ride into town

with me or not?



Go on without me. I'm gonna wait,

'cause I think she's gonna sing.



Who, her?

She ain't gonna sing.



She don't sing

unless she gets paid.



I'd like to thank you for coming out

to greet me today.



It's great to be home.

It's as hot as a firecracker.



What's so funny about that?



Me and the boys are gonna be

out at the Opry this week,



and like my grandaddy

always used to say,



if you're down to the river

I hope you'll drop in.



Ohh! Yes, that's sweet.



Who writes your material, darlin'?



Barnett, who are

all those people inside there?



That's just airport security,

'cause of all the hijackers.



- Did they come to see me?

- They can see you pretty good.



Then I'd like to go in

and say hello.



Aww, that's so sweet!




I'm sorry, darlin'.



This is a little bit unscheduled.



She's on her way to greet some

of the fans that are inside there.



- Stepping on down with Barnett.

- Watch out for the water.



That was real nice.



Right behind, Haven Hamilton and all

the other friends, members and, uh...



She's fallen!



Harold, come on!

She's fallen somewhere down there!



If we can get down there...



Don't know how far

we can make it.



Who do you

think is running Congress?



Farmers? Engineers?

Teachers? Businessmen?



No, my friends,

Congress is run by lawyers.



A lawyer is trained for two things

and two things only:



To clarify... that's one...



and to confuse...

that's the other thing.



He does whichever

is to his client's advantage.



You ever ask a lawyer

the time of day?



He told you how to make a watch,

didn't he?



Ever ask a lawyer how to get to

Mr. Jones'house in the country?



You got lost, didn't you?



Congress is composed

of     individuals.



Two hundred and eighty-eight

are lawyers.



And you wonder

what's wrong in Congress.



No wonder we often know

how to make a watch,



but we don't know

the time of day.



No wonder it takes   or   years...



What the hell

is the matter with you?



Yes, I'm talking about replacement...



replacing this lawyeristic,




and blank-taped government...



with the yes-and-no language

of farmers and teachers,



engineers and businessmen.



I'm not pessimistic

about this country.



She finally collapsed here on

the sidewalk. Sort of a faint.



That's all we've been able

to determine at this moment.



We interviewed Mr. Sperry.

He said the same thing.



Haven Hamilton

said the same thing as well.



That's about it for the moment

from Metro Airport.



For Channel Two News,

this is Bill Jenkins reporting.



Let's consider our national anthem.



Nobody knows the words.



Nobody can sing it.



Nobody understands it.



I suppose

all the lawyers supported it...



because a lawyer wrote the words

and a judge wrote the tune.



Careful, Buddy.



- Read it through carefully.

- Watch out for that truck.



And I say read it

because I know you can't sing it.



Read all four verses and you'll

understand what I'm talking about.



Yes, sir, I would support work

and vote for replacement.




our national anthem...



- This is terrific, Norman.

- To something people understand,



back to something that would make

a light shine in their faces.



Hey, man, get off my car!



Don't lean on my car!



I just got this goddamn thing fixed,

so don't lean on it now.



Oh, Jesus Christ.

Oh, God.



Hey, man,

get the hell off my car!



You almost made me fall!



Okay, thanks.

You got one too?



Thanks a lot. Just keep those

cards and letters comin' in, folks.



- I cannot. I feel faint.

- I'm gonna get us a Popsicle.



- H-Hello!

- Those mangled bodies.



Would you go to that Popsicle truck

and get us a couple of sweet ices?



There must be    cars piled up,

one on top of the other.



- Oh, now, come on.

- I saw a leg sticking out.



This is gonna be a mess.

I don't know how long it, uh...



Can you just pull on through

where the ambulance went through?



You wanna come on in

and try it?



- What's the matter, son?

- I'm stalled.



- What did you want? Popsicle?

- I wish my cameraman had been here.



He's never around. I need something

like this for my documentary.



I need it.

It's... It's America.



Those cars

smashing into each other...



and all those

mangled corpses...



Just a minute now.

Just a minute.



Aren't there any rock stations?



Well, hard to really say.



You see,

after they opened her up...



they figured

they oughta do an exploratory.



You know, give her

kind of an overhaul.



- Twenty dollars?

- Twenty dollars.



- I'll give you five.

- No, I'll take   .



You'll take   ?

I'll give you ten.



I can think of

no sensible reason why New York...



must of necessity have

      major crimes committed...



for every     

committed in Tokyo.



- Yet these are the true victims.

- Excuse me.



Some very funny notions have

developed in American politics.



Let me see.

Um, have you any children?



Yes, I have two children.

I have a boy and a girl.



Oh, isn't that nice.

How old are they?



Twelve and eleven.



Do they want to be singers

like their mummy?



Uh, well,

my children are deaf.



They're... They are deaf.

They were born deaf.



Oh, my God, how awful.



- It's so depressing.

- Now, just a minute. That's not so.



- I wish you could see my boy.

- Oh, I couldn't.



He has the most

incredible personality.



It's the sadness of it.



See, what happened is, he made

a million dollars on a fly swatter,



because it had

a red dot in the center.



- Fly swatter?

- That's right. Just a red dot.



He was sittin' in the buffet,

he was eatin', and he saw a woman...



and she was

swattin' flies.



And, uh, she...

Uh, he said,



"What makes the difference

in fly swatters?"



'Cause it has to do with

the industrial revolution.



The thing with

these country people is,



they have

a real grassroots appeal.



Oh, hell, they got fans.



And they're the people

that elect the president.



We're gonna do

everything we can.



You line up

a lot of movie stars...



People here feel that movie stars

are eccentric and crazy.



- Communists.

- Well...



- A lot of'em are.

- It's been said.



- I want to go to the Grand Ole Opry.

- Forget that.



- 'Cause I have to have my record...

- I don't like music.



- I'm gonna go see what's goin' on.

- I have a gold record.



- It needs to be signed.

- Get away from my truck!



- Goddamn it. Sons of bitches.

- Shit.



I say, could I please speak

to Mr. Tommy Brown?



I'm sorry. What?



Is it possible to have a few words

with Mr. Tommy Brown?



I'm from the BBC. I'm doing

a documentary on Nashville.



What is the BBC?



- British Broadcasting Company.

- Oh, English.



It was called

"Wanda, Wander. "



No, that song was called

"Wonder, Wanda. "



- Wanda, wander's got me bad

- I don't have a pen.



- No... Wonder, Wanda's got me bad

- I keep travelin'



And I'm sad

Buddy, Buddy, which was it?



- I don't really know.

- Thank you, thank you.



- Goddamn it, it was "Wanda, Wander. "

- It was "Wonder, Wanda. "



- "Wanda, Wander"! "Wanda, Wander"!

- "Wonder, Wanda. "



What difference does it make?

It was a hit!



There's no breathing space.



What we need,

first and foremost,



is a common-sense approach.



Nothing complicated.



Is Mr. Brown going to...

Will he be here soon?



Yeah, he's in the back




Whenever he's going to have an

interview, he puts his makeup on...



and likes to

get all prettied up.



That's nice.



He must be

a marvelous person...



to have all you lovely people

working for him.



I know the problems in the South.

I mean, I've heard of them.



Well, yeah.



- He's a very liberal guy.

- Oh, that's lovely.



By the way, I'd like for you

to meet his wife. This is Joy.



- Mrs. Brown?

- Yes.



You may say that I ain't free



But it don't worry me



No, it don't



Today in America,



with its unmatched resources,



it is exceedingly ridiculous,



a total absurdity...



that any citizen with any ailment,

mental or physical,



should go

medically unattended.



We're settin' up

everything for you.



- We got pictures the right height.

- Oh, yeah, the bird again.



Isn't that beautiful.

I remember when you gave that to me.



I remember I almost threw it out.



Good afternoon, girls.



I'd like you to wait

outside the room a while...



because I know Aunt Esther would

like to fix herself up a little.



I want my dog.

Where is my dog?



- I'm sorry. I've got a date.

- You do?



- I just need one shot.

- I'm sorry. Could you excuse us?



- Come right on in, sir.

- How you doin', Howard?



I'm sorry.

No press allowed.



- Put these pictures above your head.

- Fine, Buddy.



- Delbert, I got no time.

- I know, I know.



I just stopped by

to see Barbara Jean.



How you doin'?

How's lawyerin'?



Nobody pays me no mind.

I'm just like another flunky.



- Would you mind crankin' me up?

- More white carnations.



Bud, what are you doin'?

This is a hospital!



This ain't no construction site!



- I am not the press.

- Go build another chair!



Goddamn it.



I am not the press.

I am from the BBC.



Damned if I don't

keep my pledge.



- Look who's here. Mr. Brown.

- Glad you're here, but cut it short.



How do you do?

Nice to see you.



You look as beautiful

as a big black butterfly.



I'm gettin' jealous.

You better get outta here.



He's gettin'mighty jealous.



I gotta set myself up a bit. Hi.



- I need to talk to you.

- You got it.



All right, everybody.

Doctor's gotta talk turkey.



Barnett, there's somebody

I want you to meet.



- John Triplette from California.

- John Triple?



- Triplette.

- Okay. All right.



- Okay.

- He's a killer.



- Give us some good news.

- Excuse us, please.



- Are you a relative?

- No, no.



- Can you tell me how she is?

- She's fine.



It's her husband

I'm concerned about.



Now say somethin'good.

You got two seconds.



- Can I have a light?

- Excuse me?



- Can I have a light?

- Yeah, sure.



The incident you described just now

is very similar...



to what was diagnosed as

some kind of intestinal disorder.



- What's your name?

- Bud Hamilton's my name.



It's really hot here.



Esther's awake.

She's dying to see you.



I'll be there in a minute.

I'm talking to someone right now.



- I'm talking to someone.

- I beg your pardon.



That's my uncle.



I've got a sick aunt

down the hall.



I just got in from Los Angeles

a few hours ago.



- I'm L.A. Joan.

- L.A. Joan?



What do you do?



Well, I know

it sounds arrogant,



but I'm on my way to town,

if I ever make it,



to become a country-western

singer or star.



Yeah? What are you gonna do

if you don't?



If I don't? I don't kn...

Oh, I could always go into sales.



- Like ladies' clothes?

- No... I don't know.



Well, I know all about trucks,

so I'd go into trucking, I guess.



- You're kidding me.

- No, I'm not kiddin' you.



I'm in a truck enough. And I know

how to fix motors and all that.



- Nobody'd buy trucks from a girl.

- I been fixin' motors a long time.



They'd buy 'em from me

'cause I know all about motors.



Why do you say that?



See, what's happenin' is, if I can't

sell trucks and I can't go...



- Nobody'd buy a truck from a girl.

- I knew this was gonna happen.



Don't say you saw me.



Hey, you haven't seen

my wife, have ya?



- She's sort of ordinary-lookin'.

- Uh-uh.



Are you going into town?



You're not one of them

country singers, are ya?



- No. Can you give me a ride?

- All right, get in.



You look like a guy

I was in the navy with.



He wouldn't bathe, so we had to pee

in his bed to get him discharged.






My name's Sueleen Gay.



I'm here to sing you all a couple

of songs tonight that I wrote.



I sure hope you're

gonna enjoy 'em, honey,



'cause I know I'm gonna

enjoy singin' 'em to ya.



The first one I'm gonna sing tonight

is called...



"Let Me Be The One. "



Let's go.



Oh, what about your...

your aunt and uncle?



Oh, it's cool.

I can see them anytime.



- What kind of car you got?

- I have a little... Here.






And, uh, that...



that being true,



I would suggest, on the basis

of the first account...







Keep on flowing



Push your muddy waters

down to the sea



I'm so lonely



Rolling on this river



Old Man

Mississippi River



Carry me home



I got a cute little gal

waitin'home for me



Down in

Memphis, Tennessee



Gonna see my girl

She's a Cajun queen




in New Orleans



How come you're not

wearing the blue dress?



Because I didn't want

to wear it.



You're supposed to wear

the blue dress when I wear this.



- I don't wanna dress like twins.

- We're not twins. We're a trio.



Hi, young stud.

Come in, sit down right over here.



Yeah! Whoo.



I'm sorry.

I'm sorry to...



No, it's okay.



He looks like

Howdy Doody.



Okay, this is, uh...



Right here

at Deemen's Den.



- Hi, everybody! My name's Sheila.

- And my name's Patti.



And we're

the Smokey Mountain Laurel.



Oh, these troubled times



They been makin' me weary



All my toil and teardrops

make me sa-a-a-ad



Oh, these troubled times

They been makin'me weary



Still, the Lord is

the best friend I have



So I'm goin'

down to the river



Where I'm gonna

kiss my sins away



I'm goin' down

to the river



I'm a-gonna begin

a brand-new day



Sweet Jesus

He came in the morning



He didn't kiss

no women at night



Come on, Becky, let's go.

It's gettin' late.



I've gotta get up...




Oh! Tom!



- Yeah?

- Tom, hello.



Another one of his girlfriends.



I was looking for you.

This chap told me you were in here.



- Who are you?

- I'm Opal from the BBC. Hello.



Good evening, ladies.



You don't mind if I sit

down for a little bit.



All right, I wanna hear it some more

for my Misty Mountain Boys!



I got a couple announcements

I wanna make.



We got some stars here tonight.



- It can't be us.

- And one of'em is...



Tommy Brown's back in town!



Tommy Brown!

Stand up and show it off!



Oh, ain't he beautiful!



Tommy Brown? Tommy Brown's

the whitest nigger in town.



It's gettin' late.

I'm very sorry. I'm very sorry.



He oughta drink some of that milk!

It fits his personality!



This is not typical of Lady Pearl's

parlors, you understand.



It's not typical of Nashville.



- I hope you'll tell the other ones.

- Hey, the Oreo cookie's leavin'!



Calm down.

You're drunk.



I know I'm drunk, but he's still

the whitest nigger in town,



and I ain't gonna change my mind

about that, I'll tell you right now.



Tommy Brown. Shit.

Hey, where you goin', Tommy Brown?



Come on back in...



Hey, get your hands off...



Listen, boys!

I got two guns here!



Jesus said

it's gonna be all






Well, how'd we do, Trout?



Not bad, girls. Go sit down.

I'll talk to you in a minute.



Send over a couple of beers.



Hey, Bear, how about a couple beers

for the ladies, huh?



- Okay, honey, what's your name?

- Sueleen. Sueleen Gay.



Sueleen Gay,

you're on next.



Come on, Bunkie.



One, two, three, four.



Un, doux, trois, quatre.

Testing. Testing.



I gotta go to the bathroom.

Wait for me here.



The kind of guys that

go for this Hal Phillip Walker...



Longhairs that smoke cigarettes

that look funny.



I heard this guy's

an admitted homo.



Hi, y'all.



My name's Sueleen Gay...



and I'm here to sing you all

a couple songs that I wrote.



First one I'm gonna do

is called "Let Me Be The One. "



Let me be the one



To understand you



That's awful.



Let me be the one

to lend a hand



And if you need

some kind affection



- Won't you let me give you some

- What is this?



Won't you let me



Be the one



Oh, won't you



Let me be the one



Won't you

let me be the one



When your skies

get dark and cloudy



- Won't you let me be the sun

- I'm looking for Frog.



When you're feelin'

kinda down



- And you wanna have some fun

- Um, I'm making a demo.



- You want a beer?

- No, thanks. This is business.



See, what I was wonderin'...



I'm makin' a demonstration album

at a recordin' studio.



- And, uh...

- Winifred!



- What? You...

- Goddamn it, come back here!



- No!

- Everybody



- Winifred!

- Needs to give some too



When you get tired

of pretending



- Deemen's Den.

- Is Trout around there?



- Yeah, this is Trout.

- Listen, this is, uh, Del Reese.



We're gonna have a fund-raiser,



And we need some help

with some...



- Talent?

- Yeah, talent. Right.



I tell you what I'm gonna do.



The fella I'm working with is here.

I'm gonna put him on the phone.



He can tell you what it is we need.

John Triplette's his name.



Uh, Trout.

This fella's name's Trout.



- Trout.

- Yeah.



- Hello, Trout?

- Hey, John, how are you?



- I'm fine. How are you?

- Fantastic.



Listen, as Del told you,

we're putting a smoker together.



I think next Monday night,




What we need is a young lady

to entertain the troops.



Hey, babes.



And then...



What are you tellin'? Huh?






Set the table, please.



I'm sorry you got stuck in that

big traffic jam out there today.



I have got a saucy,

saucy redhead...



- Saucy.

- Who is dynamite.



Absolutely dynamite.



Everybody needs

to give some too



Why, in fact her name

is Suelynn Gay.



Well, if she's half as provocative

as her name, we're home free.



I'm sorry I sprang

this dinner on you.



I asked the man if he wanted to

come to dinner, and he said yes.



One boy pushed me out.



- Were you out there by yourself?

- Wasn't it hot?



Thought I was gonna burn up.



We got in the car

and turned on the air.



Coach said, "Go in the water. "

I said, "Okay. "



- What you tellin', Jimmy?

- Talkin' 'bout swimming class.



- He's telling about swimming class.

- Oh.



Did you swim today?

Did you learn anything?



- Huh?

- Hush! Let him tell it.



Then the coach said, "Ready?"

I said, "Yeah. Oh, boy. "



Did it how I used to.



Then I went down

to the diving board...



and went... Whoo!

And touched bottom.



And I kept goin' through.

Walked on the bottom.



And then I come out.



Then I get two cards:




and "Passed the test. "



How about that?



They call you Gol...

They call you Goldfish?




That's it.



Oh, dynamite! Dynamite!




I'm so proud of you, baby.



- Thank you.

- You knocked 'em out up there.



Oh, excuse me.

I'm sorry.



All the people were goin'crazy!

Darlin', you're outta sight!



Oh, my goodness.



Oh, that's beautiful. Honey,

it takes an attitude to be a star.



- What can I tell you?

- Do I get thejob, then?



I got you a job

while you were singin'.



You did? Ohh!



A friend of mine called.

Very heavy.



There's a party

Monday night.



The pay is not much because

it's a low-budget thing... $   .



I don't care about the money.



This must be

some sort of amateur night.



- You're gonna be a star.

- I gotta make a phone call.



I'll be right back.



They are good, babe.



Mmm, I have to get that.



- That's all right. Go on.

- Where you goin'?






Mmm. Hello.



- Hi. Linnea?

- Mm-hmm.



- I'm here.

- Who is it?



This is Tom.



Just a minute.

I have something in my mouth.



- I was eatin' dinner.

- You haven't changed a bit.



- Now, who is it?

- This is Tom. Don't you remember?



No, I don't believe I do.



We met in the control

room at the recording studio...



about two months ago.



- Oh, yes. How are you?

- I'm fine. How are you?



I'm just fine.

What are you doin' in Nashville?



I'm gonna do some recording.

I'm here for a couple weeks.



- I'd really like to see you.

- Come out to the house.



The children

would love to meet you.



That's not exactly

what I had in mind.



Look, I find you very attractive

and I'd like to see you.



Well, I think it'd be fine if we had

dinner some night here at the house.



- You've never met my husband Del.

- I see. You can't talk now.



I'll call you later. I'm going home.

I'll call you when I get there. Bye.



Wh... Uh, I'd like to...






All right. I'll talk to you later.

Thank you for calling.



- He's done well in those primaries.

- He sure has.



That's the key to it.



Who was it, babe?



Oh, down at

the recording studio.



I left some,

uh, music down there.



- What kind of a gun is it?

- A.   Smith and Wesson special.



Uh, this particular gun's

a stainless steel gun.



Did you ever have to shoot it?



We had to shoot it

to qualify on the range,



but I've never had to

kill anyone with it.



'Course, there's been occasions

where I have had to use it to...



See ya later, alligator.



Am I too late?



Well, Esther's asleep now.



She's looking forward

to seeing you in the morning.



If the chairman

of the board of your company...



had been running your business...



the way Washington

has been running our business,



you'd be asking

a lot of questions,



and you would find out

what you already know...



we have some problems

that money alone won't solve.



Now, I know something

about money.



Anybody who grew up without it

knows a lot about money.



I know more about money

than some of the rich,



because I never had any

until I was   .



I know something

of what money can do,



and more important, I know

something of what it can't do.



Does it make sense to let petroleum

giants increase prices at will,



- adding to a staggering profit...

- Watch where you're going!



But tell the little filling station

owner in his khakis...



- he can't charge one penny more?

- What's wrong with you, you dope?



To tax the salaries of people

on poverty-level income,



I don't need that shit,

you stupid...



then give back in food stamps

twice the amount of the tax.



Vote for Hal Phillip Walker!



If there's any cleaning up done,



we're going to have to do it.



The Lord is not

going to do the replacing,



and the powers that be are certainly

not going to replace themselves.



That old truth remains: There is

no such thing as a free lunch.



- Hello.

- If the books are to be balanced,



we're going to have

to balance them.



- Yes, sir.

- You've got a room for rent?



Yeah. I'm Mr. Green.

That's me. I'm Mr. Green.



- I'd like to see it.

- What's your name again?



- Kenny. Kenny Fraiser.

- All right, sir, right this way.



Just go right through.



That's your room

straight ahead there, Kenny.



My wife's been in the hospital,

so the house is a little dusty,



but there's clean sheets on the bed.



It's fine.

It's like my room at home.



And Kenny.



The toilet's

down at the end of the hall.



- You a musician?

- Yeah.



Well, now, my niece

is interested in music.






This here is Kenny.

This is Martha.



- Hi!

- Hi.



She's from California.



- Uh, $   .  ?

- That's right. $   .   a week.



And you can have breakfast

with me if you want.



Of course you'll have to

help me wash the dishes.



Let me put this down

and I'll pay you.



Gonna try whatever comes my way



Gonna do

some heavy thinkin'



Good mornin'.

Barbara Jean, time to get...



- I must have the wrong room.

- I think you do.



Come on, Barbara Jean.



Time to get up. Come on.



- Hi.

- Good morning, Louise.



- Did you have a nice rest?

- Yeah. I was just having a dream.



Oh, I know the political physicians

are laughing,



but not quite as loud today

as they were yesterday.






Sing a...

Del, are... Wait a minute.



You want me

to fry you an egg?



No, honey, I'm gonna

hard-boil me a couple eggs.



All right.



Sing, sing a song



The economy's depressed, not me



My spirit's high

as it can be



And you may say



That I ain't free



But it don't worry me



It don't worry me



Wake up.



It don't worry me



You may say

that I ain't free



But it don't worry me



You say this train



- Don't give out rides

- God.



- Well, it don't worry me

- God, I thought I was in Israel.



- All the world is takin'sides

- I don't know why.



- But it don't worry me

- Certainly not the decor, was it?



Must have been dreaming.



In my empire

life is sweet



I was there for about a year

on a kibbutz.



I was feeling very romantic about

that kind of socialism at the time.



I thought I'd like

to have a bash at it.



- Hello.

- Can I talk to Linnea, please?



- Del, I'm on the phone.

- Okay.



How are you? Listen, I'm sorry

I didn't call sooner, but...



- Who is this?

- This is Tom.



Tom who?



Oh, come on.



- Who is this? Tom who?

- This is Tom. Listen...



I don't know who you are,

I don't know why you're calling,



and I want you to stop it.



- You know you want to see me.

- I never said any such thing.



And I'm not foolin'.

Don't you ever call here again!



What's goin' on... Hello? Linnea?






Who was that, babe?



Just some crazy person

been callin' here.



Next time he calls, you tell him

you're gonna get the police on him.






Come on. Sing



Sing a song



Make it simple to



Last your whole life long



Just sing



Sing a song



Yeah, he watched that.



How do you get outside, please?



- Dial " ."

- Oh, hi, Mr. Green.



Look at those flowers.

Did you grow those?



Esther and I did, yes.



My niece here picked 'em.

She's from California.



Oh, that's good.



They're so healthy.

Let me check and see if she's awake.



There's no reason

why I can't use the phone.



May I see your credentials?



- I'll be happy to show them to you.

- Hi.



- Holy dogshit! Look at that!

- What is that?



That must be

some friends of Buddy's.



Uh, Little Women.



Little Women!



Ever since that Easy Rider movie,



that's the kind of bike

everybody's been drivin'...



long, low, laid back in front.



- They're so dangerous, aren't they?

- They are.



Over here at Baptist Hospital

there's a whole ward of young boys,



the cutest, best-lookin' boys

you'd ever want to see,



paralyzed from the waist down.




Excuse me.



Thank you for the ride, darling.



Break a leg.



- Have you passed the bar yet?

- Oh, yeah.



- Not that bar.

- No, I know... Excuse me.



- Well, well, well. Young Hamilton.

- How are you?



- How are you?

- Fine, fine.



Give us a kiss, love.



You're a shy young man,

aren't you?



- Is your dad around?

- Uh, yes, he is, but...



Do you think I could have

a little chat with him?



He's kinda tied up right now,

but maybe you could...



- Is your mom around?

- No. My mom is in Paris.



- This is Bergman.

- I like it.



- It's kinda nice.

- Pure, unadulterated Bergman.



It's beautiful.

You live here?



Yeah, we do.

We've been here for quite a while.



Lucky you! It's so gorgeous.

I've never seen...



Of course, the people are all wrong

for Bergman, aren't they?



Well, I suppose

you're interested in horses.



Uh, yeah.

I like horses. Sure.



Honey, you should arrange for him

to visit one of our horse shows.



Haven breeds those famous Tennessee

Walkers you've heard about.



- Oh, really?

- Oh, he knows all about Walkers.



That is not the kind of walker

I had in mind.



- That's very fast.

- We have to be.



Well, she had this

most horrible accident.



- Hi, Marie. How are you?

- How are you?



She got a lick on the head

gettin' into one of those tiny cars.



Her daughter's car.



This happened

almost a year ago.



No one had any idea this was gonna

develop into such a horrible thing.



Mr., uh, Triplette,



I'm sorry ol' Delbert told you Haven

would appear at the political rally.



He knows better than that.



We'd never let Haven Hamilton

take sides politically.



Uh, you understand we give

contributions to everybody.



And they are not puny contributions.



Only time I ever went

hog-wild around the bend...



was for the Kennedy boys.



But they were different.



Oh, yes, ma'am, they were.



That's a fact.



Excuse me a minute.



Thank you, Brenda.



Is this party

somebody's birthday, or...



No, this is, uh...

I'm sure you've seen Haven Hamilton.



No, I never heard of him.

Do we get out here?



Let me, uh...



Let me get that door.



Listen, I wanted to ask...



Would it be all right

if I asked Mr. Gould a question?



You wanna ask me something?



We're gonna be riding back with you.

Could we wait until then?



I just wanted to know what

you were doing in Nashville.



I'm just coming to a party.

What are you doing in Nashville?



- Well, I'm stuck here.

- Yeah?



We'll see you in a bit.



Haven is singing tonight

at the Grand Ole Opry,



and this is just a previous

sort of party for his friends.



Right. He's got a lot

of photographers here, huh?



What are you doing here, anyway?



I came on a date, and now

I'm goin' to the Grand Ole Opry.



How you gon' go

to the Grand Ole Opry?



You came with a date.

Is he gonna take you?



Huh? No, he...



They left.



No, I'm promoting a movie,

but I'm not making one.



Are you a personal friend

of Mr. Hamilton's?



Yeah, we're good friends.



Um, no, I'm not a singer.

I'm a businessman.



I take care of

all Dad's business.



- You're a businessman?

- Yeah.



With that face?



You can't be a businessman.



Yeah, I... I work

with, uh, Dad's company.



I take care of his records.



Anything that comes in

comes though me.



- Do you like it?

- Yeah, it's great. It really is.



Dad's wanted me to do that

all his life.



I'd be the last guy in the world

to try and change your mind...



about something

you don't want to do,



but I'd like to explain

a couple things...



about what we're trying to do

in this campaign...



before you discount it altogether.



And somehow the blood began

to drain into behind her eyeball,



and the pressure caused her eye

just to bulge out.



It was just awful-lookin'. Everybody

thought she was gonna lose her eye.



We still don't

know how it's gon' come out.



I don't know how you're gonna

feel about this, but...



Walker thinks that you'd make

a fine governor in this state.



He thinks the time's right.



He thinks the people of Tennessee

love you. He knows they do.



He knows how you feel about them.



And he wants you to know that,



should the time come

you want to run,



he'll be there with his organization

to back you all the way.



Elliot Gould,

Delbert and Linnea Reese.



- Mrs. Reese.

- And Mrs. Dorster. Elliot Gould.



You gonna be

at Opryland tonight?



Well, I... I hadn't

thought I would be.



Well, I'm gonna be

at Opryland tonight.



Well, sure, I'll be there.



Yes, I guess you will.



And that's when

I'll give you my decision.



Well, thank you so much

for thinking about it. Terrific.



- Is Haven around?

- He's right around the corner.



Would you check and see

if it's all right if we come?



I see him with other people.

Thank you, Del.



- Do you want to be a singer?

- Oh, I...



- Look at me.

- I think everybody...



Dad wouldn't hear of it.



But you want to be a singer.



- I know him. That's Elliot Gould.

- This guy?



- He's a well-known actor.

- Oh, yes, with the curly hair.



Yeah. He was married

to Barbra Streisand.



- He's grossin' real big.

- You gotta be kiddin' me.




That girl that sang "People. "



I just shook the man's hand

like he was somebody off the street.



Oh, Delbert. Bring him on over.



- Yes, sir, I'll...

- Oh, Delbert!



We all walk on the street,




Oh, Delbert, Delbert.



Listen, you all come over.

Haven wants to meet you right away.



I didn't realize who you were

when we first were introduced here.



You wrote a song?



Yeah, I wrote one song

in my life.



- I'd love to hear it.

- You sure?



- Mm-hmm.

- Okay.



The sound of her hello



Soft and tenderly



The way she lights my morning



With her smile



And when she says I need you



Oh, I really need you



It makes my life so worthwhile



'Cause it comes from the heart



Of a gentle woman



It comes from the soul



Of an angel from above



And I'll stay in the heart



- Of a gentle...

- That's Elliot Gould!




It's Elliot Gould!



Well, let me meet

the movie star!



- Lady Pearl, Elliot Gould.

- Howdy!



- Haven Hamilton.

- Well, how do you do, Mr. Gould?



It's so nice to meet you. Welcome

to Nashville and to my lovely home.



- Elliot! Elliot Gould!

- What brings you here?



- Oh, hello. Well, I'm just, uh...

- Hello!



- You look marvelous.

- Who is this?



- Another of your unexpected guests?

- I'm Opal from the BBC.



Remember the Cannes Film Festival?

No, of course you wouldn't.



- Is she connected with Mr. Gould?

- No, she's not.



What are you doing...

What am I doing in Nashville?



- Excuse me...

- I'm doing this documentary...



Excuse me, but Mr. Gould

does not give interviews.



I don't know who you are

or what you're doing here,



but I will not tolerate rudeness in

the presence of a star... two stars.



- We met at the Cannes...

- Just take her, Delbert. Good-bye.



Mr. Hamilton!



- It's gonna be all right. Listen...

- Who are you?



- Well, that's the price of success.

- It certainly is.



Go get a Goo Goo,

friends, and settle back...



for    of the goodest minutes

in radio...



the Goo Goo Grand Ole Opry!



It's sent your way

by the makers of Goo Goo,



the goodest candy bar

in the world,



and King Leo pure stick candy,

the candy that roars with flavor.



Now a big welcome,

if you please,



for the Goo Goo man of the hour,

Tommy Brown!



I've been goin' down that

long lonesome road, babe



And I've been doin' it

for a while, yeah



I've been goin' down that

long lonesome road, babe



Lookin' for

a special smile



Now, I worked the bars



New York to Frisco



But I could never

make it pay



You know how money goes



It slips right through

your fingers



One more dollar

One more day



The bluebird

He has no money



The bluebird

He has no kin



The bluebird

He wears no time clock



He answers to the wind



That's as far as I can take you.



- Okay, this is it, all right.

- Yeah, all right.



- It's the new one!

- Yeah, I know.



- It's the new one, all right.

- Have you got the time?



Uh, yeah, it's, uh...



I shoved a hundred million

quarters in that jukebox



I've served a barrelful of beer



Now I've listened to



Some troubles in my lifetime



I've seen a lot of grown men cry



You know that old tune called

"Over the Rainbow"



Well, if the bluebird flies

then why can't I



I'm Del Reese, and I'm goin' back

to Haven Hamilton's group.



- Remember me?

- This young lady's with me here.



I'm being interviewed by her.



And I really gotta

go to the bathroom.



Time clock



He answers to the wind



He answers






The wind



Oh, yeah!

Thank you!



Thank you, Tommy.

Beautiful job, as always.



Say, Harold Weakly,

have you been on vacation yet?



No, I've been busier than a puppy

in a room full of rubber balls.



If you're like me, all that hustling

and bustling makes you want...



to let the world go by while you

enjoy a Goo Goo candy cluster.



Hey, Steve.

She's with me.



- Excuse me. Can I help you?

- Oh, I'm with these people here.



- Do you have a backstage pass?

- They didn't need a pass.



You need a pass

to get backstage.



- I never get enough

- Goo Goo's the perfect cluster...



- I always want more and more

- when you need quick energy.



- Even if we stay together

- Any time is Goo Goo time.



- Our whole lifetime through

- Pack Goo Goo in your lunch box.



I'll never get enough

I'll never get enough



I'll never get enough

of you



Go get a Goo Goo,



the South's favorite piece of candy

for    years.



- You ready to do the song?

- Right.



Go get a Goo Goo



It's good



I don't know about killin' 'em.

They're already dead.



They're lucky to be alive.



Haven Hamilton!



Thank you.

Thank you.



Thank you.

Now, now.



Well, I want to thank you

for that wonderful, warm welcome.



I'm sure you meant to share it with

Bud Hamilton, my son, who's here.



Stand up, Bud!



Isn't he somethin'else?



Yes, indeed.

Yes, indeed.



God bless you, and thank you so much

for that warm welcome.



- How tall is that guy?

- Who?



- Haven.

- I'd like to do a treat for you.



- A brand-new song.

- Don't ever ask him that, John.



Unpack your bags



And try not to cry



I can't leave my wife



There's three reasons why



There's Jimmy



And Kathy



And sweet Lorelei



For the sake of the children



We must say good-bye



For the sake of the children



We must say good-bye



'Cause Jimmy's been wishin'



That I'd take him fishin'



His Little League pitchin'



Is somethin' to see



And Kathy's    now



She's my little queen now



And I've gotta see



Who her beau's gonna be



So unpack your bags



And try not to cry



- I can't leave my wife

- That's funny, because...



Oh, look! Connie White!

Connie White.



How are you, honey?



You remember

you signed my album?



Well, thank you

for coming to the show.



I have a song I wrote.

I'll give you a call tomorrow.



We'll just chat,

you know, and...



You remember what I wrote on

the program? Will you remember?



- "I'm your friend. Connie White. "

- I like your dress.



I'm gonna get one too. But I

like the gold one with the be...



You know, when you...

when you have no waist.



Lori's just walkin'



She just started talkin'



And "Daddy"'s the first word



That she ever said



So unpack your bags



And try not to cry



I can't leave my wife



There's three reasons why



There's Jimmy



And Kathy



And sweet Lorelei



For the sake of the children



We must say good-bye



For the sake of the children



We must say good-bye



For the sake of the children



We must say good-bye



Thank you.

Thank you.



He's got the entire galaxy

on the back of his shirt.



And now I'd like to do

a special old favorite,



the song that got me started in this

business that's been so kind to me,



a song you've loved

through the years...



and one I'm sure

you're gonna love tonight.



"Keep A-Goin"'!



Thank you.



Well, if you strike

a thorn on a rose



Keep a-goin'



And if it hails

or if it snows



Keep a-goin'



Ain't no use

to sit and whine



'Cause a fish

ain't on your line



Bait your hook

and keep a-tryin'



Keep a-goin'



When the weather

kills your crop



Keep a-goin'



Why, it takes work

to reach the top



Keep a-goin'



Well, now, Wilton's goin'!



Come on, Wilton!

Let's hear it for Wilton!



I think Joe's gonna be goin'soon.



You gettin'ready, Joe?



Yeah, Joe's goin'.



Now everybody's goin'!



And if the doctor

says you're through



Keep a-goin'



Why, he's a human

just like you



Keep a-goin'



Ain't no law

says you must die



Wipe them tears

from off your eye



Give ol' life another try



Keep a-goin'



Ain't no law says you must die



Wipe them tears

from off your eye



Trust the Good Lord

up on high



He'll help



Keep a-goin'



Keep a-goin'



Yes, sir!



Well, thank you.

Thank you and God love you.



Thank you so much.



Thank you.



We want to send very special wishes

and greetings to Barbara Jean.



I know most of you read...



that she collapsed

out at the airport.



She's in the hospital. She's in

Vanderbilt Hospital recuperating.



Barnett tells me that

she really cried real tears...



because she couldn't be here

with you tonight.



But I hope you'll send some letters

and best wishes and prayers to her.



That's Vanderbilt Hospital,

Nashville, Tennessee,      .



And you tell her

Haven told you to write.



Now, as a special

stand-in for her,



we have her dear friend

Connie White,



who got out of the dentist's chair

this morning...



where she was having

some root canal work...



and came all the way out here

to sing for you.



Miss Connie White, who's a friend

not only of Barbara Jean's...



but a friend of yours and mine.



A wonderful singer

in her own way...



Miss Connie White!



Come on out, Connie!



- Hi, Del. How are you?

- I want you to meet John Triplette.



You look so good.




Isn't she lovely, folks?

Isn't she beautiful?



He's gonna do some things.



We'll talk about it later.

Nice seein' you.



Well, who do we have here?



- What is your name, honey?

- Paul Harris.



Paul Harris.

He's    he says.



And what's your name, honey?



Last time I saw a dress like that,

I was headin' to the junior prom.



You boys havin'a good time tonight?



Girl fell out of the car.



I want you to study real hard,



because remember, any one of you

can grow up to be the president.



Well, I'd like to go

to Memphis



But I don't know the way



And I'd like to tell you

how I feel



But I don't know

what to say



And I'd love to go

to heaven



But I forgot how to pray



So just help me keep from



Slidin' down some more



When I tried

to get back to him



I got lost on the way



I'd like to start again




But I, I don't know

what day it is



And I'd sure like to love you



If you'd show me the way



And just help me keep from



Slidin' down some more



Well, I don't know

what it's like out there



But in here

it's gettin'darker



I got a lot of things to share



But it sure is gettin' late



Well, I'd like to give you

all I got



But I don't know what that is



And I'd like to take you

with me



But I don't know where that is



And I know there must be

somethin' someplace



And some way to live



So just help me keep from



Slidin' down some more



Just help me keep from



Slidin' down some more



Some more



I know you love me



When I'm happy



And I know you love me

when I shine



But will you love me



In the mornin'



When the baby makes you get up



One more time

Thank you!



I know you love me

when I feel good



Love me every time

I make you laugh



Turn that off.



Okay. One more minute, darlin'.



- Right now.

- She'll be through in a moment.



I want you to turn it off

right now!



It bothers me.



It bothers me too,

but I gotta listen.






I gotta go to the King of the Road

and thank her for you.



- Thank her?

- I gotta know what songs she sang.



You can ask anybody.



You can call. You can send flowers.

You can send a message.



Come on.

Don't get upset now.



You're makin' me

ruin my nail polish job.



Do I tell you how to sing,

darlin'? Hmm?



Have I ever told you

how to sing a song?



That ain't the point.

I know why you're goin' over there.



Don't tell me

how to run your life.



- I been doin' pretty good with it.

- You go... Wh...



Let's just calm down. We're both

gettin' on each other's nerves.



You're goin' to the King of the Road

so you can hobnob with everybody.



- So I can do what? "Hobnob"?

- I ain't got no friends.



I gotta sit here

in this goddamn hospital.



They're all gonna talk

about how I'm a nut.



I ain't doin' no hobnobbin'.



Now whoa, whoa, whoa.



"Barbara Jean

had another collapse. "



You know what?



While you're at it, why don't you

take her some of my flowers?



Are you through?



No, I ain't. Take her this nice

black one. That'll cheer her up.



- Why don't you try these.

- Are you through?



- And these.

- I said, are you through?



And why don't you try these!



Are you through, I said?

Are you throu...



Are you goin' nutsy on me? 'Cause I

won't stand for that, Barbara Jean.



Huh? You havin' one of them

nervous breakdowns again?



- Huh?

- No.



You coulda fooled me, 'cause

it looks like you're ready for it.



Now, you just settle down

and shape up. You understand?



The only reason I'm goin' over there

is 'cause I love you.



I don't love to go over there

and hobnob with them phonies.



Why do you make me

raise my voice to you?



Why do you put us both

through this?



You all right?



Come on, now. Let's have

a little smile for Barnett.



- I'm tired of this place.

- Come on, now.



Now get up.



You help me, I help you.

All right? Come on, now.



Come on.



Now, where's Barnett goin'?



Where am I goin'?




- King of the Road.

- Why am I goin' there?



To see Connie.



And why am I doin' that?



To thank her

for singin' at the Opry.



- Now, who am I doin' that for?

- You're doin' it for me.



That's right.



Now, I'm walkin' out now.



What do you say as I walk out?

You say "bye-bye. "






- Bye-bye.

- Bye.






- Hello, Ben.

- Hi.



Aren't they wonderful?

So marvelous.



I'm really upset.



Wh... What are you

upset about?



She's really late.



- Well, she's not that late.

- No, she's late.



- Thank you.

- He's right over there.



I thought you were

very, very good tonight.



Thank you. Thank you so much.



She sounded beautiful.

She looked beautiful.



Well, Sue,

I didn't expect to see you.



- I want you to meet Julie Christie.

- Well, excuse my back.



- Welcome to Nashville.

- Doctor Zhivago.



- She the one who got off the train?

- Will you be here a while?



- No, just passing through.

- Oh, please sit down.



- Have a drink with us.

- We're not staying.



You're English, aren't you?

I could tell.



- This is Connie White.

- Hi.



- This is such a coincidence.

- I'm Del Reese.



I was talkin' about the

Christy Minstrels just this mornin',



and now we have

Julie Christie here.



- I met you with Peter Finch.

- Oh, yeah?



- You won't sit down and stay?

- No, thank you.



- Julie has a friend at the Exit Inn.

- I hope your stay is very nice.



I hope you'll remember what film

facilities we have in Nashville.



- Yeah, sure.

- Thank you. Good to see you.



- Have a lovely evening. Good-bye.

- Bye-bye.



Nice to see you.

Well, isn't that an honor.



- What a surprise. Julie Christie.

- Who's Julie Christie?



"Who's Julie Christie?" She's

a star. She's won an Academy Award.



- Oh!

- No, I'm not kiddin'.



For one of those pictures.

I don't know which one.



- She's done so many.

- Isn't he a gem?



- He's got the worst sense of humor.

- No, she's lovely.



Oh, come on.

She can't even comb her hair.



Oh, you've got

a Hal Phillip Walker button.



No, it's Kennedy.

Isn't that rather ancient?



Strange. I thought that everybody

in the South didn't go for Kennedy.



It's John Fitzgerald Kennedy.



Well, he...



he took the whole South,



except for Tennessee,

Florida, Kentucky.



And there's a reason

he didn't take Tennessee.



But he got        votes,



and the asshole

got        votes.



I just can tell.

It's somethin'.



It's the way

she looks at me.



It's that feeling you get that

you know there's somethin' going on.



And if I do a performance when

I'm too tired, it doesn't have...



- Hey, you all. How are you, Connie?

- Hi, Barnett.



Now, the problem we got here...



is anti-Catholicism.



These dumbheads around here,

they're all...



Baptists and whatever,

I don't know.



Even to teach 'em

to make change over the bar...



you gotta crack their skulls,



let alone teach 'em

to vote for the Catholic...



just because he happens to be

the better man.



Here, this is just somethin'...



somethin' that Barbara Jean

told me to pick up for you.



- You shouldn't have done that.

- I know, but she told me.



- I told her I shouldn't have.

- Did you get the flowers we sent?



Thank you.



Thank you.



Appreciate it.



Thank you very much.



As most of you

might have noticed,



we have a celebrity

with us tonight.



If we get our hands together,

we might could get a song.



- Miss Connie White.

- From the goodness of her heart.



What do you want, a few bucks?



You holdin' out

for somethin' better?



You're a real sweetie pie.



Thank you very much.



That's what I love about this place.

Can you see me?



I can't see you.



- That was a nice gesture.

- I'm gonna sing something you know.



- What was a nice gesture?

- Join me on the choruses.



Don't seem to be appreciated,

do it?



"Rolling Stone. "



Thank you.



You walked me, sweet Joshua



Down the country lane



You brought me, sweet Joshua



Where the roses grow so tall



You lay me down, Joshua



And you promised me your name



And after that



That was all



That was all






Rolling stone, Rolling stone



- Gathers no moss

- Who wrote that song, a kid?



And all I remember

the next few days was...



I was just lookin' at that TV set

and seein' it all,



seein' that great

fat-bellied sheriff...




"Ruby, you son of a bitch. "



And Oswald...



and her in her little pink suit.



But neither



Does it gather



Any love



Here's the best.

Here's Vassar.



And then comes Bobby.



Oh, I worked for him.



- Don't you think we...

- I worked all over the country.



I worked out in California,

out in Stockton.



Bobby came here and spoke,

he went down to Memphis,



and then he even went out

to Stockton, California...



and spoke off the Santa Fe train

at the old Santa Fe depot.



Oh, he was...



a beautiful man.



He was not much like,



uh, John, you know.



He was more puny-like.



But all the time

I was workin' for him...



I was just so scared.



Inside, you know?

Just scared.



Haven, do you think we could

get Connie out to the rally?



Connie White and Barbara Jean never

appear on the same stage together.



Connie can replace Barbara Jean,

but that's it.



As for Haven Hamilton, well,



I'll appear wherever

Barbara Jean appears.



I got a good mind

to take you outside.



With my wife in the hospital,

you puttin' that shit on me?



- Calm down, enjoy the show.

- Barnett's angry.






Walk with me, Joshua



- And I will say that I am lame

- I think she's, uh...



I think she's having an affair here.

I really do.



The child that we have made



- But I'll never let him mention

- Oh, God.



- Your name

- Are you off. You're way off.



You are way, way off.



Are you kidding?



Some people take



And never give



- I love you.

- But all men die



And so must live



For a while



And life is short



- I love you.

- A precious gift



This thing we have



- Please don't let it drift away

- I love you.



Honey, won't you

let me be your friend



I love you.



I love you.



Honey, won't you

let me try again



Honey, won't you

let me be your friend



For another day



When we've been there



Ten thousand years



Bright, shining



As the sun



We've no less days



To sing God's praise



Than when



We'd first






And on the profession

of your faith,



I baptize you, my sister,



in the name of the Father

and of the Son...



and of the Holy Ghost.






I'm newborn again



Been a long time talkin'



'Bout my trials here below



Free grace

Free grace



Free grace, sinner



Free grace

Free grace



I'm newborn again



And He walks with me



And He talks with me



And he tells me

I am His own



And the joy we share



As we tarry there



None other



Has ever






He speaks

and the sound of His voice



Is so sweet



The birds hush their singing



And the melody



That He gave to me



Within my heart



Is ringin'



You know, my wife Esther is on

the same floor with Barbara Jean.



- And He walks with me

- Oh, and Esther and I had a son...



- And He talks with me

- in the service too.



- Yes, sir.

- Oh, not the army. It was the navy.



And He tells me

I am His own



We lost him in the South Pacific.

We don't know how.



- And thejoy we share

- I'm sorry.



- World War II.

- Yes, sir.



As we tarry there



None other



Has ever






I'm wandering in a graveyard.



The dead here have no crosses,



nor tombstones, nor wreaths

to sing of their past glory,



but lie in rotting,

decaying, rusty heaps,



their innards ripped out

by greedy, vulturous hands.



Their vast, vacant skeletons...



sadly sighing to the sky.



The rust on their bodies...



is the color of dried blood.



Dried blood.



I'm reminded of...



of an elephant's

secret burial ground.






Cette aire de mystère.

Cette essence de I'irréel.



These cars

are trying to communicate.



O cars, are you trying

to tell me something?



Are you trying to

convey to me some secret...



What... Excuse me?



Oh, excuse me.



I thought I was completely alone.

How embarrassing.



Oh, you're a musician!



The economy's depressed, not me



You may say that I ain't free



But it don't









Let's have some applause

for Miss Maisie Hoy.



Miss Albuquerque?



Hi, Frog.



This is with gestures.



Miss Jill Brown

on the track in number   .



The youngsters will be eligible...



to apply for a gas-powered mini-bike

and a helmet.



You wanna talk about yesterday?



Get up, goddamn it!






You wanna talk about yesterday?



Do you wanna talk about yesterday

or not? What, are you...




Come out of there!



You leave me alone!



Come out of there!

Come on!



Look, I know what's...

Come on!



For Christ's sake, what...

Now, you...



What are you doing? Do you wanna

talk about yesterday or not?



Oh, that's terrific.

Hey, that's great. Hey, terrific.



Oh, thanks. My turtle.

Thanks a lot.



Look, just relax!



Look, I know what's goin' on.




House detective.



Bill, hi.

I'm John Triplette.



Am I early?

I called you this morning.



Oh, yeah. The guy from TV.

Come on in.






Just... We're just

cleanin' up here.



You know the...



- Sunday morning blues.

- Would you hold this?



- Sure.

- Thanks.



Let me just move this over here.



- Is this your new album?

- Yeah. That's our only album.



It's a very good one, though.

I've heard it. It's terrific.



- I'm really sorry about the mess.

- Oh, that's all right.



You oughta see my room.



We had a little party last night.

Had a pretty good time too.



Uh, I wanted to, um,



tell you a couple things about what

we're trying to do with this show.



- Can I get you a drink?

- No, no, I'm fine.



I don't wanna take up

much of your time.



I just wanna tell you a little bit

about what we're trying to do.



I know you're astute politically,



and I'm certainly not here

to sell you a bill of goods.



- Don't care about politics.

- No politics? Okay, great.



Well, then, I've got a problem

that could work to your advantage.



As you know, this redneck music

is very popular right now.



I've got an awful lot of these

local yokels on the bill singing...



- Your basic country folk.

- Country crapola. Right.



So I think, uh...



What I'm going for

is a broader appeal.



Which is where we fit in.



I want to give it more

than just this Southern thing.



And I think that

a really hip group like yours...



could walk off with the evening.



Yeah. Probably the only

rock group on the...



- Absolutely.

- Sounds good.



- Sounds inviting.

- Yeah.



And you do get a big audience

from these country guys.



Is this just network, or...



It's better than network.

It's syndicated.



They'll be showing it

for a year and a half.



- Your glasses, sweetheart.

- Oh, thanks.



This is my wife Mary.

This is John Triplette.



Nice to meet you.



Go ahead.



He's, uh, he's the fella

from the television show...



that they're doing

for Hal Phillip Walker.



That political thing going on.

He's offered us a spot.



You're doing some great promotion.

All those buttons and...



- Oh, yeah, thank you. I'm trying.

- Bumper stickers.



Anyway, we got a great time spot

on this gala,



and we're gonna walk away

with the show, John says.



We can't vote for him.

We're registered Democrats.



Besides, he's a little crazy,

isn't he?



Well, they're all

a little crazy, Mary.



- I'll drink to that.

- That's the name of the game.



But I think the thing that you

should consider is your future.



It would give you a great shot.



But it doesn't make any difference.

We're registered Democrats.



Well, I'm a registered Democrat.



The only reason

we're registered Democrats...



is because your father's

a registered Democrat...



and his father's

a registered Democrat.



Well, Tom's a registered Democrat,

and he wouldn't do it.



It's not my way



To take your hand if I'm...



- Hi, Tom.

- Hi, Norman. How you doin'?



Good. I'm sure glad you called.

Is there anything I can...



- Sit down.

- Okay.






- You have any speckled birds?

- What?



You know, L.A. Turnarounds.




Uh, no, no, I, uh...



But I know where

to get some grass.



- No, thanks. I don't need any grass.

- Okay.



- Uh, can I ask you a question?

- Mm-hmm.



Is there something...

Are you angry at Bill?



- No.

- Oh.



'Cause I, I, uh...

You know, I, uh...



Bill and Mary

and you and, uh...



Well, Bill, uh...

I mean, Bill seems to be, um...






- I'm just confused.

- Mmm.



- Uh...

- Here.



- Why don't you write yourself a hit.

- Okay.



- Hello.

- Can I talk to Cherry, please?



She's in bed with R.Y.

You wanna talk to R.Y.?



- I'd rather talk to her, if I could.

- Who is this?



This is Frank, one of the cooks

at the restaurant.



Are you a Jehovah's Witness?



Does it

make sense that the churches...



should remain untaxed

on their vast holdings of land...



and corporate investments?



Does it make sense that

a multimillion-dollar income...



should go untaxed

year after year?



No, all will not be easy,



but we will bask

in the satisfaction...



of having done

what we should have done.



And if we don't

get it done today,



we may run out of tomorrows.



The buses!



The buses are empty...



and look almost menacing,




as so many yellow dragons

watching me...



with their hollow, vacant eyes.



I wonder how many little

black and white children...



have yellow nightmares,



their own special brand of fear

for the yellow peril...



I can't have...

I can't start...



Damn it, it's got to be more...






No, more negative.

Start again.



Yellow is the color of caution.






Yellow is the color of cowardice.



Yellow is the color of sunshine.



And yet I see

very little sunshine...



in the lives of all the little

black and white children.



I see their lives, rather,

as a study in grayness,



a mixture of black and...



Oh, Christ, no.

That's fascist.



Yellow! Yellow, yellow, yellow.

Yellow fever.



We'll be able to talk about it.

They're checkin' out now.



- Get with him before he leaves.

- What about the place?



- It's not bad at all.

- Think it'll work out?



It's got this bizarre stage

that drops out of the ceiling.



They're gettin' out this mornin'.



- The place is very confused.

- Bye-bye!



- Is the place out there okay?

- Bye-bye, bye-bye.



Wait a minute.

Here we go.



Uh, Barnett!

Phone's for you.



- Is it important, or what?

- Bye, girls.



- Hello.

- Hello, Barnett. John Triplette.



- Who?

- Hello! Are you going home?



Mr. Green, how are you?

I'm goin' home.



- I'm glad to hear that.

- Thank you. How is Mrs. Green?



She's fine, and she's gonna be

thrilled to hear I saw you again.



Give her my very best.

And is she takin' her vitamin E?



- Got 'em right here.

- All right. Good for you.



You take care, darlin'.




All right, come on.

Let's get her on there.



- Lucky for you. Whoo!

- As long as I'm done



- Gonna buy me a pistol

- All right, get in.



We gotta go with those

white horseshoes, huh?



We're gonna live with those

for infamy.



Take that cortege

on the other elevator.



- Didn't the doctor get ahold of you?

- No more calls, Delbert.



I'm really sorry

I have to tell you this.



Mrs. Green expired this morning.






Mrs. Green died this morning.



Wait right here.

Let me go get the doctor.



Mr. Green?



Mr. Green, you know,

my mama saved her life.



They used to live next door to each

other. My mama put out the flames.



She always loved Barbara Jean

more than anything.



She's still keepin'

a scrapbook on her.



The only thing she said to me

when I joined up was,



"When you're doin' your travels,

I want you to see Barbara Jean.



Don't say nothin' about me.

Just see Barbara Jean. "



So that's what I been doin'.



Now I'm gonna go over to Opryland

and hear her sing.



Give my best to your wife, now.



Wait a minute. Don't laugh.



Let me just... I have a theory

about political assassination.



You see, I believe

people like Madame Pearl...



and all these people here

in this country who carry guns...



are the real assassins.



Because, you see,

they stimulate other people...



who are perhaps innocent...



and who eventually

are the ones who pull the trigger.



- Ma?

- Kenny? Where are you, Kenny?



- I'm in Nashville. How are you?

- I was so worried.



- There's no reason to worry.

- Well, I haven't been able to sleep.



I had to take some of that Ny Quil

so I could go to sleep.



- Puts you right out.

- Did it help?



Yes, it did.

Where are you staying in Nashville?



- I'm staying at a rooming house.

- Who you talkin' to?



- It's my mother.

- Who are you talking to, Kenny?



A girl that lives

in the rooming house.



Who owns that rooming house?



- Her uncle.

- A man owns the rooming house?



Well, it can't be very clean.



- Don't be silly.

- I bet the sheets aren't clean.



In the South

you can pick up this parasite...



- Joan, put that down, please!

- Kenny, listen...



- Just a minute.

- I wanted to look at your fiddle.



Kenny! You can get this

parasite fungus in the South.



It's very difficult to get rid of.

When are you coming home?



I don't know.

A couple of weeks.



You left your blue suit

hanging in the closet.



I don't need my suit.



I would really like you to

get home as soon as you can.



Mother, just listen to me.



Kenny, don't you talk to me

in that tone of voice.



I love you too, Mama.



I really do.

I'll see you soon.






Let's find Barnett,

hope he's not in a bad mood.



Hi. How are you?



- Hey, Barnett!

- I'm obliged to give them...



- Hey, Barnett.

- What do you want now?



This guy wants me to do four shows.

What do you want?



Don't let her do too much.

How you hangin'?



- You feelin' better now?

- Yeah, I feel swell.



We gotta talk to you.

We're gonna do a show.



Okay, now, John's doing this show.



Haven's gonna do it.

We want Barbara Jean to headline it.



- Unbelievable.

- Now wait a second, man.



I wish they wouldn't rush us.

Get a shot.



It's national TVfor this candidate

Hal Phillip Walker.



We don't want her to make

any political statement.



What do you think

her bein' there's gonna be?



- Ain't that a political statement?

- People haven't seen her.



No, fellas.

Don't take it personal.



No politics, no government,

no nothin'.



- All right? Okay?

- All right.



- I heard you all out.

- Hello, boys. How's it goin'?



I believe I met you before

in the hospital.



Look at that. Didn't Jewel

show you how to do her hair?



- Come on, darlin'.

- How do you do, honey?



- No pictures.

- I'm all excited.



- How do you feel?

- I feel great.



I told the band you'd start off

with the cowboy song.



- Forget it.

- No, John, just leave it to me.



He can take a flying leap.



I'm gonna stay after him

like a rodent, man.



He's got a tape deck

in his tractor



And he listens

to the local news



He finds out where

the bass are bitin'



While he's plowin'

to the country blues



He was a cowboy

and he knew I loved him well



A cowboy's secrets

you never tell



No, there's nothin'

like the lovin'



Of a hard-drivin'cowboy man



He's got a tape deck

in his tractor



While he's plowing up

his daddy's land



He's got more horse sense



Than I ever seen in any man



He was a cowboy

and he knew I loved him well



A cowboy's secrets

you never tell



No, there's nothin'

like the lovin'



Of a hard-drivin' cowboy man



On Saturday nights

we go dancin' in town



And all the boys'll

order up another round



In the summertime



We look forward

to the rodeo



On Saturday nights

we go to town



And all the boys'll

order up another round



When he rides saddle bronc



I wait to hear

that whistle blow



He's got a tape deck

in his tractor



I can hear him

when he's comin' home



Then he holds me

in the rocking chair



And sings me the love song



He was a cowboy

and he knew I loved him well



A cowboy's secrets

you never tell



No, there's nothin'

like the lovin'



Of a hard-drivin' cowboy man



No, there's nothin'

like the muscles



Of a hard-drivin' cowboy man



Thank you.

Thank you.



It's that careless






I can't take no more, baby



It's the way



That you don't love me



When you say you do, baby



It hurts so bad



It gets me down, down, down



I want to walk away



From this battleground



This hurtin' match



It ain't no good



I'd give a lot to love you



The way I used to do



Wish I could






Well, you got



Your own private world



I wouldn't have it



No other way



But lately you been



Hidin'your blues



Pretendin' what you say



It hurts so bad



It gets me down, down, down



I wanna walk away

from this battleground



This hurtin' match



It ain't no good



I'd give a lot to love you



The way I used to do



Wish I could






Have you been in Vietnam?



- Huh?

- Writin'it down



Kind of makes me feel better



Yes, you have.

I can tell by your face.



It keeps me away

from them blues



I wanna be nice to you



Treat you right



But how long can I pay



These dues



It hurts so bad



It gets me down, down, down



I wanna walk away

from this battleground



This hurtin' match



It ain't no good, no



I'd give a lot to love you



The way I used to do



Wish I could






Was it awful?



- Ooh-oooh, ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh

- It was kinda hot and wet.
















Wish I could











Thank you.



Thank you.



I wanna tell you all a little secret

which you might not know,



and that is that last night

I thanked my lucky stars...



that I could be here at all

to sing for ya.



I heard on the radio...



This little boy...   years old.



Sometimes a deejay'll play a tune...



and ask everybody to phone in

and say how they like it.



I was listenin', and this

little nine-year-old called in.



The song had voices

in the background,



like the way they use

backup voices these days,



soundin' like little munchkins.



He called up, the deejay said,

"How old are you, son?"



The boy said, "I'm nine,

and I think it's gonna be a hit. "



The deejay said, "Why?" "Because

it had those chipmunks in it. "



And I thought that was so cute,



because, well, I can sing

like a munchkin myself.



I'm real fond

of The Wizard of Oz.



Plus, I live out, you know,

just a ways off of Interstate   ...



on the road to Chattanooga.



So you can see why

I kinda related to that.



I think me and the boys are gonna

strike up another tune for you now.



Let's go, boys.



I think there's a storm...



seems like it's a-brewin'.



That's what my grandaddy used to say

before he lost his hearin'.



Once he got deaf,



he never talked much no more.



'Cept sometimes he'd say "Oh, gosh"

or "Durn it" or "My word!"



My granny'd go around clickin'

her teeth to the radio all day.



Boy, was she a lot of fun,

and cooked my favorite, roast beef.



She was a sweetheart.



She raised chickens too.

She, um...



Did you ever hear a chicken sound?

You know how chickens go?



Here, chick, chick, chick.

Here, chick, chick, chick.



Anyway, I guess we'd better strike

up this tune before it's too late.



Okay, boys.



The first job I ever really got...



Grandma... She's the one who clacked

her false teeth to the radio.



She taught my mama how to sing,

and my mama taught me.



One time she took me, 'cause we

was gonna get a new Frigidaire.



She took me to the Frigidaire store

where the man was advertisin'.



This record was goin' 'round, and

Mama told him I knew how to sing.



He said, "If she learns this tune,

I'll give y'all a quarter. "



So Mama and I went home...



And then what happened?

Let's see, I think... Uh, yeah.



We went home and I learned both

sides of the record in half an hour.



We went back and told him that

I'd learned 'em, and he said,



"Let me hear," so I sang both sides

of the record instead of just one.



So he gave us    cents, and we went

across the street and had us a soda.



Ever since then

I been workin'. I don't...



I think ever since then

I been workin' and doin' my...



- Come on, come on.

- Supportin'myself.



- Anyway...

- Hey, hey. Hey, hey.



- Am I all right? Am I all right?

- Oh, you're fine, darlin'.



- It's the microphone.

- I ain't done.



- I know, I know.

- I ain't done.



Get us a glass of water.

Boys, help her off, all right?



- You'll come back. Okay, darlin'?

- Thank you!



All right. Watch the wire.



All right, now! Okay!



Aw, come on, now.

Have a heart.



Thank you!



Come on, now.

It's just too soon, now.



All of you must know... Aw, come on.

You didn't mean that, did you?



She just come out of the hospital...



Oh, no. Hold it down, boys.



You know that little girl

just come out of the hospital.



That little girl's in there

cryin' her eyes out...



'cause she didn't want

to disappoint you.



Get outta here!



Y'all show up at Centennial Park

tomorrow at the Parthenon.



You'll see her for free

as our guests. How's that?



All right?



Okay, let's hear a get-well welcome

for Barbara Jean.



Let's hear it. Come on!



Ingrates is all they are.



A bunch of no-talent...



I got trapped out there,

and you guys know it.



- I want some ground rules right now.

- You name it.



She's gonna sing first and be off

before that man even shows.




Whatever you want.



- Never shoulda brought her here.

- Any way you want it.



No paraphernalia, no literature

being circulated. You understand?



And never, at any time, is she to be

associated with Hal Phillip Walker.



- Hello?

- Hey.



Guess who.



- Linnea?

- Yes, it's me.



Hi. This is Tom.



I'm playing a gig tonight downtown.

You wanna come and meet me?



It's at a place called

the, uh, No Exit, or the Exit.



Exit Out, or somethin'.



Anyhow, it's right across the street

from Friday's, on Church Street.



You know where that is,

don't you?



Anyhow, I'll be there at  :  

and, uh...



Why don't you meet me there?



- Okay?

- Um...



Well, it's sad but true



The pilot light of our love



Has flickered out



- Mary...

- Driver, may I have more champagne?



- That's Norman.

- Oh.



Norman, yes.

Norman. Of course.



He doesn't like to be known

as a driver.



Thank you so much, Norman.



What used to come

from the warmest heart



I have to get from a cold can



Since my baby's cookin'in



Another man's pan



Have you ever been

to the ladies' restroom here?






I'm stuck here at the Exit Inn

with no place left to go.



Well, if makin'love



Were margarine



Then she is

the high-priced spread



- I'll have a cider.

- Apple cider?



- Yes. Thank you.

- Put it on my bill.



- Oh, no...

- Yeah.



Uh, all right. And would you

put it in a wine glass, please?



Put it in a wine glass

and put it on my bill.



Traveling in cozy, close quarters,



I mean, you sort of

have to camp in one room.



- Well, Mary and I camp in one room.

- Obviously!



- Yes, I...

- Tom camps in a lot of rooms.



My name's Wade Coolidge.

What's yours?



Um, Linnea is my name.



Well, shall I say

that Tom and I, um...



Oh, la-dee-dee!



So you sang together.



No, I mean, we sort of

got to know each other, um,



in the biblical sense,

shall we say.



- You went to church?

- I'm sorry.



No, I'm sorry.

This is dreadful.



But he is so attractive,

I was wondering...



I shouldn't be asking you,

I should really be asking Mary.



You went to bed with him,




Oh, yeah.

I thought you understood that.



Well, I shouldn't...



Where'd you go to bed with him?



Listen, uh, we got

a special treat tonight.



A friend of mine

is in town cuttin' an album.



- Tom Frank is in the audience.

- That's you.



Tom? Speak of the devil.



He's agreed to come up

and do a couple of numbers.



Let's make him feel at home.

Tom Frank!



Come on!



Goddamn it!



I haven't seen him for

more than two minutes in three days.



Thank you.



- I used to be part of a trio.

- Used to be?



I been hidin' from 'em all week, but

it seems they found me here tonight,



so we might as well have them

up here to sing too... Bill and Mary.






Yes, you must!



I've been watching it all week.



You may say I ain't free



But it don't worry me



- It don't worry me

- My favorite song.



- It don't worry me

- We don't need to sing at all.



- You guys can do it for us.

- You may say I ain't free



- Good choice.

- But it don't worry me



Since you've gone



My heart is broken



Another time



Oh, railroad train



Has taken him



From me



All my luxury



Has turned to misery



He's all I ever wanted



Why did he run from me



Since you've gone



My heart is broken



Another time



Since you've gone



My heart is broken



Another time



I didn't know



That you were leavin'



- Till you were out the door

- Out the door



I didn't know



The love you gave



Was a real love



I didn't know



A lot of things then



Lord, I know them now



Since you've gone

my heart is broken



- Another time

- Another time






Since you've gone



My heart is broken



Another time



Since you've gone



My heart is broken



Another time



When this is all over, I'm gonna be

taking them back to someplace.



What I could do is, I could

show you a little bit of Nashville.



I can tell you things that'd

send you around the corner.



I'm not kidding. I know...

Well, I know, for instance...



- What is your name? L...

- Norman.




Please, Norman, I...



I make a point

never to gossip with servants.



Thank you.



Okay, fellas,

I think you know...



you've got a good man

to get behind.



I don't wanna take

a lot of your time,



'cause we do have

a little entertainment for ya.



You got pledge cards on the table.

You can pledge anything you want to.



I'll make sure... I'll make you pay,

whatever you put down there.



If you got a check,

don't be afraid to write it out.



I'll get that to the bank quick,

before you can stop it.



Any cash, anything at all,

don't anybody be humble or shy.



And while you're writin',

so you don't get bored or anything,



there's somethin' comin'

to keep you occupied.



Just keep your eyes up,

'cause good things come from above.



Hi, y'all.



- Hi!

- Hi!



My name's Sueleen Gay,



and I'm here to sing you a song

about a girl that never gets enough.



I never get enough

I never get enough



Of the love I'm hungry for



I never get enough

I never get enough



I always want more and more



Even if we stay together



Our whole lifetime through



I'll never get enough

I'll never get enough



I'll never get enough of you



She's the worst singer

I ever heard.



I ain't greedy for

that mansion on the hill



She cannot sing a lick, can she?



I never was that kind



Don't need my pockets stuffed



With hundred-dollar bills



Hey, you forgot your jacket.



Excuse me.

I gotta go to the bathroom.



All right, if you want more

it's gonna have to be me alone,



'cause it seems

I'vejust been deserted.



I'm gonna play somethin'that, uh,



I wrotejust recently...



- and came here to record.

- All right!



I'm gonna dedicate this to someone

special who might be here tonight.



This is a song called

"I'm Easy. "



It's not my way to love you

just when no one's lookin'



It's not my way



To take your hand

if I'm not sure



It's not my way

to let you see



What's goin' on inside of me



When it's a love

you won't be needing



If you're not free



Please stop pullin'

at my sleeve



If you're just playin'



If you won't take the things

you make me wanna give



I never cared too much

for games



And this one's drivin' me insane



You're not half as free

to wander



As you claim



But I'm easy



Yeah, I'm easy



Give the word

I'll play your game



As though

that's how it oughta be



Because I'm easy



Don't lead me on

if there's nowhere



For you to take me



If lovin'you

would have to be



A sometime thing



I can't put bars

on my insides



My love is somethin'

I can't hide



It still hurts



When I recall

the times I've tried



But I'm easy



Yeah, I'm easy



Take my hand

and pull me down



I won't put up any fight



Because I'm easy



Don't do me favors



Let me watch you

from a distance



'Cause when you're near



I find it hard

to keep my head



And when your eyes

throw light at mine



It's enough to change my mind



Make me leave my cautious words

and ways behind



That's why I'm easy



Yeah, I'm easy



Say you want me

I'll come runnin'



Without takin'time to think



Because I'm easy



Yeah, I'm easy



Take my hand

and pull me down



I won't put up any fight



Because I'm easy



Yeah, I'm easy



Give the word

I'll play your game



As though

that's how it oughta be



Because I'm easy



Do it to it.



- Hi.

- Hi!



I'm gonna sing you all

a song Barbara Jean wrote.



Just wanna get comfortable.



It's called, uh,

"One, I Love You. "



Oh, you got that right, babe!



When I feel my life perishing



I call you on the phone



You always fix me up



When I get broken



'Cause every time

that I got hurt



And went out of control



You knew the fears I felt



Before I spoke 'em



Boo! Come on, now!



- What is this, some Walker rip-off?

- One, I love you




I'm thinkin'of you




I'll never let you go



Boo! Come on! Take it off!



And four, I miss you



Five, I wanna kiss you






I won't leave you no more



- Did you tell Trout what you wanted?

- Did I? It was your job.



- I know.

- I assumed he knew what...



Well, I didn't think

it was gonna be any problem.



Four, I miss you



- Five, I wanna kiss you

- Take your clothes off!






I won't leave you no more



Let's see some tit!



Come on!

What is this?



Come on back here, baby!



- What's the matter, hon?

- I don't understand what's goin' on.



Didn't Trout tell you

you're supposed to strip?



I'm a singer!




Listen, listen, listen.



Go finish the show

like you told Trout you'd do,



and I'll set it up

so you can sing at the Parthenon.



You can sing in the Parthenon

with Barbara Jean.



- Go finish the show...

- I get to sing with Barbara Jean?



Yes, you are...

Yes, you will.



I'll take care of it. Go finish the

show like you told Trout you'd do.






These fellas really like you.



I'm gonna be as big a star

as Barbara Jean is one day.



- I know you are. You can't miss.

- Go on, now.



Come on, let's do it!

Start the show!



Whoo! Hey!

All right! All right!



You're my mama!



All right!



Whoo! Hey, hey, hey!



But I'm easy



Yeah, I'm easy



Take my hand

and pull me down



I won't put up any fight



Because I'm easy



Want to learn how to say

something in sign language?




How do you say "I love you"?



Well, you could say...

Shorthand for it is...



This is shorthand.



Or you could say, "I,"

you could say, "love you. "



- "I love you"?

- Mm-hmm.



Or you could just say,

"I'm happy I met you. "



- I'm happy I met you.

- Right.



Say you want me

I'll come runnin'



- Without takin'time to think

- Phew.



- How can you smoke those things?

- 'Cause I'm easy



- It's easy.

- Yeah, I'm easy



Let me have a drag.



- Do you smoke?

- No.



Well, what do you want

to do that for?



Yeah, I'm easy



Give the word

I'll play your game



- Doesn't look good.

- No?



- Mm-mmm.

- So what?



Because I'm easy



- Tom, I have to go.

- Oh.



Can't you just call him,

tell him you're hung up?



No, I can't.



- Couldn't you stay another hour?

- No.



I just can't.



This is the long-distance operator.



- You want this charged to your room?

- Yeah, please.



- And your room number, please?

-    .



- Hello.

- Hey.



- How you doin'?

- Oh, wow.



Listen, I'm real sorry

I left the way I did.



Oh, wow.



It's really nice to talk to you.

It's okay.



It's nice to talk to you too.



- What are you doing?

- I'm thinkin'about you.



You are? Well...



Listen, can you come down here?



- When?

- Tonight.



- Oh, Tom, I can't do that.

- Why not?



We have an opening at the museum

tomorrow. I can't leave my job.



Why don't you quit?

I'm makin'bread here.



We tried that before.

It doesn't work. I need to be busy.



I'll wait for you here.

When are you coming back?



About a week.



Okay, well, just...

just come on back.



Move back in.

It's fine.



I miss you.



I really do.



New York's really been nice.

It's missed you too.



The weather's been terrific.



I went sailing.



- Yeah.

- What's that?



That's just room service.



There's    cents on the desk there.

Just pick it up.



- Big tipper.

- Yeah, well, times are hard.



Right, all that money. You couldn't

afford to bring me down there.



- Yeah. Well, see you in a week.

- I love you, Tom.



This it, honey?



Be careful gettin' out.






Hey! Hey, wait just a minute.

Just hold it, will ya.






I know you don't do that

all the time, I...



I wanna tell you

that I just... I mean...



Me personally, boy, I...



You know, I'd just like to kiss you

all over, every place.



You know what I'm telling you?



- I think you...

- Sueleen?



You okay?



Shit, man.



Didn't your mama

teach you no manners?



Who was that?



What's the matter with you?

Ain't you gonna talk to me?



Did it go all right?



- Oh, Wade.

- What?



I had to do me a striptease tonight

in front of all those men...



in order to get to sing

at the Parthenon with Barbara Jean.



Oh, shit, Sueleen, I...



That's dreadful!

That's terrible, girl!



I mean...



I don't know how to tell you this,

but I been meanin' to...



you can't sing.



You may as well face the fact

you cannot sing.



You ain't never gon' be no star.

I wish you'd give it up.



They gon' kill ya. They gon' tear

your heart out if you keep on.



They gon' walk on your soul, girl.



- What are you talkin' about?

- You can't sing.



- Do you understand that?

- Yeah? You wanna make a bet?



You wanna come to the Parthenon

and watch me sing with Barbara Jean?



- I am leavin' for Detroit Wednesday.

- You just come and watch, Wade.



I'm leavin' for Detroit, and if

you wanna go you just come on.



- They gonna kill you in this town.

- Well, you come and see.



- They gon' use you. You know that.

- Bye, Wade.



Dumb bitch.

I don't know why I stick around.



She just makes me so goddamn mad

I could spit.



Little more than a year ago,



a man named Hal Phillip Walker...



excited a group of college students

with some questions:



Have you stood

on a high and windy hill...



and heard the acorns drop and roll?



Have you walked in the valley

beside the brook,



walked alone and remembered?



Does Christmas

smell like oranges to you?



In a commencement speech such

questions were fitting, perhaps,



but hardly the material with which

to launch a presidential campaign.



Even those who pay

close attention to politics...



probably saw Hal Phillip Walker

and his Replacement Party...



as a bit of frost

on the hillside...



summer, if not late spring,

would surely do away with all that.



Well, now that summer,



along with presidential primaries,

is heavy upon us...



and the frost is still there,



perhaps we should take

a closer look.



Hal Phillip Walker is,

in a way, a mystery man.



Out of nowhere, with a handful

of students and scarcely any pros,



he's managed to win

three presidential primaries...



and is given a fighting chance

to take a fourth... Tennessee.



A win in that state would

take on added significance,



for only once in the last    years

has Tennessee failed to vote...



for the winning

presidential candidate.



No doubt many Americans,

especially party liners,



wish that Hal Phillip Walker

would go away,



disappear like the natural frost...



and come again at

some more convenient season.



But wherever he may be going,



it seems sure Hal Phillip Walker

is not going away,



for there is genuine appeal...



and it must be related

to the raw courage of this man...



running for president, willing

to battle vast oil companies,



eliminate subsidies to farmers,



tax churches,

abolish the electoral college,



change the national anthem...



and remove lawyers from government,

especially from Congress.



At this point it'd be wise to say

most of us don't know the answer...



to Hal Phillip Walker,



but to answer

one of his questions,



as a matter of fact, Christmas has

always smelled like oranges to me.



Our country cries



For peace today



There's trouble in



The U.S.A.






Is the sound that rings



Wonder what



This year will bring



- You're going the wrong way!

- Wonder what



This year will bring



- All y'all goin' the wrong way!

- Will there be sadness



Tears or pain



Or will the sun



Refuse to shine



Wonder what



This year will bring



Down in Nashville



I heard today



A shortage of food



Is on its way



While up in Denver



Gas shortage rings



Lord, I wonder what



- This year will bring

- You may have to sit out here.



That's all right, John.



- Give me time to work on my speech.

- Okay, thank you.



Hi. How are you?

Good to see you.



Or will the sun



Refuse to shine



- Delbert, how's it going?

- Hi, John. How are you?



- Can I say hello?

- He's working on his speech.



- We'll do that later.

- Right.



- He's gonna wait there?

- He'll sit out there for a minute.



- Anybody here yet?

- Yeah, some of the people.



- Barnett?

- He oughta be here quick.



This building was originally here...



It was made out of lumber

and plaster of Paris.



- Oh, yeah?

- This whole big building...



See, they built it for

a centennial celebration,



and people liked this,

they didn't want it torn down.



Nashville got to be called

the Athens of the South.



- They sorta took to that.

- Because of this building?



- Yeah, right.

- Oh, that's good.



Then they had to rebuild it. This

was built right before I was born.




Gonna be a scorcher.



The park police control all this.



What's all these chairs?

We don't need all these chairs.



- This ain't no band here, right?

- What's the matter, man?



I don't...

I don't believe it!



What's the matter?



Are you guys jerkin' me around?

Do you see what I see, or am I...



What the hell is that sign

doin' up there, Triple?



We had some ground rules.



No political signs,

no advertisements, no noth...



What the hell are you doin', huh?

Go about your business.



I have abided by all the ground

rules you laid down, Barnett.



I have Walker sitting out

behind this place like an idiot!



Well, he can sit out in the sun

and parch for all I care!



My wife ain't well! I brought her

out of a hospital bed to be here!



You gave me some truth! You're

full of it, just like your man!



- I have abided by every ground rule.

- Except what?



She ain't gonna appear here

with that sign up there!



- I have busted my ass for you!

- I'm gonna bust your ass too!



I am through with it!

Take your wife and take a walk!



I'll tell these people

she's not going to appear again!



- Well, go on and do it!

- Okay, take a walk, and I'll do it.



You'd do that, huh? You'd put

a knife in my wife's back like that?



You're putting the knife in

her back, buster. You're doing it.



I have not got time to take the sign

down and put it back up again!



What are you hollerin' about?

You tryin' to embarrass me?



I'm tryin' to be heard.



Well, get these chairs off

and we'll talk about it.



- I'll take care of it.

- Delbert... Where is that rat?



What are you hiding for,

you little rat?



And grant us so

to serve thee by day...



that we may find

eternal fellowship with them...



through Him who died

and rose again for us all,



Jesus Christ, our Lord.






Mr. Green, it's not over.



- I'm going to find Martha.

- What for?



She owes some respect to Esther.



Ladies and gentlemen,

Barbara Jean and Haven Hamilton.



When I feel my life perishing



I call you on the phone



I always fix you up



When you get broken



'Cause every time

that I got hurt



And went out of control



I knew the fears you felt



Before you spoke them



You tell me



One, I love you




I'm thinkin' of you




I'll never let you go



And four, I miss you



Five, I wanna kiss you




I won't leave you no more



When I feel my life vanishin'



Like waves upon the sand



With nothin'to replace it



But invention



So I make

my rhymes and I sing my songs



Still they don't understand



You can't find her here.



I'll find her.



- I'd sing ya

- One, I love you




I'm thinkin'of you




I'll never let you go



And four, I miss you



Five, I wanna kiss you



Six, I won't

leave you no more



One, I love you




I'm thinkin'of you




I'll never let you go



And four, I miss you



Five, I wanna kiss you




I won't leave you no more




I won't leave you



No more




I won't leave you



No mo-o-ore



Thank you, ladies and gentlemen.



Mama and Daddy



Raised me with lovin' care



They sacrificed



So I could have

a better share



They fed me and nursed me



And sent me to school



Mama taught me how to sing



Daddy lived the Golden Rule



When I think of the children

alone and afraid



Abandoned and wild

like a fatherless child



I think of my mama



And how she could sing



Harmony with my daddy



Our laughter would ring



Down the highways



On the beaches



Just as far

as memory reaches



I still hear Daddy

singin'his old army songs



We'd laugh and count horses



As we drove along



We were young then

We were together



We could bear floods and fire



And bad weather



And now that I'm older



Grown up, on my own



I still love

Mama and Daddy best



And my Idaho home



Mama grew up



On the prairies of Kansas



She was tender and sweet



The dust and tornadoes

blew 'round her



But they left her

straight up on her feet



My daddy grew up on his own

more or less



His mama died

when he was just   



He had seven sisters

to raise him



But he dreamed

of his mama in heaven



His daddy drank whiskey

and had a sharp eye



He sold chicken medicine

farmers would buy



Together they hunted

the fields and the farms



When his daddy died

my daddy rest in my mama's arms



Down the highways



On the beaches



Just as far

as memory reaches



I still hear Daddy

singin' his old army songs



We'd laugh and count horses



As we drove along



We were young then



We were together



We could bear

floods and fire



And bad weather



And now that I'm older



Grown up, on my own



I still love

Mama and Daddy best



And my Idaho home



And now that I'm older



Grown up, on my own



I still love

my Mama and Daddy best



And my Idaho home



For Mama and Daddy.



Thank you.



Thank you so much,

ladies and gentlemen.



- Thank you.

- Wonderful! Wonderful!



Let's hear it for Barbara Jean!




Get that gun!



I'm all right.

You get her. You get her.



- Dad?

- Bud, help her off. I'm all right.



- Get Walker out of here!

- Get Walker outta here!



Get off your asses!



Watch her head!



Y'all take it easy now.

This isn't Dallas, it's Nashville.



This is Nashville.

You show 'em what we're made of.



They can't do this to us

here in Nashville.



Okay, everybody, sing!



Come on, somebody, sing!



No, I'm fine. You sing.

You stay here and play.



- Somebody sing. Somebody sing.

- You've been hurt.



- I'm gonna get somebody to help you.

- Somebody sing.






I think you've been hurt.



Watch your step there.

Watch your step there.



Come on, easy, easy.



- I can't stop that blood, man!

- You got a car or somethin'?



They say this train



Don't give out rides



It don't worry me



Martha! Martha!



And all the world

is takin' sides



- It don't worry me

- What happened?



Can you please tell me

what happened?



'Cause in my empire

life is sweet



Just ask any bum you meet



- Life may be a one-way street

- Is there anybody who can help us?



But it don't worry me



Come on, everybody sing.



It don't worry me



It don't worry me



You may say I ain't free



It don't worry me



Come on!

It don't worry me



It don't worry me



You may say I ain't free



- But it don't worry me

- It's not gon' worry me



The price of bread

may worry some



It don't worry me



Tax relief may never come



It don't worry me



- Economy's depressed, not me

- I need you. Come on.



- My spirit's high as it can be

- Come on down here.



You may say I ain't free



It don't worry me



No, it don't worry me



It don't worry me



You may say I ain't free



It don't worry me



Ohhhh, it don't



Worry me



It don't worry me



You may say I ain't free



It don't worry me



It don't worry me



It don't worry me



You may say I ain't free



- But it don't worry me

- It don't worry me



It don't worry me, no



It don't worry me



You might say

that I ain't free



- But it don't worry me

- It's not gonna worry me



- It don't worry me

- Now, if we don't live peaceful,



- It don't worry me

- there's gonna be nothin'left...



except Clorox bottles

and plastic fly swatters...



But it don't worry me



- It don't worry me

- Why not?



It don't worry me



You may say I ain't free



Well, it don't worry me



Come on, everybody!



- It don't worry me

- That's right.



It don't worry me



You might say I ain't free



It don't worry me



It don't worry me



It don't worry me



You may say that I ain't free



- But it don't worry me

- It's not gon' worry us



It don't worry me



It don't worry me



You may say that I ain't free



- But it don't worry me

- It's not gonna worry me



Ain't gonna be nothin'

left in our graves...



except fly swatters

with red dots on 'em.



- That's right!

- You may say



That I ain't free



- But it don't worry me

- It don't worry me



It don't worry me



It don't worry me



You may say that I ain't free



But it don't worry me



It don't worry me



It don't worry me



You may say that I ain't...



You may say that I ain't...



The price of bread



May worry some



But it don't worry me



And tax relief



May never come



But it don't worry me



Economy's depressed, not me



Spirit's high



As it can be



And you may say



That I ain't free



But it don't worry me



They say this train



Don't give out rides



But it don't worry me



And all the world



Is takin'sides



But it don't worry me



'Cause in my empire



Life is sweet



Just ask any 'bo

that you might meet



Life may be



A one-way street



But it don't worry me



It don't worry me



It don't worry me



You may say



That I ain't free



But it don't worry me



It don't worry me



I ain't gonna be worried.



It don't worry me



No, not me



You may say



That I ain't free



But it don't worry me



I got a smile on my face



It don't worry me



I'm gonna walk

with my head held high



It don't worry me



You know why



You may say



That I ain't free



But it don't worry me



Let me hear you sing it



It don't worry me






It don't worry me



I'll be smilin', smilin'



You may say



That I ain't free



But it don't worry me



Hey, hey, hey, yeah



It don't worry me



Oh, no



It don't worry me



You may say



That I ain't free



But it don't worry me



Sing along, singin'



It don't worry me



It don't worry me



You may say



That I ain't free



But it don't worry me



It don't worry me



I'm gonna walk

with my head held high



It don't worry me






You may say



That I ain't free



But it don't worry me



Nice and easy



It don't worry me



I'm smilin'



It don't worry me



No more cryin'



You may say



That I ain't free



But it don't










Special help by SergeiK